Creepy House




My story takes place in 1981.  I had just moved into a small house by myself but near some friends.  The house was part of a small group of houses built around a main front lawn. My house was one bedroom and still had the original refrigerator from the 1930's.

At first, it seemed like a nice little place and it was close to work.  Sometimes in the evening, I would hear water running and I would check to see if I had forgotten to turn of a tap in the kitchen or bathroom.  Everytime, there would be no water running, not even a drip.  As time went on, not only would the running water sound continue, but I would get the feeling that someone was walking around the house outside.  I had a small sidewalk on the kitchen side of the house that went to a small backdoor and screen door.  I would still sense that someone was walking all around the house at night.  This really freaked me out because our city was experiencing a serial rapist and, of course, all of us girls were afraid of being next.  I chalked the feelings up to being scared.

Winter came and my little house was never warm enough no matter how much I turned up the heat.  In fact, the walls started to mold and the sound of water was still happening every night.  Finally, I called the landlord to come and do something.  He came and opened a trap door in the floor of the small storage room!  I didn't even know the door was there because moving boxes had been stacked on it.  He crawled down a small wooden ladder into an earthen basement and checked all around.  The basement was completely dry.  There was a tap sticking out of the back wall of the basement, but it was shut off.  My landlord brought me a large electric heater and that seemed to help with the mold a little.  I began to notice that even my clothes in the closet and the towels in the bathroom always felt damp.  The running water sound never stopped now, and even the landlord heard it when he was checking my bathroom heater one day.  I was also starting to feel depressed and had a very hard time falling asleep at night.  I asked a friend, who was/is quite psychic to come over.  I had never told her of any of the creepy things mostly because I was embarrassed about it.

She walked through the front door and stood for a moment and looked around.  She told me that I needed to move as soon as possible because there was an unhappy spirit attached to the house.  Without any clue from me, she said there was a man (spirit), in his late sixties who guarded the house, but probably stayed outside.  She made it clear, he wasn't guarding me, he was guarding the fact, the spirit didn't like me living there because he didn't really like women.  Then she said that the water noise was happening to drive me out of the house.  I made up my mind that day that I would find a new place to live even if my year's lease wasn't up.

Then, it seemed I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  One day, a few weeks later, I came home to a very shaken landlord.  My house smelled of smoke and he told me that a fire had started in the bathroom.  He said a cardboard box he had placed outside of the bathroom and somehow gotten placed up next to the wall heater IN the bathroom and had he not come back to finish fixing some tile, the house would have burned down.  Now everything was damp and smoky smelling.  I didn't stay there that night.  I went to my parent's house.

The next day, I called the landlord and said I needed to move out because I was afraid to live there.  He said he understood and let me out of the rest of my lease.   About a month later, I was packing  when all of a sudden I heard cars screeching and racing down the street next to the house.  I stepped outside to see what was going on when two cars came flying past.  I had just enough time to see a small sports car and another sports car chasing behind it.  I found out later that what I had witnessed was the rapist being chased by undercover cops in an unmarked car.  It seemed like the little house was drawing negative energy to it.  I was never more glad to move in my life!   




The thing that looks like me





This is my first ghostly experience of many.  I was ten when it happened I am nineteen now. 

I was staying all night with a friend and we were sitting up talking about what we wanted to do at that time.  Of course we wanted to do some pretty bizarre things at that time, I wanted to be a storm chaser and my friend wanted to be a ghost hunter, in fact sometimes i think she still does after all shes the one that told me about this website.  Anyway I had to get up to go to the bathroom so i walked to her bathroom which was down the hall at the main end of their house.  I went and was coming back to my friends room when i heard her scream, i started to run away but instead forced myself to go back to her room, once i got there i saw myself standing over her bed.  It looked just like me.  I screamed it turned and looked at me it was like looking in a mirror.  i ran away then leaving her alone with the "me thing" for better lack of words.  This was the first time i ever saw it and i kept seeing it for about five years. 

The scariest time i ever saw it was when it was bending over me.  This was about four years ago, she'd told me that it might help to talk to it, so i did.  I asked it what did it want, of course it didn't answer me.  So then i asked it to go away.  It kind of started looking sad before it disappeared.  I've not seen it since. 

My Dog Tipsy

Three years ago i had a dog a small Chihuahua named Tipsy she was so pretty and sweet.  Id had her six years, when she was hit by a eighteen wheeler.  I cried for three weeks over her, then one night i heard little tapping on the living room rug, it was the sound I'd grown used to over six years, it was the sound Tipsy had made when she was alive.  I ran to the living room almost forgetting that she had died, i got there and it was her.  She was standing there wagging her tail and barking.  I then remembered she was dead and began to cry, she walked over to where i was kneeling and crying at and began licking my face.  I felt the most serenity I'd ever felt.  I looked at her and began talking to her.  "Tipsy I'll miss you baby girl, but you are dead.  I don't want to say this but baby you don't belong here.  Maybe someday I'll see you again i have to believe that.  But its time for you to go on." i said.  She looked like she was so happy when i said that.  She then disappeared.  Maybe that was my imagination finding a way for me to deal with her death or maybe not.  I'll never know. 




Palmer Massachusettes




I am a regular visitor to your web site because I have had several experiences of my own.  I am writing you tonight to tell you that under Palmer Massachusetts, you have a site for Palmer High.  I must tell you that I am a police officer in Palmer and have told this story to many of my fellow co-workers and few "believe" me.

While on routine patrol I frequently patrol the Palmer High School.  I work the evening shift, so we  often find teenagers and kids hanging around there.  On two occasions I have seen a man dressed in a beige jacket and blue jeans with dark hair, walk down the front stairs and towards the lower parking lot.  Please note that I have extra lighting on the cruiser and this image seems to be very clear!

The man continues walking into the parking lot then simply vanishes.  The first encounter that I had with him, I of course tried to justify.  But my instincts and past experiences told me otherwise.  The second encounter happened two weeks after the first and the figure was exactly the same and did the same thing! 

I have not seen this mystery figure in a few years now.  I frequently speak with my co-workers since they too have experienced someone in the corner of their eye at that location. ( There is a cemetery below the high school ).  They have also experienced numerous activities on Flynt Street in the old cemetery.  They have taken photographes and the results were simply unexplainable. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share the experiences that I have had.  Do you have any information about an old "slave hole"  on Old Warren Road in Palmer?  It is said to be haunted but I can find no information regarding this.  Who better than you guys to get that information from!!

Thank you, 




My Haunted House




I am the new owner of the Old Applebrook Farms in Fremont, Michigan and I

have lived here for 6 years. I am glad I found the house I live in on

this web site so that now I know my house is haunted. I seen a ghost walk

in my kitchen . He was a tall, skinny man wearing a red plaid shirt and

blue jeans. He also had on a baseball cap. My husband seen him sitting on

the couch next to him when he woke from a nap. He said he looked like the

crypt keeper from the tails of the crypt.  My daughter also seen him and

my friends have had weird things happen to them when they spent the

night. We moved here before Thanksgiving and between Thanksgiving and

Christmas it sounded like someone in my basement having big parties. I

was to afraid to go see what it was. That happened for about 3 years and

then it stopped or I just sleep through it now. Our TV channels would

change by their self, the radio would turn itself off, our car blinker

started blinking and we had four teenage boys witness that . My husband

could not get it to quit working and then it just stopped. My car has

weird stuff happen, and my husband has a lot of bad luck,  really bad and

a lot of it. He was hit head on by a semi, but Thank God he did not get a

scratch on him. Then he almost died when a heart doctor screwed him up

and sent him home. He then got a bad infection and almost died but funny

we could not sue the doctor because nothing really happened to him except

that he lost 6 weeks of pay. I think this ghost put a curse on him

because he never had that kind of luck until we moved here. Then right

after we moved here I got really sick and the doctors never could figure

it out. Can ghosts make people get sick. Then every three months

something bad happens no matter what. March was the third month and

Andy's dad just died on March first. But every time something happens it

ends up costing a lot of money. Like that semi accident cost me $7500.00.




  Hide and Go Seek




Before I moved, I lived in Lenexa, Kansas in a 15 year old house. It was said that their was a couple that lived in the house before us and the husband had killed the wife. she supposedly was buried in the backyard. I had experienced at night, the sound of footsteps in our kitchen but i knew no one was down their since we had an alarm system. Also, when we were playing hide and go seek, we would always see someone behind the shed but ust thought it was someone hiding, but then when we went to go find them nobody was there. and then the i found the shed door to be open even though it had a lock on the door.




Haunting on Irving Ave





When i was 8 we moved on a block called Irving Ave. It was a nice house and i met new firends who lived just a few homes away. Not to much later after we moved in i started seeing and hearing things. At first it was usually things that go bump in the night, but being 8 it was enough to send me to my mom's room. About 4 mounths after we moved in my firend Katie ( who lived on the same block) was telling me that she kept seeing a little girl named Linda. At first i did'nt believe her but than what was frighting her was very similar to what was going on at my house. I did'nt want to tell her that similar things were going on at my house because i did'nt know how to say it with out sounding like im just saying what she said. I did'nt know the spirits name that was woundering in my house. When i told her to was in a way re-leaved that she was'nt the only one who was seeing and hearing things. After about 6 mounths in that house i was sleeping in my sister's bedroom EVERY NIGHT. One night i awoke to find a man standing by my side. He said ''excuse me" but before he would finish i hid under my covers. I peeked out a few seconds later, he was still there. I shot under my cover's once agian and this time when i took a look, he was gone. When ever i had sleep over's we would always end up in the liveing room and on one acashion Katie and i slept on my sisters floor. We were playing in my toy room ( which was in my basement) and we heard a voice. We could not make out what it said but we were'nt going to stay to find out. Six of us lived there. Though my step sisters came on a rarely bases, we all had our little stories to tell about that house. That house was the only house that i saw and felt my father in. When i was three he died. I was crying for him one night and i felt him touch my shoulder. Other times a got to see him. But still the activity in the house scard us all.

It was later after we moved out my mom and step dad told me that they had put holy water around the house because they would have knocking on her door at night and no one would be there. My mother even told me that one day when she was home for launch, she heard banging from in my room. She went up stairs to see what was going on and it stopped once she hit the top of the stairs. When she got back down she said it started up agian. She took my dog ginger and left for my grandma's. I have always been intregued by ghost and strange things that go bump in the night.i have so many stories i can write a book. And i am only 14




Glenwood, Iowa




We live in a big house built in the 1920's.  At one time, it had been turned into apartments, but is now back to a single residence.  We have a basement garage and we enter through the basement.  Coming home from work one day, I heard footsteps on the first floor.  Our grandchildren know where we hide the house key, so I just thought the kids had come in to help themselves to a snack.  When I came upstairs, no one was there.  I went up to the 2nd floor and again, no one was there.  I checked the outside door locks, and the doors were still locked.  I know without a doubt, I heard footsteps.  My grandkids won't sleep upstairs by themselves because they say it's haunted.  I have never told them the story about me hearing footsteps.  When I ask them why they think the upstairs is haunted, they don't know why.  They say they just get a weird feeling when they are up there alone.  I have often heard sounds coming from upstairs, more like a dog or something jumping off a bed.  We've been here 30 years and have never had anything threatening, so I guess my ghost is just hanging around making sure we are taking good care of "his place."





Girl in the White Dress




This all happened about two years ago.It was around 8:oopm and i was sitting in my desk doing homework and daydreaming.Something got in my eye so i was rubbing it alot until it got red.When i looked over to my door i swear i saw a little girl about the age of 10,in a big white dress(sort of like a flower girl dress)just standing at my door way and looking at me!I kept on looking at her for about 10 seconds not beleaveing my own  eyes!All of a sudden she started to vanish and dissaper.I ran though my door not beleaveing what i just saw,i went into my brothers room and stayed there till about 9:00.When it was time to go back into my room so i could get my bookbag and stuff for school tomarrow,i asked my brother if he could come with me.When i got to the doorway where the little girl was standing,their was smoke everywhere and it was hard for me to breath,i grabbed my bookbag and i ran out as fast as i possibly could.I slept in the living room that night too afard to go back to my room.That room still haunts me even though i havent seen the little girl since.About a year after all that passed i went to look up the history on my house and found out that i was a school for boys and girl back then in the 50's and 60's,im still not sure if that girl died in my house or if it was my guardian angel.I am still currently living in the house and sometimes am awakein by my cat,she is always looking at a certain corner and hissing,last time when i took a picture of that corner to see if anything would come up,their was a big orb right their,it was bigger then my cat!!!



Ghost of Rescue





Friends and I lived in a townhouse in Woodbridge across from Woobridge Center Mall.  After a dinner get together, all of us came home to go to bed.  The windows had been open for several hours and the house was cold, so I shut them and went up to bed at about 11pm, ALONE.  In my slumber, I kept feeling someone poking me in my left arm, which annoyed me, but did not wake me.  Again I felt someone poke me in my left arm harder, but remained asleep.  Suddenly I heard the highest pitch woman's voice screech in desperation and I startled awake.  Instantly, I smelled the distinct smell of natural gas.  I woke my room mates and dragged them outside, still groggy, all 3 of us with headaches and called the gas company.  As it turned out, the breeze from the open windows had blown out all 3 of our pilot lights, and closing them trapped the escaping gas and the levels elevated during our sleep so high, we were all on the verge of death..........




Paranormal Experience




 I just thought I would share a personal paranormal experience with you. One night while ghost hunting the Gettysburg battlefield with my hunting partner and father in law we met up with a group from Berks county pennsylvania. We swapped stories for a bit then we decided to take them to a spot in the triangular field that most people were not familiar with. At the backside of the field where it meets the woods a sniper pit was being set up when opposing troops overan it and there were several deaths. Every time my group goes there without fail we pick up something. So as we showed this other group around I had wandered off by myself to shoot some pics on the digital camera. I was picking up several orb and ecto shots so I called my father in law to come with his video camera. I was standing about five feet in front of him at the edge of the treeline explaining the direction I was photographing when out of nowhere it seemed as if someone or something just walked past me and shoved me to the ground. Now I am not a small man standing 6' 2" and weighing in at an even 200lbs. but this "thing" grabbed my left shoulder and shoved me to the ground with such force that my body was horizontal before I hit the ground. I could not believe what had happened and my father in law witnessed it with his own eyes. Little did I know that just minutes before this the other group we were showing around got a pic of a full shadow apparition about 30 feet from where we were. You can view this pic on the berks county paranormal website as well as in the pic section of the yahoo group gettysburg ghosts. Needless to say I was a bit tentative to return but have several times, still never failing to bring out whatever is lingering in that spot. It has never gotten physical with me again but It always seems to follow me. The last time out we had video footage of orbs and ecto swirling and circling me as I sat indian style on the path through the woods. You can contact me at for more info or if you would like to hear more of our stories and possibly a get together for the viewing of pics and video. Thanks for taking the time to hear my story and I hope your readers enjoy it.








Dear Webmaster,I just read your site about Oklahoma haunted places and I must tell you about an old house we once lived in.I would like to say that personally,I don't believe in Ghosts,with the exception of the Holy Ghost of the Bible.But,In 1980-81 my family moved into a house located on the out skirts of Sallisaw,In the Jimmy Rogers addition.My Older sister claims that she was tormented by a hooded figure wearing all white on almost a nightly basis.She also heard voices and saw shadows in this place..Some people might say,Oh she just had emotional problems or she prevaricated the whole thing,but other people who lived in the house since then told similar stories.While I lived there personally,I never saw anything,but she insists to this day that she is telling the truth and defends herself adamantly.The Directions to this house,Which is a private residence is Turn North off of Redwood to go to Jimmy Rogers addition,Take first right,Then take first left,It's the first house on the right.It was yellow in color,the last time I saw it a few years ago.It may be worth adding.


My Shared Life




My name is Nichole and all my life ive delt with abnormale experences. my family has as well, but me mostly, that i know of. and nothing bad, frightening- no- surprising- but not scary. at least not to me. maybe more beautiful. thats the way i see it...beautiful.  let me just say, that it is not a house that haunts me, maybe its just me, that haunts me. and ive lost every body in my family to death, except for my childred (god bless), but it started when my grandfather died. i was 13 when i lost him. i wasnt close to my grandfather, but nobody was, except my mother, he was a hermet who spent all his time in his room. watching tv. my mother was very close to him and when she was little he use to walk by her bedroom every morning to say goodbye when he went to work. one morning he said goodbye to her and she went back to sleep. when she woke up she found out that he had a stroke in the middle of the night and was in the hospital, still alive though. she told my grandmother that he had said goodbye to her that morning, and nana said it was impossable since papa had his stroke hours before he was soppossed to be at work. now years later with me, when papa was sick, like i said we were never close, the night after we had his "funeral" i remember being thirsty and going downstairs to get a glass of milk. as i was down there, sitting on the couch drinking the milk, papa appeared to me. from my left side he started to walk. he walked passed my three times before i said..."papa?" when i said that he stopped and turned to me. when he saw me he held out his arms and started walking twards me. he said, i recall exactally, " i love you. i never told you i loved you but i do. tell your mother i love her too." and he dissapeared. never had anything happen with him since. and i was never frightened. always felt loved. still do. i have many more recent things happen though. if your interested you can email me, and we can talk about them...thank you.




Missouri, Nevada; Cottey College






I just wanted to comment on your entry for Cottey College.  I was a student there from 1984 - 86.  The ghostly "man in black or black man" is new since my day.  We never had tales of that sort. 

Vera was a real person, though.  I worked in the library and handled the yearbook with her picture in it myself.  She died the autumn of 1918 or 1919.  She was actually burned in her room on the second floor of Main Hall (at the time Main and Rosemary Halls were connected) and died at the sanitorium which then stood on the present site of the library.  Her connection with Rosemary Hall (since torn down, sadly) was that she was a music major and Rosemary held the music rooms.

I never encountered her myself, but some of my friends did, including a couple who were solid, levelheaded young women.  Rosemary Hall was the auditorium.  Girls involved with plays on campus often heard footsteps from the deserted second and third floors, voices in the basement, felt they were being followed on the stairs, etc.  The drama teacher (whose name escapes me) claimed that he often saw Vera sitting in the back row of the auditorium.

One of my friends was practicing her musical instrument in a practice room on the second floor of Main Hall.  The only piano in the practice rooms was in a cubicle that opened off the room she was in and had no other door.  While she was practicing she could hear someone playing piano, but thought nothing of it until she was ready to leave and leaned her head in to see which pianist it was.  As she opened the door the music stopped and the room was empty.




Poltergeist Experience




I have has poltergiest experiences throughout my life.  It started when i

was eight and there was a knock on my bedroom door.  I thought it was one of

my two brothers taking the mick but they were not in the house.  It remains

to this day unexplained,

At uni i was in the communal kitchen pouring boiling water from a kettle

into a cup and a pan fell off the cupboard top and knocked many implements. 

I caught them all but the pan hit my cup of boilng water and it poured all

over my leg and scolded me.  I turned around to the 5 people in the romm and

they all had their mouths open and looked white.  I asked them what happened

and they all said that the pan was on the top of the cupboard, at the back,

at least two inches from the edge.  The pan then moved to the front of edge

of cupboard, hovered in the air for 2 seconds and then fell.

In the same uni my friend was in her bedroom and i said that i was nipping

to my room to get some fags.  When i got back to my friends room (she was

sat in the middle of the room), she asked me if i threw a pack of fags at

her to which i replied i was out of the room.  She said that an empty fag

packet fell out of the air and landed on her knee.

I later found out that a woman had been murdered outside my room and that

there was a plaque to her.

My poltergiest experiences have continued to this day.





Dead Victim Trying to tell a Story




To begin I would like to say that I have been experiencing things similar to this one ever since I was age 5. I'm now 16 and would like to share the story of one particular experience that has defiantly affected me.

About eight to nine years ago, my brother who lives in Westbury New York purchased a three bedroom one bathroom home with his wife. Ever since then they have been adding stories on to the house. In my most recent visit, the house was now 3 stories and had five bathrooms, two bathrooms, and a newly finished attic. My parents and I were to spend the week sleeping in the master bedroom while my brother and his wife slept in the baby's room. During my stay I experienced a chain of unusual happenings. First, while I was taking a shower as I stepped out of the tub, I heard what sounded like a child giggling at first I thought it was my niece but it didn't sound like her, I passed it off as either the TV or radio. After that we were all downstairs talking about the people who used to live in the house. Apparently it was a family of three. The parents were older and had a bit of a hard time caring for their child, a female,  who died around age 7. Out of curiosity I asked my brother if he knew how the child died. He told me that he wasn't quite sure, but the couple had told him that the she died tragically after spending the day on a relative's boat. Apparently the little girl had spent too much time in the cold water and after being pulled back onto the boat suffered from hypothermia. At first I didn't think much of the story, it was sad, but what were the odds that the giggling was the dead girl? Nothing else happened until the third day when in the middle of the night I woke up for no apparent reason, while laying in bed, I felt this intense pressure on my chest, as if someone was sitting on it after about 10 seconds or so the sensation wen away and I fell asleep again.

The mornings of the 4th, 5th, and 6th days when I was the only one awake and in the kitchen I would look in the backyard to see what looked like a shadow that seemed to be "skipping" and "hopping" from place to place. his scared me a little because I didn't know what to make of it. On the last night at the house, I had one of the most horrifying paranormal experiences of my life. It was around 2:30 in the morning and I woke with a start. Then I began to have a coughing fit. Since my parents and I were sharing a room they woke up after hearing me and came to see if I was all right. As my dad puts his had on my back, I began to cough up water. At first I thought it was spit or phlegm from my throat, then I started to cough up what seemed like cups of the water. What caused me to become frightened was the water had a salty taste, like lake or ocean water. I was coughing up the water for roughly 2 minutes and then it became extremely hard for me to breathe I couldn't inhale. Whenever I tried I would swallow the salt water that seemed to come from nowhere! While I was unable to breathe, after what felt like a lifetime, I heard a little girl say "they didn't know" and suddenly everything stopped. I was able to breathe, I wasn't coughing up salt water, and everything was fine. After calming down and managing to sit up in the bed I noticed a small child's figure in the doorway. It seemed to look at me and then walk away.

After this experience I was never able to forget that little girl, or the message she was trying to send to me. I still haven't completely gotten over the experience, and still continue to have various others.




Cry Baby Bridge




i live in shelbyville and have been to cry baby bridge numerous of times..i have to say that I have never witnessed the actual baby cries and the foot prints have never appeared for us, but my friends and i do believe we have seen the "car" that was wrecked on the bridge.  One night my friends and I thought we would sit on crybaby bridge, pur the powder on the car and wait to see if anything would happen or be heard. After a while of of the girls and i started walking on the bridge looking over the edge and being stupid we stared calling for the baby...well on both sides of crybaby bridge are curves and w/the high brush and trees you can't see around the curves...the girl and myself heard a car comming and seen headlights comkming from the left side of the bridge ..where our car was parked...we stared to run to the opposite side of the bridge to get away from the car (the bridge is only big enough for 1 car, unless u drive in the ditch) the car was to fast and we seen it comming right at us..and the it was gone. we just stood there long enough to realize we were still alive then jumped in the car w/ our other freaked out friends and hauled ass away.  A few years ago me and 2 different friends went back to the bridge to once again see what would happen..this time we just sat in my car (brand new) on the bridge and chilled for a few.  My smartass friend in the back started making baby cry sounds...all of a sudden something slamed into my car , the whole car shook, when i tried to put the car in drive and go .. the car wouldn't move... we then heard a splash in the creek below and as soon as we heard it my car could drive again... that was the scarist thing ...ever since that we don't go anywhere near that bridge at night.  




Haunted House




along time ago a teenager had hung himself in the back yard of his house. I was a little girl when i first moved there with my parents. As i grew up in that house i had heard and seen many weird things. My parents never believed me when i told them the house was haunted. only me and my oldest brother had witness the sightings. the first one was with my oldest brother he had heard a radio playing in the attic many times finally my father had went up there to prove nothing was going on, but he had found a radio in a little hole with the teens name on it. there were no batteries or a plug. I had seen the teen many times and had spoke to him obviously i had no response from him but my bed would also shake every night and i would feel cold breezes through my room. My dogs and cat were very afraid to go in the attic. My parents finally believed me as they started hearing things abnormally. Doors would open and shut and you can see a faint picture of him in the attic window. I know this is not recorded any where but it is very true. after we moved a man that had lived up the street from us had baught the house for his daughter and fixed it up. One morning he had walked in the house to find that the teens name was burned into the wood bordering the door. No one was able to get in the house since all the doors were locked so it must be the ghost. We had told many people the house was haunted and no one would believe us. The mans daughter and her husband moved out of the house leaving it to him, she could not handle the hauntings. even though it has been 5 years since i lived there i know its still haunted and as i drive by it or walk by it i still see that teens face in the attic window. This ghost was friendly but he tried his best to scare everyone, he had never tried to hurt or damage anything in the house.




Corner of my Eye





most people see dead people. i see dead animals. not

even kidding. my parents divorced when i was real

young-like 2 or so. i never had any real paranormal

experiences then, even though at the time I lived on a

farm. no, the trouble came when I moved away from the

farm. when i was about 7 my dad got engaged to be

remarried. we moved in with his fiancee and her two

kids. i ended up having to share a room with her

daughter, who was about two years younger than me. i

have always been a bad insomniac, falling asleep

around one or two in the morning. well one night, at

about two fifty something or other, i saw something

come out of the wall at the end of my sisters bed. it

kinda came out as if it were coming through a hole in

the wall, though there wasn't actually one there. it

was a girl of about sixteen or seventeen. i still

remember her vividly. she was pretty tall...but then,

everyone looks tall to a seven year old...and she had

blonde hair that reached halfway down her back. she

wore a pink shirt with a kinda roxy-ish symbol in a

strip across it and jeans. she walked right over to my

bed, and i remember that she looked really solid.

there wasn't supposed to be anyone else in the room at

the time-my younger sister was only five and a sound

sleeper (she swears she never saw anyone). anyways, i

knew i wasn't dreaming, and when she leaned over at

the side of my bed like she was going to whisper

something in my ear, i freaked and drew the covers

over my head. it was about a year before i would sleep

without three blankets firmly held over my head.

anyhow, i never saw that girl again, but the day after

she did that, i started seeing animals where they

REALLY shouldn't be. IE: school, the supermarket, the

theater, my room, etc. i once saw a squirrel in

krogers. i did a double take and tried to show my

friend, though she couldn't see it. I see all kinds of

animals these days, mostly i see them out of the

corner of my eye as they dash across and disappear. i

hear meowing and ringing bells, only to find there's

nothing there. i have weird dreams, like an OBE, where

it's really vivid, and always there are animals

involved. mostly cats, as the most ghosts i see are

cats, haunt my dreams. one ghost, a black cat with

white paws and a white splotch on its right eye, seems

to follow me in the day and night. usually i see it

right before something BIG distracted me

right before my first kiss....only one other person i

know of sees these things. she's my best friends, and

i guess you could say my soul sister. anything that

happens to one happens to the other, though more like

it would happen in a mirror. if her dad does

something, my mother will do the same thing. we have

parallel dreams and so on...but im sixteen now and the

sightings of any animal except this cat are starting

to grow fewer. you hear about children growing out of

their hauntings when they grow up. im starting to

wonder if maybe my time has come.




Cuts in the Shirt




I was midway through me 7th grade year, and I remember it was all going easy all A's and B's and maybe one C, I was stress free and one morning I woke up with brutal scratches on my shoulders, I wore a short sleeved shirt every night and had no fingernails because of my bad habbits, I hid them from my parents because they knew more than half my friends were either Gothic, Alternative, or Athiest and they think they all cut themselves, well I wasn't Gothic, Alternative, or Athiest I was pretty much just a good Catholic never cut my arms wrists nothing I wasn't a psyco. Anyway I woke up with these brutal cuts on my shoulders and didn't tell my folks, but my good grades got me in P.E. so I had to change my shirt as we had a dress code you had to wear a collard shirt, and a classmate of mine, Robert, noticed them. "Damn Darrin! What they hel did you do to your sholders?!"

Anyway days past and they were still there, like knife cuts...

Roughly a week later they went away, they didn't fade or anything, they just vanished then 2-5 days later they returned the next day gone, no trace nothing, I finally told my parents and thankfully they didn't even mention anything about me doing it, they said maybe it was my book bag, it was middle school I didn't carry one anymore, eilier in the year I did, but because of secerity issues they banned them. My book bag was in my locker thats where it stayed.

The scars have been gone for some time now last time I had them it was about 4-6 months ago and it was only for a day.








eight years ago i lost my wife in an auto crash,a few days later i was sleeping on my sofa

when i woke up there was a little child standing near me , i was wide awake. i sit up and looked right at her she had her hand over her heart as if to say peace and love.

she was very bright , like white gold she did not move un till she had made her point.

when she did ,she made a complete turn and walked to the other side of the room near the

furnace and disapeared.   thank you for letting me write




A Bit Overwhelming




I stumble upon your site while doing research for a completely unrelated topic, but couldn't help poking around. Since ghost and the paranormal have always been a topic of fascination for me.

I personally have had very few encounters with the unexplained, a fact I am grateful for. At least not that I recognized as being unusaul or other worldly.

Accept  one day in my high school library. My school is over a hundred years old. The builiding itself dates back to the the 1900's. Rumors about ghosts come with the territory. When your a teenager things like this are "kinda cool".

We have a two floor library located in the middle of the building. Two stair wells connect the lower library with the upper. The library is so large that the classrooms that encircle it have back doors that open directly into the library. The upper section of the library has a computer lab situated in the corner of it. There is one door there that leads to the hall and 2 "back" doors to classrooms.  The computers are set up in a long row parallel to this row of doors.

I was sitting at this row of computers on the end nearest the hallway entrance. With my back to it and the other two doors. I was typing away frantically having procastinated on a paper that was to be handed in that day. The doors are wood with metal hinging and very noisy. I don't think anyone has oiled them in years. They're not hard to move nor are they easy.

I heard someone open the hallway door and walk in and turn towards the row of doors directly behind me. When I turned around to see who was walking behind me and why they had stopped (without going into a classroom) no one was there.

I know what I heard, it was the distinct sound of someone having entered the library through the hall door and start walking behind me. Both "back doors" were closed and no one else was even in the upper library area but me. If a person had gone into a classroom I would have heard that door as well or seen it shutting. Not to mention I turned around to quick for any real person to disappear so quickly.

At the exact time this was all happening an overwhelming feeling of being chilled encompassed me. My arms broke out in goose bumps.  Then as quick as it had come the chill left. And I scramble to gather up my papers, retrieve my disk and beat a hasty retreat to the lower section of the library. Where I finished my paper in the company of people I could see. I don't know why the encounter made me so unnerved me so, but it did.




 It Really Happened




I have only told a few people this story. It is all true….

When I was a little girl about 11years old, my family moved in to an old rental house in southern Florida. It was a big house for what we were used to. I remember the front doors being these huge

Black double doors. They opened to a large entry room. To the left of the entry was the living room family room and kitchen; to the right was the Hall way to all the bedrooms. The first room on the left was mine and my older sister’s. I remember always feeling a chill when we walked down that hall like you had to run and get out fast. I remember the closet for some reason. It was a walk in and it was raised up a foot off the floor, it was just odd.

Many strange things happened in that house, but the thing that has haunted me is what I saw one night.

I was sleeping, when I felt a hand lightly touch my shoulder as if to wake me. I rolled over to see all I can describe as a doll like face with a green like glow to it. It was had an evil grimace on its face as if it new how afraid I was of it.

I am about to cry or have a heart attack retelling this. 

After being paralyzed with fear for a minute that seemed like an hour I was able to make way to the light switch. As I turned on the light the expression turned to anger and it disappeared in flash of green light.

I woke my sister who said I looked white as sheet.

This seriously scarred me. I still am afraid it will reappear to me one night. But I do feel it was attached to that house.

My sister (who would see something too later in that same room) was practicing witch craft in that house. I sometimes wonder if that was the cause or it was there before.

Still afraid to roll over and open my eyes in the night




Info on Wentworth





I am what they call an Old boy, I used to live in Marine Hall as a Cadet, the place was extremely spooky, we wouldn’t go out into the hall late at night even if we had to goto the bathroom, we would pee into pledge bottles or whatever we had and wait tell morning, it was sometimes funny because outside you would see the full containers sitting on the window cells in the morning. But besides that… you can say they were kids and were to lazy or maybe other kids would jump them at night… it was a military academy.

Fact, the heating system in that building was radiator, and it would pop ting and make all sorts of groaning sounds, so now as an adult, we know what that was. Also as kids we would attach strings to doors and slam them open or shut, to scare other kids.

Fact. Cadet Pool did hang himself I was there, Eddy Kirk was his “Big Brother/Mentor” He saw first what had happened, I was out side with about 700 other cadets, when we were all waiting to go eat and he didn’t show and all hell broke loose, Recently Marine Hall was torn down because it was getting out of hand haunted… It was crazy doors were opening and closing groans.. it was spooky, the problem was when we were kids fucking around playing jokes… we thought someone was playing a joke on us… and we couldn’t figure out how they were doing it… fact was there was no figuring out how they did it, it was haunted then to, you can ask any old boy “Foxtroter” on the inside and they will admit, Wentworth has some spooky stuff going on around there.

I live in Missouri, there are all sorts of haunted houses here. My house was built in the early 1800 and we have our own stories, but we don’t want them published because we are trying to sell this old haunted house. But if your ever this way, I will show you move by its self, war medals and marbles, foot steps and doors slamming





When I was 13




When I was only 13 we lived in a haunted house. It was something I never want to again. My Grandfather lived with us after his stroke and we took care of him. He was a loving man. He passed away in our house. Later, when I got really sick, I would be lying in my bed at night and just watch an orb flow in my room and then come to my bed and leave the room. I would feel a rug at my hair, like he did when he was alive and I knew it was him. My mother saw him going and coming from my room and then go back to his. Even though I knew it was him, it still gave me chills.

Thats when he finally left and the real weird stuff started happening. At midnight, the water all through the house would come on full blast every night! Then since it's been a while back, we didn't have a remote tv, you had to get up, turn it on or change channels and then set down again. Well, in the middle of the night, the television would come on by itself. No it didn't have a timer either. A very high, high,pitched sound would emit anywhere you were in the house and you knew something was going to happen. Sometimes  it would sound like dishes breaking or pots and pans being thrown around in the kitchen. Knocks on the doors from the outside and no one there. It got to be so bad that I started sleeping with my parents at 13. We would watch our curtains fly up over our bed, the window is not open! My dad sat on someone on our couch, he jumped up and no one there, but an impression, not his. My Aunt stayed one night and she felt a cat she said jump on the bed and walk around.  She didn't know, we had no cat. My dad had slept alone one night, and finally got to my mother and I. He said something was trying to choke him, he actuall had what looked to be rope burns around his neck! Things calmed down a bit after we lived with my Grandparents for a while. But one night my friend was staying over and my parents were at my Grandparents for a bit. We were playing with Barbie dolls and decided we wanted to listen to a record 45 ya know. Well, it was going well and then it sped up, so I went to see what was up and stopped power on it. It still played! I unplugged it, still it played, then the high pitched sound again. You should have seen us running out of that house for a few blocks to my G-parents. We had to finally move. The house was very old and we learned 2 people had died there also, and one of them in my room. Never want to go through that again








We rented a small home in northern California and believe that perhaps a

former resident may never have left.

Early one morning I was just waking, kind of twilite sleep I guess you'd

call it when I distinctly heard the front door in the living room close. I'm

sure most people can identify that sound as we hear it all the time. My wife

was next to me so I knew it wasn't her. Both of my children were small so I

was concerned that one of them had gotten up an wondered out. I left the bed

and went to the front door fully expecting to open it and find one of my

children outside. The door was closed and bolted. Both children sound asleep

in their beds. I didn't think about ghost at that time and thought maybe I

just dreamed it.

Shortly there after I was starting dinner one evening, put a pot on the

range top to start boiling water. I turned around to the sink and when

turning back to the range I noticed that the burner knob was turned off.

Thinking that I just didn't turn it on I twisted it to the on position and

continued about my chore. When returning to the range top again I found that

the knob was again in the off position. Again not giving it much thought

other than "Uh, must have a ghost."

My daughter at the time was about 12 and one evening was waiting for one of

her friends to come over for a nights stay. It was dusk, not much light

shining through the windows. My daughter was laying on the couch, half

asleep and heard the front door open then close and latch. Thinking it was

her friend she said " just throw your stuff on the chair" this she said as

she was openiong her eyes and starting to rise only to find that no one else

was in the room.

On one other evening,I believe we were visited again witnessed by my dog. I

was seated on the couch and the dog was standing in the dining room. I

stared at her because she was looking to her left into an area that has the

wet bar and out of my direct line of sight. Looking up she began to wag her

tail and for an instant I thought my wife may have been standing there out

of my line of sight. I called the dogs name, she looked at me then turned

back to whatever drew her attention, looked back to me and walked over to

me. I rose to inspect the area only to find that nothing was there. So what

did she see? Why did she wag her tail?  

I don't think that anyone of these would rate on it's own but looking back

and tieing them togeather just maybe, Maybe.




Shaking Doors




This happened in 2003 when me ,my husband and two kids had moved into a house.. it was a qaud level house,, meaning we had four levels. the three bedrooms and bathrooms on the fourth level and the living room and kitchen on the third and two underneath leading to garage and basement.  We Had already had eerie experiences duing Christmas and daytime naps with voices and doors opening and closing, and orbs at night.  But this one was the most creepy. 

It was about 3 in the afternoon and my husband was on the phone with his brother.  We were just about to go to the park or something and i was just walking in the front door after packing the car. The kids were in the front room waiting for us which is where the 7 steps to the floor that goes to the bedrooms go.  My Husband was sitting on the third or fourth step when i walked in.  Just as i was asking him who he was on the phone with,, the kids bedroom door (which was closed) started to shake, as if someone was on the the other side trying to get out. I took a step back and said ,"HONEY, Look.. What is that?"  he ignored me and kept talking til the door started shaking again so he could hear it,  He stood up immediately and turned around.  He took a step back and said, "Did yu see that?"   I didn't see anything,, he swears he saw something cross the hallway into our room.  All the while the door continued shaking. He looked at me and we just stood there for about a min while the door continued to shake,, the kids were freaked out and we debated who would go and check.. my Hubsband chickened out and followed me as i walked up to the door and opened it. 

As i opened the door all i saw were the curtains moving as if the windows were open.  Problem was,, the windows were closed.  This is just one of the stories that happened in that house and the apartment i lived in before that.  Since we bought a house i have felt so comfortable i have no worries here.   But The things i experienced before still make the hair stand up...










I am from a small city in England called Wolverhampton.  I have always

been fascinated by ghosts but was of the 'seeing is believing'

opinion.  I am now 22 years old but when I was about 18, I vividly

remember going out with my older sister one night.  We were staying at

my brothers flat for the night as he lived closer to the city centre,

which is where the bars and clubs are.  The flat is a converted

Victorian house, he had one of the top apartments.  When we arrived in

the car, my sister drove round the back of the property and parked on

the gravel spaces at the top of the sloped garden, that led to the

back door.  I got out of the car first and waited at the top of the

garden path, while my sister was leaning inside her car, getting her

overnight bags out.  I became aware of a man also being in the car-

parking area.  It was night-time darkness and I was standing under the

only lamp-post, but this gave off sufficient light.  The man was

approximately two cars distance away from me and appeared to be

walking 'jerkily' and quite slowly.  I remember staring at the man and

feeling confused as I could not make out any of his features; he was

literally a 3D, solid, black figure of a man.  He then stopped and

stood about five metres in front of me and seemed to look at me for 5

seconds.  I nearly asked him if he was alright, but I seemed unable to

speak.  I think to myself now that I was just stunned and confused.  I

only realised he was a ghost when he turned and walked into the garden

bushes, completely without a sound, not down the path but along the

grass.  He literally disintegrated.  I kind of got the impression

that, before he turned, he chuckled to himself and shook his head, as

though my stunned face was funny.  By this time my sister was out of

the car and had joined me at the top of the garden, ready to walk down

the garden path.  I don't think i've moved so quick to get into a

house before.  I did not tell my sister what I had seen until we were

both in my brothers flat, as I knew she would be terrified.  I have

thought of all possibilities as to whether my eyes were playing tricks

on me, but I had not had any alcohol whatsoever.  I wasn't looking for

anything suspicious, merely minding my own business, and there's no

way it could have been a trick of the light or shadows.  Nobody will

convince me that what I saw wasn't paranormal and something that can

be scientifically explained.  I am definitely now a believer, although

I have never seen anything again, only had sensations in various

places that there was another presence around.


More recently, whilst in my step parents house the other day

showering, I heard a mans voice shout something outside the bathroom

door.  I had the only keys to the house, and had locked the front door

as nobody else was in.  If it had've been night-time I probably would

have jumped out the bathroom window, but as it was daylight, I wasn't

so perturbed.  The house is actually a bungalow and I don't feel

comfortable sleeping in my old bedroom without my little sister

sharing the bed.  Although I don't think there is anything sinister

about the bungalow, I think there is something that visits every now

and again.




The Man on the Motorcycle




My husband was in the service and worked nights, sometimes he would come home in the middle of the night but I was never frightened like the night I'm about to tell you.

After putting the kids to bed and going to bed myself I was sleeping sound when about 1:13 AM I had a rude awaking. I was lying on my back, which is odd since I always sleep on my stomach, a very cold feeling came over me and someone touched my foot, I sat straight up in the bed as a man said my name. To scared to move I sat there for what seemed to be a long time. When suddenly a very hard push, pushed me back down in the bed and again it felt like ice was thrown through me. It took my breathe away. I looked  at the clock again But it still read 1:13 AM. I was terrified all I could think of was my kids and husband.  Some how I fell back to sleep but the next day a neighbor asked me if I had heard about the motorcycle accident that happen the night before. I said no and she told me that a man with same name as my husband was killed while riding his motorcycle. I asked her what time was this. She said 1:13 AM.

My husband crashed his motorcycle the very next day, but no injuries.

I still get chills when I think about this.




Strange Maybe




Me and my cousin were browsing the net one night and kind of stumbled onto

your site. We both live in Virginia and we decided to go out for a little

while tonight and knew we were going to be near a place you mention on your

site....Crawford Road in Yorktown, to be specific.

Though we didn't see anything, on the stretch of road, there WAS something

weird going on with her car.  After we turned off the main road onto

Crawford road, she happened to glance into her rearview and saw that her

dome brake light (in the back window) had burned out.  She figured that it

had just "gone out" and needed to replace it, but when we passed under the

bridge and got to the next main road, her dome brake light came BACK ON when

she hit the brakes.

Well, we turned around in a parking lot and headed back towards the bridge

and, once again, the dome brake light did not work while we were on Crawford

Road...and as we passed back under the bridge, her car kind of jerked to the

side and tried to cut off.  She accelerated, got the car straight again, and

as we got back on the main road back towards Newpoert News...the dome brake

light AGAIN was working fine and we had no more problems with it.

Just thought it was kinda eerie and thought I'd share it with you.  Like I

said we didn't see anything, but it seemed like something didn't like her

car too much.  She did get out when we first were pulling up to the bridge

and snapped a few pics...and if they show anything, we'll let you know.




Prince Albert Haunting




These Are mostly my wife's experiences. At the corner of 11th St. East & 6th Avenue, these occurances happened.

My wife's first of many experiences is: This actually occurred to her mother in 2002. While her mother was asleep, she was awoken by someone or something poking her to get up. She woke and turned on the light, and thought it was me or my wife. But noone was there and occurred for a couple of nights. She kept her light on after that, so it does not bother again.

Another experience happened while my wife was at the computer. She was on the net and it took it's time to switch to another page. Then all of a sudden, she heard a "SIGH" on her her left side.

Other things that occurred is that a ghostly couple would be heard arguing through the vents and this usually occurred at around 3:00AM.

Then, my wife and cousin were visiting, she noticed a apparition of a small, skinny female, with her hair up, in a bun, like they had long ago. She smiled at my wife and backed up into the porch and slowly vanished.

Then there was this occurrance that me and my wife experinced. We were watching TV and then all of a sudden we heard this loud noise that hit the front door. We thought it was a snowball, seeing the snow was almost gone. I went to check to see if there was a snowball, but I did not see a snowball.

Another occurrance happened when we were watching "Scariest Places On Earth", which was on YTV at the time. Anyway, it was dark and my wife saw a figure going into our bedroom. We were sitting in the living room when she saw this.

We also hear mysterious knocking on the back door, we would go and check. We asked "Who's there?, but there was no reply and it happened again and this time we heard the doorknob rattling, like someone wanted to come in. We ckecked again but noone was there.




Our Little Boy Ghost




I have written to you my personnel experiences, now I would like to talk about my wife and her experiences as well. Before I tell you about our little boy ghost Aaron I have to give you a little history. I have always been interested in the paranormal and have had my wife constantly chide me in my interests. However she scheduled several trips to locations that are known to be haunted. Alton Ill. And the Lemp mansion in St. Louis Mo. Like I said she was extremely skeptical and found it unbelievable. She has sinced changed her mind. In short we were at Lemp mansion at a late night gathering in the 3rd floor attic. The lady that was in charge of this outing gave us a history of the mansion then let us wonder around and just experience what we could. My wife (Jan) and I with her son Andrew went from room to room. We took several pics using our digital camera with some interesting results. Back to Jan. She walked in front of a closet and as she told us later felt like she just had to reach inside. As she did so she felt what she called an electric charge shoot up her arm jolted her back all with a audible "pop". She jerked back immediately and asked if I heard that noise. I stated yes and so did the people around us. The paranormal reseacher told us that she felt an entity around my wife. What is strange is that in almost all the pics I have taken at several other "haunted" location with her in them, there is always at least one orb around her someplace. This ability to scense these things I feel is a gift - we she has second thoughts if it is a gift or not. Either way - she has never had or remembers any type of activity around her before that event.

She has lived in our house for 16 years and has never had any experiences. Until one night she awoke and was freezing cold. As she sat up she looked to the side of the bed and saw a little boy dressed in 1920's type clothing. She said at first she was afraid but immediately felt an inner peace and calm come over her. She asked the boy what he wanted and he replied not in an audible way but she could hear him in her mind that he was looking for his mommy. She then asked him his name that is when she found out his name was Aaron. She said that he was as life like as could be and first thought that it was one of her sons coming into the room but soon figured out that he was to short and was dressed in modern clothing. She said he vanished as fast as he appeared. After he left the room returned to normal. He appeared to her again about a week later. He has never been mean just like a frightened little boy looking for his mother.

We have several pets - 2 cats and 2 dogs. None of them react to anything except for Gracie a little Cairn terrier. She will be asleep and out of nowhere start to growl and bark and act like she is going to attack a intruder. ( Little dog outside Big dog inside!!!). She was lying in bed with me one night all of a sudden she jumps up and start to bark wildly. I look up and see a black shadow less than 4 feet tall walk past the end of our bed. I could not see through it at all. It stopped in front of the closet turned and walked through the glass door and disappeared. Gracie immediately calmed down and went back to sleep.

We had cable T.V. in our house and on several occasions the T.V in the livingroom would be on when we came home or it would come on when we were in the house somplace other than the livingroom. I had always thought that there was something wrong with the cable box ( it controlled the on/off part to the T.V.) and that is why we would find the T.V.on. Well like so many we left cable and went to dish T.V. Now you can turn on the T.V. with the on/off switch but it does not turn on the satlite receiver. So all you get is "snow" on the screen. To get a picture you must use the remote for the receiver this turns on the T.V and the satelite receiver. There is a 3rd button that you have to hit to get reception. Well for about a week the T.V. never turned itself on after we went to Dish T.V.. Then all of a suden it started up again. The funny part is that the T.V. would be on but like I said you had to hit a 3rd button for it to connect to the receiver. After finding the set on for the umteenth time I took the remote and said outloud " You need to hit this button here if you want to watch T.V.". The very next day the T.V. was on and not on a station that we generaly watch. My Wife has seen him many times anf felt him even more.Our dog Gracie sees or feels him more than we do. All we have done is told him he could stay and that was OK as long as he did not scare the boys. To this day they have not seen nor felt him. I feel sorry for him and wish him well but at the same time he is welcome in our home. I have no idea where he came from. Jan and I have wracked our brain trying to figure out where he came from and why now and not before. If you have any questions please feel free to write me at the E-mail address listed. Your thoughts on where he may have came from is also appreciated.




Murder on their Car




Okay here's another one of my strange night terrors.

My parents came to visit one summer, they had driven 30 hours and 8 states. So we were very glad to see them safe. We spent 2 weeks together and had lots of fun but like everything else fun comes to an end. As we told my parents goodbye I was more worried about their trip home. I told them to call when they stopped at night so I knew they were okay. The first night they called but the second night I didn't hear from them. I went to bed after calling my sister who also had not heard from them. She assured me everything was fine and they may have traveled through just to get home.

I went to bed only to be woken a few hours later with a toe tug and my parents saying my name. This was a way of waking me as a child. I answered back with a "what" but didn't get an answer then realized that my parents were not in my room. I called my sister who had just gotten home from work she calmed me down and said she would call our parents when the sun came up. Not wanting to wait I started calling every few minutes for the next hour, no answer at their home. Finally I decided to go back to bed I was just being silly. A few hours later my sister calls me and tells me our parents just made it home from their trip. She asked if everything went well on the trip home. My dad tells her that they were going to drive straight through last night but got tired so decided to just get the first hotel that came up. It was after midnight and they were more tired than they had thought. After getting a room and settling into bed the people in the next room began to fight and argue, they think they may have been drinking. My mom looked out the window and saw  the two men fighting. One of them fell onto the hood of my parents car as the other man stabbed him to death. My dad said he wasn't tired anymore and just wanted to get home. My mom told us when she saw that happen she thought of her own family. I must have felt her terror.




Haunted Bank




Back during the depression in Humboldt, TN, Mr. Jones was president of People's Bank on Main Street.   He was so upset about the depression that he hung himself in the vault.   Years later, the bank moved and in the mid 1970's the building became a gift shop  and the vault , with it's wooden floor was used as a display room.   I was working there by myself and heard footsteps in the vault that made the floor creak.   Another time, I heard someone coming down from the attic. on the  new metal stairs that had been recently installed.   Also, Mr. Jones had good taste because sometimes I would come into work and an item that was rather tacky would be off the shelf onto the floor or a particular painting would be very crooked on the wall.  Mr. Jones was a friendly ghost and I greeted him every morning and told him goodnite.



North Carolina Haunting




first off, let me apologize for the length of this

e-mail.  it will be long, but please bear with me.

after watching the remake of The Amityville Horror

last night, i did some research and found your site.

i was impressed and decided to share my story and

possibly get some information as well. 

let me preface this by stating that my father died

many years ago from a brain aneurysm.  i believe i was

3 at the time.  i never knew him at all and don't

remember anything about him.  all i know of him is

from photos and conversations with my family.

i was 7 years old or so and asleep in bed, my room

being near the rear of the house, close to my parents'

bedroom.  i awoke to a sound and found myself wrapped

deeply in my sheets, freezing in the middle of August

or thereabouts.  it sounded like one of my parents on

the other end of the house, possibly in the kitchen,

rummaging for a midnight snack.  i remember a faint

light as well, like the light from an open

refrigerator.  it didn't really begin to frighten me

until both the light and sound began to get closer to

my room.

my door was open, peering into inky blackness,

gradually getting brighter from the slowly approaching

light.  the sound now reminded me of chains; someone

or something tied down by heavy chains, each step a

painful struggle.

i actually called out, "Mom, Dad" but not nearly loud

enough for them to hear me, even though they were only

across the hall.  suddenly the source of light and

sound made it's appearance.  a hotel cart came into

view outside my door, being pushed toward the end of

the hallway.  the outline of the cart was fuzzy due to

the extremely bright white light engulfing it.  a

white sheet was draped over it as well.  then i saw

what was pushing the cart.  a man, also draped in

white appeared.  tall and completely featureless due

to the white robe he wore.  he reminded me of a monk

or the Grim Reaper himself dressed in such a cowl.

his hands were covered by this robe so i couldn't tell

where the cart ended and the man began.  it was as if

the two were meshed together.  as for the sound, it

was very loud, chains rattling and scraping the floor

as he walked.  i could not see them, assuming they

were under his robe.

as he came fully into view, the sounds stopped along

with the man.  slowly, he turned his head towards me

and i couldn't look away.  where his face should have

been, there was only blackness, a void that seemed to

go on forever inside the hood of his robe.  it was

such a contrast to the brilliant white of the rest of

his body and cart.  i felt as if he was looking deep

into my soul for what seemed like ages.  it couldn't

have been more than five seconds and he slowly faced

forward again, the chains startling me out of my

trance as he began pushing his cart again.  slowly the

figure disappeared past my doorway, only light and

chains in my ears.  and then they were gone as well,

leaving me very scared in the silent cold dark.

seven years had past and i was around 14 and had

virtually forgotten my experience with what i had seen

and heard.  our family had expanded with the birth of

my sister and brother, and we had moved to a new

house.  it was closer to October but still very mild

outside.  i had always loved the woods; climbing

trees, listening to birds, watching squirrels.  so

naturally, i took to exploring the woods in my new


it was on one of these explorations that i had my

second encounter with the paranormal.  i was walking

in the woods by myself, nowhere near another house by

at least 100 yards in any direction.  i suddenly felt

very cold as i heard a twig snap behind me.  startled,

i whirled around and saw what i thought to be a man,

20 to 30 feet in front of me.  i stepped back a few

steps, ready to run back to my house when i realized

that i couldn't distinguish any clothing on him and

that he was completely black.

at first i thought he was wearing a black outfit, but

then i noticed no discernible signs of where clothing

and bare skin would meet.  he had no features at all,

almost like i was looking at a shadow.  as this sunk

into my mind, i stepped forward, intending to get a

closer look.  as i did so, the black figure

side-stepped between 2 small trees and completely

vanished.  i thought he had hid behind one of the

trees but when i reached them, the man was nowhere in


as i stood there, i finally noticed how quiet the

woods had become.  no birds singing, no chattering of

animals; the air itself seemed to be still.  i

searched the whole area where the man had been, but

never found any signs of him.  i remember how small

the 2 trees were and how if he had been a real man,

there was no way he could have hid behind either one.

scared and tired from my search, i went back home,

wondering if i would ever visit those woods again.

of course i did and still do.  at the time of this 2nd

encounter, i really didn't think anything remarkable

about it.  it had scared me and caused me to wonder if

i had really even seen anything at all.  it wouldn't

be until the next time that i would put 2 and 2

together... or rather 7 and 7.

i was 21 when my 3rd encounter occurred.  i had not

thought about my past experiences at all.  i had

graduated from high school and was attending college

at the time.  sometime around September or so i had

come home for a weekend visit.  this was the same

house that i had lived in when i saw the man in the

woods.  one night during that weekend, i was working

on my computer in my bedroom.  i had my door closed

and all the lights were out.

suddenly i felt very cold and thought i heard a noise

from my bathroom, not even 5 feet to my left.  all my

hairs bristled up and i got goose-flesh all over my

body as i slowly turned my head toward the bathroom.

i didn't see anything, but i was not relieved by this.

 i was still scared and i didn't even know why.  i

turned around to make sure my bedroom door was still

closed.  seeing that it was, i looked around my room

for any sign of what could have made the thump i had


i almost started to calm down when i heard my name

called out in something above a whisper,

"Braaanndonnn."  i was so scared i became almost

paralyzed as i realized that this voice had come from

my bathroom, where i had heard that noise not even 10

seconds before.  i couldn't move my head to look,

rather using my peripheral vision to no avail.

finally i could move my head, looking into my bathroom

and seeing no source of a voice at all.  i didn't move

from my chair for what seemed like hours.  eventually

i got the courage to get up, turning all the lights on

in my room and bathroom, finding nothing.

i checked on my brother and sister to see if they were

awake, and had possibly called my name.  both were

sound asleep.  then i went downstairs to my parents'

bedroom and they too were sleeping.  i actually woke

them up and asked if either one had called out my

name.  they both denied it and i was left to wonder

what or who had been in my room.  needless to say, i

stayed up the rest of the night.

i had never noticed the 7 year time span between

experiences until i told a buddy of mine my stories.

he was the one who pointed it out and that really blew

me away.  the more i thought about it, the more i

wanted to know more about ghosts and hauntings.  i

started to think it might be my biological father,

trying to communicate with me for some unknown reason,

but i honestly do not know.  it seems that each

experience has lost detail as i've had them.  i don't

know if that has to do with me growing up or loosing a

connection with this ghost or what.  for all i know it

could be 3 different ghosts, but my gut says


such encounters have influenced my interests in life;

from horror movies about death, ghosts, and UFOs to

books about vampirism and the occult.  as i grew

older, it sparked a religious flare that never really

went out, but smolders defiantly despite my own

neglect.  i consider myself a Christian and have

accepted Jesus as my lord and savior.  i even went so

far as to join a Methodist church, get baptized, the

whole shebang.  however, i never felt moved by the

holy spirit as it were and became quite angry towards

organized religion.  so now i rarely go to a church,

but feel strongly about my beliefs, which only leads

credence to what i have seen and heard in the past.

i have even been foolish enough to have gone ghost

hunting myself after a little research, with some nice

photos and some obscure noises and voices recorded.

but alas everyday life does take hold and i haven't

ventured into a cemetery or near a haunted place in

years.  yet watching that movie, along with friends

reminding me now that i'm 28 and my 7 years are up, i

felt compelled to write to your organization.  i'm

excited and a bit weary of the months to come... but

still i have a feeling i'll forget all about it and

i'll experience something that will take me completely

by surprise.

i hope by contributing i've helped a little bit.  i'd

also like some feedback as to your opinion on my

situation and any suggestions of what i can do about

it or even more people i can talk to, e-mail or other.

 i'm in the middle of moving so if i find those photos

i'll send you some copies along with the story that

goes along with them.  thank you for your time,

patience, and understanding.  i'm really glad to see a

group of people taking this seriously and getting

solid information together.  i hope to hear from you





Haunted History




When I was ten years old or so, my grandparents purchased a gorgeous two story home with a haunting history.  It towered above the others on its street, and was covered by green ivy for most of the year.  The whole ambiance was straight out of a classic horror story.  One day when they were touring the house, they came across a back bedroom atop the second floor.  Its remote location in the house was strange enough, but the narrow hallway that lead to it was worse.  I felt many chills and daunting presences, it seemed, of someone standing behind me or following me.  When I reached the bedroom however, the feelings disappeared completely.  In the room, the walls were half wooden and half wallpaper.  In the wood, someone had stuck a memorial card, the likes of which a family member would receive at a funeral.  My grandparents kept it, and the house was infested ever since.

-Blaire S. -  The house, which we nicknamed the Bailey House because of the street it sat upon, is located still today in Joliet, IL.  Thanks for reading.



Cherry Point, Kissys Children





 I'm a marine military police officer at cherry point and one three seperat ocasions i have seen the swing at sunset park (beside the kids graves) swing back and forth on its own while the others didn't swing at all. The last time i was there at about 9:30 in the evening the swing was going as though some one was on it yet the other three swings were moving left to right with the wind. We walked to the grave site and after four or five min. heard childred playing on the waters edge, we left pretty fast and on the way out noticed the swing that looked as though someone was on it was now swinging with the wind. I really belive the "child" followed us to the graves. 




Oakland California




I grew up in a haunted house.It was very hard on me being a young child.there was walking around the garage then upstaiers to the kitchen then to the hallway to my room,always a painful walk.knocking on my bedroom door,or at night someone sitting on my bed. the list goes on,my two brothers also experinced the same things at differnt times.Till this day I have night mares of the HOUSE.I wonder if anybody who lived in the after I lived ther saw or heard anything.oh we also saw the phone answer it self one time.also I heard from the ladlady that someone commited suicide in the garage.there was ALWAYS a weird feeling there there are so many more details if you are interested.




Ghosts of Whittington Farm




In the 70's my parents moved us from the city to the country. My were from Baltimore Md and moved to Marion Md on the EasternShore. We moved from nice urban row house to a falling down wreck of a farmhouse. It was a 100 yr old house that my folks though they could fix up. Well it was in the middle of nowhere and that's where we had to stay. My sister Mary and I were in the 8th and 9th grade and we hated it there. Not long after we moved in strange things started to happen, Not demon stuff just wierd things, The place had been abandon for years in fact the Realator had stopped showing it,but somehow MY folks found out about it. Anyway, we would hear stuff rolling around up in the attic and stuff would disappear and then show up somewhere eles. Doors would lock by themselves.The house was one of the old house that had servent quarters and a special entry to the kitchen. It needed alot of work, But we made  it liveable. But there was one room that was painted balck that was in the front of the house and my sister and I had to go by it when we wanted to go to our rooms upstairs, And we both had strange feelings that someone was watching us.We both grew up and when we both got married,Mary one year and I the next ,both of our wedding pictures (taken at the house only) didin't come out. I guess our ghost didn't want us to leave, There are lots of strange stories that  happened there, too numerous to mention.




Stop Messing with My Mind




i was standing in my kitchen when i heard someone knock at the door and

say"door" really loudly.

i asked my brother to get it because it sounded like my mum.when he went to

get it he said the door was open and mum was in the brother said

he heard it to. when my mum came in i said did you knock on the door. she

said no. when i happend i looked out side the door and couldent see anyone

and our road is long so no one could run away that Quick.




Graveyard Ghost of Crisfield Md




All my life I have had strange encounters, as most of my extended family. Wierd things have always followed us. Now stange things are happening to my children. On Thanksgiving back a couple years ago, some family members were down visiting us and the children and their cousins were outside playing and decided to go across the street into the woods and look around. Now our kids know theres a graveyard there, on our neighbors land. They don't have a problem with the kids being there,because they know they respect the graves. The kids were bored and  were just looking at the headstones because the stones date back to the Civil War. While they were over there, a man they never saw before came up to them and asked them if they knew whos grave one of the stones was because the lettering was worn off. They said no and before they knew it he was gone..They discribed him as wearing  old time clothing and his face was real pale. A couple of weeks later my son Ben was studying the Civil War in school and they had their textbooks open and he saw that man in one of the pictures, but he didn't have a name. But that was the man they all saw.. Weird








My Cousin and I recently went to the hayward plunge. And we have discovered more than we have bargained for. We walked the path to the 8 rock circle by the creek were the children were supposedly murdered and discovered that a tree had fallen right ontop of the rock circle. I turned on my Hi 8 samsung camcorder and filmed the surrounding area by the fallen tree. My cousin then asked "Is anybody here"? Then he asked "If your here what happened to you"? We paused for a moment and heard a ghostly wind. I then asked "how you die"?(In all respects) My cousin then said "let us know your here".We heard More ghostly demon like wind. I asked "What is your name"?(I heard nothing till we played back the footage) it sounded like it was a male voice saying robert. Both of our flash lights died at the same time at that very moment.(VERY CREEPY) Luckily my camcorder Has a light. I wanted to walk further but my cousin wanted to leave So I decided to leave my camcorder on. On the way back It sounded live a female in pain saying Help me or He cut me.(We Didnt hear it until we played back the footage). We got back to the parking lot and the alarm Suddenly went on in the plunge then turned off and then came back on.(ODD) I have all of this on film but I still need to anylize it. I will keep you posted




My Families House is Weird





Hi my name Jenny me and my husband rented a house from my mother-in-law

far about a year and a half now my sister-in-law lives there when we

lived there we always herd a noise in the upstairs bed room that no one

stayed in it wasn't foot steps but it wasn't a crash noise either its

hard to explain we have had many people here it and when you would go in

that room you just felt weird. also you would sit in the living room and

see shadows once in awhile I even saw a plant move like someone brushed

up agents it there has been more stuff but I would be writing you all

day if I would tell you all of them.  the most scary one was when I went

to bed alone one night my husband was watching tv for some reason i woke

up and saw a figure that looked like my husband bend down and scratch

his leg and when I called his name he was gone and the bed started

rocking.  What I am asking is we want to find out who we can call to

come over and confirm that we are all not crazy the house is very old

but I don't know exactly how old in the wood shingle days because part

of the house you can see the old roof  you can e-mail me at




My Grandpa's Ghost




My cousin was working at her store on the day of March 31, 2005 when her co


kept complaining of this smell... my cousin couldn't smell anything and

shrugged it off, but the complatins didn't stop so she went to what seemed

to be the source.  In the back of a storage room was a vent, and out of it

was coming the smell of tobbacco... pipe tobbacco.  It was the exact same

kind as what my grandpa used to smoke, but it had been retired and there was

no way that anyone else could've been smoking it somewhere else in the


That day, my grandpa died of heart failure and my cousin told me about this

reacurrance.  When we were younger, we used to go to my grandpa's house and

he'd always go out on the porch in the evenings to smoke his pipe tobbacco,

and he always bought the same kind.. My cousin and I always loved the smell

so we always followed him off, and tht's the reason why the smell never

bother my cousin...

Maybe grandpa said his final goodbyes




My true experience with a "ghost"




I have been a long-term care nurse working exclusively in nursing homes for the last 15 years. In 1997, at a very large home where I worked I was charting early morning at the nurses' station which faced directly down each hall, since the building was built in a spoked-wheel layout with the stations at the center where the halls intersected. One of the halls which I supervised (a heavily secure unit for Alzheimer's patients) opened into a wide dining room on the end, with an alarmed and locked door and several windows which were always kept locked except during the warmer days when people were being fed under full supervision. I glanced up the hall because some movement caught my eye in the dining room. It was an elderly lady with a walker and short hair walking from one end of the dining room towareds the opposite end of the dining room. She was too far away to determine if she was a specific patient, and I immediately notified the aide working that hall that someone was awake that late (about 2 AM) and he looked down the hall, saw her, and immediately went down towards the dining room. I watched as the lady worked her way across the dining room until she was out of the visual area (from my perspective) and watched as the aide turned towards the right when he got into the dining room, which is where the lady was headed. He disappeared around the corner from my view too. Moments later he came back up the hall shrugging his shoulders and holding his open hands out. I laughed and said, "very funny", and proceeded down to the dining room with hime expecting to see her seated in a chair at one of the dining tables. The dining room was empty. The windows were shut and latched. The alarmed door was locked and undisturbed. The only people there were the aide and me. He said, "I saw her too...she was there. If she'd come back up the hall she'd have walked right towards us. She didn't do that. Where'd she go?"

I had too much to do to think about it right at that time. I just shook my head. The lady was not transparent, I didn't get chills down my spine, and I really was surprised at how anti-climatic it all was.

I asked around among those who'd worked there much longer, and one employee related this story to me. Intentionally I did not divulge too many details so I could find out truth without making too many suggestions. He told me he'd known of a short-haired lady that walked from one end of the dining room to the other down at the end of the Alzheimer's unit. She had short hair, a walker, and always walked from the left side (if viewed from the nurses' station) to the right side of the dining room and then was not there when people went looking for her. Now I got the chills a bit. He recalled a lady that was short-haired who lived - a died there. She was short-haired, used a walker, but had started to fall far too often. Regrettably, back in the days when restraints were used, it was decided to used an old type of "geri-chair" that had a locking table that went up in front of the patient and locked into place. I was told that after the freedom of walking was removed from her she quickly lost the will to live, stopped eating and died. He said he believed that was that woman coming back and doing what she wanted to do - now that she was freed from her restraints. I said, "walk on, dear lady, walk on..."

The aide that worked with me moved over 1500 miles away, and none of us had remained in touch with him. About a year later I was relating this strange occurrence with a new nurse there, and she was disbelieving... I told her how much I wished that the one person who could corroborate my story were there. Just as she started to laught, the phone rang and I answered. Guess who was on the line... I now had my witness and I said to him "Hey, perfect timing! Remember that lady in the dining room at the end of the Alzheimer's unit?" To which he replied, "Yeah, you mean the one that disappeared?" "Yes...well, I got a disbeliever here..." and passed the phone over. She was amazed by the fact that he called precisely at that time, and that he relayed the exact same story I just told her...

I've seen nothing similar since, nor had I ever prior. I do not claim to be mystic, psychic, clairvoyant. All I know is what I saw that night, and I can't explain it with what we presently know scientifically. Ghost? Trapped energy? Spirit? Whatever it may be called, I know what I saw, and believe.

Thanks for your time in reading.

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