White Lady


By: tbanger@sympatico.ca


Hello, I have a story that still gives me shudders and makes me look behind me when I walk home at night. Last summer, 2004, my bestfriend and I were walking home from work around 12:30am. We were walking home, which only took about 10minutes, when we got to the beginning of my road. My road is probably the scariest road to begin with, with only on street light at the beginning- it's a long dark dirt road which I always regretted for walking down at night. My friend and I were right at the beginning of my road when we both stopped dead in our tracks, and without a word to each other- turn around and looked down the road we were just on. What we saw that night terrified me... About 100ft away from us was what looked like a woman, dressed in white and had long dark hair. At first I thought it was some teenager drunk stumbling around but as we looked again, we could see that this was no drunken teenager. It looked as though see was dancing around on the sidewalk, but moving closer to us at the same time. Immediately I was frightened, which is odd because I don't usually frighten easily. We both decided to keep walking and to get home as quick as we could. By the time we got to the lawn of my house we were calmed down- not seeing any trace of the woman following us along the way. We went inside and got some food from the kitchen. About 5 minutes later as we were chatting in the kitchen we heard what sounded like someone walking up the front porch steps. I had left the porch light on and when I poked my head out of the kitchen doorway I saw nothing. But instantly the hair on the back of my neck was up again. All of a sudden my cat (who is VERY lazy.. ) bolted up the stairs. I took that as a bad sign and then ran up the stairs myself, my friend aswell. We got up to my room and my friend got into bed and I was getting something out of her backpack when I heard someone walk to my door (which was closed) and stop (the floor creaks right at my door). I then took one look at my friend and walked to the door and locked it. I climbed into bed (the lights were out now) and reached down to grab a pair of shorts that I use to cover my alarm clock (the light bothers me) and just as I covered the alarm clock, my bedroom door opened. Immediately following that there was a loud bang on the window above the bed and then there was a very detailed buzzing sound which seemed to be right between my friend and I. I was scared out of my mind and almost started hyperventilating (nervous reaction I guess). After about 5 minutes of laying there motionless I asked my friend to open her eyes to see if she could see anything. She replied " They've been open the whole time". My friend saw nothing. In the morning the phone rang and I got out of bed to get it. The door was wide open, but the door was still locked. Now everytime I walk home that way, I always look behind me... more than twice...




Weird happenings in my Home


By: msuarez@ohmite.com


In 1980-81 I lived in a apt. (actually a house converted)

my children & I lived there alone. Amanda my baby was about 4 mos. old & this ghost (we all saw her) was after Amanda. You could hear her at her crib (after the 1st time she never slept alone she slept w/me) She jerked her from my other daughters' arms & she was thrown to the floor she almost died. I called a priest in to bless Amanda & our apt. he told me to get her baptized & watch her closely cause this being was after her. We were all praying the rosary & we forgot the words to our prayers. One night we heard noise in the attic & we called the police they came & went up to see. My oldest daughters belongings were gone.Less than 2 wks later we went upstairs to get the Christmas stuff & there sat all my daughters stuff all dusty & in the same place. Than one night about 6 we were all sitting in the kitchen when we felt a cold breeze & when we looked up she was going into the bedroom we all ran in there but, she was gone. She was sorta floating & wearing a long white dress very fancy. Well needless to say I was scared & so was my kids. I asked my 2 brother-in-laws to stay over & my one brother-in-law woke us all up screaming as he was being levitated up over the couch, when we came running he was sorta just dropped it was so weird. They refused to stay again. There was a very steep set of stairs that led to our front door so we kept the inner door closed and locked so my daughter & my grandson (who she never bothered) couldn't fall down the stairs. We were all sitting in the living room talking & watching the babies in their walkers when they began to laugh & head towards the than open door we just caught them before they got there. We finally were able to move & the day we were moving out the bathroom ceiling caved in & we heard a weird undescrible noise. I was never so happy to be gone in my life. We were fine until we bought a house in 1998

& Amanda was getting a bag off the back stairs when she screamed & said, later that something pushed her down the stairs injuring her leg & back. The drop was so far that I just knew she broke her neck. Since than she has had a few falls that she says feels as tho she is being pushed. Also we hear doors close & walking upstairs when we are all downstairs. This all probably sounds  crazy to you as it does when I tell others but, it's true. The 1st time we lived behind St. Boniface Cemetery this time we live down the street from a funeral parlor. Also a visitor to our home (her husband was doing plumbing work for us & she drove him) she & I were sitting in the kitchen talking about Thanksgiving dinner when she turned in her chair & said, very comely "did you know you have a old man & woman sitting in your living room" & just about that time the door opened & she said, "they just walked out, are they your family?" Please don't think I am nuts but................. it all happened




The James Gang and their Ghosts


By: Th3DImaxOfMyMind@aol.com





Hi! My name is Shae and I have always been intrigued by the supernatural and while the thought of having a ghostly experience scares me shitless, a part of me still longs to be able to recount an encounter of my own. That hasn’t happened yet, at least, nothing that I can say was surely a ghost, so I will recount stories from my family.

What is really funny, is that my father still explains away what happened to him as tricks of the mind, but I am not so sure.

Apparently my dad and his siblings had lived in several haunted houses, but the one that used to stand on the corner of Butternut Ridge and Great Northern Blvd. in North Olmstead, Ohio. There still is the Butternut Ridge cemetery right behind where the house was. (There is a nice housing complex there now. I wonder if people there have had any experiences.)

Many years ago, when my dad was a young boy, he was home alone on New Years’ Eve in this house. Now, there was this hall closet that had always been a source of discomfort. It was very difficult to open on a normal basis, but my dad watched, amazed as the door started to open. He thought he heard voices saying his name. “Jeff…Jeff…” and he felt like he was being watched. He freaked out and ran into the kitchen, towards the back door and he noticed that the kitchen light was swaying back and forth. He ran out of the house and met one of his brothers (I don’t remember which) walking back with his girlfriend. Now my uncles and my dad were tough children and this brother he ran into (I think it was my Uncle Russell) was scared too. When they got back home, they couldn’t close the door. They had to take the pins out of the hinges to get it to close again. How can you explain that away?

That’s not the only story about that closet. Their mother (My Grandma Joy) was religious, but she also had experience with the supernatural, as she is very psychic. She decided to put a statue of the Virgin Mary in that closet. Whatever was inside broke the statue.

I don’t know if the following stories took place in that same house. There was one night when my uncles Leonard and Russell were trying to go to sleep. Leonard was terrified for some reason, and despite Russell teasing him, we went to find Joy. Joy came in and sat down on the bed and started to pray. All three of them watched in amazement as the bed moved like someone had gotten up.

In that same room, one night my uncle Russell was thrown out of bed.

My dad’s sister Theresa apparently had some problems with some of the ghosts in one of their houses. I am not able to get specific stories out of any of them, but Uncle Leonard admitted that some “freaky stuff” happened and that these spirits were male and they liked to touch Theresa when she was in the bathroom.

There have also been some instances of indistinct voices between the rooms and apparently posters dripping blood.

My uncles seem reluctant to talk about it, which makes me believe that they are not just telling tale tales. When I am able to catch them in a state when they talk (usually when they have been drinking) they still manage to skate off the subject by just admitting that yeah, stuff happened. I am determined to get more stories, but my family is such a down-to-earth family, which makes no sense to me, because like I said, my grandmother is very psychic and according to her, so is my dad. But Grandma Joy has given up that life and my dad is the most down-to-earth out of all of them. But you can’t explain away some of that stuff as mere “tricks of the mind”.




My Grandfather


By: s8ter_4_eva@earthlink.net



ok well my grandpa died in my house and we have this old grandfather clock that hadn't chimed for like 10 years and then the morning that he died it chimed and then it stopped chiming a week after and then it didn't start chiming again until a week before the anniversary of his death and then it'd stop a week after. it did this for like 5 years and then one night i was at my house and my grandma at hers and we were both in bed and we botha saw a figure of a man standing in our doorways at around the same time and he just put his hand up as to wave goodbye and dissappeared.




Open Door -- But No One's There


By: garnetts2000@yahoo.com


I grew up in a small two-story house on the northwest side of Chicago. The place was built in the 1950s; as far as I've been able to discover, there were no unexplained events or deaths on the property or in the house. Besides, it's a very small Chicago city lot -- no forests behind it, no large tracts of land, or anything like that. The house itself is also fairly small, as houses go; it's about 1250 square feet, all told.

Throughout my family's time in this house (about 30 years), I constantly heard odd noises. I figured most of them out after a while ... but there was one that continues to puzzle me. Whenever I was alone -- and doing laundry -- I would hear footsteps pacing the length of the kitchen (which is directly above the laundry room). This would go on for about four or five minutes, then stop. I never had a chilled feeling or a sense of an evil presence -- but I also never saw anyone or anything.

The oddest episode happened when I was about fourteen. It was very cold outside, and all the upstairs windows were closed and locked. (And had plastic stapled over them.) One evening, I was working on a paper; I'd shut my bedroom door against any intrusion. At one point, I looked up at the door. The knob turned slowly, the door opened about three inches, then stopped -- as though someone were holding it.

I got very angry; my family knew I was convinced there was a presence in the house, and I just knew they were trying to spook me. I leaped up and checked every hiding spot outside that room that I could think of. Nothing! But I ran downstairs and confronted my family, just to make sure. My parents and sister were in the kitchen, watching TV; they insisted they hadn't moved from that room in over an hour. My father agreed to come back upstairs with me and check things out. I stood there while he examined the examined the doorknob -- and we both got very nervous.

There were two dirty prints on the knob (a thumb and an index finger), apparently from a very large hand. We did another check of every hiding spot we could think of; there was nothing and no one upstairs but my father and myself. Nothing else happened that night, and I never experienced that again.

To this day, I have no idea what happened, or what/who was outside my door. I didn't hear any footsteps, or breathing, or anything else ... but that knob turned; I saw it, and it was not a trick of the light, or anything else. (I had three lamps turned on in the room.) I also know the door had been securely shut; I heard the latch click as it did. I also know there was no one else upstairs with me.

Does anyone have any ideas of what happened, or what MIGHT have been occuring?




My Past Encounters


By: kiddflip@comcast.net




I have been reading the stories on this site for a while and decided to share my encounters. Now, to kind of paint a picture for you, I live with my family in a single story, three bed room, house that sits directly behind a cemetery. The only thing separating my back yard and the cemetery is a fence. We moved into the house 18 years ago after my grandparents passed away (yes they died in the house due to natural causes). Now, the story I have to share I cannot actually remember so I will tell you what happened according to what my mother remembers. I was about four or five at the time, and my mother had awoken from her sleep at about 1 am when she heard voices coming from our kitchen, and decided to investigate. When she walked out to the kitchen she said that I was sitting at out table talking to someone across from me who wasn’t there. Since I had a history of sleepwalking, (I actually woke up in out front yard once) she figured I was dreaming and had wondered out into the kitchen. However my eyes were wide open and was responsive to her being there, and when she asked what I was doing, I told her that I was talking to grandma. She got a little scared and told me to get back to bed and go to sleep. I agreed, said goodbye to my grandmother and followed her back to my room, but she says I never made it back to bed. Instead I turned around, walked out the front door, and headed for the back yard. She said that by the time she made it outside I had climbed over the fence and was walking through the cemetery toward my grand parents’ grave. Of course she freaked out, brought me back inside, and put me to bed. When I awoke in the morning I didn’t remember a single thing.

Then when I was about seven, I had another encounter. I was awoken at around 3 am to the sound of voices in my room. When I opened my eyes and looked around I saw a dark gure kneeling at the foot of my bed, holding its head in its hands. I got really scared and hid under my blanket. After the voices stopped I poked my head back out from under the blanket, and the figure was gone, and I heard footsteps leading out to our kitchen, then all was quiet again. Since then I have not spoken to or seen any spirits, however I still hear footsteps throughout the house and things moving around in the attic.



My Ghost Stories



By: [allisin666@hotmail.com


Ive only seen things 3 times in this house which ive been living in for 7 years, the townhouse ive lived in previous to this ive never seen any spectres but ive heard noises and voices. I'll start with the first house where ive expierenced supernatural behavior.

I was 11 maybe 12 and i always felt like something was constantly watching me, just got really strong bad vibes, my family and i were constantly fighting in that house, just a lot of negative energy....  One night on my birthday, i had gotten a balloon and i had it in my room, keep in mind that the door was closed and so was the window so theres no way any air could have done this, but my balloon just started spinning in circles gliding across the ceiling slowly then fast then slow again, i dont know when it stopped or even if it did, i was scared so i slept on the couch downstairs that night. another thing i remember is i was in the kitchen eating and on the couch i had a few trolls that i was playing with earlier cuz i used to collect them, well anyway i saw one moving it did like a 180 degree turn, that scared the shit out of me. We didnt stay at that house too long.

Now we live in a bigger townhouse minutes from the other one we resided in.  This house is 8 years old and we've lived here for 7 years, before we moved in here there was a family here and their little infant died in my sisters room.  I always feel like im being watched in that room. So in this house ive expierenced 3 ghostly experiences. first one was on  a summer night my mom and i were in the basement watching tv and we let my dogs out in the backyard and we see our swing swinging very hard for a few minutes then it just stopped as if someone jumped off and held the swing until it was still... The next thing that happened was a few years later my friend was spending the night and she was sleeping on the floor by my door and i woke up and looked to see what time it was and above my friend was this man floating over her he didnt have legs but had like a pale blue aura surrounding him and he was wearing a long nightgown with a cap they were both white with blue stripes. I thought i was imagining or just seeing things so i just rolled over on my side not realizing what just happened, then i turned back around to see if it was still there and i saw the back of him fading away into my door. i didnt feel scared or frightened. I didnt tell anyone about that until the same thing happened to my mom the next night. 

The next apperance was that same year, my fathers aunt had died. Before i was told that she passed away i saw her.  I was preparing for bed and i always kept the light in the hallway on because im paranoid and i like to sleep with lights on.  The light in the hallway went out so i walked out into the hallway to check if the light had burned out so i kept on switching the light on and off and it had infact burned out but as i was doing that i saw a woman with white light surrounding her and she just starred at me, this lasted about 2 seconds, again i was not frightened this time i had recognized the spectre, it was my fathers aunt who had died a few days before i saw that. 

That was the last thing ive seen, but i often feel like im being watched. My boyfriend has claimed to see black orbs floating around my living room which is where he feels he is always being watched. Weird things happen like my boyfriend and i get almost the same dream. One night we both dreamt we were at Glendale (abandoned mental hospital), in his dream he was there with me and one other person he couldnt tell who it was he just knew that it was a male. and he dreamt that we were being chased by black shadows that looked like dogs. In my dream i was there with him and my friend pj and we were just walking around, my dream seemed harmless and not at all scary unlike my boyfriends, he woke up and was frightened.




I Saw the Killer


By: Werockursoxbad@aol.com


Hello, my name is Sabrina, and I want to tell you kind of a scary experience that happened to me. I had just moved into a new apartment with my mom and my dog, Roxy. Just as soon as I got comfortable in my bed, Roxy jumped out and whimpered into my mom's room. When I opened my eyes, I thought I saw a pair of shoes on the ground. From the shoes grew legs in long, black pants, and a body in a tuxedo. I couldn't see any facial features or colors, just black and grey. I saw a gun in his hand. And, since I"m only 10, my only reaction was to stay still, don't breath, and close my eyes. Just before I closed my eyes, I saw a shadowy black bullet come from the gun. Soon, as I dared to look again, I saw nothing, so, being the scaredy cat that I am, I hid under the covers and cried. The next day, I asked my friend, Amanda, who lived on the same street before, If anything bad happened there. Amanda, with a sad look on her face said, "when i was 7, my mom sent me to my grandma's house. that night, my moms boyfriend came over and killed my mom. He wanted to kill my brother and I, too, but we were at our grandmothers. So he killed himself so he wouldn't have to be sent to jail. Why did you ask?" I replied, "I think i saw the killer




Haunted House


By: rsangdahl@cox.net


            There is an old Victorian Century Home in Denver, Colorado on

Elizabeth Street in which a group of people I knew lived in for many

years.  While I was living there for a little under a year, two friends

came to visit and were staying in the enclosed back porch on the second

floor at the end of the hall.  One of the friends had just come into

the house through the back door from the porch when she saw a man at

the other end of the hall.  He was dressed all in white in a

servant-type outfit and walked quickly from the top of the front

stairway straight across the hall.  When she went to see where he had

disappeared to, there was nothing there but the door to the hall closet

which he would have had to walk through since it was closed and she did

not see it open into the hallway.

            I felt his presence one night while I was home alone, reading a book

while sitting in a chair in the living room.  next to the dining room

archway.   I could sense him standing in  the dining room near my chair

but he did not bother me and I was not afraid of him, I sensed him to

be a friendly spirit.  It was always very cold in the dining room in

the opposite darker corner at the end of the buffet by the pantry door.

  The pantry had two entrances, one from the kitchen and one from the

dining room.

            There were two sets of stairs to the second floor.  One was a servants

stairway which we used for storage because we always used the main

stairway to go upstairs. The main stairway went up from the front door

and foyer but there was a door at the top of the first landing which

was from the servants stairs that came up from the kitchen hallway. 

The entrance to the servants stairway was next to the basement door in

the same hallway from the kitchen so the basement was probably the

servants quarters.

            Another friend that had visited was very frightened by the servant

spirit so she and another female resident of the house sat at the

dining room table and had a seance one night.  They put their hands

together, one on top of the other, on top of the corner of the dining

room table and asked him not to bother her anymore and both felt him

place his hand on top of theirs at the same time in what they felt was

his reassurance that he would not.



Goust Stories


By: Katcharm@aol.com


I live in georgia and i moved into this house an everything was fine untill a year later .My grandmother died of breast cancer.Well one day i had my friend over we were telling goust storys and she told me about this one house she had been in and  there was some kind of spirit in the house that would always slamed doors or it folled you or turned lights out.She said it would do anything to get you out .It was a very protected spirit she said. And it creeped me out.And that night we were in my bed room with the lights off watching TV  i told her i was a little creeped out from the story she told me, and if you say your scaired or make a face at her she will get scaired and run up stairs . My bedroom is in the bacement Well when i told her that i was creeped out from the story she told me i guess what i told her scaired her because she ran upstairs. Well we were have way up the steps and i skipped a couple steps trying to get infront of her, Well  i did get infront of her then she got scaired and was crying i guess she sall something she was in a rush to get up the stepps and it was almost pitch black Well i was looking at her telling her it was alright and it was ok and i wasasking her what was bothering her and ahe could not say a word it was like she was trying to breath .And i was like its alright ill get you some watergo to my room ill be there in a second but when she went to turn around she  screemed really loud and i turned around my mouth drooped i was scared i graved her hand trying to pull her so she would hurry up, shes really slow,I ran into my moms bedroom and i tryed to tell her what had happend she did not belive me she said it was my imagination.But untill this day i stiil beleive what happend, and what i saw.I have not seen any weird moments so fare .

I was 8 when this happend and now im 11 im in 6 grade .This seems a little weird but i hope i see something like this again .

Thanks fotr whoever reads this,i hope this makes you beleive... if you do not.






By: MVet313488@aol.com


Was living in Concord N.H.. This was one the oldes houses in this town. Approx. 200 years old. Was having family get to gether & need more drinks from the store. Went up to up to bed rm. Change in to dry close to go to store. Came face to face with the upper half of a person flooting in air. Dressed class A confederat clothing. He had gray jacket & a very lacey blouse. It lasted about 10 seconds. There was no fear,cold breez or sweats.

I did have some strange dreams for a few nights but, that stoped. But, normly I don't dream but. once or twice a year.



Ghost or Not


By: BIMBY6@aol.com



I not sure about haunted places, but I do believe in what some people may call Ghost. I see people in my house, or maybe I should say like a passing and get up from the chair and go see and no one is there. I have had experience of after my Dad passed away he came back, and was standing in my kitchen like he always did and when I called his name and walk in he just vanished. I have seen my sister come into my bedroom with my Aunt and she sit in a chair and my sister which passed away one year ago stood beside her. I was a wake watching TV and did not say a word and they did not say anything. After a few minutes they walked out of the room and was gone. I have also seen my Mother. I know that the man I am dating which is a very sensible person was very upset. He was watching a western on TV when he gasped for breath on asking what was wrong he said his sister Betty that had passed away about three years ago said she had been trying to get in touch with him, I said how did she do that he said she was here. At this point we had her ashes in my house and took them to be buried beside her Mother and this was about two weeks later. It seems that these things are happening to more people lately than ever before as if souls are coming back to earth. I do not know the answer but I do know what I see and what others tell me.




Bucksport Maine


By: jeff_carla_morse@hotmail.com


I'm from Belfast and used to go to school in Castine.  I have seen the

shadow of the leg, and heard a slight variation(s) on the story of the

"BUCK" gravestone.  Apparently, Captain Buck sailed a merchant ship.  His

wife had an infection in her foot which he did not have time to take care of

before he had to sail.  By the time he came back from his trade route, the

infection turned gangrenous and she lost the foot below the knee.  She

blamed him and swore she would curse him for eternity.  Of course she later

died, some stories say because they did not get all of the infection with

the amputation, others say eventually from old age, some say she died before

he came back, others indicate she stayed alive just long enough to curse him

from her deathbed...  Anyway, after he died, supposedly, a rust (or tea)

colored stain appeared on the stone, shaped as you indicated, like a leg in

profile view.  Picture a stocking hanging by the back, dangling from a

fireplace mantle.  The stain was supposedly cleaned on several occasions

only to reappear.  The stone was also supposedly replaced (the original

dumped in the Penobscot River).  The stain appeaed on the new stone and is

still there.  Cool story.

Castine is the home of Maine Maritime Academy.  I think it was just to mess

with freshman, but there were stories of ghosts on the training vessle back

in the 1980s when I went to school there. The ship was named the "State of

Maine," formerly a USNavy troop transport ship during the Korean war, the

"Upshur."  For a period it was on loan or sold to the Viet Namese (or

Koreans - I don't remember now) and originally constructed as a Presidential

cruise liner.  I'm sure you could find someone to give you better details of

the ship and the ghost stories through the school.



2 little girls


By: asigwerth@sbcglobal.net



We are buying a house in MO. We have lived here for about 4 years.  The first year we lived here a couple of time I could smell vanilla.  I have nothing that smells of vanilla.  Next we saw shadows that would dart around courners or around the stereo speakers.  Next my 3 year old would talk to someone  and she said  Sally and Sarah were talking to her, this still happenes once in a while, though not as much.  Next  about 2 years later my daughter was crying and I saw a figure in a door way going to her as if to "check" on her.  A lot of times we all saw the "shadows".   The strangest thing that happened was about a year ago. One day my husband was fixing a window up in our attic  and tore down the old molding board  that held in the window and the name SARAH was on a board under the molding.  This board had never been taking off before by us.

These we fondly call our little girls,  they seem to protect and play,  sometimes I think they missplace item but they will always be welcome here.





Experiences at My House



By: jupiter4k@hotmail.com


My fiance and I moved into our home in November of 2003. It is a small, 2 bedroom house. It was built either in the 18 or 1900's, I really don't know much about the house. I was pregnant when we moved here and we were in a hurry to find a house and after a lot of looking we found this one that was in our budget and would accommodate the addition to our family.

Nothing weird started until a few months ago. I have always thought I had some kind of connection into the "spirit world", if you will. When I lived with my parents I would hear voices, but ONLY if I listened hard...I don't really know how else to put it. But if I would lay in my bed at night and be perfectly still and quiet I would start to hear a lot of people talking at first, and then a few voices would be singled out and they were talking to me. They would say my name, or other weird things. I have not done that in a long time.

Anyway, back to my house. Early one morning I was waiting for my fiance to shower and then I was going to drive him to work. He came out of the shower with bloody scratches all over his arm. I asked him what in the world happened and he said he didn't know. He said he didn’t even touch his arm, but that it burned and he had not noticed until I pointed it out to him. That was the first time I was really scared. I took our daughter and stayed at my parents house for the rest of the day.

A month or two ago I took a shower and I was wearing my towel as I brushed my teeth. My fiance came up behind me and asked me what happened to my back. I looked in the mirror and I had scratches all over my back every which way. I did not make them and I was sure for 2 reasons. 1)I bite my fingernails down to nothing, I always have 2)In order to have made those scratches myself I would have had to seriously strain to reach parts of my back and I did no such thing.

It really scares me but I try not to think of it. I never go into our basement because it just freaks me out. I hear noises down there sometimes, but I think it's just from the house, or at least I would like to think so. The scratches have not happened for a while, and I'm hoping it wont happen again. If anything like that ever happened to my daughter I would want to move out of here ASAP. We are planning on moving in 2 or 3 years to make room for a bigger family, but I already feel very uneasy in this house, especially at night.




Haunted Spirit in Cottage by the Sea(Hills Beach, Biddeford)


By: cferraro@maine.rr.com


In 1990 my mom had seen and felt the presence of a ghost. She was laying in her bed upstairs in the Cottage house, (at the time before we moved in it), and a ghost lady came out of the closet, and put her hand on my moms hand, and my mom can feel what she was saying. The ghost said, "Your safe here with me." In 1999 we moved into the Cottage house. I sometimes hear talking at night as I lay in bed. My mom and my brother heard music in the closet in my moms room where the ghost came out of during the middle of the night. It was soft, instrumental music.






By: lizdro2003@yahoo.com






I Feel For My Ghost


By: pleasure4poet@yahoo.com


i just wrote you about my boyfriends ghost, now i am going to tell you about my ghost. well, the ones i grew up with.i was raised WAY out in the boonies. our house was built by my grandfather(which raised me) in the pasture of the previous land owners. the spot where thier house sat (when it was erect) is the corner of our front pasture. all that is left are a wheel-barrow full of bricks.(we leave them out of respect)

anyhow, onward and upward! the first time i remember having any experience with them ----- there were four of them, mother, father, son, daughter ---- was when i was 5 and was starting school. the mother would watch me out of the window until i got on the bus, which picked us up in our driveway. i didnt know i should be scared, and so i wasnt. over the years they became more and more active. the kids would play with my brother and i(i.e. hide and seek with objects). we had a hurricane come through in about 85 or so, and that was the first time we really got a good look at the parents..we heard a very loud and alarming noise from the barn(alarming because we had horses that might be hurt) so we ran out the back door with flashlight in hand. what we saw would forever be cememted in our( my bros and my) mind. there was a 3ft by 3ft hole cut into the inside wall of the barn for pass-through ease for my grandfather, and it was the ONLY way to get from the barn yard to the from pasture when the gates were closed.we stood in the middle of the back yard, well able to see the barn yard and the pasture at the same glance, and what we saw was this. the barnyard, where our horses were suppose to be was empty( e had an appelousa and a throughbred, both VERY tall horses). the app. was in the front pasture standing under the biggest tree in the center of the pasture. he was being held by a man with rain gear of some sort on. a very large blue aura surrounded the man and our horse. the man was petting him and laying his head on the horses shoulder. our horse had his head droped and leaning into the man. he looked very calm and happy to be with the man. the same night we saw the wife running from room to room as if she was checking on everyone.

from that time on we saw them many, many more times. when my brother and i moved out in 93, we no longer saw or heard them when we would visit. we were saddened as our new family members who owned the house then were NOT by any means a loving family. i guess our ghost didnt like them. when i stayed in the house for a 3 months in the spring of 2003 i didnt hear a peep from them until very late one night when my son was running around the house. i heard him playing with his toys, but all of the sudden, i hear so much laughter and none of it was from my son. the laughter came from all rooms of the house at some point. i just cried. i was so happy to hear them again. i can only imagine that they were happy that i was back and broght with me, love and a new child to play with.

the house has since been sold again, to a non relative. i hope the new owners are a loving family and are good company to our beloved ghost.

thank you




Old Jail in Ottawa


By: Anonymous


I Went to visit the old jail in Ottawa which is haunted, I am very open to spirits, i can feel, hear and talk to them so when i got to the jail everything was fine on one side of it, but then when i got to the side where it use to be the death row i started feeling extremely bad since i can feel good and evil and where we were well they were all murderers going to be hang in the old days i started feeling their presence and they were making me feel bad that i my skin turned white, i felt weak in the knees and when i go to the jail were the most paranormal activity happens i made the mistake of touching the cell the minute i did that i felt like i was being choke and i was gona faint so i just told the tour guide that i had to leave and did so. the minute i got outside i started feeling better. this is one of my story and its one of the worst but for other stories its gonna have to be later. thnx.



Mullberry Grove Haunted


By: DBooth8633@aol.com


The legend says that deep in the woods of Mulberry Grove, lived a very old man.  He was a widow and lived with no one, not even a pet.  His house was made of stone, and nestled deep in the woods.  One night, his house caught on fire and in a couple of hours burned to the ground.  The neighbors saw the flames and called the fire dept.  They arrived to late, but the firefighters still searched for the man.  A couple of minutes searching and some of the firefighters saw the man wondering in the woods by his house.  They went over to him but when they got to his side, he disagreed.  They called over the Chief and they started searching again where they had once saw him.  After a while, the Chief sent them home to get some rest "Too much smoke in your lungs" the chief had said and sent them on their way. 

A couple of days later, a neighbor called the police saying that she had seen the man wondering around the ruins of his home.  The police got there and looked around, but saw no one, and saw no indication that someone had been there.  The police left shortly afterward.  That night the woman looked through her window and saw the man wondering about the house ruins.  She went outside to look for him.  When she got outside she heard this horrible noise.  Like someone in very deep pain.  About a year later, the same woman heard the same sound again.  She went outside and saw the man wondering about.  She went to him, but as soon as she got to him, he disagreed.

One night as I was coming home from school, I took the road home.  What I heard was a sound as of someone was in excruciating pain.  It is said that the man comes out to look for something in the ruins of his house each year to the date that his house was burned.  Each time he tries to look for something that he lost in the fire.  And each time he doesn't find it.  And each time he screams out.




My Ghost Experiences


By: dabplanalp@adelphia.net


Location: Fairfield PA, (8 miles south west of Gettysburg)

I was babysitting for some friends of the family, they live in a very large farm house.  I don't know how old it is but it was built before the civil war.  It's large and it's old.  Sadly it's owners have yet to experience anything unusual, but they've had a hard time keeping baby sitters.  There are some things about old houses that I'd like to point out.  I've spent nights in that house for many years so I'm used to it character.  I also grew up in a old house.  For starters they make noise.  Lots of noise, if you walk they creek, if the wind blows they creek.  Plus they contain a large volume of air so they breath as pressure inside equals itself with the air pressure outside.  Plus being alone in a big old house can be creepy.

I was baby sittings for friends, they're little girl had been asleep for around 2 hours and I was in the living room watching TV.  There was a open door that led out into a hallway and a door leading to the dining room, the door to the dining room was normaly kept shut.  That room was being renovated at the time.  So there I was watching TV, I didn't feel anything no chills, no breeze none of the classic 6th Sense stuff.  Suddenly I heard a door handle jiggle, my gaze shot over to the dining room door and I gawked as it shook up and down for around 10 seconds straight.  OOOOKAY.....going up stairs to check on the kid.....she was fast asleep.  Went back to the living room and resumed watching TV.  20 minutes later it happened again.  Nobody else was in the house, had it been the little girl I was babysitting I would have known, I'd be able to hear her trying to sneak down the steps, those floors creek like mad. 

I've babysat there several times after, nothing odd ever happened again...kinda disapointing hehe. Though I was definitly freaked out.




St. Leo, Florida



By: knight.barb@gmail.com



I found your website yesterday and I am fascinated.  I live in

Sarasota, FL now, but I attended Saint Leo University (not a college

anymore) for four years (staying in the dorms) and felt I should add

to the listing.

First of all, Saint Leo University has transitioned over the years

from a military academy to a university.  One of it's dorms was a

convent for many years before the university bought it from the

sisters.  (Holy Name Monastery where the nuns live is next to the

freshman dorm, the building that used to house the nuns, and Saint Leo

Abbey where the monks reside is on the campus).

My freshman year I lived in the Marmion/Snyder Hall dormitory.  At

that time the girls lived in Marmion, the guys in Snyder.  I lived on

the third floor.  As the hallways were indoors I left my door open.

The dormitory is very small and you easily know everyone who resides

on your floor.  My roommate and I had several occurrences of hearing

footsteps and shuffling in the hallway and when we'd look out to see

who was coming or going nobody was there.

In Snyder Hall there are four floors.  The bottom level is called

'Garden Level'.  Nobody was housed on the Garden Level in my year.

Several of us would go down there, however, and an eerie feeling

inevitably overcame you.  I never ever wanted to be alone down there.

Also, the doors of the rooms to this floor had what looked like evil

faces in the grain.

Other students told me about weird experiences they had as well.

Several talked about the nun that would tap your shoulder while you

were in the shower (the Marmion dorm).  One girl spoke about a blue

orb floating in the corner of her room (also in Marmion).

The other side of the campus wasn't free of intrigue either.  Rumor

was that back when Leo was a military school one of the cadets hung

himself in his dormitory rather than go to war in WWII.  Saint Leo

never housed students in that room to my knowledge.

I don't know if you can use any of these occurrences when you update

the index of hauntings, but I felt compelled to share.




This is a Ghost sStory


By: mercedes55@charter.net


 I am writing on a personal experience at Ocean Pier One. My family always takes a trip to the beach each summer. We always take a trip to Pier One. This time I took a friend with me. We had to go to the bathroom, so we entered it. It was one where it isn't just like one restroom but like 5 stall restroom. It didn't have a lock on any of the sides. We went to the bathroom and when we were heading out, the door was locked. My friend and I tugged and tugged on it. We started to freak out. Then when we thought any thing wasn't going to get worse, it did. The lights went out. It was pitch black. I had a shopping bag on my arm. I felt either it slipping off or someone pulling it off. I told my friend that I couldn't find it. We felt everywhere but still no sign for it. We then started to cry. Apparently no one heard us. I looked through my purse to see if anything could get us out of there. It was sooooooo scary. I found a big flashlight in my purse. I had never had a flashlight in my purse. That was freaky. I turned it on and it started flashing. Finally, about 10 minutes after that we got out. We ran out screaming and crying. My mom asked us what had happened and we told her the whole story. We couldn't find our merchandise any where. We put the flashlight into the ocean(what a stupid thing to do).So we went back to our lodge. It was at the end of the week and we were about to leave when we went to the rest room. We found a bag on the toilet seat. It had all our merchandise with it!!!!! We were amazed. It had a typed out letter in the bag. It read:   I think this belongs to you. Another of your belongings is on the porch. Signed, Anonymous. The lodge we were staying in was more of a hotel. We were on the sixth floor. Overlooking the ocean. We went out on the porch when we found the flashlight untouched. It was not wet, it had the exact same batteries and it was in perfect shape. When we got home, we looked in our documents and it had something we had never written. It's title was: The Letter. We looked into it and it said exactly what it said on the letter. Today, still, we get weird and unusual emails and documents.




Douglas Az


By: Rtggomez@aol.com


My father is from Douglas,Az and throughout my teens we have attended many social funtion in Douglas in which being a large family we have always stayed at the Gadsen Hotel.I was aware of the stories featured in magazines and certain T.V programs dealing with the haunting possibility.I never really bought into the ghosts idea.Until one occassion when after attending a wedding and returning to my room with my girlfriend at the time I undressed out of my suit and due to lazyness and fatigue I didnt hang my suit on a hanger.The recliner in the room would be good enough until the mourning.At approx 3 am I heard a noise as did my girlfriend,we thought it sounded like a slamming door. In the am when I woke up my suit was not only hung but put in dry cleaners plastic and put in the closet. This is something I would never have done nor would my girlfriend because she was unaware that I had traveled with the plastic from cleaners




Ghost Stories


By: Foxxypizzagirl@aol.com




i have a strong belief in these kinds of things. i have experienced a few things myself and have heard of a few from my parents and other family members...

i have so many stories, id like to share a few of them...

a sort of funny one my dad told me when i was younger... we lived in my great grandparents house, my pappy grew up next door, he had moved in with his grandmother when his mom died, because he didnt get along with his stepmother... when he married my grama, they moved back into the house he was born. my dad and my aunt told me that my grama didnt allow any males in her room, except my pappy. my room growing up was her old room. one night when i was just a baby, my parents got into a fight and my dad came in my room to sleep in the extra bed. he was just about to fall asleep when a picture hanging on the wall behind his head suddenly crashed to the floor... he just got up and said "alright alright mom, im leaving.." i thought it was pretty funny. also, when i was little, after my grama died, my parents took care of my pappy who had a stroke. they would always push an ottoman in the doorway of the living room where his bed was so i couldnt bother him. but every single night while they were sleeping (keep in mind, pappy was paralyzed, and could not walk) they would hear banging downstairs in the living room, below their room and when they would go downstairs, the ottoman would be moved from the doorway. my dad was angry because it would always wake them up in the middle of the night.. once, he said "mom, if your here, then show us now!" and then suddenly a spider dropped down right in front of him. : ) after a while they decieded grama didnt want them to block me from playing with my pappy : )

another story is many years later... my dad died from lukeimia and my mom was having health problems. the doctors said that she was under extreme physical and emotional stress, from taking care of my dad for so long and then he died. so she was in and out of the hospital. when she was in the hospital, my aunt (dads sister) would stay with us during the week (so we could go to school) and we would stay at her house on the weekends. one night, when she was there, i was getting ready for school. i was in my room decieding what to do w/ my hair the next morning. my sister and i shared the room (still gramas old room). i turned on my curling iron, and sat on the toychest my dad made us when my sister was born and talked to my sis who was laying in bed. when i decieded it should be hot enough, i got up, picked it up and put it to my hair and it was cold. i figured i didnt turn it on, like i thought, so i turned it on this time and made sure i did, and sat back down. this happened 3 or 4 times. i even told my sister. i held it up, showed it to her, said "it IS on this time!" and waited again. i just thought i was going crazy. the last time, it was off AGAIN! i told my sister and we both started screaming. we ran down to my aunt and told her and she asked are you sure u didnt just bump it? but the button was hard to push over when you were trying to switch it on and off. so i knew that wasnt the case and told her. we told her that we werent sleeping in our room that night, and she insisted we were being silly... it was just grama playing with us. she just wanted us to know she was there. now this was the first time she had ever made her presence known to us, and i was 15 years old, and she died when i was a few months old. we slept in the room that night beacause my aunt was convinced it was grama and there was no reason to be afraid of her. she hadnt made her presence again after that. maybe she didnt want to scare us..

another night years later, my mom was taken to the hospital w/ heart problems. my sister went with her and my brother and little cousin stayed with me. my brother was in the living room in the back of the house playing with his game boy. my cousin and i were sitting at the kitchen table playing "triominos", my dads favorite game. there is a hall leading from the kitchen to the front door. we had a metal door that needed oiled badly koz when it opened and closed it creaked loud. suddenly i heard it open and close. i thought maybe my mom had come home. but noone walked in. i didnt know if i was hearing things or if i really heard it but i didnt wanna scare the kids so i decieded not to say anything. but my cousin looked up at me and whispered "did you hear that?!" and i casually answered "hear what?" and he said "someone just came in the front door.." and i freaked! i ran into the living room, told my little brother (who tends to be braver than me) and we all grabbed a weapon. my brother a hockey stick, my cousin a baseball bat and me a baton. and the cordless phone. we decieded whoever came in had to have gone staight up the stairs, since they didnt come into the kitchen. so we were going to investigate. the door was locked as it was since the moment my aunt left to the hospital and told us to leave it locked. we never made it past the first step. we kept counting "1..2..3.. " to coax us up the stairs but we couldnt move, we were so scared. suddenly the phone rang and scared us to death. it was my neighbor calling to check on us and i was crying and told her someone was in the house. i knew it wasnt a human person but she was scared and told us to meet her out in the street and she was going to call the police. he came and searched the whole house... nnoone was there.. i knew.. i knew it wasnt a person. i knew later it was silly to be scared. maybe it was daddy or grama or pappy checking on us since we were home all alone.

i moved out on my own when i was 19 years old. i got an apartment with a friend. our bedrooms were connected by a door. we kept it open just a crack when we first moved in, it kind of made us feel more secure... it was both of our first times on our own.. one night while i was sleeping, i had wokeup suddenly. there was a sound like a wind in my room. i wasnt sure what it was and was a little creeped out but usually when im creeped out like that, i try to ignore it... "pretend you didnt even notice. pretend you dont even know its there.. just roll over and go back to sleep.." and this time, i thought the same thing... but i couldnt. i couldnt move. i couldnt roll over. there was wind and i was stuck right where i was. i was so scared. i wanted to call to my roommate for help.. but i couldnt speak... nothing but barely a whisper came out.. i kept trying and trying but nothing. finally i just thought over and over "just leave me alone! just go away, leave me alone!" and suddenly-it sopped. the wind was gone, and the pressure was gone... just like turning off a switch. and somehow i just rolled over and went back to sleep, somehow. i dont know how! it still scares me when i think about it, though it never happened again.

the only other thing that happened there was that i would always see a little black cat in the corner of my eye. running away. it never really occured to me right away cause i was used to having a cat, but he didnt live with me, we werent allowed animals there. i would suddenly think "that wasnt mr. kitty.." but by the time id look it would be gone. i never told anyone but my little brother was visited a few times and he told me he saw a little black cat in the corner of his eye a few times when he was there. i told him i see it too then.

one fall, my sister, her boyfriend Jay and i visited a graveyard, just for fun. we took along his moms little camcorder for kicks, see what we could see. we were following Jay around and he was taping and talking a bit, focusing on a few cool looking headstones and that kind of thing.. my sister and i were holding hands... we were a little nervous :  ). suddenly not half a foot away from me, i heard someone walking beside me, like they were dragging their feet through the grass and leaves. my sister heard it too, and we grabbed eachother and jumped over to the side a bit and told Jay what we heard. but we kinda laughed it off, we were there hoping to see and hear things like that. when we were leaving we saw a yellow ball fly past us and disappearon the roof of  the car. like it went into the car. Jay said that if you look in the rearview mirror when you get in your car, youll see someone sitting there in your backseat. so he videotaped it. and he did see someone.. of course i was in the backseat, there was someone sitting right next to me, he told me he could see the head and shoulders. i was so freaked. i saw it on the tape later, btu not then, thank God. when we got back to my apartment we watched the tape and saw so many things we didnt see while we were there.. like when he was focused on a headstone of a child that was probally about 4 or 5 when they died, i cant remember, suddenly, in the video, a small figured had run past, from behind him, past the stone, and then over to the side and was gone. sooo creepy, cause we didnt see it when we were there, but we saw it in the video. we also saw some orbs in the video. i hope to do that again sometime. it was really fun.

im sorry its so long, its just really exciting to share these kinda of stories... : ) good job on your site by the way. lots of interesting reading...




 My Experience


By: gizmozmts@yahoo.com


I was just in your website and I had a few experiances myself. I was only 7or 8 when I first saw a ghost/spirit.  It was my grandmother, and she came to tell me that she was okay now and that I was supposed to be a good girl. I later learned that she had passed away 20 minutes before that.

Also for the better part of a few months I had this shadow always follow me.  It waould even sit in my car with me!  Sometimes I felt like it was trying to hurt me.  After a while it just went away.  Sometimes I still see things when I pass a cemetary or even just walking around.  I at first thought I was crazy, now I just accept it



Haunted House in MA


By: barrudaki@comcast.net


I've been reading the stories on your site and decided to share one of many occurrences that I have had through out my lifetime. I was about 26 when I moved in with my boyfriend (now my x) and his parents. Prior to moving in, at times I had gotten feelings of being watched. The house was well over 150 years old maybe more. It had been used back in the colonial days as a safe house for the Underground Railroad. There is a secret room in it and the only way to get to it now, is if you get on the roof and climb down the chimney. The chimney has footholds going down the inside of it. From what I understand the room was used as a safe room in case the Indians attacked and tried to burn the house down, the family would be able to get to the room from inside the house. The house would burn around them but they would be safe and then could climb up the chimney to escape. It is believed that at the beginning of the stairway on the first floor is where the original access to the secret room is located though no one was really sure.

The house has gone through several renovations over the years and the original design is no longer known. The house while I was there was divided in to two halves. One side my boyfriend and I lived on that had a living room, bedroom, and a back room/ kitchenette of sorts. There were two ways to enter his side. One way was; as you walked in the front door you took a left and walked into the double doors that lead into his living room. Or you could go through the small hallway between his parent’s dining room and his room. The hallway was set up more like a closet with doors on each end, that space use to be where the stoves were located when the house was first built. The stairway up to the second floor is very steep; it is built over the area where the fireplace use to be.

The first thing to happen to me was an innocent teasing. I was sitting at my boyfriend’s computer, which is in his living room, playing a video game and listening to my cd player. The desk had an L shaped return where I was resting my arm. While I was playing the game I felt and heard a slight taping on the return. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then thought that maybe my boyfriend was trying to be subtle about wanting my attention. I turned my chair around to face him and I was saying,"Did you want something." But when I turned around there was nobody there. So I turned back around and started playing the game again. A few minutes later the taping started again. Each time I turned and no one would be there. By this time I was thinking that maybe my boyfriend was playing a trick and moving out my line of sight. the next time the taping started, I whirled completely around. No one was there and my boyfriend had just walked into the living room from his room, in time to see me spinning in the chair. I told him what happened and he said that it was just one of the ghost that playing with me. He then told me that the house had several ghost and they had one confirmed sighting of a little girl.

I guess overtime I had become the target. Occasionally I would place something down and it would disappear end up in a different room. At first I thought it was I just not remembering where I put things. Then one night my boyfriend had placed his wallet on the dresser in his room and went in his living room to read a book. There is a doorway between his room and the living room but no door. He was sitting on the couch and out of the corner of his eye he watched his wallet lift up off his dresser float in mid air and place itself on the other dresser across the room. He went into his room and confirmed that his wallet was now indeed on the other dresser, not where he put it before.

There would be other odd occurrences that would go on. His toilet flushing by it self, every once in a while I would see a dark shape near the heater in his kitchenette. The one thing that was most interesting is that I would be sitting in the living watching TV and I would see a black and white cat run across the doorway between the living room and his room. I once told his older sister about the cat and she then told me that they use to have a black and white cat named Patches.

I only lived there for about a year when him and I had broken up and I moved out. We got back together but that is where things changed. There were nights that I would stay over; he would have to go to work earlier than I (before sunrise). After he left some mornings I would be half in and out of sleep but I would feel the weight of someone curled up on my back laying next to me. The first time I thought that my boyfriend and come back home feeling ill or something. I turned over and nothing was there. The weight had gone. I thought maybe again one of the ghosts was just playing a trick on me. Then another time the same thing happened but this time; I felt the slight weight of someone hand caressing my side. I got out of the bed. This went on for a few weeks to the point that I no longer wanted to stay in the house without him there. I told him about it but neither one of us could come with an explanation. (Until later which I won't get into right now.) It kept happening until one morning, I bolted up and yelled, "Your not Ken so stop it!" It stopped for a time, but then I changed jobs and didn't have to go in until a later time and somet ng else started to happen.

The first time I stayed over after changing jobs, my boyfriend left at his usual time. I was lying awake in bed trying to get back to sleep. My boyfriend had left the hallway doors open so I could see down the hall way and into his parent’s dining room. I was facing the hallway when suddenly what looked liked someone holding a lantern up walking; crossed the doorway on the dining room side and go into his parent’s kitchen. I was alone in the house; his parents were away. My initial thought was that someone had broken in, but I had not heard any sounds. I remained still my heart pounding. I saw the light again cross the doorway; it came from the kitchen, like someone was looking for something. I decided to mustard up the courage to go out there and see what was going on. My boyfriend keeps a dagger under his bed, so I grabbed the dagger and walked out the room. I was shaking; I thought for sure someone else was in the house and trying to rob it. I turned on the closet light switch to me. But found nothing. I checked all the doors; they were locked. Shaken and quite awake, I dressed, left the house and hung out at the local coffee shop until I had to go to work. When I told my boyfriend about it his response was, "Oh that's the caretaker, he may have just been wondering what you were doing still in bed." Until that day I had never encountered that ghost, and it terrified me.

After that day things escalated with that ghost. My boyfriend’s parents headed down south for the winter and left him in charge of the house. I would still stay over at times but after he left for work I would migrate to the couch in his living room, in hopes of avoiding the caretaker. A series of incidents caused me to finally break and get mad. I was sleeping on the couch and I would hear and feel the vibrations of pounding footsteps that would start from the dining room, go through my boyfriend’s room and end at the doorway of the living room. I had it and yelled, "I don't have to be up at that <bleep>ing time anymore so leave me alone."  The caretaker continued with his antics.

I stayed less and less during the week. If by chance I did stay; I would stay up after my boyfriend left and watch TV or work on the computer. His parents came back and things calmed down a bit except for the times when I would stay on a Friday and my boyfriend had to work the next day. I would still get visits from the caressing ghost even with if his parents were there. The house was eventually sold but by that time, we had broken up. I have other encounters with the paranormal but I will save those for another time.

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