The Stiens




In our old house in Malta gardens, New York, we had a collection of old Stiens and mugs on a high up shelf in our kitchen which was almost impossible to reach without a ladder.  Ond day we noticed one of the flip tops on the mug was open and staying that way, when it is supposed to flip back down when someone lets go of it.  I got up and looked at it and the entire thing was covered with a thick layer of dust because they hadn't been touched for over 13 years.  If someone had touched it, it wouldn't have dust on the handle.  That was just after we decided to move out of the neighborhood.  We just decided to leave it that way until we moved and packed them up.  It became a habbit of everyone in the family to look at it as thay went by to see if anything happened.  Eventually when i went by one time it was closed and still hadn't been touched.  That all happened about 1 year ago and we still havn't figured out what caused it.




The Red Eyes




My first experience was in my best friend's house. She is now my step sister and we still can't really talk about it. She lived in a house that was built by her family. I can't remember how old the house was but I do remember a photo being taken after the house was first built. There was a little girls face in the window, but at the time no one had any little girls. They experienced strange things all of the time. I'd over hear my best friend's mom tell mom things that were happening. I used to stay the night there all the time. My best friend would tell me things that happened to her and she liked it when I was there because nothing would happen. She would tell me that she would hear footsteps on the stairs and that she would lock the door to her bedroom. She would wake up in the morning with the door unlocked and the door open. Sorry I'm getting of course here. One night I stayed there something did happen. She had bunk beds and she and I were both on the top. The way we were facing we were looking out the window of the room. The lights were out and I don't remember when or how, I just remember red beady eyes staring at us through the window. we hid under the covers and stayed there. Both of us too scared to look to see if it was still there. Many years later I read the "Amityville Horror". The part where Kathy said that she saw the red beady eyes staring in at her and her daughter. As soon as I read that it conjured that night at my friends house. All those many years ago we told our mothers what had happened. They tried to tell us that a racoon must have gotten into a tree and was looking in and the reason why its eyes looked red was because the reflect light. Sounds like a good explaination right? It would have been if there was a ledge of the ro  or a tree by her window.

That was the first and it wasn't the last. The house that I currently reside in is probably one of the only houses that I have lived in that wasn't haunted. Since the red eyes... I've experinced people calling my name when no one was at home. Radios turning on by themselves. Toys with no batteries turning on by themselves. Cold spots. Items missing and returning in places you knew that you had checked. A little girls voice asking for help before laughing in the most evil laugh I have ever heard. The closet thing to an actual sighting is what I have at work. Out of the corner of my eye I'll see someone approach me, nothing more then a shadow really, but when I turn to look nothing is there. I could go one forever about the oddities that have happened to me. And to be honest, as much as I have experienced and as interested in the paranormal that I am. I don't think that I could handle a full apperation if it were to appear in front of me. To this day when I go to bed and shut my eyes when the lights are off. I refuse to open them.





 Haunted Houses




This happened to us while we were living in a Rented house on  E 2nd Street in Hayward Wisconsin.

I was a neat house for my cousin and and friend and I to rent, nice neighborhood, quiet town.

Well all was good until things started to go happen. first there was the sounds of boxes falling in the basement, which was empty at the time. then there was the footsteps seen in the back yard that started from the garden and walked into the wall of the garage, but went nowwhere else. this was seen in the snow. and then there was the strange knockings coming from the Hallway closet, which when looking inside looks like there may have been stairs at one time.

My roomate James was standing in the kitchen on day when he looked behind him in the large mirror, there was what looked like a woman standing behind him in what looked like garb from the 1930's when he turned around noone was there. We could never find and explaination for these occurrences, only that there used to be a house not far from where this one presently sits, and on a womanthat lived there  had slipped and been killed in the creek nearby.




Ghosts of Glenville State College.





A few days ago I was perusing your site and I came across the section where you have hauntings listed state by state. I was very excited to see that you have Glenville State College listed.

Most people who might read this would have no idea where Glenville State College is or why it would be listed on your site. Located in central West Virginia, Glenville State is a small college which sits on a hill overlooking the town of Glenville; its namesake. The town is very charming and down-to-earth and if one is looking for a quiet and safe place to continue their learning, then this would be a great area in which to do so. Snuggled securely in the hills,it is probably the last place one would expect to encounter ghostly activity, but it has more than its share of the supernatural. If one believes in such things.

Several years ago, I began attending Glenville State College in the fall after I graduated high school. It was to be my first true experience of being away from home and I was experiencing a mixture of excitement and fear. I settled on living in the dorms so that I could more fully experience college life. Living near me in the dorms was another girl from my old high school. Well, birds of a feather stick together and we did just that. We had heard the stories about the dorm and it's supposed hauntings. We were a little spooked, but only because we wanted to believe the stories more than we actually did believe them. We were never told by what or whom it was haunted, but only that there were often very strange and unusual sounds heard at any time of the day or night. We giggled and eventually forgot about the tales.

After a while, we managed to make friends with several students who were from other parts of the state. Most of the time we would all gather in my dorm room and watch television, play games, or something. One night after most of my friends had gone home, I was sitting on my bed with my friend Doug watching some sort of sitcom. While we were sitting there we heard what sounded like a ball bearing being dropped on the floor. It then rolled very slowly across the floor. Unsure from where the sound was coming, we looked under my bed thinking that perhaps something had fallen from the bottom of the bed. We found absolutely nothing. We wrote it off as something being dropped by whoever lived above me. We would hear the sound again before that night was over, and many many times again over the next few years. Honestly, I continued to blame it on an unknown person who lived upstairs. The problem with this is that while anything is possible,the chance that a person living above my room would drop the same item more than 35 times over a period of a few years is odd (unless it was intentional). Als it is even more strange that the same person would live above there that long. It was not uncommon for most people to move out of the dorms after their first year of living there. I was the odd one, as I chose to stay there longer than most. Still I had no other explanation, so I continued to blame the girl upstairs. In fact I do not know if I even had an upstairs roomate, as I never heard sounds from that room other than the sound of the metal ball being dropped and rolled across the floor.

After A few years, I too decided to spread my wings and move into the town. I rented a small house with a few other friends and eventually forgot about the noises in the dorms. I forgot that is until I heard someone else talking about it. It was through this person that a story was told to me that is believed to explain the strange noises commonly heard in those rooms; the same noises I heard there.

It is said, in the version I heard, that the dorms sit on a site that was once occupied by a childrens group home. According to the story, one of the residents of the home was a small disabled boy who drew his enjoyment from playing with a set of marbles he had. One day while playing, he fell down a set of stairs and died as a result of a broken neck. Eventually the home was torn down and later the dorms would be erected on that site. As far as I know, the Marble Boy has been keeping residents of the dorms awake for many years now.

I find the story a little heartbreaking because the child only knew enjoyment in life because of his set of marbles, and if one believes the stories, he stays here continuing to play with the things he loved so much in life. It is sad that as a little boy he had so little, but it is that "so little" that ties him here.

There are other tales I have heard about the college. Some of these I find a bit more frightening that the story of the Marble Boy. One of these is the story that some of the buildings on campus typically come alive with activity when there are only one or two people left inside working late. I have heard that during these times it will sound as if metal filing cabinets and books are being tossed about, crashing into walls and such. When this occurs and the rooms are investigated nothing can be found. The cabinets are in order and the books are neatly stacked. Furthermore, there is not a single person inside the rooms from where the noises came. I have also heard that in one of the buildings it sounds as if there are things being dragged up the hall.

On a personal note I had a similar experience in a room of one of these buildings. I have never told this story because I didn't really believe my ears. In fact I wrote it all off to an overactive imagination. One evening, I had gone up to one of the locked rooms on the top floor of the buildings. At one time the rooms had served as offices but where being used for storage at the time this happened to me. I had borrowed the key to the room in order to get a book for a class. I left the door to the room open while I looked. The layout of this area of the building was such that there were five or six former office rooms on that floor. Each of the rooms were on the same side of a long hallway, and there were no other rooms. At each end of the hallway was a heavy wooden door. When these doors were opened it made a distinct sound. Anyone who was familiar with the sounds made by those doors could not possible mistake the sound for anything other. While I was looking at the books, I heard one of the doors open. Thinking it was someone else coming to get a book I said hello loud enough be heard. No one answered. I got up and walked out into the hallway. There was no one there and all the other rooms were locked and dark. Maybe it was just someone coming to see if anyone was up there. I'd like to think if this was the case, they would have at least responded to my "hello." I guess one will never truly know.

There are many other stories regarding Glenville State that are very interesting and great to share on a dark, spooky night. I recommend, for those few who may be interested, checking it all out yourself. Maybe you will be suprised.          








Gasden High School, this happend about 2 ½ years ago. Two of my law enforcement buddies and myself happend to see a glow at the old English building. Neither me or my other partner thought anything of it, but me being a joker, I told him a what if it's the ghost! My partner told me yeah your crazy "but he is scared of ghosts" Any how we started to head to the building , and the third guy showed up so we all told the dispatcher that we would be checking out the school. There was a radio playing music in the basement of the English building, didn't think anything about that, but I saw a small door that apperd to be open, so me being the smallest of the three I took it upon myself to clear the basement under the building, much to my suprise, I found a lot of old stuff, but at the entrance was a book that read "you and the occult, and richulistic death" this gave me a cold chill, not to mention that my alert statis went up. After clearing the basement we went to the rest of the campus to see if there was anymore open doors. the building directly north  which is the gym had an open door, so we went in to make sure that it was not vandalized. upon entering the gym we all heard people talking, so we turned off our flash lights and started to walk towards the voices, but they kept getting further away. when we reached the hall we heard what sounded like someone running on the roof, but there was no ladders on the building. But you could hear people walking, and talking. I told the other two officers lets stop it is probable our shoes making the noise, so we stopped in the hall let everything get quiet, and you could hear someone running down the hall heading our way, next thing you know the sound just stopped, we started to go east down the hall and all three of use at the same time saw a light in a class room, so we headed to the class room, when we got to it the was no possible way that a light could have come from that room, the door window was blacked out with a black paper over it. and we thought it might have been a car, but the way the class room is this car/truck had to be out in the middle of a field. at that point all three of us got a cold chill the hall got cold and we decided to try and lock up the school and go about the rest of the night, doing our work, as we left the school property one of my friends pulled his car out infront of mine and a big black bird hit his windshield, and left no marks. I didn't see it but he was as white as a sheet. Thouth that you might want to hear about this, by the way all three of us are cops!!! hope you enjoyed this!  




Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard


I have given you a story before but it does not even come close to this one. When i was eight my dad, step mum and i went to England for a holiday. It was christmas you see so we decided to go to Hever Castle on chrissie day. Anyway it was just becoming evening when I felt a dathly chill around one of the gardens. As my family walked on I saw an odd looking woman out of the corner of my eye. I glanced towards her to see a lady of elegance standing there watching me, she wore a black robe with a single silver chain and had a scar spreading along her thin neck. She was oddly pale and had an eerie sence about her. She smiled at me gently, unmoving. Then she stepped forward and pointed behind my shoulder. I looked behind myself to see what she was looking at and then when I turned she was gone. I looked in the garden but there was nothing and nobody. I though felt strangley odd in a way as though someone had told me something and i had to tell someone.

Then about two days later we went to Hampton Court and went to the Gallery. In the castle i noticed once again a lady in dark costume staring at me. I thought it was the woman from Hever Castle because she had the same scar on her neck but as i looked closer i realised that she did not bear a necklace. She smiled at me and bent to the ground staring at me with large eyes. Then the same deathly feeling came over me and I spoke. I said Anne sends her love Catherine. She smiled and disappeared right infront of me.

As i grew up i learnt more about King Henry the 8 and his 6 wives. Two in which were beheaded. I read more about these two ladies and found that they were cousins. Their names were Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

I have become amazed with these two and am planning to seek out their spirits.

I also found out that what i said to Catherine was a message from Anne. She sends her love... to who else but her cousin who suffered the same fate as she.




The Wardrobe





Hello I live in Dallas GA off of Cole Lake Road.  This area was a field.  Nothing that we know of was here till they built our homes.  My sub-division is small.  My husband and many people visiting our home have heard noises.  At first we just heard them downstairs.  Then my Great Aunt passed away and we cleaned out her and my grandmothers house.  I brought an old wardrobe home that belonged to my great grandfather. Now in my spare room where that piece of furniture is there are lots of noises.  I am sitting in that room right now.  We have made it a home office.  One of the most recent experiences was a knock.  The shave and a haircut  two cents knock.  I believe back in the Civil War time this was a popular thing to do.  This whole area here in Paulding County GA was a very strong area for the Civil War.  My husband believes we have soldiers.  He jokes about playing Dixie.  When we hear a lot of noise he will play Dixie on our computer.  I have the song downloaded.  It seems that the noise gets quieter.  We both have seen things  reflections etc...  But the noises from the room happen the most.  I was told by a professor in ghost hunting.  For me to tell the ghosts that they scare me and I know that they are there.  For me to ask them to not make so much noise.  They do stop for a while when I do this.  Also back to the wardrobe.  The doors open and close on it constantly.  I have this doll I stand in front of it to keep the doors shut. When it was at my grandmothers house in NC  I believed then that it was haunted.  What made me bring it to my home  I don't know he he




Strange Sightings in a Small Town





   I grew up in a small town right next to the Ohio River. As a teen I had an experience one night while driving along the Ohio and I am still not sure what to make of it. I was about 18 and my boyfriend and I was out for a drive, well, the stretch of road that we were on ran along the Ohio and being that it was a small town there are only so many street lights along this road. At a certain point they just stop and it is all darkness after that. As it were, we were returning from a friends house heading toward the place in the road were the street lights begin again. As we reached the first light I looked toward the edge of the road and saw what looked like a big white severed goats head lying on the ground. It was right below the light post in the glow of the light, I could not have missed it. I noticed that my boyfriend was looking in that direction also and I quickly said did you see that? And he said yes then he sped up a bit. We were both quite shaken and didn't say much at first, when suddenly he turned the car around. I was freaking out and I said what are you doing? He said he wanted to be sure of what we just saw. We went back and passed the spot and found nothing. So we past it a few more times and even stopped to check the area but still found nothing. We drove home trying to decide what to do about what we saw and when we finally arrived at his house his mother came into the kitchen to talk to us. My boyfriend turned to her and said we just saw something really strange. She asked him what it was and he said, to my great suprise, the body of a nude woman on the side of the road! I thought WHAT??? I quickly told him that that was not at all what I saw and I proceeded to describe the severed goats head. Well at this point his mother was throughly freaked out. We told her that we had gone back and searched but nothing was there. It seemed funny that both of us had said we seen it and yet neither of us had said what 'it' was while we were riding in the car. I guess we were just afraid. The thing is years later, long after that boyfriend and I had gone our seperate ways. My Husband and I were driving down that same stretch of road (which I have gone down many times since) and for some reason I looked in that direction, it was there again and I noticed that my husband was looking at it too. He quickly slammed on his brakes and yelled there's a  woman on the ground! He started to through off his seat belt and I grabbed his arm and said she won't be there when you get out, and he was like WHAT? WE GOTTA GO SEE, SHE MAY BE HURT! I told him that she is never there once you get passed that light and besides it was a severed goat head that I saw, not a woman. I filled him in on the whole thing and yet he still went to check. Of course there was nothing there. I don't know what it is, or what happened in that spot, but something must have. People around the town like to say that the abandoned house on that hillside next to the road is haunted, but I have been there plenty of times and nothing has ever happened. The spot where we seen the body/goat head is quite a distance from the abandoned site. It was a really spooky experience. Thanks for letting me share.



Meramec Caverns--Stanton, Mo





I am an ex- tour guide from Meramec Caverns.  I worked there for two and a half years.  There are many people who have worked there longer than me, and the stories I am going to tell you come from me and from my predecessors at this job.  It has been said, that the last tour of the day, the late tour, known to be the last tour in the cave, will hear odd voices... after lisening closer, you can hear another tour going on, but there is no other tour in the cave.  It is a female tour guide, and a group of all males.  There have been reports of lights flickering, when there is no one around the switch, and some guides have reported seeing the ex owner of the  cave, Lester B. Dill... He was said to be a great man, but very picky about the going ons in his cave.  My supervisor at the cave, who is still there today, told once about being in the cave, in total darkness and hearing someone running at a very fast pace towards him in the walkway.... when they got close to him, he turned on his flashlight, and there was no one there... the problem with this is that in total darkness, there is no way to know where you are going, and anyone, even people familiar with the cave have to use hand railings to run, but couldn't possibly run that fast down there, and even well trained guides would run into the trashcans or light boxes.  no from personal experience, I have heard strange things, felst breezes and drafts from areas where there isnt an opening into the cave, in fact there isn't another opening at all, and the one people come through, has a building built over it.  I have heard children, as well as adults screaming, and this usually happened when alone or with another person.  There have been instances where we have felt as if we are being watched, I have had small children saying that they can see people standing there and there is no one, and even had adults have to leave tours because they can hear children laughing.... there are many strange occurances that have taken place in the area, but weather due to the drownings outside in the river or whatever, it is haunted, ask anyone who works there, they can't tell you everything because they will get in trouble because they can't sell bad things about a family invironment... but hey, who knows.  Also, it used to be a civil war hideout, there was an acctuall documented battle fought in the entrance, and the founder of sullivan ( a nearby town) was hung in the entrence way.... anyways, check it out, you probably wont find much on the internet... but go there, ask around, you hear about it.




Living with Ghosts




alright...i've read the stories on this site a few times (obviously not ALL of them, there's way too many, but a good deal of them). i've had several experiences that are very similar to several of yours. while they are fairly unbelievable, they're true.

my first story starts off when i was around the age of 5 or 6 years old. there has always been a red stain on the carpet at the top of the stairs in that house, and we never knew why, because no one had spilled anything there. we tried putting in a new carpet, and it didn't get rid of it. the contractors said it was due to oil rising from the mines or something like that, i can't remember, so i wont try to explain their theory. anyways, i was in my room, trying to sleep, and i had my nightlight on (its weird, i used to be afraid of the dark, now i'm all about the paranormal sh!t). suddenly, my nightlight blew out and i heard a woman scream. my brother, who shared a room with me at the time, heard it too. my grandma lived with me, my brother, my mom and dad, and my sister. so naturally, my brother and i ran into her room, thinking she fell, or someone broke in (we lived in an urban area at the time, so this was not unusual). but no one was there, and my grandma was sound asleep. my sister was too, so we assumed that we heard my parents' tv. but when came back to our end of the hallway, my dad was fully dressed, asking if we knew anything that was going on. we didnt, so he let us go back to bed. naturally, we didn't sleep.

not fifteen minutes later, the scream broke out again. this time, i thought it was my sister, trying to get me and my brother in trouble. so i ran out and saw a tall lady with a great figure standing in the hallway, with a look of terror on her face. as she screamed, i saw a man run past her with something in his hands, punch her in the side, and rush out the door. i think he  had a knife or something of the sort, but after that, the woman disappeared. we moved out of the house a few weeks later.

my next story brings us to the house i live in now. we had just moved in maybe 4 months ago, and my parents thought it would be a nice birthday if they left us kids at home with my gram. so, when they left, maybe an hour passed, and we heard a noise, like someone was trying to rattle the screen door off the hinges. so, i locked the door and we went into my grandma's room. after about an hour or so of just sitting in the pitch darkness of our quiet little house hidden in the wooded area of the development, we went back out into the kitchen. assuming everything was fine, and that it was just a wild animal or something, we started to laugh and joke and ended up back in the living room watching tv (the door leads right into the living room). what happened next is extremely strange. the tv started turning on and off, the lights started flickering, and the oven heat (we were making a frozen pizza) soared to its highest point and the heating elements inside burnt out. then, everything stopped, and we were left in pitch darkness. then, my parents room, which was one room over from the living room, the bed started squeaking. we looked inside, and by the light from the window, we saw what looked like an invisible person jumping up and down on the bed. my grandma, who was lways a religious person, said, in a loud clear voice, "in the name of jesus christ, depart from this home." not 3 seconds later, it stopped. i felt something cold brush by me, open up the locked door, and slam it shut behind it.

we were all in shock. after a few hours, we thought we heard our parents come up the driveway, so we rushed to the door to see them and tell them our story. well, someone opened the door and after a second, my grandma said "we're all fine, thanks for getting rid of them". when i asked her who she was talking to, she said a kind man in the doorway asked if those kids nextdoor were bothering us. then, the door closed quietly. we all sat there, and didnt move from the spots we were in, all wide awake. when my parents got home, they couldn't open the door because it was still locked.

after that, most people would have hoped that we didn't dabble in the activity anymore. however, i felt that there was something more out there. so, i've been visiting haunted areas, graveyards, and all sorts of weird areas, because i don't believe these things were in my imagination. after all, my brother was with me both times, and he had the same story i did.



Ikego Hills, Zushi, Japan (maybe a ghost, maybe not)




I've heard a lot of ghost stories about Japan, specifically about Ikego

since having been stationed here a couple of years ago.  Not being one to

believe the increadible without experiencing it myself, I talked two brave

souls into driving to the back gate and dropping me off one night at about

0200. I then proceeded to walk back alone without a flashlight through the

East Valley portion of Ikego to the Middle gate where the two who had

dropped me off were supposed to be waiting. Upon first exiting the vehicle,

I heard this poping and cracking coming from the other side of a bamboo

thicket, but attributed it to the wind. The car took off and then stopped

about twenty feet up, the noise from the bamboo was really creeping me out,

so I walked up to see what they were doing. As it turns out, the passenger

wanted to get out and walk back with me because he didn't want to leave me

"alone with the ghosts". He got out and we started walking and the car sped

off into the night. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful it was back

there at night. The second thing I noticed was a covered drainage ditch that

parrallelled the road which apparently had a lot of water running through it

as it make quite a racket. Convinced that there was nothing to fear but

forest noises, we contniued to walk back.

   At a certain point we walked past a small power plant which was fenced

off and had perimeter illumination. After we passed it, I happened to notice

that between the two of us we cast three shadows on the pavement. One from

him, one from me and one slightly to the left and behind me. At the time I

thought it was a secondary light source casting two shadows off of myself,

but in retrospect I realized that if that were the case there should have

been four shadows, two for each of us, not three... We continued walking and

eventually made it to the middle gate without having any other sightings.




Haunted House Stockton California




Just a few blocks north of Hammer Lane in Stockton, Ca. there is a house that had a family in it years age. They had two small children. At a certain date there were no more children, only the parents. Shortly thereafter they moved out. A friend of mine rented the house. She kept noticing two small children playing in the back yard but they would disappear when she would go to investigate. They would play tricks on her in the bathroom. As my friend moved out she explained the tricks to me. We put a roll of toilet paper on the toilet tank and left the house and locked it as we moved some furniture to storage.  We returned and hour later and the paper roll had be moved to the counter top out of reach from the toilet. This is one of the reasons she moved as this trick happened daily. I was asked to spend the night there alone and I declined




Family's Haunts




Hi, my names annie and this isnt exacltly my experience but my sisters and i have a couple more from the family to.

well when i was about 8 or 9 my sister told me this story.

her friend danielle was sleeping over at her house and they were in her mums bedroom and were messing about when they noticed some sort of clear figure in the corner of the room. my sister started to chew her necklace but then forgot about everything, about 5mins later they noticed the figure again, my sister tried to pick her necklace up but strangely it wasnt their, my sister and her friend decided to run for the light, as they did. helen found her necklace at the bottom of the bed, how had it got their? they went downstairs to her mum and described the figure to her, her mum told helen and danielle it was her brother who died it that room.

More experiences are when my cousin molly annie was born, at the exact time11 pm she was born, my mum woke up through the night, and standing next to her was her mum and cousin who had died before i was born.

also when i was little and we first moved in my house i always saw a man behind the curtain and my mum asked the old owner if her daughter had ever seen it and she saw the exact same thing. ive got loads more but i cant be bothered typing them all. thanks for listening you can contact me on if you would like to chat




A Baby Ghost





This happened to me in 95/96. My daughter was about 5 months old. Everyone was sleeping. I woke up cause I heard my daughter starting to cry. I didn't want to just walk in there , hoping she would go back to sleep, so I quietly went down stairs to use the bathroom. When I went back up to check on her it was  quiet,  I slowly peeked my head  around the corner, to see a baby sitting up looking out the window. At first I thought it was her and started to go in there when I seen my daughter sleeping at the other end of the bed, when I looked back it was gone.  It didn't scare me I checked on my daughter and went back to bed..   The nexted morning I told my husband, (He didn't believe me), He told his mom about it any way, and she told him that when she was pregnant with his older sister they lived ther. The baby was still born. My guess was the baby was watching out for my daughter. After all it is her niece..  This is a very true story it did happen and I know it did, I was there




Two Great Stories





Hello!   I have two stories to tell about. The first one is about my mother-in-law who died of uterus cancer only months before my son4s birth. I had a very strange experience when my son was few monts old. Namely, I was standing in front of the TV one day holding my baby son in my arms in an upright position. Suddenly, I felt as if someone was standing behind me, and suddenly my baby got very excited and started giggling and staring behind me. The next moment I felt that that someone standing behind me was putting hand around me as if trying to get hold of the baby and lift him over my head. What is amazing is that it felt so real that I almost let my baby go, but as I was about to do that I came out of trance or I don4t know how that state could be called I was in. Thank god, I did not let him go, as he would have dropped on the floor, as there was no one standing behind me! I was at that time and I still am 100% per cent sure that it was my dead mother-in-law and my son4s paternal grandmother, who had had hoped to live enough to see her first grandchild, which she never did. She had had even asked about it from her doctor whether of not she will live to see him, but the doctor had said no.  I have always felt sad about it that she never saw her first grandch

d and it is comforting to think that it may have been her who came to see her grandson for the first and last time.   Another story is connected with ghost stories. I was in my teens, and had my friends visiting me one evening. At one point of time we started to share ghost stories, and one of my friends claimed that she had had heard stange foot steps coming up the stairs towards her room in her house. It was then that I came up with the ghost story of my own, and said that I had had heard foot steps in the middle of the night in my house, as well, which was, in fact, a lie. The rest of the evening went as usual, but it was the next morning that a strange thing happened. I have a bookshelf at my bed, and every night I put my glasses on top of it. The next day I woke, however, I found my glasses covered with thick dust, but it was no ordinary dust as there was no dust on the bookshelf the glasses had been on during the night. I swept the dust away from the glasses with my fingers, but there was no trace of the dust on my fingers after that, either. It seems that the dust on the glasses served as a warning from our house spirit (I do believe that every apartment and house has its own sprit), who was not happy about me making up ghost stories on previous night. I simply have no other explanation to that incident.   MM




The Gray Man




It all began on a winter night as I started my shift as a security guard for a middle Tennessee hospital for children as I walked my rounds making shore all doors where locked and all was quit. I entered the receptions area and sat down to drink my coffee when I looked up to see a man I guess,  just outside the windows I saw the figure as if he was trying to see inside.

As I made my way to the doors and preceded to go outside to see if I could help him it was no more then a few seconds to go throw the doors, he was no where to be seen and there was no sound of anyone running off.  I discounted my vision and all but forgot about that night, till a few days later back on watch I was carrying some paperwork to the store room on the first floor when the elevators opened and I heard a deep voice say my name and sounds of steps moving away from me. to say the least I was frozen. dropping the papers off I rushed up to the second floor to ask if anyone had used the elevators. The charge nurse stated that no one had left the ward in about an hour. When my supervisor showed up to do his nightly tour I relayed the story his reply was I needed more coffee or some fresh air as you would think he would say.

This event took place before I joined the NAVY for the last 16 years I have had countless encounters with sounds,  feelings of someone there or watching me. 




Sights and Sounds




I will start off by saying I used to never belive in the paranormal til I

was 12 or 13.  There has always been the story that my Great Aunts house was

haunted,which I never believed but thats a whole nother story.  Mine starts

with  my parents built a house about 11 years ago and for the first few

years it was a normal house but one day I was on my way to bed when I got

this chill and was suddenly VERY scared.  I litteraly ran and junped on my

bed and covered my head til I fell asleep. That was the first thing I

everexperienced in this house.  After that I would lock my door when I would

go to bed and I would wake up to find my door open! (when none had been home

to open it)  I would also be in the living room watching TV when I would

hear loud thuds coming from an area upstairs where nothing could be, because

it was by a cathederal cieling. Other things happened with a hanging light,

I would look out of the corner of my eye and see it lightly twisting (not

swinging,like someone bumped it) and heard something like a light tapping on

the thin glass bulbs,it did this for several minutes.  I then got up and

stoped it from swinging and it stoped for a moment then started again.  My

parents have noticed things also so I know I am not over reacting.  The last

thing that happened made me move out on my own. This happened about a year

ago.  I was in bed asleep when I woke with this overwhelming scared feeling.

I had a painful feeling, something or someone sitting on my legs when I

looked around I saw a shadowy figure at the end of my bed.. I then began to

get the feeling I couldn't breathe, the last thing I remember was being

pushed off my bed.  My bed was up against the wall and I am positive I didnt

fall out because when I got up and went to tell my parents I had large

bruises on my hip but on the wrong side not the side I had fallen on.  This

was just a little to scary for me because up until then it was to the point

I believed in the paranormal but I didn't believe they could actually hurt

you. Now I know better. To sum up my story the feeling I had of being

terrified only happened two times and that was the first time I experienced

anything in that house and the last time.  I think there might be two

spirits one I feel is nice and one I had the feeling it wasn't.  Thank you

for taking your time to read my story.




Seniors Home Pet in Winnipeg, Canada




I have been given permission to share this story with you about the place I used to work and the cat on the third floor. She was before my time but she is still talked about.

She was the third floor pet in this seniors home.  This place is the last stop for its residents.  Most go in with a DNR signed.

Since she was a kitten she seemed to sense that although these people would act strangely sometimes they meant no harm to her.  SHe was amazingly patient and she was never one to scratch.

They always knew someone was on their way out because of her though, and they always knew at least three days in advance.  The pattern was always the same. Suddenly the cat would be in this persons bedroom, she would leave to eat and to use her litter box.  Depending on how the family and the person felt about cats in the room she would either sleep by the head of the bed, alongside the person, half on them half off, or at the foot of the bed keeping vigil but at a respectful distance.  It was rare that family would get upset about her being there though and they usually took as much comfort from her purring and pleasantmeanor as the person dying.

Sometimes the cat would know before the person themselves knew and they mostly thought that she was just making her nightly rounds and saying hello. 

She would stay with the person until they died and sometimes she was the only one in the room with them when they did pass.  When the person was gone she would stand in the doorway and meow in a shrill and persistent voice, making the nurses pay attention.  When someone came to investigate her MO was to jump on the bed and sit at the foot of it watching while the DON and the nurse pronopunced death and informed the family.

She would stay in the room until the body was removed if they allowed her to.  If not she stood vigil outside until the body was taken.

It is almost supernatural that the night she died she died in the bed of her favorite resident.  The woman had been in the seniors home only a month or so longer thsn the cat who they got from the pound at four months old.  There was an instant connection.  When she wasn't keeping vigil over the dying residents she could be found in this womans room.  Her litter box and food were close by in a closet with a pet door for her convenience.

The night the cat died was also the night the woman passed away. She died like she always said she wanted to, in her sleep and with no fuss.  They were found on third round bed checks, her hand on the cats back and the cat was curled in a ball beside her.

I have no idea why this cat was the way she was, and the aides and nurses miss her still.  They now have a pair of lovebirds as pets on the floor and may one day get another cat for the residents, but that is a big maybe, you just can't beat an animal like that one.

In every other way she was a perfectly normal animal.  She was smallish and had callico colors on her with a black ring around one eye.  They have one photo album dedicated entirely to her, lots of people have looked at it and all agree, she looked like she was supposed to be there.

Thanks for listening.



Nashotah Stained Glass/Concordia University




I recently moved back to NE Wisc. from Lawrence, KS. I am a church organist and when I was in Lawrence, I would often borrow an Episcopalian Church's organ to practice on. A lot of the time I felt as if someone was creeping up on me. Sometimes I would turn to look at the altar area or various parts of the church, as the organ sits in the balcony. I would often see various shadows fly around the front of the church. The worst I saw was the last day I played there. I looked at the altar one time and I saw a dark figure shaped like a friar. I felt this was weird seeings how this was an Episcopalian Church and not a Catholic Church. Many of the parishoners there told me that they would never go in there alone but denied that the church was haunted when I reported seeing a white orb slowly move around the naive. Locks on some of the sacristy doors would move back and forth but nobody was in the church, nor did anyone or any figure I saw at least would walk across the altar to get to either sacristy. I also walked past certain pews that had a cold touch or feeling to them, and I twice had cold spots on either side of me on the organ bench.

When I left the church one day, I noticed a mural on the wall near the door. It listed the history of the Episcopalian Church and mentioned that the large stained glass window in the back of the church was from the Nashotah house. The church was commissioned in 1859 after two years of construction and was completed with the Nashotah House window being a donation from the Nashotah House and the Episcopalian Community. I once knew of the Nashotah house being haunted with something else other than the story listed on your site, and I think that the window from Nashotah brought something with it. Several times the plaster rim around the window would crack and crash to the ground interrupting my playing. I once helped with the reconstruction of the plaster but the plaster still cracked and fell as if someone were hitting it.

I thought this story would interest you.

I also read about various hauntings at Concordia University in Mequon. First of all, Concordia is run like a High School social scene and many events that happen at the University would probably upset the spirits if the spirits knew about these particular actions. A friend of mine was expelled because of his race, other students were also expelled when female residents of the Heidelburg dorm, who basically run the social aspect and official discipline of the campus, would make up false allegations. A lot of people are very nosy at this University and a lot of people speak out about it profusely. When I attended, most of the students expelled were from Augsburg. This still happens. Shortly after my friend was expelled and the Vice President called his grandmother a "dirty n-----" on the phone, a negative overtone embraced the first floor Augsburg Hall where he lived. It was as if paranoia had set in as several other black, Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern men were expelled from that particu r dorm for just about no particular reason. I was a student there for a semester and was shoved into the Augsburg dorm. I did not recollect any sightings of paranormal activity, but I did sense that something or someone was there hiding somewhere in the dorm. At times there was an odd humming sound as if someone left an amplifier on at full blast(I thought this noise came from the lights) and I felt a bit uneasy in the main shower/bathroom on the first floor like someone was there to get me. I thought it was either another student, someone waiting to pull some sort of joke on me, or that there was an overwhelming phenomena that would send the powers that be out to expell me as all others in my hallway were expelled. I'll reiterate that I wasn't the only one who felt this.

I sometimes felt that someone else was there protecting me as well. I usually felt such prescence when I had the shower curtain shut, when I was drying myself after the shower, or when I had my door closed and locked. I also encountered people as I roamed the halls and underground tunnels late after playing basketball in the gym that would disappear after passing me and exchanging the casual "hello," these were often women dressed in athletic attire, young and rather pretty. The only noises I heard were intermittant scraping noises as if someone was scraping the wall outside with a key or long fingernails and I got a few light knocks on the door to find noone outside when I looked through the peephole. These noises would show up aroung midnight or four in the morning. There would be nobody outside my room or anyone I heard walking down the hall. Other than the scrapes and knocks, I feel that some of this was due to my paranoia of being the next victim of the Heidelburg dorm as some women from that dorm got me expelled from the female dorms in a missunderstanding. I did hear of wierd thing happening in the Wittenburg dorm but nothing out of the ordinary.

If there is anyone who has spoke to you about residence in Augsburg with similar events, please do not take these lightly. I'm sure if there is something there that is affected by current events, it definately was affected when the University extremely angered the alumni by throwing $500K at President Bush to speak at the 2004 commencement ceremony. Concordia is a school which I believe should be either shut down or seriously looked at by an ethics committee prior to some major housecleaning. The staff that disciplines attempts to get into everyone's business which legally they have no right to do as several of the teachers have protested such acts. If there are spirits there that consistantly haunt those who spend time on the campus, I feel they are hinting towards similar action in aid to those who are making casual protest of what occurs in the main offices. With that being said, I am not trying to run down this University but I feel some of the actions taken by this University may quite possibly be the cause to the continued haunting. I believe a spirit haunts until justice is served for either themselves, the entities around them, or the people around them and a spirit haunts during times of wrongdoing and corruption. Concordia University has severe corruption.

As for the encounters in the Chapel, I had none I can remember. However I would practice at night because there were a lot of organ students and few organs. That meant I was forced to practice at odd hours. I usually found myself playing and waiting for security to check in every hour or so. It always seemed as if they were checking for something and several times I had security tell me that they had gotten a report saying someone was walking down the main hallway outside the Chapel. Although it wasn't the nun that was fabelled in your excerpt, it was a tall man in his early twenties and the description did not fit mine at all. I saw no such person nor heard such footsteps.

I was curious as to the Church in St. Nazianz, I read at the W-Files site that someone went into the church after swinging the cracked door open and ducking the bar lock. He went into the naive first mentioning a mural mysterious lit up by sunlight, going through a few cold rooms in the back of the naive, and receiving an hour long massive headache for all his exploring. Again, the posting is on the W-Files. The guy said the mural on the wall was lit up by direct sunlight although the scource of the light could not be found. I was wondering if you had any other history of the Catholic Church outside of Father Oswald(this wasn't his church was it?). I feel that the only possibility that something lingered here was that someone let it linger here by closing the school and church down and refusing donations. The information I have is all from the W-Files. I know the new owners prohibit visitation so I was wondering if you possibly had some information to elaborate on what was posted on the W-Files.

I think I've covered everything. e-mail me back at if you wish to speak to me. Have a great day and I like your site. :)




My Old House





My old house is located in Pasadena Md.  The house is still standing what is left of it. It was build by slaves and we were born in this house. My mom had a mid wife. My dad was 44years older then my mom so I got alot of stories from him and saw things myself as a child and adult. We would here vocies everytime my dad try to fix the house up. He said it was the cries of the slaves they didn't like us messing with there house. Once a black man appeared to me in ragged clothes I was about 6. He told me his blood went into this house along with many others and they never got to sleep in it until now. I was afraid but he told me he would never hurt me or my family but leave the house alone. He said we could fix the roof to keep the rain off but if they didn't like it they would put more holes in the roof. My dad was aways fixing the roof. When I was 10 or 12 me and my cousin went upstair a a room we called the dark room. Mom said to keep out of there because there was a fire before I was born and Dad never fixed it back up and the floor was weak from the fire and rain. So after years of wondering me and my cousin went in this room and there was 3 other rooms. The darkroom was the one still black from the smoke and the other rom was a bed room but we didn't go in it because the floor had holes in it becase of the fire. The other room over top of our kitchen looked like another kitchen to me. As we looked around the room I looked onto the floor and said oh my god and my cousin said to me with a frighten look on her face, and said do you see a man to ? We both ran out of the room and went to my Mom and told her what we saw. We both saw Jesus nailed to the floor with blood running from his head hands and feet. We didn't know this was Jesus until my Mom said that is who we described. We never went to church, my Mom told us about God watching over us But never about how Jesus died. She made my Dad go up there and look with us and when we got back up there the only thing he saw was something red. He went over and touched it and it was still wet. He told me and My cousin it was red paint. We knew deep down it was a lie because no one was allowed in this part of the house and who would be painting on burnt walls, what was left of a wall. Years later when my Dad died and his spirit was roaming the house. My cousin and I brought up about what we saw as kids and my Mom told us that Dad told her the Red paint was blood. He said it was proubly from animails fighting. But Mom always beleived in her heart it was jesus we saw. I have alot more stories my Dad told me but these are ones I know I saw or herd. Til this day I still go and look at the old house and I know my Dad still remains in that house I think that is why me and my sisters always have this dream of getting the old place aback and building 3 houses on it so we can always remain close. But that is a dream unless we hit the lottery. The things I said are true and unless you experinced it yourself you will always think it is a wise tale. Back when I was a kid if you saw something you were crazy so you were told to keep it hush hush. But now more stories are coming out and they are finding out that there is life after death. My Mom told me because my Dad never really beleived in god that is why he was having a hard time finding his way to heaven. I really don't know all I hope is he is resting in peace now.




John Hughes





My wife and daughter did some volunteer work for Hughes Home for Children, back in 1989, on the outskirts of Danville, Virginia.  They left the Carrington Building at about 8 p.m., in the dark, arm in arm, heading toward their car.  Under the cedar arch, standing on the sidewalk, was John Hughes, dressed nicely, and who stood aside for the ladies to pass.  My daughter, Karen, could not believe her eyes, knowing it was not a flesh and blood man---and so swung her umbrella through the apparition.  It disappeared, instantly. 

Both of my ‘girls’ came home with goose bumps, anxious to tell me what they had seen.  When interviewed separately, they told the same story, to the last detail.  John Hughes is buried about 80 yards from the spot he was seen, beneath a monument to him.  The home is now a Presbyterian home for troubled children, similar to what it was at that time.  I believe that Mr. Hughes was acknowledging the volunteerism of the two ladies, who were working on a mass mailing for the Children’s Home. 




Haunted Piano




This experience happened to a friend of mine when a child in 1968.

Mike and his family were then living in a house in Hanwell, West London, England. His parents still live there. When Mike and his sister were youngsters, they wanted to learn to play the piano. Their dad bought them a second-hand piano after seeing one offered for sale. It belonged to two old ladies, and they wanted a quick sale. At first, things were okay, but after a while odd things began happening - gas jets on the stove would be left on and water taps would be left running. The family thought that they had been absent-minded, and thought nothing of it. As time went on though, more deliberate ghostly acts came about - the music holder on the piano would rock back and forth with unseen hands, the lid would slam down without anyone being anywhere near it and glimpses of a male ghost was seen in the room where the piano was kept. Perhaps the most eerie thing that happened was when Mike was alone in the house one weekend. He heard the piano play one note, all night long. Pam, Mike's sister, was the focus for the haunting because she was the one who used the piano more than anyone. She was physically attacked at least twice by unseen hands in the middle of the night, and curtains in her bedroom would blow when no windows were open.

The incidents became so bad that it was felt that the piano had a ghost that had come with it, so Mike's dad contacted the old ladies who sold it to him. They confessed that they had bought the piano from a junk shop and were themselves assaulted by the ghostly acitivities, so they decided to sell it. Mike's dad thought it odd that at the time when the piano was delivered, one lady said to the other, 'Do you think that this will end it?'

The piano was taken round the back of the house, broken up and burned on a bonfire. The ghost never returned.



Haunted Colorado Springs




If you are ever in the springs and are interested in some site seeing. check out a local haunted house. this house is located off of powers blvd. if your traveling N. on powers right before woodmen blvd. you will see a local church called church of all nations. right next to the church, a little less than a quarter of a mile is the haunted house. it looks more of a shack. you will have to take a back road behind the church to reach the house. once there, if late at night, you walk into the house, you will hear voices in a distant. is hard to distiguish these voices. if you walk back into the front of the house you will see a swimming pool. if you stand next to it, looking directly straight, towards the house(west) you will notice a dark firgure walking acroos the field.

Gold Camp Road - The tunnels along the road are haunted by the spirits who built the in the 1800's, the road was originally a railroad from Colorado Springs to cripple creek but was the tracks were later removed to allow for transportation by car. In the late 70's a school bus of elementary kids were taking a field trip up the road. With that said, you must realize that Gold Camp Road is a narrow, dirt road, winding around sharp corners across the mountainside. Tunnels had to be dug through the mountain in 3 different locations to allow the train tracks to be laid. The true story follows. As the bus approached the third tunnel, rocks and boulders began to slide down the mountain, slamming into the bus.. Most people assume that the driver probably feared being knocked off course by the boulders and took shelter inside the tunnel. Unfortunately, the boulders were shifting d to an earthquake, which caused the tunnel to collapse around the bus, suffocating all inside. To this day, the tunnel has never been fully dug out. It is still closed off, though most of the debris has been removed. The evidence that this is true, is there in the tunnel. When workers began to dig the bodies out, they realized that the roof of the now demolished bus, was the only thing keeping the tunnel from crumbling completely. If you dare to wiggle through the hole(someone else was curious) in the chain link fence that now surrounds the tunnel, you will see the roof of the school bus, hanging from the top of the cave like tunnel. It has been attached firmly to beams, in an effort to keep the roof of the tunnel up.




Family & Ghosts




I have experienced many unusual things in the past that led me to believe that ghosts are very real. I also believe in the afterlife. So, that is ONE reason I am not afraid of dying. But anyhow, I have several experiences that have happened to me, and also to my family. I will start at the beginning.

THIS happened way before I was even born. I never met my dads parents by the way. Grandma died a year nearly to the day I was born. (freaky). Anyway, my sister who is 12 years older than me was about 10 at the time. Bit of background. My dads mother was living at the house with my parents and their 3 kids, two older sisters and a younger brother. (remember, I wasnt born yet). Anyhow, my grandma was separated from her husband. He lived in Sydney while my family lived in Melbourne. My grandpa had lung cancer. There was news that he wasnt going to last much longer. When my parents got news of this, they made arrangements to go to Sydney to be by his bedside. My grandma stayed with the kids in Melbourne.

That first night that my parents were gone, my sister woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She was sitting there with the door wide open when she saw a tall thin man with a large nose walk past the hall in front of her, about 2 metres away. There were no sounds. But she said that he sort of slowed down, looked in her direction, then continued down the hall out of sight. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, and grandma came running. My sister told her what she saw, but grandma told her it was her imagination but seemed a bit concerned. Of course, my sister stayed up all night and didnt sleep a wink.

The next morning, my grandma got the phone call from my dad stating that grandpa had passed away. All that my grandma could mutter was I know! When dad asked How did you know? Did someone already call? My grandma explained He was here last night. Irene saw him. It was confirmed that my sister saw him around the time he did pass away. He also passed away before my mum and dad could get to him on time. My parents believe that he went to our house coz he thought no one came to be with him, so he wanted to say goodbye.

My mum used to tell me that after grandpas death, she would often smell aftershave in the house. Because she never knew him long enough, she didnt know if it was his or not. Grandma never mentioned anything about it.

Now, fast forward to the day my grandma passed away..

The events that happened that afternoon were quite strange. I will explain. My mother was picking my oldest sister up from school. But this time, for some strange reason, she was not there so my mother drove around the school block. When she pulled over in her usual parking spot, my sister was there this time.. My mum got out of the car to help put her school bag and stuff into the boot. When my mum got back into her car, her rearview mirror was pointing straight up but my sister denied touching it. So mum starts the car to make her way home. Suddenly my mum had this urge to drive past her house and not go home just yet. She said that she had NO idea why, she just had a feeling to keep on driving..

While this was happening, my sister Irene who was the second youngest and my brother Nick who is about 4 years younger were at home. They knocked on the door but to them, it was strange that grandma was not home. She always greeted them. So my sister did a weird thing. She climbed through the laundrys open window, but instead of having the sense to open the back door, she runs to the front door to open that instead. Its like some force is preventing her for doing the logical thing. After she lets my brother in at the front, she goes to her bedroom. The strange thing here is that my grandma is laying on the floor, dead. There is NO way you could miss it. But she went into her room, then went out and went outside to play for a little while with my brother Nick until dad came home. THEN, its like she goes into overdrive and frantically calls dad to follow her and then runs to the spot grandma was laying. My sister does not recall seeing her there but when she was outside, she subconsciously knew what happened. She believes that her body shut down to prevent her going hysterical coz she was VERY close to grandma. Then dad does CPR but it is way too late.

Soon, mum comes home, finding dad sitting on the front steps with my brother and sister crying. She knew right away what happened. She also must have sensed something was wrong coz she didnt come home. Mum remembers always telling grandma and people that she NEVER wants to find a dead body. So maybe somehow grandma arranged these strange events for no one to really find her at the wrong time. Like my sister, she didnt find her until dad came home.

Then things started to happen. They would see shadows, especially in the hallway where she died. My two sisters and my mother BOTH claim to have seen her shadow sitting in her favourite rocking chair. You could even see the imprint. My sister Irene was terrified to ever sit in that chair, coz she didnt like the thought of sitting on grandma knowing she was there in the chair but not being able to see her. Also while they watched TV or went to bed, theyd hear someone washing up in the kitchen. It was freaky coz grandma would do that but she was no longer alive and they heard it, and everyone was accounted for. So it had to have been her ghost.

Then about a year later, I was born. I was a few months old when my sister had this strong urge to go look at the baby to discover I was blue. Mum slapped me and put me under the cold water until I got a fright and started to breath again. My sister cant explain that overwhelming urge to check on me. Good thing she had, otherwise I would have been a ghost in that house as well.

I would also talk to the air as though I was looking at someone. I would laugh and giggle. When I was old enough to walk, I would be afraid of the hallway where grandma passed away. I would be convinced someone lived in the hallway. Why would a toddler think that?

Well, a few years later we moved out many years later when I was in my early 20s, we went back to the house. We looked at the registry to see how many families have lived in that house and there were over 25 in the past 20 years so no one ever stayed long. We believe the place to be haunted by my grandparents. My sisters did tell me that grandma had promised that she will never leave the family coz she loved them too much.

Okay.. all this happened in the early 70s. Now I will fast forward to the night my own mother passed away. I got word through email on Wednesday after lunch time about 2pm or so that my mother wasnt well, that they thought she had a heart attack. I was away in Sydney for 2 weeks, but this was only the first week away. I was quite worried but was told that she did go to the doctor and got the all clear that it wasnt a heart attack. Needless, I still called home. My mother answered. She sounded really weak. We had a short conversation but she said she had to go otherwise the call will be too expensive for me. Even being as sick as she was, she was still concerned about me. I t d her that I hope she will get better soon, and she said I hope so too then hung up. I called her just before 3pm or so. By 5:00pm I was feeling really restless and had this bad feeling.. but I brushed it away, convincing myself that my mother will be alright. By the time 6:45pm rolled around, I was overwhelmed by a sad feeling. Kinda like the one a small child gets when they first start school and have to be away from their mother. Something came over me that I started to bawl my eyes out and feeling really homesick and frightened. But it wasnt until around 7:30pm or so that my brother called with the horrible news. It took them a while to find this number coz we were staying at my bfs parents house. When I was told that it was my brother, many thoughts rushed through my mind. I knew then that what was about to happen, wasnt good. Then his voice spoke the agonising words mums died. My world fell apart. I think I must have felt my mothers presence or sadness coz she died around 6:15pm that night. And soon afterwards I was bawling with that overwhelming feeling of missing my mother.

When I returned home, I didnt sense her in the house though. I usually sense when there is something there. But a couple of times, something did happen. Like one night, coming out of my room. And as I entered the dark hallway, something seemed to be flashing in front of my eyes. Kinda like a fluttering. I saw it as plain as day and it was there for about 5 seconds or so before the hall became dark again as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. But this only happened to be that one time so I doubt its from coming out of a light room into the dark coz I done that countless of times and never had that. Before she died, dad said he has been dreaming a lot about water but I think he was dreaming about what will happen to him. Next story. The night my dad died, just a short 6 months later, only a few days after my mothers birthday would have been.

Two weeks after my mother died, dad discovered a lump in his breast. In was confirmed a few days later that he had advanced cancer. Lung cancer we knew now, but they never told my dad that.

Okay, dad was in hospital and around 8:45pm, my brother was in the kitchen. He said that while he was there by the window he saw something very shiny, but kinda like smokey and full height of a person and solid enough move along the wall. It all happened within 2 or so seconds, but he more or less saw it from the corner of his eye. He didnt think much of it. Then he went back to his computer in his room.

I came out around 9:52pm. I remember looking at the chair where my dad would normally sit at the kitchen table and became overwhelmed with grief. I thought to myself I will never see my dad sitting there again. Then I started bawling, then went back to my own computer and continued chatting to a few online friends about my concerns about my father. It was only about 5 minutes later that the call came. They told us the bad news that dad passed away. HOWEVER, we didnt learn until the next morning that he died around 9:42pm, and I was bawling only 10 minutes AFTER as if I knew.

But we didnt know the time dad died so my brother and I were discussing the thing he saw around 8:45pm. Not only that, mums clock in the living room stopped exactly 8:46pm so THAT was double weird.. but 2 weeks later was working again. Weird Anyhow, back to the story. When we had learnt that dad died an HOUR after my brother saw the apparition, we knew it was our mother who had come. She had a habit of being early for EVERYTHING, be it picking me up from school, the mall or anything she would always be there early. She must have come for my dad that night.. but maybe she didnt realise he was in hospital.

Dad actually ended up dieing from Phemonia. Remember how I said he has been dreaming a lot about water lately. Perhaps he pre-saw his own death. From then on taps in their ensuit would turn on by itself. So many times I would go in there and the water will be off. I would go back later and the water will be running. One time I was sitting at my computer in the study when I could just make out movement walk past the study door going into the living room. I somehow sensed it was my dad. Just the way it moved. My room was pretty dark but my computer was bright enough to make out movement. I went to check it out but found nothing. I felt a bit uneasy going into my parents room though that was in that direction as well. But I worked up the courage and went.. but found nothing. But I did pick up a huge sense of emptiness sadness. Maybe I was channelling in on his feelings? I dont recall feeling my mother in the house though after dads death.. but often the house felt empty but it was like he would visit sometimes but wasnt always there. AM I making any sense?

I did hear some sounds though, and my dads radio would switch on all by itself.. but ALWAYS after 11:15pm at night between that time and 3:00am. It would be really loud. Maybe he was feeling lonely or didnt even know he was gone?! We moved out soon afterwards though.. financial reasons though. But I know they are alright. I believe in the afterlife.

Sorry for this story being so long but I was compelled to write about it.

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