The Old Lady at my Moms




Hi, i dont know if this will interest any one but it started with my daughter who at the time was only 14 years old .. me and my daughter lived with my mom in her trailer. mined and my daughters room was on the opposite end of the trailer from my moms room.any way we all got ready for bed and I took two sleeping pills and went to bed. The next day my daughter asked had I saw the big snake crawl across the bed we slept in. I told her no. about 2 or 3 days later me, mom, and my brother was talking andi told him an mom about what my daughter nita saw and i asked mom could a snake crawl in the house cause we lived next to the said no..well my brother who is 25 now[at the time 22 years old] said did it come out of the closet i told Jason that nita said it did.thats when he spoke up and said sissy you don't feel anything watching you from the closet i said no sorry. Well about a month later my mom went out of town for a week, she asked me would i be all right bye my self i assured her i would be ok..well i had to work 12 hours that day i didn't get off work until 11:00 PM that night .. i got home around 1230 mom was gone so i locked the house and went to sleep on the couch while looking at TV. between 2:00am and 5:00am i was awoken by a sound, when i got up there was a woman standing by the door, i thought it was mom so i asked her what did she want i had forgot that she left..she never answered me and i dozed back off needless to say mom came back the next day .she woke me  when she got home and asked was i OK. when i asked her why did she come home during the night she said she didnt.i asked her why are you back early and she said that she had a bad feeling so she come home. i told mom about the old woman and mom said that Jason had seen her in my room standing in the closet. my brother is still scared of the back bed room. and i wont stay there by myself. any way that's my encounter thank you




The Haunted House I grew up In




This house is located in the town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York State.  Many years ago, a man by the name of Philo Proper owned this house, and he fell off the barn roof and died immediately.  For years thereafter, until his wife died in a nursing home, cabinet doors would open and close, and lights would be on which we all could swear we had turned off.  Then, after my dad died, we all would hear the garage door open, the sound of a car being driven into the garage, and the garage door closing again, usually late at night, about 12:30 AM, which would be the time my dad would get home from work when he was alive.  To this day, the present owners of this house have felt various presences in the upstairs of the house, especially at nighttime.  




The Ghost of My Cat




My name is Mikaela and i live in sweeden my story is aboute one of my many, though loved more than most can belive, cats.

His name was Musse and he was like a brother to me for he played with me like kittens do with each other untill he was two years old, he got hit by a car and we found him dead by the road.

i was so sad and angry that i screamed for sevral minutes and punched a pillow and tore it apart.

this was aboute five years ago, im 14 now, and i still cry over his death sometimes.

one week after his death i still wasnt used to the thought of it all and when i woke up i saw him in my bed, as i was used to from before he died, and i put my hand on him and closed my eyes again untill i remembered it all and i quickly put my hand close to my body and opened my eyes but he was not there anymore.

all that was there was hair of a cat and a slight mark of a curled cat and my hand was full of hair too so i touched where i had seen him and it was still warm.

i am not afraid of him, he and the other seven sprirts of my cats guard me and do not wish to harm me.

one more thing, i didnt have any other cat then.




Spirits and the Unknown




Ten years have passed since my first encounter. It all started back when I was eleven years old in the basemant of my parents new house. Ever since the day we moved into that house my family has encountered strange events. It started out as only seeing shadows and hearing odd creaks up the hallway and basement steps at night.

Being only a child and experiencing this phenomenon,then relating my expereinces back to my parents seemed useless. They would disregard may claims as trickery of the eye or paranoia,but I knew it was someting much bigger.

My sister and I,being very bored,decided to play hide and seek in the dark. The darkest place in that house was,of course,the basement.

And so we began,I turned out all the lights, being late at night as it was the basement became an even darker.unforbiding place. We were having fun at first stalking each other in the pitch blackness.Soon this childish game tuned into an event none of us would ever forget.

I was following the sound of my sisteres footsteps,closing in for the "tag" when out of nowhere came a beam of light. It streached from floor to ceiling,aboutseven inches wide and seven feet tall. Over come with shock and fear I started to scream hystarically and call for help,all the while being forced backward by this "entity".

I suddenly became very cold as the beam got closer. I knelt down awaiting the worst,when a hand grabbed my leg and pulled me under the pool table. Screaming bloody murder,the lights all of a sudden came on  and there stood my sister,on the opposite side of the room. I will never forget the look on her face,or the way her whole body shook.

We rarely discussed the events of that night for three years. I ended up home alone.I watched TV untill I could hardly keep my eyes open.Beginning to doze I started hearing the sounds of two small girls giggling. The sounds were coming from the main closet. Terrified, I sat up,arm and neck hair on end I gave these "girls" my full attention.

Shaking from head to toe I approached the closet doors. Quickly I ripped open the closet doors only to find a bunch of old coats and Christmas decorations.I have nothing to prove any of the events I have discribed, only a new found interest in spirits and the unknown.




My Dream




Hi everyone. I'm sorry to say, that i don't really have a "ghost" story for you all. But i think it's pretty close to one.  Let me start off by saying, that my grandparents ( my dads) mom and dad are deceased. They died on the same day. Ok... here goes.... On the night before my grandparents died, i had a very "real dream"... nightmare if you will. I saw both my grandparents in there car..... driving down a highway.. maybe going to work? Im not sure. I saw a transport truck coming along the road towards them on the other side. Not going into gross details but i saw the whole accident!! really graphically!... I was reallly close to my grandparents...almost like a second parent.Any ways... i woke up with a start!. Started crying got up and came down to the kitchen , where my mom and dad were sitting at the kitchen table... mom was on the phone ( i later found out with the police) and my dad was crying, he came over to me ( i was 10 by the way) am now 32.... he says to me..... hunny.. your a big girl now... and your old enough to hear the truth..... he wrapped his arms around me and thats when i wrapped my arms around him and said........ its ok dad.... i know..... i then hugged him to try to comfort him instead of him comforting me..... he looked at me with shock and said ..... what do you know?... so i then explained to him about my dream.... and my dad went white......... he told me that, that was gran and papa telling me goodbye... letting me " hear" it from them instead of the police or mom, dad...the funny part of it all.. well not " funny" but eery part is. my aunt who was 16 at the time. wanted to go that time with them... she would go help them out from time to time. gran had said no. and there was a little argument about her going..did my grandparents fore see something?.. who really knows? ... another story or ya ... my dad use to smoke. i remember him smoking when i was about 4......any ways.. he said to me one day.. years later that the reason he quit smoking... his dad came to him in a dream..sat down with him... and said to him. son... i love you very much... thats why im telling you to stop smoking NOW. as in rite now!!...My dad isnt really the "ghost" or paranormal type person... so when this dream came to him.. it scared him...... papa told him that if he didn't quit rite this day...... he would die...My dad is very healthy today.... except for a little skin cancer on his ear!. Which was caught early and treated..... So those are my two stories.. Hope i didn't bore you all TO badly lol........happy ghost reading!!!




Metal Music Lover





Hi! I am a 33 year old mother of three boys.  My husband, boys and I live up in the mountains of Montana.  I drive a 97 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, its sweet; electric everything with heated leather seats (Oh Yeah!) Anyways back to the story.  This has happened off and on for the last 2 almost 3 years.  I will be driving or parked somewhere (Its happened in both situations numerous times) and I will be rocking out to some hard rock or metal band and my volume will start turning up or down (I think it depends on what’s playing) all by itself.  I have 2 ways of controlling my volume, one is the actual dial on the stereo and one is a button on my steering wheel.  This has happened too many times for my finger or hand to have accidentally slipped.  This last new years holiday season I was taking my nephew to town and the volume turned all the way down all by itself, so I tried turning it up and it kept going down, so I turned off the stereo and turned it back on, all was well for like 5 minutes or so then it just cranked the volume sky high.  I freaked and turned off the stereo and asked my nephew (17) if he saw that the stereo just turned itself up and he said yeah I saw it.  So I decide to go see my friend while we are in town so she can see it too and while I am in her house my nephew sat in the car and waited, well she was feeling crappy and didn’t come out to the car (probably thinks I'm a loon) so I left the house and went back out to the car only to find my nephew literally fighting to turn down the volume, the knob was literally turning against his hand.  He would turn it down and it would immediately go up, it was weird especially when you can sit there and watch it turn.  We went home and never said anything about it, but as I said before it has happened many times in the last 2 - 3 years and I am glad that someone else got to see it too.  Also the other night I was driving my husband’s car (YAY!  It’s even sweeter then mine) and I was heading back up the mountain when I got this feeling like someone was in the car with me, like in the backseat.  Now I have had this feeling before and I normally just ignore it (cept the few times I had to pull over and check the backseat) anyways the feeling was intense and I couldn’t look in the rearview mirror, I say couldn’t because I literally could not do it, I knew that if I did I would see something bad.  The feeling got stronger and worse the closer I got to home and by the time I was in my driveway I was almost in tears.  I could hear stuff rustling around in the back seat and could see like shadows back there too.  I parked the car and went into the house and since we had company I didn’t say anything but when our guest left my husband asked me what happened, I told him and he not only believed me but he told me that lately outside at night he feels like there is something chasing him or trying to get him.  He has never felt like that before and actually laughs at me because I do not like being outside in the dark because I almost always feel like that.  Now he’s feeling it too, and actually refuses to go outside at night unless I go with him.  It was weird.  Okay that’s it for now



Las Vegas Ghost Gamble





I just arrived home yesterday and i have told my story to a hand full of people,and one thing comes out of their mouths"thats creepy".

I went to Las Vegas for my Nephues batchelor party,We stayed at the  MGM Grand,we were on our second night and it was around 2am when i went to our room.

The beds were occupied by My Nephue and his friend's(too much LV)I decided to go back to the casino and play some more due to all the snoring and farting and lack of bed space in the room.

I found my self playing in a very deserted MGM casino and began to play a dollar machine,after an hour or so an asian woman in well worn but not dirty sweats came and sat next to me, she never gambled,but she fanned me with 3 20's and a 10 dollar bill,sitting so close that her feet were on my stool rungs,needless to say i felt uncomfortable but continued to play.

A waitress came and i ordered a drink(trying to alert her that something was fishy) she gave me a smile and left(I think she thought i was crazy)there was an obvious difference in age between the two of us)she returned and i tiped her for my drink,i tried again to summon help darting my eyes toward the stangers direction,still no reaction.

I turned to the stranger and asked if i was playing her machine and she replied in broken english "noo, noo u play good now".

I continued to play and i hit a win at $530 dollars ,she then said"u pay me 30 O.K." I was more than happy to due to my uncomfort with the situation.I got up and paid her $30 dollars-Just then an employee yelled to me to come over quickly,i take a step and look back---No Stranger!!!!and it was a long row of slots,i walk over to the employee (he was standing in an elevated cashieres booth he told me to go and play the fifth slot on the left and play max bet 4 times it will pay big) so i put $100 in and began to play,I was down to 65 credits when i hit 4 majestic lions -paying me 5,775,00.

I turned with surprise bells chimeing lights flashing,and James the employee who gave me this great advice was gone,Thomas the payout cleark came over and congratulated me i asked where James was so i could show him my grattude and thomas told me there was no one by the name of James working as a cashier then the waitress came over to congratulate me i tiped her a $100 and began to tell her what had happened and to explane my strange behavior from earlier,and she said i was wondering what you were doing but "hon i didnt see anyone next to you are you sure your O.K". That is the end nothing else happed i went to the room ,woke my Nephue and shared my story and the bloody marry that the waitress gave me.Now im a little spooked and ive been combing the web for simular stuff and i found your site.Im doing this because i wanted to put this down while it was fresh in my mind.




Hauntings in CT





Hi my name is Lisa. I've visited  Booth Memorial Park in Stratford, CT. One night I decided to take a photo from my car of the house. and when I put it on the computer and zoomed in I saw a face in the upper right side window. None of the other windows had anything in them. I went back to see with my eye if I could see anything that would resemble a face and there was nothing different about that window to the other ones.

One other en-counter I had was at Union Cemetery in Monroe, Ct. Me and a couple friends decided to take pictures one night. Well everyone was afraid to take the pictures so I volunteered. A couple of photos had a picture of a white figure that looked like a lady in a white dress and some of the other pictures came up with a weird fog. We figured we got enough pictures for the night and while walking away something pushed me straight to the ground on my knees.

The last place I went was in Monroe, CT to see the witch of monroes grave. While we were there we got pictures of red orbs by her grave stone and some type of fog coming from the base of it. As we were taking our last picture the camera shut off and refused to turn back on. So we decided to leave. Soon as we got back to the car the camera suddenly turned back on.

Thanks for listening to my stories           




Haunted House in Ventnor New Jersey


By: anonymous


I lived for 38 years in a 4-story house in Ventnor in the St. Leonard's section of the city.

We were a family of husband, wife and four sons.  One of the six bedrooms with a crib was used as each new baby was born, and the older child put in another room with a single bed, or with an older brother.   

We often heard footsteps as we slept in our own bedroom, of someone going to  the 'baby's'  room and assumed it was one of the older boys.   When my mother visited on Sat. morning to let me sleep late, she came up once to my room, and said, "I'll get the baby, you can sleep."  I told her I had been asleep, she just woke me.  She said, "well, I heard your foot steps...."  and then I told her about the supposed ghost we apparently had.   

I checked with an older librarian to see if any one had died in that room, after reading a book that said ghosts only appeared because they wanted something denied them in life.  To my not-quite-surprise, she replied that her mother used to tell her, as they walked past my house, that a little girl died in a bedroom after going swimming at the 'wrong' time of the month.

I asked if she would happen to know which room, and she replied 'the one with the tree hanging in front of it.'

Lo and behold, THAT was the baby's room.   As I thought about it,  I guessed that the little girl wanted her room back.  So, to my husband's laughter,  I moved the then-baby into our guest room, leaving the old room unused except for a desk and bookcase.

With my hand on a bible,  I promise you we NEVER heard the footsteps after that.

End of story  -    but not quite. 

After 38 years and my husband's death, I sold the house.  The new people were a young couple with two children.  Of course I didn't tell the "ghost"  story at my realtor's insistence.  But a year or so after the sale,  I received a phone call from the new owner's wife.

"My husband is embarrassed and furious that I am telling you this, but I think we have a ghost in the house,"  she said.  "My two children have both seen her and I feel silly telling you this, I swear I'm not making it up"  she confided.  

I reassured her and told her our story of many years before.  Our then-baby was now 27 years old, and none of us ever forgot it.  My only advice was to give the young girl back her room, and not let either of her children use it.  

This is a true and factual story and every word of the above dialogue is written exactly as it happened



Salem Oregon




Ok I submitted two new places in Salem, Oregon where there is ghost activity. I have captured activity with my Minolta SRT 101 Camera and also with a EMF reader. I've been doing research for over 3 years now on ghost activity and have concluded that the Cemetary on D Street (there is only one) has activity and between 23rd and 24th street on State St also has activity.  In the Cemetary I have snapped photos of people hanging from tree's and on D Street between 23rd and 24th I've seen a shadow manifest and run between the North and South side of the street and around the area, I have caught this entity in an orb form using infrared film and this one just stand out. I sat at the corner of 23rd and State for 3 hours after 12:30 at night and watched it manifest itself and move around here and there never seen this kind of activity. I'd name it the shadowman if I could give it a name because it's very elusive.







 Funeral Experience




I thought I would share an experience I had last year....

My friend, and co-worker, Michael was murdered last year.  He was

attacked in the parking lot of a major store here in Las Vegas.  Michael

had serious brain damage and was taken off life support about a week

after the attack.  I was holding Michael's hand as he passed away.

Michael's family made arrangements to have Michael's remains sent to

Texas for the funeral.  We decided to have a memorial service for him

here as he has many friends in Las Vegas who couldn't make it to Texas.

I was shopping for candles for my kids and I to have at the memorial.

My daughter asked me if we should get extra candles for people who

didn't bring any.  I was putting this entire memorial service together

on a prayer and a shoestring as I am a single mom with no outside help

for raising my kids and Michael's family was strapped enough by having

to fly out to be with him during his hospital stay.  I finally said "we

will cut money out of our grocery budget, lets just get them."  We

purchased the candles and other supplies we needed for the memorial

service (totalling just over $20) and went to set up.

My son came up to me when we were setting up the amphitheater and

showed me a dollar he found blowing in the wind near the stage.  We

joked that it was Michael helping pay for his candles.  This was funny

until my daughter (who hadn't heard my son and I) came up and showed me

a dollar she found blowing in the wind on the other side of the stage.

Then is was just wierd.  I was bent down talking to one of our

wheelchair-bound customers during the funeral.  As we talked, what I

thought was a piece of paper blew across my foot.  I picked it up and

put it in my pocket.  When we got home I took all of the trash out of my

pockets.  I was shocked to see what I had picked up was actually a

receipt from the store where Michael was attacked.  Wrapped in the

receipt was the person's paper-money change... $19.  The receipt was for

several purchases including two movies (Michael and I always shared

movie reviews with each other) the movies were Barbershop (I had been

joking with Michael the day he was attacked about needing a hair cut)

and Waiting to Exhale (when I was holidng Michael's hand after they

removed the life support, I kept telling him it would be okay and he was

just waiting to exhale).  Needless to say, I know it was Michael just

letting me know he was still around and watching. 

We have had some strange events at our office since Michael passed

away.  The automatic faucets in our restroom will come on by themselves.

 (I always joke that it is Michael warming up the water for me.)

Sometimes you can enter our building on the weekends and close and lock

the door (we have a security system that automatically locks the door

behind you) and when you get half way down the hallway the door will

unlock and relock on its own (you can hear it).  I think he just hangs

out here because we were his "local family" and he just misses us as

much as we miss him.  Whatever it is, Michael will always be welcome in

my office.




East Lansing - Hubbard Hall




I'm a resident from East Lansing and I live on the 12 Floor of South

Hubbard.  I'd figure I'd share some personal experiences, I wasn't aware

that this floor was "haunted" until some residents referred me to this


First off, a few nights I've actually had dreams of someone in my room with

me while I'm sleeping, he didn't speak to me, but I knew his name was

"Charlie".  In each of these dreams I am laying on my back and he gets on

top of me and tries to stop me from breathing ... however each time I wake

up short of breath.

Constantly I'll find trash that I put in the trash can neatly lined up

outside of the trash, usually after I take a nap during the day.  The

hallway is a very long one, and the middle section lighting never seems to

stay on.  It is also almost impossible to keep one's door open because they

usually close on their own.

That is all that has happened to me thus far. Thanks  







After reading about hanted places in Washington me and a few friend decided to check it out for ourselves we decided to go to the Black Diamond Cemetery because its not to far from where i live in Kent it was probably sometime around 11 or 12 at night on Friday August 13th of 2004 that we heard the horse trotting down the gravel path and heard it neigh i also saw the coal miners lantern but the light appeared to be comming from underground the cemetary. my friend was sitting on top of my car on the cemetary road and somthing pulled his shoe off his foot! This was the most amazing haunting i've ever encountered!




A Case of Mistaken Identity





Most people don't believe in ghosts, spirits or whatever you want to call them and I was one of them until I had my own encounter about 10 years ago.

Since then I've experienced a few more bizzare events and I even have a very clear picture of one! I've searched all of the sights but NOBODY had shown me a better picture than the one I have. I've been trying to find a sight that would post it respectfully and maybe find someone who can give me an opinion on it. But let me tell you my ten year old story first.


I was eight months pregnant and hiding out from my husband. I had my two sons who were 8 and 6 at the time and we needed a place other than my parents house to hide while I was filing for divorce. My uncle Rich and Aunt Terry offered to put us up for awhile.

I had been to thier house on several occasions prior but this was the first time we had ever spent the night. I had no idea that I was about to have an encounter with a house guest of a different sort.

We had stayed up late talking about my husband and his other girlfriends, (Ex-husband now.) and had lost track of the time. The kids had been asleep for hours and I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my Uncle while my Aunt was at the sink finishing up some last minute dishes. 

I was involved in conversation when out of the corner of my eye I saw a little boy staring at me from the opening in the hallway. He was wearing blue pj's and he had blonde hair. He looked to be around 6 years old and I thought it had to be my son...out of bed looking for me. I turned my eyes to him and looked directly at him for a brief moment and then I turned quickly to look at my Uncle and said "Jeffery's up."

I saw my Uncle Rich's face turn suddenly pale as he looked over at his wife. She had spun around at the sound of my remark and was giving her husband the same look. That moment I knew something was wrong. It was if I had just caught them doing something that they shouldn't have been doing. It scared me.

"What is it?" I asked them after a few moments of silence. I looked towards the hallway again but the boy was gone. Uncle Rich stood up and headed for the hallway without a word and I followed him. We turned the corner and crept towards the bedrooms where his children and mine were sleeping. "He probably just wanted a drink of water." I said, but He shushed me and didn't reply. They also had two sons but they were older than mine by a few years. Rich pushed the door open to the bedroom were the four boys were sleeping. (His daughter was in the other bedroom.) I walked in expecting Jeffery to still be awake. When I reached him I shook him a little but he didn't stir. He was in a deep sleep...deeper than he could have possibly feel into in such a short amount of time. They were all asleep.

My Uncle grabbed me by the arm and excorted me out of the room..down the hall and back into the kitchen. My

Aunt was awaiting our return ready to answer the questions I was sure to be asking.

"I know I saw him." I told her puzzled. "He was standing right over there."

Uncle Rich pulled on the kitchen chair and gently tugged at my arm so I would take a seat. "It wasn't Jeffery."

 "It had to be." I told him. "He was wearing blue PJ's just like Jeffery has on."

"I know." Rich said calmly. "He's about Jeffery's size too but it wasn't him."

I was really getting nervous. "Then who else could it have been?" I asked the question almost afraid to hear the answer.

They told me about thier many encounters with the boy over the next hour. They hadn't spoken of him outside of the house for fear that noone would believe them and since he had always apeared harmless and at times even a bit playful, they never saw the need to tell anyone.

He usually appears at night around 11 to 11:30PM. They've seen him in many different rooms in the house but he never really scared them...he would just smile at them and dissappear ussually. However there was one episode when he caused thier daughter a liitle discomfort.

It was around 11PM one night a few years back when they awoke to noise coming from thier daughters room. She was talking to someone. Uncle Rich got up and went down the hallway to check on her. When he reached her door he could hear her almost yelling..."Go back to bed...get out of my room Jeremy!"

He filcked on the light and she screamed. "Jeremy's under my bed...he just went under my bed!"

Timmy was the oldest brother and Jeremy was two years older than her. At this time he was around 6 and used to wear the same blue PJ's. At first the boy had been mistaken for him until he grew taller and the little boy didn't.

Of course they seached under her bed and then they checked on her brother to find him fast asleep. After that she slept in her parents room for awhile.

She said he was standing at the foot of her bed staring at her. She told him to leave but he just smiled and stood there until her Dad flicked on the light. When the light came on he slid under her bed feet first as if he were made out of rubber! This was the story she told me the next morning.

This is an actual true account of what happened that night. It made a believer out of me. Let me know if you want my picture. It has never been viewed by anyone but my own family members and close friends. They all think it's the best picture of a ghost spirit or whatever anyone's ever shown to them.




 The Vanishing Construction Worker




This happened to me not very long ago, just a week or so before Christmas in 2004. I was at one of the shopping centers in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue with a couple friends doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. We were just about to leave one of the department stores we'd just been in when a couple of us, myself included, decided to use the restrooms before we headed back out into the mall. The mens' and womens' restrooms are next to each other seperated by a small wall with drinking fountains on it, and are each located down seperate short corridors that lead into a tiny lounge space, then into the restroom itself. The two girls went their way, and I walked towards the men's when all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, this dirty and burly construction worker walked quickly past me and turned down the corner into the corridor that led to the men's room. He looked like he was in a hurry to get there to do his thing. I also noticed he made no sound whatsoever and also how I didn't see his face as he strode by me quickly. I went down the hall and into the lounge area and opened the door into the men's room. I didn't see the construction guy in there as I walked to the urinal to do my thing. Then when I was done, I was shocked to see both of the stall's doors open and both were unoccupied. I had to pause a second and think. He couldn't have walked out in the minute or so I was at the urinal, I'd have heard the stall door open and him walking behind me. Then thought maybe he didn't actually come in the restroom but was sitting in the lounge area and I didn't notice him as I was  walking through. I walked into the little lounge room, and of course it was empty. I began to wonder if I'd even really seen the construction worker or if I'd imagined it, but I then realized I did see him, because I could remember details of what he looked like (like both of the knees of his jeans were torn, and that he had a reddish flannel shirt on with the sleeves rolled up.) I waited in the area outside the restrooms for the girls to come out and when they did, asked if they'd seen the construction worker as they were walking toward the ladies' room and they said they didn't see any construction worker. If I wasn't seeing things, then I wonder if what I saw was a ghost





The Large White House on Archer Street




There is a House on Archer street, between Lewis and Harvard over 100 yrs old... I thought to describe as being victorian style, with tall gables, a large rap around front porch, with big white polls, when I was living there, I seen a colored man, who appeared to be lynched from a tree.... where only a stump sits ... and from inside the house in the early hours 2am 4am, You can hear echos of a man screaming in horror, from the front bedroom,  and from the utility the back of the house, the cries of a woman... the whole time living there, felt as if someone was watching from just around each door way, It was if I was under a spell... all kinds of bad luck... I lost 5 pets, my job, and was robbed 3 times... besides the over all sadness... and out breaks of crying that came over me each night!  There were manly foot falls above my room in the attic when I first moved in... one day I explored the grand attic... found some things... and thought to have an exercism.... Never heard foot falls again.. but thats when my bad luck started.... after 4 months living there I moved... about a block away... have had no problems... but I am still compelled by the large white house... Its a sad house of once such grandiosity. I still stare at the place when I drve by.... its sad to see it neglected.. and falling apart... I truly loved it... but there is something about it... was always creepy...  the basement... the attic... it was a great place to xplore.... but  




Salina Central Ghost story




My story..

While I have never seen an actual ghost, I did recently have an


I have read about the ghost haunting Salina Central High School on this

site.  Well, I went to that school for a Forensics (competitive

acting,) tournament.  Well, when my whole team was sitting in the

auditorium, waiting for the awards to be announced, I decided to take a

few pictures, and see what developed.  Well, I took some with a

disposable Fujifilm camera, and then upon seeing what I was doing, a

friend of mine offered me a digital phone camera to use.  Well, I took

this, and snapped off a couple at the curtains on the stage.  Well,

when we saw the freeze frames, there was a strange blue light where the

camera was aimed...

           Well, after this, a friend and I decided to sneak backstage, and take

a look at what we could see.  Well, when we got back there, we couldn't

even cross the threshold into the area itself.  We were both hit with a

feeling of paralyzing fear and a sensation of "fight or flight".  Now,

it should be also noted that my friend I was with is not scared of

ANYTHING.  Well, I managed to get my camera out, I charged the flash,

called out, "Well, I hope you're hear", and snapped a picture.  I then

turned to my cold-sweating friend and said "Let's get the (four letter

word) out of here!"  I think we set a speed record running from that

stage.  We then came back a few minutes later, and were both hit  with

the same sensation.  I snapped another picture, (this time from the

front of the stage, through the curtains,) and we ran again.

       Also, throughout the school you can feel cold spots and presences, and

near the art room you get a feeling of being not wanted.

(Also I suffer from sleep paralysis sometimes, and I have had a

prophetic dream., just FYI.)




Kinser Apartment (Real story)




(This is one of my scarey experiences... and my name

is Lizzie.))

I was four years old when this experience happened. I

lived in Okinawa, Japan, in a small base called the

Kinser base. I lived there for almost 5 years, going

to school there and everything else. One night,  I

really needed to go to the bathroom, so I got out of

my bed I shared with my older sister. My dad was

asleep and my mom was still awake (she stays up until

like...four in the morning). My room was across from

my parents' bedroom, and right by my parent's room was

the bathroom. Since I was too scared to go by myself,

I decided to go to the bathroom with my mother

instead. There was a LONG hallway to the living room

from my room and my parents' room, so I had to walk

across that hallway into the living room where my mom

was. She was watching T.V., totally awake. I asked her

if I could go to the bathroom and that if she could

come with me, but she replied with a no. Then I asked

again, almost crying, and then she replied with a yes.

Soon enough, the two of us were walking towards the

hall, but suddenly my mom stopped me. There, right in

between the my parents' bedroom and my bedroom, there

stood a lady ghost. She was wearing a plain LONG white

dress, blood red lipstick, big eyes, no legs, and long

black hair. She had an asian kind of look, kind of

Korean-ish. She stood there, grinning at my mom and

me. I cried very hard, but all my mom did was kinda of

shiver and smile at me, saying, "Honey, don't worry.

It'll be alright." Then the ghost started talking to

my mom for some reason (Don't ask me, cause I know

nothing about it that much since I was four...) in

Korean. My mom since she's full Korean, understood.

This is what the ghost said:

"Come here...come here, little child..."

But since I didn't understand anything, I just cried

and stared blankly. I looked towards the ghost's

bottom half, and noticed that she didn't have any legs

or thighs or anything. Only one long white dress was

covering her. I panicked even more, looking at my mom.

My mom then started praying (since we're Christians),

and then the ghost frowned as she started walking

inside my parents' room. My mom looked shocked as she

ran towards her room, scared that the ghost would hurt

my father. I cried even harder, my eyes more red then

ever. I ran with my little legs towards my dad's room

and quickly opened the door. We saw the ghost for only

3 seconds, then she disappeared, staring into my eyes

while grinning with her blood red lips. I squeeled in

shock, then cried, then looks at my mom. My mom nearly

cried as well, but then she kissed my father gently,

then looked at me with kind eyes. I hugged her

tightly, hoping never to see that ghost again.

Blessedly, I didn't, but I hope I don't, either.

You might not believe this, but it was true.

Especially in Japan. I'm not saying that Japan is a

haunted country, but in Kinser, it seems like it. Even

my friends say that they have encountered some

"ghosts" (AKA Demons from Satan) that have came to

their houses. It's a good thing I don't live there

anymore...Well, enjoy! I'll think of some other

encounters I've's been long ago, so I can't

really remember...Eheh.










I was about in 3rd grade when i had moved to my Saginaw house. I was walking on the side walk, just to take a walk, when this girl came out her house and was like, " hey did you just move in?" and i was like, yeah that green looking house, the big one" and she was like wow did u know that the old people that lived there moved out because they heard gunshots. And i was like whatever i didnt need to hear that.... about 2 years later everyone was asleep and all of a sudden my mom, brother, sister all woke up to a HUGE ' BANG '. Suprisingly i didnt wake up because i was REALLY tired. Anyways, my mom went and looked out the window to see if it was a gunshot outside... no one was awake, and no one was outside.... FREAKY!!! Then, she went downstairs to check if anything had fallen, and nothing had fallen!!

My sister was only like 1 when  we moved into that house. During the daytime and nitetime my sister would often talk to someone, one time my mom asked her who she was talking to, and she spesifficly said "Celia". How could a one year old think of a name like that!!!!

A lot of the times my mom would be sitting on the couch after everyone was asleep, and would hear running footsteps upstairs. It would go on for about 30 mins. or so and it got to the point were my mom would go upstairs and say, " Ok were are you, I know your hear, show yourself!"

Ok this is the last story. When we were getting ready to move out, my brother, sister, and me were coloring in the living room when all of a sudden we heard a huge bang!!!! I told them is anyone was in the kitchen, run upstairs as fast as you can. As soon as we peered around the corner, I found that the globe that goes over the light bulb was laying on the floor not broken or anything, just laying there. When I went to get a good look at it, I saw all the screws had been unscrewed!!! No one had been in the kitchen!!

I have had MANY more expiriences, but that's all I'm going to say.




   Daddy Hid His Rings




Hi my name is Andrea,   I have several experiences but one stands out.

When I got married I moved an hour and a half from home, One night my Daddy

calls me and asked "can you take me to the Doctor"? He was having a heart

attack.  I knew I could never get there quick enough so I called 911. He

passed away before they got to the hospital.  Now that you know the

background, I'll tell my story.  With the town knowing he had passed, I

didn't want people there at his house going through his belongings or

stealing them.  I being his only child , and he and my mom being divorced I

moved up there for a year, until I got the will probated, and everything

moved, and settled.  My Daddy had three rings, that were worth roughly nine

to ten thousand dollars a piece. They were no where to be found.  I had

just seen them the week before, he wore them daily.  I was starting to

wonder if they had gotten lost at the hospital, before I got there, I

didn't know.  Well two months after his death, I walked in to the kitchen

and the side by side refrigerator was to my left. The freezer door was

standing wide open. I called to my husband, you need to close the

refrigerator door after opening it. He said, I haven't opened it. There was

only one other person in the house and that was our daughter, she was only

six months old. so she was out of the question.  I just closed it and

didn't think anything else about it, "until the next day" it was open

again.  this time, my husband was at work, and my daughter was taking a

nap, I walked into the kitchen and said, hmmm must be the seal, so I called

and got someone to come look at it. The Appliance guy looked and inspected,

he said mam there is nothing wrong with it.  I just said ok paid him, and

he left. That night my little girl woke up  so I walked to the kitchen to

make her a bottle. I just used the light coming from the fridge so I

wouldn't totally wake up. I got her milk out of the refrigerator, turned

around to the stove to heat her bottle, and the room got brighter, I looked

behind me, there the freezer door was open again. Well needless to say that

woke me up.  I closed it, and then opened it, and it seemed normal.  A few

weeks went by, and this happened daily.   I never came home and found it

opened, after being gone, it only happened when I was there.  My Daddy had

a little house dog, and one night when I went to feed her I noticed she was

out of food.  I had noticed previously that there was a pack of hamburger

meat in the freezer " so I thought I would cook it and feed it to her", so

I  took it out and started cooking it. After a couple of minutes, I saw

"GOLD" There was his rings pushed down in a pack of ground chuck.  The

freezer door has never opened by itself again




Doublewide Trailer


About two years ago I lived in an older double-wide mobile home.  I had two roommates and one of them was the daughter of the owner of the trailer.

We had just watched a horror film one night and she decided to tell us about things she says happened when she was younger and the whole family lived in the trailer.  The story goes that one night she was asleep when she woke up for no apparent reason.  She said she was a lil disoriented but sat up and looked by her door, didn't see anything, and then she looked in her closet and saw a man there, grinning at her, holding a knife. She says she screamed and her parents came into her room and turned the light on and he was not there.  She thought maybe she was seeing things and just went back to sleep.

The next night she woke up again, only this time the man was there, standing, looking at her again.  She didn't scream this time, but watched his movements.  He went out her door and into her sister's bedroom, and she got up and went to her door and he turned back, looked at her, and stepped further inside and she ran to the room and turned the light on and he was gone.

Now, I don't know if this is true, or if she was just doing it to be funny.  It never happened again, according to her.

The real thing I'm writing is about is what happened a few nights later.  Now, I'm not a person who scares very easily, but the night this happened I was scared out of my mind....and I still don't know what actually happened, or if it was just a fluke.

I hadn't even thought about what my roommate had told us, it just kind of dropped out of my thoughts, so I donno if I was dreaming about it or what, but I remember I was asleep and woke up like I had heard something.  All I felt was terror, which is unusual for me. I felt like someone was there, but I couldn't see or hear anyone.  I sleep with my radio on and turned it down and there was nothing but silence.  I laid there, waiting for the feeling to go away, but it didn't.  It got stronger, so I turned my lamp on and sat up...  I still couldn't see or hear anything but couldn't shake the was starting to really bother me.  I told myself I just had a bad dream and layed back down and turn the lamp on low and turned the music back up and tried to calm down.  I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but there was just this feeling of sheer terror and it would not go away.  I didn't want to leave my bed, but I the only thing I could do was go into my roommates room and wake her up.  She didn't have that feeling, she didn't sense anything but she said she's never seen me that scared and it startled her.

I ended up sleeping with her the rest of the night, and the next morning felt fine.  I never had that experience again, but I've also never been so terrified of anything, not even as a child.  So, I don't know what I felt, but it was intense and although I didn't see anything, I sure felt something and it wasn't pleasant.




Another Experience






I was between the ages of 5-8 when I first started seeing a dark figure in my bedroom at night.  I never felt afraid of course & never really thought of it as strange.  I would just wake up & look straight at him.  I usually saw him standing by a window.  One time I woke to find him at the foot of my bed.  Thing about this instance is that the overhead light in our den was on & the shadow was standing in the light.  I also found it funny that it looked like my dad standing in his underwear(LOL). I believe that it was my grandfather whom died when I was 3.  I loved him very much.  As I was growing up we lived in an area that was mostly family around us.  My aunt lived in a two store home across the street from us.  Well, as a dare, when the neighbor hood kids got together to play, we had to walk, not run, around my aunts house.  Needless to say I was the only one that would walk around this house.  I always felt as if someone was looking out the window at me.  Although I never saw anything I always knew it was there.  My children would visit the new people whom moved in a few years back & they have seen the ghost sitting on the toilet & it has played with them by pulling their hair or poking them.  I asked the new owners one day how they liked the house.  This was shortly after they moved in.  They said they liked it fine.  Well I then asked them what they thought about it being haunted & they said how did you know?  I told them I always knew it.  Well, they had a few stories like hearing someone walk around in the hall & on the stairs with a cane, a cat walking on the bed, even seen a man standing at the foot of the bed when there was a really bad storm.  When the man’s wife got sick & was in the hospital they-the ghost, seemed to get worried & they were heard more often around the house.  There were places in the floor that their cat would not walk on.  They have a daughter & her husband will not go into the house if no one is there.  I like to visit the house because it is a very comfortable place for me.  The area the house sits on was an old plantation that was built in the early 1900’s. 

These connections did not stop there.  In every instance that I moved from one place to the next from high school to where I live now has had some type of feel to it.  I have been visited by my grandmother to tell her goodbye & was visited by her again to introduce her to my son.  She also told me about heaven, although that part of it I can not recall.  These two visits were in dreams.  I have also dreamed of thing’s that will happen.  I have been riding in a car & passed over places where people have died & felt their spirit there.  I had one instance where for 4 days I had the overwhelming feeling of getting hit in the car on the passenger side while going thru an intersection.  This only happened when I was in the passenger side.  Well, on the 4th day I got a phone call from my brother & his wife’s brother was riding with his cousin & her young daughter when they went to go thru an intersection & they were hit on his side of the car which was the passenger side.  Unfortunately they all perished in the crash.  After that the feeling was gone.  Just recently I crossed a road & got the overwhelming feeling of complete & utter terror as well as thru out my hand as if to stop something from hitting me.  I was so overwhelmed about the feeling that I told a friend that there was going to be a really bad wreck at that section of road.  One month later two girls were hit at that section of road & were burned to death.  Needless to say I tend to listen to my 6th sense because it has helped me.  One more ghost story & I will save the rest for later.

The year is 1992 & I am pregnant with my 2nd child.  I was living in a house that was called Five Star because it had 5 points on it just like a star.  Well, while I was pregnant & in this house I had a lot of activity happen.  I could be standing in the bathroom & hear kids running thru the house & laughing.  I could place my hand on the wall & see a child drawing on the wall with crayon.  Now I need to let you know that the only kids in the house was my 2 yr old son.  He did a lot of laughing & playing but what I heard & saw was not him.  One time I was putting my son to bed & decided to lay down with him.  I had my back to the door of the room & it was open to the back porch.  As I was laying there I felt the bed jerk as if someone grabbed the post & shook it.  I turned around to find no one there.  I continued to lay with my back to the door & within 1 minute of the last shake the bed was shook again.  I said, “OK, apparently you don’t want me to lay with my back to the door.  Is this better?”  I turned over & faced the door & it quit.  I was sitting on the sofa one day watching TV with my legs crossed so I was not touching the floor at all & the couch was lifted off the floor twice.  I went looking for my husbands friend one day-he lived in the house to but had a hidden room kind of.  You had to go thru one room’s closet to get to his room.  Well, as I walked into the closet I saw a man standing in it.  I said,” Excuse me, I’m just looking for Billy.”  Well, I never left the closet so the man was standing 2-3 inches away from me & I looked in Billy’s room to find no one there.  I said to the man, “ I guess he went for a walk of something” & turned around & the man was gone.  Now the house had hardwood floors all in it & anyone whom has hardwood floors knows they are not very quiet.  He would have bumped into me getting out of the closet & I would have heard him walk away.  But, he was not there at all.  I found out later that someone hung themselves in that closet.  I moved from the house 1 month before my daughter was born.  Well, when she finally came into the world after 11 ½ hours of hard labor I find that my daughter was born full veil.  That explained all the things that happened to me while I was pregnant with her.  The activity was so much more.  Anyway, she actually told me what happened the day she was born.  She recalls being really warm-still in the oven-then seeing a bright light & she got really cold & then she recalls being placed on the cart with the see thru walls & leaving the room.  I was not surprised she remembered it due to I knew she was veiled when born.  She does not like the fact that spirits are drawn to her or act up when she has company.  The house we live in now was built in 1910 & there is a little girl whom resides there.  I have felt her around & my daughter has heard her slam doors & walk down the hall way.  I have someone coming to the house that can see ghost to tell me who she is.  I have heard her call my best friends name when she had come over to spend the night.  It was funny to see my friend go look for whom called her.  She  then comes to me & says I know I heard someone call my name.  I said yes, I heard it to.  She said come to think about it I heard a little girl.  I said yes, I heard it to.  She said but Liz is not here-my daughter.  I said no she’s not.  Hence, could not be anyone but the ghost b/c it was a little girl’s voice & the only little girl was not there.  I have more stories to tell but this has gotten really long.  Hope it is not to much.  Feel free to put on your website but please leave my name off.  I will write again soon.

Thanks for your interest in my stories.    




Dealing with Evil





Experience # 3

After my 1st child was born my husband & I moved into an old mobile home that was situated right off a main highway.  Well, from the start I felt there was something not right about the house.  I did not feel comfortable leaving my son anywhere but in the dining room or den area.  We also had a separate den area that his crib was in & I was ok with that room.  The mobile home was an older 70 rounder model that had a den (sons room), my bedroom small bath & a storage room built off the back side & a bedroom, den & porch built on the front side.  Well, when I was there by myself with my son I always had a bad feeling about the storage room & bath in the back area of the home. There was a pin hole in the wall between the storage room & my small bath in my bedroom that I would have to cover whenever I was in there because I could feel something bad watching me.  I had a dog at the time & she would stand in front of the storage room with her hair raised & growl really deep but she would not go into the room.  Neither would I.  I ended up taking my dog to a friend’s house b/c the house became infested with fleas & no matter what we did we could not get ride of them.  Every time I would put my son in the bathtub I would be terrified that he was going to drown so I would put very little water in the tub.  I also noticed that there was a permanent stain in the tub that looked like rust.  No matter how hard I scrubbed this stain would not leave.  When in the front bedroom, which looked across the hall from the storage room you always felt like someone was going to walk in any moment.  We even had friends that would come over & they were spooked by these back rooms also.  Anyway, we stayed about 6 months there.  After we moved out I found out that the house use to be used for satanic rituals & gatherings.  The front bedroom that was across from the storage room was used as the meeting place.  There was a couple that found out they were going to have a baby & they had decided to get out of the cult.  Well, the rest of the group decided that they could not get out & the guy was told he was to sacrifice his child.  Needless to say the boy was killed & the girl was knocked out & the rest to the group took her baby & sacrificed it in the tub.  I was really glad to be away from that house.  There was also a house that sat beside the one we lived in.  We had a few friends over one night & they decided to check this house out.  Well, one of our friends ended up missing.  They looked everywhere in the house & around the house looking for him.  They all, with the exception of Danny, came back to my house looking for him.  Danny was no where to be found.  About 30 minutes later while we were trying to figure out where he could be Danny comes walking up totally white faced & sweating.  We asked him where he was & he said over at the house next door.  He said he got light headed & passed out & when he came to he was leaning against a wall & his watch was missing.  He noticed this because he didn’t know how long he had been out.  Well we never found his watch & we never did find out where he had disappeared to.  I have figured that when evil is around it likes to play very bad tricks on you.  Funny thing is when I really thought about the area I never saw any animals besides my dog.  No birds, strays, nothing. Hope you enjoyed this one.




Trenton, NJ





I purchased this home in 1974 just months after the first owner passed away in her sleep at age 104.  I was inexpicitly drawn to one bedroom and although it was the smallest bedroom I made it into the master bedroom. 

One night I felt someone shaking me awake.  I opened my eyes and saw flames on the ceiling.  I ran to the hallway and into the guest bedroom and felt it getting hotter and hotter.  When I got to the window I saw the house next door was on fire and the trees and leaves between the properties were on fire.  I called the fire department and our house was saved.  However, when I went back to the bedroom my husband was asleep and had not shook me awake.  Also, there was no way I could have seen flames on the ceiling because the bedroom was in the opposite side of the house as the fire. 

At 11:30 PM each night my dog would stand at the top of the stairs and growl and we could clearly hear someone climbing the stairs.  In a later conversation with the daughter who was 82, I was told that her mother was very active for her age and watched the 11:00 news each night and went to bed precisely at 11:30 PM.  The room I was drawn to was the room she died in. 

After redecorating, I moved the master bedroom to one of the larger rooms and made the other room into the guest room.  Whenever a male stayed in that room they would tell me that could feel a presence come into the room and were quite frightened.  Late one night my brother in law was returning to the bedroom from the bathroom and felt someone push him down the stairs.  Our ghost never seemed to bother a female guest. 

I sold the house in 1984 when I moved to Newport, RI.  I miss my ghost friend.

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