Update on the Octagon House

By: jacki@ogrensat.com

I was reading your site, and I would like to add a presonal account of one of the listings you have.  My friend used to own the Octagon House in Fond du Lac, WI...every year we used to have a haunted house there for the public.  Fascinating place, orginally a hub of the underground railroad (helping slaves), there are many tunnels and "secret doors".  I have been there on many occasions, including my wedding shower.  I have seen many incidence of lights going on and off, walking around on the upper levels, some of the secret doors slamming, voices in the tunnels.  Very spooky.  Never anything bad, just unexplained stuff.

Every House I live In

By: adw_nurse@yahoo.com

I live in a small town in Kansas. I have lived in several houses in this town and in just about each house have had "strange" experiences. The first I can recall was on a small farm house in the country. My sister and I shared a room, had bunkbeds. The head of the bed was the opposite of how most people would set a room up. The head of the bed was by the window and the foot of the bed was flush to the wall. I was on the bottom bunk and my sister on the top. I recall waking up one night and looking out the window to the shed that was across from me. In the top window (second floor) I noticed a black human figure, no disernable facial features. It had a pale yellow light glowing around it. Just purely out of fear and not wanting to experience this alone I asked my sister, who was supposedly asleep on the top bunk if she was seeing what I was seeing. Not expecting her to really answer me, she said yes! We still joke about our "psychic" connection.
When I was in high school, and living in a small town as I do, my friends and I would drive around the country side. Mostly because we heard that there was some scary haunted place outside of town, and we always liked to investigate. But one night I was sitting in the front seat of my friends car and noticed that there was a small boy running in the road ahead of us. It was rather late at night, at least sometime after midnight, a very strange hour for young boys to be out running in the country. I noticed that he had on a red and green striped shirt and brown pants. What was really creepy was the way he kept looking back at us, almost begging n to be hit. I could only see this boy at the middle point of an s curve in the road. Just as we were rounding the last corner he would disappear. It would only last several seconds. I questioned weather or not I was losing my mind or if I really saw it, because no one else did.
Another story I have is when I bought the house I live in now. (still in the same small town) I had fallen asleep on the floor in my living room. My dog was sleeping next to me. I am not sure what exactly woke me up, but when I looked towards my bedroom I could see a small girl in a white night gown. She had blonde hair and next to her was a white cat. I could see through them. They had a mist around them. And again just as it registered what I was seeing they vanished.
A few months later I was in my room standing on the edge of my bed, which is right next to the bedroom door. I was reaching for the light fixture to change a light bulb. With my arms extened, I noticed a man, dark short hair, in his 30's, with dark rimmed glasses walk past me from the living room into my room. As soon as he got past my arm, so he would be standing right in front of me, he disappeared.
I have also noticed small dark figures, possible dog like roaming around my when I am walking in my house at night. I always try to jump over them thinking that it was my dog, but she was in another room when this happened.

Hauntings In Florida

By: miikeeec@earthlink.net

im from fort myers florida, i use to work at the bank on colonial near the train tracks and metro parkway. at the time it was first national bank of fort myers. i use to clean the place with a young woman while i was in high school. i was the first person to meet the tall man that haunts the bank. my mother owns a cleaning company and came to the bank one night and we were to proceed with stripping and waxing floors. well i took a break and went down the hall, and put my head down, i got such a chill and i froze my lower back went so numb i couldnt move, i looked up and this image of a tall 6'4 man looking down at me turning the corner and disappeared. i ran off yelling to my mother and lights started flickering and i told her everything and she was like i dont want to hear this, she obviously was uneasy as well. we dropped everything and left.
 there had been rumors that things would go missing during bank hours, but when i told the bank manager(richard rufi at the time ) he said oh yea a man died here upstairs building this place years ago.
I left there and never worked there again. but the young girl who worked with me stayed and things began to happen to her, her cleaning cart would be lost for minutes and be found downstairs when she was up and in the kitchen. one weekend when the family was out of town she was in charge of the cleaning , and she had snunk her friend in to help her get it down faster. she ended up calling us in las vegas asking us to leave the bank cause she couldnt take it anymore, the appartition hid her cell phone and her friends and would roll oranges off tables and down the hall, she said paper clips spelled out help downstairs when she was vacuumming. she quit on the phone, so we offered more money in return she just finish the job. it was definetly different you could feel as if someone was with you and behind you, hear the sound of theyre shoes sinking in the carpet.
the stories were pretty big with the tellers downstairs they wanted to see it , well one day the newest teller jane who was nineteen was working the drive thru on a saturday when there open drive thru only from 9 am - 12p, she looked back across the bank and saw a tall man in one of the offices looking at her, so she yelled and told the other teller and they ran to look and he was gone, jane said he wasnt though, he was crouched down hiding near a desk and vanished. thats the last ive heard. i believe im the one who sent the first note in on this which got it on the site, i just wanted to elaborate since its been a while since all the happenings. during this time the bank was first national bank of fort myers and upstairs were offices for a mortgage company called collier arnold, not sure of the exact address it sits right next to a mcdonalds and in front of amtell flea market .

Haunted Townhouse

By: Nirvanaks13@aol.com

This is true I swear.  I lived in a townhouse for 2 years from age 9 to age 11.
I am now 14.  The way the house was laid out was- you walked in to the living room
through the front door.  To the left was the stairs.  Up stairs was 3 bedrooms and
1 bathroom.  If you went forward in the living you walked into the dining room. 
To the right was the kitchen and a half-bathroom.  To the left was the stairs
leading to the basement.  Anyway- after living there a little over a year, I saw something.
My mom and I were playing a card game at the dinning room table when all of a
sudden I saw a shadow of a man, crouched down, holding an ax.  I just froze.  I told
my mom and she didn't believed me until later.  Now I didn't think it was an overactive imagination- I have believed in ghosts and the supernatural all my life and I still do.
Another strange thing was that my cat, Thomas, would never go in the basement, that's
were the litter box was, alone.  Toward the end of us living there, I was afraid to be in the house alone.  That was strange because I love "alone time".  After we moved out we had
to go back because the people around there were complaining about the smoke
alarms going off. Weird.  Well that's my story.  Thanks for reading.   

Ghosts of a Family Member

By: Cglima1@aol.com

When I was six years old my Mom noticed I was talking to someone when I would be any where by myself.  I was not the only one who was talking to this person my cousin two mouth older than me would talk to someone that no one else could see or hear. this sound corny but the first time I saw it I was in the bathroom. it started as a smoke type mist and then it look like an older man. he stood in the corner smiling at me.  this continued for two to three days then he spook. he started to take like was a normal living person this went on for about a mouth. he showed up two to three times a day. it was around this time my Mom started to notice. this next part I have to go by what my Mom said happened, because I cant remember. she said that it was about seven o'clock I came out of my room walk through the living room and started out the front door. She said that she was yelling at me but it was as if I could not he her. she got up and grabbed my arm.  It was at this point I can remember her grabbing me but nothing before that. I could not tell her what happened because I did not know what happened after this I did not see him again. It wasn't until five years later I found out how in was. my Mom and I was looking through a photo album when I told her that I knew the man in the picture with my dad she said that I could not have known him because he died six months before I was born. but I know that who I was talking two my Mom show the picture to my cousin and she said the same thing I did.

Fort Dix Hospital

By: grydberg@medxcorp.com

I have a great story from Ft. Dix haunted hospital.
I was stationed at Ft. Dix from late 1997-mid-1999.  One summer day in 1998,
my frind and I decided to go check out the top 5 floors.  We took the
freight elevator, because the patient elevator stops after the 4th floor.
We went to the 9th, then 8th floor with nothing abnormal, as soon as we
stepped off the elevator on the 7th floor, the psych ward, things got
strange.  First of all, the temp dropped, not enough to see our breath, but
there was a drop, the lights were flickering like crazy, and my frinds brick
walkie-talkie was going crazy.  He thought someone was trying to get ahold
of him, but no one responded, then we heard the patinet elevators close, and
we jumped back in the elevator.  We went back to the 7th floor about 45
minutes later, and everything was normal.  The lights were lit, and the temp
was normal.  We checked things out, and did not see anything abnormal.
There are stories of babies crying, and a real neat story of the floors on
the OB floor being freshly mopped.  There is a mop and bucket that was left
up there, and the floor will be wet, with foot steps across it, and the mop
and bucket are dry.
I also worked with a girl, and she was in the back of the lab, and she saw
an image of a person walking behind her in the computer screen, when she
turned around, no one was there.
The last is an inquiry.  I heard that there was a "super-soldier" being
created in the sub-basement.  Supposedly right after Vietnam War, the
basment was quickly cemented in, and to this day, there is a crawl space,
and the suspended ceiling is still there.  I would like more information if
someone can find it.
The last sotry is of the morgue.  I had keys to the morgue, so we would go
down and check things out.  The lights never work, they continuously
flicker, and you can feel a prescence when you lay down in the cooler.  We
would lay down on the morgue table, and be pushed back into the cooler.  I
did this only once, because I felt like someone was lying next to me.
Please feel free to contact me anytime.  This place was haunted, I witnessed
it first-hand.

Dad's Still Here

By:  Anonymous

My father passed away rather suddenly just before Christmas.  He had been ill only a few months, and no one expected him to deteriorate this quickly.  He, himself, had only found out a week or so before that there was nothing more they could do for him.  We thought he had made his peace when he made all of his own arrangements for his passing; but even the doctor thought he would make it to spring.  So we think that the speed with which he passed caught Dad by surprise also.
My father was a Fireman most of his life, but he had actualy trained as an electrician and that is where this story comes into play.  The night before he passed, the family was all gathered together for an early Christmas.  While Dad wasn't really conscious, we all had a chance to say our good-byes and to let him know that it was OK to go...that we would take care of each other as he had always taken care of us.  By early the next morning, he was gone.  I was the only one of my family who had returned home the prior evening, and so was not there when he passed.  Unfortunately, in the emotion of the situation, I got into a fight with my Mother and my older brother over some stupid things.  During the fight on the phone, my Mother said that the lights where she was sitting kept flickering.  Later, when I came home again for the funeral, I was told that all that first day, they couldn't keep a light bulb working through out the house.  Some of them were changed 2 and 3 times during the day.  Finally, my sister had battled cancer twice herself and had given up smoking.  For some reason, she had recently begun smoking again, and my father was the only one who didn't know.  My sister was in the backyard having a smoke on that day, and a halogen light in the yard that hasn't gone out in 10 years, suddenly went out.  My sister looked to the sky and said, "I know Dad!  Just let me get through this and I'll quit!"  The light came back on, and has been on ever since.  In fact, after that one day, there have been no further problems.
No electrical explanation could be found, but we all think that Dad stuck around for a day to make sure that we were all going to be OK, and used this method to let us know that he was still there and would be alright.

Civil War Spirit?

By: Pdsheryl@aol.com

Hi!  Just stubled upon your website... very interesting!!! Have had several experiances in Kansas, both those listed on your site ( Muchnic Gallery,Sallie house,Molly's hollow in Atchison;Spook Light Road,too) but I still have much more reading to do !!   I visited a little museum in Osawaomie,Ks,last summer... it's a small park w/ an old museum about John Brown & the civil war battle that was fought there. It was a sweltering hot summer day,and my husband took our two kids,ages 9 & 18 mo., into the museum. There's many old artifacts & etc.,typical of an old history museum, and we were the only one there save but for the elderly lady who acts as door greeter. My husband & children wandered off,touring the museum,and I felt really strange,sort of like time was somehow slowing down, strange echoes & etc.,  anyway I was reading this plaque on the wall ,about the battle, John Brown & Bleeding Kansas,etc,. then something about his son,whodied in the battle,when I felt (what I thought was ) my husband standing next to me,( you know how it feels when you're deep in thought,reading or something,& someone approaces you...)  then,my husband appeared,walking towards me,from the other hall!! Don't know why,but I;m sure it was the son, he was of medium height,wearing old,battered clothing,but it was only a split second that I glimpsed him.There's also a huge old home in Osawatomie that's been converted to a B&B, and ny best frien'd mother used to baby-sit there years ago,and had many sightings of a little girl ghost,apparantly one who had died there many years before. I have many other occurances I've witnessed,but that's enough for now.... going back to see more of your site!!

Old Rifle Range Barraks Parris Island, SC

By: canesfan1188@yahoo.com

I just happened across your site while browsing the web tonight about true ghost stories.  I was telling my wife about a strange event that happened to me while I was in boot camp at Parris Island in 1992.  It gave me chills to find the building this event occurred in on the haunted places list on your site. 
I will never forget this event as long as I live, it is giving me chills even as I type this email.  It was late October in 1992 and my platoon was at the old white rifle range barracks for night fire exercises.  I was selected by the drill instructors with 3 other recruits to stay and watch the barracks while the rest of the platoon went out to setup for the exercises later that night.  We were all sitting there on the floor in the middle of the squadbay floor and we were chatting about various things when the conversation turned to halloween which was only a few days away.  One of the guys began to talk about stories his grandfather had told about the barracks that we were staying in.  Stories about murders and suicides that took place in the barracks over the years and about the ghost's that still haunted the buildings.  It was still hot that time of year in South Carolina and the barracks had no AC so we decided to open the windows.  Two of us openend the left side windows, while the other two opened the right side windows.  Any Marine would remember these windows well as it took two people practically to open or close these old windows.  Once we got them open we sat back down to continue our conversation.  One of the recruits spoke up and began to say how there were no such things as ghosts and the stories were made up to scare people.  The same guy who had told us his grandfathers stories began to say how he believed in ghosts and ghost stories.  He asked me and the other recruit if we believed in ghosts o not and we both said we didn't believe in ghosts.  He kept insisting that we were wrong and the first recruit who said he didn't believe in ghosts began to raise his voice.  He shouted out "there are no such things as ghosts!"  Just as he finished screaming this, a cold wind blew open the back door of the squadbay and every window we had opened (approx. 20 windows) slammed shut at the same time.  We all looked at each other in shock and stood up and ran into the bathroom.  All four of us crammed into one toilet stall and slammed the door shut.  We sat there for a few seconds, which seemed like a hour.  One of the recruits broke the silence and whispered, "what just happened?"  The recruit who told the stories replied "it must be the ghosts."  The one recruit again said, "no way, I told you there are no such things as ghosts."  As God as my witness, as soon as he said that, another cold breeze blew through the bathroom and the stall door swung open slamming into the wall.  As the door hit the wall we heard a moaning voice say "WE ARE REAL!"  We all nearly soiled ourselves it was so spooky and erie.  We sat there for about 30 minutes before we finally got up the nerve to go back into the squadbay.  We never heard or saw anything else the rest of the time we where there.  We all swore never to tell anyone else in the platoon what had happened.  We knew that nobody would believe it.  I will never forget the events of that day.

Movie Theatre

By: Dkm778@cs.com

well, my father (doug) was a teen in the 60's and worked at a movie theater. This movie theater called "Up Town Movie Theater" is very old and still stands today. Somtimes I pass by it and try to look in it as if I expect to see somthing right then and there. its a small theater with maybe 15 or 20 rows. I believe its for lease now. But anyways, my dad heard stories and lived some himself. He said the theater was a creepy place in general. he would be the one to turn on all the lights a couple hours before the show started. He says it was so dark you couldnt see your hand in front of your face. There were always "bangs" for no reason. No way anyone could have made them and no telling what caused them. This guy who use to book the movies would usually come by to pick up his check. One day he came by the theater and heard somone running up and down the isles. He never came back. He had them mail him his checks.
Leroy was a black janitor at the theater and his job was to blow all the popcorn and trash down to the front of the isles with a leaf blower. One night while doing this he was suddenly chased by a man who came from behind the screen. Leroy had bruises from jumping over the rows of chairs. When asked to describe the man he said he couldnt becasue he had hair all over his face. He had them mail him his check and quit the very next day. My dad and his friend Tommy Hogan would somtimes go behind the screen and watch for people throwing trash at the screen. One specific time when going to the back of the screen where they just came from they found a chair put together facing the crowd. The chair wasnt there before and no one went back there besides them. After a showing on a busy friday night, him and Tommy were blowing the trash from the back to the front when all the sudden the house lights went out. Just the house lights. There are two places you can turn on/off the house lights. In the prejection room and behind the food stand. Tommy and my father went to the food stand, saw no body and turned the house lights back on. They then went up stairs to the prejection room and found no one. Somtimes me and my dad pass by it and he is so interested in it, he almost crashes the car. Somtimes i want to stop the car and take him in there with me. 

The Yellow Motel

By: wanda_chinaski@yahoo.com

I have been to the yellow motel several times in my life and get an eerie feeling each time I've been there.  It turned into a party haven for many years, and people would go out there at night and wait until weird things would happen.  It caught fire many times and the township finally got tired of putting it out all the time and finally about 1998 or 1999 they had a control burn and finished burning it to the ground.  The underground tunnels were filled with water also.  You can still go there, the tennis court is still there and the abandoned cottages are still out back.  That place still freaks me out, and I have only ever been out of my car one time when I was there and that was enough.  I never thought that I would see the day when the yellow motel would actually be on a website, but I think its great.  A little piece of smalltown Michigan on the great big web.

Apartment of Ghosts

By: leroyt700@msn.com

I lived in a haunted house in Newark, N.J.  The address is 155 Oliver St.  This is a two-family home and my wife and I were renting the second floor apartment from the owners, the Carratura family who lived downstairs. When I moved into the apartment I changed all the locks on the two exit doors and only my wife and I had keys. We had our 3 year old son living with us and my 7 year old daughter from my previous marriage would frequently stay with us for weekend visits.
Soon after we moved into the apt we noticed my son would often talk to someone we could not see. At first we dismissed it as just his imagination, but then one weekend my daughter said that her brother was talking to "the old man and the lady in white". My wife and I questioned her about this and were told that she often saw a woman in a white dress and an old man in a long coat and hat walking the hallway at night and she said the man made her uneasy (my word not hers) but that the lady was nice but she was very sad. Still, we figured the kids were just imagining things. However, strange things started to happen; lights would go on by themselves, the door to the fridge would be left open, etc. Of course I blamed my wife and she blamed me (my son couldn't reach the light switch). Money was tight for us then and after coming home and finding EVERY light on, when we knew we had turned them all off before leaving, we figured the owners had somehow gotten into the apt. So, I asked them and I was assured that they had no key and had not been in the apt.  Still the lights would be on when we returned from any trip, no matter if we were gone 5 minutes or 5 hours. Then one night my wife and i were watching TV in the  living room  which was the front room of the apt and looked out onto the street. The room has two large windows which look out to the street, and one side window which looked out to the alleyway leading to the backyard. I was sitting on the couch with the windows behind me and my wife was in a chair just to my right. Suddenly I noticed movement on the other side of my wife and looked up and said "What the**** " and my wife screamed.  We both watched in amazement without saying anything until the apparition had gone, and then I said to her "don't say anything, just write down what you saw and we'll compare notes"  We did and we both had seen the "old man"  He had a type of trench coat on and a fedora type hat.  He seemed to just disappear about midway between his knees and the floor. We both had seen him appear from just behind and to the right of my wife,  seemingly right through the wall with the large windows. We both saw him framed in the light from the side window and then he walked down the hallway out of the room and disappeared! After we compared notes, we went downstairs and questioned the Carraturas.  They all smiled and said " we wondered when  you would ask us about this."  It seems EVERYONE who lives in the house knows about the ghosts and most people can see them at different times.  There is an old man and a sad younger woman. They are harmless but they sometimes play pranks (the lights) and I was told if they get too annoying to just holler at them and they will stop. We were amazed even further when about two weeks later a message was left on our chalkboard which we used for phone #s and grocery lists. It said " Sophie"  and gave a phone #. I asked my wife about it but she was clueless. I had dated a Sophie years earlier, and I thought I recognized the #, so I called. I got Sophie's family and they informed me Sophie had died the day before! We stayed in the apt for another year until we bought a house, and then the couple who had lived in the apt before us moved back! They missed the ghosts!

Haunted Bed

By: MTBCSivanish@aol.com

I was 19 or 20 years old at the time and I have always been a skeptic.  It was late spring afternoon and I went downstairs to my room to take a nap.  I had an old bed that had been purchased at a garage sale by my aunt years before and eventually ended up as mine.  I tossed and turned then I froze.  I could not move.  Though the sun was still up my room was extremely dark.  I could not move nor talk.  My back was to the whole of the room while my face was to the wall.  It felt like something hideous or evil was trying to overpower me.  I have never felt so paralyzed.  I struggled for what seemed like forever.  I tried to yell out, but I knew I was home alone.  Finally I managed to stand up, but fell back down, it was like I had been drugged, but I had nothing to drink or any kind of narcotics in my system.  I whispered by the name of Jesus, let me go.  I was able to get up, I ran faster than hell upstairs and locked the basement door.  I was terrified.  I later summed up the courage to take a bible downstairs and I turned on every light on in the house.  My mother came home later that evening around 8:00 p.m.  She asked me what was wrong?  I told her the story.  She knew what exactly I was talking about.  When she had the bed in her room a few years earlier, she had a similar experience in the daytime.  She could describe everything that I experienced and she had never told me the story.  I moved my clothes upstairs and did not sleep in that bed for over two years.  I had told my friends the story and of course they wanted to try it out, but nothing happend.  Then my second cousin had come over to spend the weekend with us.  He slept downstairs.  At least he tried to sleep.  The next morning he said he had the most bizarre experience sleeping downstairs.  The bed kind of shook (it was only a mattress on top of a box spring, no frame.  A strange and eerie sensation came over him and he felt very uneasy.  My mother and I never told him our stories prior to his experience.  He was so freaked out he slept upstairs for the remainder of his trip.  We got rid of the bed.  As our stories made it through the family.  My little cousin was the first to have the bed and she was about four years old.  To this day she remembers waking up from a nap and seeing an old man that she did not recognize sitting at the end of the bed.  I don't know if it was all coincidental or imaginations getting the best of us, but it was weird and I still remeber the day and the details.  Nothing has happend since (I am now 35) and I hope it never does.  It felt evil. 

NYC Apartment Ghost

By: davebazooka@yahoo.com

Recently I was house-sitting for a friend of mine on
the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It was an old
tenement walkup, and the apartment was an unrenovated
railroad walk-thru, made up of 5 rooms leading into
each other, the kitchen in the back and the parlor in
the front facing the street. By unrenovated I mean the
walls and floors were still the original cracked
plaster and wooden moldings covered with decades'
worth of paint layers.
I am not superstitious at all and never had any
paranormal experiences, and in fact I grew up in an
apartment very similar to the one I was sitting, in
the same area of the UES, and never encountered any
ghostly phenomena. But after a week sitting my
friend's railroad apt., I was convinced there was some
sort of haunting going on. I heard voices talking to
me in my sleep, esp. the voice of what sounded like an
angry old woman. I mean I felt as if someone was
trying to communicate with me while I was sleeping.
Sometimes a noise would sound through the apartment
that would bring me fully awake, and this occurred
around the same time early every morning around 2:30
or 3 a.m. I can't describe the sound, except it was
like wood hitting wood, or a door slamming. I never
was able to find the source of the sound.
While awake I experienced different sensations, some
of them similar to others who have had hauntings. I
would be concentrating on some task and become aware
gradually that a presence had entered the room but
when I looked up, there was no one there. I asked a
neighbor to bring their pet dog into the apartment one
evening and the animal sat in the middle of the
kitchen and peered up into one specific corner where
the ceiling met the wall above the bathroom door. Very
smart dog and usually excited and curious, but all she
would do in that apartment was sit and stare at
something as though she were watching and listening to
Another time when I was sitting in the kitchen, there
was a light on in the kitchen and the parlor 4 rooms
away...the 3 smaller bedrooms between the two rooms
were dark, and I briefly saw a silhouette or shadow
appear to move across one of the rooms. After this the
occurrences stopped for a while, and then when I was
sleeping I began to hear the old woman again, along
with old Christmas carol music (sounded like Pat
Boone) and also I constantly visualized a dog passing
through the rooms, as if the dog was trying to let me
know he/she was there. The image would appear in my
ind at odd times repetitively.
After my friend returned I asked him if the rooms were
haunted and he made me tell him the whole thing, and
he corroborated most of my experiences. Neither of us
were frightened, we were just interested and curious.
A mutual pal of ours had a friend who was supposedly
psychic (i was always skeptical about this) and we
asked her to being the psychic man to check the
apartment out. He walked through the roms a few times
and announced that there was an elderly tenant's
spirit still in the rooms, that she had died there
around 1970 and had lived there most of her life and
loved it there, and that she did not llike me or my
friend being there in her apartment. He also said
there was the dog's spirit in the rooms, a big black
dog's ghost, and the dog had lived there sometime
after the old woman (1970s 0r 80s) and that the woman
from the eearlier time did not like the dog either.
WHEW anyway just wanted to share the tale...I wonder
if the fact that the apartment is unrenovated (very
old original walls) had anything to do with the
hauntings as if they were maintaining energy from
other times. Just a thought.
I found the experience not in the least chilling or
terifying, in fact I wish I could spend more time
there and get to know the elderly lady! I bet she has
some stories to tell.

Vegor's Cemetery

By: melissa_anne2000@yahoo.com

Hello...I live in Iowa and i have been to Vegor's Cemetary in Stratford a couple of times...Once was at night and nothing happened as far as i could see..i was a little scared out of my wits considering the people i was with (two guys) were sitting on each side of me and both fell asleep..they dont believe in hauntings or ghosts so i was a little scared out of my mind, considering I do believe in hauntings and ghosts.  So we sat at the bottom of the hill...the cemetary is at the top of the hill, and we were not facing the hill...so i dont know if something was going on behind me or not.
The second time i went to Vegors was during the day with a friend.  He got a bad feeling when he got out of his truck and i said i was going to go look around.  So i started to walk along the graves and i stopped in front of one...i dont know why i stopped but i think i was shocked by the name...her name was Arizona.  I though to myself, wow i thought only these days someone would name their child after towns and states.   i looked at the dates on her headstone, (i can't exactly remember them right now but i think it was the late 1800's or early 1900s) and her brother is buried right next to her. After about 5-10 minutes of looking at her headstone I kept walking, a noise in the woods scared me (the cemetary is surrounded by woods) it was a huge bird that flew around the cemetary and not right over it..which was wierd to me.  So i got in the truck and we left.  My dad and i were talking the next day and he asked me what i did the day before (my dad and i really like going to cemetaries and looking around at the dates of the headstones) so i told him i went to Vegors and he asked me if i saw "baby Arizona".  I just looked at him with my mouth open.... d i said "who told you?" and he asked "what do you mean?" and i said "i looked at her grave yesterday for like 10 minutes just staring at it" and he smiled and said "its known that if you stop in front of her headstone (at night) and look straight ahead and hurry and look to her headstone real fast you can see her sitting on her headstone with a smile on her face, but it is not a sweet 5 year old smile, it is a demonic smile"  He also told me that one of his friends that he worked with has seen her, My dad told me that he read about how her spirit haunts Vegors Cemetary in a book written over 50 years ago.(which i tried to find the book but he has so many i couldnt find it)  He also told me that if you stop in front of her grave she will follow you around the graveyard til you leave.
That is my experience of Vegors Cemetary..i have friends that have gone out there more than i have and have had different experiences...One friend told me that  on Mrs. Henry Lott's grave they call it the hot/cold stone...this friend told me that one side is extremely cold and one side is extremely hot and that my friend burnt herself on the hot side, but i dont know if i believe her....i will never know...
Thank you for letting me tell you my experience.

Rhode Opera House Kenosha Wisconsin

By: Laurene7694@aol.com

I volunteer at the Rhode, and all these stories have personally happened to
There is the Lady in Blue or White, actors have seen her appear both ways. I
personally saw she wearing a white blouse and blue skirt. She hangs around the
dressing rooms as well as the East Auditorium. She likes to tease strong
There is also a choir of females singing. Which I heard during a rehearsal in
December of 2003.
In the costume department, what is ever up there is MEAN and most people will
not go alone, or they will ask not to be bothered. You never hang out in the
costume department.
If you take pictures you will have 100s of orbs.
I was up there alone numerous times, and heard something brush against boxes.
No one was there. It will also turn lights on and off, if you get mad at it,
it will back off.
You will here your name being called.
I was once dancing through the lobby and I heard someone clap.
Prop department (in the basement) once saw the air "wave" you know when you
see heat on a summer day. That's what it looked like, it was middle of January.
In the sub basement more orbs.

Older House in NH

By: cute_lil_angel_from_the_south@yahoo.com

My name is Catie, and I have something to share with you. I was living in an older house in NH, it was a three floor house, with someone else living on the bottom floor. The night that we first moved in, I was in my new room, just laying there, on my bed, missing my old home, when above me I heard Crying, soft crying, like a womans. My mother told me that it was all in my head. So I tried to forget about it. A few days later, she was also in  my room when it happened again. Above my room was another room, and then above that was a small circled room, there was no way into it. that we knew of at the time. So the next night, my mother, her friend and I went up stairs and looked into the closet. The was a board nailed to the wall, we tore it down and seen a passage way, my mother entered the room, hands empty, and came back with a white old style dress. we never re-boarded up the room, just closed the closet and never opened it again.
With the years that we lived in the house, at any sign of my mothers ex huband, and him being abusive weird things would happen. Our Back door would open and close. lights would come on and off in parts of the house no one was in. One night we had plates hanging on the wall, her ex husband was in a angry mood and hit my brother, later he had to be rushed to the er, because a plate that was in the living room was thrown into his bedroom and hit him in the head. I was in bed sleeping when it happened, but i got blamed, for he had seen a young woman in white wearing it.
whenever my brothers and I were alone in the house at night, you could hear an old radio being played and a woman humming softly. I had seen her once when i was afraid of something, she was in a really old styled white dress with long black hair. she stood over my hand and held her hand to her mouth, as if to tell me to stop crying, it would all be okay.  Over the years we lived in that house, everyone but my mother had seen her. My brother had also seen a man in a butlers outfit, a young man about the woman's age standing in the third floor near the closet.
Later I looked up the house and its history, and was told that a very powerful banker had lived in that house and he had a beautiful daughter who just disappeared one night, and after the night the stair case in the upstairs livingroom was removed, and the butler three nights later was found dead. it is believed that the woman and the man were having an affair, and her father found out and locked her alive in the circled room. we never found anything though besides the dress and the room had a nasty smell to it, that was only in that room.
the people who lived below us had said no one lived in the house as long as we had. because of the sounds of crying. the people believe we unlocked the woman from being trapped in the house, but she stayed to help us children from being abused from my mothers ex husband, for she was really only seen or heard from when he was angry or drinking, when he came most abusive.....

My Grandmother's Experiences

By: ineztrigg@comcast.net

Hello to all of you. After several years of reading your experiences, I have decided to contribute some of my own and my family's. The first story deals with my grandmother. I believe that she was somewhat "gifted". My grandmother's first experience happened when she was a child in northern Spain. She lived in the countryside, in a village called Trasmontes, I believe, near the city of Oviedo. She recalled that one day, while walking home with an older brother, they saw a parade of people, dressed all in black, approaching them. The people were walking out of the town, going towards the church and town graveyard. Her brother whispered to her that someone must have died and a funeral procession was coming. This was strange to them, since the town was small and news always travelled fast. They stopped by the side of the road and bowed their heads in respect. As the first of the people reached them, they both heard a sorrowful voice say to them, "go home quickly because your brother XXXX has died". When they looked up, no one was around; the entire funeral procession had disappeared! They both had a very bad feeling and ran, crying, the last mile home. As you can guess, when they got there, that is what had happened. A few days later, they were part of a similar procession going down the same road.
My grandmother went on to have quite a few more experiences. After she had grown up and married, she lived in the U.S. for a few years and then moved to Cuba. While she lived in Cuba, she lived in a very haunted house. This was in the 40's and this house was over two centuries old at the time. In the past, it had been a garrison for Spanish soldiers. My grandfather worked nights, so my grandmother was on her own with her children every weeknight. Since the house was located in the countryside, with the nearest neighbor over a mile away, she slept with a loaded gun by her side. One night, she woke to see a man, dressed as a soldier from the 1700's standing in the doorway. He was smiling and leaning casually against the doorframe. Under his arm, a young African slave boy stuck his head out and smiled at her too, whereupon the soldier gently pushed his head back into the shadows. He then took off his plumed hat and bowed to her. She closed her eyes and began to pray and when she opened them, he was gone. She never saw him again, but she and the entire family soon began to hear things. She always felt watched and every day, at 3pm, the family would hear the sound of a large stone rocking back and forth in the corner of the living room. Every night, the front door would bang very loudly, until someone went to answer it. This door was huge, it was a foot thick and was so big that there was actually a smaller door cut into it, which is what you had to open. Every time it happened, there was never anyone visible there, and there was no place for a joker to hide. Things came to a head and finally my grandmother threatened my grandfather that she would leave with the kids if he didn't move them out of that house. My grandfather decided to track down a man who was well known in the area as being a spiritual medium. The man came to their home with an assistant and entered into a trance. He had not been given any details of the haunting but he related to them everything that was happening. He stated that the spirit of a soldier was hanging around because he had buried his life's savings nearby and he wanted someone to have the treasure. He said that the soldier wanted my grandmother to have it because she was a good woman. Having heard countless stories about people being cursed when they dug up treasure, my grandmother spoke out that she wanted no part of it. She just wanted to be left alone. The medium communicated this to the spirit and the seance was ended. My mother's family continued to live in this house for several years afterwards, but they never experienced anything strange again. A few years after they had moved out, my mother and grandmother bumped into the woman who was living in the house after they left. The woman asked them if they had ever heard strange noises in the house. When they asked her what she meant, she replied that she could hear people walking around with heavy boots and she always felt like she was being watched. Many years later, after my family left Cuba for the States, my grandmother heard from a friend back in Cuba that Castro's government had converted the house into a school. My guess is that the old soldier is still walking and waiting to give someone his treasure.

I was Annoyed at First


One night I was at the computer talking to someone about ghosts.  It was late but I wasn't tired so I chatted on.  I got the feeling of being watched but no one was awake, the whole house was quiet.  All of a sudden I got put off line and at the same moment started to smell cigarette smoke.  The prior owner who died had been a heavy smoker.  I got back on line and again after a short time got thrown off athis went on and on for 5 or 6 times. 
I was getting annoyed as this never happens or hasn't happened to this computer in the 3 years I have owned it.  I got so annoyed I said "Ok show your self!".  Just after I said this I got thrown off line again.  I was really annoyed not knowing if it were computer problem or my local spook. 
What happened next almost floored me.  The light in the room I was working in flashed off- on- off- on- off- on about 4 cycles.  I was wide awake at the time and not taking drugs or drinking.  The computer screen didn't go out or even flicker, I do not have battery back up for power failure so the machine would have gone off it power was lost.  The screen didn't flicker, I was not even knocked off line and I told the person I was talking to what had happened.  It scared the life out of me.
I took out a digital camera and went into the hall out side the computer room and took pictures.  I took photos of the room next door, the prior owner's [dead] bedroom.  I looked at the photos and embossed or wrinkled into the poster for the movie Titanic is a white face,  the face is also reflected in a characterature of my daughter.  The Titanic poster had no specific bends just the 4 crease lines from having been folded but now it had a face.  To this day I still see the creases and the face.  
I have a bad back and at times it would spasm while on the stairs.  Many times I have felt a hand push me so as not to fall.  At the top of the stairs is a door with a 1/4-1/2 inch opening at the bottom, if going up late at night looking into the bathroom door way , in the hall at the top of the stairs across from the stairway door, I see two black heavy shoes as an old woman would wear.  Any coincidence?  I doubt it.
When I am spooked out or feeling like being watched I will say a prayer going up the stairs and when I do this I never get the feeling of being watched or see the "shoes".

Number 78

By stargard102@yahoo.com

  I’ve had a number of experiences with possible ghosts, a little blonde girl on some stairs, a strangely lit figure on a seawall and what may have been the ghost of a Samurai, but these experiences, while strange and difficult to explain, were all located outside my home. This experience occurred not only in my home, but suddenly and inexplicably in a house we had lived in for years with no disturbances. The house is on Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan and is typical generic government quarters,  three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs and a laundry room, kitchen and living room/dining room downstairs.
  We moved into the house in late 1989 and lived there until December 2004, but it wasn’t until the last year we lived there that unexplained things began to happen. I started noticing things when I was home alone or when it was early in the morning and everyone else was upstairs asleep. At first it was just quiet sounds as if someone were on the stairs, but so faint that they could be dismissed as noise from outside or even imagination. As time went by, however, these sounds got louder and more pronounced and a little more difficult to explain. Since I was in the Navy and stationed on a ship, and therefore away quite a bit,  I didn’t hear the sounds all too often and I didn’t mention them to my family both because I didn’t want to frighten them and also I wasn’t sure they would believe me.
 Towards the end of 2004 I was getting ready to retire and was taking all my accumulated leave (vacation days) so I was home much more than usual. Since my wife worked early in the morning and I was used to waking up early, I often found myself downstairs alone in the morning while my children were upstairs asleep. It was quiet and I would sit at my computer in a small breakfast nook in the kitchen and surf the net. At first I heard the faint sounds on the stairs, but only once in awhile so I continued to ignore them, but then things changed. I started hearing someone coming down the stairs, not faint sounds like before, but footsteps coming down the stairs and along the hallway toward the kitchen. These were whispery footsteps, the kind made by someone wearing socks or slippers and, thinking it was one of my children, I would turn to greet who ever was coming into the kitchen, but no one would be there. I would get up and search the whole downstairs area and find no one, then go upstairs to find all three of my children still asleep. Then one morning I heard someone coming and turn in time to see someone walk past the door to the kitchen. I only saw her for a brief moment, but I saw enough to know it was a woman and she was wearing a white nightgown. I quickly got up and went into the hallway but again no one was there and the only place she could have gone was out the front door which was locked from the inside.
 One day my youngest daughter and I were watching TV in the living room while everyone else was out of the house when I heard the footsteps on the stairs. I turned to look at my daughter and found her looking at the hallway. I asked if she heard the footsteps too and she said she did and that she’d heard them several times while alone in the house. She also told me she was watching TV one day and saw the reflection of a woman in the glass of our entertainment center. She said the woman walked into the living room from the kitchen and that the woman was wearing a nightgown and had white socks on her feet. My daughter said she turned to looked directly at the woman but no one was there.
 We lived I that house for fourteen years before I noticed anything strange and my youngest daughter and I were the only ones who heard the footsteps or saw the woman. I remember telling my son once that I never felt safe in that house, but I couldn’t say why, maybe I sensed something all a long. We’ve moved out of the house now and live off base in a nice little Japanese house. This house is old, but it’s got a nice feel to it, kind of friendly and contented, and I do feel safe here. Not too long ago I was on base and, since I was in the area, I walked by the house, which was empty and awaiting renovation. As I walked toward the house I looked up at the second story windows of what had been my bedroom and for a second I thought I saw someone standing in the room a few feet back from the window.
 At that point I decided I didn’t really want to see the old house after all and left. 
 I don’t know why these disturbances would start suddenly after so many years, I don’t know anything about the history of the house, but my father in law suffered a stroke there and later died. I don’t think he has anything to do with it though, my daughter and I both saw a woman. Perhaps we bought something that had a spirit attached to it or maybe there was a spirit there all along and she got used to us and was upset that we were leaving. What ever the reason, it was strange and if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to write and let me know.

When I was Sixteen it Happened

By: woolleydj@comcast.net

I don't know how to really tell the story, I mean I don't know what to make of it, but it happened to me in the summer of 1986.  My name is Dave and I grew up in an LDS family living in Southern California.  I always strived to be good and honest in my dealings.  I had problems with my family because I wasn't allowed to do things with my none Mormon friends. I was the kid at school who couldn't attend the sex education courses, or the one whose parents came with him to the school skating rink party, really embarrassing in the age where you want to fit in.  So I started to rebel because of my never ending punishment, or so it seemed to be.  I began to smoke marijuana and drink beer when I was fifteen and really began to change mentally.  I didn't care anymore about my future plans and at the same time the fights with my parents began to increase.  I just wanted a normal life, but the orthodox view my parents had for my family felt suffocating.  Well I started to think that if I continued to party and be out of control, I would have no future.  So I prayed one night and decided to quit drugs and heal the hurt that had been going on for a few years.  That night something really weird and unexplainable happened to me that I cannot ever forget.  I don't know if it was ghosts or a ghost or something more maybe a fallen angel, an alien UFO contact or whatever it was.  I had fallen asleep with the intention to start over and start a new day.  Suddenly in the middle of the night I just woke up.  I mean I was sound asleep and I just woke up, alert like I never fell asleep.  My room is adjacent to a street light that shines light dimly through my white window shades so even at night there is a faint light in my room all the time.  I woke up thinking why the hell did I just wake up, but I soon realized it was not of my doing. I was lying on my stomach when I was asleep, so I turned over on to my back pondering why this happened when I saw that I had no light in my room at all.  It felt as though I was suffocating, I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.  I thought that the street light had gone out, but the dark was really weird and odd, I felt really cold, I remember the feeling was so bad, the only thing I could think of was to leave, and leave right now get out of my room.  I decided to get the hell out of my room, but suddenly I was forced back down, I don't think I even moved, just started to move, but was unable to.  There was nothing but pitch black , but something was holding me down. I couldn't move my arms, legs, neck, nothing!!  I was so scared I can't put into words the horror I felt, it was out of a movie, but really happening.  I am not making this up, it was bullshit!!  I couldn't scream, I tried to yell and all I could do was barely mumble, I truly was scared to death practically shitting my pants, I didn't know what to do.  The only thing that I could think of was really nothing, the feeling and physical experience was overwhelming I can relate it too the movie "Jaws", in the beginning when the naked girl swims out to the bowie and gets dragged down the first time by Jaws, comes back up and starts breathing really fast, scared, panting.  Anyhow, I fought this thing the only way I knew how, the only thing I could do.  For you none religious people you'll probably wont care, but that's okay.  I just kept repeating the words over and over in my head," In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave", or something similar to that.  After what seemed forever, but was only about a minute, 45 seconds or so, The ghost, apparition let go of me.  I rushed out of my room and ran into my parents room and told them the about this utter bullshit I had experienced.  They took it pretty lightly which kind of pissed me off, It way the most bruttle, frightening experience and they brushed it off, I even had to go back in my room and sleep the rest of the night.  Well it hasn't happened since I think, it might have, but I  stopped it from happening again by repeating those words in my head, but my experience has left me strongly aware of such activities if they happen again.  I am mentally stronger than I was once before.  I don't know if I believe in ghosts, or demons, of Aliens, because I go in and out searching for truths everyday.  This is just my story and it happened and that is what I did.  I don't know if it happened because I decided to change my life for the better and some evil force was trying to stop me or what.  All I know is that there are creepy forces out there that are not nice and in other words hostile.  I have yet to see good forces unless I am blind and the good things in my life are those good forces at work, which I am sure they are and at the present are helping those who are bettering their lives. Believe it or not, this is the truth, this is all I can say.

Strange Man

By: xrobyn92x@hotmail.com

one day i was at the cemetry with my friend, we wasn't visiting anyone, we
was just in there out of curiosty and to pass the time. anyway, we was
walking towards the back of the cemetry, when suddely i saw a strange man
come out of the blue.i think he was foreign because he was weatring a
turbin. He started to strare and me at me and my fiend but she dident notice
until i said to ''who is that man '' we was quitet close to him, but when he
realised that me and my friend had noticed him, he ducked down behinde the
gravestone. we ran over to the gravestone, to see where he was, but no1 was
there, and he coudlnt of run off, because me and my friend would have saw
him. we was standing around that area when suddenly all the flowerpots on
the gravestone started spinning. We was frightened and we jsut started
running and we have never been back there since but we still don't no if
that man was real or a ghost.

Old Farmhouse

By: lgibson@bis.midco.net

we grew up in an old farmhouse that been in my stepfather's family for many years. we always had the feeling that there was something else there. my sister and i shared a room when i was about 12 or thirteen and she was 10 or 11. we where just about to fall asleep when we heard the front door open then close. we heard footsteps go through the living room and throuhg the kitchen. the back dor opened up and then closed. we watched out the window of our bedroom to see if it was our parents but we never saw anyoneone go by the window. many years later my father and i were at church. when we came home, my husband and brother where standing outside each holding a gun. we thought that they were going to hunt pheasants, but they told us they heard laughter coming from my brother's bedroom and then they heard the basement door open up and footsteps run down the steps. when they went downstairs there was no one there. their was also the outlone of a man in a bowler;s hat that had ben on the coalshute door every since i was a little girl. dad died in 20001. the farm was sold and i don't know if there has been anything else reported.

Truck Stop

By: jynx327@gtlakes.com

I began reading some of the stories and felt relieved to know that other people have had experiences similar to mine. Here is one I hope you enjoy.
My husband and I were over the road truck drivers, we were in Ontario, Ca. waiting to load flowers going to Chicago, Il., I called to see what time we needed to be there, and they said our load was cancelled and that we had to wait till the morning to get another one.  I walked back in the truck stop to relay this to my husband and we were having a cup of coffee when a man walked up to me and said," your load got cancelled didn't it?"  I thought this was our agent that got our load,(but I was wondering how he knew what we looked like since we only had talked on the phone).  The man introduced himself as a writer for the Los Angles Times, he and his son were driving by the truckstop and he felt a strange urge that he had to stop because there was someone waiting for him inside. He said that he walked in and immediately walked up to me and that is when he said that our load had been cancelled, I thought he was trying to scam me or something like that so I was trying to just blow him off.  He know I was uncomfortable and he turned to me and took of his ring and said, "hold on to this and tell me what you see in your mind", no sooner had he said that when I visioned a man from India with a turban and a mole between his nose and cheek, so I flippantly told him that.  At the moment his son walked up to us and his father said for him to show me the picture of the man the ring had belonged to, and it was the man I had described.  I was so freaked out that I had to leave, I felt I couldn't take a deep breath.
My husband stayed a little longer than I did and spoke with him, they walked over to the news stand and bought a copy of the Los Angles Times and his picture was in there under the physic column, he told my husband that he would pay me to answer letter written in to him by rich people and celebrities because I had the power and he could cense it.  I never did because that kind of thing has always scared me.  But I wonder from time to time if I should have.

The Spirit of My Cat

By: annika.burchardt@soderhamn.com

One week after the death of my cat i woke up in my bed and i opened my eyes and i saw my cat laying on the bed and by that time i was not used to his death so i laid my hand on him, closed my eyes again and felt his soft fur against my hand and a second after that i remembered it all so i quickly moved my hand and opened my eyes but there was no cat to see, but the place where i had seen him was warm and on my hand there was cat hair and at that time i only had one cat and he was, is you know, dead.

My Oklahoma Experiences

By: nhayes@loganlowry.com

I was a resident of Pryor, Oklahoma for 32 years until I recently moved to Miami, Oklahoma.  I have some experiences to share as far as several of the places you list are concerned.
1.  Side Pockets in Pryor.    I know the guy that owns the pool hall.  When you walk in, you definitely get a chill that runs down your back.  I’ve seen a shadowy figure standing in corners.  Also, if you go into his storage room, you can sometimes see the figure but ALWAYS feel as though you are being watched.  The owner said that the shadowy figure resembles a man in a long coat.
2. Crybaby bridge.  As a kid, we used to frequent this place looking for ghosts.  There has always been the stories of the baby crying, but there is (fact) also a cemetery that can only be accessed by that road that went over Crybaby Bridge called Alberty’s Cemetary, (there is also a a road that is owned by GRDA and locked always that can be used to access it).  The cemetery has been vandalized severely and the rumor about 15 years ago that was going around was that devil worshippers held their rituals down there.  My friend and I would always venture to the bridge during the day because, frankly, we are both girls and both chicken.  But one night, we decided to go down there to check things out.  Now, every single time we would go down there during the day, our vehicle, which ran smoothly, would always start to spit and sputter until we would leave.  The one night we went down there to see the bridge… we started getting a really weird feeling, then all of a sudden the lights on her truck went out (and no, she didn’t turn them off, I checked).  We were scared to death, so we turned around and as soon as we started heading out of there, her lights came back on.  Her mechanic checked out her lights and there wasn’t any electrical problems or anything (and she never did have any more problems).  Needless to say, we still don’t go down there during the day.  They tore the bridge down several years ago so there was no access to the cemetery unless you luck into knowing someone who works for GRDA and happens to have a key.  BUT, this past Memorial Day, GRDA allowed access to the cemetery for families of the deceased to visit.  We don’t have any family there, but we just had to see the cemetery that was infamous for supposed occult rituals.  We got to the cemetery, which is tucked back in the woods and terribly overgrown (except for a part that had been cleaned up by family members) and immediately got a weird feeling.  Upon walking around, we were saddened to see so much vandalism and damage, but we were startled to find a grave and that obviously been dug up.  The hole was still there as well as the headstone.  It was pretty freaky.
3. Quapaw, Oklahoma – Spooklight Road.  Well, as luck would have it, I went to college in Miami (about 10 minutes away) and now live in Miami.  In college we would frequent the road to look for the light.  Many times we never would see anything.  (Legend says if it is too noisy or too many people it would not come out, this proved true).  But one night about 7 of us were out there and it appeared.  It looked to be about a half mile away and appeared at first as one big white light.  The light moved around from left to right, up and down for about 3 or 4 seconds before it glowed a bright yellow and split into two lights.  These two lights would glow white and yellow and move around each other.  Then they went back together to form one light that glowed bright white and yellow several times before fading away.  This whole event lasted about 3 minutes.  It still comes out but the road is now patrolled by county sheriffs.
4. Ripley – Ghost Hollow.  My dad’s family grew up and has a spot down on the Cimarron River just about 2 miles from Ghost Hollow.  We still have the original homeplace with a little cabin on it that the family goes down to many times throughout the year to fish, hunt, etc.  So I grew up knowing all the legends and lore of Ghost Hollow.  My grandfather tells the tale of the outlaws that robbed a neighboring town and fled into the hills of the holler and the vigilantes that came and captured and/or killed them.  He said that for a long time the “kissing trees”  (thusly named because there were two trees that grew wrapped around each other, entwined I guess is a better word) stood and that was where the outlaws were hung. He said ever since that happened, the outlaws haunted that area.  Another part of the legend was that every seven years, someone would die in the holler.  Now, I’m sure that that particular part of the story was for the sake of the children’s ghost story around the fire at night, but one year we went down to the holler and I’ll be danged if there wasn’t a “makeshift memorial” for a girl that had died down there.  (It is still there, but the cross has been vandalized a little) and off of the road a bit is a headstone of some man that died many years ago.  I go down to the holler every time I go to the “farm”.  Over the years, the trees rotted and died and the kids that partied in the holler had no respect and spray painted them and eventually burned them.  Only parts of the trunks still stand.  When you go into the holler, you get that creepy feeling that we all get on occasion and twice I have seen some shadowy figure standing in the trees seemingly watching us.  One time me and 2 of my friends were down in the holler by the trees and I was telling them all the stories my grandfather had told me.  When I got to the part about the outlaws haunting the holler, the wind suddenly came from every direction (mind you this is a holler with thick trees and hills surrounding it), so much so that it blew my long hair straight up in the air.  That was enough for my friend to get scared and want the heck out of there, lol.  But to this day, even though it is populated with many homes, you can still drive down the road that takes you by what used to be the “kissing” aka hanging trees.
5. There is a place on the Delaware/Mayes county line by the town called Rose that is the first Cherokee Courthouse in Indian Territory.  It is Saline Courthouse and is very haunted. (The Pryor Daily Times once wrote an article about the courthouse and the reporter documented hearing footsteps upstairs while interviewing the caretaker. The story is available via microfiche at the county library).  There is a huge amount of history involving the courthouse on this site:  http://www.salinecourthouse.org .  I used to go to the courthouse back in high school and had a something happen every time.  The court house had a caretaker, but it was always easy to know if they were there or not by a vehicle in the driveway or the lack of a vehicle.  So when there was no vehicle we would park our truck by the headstones by the road and run to the courthouse.  More than once we would see lights on upstairs (no electricity in the house) and see shadowy figures all over the property.  One night we were able to get into the courthouse and as is usual in places like this it was terribly vandalized.  There were four of us and one flashlight (smart, huh?).  Two of us, Jeff and Lori decided to stay downstairs and so me and my boyfriend ventured upstairs with the flashlight. We looked around upstairs and didn’t see anything unusual.  When we went back downstairs one of our friends said something along the lines of “ha ha, very funny trying to scare us, we saw you guys standing over there” and pointed to one corner of a large downstairs room.  We told them that we were upstairs and there is only one staircase in the courthouse.  We shined our light over in the corner and verified our story. There was no way for us to be two places at once.  They got terrified and said that they saw two people over in that corner and thought we were trying to scare them.  Our two friends wasted no time getting out of the courthouse, so my boyfriend and I followed.  We had all made it out of the courthouse when my boyfriend decided he wanted to check out the jail.  Lori mentioned that she felt like she was being watched and all of a sudden, coyotes started howling all around us.  Jeff and looked over into the tree line and saw 3 whitish figures.  Lori and I started running for the truck as were quickly passed by Jeff running at top speed.  He jumped in my truck and had it started and was getting ready to pull out by the time Lori and I made it.  My boyfriend, totally unaware of what we had seen was still nosing around the jail.  We called for him to hurry up.  I have been back since, but only driving by.. I still see the lights on inside upstairs.
I know these stories are long, and I know you wont’ put them all up on the website, but I wanted to let you know my stories of the Oklahoma places.

House Being Haunted

By: andyhatesyou2006@yahoo.com

okay well, a few years  back i spent the night at my
friends christinas house (they had always been very
open and honest about the fact they thought their
house was haunted... i believed them but this mad me a
true believer.) and the next morning i decided to go
to church with her. I didn't have any clothes to wear
so I borrowed some of hers. when we got back from
church i called my dad and told him to come pick me
up. i went into my friends bathroom to change out of
the clothes she had lent me and while i was changing I
VERY CLEARLY heard a long fingernail tap on the glass
of the window three times. now i was completely alone
in the bathroom and its a very small bathroom so i
would know if it was just her hiding and trying to
play a trick on me. also the window is completely
bare, no shades, no curtains, nothing. and on the
otherside of the window there are no trees or branches
anywhere near the window.... i quickly ran threw the
rest of my clothes on and ran out of the bathroom to
tell her what happened. when i exited the bathroom i
found her and her parents (shes an only child) in the
kitchen. i asked them if they had taped on the glass
and they said no, they hadn't even been outside. i
went outside to investigate and found nothing even
near the winow. these arent the type of people who
would play that kind of joke on someone so i was sure
it was a ghost.
also another night i was spending the night at her
house we had been up all night talking and after a
while decided to go to sleep, so we both said
goodnight and tried to go to sleep. well, ya know the
random bumps and creeks you hear during the night?
well there were alot of those, and very fequently we
would hear them. we would heard them on the celing fan
(which was turned off), the desk, the door, and then
one reallly loud one on the computer... these noises
continued on for a few minutes until we got sick of it
and said  "will you please stop making those noises?
we are trying to sleep!" and the room went dead
silent...so we settled down again and said goodnight
to each other and then i said "goodnight spirits" and
the celing fan clinked again...we thought that was
pretty cool

Baby Ghost


my wife and i moved into a house in feb 2003. i had bought the house from a lady who's daughter used to live there until 1999 when she got married and moved to texas. the house had been setting empty for about 3 years and needed
alot of cleaning so me and my wife moved in and got to work fixing the place up.
on about the 3rd day of being in the house my wife was in the basement cleaning that afternoon and i was upstairs hooking up the satilite. she had been cleaning about an hour or so when she came upstairs to ask me what i did with her bottle of cleaner?
i told her i did'nt get her cleaner she just forgot where she set it down. she said she was just useing it in the basement and had not been anywhere else. we looked high
and low but never found it. a week or so later she woke me up and said she heard
kids laughing and could'nt go to sleep. (we have no children) i told her i did'nt hear anything that she
was crazy and to go back to sleep. a few day's later my sister came to stay the week
with us as she often does because her husband is a truck driver and she does'nt
like to be alone. the 2nd night my sister was in the house she woke me up and said
she kept hearing children laughing. i thought she was as crazy as my wife so i went
in the bedroom with her. after about 10 minutes of sitting in the bedroom with her i to
heard laughing from what sounded like children. i just thought it was strange and went on about my business. about 3 weeks after this happened i woke up in the middle of
the night about 3:00 am to what sounded like a baby crying. by now i was used to all the strange sounds and i did'nt pay it much mind. as i tried to go back to sleep the crying got much louder almost like the baby was in the same room with me. by this
time it was so loud it woke my wife. so i got up to see if i could find where the noise
was comming from. as i walked in the livingroom the crying stopped and i smelt something burning. i looked around and saw that a lamp on the floor was smoking
and the cord that ran to it had melted onto the carpet. there is no doubt had i not woke up this would have caught fire and burnt down the house with us in it.  after this event i felt compelled to call the lady i had bought the house from. when i told her of all the strange things happening in the house she was stunned. she told me that her daughter's husband and 3 kids had been killed in a car wreck in 1997. she said her daughter did'nt want the house after this because of the memories. i checked out her story and it's all true. the children were 5 year old girl a 3 year old boy and a 7 month old baby girl. my wife and i still live in this house and still hear the kids often. since we don't have children we kinda consider them like our own. and they still like to play pranks on us....car key's missing.....light's flipping off and on....things disappering.
my only complaint is i can't file them on my taxes..lol. 

A Haunting in Gary Indiana,Black Oak Section

By: AlliCat848603@aol.com
I never believed in hauntings at least not until I moved. My second husband and my 3 teenage children were happy when we moved into the large home on Hobart Street. There was plenty of space for all of us and some left over. My twin daughter Allison noticed the strange happenings first, Allison is very perceptive and capable of knowing when a place has a spirit and whether the spirit is good or evil. At first I dismissed her complaints of objects disappearing and then turning up in a closet that I had in my back bedroom. Or the problems she had sleeping, she kept saying that she heard a girls cries coming from my bedroom and when she did fall asleep,she was awakened by someone or something. Then soon my other children started complaining of the exact same thing and soon their friends that came to spend the night had the same stories of sounds of crying or objects disappearing, and a cold eerie feeling,a feeling of evil, a evil presence. My children then moved in with their Father to finish out high school,because all of their friends lived where their father lived. So I let them live with their dad for the last year of high school. My husband and I both workedf evenings, but I got home before he did and let me tell you, everytime I would have to walk into that house I would get a very nauseous feeling. At first I thought that I was missing the kids, but then the feelings got worse. I started having severe headaches and things started disappearing and I would find them days later in my back bedroom, after the kids moved, I moved my stuff to the front bedroom. My husband started to change, he became mean and at times even violent. But he only was this way when he was in the house.It was like something had possessed him. Then I started having nightmares of an evil spirit that told me in my nightmares that I was going to be destroyed. My nightmares were vivid of my husband brutally raping and killing me. But one night dreamt that there was two good spirits that rubbed my aching head and gave me protection but they told me that I would soon have to leave this house in order to save mine and my husbands life. So thats what we did and now we sleep peacefully and we are close again. The house on Hobart Street has since been rented twice in the past two years, so far the family that lives there now  still resides there but I have noticed they don't stay home much.

Kentucky Story

By: bllystephens@yahoo.com

When I was a littlr boy my dad would tell us ghost story. well one time he told us a story that made the hair on my neck stand up it was about a hollow that was haunted .He told this story when he was younger he walk to school he had to leave his house before daylight. as he walked down the long dark hollow he heard something walking behind him although he knew that he was alone so he stopped and turned around and saw nothing the sound had stopped always. A little scared he turned and through a rock on the hill thinking it might had been an animal the rock would scare it off he started to walk again. He heard something walking behind again. So he started to run. As fast as he ran it ran. But I didn t believe him. Until I got older and saw for myself. I went to the hollow with my sisters to play a prank on some friends.
We would tell our friends that it was haunted and they would hear and see things that would scare them to death. To make sure that they got scare I would hide in the woods and make different sound just for laugh we had done this many time but this time instead of my usually spot I went to hide by the barn(nobody lived in the hollow anymore) and waited for them to come walking by while waiting there in the dark I saw two white figure floating above the road .I was scared I started to walk to my car I turned around and saw the figure slowly descending into the ground so I got in the car where my sisters where waiting I started to tell them what happened they stopped me and told me that they saw something we had seen the same white figure. By the time our friends showed up we was to scared to scare them. On this trip we never figure out what the white figure was. I now believe my dad.

They Are Here

By: yashi_rara@yahoo.com

My mom has always said that the house we grew up in was the old whore house, that she was told this by one of the old ladies that used to live in the neighborhood when we first moved in. I will admit that I have not researched this for documentation, although all of the downstairs carpet is red and all the wood flooring in the two upstairs bedrooms is painted red. I remember being scared to go upstairs when I was a kid, which is where my room was, but I don't recall any activity in particular. In fact, it wasn't until I moved out to my first apartment that I began to have questionable experiences.Three instances in particular, stand out in my mind. The first was one day I was sitting on the couch in the living room talking on the cordless phone to my mom. Across the room on a side table was one of those gag ash trays that talks when you touch it, saying "cough, cough, that's disgusting!" It started to go off by itself, so I flipped the little switch on the bottom to "off". I went off again so i removed the batteries. When it went off again, having no power source, I picked it up and threw it in the dumpster out back! Another time, I was sitting with my back to the kitchen when I thought I heard the coffee pot running, which was odd because I hadn't turned it on. When I turned to see what was going on, I saw water dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen. So I stuck a bowl under to catch the water ( kind of yellow and rusty looking), and called the landlord to investigate. I only had about a half inch of water and then it started to just drip slowly. The landlord broke into the one apartment up stairs to see if there was a tub overflowing or something, but he found nothing. Then he asked the other upstairs tenants, but they said they were home the whole time and nothing was running. After checking his pers, the landlord said he couldn't even find a pipe nearby that could have leaked.
The freakiest of all happened when I moved into the house I'm in now. It's an old house right down the street where i grew up, but in 2004 when I was pregnant with my youngest, I laid down my then 2 year old for a nap. He had been down for a while and I went in to the bathroom to do some "business". I heard who I thought was my son get up and walk out into the dining room. Usually he opens the bathroom door to find me (whether I want him to or not) and so I called out to him since I figured he was still sleepy and couldn't find me. He never opened the door but walked around some more as if he was trying to find me, so I called out to him again and told him I was in the bathroom. Still he didn't open the door or call out like he normally did. I finished up in the bathroom and expected to find him curled up on the couch when I went out, but instead he was still in bed, under the covers, sweaty with sleep, cheeks lined with pillow creases. I don't think he ever got out of bed, but I still called out to him! Any spirits that reside here, while unnerving, don't seem to be threatening, just letting me know they are here.

Residual Haunting

By: acejohnnie@mts.net


Queen Mary Haunting

By: too_crazy2care@yahoo.com

My friend Arizona and I made our first trip to the Queen Mary together. We happened to run into a paranormal researcher when we were on a tour and decided to stay the night. We rented a room with two beds so the researcher could stay with us and show us around the old boat in the middle of the night when the most activity had been reported. We attempted to fall asleep around 11:00. I managed to sleep quit easily and wasn't scared about sleeping in one of the reported haunted rooms. Abour five minutes after I fell asleep my friend wakes me up.The first thing I remember was hearing a staticy voice and thought it was a radio. It wasn't until She asked if I heard the voice that I realized there was no radio anywhere in the room. My instant reaction was to turn on the light and look around the room.  I reached up and tried turning on the light and nothing happened. We were really freaking out now! The light had just been on. My friend finally turned her light on and we laid there in bed for a few more minutes and I decided to try the light again and this time it turned on no problem! We tried to fall asleep again because we wanted to wonder around the ship at 3:00 a.m. to avoid security gaurds. As soon as we turned off the lights and laid down I saw my blanket push down and felt something on my arm. My friend also reported feeling things brush against her arm. As tired as we were we just decided to ignore it all and got to sleep.
3 O'clock rolled around and we went to the pool room. Reported to be the most paranormally active area onboard. We took several pictures and the researcher and my friend called out to the known ghosts. I didn't want to because I really felt like I was intruding. I felt sad and angry feelings throughtout the whole area. I was looking  around when we all heard a man moaning. The voice was very low and scratchy. My friend and I booked it back up the stairs and stood against the wall. After a few minutes we joined the researcher again and he continued to call out to a little  girl name Jackie. I  wasn't paying attention at the time but I heard my friend gasp and I looked over and she asked me if I had heard that. I missed it! The researcher heard it too. It was the voice of the little girl. She was singing for them.
I will never forget my experiences at the Queen Mary and actually plan on going back soon. I came aboard not believeing and left a member of a paranormal research group!

My Story

By: keza_91@hotmail.com

i've always believed in ghosts, i have tried to be sceptical but it just
doesnt work. My mother is a methodist and attends church every sunday
therefore she would like to believe that there are no such things as spirits
I always get the feeling of a spirit being present when it is
dark(typically). I have never been a good sleeper, not in the sense that i
cant sleep but in the sense that i talk in my sleep, once or twice i have
sleep walked and when my parents divorced when i was three i had night
terrors for a while(when basically you wake up on the outside but mentally
and physically you are still asleep and in many cases start screaming in
your sleep and parents/guardians cannot wake you easily). From when i was
about 9 to when i was about 11 i would always be consious of something bad
in my room, and yes i can accept that sometimes i did make the image of them
worse in my head as you do when you are younger! I did try an tell my mother
and step dad about these things in my room but they never believed me and
put it down to an over active imagination. Sometimes the things would get to
scary for me and i would have to go and sleep in my mothers room, but she
got fed up with this firstly becasue i would wake her up in all hours of the
night and secondly i was getting to old to be doing this! I even scared my
mom sometimes because i would wrap my blanket around meto try and protect
myself so it would almost suffocate me! Anyway one night it all got too much
and i started to scream and cry so my mother had a go at me and put me in my
brothers room and for some strange reason after this i was wasnt scared of
the things in my room.
Anyway as i said they dont scare me but i occasionaly wake up and hear
things talkin to me-and i dont know if this is me being half awake,or im
going mad or there is actually something!Once the thing seemd to get angry,
but i just put it down to me being half asleep so i tried to go back to
sleep but the thing said something angrilyand i got the feeling of it coming
closer and one of the pillows on the side of my bed(it was propped up)
flopped down heavily.
now i am nearly 14 and when im down or im upset and start crying i feel
something cold brush my cheek as if to try and wipe my tears away. This is
touching and i like to think i have a friend in this being. I do not know of
anybody dying in my house. The house was built in the 1930's so it is not
really that old.Also at times when i was younger i could have sworn there
was a dark figure behind my bedroom door, as scary as it was at the time i
like to think it was protecting me aginst anything bad coming into my room.
My dad is also interested in the paranormal so when i am older we are going
to do an investiagtion into it. I hope i have not wasted your time!

Multiple Stories

By: lottsrus@personainternet.com

We have lived in a few different houses and have had different things happen in each of them.  The first one we noticed that our television would come on in the middle of the night with the sound as high as it could go.  We had it checked and there was nothing that would explain it.  We gave the TV away and it didn't do it in the new surroundings. 
Second story is in our townhouse.  We have a cat named Chelsea and she was at the top of the stairs one day looking down towards the front door.  I came to find her because I could hear her growling and when I saw her she was as puffed up as she could make herself.  I checked to see if I could see anything out the door or on the stairway but there was nothing.  This went on for a couple of minutes and she finally just ran away.
Thirdly.  In our new house both of my girls have reported seeing a female person with long hair and a white dress on.  They have also reported being in the bathtub and the faucet in the bathroom sink has come on by itself. 
I'm not sure that any of these things can be explained, but I know that I do believe in ghosts. 
It would be interesting to hear what you think about these events.

Ghost Stories 1-2-3

By: vixen_vamp8@hotmail.com  

The Old CoupleThis story happened in 'Cheavely' nr 'Newbery' about 21 years ago when I was about 5. It IS a TRUE story.....When I was a young I lived with my parents and brother and sister in a small 4 bedroom council house that had never seemed to have any sort of paranormal activity before. Every summer we would go on holiday with our caravan and very best friends and there caravan. This year was no different. It was the summer and we had all left our house with friends in too and headed to "Cornwall" We were gone for 2 weeks. We all had a really fantastic time. When we came back everything seemed fine until a few days later my mum ran into an old friend of hers in the village shop. They were very pleased to see each other and her friend asked my mum where she was living now. My mum told her she was living in the same house as before in Cheavely. The woman then asked if my mum she had had people staying at her house while we had all gone on holiday? My mum was a little worried and asked why? Her friend then said not more the a week ago she had called to see my mum, not knowing we had gone on holiday. She said they an old lady had answered the door and said there was no Sue or Pete (my mum and dad) living at that address.....As soon as my mum got home she then questioned our neighbours, who had been feeding our animals while we were away, and asked if they had seen anything or herd anything? They told my mum that a few times they had gone round the house and there had been an empty milk bottle on the front door step. Then another day they found the front door had been left open but as they could see that nothing in the house had been moved or taken, they just put it down to there clumsiness and that they forgot to look the door. A week then past and a few more little stories started to come to light. A few people said they had seen a caravan parked in our drive and then a few more people had seen an elderly couple going in and out of our house. Neighbours just thought we had people staying at our house while we were away looking after the place. The funny thing was only half the street had seen anything the other half said they saw nothing. My mum and dad were really worried about all these stories that they called out the police. As the police did there investigations they also found that it was 50/50 with only 50% seeing something but it was still to many of the same stories for it to be a hoax. As nothing had happened to us directly yet, we tried to get on with things until an almost normal sunday evening, when we were all sat in the front room watching the 'Antiques Roodshow' when my mum started to notice a very strong smell of bleach. This ended up getting so strong that she felt it burning the inside of her nose. The really strange thing was, none of us could smell anything at all. Then I remember feeling really cooled sat next to an open log fire and then a coat hanger hanging on the bird cage that was hanging from the ceiling, start to swing really violently which made our bird go mad. This is all I can remember of that night. Not long after this happened, my sister was having a bath. With the rest of the family in the garden she was starting to get out, and she herd some very heavy breathing and dragging feet coming towards the bathroom. As the sound got louder she started to get very scared and ran out of the bathroom without stopping. As she ran onto the landing she knocked into someone or something and herd it fall against the wall but she didn't stop to look back. When they all went back to look they didn't find anything only what looked like a pattern on the carpet of something dragging there feet........As for the elderly couple, nothing was found out about them and they were never seen again. If anyone dos know anything about the past history of this house 'Freeways, Cheavely, Newbery, Berkshire,' please email me at vixen_vamp8@hotmail.com. To this day the families that move into that house don't seem to live there for longer then a year now or so I've been told. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I would like it to become an Urban Legend one day, you never know. All I can say is that this experience will never leave me and I'll never forget it even though I was only 5........ Our local newspaper found out about our haunting, they wanted to get the full story from my parents.  This story has now been published twice as it has become a very well known ghost story for the area
THE WATCHFUL GHOST This is a true story as allot of my friends and family would tell you.Let me take you back to 1989 when I was in primary school and living with my parents and my older brother and sister. As long as I can remember my family seem to always have paranormal activity going on in the house we are living in and seems to follow us to the next house. Thank the lord this was to be the last house, or so I thought. It all started when I was at school one day and I was playing with the younger year school group and I saw (what looked like) the end of a very long black cape go past the classroom window. As far as I new I was the only one who saw this. Thinking nothing of it I never mentioned it again. The strange thing was, after my experience I saw the end of the cape a few more times but only at school. Then this (so called) black cape I then saw again as I was walking down an old railway track, now starting to get a bit scarred I then told my mum. She said not to worry about it, but that if it was something, she would keep and eye out. Anyway, a few weeks went past and I started to forget about it until one night I was in my room. I had a little black and white tv on a seat by my bedroom door. The tv had little knobs that you had turn to get to each channel. I must of been sat infront of it for about 5 minuets trying to find a channel, which was strange because I had never had trouble finding a channel before. Then my brother came and stood in the door way and started chatting to me. I wasn't really looking at him just talking to him but at the same time trying to sort out my tv. Then when I did look at him (as my brother describes) I when as white as a sheet and had a terrified look on my face. What I was looking at was a black figure. No face just covered from head to toe in black. It was terrifying and just behind my brothers shoulder. I screamed at the top of my longs and as you can imagine scared the shit out of my brother. As I screamed this black figure went and it looked like it went into my sisters bedroom (next to mine). My brother didn't believe in ghosts until that night. I can't remember much more about that night but I was only 9. Few weeks past and I was having a sleep over at my house with two of my friends. My friend Amy and myself were on my bed having a really good laugh and my friend Nicola was sat at the bottom of my bed talking to us with her back to my open bedroom door, when I saw the black figure again in the doorway looking right at me. Even though it had no face I new it was looking at me. As I screamed it disappeared again, as if screaming at it was scarring it in some way or disappearing because I was scarred of it. Not much more was said about it as not many people would have believed a 9 year old girl being haunted by a black figure but talking to my mum about it seemed to help. My mum suggested that it was trying to get my attention or just looking out for me as it didn't seem to want to hurt me but I really didn't like it either way as I dought many people would have. After that a few more little things happened such as, One night when I was sent to bed, the rest of my family were down stairs. I got into bed and with my door open I went to sleep. I woke up to the feeling of the end of my duvet being lifted up to reveal my feet. Being frozen with fear I lay as I only could (frozen) and felling the same thing a few more times. Even though this was the type of trick my brother would of pulled I new that he couldn't of done this because even the slightest of movement would of made the floor boards creek as the house dates back to the 17th century when it was a public house. All I remember after that was waking up the next morning feeling so glad that it was morning. On my 16th birthday I had a friend staying over. That night when I was in the bathroom I heard her talking to someone. I left the bathroom and walked into my bedroom expecting to find someone else with her but all I saw was her looking quiet shaken. When she calmed down she said she saw a black figure walking out of the bathroom and across the landing. As she thought it was me she started talking to me but when I didn't walk into the bedroom she walked out onto the landing to see where I was but I was still in the bathroom. After that night any one of my friends who stayed the night always saw something when they were left one there own. Who knows it may of been the black figure checking up on them. When I turned 18 I was with a friend of mine in there house and one of there neighbours walked in. As me and the neighbour got talking he just asked me where I was from and I mentioned my parents house. He then asked me if I had herd of the ghost that use to haunt the house and seemed to look after the children that were there before we moved in? being so shocked that it wasn't just me going mad and that the ghost was real I said "no I havant"  I then he told me that before my house was a pub it was a monastery and that the black figure that haunted the house was infact a monk...........well writing that story has brought back some memories and believe me when I say That isn't the only ghost story from my past and Im only 25
This it the third stage of the trilogy. If you have already read my other stories then you will know that ghosts seem to follow me and my life if not that then I'm just extremely unlucky when it comes to the paranormal.........
When I was 19 and I had had my first child I had moved out of my mum and dads and into a house of my own, in a very remote area living next door to my sister Nadean and her little boy. Nadeans son and my little girl were only 6 weeks and 6 days apart in birth. The two houses were semi detached and were the only houses for about a mile. The houses were down a little track. Just before the track, on the left hand side was a derelict church that we don't know very much about, but very over groan nonetheless.
On the first night Monica (my daughter) and myself were unpacking or should I say, I was unpacking and she was just dribbling all over the boxes as she loved doing when my sitter and her son came over to see how we were getting on. I made a cup of tea and then we both sat down to have rest.
It was around 7pm and the kids were playing quietly on the floor when we herd banging coming from next door (my sisters house) as there was no one next door we were pretty shaken by it. When It finally stopped we all went over to check what had happened. Nothing had been moved and it looked just like normal. This happened a few times but as it happened quite often we just started to ignore it the best we could but that wasn't the end of the weirdness.......
The house we were living in had two bedrooms. On the landing the bedroom doors were opersit each other with the bathroom in the middle of the two rooms. For some reason Monicas room was always freezing even with two radiators. Her bedroom was really creepy and when you walked in, you always felt that you were never alone. These were not the only things that made this house creepy.......
whenever I entered the house it always seemed like I was walking into something. you know, the feeling that you get when you walk into a room and you know that they have been talking about you. The house never felt like it belonged to me. I really didn't like it.
I think I ended up living there no longer then 8 months before I had to move out of this really uneasy property.
After we had left, my sister was still living there. Man moved into my old house. He too thought the house was creepy and especially hated Monicas old room. He used it for storage only and never went in there after dark. When he was still leaving there he did a background check on the house and found out that a farther and his two daughters had lived there. The two girls died young in monicas bedroom and he had died shortly after. All three of them were buried in the church grounds over the road. When my sister found this out she moved her son and her self out.
About a year had past and almost everything had been forgotten apart from one thing that my (now) brother in-law forgot to tell me.........
Even though my sister and david (brother in-law) were not living together they were still very much together. David worked away in telford where he was from and would visit Nadean and there son on the weekends. This weekend was no different or so they thought......

David is a biker and as far as I know not very easily spooked. I know he wasn't pulling my leg when he told me this story because he seemed a little embarrass telling me.
It was before I had moved in next door (thank god) when David and Nadean had gone upto bed. Nadean has always slept like a log (as they say) and was always impossible to wake up. David snored really loud but wasn't a very deep sleeper.
He told me that on this night he was woken up by the sound of scratching on the bedroom window. Take note that this was upstairs and there isn't anyway someone or something could of got its way up there. Anyway as he woke up he walked over to the window. The scratching was getting louder and louder. As he pulls the curtains back he saw this thing covered with fur with big yellow eyes lunged at him with long razor sharp claws, trying to come at him through the glass. Shitting himself, he backs up and falls over the bed. by the time he looks up the thing has gone.
Now when I first herd this story I thought he might of been dreaming it but as the years have gone by I have herd another 3 similar stories like it. One was from Telford and the other 2 were from around my area "West Wales"
To this day David's story hasn't changed and I'd really like to know if there is anyone out there who knows of anything similar to his story. Please let me know by emailing me at vixen_vamp8@hotmail.com. Thankyou for taking the time to read my story and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Ghost Sighting

By: CiRCLeSKiD92@aol.com

one day i was walking down whiperwill valley rd. in middletown,nj with my dad and my cousin and we were trying to find the a ghost and we were about half way through, just past the lake and we all felt a extremly cold chill that went down to our bones and so we ran to the car at the end of the road and we decided to drive down the road for one last fright and right about where we felt the chill our car just died and we started to call AAA but our phones died too! by now we were screeming,i still love that road!

Dunworth Pool Haunting


Im at 15 year old boy in Dearborn Michigan.  Me and some of my friends saw your website and saw that supposedly Jack Dunworth Pool was haunted.  This being only about 5 blocks from one of my friends houses we decided after his parents went to bed we would sneak out to check things out.  We left the house about midnight and met up with 5 others on the way.  We got there at about 12:30 am and anxiously stood around the gate waiting for anything to happen.  We waited but nothing seemed to be going on.  After about an hour of waiting around and talking we had completly forgotten why we were there until we heard what sounded like wet footsteps on the cement running by the other side of the pool.  We stood silent but nothing else happened after about an hour though things started to get scary.  We heard children giggling and the footsteps again. The footsteps then ran directly at us and stopped right at the fence about 2 feet from where we were standing.  Just seconds after that we heard the diving board spring as if someone had jumped off.  We ran away from the fence then made our way back home.  The next night me and 2 other kids went back to take pictures but are yet to get them developed.  Jack Dunworth Pool truly is haunted i beleive.  You can contact me at gbpackers8969@yahoo.com if you have any questions or anything else.  Thanks


By: chris@wastewatercontrols.com

Throughout my life I have seen an experienced a few things that I can only describe as supernatural.
Everything I am about to tell you actually happened and I will describe each experience as I remember them.
The first thing I can remember happened whenever I was only a young boy growing up outside a village in
Northern Ireland called Bessbrook. It was during the winter because we had a heavy snowfall the previous night and I was outside
Playing with my two brothers. After a while I went inside to warm up because my hands were frozen. My mother told me to take off my boots
So that I wouldn’t tramp snow all over the house. I sat down at the table with a bowl of soup in front of me and it was then that I noticed something out of the corner
Of my eye in the hall leading from the kitchen to the living room. I turned to see what it was and what I saw absolutely terrified me.
I saw the figure of a woman walking down the hall towards the kitchen. I just got up and ran out the door without putting on my boots and jacket into the snow and refused to come back inside even though my mother insisted that there was no woman in the house. Over the next number of years nothing happened except what sound like somebody walking around the house even when the rest of the household was in bed or away. Everyone in the heard the noises but chose to ignore them. Then one Saturday morning while I was still in bed I was shook awake and told to get up and come down for breakfast. Whenever I opened my eyes there was no one in the room so I assumed that they had already gone down stairs. While I was getting dressed a voice was calling from down stairs for me to hurry up. When I did get down to the kitchen there was no one around, everyone else was still in bed. A few days after my youngest brother claims he saw a young boy standing in my parents bedroom who just stood there looking at him. Shortly after this someone unknown attacked my brother in his bed leaving him with a black eye. The next few years were quiet except for the noises, until one morning I turned on the television and sat down watching it for a few hours until it suddenly turned off. I couldn’t figure out why this happened because there was no sign of a power failure or any sign of it having shorted out. It was a complete mystery until I noticed that the TV was not plugged into the mains to start with. I had sat and watched for hours and it was not even plugged in. Nothing else that I know of has happened in that house except for the noises, but I did tell you that I lived outside a village. The best way to get to the village is through a wooded area and this place is a very strange place. Around the edge are a number of fields and in the middle of one of these fields is a turnstile. This turnstile has no paths leading to or from it, with no sign of and entrances, which may have been there not even an old building it is just there. The thing about this turnstile is that even on a windless day if you where to stand in the middle of this turnstile you can hear the wind howling all around but don’t actually feel it. About 100 yards away from the turnstile is a pool of water which is fenced off and the legend surrounding this pool is that over the years many people have drown in here even though it is not very wide and has no current and the strange thing is that no bodies where ever found even after it was pumped out. If you do venture to close even in the summer the whole area is very cold and you get the urge to jump in.
Now this is the way from the housing estate that I live in to the village on foot. On the way through the wood is an old houses called jack’s house after the man who built it many years ago. This house has had all the doors and windows blocked up years ago. One summers day a friend and myself were walking through this wood and we where on the path towards jack’s houses. Ahead of us the path was long and straight with trees on either side. Now both of us seen this at the same time, coming towards us was a horse and rider at a fast gallop. The path was wide enough for us to keep walking and the horse to pass safely. The two of walked about another few feet when the path and trees disappeared and we where standing on the embankment above jack’s house where all the lights where on and the doors opened. Remember earlier I mentioned that this house was blocked up years ago.
These are only the things I have seen in my life but I have heard other stories by people I know. The shop at the bottom of the road is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the seven British soldiers killed there in the eighties whenever the original petrol station was blown up. I mentioned earlier I’m from Northern Ireland. There is a high viaduct in the area, which is used as a railway line. 18 people died constructing it one for each arch and numerous others have committed suicide off it. The Stories are that at times you can see these people and they all look sad. There is also the blood on one wall in a friends house and no matter how many times it is painted over the blood still comes through.
All this is true and has happened within a square mile of where I live

A Weird Black Figure

By: Emmalouisejone@aol.com

When I was about five years of age, I saw this black figure and in actual fact, it looked quite like a bear.  It all happened one night when I was in bed.  I heard this humming sound and I felt very frightened!  Suddenly this strange black bear like figure started coming up out of the floor with a big bowl of flame at the top of it's head!  Obviously I was extremely scared so I crwled to my moms side of the bed!  I tried to wake my mum up but nomatter how hard I tried she just wouldn't wake up, that made me so scared that I began to scream.  Suddenly the figure grabbed me and hung me upside down and I just could not get away.  in the end i managed to get away but I had this strane flying feeling sort of like being pulled toward the black figure but my body didn't move!  In the morning, I looked toward the floor where this black figure had came up but no there wasn't a hole in the floor.  I don't really know if it was a dream or not but I tell ya it certainly felt very real!

Little Random Things

By: Midgetkurst@aol.com

Hi. I've written to you before, but I dunno if my story got put up or not. I previously wrote about a ghost I saw at Vicksburg, Louisiana on a family trip, a little girl that I have seen around my house, and a woman who doesn't like me being in the upstairs of my house. I mentioned that little random things keep happening around the house.
These little random things continue to happen, on a larger scale more recently. Particularly when I'm home alone, I keep hearing a sliding door in the house open and close, and footsteps moving across the kitchen. My parents don't really believe me, but it freaks me out! It's all I can do not to call them at work when this stuff happens.
Just last week, I had a more interesting experience. I was out of school sick for three days with a bug that's been going around the entire area. It wasn't anything incredibly serious, but I slept for most of the three days, and when I wasn't sleeping I was coughing. I have asthma, and this made breathing incredibly difficult.
I woke up in the middle of the night while I was sick one of these days, because I heard my bedroom door open. I was lying on my side, facing away from the door, and I was too tired to roll over and talk to my mom--that's who I thought it was. I heard whoever it was take two steps into my room, and then stop. I thought that this was weird, because my mom would have come over to the bed to check on me. After there had been silence for a while, I finally rolled over to see what my mom was doing, and why she wasn't by my bed. But there was nobody there, and my door was still closed. I had distinctly heard it open.
The next day, while I was sleeping (again), I was awakened once more, this time by footsteps. They stopped by the side of my bed, and I heard rustling. I figured that my mom had stepped on all the papers and books that I keep in piles next to my bed (I'm a messy person and I freak out if I don't know where my books are). I thought that maybe she had knocked over a couple stacks of books. I could feel a presence next to the bed. But when I rolled over to look, once again, no one was there and my books were in their nice little piles, not disturbed at all.
I felt the presence a few more times, but nothing so drastic as hearing doors open or footsteps happened again. I just felt this person near me. It wasn't an angry preson either, like the woman in my upstairs who doesn't like me. I could feel compassion and caring radiating from this presence. Whoever it was, I know they really cared for me and were concerned that I was sick.
I now believe that the presence in my room was my biological mother (I am adopted). She sadly passed away last March, in a household accident. She and I didn't have the greatest relationship, but I did love her very much, and I know she loved me too. I think she came to visit me when I was sick, to watch over me and make sure that I was okay. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be disappointed if she came back to see me once in a while.

The Lady

By: Mjnye265@aol.com

In 1978 my parents purchased a relatively new house in Niceville, Florida. The land the house had been built on had previously been a swamp that was drained to make way for the housing subdivision. Nothing bad had ever happened in the house. Yet, after living in the house a short time, we all began to notice odd things. It started the night I broke up with my fiance. My parents had gone out for the evening and I was in my bedroom crying. Suddenly I realized I was not alone. I looked up and saw a woman dressed in turn of the century clothing. She had a look of extreme empathy on her face. I did a double take (never take your eyes off of them, I have learned) and my visitor was gone. Several weeks later as I was napping. my brother brought her engagement ring into my room so that I could take it to work the next day and have it sized. When I woke from my nap, I got the ring off the dresser and noticed that it wasn't 'quite right'. I got out my loupe and discovered that the ring had been squashed. I took the ring to my parents and showed it to them. Dad examined the ring. As a scientist, he was a little more observant than I was. He pointed out that the ring appeared to have been squashed from right beside the head that held the diamond...as if it had been sitting on the rear shank of the ring and an incredible force put on it that literally broke the head from the shank...without leaving a single scratch or gouge mark! That kind of spooked me since I had been sleeping with the ring on the nightstand next to my head and it had been fine prior to being placed by my bed!
However, events would soon unfold that made us all realize that the house was indeed haunted by the Lady...but she was a friendly ghost, provided you were nice to 'her family'. After having moved to the house, my mom was in a terrible car accident which almost killed her. She was in the hospital for over 6 weeks and even after she got out, she was in and out of the hospital repeatedly. By this time I was married and out of the house but my middle sister's kids would stay over while my sister worked nights. My niece slept in my old room which seemed to soon become the epicenter for activity; perhaps because of her preadolescent age. It started with her being awakened by the feeling that someone was sitting on the bed. She turned on the light and saw a depression in the bed as if someone were sitting there. As she watched, the depression slowly lifted out as if the person sitting there had stood up. She was too frightened to sleep in the room after that so her brother slept there. He was awakened every night by the sound of dresser drawers being pulled out and rattled. At first he thought it was Granny, but then he turned the light on and there was no one there. The final straw for my sister's kids came when they were sleeping over one night. Mom had just been released from the hospital, yet again, and was sitting up in the den. Dad had gone to bed, as had the kids. Suddenly Dad was awakened by the sound of the smoke alarms going off. He ran into the den and found Mom passed out. She had been in incredible pain since her accident and had begun stashing pills for a 'grand escape'. That night she had gotten depressed and taken all the pills that she had been hoarding. There was no evidence of smoke in the house....not even Mom's usual cigarette smoke. By this time the smoke alarms had stopped blaring their alarms, but Dad stood there, surveying the scene and thinking about how much pain Mom was in and how horrible her life had been since the accident...and questioning whether it was even right for him to decide that Mom was not entitled to escape the horror her life had become. Then the smoke alarms went off again. Dad figured somebody was trying to tell him something and he called 911. The next day after we had all been to the hospital to make sure that Mom was going to be OK, we all gathered at my parent's house. I asked Dad why he had called the paramedics....I felt like the doctors who had saved Mom's life after the accident had not taken into consideration the lack of quality of life she would have, and I felt like Mom was entitled to a reprieve from the constant torment she was in. Dad looked at me kind of funny and explained about the smoke detectors. Then he said that when he had gotten home later that night, he hac torn each of the smoke alarms apart and there was nothing wrong with any of them, nor was there any reason they should have gone off.
Once Dad told us this, we all sat there with odd looks on our faces and started talking about the Lady. By this time I had seen her twice. My oldest sister had seen her once. And my skeptical scientist dad even admitted to having seen her. We began comparing notes and found us finishing each other's stories and descriptions. We had all seen the same lady dressed in the same clothing, and none of us had mentioned it to the others for fear of being ridiculed!
As time went by the Lady continued to watch over 'her family'. After my dad's death in 1998, my then husband and I were in the den of the house after we had cleared out the possessions and cleaned the house up. I had left a book on the counter and Ex went back to get it. Our marriage was on the rocks and he was becoming increasingly abusive to me. Something that the Lady didn't seem to care for. He had always laughed at our family ghost stories up till that day, but when he went back in the house to get my book, he came out of the house shaking and white. He had felt a cold hand brush across his face. Then when he didn't leave fast enough, he felt the same cold hand pushing him in the back, propelling him to the door. The Lady was trying to tell him that she did not appreciate the way he was treating one of her 'kids'....nor was he welcome in her home. After that, the lady began dropping by my house. I always knew she was around because the stove timer would go off for no reason and the dresser drawers would rattle. After I left the abusive hubby and moved to the Midwest, the Lady would come by and visit me there from time to time...always setting off the timer on the stove, rattling drawers, playing tricks with the blinds...anything she could do to let me know she was keeping her eye out for me.
I realize that it is unusual for ghosts to leave their primary residence and to actually follow people from home to home, but I talked to some friends who all felt like the Lady was probably a female ancestor who had died in childbirth so she felt responsible for looking out for her family. After going through the family archives, we found a photo of my great grandmother. She had died of appendicitis when she was pregnant. The baby also died. The woman in the photo looked like the Lady!
My sister is now living in the house. When she first moved in, she put some pots in the cabinet, then went to the bathroom for a minute. When she came back out, the pots were sitting on the floor! Earrings and rings that had been lost for years, some in different houses that we had lived in, suddenly appeared on cabinets or in my sister's jewelry box. Unseen hands frequently pull back the curtains to look outside and my sister's dog loves to romp and play with an unseen visitor. I could go on and on about all the poltergeist activity...some that seemed to be coming from the Lady, others that seemed to be coming from my deceased Dad. From fax machines that go off when they aren't plugged in, my deceased Dad's voice calling me to wake up when the gas fireplace developed a leak, even luggage being set on its end, weird stuff just follows my sisters and I around. Just two nights ago while lying in bed I was awakened by the bed shaking. I sat up and looked around and found my husband sound asleep and the door securely closed against kitty visitors. I laid back down and snuggled up to my hubby thinking he had just had a clonic jerk that shook the bed, when it suddenly hit again. The whole bed kind of went 'whump' as if a 20 lbs weight had been dropped on it. This time I knew there were no cats in the room and, since I had been snuggled up to my hubby, I knew he had not jerked in his sleep. It's nice having your own guardian spirit to watch over you...but it can really interfere with your sleeping!
I know some people think we are all nuts or engaging in what shrinks call 'magical thinking'...but every time I start to question my own sanity, I get another visit. It should be interesting when we move to my Dad's hometown this Spring. I imagine the visits will become a regular thing.

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