A Few Visitors


By: joonas.sten@netikka.fi


I've have had a few visiting spirits in my room the past years. About 6-7 years ago while I was trying to sleep, I started feeling very uncomfortable. Seconds later I heard a someone breathing for about 5 seconds, ater that, the feeling was gone and nothing could be heard. Since my room is in a seperate building than my parents and sisters rooms this freaked me out. Nothing special happened in many years... But while I was in the army about half a year ago, my sister was sleeping in my room to be left alone. She woke up in the middle of the night and saw the ceiling light (wich is hanging from a chain) swinging back and forth violently. I don't know for how long or what she felt like at the moment, since she didn't really want to talk about it for some reason... Then a month or so ago, I found a cupboard door open three times the same day, and i had closed it every time. Now I nor anyone else had have no business into that cupboard that day. Later that day I started thinking, and got a little paranoid about it. So I left my wallet and mobile phone on the bed next to each other and memorized their position while I went to the main building to grab something to eat. When I came back, I found that my mobile phone had changed position and was turned up-side-down and that damned cupboard door was open again. I cursed out loud at what I think was a visiting spirit to leave me alone. I haven't expeirienced anything special since then.

Also, while I lived in an apartment for about one year, four years ago, I had a mysterious invisible roomate. The bathroom door whould slam shut every now and then, the kitchen wallclock whould change the time by itself (example. I left the appartment for a few hours, and when I got back the clock showd i was gone 7 hours), constantly having a feeling of being watched, and (only a few times though) knocking heard from the empty apartment next to mine. I started staying over at friends' places the last few months I had that apartment, because I started feeling very uncomfortable there.




Uncle Charlie


By: ElworJT@dhfs.state.wi.us


My mother and father bought an old victorian house that was moved from

the lot behind Monroe Street to Monroe Street. They had 7 children

there. My father was a foster kid to a relative we knew as Uncle

Charlie. He was a dear, caring man. He always wore a jacket with a felt

hat that had a certain shape to it. After his wife, Aunt Annie, died

from cancer, he became ill and wanted to spend his last days on earth at

our house. He loved the noises of the house, the sound of children and

the activity and goings on in the house. He had his last rights in the

downstairs bedroom off the living room. One night, while my older

sister, Joan, was sleeping in bed, she woke up to see a blacker than

black figure of a man, with a hat and coat on, standing at the foot of

her bed. She claimed it looked like the figure of Uncle Charlie. She was

home alone, while the rest of the family were on a camping trip, and he

seemed to be watching out for her. A few years later, I was home alone

and the same thing happened to me. My dog, Mitzie, who slept at the foot

of my bed, started growing. I looked up to see the figure. I jumped out

of bed and checked the entire house. There was no one there. I went back

to sleep and it happened again. Only then he turned and walked down the

stairs. That's when I left and went over to my sister's (Joan's), house

and that is when she told me it had happened to her. Then, one evening,

while about five kids were sitting on the floor in front of the TV in

the living room, watching Laugh-In, my sister's best friend, Patty, saw

Uncle Charlie come walking out of the bathroom, through the living room,

and up the front staircase. She screamed and said she saw a figure of a

man, he was black, he was walking about two feet off the floor. (I

figure he was happy to hear all the laughter of the children.) When dad

retired they sold the house and we visited with the new owners a few

months after they had moved in. When I stopped to ask for the visit,

they asked me what was going on in this house. Apparently they had heard

things and their 15-year-old had seen something in her room--which was

Joan and my old room where we had seen Uncle Charlie. I told her not to

be afraid, he was there to protect her, and he is still there to protect

the children who live in that house.




True Stories


By: unknownshadow65@yahoo.com


Names david and i live in Washington State. I am 12 and well, Im going to tell you of a few of my experiences. Iv had many of the same experiences.

1: This has been happening to me for my entire life. Well, sense about 6 months after I was born but its hard to remember that... Lets just say it started when I was 3. I would always be sitting in the living room late at night trying to go to sleep while my grandmother sat on the couch. id be cuddled up next to her. Id just be sitting there trying to either sleep or find some cartoons on at night, to no prevail. Now, nobody was awake at the time and I knew that sense my brothers wernt born yet and my mother and father were in there room. I was just sitting there when i heard some footstpes comeing up the basement stairs. Now, even at my young age I beleived in ghosts never once doupting they existed. I at first was quite reluctant to go to the basement also knowing about intruders and what I should do. I woke my grandmother and me and her investigated. Seeing nothing she told me to go to sleep. I did. This hads repeated over and over from that time sense at least every other week. Lately its slowed to monthly at the least. Now, i have a cat and sometimes he does that when Im alone at home or everyones asleep but I always check to see where he is before I say it was him.

2: The second thing has only occured to me once. I was asleep in my room, well, sleeping wasnt exactly what I was doing 'cauze I always stayed up. I was actually watching TV when My door suddenly flew open. Now, i had it closed and locked. It had opened and stood wide open. I darted up and went to the door hearing completely nothing at all as I got there nothing stood nin front of me.

3: I was alone in my house and I had been watching TV. This happened only 3 years ago. I had to go really badly so I ran to the bathroom. I was in there when the lights went off and a pale figure appeared for maybe a second tops. I nearly jumped up but my situation was kinda... you get it.

4: I have seen a cat in my house recently. Its not my cat 'cause my cat is white and this one is... i cant exactly explain. its black but lets off an erie glow. The first time I saw it I tried to pet it but it ran away swiftly yet quietly. The second time I did pet it and in return I got my elbow burned when it tounched it. it didnt burn my hand, just my elbow. third and finally, I watched my cat play with this cat spirit. It was kinda cute watching them paw at each other. The first and third encounters my friend was around to witness. i think this is the reason my friends think Im weird. i tell them true ghost stories and they think Im lieing, except my other friend who saw the cat with me. I think my 'friends' spread the rumors and thats been a curse for me around school sense.



Old Riverview Hospital


By: RolandGnslr@aol.com



        The old riverview hosptial in Minnesota, was abandoned for many years before being finally torn down. Before it's final demise, many young kids would go there for a good scare, and it sooned earned the reputation of being "haunted". My cousins, Krissy and Dave, were overheard talking about it by their mom and stepfather. They became courious, and drove out there with them for a good laugh. While approaching the hospital, coming down the hill which leads to it, the car suddenly stopped. They were stunned. Jon, my uncle got out to see what happened. He thought they must have hit something. When he observed the front of the car, he was astonished. And nothing, was in the road. It was like they hit an invisible object. The next day, he brought the car in to get looked at. The mechanic laughed, and asked what he hit. Jon said he was going 35 mph, and the car just stopped. The mechanic laughed again, and said he was full of shit. The center of the front end was smashed in so far, it looked as though they hit a telephone pole dead on. Jon maintained his story, and the mechanic gave his estimate for the repair work. What was weird, is that they never spoke of this for many years..none of them. We were at a holiday dinner at my parents house, just sitting around passing the time. We were talking about birth places, and I brought up Riverview hospital, where I was born. Thats when Krissy told of the tail..Jon just sat there, listening. Afterwards, she said " You know, I think this is the first time we ever talked about this. Even amongst ourselves. Thats kinda weird. I guess I never really thought about it." Jon, just maintained his silence. He must be a skeptic, who was proven wrong.




My Ghost


By: prettyinpunksev@gmail.com


My entire life I've always believed in ghosts, mostly because of my

mother. She lived in an old brick house growing up near downtown

Houston and would always tell me stories of weird things going on. She

moved to the house we live in now, in 1980 with her brother, and then

got married and had me later in 1984. This house was not originally

here..nor was it originally a house. It was a garage apartment used as

a maid/butler's quarters in the 1950s or 60s (I forget) in River Oaks,

a very old and rich neighborhood in Houston. Odd things had always

happened in our house, we would here all sorts of noises, footsteps,

and there was just always a feeling that we were never alone. We

learned to live with it, we shared our home peacefully with whatever

else was there. I even remember playing with the spirit of a little

boy when I was very small (or it could have been my imagination, who

knows?) So basically we were all one big happy, only some of us were


But here is the big one. It didn't happen often but about every couple

of years or so I would hear someone call my name and ask my mother

what she wanted or go and see who was at the door and it would turn

out that she hadn't said a thing or that no one was there. The same

happened with her, it never really scared us, we knew what it was and

that we were not in danger. But, about 2 years ago I was at my

computer surfing the net, doing my daily bored-as-hell routine, when I

heard someone whisper "Jill.." (Thats my name incase you didn't know.)

I looked around incredibly angry that someone would walk into my house

like they owned the place and didn't bother to knock. I looked around

this room and the next, I even looked out the window and there wasn't

a soul in sight (no pun indended.) I was a little shaken, but not

really bothered, so I went back to surfing the net. About 30 seconds

later I heard "JILL!" Loud, clear and obviously a man's voice. I

jumped up from my seat and ran outside, away from whatever/whoever was

trying to get my attention.

I sat on the porch cold and barefooted for about 15 minutes wanting to

just leave but my keys, shoes, and cigarettes (I know, I'm such a

nicotine fiend) were still in the computer room. I eventually got the

balls to walk into the living room. I would look through the doorway

at the den and computer room but I couldn't bring myself to cross the

threshold, so I sat on the couch in the quiet for a bit trying to get

up the nerve to just run in and get my keys. It took everything I had

to walk into the computer room, and then I heard "I'm sorry." This was

too much. I ran out of my house and down the street (barefoot) and

called a friend to come pick me up. I've discussed this with a few

friends (carefully selected only those that believed in ghosts, so the

others wouldn't believe I was crazy), and we came to the conclusion

that I was, in fact, being contacted by someone, and that in his last

statement he was apologising for frightening me.

I just wanted to post my experience for other people to read so that

they know that no matter what skeptics say, we are not alone, and we

are not crazy, ghosts/spirits/poltergeists are real. There are too

many experiences that people have had for every single one of them to

have some sort of halucinagenic mental illness or whatever. Thank you

and good day.



My Haunted House


By: Rshaw0517@wowway.com


I have lived in my house all my life. I bought it from my mother a few years ago. As a child, I can remember many, many thing that happen here. It is said to haunted by a family of 3. A man, woman, and a small little boy. Around 12 years of age. My brother, sisters, mother and myself have all had their run ins with the family. But one time stands out more than most. My mom is a single mother. Worked long hours and to tired to make it though a movie. So one night we were watching a movie and she feel asleep on the couch and I on the floor. She was awoke by a boy sitting on her chest holding her down, laughing at her. She could see me on the floor sleeping but could not move. The windows were closed and the curtians were moving as if they were being sucked toward her. This lasted for only a minute or 2 then it was over. She was not asleep and this was not the only time it had happen. The little boy liked to "pick" on her as she calles it. She is the original owner of this house. I have many, many storys that I could share. I belive in ghost 100%. And do belive they are still in this house with us, and they will never go away. Nor shall I.



Winchester KY


By: Blckcat_Grim_13@hotmail.com


I'm 15 years old (16 on May 10) and I've lived in Winchester, KY all my life. The first 11 years were spent in an old house located on Garner St.. Ever since I could remember there were strange things happening in that house. The most obvious happened when I was 2-4 years old and I don't remember them much.

*an old UNPLUGGED player piano suddenly playing by itself in a room where my grandfather had died.

*an old touch lamp that had belonged to my grandfather turning on and off like a strobe light, then not wanting to come on, and not wanting to go off.

*pop cans sliding across stove tops


all the above were some things I remember, the better ones include:

* when I was 2 I would always sit in our den talking while no one else was in the room, my parents thought it was imaginary friends, except I called one "paapaa" and then while searching through some pictures, I pointed to one of my grandfather Bill, who had died before I was born, and said he was the man who played with me all the time.

* another of my "imaginary" friends was a girl who's name my parents can't remember, my parents thought she was imaginary too, and just brushed it off; then while my mom and I were at Fort Boonesborough (sp?) where the stautue that now stands in college park once was, I backed away and said he was mean and made my friend and her family go away. My mom thought it was strange, but didn't think on it, until we found a nameplate at the park that had all the names of original settlers, and the girl who I always talked about knowing's name was on the board! I was only 2 and didn't even know about Daniel Boone. My parents still get nervous over it.

*The other huge thing happened the day we moved, my older brother was down in our basement sweeping up and getting ready for us to leave. Then he turned to the back of the basement where we had a crawl space filled with dirt, as he looked back, he saw the shadow of a man leaning back against the wall of the crawlspace. he ran up the stairs and promised he would never go back in that house again.

Other things always happened, stuff moving around, pictures messing up, one picture of myself at 5 years old I was standing beside our xmas tree and my mom took a picture, when it developed there were two distinctly human shaped forms hovering behind me.

Over the years since the house had been built, two people had died while my family owned the house, and at least four had died since the house had been built.

Hope this was interesting to you.




My Ghost


By: fireflamefairy_of_2004@yahoo.com



My life has been very gifted with a sight of seeing the unusually things that just dont happen everyday. When I was just 13 my family and I moved to a house in Laredo, Kansas. It was your everyday country house. We all liked it and it had just one of those warm glows to it. We though everything was just fine until we saw something that kind of opened up our inner eyes. My family and I were just sitting down to watch t.v. when my youngest sister said she just saw a cat run into the kitchen. We all though that it was on of the cats from at outside. We searched that entire house looking for a black cat and we never found it.

The second appearance happened to my mother while us kids were at school. She claimed she seen the black cat again and chased it upstairs and looked in all of our bedrooms for and never found it. And when she went down stairs, she discover that the kitchen faucet was on. After that we all started hearing foot steps go from one end of the house to the other and down the stair case. That when everything started happening.

My older sister was ill one night and she claimed that she felt someone put their hand on her forehead and the place a clod wash cloth there. Of course we didnt believe her until she said she saw an old woman sitting on the edge of her bed.

After many years of just hearing the same thing over and over again we got used to it. The about three years ago my parents got a divorce. And that when I started to get the feeling that some one was sitting on my bed every night in the same spot. I would just roll over and tell my self that its just my imagination running wild cause of sleep. Then one week in May toward the end of school, I was in bed and I started to get that feeling that someone was sitting on my bed. I just did what I normally do and rolled over. Next thing I felt a hand just open up against my back giving me a chill that caused me start shaking. I told my mom about him and she said had a funny feeling about my room. Then we started seeing a man at the bottom of our stairways and Always in the corner of my room. And when my moms boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now) moved in with us, he claimed that he kept hearing things being knocked of dressers and door being slammed shut up stairs while he was in the house alone. Then things started to get worst when my boyfriend (which is now my husband) and I started dating. The slamming became worst and the foot step sound became louder like it was anger. Then my mom was able to find out who the guy was that was doing all these thing to our home. His name was Jason and He lived in Mississippi during the 1800s and how he died was on the Mississippi River near Natchez, Mississippi. My mom said that she has been sensing him before he ever showed up. And that she figured it out that he was my ghost.

In December of 2003 I became pregnant with mine and my husbands son. That when thing started to go real bad. Things in my moms house were being broken and the slamming and things getting knocked off dresser tops and stuff had increased. My mom feared for me and my son cause she came to the conclusion that my ghost was very unhappy about my son and husband. She finally decide it was time for him to leave. After that my son was born two months early and when we returned home from the long hospital stay, The house felt like it was normal again. Not the old feeling of sadness that just hung around all the time. And I never had the feeling that my ghost was there anymore and It felt safe again for me and my son. But we still saw the black cat every now and then until I moved out. Then someone burnt my mother house down.




My Strange Experience



By: csstechno@rogers.com


I left home for a business trip to Ottawa on Tuesday March 15, 2005 at 08:20am. Along the way I realized that I had not made accommodation reservations. I called the hotel and inquired with Ray, the front desk attendant as to their vacancy availability. Ray advised that they had plenty of rooms and proceeded to book me into on of them.

I arrived in Ottawa at approximately 11:40am and decided to have lunch. I stopped at Red Lobster and had clam chowder and a garden salad with Italian dressing and a diet coke.

After conducting my business activities of the afternoon I departed for the hotel.

I didn’t get to the hotel until approximately 05:30pm. I checked inn and was assigned room number 653 in the north tower. After unpacking and settling in I set up my laptop computer and checked my e-mail etc…

I ordered dinner (room service) and called home to talk with my wife. After I had completed my conversation with my wife and hung up the telephone there was a knock at the door and a member of the kitchen staff delivered my dinner; French Onion soup and Chicken Amaretto. I ate my supper while watching Daily Planet on the Discovery channel.

At approximately 10:00pm I laid down on the bed to watch more television and fell asleep. I awoke at approximately 11:30pm, got ready for bed and climbed under the covers. I watched another ½ hour of television then shut it and the bedside lamp off.

I drifted off to sleep and was awoken sometime around 2:00am by what felt like someone or something climbing onto the bottom left corner of the bed and making its way up towards me. I immediately looked in that direction which was illuminated by the soft green glow from the bedside clock radio, but there was nothing there to see. I laid back down and concurrently felt a moderate to heavy weight compress and hold me down and attempt to pull the covers over my head in what I perceived as an attempt to smother me. I fought off the entity with some difficulty and at the same time observed what I will refer to as a Wraithe-like figure, (one who is not of solid body but a flowing dark water-like figure dressed in what appeared to be dark flowing strips of waving rags). This entity was in the process of lying down on the other bed in the room to my right and looking in my direction.

I did not sense (feel) that the figure was there to do me any harm but was present at the same time as I felt the moderate to heavy weight attempting to hold me down and pull up the blankets to smother me. When I finally was able to break free of the force that was holding me down, I looked back towards where the Wraithe-like figure was previously located and watched as it slowly dissipated into the darkness of the room. During this experience I had an unexplainable the feeling that the Wraithe-like figure was feminine and not masculine. I feel that I was completely awake at the time this strange experience was taking place due to being woke up prior to the events described actually occurring and did not go back to sleep.

The room was abnormally quiet and still and bathed in the soft green glow of the bedside clock radio. I did not hear any sound what-so-ever. (Generally you can hear the sounds of the city coming through the windows as well as the heater fan blowing). I could hear nothing but a deafening and ominous silence. I could not smell any discernable odours in the room even though the tray of dinner leftovers was within four feet of me on the small round table to my left.

I looked all around the room through the green glow of the clock radio but could see no-one or nothing other than the furnishings and my personal effects that should have been there. I immediately began to pray the Our Father and continued for two(2) hours until 4:00am. I finally was able to get out of bed at that time and in the dark, walked to and used the washroom.

The room remained abnormally quiet for approximately an hour or so when the sounds of the city, heater fan and the hotel could once again be heard. I could also now smell the sweet odour of the Amaretto used in the preparation of the chicken dinner. At this point I did not get back into bed but remained up with the computer desk-lamp on in the room. I turned on my computer and checked my e-mails, showered and packed. While performing these early morning activity’s I sensed that some one or something remained in the room and continued to watch me giving me an eerie uneasy feeling. I left the room and checked out of the hotel around 6:30am.




Marks Goodbye


By: xox_stripped_xox69@hotmail.com


Well lets start off by saying i am 15 now (2005) this happend about 4 years ago, this has changed my life forever and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was hanging out with my cousin who at the time was 14. We will call him mark. Me and mark were very close we told each other everything. We had sleepovers and would stay up late telling each other about our life. We would always end up crying together because his storys were so horrible that i knew he was hurt deep. I used to go over there and see his dad hit him, hard. I would just stand there and watch not believe what was happening before my eyes.. It was horrible

One night well me and him were sleeping over and his grandmas he told me that he loved me and i was the only thing that kept him alive this long but he never wanted to go through this again and he could handle it. He sat me down and gave me a long talk about how much he valued me and how he would always be there. That night me and him had our last talks and last shared memories and thoughts.

In the morning my mom came and got me me and mark said goodbye for the last time. I am truth i think i new what he was planning but i never told anyone, because i knew i couldnt make him suffer another round with his dad. That day at chool i got really sick in the middle of class my whole body hurt as someone had slammed me into a brick wall over and over. I went to the nurses room and i sat there for awhile and then out of no where the pain stopped. Then i got called down to the office.. My mom was crying and told me that mark had jumped out of his grandmas window... My mom came and got me from school. I remember that day looking at old pictures of me and him and remembering our last goodbye.. But i never got to say goodbye completly there was so much i never got to tell him..

About a year later the day he died i lay quietly sleeping in my room. All of a sudden i felt a cold hand on my shoulder and i brushed it off and then i herd someone say my name I turned around to see marks smiling face. I tried to hug time but i went right through him then i knew i wasnt dreaming... Mark spoke so calmly to me that night and said I have this night every year to talk but thats it. I wanted to you know that i love you and will always be with you no matter what im looking out for you. Me and him spent the whole night talking and in the moring at exactly 4am he said ive got to go home now i love you goodbye and vanished.. Every year on the exact date i wait up and he always comes to talk to me...




Elderly Ghost


By: shellyhoffman3@hotmail.com


My name is Shelly Hoffman and my family of four moved from a home that had a haunting. We only told family about the strange happenings, such as some kind of oily substance coming thru the floor, (similar to someone pouring it thru) , lights coming on and off with no explanation, fans on and off, bells ringing, and my children seeing a  foggy man dancing on the ceiling(daughter) or walking down the hall ( my son). There were other strange things as well, too numerous to count.  We were never afraid of the spirit and it seemed like a member of the family.

  When we bought the house it was only ten years old and no death had occured in the home and the previous owners were the ones who built it new. At first nothing really happened and then as we lived in the house more and more strange things would occur, spoons taken out of the drawers and put on the floor etc. I went next door and finally asked my neighbor, Jim, who had lived there all his life if anyone had died on the property. He said, "That was a strange question, but yes a family man had died of a heart attack in his home. The house was a one story and was bull dozed after he died by his wife and daughter. They moved away eleven years ago.

We sold the home to an assisted living person and we are happy knowing that the "ghost" is among people his own age and that maybe when the new residents pass on they can help him.



Double Haunting


By: sarah419@comcast.net


I have never been a big believer in the supernatural but after some pretty recent events I admit I have changed my mind. It all revolves around a good friend of the family who works with my father. His name is Steven and he is your typical all around great guy. About a two years ago,. He and his wife had just become parents and decided they needed to find a larger home. They came across what they thought was a perfect find in Brockton. The house was older if I remember correctly I think my father had told me it was built around the mid 1800's.

For the first three months or so everything was pretty normal. Then little things began. For instance all the clothes that came out of the dryer would be buttoned all the way up. Steve  thought his wife was playing tricks. So one afternoon he placed all his unbuttoned work shirts in the dryer when he was home alone. Sure enough when he removed them all the buttons were buttoned. Trying to not be freaked out I guess he tried to ignore this. Soon after his wife approached him about the footprints. After  some snow had fallen footsteps apeared all over their fenced in yard though no one had gone outside, as if that was not strange enough they began to hear footsteps in the house. As odd as these things were they were tame compared to what happened next.

Christmas arrived and Steve's two sister-in-laws were staying for the holiday. The evening went wonderful and around 10:00 they all headed to bed. The sister's sharing a bed in an upstairs bedroom. At around 2:00 Steve and his wife woke to screams. Running to check on his in-laws he and his wife were shocked to see them scratching and punching eachother. When Steve described it to my father he said they looked like "crazed animals" trying to intervene they turned on Steve. Dragging them downstairs their rage stopped as quickly as it started. Neither could remember the fighting or how it had started. It had been so intense however that one of the sisters required 6 stitches across her cheek.

Steve and his wife began the discussion of selling the home soon after. They were mostly concerned with the well being of their baby. His wife who was home most days said she constantly felt "watched" and "hated" to the point that she would take the baby out all day to avoid the house. Steve who too felt something odd about the house wanted to try and stick with it. It had taken them so long to find a suitable home to begin with. They had quite a few heated discussions about it until not too long later when something happened that truly changed Steve's mind.

Steve woke to the sound of soft singing. Disoriented he strained to find the source of the singing. As it grew louder he realized the sound was now blaring out of the baby moniter. Jumping from bed he raced to the room. Finding nothing he lifted the baby for the crib. His wife now woken met him in the hall. He turned on the light to examine their child as Steve tried to explain to his wife what had happened. Upon turning on the light Steve's wife became hysterical. Imprinted on the baby's forehead was a perfect cross. As if that was not bad enough both Steve and his wife had one too.

After that night the wife and child stayed with family until Steve could sell their home. He was told by an elderly neighbor that a highly religious women had owned the home and had died in her bedroom. Steve always believed she was "kind" but something else in the house was not. He wondered if the crosses were her doing and was meant to protect them. Either way he could no longer live in that house. As of now no one lives there. Steve had success having it sold but whoever purchsed it must have had a change of heart.




Comforting Story


By: airguam1@aol.com



I really do love this site! I have another story to share with ya'll. In April 1998 my grandfather went into the hospital to have a little fluid drained from around his heart. The doctors found they needed to do a triple bypass once they got in there and my grandfather never recovered. For months after his operation he was attached to tubes and the doctors performed tests on him to try and improve his condition. The last I saw of him was in July of 98 and he looked to be making a recovery, at least that is what I thought. My grandfather finally passed away September 3rd with my family surrounding him...except me. My grandfather was a great man who I loved dearly. He and I were very close (I was his only granddaughter) and it broke my heart that I couldn't be there when he passed on. The week of his death was my freshman orientation for college and I couldn't get away. I was told he waited and waited and was told I would not be able to make it and that is when he finally let go. I was so devastated when he died because I never got the chance to say goodbye and tell him how much I really loved him.  I flew to Ohio the day after he died and went through the motions of getting things prepared for the funeral. The day of his funeral came and we all gathered together. All his brothers had come from Missouri and we all said goodbye to him. It really was a beautiful service. We then gathere at my grandparents house and had a party in his honor. He would have loved it. At about dusk, everyone had gone inside and I stayed out on the back deck (his pride and joy) and just sat in the darkness wishing I had gotten to say goodbye to him. I knew my grandfather was there with me, I could feel him. I looked around and said out loud.."Grandpa, if you are here, give me a sign"...just then the back porch light came on. I looked at it and ran to the door to see if someone may have hit the light switch by the door, but everyone was in the living room. So I asked him to turn it off...light went off, then came back on again and stayed on. It was at that moment that I felt so much better about his death and I knew in my heart that he knew I loved him, it was as though he was telling me himself.  To this day I believe he watches over me. I have even been told by a psychic that he watches me sleep at night and even at times pokes me and flicks my nose which is something he used to do ALL the time when he was alive. That was his personality, a total jokster!




The Basement


By: piceno23@comcast.net


My name is Josh and  back in 1994 me and my sister went to my dads house in Aurora ill. and stayed there for the summer.   We would somtimes stay up and play super nintendo till we got tired which would be about 2:00 a.m in the morning.  One particulur night my older brothers decided to rent a game and invite some friends over to play and hang out. That night everyone was having a good time that is until it started getting late, so everyone went home and my brothers all went upstairs to there rooms. and because me and my sister were visitng them we had no room but the basement (which was really dark and creepy) well that night we kept playing and it was about 3:00 a.m and we decided to sleep in the living room which had no carpet it was only sub floor because my father was going to get ceramic tile installed. well that night I slept in the big couch which was by the stairs and my sister slept across from me on the smaller couch the house was somewhat dark with the neighbors light shinning in the living room which gave some light to the stairs. The house was very quiet and me and my sister were dosing off that is untill we heard footsteps from the top of the stairs going down. I swear i looked up at the stairs and saw no one there but still heard the footsteps coming our way. I could'nt bare to move thinking that whatever was walking down the stairs would see me and stop in front of me I did'nt even want to breath. This thing kept walking towards the kitchen that goes downt to the basement and then stops. I called to my sister a few times untill i got a response then I asked her if she heard what i heard and she said yes, then she tells me that she's scared so i got up and walked up to her and we both ran to my brother's room. The next day I told my dad, and my dad knew that the house was haunted based on his encounter there plus when he bought the house the couple that lived there befor died there.  The story goes that the lady was going down to the basement and slipped and killed herself on the steep stairs going down then the fiance finds her and cant stand that his fiance died so a few weeks later he commits suicid in the house. 




Nightime Voices


By: autumn180@hotmail.com


When I lived at home in my parents house, I had to be about 17 at the time. I was sleeping in my room one well morning I had to be around 3am or so...anyways. To rewind..We built this house ourselves it had to be like a year old maybe two tops..We built it from the ground up we peeled the logs drove the spikes etc. So as I was afraid of the dark and spooky thing (kinda ironic cause I'm wiccan and into it very much..) but I was comfortable with the house being new and no scary background. However it was at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere...anyways..I was sleeping in a deep sleep where I was having a nightmare of a little boy in my kindergarden class that I worked in. In the dream I was finding him in a barrel dead, all I could see was his little striped shirt and his hand but I knew it was this particular boy and I was horrified, upon going up to see this boy and pull him from the barrel I woke up with a major start..the thing that woke me was this unnatural voice speaking right in my ear really fast..in some language I cannot even describe I have no clue what it was saying but it didn't feel right it felt dark and scared me sooo much!!! All I can say was it was not human..sounding like maybe a distorted deep voice speaking in something LIKE latin but not.. I have no clue what th was but it was in a whisper and to this day I get all teary eyed and goosbumps thinking about this..I was awakened by this and when it happened I jumped out of bed ran downstairs and went in bed with my mother I stayed awake until 5am then went to sleep when the sun shone...

I have now moved and live about 25min max from my mother and my husband and I have bought a house from the 1800's. Though I love the house I feel rather uneasy in it Especially in the laundry room which is near the stairs (not a good feeling going up the stairs knowing that room is BEHIND you and creepy. and the kitchen I think part of the feeling is both doors are glass that come off each room and they open into the porch..anyhow I get this feeling something not evil but not alive is in the laundry room...the hallways leading to the kitchen is kinda uncomfortable too and the bathroom is off the hallway I usually pee with the door open so i can see whats going on!! I have to say I think I have seen a woman in a white nightgown kinda like float into the laundry room. I think once it was a bedroom because its not made for a dryer. I do not feel comfortable in these rooms nor do I feel threatened...I do make up exscuses for my husband to accompany me to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I am scared then I run up the stairs afraid to look behind me. However I have 3 cats and they never act weird like they are picking up vibes..I also have a 5month old and I belive children are more intuitive and my son is the happiest boy alive! So. If my house has company i do not think its evil. I do feel I attract some kind of vibe though because it doesn't matter where I go I feel precences....

Any input on my first story would make me feel less alone.




I have a Story


By: Doc_Mario_340@webtv.net


i know it isn't as good as some of the others but when i was about 5

years of  age, i when to the bathroom to use the toilet and get a drink

of water. When I left the room, to my surprize, was a tall black figure,

with a friendly bright white smile. the figure picked me up and swung me

in a playful fashion. the it put me down and I left to my room and when

right to sleep. I guess it didn't really scare me then.

Also, about a year ago i was in 6th grade. I had just woke up from a

disturbing dream. then, to my surprize, I saw a illuminous bright white

figure run, slowly but run none the less, into my room and vanish right

before it collided with my dresser. I then, scare, left my room with my

watch to wake me up for school, let my room and slept in the living room

with my dad.

ps:i missed the bus  



Demon Cave


By: mailto:sunnyorm@yahoo.com



The year was 1972, I was attending a Baptist college in Oregon, I was majoring in theology. While attending theology classes, I was given my choice for a closer in depth study, a subject in the Bible, I chose demonology and related periphery. I immersed myself in the study of demons, evil spirits, necromancy, channeling, ouija, mediums, witchcraft (which the Bible does not include as connected with demonology, but connects it to the area of the flesh (initiated by humans). I came to a point in my studies where I began to be subjected to a myriad of mental attacks, paranoia, a demon under every bush, so much so that I decided to take break from studying, and take a trip in my car somewhere. I decided to drive to Yellowstone Nat’l Park. So off I went. The route took me to Idaho first. Driving through Idaho I soon came to a place named Craters of the Moon Nat’l Park. I stopped at the entrance and drove thru, and parked. Here was basically a small ranger station and a parking lot. The wind was blowing moderately, however the temperature was about 35-40 degrees and the cold just cut right through me. Now picture the landscape with nothing but a lava field for miles, predominantly flat and crunchy, and peppered with outcroppings of large rock lava formations. I had walked nearly 175 yards from the parking lot, when I saw a wooden ladder protruding up from the ground about 2 feet. I soon discovered the ladder descended into an opening in the lava, holding on to the ladder, I looked down into the bottom of a small cave, whose floor was probably 12-15’ below. I began climbing down the ladder slowly, finally stepping on to the floor of the cave. The cave was shaped in form of a double-lobe, picture a heart shape, the bottom of the heart cut off about 1/3 up from the point. The lobe on the right was about twice the size of the one on my left, as I faced the separation point (like standing in the heart’s middle facing the top with the lobes) I did a slow pan of the cave, starting with the larger lobe on the right and moving in a left direction across into the smaller lobe, and ending at wall on my left. I now stepped into the small lobe 2 short steps, because the floor had a basin drop to it. I panned the walls more slowly now, carefully noting it’s finer textures, feeling so peaceful and calm, I was truly enjoying myself. Having inspected it fully, I pivoted on my right foot, and took 2 ½ steps in the larger lobe, I was immediately and violently frozen with fear, having a presence of immense hatred mixed with a projected and evil demand to leave it’s domain, all the while wrapping me in dominating restraint, so I could not even act on it’s demand. I would say all these restrictions placed upon me lasted about 20-25 seconds, when I felt a slight, resentful lessening, allowing me to pivot around and begin climbing the ladder, all the while cloaked, as with a heavy cold blanket, with all the original fear, hate, evil demands of this entity. Making it to the top of the ladder, I ran, no release, as though now the entity had succeeded to cleave to me, permeating even into the hairs of my head and adhering to my skin. I had reached the halfway point on my run back to the parking lot, when, abruptly I was released, as quick as I had been grabbed at the beginning, hey, wait, I’m not through, you just don’t acknowledge that violence has ended and all is well, my running gait didn’t miss a ¼ step on the way to the parking lot, when I reached the parking lot a park ranger was standing at the edge. Having stopped, and trying to catch my breath, the ranger said why were you running so fast, and why the fear in your face? I said you would not believe me if I told you, he replied “try me”. So I related the account to him, and he replied to me “you went down in that cave?” “yes” I said. He said that not even the rangers go down into that cave. I am a Christian, in my belief the Bible says the Holy Spirit resides in me, and is my protector in spiritual things. The Bible teaches a believer is to “know the spirits, and to test the spirits to see whether or not they are from God, and a study of demonology is a legitimate pursuit when studying theology. My point in all this is 1. Demons are real an vehemently opposed to humanity, and  2. For a Christian, be careful how much you delve into your studies in demonology, and regarding those who have other beliefs, who delve into what is  not seen, the other side knows more than you, will not play fair, and know “good guy, bad guy” much more than our law enforcement officials. I Corinthians 15:1-4.




Animal Ghosts


By: shortyblackwell07@insightbb.com



   About a year ago, one of our cats (that lived ouside) was killed by a car

when she wandered out onto the highway. Since then, there was been a couple of

times when I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel the cat jump up

onto my bed and curl up by my legs. I know it was not the live cat who sleeps

in my room because that one was sharing my pillow with me. Her name was Rora;

she was a very silky black cat who was not quite a year old when she was

killed. She was a very loving, friendly cat. I have never been scared by this,

rather, I have felt peaceful and comforted. I just thought that I would share

this with you, in case you might want to put it in your "Real Ghost

Experiences" section.




A Week in Ohio


By: Japanfreak16@aol.com



My name is Sarah and I'm 13 years old. I've always been sensitive to paranormal existence. One of the weirdest experiences I've ever had happened about a year ago.

I was going on a week trip to Ohio with my best friend Courtney, her brother Dylan, and her pop pop (his name is bill but since he's kind of like my grand father I also call him pop pop). As we were coming into the area where we were staying at (Courtney's Aunt Jamie's house) pop pop was telling us about beast man; half beast, half man. He was said to have long arms that would drag behind him as he walked. I believe in the paranormal, but this was just too stupid for me to believe. I let the story brush past. A few days later we driving into town. To get to town you have to go along a narrow road that over looks a wide river. Along the banks of the river were large eroded rocks and were forming large caves. I asked pop pop if he had ever been down there. "Oh yeah!" he replied, "In fact, remember when I was telling you about beast man? Well, it was said one of those caves was his home." I rolled my eyes, but his face got serious. "When I was a kid, a group of my friends and I were playing in that river. About an hour of playing we decided to rest in a cave, and in the cave we rested in, we found a dead chicken." This was the first of my beliefs that beast man, might have been real. The one thing that clued me in though, happened two days later. Pop pop decided to visit his dad at the hospital, leaving us at his father's house. Since it was summer Courtney, Dylan and I were outside talking and goofing off. Down the street was this big beautiful tree that over shadowed the sidewalk and a fence to a yard. For some reason I was curious to go look at the tree head on, but waited till night fall to finally give into my feelings. Dylan refused to come, so Courtney and I walked over ourselves. As soon as I got under the tree I felt frightened, and Courtney kept glancing nervously back to the house. What I saw in the yard moments later made me freeze up. In the yard stood a black figure of, I believe, a man. I wasn't seeing him head on, it was more of a second sight thing. I knew I could only see him. His presence was intimidating. Courtney and I ran back towards the house.

You might think that's nothing, but as we were riding back towards Pennsylvania, I told pop pop of the house, but not of the figure. He told me that there was a road behind that house where beast man used to walk.




The Soul in the Mirror


By: GOM@webtv.net



This is an small addendum to a story I sent to your sight back in 1998

titled, "The Suicide Haunting", in group 6.

 I'd forgotten the following incident or had blocked it from conscious

thought until I remembered it just a few months ago.

Both incidences occurred in Northern New Jersey, in a 200+ year old

farmhouse.  The farmland surrounding this old house had long been

subdivided into a suburban housing tract.  The short story that I'm

about to relate occurred a few years prior to the "Suicide Haunting"


At the age of about 12, I used to babysit frequently in the suburban

housing development in which I lived.  We lived with our backyard facing

the backyard of the 200 year old farmhouse which now housed the

developer and his family.  I was asked to "co-babysit" the developer's 8

year old boy with his 11 year old sister.  I thought it odd that I

should be asked to babysit with someone just a year younger than myself

but I was to find out why.

When the adults had left for the night, I asked the 11 year old girl why

her parents wanted someone else to babysit with her.  She told me that

she didn't like to be alone but didn't elaborate why.  She seemed to be

the nervous type and I gathered that that was the reason.

The house, in addition to being over 200 years old, was furnished in

heavy, mahogany Victorian furniture.  The place  did look a little

creepy with all that heavy, dark ornate furniture around which seemed so

out of sync with the relative simplicity of the old farmhouse.  The

eight year boy seemed kind of nervous too and was really loathe to go to

bed in his small bedroom at the top of the stairs.  He did, however, go

to bed reluctantly after much admonishment from the two of us.

We didn't care for what was on the tube and the two of us spent the

night playing board games and talking about just about every subject.

I pretty much managed to ignore the unsettling feeling that this house

gave me and put it down to the creepy furnishings.  The girl gave me an

impromptu tour of the house and seemed particularly intent on showing me

the bathroom.  She said that she had to do her hair for tomorrow and

asked for me to keep her company while she put a few rollers in.  She

said to me that if you gazed into a mirror long enough, "you would see

the nature of your soul".   We stood there, both staring into the large

mirror while she did  her hair.  As I looked, I saw, standing just over

my right shoulder, a man in an somewhat ragged, 18th century frock coat.

He seemed to be in his late forties or early fifties, had almost

shoulder length, dark,  greasy dishevelled hair that was thinning on

top.  His face was very haggard, white with great dark circles under his

eyes and deep furrows alongside his mouth.  He looked somewhat menacing.

I must have looked scared  but when I blinked, he disappeared from view

although I could still feel him beside me.  The girl said, in an

agitated manner, "what's the matter, what did you see"?  I said

nervously that I'd seen nothing, not wanting to scare her and thinking

that it must have been my  imagination.  "Yes you did, yes you did see

something", she countered,  "I could tell by the look on your face"!  I

continued to deny that I'd seen anything and I felt the presence leave

me.  The girl seemed upset at my denial.  She pressed me no further and

finished with her hair.  The rest of the night passed uneventfully.  I

forgot about that apparition, putting it down to my imagination.

My encounter a few years later, in that house, would throw a whole new

light on that earlier experience but that earlier experience lay

repressed in my mind for many years to come.




My Mothers Townhome and JACK


By: AnCDANIELS@aol.com


Well, First let me tell you the history behind the home my mother still lives in today.

In 1996, A man and woman were both hooked on many drugs and whiskey. One day the woman found out she was pregnant and that they both needed to stop all the drug use and so on. Well, neither one of them would they tried but never succeeded, their child was born 1 month early and addicted to crack cocaine, it had a lot of problems, and always cried. One day the man woke up to find his girlfriend gone and the child still there. Which the baby was fine for a few hours fine enough for the man to get drunk in peace. The little baby boy started crying uncontrollably so. The man was so drunk and messed up on drugs he didn't know what to do so he took the little child down into the basement and slammed it against the wall till it stopped crying, after his drunkenness ware off he seen what he had done and kill himself with a gun in the far corner of the basement. I am sure your wondering how I know all this, the little elderly lady (my buddy) across the street has been in her house for sometime, and was there when the landlord found the bodies.

Well, onto my story.

 When we first moved into the home I had never seen the basement, I am scared of basements and have been for a while, anyway, the day the gas company was supposed to turn our gas on they never showed up, and to keep us all warm me, my mom, dad and little brother slept in the living room (which is directly over the basement) That night I had a dream of a baby, and a man killing the poor child, and then in my dream it was as if I was in the basement myself watching it happen and the man looked at me then shot himself. Now mind you I didn't know the story of the house till the elderly lady told me. Well, things were OK for a while I had forgotten the dream, until My niece was old enough to talk.

I was 16 and 1 month pregnant I baby-sat for my sister for extra money. Well, Emily (my niece) and I took a little nap. When I awoke Emily was in her walker and at the top of the stairs of the basement, heading down, I didn't even put her in her walker so I grabbed her up and took her down to my aunts house 3 doors down from ours and waited till my sister got off work. As my tummy grew, each night it felt like someone was pressing on it I wasn't far enough a long for it to be the baby moving so I figured it was my mind playing tricks on me. Emily sat between me and my boyfriend (now my hubby) And looked at the closet door in my bedroom and said "aww pretty baby" so I thought she thought there was a baby in the crib I had set up for when my own child came. Then all of a sudden the happy look on her face was gone she turned pale and started screaming "bad jack, no leave baby alone" and cried for about an hour, I got scared and took her to my mom where she sat looking at the wall and screaming bloody murder. Well, I got big around 8 months along so I was clumsy of course and fell all the time, Well one day as I was walking up the stairs to go to bed I felt something trip me and fell backwards down the stairs. I made such a loud noise my mother and boyfriend came running, all I could say was something tripped me I swear it did, they laughed it off as if I was joking told my to go up and lie down and I would be fine. The next day I realized I had to wash some clothes and that meant going into the basement, very uneasy I took my clothes and began to load the washer, as I checked to see if there was any clothes in the drier so when my clothes were done I didn't have to take so long and unload both, well there was and I was folding them for my mother when I heard it. A voice said to me "He got what he deserved" I dropped everything and went to run up the stairs when I seen it, standing in the corner was a manly figure with holes in his jeans black hair and a flannel shirt checkered with black red and gray, and he was looking at me. I froze and watched the figure come out of the corner closer and closer I looked at the space between me and the figure and the stairs afraid I would be to slow to run past it and up the stairs I stood till I couldn't take it no more and I made a run for it, I seen it move as I did and it ran up the stairs too, I remember when I shut the door seeing his dreadful eyes looking at me as if he were mad at me for some odd reason. March 18th 2003 I gave birth to my little girl, and things were fine for a while. When she was 3 days old from all the pain I was in when I went to sleep I went to SLEEP! well that night I heard her crying and I panicked I awoke to find my daughter face first on the floor it wasn't her crying, but she was fine and wanted her bottle. There is no way a 3 day old baby can get out of a bassinet, SO my thoughts were whatever it was did not want my baby there. And I came to the conclusion that "JACK" was still bothering the baby even after he killed him, You see "JACK" left a note for whoever found him saying "He wouldn't stop crying he got what he deserved, I no longer want to live without Joanna" I was shocked when I did my own research and found out all this stuff on my own, then My elderly friend across the street knew every little detail by heart, The man was her son. I told her he was still harming her grandchild after death and asked her what I could do to stop it before my own child ended up hurt or worse. She said "Jack" never wanted a child and  he hated kids," which as I watched her years fall I could see she missed her grandchild, I asked what would make him leave. She told me to go to the basement and tell him his mother said to leave me and the babies alone, I did one day in the daytime (IM a chicken) I screamed his name I was now mad at him trying to hurt my child, and I seen it, he was standing mabey 3 feet away from me, every hair I had stood up, I remember the smell of cologne burning my nose and the stench of death filling the room as he stood there staring at me as if to say I dare you to move, I couldn't say anything and I made my dash right through him, when I ran through him I seen what happened to that poor child and I ran all the way outside down to my aunts house where my daughter waited. I couldn't do it, I was to scared. To this day "JACK" still comes out, so does the poor little baby boy that lost his life, and even in the afterlife he still harms that baby. I now am 18 years old I am married and have 2 little girls I could never imagine harming one of my children the way he did his baby. Not to long ago my mom went down in the basement, and heard "JACK" tell her to get out. Then she had some painters down there to paint the walls and they did. The next day they came over to see if it needed a 4th coat of pain on the one cause of the (what they though) was a rust stain didn't wanna go away. Long behold it was still there the walls look very nice all except the blood stains that will remain. My Mom says she hears the little baby cry at night he does not scare her it is when the baby wails as if it is being hurt is when my Mom gets scared, she says that sound will give you nightmares or when she goes down to find the blood on the wall looks darker. I ask her why don't she move she says "Before I do I wanna make sure that baby is happy" She is still there so I guess no one will ever know if that baby was ever freed from his torture.




More Stories



By: christina_stanford@hotmail.com


This is for all you people that don't believe in ghosts and spirts. My name is Britney. I am from Amory, Mississippi. I was real close to my uncle when he died about three years ago. Well I went like bad depressive and sucidal when he died. I couldn't get it through my head that he was gone and wasn't comming back. I wanted to wake up and it all be a horrible dream. Everynight since he has died I see something come in my room when I'm in bed. When it comes in the whole room goes freezing cold. I can't see a person, but I can see an outline of his body. I am pretty sure that it is him that comes in my room at night. I can hear him talk to me and everything. He will talk to me for a little bit then lay in the bed with me till I go to sleep. I wish that I could record this or show you something to prove that it is true, but I can't see me selling someone out that means that much to me. When I talk to him about things sometime hes proud of me, but when I happen to make him mad he will through CDs across the room, swing the doors open, turn the light on and off, mess with the radio, through my sheets off the bed, and things like that. I mean if I was only seeing this imaige I would say this is my im ination, but seeing things like this and talking to him I know that it is not my imagination. I know that it is him there. No one else can seem to see him though. I have had one other person see him at my house besides me. That was my cousin Codi. He was about as close to him as I was and he has seen and talked to him while at my house. So you can believe what you want, but they are real. I used to not believe in things like this, but I have had a slight change in mind.

My cousin used to stay with one of her friends a lot on weekends and this house beside them claimed to have demons in them. Well she said that she was there one day and April had to leave early that morning to go to work. So she left Shandi there by her self. Well Shandi's boyfriend was supposto come pick her up. When she was waiting on him she feel asleep. Then maybe an hour later she was woke up when someone shut the door. They started saying, "Shandi" over and over. Well she thought that it was just Gary picking on her. So she acted like she was asleep still. Well the voice kept getting closer and louder by the second. Well finally it reached the room with her in it. Then she said she heard like right in her face. So she opened her eyes and there was nothing there. With all the stories about the house behind them with the demons she jumped up immediately and ran down the hall. She ran in the bathroom and locked the door. She heard footsteps running down the hall and then the voice started yellin her name again and beating on the door. She picked up the phone and called Gary to come get her. Finally after about five minutes the knocking and voice stopped and Gary pulled up and she left and has never stayed with April agian.




 Bear Tooth Theater


By: jammin5@acsalaska.net


I was in the bear tooth yesterday and I was standing in the balcony stairwell because my baby was crying. I was looking down the stairs then I looked back into the seating area to watch the movie.  When I did I saw the black figure of a child crouching down and it ran across the doorway.  My children were the only children in the balcony seating and they were in their seats.  There were 5 women in the isle across and a mother and her daughter in the front row of the balcony.  When I peaked back in to see if it was my children, they were still in their seats.....  





By: zeddzilla@yahoo.com



Hey Shadowlord, I'm 16 years old and live in Ventura, Ca with my dad and sister, but from the time I was born to about 7 I lived on Hambden, Ohio where my dad was born (in Madison), he's dead now but after reading your site about the mothman I remembered a story he once told me that is creepy but he told me it with the utmost seriousness and he would never have lied to me.

Around the same time (1961-1963) my dad was about 12 years old and living in Madison which is closer to Virginia than most would think. Madison is pretty rural (even moreso back then) with thick woods that isolated houses from eachother. One day after coming back from riding his bike, my father was told by his parents that he needed to put his bike in the barn because it was supposed to rain. My dad hated it because the sun was setting and he was scared but he did it anyway. He walked down to the barn, and as he walked by he heard movement inside, he looked into the window and at first saw nothing, but as his eyes focussed he could see the faint outline of something standing and looking through his father's shelves and bags (maybe looking for food?) whatever was in the barn took notice to my dad's presence outside and made sharp bird-like movements with its head, and looked at my dad. what totally freaked my dad out and caused him to run to the house was that whatever he saw had a large beak!!!!!!. when he returned with his father the next day nothing was there but there were signs that someone had been rummaging through the junk that had collected in the barn over the years.

what scares me about this is that it happened around the same time as the sightings of the mothman, and its in ohio which is really not that far from virginia. (especially for something that can fly 100mph!!!!!)

thanks for reading, shadowlord. im totally serious about this story my dad told me it when i was a young boy and he would NEVER make it up. this is 100% truth.

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