I'm 23 years old and I have had two strange experiences.

I was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. Around our area we

had alot of indian burial grounds. We even had a cave

that was said to be an indian cave. Anyway, when I was

six I was always awoken to hearing footsteps going up

and down the stairs. Usually about 2 or 3 in the morning.

I'd go in the living room to the steps with my blankets

around me and turn on the lights. There would be nothing

there. I would tell my mother about the noises and she

would always tell me that it was the house settling.

I understand that a house settles but this sounded

like a person running up and down the steps. I remember

something else. Since I was six it's pretty hard to remember

exactly what happened, but it was enough for me to still

remember it today. Like everybody else It makes me shiver.

I remember walking down the steps and going thru the basement door

and looking behind me, I saw a grey figure. No feature just 2 eyes and

a very devilish smile. I don't know what happened after I seen that.

It might have been a dream. The running of the steps however I know

for a fact. Even being six.

My second experience is the worse. I was sixteen. I moved from the

house in Wisconsin when I was nine and moved to Delaware. I went to my

grandmothers house in New Jersey with my parents one night. I used her

bathroom in her masterbedroom. It was late. I could hear my parents

and grandparents talking in the kitchen. Noone else was there. I had

the door shut. I heard little footsteps, almost like a childs. I heard

really heavy breathing. It came closer and closer to the door. All of

sudden it stopped. I pulled my pants up and ran into the kitchen. I

sat at the table and stayed in the kitchen the whole night with my

parents. I never told anybody. When I turned 21 I stopped at my

grandparents before going to Atlantic city with my friends. My uncle

Mike lives there with my grandparents now. We got on the subject of

hauntings and I began to tell my Uncle about the strange occurence. He

looked at me with wide eyes and said" Oh my, god, that happened to me

last month." He told me in detail exactly what happened to him. Me and

him sat motionless just starring at eachother for about 5 minutes. We

both had goosebumbs. My grandparents still live in the house. Whenever

I go over I never use that bathroom. This is completely the truth. It

almost seems like a dream. But its not. I'm actually happy I have an

experience to tell.

Boyfriend's Story


My boyfriend used to work at the company near waterfront. Sometimes he

had so much work to do he had to stay till midnight! Well, that was one

of those nights. After he finished working, he had about 45 min left till

his last bus home. So he desided to take a walk along the waterfront.

This was one of those cold October days (like now) in Seattle. He was

walking by the Marina and watching all those boats and ships roacking on

the water. One of the ships cought his attention the most. It was an old

rickedy ship that didn't even look like it was functional anymore. The

strangest thing about it was that it had a gangplank and an opening, so

that anyone can practically walk in. So, being so curious as he was (it

was a long time ago and he was kind of young and dumb, now he wouldn't

have done that) he desided to go in and check it out. The place had

nothing in it, no furniture, no electronics, no controls to guide the

thing, no wheel to stear. It was dark and spooky, the floors were

squicking and almost ready to break on him. The whole place was giving

him creeps. It obviously stayed there for a long long time, since there

was no way it could move even an inch!

He walked into what was like some sort of a room. The room looked empty

and it had nothing but an old chair in the middle of it. he sat on the

char and started to light up his sigarete. Out of nowhere he started to

hear sounds of someone breathing. He also heard some movement that realy

scared the crap out of him. when he stood up from the chair, he saw some

shadows move. Now, he thought he've had it and started to walk towards

the door out. All of a sudden, the doorway got blocked by the figure of a

big man, dressed up in old close. "What are you doing here?" the man

asked him "and why are you here? Are you a cop?" "No", my boyfriend

answered, but what are you doing here. The big man didn't say anything

but just stared back at him with that emotionless stare of someone who is

extremely tired. My boyfriend also heard some movement in the back of the

room, so he turned around and he saw a woman with two young children. My

boyfriend then understood that this must be a family that doesn't have a

home, so they just live on this boat. he felt sorry for them, gave an old

man 20 bucks and quickly got out of the ship.

As he was heading back, two cops stoped him and asked him what was he

doing on that boat. He said that he was just looking around.

The cops were really suspecious (as they always are). they though he was

shooting up some drugs or something like that, so they asked some more

questions. My boyfriend finally told them that he saw a family down there

(I don't think he should of done that) The cops got really surprised and

took him back to the ship with them to look for that family. the thing

is, he was talking to cops right next to that gangplank of that ship and

that was the only entrance to the ship, there is no way they could of

jumped into that freezing water and there were not a place to hide. those

cops had flashlights and they looked all over the ship and couldn't find

nothing but that 20 bucks that he gave to an old man, lying on the floor

of that room where he went. Needless to say, my boyfrind had some

explanations to do with those cops. After making sure he was alright,

they let him go home.

the next morning when my boyfriend went back to work, he went back to that

place. All the ships and boats were in place...except for that one. he

couldn't see that ship ever again.

After Grandma Died


My grandmother died on Mother's day 3 years ago. A few days before, she

was at home with my grandfather and began not feeling well. I didn't

get a whole run down of the situation, but apparently, she had a really

bad headache and called to my grandpa. I think that she must have

passed out, because an ambulance was called and she was transported to

the local hospital. She never regained consciousness, and the Drs said

that she had had a massive brain hemmorage and even if she had been at

the front steps of the hospital there was nothing that anyone would have

been able to do. My mom and her siblings gathered and decided to have

her removed from life support (at this point there was no brain

activity). My grandmother lingered until all of her children were able

to gather to say their final goodbyes. She finally passed away on

Mother's day. There was only one person out of the whole family that

didn't get a chance to say goodbye...that was me. My son was very young

at the time and I had no sitter, both my parents as well as most of my

closest relations were unable to sit with I never made it to

the hospital to say goodbye.

Anyway, fast forward past the usual funeral stuff. Shortly after

grandma's passing, strange things started happening to me. The first

incident happened when I was reading a book...a small lamp just clicked

on for no if someone was telling me that I didn't have

enough light to read by. After that, a small television that I had in

my room would turn on and off, usually this happened late at night after

midnight. The last time it happened (after that I just unplugged the TV

when I went to bed) it flicked on and off a whole bunch of times and

finally stayed on...the show currently on? A local psychic show!!

I talked to my mom about it and she said that because I didn't get a

chance to go to the hospital before grandma passed, that she was

probably just coming around to see how I was doing and make me feel a

little better (I felt like a total heel for not making more of an effort

to see her). I finally had a short chat with my grandma but wasn't sure

if she heard me or not...I said that I was really sorry that I didn't

get a chance to see her before she passed and that I missed her a whole

lot. It must have worked because all the strange occurrences stopped

happening after that.

Ghosts that Like to Talk


I am writing this, because it is good to know that we are not the only

ones to admit to ghosts.

We have been in this house for seven years. Almost from the start we

have heard voices. At night, you can hear someone talking in the

house. It is like if you listen to someone in the other room, you can

hear them talking, but, you can't understand what they are saying. My

husband has heard this,too. Though it took him awhile to admit it to


As time goes on, they get more open. One night we were sitting in the

family room. My dog, Sadie, was sound asleep on the floor. All of a

sudden, she bolted upright, into a sitting position. She stared past me

into the laundry room that connects to the kitchen. She didn't bark, or

even look at us. She just stared past me. I, of course, asked my

husband to check it out. My dog would not go into the kitchen, not even

for a treat. My husband said it was ice cold in there, even though it

was 80 outside, and we do not have air conditioning. It took over half

an hour for Sadie to feel comfortable enough to venture into the other


Since then, things have gotten more exciting. I was home by myself for

the weekend. Around 9:00pm, I was on the computer. The back door was

shut, locked and checked as all doors are when I am by myself. All of a

sudden, the door blew open. There wasn't any wind outside, and the

handle of the door was unlocked.

A couple of days after that, I was in the kitchen, making coffee. To

set this up: my dish drain sits in the sink. Not on the counter. A

plastic bowl flew out of the dish drain and landed about four feet from

the sink. Now here I am, talking out loud asking why they can't do this

stuff when my husband is here to witness it.

Since I have had my computer, about one and a half months, I have had

another occurence. Twice, while sitting at the computer I have felt

someone come up behind me. The first time I said,"hi hon", assuming

that it was my husband. When I turned around he wasn't any where

around. He was in the back of the house. The second time it happened I

saw a shadow at the same time I felt someone behind me. This time I was

sure it was my husband. Again, I said,"hi hon". From the other room my

husband yelled,"who are you talking to?". I replied, "no one dear".

We continue to hear the voices. They are not frightening. I have had

times when I have gotten up to see if the television was on. We have

gotten used to them. Hopefully, they are happy to be with us, and don't

plan on anything too drastic.

Ghost Woman with an Umbrella


We moved into an older house in Beaverton, Oregon. One night my wife

awoke in the middle of the night and saw a figure of a heavy set woman

(to large for Mary Poppins) dressed in dark clothing, holding an

umbrella, standing near our bed. My wife watched the figure for awhile,

then went back to sleep. My wife said that at the time, she didn't feel

concerned about the ghosts presence in our room. Since Portland gets a

lot of rain, the umbrella seemed appropriate. We speculated that she

was perhaps a neighborhood ghost, checking out the new people who had

moved in the house.

Another time, a few years earlier, when my wife was pregnant, I awoke

in the middle of the night and thought I saw my wife sitting up in bed.

Then, as I looked more closely, I realized my wife was asleep laying

flat in the bed. There was a young woman, with long hair, wearing light

colored clothing, sitting on top of where the baby lump was. I watched

for a long time, and then said something like "Will you look at that".

At that point, the apparition disappeared in front of me. I think it

was our son's guardian angel or spirit.

Am I crazy?


I am a 26 year old female, and I try not to believe haunting ghost stories. I believe there are spirits, and I believe that woman on Oprah who talks to spirits. I live in an apartment with two other women. We all have our own bedrooms. I had programmed my VCR to tape a midnight marathon TV show this past May. I had set my VCR to tape from 12 am to 6 am. I fell asleep by 12:30. At about 2:30am, I felt a presence standing by my bed. I kept my eyes closed, because I guess I was afraid. My eyes felt pretty heavy, like when you are not totally awake, but sort of consious of what is around you. Anyway, my T.V. was off, but the VCR was recording. I could hear the hum it makes. Then I heard the VCR switch off. For some reason I thought my roommate came in and turned it off and that was the presence I felt. When I didn't feel the presence anymore, I opened my eyes, and checked the clock. That's how I knew it was only 2:30. Then I got up, and checked to see if the tape had run out. It hadn't. I reprogrammed the VCR, and went back to sleep. I was baffeled by why either of my roommates would come into my room and turn off my VCR. We don't do that kind of stuff for each other, and we would never go into each other's rooms while we were sleeping. I asked my roommates if they had come in my room at about 2:30, and switched off my VCR. They both looked at me as if I were crazy. They said they didn't get in until about 3 or later. Since then, I have felt a presence twice in the morning just as I am waking up. Each time I am afraid to open my eyes, or they feel as if I can't open them. I can hear my roomates in the bathroom, and in the kitchen getting ready for work, so I know I am awake on some level. Am I dreaming this stuff? I know that VCR turned off, I had to reprogram it. This probably isn't as exciting as other stories, but I wonder if you have an explaination for me.

Haunting in Kentucky


My story will seem strange to most, but it is true. I recently moved in

with a long time friend of mine. There had been some strange things

happen in his house for many years. His family built the house and has

lived there for around 35 years. Three out of the four children in the

family claim to have seen apparitions or felt something unusual. All of

three of them actually saw things when they were very young. As they

got older, they usually only felt a presence.

When I moved in, I noticed strange things happening. I had always felt

there was something special about the house, but not scary. On several

occasions, I would think I heard my friend yelling for me. Then I would

go to where he was and he would not have said a word. One night, I

thought I heard my son calling for me. I went to his bedroom to check

on him and he was sound a sleep. I have also been standing in the

kitchen and felt like someone was behind me. I would start talking to

them because I would think it was someone in the family. When I turn

around, no one is there.

When I first moved in, I was asleep in downstairs bedroom and I was

having a very strange, very detailed dream. I was dreaming about a

woman telling me she was going to knock the gun rack off the wall. She

was very insistant and very rude. I had never seen anyone like this

before in my life. In my dream, I was argueing with her, but she kept

insisting. That night, I awoke to a loud crash. It scared me, but I

was too sleepy to get up and check it out. The next morning, the gun

rack was on the floor. We couldn't understand how it could have

fallen. It had been up there for years. When we took a closer look,

the nail in the wall had actually been bent. We couldn't pin another

explanation on it. This was only one of many things I have experienced,

but it would only bore you to tears.

A couple of years previous to this, my friend's sister had an

experience. She pulled up the driveway that night and thought she saw

here niece running down the stairs that led to the basement. She pulled

on up the driveway, but she didn't see her brother's vehicle anywhere.

She jumped out of the car and ran to the stairwell and saw nothing. She

said she got the chills. She said the apparition looked like a young

girl around 10-years-old with blond hair. She had on a coat. That's

all she could remember.

The strange thing about this is, there have not been many occurences of

actually seeing a "ghost". About a year back, we all sat down and

talked about our experiences. We all agreed that what is there isn't

bad. We each talked about how we feel safe in the house, like something

is there to protect us. Everyone had a very sentimental attachment to a

certain tree in the yard also. Everyone of them has had a paranormal

experience around this tree. I would like to research who owned the

property before my friend's family bought it. I was told that there was

a house somewhere on the property where the woods are now. If I do find

out, I will share it with you. Everyone seems to think that the

presence is a child. I believe that it either changes form or there is

more than one.

My friend had told me a story about playing hide and seek with a group

of neighborhood kids when he was little. He trying to find his brother

when he thought he had spotted him under the big tree (the same one) in

the yard. He said he ran over to tag him and it was boy lying on his

belly with his head in his hands. The boy smiled at him and he said he

realized that it wasn't his brother and he ran. He says it was a young

Indian boy. In the area where his property is located, many Indian

artifacts have been found. I don't doubt that it isn't an Indian boy.

It's really hard to explain the feeling you get when you go into their

house. After living there for several months, I am beginning to feel it

more and more. I'm not afraid to stay there by myself. It feels safe.

BUT it's not just in the house. Every one of us have felt the same

feeling in the woods, by the tree and just sitting out on the back

porch. It seems to be occupying the entire property. I know this

sounds very strange, but it's very true. I hope to find out more about

the history of the property in hopes of determining why the "ghost" is


Dream Haunting in Atlanta, Georgia


Several years ago, I had a dream. One of those that you wake up from all

covered in sweat, and scared. The dream recurred twice within days after

the first dream. It is interesting because I have never stayed in

Atlanta, only driven through on my way somewhere else. But in a dream, I

was there, and I want to know if this house, that I saw in my dreams

really exists. I think that it does. I think I was being sent a message,

but I was not certain at the time what to do about a place I had never

been, and a haunting that I could not resolve.

I dreamed of Atlanta, not the city, a rural place not far from the city.

I sensed as you do in dreams, that we were very near Atlanta. In the

dream, my husband, children and I had had to move there. We bought this

house, a very large white clapboard house, one level, with a large

attic. It had pillars and a front porch that wrapped around the entire

front of the house. The road leading to the house is a red clay dirt

road. The road winds and is heavily tree lined. In fact, it is easy to

drive past the driveway, nearly choked off by the overhanging tree

branches and brush. The drive is circular and loops in front of the

house passing within just a few feet of the huge plankboard front porch

steps. There are large front windows flanking a large heavy wood paneled

front door with a small clear pane of oval glass set in it. There is no

doorknob on the door, it is a large worn brass latch pull handle with a

deadbolt lock set above it. It was summer, hot and dry. It was August,

mid month, I think. We had to go inside and I didn't want to. The house

was really pretty. I liked the house, in fact I thought it was really

rather charming, but I did not like the idea of "entering" the house.

We parked the car, got a few bags, walked up the big board steps to the

door, unlocked the door and everyone in my family piled into the

livingroom ahead of me. Everyone really loved the house, it had a huge

livingroom or greatroom, with a large field stone fireplace on the east

wall, a beautiful braided rug, wonderful overstuffed sofas and chairs,

and floor lamps, including a Tiffany. South was the kitchen and dining

area, and off the kitchen swing around to the west were bedrooms and


The problem came from a coat closet immediately to my right, or on the

west wall next to the front door. The house had dark walnut or darkly

stained oak doors and trim throughout. This small closet door stood only

about 6 high, and was very narrow. Standing just inside the front door

next to this closet door I felt drained and cold, not freezing, just

slightly chilled, and the worst feeling of absolute cold terror welling

up inside my head and chest. It is the kind fear you first feel when you

first learn something is terribly wrong with a loved one. Horrible

feeling of terror and sadness. Of being in terrible emotional pain.

Sorrow. I felt certain in that moment in my dream, that I was standing

next to a door that I should never in my life open. But in my dream as

in my real life, I did open it. It was a coat closet, empty, save for a

few old wire hangers, dark inside with a hanging bulb light. Empty and

cold inside. But definately not haunted, I felt nothing inside the

closet. But after I closed the closet door, I looked at the door of the

closet, the door itself..made my heart ache, and my fears welled up

inside of me again, terrible feelings of dread. I knew in that moment

someone in the house was now, right then and now, and for as long as I

continued to live in the house...watching me. It was such a real

feeling of needing be out and away, that I cannot describe it.

I awoke. But twice more I dreamed of the house, of moving day, of the

door to the closet, all the fears returned. The presence had no

identity, no sense of male or female. Only of being closed in on...of

being watched. And with each repeat of the dream more details of the

inside of the house were seen. I know every square inch of that house,

nothing is frightening in the house except the door of the coat closet

near the front door.

I would love to know if the house exists. I think it is northwest of the

city. The dream was too vivid, too many colors and details were seen, I

know too much about a house I was never in. I feel I was there, if

anyone reads this story and thinks they might know something of this

house, I would be interested in hearing from them.

Essex Pub


This is a story that a friend of mine told me. When she was a young

girl, about nine or ten I think, her parents moved house, and moved into

a working pub in Essex, England. Right from when she moved in she had a

bad feeling about the place and she told her parents as much. Her dad

wasn't one to believe this sort of thing and put it down to a child's

imagination. The pub itself is a large two story building dating from

about 1850-1860. The family lived in the first floor and the 'pub' area

is on the ground floor, the pub also has an extensive cellar where the

beer is stored.

She always felt that something bad was in the pub, to use a cliché a

'presence'. She had lived in the pub for about 2 months, keeping her

worries to herself as she didn't want to tell her mum or dad again. Her

dad used to get her to help out in the pub, getting bottles and crisps

and such like from the cellar. She said she never felt comfortable doing

this. During this time she also noticed that the door to the cellar

would be open in the morning when she came down for breakfast, she

started to note that at night it was always closed then the next morning

would be open. Her parents started to become more and more argumentative

during this period and her dad would often ignore her. He accused her of

stealing crisps and drink from the cellar because of the door always

being open in the morning, and because of this he got a padlock for the

door. The first night the door was padlocked, it was open again in the

morning. She couldn't have opened the door as she had no idea where the

key was, and her parents insisted it wasn't them.

It was around this time that she started getting really spooked about

the cellar and made an effort to avoid it. She told me she felt the

presence was a 'bad thing', 'low down' but at the same time 'high up'.

She was becoming more agitated, and told her mum. Her mum now admitted

she had felt uncomfortable in the house, particularly the cellar. They

both decided to go to the local library and investigate the history of

the house. They discovered that around 1900 a landlord of the pub had

killed his wife, in the cellar. He had hung her from one of the large

meat hooks that were still in the roof beams when she lived there. She

said this explained the feeling of low down, the cellar, but high up,

the hook. About two months after she found this her parents divorced

because they argued constantly.

This story might sound made up but ever since the murder took place, not

one landlord and wife have lived in the pub and not ended in premature

death of one or more commonly divorce. In fact the brewery chain who own

the pub now refuse to let the pub to couples because of this. Shortly

after leaving the pub my friend came to live in my house, which was a

large converted guild hall in rural Suffolk. The house had an old part

dating from about 1400 and a newer section from about 1620. It was

situated next to the local church which was built in about 1200.

Although I never experienced anything (I was five at the time) my friend

said she felt someone watching her in her bedroom, and she felt she was

never alone in that room. She said she didn't feel it in any other

rooms. It is interesting to note that when she was moved rooms so that

my parents could renovate the roof and ceiling, the whole roof and

ceiling collapsed, and was held up by only three nails. I don't know why

she felt what she did, I have never known the history of the house. I

myself have also never been subject to anything that might be described

as strange, or outside normal childhood paranoia, but for all this, I

believe what she told me. In her case there appears to be evidence to

support what she said.

Haunting at a Friend's Home


In my life, I have seen, heard, and felt hundreds of unexplainable things.

Most of these things have been harmless, like the ghost who lived in my

apartment building in college, who would read the newspaper over your

shoulder, or turnthe television on in the living room to get your attention.

But one experience in particular frightens me to this day.

A friend of mine and I, I'll call him "Joe," went to call on some mutual

freinds on a Saturday afternoon. Our friends, "Dan" and "Mike" were

brothers, Dan being the younger of the two. Dan and Mike's family had moved

into a new house six months earlier. The house had been built just after

WWII in one of those neighborhoods built to supply returning G.I.'s with

affordable housing so they could get back into the swing of life and raise


Dan and Mike had always been outgoing young men, the lives of the party, as

it were. However, since moving into the new house, both of them (Mike more

so than Dan) had begun to change. The day Joe and I called on them, it was

our first visit to the new house. Both Joe and I are extremely sensitive to

paranormal activity. From the minute we enterd the front door, we knew

something was awry. We entered Dan's bedroom upstairs, and the feelings of

fear subsided, somewhat. We felt that that room was a "safe place" in the

house. But on moving towards the basement, we knew that was where whatever

it was that was in the house was centered.

The four of us marched down the stairs to watch television in the family

room in the basement. Right after the bottom of the stairs on the left side

were two doors. The second was the laundry/utility room, and the first was

Mike's bedroom. Sitting on the couch, the doors were to our right. Right

from the start, Joe and I felt sick. There was something like an energy

force eminating from Mike's bedroom. It came out in pulses, very strong,

ans it was making Joe and I sick to our stomachs. Mike said we could watch

one of his movies, and went to his room to retrieve the tape. Just as Mike

opened his door, a huge black wave came pouring out into the basement. I

was frozen in fear. The only words I can use to describe the feeling was

one of pure evil. Joe grabbed my arm, and screamed for all of us to run.

We vaulted up the stairs & didn't stop until we hit the neighbours' yard

where we collapsed, exhausted from sheer terror.

After that experience, we did a bit of digging and found out that the house

had been for sale for some time before Dan and Mike's parents bought it. We

also found out why. The family who had lived there before had died in the

house. The father had killed his wife and son, and then himself. In Mike's

bedroom. Whether there had been anything there before, or what the land was

before it was a neighbourhood, we were never able to dig up. So if it was

the people or the place that caused the disturbance, we are not sure.

Mike and Dan's family has since moved from the house, and I have no

knowledge of the new inhabitants. Nor do I care to back to find out.

Screaming Ghost Story


I'm not sure if this is the result of a ghost or what, but about six years

ago I was taking a nap on my bed early on a summer evening. I live a very

rural area and have only a few neighbors, as I'm mostly surrounded by

fields. My room is on the southeast corner of the house and has very heavy

wood-framed windows that face each of those directions. On this particular

evening the south window was closed.

I was lightly dozing when I heard a very peculiar scream. It sounded like

it started in a field beyond the house of our neighbors to the west and

circled around south until it ended up somewhere by our neighbors to the

east. It began high and got lower as it went east. Keep in mind only my

east window was open, but I heard the scream very clearly the whole time.

It kept repeating, each time starting closer to our house from the west and

ending closer to my east window. It also kept getting shorter and lower in

pitch. Finally it stopped after about 15 minutes when it sounded like it

was ending right outside of my window.

I was frozen with fear on my bed the entire time. A few moments after the

last scream ended, I walked into the kitchen, which is on the south side of

the house, and asked my mom if she had heard anything--she hadn't. I've

never heard anything like this screaming since.

Historic Site Hauntings

by Saphire484@aol

I worked as a museum curator at a historic site for a number of years. The site was the ancestral home of one family for over 250 years. I had access to all areas of the 30 room mansion. These are some of my experiences:

During the fall when we were no longer open to the public, I would be alone in the house vacuuming and cleaning and making it ready for the closed season. I would bring a radio in with me to keep me company One day, I went outside for a break, leaving the radio on. When I went back inside, the radio was off and the plug was emoved from the outlet. I was the only one on site that day and I always locked myself inside the house to clean.

One year, a cataloger was working on the computer in a back storage room. She was the only one in the house. I was working in an outbuilding next to the house I had heard a loud slam from the screen door of the side porch and looked to see the girl running toward me. Her hair was standing straight up! She said that she couldn't work in the house that day...she had heard a women humming a song and got this strange feeling all over her. She asked me to go back in the house with her. We went toward the screen door that she ran out of and observed that it had been latched---from the inside of the house. We entered through the main door of the house, walked to the side porch area that she had exited and the wooden door to the little side porch was not only closed, but bolted shut! Once again, no one else was on site that day.

While opening the house up one morning (raising over 40 window shades and opening designated doors), I was in the 1930's wing of the house when I heard a door open from the main part of the house and distict foot steps walking matter-of-factly through the "Gun Room" two rooms behind me. I said, "Good Morning" thinking that it was a co-worker who was scheduled to work. But there was no respnse. I got a strange feeling, mustered up courage to go through the gun room and through five other rooms to gu out the door of the house. I walked down to the parking lot and there were no cars other than my own. I was alone at the site again.

Another morning, while opening the house I was again in the 1930's section of the house when I thought to myself, "what would happen if I went out through the the `New Kitchen' exit porch and the latch was locked on the outside and I couldn't get out?" It was just one of those subconcscience thoughts when it actually happened! Luckily, a co-worker was outside to let me out.

Late one summer morning, I went into the house to use the staff bathroom which was a door located at the end of the visitor reception room. It was a weekday and we were closed to the public. As I was in the bathroom, I heard the reception room door open, footsteps walk up to the bathroom door and two sharp knocks at the bathroom door. "Just a minute," I said. But there was no answer . I heard a noise from the floor above me where catalogers were working. It sounded as if they were pushing something (perhaps a chair or trunk) across the floor. I went upstairs and asked them if they were moving something. "No," they each replied. They were just writing paperwork. I asked if either of them knocked on the bathroom door. They both said "no." They hadn't heard the reception room door open at all, which they had been trained to listen for.

I've never really believed in any of the paranormal, but this next story changed my mind:

I was working in an outbuilding which was used as an office. We were opened to the public and had a staff of four giving house tours. During the afternoon, one of the tour guides came in and said she had two psychic visitors and they had questions for me. The tour guide told me that during her tour, one of the women placed her hands over the roped off doorway of the north wing bedroom and she observed the eye hooks embedded in the doorway turn full circle without the woman touching them! The psychic said that she saw a spirit in the north wing, but he wasn't the popular namesake of the site. She said she recognized the spirit from the family photographs in the reception room. I went back into the reception room with the two psychics and one of the women walked right over to the photo of the gentleman who built the north wing!

The intriguing part of this was the fact that the psychics warned us that we would experience chaos that afternoon--but not to worry as it would be not earth shattering. They explained that with their presence, they've disrupted the spirit's plane. Anyone coming within 5 feet of the house would be affected. Well, let me tell you what happened.

From 2pm-4pm: I observed a group of visiters in the house walking around all over the rooms, not staying together, touching furniture and objects, tour guides yelling at them (these were events I 'd never seen in my 10 years there), law enforcement rangers documenting vandalism in the historic cemetary, and a group of 50 severely mentally disturbed patients arriving and moaning loudly on the front lawn (the size of a football field) of the house!! People were trying to open windows from the outside and knocking on different exterior doors trying to get in. Mind you, we had and entrance sign posted at the reception room door which was acknowledged any other day!

Some of my former co-workers will attest to these happenings. The staunch and pompous law enforcement ranger who was my former clueless boss didn't believe in himself or anything else. He's still there, hates people and believes that if thesehappeninmgs were known, "you'd have every kook in creation over here with metal detectors and crap." So this has proven to be a great sounding board for me! I'll write more stories as I remember them, if you like. Thanks for listening!

My Great Grandfather


My Great Grandfather always from the time I was small sat in a chair in the same place

in their house. In fact all I remmber of him was that he could not walk. He was

cripled and was in alot of pain. I'm know am 37 years old and have moved into my Great

Grandparents house just in the last year. And one night while my daughter and I where

sitting in a chair just about where my Great Grandfather always sat. There came a

horrid smell and I thought that my other daughter had gotten sick, so I jumped up to run

and see about her in the next room. Well she was sound asleep and my youngest was

saying Mommie what is that smell. I looked and I picked the chair up and looked under

it. Nothing was there but that smell. Know that all the windows where shut and the

doors. So I was just freaking out. The next day my husband came home from being out of

town and I told him about what had happend. He had had the same thing happend to him

one night after we all had gone to bed. Then it dawned on me that my Great Grandfather

always smoked a pipe and sat in that same place and that is the smell that we had

noticed. It was always very strong when you walked in the house years before when I was

young. So I know that both of my Great Grandparents deid in the house and so far this

is the only things that have happend to us. And hopefully the last.

Haunted Modular


This is a story about a time when I had moved into a modular home. We

live in Guam a small island in the middle of the Pacific. The year was

1992 and my girlfreind and her 7 year old son had moved from another

house into a modular home that had a small extention to it in which an

elderly couple rented (for way too much money). The move in and seting

up was unaventfull and things were going ok untill a couple of months

after. The first indication that something was going on was Bill my

girlfreind's son (my son now) started having sleeping trouble. He would

wake in the middle of the night screeming. When we would ask him what

the problem was he said that there were some little people that were in

the back yard playing around a tree and they wanted him to come with

them. I dismissed this as a child hood dream and let it go at that.

Whithin the next few days he had the same dream (or so I thought it was

). And I became concerned that the change in living between the old

house and new was affecting him. In any case I let him sleep in the

living room from that time on for a long time. He wouldent hardly go in

there except to change his clothes.

About a month later we started hearing quite a lot of noise and it

occured almost exactly at 3:20 am each morning. The first sounds were

suttle as opening and closing of droors. Steadaly increasing to heavy

sounds of running inside the house. I could have explained these away

as my imagination but my girlfriend said she had heard the same sounds.

I started investigating the background of the Modular and started to

speak to the elderly couple about what was going on. They had both said

they had heard the same types of noises even when the house was vacent.

They had said the last tennant only stayed for 2 to three months and

then suddenly left in the middle of the night never to come back.

The owner of the modular had stated that it was used as a day care

center for many years and was closed down ( due to what I dont know ) in

any case I was in the hous and wanted to stay even with all the weird

noises so I decided to try to confront whatever was in the house. I

waited untill the usual time 3:20 AM and the sounds started as they had

consistantly for a few months. I got up and went into my son's room and

had a word with the room. I had asked if whoever was there to show

themselvs and was not successfull in contacting any one or any thing.

the sounds continued on but got progressivly sooner and sooner in the

evening. One night we had went to a dinner party and left one of my

girlfreind's sisters to watch bill. When we arrived home the front door

was wide open and she was sitting on the doorstep looking straight out.

We had asked her what had happened and she said things were being

droped allover the house, plates , books , nick nacks etc. we confirmed

this by finding the items on the floor.

The occurances finaly became less frequent and mellowed out quite a

bit. Untill one evening, we were fast asleap and all of a sudden I

heard running on top of the roof. Loud footsteps like a full size man

of 200 lbs. I could hear these clearly since the roof of the modular

was tin. In any case I went outside to take a look and of course there

was nothing, But when I came back to bed I felt a presence between my

girlfriend and I it was like a resistance that had a bad odor to it or

the room. My girlfreind and I both felt and smelt it. there was also a

long female sounding sigh that occured right when the resistance


I did not know what it was but it scared the hell out of me and her and

we both sat up and rode the night out.

The occurances were less and less after that last time and we really

had a good time in the house. We became to feel there was someone

watching us and sharing our lives. We moved out about 2 years later

and learned the new tennants had a hell of a time in that house. The

elderly lady that lived next door became good friend with my girlfriends

mother and they always talked.

The new tennant had two teanage daughters that stayed in Bills old room

and they say they were being watched through the windows. ( maybee a

peeping tom ?? ) they are teenage girls you know.

in any case sorry for the boring story but every part is true and I now

beleave there are somthings that are out there we cant explain.

My Aunt's Story


This story is about a house my family lived in for generations. It's

more of a group of stories really. My family has told each of them to me

many times, and I love hearing them. First let me say before i continue

that I truly beleive in every single story. Everyone who has told me

stories about this house have never been known to lie (they believe that

by lying about something like that, they wish it upon themselves)

Let me start with the first generation of my family to live in the

house. My great-grandmother and grandfather bought it in Hampton, Va in

the 1930's i believe. When they bought it it was a rather large 2-story

house overlooking the James River. They had children (my grandfather, my

great aunt and uncle) and decided they needed more room in the house so

they built an extra room on the back to serve as a storage room. My

great-grandmother had a sewing room with a hanging lightbulb. She would

sit and sew all day then read her bible every night in that room before

bed. Nothing ever happened until she would open her bible...every time

the light bulb would start swinging violently as if someone had smacked


My great-grandfather had a garden in the back of the house. Part of it

was planted in the original property, and the other half was in the

newly added property. Nothing within the original boundery would grow,

all the plants would die. But those on the new property flourished.

Thinking maybe something was wrong with the soil he had it tested, only

to find out both sides of the old boundary line were the same exact


My great-aunt had strange things happen to her, like at night there

would be an imprint on her bed like someone was sitting on the edge of

it next to her, but no one would be there. Once when they were outside

having a cook-out when she was around 11 she saw a light come on in the

attic. My grandfather (13) saw it too so they went to investigate. The

only way into the attic was a trap door in the bathroom upstairs that

has been sealed over with plaster and paint. When they got to the

bathroom, the ceiling was untouched. They later found out that the attic

had no electricity running to it.

My grandfather is a quiet man and doesn't talk about the old house

much, but I did manage to get a confession out of him. One day he was

home sick from school at about 15. Both his parents were at work and his

brother and sister were at school. He was dozing off on the couch,

listening to the radio when his favorite radioshow started getting

staticy. He smacked the radio a couple of times but then stopped when he

clearly heard the radio say "ow, stop!". There was also a rocking chair

in his room when he was 19 that belonged to his great-great aunt. One

night he came home drunk and was lying down to go to sleep when he heard

the chair start to creek (that's why no one ever sat in that chair

because it made that god-awful sound when it rocked). He saw it rocking

out of the corner of his eye, so he sat up to look at it. When he did it

stopped. But as soon as he laid down again, it would start again. This

went on for about an hour until he said "look, you're giving me a

headache, stop it and let me get some sleep". It stopped. The next

morning he took it ou back and chopped it into a million pieces.

My great-aunt till this day still lives with my great-grandmother. (My

great-grandfather died when i was 5). My great uncle went into the army

and served in vietnam, and my grandfather moved into the house across

the street. There he got married and had my aunt, my mom, and my uncle.

My mom and aunt used to go spend the night with my great-grandma and

they had strange things happen to them too.

My mom remembers having the same thing happen to her that happened to

my great-aunt. She, too, would wake up and see the imprint on the bed.

One thing she remembers in particular is the glowing ball she once saw

hovering in the corner of her room. It was about a foot in diameter and

just hovering there for about and hour, then it vanished.

The only thing my aunt remembers about the house is what she calls "the

purple lady". She would refuse to go up the stairs because she saw a

lady dressed in purple standing at the top of the stairs. She had long

black hair and blue eyes, beutiful. She would stand there and say "come

up here, come to me cindy, I won't hurt you, I promise". Most children

would have gone, but my aunt felt like something wasnt right. She

refused to go upstairs by herself.

My mom and aunt were the last generation to stay in the house. My

family moved on to Richmond, Va or other parts of Hampton. Every once in

awhile while I'm visiting mom in Hampton I'll go by the old house that

I've heard so much about, and every time I do, it's up for sale again...

Jacqui's Ghost


This is just a small thing really, but it did scare the hell out of me in

high school. I had lived in the same house since I was 6 and I don't

remember not being afraid of a certain room in our house. Our family area

was a den off of the kitchen but, also off the kitchen was a more formal

living room that my mother reserved for guests. This living room also had

another doorway which led directly outside the hall of my bedroom. Day or

night did not matter, I would run past that doorway. This doorway,

incidentally, had no door. I could not put my finger on exactly what made

me feel so uneasy.

I don't know if this was related or not, but I had become accustomed to

falling asleep with my television on...Mtv generation and all. However,

when I woke up the next morning, my tv would inevitably be off. I chalked

it up to half-waking enough to turn it off myself. I was a little less

sure when my stereo began playing by itself in the middle of the night. I

was a little freaked out by this but what do I know about electronics?

Now, this did not happen every night. There was no real frequency or

pattern to these occurences. The clincher came when, after rearranging my

room late one night, the stereo began playing, once again. The reason this

bothered me was that my stereo had been unplugged in the rearrangement of

my room!

I never saw anything unusual, no ghostly apparitions or such but I

continued to zoom past the living room door. Hated was the night when I

had one too many beverages before going to bed and had to get up in the

night! I began preparing to leave for college in '89, and a certain

incident still gets to me when I think about it. It was the middle of a

Saturday afternoon and my father was gone so my mother, sister, and I were

just doing laundry and being lazy. My sister and I were watching movies in

the den while my mother was preparing lunch. When the movie was over, I

went through the kitchen, to the hall, and by THE DOORWAY. As I moved

past, I heard a loud crash. I called to ask my mom if she was ok as she

was asking me the same question. I ran back to the kitchen as did my

sister. After we were all accounted for and realized that none of us had

touched anything that made that noise, I ventured in the living room.

My mother had a brass candlestick holder with heavy, glass candles in it.

I found the candlestick holder on the ground, near the table where it

usually rests. What really spooked me was that the candlesticks themselves

had been hurled across the room near THE DOORWAY that only moments before I

had walked by.

Take this as you wish. I moved away and went to college soon after this.

Of course I returned, summer and holidays, and my parents still live there.

However, to my knowledge, since I left, nothing else has happened, not

even when I visited. And my parents now use the room as an office so it is

used every day. I can now go in there during the day but you won't catch

me in there at night!

Weird Stuff?


Hi, my name is Mark. I live in an apartment on the Northwest side of Chicago. My roomate (my brother, Matt) and I don' t really see each other that much. This is primarily due to the fact of our conflicting schedules, therefore when we are at home each of us are alone.

The interest begins here. I am somewhat of a nightowl. I sit up and channel surf the TV. It started when I would be relaxing on the couch, flipping through the channels. I would often see something out of the corner of my eye, a movement I happened to notice walking through the short hall that adjoins the two bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen. It would always be the same. It looked like someone, dressed in light colored clothing walking towards the kitchen. I always thought it was my eyes palying tricks on me.

Occasionally my brother and I are home at the same time. One night we were both in the living room and Matt jumped as if he were surprised. I saw what I've been noticing in the hall and knew he had seen it too. I asked what was wrong and he said he thought someone was walking towards the kitchen, this surprised him, as we were the only ones in the apartment. Before I could say ANYTHING he went on to tell me all the times he's noticed someone walking, in light clothing, towards the kitchen. I was shocked. He has been seeing the same "tricks on the eyes" as me.

We discussed the situation at length and discovered every time we had noticed the strange occurance it was ALWAYS the same scenario. White clad figure, walking briskly toward the kitchen, no noise. That's it!

This is where we put two and two together. We were hearing from our respective friends things like "I called and no one answered" or from our girlfriends "where were you...I called and you weren't there". We would (though each of us didn't see a trend yet) be puzzled. There was some one at home at the time of the incoming calls. We would even page people and ask them the next time we talked, "Why didn't you return my page?". As always we found the ringer on the phone was off. At the time we thought nothing of it. We immediately talked of ghosts, what other explanation could it be? The figure was always going towards the kitchen, and the phone is the first thing one would get to upon entering that room. I never shut the ringer off and neither does he.

I have always thought and believed in the supernatural. This presence has never caused any harm or attempted to shock us in any way. Please respond to my mail and relay some tips on investigating this abnormality further.

Ghost in the Basement


Hi my is Tamika, and I thought that I was the only person with a

horrible ghost story. Well here it is.

It happened in 1987. Me, my sister, and my mother lived with my

grandparents. We slept in the basement. We shared a bunkbed. My mother

slept on the bottom and my sister and I slept on the top.

This particular night, my mother had stayed the night over her

boyfriends house. I was waken up by the sound of my name, someone was

calling me. I looked up and the entire basement looked as though it was

daylight. I looked around and I saw it. A sore for sight eyes. It was

almost beautiful, a woman in white flowing. It appeared to me that she

was floating, with her white blowing in the air. But there was no air.

Once I saw that I instantly became extremely terrified. I could only

hide myself under the covers, wondering why would this person be in my

basement calling me, looking the way she did. I nudged my sister a few

times and asked her if she would look and see if she saw anything, she

was to busy sleeping to do it. So I finally got up the nerve to pull

the covers down off of my face and see what it was or where it was or if

it was gone. And it was gone. I jumped up out of the bed turned the

light on, and headed upstairs. Once I got upstairs I saw that my

grandparents were up having their morning breakfast. And guess what?

It was pitch black outside. I couldn't believe it. I had told my

grandparents about what had happened and my grandfather showed me

something in the paper about many people having the exact same

experiences that I had had. It didn't feel any better about it. I just

made me wonder, WHY? Why did it have to happen to me. Does anyone know

why? Now the thought of a ghost gives me the creepy-crawlies. Thanx

for listening, or reading. However you want to look at it.

My Grandmother


My grandmother was dying of colon cancer, I was notified by my mother(it

was her mother that was dying) that the doctors had given her only 2

days to live. I told my mother that since she had been with grandma all

day that I would stay with her that night so that mom could get some

much needed rest. Grandma had been in a coma for a couple of days and

her breathing was labored because her lungs were filling up with fluid.

The nurse asked if I would like a cot to sleep in since I told them I

would be spending the night, I said that I preferred to sit beside

grandma. I was watching Johnny Carson, which came on at 10 pm CT when

grandma reached over and grabbed my hand that I had laid beside her on

the bed. She never moved anything else or muttered a word. We sat there

holding hands for an hour and at exactly 11pm she took a very deep and

final breathe. I was unable to sleep for some time having had

reoccuring dreams of her drowning. My grandfather was still alive but

unable to care for himself and was placed in an elderly care facility.

Mom toyed with the idea of renting out grandma's house or selling it. I

told mom I was uncomfortable with the idea of someone else living in

that house since I had grown up there ( we only lived approx. 1 mile

away). It was agreed that I would move in with a room mate. Six months

passed before we were able to have an auction to liquidate as much as we

could for funeral expenses since we didn't sell the house, it was agreed

that instead of rent I would fix the house up and when I moved the money

from the sale would be used to cover expenses for grandpa's funeral. The

room I chose for my bedroom had been the guest room, since I wasn't

ready to sleep in grandma's room having taken care of her in there while

suffering from the cancer, chemo and radiation therapy, the memories

were to awful. To continue, the room was directly across from the

kitchen door way and the kitchen was lit up by the blue glow from the

clock on the microwave oven. I had been sleeping soundly and rather

peacefully when for some odd reason I was instantly awake, I sat up in

bed a looked out of the bedroom door into the kitchen and saw my

grandmother at the counter in one of her floral dresses and half-aprons

making cookies as she always did when we were children. I sat and

watched her for several minutes and a very peaceful feeling came over me

as if she was telling me that she was glad that I had moved into her

house to take care of it as she had always done. She never turned

around, just kept making cookies and I went back to sleep. I have never

seen grandma since then and lived in her house for ten years, until my

son was 6 years old. Grandma didn't live to see my son but I felt by

living in her house she was watching over us ( I'm a single parent and

can use all the help I can get). Things had become hectic with my other

grandmother and I moved closer to her, still in the same town. We sold

the house and saved the money as agreed to pay for grandpa's funeral. He

died exactly 10 yrs and 1 wk after her but enter the hospital the same

day she had passed away. Mom and Ichose the buyers carefully and

financed the loan ourselves so that if anything happened the house

before it was paid off it would return to the family and we could

continue to take care of grandma's house. It was not difficult to let go

of the house, as if grandma understood that I had been there for her and

was now needed elsewhere, but I often remember my childhood there when I

drive by and the memory of grandma's last visit from beyond. I know she

is at peace and now grandpa is with her and a new family will make

memories in a house that was always accustomed to laughter and love.

My Ghost


When I was young, 10 years old, I lived in a house in Franklin MA, that

had a ghost in it. I have 4 other syblings, and I don't know if they

ever saw it or if they remember the things that I went through because I

told my parents that I did ( now that I'd mentioned this, I'll ask


As a child I was very reclusive, and this worried my parents. But,

when I told them about then 'Guy I can see, watching me out of the

corner of my eye', they sent me to counceling.

All through the counceling I stuck to my story. What had happened,

simply was, that when I was alone I would see this man, out of the

corner of my eye, watching me. I could discribe his appearance exactly,

down to what he was wearing and the part in his hair. He never showed

any hostility toward me, so I was never afraid of him, He was a part of

my everyday life. I was so not afraid of him that it was almost a year

before I told my parents about him, and it was because they asked " What

are you lookin for?" I was trying to see where he disapeared to.

Later in my years, 21 or 22, I started seeing him again. My job was

close by, so I used to walk to work.I would leave for work very early in

he morning. It was winter so at that time it was fairly dark. I would

travel by dark roads, not seclusive, but dark. One night, about a week

into my job, as I was walking, I heared and saw, someone walking behind

me. Right behind me so that I could see him out of the corner of my

eye. But, when I turned to look, he wasn't there. But I did see him,

it was the same guy, dressed differently. As I got to the main road, A

police officer ( who I knew ) picked me up and gave me a ride the rest

of the way and said he would do so when ever he saw me ( thanks James

). Still, every ( or most I should say ) morning, this 'guy' whould

walk with me, through the dark roads, until reached the policeman. He

was as apparent as if it was a physical person walking with me out of

the corner of my eye, I could hear him walking. At times I could

physically feel someone touch me ( my shoulder or waist ).

Of couse I felt comforted by this ( anyone whould ). But the fact

that I had the experience in the past maded me realize ( or think ) that

he was there to protected and comfort me ( he was an old friend ).

I still have him with me today, and I just wanted to relay to people

that not all ghosts are harmful. I have 4 syblings ( he followed no one

but me I think ),but he only connected with me.

I have had freinds who formed freindships with their ghosts and have

confirmed the exsistence of them. I just want to let people know that

it is possible to live with some ghost...... some ghost.

Infinity Bridge


Well, you asked for stories, so here it goes. All my life I have had

little oddities that are a part of my everyday dealings and life. My

friends even call me the chaos goddess as objects tend to disappear, only

to reappear in a perfectly logical place later. Always have the kindly

spirits been allowed in my life, and I have chased off a few nasty ones.

Beginning when I was young, the most vivid image I have is of my bedroom,

most assuredly haunted, by something nasty. My bedclothes would rise up at

the end of the bed. My closet would swing open and I could see a noose,

and a figure hanging from it. Ever Daddy's brave one, I just hunkered down

under the covers and prayed to God. And boy did I pray.

As I grew older the visions stopped, and the audial noises began. I would

be taking baths, the house empty, and I could hear someone calling and

banging on the door, "Help me! Help me!" I would jump out of the bath

dripping water on the carpet, and dash out the door. The noise would

suddenly grow fainter, as I ran around the house, looking for the source of

the cry. I never found it, but I always chased it. Hoping to somehow


My friend would witness pictures that would slide across counter tops,

glasses of water that would move across counters and window sills. There

was a cross stitch of Mary Poppins that my mother made, and at night, it

would move, and it would try to talk to me, but no sounds would emit. My

sister saw this too. We told Mom, but she just accused us of watching late

night TV.

Later in my life, I was at a friends house, who is stalked by ghosts. I

had forgotten my childhood visitors, and just silently discredited

everything. Staying at her house one night the room grew chilly and cold.

I sat up in bed and there at the end of the bed was an entity that was

looking directly at her. He was clothed in black that seems to pull at any

potential light in the room. His eyes, gleaming in the light turned to me.

My friend slept fitfully beside me, but never waking. I looked in horror

at the figure, and my mind went blank. Eventually I just screamed at him

to leave, "in the name of God Leave!" And he swiftly departed. My friend

fell to a sound sleep. And she claims she has not seen him since.

There are other incidents but the following stands out to me as so many

people felt it.

Most powerfully felt by a large group of people was the occurrence at

Infinity bridge. It is in Fort Worth Texas. It is a bridge that is build

in such a way that when you are under the bridge and you look at the

support beams, it seems to transform itself into doorways upon doorways

into infinity. My husband, a man of science and a true skeptic has even

been a little creeped by this place. He will tell you that even during the

day, when you are under the bridge, and you should be able to see where the

bridge ends, you can't, it seems to reach on forever. My husband, myself,

another couple, a brother and sister, and a dear friend headed out to this

bridge one dark night. We made sure that no one was around, as it is noted

to be a place where the nastier element tends to hang out. We stood on the

first concrete support and looked out over the water and into the infinite

illusion. It wasn't long before the hairs began to raise on my arms. I

was filled with peace and joy. The girl next to me was filled with fear

and dreading. The men knelt down, or got away from there pretty fast,

feeling like they could not breathe. The sister turned on the brother and

began shouting at him. The dear friend just kept looking behind her, as if

looking for something. Soon, I saw a white glow coming from somewhere in

the darkness. And I felt the presence of a small boy, who wanted to play.

Then I repeatedly heard and saw the water beneath the bridge ripple as if

someone had been skipping rocks. The girl next to me saw blackness and

dark tendrils from the doorway. She never saw the light that I did, and I

never saw the darkness that she did.

After we got back, I did some asking of questions. I had never heard of

this bridge, and I did not know its story. Evidently, there is the spirit

of a little boy trapped there, said to be killed in a Satanic ritual, or

just drowned. One way or another, no one knows for sure, his body was

found in the water beneath the bridge. Most everyone who goes senses the

evil. Most everyone who senses the evil is somehow compelled to come back

and revisit it. I was given a very rare experience indeed, as it is not

often that the little boy's spirit comes out.

We did make it back to the car. Everyone a little shaken. The sister was

most affected with this intense pull to return to the bridge.

I will not return, unless I could learn how to release the boy. But he did

not seem at all disturbed about being there. Maybe he was there to protect

me. I do not know. Maybe he was my angel for the evening. Regardless, I

was safe that night from the evil that everyone else felt. It never

touched me.

My Story About Ghosts


Hello my name is Nilita, and here is my story. My parents and I moved

from my hometown of Medical Lake, Washington to Orlando, Florida that

didn't last very long so we moved back to Wa. My parents were in the

process of buying a house so a friend of their's (I'll call her "KAY," for

the sake of her identity) let us stay with her for a while. See her

husband had died about five years before so she lived alone in very large

old white house that took up about the whole block. It was just me and my

mom there, we were waiting for my dad to drive up with the U-Haul truck.

We arrived on a Friday, that next Saturday Kay left for a short visit in

Seattle. That following Sunday my mother and I came home from visiting all

of our friends, I ran upstairs where me and my mother shared a room, we

stayed in the blue room. I went to change into my pajamas and I heard

something in the direction of the closet, I also felt someone watching me.

I ran downstairs yelling for my mom, I told her what I had just experienced

and said, "There is someone upstairs in our room." She went upstairs and

checked it out no one was up there. I always felt like someone was

watching me in that house, and I couldn't wait until my parents got a place

of our own, I wanted out of that house. Not until about a year later I

found out the whole story. See that Saturday morning when Kay left for

Seattle, my mom asked her if she could sleep in her bedroom while she was

gone. Kay asked why and my mom said, "because the bed upstairs in the blue

room is too soft and it hurts my back." Kay said, "Are you sure that is

the real reason?" My mom said, "yes what are you talking about?" Kay said

well people don't like sleeping in the blue room because they say they feel

someone watching them." Also every picture taken in that house has an

orange fuzz somewhere in the picture, whether it be above you, on the side,

or around you, but never covering you up. I would love to send you some of

these pictures, but I have no idea how. Maybe you could tell me how, and

I'll send them to you to show on your page. Now someone else lives in that

house, and I often wonder if the new owners feel and see some of the things

that Kay and the rest of my family experienced. And I wonder if her

husband's spirit still lingers on in that house.

Thank you for letting me share my story.