Manresa Castle




My family and I stayed at the Manresa Castle Port Townsend, Wa.  We stayed in room 306, where the woman killed herself.  We didn't know before hand all the creepy things that has happened there.  But a few of our creepy experiences was that at night, the windows were fogged, and I shut the blinds. NOTHING was on the windows.  In the morning when the windows were still fogged, I opened the blinds to find a pentagram draw on the window.  My family and I are all strong Christians, and would never even think of drawing that as a "joke". Also, in the middle of the night I woke up to my head board of my bed slamming against the wall... My sister was sound asleep and didn't hear a thing.  My parents in the other room didn't hear it either.  But my grandma (who was on a roll away bed in the same room as I) heard it and woke up too.  We both sat straight up, and I finally said "What is that?" and it stopped suddenly.  To this day, we don't know what it was. I don't believe in ghosts, but that was very unexplainable.




Cleves Ohio






This 3-story, 18 room Victorian (well, Queen Anne) home was built in 1856 for John Cleves Symmes and his bride-to-be.  It was purchased in the early 1900s by Judge Stanley Struble and his wife.  My then-husband and I purchased it in 1972 from the estate of Mrs. Struble, then a widow.  The Judge was instrumental in 1940's Cincinnati legislature, and was also a staunch Mason.

It had been divided into 2 apartments when we purchased it, and within a few months we knocked out some walls and restored it to it's original one-family home.

There are 3 small rooms on the 3rd floor...  One overlooks the front yard.  The other two rooms held pictures, documents, legal briefs, etc., from the Judge.  Many of his books, files, and notes were also housed in a Carriage House (outbuilding).  I found them quite fascinating, and wondered if the local Historical Society would be interested.

Meanwhile, things kept "appearing" inside the house, mostly in the kitchen.  It was my habit to put the breakfast dishes in hot, soapy water, then drive our sons to pre-school, then come home and do the dishes.  On several occasions, old kitchen utensils I never had, or knew of, would be in the sink to be washed.  Also, my sons told me they would see a man looking out the 3rd floor window, watching them as they played.  My sons are now 34 and 37, and maintain this vision.  Their description is that of the Judge.

The house has a "cold spot," between the kitchen and the dining room, at the foot of the private stairwell (boarded over when we purchased the home) that led directly to a 2nd story bedroom - supposedly direct access to the servants' quarters, also the room of a retarded child.  I do not know if this was a child of Symmes', or Struble's, and we never got around to opening the stairwell.

What convinced me this house was haunted?  The exact date eludes me, because this was over 30 years ago, but I was getting ready to go to my monthly Eastern Star meeting.  I showered and did my hair in the small 2nd story bathroom, went into the large bedroom to finish dressing, and the Judge's clothing (an aged tuxedo), had been laid out on the bed.  And I was the only one home.

I will tell you, I always felt safe in that home.  Sadly, it is now in disrepair, dying...  It's a home crying out for love and attention, I believe.  Not a malicious bone (beam?) anywhere.

I honestly don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in energy.  There was an energy in that home that I can't put into words.  A GOOD energy.

And, on that note, I thank you for the web site you have developed.  It was forwarded to me by a dear friend.



The Ghost Next Door





It all started when I was 8. I was a really into scary stories and all. I had always wanted to look at a real ghost. Of course I would tell my friends and family about this and they would just laugh. I wanted to prove them wrong. So one bright evening, I decided to go next door to my neighbors house. I had never known him, but my parents sure did. Every day they came back from his house they would say "There's something weird about that man." So I wondered why they said that. That evening, I went over to his house and gave him a visit. "Hello, my name is Vanessa, I'm the daughter of those people who come here every week." I said in a nervous voice. "Oh, your their daughter, well, come in, I have some cookies for you," he said with a friendly voice and a warm smile. I started talking to him and asked, "How much time have you been living here?" "A long time now," he said. I told him I had lived in my house for 4 years. We had a nice talk after that and soon I left. I didn't see why my parents had said that he was a weird old man. So they told me. "Because he said that he has lived in this house since it was built if he's 65, and this house was built in the year 1990, he would be 12 years old," my mom said. "He's an old man, he forgets," I said. I talked to the owner of this house, and asked him if a man named

Drake F. had been living here since 1990. He said no, the man had moved in the year 1991. He was 54 years old. So I thought it made sense. Then the owner, Mr.Garcia said, he died at the year 2000. Huh, what, what? I felt scared, it was the year 2002, and that man still lives next door? I had a really scary feeling, and then told my parents, of course, they laughed. No one ever believed me. I went to the old man's house the next day, and knocked, no one answered. I knocked again, this time, I felt a tap on my back, I screamed and turned around, It was Drake. "Hello, what are you doing here so early?" Drake asked. "I came here to talk to you," I said. I told him about what the owner of the house had said, he laughed, and told me that was not true. I left with a frown, and went to talk to the owner. I told him that Drake was still alive, and he said, "Odd, that man died in his house and his family buried him." I got really scared, but decided not to tell anyone else. That same night, I saw the man's ghost. I screamed and, then told him, get out, I don't need you here, please, get out. He disappeared, and I never saw him again.




Atco Mulitplex




i am an employee at the atco multiplex i am an usher so we have to clean house 12 alot. i am sure you heard that a man killed his girl friend then him self at the multiplex. well it was a few weeks that i was working there of november last year (i still do work there til this day) well i was telling my friend brendon about the story and we were doing theater checks and checking the temperature well we noticed that is was really cold at the top of the theatre and when we walked down there was not thermoneter there and at the bottom of house 12 it was really warm the temperature dropped. another night in a month or so there i was working alone in the theatre 12  waiting for adam and gabbie to come in well at that time i was know my amanda and no one knew that i went by the name amy.

well i heard someone say "amy" and no one was in the room with me i looked up and i swear that i saw a man where the cameras were. i dont know if i was in a day dream but when i looked down then looked back up but he was not there i dont go in house 12 around 11:00 at night to hear the noises or any thing else because the only people that are left are the managers and cleaners for 11:00. and they wont talk about the ghost to people. but it is a real plesant place its only in house 10 and 9 where you exit are the scary places cause when you exit to go to your car through the theatre. its all darkness behind there. well thank you for listening to my story




Australia Stories




Hi a few stories from Australia. I am a Catholic priest here are my stories.

I come from a spiritual family who seem to have much contact with the spiritual world.

My grandma continually reported that she was visited by a young girl aged 6 for many years. The girl would disappear when you drew closer. She would appear regularly and never made you feel frightened. Others reported seeing her from time to time. My grandmother always believed it was the ghost of her deceased child Thelma who died about that age from food poisoning.

About a week before my grandmother died she told everyone that she had been visited by the little girl in the white dress and it was her youngest sister who died at a young age. This time the girl had said everything will be fine. My grandmother died suddenly in her sleep a week later. The young girl has not been seen since.

When I was preparing for the seminary I lived in a house which was a former convent. After a few months there we could tell it had a history beyond being a convent. Often we would be all sitting watching tv when we would hear light switches being turned on and off. Sometimes the lights were on, sometimes not. Often during the middle of the night we would hear what sounded like someone walking across the roof but if you went outside to look there was no one there. Another experience was someone was lying in bed when the bed went down as if someone was sitting on the bed. The room became misty and my friend spoke to the spirit and told them we would help. Finally the house had a verandah and often you would hear the sound of someone walking it but there was no one there when you looked.

We called a priest who deals in exorcisms and psychic phenomenon who advised us to research the history of the place. The house had a very checked past. It was originally owned and built by a very stern man who had two daughters who never married. The house then became a convent where it was used as a house for unmarried mothers. Many children had also died on the premises. It appeared that the noises were consistent with childlike behaviour switching lights off and on even walking across the roof.

We followed the Catholic ritual named the persons and invited then to move on….they did.

There are also evil experiences. My parents house became very cold after the death of my grandmother. The front room was the coldest and had a smell of roses. My mother always thought it was the spirit of her father as he had a great love of roses. We called in a friend who was a priest who dealt with spiritual matters.

He asked whether any séances, Ouji boards or anything had occurred in the house. They had not and the house was not that old. My mother remembered some strange cards she had seen when packing up my grandmother’s things. She went to get them from under the house to discover they were missing from the place she last saw them. What she found in there place was a empty packet with burn marks. After our priest friend left we searched for these cards.

After some time the cards were found they were Tarot cards found among my mother’s personal items. How they got there we still do not understand as no one had been under the house since moving my grandmother’s items. Out of fear we decided to burn these cards. We lit a fire grabbed some BBQ tongs and put each card on the fire. The frightening part was everytime we would place a card on the fire with the tongs a large blue flame would try to reach our arm. We prayed the Our Father throughtout this time and prayed for God’s protection.

Within a few weeks the house was warm again…..

Be careful of the evil side of the spiritual world… does exist.




The Man in the Corner




I've told this story numerous times, and every time i tell it i get this

really bad feeling, like i should keep my mouth shut. But i really need to

tell it, it freaks me out really bad and im desperate as to what i'm seeing.

when i was in 8th grade (i'm now a senior in high school) i saw this "thing"

in my room. it was halloween and my parents wouldn't let me go

trick-or-treating. so, as any kid my age would do, i got pissed off and

stormed up to my room. i layed on my bed and started tossing a ball up into

the air. about an hour later i had calmed down (yes i know, i need anger

management) but as i felt better, i accidently threw the ball too hard and

hit the ceiling. it bounced off and rolled over to the corner. i flipped

over onto my stomach and looked to see where the ball had gone. instead of

seeing my ball, there was a man facing the corner of my room. he looked like

he might of been homeless...but there was just something off about him. i

couldn't see his face...he wouldn't turn around. this freaked me out more

than anything, and i let it be known. i screamed and as i backed away the

apparitiion dissapeared. i didn't see him again until two years later. i was

talking on the phone with my then girlfriend. my cousin was fast asleep on

my floor seeing as it was about 2 in the morning. i was talkin with my gf

when i just happened to look out the window, and to my horror and

astonishment there he was again, IN my window. still with his back to me. i

hung up the phone and yelled at my cousin to wake up, he stirred and saw

just what i did. at this point i should clarify...seeing a guy in your

window is scary enough, but when your bedroom is on the second floor, it

tends to be worse. so me and my cousin bolted downstairs and stayed in the

living room the rest of the night. nothing happened again until two years

later, which was two weeks ago. im talking to my gf now (yes i know it

sounds bad, but it was two years ago with that other chick) and again im

laying on my bed with my arm outstretched. i suddenly feel this hot breath

on my arm and i start panicking as i hear footsteps go towards the foot of

my bed. i tell my gf i'll call her back, and hang up promptly. i closed my

eyes and prayed the damned thing would go away. i never felt anything, and

was so freaked out i took some tylenol pm so i could sleep. that night i

dreamt. i dreamt that i could see my body in my own bed, but i wasn't alone

in my room. a man came into my room, completly concealed in shadow. he made

his way to my bed and slowly started to reach out for me...i immediatly woke

up. but even as i did, i could still see him. i jumped outta bed and grabbed

my baseball bat. i started swinging at the area he was in, but hit nothing

but air. i did, however, manage to break my lamp and a little bit of my

window. but he was still there, up until i turned on my main light. like

that he was gone. this happened two weeks ago and im scared that this will

continue to get worse. if anyone has had a similar thing happen to them, by

all means feel free to email me.




Monrovia - Movie Theatre





From 1988 - 1991 I was an Assistant Manager for Mann Theaters.  In 2000, this theatre was torn down and now a Bed, Bath & Beyond is in it's place.  I personally don't know if that store is experiencing any problems, but there were problems from the movie theatre.  When I go inside the store, I do feel weird sensations about "something" still being there.  I wanted to ask the employees if they've experienced anything, but haven't had the guts to do it.

Last year I sent you an email explaining this, and I still haven't seen anything on your website so I thought I would mention it again.  These are my personal experiences which other employees also have experienced.

Most of the activity was located in the projection booth.  However, the haunting are believed to come from theatre 5 where it was said a person had a heart attack and died while watching a movie.  In that theatre, while employees were cleaning between shows, we would hear the seats squeak as if someone was sitting down or standing up, hear loud noises out side of the exit doors only for the noise to stop as we are opening the door to find nothing outside.

In the booth, I have looked several time up to the booth from any of the theatres to see a silhouette of a person starring down at me through the port hole, knowing that I'm the only one with a key and the projectionists for that day.  I have been up there several times (as well as with others) to see a person run across the booth out of the corner of our eyes only to find no one there.  I have had footsteps walk right up behind me (I was thinking someone was trying to sneak up on me), I would turn around and no one would be there.  A movie reel has rolled across the floor and stop in the middle of the hallway. 

The thing that freaked me out the most was when I was looking out a port hole from inside the booth (cold air from the theatre will rush in like a fan blowing in your face), a brush of hot air overpowered the air coming in and went out the port hole.  About 5 seconds later the air from the theatre starting blowing in again.

We (myself and other employees) were used to things happening all of the time.  We also tried using a Ougie board in theatre 5 and it freaked out.  It was going nuts.  We stopped and went back out into the main lobby.

No one ever knew for sure who the ghost was.




Maybe I can Add To It




I have several stories...

some are Indian Tales, that I have seen with my own two eyes...  some are stories I have heard from my best friend. 

there is a great one that my daughter experienced.

if you think I may have something to help email me back...

* the experience my daughter had was an odd church that she had skipped first hour to go see.  It was broad daylight out but you still could not see inside the church.  Upon opening the door of the church you could here children laughing, eerily... yet no one was inside the church.  The church was dark inside, no light shined through the windows... my daughter of course ran back to the car and her friends told her that the one who opens the door must be the one to close it.  It is a church that all the local people fear to go in... due to the stories the elders have told....

*I myself have seen floating orbs... these are shapeshifters, the elders will tell you.  They float up and down the road between two rows of Indian homes.  The story behind the orbs is that they are Kolons... shapeshifters.  They take the lives of those who do bad medicine to others.  I use to have a tape on them but loaned it out and never got it back... I possibly could get another.

I have more but see what you may be interested in and let me know... by the way I love your website and visit it often....



Little Girl Lost


By: Anonymous


Well im going to leave my name blank but the only thing that ive ever seen (aside from a few flashes of light and some flying spheres) is a little girl whom used to climb my steps. This might sound insane, but i didnt belive it untill i seen it during the day time with people up and walking in my house (my family) i seen something move (at this time i thought that i was just seeing things) i went to look (being that i have no door on my room i have a curtan type thing) i looked through one of the cracks in it. i thought that i had seen somthing down the stairs and focused my eyes out to look then i realized it was right infront of me, when i focused in i could see her with extreem deital. I was frozen with fear i could see she was waring a white dress that was soaked in some pink fluid other than that she looked normal then she faded away. Ive never seen her again and dont want to. I dont know what it was and dont much care just want to be left alone by it.




Unusual Experience





My family owns several acres of land in Benzie County, Michigan.  Our land is adjacent to an ancient cemetery, with grave stones dating back to the 1800's.  If you walk through the woods you will come upon the cemetery. 

One night, when I was about 12 years old, my sister and I went to bed in the pop-up camper we were camping in.  My parents were still sitting out by the campfire, which was about 10 feet away from the camper.  I fell asleep easily enough, but was soon awoken by foot steps circling the camper.  I called out for my mom and dad, but no one answered.  The footsteps kept going around and around and around the camper.  I searched for a flashlight, but couldn't find one, so I just kept calling out for my dad.  Eventually, I fell asleep uneasily to the sound of footsteps continuously going around the camper. 

The next morning, my sister told me about waking up and seeing a woman looking at her, very close to her face.  The woman was pale, with stringy black hair hanging down.  She looked very sad.  I assume this woman that my sister saw had some connection with the footsteps I heard, but I don't know.  However, this was not the first nor the last unusual thing to occur here.




The Haunted SP Railroad Dump at Grosse Tete, Louisiana




Please publish this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happend to my husband and I when we in High School at Shady Grove High in Rosedale

Louisiana.  Rumor had it that if you went down the gravel road which led into the SP swamp many miles, after you

went over the railroad tracks, you would come to a large iron

gate.  You would have to get out of your car to open the gate and drive into the swamp.  THE railroad was deserted by

that time, but a conductor had been decapitated by the train

which was coupling its cars at the time.  There is a light at

the end of the swamp road as far as you can see. This is supposed to be the conductor trying to find his head.

It is a large orb which grows larger and more orange as it

approaches your car.  My husband and I saw it, and our car

was parked on the other side of the gate.  We were walking down the road.  When the light came toward us we turned and ran and climbed over the gate,  I will never forget the terror of that night.  We reached our car, turned around and

sqealed tires getting out of there.  We did not go back our whole Sr. year.




Old House Located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.






When living in this house my husband received a gift from his parents.  The gift was an old Railroad Pocket Watch that belonged to his grandfather.   The watch hadn’t worked for years and was never set.  My husband placed the watch on a shelf in the bedroom.   One afternoon, the watch began ticking, and kept perfect time for the rest of the time we lived in the house.   In 1994 we moved out of state, and the watch hasn’t run since.




New York House












By: Anonymous


I was a young teenager when this event took place. Several months prior to the "dreams" our family had been misplaced. We were basically homeless and living with a less than favored aunt. It was while looking at residences that I had the chance to see the inside of a home that, for years had been a curiosity to me. As a child my school bus would pass by this home twice a day. Every morning and afternoon, I would crane my neck to stare at the stately home atop the hill. I knew that it was a very old home but not much beyond that. To me, it was the most beautiful and scary place I had seen and the desire to go inside of it grew greater as the years passed by.

On the morning in question, my family and I had appointments with the realtor to see several homes through out the county. This house of my curiosity was to be our first stop. I could not wait. As we drove up the drive, I was a bit disheartened to see that a cousin and uncle were at the home waiting on us. This cousin in particular was a few years older than I and in my opinion of very low moral character. We had nothing in common other than blood as far as I was concerned.

Despite my earlier apprehension, she was quite respectful and the home was beyond what I had imagined it to be. This cousin and I gawked our way through the home taking in each room as if it were a first breath. It was wonderful. The home was so sensibly laid out and the rooms were so warm, I felt like I was home. My cousin had mentioned that the house "clicked" for her though I found that to be a bit surprising given its detail to taste and her lack there of. As for me, it felt like home and was everything I had dreamed that my future home would be. I hated to leave and remember longing to go back in as we were driving down the drive way to the other homes on our schedule.

That night, my family and I were heatedly discussing our options. My father and I were sold on the first house while my mother hated it. My younger siblings did not seem to care one way or the other. After many hours of discussing and citing the positives and negatives of all the homes we had seen, I retired to bed. That night, I had the most horrific and vivid nightmare that I ever remembered. It was about the home and had my cousin in it. We were in what I would consider "period" clothing dating back to the late 1800's. I will not go into all of the details other than to say I witnessed a death in my dream that was so real, I awoke to my own screams and tears. Several days passed and each night, the dream returned just as vivid and horrifying as the night before. On Sunday, as the family gathered for Sunday dinner, I saw my cousin sitting alone under a large oak tree. She looked very haggard and I approached her. Now she and I had never been close and truth be told, friendly would not be an apt description either. But still, I approached her and asked her what was wrong. She began telling me of this horrible nightmare that was haunting her and I sat in stunned silence as she recalled detail for detail the same nightmare that was haunting me.

Since then, she and I have had the same dreams on several occasions. And though I still find her to be of low moral character, we have established quite a bond thanks to the nightmares that we often experience on the same nights with the exact same details.




The Pacer




English Park Condominiums #107 was *my* first place.  There were quite a few creaks and noises that I noticed from my first day, but I accepted them and grew accustomed to them, never thinking of them as any more than “condo noises.”  However, the first visitor (or resident) I noticed in my new home was a man I believed to be my paternal grandfather.  He would stand in my bedroom doorway while I or my friends were in the living room.  I thought it was my imagination until other people started pointing him out, the first person being my friend, Rachael.

Rachael was also the first person to point out “The Pacer.”  While watching TV on night, she said in a very startled voice, “Wendy, someone just walked through your kitchen!”  I looked into my kitchen (the doorway and pass-through making the whole kitchen visible) and saw nothing.  Usually, I am very sensitive to other presences, and I didn’t even feel anything.  I told her she was crazy, and to lay off of whatever she was on.  But, a few nights later, at around 10:30pm, I saw a man pace once through my small kitchen.  He almost seemed like he was in a hurry, or a panic, or simply really worried about something.  He had an urgent air about him.  Shocked, I called Rachael and told her I saw him. 

A few weeks after that, a similar thing happened.  Rachael and I were sitting in my living room watching TV (with Grandpa looking on), when Rachael exclaimed that a cat had just ran through my living room.  Slightly annoyed, I told her I don’t have a cat.  And, I didn’t believe her when she tried to explain the “ghost cat.”

Actually, it was quite a few months before I saw it.  It appeared under my foot as I was walking into the living room, and I almost fell trying to avoid it.  It ran off down the hall.  I figured I was losing it.

About a year and a half later, my fiancé moved in with me.  I never mentioned any of this to him in fear he would have me committed.  But, he soon learned for himself.  On the third night that he officially lived with me, he was awoken in the middle of the night by a feeling that he couldn’t breathe.  He said there was a man standing at the foot of the bed, on my side.  Without making a sound, the man seemed to warn him from doing me any harm.  Once my fiancé silently assured him no harm would come to me, the man seemed to give him a warm, accepting feeling, and then was gone.  My fiancé immediately woke me up and told me about what had just happened.  I calmed him down and told him the man was just my grandfather trying to look out for me, as he had all the time I had lived there.  Half jokingly, he asked if there were any other spirits in the home he should know about, so I told him about “The Pacer” and “ghost cat.”  I didn’t get into details, I figured that could wait.

Evidently, I waited too long.  I was making rice-krispy treats one night, a few months later, while Jon (my fiancé) was on the computer.  The computer desk was in the living room, next to the hallway, and facing the bedroom door.  I could see Jon from the kitchen through the pass-through.  While I was stirring the marshmallows, I saw Jon look over, into the bedroom with a concerned look on his face, and rush into the bedroom.  Curious, I went over to see what he was doing.  When I looked into the bedroom from the doorway, I just saw Jon appear to be looking for something.  Unconcerned, I went back into the kitchen.  A few moments later, Jon came out and asked, “Did you see that?”  “Did I see what?”  I asked.  “Someone just walked through the bedroom!”  he said.  “Oh, it’s just ‘The Pacer.’”  I told him.  Now, Jon was very concerned.  He didn’t understand what the heck was going on.  “I told you about him, remember?”  I asked.  “Yeah,” he replied “but I didn’t believe you!”  That’s about the time I realized that just before “The Pacer” would make his brief appearance, a high-pitched whistle could be heard throughout the condo through the AC vents.  This would always occur around 10:30pm on the nights I was there (I worked part-time at night).  I never was able to figure out why he paced, what he was waiting for.  Clearly, he was distressed by something, but never bothered anyone else.

If you have any questions or comments for me, or would like to hear about “Arthur”, please feel free to drop me a line.  I feel I’m pretty lucky to have had these experiences. 




Hauntings in DE





At a personal residence in Chelsea Estates, across from the National Guard off of rt. 141, there is an older man and two little girls who haunt the house.  The man is only seen to be "half of a body" and wears a black suit.  The two little girls are between the ages of 6-10.  One of the little girls has shoulder length, light curly hair, and wears a light colored nightgown/dress.  The little girls are usually heard laughing, singing, and playing in the hallway.  They also like to randomly turn on a radio in the kitchen.  They are nice ghosts, moe protectors than anything, but at the same time very creepy!  My husband and I were good friends with the couple that used to live there.  They have since been divorced and have moved, but they say that the ghosts moved with them when they lived in an apartment in Middletown, DE.  The ghosts made their "residence" with them in Chelsea.  Although, the adults can only hear the little girls, the little girl, who is the daughter of the couple who lived there, had an imaginary of the ghosts!  She would talk to her and tell her mother what the ghost said!  She could also see the ghosts!  As a personal experience, my husband and I babysat the couple's daughter, she was 8 at the time, and the couple's son, he was 5 at the time.  We babysat for a weekend while the couple was away at a fireman's convention, just so happens that both were members of Christiana Fire Co.  mostly working out of Station 3 (the one mentioned as haunted).  The first night we stayed we had no problems.  Saturday, day, the daughter and I had to go back to the house because she needed a jacket, we were at a high school football game.  When we entered the house, the kitchen radio was on, and the Barbie car the daughter was playing with earlier in the morning had a radio that was also on.  Neither one of these items were on when we left the house earlier that day!  In fact, the radio station that was on the Barbie car was a local pop station when the daughter was playing with it earlier in the morning.  When we returned to get the jacket, the radio station was a local television station that broadcasts in the very low FM numbers.  No big deal, we turned them off not knowing of the possiblity of "hauntings" in the house.  Much later that night, while the kids were asleep and my husband and I were asleep in the couple's bedroom, things got REALLY weird.  I usually have to sleep with covers, but for some reason that night my husband and I fell asleep on top of the covers.  All we had to cover up the two of us was a small throw blanket, but all night long I had a strange sensation, like someone was looking over me, keeping my uncovered back warm.  My side of the bed was closest to the door (the rooms in Chelsea are not very big at all), and my husband was facing the wall that faces Rt. 141.  Sometime around 4am, my husband turned from the wall to "cuddle up" to me, facing the door.  As he moved he saw a "figure" standing at the foot of the bed "hovering" over me.  For a moment he thought that it was the little girl that we were babysitting, but she seemed to be floating and the door was still closed.  The longer he looked at the bright, hovering girl, the more he realized that the girl that we were babysitting did not have curly hair, nor did she go to sleep in a nightgown. She was looking at us, probably trying to figure out who the strange people were sleeping in the home owners' bed.  Startled and confused my husband got out of bed, walked about 2 feet to the bathroom (right next to the hovering figure), all the while the little girl watching him, and turned on the bathroom light.  Immediately, the hovering figure disappeared.  Still confused, we checked on both the boy and the girl that we were babysitting.  Both of them were sound asleep in their beds!  The next morning we didn't say anything to the children, but as soon as the parents returned we aksed them if their house was haunted.  They responded by saying, "Which ghost did you see?  The man or the little girls?"  My husband and I ran out of the house screaming with our hair standing on end!  Needless to say, our speculation was true and they preceeded to tell us about other hauntings that they had been witness to in their house.  Had we known this prior to babysitting that weekend, we would have brought the children to our house!  Because I worked with the woman who owned the house, and her children went to the same school that I teach at, I later asked the daughter about her imaginary friend.  She was still unaware about my husband's "sighting".  She described the "hovering figure" exactly as my husband had said!  Once again, my hair was standing on end!  Other stories include the "half man" making loud footsteps/banging across the second floor.  Ironically, the second floor in that home is an unfinished attic.  No one lived up there, I guess, except for the ghosts!  The home owners could not figure out where the very loud, late night banging was coming from.  They thought someone was knocking on their front door, running away, and then continuing to knock.  Each time they checked outside and around the house, but to find no one.  Upon returning to bed for the last time, the banging footsteps continued and would not give up on keeping the couple awake.  As the couple got out of bed, the footsteps moved across the second floor, leading the couple to the kitchen.  While the couple was in the kitchen, the footsteps got louder above a cabinet in the corner.  A cabinet that housed the hotwater heater.  On top of the hotwater heater was a cardboard box, a cardboard box that was currently smoking from some sort of electrical fire.  Once the couple opened the cabinet and saw the smoking box, the footsteps stopped!  The ghost was trying to let the couple know that their house was about to catch on fire and was relentless with the footsteps.  Again, these are only a few stories of the many that the home owners, their children, and houseguests have encountered.  I hope that you can add these to the list of hauntings in Delaware. 



After the Birth of my Child


This happened when right after I had my son. I had been working and was going to come home.  I didn't have a car and my mom had to come and bring me home.  It was about 11:30 at might and we where almost home. well the road where we lived  there is a little cemetery It only has a few graves and it's on top of a hill, well we where going over the hill and when we got to the top and as we where going over the top of the hill we heard a little girls voice, and she was leafing. my mother looked at me and pleas say that was you even if it wasn't




Jackson, New Hampshire


By: Anonymous



The Wentworth Hotel has had several guests and staff spooked over the years. Guests hav seen a farmer in the old Wildwood building, which is empty now. In the inn, when I first started, I went to the attic late at night to get printer paper for the night audit. The only other person in the inn was the night watchman, who was washing dishes.  While I was up in the attic, a man asked me what I was looking for. I trned, thinking it was the night watchman and I was alone. I ran all the way downstairs and out the kithen door only to bump into the night watchman. He listened to me and agreed it was a ghost. A few times he and I would be the only ones there and we would hear strange noises, or sense someone else there. The last time I experienced something strange, I saw a coworker walking along Wildwood and I got out of my car and tried to sneak up behind him. When I rounded the corner, there was no one there!

I work days now. It is not for this reason but I am still glad that someone else can enjoy the ghosts.I would prefer not to list my name, as I still work there and I don't want to scare the new staf

in case they haven't seen anything.




Senior Center




I live and work in Kemmerer, Wyoming, I work at the senior

center and I tell you there are ghost here, You can hear

laughter, people walking or dropping pot and pan. One of our

cooks came in real early to do some baking for our craft fair

and was so spooked she called her husband to come down , said

she would never be a lone in here again. She went outside to

wait she would not stay in here. Sometime when I

am here working the late shift I feel a presence and I have never

 been spooked , it usually just sounds. Never have saw anything.




Indian burial ground and satanistic church in Rock Hill, SC






My name is Jessica Rayley and I am now 18 years old.  When I was about 8 years old, I lived on Lyndenboro Street in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  There are MANY ghost stories from Lyndenboro Street.  It's an old dirt road that curves quite a bit.  When you first turn onto it, you get an aerie, spike-tingling feeling of a negative energy.  You go over an old bridge and curve to the right.  About 300 yards up you curve to the left.  In the middle of this 300 yard stretch, you can look up and see an old house on top of a hill. It has been said that if you go down the street that leads to the house, you can see an old woman in an orange rocking chair looking out of the window, and when you get to the front of the house, she'll be at another window. The street goes up around a small circle.  There are a lot of run-down houses where almost everyone in this neighborhood picked-up and moved out almost all at the same time.  There is a house next to the circle that always catches on fire.  People would move in, it would burn, they would move out, new people would move in, it would burn down, etc.  This went on and on for quite some time.  It has been said that in the center of the circle was once a Satanist church.  You can still see bricks from the building that was once there.  I lived diagonally across from the house that constantly burned down.  At one time, I was left home alone, my parents thinking I would be fine since we were in the middle of nowhere while they went out to dance on their anniversary.  I was sitting in the living room watching TV when I saw a shadowy black figure peer around the corner of the hallway.  I remember thinking it was my imagination and closing my eyes hoping it would disappear.  I then heard my dog start barking and I opened my eyes to see two shadowy figures.  I instantly jumped behind the chair I was sitting in and began rocking back and forth on the floor, crying until my parents got home.  I was so frightened that I peed myself.  When my parents got home, I instantly screamed for them to come to me.  They didn't seem very concerned, until my dad went to look in my bedroom to find a hole busted through my window from a rock thrown, but the hole was much too small for a body to fit through.  I recently asked my parents if it was a dream I had as a child, and they assured me that it was real.  We also had a lot of animals die there, most being dogs that died standing up with the impression of being scared "to death," others hanging themselves from my porch, and others dying from mysterious, unexplainable deaths.  I remember hearing a story about an Indian burial ground in the woods surrounding the Satanist church.  This concerned my mother quite a bit, but my father didn't seem to have any worries, until one certain day when My pet turtle had died (from an unexplainable death).  My father and I were digging a hole to bury my pet in when we hit what seemed like rocks.  My father took a closer look, and it seemed to be the skeleton of a small child.  Stories suggested that it could have been a sacrifice.  Needless to say, we moved away within the next few days.  I went back recently to take a visit, and I took my best friend along with me, who has quite an interest in ghosts and paranormal.  She instantly began to talk about how uncomfortable she felt, and how she wanted to leave immediately.  My friend and I came upon this site looking for information about the Lynderboro Street hauntings, but seemed to find nothing.  Hopefully the information I gave you will give you the urge to look more in depth to this situation.  Below I have drawn a sketch of the street, and my old house so you can get a better feel for it




 Happenings in My Life





I am originally from Southern Indiana. Princeton to be exact about 30

miles North of Evansville. When I was 3 1/2 years old my family moved

from the small town of Decker to Princeton into the house that my older

and younger brothers and myself were basically raised in. For years many

strange things have happened in this house I would like to detail a few

of them and a personal experience in which my life was saved by a ghost.

My older brother John was 7 years older than myself. When he was 16

years old which would be 1973 in the summer he had an account of

something out of the ordinary. He stayed up late one night watching TV.

When he went to bed his bed was downstairs off of the main living room

in the back corner of the house. He said that he was just dozing off

when he could hear what sounded like labored breathing from all around

the room (as if the walls were breathing). He said at first it was

fairly faint and he discarded it as the wind blowing (The house was

built in 1929 and is drafty). What made him realize that it wasn't the

wind was that it never lost cadence as if someone was struggling to

breath in then breathing out. After about 5 minutes the breathing

increased in volume and continued to increase until my brother was so

afraid that he ran upstairs to my Mom and Dad's room and slept in a

chair until the next morning where my Mom awoke to see him. She said he

was ashen white and told her once about what happened and never

mentioned another word about it until I was leaving to join the service.

It was only at this time that he asked me if anything strange had

happened to me during my life in the house. I relayed my stories and he

told me that he had researched it and the original owner had a daughter

that died from Pneumonia in that very back bedroom in 1934.

Over the years our whole family did move around to various rooms in the

house as our bedrooms. The upstairs has an attic which adjoins to one

bedroom (originally my Mom and Dad's and mine for a short time). A

smaller bedroom off to the side of that (originally my younger brother

and I shared that.) A hall off of the master bedroom with a staircase to

the downstairs level. When we were young and went to bed upstairs almost

every night you could here the creaking pattern of the stairs as if

someone was coming up and going down the stairs and no one was there.

About 1974 my Father made an in-law apartment out of the basement for my

Grandmother on my mother's side. She stayed with us for a couple of

years until our elderly neighbor passed away and my father bought the

house next door and my grandmother moved in there. After that my Dad and

Mom decided that we would make the basement our living area during the

hot summers to save on electric costs. From 1976 until I left home in

1985 you could sit in the basement and hear footsteps go across the

house and you knew no one was up there. During this time also if you

went upstairs it would not be unusual for lights that were off earlier

to be on.

In 1981 When my brother moved out for the last time I took the front

bedroom in what I will now call the regular downstairs (not the

basement).  In 1983 I had been dating a girl for about a year and a

half. We were quite serious. We had pictures taken of just the 2 of us

and I had just put a 5x7 framed on my night stand. Anyway I came home

that night from her place and after watching some TV I went to bed.

During the night I slept sporadically feeling uneasy as if someone was

watching me. Now I've had this feeling before in the house and had just

learned to live with it. When I did get up the next morning my new

picture was laying face down and the glass was cracked (not shattered

down the length of my girlfriends body and face in the picture). Yet I

didn't hear anyone come into my room during the night and the nightstand

was on the opposite side from any window in the room.

This last incident did not happen in the family home. February 1993 my

mother passed away from complications from open heart surgery. This was

a very long ordeal which started in December of 1992. She was in

intensive care for 6 weeks at times in a drug induced coma due to her

emphysema and not be able to get her off the ventilator. I spent 4 weeks

of emergency leave there with my Dad on a 24/7 vigil. My mother started

getting better and I went back to Ct. to my wife and 2 daughters. About

2 weeks later she had been taken out of intensive care and was put into

a rehabilitation center to help strengthen her lungs to get off the

ventilator. We payed a short visit in early February. That was the last

time I saw her alive. One week later she died suddenly. It came as a

total shock. We went home and mourned her death. Especially myself (my

mother and I were very close). A couple of days after the funeral my

older brother convinced me to go ice fish with him. This had been an

extremely cold year and my brother new a farm pond where we could make a

haul of bluegill. It did make me feel better to be out in the country.

My brother and I tied off a rope to each other and to a tree onshore

just in case. After about an hour at my hole and my brother about 50 or

60 feet away I notice water pooling around my hole and the bucket I was

sitting on. I knew this was a bad sign. I carefully got up and took 2

steps and the next thing I knew water was over my head. I went through,

my brother panicked and so did I. I was in 4 layers of clothes including

insulated coverall and insulated boots so I was just about as buoyant as

a rock. I scrambled and grabbed the edge of the ice but every time I

would try to pull myself up the ice would break. It wasn't looking good.

Then I could hear my Mom's voice saying it was ok it wasn't my time yet.

It felt as if 2 hands were under me holding me up. I became very calm

and told my brother who by this time had manage to anchor himself with

his foot in his hole to pull the rope and slide me out which he did. We

quickly got off the pond and got me into his truck to keep hypothermia

from being any worse. On the way home he said that military training had

served me well being so calm. I told him it wasn't the military but that

Mom was with me and told me it was going to be ok. He looked at me and

just quietly said that's funny she told me to put my foot in the hole so

I could pull you out.

I now live in New Hampshire. If you would like to contact me feel free




A Haunting in Hayward Wisconsin




Strange things are still occurring here at the house on 2nd Street in Hayward Wisconsin.

Jims bedroom light pops on by itself, plus his blinds have opened up by themselves. then the other night we had friends over and the door to the middle bedroom unlatched and opened, when we investigated the door was still locked ! And then the other day we were doing some cleaning, I was in the front room which is our parlour, and Jim was cleaning the kitchen, our other roommate was cleaning the back bathroom, which is off from the Kitchen, when she screamed and came running out of the bathroom, we calmed her down and she told us what happened, it sounded like a womans voice, she said " What are you doing?" 

Marissa saw a woman standing near the door , thats when she screamed and ran from the room. she was the same one seen by Jim in the mirror, with the 1930's style clothing.

We all left the house for a couple of hours and calmed down. So I decided to investigate what really happened here at the 2nd street house. Apparently back in the 1920's there was a small house located exactly where out rose garden is now,( It later burned to the ground) , well when that house was built, a happy newlywed couple moved in there, while they were having a sunday picnic, the girl was running to get something that fell near the creek bank, when she slipped and fell hitting her head she died.. the husband lived in the house until it burned and then he moved on, but I talked with his elderly sister, and he said he was always haunted by the ghost of his young wife, he wasnt afraid because he truly loved her, but even he was spooked, so the current house was built here in the late 30's early 40's, it was a series of additions. but our landlady has told us of strange occurences, she was never bothere by the spirit, we rent either but it is still strange to wonder why this woman is still hanging around the place, 80 years after she passed away. Who knows but I had to share this tale.




Kansas Home





When I was about 10 years old my family rented a house in Oskaloosa, Ks.   This is a small town that has a population of about 1074.  We moved in the summer of 1992 or '93. Oskaloosa has a lake and this is where I would spend most of my days fishing mostly because I did not like spending time in the house that my family had moved to because it was haunted.  It was haunted by an older man that only I could see.  The first time I noticed that something strange was going on was when I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep.  I thought I saw my dad look into my bedroom than he just went back out without saying anything.  I thought it was weird so I opened my door and asked him what he wanted (the only way to get to my bedrroom was through my parents room.) My dad said that he had not come into my room and told me to go back to bed.  I didn't really know what was going on but I soon found out.  Another night not long after, I was laying in my bed again trying to go to sleep when I heard a man's voice say "Get out"  when I looked up I saw an angry old man at the foot of my bed.  I was very scared after this happened and I kept telling my parents about the man that I saw but no one else in my family could ever see what I could.  Then one day my mom, sister, brother, and I were in the livingroom watching TV  when I saw the man going toward my brother.  I yelled at my mom and told her that I saw the man going toward my brother and I knew that he was going to hurt him.  When I saw the man get to my brother my brother stared yelling that his back was hurting but still no one else could see what I saw.  My mom went over to my brother and more to humor me than anything she put out her hand to smack the invisible hands away from my brother, but she was shocked when she felt her hand hit something that she could not see.  After that she told as all to get into the car when we were all in the car getting ready to drive off I saw the old man circling the house.  We moved shortly after that last event and I have not ever had the desire to go back.









This incident (actually, a few incidents that are blended together in my memory) has been on my mind constantly since the time it happened—when I couldn’t have been older than six.  I am now thirty and this is the first time I’ve written about it.

I remember a lot of nightmares from my childhood, but these experiences were distinctly different from a dream.  I know because the sense of panic I get in nightmares always wakes me up, but in these experiences I had nowhere to escape and had to endure every moment of terror in full wakefulness.

The activity seemed to be centered around the fireplace in the living room of my childhood home.  The echoing clank of metal in the dark—like sounds from a boiler room or workshop—has always been a “cue” for me that something ominous is about to happen.  That’s how a lot of my nightmares began, as well as my waking experiences with the “three little devils,” as I call them.

I remember lying on the living room couch, directly across from the fireplace.  I heard that signature echoing metallic clank along with gruff, echoing voices, too low to make out what was being said.  The sound was coming from the fireplace, where I saw three small figures behind the glass pane.  They were mumbling among themselves and looking at me as if they knew everything about me and knew exactly how scared I was of them.

They were about two feet tall and had either pointy ears or little horns at the top of their heads.  They were all the same shape, but one was just bone, one was just muscle (like a skinned animal), and the third one was hairy.  Their eyes were large and entrancing.  I was literally paralyzed with fear and couldn’t even scream.  That’s about all that happened each episode.

They always appeared in the fireplace.  Only once did I see them somewhere else: I was looking out a window onto the street one night and saw them crossing the street towards me.  I could sense that they were aware I could see them and took pleasure in frightening me.

What was most eerie was the way they walked in unison.  It was as if they were all controlled by a common brain.  Each would raise his right foot and slant his body to the left, then raise the left foot and slant to the right.  They advanced slowly that way, like marionettes, and completely synchronized in every move.  My mother was in the room with me at the time, bit I felt that somehow I could not or must not tell her what I saw outside the window.

To this day, whenever I sleep in a room with a fireplace I face away from it.

I’ve read hundreds of stories from the Shadowlands site to see if anyone has encountered similar creatures.  No luck so far.  If anyone has, feel free to email me.  Thanks for you time.




Spirits Do Travel





I used to think I was crazy, but the thing that kept me from truly

admitting that was the fact that my brother had seen the same things, but

unfortunaly it just stayed with me. As a little girl my family lived in an

Old Farm Stead in Guelph Ontario, Canada. The house was built in early

1800's, our bedrooms were all upstairs in the big house, my brother down

the hall and my parents room on the opposite side of the hall. At this time

I had to be about 4 years old, my brother michael was 5. Late one night a

sound woke my brother woke up to a wierd noise coming from my room, so of

course he came in to inspect it. When he entered my room he saw me curled

up in a little ball shaking and rocking back and forth with my hands over

my face.

Right above my head there was a dark figure circling over my head, and my

curtains whipping back and forth eventhough my window was closed, and the

figure above my head kept reaching towards me. Michael ran to my parents

room for help but when they arrived they couldn't see anything although it

did not go away, so they put me in my brothers room so I can sleep. This

continued for 3 years while living on that farm.

Then we moved to Santa Rosa California, and it still continued to follow

me, except now it was starting to take shape. It's in the shape of a man, a

very dark skinned man, whome after a time I called stew, which is the name

it gave me, I asked my parents if they new of a dark skinned man by the

name of stew or stewart, my father did, his best friend had been found

murdered and stuffed into a trunk of an old car in a junk yard, at last! a

I know who it is.

Then we moved again, this time to West Virginia, and it got ugly. We moved

into an old plantation farm house that used to have slaves to run the farm.

This is where stew got aggressive, I was coming down the stairs one night

to watch the saturday night movie with my parents and brother and I saw

imprints of someone gripping the back of my father's cloth backed chair and

as I screamed it jerked my fathers chair back, if I haden't screamed when I

did my father would never have had time to turn and miss having his neck

broken and the chair slammed down onto a oak table and smashed. I firmly

believe it tried to kill my father.

From that night on I moved my bed into my closet so I could pretend I

didn't hear the footsteps walking around my bed, but most nights I would

run into my brothers connecting room and sleep in his room, it tended to

leave us, or mainly me alone when we were in the same room.

Then we moved again, on my 13th birthday to Ontario Canada, it followed

again, but now it only showed up right before something bad was about to

happen. Once while going on my daily walk through the woods and it appeared

waving his arms at a corner that goes towards the pond, I ignored it and

continued on, as I walked around the corner I was jumped by a very large

man and his intent was rape, the good thing was I always walk with a large

stick and managed to get away, losing my shoe in the process. Another time

on Halloween night, I was by myself in the bar where I worked and he

appeared at the front door making motions to run, I again ignored him and

continued on with my reading. A moment later a man walked threw my door and

robbed me. After that I decided to pay attention to stew (my apperation)

since he's never tried to harm me, only my father, for which I have no

idea, maybe there's more to his story then what my father told me.

I'm now going on 22 in august and to this day stew still visit's me, but

now only when something bad is about to happen. I still have not told Tim

(my future husband) about it, but one day I will, for I truly believe that

Stew is my gardian angel. What else could he be?



Reporting of a Haunting in Toledo Ohio





The house I live in was built about 1907 and was built over an old farm house and land.  When we decided to refurbish the house, interesting things began to happen, especially when we discovered a room we did not know even existed!  We decided to enlarge the master bedroom to incorporate the new found space.  Our 12x13 room turned into a 23x13 room.  I was very excited about having such a large bedroom and planned to also use the room as my meditation spot.  But as we were finishing up the remodeling, I began to feel very unwelcome and the atmosphere was less than conducive to meditation, let alone sleep!

Every time I would do any work in that room, I could hardly wait to get out of there.  My husband was also having difficulties with the room.  He would work on it during the day while I worked.  His radio would change stations on its own.  Now, this is an old radio with a dial, and the only way it would work is to plug, or unplug it since the knob was gone, and it would only get one station.  But when the spirit in the room decided it was time for a change, the radio would change from country/western to rock and roll!    One time in the middle of the night, we were startled awake by the radio blaring a rock song, when my husband got up to turn it off, thinking he forgot to unplug it, it was already unplugged!  Let me tell you that made all the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!  His tools would disappear from where he left them, only to return a while later in the exact spot he left them in.  But only after a frustrating search had taken place.

We've had friends over and have had cups fly off the fridge and land across the kitchen.  Lights go on and off with a mind of their own.  Our bedroom door opens and closes in the middle of the night startling us awake thinking someone is entering our room.  We have bangings,  smells, voices, the sounds of people walking about upstairs, coming up and down the stairs, our motion sensing lights in the landing go on when no one is in the landing, toilets flush when no one is in the bathroom.  And guests have told us that someone jumped on their beds during the night and articles of clothing have gone missing only to return when asked to be given back.  Electrical gadgets seem to take on a mind of their own and our camcorder has turned on all by itself.  Our grandson use to "play" with a little spirit boy named Jimmy.  They would play with those little green army men in mock battle.  Jacob on one end of the coffee table and Jimmy on the other.  We were amazed to watch Jacob move his men, and then the men at the end of the table would move as well.  When asked Jacob who he was playing with he said  "the boy."  When we asked what boy, he sighed and pointed to the end of the table and stated  "that boy," rather irritated with grandma and grandpa that we could not see what was in front of our faces!  Last Christmas we decided to put plastic Disney characters on the tree since we have two little ones who could break the family heirloom ones.  We were in another room when Donald Duck came flying through the air past our heads and landed in the kitchen sink.  We stared at each other, burst into laughter, and as I put Donald back on the tree, I told Jimmy that if the grand kids could not throw the ornaments, he couldn't either.  The ornaments were safe the rest of the season.

Being a psychic/medium having spirits around isn't all that unusual, and even though I should be use to it ,on a dark night it can get a little scary at times, especially when you are all alone.  Amazingly, a few hours, or one night at our home and skeptics leave our home believers in spirit.  All in all its not a bad place to live, the spirits in our home are friendly, playful, and comforting.



Really Bad Things





- My parents lived at one time in an apartment in Port Huron, Michigan.

It was in the 800 block of Wall Street. One night my mother woke to a

voice, that kept telling her to turn to the right. She said my father at

that time kept hearing a noise, like someone banging on a metal trash

can. My mother walked out of her bedroom, turning to the right. She

noticed that a thunderstorm was going on outside, and that they had left

a fan on in the window. She turned off the fan and removed it from the

window. She closed the window and went back to bed. She said she didn't

hear the voice again, and that the banging noise my father heard had

also stopped. They found out later from others that an elderly couple

had once lived in the same apartment as they. There had been a fire

there, and the elderly couple had died in it.

- We once lived in a house in the 1200 block of Chestnut St. in Port

Huron, Michigan. I was around 12 years old, at the time. I shared a tiny

bedroom with my 2 younger sisters, ages  around 11 and 8 years. My

middle sister and I slept on bunk cots on one side of the room, and our

baby sister slept in a regular bed on the opposite side of the room. The

lights were out in our room, but you could see light filtering from the

living room through the curtains at our bedroom doorway. I was the only

one who saw a head appear through the doorway curtains, and "float"

across the room to my youngest sister's bed. We had been sitting in our

beds and talking, not yet ready to go to sleep. The head came to a stop,

just above my sister's right shoulder. It's features were human-like,

but seemed either evil or distorted-looking. It never said anything, but

looked straight at me. It seemed as though it was trying to convey to me

that something really bad was going to happen to my sister, and then it

disappeared. I asked my sisters if they had seen anything, but they said

they did not. My sister, as well as the rest of the family has had many

sad and unfortunate things happen through the years, but I don't know if

my sister has had the "really bad" thing happen yet.




A Scary Night




My sister and I were visiting friends who had renovated an old farmhouse in Bogalusa, La.  This was approximately 19 years ago.  That day the host had invited many friends to celebrate the Kentucky Derby.  It was a fun filled day.  That night by sister and I were given a room in the old part of the house to spend the night.  A little after midnight we both sat up in bed simultaneously, looked at each other and said, “did you feel that.”  Needless to say we hightailed it out of that room.

What we both felt was a coldness, then a sense of evil, is the only way I can explain it.  That’s what I felt and my sister said that is what she felt. 

We spent the night in the den.  The next morning we relayed our story to the host and hostess.  They said they were sorry, they should have told us that an old woman had died in the old farmhouse, some said she was murdered.

Until that time I never believed in the supernatural.  But, that night I definitely experienced something.

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