Louisiana Lake Charles


By: mcahine74@netzero.com


I'm writing this in reference to an entry under the Haunted places index. If you click the links, then go to Louisiana, scroll down to Lake Charles, Old dirt Road there's mention of shadows on the road side watching you as you drive past. I have seen these presences on a few different occasions, and it's not limited to Lake Charles LA. The times I have seen them were on LA28 between Leesville (Where I live, about an hour and twenty minutes north of Lake Charles) and Alexandria LA. The first time I saw one, or it,(I'm not sure the three or so I've seen are different from each other) My wife and I were returning home from a day of shopping in Alexandria. It was around 9 or 10 pm and we were about half way home. My wife was driving that night, and I was sitting in the passenger seat we'd been talking about some of our purchases, there came a point when there was a lull in the conversation. I recall there being very little traffic that night, and I was just looking out the window, and I saw what appeared to be a person standing on the side of the road. Not walking, just standing there. As we came closer, it got darker; the shape became more and more shadow like. It seemed to be turning to face us, as we passed it. It had no features, only the shape of a man, and a very large man. My wife and I had just looked at each other. "What was that?" she'd asked, knowing I have a background in the occult, to which I'd replied that I had no idea what it was. Suffice it to say that we were both pretty shaken, my wife couldn't sleep well, and I had continued nightmares for a week.

The second sighting was on our way back from Jasper TX, which is about a 45 minute drive from where I live. We'd just crossed the bridge that is the state line between LA and TX on LA 8 it was around 11pm or so, and there was no traffic, I was driving, and my wife was dozing in the passenger seat. I slowed to make a shape left bend in the road, and as I came out of the turn, there it was, in the middle of the road, in full view of my high beams. Just a large 5-6 foot tall shadow, no features, and the closer I got the darker it seemed to get. It was a shadow, but darker than any shadow I have ever seen, it was black, coal black, I kept slowing down, and it just sort of glided off to the side of the road, where it turned as I drove past it. I feel as though it was facing me as I came into view of it, and kept watching me as I passed it. Again it bothered me, but was far less frightening that the first time; again I had vivid and recurring nightmares for the following week.

The last time I saw one was on my way to Shreveport LA, I was on LA 117 on my way out of town, it was about 430 or so in the morning. Again my wife was asleep in the passenger seat; I was going down a hill, when I hit something. I stopped and got out of my SUV, and walked to the back of the truck, and saw an armadillo lying on the ground twitching. I opened the back glass hatch and got out a flashlight so I could look under the truck to see if there had been any damage. I got down, looked and found nothing wrong, just some blood. I stood up put the flashlight away and felt something watching me. I turned around and saw one. This was the first time I had seen one and had not been in the vehicle. My blood turned to ice, as I was filled with fear. The fear was fleeting though, as I am a sensitive, and didn't feel as though it meant me any harm. It stood there, watching me, I assume and made no movement. I backed away to the door of my truck, opened it and got in. By this time my wife was awake, and asked if everything was alright. I told her what I'd seen and she turned to look, and saw nothing. I looked in the rear view mirror and it was gone.

These events happened over a three year period, once each summer in 2000, 2003 and 2004. This summer isn't here yet, but I have a feeling that this summer will be no different. I have no idea what they are, but I can say that they don't seem to be dangerous. I'll keep you posted if I see anymore. Just keep your eyes on the road, and the shoulders of the road, and if you think it's a hitch-hiker, look again, because it may not be.




Katy's Church


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last night, i was with my best friend and my sister  near white hall, we had all been to katys church before with my older sister.  at night but we just drove by and did not have the guts to stop.  but it was only about 6pm when we had the nerve to go up.  we stopped the car and got out.  we then walked up next to the cematery. i took some pics of the stones while they walked

around.  they then saw a woman dressed in white carrying a white bag walking out of the woods and toward the grave stones.  we then left.  on our way out i looked back and saw a whitish figure walking behind a stone.  on the way home hand prints appeared on the windows of my car.  i stoped in a driveway too look at them and the doors looked on there own.  than i droped my sister off at a friends and was on my way to drop off my friend as it was turning dark, that is when i hit a black cat.  that was the creepiest day of my life!





Tariffville CT.


By: billiejo.schultz@electroflexheat.com


The building on Main St. in Tariffville contains a pub and restaurant

downstairs and 4 apartments upstairs. The building once housed the care

center for victims of the great train wreck that happened over the

Farmington River. The building itself is probably 150-200 years old and has

been the post office, grocery store and pubs. The restaurant now has many

pictures of the old days in Tarriffville which includes the old jail. (very

interesting) Local historian told me that at one time Tariffville was the

only town for miles where you could get alcohol so it was almost a saloon

like town with "gunfights" in the streets.

I lived in one of the apartments upstairs and I am CERTAIN

(long story) objects were moved. (If your interested in the facts let me

know.) We (and my cat too) noticed people going into our bathroom frequently

even though we knew we were alone.

Whoever was there did not seem to be malicious. I experienced, twice, upon

just getting into bed the feeling that someone was holding me down,

forcefully, I had a hard time breathing and I had the overwhelming feeling

that they were trying to tell me something or get my help. Other renters in

the building experienced similar situations.




Livermore Cemetery and "The City Underwater" in Blairsville,Pennsylvania


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Livermore Cemetery and "The City Underwater" in Blairsville,Pennsylvania:


Me and a few friends of mine have been looking on the Internet for haunted places around where we live and have come across a few places that seem to be a little to weird to be true. One place that seemed to be unreal was the City underwater and the Livermore Cemetery. So me and some of my friends decided to go check this place out, to see if some of the stories we true or if the stories we just made up to scare you. We planned to take a trip up there last weekend (April 16,2005), there was like 10 people that wanted to go, so we all headed up to this place around 9:30pm. We had alittle trouble trying to find this place because it is back in a wooded area and very easy to miss the turn for it. Once we found the road that leads to this place it was around midnight. One of the stories from the website says that once you cross these train tracks your car will be blocked in by a "Ghost Train" or your car will stall out an wont start for an hour...well neither of those happened (thank god)!! So we pulled up in front of the gates to enter this trail which is 3 miles long, and it takes you to this underwater city, and we were all hyped and planned to walk this 3 mile trail to get to this lake. Well, we all had gotten out of the car, and this place was so scary looking, there was dead silence up there, i mean like no crickets chirping, no wind, no sound at all, just dead silence!! We were standing outside the car for maybe like 2 minutes, talking and such..and I had heard a scream come from the woods,i thought i was hearing stuff but then other people in our group asked me if i heard that scream, and i said yes and said it sounded like a high pitched scream(like a girls scream), and there were no other people up in those woods because there were no cars parked outside the gate where we were and that is the only way u can get into this place! So we were standing there for alittle longer and a car drove up behind us and we all had jumped into our cars because we had thought it was a cop , but it wasnt it was the owner of that property and he had told us "Do not go into those woods!!" he didnt say why he just told us not to go up there. So we were getting ready to leave and all of us were in the car except for the 2 drivers or the 2 cars we had drove up in, they were talking about who knows what when the driver of my car claims to had seen a large dark shadow fly through the woods infront of him, and the driver of the other car had heard it! After seeing that they both got into their cars and we drove out of there real fast! The driver of my car told us what he had seen an i had asked him if maybe it was an animal or something, and he told me "It moved too fast to be an animal and was too big to be an animal!" he said that it was human size so we have no clue what it was, i know that he wasnt making that up because when he got into the car after it happened he looked like he was ready to cry. We had only been up there for like 15 mins an had already heard an seen something, everyone that was with us says that they would never go back to that place, but i would like to go back and actually walk through the trail...thats if i can find some brave people to go with me! Other friends of ours that have went up there before have said they've seen some weird stuff an heard some weird stuff,one friend of mine said that his sister had went up there before with a group of friends and was chased out by "Cult members"(on one of the websites it says that you will be chased out, but says nothing about any cults!) which i find hard to believe but who knows, one thing i do know is that there's definately something not right about that place and it is definately haunted. I suggest that if you decide to go visit this place to take lots of flash lights because it is pitch black back in them woods, and go with a group of people because you will get very scared, because i know i sure was. Thanks for listening to my story




One Time Encounter


By: a.poe@insightbb.com


Hi I'm Levi  and I think I came encountered with a ghost once. About a year ago me my little brothers and my moms boyfriend were all out riding around. well it was about 11:45p.m. and my little brothers were asleep. Well as we were driving down the road and I looked over and saw an old lady. She was very very scary looking. There were no houses nearby and she was shrunk back into the shadows. She was looking at me and I was very scared. and my moms boyfriend was saying "oh my god! Who is that! he was laughing at me and I said "GO GO GOOOOOO!" he drove around the corner and came back she was gone! all i could say was "how" and I never saw her again. To this day i have never seen her. And sometimes I sit up awake thinking about that strange creepy moment.




True Ghost Stories


By: bearteamdragon@yahoo.com


I have 5 experiances with ghosts in my life  all of them taking place at my middle school. My first expiance was when I was in 6th grade and about 12 years old. I was walking to lunch when my friend said lets take the "haunted staircase" being an extreme skeptic a mde fun of him a little but agred to go. We started to decend the staircase and every thing apeared to be normal until I heard the disembodied vioce of a woman I was un able to mke out the words but my friend and I ran down the staircase as fast as we could and stoped halfway down the hallway to catch our breath. I asked my friend if he heard the vioce and he said yes.

About a month later I had my second expierience it was in the school cafeteria this time, that day there was a book fair in the cafeteria and there were books placed on and ontop of the book shelf. I was one of the few browsing when a book on top of a bookshelf with no one near it flew off and hit the ground.

my thid experience ocured at the same staircase as my first I was walking up the staircase alone when a heard a loud bang it souned somewhat like a gunshot but I was sure that somebody else defininity could have heard  when I got up the stairs and asked on of my friends who had a loker near the stairwell if he heard the loud bang he replied no and I felt confused becuse I was sure he if anybody could hear it considering the hallway was allmost silent at the moment I was also frightened becuse learning that my friend did not hear it made me feel like the ghost was picking on me.       

This was my last experiance until two years later when I was in 8th grade my fist expeience that year may  or may not have been a ghost but it ocurred in a classroom and the coset door opend by itself the reason I'm not sure on this one is because my teacher had said earlier that year that the closet door had a faulty hinge.

My final and most frightening expience ocurred lter that year  in a classroom down he hallway from the one whre I had an experiance earlier that year. In this classroom the desks where in rows and the teacher's desk was at the front of the room. On the teacher's deck were a stack of papers a grade book and a small decorational glass bird. At the time of this experiance my class and I were busy doing work and my eacher walked to the back of the room to call the office because a student had just been trown out of class I lookedup from my paper and a shining object caught my eye and I relized the glass bird statue had levitated of the besk for  a few seconds and then hit the ground very hard and shattered as if it  was thrown intensionally the sound  obviously startled my teacher and the rest of the class. My teacher then asked if every one was alright and if we knew how it happend no one knew exept me and  I knew no one would believe me so I said nothing. The only person I later told what happened was my friend that  I mentioned in my first experiance.

Over the course of years these events occured I tried to find out why my school was haunted and i found an article in the school newspaper the article was about the constuction of the school it  mentioned that the school was condstuced on a peice of land the formerly was the site of a hotel called the Mandeville Inn. It mentioned that when the boulding was being covertred into a school a construction worker had found a human corpse in one of the rooms. My friend also asked a teacher if he had heard any thing about the building being haunted and he aid he heard rumors about a hauntings and he sid the ghost was ven nicknamed "The Mandeville Ghost"

I am now a sophmore in high school  and I hve not had any xperiances with the supernatural after my last experiance in eight grade but I am eager to have more expierences in the future




My Guardian Angel


By: Indyad7@comcast.net


Many years ago I was a 19 yr old girl driving alone down the street minding my own business. The street was one of those that is about 1 1/2 lanes but has no lane markings. It's not unusual for drivers to treat it like a two-lane road but it's really not.  Anyway, I was on my way home from work when a car behind me tried to pass me. I tried to let him & his female passenger pass but the traffic from the other direction was too heavy.  We were then stopped by a stoplight.  I looked in my driver's side mirror and saw the young driver walking up to my car obviously very angry. Before I could react he was right at my open window drawing back his fist to punch me! The next thing I saw didn't hit me until several days later. He stopped in mid-punch and there was a very stunned look on his face. He didn't say a word. He simply backed away from my car and retreated to his car. His female passenger was yelling from inside their car for him to get in and drive away.  Being the cocky person I was then I got out of my car and started yelling at him.  He told me he didn't want any trouble and got back into his car. I'm convinced I had a guardian angel appear in my passenger seat to scare off that raging lunatic. 




Missouri Haunted Places




St Louis, Historic Soulard area south of downtown: 8th and Russell

I lived in an apartment facing the back of the Amoco station, 1st building on 8th street north of Russell, on the first floor. My dog, Max, used to wag his tail looking at the wall (all I could see) at a point a foot or so above his head. Sometimes he'd give a friendly bark. Didn't bother me. But one night, I was in bed sleeping and he started his low, warning growl and the hair stood up on the back of his neck. From the light coming through the window, I could see a dark shadow in the doorway…like a man in a suit with a hat. It moved a little closer and Max went ballistic, standing at the end of the bed between me and it and barking his head off. The shadow backed off and moved  out of sight.

I turned on the light, we (Max and I), investigated…nothing. I slept with the light on that night. :-)

Although the "friendly" presence still came around occasionally, there were no more "dark" presences that Max picked up.

I think I'm subconsciously attracted to places that are haunted.

Overland, MO: The house I currently live in, I used to hear silverware clink in the kitchen drainer sometimes. I figured I had mice or something. I'd come from the office (next room) to investigate but never could find the source. Then one evening I heard a male voice, sounded like he was in his 20's or 30's. I figured it was coming from someone outside on the street or something. I was hearing one side of a conversation, not loud and I wasn't paying much attention since I was working in my office. Then something made me realize I couldn't be hearing someone on the street because it was winter and all the windows and storm windows were shut and it wasn't like the guy was yelling. So I walked from the office to the kitchen through the foyer and looked out the little window in the door and there was no one on the street. I realized heard it better when I was in the kitchen, so I looked out the kitchen window to see if maybe someone was talking to a neighbor or something. I went out and walked around the house, went back in and went into the basement then went upstairs. When I came downstairs and headed back to the kitchen, it just stopped. It was very strange. So, I shrugged it off and went back into the office. After a few minutes I started hearing the silverware in the drainer clink. And it hit me…some entity was messing with me. So, I said "Hey, you're freaking me out a little. You're here and so am I. You want to hang around, fine, just stay out of the bathroom and bedroom and respect my privacy and we'll be cool." I think he respects the bathroom but there's been a couple times in the bedroom that I've asked him to behave and go although a couple times I'm sure he's there. Since I got cats he's not around that I can tell…except in the bedroom every once in awhile. So I guess he's a bit of a voyeur.

The funny thing is I think he hangs out at my neighbor's house sometimes. Once I told her I thought I had a ghost and thought she'd think I was nuts. She's a 78 year old italian widow that's sweet as pie, great sense of humor and has all her marbles. When I told her that, she told me about some of the stuff she's had happened that could ONLY be the work of a ghost and she was completely serious…she keeps bags of candy in the basement in a cabinet and once in a while she'll open the cabinet for something and there will be a wrapper neatly smoothed out with the (and the foil if it's a Hershey's) laying on the shelf in front of the candy and the candy is gone. The first time it happened she thought kids were breaking in through her basement window so she had it removed and replaced with glass block and threw out all her candy, which she picks up when it's on sale for Halloween. Well, the next time she went downstairs, the bag was opened and there was a neat wrapper laying on the shelf. She figured she must have a ghost…said it scared her at first but since she couldn't find anything else but a wrapper here and there to throw away, she didn't figure it was anything to worry about. :-)




Little Boy


By: maredance@onlink.net


When I was about 11 years old, which would have been in the year 2000, I

was in the habit of playing outside in a sloped clearing in the woods,

where my neighbors had hung a rope from which we could swing (we called

it the Tarzan Rope and it was a lot of fun to swing on it then just drop

in a pile of dead leaves). It was in october, I think, because it was a

bit cold and I was dropping on a pile of freshly fallen leaves. From

where I was, there was woods to my left and my right, but only a bit at

my back, where my neighbor's houses were, in a line. In front of me,

down the slope, there was more woods and still visible, a lake.

I was playing alone in the clearing, as I often did because I was a

loner, when I heard a faint wailing in the wind. I attributed it to the

baby who lived a few houses down, but since it was a cold october day

(the windows would have been closed) and there was a good deal of forest

between me and the house, I think it might have been something


My experience, however, does not stop there. When I climbed back up the

slope to get another swing done, I turned around to see a little boy

standing in the middle of the clearing, right where the rope would be if

it just hung vertically (I don't know why that struck me, but it did). I

remember he had pale blond hair, a pale complexion, white cloth shoes,

red shorts and a black t-shirt, which I thought was really weird for a

boy his age; he looked about five. I remember the details and the

feeling I got to this day, they're VERY vivid, except for his eyes,

which I couldn't seem to focus on. I felt kind of worried , but not for

me and sort of embarassed being caught playing, because I was supposed

to be 'mature' (as if he was an adult reprovingly watching me play,

though he was only a child).

I asked him what his name was, because I'd never seen him before and

there were no new kids in the neighborhood. Also the forest was very

quiet and I could not see anyone else. I asked him where his mommy was

in english, french, lithuanian and italian, the only languages I knew.

The weirdest thing about him was that he did not answer or move. I could

see him breathing, I remember that, but otherwise, he didn't move at

all. Wondering if maybe he was lost, I turned to look for his mother and

when I turned around, he was gone. There was no way he could have left

the clearing without me noticing it: the leaves would have made crunch

sounds and the clearing was quite big. I went home feeling odd and a bit

disoriented, but said nothing.

When I was fourteen, I talked to a neighbor a year younger than me about

it and he gave me a weird look. He said that when he was eleven, in the

fall, he'd seen the same thing when he was playing on the Tarzan Rope.

He said also his older sister, who was five years older, had seen it

when she was eleven.

I was also told that a little boy by the name of Derek had died in the

lake after drowning a good twenty years ago and that his mother had

buried a lock of his hair in that clearing and put a cross as a memorial

there, though that is long gone.




Iloilo City, CPU


By: krizafel@msn.com


My cousin just recently came from the Philippines, about a month ago and told me so many stories. One that I thought was very much disturbing was of the bathroom in the Central Philippines University. He told me that theres this one bathroom, the girls bathroom, which his friend experienced terrible headaches everytime after washing her face. It was a dorm which she stayed in. So anyway after the third time it happened she decided to ask the janitor if any others experienced the headaches she kept having. When she asked the janitor told her not to be surprised if it keeps happening for at that spot, the third sink and the only sink which works in the bathroom, is the exact spot which a girl student hung herself and her two feet are the things hitting her forehead while she washes her face, causing the headaches.






By: CrazyCrafter1961@cs.com


Hi My name is Joyce and I have sent in stories before but this one is really scarey. I have an older sisiter Char, who for as long as she can remember has had wierd and unexplainable things happen to her. The family just got used to her stories and excepted the fact that she had a sixth sence if you will. Well one year back in 1998 my mother and I went in to visit my sisiter, We had a nice visit and were spending the night because she lived very far. In the middle of the night I awoke because I heard someone call my name. I was sleeping on the couch and everyone eles was upstairs. When I woke up no one was there and I knew I didn' t dream it. I felt uneasy so I decided to go upstairs and crawl in bed with my mom. The staircase was only about 10 feet away but when I tried to walk or rather run to the steps it was like I was moving in slow motion,  like someone or thing was holding me back. I could not get to the steps. When I finally did I flew up those stairs. I told my sister I was never going to stay there again. I didn't tell her what happen until a few months later. She finally confessed to me that she had the same feelings only when she went to bed at night if she didn't pray for Jesus to protect her with his light she would feel an evil presence hold her down on her bed. Her husband would be sleeping right next to her and she would be screaming and he wouldn't even hear her. But if she prayed she would be ok. Well she has long since moved out of the house and lives in another state. She lived in Maryland and now lives in Pennsylvania. But hear is where the Gremlin comes in or whatever it was. A long time ago my sister Char  has  a dream with herself, and a neighbor and I. She said she  had a dream way befor all this happened that  she was running from something and it got on her back and she was trying to hit it with a hammer and banging on the door for us to let her in. Finally the thing took off. But all of us that were in that dream had some kind of force that was holding us down in that house.She lives in a new house and hasn't had anymore stuff happen.






By: mmr@mts.net


I have had some experiences that I can't explain.

We lived in a house in a city in Canada when my whole family was alive it was during that time my sister was hit by a car walking home with her two friends and nine months later my brother died in a car acccident.  After their passing I came home one evening my parents were away and I heard loud music coming from the basement this was where my brother had his stereo equipment set up.  I thought this was unusual and was frightened and the moment i put my key in the lock to unlock the door the music stopped.  I then hated going into the house when no one was home so another evening I came home and nobody was home so I waited in my car out side the house . I saw a white apparation looking out at me through the window. When my parents came home I didn't say anything as they were still greiving over the loss of their children. My dad was sitting in his easy chair in the living room when he sat straight up as he felt somebody was right behind him. I then told him about my experiences.

I also saw my sister right after she died in her bedroom and she told me tell mom and dad not to grieve I am happy where I am




Ghost Story


By: angelsheart423@hotmail.com


 I have a ghost story to share with you. I was pregnant. and we were building onto the front of our house. Well we lived on 20 wonderful wooded acres in Atlanta, Tx. We had done some logging on the property and that is when everything begin to happen. I was sitting home alone in our newly finished living room the tv was off and everything was quiet. I had a bathrrom just off of my dining room..My 5 yr old daughter was off at school and my husband and father in law was at work. I heard the plastic glass that I use to wash my daughter's hair with fall into the bath tub...(by the way I had NO inside pets at the time). I knew what it was...I went in there and sure enough the glass was in the bathtub. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and I had goose bumps everywhere. I immediatly told WHATEVER it was that they could stay as long as they DID NOT harm my family. Then I would have to kick some butt...(Laughing) I also told them if they were going to play they had to clean up their mess. About an Hr or so later, I went back to find the cup neatly placed back where it was on the bathtub. Later that afternoon just before the bus dropped my daughter off from school I heard a big commotion in the bathroom. I went in a my daughter's bath toys which were usually stored under the bathroom sink were scattered all over my bathroom....*UGH* I then told "it" as I named the "Thing"to clean up the mess.about another Hr later I went back in and it was all cleaned up. This is not all. One night while taking a bath I heard a voice of a little girl screaming for her mother coming from the bathroom. She was crying and panicky. Although I saw nothing the hair on the back of my neck AGAIN stood on end and I had goosebumps...I've always been able to "Feel things" but nothing like this it was wierd. Anyways after several days of hearing such stuff I spoke out and said your Mommy went to Heaven with God and Jesus and the screaming stopped and I never heard from her again. After my son was born about 2:00 in the morning I woke up and heard a voice saying goodbye  son I heard it come from over my son's bassinet. After that my son woke up for a bottle and a diaper change. We had a side door that went from my hallway to the outside but it was very hard for any of us to get open due to thick carpeting in my hallway. When I went to get up I felt uneasy and goosebumps were all over my arms and legs I went in the hallway to find the door WIDE open. Needless to say I was very scared and uneasy. I went and immediatly woke my husband up and told him of all the instances that has been happening. He told me of things he has experienced. Now I don't know how true this is but I have heard rumors of cattle drives and wagon trains and indian burial grounds and wagon train attacks in my area. I don't know if the loggin disturbed them or stirred them up but I do know that it all started after that. It's been a wierd but exciting experience. Thank you for listening.




Ghost of Grandfather at Grandmothers House


By: Sippie41@aol.com



when my father was 18 his father(my grandfather) died of a heart attack; he smoked a lot, i never knew him,my dad's sister was about 8 when he died,. anyways my dad and his other sisters were at work and my aunt (who is the youngest) was a home w/ my grandfather and she was watching tv, and he went back into his room, and she noticed that he was coughing a lot but didn't think anything of it, then the dog started barking frantically, and my aunt saw her father(my grandfather) walk through the hall outside and the dog was following him, so when my grandma got home my aunt was still watching tv and my grandma asked, "wheres dad?" and my aunt replied "i saw him walk outside" and there was no one outside so my grandma walks into the bedroom ands sees my granfather lying their dead. so in other words my aunt saw the ghost of her dad right when he died, and she saw the ghost walk out the door, we figure that the dog sensed that it was a ghost and that's why the dog was following him. another insident happened to my dad when he was in his twentys, well one night my dad got up in the middle of the night to go get a drink of water and when my dad was walking down the hallway he saw someone sitting in the chair, and realized it was the ghost of his father. my dad's father's ghost actually spoke to him; he said, "come here" and my dad wouldn't move(i guess he was to parinoyed) and he asked again and my dad still wouldn't move and then the ghost said, "this is the last time you're gonna see me" and he vanished. and till this day my dad still hasnt seen the ghost of his father sice that incident. i havent seen anything but sometimes its pretty eerie in the back  of my grandma's house




An Identified Flying Object


By: LAXDispatch@amadotrucking.com


It was a day like any other I thought.  It was at the end of the 70s around Christmas time.  My husband at that time was sitting in the dinning room that was attached to the kitchen.  I was in the kitchen doing a few dishes, and there was an empty pan that sat on the back burner of the stove that was behind me. .As my husband and I chatted I was facing him and all of a sudden the pan flew across the room in front of my face.  It barely missed me.  My husband and I looked at each other that we were stunned for a few seconds, then we ran like hell.  We were so scared we didn't even want to go investigate but we knew we had to. So after a while we both decided to check it out slowly and carefully.  We could never figure out how that pan became An Identified Flying Object because there was no way for it to get off the stove by itself and fly across the room on it's own.  Some thing or one we believe was trying to tell us something.




Bytown Ghost


By: tjshanks@verizon.net


Interesting short story:

My husband and I were in Ottawa, Ontario (he lived there at the time) and I wanted to walk around the Canal and maybe visit the Bytown Museum, a small museum about the early days of Ottawa and the building of the canal.  From a ghost tour we had gone on earlier, it was rumored to be haunted By Lt. Col. By, an early settler and officer for Britian.  So, being a weekday, the Museum was pretty much deserted except for the two ladies working the front desk.  So we had the museum to ourselves (which isn't incredibly big... about the size of a 3 story large haybarn made of stone.)  So, we entered through a set of glass doors between the lobby and the museum entrance.  This led to a set of stairs... and My husband started upt he stairs first, followed by myself.  About halfway up, there were three sets of footsteps on the stairs. I stopped and there were two sets to be heard.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I scooted up the stairs closer to my husband, and said nothing. I searched the rest of the museum for other people, and there were none but the ladies in the lobby.  We spent about an hour milling around the exhibits and then left the building.  I figured that I was just hearing things, but when we got outside, my husband asked me "So, what did you think of the extra footsteps?" I mentioned that I had heard them too!  So, thus marked my FIRST ghostly encounter!




Ghost in Rolling Meadows , IL


By: LindaF@atlanco.com


I lived in a Condo in Rolling Meadows, Il and I would always hear someone coming up the stairs. I never saw anything but my Bedroom would get cold and I could definately feel a presence there. I had a kitchen timer that just dissappeared and I couldn't find it anywhere. I subletted the place to my Sister in laws, brother and he called me up 2 weeks later to asked if I had ever seen a ghost. The night before he was in bed when a dark, shadowy figure approached him in his bed , yelled and spun around and was gone. When we investigated the history we learned that a 24 year old man had commited suicide in the dining room by shooting himself in the head and that explained the Z-Brick that had been placed on the back wall. He also had set  a kitchen timer and when it went off that was when he shot himself.

It still gives me the creeps!!    




New Bungalow


By: Anonymous


Hi, Im not going to use my real name for protection, in this story.

So, I'll call myself,  christina, I've always loved that name...haha.

Ok, so I was about 14. I  had just moved in with my father and stepmother, in a new bungalow. We were living a suburb of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in Canada. Im sure you all know where that is(wink, wink)...

My stepmother had lost a baby a few years before that, due to lung failure. I had often wondered about the little baby, that was my brother. He had only a few short days he was able to live. I wondered what it would be like to have him around.

It was weird, because I didn't have experiences before like the ones about to come.

So, I'll explain a little about the house. It was a basic one level house, but my father had redone the basement, so it was now a recroom, at the bottom of ther stairs with my bedroom at the end of basement and the laundry room next to me.

My room had no windows, as I liked the dark when I was trying to sleep. Well, I had this one best friend we'll call tara. She often stayed over on weekends, or I would stay at her house.

One night, she was staying over, and we were watching tv. I went to change the channel with the remote, and it was gone. We didnt really think much about it, just looking under the couch and around the area. Later on, I went upstairs, to go to the bathroom, and there on the ledge of the sink, was the remote. Things like that started happening often. Just small, suttle things.

Now, downstairs, in the rec room, we had a big CD player. I would often listen to my music on it. I loved music, so thats mostly what I would do, after school hours.  One day, I was upstairs getting something to eat, i the kitchen. Now, the basement door is in the kitchen, and I had my music on. All of a sudden the music turned up, really loud. Like deafening loud. I thought the speakers were going to blow, because we had those speakers that stand on there own, you know. Im not sure what theyre called.

I ran downstairs and turned the music down. The CD player had a remote that went with it, which I brought upstairs with me, so it wasn't like it could maybe have fallen off the furniture on a button, or something. I didn't know what to think. Things like the remote for the tv going missing and the music turning upon its own started happening more frequently.

One night, I was aslepp in my dark room. On eiother side of my bed I had a night table. On my left table, was my alarm clock. It read, and I still remember the exact time, 2:13 AM. I don't know what woke me up, but all of a sudden, I was wide awake. I looked at the clock, and the numbers dissapeared for a moment, as if something had walked by the clock. They literally dissapeared, one by one. But, it wasn't possible, because there was no room for anyone to walk in between my bed and nighttable.

I closed my eyes, and pretended to sleep, and for a while was scared to death by what i had felt. I guess, eventually I had fell back asleep. I told my friend, Tara about it. She believed me because of the things that had happened while she was at my house. We used to laugh and theorize that it was my little brother, acting the way a little oy would, to bother his big sister. But, somehow, I don't think it was him. I hope not, I would rather not think he is in limbo, somewhere. But, I don't know. My father and stepmother had bought the house for him, so he would  have a nice place to grow up in. But, he never got to see his house.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Any theorys would be great.




Ghosts are Freaky


By: kissmybutt_101@hotmail.com


My five friends and I all went to a haunted church on Mt. Sterling, KY.  All

of us girls.  The story is that four girls all in white were hung in the

attic of this building years before by a mad man.  A few of the girls are

scared but we went in anyways.  Once inside all the girls but one calmed

down.  We got in a pray circle and said a little thing.  After the pray we

heard a loud "thump" on the other side of the church.  Then another, after

which everyone ran outside.  One girl then screams,"Whats that?"  We all

look and see two white human figures in the field across the road.  We had

to run about 100 feet down the road to our car to leave, and we had to run

past these figures.  Scared to death we all take off running.  Note: the

figures were not there before.  As soon as we got to the car we all noticed

the words "GO NOW" written in gravel.  The two individuals in the front

seats stared at the white figures.  As soon as the driver turned her lights

on the figures disappeared.  Scared to death, and now none of us will ever

go back.




Ghosts in Apartment Bldg.


By: llopez@greatriversmortgage.com


I used to live at 996 N. Grotto Street #8 in Saint Paul, MN... it is across from Calvary Cemetary.

At night they would make lots of noises in the kitchen, as if they were cooking. I would hear dishes moving around, silverware in the drawer being moved around. I would see shadows on the walls and reflections of shadows on the glass light cover on the ceiling. I would also feel like somebody was watching me from the hallway if I slept with my bedroom door open. My 5 year old son would also see and hear the same things.

I was a smoker when I lived there, and every time I flicked the lighter to light my cigarette, they would blow out the flame. They didn't want me smoking. Once when my child was sick I went into his room to put him to bed, and I said out loud "ok now, everyone just keep it quiet so Michael can sleep now. he's not feeling very well"...all of a sudden the television shut off. I asked my two year old if he did it but he was standing next to me, so I know he didn't do it! My heart started to pound very fast. I continued taking care of my son, tucking him in, and then I said out loud again, speaking to the spirit " ok, we can leave the tv on, we just have to keep noises down tonite. please.". I checked the cord of the television and it was plugged in. The spirit had shut the television off when I said we all had to be quiet.

A neighbor of ours also had a spirit in the apartment next door to us. They would see an old lady in their apartment. I don't know any stories from there, but I have seen spirits in the background of photos taken in that apartment.




Haunted Farm House


By: Dennisandjan@aol.com



First of all we don't live ther anymore.  My last night there was over 7 years ago and what happened to me was  just too freaky for me to go back.

I lived there for 3 years with my children Marc, Nick, Lisa and My oldest daughter Shannon and her husband Bud, three grandchildren Steven, Bobby and Destiny.

When we first moved in nothing was happening.  It wasnt until we did some remodeling that people started having or hearing strange things going on in the house.  The house was built around the turn of the century and according to the owner nothing bad had happened there.

There was also another house on the property that had been vacant for several years and was just used for storage and it always gave me the willy's, like someone was watching me.

The first time I heard of anything strange going on it was my children who told me about it.

They were all sitting downstairs and the baby was upstairs sleeping.  They had the baby moniter on.  They all heard a male voice call for Marc, and repeated it several times.  Of course they were a little scared,but the baby was upstair by herself, so all of them went up there together, and of course found nothing but the baby sleeping quietly.

On another time they were all downstairs when all of sudden it sounded like world war two had broken out upstair!  It sounded like furniture was being thrown around and heavy footsteps banging on the floor, it lasted for several minutes and finally stopped.  When they finally got brave enough to go upstairs nothing was disturbed.

All of my children at different times reported either seeing something or feeling something touching them.  My oldest daughter was lying in bed reading,  when she felt someone touching her leg.  Thinking it was her husband  she continued to read. Suddenly she felt someone grab her legs and the covers came flying off the bed!  She quickly pulled away and ran down stairs, and once again it sounded like world war three had broken out upstairs!  Of course later when they all went up, there was nothing out of place.  This sort of thing happened to her on several occassions.

My grandson, who was about two at the time, would bolt upright and start rocking back and forth, repeatiing "kill mom" over and over.  He would also sit at the thresehold of the stairs, staring upstairs and would hold conversations with someone none of us could see or hear.  This all stopped when they moved out and he of course doesn't remember a thing.

Several people over visiting were pushed off the back porch by someone that nobody could see, but the person being pushed deffinatly felt them!  My dog was absolutly terrified by something we couldn't see, but he would do just about anything not to have to go back there at all.

So many things happened at that farm house I could go on forever, or have my children tell there own experiences, but what happend to me was the straw that broke the camels back and other than going back to get our stuff I would never stay in that house again!  Now what I am going to write  is even hard for me to believe and I have had many strange experiences since childhood, but this is almost too unbelievable and I woudn't blame anyone if they thought I made it up, but this is what happened to me,

I came home that night, my oldest son Marc was the only one home.  We visited for a bit then I went out to the kitchen.  The dog started acting strange, like he was afraid and he was whinning.  I came out of the kitchen in time to see the front door closing.  Thinking Marc must have gone outside for some reason I walked towards the door,just as Marc came from upstairs and he had seen the same thing and thoughtr I had gone oustide, at that moment the back door opened, the dog started barking, and then the back door slamed shut!  Needless to say we were pretty scared.

We finally decided to go to bed as I was leaving in the morning on a weekend trip with a friend of mine.  Now remember it was only myself and my son in the house that night.

I remember having what I thought was a very realistic erotic dream, but it was no dream.

When I awoke in the morning my nightgown was shoved way up over my breasts and my panty's were on the floor.  All of the covers were off the bed  and without going into detail, there was evidence of sexual activity.  I figure the ghost or whatever who had been after my oldest daughter for months had finally gotten what he was after.

When I returned I told my family what had happened and that I wasn't staying there anymore.  The kids stayed for about another month and couldn't handle it anymore either.

Whatever or reveler it was getting much too active and obviously too aggressive!

The house I believe is still there, and has new owners.  I don't think they live in it thought and I don't know if  anything more has happened, like I said I won't go back!




Witches Grave


By: BiggDaddyE304@aol.com



One calm spring day me a nd a friend of mine were going to a cemetary that was called the witches grave up in west berne ny but there was a snow pile that blocked the road  so we parked the car and started to go towards the cemetary now remember it was a calm day

as we got closer the wind started to pick up and as we got closer it picked up some so we went through the mini cemetary and left as we got closer to the car the winds had died down

That freaked us out.

Then One night me and a friend and 2 girls went up to the same cemetary it was past midnight  so we had to shine the lights on the cemetary as we got out we saw a hooded

person dressed in black sitting on the worlocks headstone  my friend got scared and started yelling at me to get into the car but i froze up in amazement on what i saw there is times i think about that night oh my it still gives me chills

Then when i was about 15 or 16 me and my parents lived in an old tarvern That is located in

Clarksville NY well one night as i was laying down to go to sleep i felt a hard slap on the back of my head i went to my parents room but they were sound asleep and there were no1 else in the house i felt like that place was haunted and still do everytime i go visit friends i go past that ol tavern and get chills .




My Step Grandma's Ghost


By: barbone4@charter.net


When i was about 11 or 12 my Grandma Sandy died. On the nite she died  i saw her. she had diaebetes real bad and was hurting all the time. So she took her own life. before i wastold i saw her in my room. She was glowing and she looked happy and not in pain anymore. She said goodbye to me. I will never forget that because about 5 minutes after ward my mom  told me she was gone. I remember thinking about how she looked she had a bright white glow about her and she was smiling. after that i have not seen her again.



San Francisco Hauntings


By: mdkinney@usfca.edu


I have always believed in ghosts, but had never come into contact with

one until I moved to San Francsico for college. These are a few of my


My freshman year, I lived in a high-rise dorm system. My roommate and

I had bunk beds, and I slept on the top bunk. I had about 3 feet

between my head and the ceiling. Every few nights, I would hear

footsteps right above my head, like a toddler running back and forth.

The footsteps were so rapid that they couldn’t have been a person

taller than 4 feet, and this was a college dorm. I asked the girls who

lived above me if they ran around their room at 4 in the morning, and

I was met with strange looks.

The next experience was during my sophomore year. The building I was

living in, Lone Mountain, was built on at least 3 of the city’s oldest

graveyards. Supposedly, they moved all the bodies before construction,

but may have missed some. The night before Halloween, my friends

Chelsea, Charles, and I went into the building’s more remote

corridors, looking for ghosts. There is an oddly placed mirror in the

building that is supposedly covering an old staircase. Legend has it

that a nun got pregnant and threw herself down the stairs, trying to

kill the baby or herself. That night, Charles and I pressed our ears

up against the mirror, and also tried to look through it. We had our

ears up against it for a minute when we heard a tap. We each thought

that the other had hit it, but Chelsea saw that neither of us had. We

were still skeptical, but the next time we were watching each others

hands, and the tap came again. We were pretty freaked out. I had had

enough, but Charles wanted more. The next time he put his ear up, he

took off like a bat out of hell. He said he could hear someone

inhaling, but it sounded like “they were sucking the life out of me”

The real meat of my ghostly experiences happened when I moved into

Chelsea’s apartment this past January. They had told me that there was

a ghost, nothing more than knocking on the door late at night, so I

was aware. The first night I got there, however, we experienced more

than that. Only one of the roommates, Meaghan, was home. The two of us

were sitting on the front stoop, smoking cigarettes, when she started

telling me about the ghost, and how it had been doing more things

lately, like opening the washer and dryer doors, etc. from the point

when she started telling me about this, the door, which was right

behind us, started shaking as if someone was rattling it (not an

earthquake). From that point on, more and more things happened in the

3 months I stayed there. Once, I took a girl home to show here around,

when all the roommates were out. When we got inside, all the doorknobs

for the inside doors were missing, and the doors were closed tight. We

found them scattered all over the apartment. My mP3 player was hooked

up to my computer speakers in the living room, and once I was watching

a movie, and I thought I saw Chelsea turn it on and leave the room.

This was all in the back of my mind, however, and I realized that

Chelsea had been in the kitchen for at least 15 minutes. Since then,

my mP3 player has turned on by itself many times.

One time Meaghan and the third roommate, Caitlin, were sitting in the

kitchen and the CD player turned on. After a minute, it turned off

again. Caitlin decided to confront the ghost, and said “If you’re

really here, you can do that again.” Sure enough, it turned on again.

The ghost has also wound up the music box in Meaghan’s room, opened

windows, and moved things around the house.

The scariest experience, however, was one night the week before I left

for Japan. Chelsea and I were the only ones awake. We were sitting in

the living room when we heard someone fiddling with the mail slot. We

went to check it out, and of course there was nobody outside. When we

went back to the living room, there was a thud on the window. Once

again, there was nobody on the street outside. This was pretty

commonplace by this point. A minute or so later, I went to the kitchen

to get a snack. When I walked back, Chelsea told me that her mirror

moved forward. This got us to talking about the ghost. We came to the

conclusion that the events had gotten worse when the landlords started

to redo the foundation underneath us, which consisted of a lot of

noisy construction. I then said “Maybe she’s buried underneath the

house” when I said this, the room went dead cold. Then, I stepped out

into the hallway, and said out loud “Ghost, if you’re buried under the

house, give us a sign.” The word sign hadn’t escaped my lips when we

heard a woman laughing, really loudly. This was one of the most evil

laughs I’d ever heard. It sounded like it started at the end of the

hallway, but ended two inches from our face. We both bolted. There are

ten steps that lead up to the apartment, and I touched two of them. I

made it across the street before I realized that I was barefoot (not a

good idea in San Francisco) and had to go back in.

Chelsea still hasn’t looked into murders in the area, or the history

of the house, but I’m strongly encouraging her.




Some Ghostly Encounters


By: wachick122979@yahoo.com


back in the 1800's there was a family that lived where Haven Health center in Danilson,Ct is today. The youngest daughter of the family was playing outside when the ball she was playing with rolled out in to the street just as a horse and carrage were comeing up the rode. she was runover and killed. at the center now all the workers know that when a resident says that they see a little girl or they are talking to a little girl and they cant see anyone there they know that something is gonna happen to the resident either they will die or gett hurt in some way and one of these little things happened once when i was visiting my grandfather a women was talking to the little girl and after they put her to bed she tried fallowing the little girl and she fell getting out of bed and broke her arm.

and other story is of my grandfathers death in the same center. when my mother, aunt, and cousin went to go see my grandfather she was acting a little strange she kept on seeing some amn wiht a black berd and asking who he was but noone could see him. so the next morning the nurses asked my grandfather if he would like anything and he said, " yes i would, could u pack me some clothes and get the keys to my car adn tell my wife that i am going somewhere with this berded man." but see the chatch is that the nurse did not see anyone and my grandmother had already passedon. so the nurse went to go get his pills and when she came back he had died.

heres a story about me. this was about four years ago and it was a few days after my grandmother had died. i was going through something at school and i was really upset about my grandmother. so i was sitting on my bed crying when i felt a hand on my shoulder and i went ot go put my hand on the hand and there was nothing there then when i looked back i saw my grandmother. and to te u the truth i was freaked out at all i actually felt pretty safe. and every once in a while the musical angel i got after she died( it was her favorite and mine too) even if i dont go near it or touch it for months it just will play of a little bit, and when i say "hi mem`e" it stops playing.




The Cleveland Ghost


By: ladills1@ALLTEL.net


ok my name is levi i'm 14 and i'm a big fan of your site and i wanted to send in my hauntings for ya'll to look at.........there's a house that is pretty close to my home and it's may be haunted....my cousins friend used to live there but  anyways  she told my cousin that she was going up to her room one night to go to bed and she said that she happend to look up and and there was a woman in a white gown standing at the top of the stairs she said that the woman just was standing there and she run back down the stairs after that they moved out and then my uncle and his family moved in but i don't guess they ever heard anything but we don't know what happend to the white gowned woman but thats just one of my haunting in my home town............




Lighter Side of Hauntings If She Lost Her Legs She could Walk with Her Butt


By: Seraphiminlove@aol.com



This is another story I would like to submit to your website, and although it is not a teffying tale of ghostly spirits, it is nonetheless true.

first off let me just say that I have had my fair share of ghostly experiences, and that not all are happy ones. After moving into our home, it came to my attention that we were not the only ones residing in the house. After several attempts to convince my husband and family that I seen small comet like lights, heard women speaking to each other in our pantry,seen things that look like black bumble bees floating around the ceiling, a little girl run passed me in the hall, and a man that would peek around the doorway of our bedroom. Noone would believe me. As the year went on I would experience more and more of the unexplained. I got to a point where I would actually cry because I thought I was losing it. Finally my dear friend Mallory said she believed. She had been to my house that Easter during the beginning of our second year. She came to my house to visit my girls. She shot a few pictures of my daughters with their easter baskets. When she got the photos back she found several strange things in the pictures. We decided to spend a day shooting pics around the house to see if we could  catch more. After spending most of the day and night doing this we decided to sit down on my living room couch and talk about what all I had seen.

Let me explain how my living room is set up. It is a perfect square, except for where the fireplace used to be, the man who sold us the house walled it up causing a catty corner wall, instead of two walls meeting to make a corner. My couch is against this wall facing the room catty corner. Next to my couch is the entry way that leads to my dinning room. We were both sitting indian style on the couch facing each other, my back was to the corresponding wall, her back to the dinning room entry way. With that set up I can continue.

We were discussing our paranormal experiences and I confided in Mal that it all frightened me (it did at the time anyway, you get used to it), and Mal was consoling me saying that it was "Okay to have these feelings" and "there was nothing to fear" and "I speak openly to spirits all the time" and "I am never fearful of ghosts or spirits" and "spirits usually communicate with me often" and " I guess that it doesn't bother me because they are always around me". The whole time she was saying this I was watching something that seemed to be peeking around the corner of the entry way at her. I noticed that everytime it peeked around at her she would shiver as if she had a cold chill. Being polite I didn't say anything to her about what I saw, because I did not want to interupt her speech about not fearing the dead. After a few more "people always fear what they don't understand" and "I don't feel that there is anything scary or dangerous about this house", I watched as this thing peeking from the corner,turn into a small comet like entity and  moved toward the ceiling and floated through the entry way into the room with us. I was very calm and when I realized that Mal was still going on about " all the spirits like to talk to me, why do you think that is?", I looked at her and answered, I don't know Mal, but maybe that one there would like to talk to you.

At this point Mal spun around on the couch to look at what I was pointing to. She didn't just turn her head, I mean she jumped and spun in mid-air! It happened so quickly I thought for sure she broke something, or injured herself, and to this day I have never seen anyone move that fast! She looked up facing it, and that is when she started screaming. She threw her hands out in front of her, like she was trying to push it away. This thing started to move eratically, like trying to find a place to hide, which made Mal scream even more, then she started doing this weird jumping movement, she was at the opposite end of the couch, but managed to clear the distance in no time to my end. It was like the girls bottom grew feet and walked her to my end of the couch! All the while screaming at the top of her lungs, OOOH NNOOO! NOOO! OOOH! NOOOO! She was all the way in my lap before the thing finally shot down from the ceiling and vanished through my floor. All I could do was laugh. Really hard. She kept saying "I didn't expect to see that, I didn't expect to see that". It was the funniest thing I had EVER seen in my life. I swear if Mal ever lost her legs or the use of her legs, she could walk with her butt. Because that night she did. True story.




Residential Haunting


By: mykidsmoma@cox.net


I grew up in Santee, Ca. born and raised in the same home. As far back as I

can recall, I often saw shapes at the end of my bed. I would here the sound

of someone walking that never seemed to end, yet when I asked my parents who

was up walking around last night, they stated that no one was. I would also

here dished in the dish rack move. As I got older I began to hear my name

being called in a whisper. I would turn to see and no one would be there. I

often would feel something push my shoulder, gently, but a definate push or

pressure being applied.  I had my hair pulled gently one time getting into

the shower. No one else in the house seemed to feel or hear anything, just

me. I have since lived in a few different homes and have never experienced

the things I did in my home I grew up in.




Haunted Hospital


By: jonnie.montoya@att.net


I have worked at Lovelace Medical Center in Albuquerque, NM, for about 18 years. At one point, the southwest end of the 4th floor was used as a hospice unit. From the nurse's station you can look down the hallway. Inside the fire doors is a long hallway, with 6 private rooms on either side of the hall, for a total of 12 rooms.At the other end of the hall is a fire escape stairwell. This hallway always has cold spots, which give off eerie feelings. Also from several of the rooms you can feel emanations, some of them very angry. One particular room causes many people to veer away to the other side of the hall to avoid going near it. One evening I was walking down the hall with 2 co-workers, and we were chatting, not very loudly. We all heard a voice from one of the empty rooms say, "Be Quiet". I should point out that for the last several months, this hallway has not been used very often, and is usually empty. Another night, I bought a disposable camera and took pictures there. The pictures at the nurse's station (3 of them) all came out, but about 18 pictures I took down the hallway would not produce prints. Also, the negatives show the outlines of all the doorways and the plates on the walls with the room numbers on them, but they wouldn't show up on printer paper. I still have the pictures, negatives and a CD. I then took a few pictures of some friends, and my daughter took some pictures of landscape near our house, all of which came out. I always feel as though the back of my head tightens up when I am up on this unit. There are other instances, and incidents from other of my co-workers, but it would take a long time to detail them all.



Before I was Born



By: dilusian@pacbell.net


My dad tells this story because I was not even born when this happened. When

my mom was pregnant with me my parents were living with my grandma. She

lived in a small town called Ft. Lupton in Colorado. Many people in this

town swear that their houses are haunted! Any way back to my dad's story.

They were sleeping in a little room built in my grandmother's basement. Mind

you that my grandma is very sensitive to auras and she can feel a presence

if it exists. She absolutely refused to go in that basement! She paid my

aunt or older cousin to do her laundry for her because the washer and drier

was down there. The night when the incident occured was a very scary night

for my father and the story goes like this...

When him and my mother were sleeping he woke up and got a sudden feeling of

fear and dread. This is the same feeling that another writer explained in

her story. He suddenly could not move and he was frozen. He said he felt an

evil presense in the room. He looked towards the door and saw a really dark

spot darker then the rest of the room. He suddenly got the feeling that what

ever was there wanted to hurt the baby (me). It seemed like 20 minutes but

finally he mustered up enough strength to just place his hand over my

mother's stomach. He started to pray really hard and after a while he felt

at peace and the dark spot disapeared. Now this basement has the  only light

at the top of the stairs so he would have to walk all the way across the

room in order to turn it on! Imagine how spooky that would be after that

experience. When he was able to move again, he woke my mom and asked her,

"did you feel that?!" She did not. Later my grandma found out that the man

she bought the house from was a doctor in the 60's and he used to practice

in his home using the basement as his office. When she moved in she said he

left a bunch of strange gadgets and furniture in the corner of the basement

that she refused to use to store her things. Our theory is that maybe he was

one of those doctors who was doing illegal abortions and his ghostly

intention was to do the same to me. I have always been very interested in

the supernatural. I love reading these stories but I always freak myself

out! I am just like my grandma in the sense that I am also very sensitive to

auras and energies. I have never seen a ghost or experienced one but I can

always sense a presence. I can feel cold spots and I will pick up on

emotions that certain aura's give off, I will feel depressed or sad or even

happy It is strange. But I kind of am glad that I can not see ghosts or

spirits because it will probably be to over whelming for me. I sometimes

have dreams that I encounter a ghost and in my dream I always pass out.

Anyway thanks for listening to my story sorry I babble on too long..




I Have a Story to Share


By: suzannez@relcomm.net


My story:

About 2 to 3 years ago I was staying with my boyfriend at his mother's

house for the weekend.  She was recovering from lung cancer surgery.

First, I would like to give you a little history of his family before I

tell the story.

When my boyfriend was 15 (he is now 44) his brother was killed in a car

accident in Germany.  My boyfriend and his parents were living in a

community right outside of Fort Dix NJ when this happened and his mother

still lives in the same house today.

Now for my story.  Like I said above, I was staying with my boyfriend

for the weekend at his mother's house, she was recovering from lung

cancer surgery.  We went to bed and I was in a twilight type of sleep

when I felt something reach into me and pull me out of my body and throw

me in doorway of his bedroom.  While I was laying in the doorway I felt

frozen like I couldn't move and then I was pulled back into my body.

After I was back in my body I woke up and started to tremble and had

chills going up and down my spine.  I did not tell my boyfriend about

this at the time.  Then, the next time I stayed over at his mothers

house with him, I layed on the other side of him when we went to bed,

curled up facing his back and wide awake (for obvious reasons).  After a

while I started to feel relaxed and then it happened again, only this

time when I felt something reach into me to pull me out I curled up

really hard and said no!  It stopped immediately.  I rolled over onto my

back and I felt like something was laying right on top of me kind of

bouncing up and down like it wanted to play.  I layed completely still

and after a little while it stopped and went away.

After these two experiences, everytime I was over at his mother's house

I would fell ilke someone was lightly tickling me on the back of my

neck.  I decided to tell my boyfriend about the experiences I was

having.  To my surprise, he was not surprised at all.  He proceeded to

tell me about an experience he had when he was around 25 and visiting

with his parents for the holidays.  He was laying in his room getting

ready to take a nap after dinner when he saw a white fuzzy like figure

in his doorway.  He layed still and it rushed him and layed on top of

him for a short while and then went away.  He felt like it just wanted

to play with him and that was the same way I felt when I had my experiences.

A few months later, the water pump busted and flooded the downstairs

area where my boyfriends room happened to be.  The carpeting was

completely replaced throughout the entire downstairs and there has not

been an experience since.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.  I have been searching all

over the Internet and have not been able to find anyone with a story

similar to mine.  It definitely happened and it is an experience I will

never forget.  I should note that before this experience I did not

believe in ghosts, but I certainly do now!




No One Will Live There


By: billy2isno1@msn.com


1506 East North Bay St, Tampa Fl--While living in this house we had all kinds of weird things happen ,Dishes flying in the kitchen, front and back doors which would open and close by themselves, food disappearing from the house.The opening to the attic would bounce up and down a if someone was messing with it.The worst was when a black headed lady with a knife was seen. She was also seen by the next couple who lived in the house. The woman left her boyfriend and told him she would never return to that house. Years later {we had moved next door to 1508] a friend of mine who attended USF wanted to write about our experiences. He came over with a tape recorder. At the time I began telling him the story, the lights came on, on the front porch next door. Everybody started freaking out. The house was empty. Next the living room lights came on. We ran across the street to our neighbor.She knew the landlords number. He said we were all nuts, because the electricity in the house was shut off. In the morning when he came to check on the house every light bulb in the living room chandelier was busted and laying on the floor. No one would live in it, and it stayed empty for years, finally it burned down.



Update to the Milwaukee club


By: kellymeerdink@earthlink.net


Well, here's a few for you.  When I worked there, which was nearly 10 years

ago already, there was much talk about a headless golfer there, dressed in

a green sweater and green plaid pants.  I personally never saw him, but a

few of the long-timers swear they have and that he wasn't nice.  Now, if I

recall correctly, that would be where the being touched on the shoulder

part comes in.  That, I did experience once, but never saw anything.  The

absolute freakiest thing that I experienced there was when one day, a cook

and I went to the basement (can't for the life of me remember what we were

looking for!).  Now, a little bit of info for you on the basement there,

it's HUGE and there are many tunnels that lead away from the club and

underneath the golf course.  We had gone into a room that was just about

under the golf course and while we were rummaging through a shelf for

something a really cold draft came through the room and then the door

slammed shut on us.  There was no way this was wind from outside or

anything, we were in the basement for crying out loud, and deep into it for

that matter.  Now, you must also know that the door to this room swung IN,

so if another employee was playing a joke on us, we would have seen them

close the door.  I, of course screamed, and the cook with me did as well,

although, I doubt he would admit it now LOL!  The door seemed to be stuck

for just a few seconds when we tried to open it, but it did open.  We went

barreling down the halls and back up to the kitchen and nobody had a clue

what had happened down there.  Now, if you knew these people they would

have been laughing hysterically at us if it were a joke, but this time, no

one was laughing, in fact, they all became scared as well, especially those

that had worked there for many years.

The only other incident I recall personally witnessing was being down in

the locker room bar, after closing, with a few others and that a bottle or

a glass (can't remember exactly which now) simply fell of the counter

behind the bar and broke.  No one had been back their for nearly an hour.

One girl with us, who has seen many things there, just got up and said "Not

again, I am outta here."  So, of course we all followed her rather quickly!




A Ghost Named Sally




My best friend and I were having a sleepover just like anyother friday night. well we were trying to stay up all night. It was about 2:00 AM and not a single light was on in my house except for the computer that we were palying on. Well we started hearing noises coming from my stairs it sounded like creaking stairswell the funny thing was is that the stairs in my house wernt wooden they were covered by carpet. we just ignored the sound not thinking anything of it when my best friend had to get a drink well the kitchen was right next to my stairs and i decided i was thirsty and i needed a drink to.  when we were walking past the stairs my friend stopped dead in her tracks. I started laughing because she almost knocked me over. i looked where she was looking and this little girl was just standing there starig at us! we were to scared to move so we just stood there hoping that day wasnt the last day of our lives. the little girl looked just like a pioneer girl.  She had a white pretty dress on and she had a bonnet on. she looked between the ages of 10-11 well when we couldnt stand it anymore we ran as fast as we could back by the computer we were screaming our heads off trying to wake up someone else in my house so they could scare her off. but when we were screaming she just vaished into thin ai. it was like she was floating there and then poof she was gone. after that my friend got really freaked out and called home the next morning. when she was about to leave and her parents were at my house the dorr swung open. there wasnt a slightest breeze out side. well when it happened my friend and said "GO HOME SALLY"  and the door slowly shut. my mom was in the room and we jsut sat there thinking is this really sally and how did we know what to say at the same time. my mom said that it was nothing. and when we told her about that following encounter with her she said it was our minds running wild and we were playing games. after fighting with my mom about it for a while she said that she felt 2 cold hands put on her shoulders and she finally believed us! well my friend has never came over to my house since then. and she was saying how she thoguht she saw her at her house too. im sorry this is a very long story but i swear to the bottom of my heart every thing that is said in this is totally true!




Walking Shadow at House in Redford


By: mistressneveah@yahoo.com


just wanted to let you know about the house i lived in for a few years in redford.  this is next door to what used to be Frenchys Collision (my dads old bodyshop)  which is now Brother Wilsons Collision i think.  the shop is at 7 mile and lahser and the house is right behind it on pickford.  a shadow of a male presence would come in my room every night till i moved out of the house.  i would get so scared i couldnt scream.  my mom said i was just haveing a bad dream and i tried to believe her untill the shadow walked right to my bed and my dog started growling at him and then hid under the bed.  the room is the one on the right,  its next to the bathroom. i dont know if anyone else that has lived there has had anything happen, but it would be kinda interesting to find out.




At My House


By: Hottsnyder88@aol.com



In my old home town, Cassopolis MI, my dad and I used to take care of a yard that was around a very old stone house.  I got a job to mow in a small fenced area with a small building in it.  While mowing I heard children playing and felt someone watching me from inside of the building.  No one lived in the home at the time.  While walking around the yard after we finished, I noticed in the concrete a small cement door with a rusty hand on it, I suspect that this was a house involved with the Underground Railroad, or it was a Plantation.  Also, where I am now, Mishawaka IN, there are some strange things happening in my house.  Examples are hearing voices through the vent when no one is home, hearing footsteps upstairs when no one is home, Relfections of a face in a window behind me when no one is there, a tall dark hooded figure standing over my bed in the dead of night, and the weight of someone sitting near me when I am covered up.  At my girfriends house, I have felt someone lay down beside me in her bed when no one is at her house and my little brother from the basement when he is at my house.





By: phil.vandermeer@pcpc.org


I really like your website.  There are a lot of cool things there.

I find the subject of ghosts and things like Bigfoot to be absolutely fascinating.

Thank you for keeping up the website.  I look at it a lot.

There is a place just down the road from where I work that I always thought felt quite strange.

Then, the other day, I read on your website that it is haunted and has ghosts.  TOO COOL!

I have a haunted house story for you.

Up to you if you print it or not, I just thought I would share it.

I lived in Dallas, Texas for the majority of my life.  We moved there when I was about 7 years old into a neighborhood called Pleasant Grove.  On the corner of Gaylord and Hilburn, there is a house there that was the subject of much talk around the neighborhood.  There was a 90 year old woman next door to us who looked us in the eyes and told us not to ever go in that house.  When we asked her why she just always made us promise to never go in there because it was an evil, cursed house.  If you look at it, it just looks wrong, not like any other house on the block.  Throughout the 20+ years I lived in that neighborhood, nobody ever stayed in that house for even a year.  People would move in and then move right out very quickly.  There just seemed to be something wrong with the house.  Once, the owners of the house next door to it came to do some repairs and told us that that house on the corner did not like people in it and to never go in.  They were right.  Nobody ever stayed in that house.  It stood vacant for years, and then the city finally had it condemned.  None of the children in the neighborhood ever went in or even dared others to go in.  It just had a bad feeling to it.  It felt like it was… looking at you.  I never came closer than the front yard.  I don’t know if it still stands, but it was still there when I moved out 3 years ago, boarded up and wasting away.




Living with Spirits


By: HaLeYsCoMiT202@aol.com


When I was 16 I was living in a very old home that my mother had bought from my aunt. Well we already knew that the house had spirits in it, but we had not known that they would be as bad as they were. I will start by letting you know that I never tucked my covers under my mattress because I would always pull my covers under my feet at night. Well sometimes when I would try to pull my covers up they would not move! Someone or something would be sitting at the end of my bed. We always kept the bathroom light on at night well every now and then it would cut off by itself. My dad and mom had went on to bed one night and my mom had told my dad to move over well here walks my dad out of the bathroom 2 seconds after she had said that!!!! I had my daughter shortley there after. I would lay in the floor sometimes and watch television, my daughters toys would start playing by there self. One of which had no batteries at the time. My dad would hear someone walking back in forth in our hallway. Us kids had to sleep in the back of the house and that was the most haunted part of the house. I had made my daughter a nursery in the room that had an attick and I had set up baby monitors well my dad was in the kitchen and he heard the baby cooing. He walked back to see what she was doing and when he peeked his head around the corner this white object flew out of the room going through the house and went into my parents room! Needless to say we moved shortley afterwards. I wish I could tell you everything about this house but I would be here for hours. Something happened everyday there I even caught a glimpse of one myself. I hope you post this. Oh by the way the house is in Pine Mountain, GA Thanks for letting me tell my story.




Mamaw and Papaw


By: CRAZCHIK67@aol.com





My Own Experience


By: lcr9900206@yahoo.com


I was in manila(philippines) at that time for my review because I was about to take my board exam that year.  On the first 3 months I stayed with my sister in a boarding house in quezon city,I have experienced a few, mildly scary situations.  I would have classes in the morning and i'll be home for lunch.  Normally, my sister and her friends would be out that time and I will be left on my own.  It doesn't seem to matter to me for I thought there was nothing to be afraid of but everytime I get to go to the cr, I hear knocks with nobody in the house. It's the same rhythmic knock over and over again... like knock... knock...and then it's gone... at first I thought it was just the wind but because it was rather frequent, I noticed it sounded the same.  I'm the kind of person who would normally run into something that scares me just to see that there's actually nothing to be scared of so when I would notice the knocking, I would immediately open the door.  As expected, there was nothing there. But one time, during my sister's board exam(she was there for her exam as well), I was all alone in the house and that time I was in the cr cleaning up the head of the electric fan... The door was open at that time and when i looked towards the door, I saw a mild white sil uette pass across the living room.  I saw it through a mirror actually and I ran towards it but it wasn't there.  I got chills and was really scared so I sat down the sofa and prayed.  Coincidentally or not, the lights started blinking...It didn't do that before but it started blinking. Well, I was told that a white lady was seen there before and those who have seen it have all passed their board exams. Oh well, I guess that explains why I passed.

After my sister's exam, she had to go back home and I was left in manila.  I decided to live in a dormitory. I never thought my ghost stories would have a continuation there.  Even at home, I normally have these dreams of the same entity, a black shadow-like image that would try to kiss and rape me.  Scary stuff!  I would actually feel it's breathing and feel it doing it's thing on me. When I was there it happened to me again and that wasn't only it.  One night, I went to the cr to pee, I thought there were girls who were still awake at that time(around 11:30) there were really loud laughters that sounded like they were really having fun but when I left the cr,everything was still... it was really scary.  I ran to my room but during that time, I saw a black sphere run pass me and when my eye followed its path I saw a shadow that seemed to wanna run away from me.  That was it! I was so scared I ran so fast. A few nights after that, I had a dream.  I was going in circles then everything stood still, I was surrounded by girls and this little boy around 9 years old walk towards me...I didn't see their faces but we talked and they said they will guide me and my friends...When I told this to my friend, she asked me as to what language we used and I said there were actually no words... just an understanding.  Then another friend got scared and asked me about the boy...As to what age I think he was...I said around 9...She stood up and said she had a dream too about that boy...He talked to her and said h name was Nino... Scary stuff.  Anyway, that dorm used to be an adoption center and was run by nuns.   That's all thank you for reading it.  Pls tell me if you have anything to advice.




NOT A  BELIEVER UNTIL................


By: nonya9677@yahoo.com



Just to let you all know I was not a believer. I'm the kind "gotta to see it to beleive it". We lived in a farm house ( when I was a kid) out in Birch Run, Michigan. The house was between Elms Rd. & Morrish Rd. on Birch Run Rd. The house is not there anymore. My dad said that it was haunted. He is big on reading novels. He would lay his novel down. Get up to do something or to go to bed or to work. When he came back to read the book its gone. Nobody has touched it or moved it. I'm 28 now. My dad told me about this few years ago.I never seen that ghost. I remeber my dad use to joke w/ my brother & me about a "blue invisible ghost name George" at that time of living that house.

Then when I was in Vassar High School (MIchigan) my mom & my ousin Rita sat my brother & I down to talk about a ghost that was in the trailor that we lived in at the time. The night before Rita fell asleep on the couch. Before she fell asleep she shut the living room light off. Later on Rita woke up to see my mom shuting the light off. They had then conversated about how the light got turn back on. I guess that's when they came to the conclusion that there was ghost. They told my brother & I about it. They said not to be scared (to late for me). That kind of stuff scares me. Again I never saw anything at that time.

When I met my husband I knew he believed in spirits & ghosts. He has told me in the Mill Rd Apartments in Flint Township (Michigan) he saw the devil walking down the hallway.I asked my husband (Blake) how did he know that was the devil. Blake said that he asked him & commande him to leave.That was the last time Blake saw him (there at least)

Now we own our own house on Concord Stout in Flint (Michigan). This is when I started to believe. Only because I started to see. My husband told me that he & friend (a Priest) blessed the house all the way through.  i asked my husband if he say any thing in the house. He said he sees angels in our house. One time he got up & saw an angel sitting on our couch. My husband also believes the cats are evil spirit chaser. We have 3 cats.

Now my story, I know it took a long time to get here. We have been living here for 4 years now. Shortly after we moved in here is when I started to see things.At night when my husband is sleeping, I'll sit up byself on the computer in the dark all the time. I would see things moving out the corner of my eye. I saw this allot. Each time I turned my head there was nothing there. We have a two bedroom house. One night my husband was in bed I was in the dark on the computer. A moan came from our spear bedroom. Nobody was in it. I was scared. I got up & ran to our bedroom where my husband was. I woke him & told to shut the computer off & hurry back. I told him what happen. He doesn't beleive me. He beleives that but doesn't believe me. After  I gaved birth to my daughter & brought her home, I was laying on the couch Caitlyn (my daughter) was laying next to me in her bouncer on the floor. I was just looking at the other end of my couch & saw a shadow (body fiigure) moving across my living room. It moved a couple of feet the disappear. I was in shock that I couldn't move or use my voice.Then when Caitlyn was 3 or 4 monthes I was up byself My family was in thier rooms sleepng. I saw a head in my dinning room. It was dark in there. Then in the other direction in my living room I heard a voice that went psssss. Again I ran to my husband to shut things off.

Now I'm interested in learning more about shadows & the history of my house & the people that lived here. If you can help me in to learn please email me at nonya9677@yahoo.com. Or if you lived any of these places that I have mention please share them w/ me.




The Angel of God



By: LISSALILLIES989@aol.com


I was about 3 years old when this occured. My mother and Aunt were driving on the expressway with me in the back seat. I was sucking on a peice of hard candy. Momments later my mother noticed that I was choking. She pulled the car over, her and my Aunt were trying everything to get the candy out of my throat, they said I was turning blue and couldn't breathe. The only thing I remember that day was a man in a grey suite had approached us on the expressway. He walked up to me and placed his hands on my throat. He was telling me that everything would be okay. Just then the candy came up and I started to cry. My mother took me in her arms and was crying.

Years later I asked my mom about that day and told her I remember little bits and pieces of what had happened. She explained that it was the wierdest thing. When she turned around seconds later the guy had vanished. Til this day my mother & aunt are still trying to figure out how did the guy get to the middle of the expressway where my mother had pulled over. There was no car other than hers that pulled over. It would be impossible for him to just be walking on the expressway, it was too dangerious for anybody to do so. She also said if he was walking she would have seen him walking away but there was nobdy in sight seconds after she turned to thank him.

There is only one explaination. He was my guardian angel and seen that I needed help.




Pe'pe and the Ghost


By: bernio@msn.com


I live in Omaha, Ne, my son Shane, wanted my apartment key so he could do some laundry while I was at work.

He promised to be home at 9:30 pm, I get off of my second job at 9:00.  I got to my apartment building at 9:30,  I did not see his van in the parking lot, but I was tired, and I wanted to just take a shower and go to bed.

I went up to the second floor where I live, tried the door, and of course, it was locked, I heard Pe'pe, my Pomeranian, bark, then I heard a girls voice say "Quiet Pe'pe" coming from inside my apartment. I thought for sure, Shane took a girl to my apartment, and told her not to open the door, I was so mad at my son.  I again pounded on the door, Pe'pe started barking again, and I heard, coming from the other side of the door," Pe'pe be quiet"  I said to the girl behind the door, "Look, I've been working all day, and I'm tired!"

I finally gave up, and went out to the parking lot, I got in my car, and waited for about 10 minutes.  I went back up to try again, I  pounded on the door again, but this time there's was no barking, I pounded again this time even louder, but it was like Pe'pe was under a restraint.

I then again, went to the parking lot, as I shut the door, I saw Shane's van coming into the parking lot.  He got out of his van and said" I'm sorry Mom, I am so late".  I said " Shane, do you have a girl upstairs in my apartment," Shane said "NO."

I started to tell him what happen as we went up to my apartment, he opened the door, Pe'Pe came bounding up to see us, I checked every inch of my apartment, but there was no one there.

My apartment does not have a back door to slip out of, the only way in or out is through the front door.

Every now and then, the door to the deck will open up, with no wind blowing, and I do feel a presence, though not a bad one.  This all started when we got back from spending the night at the "Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca Iowa, could it be a ghost hitched a ride home with us???



My House is Haunted


By: KIWI4WOLF@aol.com



There is a woman who lives in my house.  She walks up and down the halls and has been seen by several people out in the back yard tending to the roses.  This house was built in 1870.  I live in Senoia, Ga.  She also opens and closes the back door. This happens after we lock the door.  We have actually asked her not to leave the door open when we are at work, and so far she has been complying.  We have had a psychic medium come here and identify her.  The lady that lives next door is 90 and has described this woman as a previous owner around the 1900's

She is a very loving spirit and loves this house.



Fort Totten Queens


By: jfferrett@msn.com


I am a member of the FDNY EMS command and frequent Building 305 at Fort

Totten, Queens.  This is the EMS academy building.  Ever single person who

works there has at least heard voices right next to them when they were

alone.  Shadows move across wall and convesations (not just English) are

heared in the basement and on the third floor.  Last summer on the 3rd floor

an instructor wanted to bring his class into a classroom for a lecture. 

When he opened the door very slightly he and the class (standing outside the

room)  heared a voice loud and clear as if a lecture was being given. 

Another instructor came upstairs and asked why the class was in the hallway

and the first instructor answed "There's a class in there".  When they

opened the door the room was empty and the lights were out.

     At the EMS academy Building 305 (Fort Totten, Queens) lights turn on

and off.  Televisions change channels.  The most haunted room is a bathroom

on the first floor.  Many of the faucets turn on but not off (someone must

turn them off).  An EMS instructor was in the second floor auditorium where

partitions were up to create individual rooms for the testing of practical

skills for new employess.  He was on the phone with his wife and was

speaking quiety as not to interrupt the testing.  He heard voices and saw

movement under the partition the whole time.  He told his wife he had to go

and hung the phone up.  He walked over to the cubicle and looked in

expecting to see people and the room was empty.  He then checked all of the

makeshift rooms and the whole auditoium was empty.  He did not see anyone

walk by him as there really in only one entrance and exit.

     An employee at the EMs building 305 was keying into the "haunted

bathroom"  when he heard a conversation only a few feet away from him to the

right.  When he looked, no one was there.  He dropped the key and ran.

    "The dancing lady" is seen all over the grounds of Fort Totten.  She is

believed to be the wife of a General.  She supposedly hung herself when she

found out her husband was cheating on her.  She wears a white dress and

"floats" over the land and moves as if she was dancing.




Ghosts Around


By: kimruggles@comcast.net


my name is Tayler im am now 13 but I was 8 when it happened. my brother Brent died a week before his first b-day I think I was 2 when it happened. my great grama died of cancer when I was 5-6 I cant remember. any ways I was 8 and this the night my mom came home in tears from the hospital with our family friend Laura. I asked what was wrong she said Eve my god mom had got shot in the head, they didn't know if she was going to make it. she did for a month or so. during this time I never saw her.then my mom called the house to give the bad news, eve had died. she told me that she held her hand through her last breath saying she loves us all and to tell tay(my nick name) I love her and will always be with her NO MATTER WHAT. I know now what she was trying to say.... she loved me allot,her kids my god sisters cc and I cant even rember the other girls name I think it was Shauna I haven't seen since I was 5 any way that night I believe that my brother my god mom and my great grama came for a little visit to me. it was a very stormy night, like really bad thunder lightning and the works I had shades and for some reason they kept moving. I checked my windows and they were fine, no air coming through.they weren't moving normal either.it was life 3  big bumps like 3 heads were poking through to look at me. after that I looked at my wall and it looked like a shadow of a baby in the shadow of my window.witch was weird because I had one window and the windows shadow was right next to the window.and it waved at me I was  freaking out.I pulled the coves over my head and tried to ignore it. after a while the spirts left me almost pissing in my pants ,but i knw what Eve was trying to say im ok ind im here for you. after words i told my mom she didnt belive me. wich is so obvious. just like parents not to belive me. it epessually my dad becausemy mom and him are divorced and tat was the son of his other wife paula and he died becuse he was born to early so he was living off life support and when the pulled the plug my dad was holding him feeling the life drain out of my brother.he said he wouldnt wush that felling on even his worst enemy.  and neither would i. but if you like this story e-mail me and i post some more really freaky ones! love you all!

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