The Haunted Farmhouse


I met my first ghost when I was four years old, in the bathroom of the first house I can clearly remember living in, and ever since then, I’ve been “chased” by them. The first ghost was a young boy in overalls and a button-down shirt and a straw hat. He looked to be about six years old and didn’t do anything except stand there in the bathroom watching as I brushed my teeth. He appeared there several times over the next few months until my family moved to a house just up the road.

In the new house, which was on the same property, I never felt comfortable. Sometimes at night I woke up, hearing someone calling my name, but the voice was unfamiliar. I was always too afraid to get out of bed and assumed that if it was my mother or father calling me, they would come to get me. The house was always cold, as I’m told newly-built houses usually are for awhile, but even years after we moved in there was always a chill in the air that neither the electric heat nor the wood-buning stove could chase away, even in summer.

The first time anything appeared to me in that house, I was seven and my brother Josh was a few months old. His crib was kept in my room and I was always the first to wake up when he was crying. One night in March, when Josh was five months old, he was crying and woke me. I sat up in bed and waited for Mom to come in and get him, and as I looked out my bedroom window I saw something silvery and translucent standing on the railing of the deck on the back of the house. As my eyes came into focus I made out the vague figure of a heavyset woman with a little boy in her arms, the same little boy who’d appeared to me in the bathroom of the old house three years before. She extended her arms and held him, dangling from her hands, and then let him go. I quickly closed my eyes, not wanting to see what happened. I heard the sound of a child crying. I covered my head with my pillow and tried to go back to sleep.

Through the rest of my childhood, there were many more appearances of this type. I saw a male ghost that I presumed to be the father of the little boy ghost, a much younger little girl ghost, and an older girl who had a distressed look about her, as if she’d been through something horrible. Her clothes were ragged and torn up and appeared to be stained with something dark; I speculated that it might have been blood. And every year, on the night of August 1st, I lay awake at night listening to the sounds of children screaming.

I gave up trying to explain the sights and sounds to my parents, who just laughed at me. Their excuses for not believing me went from inadequate to just ridiculous. At one point when I was eleven or twelve years old, they told me ghosts don’t haunt new houses because they can’t make enough noise.

All that changed when I was fifteen.

My mom and I were up late watching a movie after she had come in from work. Around 2am, she drifted off to sleep and I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When I came back she was sitting bolt upright on the couch where she’d been lying asleep. Her eyes were wide and fearful and she was pointing at the front window. I followed her gaze and in the light on the front porch, I saw the shadow of a man hanging from a rope. Together, Mom and I opened the front door to investigate but nothing was there.

Mom was proactive; she began researching the farm we lived on, desperate to find any reason for the hauntings we were experiencing. In the meantime, I experienced more and more alarming sightings. I found old toys under my bed, rag dolls with button eyes that were pulled loose and wooden pop-guns and handmade bears, all of them dirty and obviously ancient. The two small children kept appearing wherever I was, calling my name and tugging on my clothes.

The most frightening thing happened a few weeks before I left for college. I was packing up my books and CDs and felt an unwelcome chill; it was early August again, about the same time I always had the most intense experiences. I stood up and moved the box I was packing, and when I turned around, I saw a large man in the corner of my room. He was different from any of the other ghosts I’d seen, with a darker coloring and sharper, more defined details. He was wearing dark clothes and had his back turned to me. I looked closely and saw that there was someone with him, someone he’d backed into the corner, the older girl from the family of ghosts I’d been seeing for years. He was harming her, though I couldn’t tell if he was just beating her or trying to rape her or what, but she was crying and screaming and it was absolutely bone-chilling. As I stood there in the room watching, the other male ghost came into the room holding an ax and approached the other two in the corner. I couldn’t watch and ran out of the room.

Over the next few years my mother documented everything she’d seen and heard in the house, ranging from the same sorts of things I had seen to some even more aggressive appearances. One day in early August a couple of years after I left for college, she was in the barn watering the horses and tripped over an ax with a blood-stained blade. Neither my father nor my brothers could account for its appearance. Later that same year she was cleaning out the basement and came across a noose that she knows none of our family had put there.

Her research on the farm and the original house that stood on the land revealed that it had once belonged to a wealthy family named Hawkins. The father, Thomas, was convicted in 1893 of the murder of a young man named James Logan after discovering him in his daughter Frances’s bedroom. Thomas was hanged later that year and his wife Josephine and their two young children were killed during a tornado in March of the next year and the property was sold at auction the following August, a year after the murder of James Logan.




The Bleachers




After our Juinor prom I was walking with some of my friends we walked over to the blechers we were talking about the guys we had been with at the prom when we stepped upon the blechers one of my friends stopped talking and said "lets go guys" "why" we all asked she told us that she suddenly felt a cold sensastion but we walked on anyways we sat down on one of the benches on the bleachers but we herd footsteps still walking we all stopped taking and everything went silent then again we herd footsteps they grew louder louder soon after we herd screaming and then soft slow crying. On graduation day later that night we went out for some pizza and stopped by the bleachers to meet some friend but they never showed so we left without them. As we went to the car we herd someone walking on the bleachers but no one was there! Me and my friends went over to check it out thinking it might be one of our friends as we were looking we suddenly felt a cold sensastion as we had the year before. A moment after we herd crying which turned into screaming!!! we saw a young girl running acrossed the bleachers I reconized her face from school a few years ago she dissapeared into thin air. I wondered what it was so I did some reseach and found out it was a girl in my grade she had just broke up with her boyfriend and her grades were very low after school she went to put her prom dress on after words she hung herself under the bleacher at Copper Hills high school before she hung her she wrote on the sand under the bleachers "I wll miss you" now I'am all grown up with a beautiful baby girl I take her to see the high school girls grave every year this year on October 6 will make it 3 years!




Personal Experiences




I have had 2 0r 3 very personal experiences I would like to relate if I can kep this until I find the time to write them,I lived in a haunted house once and visited another several times, while i was growing up. these were all old double brick mansions built during the slave days in Kentucky one was in masonville Ky the other was in utica route south of red hill Ky.the one in Utica we spent sedveral weeks in until one night things got so rough we moved out and into an old store building. I dont have time to go into all the detailxs here but one night after I had gone to church across the lil valle from where the old house was located. I came home Bicycle of course,went upstairs got ready for bed put the front door in front of where it used to hang (off the hinges)it was 2 in thick solid wood dor I remember it was very heavy. I was staying with my sister and her husbnd working for them,they had two small children at the time, that night I had a strange visitor I heard a noise followed by something jumping up on my bed well I was scard so I turned on the electric light which was accomplished by pulling on a string overhead, well it took me several seconds to find the string so I added a piece of string onto it ran it up to the head of the bed where I coud reach up wave my arms till I hit it. then when I turned it on everything got quiet so said to myself Ill try it again well the same thing happened again I hear this strange noise like a mouse comming down the corner from the attic. gthen her a plunk like it had jumped upon the bed by my pillow, so I pulled the string again all was quiet. so I said well ill not be outdone so I tucked allfour corners of the covers in under me took th string to bed with me. turned out the light same sounds as before only this time the bed started shaking up and down like someone was jumping up and down on a trampoliene, well I wasnt going to go anywhere causeI knew my bro -in-law didnt believe in such tings so I stayed on holding onto the sides of the bed so I wouldnt fall off and eventually it got quiet and I got to sleep. well next morning I came down for breakfast my bro in-law looked up and asked me did anything strane happen last nite or did you hear anything I said yes but didnt go no furthr cause he immediately said thats it we are moving today without me telling him what happened well we had livestock on the place so when we went down in the slave basement to get the calf feed which had outside entrance to it there in the basementfloor was the floor where he had slept the night before. now this floor had 2 X12 beams holding it up all looked sawed thru exactly even like a hand saw had cut thru the ends of everyone no sawdust just looked sawed thru. well we moved our livestock out that day and I never went back again, but while wqe wqere getting ready to move in my older bro and me got down in the old cistern cleaned it out with what water as was there then restored the wooden trough to let rain re-fill it .as I remember we got 15.00 dollars each for cleaning it. we were there about a month or so. not sure now it was before I went into the service.




My Fathers Grave




West Lawn Cemetery Racine WI - I went to visit my father's grave and was standing just looking around when I saw a woman standing near a tree looking at me. It was about 50 ft. away. She was wearing a peach or pink colored suit. I looked around for other cars as I hadn't seen any when I approached. When I looked back to her just seconds later, she was gone. I went to look to see if she was behind a tree, but she was no where to be found.




Marching Ghost




I knelt in front of the bath tub in my home giving my children a bath one afternoon on a hot summer day in 1984.  I had left the bathroom door open because of the temperature that day.  Before long I heard heavy, long striding, fast moving boot steps coming down the hall way.  I assumed it was my husband coming home. The boot steps walked past the bathroom and continued down the hall.  I finished bathing the children who by now wanted to go see their Daddy.  As I walk down the hall, where the boot steps went, I did not find my husband there.  I looked around the house, but seen no one.  I called his work to find him still there.  I ask him if he had been home that day, and he reply, "No, he had not".  'Someone' had marched right threw my house and kept on going.  

It was a brief, but strange experience.  I have to assume some soldier boy is still on patrol out there somewhere.  I have never since that time experienced anything like that again.

This happened in Bottineau, North Dakota. 




Haunted House in Houston





My husband and I were house hunting over 15 years ago when our Realtor showed us a house that scared the living daylights out of us. The house was large and had a courtyard in the middle, with a neglected pond in the center of it. When we walked into the house I felt uneasy, but decided that it was just strange looking at someone else's house. As we worked our way to the back of the house I became more and more nervous. I was checking out the half bath near the smaller bed rooms and suddenly knew absolutely for certain that something nasty was waiting behind the shower curtain. I actually had to work myself up to pulling the shower curtain aside. Of course, nothing was there. I'm sure I came out of that bathroom wide eyed and squirrely looking. As I exited my husband called to me to come look at something. I found him in a small bedroom that had been painted black and had unsavory symbols and designs on the walls. We quickly exited the house and got into our car to leave that house far behind. I wasn't going to say anything, except that I was not interested in acquiring that particular house, when my husband exclaimed 'That house really gave me the willies!' I was so surprised, because he is really not prone to that sort of thing.

That was the only house that ever affected us that way.




Ghosts to Add to your Website




I have seen and heard ghosts for many years, since I was a small child!! Please feel free to add them to your website.

Ealing Road, Croydon Surrey. My mother saw and heard a little boy walking up the road singing. He then walked up a pile of sand and dissapeared though a wall.!!!

Whyteleafe Downs,Surrey. I saw two ghosts there, next to the chalkpits. The first appeared and dissapeared,and was an old man in brown. The second was younger, and he appeared and dissapeared twice right before my eyes. 2 people walking towards me,walked right through him and didn't see him at all.  It was very eerie.

Westway Gardens Redhill,Surrey.  My sister and I saw the apparition of a man in dark clothes and wearing a hat,standing in our bedroom. The room was cold and eerie.We were both very frightened...... Several months later my sister saw a girl with a Scottie Dog come in the front door and walk up the stairs.  There was nobody there when she went to investigate......

Eversfield Old People's home, Reigate Surrey. In the caretakers house, and the house next door,noises heard when nobody around. Blood dripping through ceiling onto mirrors, which could never be cleaned.Sounds of the coat hangers being rattled about next door when nobody in the house. Doors open and shut,violently!!!A bed moved away from the wall, silently, while the room was full of people.

Reigate Road, Reigate. Sounds of women's voices downstairs, laughing and chatting. When you open the door to listen it goes silent.  The lights swing violently as though there is a strong wind, but no wind to be seen!!!

Reigate Parish School (Now converted into houses and flats) The sound of children playing and talking, after all the children have gone home. A piano playing, and a tambourine too, but when I opened the door the playing stopped, but the piano was reverberating.......

Wallfield Annexe,Reigate Road. Extremely haunted house.Now also converted to flats.  The ghost of a man in period costume stands at the window, on a full moon. He is aware that you are watching him, and each night he gets closer to the bed.....The last night he was peering into my face, and winked at me, before disappearing.....(Apparently the house was owned by an artist who liked to paint by the light of the moon, which may explain the haunting???) There are cold spots downstairs.  Also, every June on a certain night, everybody sleeping in the house has strange dreams....Also the house was owned by an author called Henty...Several times I dreamed of beautiful poems,and the titles of books for me to write...I dreamed that a young nurse hanged herself because she failed her exams,then found out the following week that the house was once a nursing home.....My daughter told me she had a friend ( a child) who visited her at night and stood at the end of the bed....The house is a Georgian mansion,and you can feel its history.A very spiritual house.  I often dream of the house, perhaps my spirit is there, even in life.  Well, that's all I can tell you, but I am very psychic. I see into the future,which I don't always like, I do palm readings and tarot too. I live in Spain now, and once took a photograph of myneighbours area. When the photo was developed there was a small child sitting there, which we could not see when we took the picture. My Spanish neighbour went white when I showed it to her. She is convinced it is the ghost of her stillborn child!!!

Best wishes,good luck with your website




Nap Time




I work really early in the morning, so by the time I get off of work and head home, I'm really tired. I was sneaking in a nap before my husband came home. I have seen some unexplained things when I was younger, but I have never had this happen to me. This was in my parents basement because at that time, my husband and I were building a house. When I think about it, the dogs never came down in the room. They hated it down there. Anyways....

Like I said I was taking a nap. I remember waking up in complete horror. I was being attacked. By this I mean this "shadow figure" was trying to get at me while I was asleep. It started at the foot of my bed and I was kicking my feet at it to get it away from me. It then moved up right next to me. I can feel it trying to touch me and that horrified me. Something about it thing was not right. I was still kicking my legs at it. I remember thinking in my head, "no! no! no!" I then sat up straight in bed and looked around...nothing was there. My heart was pounding and I was sweating. I didn't know what to think. I still don't. I wasn't fully awake during this fight ot keep this shadow away from me. I guess I could have been dreaming, but it felt so real.



Mrs. G




living with a ghost is not all bad as my family and I have found out.we moved to our home in skyland estates in 1991.we had a 3 year old and a 1 year old boys.we started to get clues that something our some one was living with us when my wife and I started to hear our 3 yr old talking to some one in his bed room.he told us that it was an older lady that came to talk to him.he stay in the  room for 3 years then we move him to a nother room and put his younger brother in that room and the same thing started to happen.we have two younger kids how allso stayed in that room and they all had a olded lady come in to see them and talk to them.the kid wound call Mrs. g.Mrs. g also wound make herself know to my wife and I.she was very active any time we made improvement to the home .she wound come and watch .as we were working we can feel a hand lay on your shoulder as she looked around us.I wound stop to say something thinking it was my wife looking over my shoulder an there wound be nothing there.this happen to my wife all some .she it was me touching her.I have scene mrs  g once in 1993 i was sitting in the living room late at night .i had closed my for a short time during a tv brake when i opened them at the return of my tv show i saw her walking from the back bed room throiw the living room into the dinning she came out i picked her up out of the corner of my in disbelief i sat staight up and looked staight at her at this she saw me .she raised her hands and back away .her body movements showed me that she did not mean to distorb me and that his was sorry to have done.i could feel that she was saying ops sorry just passing wife has had many interactions with in the kitchen while cooking.after these encounter we did some checking on how our guests was and we found out that a older lady had the house built as her dream home to retire in but she pass away before she move in .the people who we bought the house from only lived for a month before moving out to live with there kids they never came back.they did say why but I think Mrs. g did approve of them.Mrs. g has been a welcome  visitor to our home for 15 year and I will miss her when we move



Ghostly Figures




My first, and so far only, experience with a ghost happened about four years ago, when I was eight or nine. earlier that day, my youngeer brother and I had gotten kites and put them together, later that same day, I heard this big cracking sound, I went to see what happened. I thought the sound came from my room, so I looked in there, and, there, right where I had placed my new kite, was a broken, mangled thing that had once been a kite. My mom and I concluded that it had to have been a ghost, for there was nobody in that part of the house at that time. Since that day, my mom often has dreams that either slightly predict the future, or contain ghostly figures.




Dad Ghost





A strange thing happened to me one day last week. I saw my dad in the hall of my house but the thing is my dad passed on to the other side two yrs ago this son thomas looks very like my father so i just thought it was him going into the see i was mopping the bathroom floor at the time. and he walked by me very fast and whent into the kitchen. I thought it was my son at first and went into talk to him in the kitchen .but there was noone there. so i ran into my sons bedroom and there he was on his computor he told me he hadnt went near the i know i have had a visit from my father. It is good to know he is still with us.



A Nightmarish Experience





My name is Stacy and I reside in Brownsville Tx,approximatly 2 min from the international bridge into Mexico.  What I am about to tell you is something that happened to me when I was in the third grade and haven't been able to forget since then.  I am now 25.  I remember very distinctly that it was Halloween night and my brother father and I had just returned from a night of trick or treating, it was almost midnight when my parents sent us to bed worried we wouldn't wake up in time for school the next day.  At this time, being so young, and so close to the border, I shared a room with my nanny, we slept on 2 twin beds. Mine was situated right under a window to my left and my feet pointed towards an adjoining room we called the laundry room that also doubled as a closet. There was a window in there as well which illuminated to little room with light from the moon in conjunction with the street lamps.  At this time, our house did not have central air so we slept with the windows open and a floor oscillating fan.  I had been asleep for a while and I woke up because I felt hot and looked at the fan as the blades had a tendency to jam.  As I had suspected, the fan wasn't working and I stared at the ceiling contemplating going to the kitchen for a glass of water.  While doing so, I happened to glance into the 'closet',and standing in front of the washer was the figure of a man dressed all in black and wearing some type of hat,a fedora maybe.  Also his face was not visible to be and all I could see was black underneath his hat.  He was chuckling but at the time I thought it was the most horrifying noise in the world.  He started to talk,very casually about how he was going to get me and my family.  I snapped,and finally realized that this wasnt supposed to be happening,he wasnt supposed to be there, where was his face???  I jumped up from the bed and sprinted to the door hopping at the same time not wanting anything to be able to reach out and grab me,I could still hear him laughing and I felt him getting closer. I noticed a faint banging that kept getting louder as I got closer to the door.I then realized it was my brother banging on his wall.  That was when I realized that I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  I reached the door and no matter how hard I pulled on it,it would not open.  I also tried turning on the lights.  I had a dimmer and I kept turning the knob but it would not turn on.   Suddenly,my nanny woke up and yelled at me to stop screaming and asking what was wrong was i crazy.  Then,just as suddenly as it had began,the laughing and whispering and everything else stopped,the door opened and the light turned on.  My parents had no idea what was going on because their room was at the other side of the house.  My nanny still tells me that I was white as a ghost and as soon as she touched me,I fainted.  Needless to say,I was not able to go to school the next day




When I was Little





When I was about 7 years old I can remember this very strange house in West Virginia I use to live in. First it started with my brothers and sisters and I. We all had one bedroom upstairs we slept in and one night waking up I saw a strange figure of a little child by our bed I recall turning the oppisite way and holding on to my older sister. Being that age I never thought nothing of it until about 8 years later my family and i moved out and we were talking about how nice it was to live there and my mother and father were telling us if we only knew the strange things they seen and heard. My father said he woke up one night seeing a little child and thinking it was one of us and he said go back to bed and the figure never moved so he set up from the bed relizing it was a shadowy figure and not one of us and when we went to wake my mother up it was gone and other times he or my mother would get up in the middle of the night and see that figure all the time thinking it was ok nothing bad was really happening. A few months after that he heard loud noises like a baby crying he said it sounded like it was coming from the wall. My father would really have loved to know about the spirits but my mother really wanted to move. Its funny how when your little you really dont know whats going on.




New Milford Haunting-Danbury Road





We lived here when I was a girl, my mother and my grandparents.  Mrs. Meehan died in the house which was confirmed years after we moved from the house.  Today this house is borded up and the next landlord after we left went crazy and the property is overgrown.  I used to talk to a lady who would rock in the rocking chair and when my grandma and mom would come in the room they would see the chair rocking and I would say that I am talking to the lady. When doing laundry in the creepy basement, all the clothes were always inside out when they came out of the dryer.  My grandmother found underwear in her drawer for an obese woman, that came out of nowhere.  There were always gusts of beautiful fragrant perfumes in the kitchen, I'd compliment my grandmother on her perfume and everyone would say that is pretty, scary because no perfume was allowed in the house.  My grandfather was highly allergic to perfume.  Once room of that house scared me, it was called the spook room.  The room was orange and had grafitti like stuff around it.




Henry Abbott Technical Vocational School





Years after I had stopped attending school there, I heard stories passed around by faculty that made hairs stand up n my body and my eyes fill up with tears.  The story ws of a boy who was drafted into the Vietnam War who died very soon after.  His ghost haunts the school and you can hear him running up and doen the hall, his sneakers squeaking and nobody is there. The school is two stories so if you hear this noise and you're at the end of a hall and run up or down the stairs quick, you would see someone if they were not a ghost.  Many times I tried to see who was running but there would never be anyone, down or up and the classes were full, no students were in the hall when you would hear this.  I remember hearing the rubber soles squeaking and trying to see who it was, it was never anybody.  The school is crapy and cold and doors slam out of nowhere.




Great Grandma





Hi Im Katarina I live In Utica Michigan I moved here recently from Rochester Michigan.  We moved to our new home in 2000. I have a story to tell: my sister and I were really excited about getting cable my mom was on the phone with WOW the cable company my sister and I had a pillow fight in my room and we sat down on the floor and took a breath and laughed and as soon as we finished our last deep breath to hit eachother with pillows asgin the light went out in my room and my sister and I screamed becasue none of the other lights went out in the house and we came out screaming saying mom mom there is a ghost in my room! And the lady on the line talking to my mother about the cable she asked my mom if everything was ok? And she kept asking are your kids ok? and My mom finally said yes they are. and then I looked in the hallway toward my room and there was a white mist going different ways and the light turned back on in my room and I was scared to say anything i said mom did u see that? In the hallway? and my mom said Katarina it most be great grandma but we never knew who it really was untill my gothic cousins came over and said there is a portal in the hallway thats when this whole mess started!




Weird Shadow




Hi, when I was little I used to play outside a lot. In my country, the weather is really, really hot that if you stay under the sun for five minutes and then go back inside your head hurts and you will see lights everywhere for a while. I always used to see figures that those lights will make but I wasn’t scared at all because I knew that the sun was making them. One day, I was outside playing with my brother but it wasn’t as hot to make your head hurt or see figures and lights. I saw a shape of a black dog walking or going somewhere and then it disappeared. Well, the dog wasn’t walking, he was just going somewhere. The figure was not perfectly clear to say that it was definitely a dog, but it really looked like one and once I saw it I didn’t say anything because I was used to seeing things because of the strong sun. But as soon as I saw it disappeared my brother said: Hey!!! Did you see that figure of that black dog that went by and disappeared? . I was shocked!! Because I thought I was the only one that saw that weird thing, it was crazy! So that was a very strange experience. We both asked each other what the heck that was. We were very confused. I’m sure that the figure we saw was a ghost.




They Follow Me.





Ever since I was about 3 yrs old (I am now 28) I can remember distinct instances of paranormal activity and spirit hauntings. 

The house I grew up in, my mother's house, is haunted by an older lady who passed in mom's bedroom.  The very first instance I can recall was when I was 3.  I woke up in the middle of the night to hear several "grown ups" in the living room, as if a party were happening.  I got out of bed and went into the living room to get some attention, and maybe sneak a snack.  When I opened the living room door, no one was there, and the entire house was pitch black.  Yet I KNOW what I had heard.  Of course, mom didn't believe me, and sent me back to bed, terrified.

A few years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, my ex and I lived in a defunct ski resort rental condo. I would be alone in the house and hear someone whispering my name.  I knew it was a spirit, and tried to talk to them, but never got an answer after the initial attention-getting call.  Things would often dissappear from the condo.  A big can of baby formula vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.  Once I put the stereo remote down on the coffee table, got up and went into the kitchen, came back, and it was just gone.  After we had moved out of the condo, 6 mos later, we found the remote in my son's diaper bag, right on top of his onesies.  It had clearly not been there previously. 

Last year I bought a "haunted" item from ebay, an irish/celtic cross necklace found in a cemetary in Ireland.  I made the mistake of leaving it on my nightstand one night while I was asleep, and it was by far the worst night of my life.  I dreamt of a little girl named "Sarah" or "Catherine" who had been murdered by her mother.  At one point I woke up to see on old, small, weathered rocking chair rocking alone next to my bed.  I have never owned a rocking chair.  I woke up again to find the necklace on me, and I had not put it there.  I gave it to a friend the next day, and the following day she brought it back, saying she had dreamt of an older lady killing both of her cats.  Oddly enough, I had not told her anything about the cross, and both of her her cats had gotten out of the apartment that night (even thought all the doors were locked) and were later found cowering behind a washing machine in the basement.  My friend gave the necklace to her mother the following day (I surely didn't want it back!) and her mother gave it away the next day as well, only explaining "I just don't like it.  I don't wanna get into it,  just do not want it."

I now live in a rental house that was built in 1775.  My son, myself, and my sister have all seen a "shadow man" roaming around the house and backyard at night.  The other night, my son came downstairs to complain about the shadow man pacing in his room.  I was a bit freaked myself, it being 11:30ish, and I did the mom thing, telling him "There's nothing to be afraid of, sweetie."  As soon as I'd said it, the kitchen light went out on us.  I screamed and we ran into the living room.  Then the kitchen light went back on by itself.  If it had been a fuse, I could have dealt with it, but that would not explain the light turning itself back on 2 minutes later.

I am not sure why the dead seem to like me so much, but they've ben around me my whole life.  I have been able to predict the future through my dreams, and communicate with deceased loved ones through dreams as well.  But, that's just life as I know it.  C'est la vie. 

Anyone wishing to talk to me about their experiences can get ahold of me at

Thanks for reading this VERY long story.



SPIRIT IN THE BIG FARM HOUSE(this is a true story)




When I was a girl around the age of eleven my mother and I went to clean this big farm house we were getting ready to move into.We moved around alot so this was something I was use to doing.I had always done everything my mom asked me to do.I was not the kind of child who tells a little lie to get out of some chore.

My mother asked me to go upstairs and clean the heat registers and windowsills.I hurried because the whole time I felt as though someone was watching me.I had never felt this sensation before.It was not just the feeling of being watched but the feeling I was beeing watched by something very evil.When I finished my mom had me vacum the upstairs and it was while i was vacuming that I heard someone humming right behind me.I looked behind me but noone was there and the humming continued.I shut the vacum off and the humming stopped.Thinking maybe it was the vacum I went ahead and turned the vaccum back on.This time the humming didnt start right when the vaccum did.I shut it off and lied telling my mother that I was done.While she finished up what she was doing I went out to look around the prperty. When I got back to the barn I had that feeling of being watched again.I went back in the house and stuck with my mom until it was time to go.When we moved in I didnt have any encounters for a long while.Then I started to have dreams.                                       

In one dream there is a girl with wavy long brown hair who is trying to eascape two hunters who want to kill her.My parents hide the girl in our cellar and go to town as soon as they leave the girl becomes evil.I also had a few other dreams about this same girl.

One day I came home from school to find the posters on my wall shredded in fine lines lying on my bed.I asked my mom about it and she said it must have been the cats and didnt even look at them.Another time I came in from school and grabbed the peanut butter a pack of crackers and a butterknife and went to the living room before opening anything.When I was done I went to put the lid back on the peanut butter but couldnt find it anyplace.I eventually found it later in the trash.

One night my parents went to town to get some groceries and left me home alone so I could watch a movie that was on Tv.During the movie I started to get cold.I got so cold I looked into the kitchen which was where it was coming from and the side door and the screen door were both standing wide open with the wind blowing leaves into the kitchen.This struck me as odd #1 because we never use that door #2 the screendoor has to be unlatched before it will even open #3 and lastly because I had went through the house when my parents left and made sure every entrance into the house was locked.Finally this girl appeared to me.I had been sleeping with a night light since moving in.Well one night I woke up in the dark because the bulb had blown.I went to my moms room and asked her if we had any more bulbs and she said no to turn my tv on.I go and do as she said and again I wake up in the dark.I go and ask my mom why she shut my tv off and she said she didnt.My tv was an old black and white with knobs not buttons so whatever it was had to touch my tv to turn it off.Again I turn the tv on and go back to sleep.Again I wake up but this time there is a small light coming from about the same area where my nightlight should have been.Beeing half asleep I had forgotten everything and assumed it was my night light but the more I started to wake up I noticed the light was getting bigger.Then I rememberd everything I had been through and thats wen I saw the evil girl.I was so scared I pulled the cover over my head.When I pulled the cover back down she was so close to the bed the front of her touched the side of the bed.I looked at her face only to see she didnt have one and she was dressed in an old fashioned nightgown with a thin ribbon tied around the waist.She also had long wavy brown hair.She wasnt real tall but she was not small enough to be a child.

When I got home from school I told my parents what had happend and they didnt believe me but let me start sleeping in the room across from theirs.I only had one thing happen to me in my new room.I awoke one morning to find that I couldnt move it was as if someone was sitting on top of me but the minute I prayed I was abloe to get up.One day I had a friend over and we were sitting in the front yard when all of a sudden she started to cry and said she wanted to go home.I asked her what was wrong and she said she looked over at the house and up to the window to my old room and saw red eyes watching her.We took her home and she never came to that house again.

My cusion also lived in this house with us for a short while and he said that he would hear footsteps in his room and in the hall and hear people talking when everyone was asleep.

One time when I wasnt home my aunt stayed the night with my mom because my dad was working thirdshift and they made sure the house was all locked up before going to bed.They all got waken up by a banging noise.It was the side door in the kitchen again.The door was standing wide open and the screen door was blowing back and forth.Like I said before this door latches it is a metal screen door.I have driven by that house since but dont know if anyone has had a similar expierience there.



Salina, KS - Hottz House





Was browsing through your site (I currently live in CT, grew up in KS) and sure enough, Hottz House is there.  I've been there. 

I actually went up there with about 6 other kids on my 18th birthday.  2 girls, 4 boys.  On the walk up there, we saw moving lights inside the house and figured more kids were there messing around.  Once we got to the house, no one else was there.  There's a huge pentagram on the floor upstairs.  (Careful, the floorboards are rotted through.)  There is a huge tunnel entrance next to the baseent stairs, and one of the guys in our group went down into the tunnel that time.  He didn't make it very far before he came RUNNING out of the house and insisted we get the heck out of there immediately.  On the (run) back to the car, it was as if someone were following us, and more lights inside the house.  This was 10 yrs ago.

Definitely a scary place. 




North Hollywood Ca




We lived in North Hollywood, CA  from 1965 to 1968.

Bought the house that was then 18  months old from an older couple with a

daughter & grandchild. They later moved to New York, when they returned

to North Hollywood they stopped by (they held a second mortage on our

house - so they stopped by to give lus their new address, as they had

returned to California) It was only the mother, daughter and grandchild.

Shortly after, strange things happened at that house. You would hear the

front door open and someone walk through the living room and down the

hall. I would see something white go past the den. Lights would be shut

off in the kitchen, the paper towel would unroll, always the noises of

the doors opening and closing.

Once my husband & I went on a picnic near Fraiser Park, while sitting

having our lunch we heard the car door open and slam shut. There were no

other people in the picnic area. Jokingly my husband said that must have

been the ghost. Turned out it was, because after we returned home, I no

longer sensed that he was there - but one night a few months later, as I

was washing dishes, I sensed a presence, turned around and saw like a

white fog. He was back.

Never was afraid of him, as he seemed to be a friendly ghost.

We later moved and rented the house, then moved to Arizona and decided to

sell the house. When we went back to see what had to be done, I was

amazed that the walls in the livingroom and dining room had been splashed

with bluing (I had left a bottle of bluing that I used on my wirehaired

terrior under the kitchen sink.) Only the walls were splashed with

bluing, not a drop on the carpets. A coincidence? I think not.

Many more things happened, but I think this is enough for now




My Grandparents' House (continued)





This is a continuation of my grandparent's house.

Like I was saying earlier, my grandmother shares a special bond with her cats. They are still around, too. They even visit the house once and a while. I was walking through her house at the time, and I saw a cat I had not ever seen before. It was a orange tabby cat. I kneeled down and pat it on the head. Later, I asked my grandmother if she had adopted a new cat from the shelter (again). She said no. I told her about seeing an orange tabby cat in the house. She told me that it might have been one of her old cats visiting. Now, by that time, I was scared out of my wits.

The next story, is about my mother's grandmother, who I told you was the one who got hit by that car. This true story was passed down to me from my mother when she first got married and was visiting her parent's house (with her new husband before they had me). My mother, father, Bert (one of my parent's and I's best friend), and my grandparents were sitting in a room in which a clock that had belonged to my mother's mother. They were all talking about my mother's mother and how she had died. My grandmother, had said something about how she still visits the house. My father, being as he is, didn't believe her. At that very second that my father spoke those words, "Yeah right," the clock started chiming and the hands started rotating out of control. After about twelve chimes, the clock paused at the exact time and stopped working. I for one, KNOW that this is true, due to the fact that I have seen this clock in action before.

I was talking about my uncle Tom earlier. There are many expiriences that I have had with him. Late at night, when I was at my own house, somebody whispered in my ear. The "thing", I believe, was my uncle. He only whispered my name. I ended up bolting straight out of bed and grabbing the walking stickI kept in my room. I looked around and checked that before I swung, there was at least someone there I could knock out. It turns out that there was noone there. That sucked. So, I ended up getting as scared as hell. Again, I will share another rather "odd" happening with you. My grandparents were about their normal daily activities at their home, when all of the sudden, the fire alarm started to go off. They inspected the whole house, but there was, sure enough, nothing to be found. It was my uncle, giving them a sign that he was still around.

There are a lot more expiriences that I have with these supernatural spirits, but then I would be writing pages and pages of my writing if I included all of it, so that will be all for now




Life After Death





my name is russ  i had my first experience in 1991 when my spouse was all started with bright lights in the night time and seeing her with her arm extended out,well at first i thought i was going crazy so i went to the hospitol and got some help as i thought i was losing it,i later became a outpatient there and was seeking help during this time a developed a sleep disorder until this very day,i became a workaholic ,trying to make up for my time awake,anyways i moved onto a historic farm in markham ontario.i hoped my past was left behind and my sleep disorder that i had gotten,but to no avail it wasent .anyways this farm was a wonderful looking spot and we started renovations emmediately on my very first night sleeping on the farm i was very over tired from the lenghty move and rainy day that we had,as lying in my bed and the house filled with boxes and furnishings all over and not in place something started to touch my legs and it was definetely a human hand,well,i was starting to become scared as i knew my new spouse and duaghter was sleeping,,btw we all slept in this large round bed we had as the home furnishings were more or less just tossed inside becuase of the serious rainfall we had while moving in ,also i do not scare at all very easily but for what ever reason this realy was the wierdest thing i experienced,atleast at thi time,so i even had to go to the washroom and i didnt becuase something scared me so naturaly i was not gona say anything to my new spouse and her duaghter about what happin juring the night.but when she came downstairs into the kitchen,it was a nice bright sunshinny day and says to me,you/ll never guess what happin to me while i was like oh,,what was that,,,she said someone was touching her legs while she was lying there and was so afraid to sleep she said,i said omg,the very same happin to me but i wasent gona say anything and didnt wanna wake yous,,,so about 1 hour later her duaghter elisa comes down the stairs,comes in the kitchen,saying wow i didnt sleep a bit last night you well never guess what happin ,,we both said let us guess something was touching your legs,,she was like how did you know .anyways this was our very first night not even basicly moved in and v extremely tired and very excited at our new home so we just sorta let this incident go by for some unknown reason.the property like i say was gorgeous and very large it is a 8 bedroom 5 kitchen famous even farm house,,it is a solid stone house with 8 bedrooms and 4 kitchens and a dumb waiter ,it has many out buildings and a large barn,for the first 6 months aprox. my spouse and duaghter were complaining of many things going on in the house ,at first i was so busy in charge of the serious undertaking of the renovations on the property i didnt pay much attention to this until i found my spouse at work and duaghter back in school and the strang things started happining to me,and believe me very strange things,,i honestly thought i was going crazy after awhile,well it got to be so many things was happining we started keeping a diary on the further eventsthat lead.then it got to the point what ever was going on in this property was becoming ,i dont know,,maybe like stronger o the extent of starting to see i guess what you call manifestations,so i figured i didnt wanna move at first we jopked about this situation may have even thought it was cool,,big mistake i learnt down the road about that tho,anyways,here we have this serious situation,,where does one go,how does one deal with ppl that supposely are deceased,oh ,i should say we have a small cemetary up on the hill behind the barn we later learn and discovered also,so then we started a investigation into the property and most ppl that had lived here and the original homesteaders that came here in 1794. we hear there was a 12 year old girl that may have been killed in a barn fire here with infant,,so oviously one asks why is a 12 doing with a infant and now deceased,we also heard some rumours later on something about a ranch hand that may have sexualy assualted the young girl and was even hung here on our property but alot of decendants still alive seem not to believe in our experiences or wanna talk about there ancestors,i was also curious becuase there is a church across the hwy. from us with a cemetary and why they may not had been buried there.anyways with out going into more details about the 100s of events that transpired here we ha professional ppl atleast this is what we thought at the time,one was a medium ,and when she first came inside the home she said things that had shocked us ,now first off plz understand she has been told absolutely nothing of our going ons here except were having problems with ghosts.she said in less then 5 minutes you have 3 ghosts in this room rite now and she started coughing for some reason and said theres a man and his aprox hieght and a girl and a women,later on we went everywhere seeking help and talking to anyone and everyone not caring what anyone would think of us,,we didnt care.the more we asked the more we learned anout very similar stories in our area,we even had the church involved and a priest,this priest says he travels  and been all over the world dealing in these matters and he said he new emmediately driving onto our property aprox 1/4 mile driveway.anyways im going to stop here as i never have wrote to anyone b4 about this situation and if theres anything that you can offer in knowledge of our experience i would most definetely appreciate that,,and like i say,at this point in my note to you i have only abbreviated our situation ,,plz believe me it gos far beyond this and we experienced the wierdest events and things that happined to many ppl while living on this property is just very lengthy and if you wish to hear more please email me at and i would be pleased to tell you more that transpired here and with the officail historian for this area and museum have also documented some of the facts hereoh yes most importantly the property ,well home is dated to over 206 yrs old here now!!

thank you




Ghosts Can Be Life Threatning




Well, Let me begin by saying that my mom lived in many haunted houses when she was young and the ghosts seem to follow her. When I was younger, We lived in a house in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Everything was fine until one night, While I was trying to fall asleep in my room, I kept hearing banging. I could'nt tell what it was so I just ignored it. Until it started to get louder and quicker. So I got up to go see what it was when I noticed it was coming from the bathroom. As soon as I got to the door the slamming stopped. I later described it as the toilet seat falling up and down. We never really encountered anything other than that in that house. Until the day we moved. We had everything out of the house but me and my mom had to go back to lock it up and take out the trash. While we were there, I got into some paint and my mom started to clean it off. When she was done we went into the living room, getting ready to leave, when something had picked up one of my moms dolls(a raggedy Anne doll, it was the only thing left there) and thrown it clear across the room. Needless to say we said screw the trash and left. After that house we moved into a house that was only two streets over. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until one night, while I was home alone, I kept hearing children run up and down the hall. I never heard them laugh but I did hear them banging on our computer keyboard. I didnt think anything of it until my brother walked through the hallway and the light fixture fell to the floor just barely missing his head. We thought it just came loose but soon figured out that the screws holding the light fixture in were still there. How did it fall if the screws were still in the ceiling? And last but not least,when my mom was a teenager, She had finally gotten used to the sounds and the gh ts talking to her. Until she told one of them to shut up. It got mad and all my could hear was a scratching noise. She looked up and saw her doll that her grandma gave her when she passed, slowly sliding off the desk. My mom ran to see if she could catch it but it was too late, it crashed to the floor in a million peices. She went to bed that night in her BED...but woke up hanging out of her window. Now someone tell me how that happened if ghosts arent real and she didnt sleep walk?





Gatlinburg Holiday Inn Sunspree




I worked at the Holiday Inn Gatlinburg, as it was known then, in the mid 1980's as a desk clerk. Room 413 was still used as a guest room at that time. There were very few times that the room could be occupied for the entire night. Most guests would check in, go to the room and return to the front desk and request to be moved with in a few minutes. This was usually because "the room had not been made up". We had to put it on the newest housekeepers lists because the ones who had worked there for a while would not clean it. If it were unoccupied, there were usually complaints about the noise from that room. I can recall one guest's comments as if it were today that the conversation took place. When he checked out he told me,  "I almost called the police last night because the man next door was beating his wife. If I had had a gun, I would have taken care of the problem myself." The room was unoccupied the night before.

Part of my job was to fill the cola machines in the Tower on Wednesday of each week in winter. We always rented the Tower to groups on weekends during winter because most times the groups consisted of teenagers and if we isolated them they wouldn't bother other guests. One night, it was dark when I started filling the machines. None of the rooms were occupied, all housekeeping and maintenance personnel were gone for the day and the security guard had not come on duty yet. We kept the entrance chained and padlocked. We were to unchain the doors and rechain and lock them from the inside once we were in. This was the first time I had started this late. Even though I had no knowledge of things to come, I usually tried to finished prior to 5:00 pm. The first 4 floors were uneventful. I would complete one floor at a time then return to the storeroom on the first floor to get more drinks. As the elevator approached the 5th floor I could hear what sounded like one hugh party. I even called the desk on my radio to make sure we hadn't overlooked rooms that may have been occupied. When the doors opened, it was quiet as a tomb. Chills run down my spine as I type this some 20 years after the fact. I heard no more sounds on the 5th and continued with my task, hastily. The 6th floor was uneventful. The 7th floor was the worst. As I left the elevator and started to open the cola machine, I heard what sounded to me like a small dog whimpering. The sound was coming form the end of the hallway. I worked in Gatlinburg for many years at several different establishments and it wasn't uncommon for people to leave many different items, including pets. As I approached the end of the hallway, the sound seemed to be coming from the next to the last door on the right. I could hear the sound until I got almost to the door. I am not sure but I think the room number at that time was 768. The sound stopped and at this point I knew that job didn't pay enough. The drink machines on both the 7th and 8th floors were left empty. It seemed as though I couldn't get out fast enough. I never refilled the machines alone again.


There are other encounters I experience in the 11 years I worked in the Burg. I have never seen a figure but have heard things and felt things surrounding me. Gatlinburg is a beautiful mountain town that is advertised as hosting over 10 million visitors each year. I am sure this figure refers to living visitors only.









First off, I want to apologize in advance for the length of these stories. But, I have had a few experience spread over my 24 years that I think would be worth writing down. I will start with the house that I lived in for 9 month's when I was 16. This was a old Victorian on a small and I mean small plot of land smack dab in a nice little residential neighborhood. I who happen to love Victorians ( yellow the most ) which this house was, was completely delighted. The very first night I was there things changed. I was alone with just my younger sister who was about 14 at the time and are little brother almost 2 years old. It was late Nov or early Dec and it was snowing out. My parents had gone back to the old house to get more of are things and to pick up a pizza for dinner and My sister and I sat on a mattress on the middle of the living room floor reading to our brother with the radio on for some background noise. I noticed that my brother was distracted and kept glancing at the stairs and I was hearing a pounding noise. It wasn't all that loud and easily I could have ignored but I decided to reach over and lower the radio and that is when we all heard it. It was footsteps. I swear to god to this, that the sound they made were so stereotypical they could have been used on any of those sound effects tapes people buy around Halloween. It was a heavy work boot type of sound but hollow and it went down the stairs which we had a good view of but on which nothing was there to the naked eye and then back up to the hall upstairs were it completed this little trek again and again. Well needless to say we were flipped out. My sister and I were about to go outside and sit on the porch and wait for my parents but we had a little kid with us and it was cold and snowing, So, even though we were completely terrified we turned up the radio as loud as we could and just sat there. I think my brother knew something was up cus he was unusually quiet and just played by are feet with toy cars. Well, when are parents got home we all but ambushed them and begged them to take us back to the old house. They who have had there own experiences probably believed us but not wanting to frighten us chalked it up to our imaginations. Other things happened in that house like the upstairs attic light would be on all the time even though no-one really went up there and there was the one time I firmly believed that what ever was in that house touched me. I was in my bedroom and had just gotten out of the shower and had on only a short robe and was bending over to pick up some clothes and felt a tug on the back of my robe. Well, I spun around like a flash and tried to rationalize it in my head, Maybe I caught in on something but I was in the middle of the room and there was nothing around me. All my furniture was pushed up against the walls. That really flipped me out. To this very day I have tried and tried to relive that feeling and can't, it was so odd it's truly hard to explain. But, anyway there were other things like things would disappear and reappear and my sister hate her bedroom and would often sleep in mine on the floor. My parents had there own experiences but it wasn't until we were moving out that the footsteps returned. My mom was downstairs in the basement alone doing laundry when she heard someone walking around upstairs and she went upstairs thinking it was the realtor to find the swinging doors that separated the hall from the kitchen swinging back and forth but there was no-one there. My dad had a similar experience as well. The other experience has to do with another place we lived in a apartment in a 3 family house. We were on the second floor. This was when I was 18 or so. The first few years were relatively quiet but it whatever it was got really started when I went away to college. The beds and the couches would shake and vibrate for no reason that my family could see and when I came back home I to had this happen to me and it was a really odd sensation like someone had grabbed the sides of the bed and was shaking it. It was not a nice feeling but lasted anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and a half. I was not around when other things happened like my brothers toys would come on in the middle of the night even though they were off. It got to the point that my dad would get up, grab the toy and fling it on the porch. My sister also had a terrible nightmares and I had the creepy feeling of being watched while I did dishes at the kitchen sink. I could literally feel someone staring at me from the hallway. When I would get up the nerve to look no one was ever there. I have a few other stories but this is the most recent. My sister, partner and I were at a local cemetery that has a reputation for being haunted and I wanted to get a couple of pictures. I had gone previously and have had no luck but have been there when others have gotten orbs and the like. Well first off, this cemetery always has toys on he graves. There were dolls and a plastic horses. That is easily explained as there are many graves for small children and people can either be playing jokes or be sympathetic to all the young children who died so young and are leaving them presents. But,, last night in addition to the usual toys there were other strange things including a dead rabbit lying by a headstone and a few feet away the torso of a dress mannequin just lying there. I don't jump to conclusions and that can all be explained easily enough but they still had to the atmosphere and when you are strolling about a notorious haunted cemetery at night on a back country road and spy dead animals and what looks like a dead body, well you get freaked out. end of story. But, I have done this before and from the above and other things that have happened I got over it and my sister was snapping off pictures left and right and then she and my partner are looking at one and my sister goes " there is nothing there " and Rhonda goes " wait just turn it around." well my sister flips and goes " I'm so out." and bolts and I mean bolts across the cemetery , across the street and into the car with Rhonda in hot pursuit. I mind you have been left in the dust so to speak since I was not beside them when they looked at the photo that spooked them so bad. I trudge after them and in the car ( mind you I am a little ticked off cus I was having a ok time there) and when I saw the photo my heart stopped. It is of a headstone but off to the side of it is man's face it is so clear in fact that you can make out a white collar and a black shirt and what seems to be a short black mustache, It is not a nice face and on closer inspection there is another image in the headstone of a crying baby with hands over its mouth. Now, I am not sure of the image on the headstone because I am quite aware that anything can cause a image to appear ( the grain of the stone, moss on it etc) but the face that is another matter entirely. I do not know how in the world to explain that... it's unbelievable.

Well anyway I am from CT and would like to meet like minded people for future investigations and to share ideas etc. If you are interested or would just like to send a question or an opinion I would be happy to hear it. Thanks for taking the time to read this all.

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