Blackwell, OK -Hallopeter



My name is Kami Stafford, and I live in Blackwell, Ok. My husbands family is from here both sides, and he grew up here his whole life! So my sister and I read the story about Hallopeter and what happened. So me my sister and my friend go looking, and i call my husbands aunt to ask for directions. We found the bridge, and from the new bridge you can see where the old one was. We went out first during the day, so we'd know where to go then again at night with more people, my husband and his aunt and uncle mainly. We all saw the white horse, and Mr. Hallopeter grieving for his daughter..and as we left and looked up towards the house you could see the gramma! But while we were there I had an overwhelming sense of saddness, and bitterness. Then i started feeling as if i couldn't get my breathe, like something was tightening around my neck persay.  My husbands Aunt made us get in the car and go back to town, and when we got to her house (her mother in law lives with them) we told gramma ida what happened, leaving out the part about me and not being able to breathe. She looked me square in the eye and said, you felt the girl kill g herself, and you couldn't breathe. That freaked me out! but she said that the Hallopeter's were a good family, and that the dad was a very strict man.

Any ways, that is our little family encounter with the Hallopeter's and i will leave it at that it was the family we encountered not the bridge!  I thought i would share that with you, beens we live her and all and found the "legend" that made me curious  on your site!



High School in Mass.




I have been a faithful reader of your web site for about a year and a half now, and i have wanted to share my stories and experinces for a whlie now, but today, I feel EXTREMELY compelled.

I have lived in haunted places my entire life, and I now go to a haunted school. It is a Alternative Learning High School in Massachusetts. The story is that 5 years ago, it was a vetrans hospital, and a nurse here killed her patients, we hear banging in one classroom, and the teachers bathroom has a filthy sense of evil to it. I lived in Holyoke, South Hadley. and Granby, Mass. in haunted houses and now presntly in Chicopee. thats all for now more stories later




Grandmas Ghost Story




Hi, the story that I'm going to tell you didn't happen to me, it had happen to my mom when she was growing up. The house that she lived in was a house that my grandma had bought. I guess at one time it was used a funeral home. Upstairs in the back part on the house was the maid's room. And I guess that she had hung herself in there. The room was always cold even in the dead of summer. You could go in there on the hots day and that room would be cold. Mom also told that when they would be outside they would look at the houses big picture window (that was in the living room) they would see people cupping there hands around there eyes to look out the window.(like you would, to see throw the window better). My grandma would lay in bed at night and hear someone coming up the stairs and she would count the steps they took.When they would get to the second from the last step going up it would stop, turn and run down the steps. And she would also hear ever thing in the house (on the first floor)turn on and be turn up as loud as it would go. When she would go down stairs to see what was going on ever thing would be off when she hit the bottom step. On night my aunt asked my uncle to go upstairs to get something for her but when he got to the steps he felt something was wrong and he didn't what to go up stairs. So that night when they all went upstairs to bed, when my uncle went in to his room the window and frame was taken out of the window seal. The window was sitting on the floor next to the window seal and the screen was cut out.  My grandma was getting pretty upset so she had ask a couple of guys to stay in the house at night.(one guy would stay at a time) Everyone would sleep in th e rooms and the guy would have to stay down stairs with a load pistol in hand. and every morning they would be gone my grandma would call them to ask why they left and both said that she was nuts for living there. One night before bed my grandpa came over and set a trap you might say. The window that didn't have locks on them they would put knifes in the tops so you couldn't open them inside or out. Made sure the front door was locked and then went in the kitchen and put flour on the floor and went though the basement to exit the house. In the morning when he came back. The basement door was unlocked, there was one set of foot prints in the flour,(going from the basement door to the living room door) and all the windows and doors were still locked. And there was no one in the house. Beside who should be. Well that is one of the weird houses that my mom and her family have lived in. 

From Kay in Decorah IA



Ghosts in Taguig City Philippines




Hello!. First of all I would like to say I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!... I am a very big fan of ghost hauntings but I'm also a big scaredy-cat. I've read the haunted places index in the philippines, but there seem to be more that just what's posted. I'd like to share one of 'em as a personal experience.....

In a town called Sta. Ana in Taguig City about 18 years ago, there's a construction site in the public market which is between St. Anne Church and St. Anne Public Elemantary School.  When workers go on break, kids love to play around the site, on the gravel and sand, even on the trailer trucks.  One day, a boy was playing around one of the trucks while suddenly, the scooper part of the front end loader (backhoe) tractor fell on the boy and killed him instantly.  Now a private residence, which is also my uncle's house, the boy makes constant apparitions with blood all over him, exactly the way he looked when he got crushed.  He is harmless though, in fact he's very friendly. 

My uncle and his family are too scared to live with that, so they called on a psychic and tried to tell the boy to go away and come into the light but the boy sadly responded, "But all my toys are here, this is where I play, this is where I live."  But he left anyway, but he still didn't go to the light.  Instead, he went across the street to my grand aunt's house, which by the way I'm not planning on visiting in a long while.

When I was in the Philippines for a vacation last Feb 2005, I visited the house, I didn't think it would be a very active ghost, but my aunt had warned me.  What he enjoys doing I happen to experience myself.  One day we were all upstairs in my grand aunt's room, not knowing somebody was ringing the door bell. We all felt someone touch us like a calling touch, since it can't speak, just to tell us that someone is downstairs at the door.  He does that to all the maids when they can't hear the door bell, or when something is about to fall off the counters, he warns people.  He doesn't show himself  as often as he did at the other house.  But I believe he will never leave this earth.  This is his home, forever.




Bloomington, Illinois - Personal Experience





I owned a Victorian house built between 1896 and 1897 in Bloomington, Illinois, between 1985 and 1989.  The house had been built on a subdivided estate of what had once been one of the richest men in Bloomington.  It was near the old Illinois Central tracks.  Both the mansion and the tracks had been removed by the time I bought the house.

I bought it from a landlord who had only the upper half rented out; she moved immediately upon my purchase.  When I moved in, I wondered why she lived upstairs when the downstairs was obviously the nicer quarters.  I presumed that she liked the view from the upstairs turret room.  I think now she may have been afraid of the downstairs area.  While I lived there, I had three experiences.  All happened while I was alone in the house, all during the day.

a.. I was in the downstairs kitchen.  The house had been split into a duplex at some point; I lived in the whole house except for the first 6 months when I had a downstairs renter.  When she moved out, I took over the whole house.  I had my newly acquired puppy in the kitchen with me.  I was working at the counter and turned around and saw a puddle of liquid about the size of a dinner plate in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Thinking the puppy was the culprit, I put him in his crate to avoid spreading the puddle, then wiped up the puddle.  I determined the puddle wasn't "piddle" while I wiped it up.  I became concerned there was a problem with plumbing and checked for signs that the water had come from the sink, but there wasn't even a dried trail reflecting in the light.  I checked for a leak from above, from the refrigerater and every other direction.  It was just a puddle.  I resumed my kitchen work at the counter with the puppy in the crate, thinking perhaps I had misdiagnosed the puddle and the puppy was really the origin.  I turned around again and the puddle was there again, same size, same place.  I wiped it up again, told whoever it was to stop scaring people and resumed my work.  The puddle never appeared again.

b.. I had been redecorating the downstairs in preparation for receiving furniture that had been my mother's.  I had brought back my set of ladies' golf clubs with golf bag in from the car and set them near the front door downstairs with intent to put them away later.  I then went upstairs and relaxed, watching television in my upstairs turret "family room."  While watching television, I heard a tremendous crash and ran downstairs.  My golf clubs had been thrown across the living room to the back wall, approximately 22 feet, both clubs and bag.  I checked both the front and back door to see if someone had entered the house; both were locked and undisturbed.  The clubs were too far away from the front door to have merely fallen or rolled.  They were all against the far wall on a carpeted floor.  I presumed somehow that I was being scolded for not putting away the clubs, picked them up and put them in the closet under the stairs.

c.. My most startling experience occurred on a sunny afternoon in the downstairs turret room.  I was standing in the doorway of the closet that had been added by building a flimsy wall of paneling and sliding closet doors (ca. 1970) against one wall.  I was looking into the closet at the bookcase that had been built into the back of the closet (ca. 1940) and realized that the bookcase filled what had been a doorway betweeen that room and the dining room.  I was analyzing how I might remove the closet wall and expecting that it might possibly lead to tearing out the lowered ceiling in the living room next to it, when I realized there was someone standing next to me in the doorway on my right.  He was a little taller than I am (perhaps 5'4"), slight build, light brown hair, balding, wire-rim glasses, white shirt with elastic arm bands, and medium brown wool trousers.  He was looking intently at the bookcase as I had been and appeared as disgusted with the poor remodeling jobs that had occurred as I was.  And then he wasn't there.  I couldn't say he "vanished" because I think of TV or movie special effects that show that as taking some amount of time.  This wasn't like that.  He was there and then he wasn't.  I never saw him again.

The entire time I lived there, I never felt threatened by this, only curious.  I sold the house in 1991 after moving to California.









My name is Anna and I used to live in a western suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. I would like to share with you an experience I had a couple of years ago. The encounter was brief, but intense for me. I still find myself trembling when recounting this story.

Let me first give you a little background on me. When I was fairly young, 4-7 years old, I was troubled by what I now believe was a poltergeist. Every night, my parents would put me and my sister to bed in our second floor bedroom. And every night I was consistently harassed by a "fly" buzzing my ear. I never SAW the fly. I only heard it. I would pull the blankets up or try covering my head with a pillow. Nothing lessened the volume of the sound I heard. It happened winter, summer, spring and fall. My parents would come into our room over and over; assuring me that there was no fly in the room. They even armed me with a can of "yard guard" for my childish protection. Nothing helped. My sister who shared the same bedroom was never bothered by the fly. And on the rare occasion I could talk her into sleeping with me or allowing me to sleep in her bed with her, I had a restful nights sleep with no buzzing. This went on until we moved into a new house when I was about 7-8 years old.

On the night of the experience I would like to relate to you, my husband and I had decided to stop off at the video rental place on our way home one night. Now, I have to confess up front, I hate going to the video store. Its always a long and tedious adventure. So I usually stay in the car and wait.

The store is located in on a main road that has lots of traffic. It was around 6:00 or so on a weeknight. We pulled into the lot and parked facing the front of the building. My husband went inside and I just kicked back to relax. I love people watching, so I occupied myself with my normal wonderings about the people coming to and from the video store that night.

I was sitting in the passengers seat, facing the store when a reflection in the side view mirror of my van caught my eye. It was a young man, around 16-18. He wore a white t-shirt with some type of black picture or symbol on it. He had short blond hair that was longer in the front. He was walking toward my vehicle from the rear. I have three teenage children so I am used to kids coming up to me to say hello or enquire what my kids are doing that particular night and such. I did not recognize this boy as a friend of any of my children.

Now, I know you all have had this feeling at one time or another. You KNOW when someone is walking toward you and is about to speak to you? Somehow your senses let you know this person is going to engage you in some type of conversation. Be it short or long. At this point I was still watching him in my side view mirror. Well, I just had a feeling that this young man walking towards my car door was about to say something to me. He looked as if he needed to ask me a question. I was expecting him to say something like "do you know what time it is?" So to be friendly and seem approachable, I turned to speak to him. I could still see him coming towards my car in the mirror. But as I turned to speak to him face to face, there was no one there.

I leaned out of my car to look around, nothing. I began to get a little freaked out that someone was going to pop up and carjack me or something. I opened my car door and jumped out, nothing. I ran around the rear of my car to see if he had ducked down behind it, nothing. Around to the other sidenothing. I was really frightened now and I began to cry. I made it quickly to the front door of the store, still looking around frantically for this young man I had just seen. There was no sign of him anywhere. I stood there a couple minutes just inside the door watching the parking lot. He never reappeared. The entire front of this building is windows, yet no one seemed to have seen what I had seen. I was trembling so hard by this time; I could barely make my way through the store to find my husband. He took one look at me and asked what was wrong. I told him "I dont want to tell you. Youll think I am nuts". I finally calmed down enough to let him know what had just happened. Although he tried, he had no comforting words for me. What could he say, really?

I was sill tearful and shaky when I got home. My middle daughter asked me immediately what was wrong and I told her the story. She looked at me with wide eyes and said "MOM! That is the intersection where KC was killed last year". KC was a boy that was from the neighboring school district that had been killed in an auto accident right in front of that video store the year before. We did not know this boy and I do not know what he looks like. I am not saying it was him. What I DO know is that someone who is not of this world needed to ask me a question that night and either changed his mind or was frightened off when I turned to face him.

To this day I wonder what he wanted to say..




Ghostly Visits




My family moved into a house about five years ago. We bought it from a lady whos husband had just died on the property. It was quiet for the first year but then it started to get strange. The big moments that i can remeber vary but still scared me all the same. I think my first expericence was one night i had just gotten in to bed and was about to fall asleep when i sat up suddenly and screamed bloody murder for my mom. She should have been able to hear me because both of my bedroom doors were slightly open. But there was this barrier type thing in front of me and like absorbed the sound. It went away after abit an i went to sleep. Another time i was sleeping and i remember being like shaken awake but something and then i gasped and relized that my blankets were wrapped around my neck then then completely covered my head then around my neck again. I of course panicked and i couldnt get my head free then all of a sudden they were like unwrapped and lifted off my head and lied next to me and i felt something like brush my cheek and then dissappear.  My cousin also has felt the presence of the spirt i assume is the guy how died here for reasons i will explain later. We were home alone on summer break when for some reason we both look at my moms door and see the knob turn and the door open and slam shut. We investagated and the windows were closed and nuthin was in the room except is was very cold and our house does not contain A/C. Alrite the reason why we believe that the spirt is the gentleman who died here is because he had his heart attack after cuttin the lawn on his ride on lawn mower. From that day forward every ride on mower has stopped workin and nothing is wrong with them and they always stop working in the same spot. Lately nothing big has been happening except for the water in the bath room sink turns on hot full blast and  steams and no one has touched it all say when it happens.




Animal Spirits





I just read a short article on your site about animal ghosts. I found it very interesting that the majority of reports had to do with pets visiting owners or poeple seeing spirits that they didn't know but seemed to be evil in some way. I just moved to an old farm a few years ago and the first time I went walking up to the barn I was overcome by a sickness in my gut and an overwhelming sence of fear. Before I reached the barn doors these feelings were so very strong that I turned on my heel and ran full speed back to the house. My father looked over at me and asked what was the matter. I looked up and plainly said to him "Someone died at the barn. I can feel it!" He told me what he knew of the history of the place and it was in the same family for generations. In fact the last generaltion to live on the property was still alive and well in the town. But I was certain that there had been a murder in that barn. So I did some research and it turns out that in a way there was a murder. It was a bull. The previous owners (not members of the original family) had a bull at pasture there but there was a drought and they didn't feed him well to make up for the poor grazing. One day they decided that the bull had become too mean, as animals tend to do when starved. Even a human will turn mean from starvation. So, they decided to have the bull butchered but couldn't manage to ship him to the butcher's. What they did instead was corner him in the barn and bludgen him to death with boards and bats that they had handy. Evidently none of them could manage a gun. I never saw this spirit, but I did feel him and he seemed to call out in fear. It was like he was so scared when he died that he didn't know where to go next. So I went to the barn with some fresh hay and some flowers that I picked along the way and i layed these things down and I simply talked to him. I just sort of talked to the air in the same manner that I would talk to any animal and after a few minutes, the sickness in my gut started to fade. Then before I knew it, the air was clear as if no one was ever scared there at all. He was never a pet for any one and he wasn't at all evil, but I'm sure he had a soul, and now he seems to be at rest.




Haunted House




i myself lived in a haunted house on highway 256 in madison indiana

there was a little girl and a little boy that would only play with the children the adults could not see them and after i turned 13 i couldnt see them anymore either but other things i did see such as things being thrown at us from across the room and looking in the bathroom mirror was the scariest thing to me you would often see some thing or someone else staring back at you everytime we had a pet it would just die and we couldnt figure out why and if we put a battary in a clock it would pop and the battary acid would run down the wall and by the time i turned 14 being a female i started my period and it seemed as all hell broke loose in that house windows would shake it was always cold and doors would just slam i researched the house and found it was built in 1923 and 2 children a boy and a girl lived there and the girl had died from polio i never found out anything about the boy but from my experiance they were both still there along with other things i am scared to speak of we moved shortly after i turned 14 and since then no one has owned the house for very long someone will buy it and then sell i within a year i have kindof kept an eye on the house since we moved and had earges to go back inside when i drive by it but i am to afraid of what will happen to me if i do i have had years of bad dreams of what had happened there and sometimes i can still sense the little girl being close by me she never caused me any harm but seemed to warn me of things to come and sometimes she still warns me by just a simple flicker of a light sounds strange i know but this is something that not only have i experianced but only a few has spoken of and of the ones that seem to be to scared to speak i know why  




Victorian Home




I live in a 45 year old house in Victoria, British Columbia.  We had

bought the house from my Great Aunt and Uncle who told us the story of

the area.  It was an orchard fro the first half of the century (we have

an apple tree in our yard that is well over 120 years old).  After the

second world war, the land was purchased and subdivided. The house we

bought was the one that the developer lived in.  My Great Aunt

purchased the house years after the developer had died, supposedly, and

this seems straight out of a bad comedy, by drowning in his breakfast

after suffering a heart attack.

She said she had experienced some strange things, but mostly as she and

her new husband were redecorating.  The developer's wife had lived for

some time in the house and according to my Aunt was a little strange. 

In the basement, which at the time was completely unframed and open,

the developer's wife had a toilet installed roughly in the middle of

the room.

Initially we noticed nothing strange, but a few months later our cat

began to act strangely.  He would seem to stare into certain corners

and down the hall into the dining room.  We had always joked the he was

seeing the "permanent resident". But then some strange things started

to happen, all benign.  Lights turning on and off, books being moved

around, doors closing.

Then one day the ghost really got my attention.  I was designing a

model sailing ship in my office, my desk was covered with papers and

books and various schematics.  I was working when I turned my chair

around to look up something on the internet.  I had just begun my

search when felt this strange feeling.  Then all of the papers on the

table were thrown about.  It was like a windstorm had erupted in this

small room.  The books began to fall on the floor until the table was

almost clear of everything.  I slowly got up and left to room and did

not go back in there from some time.

Then everything was quite for about two years.  Even the cat did not

seem to notice anything. Then one day I was watching a show on

Chillingham castle.  After the show, I got up and whent to the kitchen

to get something to drink.  It was very late so I left the light on to

make sure that I did not trip on my way back.  I pored a glass of water

and herd some strange noises.  I walked back and noticed that the light

was off and the TV was back on and turned to a different channel, on

which in one half hour, there was a show on EVP.




Update to "Dad's Still Here"


By: Anonymous


As an update to the story "Dad's still Here".  I went to spend the weekend with my Mom a month after my Father's passing.  She told me the strangest story, and if I didn't know my Mother, I would think she had imagined it.  But my Mom is about the most practical, unflappable person I know; and isn't taken to flights of fancy.

My Mother has a bone disease that causes her pain when she lays down for too long.  As a result, she usually ends up sleeping for a few hours and then moves to a recliner in the living room for the balance of the night.  Several times over the month following my Father's death, she had moved out to the living room around 3:00 am.  After 50 years of marriage, she was having a hard time adjusting to Dad's death, and would spend the next hour crying and missing him.  It was at these times, that she would suddenly smell Dove soap in the living room and feel a definite chill in the room. 

My Mother's house is always kept around 73 degrees in temperature since the cold aggravates her condition.  We also do not use Dove soap or anything that smells like it in my Mother's house since she doesn't like the perfumey smell.  However, when my Father was ill, the hospice nurses would bath him with Dove soap.

I have no explanation, but when my Mother talked to the funeral director and hospice about what she was experiencing, they both felt that it was my Father trying to reassure my Mother that he was still with her and always would be. 

We also have pictures taken at that last Christmas that show my Father in his hospice bed.  In every picture showing my Father, there is a white, shadowy image that looks like an angel standing behind my father.  The image is not distinct, but you get a sense of wings and robes.  We have tried to recreate the pictures using different lightings and settings, and have not been able to do so.  Again, we have no explanation.

I, myself, do not think that Dad is a 'ghost' in the sense of staying behind for unfinished business.  I prefer to think that he has become a Guardian Angel doing what he always did, looking after his family in a way where his deteriorating strength will no longer interfere.



The Imaginary Friend




I have always believed in the paranormal and study metaphysics.  However, I never thought I could be a party to a paranormal experience.. for you see, it happens to others....not me.  It was always been a joke with me....a ghost could shake my hand and I would be oblivious to it being a ghost.  And what was experienced, the joke has more truth then fiction to it.  And to this day, I still wonder....was this all real or was it just a whole lot of coincidences.  Being this experience traversed over the course of approximately 6 months, I will try to condense it as much as possible.

When my two boys were both a few months shy of  4 and 10, the three of us moved from an apartment into a small two bedroom house.  We loved being in a house.  It was in a good neighborhood, close to a park, the elementary school and we had a nice landlady.  I put the boys in the master bedroom so they could have more room, while I look the smaller room for myself. 

Within a few months of moving into this house, my youngest started talking about a new friend he had made who also lived in the house.  I was told many children in this age bracket have imaginary friends and  usually out grow the friend.  One day, I engaged Randall with conversation about his friend.  I asked what his friend's name was.  He replied with......"I dunno, but I call him the Little Monster."   I was a little miffed at this but continued on with,  why the little monster?    Because, he says, his arms, hands and feet look like this, as he tried to bend and contort his arms and hands.    Then his eyes got big as saucers and says....but he drives a car!!!  Okeeee... this child was verbose and articulate at a very early age, and with this imagination, he is going to be a novelist.  He told me his friend wants to play with his hot wheels most of the time.  But he continues, I get tired of playing cars so I color or play with something else while he plays with my cars.  He also added, the Little Monster likes to watch TV....and specially likes Sesame Street.   Another question, was when other friends come over, do they play with the Little Monster?  Nooo, he says, because he doesn't like other kids so doesn't come out of the closet....he only wants to play with me.  So, he lives in the closet, I ask?  No, he says,  don't know where he lives but when he goes home, he just disappears.   When other kids come over, he hides in the closet until they leave.   I asked him if he took his friend with us when we went places and his response was kind of odd:  No, because he cannot go outside.  I want him to play outside but he says he cannot.   The Little Monster says he use to go outside in his car a long time ago but cannot do that anymore.     

My closest friend, on the other hand, had a different take on the "imaginary"  friend.   During one visit to my home, she swore she saw a young child on what she thought was a big wheels bike in the hallway.  She said the child stopped at the entrance into the living room, then moved on into the boy's room.  When she got up to investigate, she found nothing.  Another time, while my boys were in Arizona for a few days, she said she kept hearing a child's crying from the boy's bedroom.  For some reason, I felt like I had to tell her about something odd the night before.  The owner of the house had stopped by for a visit.  She use to do this periodically for no specific reason.  I had walked her out to her car she had  parked on my driveway which under one of the living room windows.  As we talked, I heard a young child's crying coming from the one window and then:  "Mommy, don't go."  It caught my attention because it was from my window.  Carmen said....THERE is a young child living in this house and that child isn't of the living.  I dismissed her thinking the voice had actually come from another was quiet in the neighborhood and sounds can be misleading and if I knew she was going to get this worked up, I wouldn't have said anything.   But I could not shake off how strange I felt hearing that voice.   Still, there were no bumps or thumps in the night, footsteps, doors opening and closing,  lights going on and off, vapors, shadows, etc., etc., all things of which I associated with a paranormal experience.       As I said....paranormal experiences just don't happen to me.  Her words...."suit yourself."

One day Jason came to me and said....Randall keeps turning on the television at night and it keeps me awake.  So I asked Randall why he was turning it on and he said...because the Little Monster wants to watch TV and he cannot turn it on so he asks me to turn it on for him.   I told Randall,  you have to tell the Little Monster we have rules in this house, and one of those rules is we do not watch television after 9:00.  If he wants to come and play with you, he has to abide by my rules.

In the middle of that night there was a loud thump from the boys room which shook the entire house.  Both of  the boys started screaming.  I was down the hall in a flash, running into Jason who was yelling about the Little Monster...... I ran into the bedroom, Randall was sitting in the middle of the floor crying and with one swoop, had him out of the room.  I got both boys into my bed and after what seemed forever, had them calmed down.  The story came out that the Little Monster wanted the television turned on but Randall said he couldn't because his mom said no.   Not a whole lot is known about what happened next and I don't think I really ever want to know.  But as Randall put it....he threw a tempertandrum....(how he pronounced it). 

So now it is time to get to the bottom of this.  Something is going on and my children are involved.  My girlfriend and I approached the owner of the house and after a whole lot of coaxing....the story comes out.  She had a child named Bobby.  Bobby suffered from a muscular disease and was crippled, his joints were swollen, and his limbs were distorted.  He endured so much pain he cried constantly.  She said her husband (who was a sob), didn't think he needed to be in a hospital because of the medical costs, plus he was hardly ever home to hear the child's cries (working or drinking in the bars).   One night, she couldn't endure any more, went into the bathroom and asked God to take her son because she could not deal with his constant crying any more.  He died a few days later, at the age of 4.  I could feel a chill starting to seep through out my entire body.   She always felt guilty that she was not strong enough to help her child and instead, asked for his death.  The night he died and after the child was taken out of the house, her husband found the life insurance papers he had on the child, told her to pack some clothes, and they left the house...moving into a motel until they purchased another home.  She said she couldn't give up the house and decided to make it into a rental.

The next question was....did you ever tell either one of my boys this story?  The answer was no.  Then I asked her if Bobby liked to play with cars?  She looked at me very oddly and said...he loved much so that one of the neighbors constructed something which fit over Bobby's wheelchair making it  look like a car.    I was frozen to my chair and couldn't utter a word.  My entire body was now chilled to the bone.   And so we commenced to relay the experiences of the past months. 

The time has come to let Bobby go.  Perhaps through the guilt of this poor woman, she had kept her son earthbound and he not able to move on.  We asked her if she would go into the house and talk with Bobby telling him it is ok to go.  She said she couldn't do it....she had already hurt him enough.  So my girlfriend told me I would have to do it mother to Randall and Jason.  I went into the boy's room....staying in there for an hour just talking with Bobby....telling him his mother loved him very much but he is free to leave and his mother understands.  She had only wanted what was best for him and to no longer feel the pain from what was crippling him.  I also told him I loved my boys more then anything but Randall especially, and he did not live on the same plane of existence and Randall would grow up, and leave him behind.    We changed the bedrooms around, moving the boys into the smaller room, while I took the master room.    Randall never had any more contact with the Little Monster.  Something we had never noticed before, but  our cat, Licorice would never go into the boys room.  But afterwards,  her favorite spot was lying in the window warming herself with the sun.   Both of my boys are now grown men and their memories of the experience are vague to gray. 

But there is one thing that to this day lurks in the back of my mind and I cannot shake.  During the time Randall was playing with Bobby, one day he came to me saying his "friend" had another friend who wanted to take them both to a place where they would have fun.  This DID get my attention and I told know the rules.  A.  You NEVER go anyplace with anyone I do not know....and B.  When you go, I am to know exactly where you are going!!! 

So my question.....who was this other friend and where was he going to take my child??




Haunting Story




I was a manager of the Main Theatre in Coldwater Michigan. When I would be the only one there shutting down for the night, I would hear footsteps in the ceiling above the main auditorium. One time, I went through my normal routine of straitening up the 150 seats from the lounge position to the strait position in the main auditorium, and then went upstairs to complete my paperwork. I came down 15 minutes later and all of the seats were changed back to the lounge position. I stood there and then I heard what seemed to be whispering voices and then a cold breeze on my neck. From then on, I did all of the work in the auditoriums with all of the house lights on and never stood still.



A Few Ghost Stories




A few true stories here:

This one is not a true 'ghost' story, but something similar.

A couple of years ago, when we had to put the dog down through illness.

I was watching him before and after the vet injected him. For a few seconds he was OK, then I could see in his eyes that he was fighting something, fighting to keep his eyes open, slowly he gave every 'inch' of the way. His eyes slowly rolled up, quicker back down.

There was nothing for a very short period, maybe a few seconds. Then this really intense energy appeared from nowhere (the door and window were shut - no way in or out) It seemed to swirl around the room. Then as suddenly as it had 'appeared', it vanished...I've never felt anything like that before or since.I did ask my mum later if she felt anything, she said no (because I suspected a possibility of grief energy being emitted from her). I am certain in didn't come from me. Vets characteristically don't give two hoots and this one didn't seem to notice anything. Mum also said she did not know what the exact point when he (the dog) died was. The 'energy' felt strange - not like hot or cold. Just something I can't properly explain. I did not hear, see, taste nor smell anything siginificant at the time (that I remember). No one left or entered the room during this time.

Strange figure on the stairs

Other events have been: Whilst a teenager we lived in a flat at the top of a 4 storey victorian house. The upper part of the flat was where the old attic would have been. My bedroom was just across the the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. The hallway was always gloomy near the stairs and there were doorways leading to other rooms. The bathroom was off the landing at the top of the stairs.

I had got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (lavatory). I had been nervy about the alcove ever since we moved in and leapt quickly toward the stairs to avoid it. I had left the door open and whilst 'going', felt that someone was on the landing was nearby. I didn't like the feeling, so without turning shut the door. I now didn't know quite what to do as I was 'stuck' in the bathroom. All other rooms meant I had to go over the landing, either my parents room or mine downstairs. I thought I couldn't really spend the rest of the night hiding in the bathroom with the light on, so I gathered courage and quickly opened the door, which thankfully revealed nothing. (The bathroom has one of those pull-cord light switches and I held on as long as I could keep the light on as all other light switches were (typically) in the wrong direction) I was trying to go as quickly as possible down the stairs without falling. About mid-way I felt an urge to turn around, which unfortunately I did. At the top of the stairs was a strange 'glowing' white figure (at least phosphorescent). It (I got the impression it was a woman) was just standing there seemingly holding onto the banister. I was horrified - I don't know how long I gazed at it for - I just didn't like it. Turning and never looking back, I practically ran down the remaining stairs across the hall, into my room, turned the light on, shut the door and leant against it. Initially it felt like something/someone was now outside my bedroom door. I don't know how long I stood there waiting for the feeling to pass. I spend the rest of the night sat up with the light on.

The following morning I asked anyone if they had got up in the night and stood atop the stairs. No-one had.

I was much relieved when we moved out.

NB: Only the figure appeared to be 'lit up', not the immediate vicinity.


Another time was when viewing a house which we were possibly buying (until I went in it) only myself and my mother were viewing the house at the time (no agents).


This house was in the same town as the second story.

Another older house (not sure how old). Looked fine from the outside, quite pleasant, nothing out of the ordinary. As soon as I stepped into the house, I immediately felt someone was watching (the furniture had been removed, so was pretty much empty). Through the hallway into the kitchen (which had a very high ceiling - I'm nearly 2 metres high, so probably up to 4 metres or so) it seems that something/someone was in the corner of the ceiling looking down at us. Basically got the same pervading feeling throughout the house, until we had reached the top floor. It was only on the landing (of the top floor) where the feeling was strongest. There was only one room up there, which oddly had less of a feeling than the landing. Cut a long story short - strange 'watching' feeling throughout walking around an empty house, with small one area exhibiting more energy than elsewhere. Curiously upon leaving I asked my mother whether she felt anything - "no, what sort of feeling?" came the reply. Strangely enough though, I mentioned about this house to my brother and his then wife (unknown to us, they had viewed the house as well) to which she claimed to have felt the same feeling. However my brother felt nothing.

Perhaps (it was) a former resident, conducting an 'interview'.

Apologies for all the brackets, any bad grammar etc etc.




I Remember It Clearly




I LOVE this site. Here is one of my stories...

I was about 6-7 years of age (25 years ago). I was living with my grandparents along with my father because my parents were going thru a terrible divorce. I was afraid of open closets so I ALWAYS made sure the closet door was closed before I went to bed at night.  One night I woke up to a flashing light. My night light (virgin Mary lamp) was going on and off. The next thing I knew the blankets on my bed started to ripple. Starting from the foot of the bed to the  blankets that I was clutching in my hands. The blankets then flew off the bed. I looked over at my closet and the door was slid all the way open. There standing in my closet was a boy. He looked like he was about 10 years of age. He had red curly hair, short ripped pants, open front shirt and no shoes on his feet. He reminded me of Huckleberry Finn. I then started to scream. He vanished when my grandmother came in the room. She did not see him. She said I was just dreaming.

I remember it like it was only 2 hrs ago.

I have more stories to share, however they will have to wait untill another time.





Working with Spirits





Wow. Where do I begin. Like I stated in my first

email, I worked third shift which was 11pm - 9 am

Thursday's to Sunday's. I was considered part time. I

don't know if you have ever been in the lobby of the

hotel, but if you have, then you know of the revolving

door. Very old. Extremely heavy. I would be working at

the front desk and the revolving door would just start

spinning, of course I would always walk over to it to

make sure no one was there and there never was anyone

there. Once the hotel was done being built, Colonel

Baker lived in the hotel in room # 504 ( The Baker

Suite ), about 7 months after I started working there,

mid November, I was in the lounge watching tv about

4:00am, when the picture of Colonel Baker ( Which was

screwed in the wall so it didn't fall ) started to

spin as if there was no screws in it. I looked at the

picture and said "Don't worry Mr. B. I wont let

anything happen to your hotel" and then the picture

stopped spinning and went back to normal.

On a Saturday night, after a wedding in the hotel, and

after all of the banquet staff left, I made my

security round to make sure all of the doors were

locked in the rainbow room, and as soon as I walked in

the room, all the lights went out and the dance floor

lights came on and the song "Rock a bye baby" started

playing about four feet in front of me. I later found

out that this was the Colonel's favorite song, through

researching done at the St Charles Library.

The lobby of the hotel has old marble floor, so when

some one is walking you are able to hear there shoes.

I would be working in the back office and hear

footsteps, and go to the front to see, and no one

would be there.

While I was employed there, the hotels liquor room was

broken into. I had received a call from a guest room

saying that they heard loud bangs and the sound of

glass breaking coming from under there floor. Well the

guests that called were on the 2nd floor. The 1st

floor was the lobby area. The liquor room was in the

basement of the hotel. So I called the police and once

the police arrived, we went down stairs to the storage

room and saw that the cage door ( With a dead bold

lock ) on it was still in tack. Meaning that some one

had to be very skinny as the police said to crawl

under the cage, which was about 2 inches above the

ground, while we where looking at the cage, the

bottles of liquor started to lift off the shelf, make

a complete turn in the air and fall straight to the

ground. The police officer and I were in complete

shock while this was happening. He took photos with

his camera that he had and so did I ( Both cameras

were Polaroids ), once we gave the pictures about 10

minutes to dry ( Set ) we looked at them and they were

completely black. Like we took pics of the dark sky.

After we left the basement, the officer was telling me

that he had responded to a call while the hotel was

closed ( Due to the previous owners going bankrupt )

that the lights in the hotel were flashing. The hotel

was closed for three years. When the police arrived at

the hotel to check out the call, they checked the

whole hotel and found that the power in the hotel did

not work ( was not turned on due to the hotel being

closed ) and said that everything was clear, so they

went outside to get in there cars and leave, when one

of the officers spotted a light on in the hotel. Once

he told the other officers to look, all of the lights,

in all 26 rooms that faced route 64 ( North Ave. )

were all on and flashing. Now call me a spectic, But I

don't see why a police officer would lie about

something like this. What are they going to gain from


The hotel had five floors that the elevator went to,

plus the penthouse which was accessed by a staircase

on the fifth floor, and the basement. For some reason,

whenever the hotel's front desk staff would assign a

room on the second floor, the guests ( Many different

guests ) would always say that while they were

sleeping they felt some one get into bed with them and

rub their back. This only happened on the second

floor, don't know why.




Old Mansion






I found your web site very interesting!  It made me remember back in the 1970's when my family lived in an old mansion in downtown Newport  News, VA.  The house still stands today at 5600 Huntington Ave.  It was originally built by Mr. Post, one of the first presidents of the shipyard down there.  Many strange occurences have happened there.

There were always footsteps that seemed to be coming towards you, then they would stop.  You could hear doors creaking, as well.  One night, my mother was checking on us to make sure we were tucked in and sleeping soundly.  She went down the back steps to the kitchen and found the mirror at the bottom of the steps broken and a hammer amidst the shards of glass.  She was very alarmed and called the police.  They found no signs of forced entry and no strange footprints.  Nobody had heard the glass breaking, either.

There was one room that was always cold, no matter how warm the rest of the house was.  We would hold seances in there to try to bring back Mr. Post.  The candle we used would go out and sometimes we were not able to re-light it.

The strangest thing was when I was home sick from school one day and my two younger sisters were with me in the TV room.  We were the only ones in the house and had closed the doors to the room as we watched TV during the afternoon.  When my brother got home from school, he rang the doorbell to get in the house.  When I opened the door to the front hallway, the desk sitting there was overturned and all the trinkets, etc that were adorning it were neatly laid out on the floor in front of the desk.  The legs of the desk were intact, so it was not an accident!  I think I am still haunted to this day by one or more of these ghosts!

Let me know if you would like additional information regarding this house.




Frightens even Me




Im only 16 years old but wen i was in grade 3 my family and i lived in a house in edmonton alberta. It was a 4 plex and our landlords lived in th back. My mother and the lady of the house, were good friends and so they were having tea at her house. I guess she wanted to talk about something i shouldnt hear and so she sent me on a pointless mission to get her a glass of pop. There were two ways to enter my house, one being the side door, and the other being the front. Well i entered my house through the side door, went to the kitchen and poured the glass of pop. For some reason i decided to exit my house through the front door. To get to the front door i had to pass my mothers bedroom. While walking down the hall i saw something in my her room , so i stopped in front of the door, and there standing on her bed was a women in a long black dress, almost prom like. she was standing bare foot with her arms at her side. She had short black hair and was just standing on my mothers bed. I didnt wait much longer until booking it out of the house. Since then i had told my self that i was jus seeing things , but reciently my mother was talking about all the haunted houses we have lived in , and then mentioned this same house. i asked her what she had seen and she said that one day wen doing laundry she entered the laundry room , and in the corner was a younger women .. i asked her to describe this women for me , and she had the exact same description as i had saw. This i can say brought about goose bumbs the size of mini hills.

The other confusing and kind of scary thing with this house is that in my sisters room there was a cabniet in the wall. It was almost a little room , but it was located about a meter off the floor. During the day we would play dolls and such in it , but at night my sister would throw HUGE temper tandrums! Throwing herself to the ground. My mom didnt think much of it , but wen she would do this my mom would put her into her room , and hold the door shut. This would then make my sister FREAK out to even greater extents!, Now thinking back to it, realising that me and my mother had saw the same thing, it makes us think that mayybe my sisters temper tandrums wernt really her just acting out but instead maybe she saw something ,... something she didnt like. I have many stories like this , all throughout my childhood. Even though i am still a child there are soo many "happenings" surrounding myself and my sister , it frightens even me...





Our New House




Not too long ago I sent a story in about an experience I had in my parents basement. That experience happend while my husband I were waiting for our house to be finished. Well, my husband and I are finally in our new house. The new sub-division we decided to build on is near a bird and wildlife reservation. Its out and away from everyone.

Anyway...we have two bathrooms in our home. One is in our master and the other in on the otherside of the house next to the other two bedrooms. For the 1 week straight after we fully moved in, something small, but strange started to happen. My comb would come up missing out of the master bathroom and appear under the sink in the other bathroom. There is no reason why it would be there. My husband and I don't use that bathroom to get ready in.....we have our own bathroom right next to our room. To make sure, I even asked my husband and he couldn't explain why my comb would be under the sink in the other bathroom. Well, after I found it the first time, I remember putting it back in my master bathroom drawer and checked on it several times before I went to bed. But surely enough for 1 week straight, every morning, my comb would appear in the other bathroom. After that 1 week it stopped and hasn't happend again. But last night was something that disturbed me.

I woke in the early hours of the morning to the sound of our black lab growling from the side of our bed. Not long after I awoke to his growling, I smelled the most digusting smell ever in our room. I can't describe the smell, but trust was very disturbing. My husband, of course, was fast asleep and unaware of the dog and the stench in our room. I didn't see anything because I buried my face in the covers to get away from that smell. As soon as our black lab stopped growling, the smell went away. I dozed off till my alarm went off. I didn't think anything of it till on my way to work. I wonder if we have company in our new house.




Nursing Home




I am from Moses Lake WA and work in a nursing home called LakeRidge.  We have had many experiences with employees feeling someone watching them or seeing actual figures of past residents.   The most recent was a new nursing assistant who  saw a lady with a walker with a basket of flowers on her walker. This was on the evening shift.  She went down the hall to see if she could help the lady who was wandering and when she got to the end of the hall she could not find the lady with the walker.  She went and told her nurse and asked who the lady was that she saw. The nurse asked the aide to describe the lady she saw and it was the perfect description of a resident who had passed away several months before this aide started working.  We have had many stories from employees sighting past residents.  We all believe the stories are true and that the past spirits of our residents wander the halls.









I have had a lot of experiences with spirits and ghosts, even though I'm only 11 years old. One night when I was laying in my bedroom trying to go to sleep, someone moved my chair and started typing on my computer. (my computer was turned off too!) About a week later I heard a baby screaming and crying drastically. I always see white figures running through the hallway, and one time my younger brother who is now 9  years old said that he went downstairs about 5:00 a.m...and a big man with a hat on was standing at the end of our stairs. My brother ran through him and woke my mom up, but she did not see anything. One day while I was home alone, talking to one of my best friends, I saw a woman in a apron and faded gray shirt, with her hair up in a bun, she also had glasses on. My grandmother died 2 days after my birthday, and when she did I got an Indian doll from her. She loved Indians, and she told me that when she was very sick, lying in her bed, an Indian was next to her, watching over her. She started hearing footsteps yup and down her stairs. Then we found out that when she bought the house, it was property of an Indian graveyard. One night, I was talking to my  aunt on the phone, in my mom and dad's bedroom, and the television turned on!! I was the only one upstairs, and I ran down stairs and told my dad, he said the same thing happened to him in the middle of the night! This never happens when I'm with the whole family, but it happens to me a lot! 




Ghost or Poltergeist?





I have often visited your website, but this is the first time I have told anyone about these experiences. My name is Kris and I am 17 years old.

The first experience is one that happened to me in my bedroom one night as I dozed in and out of sleep. About the third time that I jerked awake, I heard a sound. I looked over to see the controller to my PS2 console dragging across the floor by an unseen force. I thought that it might only be a trick of my mind at first (well, I was hoping that was all it was. I knew better!), but even after I'd sat up it continued to be pulled across the floor. I was immediately frightened and I threw on the lamp light beside my bed, but it stopped as I did this. I must have sat there for ten minutes staring at it.

This has been the only strange ghostly experience in my home, other than intense feelings of being watched. At these moments I become very uncomfortable and the hair on my body stands up.

My family is very spiritual and open to all sorts of topis, such as ghosts, magic, psychic ability. I have had several clairovoyant experiences during my life, but I know this was of a different kind.

The second part of this email is about my uncle. Fairly recently he told my father about some very odd experiences in his home. My uncle is a very serious, quiet, religious man and he was only reassured into telling my father about this after my father happened to mention a book about psychic ability. This left my uncle feeling that my father wouldn't judge him and that he would be receptive to the idea of ghosts or a poltergeist. I'll quit babbling now and tell you.

Every night when my uncle and his wife are in bed, trying to sleep, they hear stampeding and other loud noises in the living room. Once my uncle set his guitar on a table there and left the room, but when he returned the guitar had disappeared. He searched all over the place for it, but when he came back to the living room, there it was on the table. Another time his wife and he were in the kitchen. They had just set a pie down in the middle of the kitchen table. Some invisible force pulled the pie across the table and lowered it slowly to the floor. They were both watching this in amazement. The force lifted it again and slid it back to its spot in the middle of the table!

An interesting thing to note is that this is a recent appearance. He's lived in this home for a few years with no disturbances. My uncle is a construction worker or something like that, I know that he regularly disturbs the ground and buildings. I thought that there might be a connection.

I just wanted to share this story, but any help or advice would be extremely appreciated! He may or may not want to rid his home of this presence. I don't know.






By: Anonymous


I worked in the biology labs for four months as a

biology lab assistant, basicaly, I was there to do

what no one else wanted to do, clean up, set up,

washing dishes, whatever. I worked late most nights,

washing test tubes and doing dishes from different

labs. I was often in the biology labs alone at night,

the occasional public saftey officer walked by to lock

up. I was there not too late one night working, I was

putting glassware away in the glassware closet, when I

looked up to see a man walking down the hallway. He

was about my height, 5'11", slim, and elderly. He had

white hair on the sides, bald on top. He was wearing a

white lab coat over dark slacks and a white shirt,

black tie. He was carying a beaker of clear liquid in

one hand, and had a large book in the other, with a

dark brownish colored bottle sitting on top of his

book. I thought he was one of the Chemistry professors

I had not met yet, I worked in the biology labs and

had only been there for a little under a month. I kept

working, as he walked around the corner. I came

accross a glass piece I had never seen. I ran in the

direction he had gone to ask where it went. When I got

to the hallway he turned on, no one was there, I tried

the offices, all locked, no one was around. I figured

he was in one and just didnt want to be bothered. I

finished up working for the night, watched public

saftey go through and lock up, kicking me out, I left,

the following morning I was there to finish up when

public safety got there to unlock the doors, no one

aside from public saftey has keys to the building. I

walk up to the glass room, the door is unlocked and

open already, weird but ok, I walk to the next room to

put the glassware I had not finished away, it was

gone, I walked back  into the glassroom it was all put

away, clean. No one was in the building during the

time I left and the time I came in. I asked my

supervisor, no one of he description I gave worked in

the building. She laughed at me and told me it was the

resident ghost. I had no idea, I stumbles upon your

site, and read your blurb on capital.        




Haunted House





I lived in a house in Edgerton in the early 80's located on Swift Street.  Incidences include:  One night I was laying in bed facing away from the door when I felt a hand on my hip, I turned to see No one there.  Another time I was waiting for my friend to come home (I was upstairs) when I heard glasses clinking and pots and pans being moved about, I went downstairs and there was nothing out of place.  Later when I started riding to work with a friend he asked me about stuff that happened to me.  He also experienced things while liveing in that house when he was about 12 or 13.  This house was defintely haunted but the ghosts did not interfere with living beings.




Ghost in Panama City Beach Hotel Room




When I was about 9 years old my family went to New Orleans for the World's Fair.  On our way back home we decided to stop at Panama City Beach for the night.  My mother must be the most critical person in the planet when it comes to hotel rooms.  Before we check in at any hotel my mother must check out the room first.  We stopped at this one hotel that looked promising.  So My the frontdesk clerk my mom and I went up to the only room they had left for that evening.  The man opened the door and we all saw a shadow in the room that seemed to be running away from the beds.  The man closed the door and checked the room number thinking that he opened the wrong room.  It was the right room so he proceeded to open the door again.  We all filed in and the man and I went tolook inside  the bathroom in the corner of the room thinking whomever made the shadow must be hiding in there.  No one was in the room.  We came back into the bedroom and my mom is looking at the wall.  She looked very pale and wanted to leave as soon as possible.  I looked at the wall and there was a fresh looking stain on it.  It looked to be blood.  We all left rather quickly.  Needless to say we did not stay at this hotel. 





Daughters House





my daughter moved into a house about seven years ago and right from the start we knew something was,nt right

we could smell this horrible smell like rotten cabbage and

we even called in the fire brigade as we thought there could be a fire they checked out the whole house but found nothing even though they could smell the smell too,then the light bulbe began falling out of the sockets when we walked beneath them just missing us.My daughter had a new baby and I think it upset whatever it was.

The bby had'nt been home more than a week when the dog started barking savagely and standing in front of the moses basket as if guarding the baby from something we could'nt see.then one day as I was going out i turned to se a woman with blonde hair standing on the stairs.She was smiling and she was a lovely looking woman she wore a fifties type coat down to mid calf length woth a wide collar

her legs stopped just below the hem line I could not see her ankles or feet but I knew she was good and not evil.By this time though my daughter was terriefied and moved out

I often wonder if the new tenants had seen anything.

<>Oh and another thing when the midwife came to see the new baby the fire surround fell over and I had to throw myself over the baby to stop her getting harmed,I just put that down to the fact her dad had'nt put the surrround up properly but ny daughter told me later the fire surround had been screwed to the wall for weeks and had been solid up
till then weird isn't it

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