Other Experiences

By: gizmozmts@yahoo.com

 I have wrote to you before about my other experiances, but I have one about a haunted house a friend of mine lived in a few years back.  A bunch of us used to hang out there he had a lot of bon fires over the summer.  The first time I had ever went there was a few months after he moved in.  I was dating his best friend, and he told me that he thought it was haunted.  I in turn did not believe him, at first, then things happened.
 We were in the kitchen and all of a sudden we heard something from the basement, like someone using a broomstick and hitting the ceiling from the basement.  I laughed at first and asked who was down there.  Then I saw the look on my friends face, he was terrified, and suggested we go outdoors for a while.  While we were outside I asked what was going on?  He said that was the ghosts way of letting him know he was annoyed.  So he leaves the premisis for a while.  I still was skeptical until I looked up and could see into the front door and standing there in his living room was this old guy who was somewhat glowing!!  I Almost hightailed it out of there when they decided it was safe to go in! 
 I told them I was leaving and they insisted I go back in so I did.  I asked my friend if he has ever seen his "ghost" he said no.  I described to him what he looked like and he looked into the previous owners of the house.  Well it turns out there was a guy who died in that house who looked like the same man I described!!  I freaked after that as well as my friend.  Things were going good at first like everytime my friend came home from work he would announce himself and the guy never bothered anyone.  There was always this room upstairs that everytime you walked by it, you could feel a cold draft from the door and it was locked.  We never thought anything of it, till the man started to get mad.
 There were more parties going on out there cause of summer, well the man seemed to not like the parties, and he started showing himself more to me and my friend.  I knew he was getting mad, and things got bad when he started attacking my friend at night.  He would wake up to slashes across his back!!  We checked into the history more and found out that the man was not friendly when he was alive and worse when he was dead!!!  It did not take long for my friend to move.  The beatings were worse by the time he left.  Although he never attacked me I always felt threatened by him I would wake up to him right in my face, and he would disappear when I would scream.
 I still think about the horrors that man would do to everyone, and how my friend survived actually being attacked by a ghost!  Sometimes I still have dreams about this man and how he chases people out of "his house".  To this day the house is still empty.

Neighborhood Haunted House

By: goosethemighty@hotmail.com

My name is Billy and I would like to share a supernatural story of mine with you. Although my story does not have a "physical" contact (seen a ghost) there was definetely something supernatural in the house.
It was a few years ago back in 2001 or 2002 I believe in Mississauga Ontario. Mississauga is a fast growing suburbs just outside of Toronto. The place in question was your very typical haunted house on top of a hill surrounded bye vast land which in turn was surrounded bye industrial and commercial land.The house was deserted  only of it's occupants as it's remaisn lay trapped behind borded windows. I know it sounds silly but that is exactly what it was, that looming house on the hill that every kid stared at as there parents drove bye. I was one of those kids, who while in the back of my parents car stared silently at the house as we drove bye. But it was more than just the stereotypical view of the house the captured me, there was something there, something odd that pulled me in. it was not until a few years later that I had the guts to go to the house.
I had moved away from Mississauga to Toronto but I never forgot the house. I had always told myself that I would go back, alone, and take photographs of the house. So one day I grabbed my camera and I headed back to the house. It was early spring and the leaves have yet to grown on the trees.This house had the most scary driveway I have seen, probably the length of 2-3 footballfields and that is no joke. Now from what I know the house remained deserted and the land untouched bye commercialists. I guess sometime, someone managed to get inside because the roof was burnt completely off. Most of the window boardings were torn down and the insides of the rooms were completely overturned and damaged. From the beer cans all over the place there must have been a party. The property around the house was littered with about 3-4 sheds and about 4-5 old rusted cars and scraps all over the ground. I forgot to mention that for some reason I decided to go the house in the evening, dusk to be precise. I had less than an hour to take photographs before darness settled in.
So I entered the housefrom the back because it was the only part of the house with an open door. The floor was littered with papers, over turned chairs and alot of other rubble. I took some photos on the entrance and made my way inside. I went into the room that was the furthest into this part of the house (the first floor had two sections of the house that could not reached from inside). This room had an overturned couch a fireplace and a littered floor.This room gave me very strong thoughts about entering it. I don't know what it was but there was something that felt like i WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. But I entered and I stood at the the far right corner behind the couch and aimed my camera towars the fireplace. The light on my camera flickered on and off rapidly and my camera refused to take the photo. I tried and tried but my camera would not take it, instead I stood there and whatched as the room went from total darkness to light as the camera flickered on and off. Afraid of what might appear I left the room and stood looking into it from beyond. From there I went to the upstairs to where a previous fire left the entire floor naked to the sky. This is where I noticed something odd.
The house's main floor (as I had said before) was divided into two parts, neither could be reached from inside the main floor. You either had to leave the house go around and enter through another door. Or as I just had learned, you had to go upstaris cross over to the other side and take another set of stairs down. Unoftunetely the stairs that lead to the other side of the house was blocked bye fallen timber. But this layout of a house was very, very odd, it did not make sense.
So I went back downstairs and went around the the otherside of the house to enter. I found an open window and pulled myself up onto the ledge. I froze right on this spot, starring deep into this part of the house. I have no idea what it was but something was telling me to stay the hell away from here. I felt this deep, fear, this huge warning of not too enter this part of the house. So I pulled myself back down and walked away.
Now here is the interesting this; I have dreamt much of this house before I had gone to visit it. In my dreams there was another entrance to the house, or another part of the house. A tunnel, carved into the house from the ground. As I walked away from the house that day I saw it. about 50 feet from the house, 5 feet down the portal of it cemented there lay another path wide enough to crawl through that pointed to the house.
Now you can believe this or not, everything I have said is true, just thought you would like to hear it.

Winter Storm

By: Anonymous

In the late 1970's I attended college in NY State around the Finger
Lakes. The building I describe was built in the 1890's. Since we were in
the middle of the first oil crisis, students who remained on campus
spent the short winter term in the old Main dorm to conserve energy. 
As it happened, some friends and I were assigned a large, empty room on
the top floor.  It was four floors up and one floor below the attic and
one end slanted along the roofline. The room had been primarily used for
storage. The gloomy winter sun had a hard time shining through the one
iced-up window facing the lake.  Dark as it was, we cheerfully shoved
the desks to one side and slept on the floor to give us more room.  We
were having a good time "camping out" and weren't inclined to do much
school work until our papers were due.
After 3 weeks or so, a winter storm was approaching so we decided to
stock up on the necessities and have a little party just amongst
ourselves.  I'd like to say that we all were sober as judges and went to
bed early after saying our prayers.  However, it being the late
Seventies we indulged in smoke and alcohol.  We had the stereo up loud
but the music couldn't completely cover the growing sound of the wind.
Our window was frosted up and a tree branch scratched at the glass.
Every now and then someone wondered whether we would be snowed in. 
Someone said we would at least be able to get down on the tree. 
Eventually, we turned in.
Unsurprisingly, that night I had a very spooky dream.  A woman hovered
over me and was trying to say something to me.   God knows I tried to
understand but her fluid outlines and vivid colors made me feel a bit
queasy.  I woke up, certain she was still in the room.  I saw nothing,
just the shadow of the tree limb swaying outside.  "Too much party", I
thought and went back to sleep.
We were quiet the next morning.  I supposed it was due to too much of a
good thing the night before.  The snowdrifts were impressive as the wind
had been so wicked, but the sun was out and the sky was clear and the
snow was pristine.  It was so different than the storm that I felt up to
sharing my spooky dream.  It seems that 2 of the others had strange
dreams as well.  Since we all dreamed different things, I was certain
nothing occult had happened.  I was very relieved since we still had 3
weeks to live in that room. 
Being a Florida girl, I was still curious about snow still and wanted to
have a look around.  I dragged a willing soul with me and we make a
quick trek around the yard.  Finally, I wanted to see about our tree. 
My companion was bitching about the cold as she ran into my back.  When
she saw why I had stopped she said, "sonofabitch".  You may have guessed
by now that there was no branch, no tree, no vegetation within 15 yards
of our window and nothing was 4 stories high.  We dug in the snow a bit
to see whether it had fallen. Nope. No trunk, no hidden limbs in the snow. 
We ran up to the room to look out and make certain we had the right
window.  When we heated off the frost with a hair dryer and we looked
down and saw nothing but our tracks.  Every one of us marched back down
to try and find our tree.  Nothing.  We went back upstairs and talked a
bit to get over the shock. We were all skittish but managed to sleep in
the room, but with our mattresses shoved much closer together. After
that we never mentioned much, why bother, there was no rational
explanation. I am just glad I wasn't the only witness. That would have
been crazy-making.

My Guardian Angel

By: Ben77194736755@aol.com

Hi, I live in the United Kingdom & have had a few ghostly experiences. My first was when I was about 7-8 just after my dog had passed away. He used to sit with me at the top of the stairs when I was younger as if to protect me from falling down, he would let me be till Id made it all the way up or down. After he was gone, I used to sit on the same top stair pining for my best friend. One evening I watched as a cat walked from the dinning room door, which was open through the living room door which was shut. This wasnt the only time I met the cat. I always slept with the door shut to my bedroom but felt a cat pad & paw its way to getting comfortable on my bed. I also remember it purring aswell. We did have a cat at the time so I thought it was her. I reached down to stroke what I thought was my cat, instead there was a small indent in my mattress, when I turned the light on, there was nothing there, my door was still shut & my cat wasnt in the room. During my teens a few times I woke to find my light on & television turned on. This stopped when I moved out of the family home while I went to college.
I suppose more disturbly is what has been happening to me for the last few years. In 3 different properties I have lived in, my bed has been shaken, first couple of times it happened I was really scared, but have gotten used to it now & have accepted it. If I had the courage I would ask it what it wants, but it has never hurt me & I believe it is there just to let me know its looking out for me. Whenever it has happened, it is usually when I have been upset, it happened after I broke up with my ex girlfriend for example.
Thank you for listening, from what I've seen of your website so far has been brilliant.

My Ghostly Happening

By: ATravelers@aol.com

One day my family and I decide to have cook out for the 4th of July. Me and my cousins go to the park and eveything seems fine. When we get back from the park everyone is in my uncles swimming pool having a good time enjoying the nice day.My cousins and I decide to go in side to get some ice cream when it all started. When we get inside numerous
doors start to slam and then it got really cold. We ran outside in a panic and told my grandma what happened she says it was nothing. About ten minutes later it everything goes really still like there is no wind or anything then the huge table umbrella begins to lift out of it's socket in the middle of the table! After that the party was over we all left!
About 4 months after that my uncle decides to go to Myrtle Beach and needed someone to watch over his house so we volunteered to do it and in return we got to use his pool! We didn't get to use it until the before he got back but now we wish he came back earlier! We brought my friend to go swimming us. We were swimming for about a hour when we began to here a dog bark really loudly thinging nothing of it at the time we kept swimming. My mom at the time was inside my uncles house doing bills. It started raining next and my mom came out and told us that it was almost time to stop swimming. As we got out of the pool we heard a faint moning sound coming from my uncles garage so we ran inside. Next my mom says i seen on the walls i think someone is in the house!! Then as we start running away we hee a loud shreek then a man screaming help me help me!!! We were so scared that i forgot my sandels! Anyway after that my uncle told me he has heard little kids screaming from his basement. But after these happenings are part of my uncles "protecting ghost bexause everything that happens happened when he was not in the house! 

Wonder to this Day

By: HIMtopia19@aol.com

I lived in a small, cramped apartment in a building that was built in the 1940's in Kokomo, IN.  I had heard several ghost stories from my friends and whatnot, but had never taken any of them to heart until I saw firsthand a ghost in my very own home.
I had never truly felt at ease in my apartment, it had always seemed as though something else resided besides my boyfriend and I.  What got me thinking was the fact that whenever i opened the front door, I saw a faint shadow of a person walk into the kitchen, which was to the left.  Lighting can create that, but no matter if the light source were emitting from the right, left, behind me, or even not at all, I ALWAYS saw a faint shadow of a person walk into the kitchen.  I really never thought much more than it being a light trick, though I was creeped out that I saw a shadow even though there would be no light at all.  After a while I rarely noticed it.
Things changed on January 19, 2004.  I was on my computer in my living room.  To the left of me was a walk-in closet; we always kept the doors to the closet open.  I was the only one home.  It was nighttime and the lights were on in the house.  I stared at the screen, not paying attention to anything else, when the lighting in the room changed and got dimmer.  It repeated this for a few seconds and I chalked it up to the snowstorm outside.  A few minutes go by and then, to my left, I see what appeared to be a person outside my field of vision.  I wear glasses, so I don't see way off to the side too well.  Anyway, I turned my head and I saw--as clear as anyone could ever see--a young man walk straight into my closet and disappear.  I remember exactly what he had looked like--about 6 feet tall; short, straight blond hair; wearing only a pair of baggy blue jeans.  He never looked over at me, I only saw him from the side as he disappeared into my closet.
Strange I know, and I could not make sense of it either.  I was so scared that I immediately jumped up from my chair and drove to my mother's house, where I stayed for a couple of days.  Later on, after I moved out a month later, I found out from my landlord that the last resident was a young man who had committed suicide by hanging himself with a noose in the walk-in closet.
I wonder to this day, Why did I see him? What was the purpose? I don't know if I will ever know, but I have been both fascinated and frightened by my experience from the day it has happened.

My 3 Ghost Experiences

By: johnnydeppluver9@yahoo.com

i'm thirteen years old and i know alot of you think i am just making this up but i want to share my three experiences with ghosts and they have happened in the house i am living in now in MD. I want to start with the one that is probably at the least four months old . As most of you know as a kid i go to school monday through friday then have the weekend and on friday nights i stay up extremely late. So one night i was on the computer in my living room,(if your on my computer you can see my couch out of the corner of your left eye)at abut 2:30 a.m. and i have comcast cable so i have music videos on a certain channel and i had it on a low volume because  my parets were sleeping and all of a sudden the tv went from music videos to the show the x-files(i told my grandmother that about a week before her death ) and out of the corner of my eye i saw a woman figure sitting in the middle of my couch and let me tell you i screamed so loud that i woke both my parents up and i could here them getting out od bed . But really scared me was that before the figure disappeared it looked straight at me then went away.And when i told my mom she laughed at me saying i was tired and needed sleep, btu i know for a fact that i saw what i saw and i hope all of you believe me because it scares me everytime i retell this story. And also i think it is my grandmother because i was always close to her and she told me that no matter what happens to us we will always be together.
This is my second experience-i was in bed one night ,(with my room its narrow and the foot of my bed is close to the door) and i woke up and if you lean over my bed to the left you can see down the hall so me being the curious one i heard a noise so i leaned over and saw this old man with a cane looking at my doorway and i was so scared i was paralyzed with fear I closed my eyes trying to make it disapper but when i opened my eyes again it was right in my doorway staring at me with dark eyes  i cound'nt scream or anything. then i heard the steps moving and then man looked down the hall then back at me and scurried into my brothers room which is right next to,mine my brother had spent the night at his friends house that night) and my mom came up the stairs going to her room . Let's just say that i ran to my mom faster than i had ever ran before and i am 13 and it was the first time since i was 6 that i slept in my mom's room clinging on to her for dear life.that was about a month ago and then nothing happened i didn't see the ma anymore untill two days ago and i knew i had to post this on the website
My third and final experience was again while i was sleeping. And this one is the most intense.I had been sleeping and then i felt my bed shift and when i looked up thinking it was my mom it was the same man! I just stared at him and him at me. i whispered to my mom but i knwew she couldn't hear me because she was down stairs so the man just kept starin at me and then it looked at my neck where i have a small scar from when my brother and i got into a fight and i fell scratching myself and the mans hand came to my neck and i felt this cold chill go down my spine and then he let go of my nack got off my bed and kind of drifted out of my room and then disappeared. I had to take long breathes to keep from fainting. ummm.. i want to thank all of you who read this and if there are any mispelled words i am so sorry but now i have to go and get to sleep and go to school tomorrow so i want to say goodbye and i will update if anything else happens

Marion(Grant County)Hostess House

By: AKRMVERMILION@wmconnect.com
Several years ago I was in the hostess house to photograph a young couples wedding.  The night of there rehersal  was the anniversary of the elderly womans death.  Several things happened.  People in the kitchen had said that earlier in the day the stove quit,light bulbs blew and then that evening she was seen watching the rehersal.  At the time of the meal the staff was bringing out the salads on a cart and then for no reason one from the bottom tray flys off as if the carpet had a bump in it.  Upon checking it out it was found that the carpet was smooth.  A staff member nervously joked that maybe it was the woman who used to be the caretaker.  I at one point went to reload my camera and seen a shadow of a woman going upstairs.  Curious I followed.  She went into the room that used to be hers.  I will never forget that experience.

Lone Mountain College

By: Unic563@cs.com
The college that I attended in San Francisco had been built on what was on 2 different occasions cemeteries. The small campus  which is centrally located sits atop a large hill and is now part of the USF. I attended the last four years of Lone Mountain's College before the USF sale, from 1974-1978. I was a resident  assistant during my stay there. I experienced and recieved reports from other students and staff of many strange happenings. Footsteps in the hallway that could not be expained , because if you happened to be in the room outside of where the footsteps could be heard or any where near and you opened your door, no source of the steps could be found. An old pipe organ in the locked chaple would sometimes play a chord between 3 and 330 am. When security would arrive to investigate the locked chaple would be empty. Several people including myself had seen orbs that seemed to race across a walkway connecting the dorms and the main building. I personally used to see the back of nun who would walk briskly along the dorm hallways only to disappear into the heavy fire door at the end of the hall. This figure that I saw seemed to be like a blurry picture that on the last occasion that it went past me I could feel the sudden cold spot that I had heard about from other people about the fire door on the second floor. It is said that a novice nun who was to teach the first class of music students the year that college opened as a finishing school for young Catholic Women, jumped to her death into what is now the parking lot. It is said that she had an affair with a priest from USF, and took her life when she found out that she was pregnant.



The Following happened in Pocatello, Idaho and Basalt, Idaho:  
In 1981, I witnessed my sister, Linda Dianne Smith, being kidnapped from our home while babysitting me. Because of my single mother's financial and social status at the time, the police treated her kidnapping as a runaway or a joke. They thought I had made up the kidnapping to cover for my sister. Many weeks passed and still no contact from my sister. Finally my mother took me to a hypnotist and I was able to recall almost everything that had happened that night. Then and only then did the police treat her disappearance as suspicious.
Later that summer, after my mother finished school, we all decided to move in with my maternal grandparents. We had only been there a short while, when one night lying in bed I heard someone calling my name from outside. I got up and went outside across the street and there standing alone was my sister. I thought to myself this isn't real. But she came over to me and hugged me and told me not to worry about her anymore because she was ok, but would not be able to see me again. I loved my sister dearly and only being 9 years at the time I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. However, when I woke up the next morning thinking I had dreamt that whole scenario, I got out of bed and noticed my feet were all muddy and dirty. I never went outside without my shoes on before, mainly because the spring before my sister was taken she had stepped on a bee, and I didn't want the same thing to happen to me.
In May of 1982, a few months after "seeing" my sister some kids were playing on a hill nearby where we used to live and discovered some human remains. Mainly a skull and a few other fragments. They were later identified as my sister, Linda Dianne Smith. Her kidnapping and murder remain a mystery to this day. Although I am still uncertain of what I saw that night I would like to think it was my sister coming to say goodbye.

Like What They See

By: La3Dr@aol.com

i grew up in franklin, in. a college city 30 miles south of indianapolis. shortly after my mother died in 1980, my sister, step-brother n his wife came up for a weekend to visit with my father and me to go through some of mom's items. after they left the following sunday, i had laid down for a nap. during the course of the nap, i was jarred awake by a  presence. i saw the curtains to a window looking out onto the street close by themselves and saw the shadow of a woman sitting on my bed. i knew immediately it was mother but was not the least bit frightened by it. she was merely checking on me to make sure i was ok. several years later, the house was up for sale. as the final sales details were being worked out, i had stopped in to visit for a little bit. while laying on the floor reading the local paper, i smelled the aroma of perfume all of a sudden then heavy footsteps down the hall. i know it wasn't my heart palpitating as i would have felt that right off. mom's favorite perfume was chanel #5 and dad was known for his heavy steps, even on level ground. again, i was not frightened as i knew they were just checking in. another time took place when i got home from work. i was living in an apartment on the westside of indianapolis then and had gotten in from work during a fierce electric storm. i happened to look over at an end table where dad's picture was and noticed it had an extra glow about it. again, he was just checking in. they haven't visited me anymore lately. i guess they must like what they see

Ghost Stories

By: BigRed4Life17@aol.com

I have always lived in Lawton Oklahoma, and I was raised in a house in lawton in mission village, nothing ever happened to me untell I was 5 years old. I remember sharing a room with my 3 sister, because we lived in a small house, we had bunk beds and my 2 little sister sleep on top and me and my older sister sleep on the bottom. My older sister liked to sleep by herself so I would always sleep on the floor, I remember in the middle of the night, it would always be after 12 at night there would be a lot of things that I saw or heard, but nothing ever happened to me. The first thing I has ever happened to me was when I was sleeping on the ground and I was still awake and my 3 sisters were sleeping and I was just looking at the window and there was this figure of a guy that flew up to my window, cause at that time we didn't have anything over them at all. Well this figure of a man flew up to the window and I could see through him, and he had a knife in his hand and a piece of paper that said "I am going to kill you." Then a figure of a women flew up to the window with a knife in her hand right next to the figure of the man with the same exact note, saying "I am going to kill you". They were there for about 2 mins and I woke up my older sister but by the time she looked at the window they had already disappeared and I have never seen those same 2 people ever agian. To this day I keep something over my windows.
When we moved in the house, I remember hearing a story of a little girl who was murdered in the alley next to hour house. They said the little girl was a Girl Scout and was was selling cookies, and she stopped in the alley to play in the dirt to take some time off from selling her cookies, well they say that when she was digging in the dirt a guy came up and killed her and barried her there. I was also told that there is a ghost wolf that was barried underneath the water meter in the same alley. Well on night I was in the kitchen getting something, I cant remember what i was getting, and I had a feeling telling me to look out the window, and from the window you can see the alley. Well I looked out the window and there, that little girl and that wolf was playing by the water meter and then they just disappeared. Agian I have never seen them since I lived there.
There was one night I was sleeping on the floor and agian I was awake and everyone else was sleeping, the door was open and from my bedroom door you can see the leaving room. Well out of no where people started to appear, figures of people in the old days with the nice dresses and gentlemen in suits. It was of a party that they used to hold or you could say get togethers, there were ladies and gentlemen talking with wine glasses and they had the old ball room music playin and it had looked like my living room had changed into a really nice I really dont know how to put it, but like a really nice room and in really big house at the time. I was about 6 or 7 at the time so I was scared and I was crying to I tryed to wake up my older sister, but at that time I have had so much stuff happen to me, she believed me and she didn't want to bother with it because she knew I wasn't lying. Well after I tried to wake her up everything just went back to the way it was. To this day, I always sleep with my door closed and facing the wall.
We had moved out of the house by the time I was 11 and from when I was 5 to 11 there had been a lot more stuff happen to me. Well we moved out of that house and moved into a house out in the country about 3 miles out of Geronimo, Oklahoma. A lot of the you could say Paranormal stuff slowed down and really nothing else happened to me. One night it was on a friday I think, and I had stayed up late watching tv. When we moved in the house we found out there was a little girl and a little boy that was in the house at the time, but never had seen them so really didn't think anything of it. Finally about 2:30 a.m, I decided to go to bed, my older sister was staying the night with someone so I decided to stay in her room, since I lived there that room has always gave me bad feelings, you could say feelings of not being alone. Well I layed down closed my door and turned on the radio, because I have heard so much stuff when I was younger that the radio tuned them out. Well I was facing the wall and all of a sudden I heard a little girl and a little boys voice sincing "Ring Around The Rossies" at that point of time I have seen so much that nothing could scare me at that point of time, really some little kids. So I turn around and there was a little girl and a little boy playing and singing "Ring Around The Rossies in the middle of the room, and all of a sudden they just stopped and stared at me for a while and started walking towards me and then they just disappeared. I am guessing they are the one that are always opening doors when I shut them, and turning off lights when I have them on. But like I said it really didnt bother me, because I have gone through so many Paranormal Activities that it didn't bother me anymore.
My older sister had moved out of the house with her husband and moved back to lawton. Well one night I was staying the night with her and I was sleeping in the living room and I can see the bathroom from there. Well I was laying there awake agian and I seen a black figure of a man standing by the bathroom door and just disappeared. Come to find out my sister told me, that her husband had seen the same black figure standing by the bathroom door. Later on we found of that someone was killed in that house and was thrown in the closet right by the bathroom. I had seen that black figure in the house about 4 times the whole time they lived there.

Conetoe Rail Crossing in NC

By: bruce.watson@ngc.com

I can confirm the lights and even more at the Conetoe rail crossing in North Carolina. Although it's been several years since I've been to it (and after the last visit won't go back), I can remember it well. To describe the area, it's straight railroad tracks that cross over a country road and enter a long stretch through a wooded area. The woods on the left go for miles and on the right go about 200 yards and meet up with the back yards of 2-3 houses. Light from the houses is barely visible. The tracks going into the woods do not intersect with another road for about 3 miles according to a map of the area. (Thus the light is NOT cars crossing the tracks further up). No activity has been reported in the track's opposite direction.
About the lights: When the light appears, it's barely a flicker about 100 yards away. If you stand still, the light will intensify and get closer. If you move toward it, it will move away but never leave the area of the train tracks. The light will only come to about 20 yards from you. One time the light was so bright the entire area looked as if it were daytime. Sometimes the light swings back and forth (like a lantern) and other times it seems to be a foot off the ground or as high as six feet off the ground. One guy in our group threw some rocks and yelled at it. With this the color changed from a dull white flicker to an intense yellow. I don't know if that color means anything.
There's more than just a light on the tracks. On one occasion, it became so dark when the light went away that we could no longer see each other. (On that trip there were eight of us). I also noticed that the stars above were no longer visible. This continued for about five minutes. Toward the end of that time, we (ALL OF US SAW THIS) noticed what looked like shadows walking toward us. I'll try my best to describe this. It's already pitch black and we can't see each other, normally you can see the trees that run along the tracks (about 15 feet of clearance on both sides). Even "blacker" were the shadows, more like silhouettes, walking toward us. They looked to be thin, long men about 10-12 feet tall with very long arms and legs. We could actually hear the gravel along the rails under their feet. When they were about 10 yards away they stopped and stood, as if suddenly aware of us. We could clearly make out features like ears and fingers. As the light began to come back and we could see again they faded out of sight. Having pissed ourselves, we left too. Other times before that you can hear voices. What they say can't be made out but all present could hear it. Needless to say I won't be going back. . .

Candlelight Hallway Ghost

By: millennium2069@hotmail.com

I was about 5 or 6 years old, and I was lying in my bed, trying to go to sleep.  At this age, I was still sleeping with the light dimly lit, because I was somewhat afraid of the complete darkness.  My sister was a few years older than me, and for some reason, she would always get up in the middle of the night and use the restroom, or get a drink of water, probably because she felt like she could.  However, on this particular night, she was spending the night at a friend's house.  I had forgotten about this at the time I was lying in my bed that night.  I was staring out into the hallway outside my room, because I couldn't go to sleep. Suddenly, I saw a girl, about the age of my sister, walk by my room.  I thought it was my sister, and didn't think much of it, until I didn't recognize the outfit she was wearing.  It was an old quilted-fabric child's bathrobe that I had never seen before, and the girl was carrying a candlestick on an old-fashioned hand-held candle  holder.  She had an eerie glow about her, and it was that of a negative of a photograph, although her figure was not completely black.  I said, "Hello?" softly, hoping that my sister would tell me to go back to sleep, or even to be quiet.  However, she did not.  The girl, whose hair was slightly lighter than the shade of my sister's, turned her head slowly and looked at me.  She smiled, then frowned again quickly, and turned her head straight ahead even quicker.  "Hello?  Andrea?"  I said, again (Andrea is my sister).  No answer.  Then the girl proceeded down the hallway toward my parents' bedroom.  I got up out of my bed and peered into the dark hallway, and looked to the left, the direction in which the girl was walking.  There was nobody there.  I looked in my sister's bedroom, which was directly to the left of mine, and turned on her light.  She was not there, and it was then that I remembered that she was sleeping over at a friend's house that night.  I realized that I was rather scared at this point, and went back to my room, this time shutting my bedroom door.  I never did see that figure again, and I don't think that I want to.  I have no idea who or what it was, but I can say that I didn't like the feeling that it gave me after frowning and turning the way she did down the hall.  To this day, I sleep with my door closed, making sure the glow from the clock on my CD player is bright enough to keep away the complete darkness.


By: _evil-13@msn.com

This did NOT happen to me personally but I know it’s true because it happened to my mother a few years ago.
She (my mother) works in a cafeteria where there are a lot of usual clients that visit and eat there every day. My mother makes a lot of friends and knows a lot of the costumers that go there since she's worked there for about 20 years. There was a costumer that she knew, that went there every day at the same time of day for many years. Then one day he stopped going for many days. One night, my mother woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow, the shadow got closer and my mother realized that it was the customer(lets cal him john)that she had not seen in days. John talked to her and said that she shouldn’t worry about him that he had gone to a better place and then he disappeared into the darkness of the room. The next day when my mother went back to work a co-worker told her that John had died a few days before from natural causes. My mother thinks that the reason he visited her was that john usually joked with her about haunting her in her sleep once he died

My House

By: reaperm120@aol.com

I own a house that is just over 20 years old. The original owners were an older couple followed by a couple of renters. Nothing notable has happened in its short history.
Not long after we moved in, I was in a walk in closet in our master bedroom and stepped into "something". I didn't get any feelings of hostility, just that something was there and I ran into it. I started to have a panic attack and felt smothered (I am a USMC and army vet and am not claustrophobic or prone to panic). When I stepped back, I was fine and vacated the closet area. We also hear music at different points in the day (I've looked around in the attic for wire and such in the event that something natural was acting as a radio).
My wife has had a number of run ins with something that will take items of hers (usually toiletry type things). She will be unable to find them for a day or two and then they will "reappear" in the same area where she had left them.
On another day, my wife had gotten home from work early. When I arrived, she told me that there was a loud crashing sound in the attic in an area where we didn't have anything stored. I grabbed a flashlight and pistol and looked but could find nothing out of the ordinary.
When my wife was present with our first child she slept in the new baby's room the last month or two due to needing more room for comfort. She used to get up in the early morning hours to urinate. One night around 0200 or so, I woke up and seeing a shadow moving down the hall assumed that it was her and went back to sleep. In the morning I mentioned it and was informed that she didn't get up that night.
On another evening, our son was down for the night and my wife and I were sitting in the den. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a small figure (size of 3 or 4 year old child) race out of the hallway and head towards the kitchen. I assumed that my son had decided to raid the frig and got up to send him back to bed. There was no one there. I then went to my son's room and he was sound asleep.
At another time, my wife and I were sitting in the den one evening when the lower part of the curtain on our sliding glass door started moving like something was behind it. My wife asked me if I saw what she did. I watched it to see if it would do anything else then moved towards it and moved the curtain. Again nothing.
My wife and I have both had experiences with bursts of cold air in the house, particularly towards the back area. She has also had "something" brush against her while in the shower. Also in the master bathroom, a plastic cup used to bathe the children will fly through the air. Most recently, I heard it bouncing around a few nights ago. We have a kitten but it never has shown an interest in batting cups. The cat will also sit to the side of the door going in the bathroom like she's waiting for something.
These are just a sample of what we've run into at our house. Whatever it/they are, they aren't hostile so I haven't made any attempts to bring a priest in. My mother has visited and heard the music and occassionally conversation type voices as well.
If you respond to this, please use my personal email:  reaperm120@aol.com
Hope you enjoyed this!

Grandpa's Cigars

By: Leppard50@cs.com

I have a ghost experience to share with you.
My Grandpa loved to smoke cigars.  He smoked them everyday - he was pretty much a chain smoker.  He would even fall asleep in his chair with a lit cigar hanging from his mouth.  I don't know how he never got burned.
My Grandpa died in 1989 when I was 10 years old.  I recently began visiting my Mom's grave (who died when I was born) and decided to start visiting Grandpa since he was up a ways from my Mom's grave.  One day a couple of years ago, I stopped by to say "Hi!" to Grandpa and found two used cigar butts placed neatly above his grave - next to the grave stone.  I took a closer look to see if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing.  I even picked one up to see if it was real. When I got home, I asked my Dad, my Uncles, and my Brother if they had gone to visit Grandpa recently.  I thought they may have gone to visit and smoked a couple of cigars to reminisce.  None of them had been to his grave in a few years.  My Grandpa's friends have also been dead for quite some time, so it couldn't have been any of them.  I determined that Grandpa had come down for a smoke break.  The odd thing is, my Dad and one of my Uncles placed two cigars in his shirt pocket at the family viewing after he died.  Perhaps he decied now was a good time to use them.  Every now and then, I can smell cigar smoke coming from out of no where.  It must be his way of letting me know he's still here.
Thanks for the forum to share experiences.

Ghosts in Plainview Texas

By: duane.sweazy@sbcglobal.net

i was helping a friend of mine put up a christmas tree in his house that i let him borrow for the hollidays
i looked up to see a large woman in a bright yellow dress watching the procedings
i have known my firend for a while and knew that no woman lived in that household at the time
i had never seen my friends grandmother before but i knew it was her
she had died many years before i moved to plainview
she told me that i should tell her husband not to go up north to work but to stay in plainview and be with his family
this i told him and he started crying
i could not shake the feeling that the issue of the yellow dress was very important
about a week later i was talking to my friend and asked him if his grandmothers favorite color was yellow
he told me that yall it was and that before she died she had her whole house painted yellow

Ghost Haunting

By: Brett J.
      i live in Rockford.  On Cannonsburg road, their is a subdivision called Bear
      Creak.  In my house I have had many hauntings which is weird because we
      built the house.  The only thing for me to explain is that a have a large
      hill and at the bottom (this is all woods)  there is remains of a road and i
      have found bricks and a door handle and tape.  I think their used to be a
      hut down there.  I think who ever lived there is who is haunting my house.
      One experience is I was throwing a tennis ball at my roof and I accidentely
      threw it over the house.  I looked on the other side and there was no ball.
      I looked at the roof and there was no ball.  The ball showed up in the grass
      a week later.
        Another incident was when i was in the house alone I heard a knocking at
      my front door.  I walked to the front door, no one there.  This didnt scare
      me.  I than heard a knock at the back door, no one there either.  Still
      didnt scare me.  I than walked to the front door and looked out the window.
      I than heard the knocking at the front door.  I was scared.  My brother
      later told me something similair had happened to him.  His was the only
      haunting i heard in the house other than mine.
         Another incident was when my brother was gone so i chose to sleep in his
      room which is right next to mine.  I heard something in my room.  I freaked
      out but stayed in the room.  I heard something down the hallway.  I walked
      down stairs with my pillow.  When i went back up to turn off the light i
      heard something in the closet in my room.  I than knew it was picking on me.
           Probly the most freaky was once when i was on the middle floor of my
      house, I was alone.  I sat there when i heard something up stairs.  I slowly
      got up and looked upstairs.  I saw nothing.  I walked to call my parents.
      During the call i saw a person out of the corner of my eye three times.
         I have head many experiences of some one touching me.  Just now i heard
      something behind me and than after i looked back and looked forward again I
      felt something touch.  Later when i looked back i saw something white in the
         I had an experience in Gettysburg.  I was in the Jenny Wade house.  When
      i was in there i felt a presence.  At the end of the tour i was on we went
      into the celler where the body was laid.  My dad took three pictures with
      our digital camera from the same angle.  One had the outline of a dress.
        That is all i have thanks for your time.

Dad's House

By: oakmeadows@cableone.net

My mother died suddenly and we sold our home to move in and take care of dad.  We had him four years before he past.  After his passing I did notice a few small changes but most of all - the master bedroom was at the of the hallway and looking toward the end at the livingroom you could see the reflection of light from the front door.  If my husband came in late and walked down the hall I couldn't see the light.  Many nights I would hear him walking down the hall blocking the light but only to find he was asleep next to me in bed.  Later we sold the house to a lady that worked for dad in the past and I briefly mentioned different happenings.  She said she knew dad was still there, but it didn't scare her because she knew him.

 Best Friend

By: laracroftm789@hotmail.com

Dear Ghost People. I would like to share wat this is my story.
   It was September 17, 2005 in my bedroom in Palm Coast Florida. My stepmom
(Jessica) and I where waiting for my father to come home. When he did we had
an enjoyable chicken meal. *Note i'm only 16 years old. My father's house,
which Jessiace was staying @, was very bright. We ate for awhile and we all
3 stayed up late. I remeber the room was filled with happy things and a good
atmosphere. It was pretty late about 10:30 pm. Looking around, I felt tired
seeing my stepmom and dad in bright colored clothing. Went off to bed and
said goodnight. Once, I had a best friend when I was 13 years old she had
died of an illness ( think it was heart tumor or damage.) Don't remeber. I
was sleeping all of a sudden it got freezing cold in my room.I figured it
was the a/c but I was wrong.  Looking over at the clock it said 12:00am. I
was like umm ok watever. It was pretty dark in my room. Ignoring the
coldness, I felt as I was being watched by someone. Sitting up in bed,I
looked around my dark room I saw a black human like shadow of a man and a
tall woman. Thinking i was seeing stuff I squinted. The shadows walked back
(single file one after the other)  (3 ft apart from each-other)and fourth
across my room! It scared me! I was shocked. The pacing back and fourth
slowly came to an end when they vanished but not before the woman shadow
glanced at me and left out my bedroom door. Still sitting up I was so
shocked I couldn't move. Just as I was about to scream for Jessica..A medium
sized  shadow of a little girl showed up. It looked like Kelly?! (best
friend) She did the same thing as the other two adult like shadows and
walked back and fourth. She then took a dead stop and looked at me and said
upsettingly "Help me I feel very sick!" But before Kelly had passed away,
she wanted me to help her. I told to her "I'm sorry Kelly please forgive me,
I love you." Then it/she left through the bedroom door also. I haven't seen
the little girl or tall shadow people for a while. But I do often hear that
cry "help me i feel very sick!" almost everyday.   

The Haunted Civil War Hospital

By: Daddysgerl93@aol.com

 My stepdad knows a man who used to live very close to where he ( my stepdad) works. His house was an old Civil War hospital. He and my stepdad are friends, so he shared his story with my stepdad. I am about to list all of the strange happenings as I am typing on my cousin's computer, and while I also use her email address.
 This man originally bought the house for around $200,000.00. Soon after that, he experienced some frights.  One night his wife and him were sitting on the sofa listening to music. It blasted as loud as it could go. His wife walked to the radio and turned it down. That happened two more times. It scared her, so she unplugged it. It blasted all the way up again.
 They also had a Christmas party. There were seven witnesses who saw a floating ham sandwich, believe me! During the Civil War, patients were served beans and cornbread. That is what the couple smelled as they walked into their basement. They were so scared, after buying the house for two hundred thousand dollars, they sold it for one hundred thousand dolllars.
  People started to visit the house after that, so we decided that we(my family) should too. We saw a candle floating in front of the window, with nobody in the house. When we returned the next night, it was not a candle, but a lamp. I hope you believe this true story, why would I lie?
 If there is any feedback of anybody having similar experiences, please email my cousin so she can tell me. We would like to know.

The Boy

By: vragnauth@snet.net

When I was about 12-13 years old I was home alone washing the dishes. I had a feeling that someone was watching me so I turned to look. I saw for a split second, what looked like a very pale little boy maybe 8 years old with dark rings under his eyes and thick dark hair. I turned my head and turned back again and it was gone. I was afraid but continued what I was doing thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. About half hour to an hour later I was sitting on the radiator looking out the window, waiting for my my ride to a friends house. I went to turn my head from out the window when I seen the same exact boyish figure only this time right in my face! It disappeared the same instance that I seen it. I then got up and waited outside on the porch. I would never have believed my own eyes if it didn't happen a second time. I always felt uneasy in the house when I was alone. Of course no one believes me but I know what I saw and I will never forget it. The boy gave me the feeling that he was very sick. The house was built in 1892. In Naugatuck, Connecticut.

Selby Ranch

By: jesicab@sbcglobal.net

 My family (on my mom’s side) has been visited by entities both malicious and benign for as long as I can remember.  Now, I will say that I am an archaeologist – never worked on burials though – but I believe myself to be a person of logic.  I’m not sure about the stregnth of the power of suggestion, but I am sure about my experience.  Which, leads me to believe that the stories that my mother has told me are true too. 
Lets start with my experience.  In the early 1990’s I lived in Sacramento, CA in a townhouse inside of an apartment community named Selby Ranch righ along the American River.  It used to be a horse ranch that was built over in the 1970’s (don’t know how long it was there before).  Anyway, there was one room in the three bedroom townhouse that always gave me a heavy feeling in my stomach, and made the hairs on my neck stand up.  Unfortunately, this ended up being my room for some reason.  At first things were OK, I just convinced myself that I had watched too many horror movies or something, and that was why I felt kinda weird in that room.  A few months went by, and then at night at least a dozen or so times I would feel someone sit on the foot of my bed on whatever side I happened to be sleeping on that night.  I would turn to look, and no one was there.  This went on for a few weeks.  I was starting to have my guard up every time I would go to bed.  One night I had been up particularly late – for some reason I just could not sleep, which was unusual for me.  I finally started to doze off – you know when your half awake and half asleep – and I felt someone put their lips to my left ear, as I was laying on my right side, and with hot breath in my ear said my name “jessssssssssica” like a hiss.  I was so scard that I bolted up in bed, and threw the light on and sat in bed reading for hours. I eventually fell asleep for like 2 hours that night, but with the light on.
My mom was an Army brat, having lived all over the East Coast and in Germany and Austria.  While she and her 1 sister and 3 brothers were living in South Carolina in an old house the same thing happened to my mom in the basement of the house while she was home alone.  She tells that the entity said her name three times. The first time she heard it faintly off in the distance and discounted it as one of her siblings.  The second time it was a little louder and she went upstairs just to make sure no one was plying tricks on her. The house was completely empty.  The third time it was just as I described in my experience – lips on the ear, hot breath, and hissing a little “yvooooonnnne”.  She said she ran up the stairs, out the front door, and sat on the porch until someone came home. 
My moms brother Jimmy had an experience while they were living on base in Germany.  He said he kept seeing lights outside his 4th floor room at night.  He had many times over the course of a few weeks had the feeling of someone sitting on the bed while he was in it.  He would yell for one of the brothers to come and be with him.  One morning the family awoke to blood curdling screams from Jim’s room.  My uncle Jon went in to find him wrapped up so tightly in his sheets that they could find no edges to unravel him.  They had to cut the sheet to get him out – like a cocoon of sorts.  The sheets were practically fused together.
I have many other family stories, but I will save them for another time.  If anyone would like to talk w/me about these weird occurances, please feel free to email me. Thanks for giving me a place to post my experience.

Possessed Girl

By: supachi86@hotmail.com

i went to chicago this weekend for my grandmothers 90th birthday and decided
to meet up with one of my friends that live there (i live in north
carolina). im not a very strong believer in ghots but what happened that
saturday night cannot be explained. after my grandmas birthday my friend
picked me up and we went out, there was nothing to do so we decided to look
for ghosts because he had done this before. about 12 people ended up going
at about 2:30 a.m.
down shoe factory road when i noticed something strange in the sky.
everything was black in the night except for what looked like some white
streaks across the sky. i pointed this out to my friend and he called the
guy in the other car to piont it out to him and as he was talking we passed
by an old barn that was supposedly haunted. the girl in the car then started
shaking violently and her eyes rolling back into her head, then she
proceeded to puke everywhere. we stopped for a minute to clean up the mess
and let her puke outside but she seemed to be getting worse so we decided to
find a parking lot to go to because it was really dark. when we reached the
parking lot was when i got my first good look at her and it scared the shit
out of me. it looked as if it was straight out of the exorcist, her
breathing had become very heavy and her shaking even worse. everyone was
freaking out and we all decided to take her to a church. as we were driving
there i looked up into the sky to see that the white streaks had formed wat
looked like a giant crow with its wing spread open wide. it must have been
at least a mile wide, with nothing but the blackness surrounding it. we
finally reached the church and as soon as we carried her body into the
church, she snapped out of it and didnt say anything for about 10 minutes.
she looked confused and we were asking her if she remembered anything but
she said the only thing she remembered was getting some coffee at ihops
before we left to look for ghosts. i stepped outside with a few people for
some air and noticed that the giant symbol in the sky had completely
vanished. we were probably at the church for about 30 minutes and as soon as
we left the giant crow in the sky had returned out of nowhere so everyone
was freaked out and we all went to this girls apartment to try to relax. no
one slept that night and as day break approached one of the guys went
outside to get something from his car and said that the sky was blue except
for a black cloud directly above us. nothing else happened though and im
glad but anyways im not sure wat went on that night but i hope i dont see
anything like that again.

Ohio Ghosts

By: Twstdwtch04@aol.com
When I was around 14 my perants where looking for a new house in the country around Xenia, Ohio, and they olways drug me along for the ride. On this particular day we where looking at a house in the country not far from town, it was a nice day and I had wondered ahead of my parents while they were busy talking to the realitor about the house. They were in the living room and I wondered into the kitchen and noticed a door off of this room which led up to the two bedrooms upstairs, it was closed, so I openned it and there was the bottem half of a young man walking up the stairs right before me, he was about halfway up the stairs atmost to the landing between the two rooms. Needless to say I closed the door and went to find my parents in a hurry. Latter when we were back outside of the house looking at the yard my mother asked the realitor why the family where moving from the home? My heart almost stopped when he explained that the owners son was killed in a terrible accident at the intersection in the road that was not far from the house! I know what i saw was the ghost of this youngman going up to his room on the second floor of that house. My parents didn't buy that house thank god, but I will not forget what I saw that day. I have had many experiences with ghost since then, and live with many ghosts in my current home. They are mostley beloved pets that i have lost since i moved into my current home and they don't distress me at all. Resently a teacher of my Daughters has asked me to investigate a haunting in an old church that she ran an antiqe store out of for some years, and if there is anything there i'm sure we'll find it. I'll keep you posted.

My Haunted Apartment

By: jbird1632@yahoo.com

My story started almost a year ago. My husband and I moved into our apartment in Stillwater, OK in August last year (2004), and boy, do we get action here! It didn't start right away, but actually waited a few weeks. The first thing I noticed was when a cup went flying off the counter in my kitchen while I was sitting in my living room watching a little TV. Needless to say, I was just a little freaked when I saw that. I ran into my bedroom and hid for about an hour, that is until I realized that if it was a ghost, it could probably go through walls. I left the apartment until my husband got off of work. When I told him about it, he just shrugged it off at first saying that, "It was the wind." There wasn't any wind going through that part of the apartment that day. It then would turn off the TV when I was watching something that I enjoyed. I had an old TV that if turned off by the button on it, could not be turned back on by remote. I had to get up and turn it back on by the button on the TV itself. I think it enjoyed that television emmensly just for that little fact. It tried to do it to our new TV a couple of times when we first got it, but quickly gave up once it realized that I didn't have to get up to turn it back on. It also likes to open and close the bathroom door and my closet doors in both my bedroom and our guest room/study. The closet doors are a bit harder to open, mainly because they slide and when one tries to open and close them, they stick. My neighbor and I decided to see if we could capture some EVP's, and to our surprise, we caught quite a few and only did it like two or three times. It sounds like a little boy, a young woman, and one sounds like a man. We also heard something that made us both a little une y, we heard a growl, over the heater (it was in the winter). I almost had a priest come and bless our apartment to try and get rid of that last one. Whatever it is that's here, it doesn't seem to want to hurt us, it just seems to want to play. It also likes to play with my hair every once and a while. It also likes to open and close our cabinet doors in our kitchen. My neighbors also have quite an active little spirit in their apartment. These ghosts or spirits seem to get really active when there is a lot of movement going on. For example, my neighbors are getting ready to move to California in a few days, so both of our apartments have been getting pretty active again. I can't say that it scares me any more, I actually feel somewhat comforted that they're here. If they really didn't like us, they probably would have let us know long before now. I've never really seen an aparition ( I hope I spelled that right), but every now and then, I think I catch glimpses of something, but when I go to check it out, there's nothing there. I rather like having such an active place, it gives me a lot to talk about and it's kind of exciting. I hope that it doesn't, forgive the saying, die down to much any time soon. I'll update my story if anything else happens. Oh and by the way, I really don't know what, if anything happened here to make these ghosts or spirits decide to stick around..., yet. I'm still doing research on it. Until then, thanks for reading my story.

Is The House Haunted?

By: Daddysgerl93@aol.com

At my church when I was the age to be in the choir, my choir directer was very religous, so of course, she beilieved in demon's. She used to live in this old house, that was built in the early 1900's. As the usual setting for a ghost story, it was a dark and stormy night. She was a single mom at the time, and the lived in the woods. Her kids were very young, so during the storm they got scared, and came to sleep in her bed with her. When they fell asleep, she went to the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom, she kept hearing strange noises. She rushed herself so she could get back to the bed with her kids. When she was going to her room, she walked past her broom closet. When she did, the air got cold, and she felt a presence. When she was almost back to her room, when something reached out and slapped her across the back. To this day she still believes there's a demon out for her.

Highway Man

By: ryangriffin2002@hotmail.com

I'm really not a big believer in ghost stories, and usually believe that
there's a reasonable explanation for just about any "paranormal" encounter,
but there is one story that my brother in law tells that I think may be more
than just a ghost story.  He and some friends were driving home from
visiting a nearby town's hockey tournament or carnival (I don't recall
which) and they saw an old man walking in the middle of the road in front of
them.  My brother in law honked his horn to get the old man to move, but he
paid no attention and just continued to walk on the road.  They continued
towards the old man and continued to honk the horn, but he just went about
his business and ignored them.  My brother in law says that as the
approached almost close enough to strike him with the car the old man seemed
to rise up and glide right over the roof of his car.  Needless to say they
were all pretty freaked out.  they thought they might have struck him or
something, they still weren't prepared to admit that it might have been
something more than just a man walking, so they stopped and got out to
search the roadside to see if they had indeed struck him, but they searched
all around the area and found nothing to indicate that anybody else had been
there.  They still get creeped out by this story when they tell it to this
day, because they all swear that they saw the old man, and I know these
people they are the last people that would make up an half cocked ghost

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