Moonshine Church


Hello!  My name is Corey .  I wanted to talk a little on the subject of Moonshine Church at Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania.  I am a relative of the Moonshine family which started this church, or should I say the original Moonshine Church which sat back further off the road.  My Great Grandmother was Catherine Moonshine, wife of Robert Hoover.  So it was on my Grandmothers side of the family as it was her Mom.  I do believe however the church goes back another generation beyond Catherine.  Anyhow, I noticed in your story a common mistake and I wanted to gently clarify the truth.  If I may?  I do not mean to offend your research as it is an awesome sight you have here. I have been to many of these places you mentioned.  Well The Blue Eyed Six were never related in any way to the church or it's cemetery.  With a minimal amount of digging I believe you will find that although all these things occured within this area more or less.....They never were hung in the cemetery or buried there, nor do I believe they would have any reason to haunt this place as they have no worldy connections.  The Blue eyed six were all caught and tried in the Lebanon County Court House, hung in the courtyard of the Lebanon County prison except Josiah Hummel who died in Prison, and all were buried seperatly on their individual homesteads.  I have seen pictures of all six graves, old and toppled and in the woods next to old broken foundations of log homes.  It's a very interesting story however, but not for Moonshine. 
Now then, I was brought up to believe the Moonshine Church and the entire wooded area of Indiantown Gap was haunted bywhat is known as THE RED DEVIL!  Apparently there are records out at the gap of tank divisions whom have shot at the beast while on manuevers on the many tank trails which cut through the woods by the church as you go up the hill.  Be warned the M.P's especially these days will tear your car apart if they see you and suspect your up to something.  They are merciless.  Back in the day they would just tell you to move on but things have changed!  I have had many experiences there as a kid when I partied there in the woods!  My car did indeed put itself into reverse one night and head right toward the church while I was sitting in it in the church parking lot.  This disturbed me for sure.  I thought maybe my relatives were trying to tell me something!  It is indeed an interesting place which I hope people will treat with respect, even more than I as like I said, I partied there as a kid!  After the car experience I did not! 
Also, I have been told a mother killed her children in her car while in the parking lot of the church during the 70's.  She said the devil made her do it of course.  This however I will not tell you as fact as I have never looked it up?!  Who knows but thats the legend!
I was also wandering if you knew about the 7 Elizabeths Cemetery in Middletown ,Pa.  I was wandering if it was the one you mention with the old stone wall?  If it is, there are 7 stones there with the initials E.(honestly I don't remember off the top of my head the last initial anymore.!)  But anyhow, they were 7 young women put to death as witches and all named Elizabeth and who haunt the graves.  Also if you are into epitaphs there are some fantastic ones there at the 7 Elizabeths.
Thank you for your time!  Sorry I don't mean to offend I just thought you'd like to hear it from someone who got some first hand info!  If you have any questions or replies my email is



This happened in 2003 sometime in the summer month's.
It was about 11pm and i just went to bed, just relaxed and active, i suddenly seen this bright light appear in front of me, i heard hundreds of clocks ticking even though my bedroom has no clocks at all and i remember feeling paralysed and i could'nt speak or shout for help, my heart was beating so fast that i thought i was going to die then 2 minuites later i came out of it feeling happy and relaxed and i see alot of light anomlies from then onwards.
Anyother Haunting that's also in my bedroom is a shadown man, appear's on the wall and suddenly vanishes when you look directly at it, seen it 3 times in one year (2005) and i believe i captured an evp of him whissling after i finish singing which was recorded on the 16th Feb 2005 at 11:45pm.

Did Pappy Come Back?

This isn't just my story, but it does involve my family. My grandfather
(Pappy) died somewhat suddenly in May of 1999. My cousin was pregnant at
the time. (She wasn't married, and while my grandmother was mad, Pappy was
not). My cousin swears that when she came home one night around 2 AM
probably (closing shift at a fast food place), when she opened the door
she saw Pappy laying on the couch. She said he was kind of glowing and
that he twinkled his toes at her.
My grandmother too has seen him. She swore to my parents that he came back
every night and ate dinner with her. My mother (her daughter-in-law) told
her that she needs to tell him to move on. My grandmother didn't like
that, and she has never mentioned it again. Does she still see him, or did
she ever? I don't know.
He has never appeared to me, but I did have some vivid dreams where he was
still alive, not violent or anything, but very descript.
Also, Pappy's truck was his pride and joy. I always told him I wanted it.
After he died my grandmother sold it to me. I was told by other family
members that Pappy always said he wanted me to have it if something
happened to me. I drove it for only a year and a half because as I was
traveling to work on only my second day of work release from high school I
was in an accident. Traffic stopped suddenly, (jack knifed truck, police
didn't block off road well), and to avoid hitting the car in front of me I
pulled slightly towards the shoulder. Right after I got stopped I got hit
from behind by a van. I went airborne into a drainage ditch, and hit my
head on the rear window when the seat broke. I  only remember opening my
eyes and holding on to the wheel hard (my arms hurt for weeks afterward).
I stopped about a foot away from ramming a sign. I was pretty much
unscathed, but the thing that has always stuck with me is I was asked by
the guy who hit me and the cop on the scence how I didn't roll my truck
once I got into the ditch. It was about 3 feet deep and sloped very high,
so much that there was no way I was getting out without a winch.
Did Pappy help me that day? Or what? I guess I'll never know. Though
sometimes I want him to come back and tell me. Sorry this was so long, I
didn't expect it to be.

Weird Presence


I’ve been looking at this site for the past four years or so, and I figure that I could contribute a story myself.  I not only want to talk about a few things that have happened inside my house, but something concerning the deaths of a few older relatives.  
I’ve lived in my current house with my parents for the past thirteen years with my parents.  While I’ve never actually seen a ghost in the house, they do like to make their presence known occasionally.  Once, I was in my room sleeping.  Now I’m a quite heavy sleeper, but I woke up feeling as if an earthquake was happening (something that never occurs here in Jersey).  I stumbled downstairs still in a half daze, when I saw that my parents were wide awake and searching the house for the rumbling.  They thought it was the furnace in the basement, but when I went back to my room, I realized that my treadmill was turned at the highest speed possible.  What was weird about it was that I had not used the treadmill for almost a year and had sworn I had unplugged it several months earlier.  But when I checked, it was plugged into the wall.  The other thing that made it particularly weird was that you need a key to operate it.  I KNOW that I had put it in a drawer so I wouldn’t lose it, but there it was, jammed into the machine.  I unplugged the machine and went back to sleep, not even thinking at the time that it was sort of weird.  
That was not the only time it happened though.  Another time, me and my niece were downstairs in my dad’s den when we I was telling her about the story.  Though she believes in ghosts also, she was skeptical about it.  A few minutes later, I heard a rumbling again and I told her to listen carefully.  (She knew as well as I did that it was unplugged this time as she had made a comment about me becoming lazy about excercising and to accentuate the point, she held up the cord to it.)  She heard the noise as well and started whimpering (she freaks out too easily).  I walked into the living room and my mom asked why I had left it on in the first place.  As soon as I was about to answer, the treadmill began to slow down as if someone had turned down the speed and was stepping off of it.  My niece and I went upstairs just in time to see it come to a halt; the cord and key once again plugged in.
There was another time me and my parents were sitting down at the table.  Usually we have the television on in the living room, but for once, we had it turned off.  Suddenly, I heard someone faintly whisper “Who Am I.”  The cat that was sitting next to my dad jumped up a little when I heard it.  I asked my parents if they heard it too, but they said they didn’t hear it at all, though my dad told me after dinner that the hair on the back of his neck did stand up about the time I heard the voice.
Now, whatever is haunting my room (which is in the attic) and the kitchen (first floor) is different from the basement.  Unfortunately for me, it’s where we keep the washer and dryer, freezer and canned food, so I’m down there every other day for something or other.  On certain days, it’s okay and I have no trouble going down there at all.  But on most occasions, I always get this weird presence like I’m being watched by something unpleasant.  It especially happens when I’m walking up the stairs.  It feels like right before I begin walking up the stairs, something is chasing me, and since I’ve been small, I can’t help but run up as fast as I can.  Even when I reach the top and swing open the door, I can’t help but whatever it is is still staring at me.  But whenever I turn around to check, there is nothing there.  I thought I was the only one that felt this way, but my mom (who’s quite the skeptic on ghosts) even feels weird going down there and told me recently that that’s the reason she brings our dog down with her.  
Now this next thing doesn’t really have to do with ghosts so much as it does with a sort of sixth sense (if you want to call it that.  Frankly, I don’t know what to call it).  I can almost sense when people are going to die before they even doIt started when my Aunt died when I was eight.  She had been sick for a while (Which I didn’t know at the time) and was dying.  One day, I came home from school and saw my mom sitting at the table.  I remember that she didn’t look sad or concerned about anything in particular, but I looked at her and asked her if aunt Irene died.  She looked at me strangely and then told me that she had.  For some reason, I picked up on it even before it had been mentioned.
The second time it happened it was with my grandfather.  This was only a year ago, and I was working at Barnes and Nobles at the time.  My grandfather had passed out a week or so earlier and was in the hospital, but the doctors said he was stabilized and was supposed to be getting out of the hospital the next day.  Suddenly, when I was on my break, I got a really bad feeling and immediately called my sister.  I asked her if grandpa was okay and she said he was doing great.  The next morning my dad woke me up to tell me my grandfather died earlier on.
The third and final time this happened was with my grandmother.  She had been sent to the hospital because of a cough that she had.  The doctors told her she had only a slight touch of pneumonia, and she was also supposed to be released the next day.  This time I went to my dad, asking him instead if nana was dying.  (I figure I wouldn’t beat around the bush on this one because of the past two instances)  He told me that he would have told me if it was that serious and that she would be okay.  That night, I got a phone call from my uncle, and he told me to put my dad on the phone right away.  I woke up my parents immediately and my mom reached the phone first.  From the look on her face, I saw it wasn’t good.  My uncle told my mom that she had gone into cardiac arrest.  Less than a minute later, she was dead.  This happened only a week ago.  Like I said, this isn’t really a sixth sense since that’s more or less being able to see spirits (if I’m correct in my definition), but I’ve never been wrong when I’ve gotten this feeling so far, so…anyway, those are most of the stories concerning ghosts in the house and family feelings.  If anyone knows why I can tell when people are about to die of if you just want to talk, feel free to e-mail me whenever.  My e-ma s  Hope you enjoyed my stories.

The Mystery Creature


I was at a very well known park called Seven Bridges. Well it's a very big park and my dad and i were walking through the park and decided to head back for the car. Well we decided to take diffrent paths and see who got to the car first, well after walking for about 30 mins I started to realize i was lost. I started hearing little noises, like branches breaking and people talking. I was alittle scared but figured it was people walking in the park. Through out my whole walk i felt like someone was watching me, or behind me but i just figured it was my imagination. I started to walk down this narrow path. It was alot smaller then the other paths the trees were much closer then the other paths. I was walking through this path and i heard something fall right behind me. Then i knew something was up. So turned around and saw nothing. so i walked a couple more feet and something came over me, so i stop and when i looked in the woods to the right of me i saw a figure. This figure was nonhuman. I was tall and blackish grey, it had these pointed ears. I could tell it wasn't a human. Nor was it a animal. ( it was standing) I heard a little growl. So i started to run and when i was running i heard noises as if the creature was moving away from me. I  turned around and it was gone. I've heard other people saythey heard things in that park. To this day i never went in that park.

Scariest Attack


I was 24 years old and had been dating my boyfriend (at the time) for almost 6 years. When we weren t sleeping at my apartment, we were staying at his mother s house. One night, in his bedroom, I woke up to see him standing across the room in front of the door. I asked him what was wrong, and to turn the light off come back to bed. I turned over, and he was still laying there. I was terrified but couldn t scream. Told myself that I was sleeping, and forced myself to wake up. I opened my eyes, and saw him standing across the bedroom in front of the door. Again, I asked him what was wrong, not realizing that I had just had a nightmare about this until I rolled over and saw him laying next to me. This happened a few more time, each time whatever was pretending to be him would just stare at me. I was scared out of my mind, but caught on to it s game and said (but in that odd way that you don t have to say it out loud) "F**k you, you don t scare me, what the f**k do you want". (I know, but I m a New Yorker, that s how most of us are). All of a sudden the lights in the room went out and a woman s face, as if made from smoke, appeared where my "fake" boyfriend had been standing before. In the blackness, I could make out hands, and it sounds silly that hands could be scary, but these were almost green, as if the blood had been drained from them. The bones of the fingers were three times as long as any normal man s, and the nails were long, but not pointed, more ragged. The fingers just flexed, and I was petrifie that whoever owned these fingers would let me see the rest of him, because I wouldn t be able to handle it, even though I sort of could describe him as soon as I saw the hands. Suddenly, the face came at me, incredibly fast, and stopped an inch in front of my face, stayed there a second, and let out an indescribable screech, I honestly thought my ears would start bleeding, and felt like my face was burning. It seemed to last forever. Then everything was still. The bedroom was dark, but the light from the street lamp outside lit it enough that I could see he was asleep, and I was sitting straight up in bed, sweating. I ve had a few other attacks, but that was by far, the scariest and most evil.
An interesting note, A few years (and a few boyfriends) later, I was telling my friend this story, and she went completely pale. You see, I had met her through my-ex-boyfriend. She had dated him before I did, and had the same "nightmares" that I did.

 My Grandfathers Head

The first time i ever saw a ghost was when i was 6 years old. I was living at my grandmothers house at the time with my mom, and since it was a small house, the dining room was converted into my bedroom. Now to get to the kitchen, you have to go through the dining room from the living room, which is where and why i saw the ghost. At the time i was bopping along with my walkman, listening to billy joel's we didnt start the fire (it was 1986 after all, so dont laugh too hard) and i was going into the kitchen where my mom and grandmother were sitting at the kitchen table. I took two steps into my bedroom and was frozen to the spot. I couldnt move, i couldnt talk, but somehow i knew i should look over toward my television. I slowly turned my head, and i saw someone elses sitting there on top of it. It was a middle aged man, balding, with a big beaming smile spread across his face. It didnt look mean or menacing, but actually proud and happy. It had no color to it, appearing black and white with shades of grey. I didnt know what to do, what to think-- all i wanted to do was cry. I had never seen anything like this before in my life and all i wanted to do was be away from the thing and this situation. It opened its mouth to say something and i screamed like a little girl. I ran full sprint into the kitchen and told my mom and grandmother what i had saw. They never disbelieved me a thing i said, and asked what the ghost had looked like. After i gave them its description my grandmother told me that it was my grandfather. I never met my grandfather because he died of lung cancer in the room fifteen years before i was born, and i had never seen a photograph of him. To this day, when i go back and see the event taking place in my mind, im never afraid; only regretful. The thing that i remember most clearly was the smile he had on his face, and the look he had in his eyes. I wish i hadnt been so afraid, and had the courage to hear his words when he spoke. I never saw the apparition after that incident, and ive always wished that i could. I know now that he wanted to tell me that he loved me. And now i think thar opportunity is gone forever.
Also, the entire time my Mom was pregnant with me, she would wake up and see him standing at the foot of her bed. Dressed in the overhalls he use to wear to work because he was a carpenter. I think to this day his spirit whatches over me. Even though i highly doubt that i deserve it

My Birthday


When my Dad died in April 1994 and then my Mom died in March 1995, I
inherited the house I grew up in.  We are the only family to ever live in
the house and I love it there.  This past December on the 21st (my birthday)
I was walking down the hall from our living room to the bedroom at the far
end when I passed a cold spot near the kitchen door.  It was about 2.5 feet
off the ground and only about 4 inches around.  I stepped back thru the spot
and just stood there.  My husband asked me if I was ok and I told him that
my Dad was there to wish me a happy birthday.
This isn't the first time it's happened.  Right after my youngest son and I
moved back in April of 1995 we had a visit.  It was April 30, Alex's
birthday and he was in his room playing while I was cooking dinner and
watching the news.  All of a sudden the front door opened and I felt cold
air go by me and Alex's door opened.  I had shut the front door myself and I
know it was latched and locked and Alex's door was shut tight to keep our
dog out.  He came running out to me and said that Grandpa just stopped by to
wish him a happy birthday.
My husband used to think I was nuts but he believes me now.  The first few
months my son and I were in the house the T.V. would come on by it's self
after we went to bed.  It would be on a different channel, always a western
or a war movie (Dad's favorites).  After getting up several times every
night to turn it back off I stood in the living room and told Dad that I
needed my sleep and could he please watch the movie with some one else. 
That was the last time the T.V. came on by it's self until my birthday 2004
and when I went to bed that night it did it one more time.  I know it was
Dad letting me know that he watches over us.
Dad also hides things from my husband.  It's just the two of us living in
the house now and I know neither one of us is moving stuff.  I think it's
Dad's way of showing he likes my choice of husband this time around.
My husbands dad died in January 2005 and now I'm waiting to see if Avery
comes to visit us.  Butch (my husband) keeps asking his sister Ann, who died
over 20 years ago, to show us that she's ok where she is but so far she

I Think Our House Was Haunted


I'm not sure really, its only from reading these stories that certain experiences we had in my childhood home may actually be a haunting. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in a quaint little neighborhood. We moved there when I was but a year old and over the years certain things happened that I look back on with curiosity. My great-grandmother (affectionately called Granny) at times stayed with us and took care of us kids (my two brothers and me) while my parents worked. She always stayed in my room when she visited and took over my bed, which never made me very happy.  Although she died in December of '85 (I was five) I still remember her as though I saw her last week. Her perfume (Ciara), her hairdo, the way she'd always give such great hugs that took your breathe away. I really missed her after she passed away and always felt so bad because I was a bratty little kid. Well years later I believe she was still with us. My Dad would be down in the living room with noone else home and he'd hear movement in my room, which was just above the living room. It would sound like someone walking around my bedroom. There are also times when I'd go out of town with my parents and come home to a clean bedroom (I was a messy kid) and there was NO way my brothers did it, they never cleaned their own. Certain objects would be movedto a different place on my desk/dresser and my bed would be made all neat and pretty. My brothers TO THIS DAY still deny ever walking into my room while we were gone, much less cleaning it for me.
Another incident I believe involves my great-grandmother as well. One night after my mother and I had already gone to bed and my brothers were out working, my dad says our dog, Kassie was barking at the basement door and wouldn't let up. Our dogs stayed down in the basement when we weren't home, but never wanted to go down when we were, so this puzzled him. He opened the door and Kassie dashed down the stairs and started barking at the corner where the furnace stood. My dad could not figure out what her problem was and looked all over, but there was nothing there. She moved closer to the furnace, continued to bark at the bottom of the furnace. My dad finally got a flashlight so he can get a better look at the furnace and found out that a plug had come loose and carbon monoxide was coming out into the house. Now for those who know about Carbon Monoxide it has no smell, no color and makes NO noise when coming out like other gas. There is no way Kassie could have smelled, heard or seen the gas coming out. She had to have been directed there by someone, or something else...I believe it was my great-grandmother because had my dad not found that we all would have died that night in our sleep.

Great Falls/Sun Prairie Montana


One night in the winter 12 years ago, my friend and I were driving to my house.  When we turned in and went over the railroad tracks I screamed because I saw a boy chasing a ball across the street.  Let me inform you that this was about midnight.  My friend slammed on the brakes and we came to a halt.  I asked her if she saw what I saw.  She then stated that she had also seen the boy but could no longer find him anywhere.  Our bus driver told us about a week later that a deaf boy had been hit by a car and died there years before.

The Image


My family has it's share of unexplained mysteries.  I do not particularly believe in ghost, but we can call them ghost, the bible does not mention the dead still walking upon the earth.  This is just one of multiple phenomenons. 
We lived in a small two bedroom home in Texas.  I was around 5 or 6 at the time and at that time I had two brothers and one sister living with us including our parents.  Religion was basically every Sunday and sometimes during the week.  The house as it was, appeared clean and decent at the time we moved in with the exception of one room which was at the back of the house.  There was something strange about this room.  This is the room my parents had chosen.  This is just one incident.
One night my parents fell asleep and of course all of us children were also asleep in our room.  My mom for some reason that night had fallen asleep with her head at the foot of the bed while my father laid opposite.  At sometime that night, my mother was awaken by someone gently rubbing her forehead.  As she gazed at the image, she saw it was a figure of a woman, which she thought was her sister, but the face of the image was pitch black.  In a trance-like state, my mom stood up out of bed and began following the image out of the bedroom, down the hall and through the living room and once they arrived to the front door, my mom snapped nbsp;the trance had broken.
There she stood staring out at the front door facing the street.  The image had disappeared.  As my mom looked around, she began to notice all the windows in the living room were opened.  She awoke my father and they ran to check on us without awaking us.  They then noticed our windows in the room were opened as well.  And the same was throughout the house.  All the windows in the house were opened along with the back door.
My mother had described the image and the happening to my father and during that time my parents closed and locked every window and door in the house.  And of course, they stayed awake for a few hours until they felt secure enough to fall back to sleep.  Your probably saying, who could fall asleep after that.  Like I said, this is just one incident.
As daylight came upon them, they were quick to arise.  And wouldn't you know it, all the windows and doors in the house were wide opened.  We children were still asleep.  Unexplainable.
As my mother described it to us, she says that something wanted her, but, something had saved her from being lead outside.  She was awakened before taking her final step out the front door.

Rehab Ghost


On November 5, 2000, I went into rehab for opiate addiction. I was just addicted, I had a lot of emotional problems, mostly childhood related, but I was not suicidal.  After I had detoxed for about five days, I began to wake up from my horrible, horrible addiction.  The room that I was assigned to had 2 beds, but I had no roommate. I slept in the bed furthest from the door, and closest to the heater in the room, I was always really cold in the room.  The room wasn't cold, I was cold.  People would come in and ask if I was hot and I'd be under the covers, still trying to warm myself.  The heater was next to the bathroom. The bathroom door was not able to be propped open by itself, it would just close.  The bathroom was always freezing.  I hated to shower because it was so cold.  Finally, I propped the bathroom door open with a garbage can, hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with another hot water shower in a freezing cold bathroom.  The bathroom would not warm up, though the heater was heating full blast.  Besides the treatment plan, there was not much to do in the rehab faciility except ponder your own problems or read or somehting.  As I would sit in the room, I would have thoughts come into my mind about hanging myself with a bed sheet, now actually doing so, but just the thought itself, hanging ones self with a bedsheet.  On November 13, which was 8 days after I had checked in,  I had come down with some sort of flu or something. I felt extremly sick to my stomach and was puking about every 30 minutes.  A fellow rehab-er sat in my room with me as I went in and out of the cold bathroom, throwing up.  After throwing up, I came out of the bathroom and into the room, I looked at my friend and then to her right, which was my left, I saw a figure, well half of a figure.  ' It ' had a blackish center with some sort of aura around it.  It was only in the shape of a head and torso and dissapeared towards the hips and had no legs.  It sat at the height of the door nob.  Upon seeing it, I exclaimed,' do you see that?'  And my friend indicated that she did, but i am not sure if she truly saw it.  It was sort of see through and had a definately male presence.  I was a bit frightened but more than that, felt as if it was concerned about my well being.  I just looked at it for a minute or two and then the girl who I was with said she was freaked out and wanted to get out of the room.  I wasn't going to sleep in there alone after that, so I grabbed a few items of clothing and went across the hall to her room.  The entity followed us into her room and then just dissappeared. That was that.  I didn't throw up again that night either. In the morning, I felt fine, and awoke in my friend's room. Because I had been ill, a doctor came in to talk to me.  After talking about what ever had been making me throw up, I asked the doctor, 'has anyone died in here?'  He sort of chuckeld and then told me that the rehab hospital had once been an actual hospital, so of course many people had passed away on the property.  Without further prompting on my part, the doctor then said that he knew of one instance, he did not know who, when or where, but that one person had hung themselves on the premises.  I needed no further explaination than that.  The un-heatable bathroom, the thoughts of hanging ones-self with a bed sheet, (upon checking into rehab, the staff takes all items that could even possibly be used for suicide including purse straps, shoe laces, belts, shaving razors, pocket knifes, jewlery, you name it anything sharp or rope-like was held until your release), what else is left that could be used to hang onesself except a bed sheet? I was sure that the person who had hung themselves had visited me the night before.  Funny, I had done drugs for certain experiances and the minute I get sober, I see a 'ghost.'  Go figure. 
I don't know if or how this is related to the spirit that I saw, but I assume it is more likely related to my battle with drugs, but a few nights later, I awoke from a dream with the most horrible sinus pain I had ever felt.  My nose felt like it was going to explode, it hurt so bad it woke me up.  I had been dreaming that I was flying over a plains type area with gently rolling hills.  Some sort of thing, with a bird's body and a human head, dark in color, was flying behind me, chasing me, and it was trying to over take me, to take over me, to take my soul.  But as it got closer, that pain in my nose woke me up, before it got to me.  I was having a hard time out-flying it, it seemed like a demon or something.  Maybe it was just drugs that were after my soul, not a demon, but are they interchangeable?  They both WILL take your soul,  if you let them.

Oxford, Chester County


While searching for a new home we came across this one.  Oxford we found a home that was very reasonably price, but our Realtor was some what reluctant to show. My husband and I went in the back door into the kitchen with the salesman, then out of the blue I opened a door, stood at the top of a stairway and said "someone died here", I surprised my self and felt embarrassed, although the Realtor said someone had. I was at the top of the basement stairs. Keith, our Realtor, said the man who owned the house had committed suicide in the back yard. Although I felt it was a woman who was murdered. After asking an another real estate agent who said before the owners death his wife had died in the home, it was suspicious although the police did never charge anyone with the crime. The home is now occupied. I wonder if they feel the ghosts too.

Clear Day


My father's side of the family is originally from Indonesia. Indonesian people are very spiritual as a whole and believe in gods, goddesses and mystics. My Tante Tine (my father's aunt) is extremely eccentric and claims to be psychic. She may be because if ever I have brought a boyfriend home to meet her she shakes his hand. Then when the boys is out of earshot she will tell me whether or not she likes him from the handshake. Every boy she didn't like, ended up being a VERY bad relationship. Anyhow, when my family was exiled from Indonesia in 1950 they went to Holland. My dad's mother, my Oma, died a year or two after they arrived in Holland. She died of a bad heart. My dad dreamt of his mom before her funeral and she came in his dream wearing her beautiful wedding dress. He never saw this wedding dress ever and he was only 7 when she died. So, she came in her wedding dress in his dream. Then he went to her funeral and saw she was buried in her wedding dress. In Holland my dad and his sister lived in a home with my Oma's sisters, Tante Tine and Tante An. Tante Tine had two daughters and Tante An had a son and a daughter. They had many other cousins too that were over often. One cousin in particular was terrified to go in the spare room that was always locked. Well, being  kids with little to do, they forced their cousin (my dad didn't participate, he's so kind) in the spare room and held him locked in there for a few minutes. It was just like that scene in The Sixth Sense movie, where they locked the little boy in that small space at the birthday party. Anyway, the cousin freaked out for a few seconds then it was really quiet. My dad says when they let him out he was never right after that. He ended up becoming crazy, addicted to drugs and now they say you might see him peddling or begging for money on the streets of Amsterdam because he is crazy. Somehow, I believe the craziness is contributed to the minutes he was alone in that bedroom.

My Crossing With The White Eyes


My name is Sarah. I am an eleven year old fifth grader that lives in the spookey old town of Knightdale, North Carolina. Living in a haunted house myself I am a true believer of the paranormal. I'm going to tell you an all around true story that happened while I was on a field trip with my class in November of 2005.
My class and I were visiting a place called BJP [Blue Jay Point.] It's a camping place by Falls Lake. On the second night they split us up into two groups and told us that we were going on a night hike. We had to walk on a path in the pich black. At first we went together then they told us that we were going to walk back alone. I personaly am deathly afraid of the dark. So when it was my turn natrally I was really scared. I started to walk. I was fine as long as I could hear the whispers of my classmates behind me, but when I rounded the first corner all was silent. That was when the weird things began to happen. I heard russtling behind me then up ahead I saw two white eyes. Just then they disappeard. Although I couldn't see them I felt them all the way up to where the teachers and the kids that had gone before me were.
Later that night we were all sitting around the camp fire and the dads were telling us TRUE ghost stories. Just then one of the dads that could remember the best told us about a story about the white eyes. It goes like this. There once were these miners in the BJP area that went mining. As they entered the creves that they created closed in on them. They were stuck down there for six weeks. They were digging up and they were confident that someone was digging down. But when they got out they found that there was noone digging down to help them. And they were in the dark for so long that their eyes turned to pure white. Now they lerk around the BJP Falls Lake area looking for revenge. That really got me scared seeing as how I had seen white eyes looking at me earlier.
That night in the girls cabin we were talking about the ghost stories that we had heard. As I skimmed the open windows with my flash light I stopped, two white eyes were staring at us through the window. Only one girl was brave enough to go and close the blinds.
I still don't know what happened that night but I'm convinced that it was supernatural.

Jeckyl Island


My first of many ghost experiences started in 1991.  I was in the fifth grade, and the Four-H group was taking a week long trip to Jeckyl Island.  While there the first part of the day was dedicated to class time, while another part of the day we headed out on the island to explore.  It was on the third day that we were there when I saw my first ghost.  The group that I was in was taking a trip to some of the older houses on the island.  I believe that they were old plantation houses.  We entered one of these homes and started to look around with our tour guide.  As the group headed up stairs, a buddy of mine and myself were lagging behind.  By the time that the rest of the group was in the upper of the house, we had just started to climb the old stairs.  As we got the the third stair from the top, we looked at a window that was directly in front of us.  There is where we saw a face of an older guy peering back at us.  We quickly, ran up the remaining few steps, down the hall and into one of the rooms where the group was.  The two of us began to rant and rave about what we had just seen.  The teacher and the tour leader, both told us that we hadn't seen a ghost, and that there was probably a sensible reason for seeing this "face".  One said that it had tobe someone cleaning the outside windows, since they did that every so often.  Still scared out of our minds the two of us decided to stick with the group for the rest of the tour.  Once we got outside, the teacher told the group to ignore what we had said, that there wasn't such things as ghost.  As we all headed back to the buss that took us to the old house, my friend and I found the courage (and talked a few more of our buddies in to going with us),  to walk behind the house to the window where we had seen the face.  Just to see if there was someone back there cleaning.  Just as we had thought in the first place....there wasn't.  Infact the window that we had seen the face in was so high on the house that it would have been easier for them to lean out the inside alittle and clean it that way, if for some reason they atually wanted to clean that window.  There wasn't even any sign that anybody had been back there in a while.  Also there at the island, there were strange happenings at the hotel that we were staying at.  The hotel that we were at was an older hotel there on the island that had been renovated and set up for Four-H use only.  This is where they held all the national meetings when they were held in Georgia.  The entire time that we were there, you could hear footsteps in the hallways, and on the back balcony.  This you say could have been the teachers doing there nightly room checks, but the back balcony was locked and so were the windows in our room that led out there, so that us kids couldn't sneak out in the night.  Also these footsteps were heard during the day aswell.  The teachers did report that they heard the steps on the balcony during the night, but claimed that it was us kids sneaking out.  And anytime one of us kids said something about it, and how it wasn't us, the teachers told us not to start with that "ghost" stuff again.  I later (many years later) found out while doing some research that some of the houses there on the island, infact the one that we had visited, and the hotel that we were in were both reportedly haunted by spirits that had lived in those locals many, many years before. 
Thanks for taking time out and reading over my story...I have MANY others that i will share at a latter time

Green Mist


when i was younger a strange thing happened to me. even though it was twenty odd yrs ago . i can still remember it like it was yesterday.I was liying on my bed resting one afternoon.when the strangest thing parents were in the kitchen giving there granchildren there lunch .my kids.I could here them all talking and laughing.the next thing i felt was a strange sensation .and as if i was in some other place.I felt i was drawn to look up at the window.and when i did look up i saw green lights and white lights and green mist all over the window.I thought this cant be real but it was I then tried to get up from the bed.but i couldent move.the next thing i remember i was been lifted of the bed towards the ceiling.I started to shout out to my mum and dad to help me but they couldent here me.but the frighting thing was i could here them very clearly as if they were in the room with me.then all off a sudden i came back down from the ceiling.but still felt paralised and scared to move.then all of a sudden the strange sensation left me and i was able to get up off the bedI i ran as fast as i could into the kitchen.when i told my parents what happened they thought i had been dreaming.I know it might sound very strange but this is a true story and realy did happen to me.i know i wasnt dreaming this.I always wonder if mabay i was to be taken away that day and why it happened.I guess i wont ever find the answer.

I Once was Skeptical


I always liked to read about the occult,paranormal and witchcraft.However I was always skeptical and joked about it until last year.....
Last year had several paranormal expiriences which I would like to share.
It all started in jannuary when one night I turned the pc and the heater off and went to bed.I saw a shadow in the mirror in front of me, when I checked again, wasn't there.Then i heard steps walking toward me, then a spark of liht and the furniture was shaking.Another night i heard water going down from the bath and things falling down from the roof.I tought it was someone from the family but the day after my bro told me he heard the same things and no one woke up that night.Another night i heard a breath and saw a shadow passing from the tv screen.By the time passed, almost every night i used to hear steps on the roof,sometimes i heard voices coming out from the kitchen, when i was at home alone and sometimes felt like a lot of cold wind passing by me, sometimes even when i was asleep i used to feel like a certain cold breeze passing from my face, and this always happened when the windows n doors were closed.The last time it happened something paranormal in my room was when once i woke up and the bed started to shake.Then that night my ex bf phoned me to broke up...concidence?Last month we went to the bushes were there are a lot of ghost stories.Suddenly we heard the howling of a dog, a baby crying and a woman screaming.The day after we heard that once there was a house and in it, woman and a baby were murdered.Till this day  i hear the steps on the roof and the cold breeze.At the moment am feeling the breeze in fact.Am sure that what was in my house was evil but can do nothing about it for now....

Ghost Chick


I am glad to have found this site. Through the years I have had my share of odd sounds and sights... shadows, whispers, footsteps, cold breezes. I suppose I'm just logical because I always try to find an explanation for it. But there was one experience that I can't blame on natural circumstances.
I'm 19 and from New York City but last year I was visiting my family in Atlanta and decided abruptly that I needed a little change, a slower pace than what my hectic city could offer me, and so decided to stay about 8 months in the South. I took a job at Marshall's and really liked it there. One of my friends there told me the stock room was haunted but I didn't believe it and put it out of my mind. But one day I had to return a Z-rack to the stock room and bring back a smaller sized one, and so I was wheeling the unwieldy rack up the steep  incline in the stock room when I saw something. Or someone, to be more precise. To the left of me, a girl breezed past me pretty fast but I definitely saw her. She was light skinned and blonde, I swear I saw the sunlight reflect on her hair. And she was wearing a light colored outfit, white or gray. I didn't see her features but she seemed pretty. Either way she was trespassing. I walked up fast and called loudly that she needed to leave the stockroom. But no one was there when I got up, and she wouldn't have had time to run off and hide. And to make it stranger, I realized the "girl" had apparently walked right into a wall. I felt freaked out, like cold water had been splashed on me, but I just stood there, looked around and went over everything in my mind. I know what I saw, I wasn't on drugs and didn't imagine it. I then remembered what my friends had told me of the stock room, decided it was too much for me and left, forgetting about the rack I was sent to fetch.
It was strange, yeah, but I wasn't terrified or anything. The girl left me alone, it seemed like she was carrying out her own business, in her own universe. At least now I can look at people and say with certainty that I saw "something". Thanks for taking your time to read this guys, your site rocks, it gave me nightmares a few times

Campus Ghost


I just transfered to this school located in a state that I'd never been to before last semester (for respect's purposes, I won't name the university). I stay in the dorms because I am required to, and I have a roommate that is never actually in the room. Well, last semester, some starnge things started happening.
This particular school is in the mid-west and so it is always cold here, which, being from the southwest, I am not used to. My bed is right below the window (pushed up against the heater), and my rommate's bed is about three feet away from mine, closer to the door than I am. It was a particularly cold night (it was snowing), and I closed the window so we wouldn't be cold. Well, around 2 in the morning, I woke up, snow-covered and shivering, because the window was wide open. I looked over at John, who was asleep, and he was shivering too. Thinking he opened it, I reached up and shut the window and went back to sleep. The next morning, John me up and asked if I wouldn't mind keeping the window closed at night when it is snowing. I told him about how I though he had opened it, and he said that he head me opening and closing the window all night long. Not knowing what to make of this, I shrugged it off.
This event happened a few more times throughout the next week, but, now, everytime this happened I heard laughing coming from the middle of the room. Ocasionally, I also heard footsteps running down the hardwood hallway. I didn't really know what to say to John, who I didn't know too well, so I just hoped it would stop and went on my way. A few other odd things started happening as well. One day, Johnny came in and his guitar had been re-strung (he didn't even have extra strings) and was completely tuned (he never left his guitar tuned as to not stretch out the strings). Also, ocasionally, the school gives room checks to see if we are keeping the rooms clean or not, and we had cleaned our room the night before (they usually check during lunch because the students are usually up by then), but we failed the room check because our clean clothes were strewn all over the room. Knowing that the only person on campus neater than me was John, we were a little concerned.
The final cut for me was just two days after the room scheck when I was taking a nap before practice. I was dreaming about an Irish kid who was yelling at me about drinking too much soda to be on the football team, and I was awakened by the sound of laughing. I opened my eyes as the face from my dream faded, and, to my horror, the face remained for a good three to five seconds after I opened my eyes. He was sitting in the arm-chair next to my bed, and he was laughing. The window incidents went on for another week, and finaly John confronted me about it and asked if I would stop laughing so loudly in the middle of the night and if I could keep the window closed. When I told him it wasn't me, he and I both resolved to start locking the dorm doors at all times, so we did. One weekend as John was out of town, I got up to go shower, and when I got back, the door was locked -- the problem is that they only lock from the inside unless you have a key. That night, I stayed awake as long as I could waiting for laughter and watching the window, t nothing came, and I fell asleep. I was again awakened by the window being opened and laughter followed by footsteps on hard-wood floor. I ran to the door and flung it open only to see the Irish boy there. Quickly, he vanished into thin air...laughing. That's when I noticed that the floors were not hardwood, but heavily carpeted instead and making any noise impossible.
After checking around in newspapers and around school, I discovered that there was a fire the room right below mine in the 1970s...back when they had hardwood floors in the dorms. Two exchange students from Ireland were in the room when one of the blankets in the room caught fire from the heater and fell onto the hardwood floors. Since the rooms themselves are made of cinder block, only that room burned, but the two boys, whose room was locked from the outside with a key burned alive and it was said that, for some odd reason, laughing could be heard from outside their room while it burned.



Personal Spirit as a Savior


When I was younger I grew up with an abusive father (in these days who didn't)?  Either way shortly after my first dog had died there was a light, like a reflection of a metal piece in the sun light, that stayed on my ceiling.  Whenever My father was angry it would dart across the ceiling and that's how I knew to stay away or go to my room.  When my father was in an "OK" mood it would just sit there all peaceful.  For months my mother and I tried to figure out where it came from.  We would close all the blinds at night, cover up the mirror that was in the room, turn out all the lights, and somehow it would still appear on the ceiling.  Even at night when my father was angry it would be there to "warn" my sister and I that trouble was coming.  On the worst night that I could remember at my house the "light" went frantic, even bouncing off the walls.  Yet the day that my father left the house and the night my mother came home stating that she had filled for divorce a spot in the floor where the light would usually stay at on the ceiling showed up and the "light" was never seen again....

My Haunted School


I'm Sarah H. I e-mailed a story earlier this week and I'm ready to tell another story. Like I said before I'm only eleven but I swer these stories are true. So here it goes.
There's this really old house beside my school. I discovered it in third grade. My friend Peggy and I saw something pale and white in the window so we went to investigate. We didn't get very far so we gave up. Then one day my mom was telling her friend at work how I was interested in supernatural things. The next day he gave her this HUGE dictionary sized book titled ghosts. I was reading a chapter about haunted places when I stumbled upon a story about a house in Raleigh, NC. It turned out to be about the house that I hadn't thought about for two years that sat beside my school. The next day I went deep into my school records and found a file about two people burried in the woods next to the house. That day at recess I went to where they were to be burried and found evedence that strongly supported that accusation. Then suddently I started to sing a song that I had learned in Music class the week before. Then all of this info started pouring into my mind, all about a man named James Thomas Cauldwell and his wife.
The next day on the track my friend Kristy found the half of a BLOOD STAINED very old diamond ring. Then it flew out of my hand and up to the house. In the window stood a man, a woman and a murder. The man [obviesly James] looked at me and smiled, then his wife. The murder disappeard and then them. Kristy and I told no one about that incident. Sometimes in school wierd things happen. Things move, doors slam, and ghostly objects pass in the corner of your eye. I'm not ever scared because I know who it is he's just trying to scare us

I was so Scared


hello my name is nancy
i have a story that scared the crap out of me.
one night i was in bed and my bird, cockatoo, was in the kitchen in his cage. for some add reason my bird was flaaping his wings so hard and was chirping so loud as if someone was bothering him. i got up and went to the kitchen and approach to his cage. i said to him "eddie, what's wrong with you baby?" he was gasping for air. but he was very scared. he calmed down. when i went back to bed, he did it again. i ran to the kitchen and grab his cage and said "leave him alone". i went to my room and put the cage down and got in to bed. then a loud clash had happen. my stepmother, my stepsister, my sister, my brother, and i went to the kitchen to see what it was and it was the dishes that fell from the cabinets and from the dish rack. it look and so like someone threw dishes on the floor because they were very mad.
another night my parents moved and my sister and i was in bed to go to sleep. at sometime around 1 or 2 in the morning my sister woke me up and said" nancy, a ghost just sat on our bed in front of us." i wanted to cry. i moved to see and it left. i was so scared.

Grandma and Grandpa's Attic

When my four cousins, Noelle, Molly, Luke, Joey, and I were younger, we would often stay a week or so in the summer at our grandparents’ house.  Me being the oldest, with Joey and Luke six months younger, and Molly and Noelle a year and a half younger, this always worked out very well.  We often would go up into the attic, which was gabled and no higher than 5 feet at its tallest point, but it was perfect for the five of us.  We would sleep up there when it was too hot to stay in our bedrooms; the house wasn’t air-conditioned, and, for some odd reason, the attic was always nice and chilly, which doesn’t make sense, being the middle of a humid Illinois summer and that heat rises.  One summer, I was 16; we all decided to go up there again for old-times’ sake.  So, we laid out the blankets and fell asleep.  A while later, the five of us were jolted awake when we heard the attic door slam loudly and rushed footsteps coming up the attic stairs.  We all thought it was grandma angry at us, even though us sleeping in the attic was never a problem.  The footsteps stopped and it suddenly got a whole LOT colder than it usually was.  We didn’t have any light except one flashlight, which Luke turned on, which we discovered nothing was there.  We then heard the stairs creak again and a baby crying, but faint and distant.  Soon the noise stopped, the flashlight was turned off, but we couldn’t sleep.  The next day, we were up in the attic again, playing Egyptian Rat Screw, when a book fell off of some luggage sitting nearby.  It was brown and leather-bound; none of us had noticed it before.  So, we picked it up and read it.  It was the diary of a girl who had lived in the house a long time ago, in the year 1918, thanks to the dates on the pages.  According to the diary, this girl, Elizabeth, lived in the house with her parents and younger brother.  She had a fling with a man who was a few years older than her, but her father found out about it and made them stop seeing each other because she was already intended to the son of her father’s business partner.  A while later, Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant.  Since the child was conceived out of w lock, her father became very angry with her and locked her in the attic.  She lived in the attic, and gave birth up there, to a son.  We presume she died shortly after giving birth because the diary entries stopped abruptly.  We took the diary and asked my grandpa, who revealed to us some family history.  Elizabeth was his mother, she did die, and he was raised in the house, which had passed to him when his Uncle, Elizabeth’s younger brother, passed away, which was shortly after my dad was born in 1951.  The next summer came, and again, nightly, as we slept in the attic we heard this routine.  Then, this past December (2004) my grandfather passed away.  The family was gathered together, and my cousins and I decided to stay in the attic.  That was the first night since we started hearing things, that we didn’t hear anything.  We assume it was because our Great-Grandma Elizabeth was waiting for her son. 

A Feeling

Strange incident No. 1:  Three days after my Mom had passed, I woke up in the middle of the night we were living in her house she was in an ACLF and felt this urge to go look at my Mom's furniture that we had moved from her apartment after she had passed and it was stored in my living room for a little while till we could get sorted.  I left my bedroom and I remember roaming around the house and touching her furniture slowly and just had this "feeling" that she was there and saying goodbye to her things, she loved her home


My name is Catera, and this is a telling of the things I've seen; the unexplainable and paranormal.  I seem to see and hear things other people don't seem to see or hear.  Some people would call me crazy if I ever related to them what happened.  I can't tell anyone but my mother, who seems to see and hear things, too.  My pastor dismisses me, telling me I should not talk of such things.  The times I give you are an estimate, I suppose it's because I have been cautious to write about them. 
1988 ( 8 yrs old)
I watched a bright light in the sky move slowly, it scared me so I went into the living room to sleep on the couch.  I woke up to a huge pink gun pointing at me, I staring down the barrel.  *never before seen an actual gun, nevertheless, a barrel of one* It shot me, and I became paralyzed.  After a time of being scared, and I could finally move, I ran to my parents' room and slept.  I then heard a very loud sound of something going over the top of our house.
1993, different house (13 yrs old)
It was almost dusk, I was walking towards the street in front of our house, and stopped at the curb.  I looked up and about 15 feet up (what looked to be a human sized Manta ray) with a long, thick tail (Manta ray's are found in the ocean, with wing like fins and long tails) flying very slow.   I looked back toward the house, frozen in fear, then looked back up, and it was gone.
1994, same house (14 yrs old)
I was styling my hair in the mirror, while dad was outside in the furthest part of the backyard, gardening.  I saw in the mirror, behind me in the hall, my dad in overalls looking at me.  I looked behind me, to where he was standing, and he was gone.  *dad died a couple years later*
1994, same house, same age
Alone in the house, I walked into my parents' bedroom and saw a light coming through the East window, and I heard the most beautiful sound of an angel singing, of a "heavenly chorus".  It went on for about 5 minutes.  My mother, at different times, at the same window, has heard it too.
1994, same house, different happenings.  1.  Sound of someone following me outside.  2.  The trash can lid being swung at night in my room.
1996, different house, (16 yrs old)
It was night, and I heard a sound; like hundreds of bats, with distorted high pitched "chirping", all formed into one being, which was outside my window, and sounded like it was slowly walking from the front of my bedroom window to the backyard.  This happened twice in a 6 month period.  And what's Really scary?  My mother heard it at different times, too!
2002, same house ( 22 yrs old)
I was walking my mom's dog with my sister at night, and I was turning a corner onto another street, when I looked back down the street I came, and I saw a man, all in black, with a cowboy hat! on, standing under the street light, in the middle of the street.  This was a very busy street, and he was just standing there, staring at me.  I couldn't tell if he was black or white.  I looked over to my sister to tell her to look, and when I looked back, he was gone.
2004, same house (24 yrs old)
I was house sitting for my mom and I was lying on her bed almost ready to doze off, when I saw a small white circle of light near the door, barely moving.  Of course, it came as fast as it went.  My mother told me she'd seen the same thing.  1.  I would also feel a pressure on my foot while I laid there, and breathing of something next to me.  2.  My name being called, whispered, many times.
2004, (25 yrs old)
I was driving down an interstate after work at night, when I saw this old car driving past me.  The man driving the car had red smoke in front of his face, and red smoke was coming out of the driver's side window.
2005  February (25 yrs old)
I was driving down a dark street at night time, and saw what looked to be a cat, running across the street in front of me, but as it got closer to the curb, it seemed to take another shape, and get bigger.  It then looked  like a medium-sized dog, then ran alongside the curb on the grass, and grew, LARGE, into what looked like to be a gray wolf, looking straight towards me and keeping it's shape.  I tell myself it was just a black sack, but why did it look like a cat in the beginning, legs and all?
Well, there you go :)

The Rester


This story is about 8 years ago, when my mum, me, and little brother was living in Malaysia.
We were living at our Aunty's house, in Kepong a small town, outside of Kuala Lumpur. Me and my brother Tim, always stayed at our cousins house overnight, because they were the same age.
One night when Tim and I were in bed, mom went to go to the bathroom.
As she knelt down to wash her hands she was pushed into a large bucket of water, it freaked her out until another bucket load of water was tipped over her. She thought it was probably an accident, so she dried herself up and went back to sleep.
The next day, she confronted my nan about the incident, and asked her to go to the Buddhist temple to get a peace symbol for protection for us.....obvously Nan said she was being stupid and ignored mum.
Few days later, me and my brother went to our cousins for a sleep over. Mom stayed at my Auntie's place to look after the house....because my Aunty had business in China. It was late, she fell asleep on the lounge (because she was too scared to go upstairs) and was woken up by the dogs howls...they were sounded so painful, my mom described.
Once again me and Tim were out of the house, at our Cousins birthday party. Mum stayed home, and she received a phone call, she picked it up and there was a child crying "MUMMY", its heart-wrenching voice scare my mom half to death. She called my bigger sister and asked if she was alright then she called my Cousins house and asked if anyone had called her....we were perfectly fine. She called my Uncle and told him about the event, he told her to stand outside of the house.
Moments later Uncle arrived with his friend, his friend speciallized in dealing with ghosts. Both of the men went in the house, while my mom was outside. As they walked upstairs the dog house suddenly smashed, and pieces were sent flying down. My uncle got so scared he bolted out of the house. His friend continued walking and went into the room where we slept. He negotiated/talked to the ghost, telling him to leave and it did.
Uncles friend said : Because our Aunty lives alone, and with spare rooms the ghost was only here to live/rest in the extra room. Therefore we came and interrupted it, it got angry and started trciking us to leave his territory. Nan heard this story from Uncle and said "I thought there was something odd about the house! Everytime i went upstairs i'd always see an old man sitting there". Now Nan belives mom. Aunty sold the house and is now happily living in her new home..

Story: A Ghostly Playmate


Back when I was a small boy living in rural Illinois, my dad had been laid off from work. Shortly afterwards, we lost our house, and ended up moving in with my grandparents who lived in a small, quiet trailer park in Florida. My dad was since able to find another job, and my grandparents bought a house for themselves just a few miles away, while we lived in the trailer park.
It was the summer before I would start second grade when it happened. Our house was situated right behind a park where people would go have picnics on Sunday afternoons, or go on long walks, passing the time. I was walking past a giant pine tree when I accidentally bumped into a girl about my age. She seemed rather playful and we instantly became friends. All that summer, she would come over to my house to play, but mysteriously, I had never seen her house before, nor heard anything about her parents.
Then, fall began and school started once again. The girl stopped coming over to my house. So, I decided to go over to her house to check on her. I followed the exact directions she had given me during the summer. When I arrived, I was surprised to find an empty lot, filled with weeds. I thought that was really strange, but didn¹t figure out the significance of it until later.
We eventually moved out of Florida, when my dad found better work in Ohio. Shortly after we moved, I was talking to my dad about ghosts. He told me about a childhood encounter with a little girl who his father later explained was his aunt who died when she was young. She suddenly appeared in his neighborhood, was very vague about herself, and then vanished without a trace after a period of time. Then, I told him what had happened in Florida.
My dad said that he looked out the window one day to see me talking to someone who was not visible. He mentioned the incident in a conversation with his aunt, who is a psychic. She suggested that I was also being visited by someone from the other side - the same little girl who had visited my dad when he was a child.



My Haunt


I have been checking out your site and felt compelled to tell my own strange encounters.  Let me set this up.  I am a 22 year old firefighter. (so not much scares me) I live with my boyfriend, our 9 month old daughter and his mother and sister.  We moved to Roseto, Pennsylvania, to a house next to a bakery.  Let me tell you that nothing has happened to us when we moved in until I found out I was pregnant.  When we are sitting in the living room watching tv, we can hear footsteps upstairs walking around.  Everyone is in the living room, including the cat!  I also hear music playing when none of the stereos are on.  I thought i was going nuts until i talked to my boyfriend's sister and she says she hears the same things when she is home by herself.  Here's the interesting things.  When my daughter was born, we used to sit her in her bouncy seat in front of the tv in the living room.  She would turn her head to stare at the wall (which is completely bare) and start giggling.  She also looks up at the ceiling and laughs for no reason.  Just last week, i had gotten up at 7:30 am and checked in my daughter's room before taking a shower.  Her room is right next to the bathroom, so i stuck my ead in to see if she was awake.  she was playing with one of her toys, so i proceeded to take a shower.  Halfway thru the shower, i heard a loud bang.  then i heard someone run into emilys room. (the upstairs hallway isnt very long, probably only like 7 feet from one bedroom to the other.)  I jumped out of the shower, soap and all, and ran into her room.  She had grabbed a hold of the cord for the vaporizor and yanked it into the bed.  The top  part the gets hot was laying in her bed, dry and cold.  It was still plugged in! the bucket thing for the water was almost a foot away from the crib and thats the only spot the water was.  My daughter's hands were cold and her and the entire crib were dry.  Here's whats weird.  My boyfriend's mother was still sleeping, she never heard a thing.  His sister was on the computer downstairs and hadn't heard anything and our niece was sitting in the living room downstairs watching tv.  Noone was upstairs!(my boyfriend was out plowing so it wasn't him either.)  I don't know much about the history of the house, (we rent) and neither to the owners.   We live next to a bakery that i do believe was once a mill?  My father checked out the house after we moved in and he said it must have been an old mill because of the floors and the structure.  If any one knows anyhting or could help me to figure out who is also in our house since i was pregnant thank you Thanks!

Being Chased


hi. my name is Adriana and i have some experiences to share with myself. This all happen on the summer of 2004 when I went to Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico with my cousin Citlaly and my sister Obdulia. We had met some guys which asked us to go out. We went to many haunted houses but there was one house that caught my eye the most. This house is located on a high hill and has 4 floors down, plus the first floor. Well, my cousin, my sister, and two of the guys went inside and i stood out side with another guy named Diego. We were looking at the street when I heard my cousin screaming she came out running so i started running too we stoped at the next street, but when i was running i kept on looking back and saw a figure or a shadow of a guy. One of the guys went back to see what it was and didnt see anything, of course you may be asking if he took time running back. Well no he runs pretty fast. We  went back to hear something that really scared us all. We heard many kids that were being killed by their own mother. We were sure that the screaming was coming out of that house. Apparently, what we heard was true because the history of that house says that a lady killed her kids in the swimming pool which is located on the last floor of the house. Unfortunately, there is no possible explanation about the shadow that I saw.

A House In Archer


I haven't been able to find a ton of information on the Kasicki House  (also known as the Neal-Wood-Gordon House) on the Internet, outside of a few vague blurbs, but we talked to the current owners, the Kasickis, last night. I was with a parasychology group headed up by Andrew Nichols PhD, who often works with the Kasickis in regards to their home and who has been instrumental in bringing awareness to this amazing house. After taking a tour through the house, we all sat down in the dining room and learned all about the property's history.
The Kasickis bought the house in the early nineties, and it had been previously owned at that point for some 50 years by the Gordon family, whose last remaining daughter had lived there until her death. Linda Kasicki had recurring dreams of this house before she ever even knew it existed, and when her family moved to the area, she saw it and knew it was "her house." The house, already over a hundred years old by that time, was badly vandalized when the Kasickis purchased it, with no water or electricity, and known by Archer locals as a haunted house. Some real estate agents in the area had had bad experiences inside, seeing orbs, hearing things, and they refused to go in to show it. So it sat for a while before the Kasickis found it, and they bought it despite warnings.  They moved in and immediately began renovating, restoring it to the way it was when the Neal family lived there in the late 1800's. The Neal family had sold it to the C.D. Wood family somewhere around the turn of the century, and it is some of this family's members who people say now haunt the house.
Most of the phenomena occurs in the middle of the night, although things happen constantly, according to Linda Kasicki. Items are misplaced and turn up in strange areas, old photographs in particular. There is a woman in a white nightgown who grieves, and the Kasickis think she's Cora Wood, who had two children die on the property. Children's voices can be heard, playing, giggling, screaming. There's a little girl in a white gown who has appeared to visiting psychics (this house has been featured multiple times on A&E, Sightings, etc.). One of the Kasickis' daughters saw "Cora" come into her bedroom, sit down on the foot of her bed crying, then get up and disappear into a connecting room. In her sleepy haze, she thought it was her mother, because she had initally awakened to the sensation of being covered and tucked in. The Kasickis themselves have also been "tucked in." Footsteps pound on the long, narrow staircase leading to the second floor. A foglike haze has hung in the foyer with no explanation. Windows open by themselves, and sounds of wood slats being pried off the sides of the house have been heard, but when it was checked out, nothing was amiss. I believe this happened when previous owners were trying to "modernize" the home.
The most frightening occurrence happened to the Kasicki's 16-year-old daughter shortly after they moved in. She awoke to a man's face about four inches from hers, and he was talking to her, but all she heard in her ears were bells and loud sirens instead of his voice. Then he lay down on top of her, and somehow she managed to get out, and never has spent the night in the house again, having opted to finish school in another town. When she comes to visit, she stays at her sister's house nearby.
A man has also been seen INSIDE a bureau mirror, adjusting his hat and tie, like he's looking into a mirror and getting ready to go somewhere. People smell strange floral fragances, and the scent of cigar smoke and wine. A famous Japanese psychic visited the house once, and carried on a conversation with the ghost of a little girl, who held the psychic's thumb while they talked. The conversation was filmed with thermographic equipment, and when it was viewed, the filmmakers could see an extreme temperature change on the psychic's thumb, as though someone were actually holding it.
Linda K. said that she could talk for hours of subtle, and not-so-subtle, occurrences that take place on a constant basis in this house. That's what is so extraordinary about the place, that inexplicable things happen constantly, and without much rhyme or reason. There don't appear to be negative spirits present, but ones that actively involve themselves with the Kasicki family and everything that goes on in the house--as they would have when they were alive. The Kasickis like their ghosts, and are still restoring the home with love and care, and plan to live there all their days. And they're very nice, seemingly earnest people who don't mind sharing their house with professional ghosthunters.

Michigan Haunts


I know of several places in Oxford, Michigan that are hauted, or give off that "watched" and "unwanted" feeling.
One such place is the house where I grew up... It was a rather large house, On Tanview drive near Davis Lake, Tan Lake, and Long Lake.
As a small child, I had terrible night trauma's, and ocassionally my mother would see looming shadowy figures over my crib as she entered the room, only to quickly vanish  as she rushed in to protect me.
Noises of the microwave door slamming shut were often heard at night, as well as the microwave actually turning on. Once, my father heard the sound of breaking glass, and the microwave turning on. He thought that it was someone breaking into the house. He rushed downstairs to catch the intruder, only to find that no glass had been broken, and a faint figure of a small girl peeking around the corner. Footsteps, baning on pipes, and the removal of clothing from drawers was also witnessed.
On one ocassion, my Aunt and my father's good friend were visiting, and my mother was giving them a tour of the house. After the tour was finished, my aunt asked, "Where were those other three people that went up with us?" My mother was baffled by her question. They were the only ones in the house at the time.
The oddest of the occurances was that of the rocking chair. My mother had an antique rocking chair that she kept in the corner of the living room. One day, the rocking chair began to slowly rock, as if a breeze had entered the room. As time went on, the rocking sped up, as if someone was sitting in it. It rocked like this for five minutes, until it abruptly stopped. My mother and father examined the room and the house for any drafts, or any open doors, seeing as it was summer. The AC hadn't been running, and no draft was ever found.
I have a few other stories, but I beleive I will save them for another email

My Real Life Ghost Story


Im 15 years old and i live in massachusetts. My mom says when i was 4 years old i had an imaginary friend named Mary. But she wasn't imaginary. she is eight years old and she died on the Titanic, when it sank.I can still see her sometimes. she has never hurt me she doesn't even freak me out. I don't know if this is okay or not. When i see her i just make eye conntact and if i'm alone i talk to her. I've only told one person, my friend Jamie. I have a spirit board and we talk to her with it since Jaime can't see or hear her. II've never been afraid of her but a month ago she contacted me and said that native americans used to live on my land, and there is an old woman's spirit that won't leave. Mary says that i can see other spirits if i become aware of them she is helping me harness and control my power so i can help other friendly spirits in need of getting to the afterlife. I asked her why she is still here and she said to help me and guide me like a guardian angel. i'm so happy i found your sight and that im not the only one. Thank you!

MY Parents's House


My family and I had quite a few supernatural experiences while living in our house. This house was built at the turn of the last century and is located in one of the neighborhoods of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a two-family home. My parents bought it in 1973 and we moved in after extensive renovations. I was 13 and my brother was 12. We lived on the top two floors and my parents rented out the bottom floor apartment. The happenings started right after we settled in. There wasn't any one room in particular, but stuff would happen all over the house. It was the summer and every night I would stay up late, watching TV in the family room. I would go to bed and as soon as I was in bed, I would hear someone walking around downstairs. It sounded like someone with a heavy pair of boots walking on hardwood floors. Now we had wood floors but my parents had wall-to-wall carpeting installed. I tried to explain this to my mother and she would say that it was the tenants in the first floor...One of my mother's friends lived near by and she had lived in the same neighborhood since the early 50's.She told my mother that the house had a reputation. Apparently, the first family that lived in the house had a little girl and she died in the house. The parents had a party and the floors had been polished and waxed. The little girl was running around and slipped and fell and hit her head on a radiator. She went into a coma and died soon after. The next family to move in was a large one and the father was abusive to the mother and children. A few years later, the mother died. The story that went around the neighborhood was that the father forced the mother to go to an abortionist because he didn't want another child and she died as a result of the botched procedure. My brother and I always felt like we were being watched in that house, particularly in the basement. We hated being down there, even though my parents fixed it up and even put in a bathroom, stereo,  a ping pong table and a weight set down there for us. The laundry room was down there too. Every time you went down there, it felt like someone was standing just behind you. One time, I felt something tugging at my pants leg and when I looked down, my pants leg was actually lifting up. We always ran up the stairs. I recall hearing what sounded like a child running up the basement steps on several occasions and my dog would always go to the basement door that was off the kitchen and stand there and listen. I actually saw the little girl once. I was studying one afternoon in my father's office, which was off the main hallway, and I looked up from my book just as a 4 or 5 year little girl skipped by the doorway. I remember she had long brown curls and a yellow ribbon in her hair and a yellow dress. She looked solid but she made no noise. My mother would experience quite a bit more in that house, because she was home all day. We would also see shadows in the dining room and once, I was slightly pushed by something while standing in the hallway. My mother would hear me talk in my sleep every night. It sounded like I was having a conversation with someone, but she never heard another voice but mine. She could never make out what I was saying and a few times when she would get up to go to my room, as soon as she stepped into the hallway, I would stop talking. That upstairs hallway was creepy too. At night, we could sometimes hear giggling and little kid steps in that hallway. My brother and I never ever went to the toilet at night. Years later, when my brother and I moved out, the activity seemed to focus on my poor mother. Now my mother was and is a tough woman. She believed in ghosts, having lived in a haunted house while in Cuba (see my previously submitted story). She became a magnet for the little children that were in the house. They would appear to her every night, three little skinny boys, between 4 and 10. All three would stand by her side of the bed and she even saw them sitting on the fire escape, just outside her bedroom window once. My brother had a friend who was psychic and he agreed to come to the house. We never gave him any details, we just told him that my mother was being bothered by spirits. He confirmed the stories that we had heard many years before and stated that the little girl was there, along with the woman who had died, the abusive father, and some of their children. The father was limited to the basement, the little girl and the woman haunted the second floor, and the little children kept to the third floor. He claimed that the children had been frequently locked in the upstairs hall closet. This was the same hall closet that my mother used as a linen closet and we could never get the sheets and towels to stay on the shelves. My brother's friend went around the house and spoke with the spirits. The little girl was lost and was looking for her parents. The woman was scared of her husband and mostly hid in the dining room. The husband would rage and pace back and forth. The little children saw my mother as their mother and were thus drawn to her. All of this came out during the seance. After speaking with them and telling them to leave, my mother did not have any more experiences. She still lives there. The only spirit we have hanging around now is my father, who passed away in 2003, but that is another story...

I Have a Story for You


Last year, my grade 6 french immersion class trip was that we got to go to Quebec for 4 days. The hotel that we stayed at was called L'Hôtel Universal. Little did we know, our hotel was haunted.
My best friend and I are really into ghosts and the paranormal. We were in a room with two other girls. None of us could get to sleep because it was really cold in our room. Around 10:30 p.m I got some really bad icy chills and as did my best friend. She sat up in bed because she thought she saw something over by the chair in our room and she practicaly froze, then looked at me and back again. then layed back down in bed. So I decided to check out what she had been looking at. Thats when I saw a man sitting in our chair! He looked like he was from the past, about mid 1900s. He was wearing a suit and had a top hat on his lap with one of his legs folded up across his other leg. Then all of a sudden he vanished. We both started to cry and scream and got the other two girls doing the same. Then our teacher and some of the parents that were on the trip came rushing to the door and knocked. So we answered it. They asked us what was wrong and what happened. So we told them, but they didn't believe us!
That was my first encounter with a ghost.

Haunted House in Louisville Co.


My wife and I lived in the house I grew up in. In 1989 my wife was home alone one night while I was a t work. In the back bedroom we had a closet with bifold doors. My wife heard a loud banging noise and when she went to see what it was the closet doors opened and close on there own. Our dog would not go down the hall way and the hair on the back of her neck was standing straight up. And on a second occurence we were having breakfast at our table one morning my dog was laying beside me. All of a sudden she got up and walked a couple of steps and then sat down. She was looking up and moving her head side to side and wagging her tale as if someone was talking to her. We feel there were two spirits there and after we moved out my nephew moved in and the same things happened to them.



When I lived in the dorms at college, my sophomore year, I had one experience I'll never forget.  My roommate was asleep, though it was only 8 at night.  I was writing a paper and got up to ask a girl who lived down the hall from me a question.  When I came back (I was only gone not even 5 minutes) my roommate was sitting up in bed looking very scared, eyes wide open.  I asked her what was wrong and she said that "there was knocking on the door to our room. I said 'come in' and the door opens and there stands this little old man.  He asked in this thick Irish accent if you were here and I said no, then he disappeared."  I told her I was just down the hall and I didn't see anyone other than who lived here.  She then described the man and I got my photo album out and showed her a picture of me and my Grandda when my brothers and sisters and I went to visit them in Ireland over the summer.  She said that that was who came.  "No, Jen, he lives in Ireland, he can't be here," I told her.  But, I had the strongest urge to call my da and talk to him.  I picked up the phone and before I could dial home I heard my da on the other line, "Rhi, I just got off the phone with your Uncle Seamus.  Grandda passed away a little while ago..." he proceeded to tell me arrangements to go back to Ireland for the funeral (All my family lives in Ireland except for my parents and my siblings).
The house that I live in now with my older brother, Nick, in Ireland, is also haunted.  It's a really old house.  The basement door will be shut and it will open by itself (even though it is latched).  I've woken up in the middle of the night to have my window open, even though it might be dead winter outside.  Nick has had scratches on his arms and face, though he didn't go to bed with them.  I refuse to go anywhere in the house without one of our dogs with us (we have 3 German Shepherds).  One will sit at the top of the stairs and growl, hair standing up, staring at whatever is downstairs, even if I or Nick are the only ones in the house.  One of the other dogs sleeps at the foot of my bed and I'll often wake to him barking at the doorway, which has opened by itself.  We've lived here for about six months and are planning on moving out very soon.

Ghosts in Kentucky


After my children's father's death, I rented a house on a lovely street in Lexington, Ky. We were there for four years. It was a two story white brick house with 3 bedrooms, very quaint. My bedroom ran from the front to the back of the house and it had two doors, one toward the front and one toward the back that both led into a wide hallway. The way my bed was situated, I could see straight into my daughter's bedroom while in bed. My daughter was 11 when we moved to the house and my son was 7.
Our street was well lit at night, so much so that my bedroom was never entirely dark, even when I pulled the blinds. Not long after we moved in the house, I was reading in bed one night with pillows propped against the headboard. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw somebody drifting across the floor. I watched her "flow" slowly across the bedroom from back to front. She looked to have a bobbed hairstyle and she had on a mauve colored long gown or shroud. I kept pinching my arms to make sure I wasn't dreaming and I kept watching her cross the room. When she came to the front of my bed, she stiffly turned to me (her entire body turned with her head), she looked at me (she had hollowed out eyes), then turned back around slowly toward the front of the house and Poof! she passed through the bricks. I never saw her again.
Another time, it was late one night and I was in bed, but not asleep. It must have been around midnight, and I heard my daughter come running up the stairs, she opened the door closest to the back of the house and I looked at her a little startled because I thought she was in bed. Anyway, as she came through the door, a huge black dog came ahead of her through the door. I never saw it again.
This is really strange. I was again in bed one night when this happened. My bed was such that my windown air-conditioner unit was to the left of me  when I wet to bed, and across the hall, my daughter's air conditioner was in the window to the right of her bed. I guess it was a mother intuition, but I looked up from my reading and saw a man (his suit was an ochre color with brown shoes. Looked to me to be in the early 20th century or late 19th century) flying through the air,like superman flies. I watched him soar through my daughter's air conditioner, across the hall, and out my air conditioner. His body was stretched straight out, like supermans, and he was looking straight ahead. He just flew through one window and out the other. I never saw him again.
The three spirits, the shrouded woman, the huge black dog, and the flying man were not seen by me again. I never felt threatened by them. But, when I started thinking about it soon afterwards, I realized they were as clear as day. I couldn't see through them. I always thought that ghosts were transparent, and I suppose some are, but the ones I saw looked very solid, except for the hollowed out eyes of the woman.
Another time, I was vaccuming my basement steps and as I came to the last step, I looked back while vaccuming to make sure I had gotten all the dog and cat hairs. As I was looking back, I saw a pair of tiny legs that were covered in thick white stockings and she had a pair of pink ballet slippers on her feet. I only saw them for a second, and never saw them again.
I believe the little girl in ballet slippers was part of the house because my daughter and I, on separate occasions, were in the breakfast room early morn and heard a tiny voice say "hi!" It literally scared my daughter to death and she ran upstairs to my bedroom to tell me what she had heard. She believed someone was in the house, so we went through each room, including the attic and the basemment, but we didn't find anyone. I only told her many years later that I had heard the same voice in the same room and about the same time in the morning.
My daughter was four years older than her brother, and she rode the city bus home after school. Her brother was in after school day care and I picked him up after work each day, so my daughter had about 3 hours home alone. She was about 15 years old when this incident happened. It was a cold January day, and I had given the children a Bassett Hound puppy for Christmas. My daughter came home and was playing with the puppy on our living room couch when all of a sudden she heard knockings on the living room and dining room walls. She told me they were very loud and she was so frightened that she ran outside with the puppy in her arms, but after about 10 minutes she had to go back inside the house because of the cold. The knockings never occurred again. But, my daughter knew nothing about the supernatural, and couldn't relate the knockings to anything. It was about a month before the knockings that she came home from school, opened the front door, and heard beautiful music throughout the house.It stopped almost as soon as she heard it. But she told me it sounded like angels singing.I told her she was probably right, and it was a force of best luck that she heard them. She never heard them again, except one morning when I was taking her to school, and just before Christmas, my car radio was playing music from a Christmas concert the night before.It was Ave Maria, and my daughter told me that that was the singing she heard.
We lived in the house for 4 years and I had it blessed by two different priests on two occasions. The last time the house was blessed was the same night the man flew through the air conditioners.
I shared these experiences with a friend and she thinks the spirits (excluding the little girl) were just "passing through." Maybe so, but I know what I saw, as strange as it may sound.

My Ghost Hunting


i started doing ghost hunting 5 yrs ago in S.E countries and i have a couple of experiences to share.
my background - i did my studies in mechnical engineering in a respected college, so i can be quite tech geek at times but the following incidents cannot be explained
Incident 1 - 27 jun 1999
Unkown lady
The incident occured in a military air base.  the air base has an air strip of 1.5 km long, which trees are planted along side it at an interval of about 3m apart. the height of the trees was a min of 5m
It was about 11pm, the last landing occured about 2 hrs ago, so the base was dead.  I was on my first nite shift and hence i cannot sleep so i decided to go to air traffic tower to listen in on the civilian freq channel.
I sat down for 10 mins or so before i noticed a white fiqure standing ON the tree-top of a tree about 400 to 500 m away.  the figure was distinctively female and i must say, quite well shaped.
Then the figure disappeared and reappered on the next tree further from the tower. It paused for a split second before disappearing and reappearing on the next tree further away.  the incident lasted about 40 seconds
Thinking it was my mind playing tricks, i went back downstair to watch TV.
The next afternoon, i played back the security camera, it was captured distincitively for a total of 522 frames. the camera setting was set at 22 fps digital, so i was able to play it back frame by frame.
in the frame stills, the "lady" appears to be leaping from tree to tree.  the estimate speed is about 30m/s or 110km/h or 65 miles/hr.  in one still, the she just leaped off the first tree, in the next she was covered about 2/3 of the distance. in the next frame, she was already standing still. so, it reasonable safe to say that she covered about 3m in one-tenth of a second.
i showed the tape to my sgt, and was given permission to go thru the previous security videos.  there was only records up to 1 yrs old, but in another file, dated jan 1999, there was also a 122 frame recording a the "lady" at high speed. estmiated at 50m/s. the recording was done at 1132am, bright sunnny outdoor.  it appears to be chasing after an helicopter on approach.  the estimated distance from "lady" to ground was 3m height.  There was only one clear still which her face body was clear.  It was not some blur high-speed image, but one which the outline of her fingers were visible and body outline very distinctive.
There only an account of a similar slighting by a pilot when he was 400m above ground.  His version " I was guiding a rookie on soft landing when i saw a white fiqure among the trees near the ground. As the time of incident was during sunset, it was dismissed.  (during sunset, when the shadows are long, and the day pilots are tired, "the mind like to be jesters" year of incident 1989.)
Non logical explainations as:
1.  No ghost i know appear in broad daylight outdoor!
2.  The "Lady" was solid, of pale ivory complaxion, dark black hair. From part of facial features captured on film. est. age -     under 25.
3.  No one can stand on the tip of a tree top supported by branches under 1 cm thick
4.  The area on either the runway is 1 km of very flat open ground, grass well maintanced 
Possible explanation - 1. a tree druid
                       2. Pontianak (a malay vampire)
                       3. Tree spirit

Anyway this started my ghost hunting days.
if anyone familiar with tree-worshiping occult practise, pls email me
Incident 2 - march 2001
Batam, indonesia
i witnessed an possession on the street.  An white woman aged 40plus started blabbing in classis malay which was not used in indonesia for over a century.  It took 6 local male to supress her and brought her into a taxi.  Unable to follow-up as no taxi driver was willing to follow that taxi.  (Offered 200US$ - but no takers)
incident 3 - 29 Jun 2003
Hatyai, Thailand, estmated 3pm
Near the malaysia border, while on board a stationary train, i saw a fiqure about 1.4 m tall hugging onto a palm tree.  It has a mishaped body and rotting face which reminded me of the imp in "Lord of the ring". It then somehow melted into that palm tree which it was hugging.  Unable to verify as no one else saw it.
Incident 4 - 17 jul 2004
Abondoned school building, Singapore, est 7pm
There have been rumours of cult practice in the building after it was abandoned.  I brought some equipment to test the place.
I started placing my equipments at 3pm, wif the help of a friend.
Electronic temperature sensors where place at various spots in the room.
2 normal digital camera facing each other.
1 infra red camera facing the blackboard.
1 standard sound recordor,
1 ultra low freq sound recorder
1 ultra high freq sound recorder
first Slight, insignificant EM spikes near blackboard. thinking that the blackboard may be magnectically charged, i placed my EM detector on the ground.  After which, the spikes continues.  I thought it may be that there is power lines behind the blackboard.
Then exactly at 7pm, a nearby church bell can be heard.  The EM detector got a full spike. followed by 2 spikes.  Nothing happened, for the rest of the night.  But the next day, all my equipment were dead. i mean real dead.  all 3 video recorded recorded only statics from 7pm (part of the church bell can be heard).  The standard sound recordor was total quiet - even the church bell was not heard.  I was in the room wif my friend joking and laughing the whole evening about starting a starting a porn website.  The sound recorder was on and recording. this, we made sure as i check it twice myself.  Even the recording during the earlier part of the day was gone.
The ultra high freq recorder recorded a sharp "Blak" sound est. to be around 7 to 7.15 pm.  and again rest of the tape was blank which was unlikely as it should pick up back-ground noise. same wif low-freq recorded.
all 6 temperature sensor recorded a sharp temperature spike from 29 degree C at 7.02pm to 44 degree C at 7.03 pm.  32 degree C at 7.04pm and 29 degree C at 7.05pm.  During the 7 to 7.15pm time frame, my friend and i did not felt and temperature change
The EM detector was also found to be faultly the next day, the cause was overloading.  The 2 spare EM detectors which was used for background EM detection was placed unshielded about 200m away from the damaged EM detectors registed no spikes.
It is unlikely that any of the equipment were offline as the feeds were reqistered into 2 seperate laptops.
A second recording was made 2 days later but no spikes were recorded and everything came out normal.
Any logical explaination?
I believe incident 1 and 3 are somehow related. The explaination i got from this part of the world is that they were ghost, but i have been to many haunted places (over 100 sites, included mass burial grounds of WWII) wif no luck of ghost sighting, even with those damn expensive equipment i got.
Equipment used: - infra red googles and camera
                         - Ultra violet light
                         - Night vision googles and camera
                         - EM wave dectors
                         - Ultra sonic sound detectors
                         - Broad band and specific freq sound recorders
                         - Temperature sensors of 0.1 degree sensitivity
I even tried playing WWII jap music in spots where ritual suicides were commited.
IF there is anything i missed out, any direction is appriecated.
As a foot-note, 27 jun 1999 happens to be a full moon, while 29 jun 2003 and 17 jul 2004 happens to be a close to a full moon

The Siren of Fort Cobb Lake


I'm an empath, which for those that don't know means I can feel other peoples emotions and I can also feel ghosts, entities, spirits, demons, angels, whatever you want to call them.  I've had this gift all my life and have many uneventful ghost stories to tell ranging from my dead father watching over me in my room, to seeing people that have died in places I've lived, to what I guess are angels guiding me away from danger.  But none of them compare to one camping trip I took with my ex in August of 2003. 
We went out to the primative camp ground at Fort Cobb Lake in Oklahoma and were going to spend a romantic weekend at the lake.  I have never been comfortable in those kinds of settings before due to my gift and the lack of control I had over it til recently.  I had felt something angry there since we got there, but it didn't seem to pose a threat, so I agreed to out camp site.
Our camp site was set up as such:  There was a dirt road that led through this part of the lake and a patch of trees was between the clearing we camped in and the road.  Two other small patches of trees were on either side and the lake in front.  It came to about midnight and I tried my hardest to ignore the feelings I had been having all night which were growing more and more intense and night drew on. 
Midnight came and me and my ex both heard singing.  It sounded like a little latino girl.  At first, we thought it was a radio, but it was coming from the road on the other side of the trees.  I closed my eyes and focused what I was feeling and felt the anger near the road.  I was terrified by this.  There had been no cars all night and we were alone.  Me ex, of course, wanted to go see what that singing was.  I told him not to go and why I thought he shouldn't.  He told me that he would be okay and told me to sit in the tent and that if I got too scared to sit in my car.  I took the lantern and he took the flashlight.  I sat alone for what seemed like hours, though it was probably only ten to twenty minutes. 
I could feel evil or anger all around growing closer and closer.  I knew we had to leave or we wouldn't live through the night.  I began to pack up the tent and all our things and waited for him to return.  When he finally did, I was in tears from fear and he was out of breath.  He helped me finish packing and we left.  It followed us until we reached Union City, which was over half the way we had to go to get home.  I never asked what happened and he didn't tell me.
I think that we silently decided that we wouldn't discuss it for fear that it would find us.  A friend of ours had told us that the more you pay attention to them the more they pay attention to you. 
The apartment that we lived in was haunted anyway by a demon, as I believe it was, and I had a hard time living there anyway.  I had to go to sleep with my ex or it would mess with me too much for me to get near the bed.  But that's another story all together.  I went to bed as I always did and for three months, I had a dream.
The dream was this.  A "camera" was following my ex walking down an old, deserted road at night.  He walked for some ways before he stopped and turned to look at something.  The "camera" went to his point of view and I saw an old, dead oak tree full of knots and sinister looking branches.  It was surrouned by live saplings and a lake was beyond.  Then, the "camera" shot back to the road and I saw a little girl, maybe five or six years old.  She had long, blonde hair with a red ribbon in it.  She had big, sad blue eyes and she was very pale.  She wore a white dress with a red ribbon tied around the chest.  The dress went down to her knees and was very white and rufflely.  She had black baby doll shoes and white ruffle socks.  She didn't smile or anything, only stood there.  Then, the girl began to change.  She grew to some seven feet tall, her skin and hair began to decay on her bones.  Her eyes glowed a eery red and her fingers grew into claws.  Her clothes turned to rags and her teeth became razor sharp.  And then I woke up.
Every night I had this dream, so I stopped sleeping at night and didn't have the dreams during the day.  And an added bonus was the demon in the apartment didn't mess with me either!
After about two weeks of not sleeping at night, my ex asked me what was wrong or what had he done to make me stop going to bed with him.  I didn't want to tell him at first, for it scared me to talk about that entity at the lake.  After a week, I told him about my dream.
When I came to the part about the dead oak tree, he told me to stop and describe the tree in more detail.  So I did.  He then told me that he had seen that tree that night that he went to investigate the singing.  He felt that he was drawn towards it and that he heard someone in his mind say "run".  So he began to run back toward the camp site and never looked back.  He said that he felt something pushing him, helping him to run fast enough to escape danger.  I continued with my dream and his eyes widened with terror when I described the little girl.  He told me that he had seen that little girl in our bed room after I had stopped going to bed with him. 
The little girl never messed with us or tried to hurt us, at least not that I know.  Differentiating between the two that were now in our apartment was difficult, so she might have and I couldn't tell. 
We finally moved out of that apartment after living there for a year and a half.  We found an apartment that didn't have anything bad in it, only a neutral spirit that lived in our bathroom.  We never went back to Fort Cobb and since the move, haven't seen the little girl.

wo Haunted Places In/Around Douglas and Riverdale, KS


I noticed that you didn't have either of these places listed on your site,
and since I've personally been to  both, have more than a little psychic
sense, and know full good and well these places are haunted, I thought they
might make an interesting addition to your site.
The first place is a house east of Douglas by about four and a half miles. 
I'm not sure when it was built, but its a solid limestone two story house. 
There is a local story about the house, and why it's currently empty.  The
story goes that, back in the 1970's, there was a family living there.  They
all just disappeared without any rhyme or reason as to why.  Their car was
still in the driveway, food on the stove and on plates as though they'd just
sat down to dinner.  All of the children's toys were still there, all the
clothes for a family of five.  Nobody has ever seen or heard from them
again.  The house is old, over a hundred years old at least.  When you enter
through the back door, you step into something of a mud porch with a square
hole cut into the floor for the drain off an old fashioned ice box.  To the
north is the entrance to the kitchen, and at that same wall is the stairway
to the upstairs.  If you are daring enough to go upstairs, you find vaulted
ceilings, half-rotted floors, and graffitti on the walls that would suggest
the place has been used by many people over the years for satanic and occult
rituals, both light and dark (though more dark.)  The living room, off the
kitchen, is impossible to enter, as the floors are completely rotted through
in most spots, and what is beneath is (what I believe to be) the
continuation of the hole from the ice chest on the porch.  The place has
definite negativity to it, and if for nothing more than the oddity of the
story behind it, it's worth mentioning.  I went in with two other friends of
mine who are strong psychics, and it came to a point where we knew something
malevolant was coming toward us.  We got out of the house and away from the
property and have not returned since.  The house sits on the south side of
highway 210, and is difficult to see, as it likes to "hide" itself.  I've
taken other people by there to look at it, and every one of them has
reported a strong dislike and a sense of them NOT wanting to go there, not
be around it, and trying to forget it.
The second place, also near Douglas, is much less malevolant.  I believe it
to be an old civil war battlefield, as I could hear the sounds of battle and
watched soldiers walking around.  My friend, and her son were with me at the
time.  She had sat down there and was talking to her son, and her boy (seven
years old at the time) reported having the feeling that there were other
people sitting around him, listening to her talk.  Most of the spirits on
this place are soldiers from the war who are restless, as they were not
given suiting graves.  There are many unmarked graves on the place, and the
bodies lay in an area much larger than the actual cemetery, which is still
used today, though not often.
There is one more cemetery that just popped to mind that I feel I should
mention.  It's called the Riverdale Cemetery, and it's just off of highway
81 between Belle Plaine and Wellington on 70th Street.  Going south on 81,
you turn right at 70th street and go past the one house.  You will come to a
set of tracks, a road, and then just past the road is the cemetery.  It was
started in the early 1800s (I believe that's the correct date) during the
days of covered wagons and the oregon trail.  Two young girls were playing
around a campfire and fell in, were horribly burned and died.  Though they
were buried inside the vacinity of the cemetery, their graves are not
marked.  The cemetery has a sinkhole toward the side in the back, with two
trees guarding it.  You can see a haze at night rising above the sinkhole,
and a definite  malevolance past the trees.  It was enough to make me refuse
to go any further.  While moving through the cemetery at night, you can hear
people talking, see eyes watching you from the darkness, and every now and
then (once you've put your flashlight out) you can see the spirits step from
the trees to watch you.
Those are all the places I can think of that I know FOR SURE are haunted at
the current time.  I found your site while investigating for more haunted
places in kansas, as my boyfriend and I are gonna take a road trip looking
around for various places.  I know there are many more places, especially
locally around where I am.  There are a few houses in town, one for sure,
and several old decrepit farm houses in the middle of fields, or half fallen
with trees being the only thing to keep them still standing... but I've not
been able to investigate many of those places.  If In the future I find
anything else interesting, i'll be sure and send it your way.
Thanks for the great resource.

Another Haunted Place in Wichita, KS


Waston Park, in Wichita, KS, is home to an island in the middle of their
pond.  The island is closed to public access except during October, when
they have an attraction called "The Haunted Island".  Unfortunately (or
fortunately for our purposes) the places really is haunted.  There was a
murder in the 70's when a man and his girlfriend fell asleep on the island. 
When the man woke up, he remembered nothing, and his girlfriend was found in
pieces all over the island.
The island is home to several BAD spirits.  I'm not sure all the accounts
that can be given, except that while I worked during october at the Island,
I remember being followed by spirits.  I remember them guiding people the
wrong way, hiding the signs that said "this way" and so the workers were
kept on their toes making sure people didn't get lost.  Most of the people
working the island were of the general opinion that if people got lost, they
might not be found.  A little imaginative, but still, the fear had definite
grounds in reality.

Appalachian Experience


We recently purchase a home in the mountains as a vacation retreat.  Our neighbors lost their 16 year old daughter in a tragic fall from a waterfall.  My husband sensed her presence in our house, and was given a song that he wrote with her help.  Recently, I took a group of girlfriends to the house for a girl's weekend.  During the night, my friend was unable to sleep, and came downstairs to watch TV for a while.  When she returned to her room, there was rice sprinkled all over her bed.  The rice was not there when she initially got into bed for the night.  She dreamed that she had asked me about the rice, and in the dream, I assured her that I had put the rice in her bed because it had a healing effect.  My friend is dealing with some things that she experienced in childhood, and her visit caused her to share those experiences.  We believe that our presence is there for healing.  We have no fear, and we often sense that she is with us.
I noticed when we bought the house, the previous owner had placed coins in each of the chairs in the upstairs bedrooms.  Is there a superstition about coins and ghosts?  The coins were heads up.  I asked several of our neighbors if anyone had died in the house, and they were not aware of anyone being ill or dying in the house.  I believe that we are given certain spiritual gifts, and we have them for a reason.  The gift of discernment is what I believe enables us to sense her presence in our home.  I believe my friend was able to connect with this girl, and that the encounter was beneficial.
Her parents live near our home, but I have been reluctant to mention anything to them because I don't want to cause them any pain.  I do believe that she is serving a helpful purpose, and I wish they could know about it

Poamoho Camp


Poamoho Camp (Village) pass Whitmore Camp (Village) and Schofield Barracks headed towards Haleiwa.  As kids we were told about the "Tall Men."
Years later when camping near the basket ball court with 5-6 other kids, we were roasting hot dogs over the fire about 8 or 9:00 pm. The next morning when we got up went for breakfast at one of the kids house where his mom and dad made pancakes for us. As we were eating his dad said, "last night when you kids were around the fire, I saw three Tall Men staring looking down at all of you."
Till this day, we still talk about it. Poamoho Camp was use to be the the Del-Monte Pineapple Plantation Camp. It hasn't changed much, but Im sure people will tell you a story or two about Poamoho.

My Ghosts


hey,my name is beth,and im 13 years old. i saw your story on a website and i decided to email you. i live in a house that's a little over 100 years old and ive had weird things happen to me. since noone i know seems to believe me, i decided to send it to you just in case you were interested.
First though my house is roughly 100 years old/older and I know the previous resident Mrs. Miller lived here for about 50 years. She was pretty old and she could be deceased by now .i have no knowledge of the people who lived here before that.
  1.. This happens frequently when both of my dogs are asleep and my mom is working and my dad and brothers are asleep. I will be either in my room about to fall asleep or in my computer room, which is adjacent to the kitchen. I will be sitting/lying down and I will hear my cabinets start to open and bang shut. I ve never actually seen it because I ve either been upstairs or with the door to the computer room close. I can rule out the possibility of humans or pets because they re all either asleep or in the room with me.
  2.. For about 3 night at 10:15-exactly 10:15,not 10:16,not 10:14- my dogs would start BARKING AND ABSOLUTELY FREAKING OUT! I would go downstairs expecting it was a cat or something .nothing ..
  3.. These are all things that happen in my room.(Mrs.Miller s old room)---
*one night I was sitting in bed had a little spaz attack  .and almost fell out of bed. Over towards my window I heard a woman s laugh. This was really startling seeing as everyone in my house was asleep then I looked out the window no one.
*once I was sitting there listening to my radio(which is placed near the window) and it doesn t have very good reception. It got all fuzzy then the dial flipped around to a classical music station. I yelled out don t do that again it freaks me out plus I was listening to a different station! Its never happened agin.
*I was getting bored and decided to  get something to read. I went over to the bookshelf, closed for my eyes and reached for a book. I found ghost in the window by betty ren wright ..coincidence???
  4.. My brother SWEARS he saw an orb in our basement. Don t know too much about that one.(once my other brother started babbling about a black woman he saw down there )
5.This one is possibly the overactive/somewhat silly imagination of my other brother. For some reason, when he was about 4 or 5 he decided to tell us that there was a ghost in our attic called mrs. White who fell into a bucket of nails and died .for a little kid who had never been talked to about ghost,never seen a scary movie I found this strange the past few months i've had a lot of trouble sleeping. so i stay up until around 12 most nights before i finally decided to go to bed. every single night without fail i have to run through my living room and run up the stairs as fast as i can. i always get the impresssion that there is someone at the end of my living room staring at me as i go upstairs. then theres another person maybe 7 feet ahead of that. it scares me incredibly badly. i think the one towards the end of the room is a tall male around 34. im not sure about the other one.
7.the other night around one in the morning i was trying to get to sleep and i had headphones on. even though i had the volume turned down low, the kind of music i listen to is not really the quiet kind. anyways, i was trying to sleep and all of a sudden i felt...i dont know how to describe it...i think the vest way to describe it is to say i felt heavy. right after the heavy feeling i couldnt move at all i couldnt move my eyelids,legs,arms,nothing. after a couple minutes the feeling passed and i fell asleep almost immediatly.
8.i think that there's a little girl haunting my house. and i also do not think she likes me at time i was walking down stairs. all of a sudden my back started to hurt badly and i felt cold and then i fell. i hurt my back and couldnt go to school that day. another day one of my friends fell down the stairs and she looked really scared. i figured it was just the shock of falling. later she told me that she had had the same experience as i had had, and she saw a little girl after she fell.
9. one time my friend was over,we'll call her S, shes a strong believer in the paranormal and she was tellign me about how much she hated the mirror in my hallways next to my stairs becuase it scares her so much. it is a creepy mirror,but noone feels as strongly about it as she does. as we were talking about it her mom pulled up to pick her up. i was like alright,il just go upstairs and get your cell pho so im walking upstairs and i noticed that it was wierdly cold. even though i felt creeped out, i didnt bother to turn the light on.i grabbed her cell phone and as i was coming out of my room a laundry asket was slowly,then faster pushed towards me. i cam downstairs extremely freaked out and sarah was like do not even tell me,just tell me when i get home. and yeah, i was freake dout pretty bad. eother day i was at S's house with two of our friends. her hosue is kind of creepy too. one day she was walking in her living room at like 11 becuase se came downstairs to get something to eat when she heard a little boy say GO TO BED. and  she ran upstairs and looked in her younger brother's room. he was sound asleep.
alright..i think im out of stories for now. someone email me if they've had ecperiences similar to mine.

My Terrifying Story


Hey, this is ken. I wanted to share my story which to this very day, still gives me the chills. Now this will sound a little strange, but when i was around five years old, i had this extreme fear of chairs. I kow it sounds strange, but it was an extreme fear. i couldn't ever sleep in a room with a chair in it. Here is the reason why. Again, I was around five years old and my mother was preparing food for a barbeque we were having the next day. I had gotten tired, it was around 5:30 pm. So I had went in my parents room to take a nap. when I had awaken, it was almost pitch black even though it was only around 7:00. Even the blinds were closed. So, naturaly, I had turned the lights on.(the light switch was within reaching distance of my parents bed). As i had turned the lights on, to my horror, was a chair on the cealing. It had seemed to be affected by the lights, because it was litteraly moving/hopping on the cealing and it was moving really Fast, faster than your average human could move it. Now i know i didn't emagine it, because the kitchen was directly below my parents room, and my mother had yelled from downstairs to stop the bumping(she thought i was jumping on the bed). As my mother had entered the room with an anger in her voice the chair  had stopped.My mother had seen the look of terror on my face and, of course, had asked me what was wrong. The chair which was still on the cealing had stopped. She began to shake me and try to snap me out of my extreme terror.. I had then pointed to the chair which was then over the door she had just walked in. she began to turn her head, and the chair had almost instantly went back to where it had always sat. My mother was really scared as i had told her that it wasn't me, ad that it was the chair that was on the wall. At first she didn't believe me, but she later did as she had found a streak on the cealing which had matched the color on t legs of the chair.  later throughout the year, I had somewhat gotten over my fear with chairs, but even after the situation had happend, every now and then we would hear bumping coming from upstairs even though the door was closed.
This wasn't the end of my experiences. As i had gotten older, i could sense not ghostly, but demonic activity. I could see things and sense things that noone else could. On April, first, 1997, my family had moved into an 8000sq/ft home, (yes we were rich). The home was newly built, so that eliminated activity from previous residents. We were on private property which had never been used. I had gotten good feelings on the house and had had no bad experiences. But over time, a demon had somehow moved in.. To describe this demon would only need to use the word Massive. The body parts on the demon were around only 1ft dimater, so it was skinny. Its body parts looked like PVC pipes which were painted Jet Black. The head, however, looked like a normal sized human head, but it had no face. The demon was really tall also. we had a three story home and the legs and feet would be in the basement, arms and torso on the main level, and the head and shoulders on the upstairs level.  Here is an example....
And occasionaly, It would move around the house and you could see the body move and then disappear. You could only see it when It moved. Anyway I had seen the head only once and it was terrorfying. My whole family was asleep, and i had waken up. My bed was facing the door to my room and I could see straight down the hall. As i had looken down the hall, to my horror I had seen the head moving back and forewad. For about 10 minutes We had stared at each other, and i could sense that it had wanted to attack me. so I had called out for my mother, and again, once she came out, it had disappeared. These hauntings would occour alot, and I have many other stories to tell, but I must go. I will try to get them all to you.

Unexplained Experiences


I've always believed in supernatural thing and that is why i'm always on edge. But the last year or so i noticed much more than i wanted to.  Firstly my shower and many others doors in the house slammed shut without wind or help(from any visible from anyway) then i saw a shadow from my corridor move when i was alone.
One day i was actually scared out of my wits since i heard a loud smashing of glass to loud to be from next door. Then as i went to see what was what there was nothing. In no room or closet space was there glass. To settle my conscience my mum went to both neighbors with me to ask if they had dropped any glass, they hadn't!!!!!!!!! Then for about 5months nothing happened and slowly i forgot about it but 3days ago i woke up in the middle of the night and switched my light on but i felt i was being watched. Turning round to check i thought i saw a figure, a very pale figure, going downstairs. Waking my mum quietly we went down with nothing to protect us. We search every room over and over and no force entry was found. even scarier all the doors were locked like the should. My mum feels i'm paranoid but i know what i saw and hope never to see it again.

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