It Happened Today




My best friends mom just died last weekend, and I've

been helping her go through all of her things, to get

them out of the house.  Her mom wanted her to keep

everything, and not throw anything away, but she kept

telling her that it was impossible.  So we were

getting started, and I was putting Easter decor. away

and I needed a trash bag, and so my friend got me one

and set the trash bags in front of thier fish

aquarium.  Then while we were going through her

clothes we needed trash bags for things that weren't

donatable, so I went to go get the bags and they were

gone.  We looked everywhere in the house, top to

bottom and couldn't find them, so we had to go buy

more.  Then the next day we stopped back at the house

to get the boxes of clothes, and my friend left her

keys in the ignition.  After we got all of the boxes

loaded up we couldn't find the keys.  We retraced her

every step, looked under the seats, in all of the

boxes at least 5 times, in every floor of the house,

under furniture. And then she said"mom just give me

back the keys, they're not even mine." Then she looked

under the driver's seat one more time (we both looked

a combined 7 times under that seat).  And there they

were, and they were in a place that if she'd dropped

them, or they fell out of the ignition, it was

impossible, it couldn't of went down the side either.

Her mom didn't want her stuff donated, and she was

trying to stop it. 









my story begins when i lived in ohio USA. I was driving back to my house one day with my friends when i saw a girl visiting a graveyard. She was right at the top by a statue of an angel. The girl looked very young about 11 years old. She was wearing old fashioned clothes. I went up to the grave the next day. The inscription was writen on the angel's bible. It said In Memory of ****** ****** died 1832-1845 died of tuberculosis. I did not use the girls name for her respect. I now realized that yesterday i had seen a ghost. I can see the grave yard from where i live and i always see a girl visit the grave. One time i went up there to see if I could catch a glimse of the girl. This time she was bending over two other graves. I went away because i thought the girl was starting to sense my presence. I came back though and found the two graves. These two were her mother and father. They had died of tuberculosis too.I looked like no one came and took care of this grave so i would come up there sometimes and clean the graves. When i had finished cleaning the girl's grave one day i looked up and saw the girl watching me. She was smiling. She followed me home. I wasnt bothered because i knew she was harmless. It was almost like she was an old friend. I have lots of alphabet magnets on the fridge. I was upset that the girl had gone (she left soon after coming) i went to the fridge to get some food. The magnets were spelled out and it read "thankyou". All the ghost of the girl wanted was someone to pay attention to her family's graves.




Ghost Boy





On April 1st me and my mom and my 2 cousins went to our old apartment to clean it out when we were finished me and my two cousins went back to the car and we saw this little boy he was bout 5 foot and was dancing and singing in the rain wearing white shirt,shoes, and pants and has white blonde hair i asked him where he lived and he asked why? and the then he said goodbye but stood there so me and my cousin went running back to my old apartment but she went back outside and said she started approaching it but the little boy started fading away. so we went to tell her sister (my other cousin) because she is into this stuff so she went to the other apartment building and saw him standing on the step she said hi and he said hi but then said goodbye but he just faded away. also when he was outside he never got wet because it was raining




California Sightings




To whom it may concern, 

i'll make this  quick, not  much of a writer {as you can probaly tell}

Wrightwood, Calif.  sightings of indians everywhere, and the women  in my family see

a older woman around our houses near the childrens rooms.

 Towns people who are aware of her say she is a nurse of sort, and that she checks on the

small children of the town, protecting them.

The weirdest one so far is the 1/2 indian.  All that is ever seen is the top half of an indian,

head to waist.  Floating.       

 Especially down by the old ranch that sits in Cajun Pass {{on Hwy 66 between Cleghorn Rd. & Kenwood))

is where this figure would appear around thanksgiving,

  But  my sister has seen him on Lone Pine Ranch Rd. around the Clyde Ranch (the only structure on Lone Pine,

until you reach Wrightwood}}

We have alot of paranormal activity happening   constantly, according to those who are tuned into it

or have that 8th sense. and if ones violent or sudden death brings about that type of activity then we add approx.

10 spirits every year.  {{because of the slippery, snow covered roads like Lone Pine,

that and the lack of common sense that california drivers  possess}}




The Ranch




For years the ranch my grandpa owns has beent the center of many disturbing experiences. Though I did not experience them first hand, I am going to tell you some real stories about this place.

Now, I'm going to start with this ranch was built on an Indian burrial ground... Or this is what my mom tells me.

My mother, Grace Tietje, lived there with her dad, sister, and two of her brothers. They only lived there part-time, they lived in San Luis Obispo with my grandmother. They'd go to the ranch on weekends along with my Grandfather. My Grandmother would stay behind because she hated the ranch.

On the fourth of July, my mom had her friend come over (and this is when they were older, maybe in their 20's) and she let her stay in her bedroom with this guy she got close to. So my mom ended up on the couch. In the middle of the night, she sat stright up, like in the horror movies, where people sit straight up all the sudden in the middle of their sleep. She had no clue why, but she was scared to death. She started looking around, and out of no where, she started seeing little dashes and whisps of silver light. They would fly right over her and there would be deep whafts of cold air. She got up and ran to the bedroom. The guy my mom's friend 'got close to' worked at the ranch as a gardener and had had experiences like this before seeing he'd worked there a long time. He said he thinks it is on an Indian burrial ground, but couldn't be sure.

When my mom was young, not such great things happened at the ranch. I only know of one, but I'll tell you about it. My grandpa would bring wierd friends that he met to the ranch. Their was one guy in particular who came, and ever time he'd play a game where all the boys including my Uncle's freinds would have to play. It was basically a hide-and-seek game, but when he found them, he would pretend to torture them, and he'd throw them in a pool (which definantly wasn't a pleasent thing).

My Uncle Martin was so scared of this guy, and he had good reason. This man was an old Vietnam War veteran. You could pretty much call him crazy. My Uncle spent most of his days at the ranch preparing for when he came. He did not want to be found. He had a place ready on this tree with a little stash of candy bars and packet drinks and a ladder that he could pull up after him. When the man came, he found everone but Martin and looked for him till it was well past dark.

Finally, he found him, but he wouldn't come down, and didn't.

I had lived at the ranch for about six months, and my mom was scared to death of it, so we moved. (My dad had lived with us) There was no power, so matches were common. After we had moved, my mom's younger brother, Nick and his wife Shelley, moved in. They had my little cousins Larry, the oldest, Amanda, second, and Monica, the youngest.

My cousin Larry had gottten ahold of matches when he climbed out of the crib he was in with Amanda. He climbed back in and started a fire not knowing the cosequences, being as young as he was. My Aunt Shelley was upstairs taking a nap with Monica, and my Uncle Nick was at work. Shelley came running out of the burning building and left Monica outside, running back in to get Larry. It was too late for Amanda, and they still have her ashes. Larry lived but he has 3rd degree burns that have scarred him permanantly.

My Uncle divorced Shelley due to other problems in thier marriage. He got remarried to another woman named Tracy and together, they had a child named Kaitlyn Elizibeth. Just a while ago, they figured out she was deff.

My grandpa lived at the ranch regularly till he broke his back. He was riding his horse on a mountain by a steep ravine. Being an experienced rider, he didn't have much of a risk factor. No one knows what, but something spooked the horse and he fell off, down the ravine and broke his back. Now he is in a wheel chair, and he seems like he'd rather die, than not be able to live at the ranch.So far he is not there, but he is trying to get there. 

Another bit that interested me about my family's ranch is that it tore my mom's side of the family apart. There have been endless fights about it and pretty much everyone is turned away from eachother.

All these things coincedence? I don't know, but I find it hard to think of it that way. 





The Dorm Room





I went to Santa Catalina Summercamp, but it was also a bording school.

For some reason, there is one room that is never open for borders. It's at the end of the hall in the fourth dorm and the story about it was that a girl who was going there for Senior year was trying to get into Harvard. When she got the rejection letter, she OD'd on sleeping pills. This happened a year or two after my mom had gone there.

When I went there for summercamp, there was a girl who said she had gone in there to turn off a light that was on. this was odd because no one was aloud to go in there. the two girls were curious about the room and snooped around. when they opened the closet, there was red writing all inside the walls of the closet. They screamed and ran out, telling the counselor what they saw. the counselor was clearly scared out of her mind to go into that room. Before she turned off the light, she checked the closet. The walls were clean. Throughout the nights and days at Catalina, the light would turn on without anyone there. The presence was overwhelming and strong, sometimes just an eerie feeling. You can't prove it, just feel it.




My Beloved Dog Max





My sister is the youngest in the family and she was pretty close to my dog Max. She was so young that she didn't really understand what death was when Max died. One night, a little after he had died, she woke up and looked at the dresser. And there Max was, but only for a second. I wish it could have been me that saw him. I prayed that I would see him, and I finally did, in my dream, but only for a split second. I think my sister needed to understand that he was gone. And Max made sure of that



Chilling Experience





I used to live at my grandma and grandpa's house till about a year ago. We had a dog named Pepin, and we weren't aloud to have him in my mom's room. I was alone in the house and I was doing my homework in there and Pepin was scratching at the door to get in. Since I was lonely, I opened the door for him, but when I did he just stared past me. I could see him shaking! Then he started turning around, then took off through the kitchen. It was cold in that room, and it was a warm night. I was so scared, I just stood there for a moment, looking in the direction my dog had. Since then I've been convinced that there is some type of supernatural out there.




Cemetery Experience


By: cindy []



This is an experience I had today at the Old Tennent Cemetery in Manalapan, New Jersey. I was visiting a grave and on the way out, I decided to take some pictures of the old graves. Civil war time graves.  After each picture they seem to have come out well, as I got closer to the church I continued to take pictures and my camera suddenly went off. It would not go back on. After I pulled out of the cemetery, I was able to turn the camera back on, so I decided to review the pictures that I had taken and I just got a message that said file format not valid. I checked to see if the memory card was in the camera, and it was, so I decided to try and take a picture while driving. I did and it worked fine. I was able to review the picture also.

Here is a web site for the Old Tennent Cemetery:

Just thought this was a strange happening.


Wilson's Creek in Springfield Missouri Haunting







I lived in Springfield for five years and have been a frequent visitor to the Wilson's Creek battlefield. The place has a presence that you can feel day or night because it was the sight of a good sized battle and the park rangers will tell you the same thing of sightings while they patrolled the park or hearing gun fire and cannons going off. One of the most active spots on the battlefield is the farm house that doubled as the field hospital were the wounded were brought for amputation in the house, but I believe it was a confederate hospital if my memory serves me correctly. Last year in June myself and a few friends were given permission to camp the night at the location so that we could experience the events reported ourselves, one of my friends got his degree in psychology and wanted to see if the reportings were due to the history of the area, and we confirmed every thing the park ranger had told us. At midnight we began to hear what we could have sworn to be low moani! ng from the house and what we could have sworn were the shadows of several people passing the windows as well as footsteps on the front porch. The footsteps would either sound like someone pacing as if on guard duty or waiting, or it would sound like someone running into the house such as an orederly or the surgeon, but the one thing that remains in my mind was a smell that suddenly just arose around us of blood; it was a heavy smell that lingered in the air that just made you almost want to scream because it had an incredible sadness and pain. There was also a constant presence being verified with cold spots that would allow us to see our breath and this made is very uncomfortable because it was an 85 degree night!! The presence would get stronger throughout the night and finally when we composed our selves I looked at the house and said as loud as I could, "We know you are with us. And we honor the sacrifice that you made. Please leave this p ce in peace." My f! riends, of course gave me a look like I had lost it, but they immediat ely noticed that there was a calm feeling now instead of agitation and sadness. We stayed up the rest of the night to "chat" with the presence assuring it that the dead her have been honored and rightfully given their dues. Before we left we placed a small confederate flag and an American flag that we brought and placed them on either side of the front porch of the field house and gave a salute out of respect for the soldiers. I have since moved to Florida but still keep in contact with my friends as well as the park ranger and we still talk about that night as well as other occurrences they have seen on return visits.

I hope this helps to prove the sceptics that there is a presence of lost life on that site and they want us to know how so what happened to them will not be repeated to others




My Weird Experiences




Hi my name is Tess.  I dont really know if I have a ghost in my house, but I

think maybe I do.  Me and my little brother are convinced something's not


You see, our house is quite old and right next to a cemetary and a church. 

Almost everynight, my brother hears strange voices saying his name over and

over.  I have never heard yoices, but I have heard footsteps in the

mezzanine (attic) almost every night.  I tell myself it's just the wind or

the birds on the roof, but i get a feeling its some sort of spirit.

My things keep going missing too.  I've lost pairs of earrings, necklaces,

CD's, trousers etc... once i even took some bracelets off, put them safe on

a table and fife minutes later they were gone.  I found them about ten

minutes later under the table.  The weird thing was, they werent there when

I looked before..... hmmm...

I also barracaded my door once with my dresser so my dad couldn't get in (he

was drunk again) and it worked, he couldn't get in, but like ten minutes

later the dresser just slipped out from under the door.  I dont think that's

got much to do with things.  Maybe it just slipped, but it's still all very


The most amazing thing that happened once was I woke up in the middle of the

night and I saw a white kindof transparent figure hovering at the foot of my

bed.  Now this was when I was very little and living in a different house. 

I still remember it to this day.  I sat up in bed and got a clear view of

it.  It was just a mass of like gas or something, but it kidof had a human

shape. I was very little and my mum always told me that if i ever saw a

ghost i had to say BOO.  I wasnt afraid of the ghost.  I just said BOO and

it kind of evaporated.  I don't know, I dismissed that as a dream, but it's

still very weird....




Linked Experiences in Littleton




I’ve lived in my newly built house for one year now. It all started when I awoke groggy from sleep. I heard a woman crying, and thought perhaps it was my child or neighbor. Her husband would travel often. I realize now that it was a linked experience. It was a couple of days ago, and I had stayed up late watching T.V. started to get tired, and decided to go to sleep. So I walked up stairs and went to my bed room laid down and was fast asleep. I remember dreaming and the woman that I had heard For a year crying, came to me. She came over me and put one hand on my throat, and the other on my mouth and face. She began to strangle me. All I can remember after was willing myself to awaken. I was flailing, kicking and trying to scream. That is when I finally awoke. My husband was laying right next to me the whole time. He also was awake after the episode. Scared and wondering “WHAT THE HELL!” he told me that I was really screaming and tossing all over. You know when you watch someone sleep, and they say they were screaming its always muffled (I wasn’t). Tonight me and my sister we’re making dinner for all the kids (hobo dinners, to be exact) and we had made all the kids come in one at a time to pick out their ingredients in their own hobo dinner. If you don’t know hobo dinners have an assortment of vegetables and meat or chicken and condensed soup wrapped in aluminum foil. We made the first three, no hitches. Then came little A(we’ll call her that) she picked her foods and we argued that she had to have more than chicken and broccoli, she didn’t want to but agreed. So I folded hers up and put it into the oven with the other three, realizing that when I put in the fifth one I would have to move them all. We proceeded to make the last one and we never left the kitchen. Upon finishing I opened the oven and found that Little A’s dinner was gone. I put it in there myself, and it was not small, not something you could misplace. We searched the entire kitchen and surrounding areas, no dinner. We made her another one, but could not get over the lost hobo dinner. We talked about it for a few hours while our husbands researched the kitchen. Then we started talking of related stories and the woman came up, we joked that she ate it(or our deceased gma did). Then I told my sister and her husband of my dream experience. My husband chimed in and finished the dream but I didn’t even know the end. He said that after he had gotten up the next morning, I came out of our bedroom crying and saying that the ghost tried to suffocate me again, then he said I proceeded to get a glass of water and went back to my room( that happens to be on the top floor, and my kitchen on the main.). I didn’t know that happened. Then he also started talking about old forgotten coalmines and how a girl died in one, here in Littleton, Colorado. So we went online and somehow in our mine searches came to this site. Do you think that maybe the death’s of the miners and their families are still here reminding us of all the injustices they faced in their lives? Or are they just wanting us to take notice, and change things….




Meeting with a Poltergeist




Early last year,me and my youngest daughter was cleaning a  empty house to make extra  money.Being sensative to spirit guides,I pickled up a presence but choose to ignore it and cleaned the house.My daughter kept hearing someone tell her to come upstairs and she wouldn't do it.As evening approached,we headed upstairs to vacumn the bedrooms.What ever the presence was kept unplugging the  vacumn from the wall and threw a marble  at the wall also.I also felt cold hand attempt to push me down the stairs as i was going from one bedroom to the other.I dropped the vacumn and fled down the stairs,telling what ever it was that we would be back the next day.As we were locking the door,we felt someone one the other side trying to stop us from locking up and leaving.The next day,I lite a white candle and stood at the foot of the stairs.I simply stated we were here to do a job and mean no harm to them.I also said that we would leave as soon as the house was clean.After that ,we felt them but they let us do our job.The house is rented now and i wont step foot on the property anymore.I had a very tall black shadow step on the houses porch and speak to me using telepathy.It told me  to not come back to its teratory or else it would push me down the stairs next time.Meaning i have small grankids,that's fine by me never to go over there again.Im still not sure what i encountered,but i didn't like it.The new tenets can deal with it and the bloody vision of a murdered woman in the basement.As for me,I dont need the money that bad to come in contact with whatever lives in my neighbors house.




He Came to Tell Me He was Ok




Hello my name is heather and i would like to share my story with you that is completly true. My grandfather passed away when i was in the 5th grade. My grandpa and i were always very close. My mother, my brother, and my grama all lived together when my grandfather died. After he died my mom and my brother and i moved out, as we were only there to help her take care of my grandpa. A few years later after my grandpa had died and we had moved back home, i was sleeping in bed on night. I woke up into one of those half asleep half awake dazed and i saw my grandpa standing about 2 feet away from my face. I was very scared even though it was my grandpa i know he would never do any harm to me.I couldnt move, and i couldnt say anything because in my mind i wanted to yell for my mom or my boyfriend.But i couldnt something wouldnt let me. He didn't say anything just stood there looking very ashamed. after about 2 mins (which seemed like forever) i women wearing orange with brown hair that was up in a bun. She came to me and said "Dont worry your grandfather's with me now" I didn't know who this women was because i had never seen her in my life. My grandfather didn't say anything. She said "I want you to know hes alright, tell your grandma" After this i think the women knew what i was thinking wich was who are you? She then said "I'm your great grandma" Then the disappeared. The next day i told my mother about this and before i said the lady tole me she was my great grandmother, i described the women to my mother. She said "Oh My gosh! That was your great grandmother Pearl!" (My grandfathers mother). I know this couldnt have been a dream because my mom showed me a picture of her, and it was the woman that came to me with my grandfather. And before i saw the picture i had never seen her before. I ha one other quick story to tell. When i was living at my grandma's before my grandpa died i was laying in my bed room with the door opened. The end of my bed was right in front of the door. As i was laying there something made me look at the opening to my door. I look for  quick second and i saw what look like  black shadow move across the opening. The black shawdow kind of reminded me of the Grim Reeper. About a week later, my grandfather died. Those are the only encounter's i've had with ghosts, but i've always been very interested in them. I plan on taking Dave's advice and going ghost hunting some time. Of course i'll be as safe as i can. Please send me any feed back you would like. I would love to hear from what you think. Thanks!




The Walking Woman Upstairs





We were living in  a house on Seymour Street in Syracuse . It was my step fathers family home built around the turn of the century . This was in the early 50's. At night (at random times)when we were sitting around the downstairs we would hear a woman in a swishing log skirt walking around in high heeled shoes in an upstairs bedroom. If anyone started up the stairs to investigate the sounds would stop. We never could figure out who it might be , since many of our step fathers relatives had died in the house of natural causes as was the normal practice in the early twentieth century. There was one Great Aunt who was found dead in the house under clouded circumstances. The house was raised by the City in the early 1960's as unsafe and unfit .




The Man




When my family and I lived in Manchester MN (a very small town 200 or less people) back in 1991 to 1994, we had rented this 5 bedroom home.  When we first moved in, my 2 boys were 1 & 21/2 and every night at 1:00am they would wake up crying. I would take them downstairs and rock them back to sleep. After 2 months of this, we moved into the bedroom downstairs and they slept all night. When my youngest was about 2 yrs old, we were in the living room watching a movie and the lights were turned down low and out of the blue my son sat up and was looking towards the dining room and he started laughing. I asked him what he was doing and he said that “the man” was funny; I couldn’t see anyone so I thought he was being silly. Episodes like that happened frequently but no one else had seen the man until about 1 ½ years later when a niece that was 8 yrs old was over to play with the boys. They were upstairs, which we only used for storage and a playroom and out of the blue she started screaming and ran down the stairs and said “there is an old man upstairs”. My son said that’s my friend the man, he won’t hurt you. Needless to say, the niece wanted to leave immediately.

I had my sister in law come over to bless the house and while she was doing it, she said she felt someone pushing her. When she was blessing, she had to bless each doorway and she started upstairs, the downstairs and then on outside doors and when she got to the last door all of the doors upstairs started slamming simultaneously and then everything got quiet.

We lived there for about another year and I thought the blessing had worked until we moved out and drove up to our new house and my son started screaming “I want to go back to the man, he’s my friend”. It turns out that he continued to see “the man” but didn’t say anything.

I still get the chills to this day, every time I think about it.




The Farnsworth House




We stayed in the Farnsworth House twice. The first time my two neices were in the Jenny Wade room and my sister and I were in the room accross the hall.  We heard doors slamming at 1:00am but the people in the room next to us did not hear anything. 

On our second stay hubby and I were in the Jenny Wade room.  I heard what I described as 'bullets pinging off of rocks.'  And shuffling noises in the room at night.

Also at the cellar storytelling I could smell flowers. 

It's a lovely, quaint place to stay! 



Terramar Troubles




Soon after moving into the subdivision, Terramar (67th & Happy Valley in Peoria), I had several strange things happen. Toys, some completely broken, would go off at night. Boomboxes and lights would go on or off for no reason, sometimes right in front of you. The TV receiver will turn up real loud sometimes with no one touching it. On two occasions a very loud door would slam shut with no possible air suction source (windows, AC), but then all the doors would still be open. Then when our youngest girl was just able to walk and talk (about 15 mo.) she would talk about her friend,"shadow." I would find her laughing and babbling/talking in a dark room in the middle of the night (she used to sleep right through the night). She would always say it was Shadow. One night I slept in her room to see "Shadow," she kept going to the end of her bed all night long laughing (I counted 6 times that I woke up) and talking at nothing in the dark corner of her room. Yes, she said it was Shadow and I never did that again. As she got to be 3 - 3 1/2, her encounters tapered off and I never could get a satisfactory description. I might have seen "him" though one windy 2002 November evening just past 11 PM. I was driving down our street with 3 sleeping girls after a Backstreet boys concert, when I spotted a jogger with dark spandex pants and a red shirt jogging on the right sidewalk toward me. I was two houses from him (about 150 feet) when he crossed the street right in front of my house, I slowed down out of courtesy and he kept jogging onto my property and disappeared. I stopped in front where I saw him run and ran to see if someone possibly jumped the 6 foot fence and there was no one and not one sound. I expected to hear the walking on the stones because I didn't think at first it was a ghost, he was as solid as anybody. After that I didn't care if I sounded nuts, the experience was nuts and I told many neighbors. I learned that many residents have had some strange experiences here.

Thanks for the chance to tell my story!




Personal Ghost Experience




Hey, you guys have an awesome website, pretty freaky actually.  Well I am here to tell you of one of my experiences as well as close family that lived with me.  Well it all occurs at my old house in West Covina. The address is 1401 S. Frandale, West Covina, CA.  Well at my old house if you step inside you get an eerie feeling as if there was someone there when there isn't anyone.  Once I sat on my couch and turned around to look out the window, suddenly this cold shivering feeling was felt and I could of sworn that there was someone there breathing on my back. I asked my whole family about this and they all said that they have felt this feeling before.  Another incident at my old house was on an afternoon afterschool.  Me, my nanny brother and sister were watching a soap operah on the television, suddenly while my nanny was up between the door way the whole house shook, it seemed to have been at least a 3.0 however the next day when I asked all my friends about what had happened none of them said that they felt anything.  An additional incident at my old house was that my cousin who was living was us slept in his room, at around midnight he went into the kitchen for a midnight snack, he saw a transparent white light in the kitchen in an untangible form. The light moved towards him and my cousin could make out the face like features on the transparent figure.  He ran away into his room and quickly hid under his blanket.  He said nothing of this but told us when we mentioned our other weird occurences at our old house.  Also my uncle who slept in the same room as my cousin received scissors.  Which is known as the jumping demon, late at night my uncle was sleeping suddenly he felt hands grasping his neck and choking him to the point where he couldn't make a sound, he also said that he felt a heavy substance on his chest as if someone had sat on him he tried to hit the unseen figure hoping that maybe he would be set free, after a while he was released, he never mentioned this to any one in my family so that he wouldn't scare us also he thought that he was hallucinating because how could something like that happen.  Another story about my old house which makes it old because we moved was when my grandmother came over and brought some monks who were looking at the house for any mystical forces.  The monks had told my parents that there are ghosts at my house, they said they were old like grandparents who once lived in that house after my grandmother had told this to my mom, she quickly looked for a new location and now we are living in Diamond Bar.  If you were to ever go into my old house, you can feel the cold shivers hear the creekings in the walls and for some reason you can feel as if there was someone living up in your attic.  Hopefully I didn't scare you too much but these are actual stories of what had happened at my old house.  Thanks for listening Bye



Boulder High Haunting





I saw the link  for "Personal Experiences" on your website and I wanted to

share not only a personal experience, but a further clarification of one of

the places mentioned on your list of haunted locations in Colorado.

Specifically, I wanted to address the one about the ghost in the Boulder High

School theatre.

I graduated from Boulder High School in 2001, and as a lucky coincidence, I

did theatre all four of my years there. I worked many late nights in that

theatre, and I definately had moments during which the hair on the back of my

neck stood up, or where I felt like I was being followed or watched. I was

excited to see mention of the haunting at Boulder High's theatre, but I was a

little disappointed that the whole story hadn't been revealed - of course,

there wasn't room for all that, so I understand. I just thought I would write

and share the detailed legend of how the theatre became haunted in the first


Of course, there are different versions of the story - urban legends tend to

change a little bit with every telling. What I have below, however, is the

version of the tale I most commonly heard during my time at Boulder High:

Back in the 1930’s, Boulder High was a smaller school, yet it still had an

active student population with blossoming social lives. As one knows, dances

are one of the most social events for high school students, and this dance was

no different. It was Homecoming, and the dance itself was being held in the

gym. Some of the attendees might slip outside for some fresh air that night,

or even sneak into other parts of the school for some fun. This night,

however, a small handful of students decided to sneak down into the boiler

room beneath the main body of the school and enter the tunnels to have some of

their own fun.

There were maybe six of them; three boys and their dates, wandering the

tunnels in very dim light in their formal attire. They were laughing and

talking and telling jokes, and for the most part you wouldn’t be able to tell

one of these people apart from the others – except for one girl. She was

unique because she wore a lilac perfume – not very strong, but not completely

invisible, either. Wherever the group of students went, a small trail of lilac

scent would follow, wafting silently through the tunnels.

There came a point when the students who had ventured into the tunnels got

bored, so they decided to play hide and seek in the darkness. Laughing, five

of the students scattered and went into different directions in the darkness,

hiding from the one who had been selected to do the seeking. After a short

time, he set out looking for the others, eventually finding four of the five

hiders – all but the girl wearing the lilac perfume.

As they followed the scent of her perfume, one of the students stumbled and

fell to the cement floor. Upon lighting a match, several gasps and screams

rang out as the five discovered the girl wearing lilac perfume in a pool of

blood, dead upon the ground. The official police report that was filed states

that this young woman was murdered by a janitor who slept in the boiler room –

a man who didn’t quite have all his eggs in one basket. The janitor, however,

escaped into the tunnels and was never seen again, thereby preventing the

justice system from taking retribution for the untimely death of the young


Perhaps most eerily of all, however, is that the woman’s spirit still roams

the tunnels beneath Boulder High, waiting to be found by her friends. It is

said that, when seen, she is wearing a formal dress and walking slowly with

her head down. If you are unfortunate enough to be working late at night under

stage in the theatre, sometimes a faint hint of lilac will waft through the

air, a chill will run down your spine, and you will no longer be alone in your


As for the tunnels beneath Boulder High, they are no rumor. The tunnels

actually exist. I have personally been in a few of them, along with several

other people who worked on theatre. There is an access point to the tunnels at

one end of the area beneath the stage, and another access point in the boiler

room. Other entrances to the tunnels, however, have long been lost. Legend

says that somewhere there are tunnels that lead all the way up to the

University of Colorado, but nobody has found the entrances to those tunnels


My own personal story involves a late night working set construction for a

show in the fall of my junior year of high school, sometime in October of

1999. There were about half a dozen of us working late one night, and we were

closing down shop to go home at around 10pm or so. I was understage alone in a

storage area directly beneath the stage known as Hell (the area directly above

the stage in the catwalks is, appropriately, known as Heaven), putting away

some materials.

As I flipped off the light and closed the door behind me, I suddenly felt a

chill and began feeling very uncomfortable. As I walked somewhat quickly

toward the stairwell that leads down from the left side of the stage, I caught

a faint hint of something that didn't belong - something strangely flowery. I

took a couple steps toward the tunnel and smelled again, and instantly

realized the smell was lilac. At that, I ran up the stairs as fast as I could -

taking them two or three at a time - until I finally was back up on-stage

within sight of other people.

I don't know how useful my account will but, but I certainly hope it will help

you understand the deeper legend behind the haunting of Boulder High School's





My Grandfather Visits





Our house is over 100 years old. It is a one and a

half story farm house with some beautiful old thick

timbers that some idiot painted over at some point

before we moved in about 6 years ago. Anyway in the

upstairs master bedroom I saw a dark man dressed sort

of like Abe Lincolon. I thought I was probably

dreaming but it seemed really real at the time. Soon

after my son who is now only 9 so was about 7 or so

asked why George Washington was in the house. I showed

him some pictures of the presidents and instead of

Washington he picked out LINCON. He is just a little

kid and I had never told him what I saw.

My husband has seen a short heavy set woman at the end

of the bed in the same room.

My grandfather Jeroham died a few years ago and his

last words were to me oldest son. He said he wanted to

watch you boys grow up and now he won't get the

chance. He knew somehow that he was going to die in

minutes. I loved him very much and so did my boys. My

youngest son was sleeping in my bed one night after a

night terror and I was awake just watching him sleep.

My grandpa leaned over my boy and was watching him

sleep too like he was protecting him. It was early

morning and the sun was coming in through the window

and it glinted off of my grandpa's glasses. I turned

to look at the clock behind me and when I looked back

he was gone. I wish I had never looked away. I have a

picture of my grandpa in my bedroom which is now

downstairs due to health problems and my inability to

climb the stairs very well anymore. This picture is in

a stand up frame on my dresser and it sits pretty well

back from the edge. It falls off all the time. I think

it is my grandpa's way of telling me he is still

watching over my boys. My grandmother(his wife) has

felt him sit down beside her on her bed too so we know

he is still around.

Ok one more story then I'm  done.

When I was not quite two  years old my mom gave birth

to my brother Shawn. He was three months premature and

died the same day he was born, Feb 4, 1971. He has

been a part of my life and my guardian spirit since I

was little. When I gave birth to my second son I had

post partum depression and my son had colic. There

were several times when I just couldn't stand the baby

crying anymore and was afraid I would hurt him. I

would call out to my brother to take care of the baby

and suddenly my son would just stop crying with no one

comfoting him or anything. I know Shawn was taking

care of my baby so I wouldn't hurt him and I wouldn't

go crazy. When I was little I would put pinecones on

his grave because it was all I had to give when the

adults were putting flowers on the grave and being

sad. I still go to his grave and put pine cones on it.

I love that grave yard and it has a very positive feel

to it. There are these sement slab things over a

couple of the graves and I love to go sit on them and

lean against the headstones and read or write. I

always feel very invited and comfortable there. When

my parent's divorced they gave my brother Kyle and I

their cemetary plots in the cemetary with Shawn and I

plan to be burried there beside him under the pine

tree when my time comes.

Blessings to all



Possible Haunting




I lived in a house in Bartonville Il. with a roommate and we started noticing different things happening.

#1 Me and one of my best friends were in the basement playing pool when we heard someone holler down to us. Due to the fact that many people often stopped by we went upstairs to investigate to find no one there. We went back to playing pool and only about 5-10 minute's later we heard it again. Thinking someone was playing a joke on us we investigated it further checking rooms, closets, outside, etc. to find absolutely nothing. We locked all the doors and went back to playing pool and again heard someone holler at us. At this point we turned off the music stopped playing pool and just sat there very puzzled about what we know we heard and could not explain.

#2 There was a light at the bottom of the stairs that would blow bulbs very often, and would flicker just about all of the time when we were down in that area of the basement.

#3 When we started talking to one of our next door neighbors we found out that there was a fire in the house and the cause of the fire was from an old man whom fell asleep in the basement while smoking in bed. He was burnt to a crisp and had to be pried off the basement floor, some of the concrete came up with him and the spot still remained on the floor. At that time thinking it was a little freaky we thought nothing of it. Late one night we had a friend over (we got back late from the bars) and he decided to spend the night on the couch in the basement. The next morning we found him wide awake just staring at the wall, we asked him what was wrong and he said he could not sleep because every time he feel asleep he had a nightmare that a old man was burning in a fetal position in the corner of the basement. Me and my roommate just looked at each other in aw because we never told him the story about the old guy dying in the house.  Weird Huh!

When we moved into the house the neighbors said that people only live in the house about 6 months at a time before they move out, but didn't really tell us why at that time. It was 6 months to the day when me and my roommate went our separate ways. Coincidence? I think not.

I just thought I would share this story with you , I am very fascinated with the supernatural and read anything I can find about it. I just found your web address in a book I was reading in the library and I am glad I did.

P.S. I have been in the Peoria State mental hospital in Bartonville and it is a very fascinating place, I wish someone would do a documentary on the site I think it would be very interesting. While going thru the hospital me and my brother happened upon a book from the scientific library that was part of the hospital. It had different case studies on many patients problems and how they dealt with them shock therapy , isolation , lobotomy's , etc. very fascinating stuff.

Thanks for reading



The Antique Baby Carriage and The Little Girl





My name is Judy and I want to share my story of my visitors.

We had been living here for about 5 years when I first saw the little girl in the long white dress. Our house was brand new when we moved in so there was no way it was haunted as an old house might have been.

The tiny girl appeared to me in my living room by a sliding glass door. I mentioned it to my husband who didn't take me very seriously. We left a light on in the upstairs hall so the staircase would be lighted. The house is open with a balcony over the living and dining rooms and I would see a shadow pass back and forth on the opposite wall of the living room at night. At times I would stand in the dining room and a feeling of cold and the smell of damp earth would circle me. I would step back a few steps and the coldness and smell would be gone. It was always in the same spot.

Weeks after I saw this beautiful child the first time, my son came to me and said he saw 'something'. We had never told him about what I saw. I asked him to tell me about it. He told me about a little girl who probably was about 3 or 4 years old dressed in a long white dress. My husband started taking us seriously then. Two of us had now described the sighting the exact same way.

I have a very large doll collection and they are placed throughout the house. I noticed that they were being moved to the middle of the floor like someone was playing with them and a porcelain one was one day about to fall from an antique baby carriage I had just purchased it from an antique store before I started seeing the little girl. It all began to make sense then. I think she came with the baby carriage and it was probably her carriage. I felt it was important to talk to her so I told her that she could play with all the other dolls but she should not touch the porcelain dolls because they could break. From that day forward the vinyl dolls were the only ones that was ever out of place. Somehow I always knew when she was in the room with me and I would talk to her. She seemed to be obedient. She never did anything that seemed destructive to me.

Weeks after the doll incident I came home from the grocery store. There looking out at me from the garage window was an impish little boy with ears that stuck out really bad. He was smiling at me. I was shocked and wondered if I had an intruder. Then I looked again and he was gone. I took a deep breath and went into the garage and looked around. I could find no one. After I took the groceries in, I started to talk very calmly about 'her brother' being with her now and the same rules apply to him, too.

Then one day, months later, in my living room, in front of the fireplace there stood a tall lean man. He was a grey color and as quick as he appeared he disappeared. I didn't mention it to anyone. I really didn't mind the children but this man was making me uneasy. The following weekend my husband came in the back door from his work shop and whispered to me that we had an intruder because he saw a man going up the stairs. I told my husband the man had been here all week but he still went upstairs to confront him. No one was there. I explained that I had seen the man and he was dressed in grey. My husband saw him in brown. I don't know why.

A few nights later I was awakened suddenly and there standing by my bed was the man and the two children. The man was in the center with the little girl on one side of him and the little boy on the other. He was holding their hands. They stood there looking at me for a few minutes and they faded away. In my heart I knew they came to tell me goodbye.

I never saw them again. I went for about a year feeling a loss because the children were not here anymore. No more cold dampness in the dining room or dolls being left in the middle of the floor. I knew they were gone.

This is my story. It happened and I know what I saw and experienced. I am grateful for the experience. I know now they are real.



Old McNally's Farm, Wallingford CT




While the farm is gone, Sheehan HS occupies the land where the farm once stood.  The farm, a dairy farm, burned down in a horrible fire years ago.  Many of the building stood for a few years after the fire and once my uncle (1 year older than I am) and I decided to investigate an old storage shed.  It had two stories and you could only reach the upper story by a ladder and trap door.  We were both about 10 years old and should have known something was up with neither of the two dogs we had with us would enter the building, and both seemed very nervous when we did.  Immediately upon entering the building we started to hear things from the upstairs, sort of like footsteps.  We called out and no one answered.  We went outside, where you could look into the upper floor through a large door (apparently like a hay loft) and we could see no one up there.  Again we entered the building and again the dogs refused to enter.  Again we heard footsteps.  We figured it was just kids and decided to climb the ladder.  The trap door was against the wall at the top of the ladder and clearly in plain sight as you climbed.  My uncle got me to climb first and just before I got to the top of the ladder, looking up the whole time, the trap door came slamming down.  I lept from the ladder and ran out of the building with my uncle right behind me.  There was no way anyone could have closed that door without me seeing their hand reaching over to it and no one could see down to the level we were on without being seen but that trap door slammed shut just before my head would have popped out of the hatch and just before it would have hit me as it slammed shut.

We both stayed outside for some time afterward waiting to see if someone came out.  No one ever did and the dogs would never go in that building even when we went back later the next day and nothing happened.  Investigation of the top floor found nothing but talking with a descendant of the family who owned the farm said that it was commonly believed to be haunted, not just this building but the whole place.

Now, I don't believe in ghosts, but was never able to explain what happened that day.  Sure, it could have been older kids up there, but why would the dogs not enter the building, and how did that trap door slam shut without me being able to see anyone close it?

Roger now in Colorado.




Ace of Hearts




Hi Ive been reading your website for a while now and cant seem to get enough

of it. Im not sure what this experience was but it certainly freaked me and

my friends out. It happened about two years ago, i was at university in

Chester, a city in the north of England, i was in my second year and living

in an student house with 7 other people. The house we lived in was very old,

i think it was from the victorian era, it had a cella and huge back garden.

Anyway we always played cards in my room which was on the second floor, we

were playing the game 21's which is when you have all the cards out on the

floor facing up with the ace of hearts in the middle. We had just finished a

game and everyone was sat on the floor, i think there were about five of us

playing, one of my friends began to shuffle the cards and we began to play

the same game again. When we got to the end we realised that the ace of

hearts was missing and we couldnt understand this as we had just played and

all the cards were there and no body had moved. We didnt really think

anything of it thinking that it had just been dropped but when we began to

look for it we got a surprise. It took us ages to find it and when we did it

was on my desk under all my papers. How did it get there? We began to get

really freaked out as no body had moved so i couldnt be any of us playing a

trick on each other. I got so freaked out that i went to stay at my

boyfriends, of the time. We all tried to forget this however a few weeks

later more things went missing and we found them all in the back of one of

my friends wardrobe and he swore he didnt put them there. Maybe it was a

ghost plying tricks on us. Thanks for reading.



The Invisible Force




Well, it happened about two years ago, at my old house in Texas. I was

asleep in my room, (and I was dead asleep) when all of a sudden, I woke up

drenched in sweat.I tried to sit up, but I felt like something heavy on my

chest,and it kept pushing me down. Then, I felt something leap off my chest

and  I felt this whooshing sensation surround me. After that, strange things

started to happen, like feeling I was watched.

(I'm sure it has to do with something paranormal)




The House



when i was young my father built a home on crowsmills road.Since the first day he started to build, strange things started to happen.  Once the basement was finished he seen a little girl standing where the back door was going to be, he went towards her and she vanished.  After the house was built, lots of things happened.  Our electric organ played by itself (not plugged in), all the kitchen cupboards would open and close by themself, furniture would move, and the scariest place was my room and the basement.  I had impressions of something sitting on my bed, chains rattling, my door would never stay open and the room was always cold, eventhough it was heavy insalated.  In the basesment we had a ping-pong table and i use to play for hours but, one day something scared me so bad that i never went to the basement again. i still to this day have no idea what happened.  You can just imagine the arguments that i had with my parents since the laundry room was down there. When we moved and the new people moved in are realitor told us that the new owners belongings were thrown around as if a tornado hit it. i had other experiences afterwards but nothing since i moved to bc.




Several First Hand Experiences




There is (or was, it might be gone now) a house in Mathis, TX .  I lived in it for 2 or 3 months.  Several ghostly things happened to me there.  It might have been my age (I was 13) that triggered these things.  I hated the attic.  I would never go into it.  There was one tinted window in the attic that looked out over the front yard.  I always felt as if someone (thing?) was watching me from there.  My grandmother lived with us there.  There was a hallway between my room and hers and a print of the Lord's Last Supper hung there.  I woke up one night to see two dark smallish figures, midair, holding my door shut.  My other set of grandparents lived in Lubbock at the time.  I again woke up one night, along with my dog, and saw the figure of a man floating about a foot off the floor standing by my bed.  It happened 5 minutes after my grandpa died, according to the police officer who came by to tell us of the death an hour later (we didn't have a phone yet).  One day, my dad was up in the attic.  He wanted me to go up and help him with something.  I begged him to come down and actually nearly went into hysterics.  For some reason I never knew, we moved a week later.  I don't know if they saw anything or what.  Just that one day they were talking about buying the house and the next we were packing to move.  The only history I had on this house was that it was built during the Depression.

A few months before this, when we still lived in Lubbock, I had an experience.  One night I was woke up by a huge CRASH.  The mirror above my dressing table was in the middle of the floor, unbroken, and nothing on top of the table was disturbed.

When I was about 5 years old, we lived in Ft. Huachucha, Arizona.  My baby brother was having seizures due to fever.  My mom was sleeping with him just in case he needed her in the night.  She woke up, saw a hooded, cloaked figure that appeared to be a woman, holding her arms out as if to say, "Give him to me."  Mom said, "No, not yet."  The figure turned, and my mom followed her into the hall.  She went into my room and disappeared.

I married a Navy man and we were living in Pensacola, FL.  Our son had just turned 2.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I saw my son come in and stare at me and then run off down the hallway.  I followed, thinking he wanted to play.  He was sound asleep in his room.

My stepdad and I both saw, at different times, a black cat under our dining room table.  We never had a cat.  Also at this residence, my sister would be half awake and she'd hear weird chanting.  Then she would start to feel all tingly and the chants would get louder and she'd astral project.  I believe this because she was really scared when she told me about it.  To this day, she experiences that.

I am a firm believer in ghosts.  I've seen enough of them.  Now days, I try to ignore the shadows I see.  I try to ignore the chills and cold spots I feel.  I attract stuff like this and I don't want to, because to tell you the truth it scares the hell out of me.  If there's anyway you know of to turn this off, please let me know.  That's why I've submitted my short tales.  My grandma says I'm a natural medium and that's why this happens to me.  My own parents said it was my imagination, but they couldn't explain the mirror in the floor and how I knew people had died before they told me.  It started while I was going through puberty, and I thought that it was just that stage in life.  But it continues off and on and I'm 36 years old now.  Please edit this section out.  Please feel free to use any of the stories I've told to you if they will fit into your site.  They aren't like the rest of the stories I read there, so I won't be offended.  It feels good to have told them finally.




The Old Hayes Lewis School




Hi i am Dawn and live in Kentucky when i was a teenager i lived in Leslie County which is a very small place.  We lived close to this old one room schoolhouse that was haunted.  Heres the story.  I'm afraid it won't be much of a story but, when i was fourteen years old some of my friends and i decided to stay overnight in this old one room schoolhouse that was "supposedly" haunted.  Time went by slowly at first before anything happened.  Then we saw a bright light coming from the back.  We checked to see if it was anything but nothing was there not even windows or a door.  We waited for a while and then heard three distinct voices calling our names.  After a while of that we were huddled together scared and trying to decide whether to get out of there or not to when my friend started praying.  Somehow with the praying going on the unknown voices got louder, and finally stopped.  Minutes after they stopped the door closed.  We tried to get out but it was jammed, then smoke or something appeared and thats when we all ran to the door and somehow it opened for us.  We haven't been back since that day.   Thanks Dawn



Mesquite High School





My name is Emily  in the school of Mesquite High and I'll tell you guys about me and my friends experiences with the ghosts at our school.

The Girls Bathroom:

One day when I had to go to the bathroom I went in one of the girl's bathrooms, I forgot which floor it was on but anyway so I went in.

There was no one in the girl's bathroom so I went into a stall and then all of a sudden the stall next to mine flushed the toilet even no one was in there.

I told myself, maybe the toilets are broken or something.

When I was done going to the bathroom I went out of the stall to wash my hands, but even before I got there I turned around and saw that the stall's door next to mine was closed.

So I hurried to go wash my hands and all of a sudden that stall's door creaked open so tried to hurry to wash my hands cause I started to get scared.

When I was about done washing my hands the sink next to mine went on and then a few seconds later it went off so I frozed in fear and looked into the mirror and saw a girl standing right behind me so I quickly ran out of that bathroom and never went back there again.

My friend, Katelyn also told me that she saw the very same thing in that bathroom the very next day so we both told eachother to never go back in again if we only knew which bathroom it was in...

I'll send more new ghost stories in my school later, Thanks!!!




Ghosts and Experiences





Well, its not that I believe in ghosts, I more believe in demons and angels. So ill be referring to every apparition as demon or angel depending on the situation.

I was young when it first started. I dont have a memory for dates. Just experiences. My family moved a lot, my dad was a master of fraud in carpentry, and we were always moving. I believe that he not only believed in demons, not only saw demons, but was possessed and haunted by demons. I could rattle off hundreds of events, but ill just pick a few.

We were living at this one house. You walk in the house and the bottom of the stairs were right there. They went up and slightly to the left. Thats where the hall way forked. My room was right there at the top of the stairs. I was somewhere between 6 and 10 years old. The second we moved in I felt horrible. Stressing out, not sleeping well, being scared of everything. Well, at night, a little while after we moved in, I was walking up the stairs, looked up and saw something in my room. It was a tall thin black demon (Even though I didnt know at the time). And it was one of those things were you could feel more then you could see that it was smiling at me. My dad was a very scary mean man. No way I was 1:Going to wake him up because I think I see something. 2:Believe in this thing because that would make me a wuss. So I sucked it and told myself it wasnt there..every night. And every night he would turn and walk into the closet as I got close to my room. And every night, when I didnt sleep in my sisters room from complete fear, I would be near suffication. I would lie in my bed and feel the whole room spinning, but not moving. The ceiling closing like a coffin lid, but when I went to touch it, it was normal. My lungs felt compressed, my whole body did. I had horrible nightmares every night in that room. Well. It went on and on till we moved.

My dad slept on the couch every night. Would never go to his bed. When my parents divorced, I would visit his houses. Big and empty. He got a dog that would never EVER sleep anywhere besides the closest it could get to you. On the bed, next to you on he couch, whatever. I was in my room upstairs, the dog awake at arms reach, and I looked out into the hall, and there was a man. Big man pacing extremely fast in the hallway. My dog was wimpering. It was dark and the whole whatever it was, was very shaky like. Transparent like. My dad slept downstairs, and according to my mom, never sleepwalks.

One time he ran into the pastors office at my church. Scampered under his desk screaming Their going to get me! Theyre coming to get me!

When I was younger, my dad got a new house (after the divorce) and honestly believed that we were going to Be a family again so he started taking random things from my moms house. Well I called him on it and found out for sure. So I told my mom, she got the stuff back, and he called the next day. After he was done talking to my mom, she gave the phone to me. His voice was different, deep, raspier. He yelled at me, calling me names, just being a jerk. It wasnt what he said that made me cry, but how scared I was of this person coming to kill me. It wasnt my dad. I have heard him angry before, and this wasnt him. Thats the last time I talked to him. And thats the last time I had a nightmare.

I have not had a nightmare since. I never slept good before then, hated sleep. I just knew every night would be the same. Sleep, wake up scared out of my mind. Well after not see g my dad for a while, I started losing this constant strain on my heart. Until one day.

I was a Janitor for about a 2 months until this happened. At this small Christian owned company building, small two stories. The first floor was fine, it scared me a little bit but I was fine. Up stairs was good though. Well lit, warm, comfortable. But upstairs scared me down to my heart for some reason. It took me a while, after the last event to realize why I knew that feeling. It was the same feeling I had when I was young seeing that stupid demon in my room. But at this time I hadnt but 2 and 2 together yet. The second to last day I worked there I was upstairs in a closet getting something. Happy, a little scared, but singing a song to myself to feel better. Writing this whole thing just makes me cry a little bit because of how scared I was and still am. I was in the closet and I heard sort of a woosh, but felt I more then heard it, shoot from my back left to back right. Went down the hall. Then as I started getting up, a laugh rang out In my head from a voice I had never heard before. This voice circled me and just rang out in the building then stopped. I dropped everything and ran out of the building, instant tears in my eyes. I never cry. Not even at the end of Armageddon, which is a really sweet movie. Or even at Milo and Otis, poor cat in a box down the river. But I was balling before I even got down the stairs. I got outside and looked up at the second story and saw a small black type thing. It was at the window. And it said one thing to me. Not from the building, but rather like the voice was right in front of me, inches from my face. I have never heard this phrase before this d I will ruin you. And that was it. I got in my car and took off. This was all at about, 900 at night. So I told myself it was just fear. The whole ride home crying telling myself it was just fear.

I went the next day, brought some people with me, and went during the day. It was a Sunday so no one was there. I went upstairs by myself to see if it was just fear. I felt the suffication tight on my chest, and heard something, I dont know what. I yelled out , saying Leave! This is a house of God with good people! You wont ruin anyone, now leave! I went downstairs. My friends heard nothing.

My sister was walking home once from my dads house. We lived only a block away, and she was 17 or 18 at the time. She had to walk by a park at night though, and there were a whole bunch of semi gang like guys there. She said they were gangs, but I think it was just a group of guys getting drunk. But anyway, she started getting really scared. We heard about someone getting raped there a long time ago, and she knew that at the time. She got close to the park and she looked over and saw a huge white wolf type dog walking towards her. She just kept walking trying to avoid the dog but it came up and walked right next to her. It walked with her right up to our front door. She turned to give it a treat (She had chips in her bag) but it was gone.

I was talking to my m about a year ago, asking her if there was any kind of demonic presence that she ever felt, or seen around my dad. She said right off, that he had a demon always with him. I never told her of any of my experiences. Never. She said he had a demon, tall, skinny and always smiling.

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