Hertel, Wisconsin Farmhouse

By: harrisfp@bellsouth.net

We all know our family farmhouse outside of Hertel, Wisconsin was haunted.  Upstairs, it was one room, my Mother’s room.  As a child staying with Grandma & Grandpa, I refused to sleep in that room…feeling cold and “not alone” whenever I entered it.  Later when I grew up I heard the stories…a few I remember…My Mom as a young girl would wake in the middle of the night, cold, she would find her blanket on the floor….laying flat, with no wrinkles. Years later…in that same room, my cousin had his cowboy hat on the bedpost….and watched it lift and fly across the room.  
The steps going upstairs, curved, so that if you stood on the top 6 or so steps you could not see the bottom 5 steps.  The door at the bottom “stuck”…so that when shut you had to push it open with your shoulder---it would scrape against the floor.  Visiting Grandma & Grandpa, in the middle of the night my Dad had to go to the “outhouse”….he was at the top of the steps and the door opened for him….When he got to the bottom---there was no one there.  Anyone who has visited or lived there, has had feelings of coldness and of not being alone.  After my Grandparents died, and the house was deserted, I’d go to visit and several times, the upstairs curtain would move back as I was being watched.  The house has fallen into the earth now…and the owners of the property have built elsewhere on the property….Having heard none of our experiences, they have told us that they know they share that land and are not alone.

Haunted field in Dauphin PA

By: lancerchic1979@msn.com

I live in Dauphin Pa. Beside my house is a dirt drive and then a small bank that is our neighbors small field. On Christmas Eve 2003 I had some friends and family over. My sister and her boyfriend were over and had stayed pretty late, they left about 11:30pm. She was loading her car with gifts and herd a noise behind her so she turned around and saw what she thought was someone riding a bike. She turned to her boyfriends and said, "Did you see that nut riding their bike this late?" He said no and they went on with what they were doing. This was her first time at my house, we had just moved in recently and what she hadn't realized was that there was no road there. It is a field. There are kids that ride down this road to their homes but never in  the field, and at 11:30 pm on Christmas eve... it seems unlikely. The one thing that makes me believe this story is that when I get out of my car at night I feel like someone is watching me and I actually start running for my door and I feel like I am being chased. It has gotten so bad that I will not go home after dark or leave after dark unless my boyfriend meets me at the door or watches me until I drive off. I know I sound crazy right now! But I will stay at a friends place if it is dark out and I am not home yet! Friends also get this feeling when walking from my driveway to my house. I have also been home alone (and never again) and (here comes the part where you will think I need to check myself into an institution) I have herd growling... now my dog lays infront of our sliding door (facing field) and will growl and bark like he's attacking someone. We will run to the door and there is nothing there... the motion light comes on... with nothing there...  but back to the growling. I herd this and yelled at my dog to knock it off. He came into the living room where I was sitting on the floor and laid beside me. I herd it again... it was NOT him. It continued for about one minute so I thought it must be something on the TV show I was watching so I pushed mute. It stopped for a few seconds then started again. I yelled at it (in a very nasty tone) to "stop and leave me alone I'm not in the mood for it tonight!" It would stop for a few seconds and start up again it kept getting closer to me... until it sounded like it was right in my ear... I called a friend crying and flipping out and she came over and we left the house. So that is the story of my haunted house and the haunted field. Oh 3 more short things... The motion light will come on... I look out nothings there... I watch it until it goes off... and it comes right back on ... in seconds.  I feel something watching me in the basement also... I will not go down there at night either unless someone goes with me... I also hear people talking to me sometimes. I cannot hear what they are saying... it is just a lot of noise like a small group all talking at once. My mother, who makes fun of me for believing this stuff, told me on my 21st birthday that as a child I was followed around our house (not the one I spoke of earlier) by a black figure of a man. I always knew I was being followed but tried to believe it was my imagination  since my mother who actually saw it several times would laugh at me. I think she just didn't want to scare me. Sorry so long!

Footsteps in the Hall

By: CRPuzzle@aol.com

I don't go around trying to contact the spirit world or trying to develop the little ESP that I have, but something happened yesterday that got me to searching on-line.
My sister experiences poltergeist activity and it started, I think, when mother died when she was 16 years old.  The night mother lay in the funeral home, Connie had an ash tray to levitate.  Throughout her lifetime, things have happened around her.  One night, a green light came down her hall, while she was sleeping.  She and her poodle awakened and watched it as it peeped around her bedroom door, mischievously.  I was at her apartment when the television kept popping on.  I finally ask Jesus to rebuke the devil and it stopped.  Connie has lived in different places  and States , and whatever this spirit is, it seem to follow her. 
Back to me.  Yesterday, I got into our agency early.  I let myself in, a back way, locked the door behind me and made my way up the stairs.  There wasn't anyone else in the office, so I did not unlock any of the main entrances.  In fact all the doors were locked.  During the time I was there I walked to the other end of the building to do some stuff, then back to my office.  As I was walking down the carpeted hall, I heard footsteps behind me.  I turned around and no one was there.  I did not think much about it, until the office clerk arrived.  We have alarms on the doors, so I heard her come in.  Just to make sure I was not hallucinating, I walked back down the hall to her office and sure enough, she was there getting her computer going.  I told her about my experience and she was not surprised.  Apparently, she and the office manager have heard those footsteps when they worked late.  I called my sister last night and she speculates that it is some spirit trying to finish a task on Earth.  She said it could be something that existed prior to the building or someone from previous occupants of the building.  We both agreed that "greater is He who is in me", so I would not be harmed and to do as the Bible says, leave it alone.  If I hear it again, I may rebuke it in the name of Jesus.  THE LORD LIVETH AND BLESSED BE THE ROCK.

Family Ghost stories..

By: santiagot@baf.afgn.army.mil

In my family ghost stories are common, but me personally I think I've
experiened a little more than most people in my family. My first experience
was shortly after my aunt Gloria was murdered, I was always scared to go to
the down the long hallway in our house. I always, had a bad vibe from the
area, during the day or night, I just didn't feel comfortable. One night I
was sleeping in my bed, and I happen to look up and saw a lady dressed in
white. I wasn't scared, I just felt like she was watching over me, and
making sure I was alright. And then she was gone. I told my family about it
the next day, and my mother said she believed the women was my aunt Gloria
coming back to make sure I was alright. I'm going to tell you three
situations...Out of the many!!!
The next incident that really stands out in my head. Happend when I was
walking to my aunt Joyce's house from school, my Aunt Joyce lived across the
street from an old grave yard, but it really didn't bother me. I got to her
house and knocked on the door, no one came to the door. But I heard a noise
in the house, so I thought maybe my cousin was in the house playing around.
So I went to the window and saw the frame of a girl run past the window, so
I called out "Stacy(my cousin's name).", she never came to the window, So I
walked to my uncles house a few blocks up the road, I was upset, because my
cousin heard me calling and didn't come to the door to let me in. A few
minutes later my cousin Stacy walked in and I asked her why she didn't let
me in the house. She didn't know what I was talking about, I sworn to her
that I had saw her in the house and stood there for like 20 minutes calling
out to her. We went over to the apartment, no signs of entry, nothing
disturbed in the house. Everyone thought that I was lying, but I knew what I
I will be the first to tell you that in life, my grandfather wasn't the most
pleasent man in the world. Actually, I would say he was evil. My grandfather
lived on this Earth for 71 years and we never knew anything about him. Where
he was from, what his real name was, etc. We just knew what he told us.For
the most part the grandchildren couldn't be around him. It was always and
evil presence around him when he passed the family felt a weight lifted of
evil was lifted, everyone seemed fine. Then it seemed like it came back, my
aunt Brenda who was always at odds with my Grandfather was the first to
experience what we called Abuelito's ghost, it was a few months after my
grandfather had passed. My aunt Brenda was in the house where my grandfather
passed away, it was only her and her newborn son, she heard the t.v. in my
grandfather's old room turn on. So she went back to the room thinking it may
have been my uncle Ricky, when she got there the T.V. was off, be wildered
she turned around to walk away, as she stepped away she noticed the lights
in the room turn on, and then the t.v. followed,  she didn't hesitate to
run, running down the hall she noticed the lights in the kitchen turning on,
she grabbed her son and fled the house.
The same thing happend to my cousin Jesse and I. One we're in the living
area, close to my grandfather's room watching t.v. All the lights in the
house off. When suddenly the lights in the room turned on. We didn't stick
around to see what it was..
I think when I was younger I saw things that couldn't be explained, but
since then, I've grown out of that..Making excuses for why this happend and
why that happend.

Eerie Experiences

By: adrienne_crudup@yahoo.com

When I was about 12 years old I would always stay in the house. Well my
mom went over her sisters house and I was ready to go but she wasnt, so
Ifigured I wait in the car until she was ready to go. It was pitch
black outside and it was a couple of days afetr christmas holidays. I
shoulda known better than to be out there by myself. My aunt and cousin
had told us before that they had seen a ghostly figure walking through the
woods at night with a latern around
that time. I wasnt thinking about that I was thinking about going home.
So im in the car waiting when suddently I turn and see someone in the
woods with a latern. It scared me half to damn death. I ran into the
house shaking and scared out of my mind. From then on I never went
outside in the dark again by myself or in those woods. Another weird experience
was when I was at home sleep and was hearing noises. I had lived in a
bad neighborhood and didnt think anything of it  but a few minutes
later I was getting up to go to the restroom when suddenly I was smacked in
the face but something or someone. I stayed under the covers all night
praying to god that whatever it was would leave me alone. The next
morning I asked my sister if it was her and she said no she was asleep
all through the night. the last experience is when I was over my aunts
house the same place where I saw the man with the latern house. Me and my
cousin was playing cards when Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone
walked past the fridge and the disappear. I didnt see any head only
the mid waist to legs. When I decrisced what I saw to my aunt and uncle
they said it was my long dead grandma. Some told me that someone I knew
was about to die and that it was a warning of it. Later my friend
accident killed his self. These experiences I cant explain but I do
be seeing thing that I cant explain out of the corner of my eye regulary
now. I am no longer scared of ghosts. Well just a little. But I am scared to
go outside at nighttime. Old folks said that Those who know what in the
dark dont like to go out there and I believe it too. Seeing those
things really scarred me and the way I go about things.

Dream the Came True

By: EnigmaticalMind@aol.com

Hello this is Randy   Since I told you about that guy on my couch I figure I might as well tell you another story.  This is about a dream that came true.  Truthfully if someone else told me this happened to them I wouldnt believe them.  But since it happened to me and it came true, its true.  No if ands or buts about it!  One night I had a dream that there was this girl in my bed.  I dont know who she was or what she represented.  We were just lying there talking.  She goes into her purse and pulls out a GIANT SIZED BLUE RASPBERRY BLOWPOP.  She starts sucking on it then she pulls it out of her mouth and asks me if I wanted some.  Before you know it the GIANT SIZED BLUE RASPBERRY blowpop is in my mouth.  After a little time frame she goes to pull it out of my mouth but my teeth are closed over it and she cant pull it out.  She eventually gets it out of my mouth.  Then I wake up the very next day.  I originally had plans to go to a casino with my friend Patrick.  He ended up being ready before I was so I couldnt go, he left without me.  So then I called up my girlfriend and told her that I wasnt going so we could hang out.  She said she thought I was going so she started hanging out with her friend.  So I said ok, Ill call my friend PJ and see what he is doing.  He ended up coming over with his girlfriend.  So us three are lying in my bed just chit chatting.  She goes into her purse and pulls out a GIANT SIZED BLUE RASPBERRY BLOWPOP.  She starts sucking on it and she asked me if I wanted some.  Now keep in mind how wierd it is that she didnt ask her boyfriend if he wanted any, she asked ME.  At this point I didnt realise the importance of any of this.  So she holds the lollipop like in my dream and puts it in my mouth.  At this point my mouth locks closed because my whole dreamed just flashed through my mind.  Then she tried pulling the lollipop out of my mouth but she couldnt, I guess I was in shock.  My whole face turned white and I was covered in goosebumps.  So they asked me what was wrong with me, but I couldnt talk.  I just kept thinking about the dream.  IT WAS THE SAME FLAVOR, IT WAS THE SAME SIZE (not the size of the normal blowpops), it happened in the same place, and it happened the same way, and to top it off I was supposed to be at a casino!  So this was driving me insane, I had no idea how to rationalize what was happening.  How do you rationlize something like that.  I mean I can't just say "HAY IM PSYCHIC, DONT WORRY ITS NORMAL"  NO! I just sat there with a pale face thinking.  Theres more, these are just the little points that drive me more crazy.  I havent seen a blowpop in a long time in 23, I dont buy blowpops anymore.  Why did this girl ask me if I wanted some instead of her boyfriend, isnt that rude?  My teeth clamped down on it like in my dream and she tried to yank it out.  It happened the VERY NEXT DAY  ON MY BED  THE EXACT SAME WAY except in my dream there wasnt another guy there,  that and that alone is the only difference.  Personally I dont know if there is an explanation for that,  That is one hell of an extreme coincidence.  No one can tell me that my memory may have gotten distorted, no F--ing way.  NO WAY!  Well I just thought id send you this story, maybe you would like to hear about it.  This is 100 percent true, no exaggerations, no nothing, all truth.  If you believe me I think it will give you goosebumps.  It drove me crazy and I couldnt talk for the rest of the day.  Well the story is yours now.  See you later

Children and Ghosts

By: bigmouth3113@yahoo.com

I read your piece on children and ghosts and find that I may have to agree with it.  Let me say that I'm one of those who has to see something to believe it.  I have yet to see or experience anything abnormal or supernatural.  I spent most of my childhood living in a portion of a historic mansion in the town of Yuba City, CA.  That house was full of strange noises and some legends.  Still, I've never experienced anything.  However, I find the subject of ghosts extremely interesting, so I try to keep an open mind about it.  That being said, I'd like to tell my story.
I was visiting my best friend's grave site a few years ago.  He is resting in a large cemetary that is well cared for and peaceful.  I happened to have my toddler daughter with me.  Although she was not quite talking, yet, I was still explaining to her why I was there and talking about the person I was there to visit.  I couldn't help but notice her outbursts of delight while we were there.  She would make happy toddler noises and point in different directions.  I looked in the directions she was pointing (it was broad daylight) and saw only trees and some flowers.  The idea that she was able to see apparitions, because her mind was not yet cluttered with the distractions of the world, did cross my mind, but I just shrugged it off and told myself that I'd seen too many movies.  She's a beautiful 18 year old now, but I still think back to that day once in a while and wonder.  I might ask her if she remembers, but she may not.


By: drrtysoufhoney@yahoo.com

Chantilly: My mother"Patricia " and step father own the Lee's Mansion built in 1727,.
 I used to live there with them when I went to Chantilly High School back in 2001-2002.
 There happens to be a graveyard and our an sectors/descendants that lived in that house from the 1700's to 1900's are buried there .Proud to say, our coat of arms of last names are:Fairfax,Washington,Lee,Turberville,McWhorter,DeBell,Corbin,McQueen,Chantilly,and so on..Anyways, while I lived there..every time between 9pm-midnight I always heard loud and heavy footsteps go up the attic(which capacity is same as the whole house)and things being dropped,whispers and hissing...however to my surprise, my parents were already snoring away in their beds. It definitely wasn't rats, the wind, or the house creaking. This was no ordinary "things that go bump in the night" this was extremely horrifying to me. Even one time I was there in my bedroom in the daytime..I would hear the same noises and so did my friend.
 Also, this one time I was watching t.v and it would mysteriously turn on/off constantly and the lights kept flickering. I had a friend stay the night and when she woke up in the middle of the night and she thought she was dreaming,but she saw a lady almost faint with dark long hair in a bun and a long white gown(1700's style) standing by the doorway staring at her with grief. The next morning to her surprise, she saw a photograph of that very same lady hung up by the kitchen.(My mother has many pictures in every room upstairs and downstairs of our dead relatives) My friend never came back. The last thing I want to share with you about this house is my mother actually went to see this lady about her broken  window to replace the riginal glass from 1700's..and she happened to be a ghost hunter/psychic/demonologist "Bloody Mary'"  (is her nickname), and she didn't know about the story yet and when my mom first walked in to meet her she blurted out "I knew your dead relatives are upsetting about the window being broken!" "Your house is haunted by them,but they are good spirits" This lady personally did a reading in her home" her website:bloodymary'sghosttours.com
The House on Moraga

By: JhSoSchbl@aol.com

I grew up in a house that was very haunted. there would be banging onmy closets doors,or someone sitting on my bed while I in it.the ghost would usally start from the garage(where you always felt uncomferable) walk very slowly up to the dinning room,move things around then start to walk toward where you were.then stop right before getting to you.all my familly experinced this routine.one time we were all watching tv and the phone rang,the recevier went up in the air, stayed there then fell down.I found out later that a man killed himself in the garage.I would really like to know if any other tendets have had anything happen to them. I know the has been put up for sale quite a few times over the years,the garage was made into a room,Iwould not sleep down there! I hope to grt some feed back about this house that I still have nightmares about,and it was a long time ago.

Sense of Humor

By: GLENNOTSAM@aol.com

the house I live in is haunted but at least the ghosts here have a sense of humor. A lot of the usual stuff happens here lights that are on turn off, lights I've left off are on when I get home. The stangest thing happened this morning when I could not find my cell phone. I had a friend over and I know I put my phone on the coffee table when I went to go get it, it was not there.  My friend and I were the only ones in the house and since we could not find it, my friend used her phone to call so we could listen to the ring to try to find it.  This is where it gets weird. My house does not echo, but we couldn't pinpoint the sound. It kept moving from one side of the livingroom to the other and then into the kitchen. Then as my friend was franticlly ripping up the couch cushions trying to find it I look at her pants and there it is tucked into her jeans. (Not her pocket, right above her butt!). Anyway  I grabbed the phone which completely scared her  or I would have thought she was playing a game with me but she was so upset she was close to tears and still thinks I'm pulling a fast one on her.  This all happened right after I shouted into the air OK guys not funny give me back my phone. Well they did. This should prove to be interesting.

Sandy Hook, MD and Harpers Ferry

By: ORIRAMS@aol.com
Maryland Hauntings
If the Civil War times there was a house and it was a hospital where soldiers would come. Now I live in this house and a couple of times we have heard starange noises. Like today I heard a noise coming from the basement and sometimes I heard like someone was walking across the floor but knowone it there.                                                                                                                                                                        Also if front of my neighbors house on foggie nights at 12 P.M you can see a headless dog walk across the tracks.
Also one day a little girl was playing on the railroad tracks and her foot most of got stuck and she got hit by the train sometimes if you find out where she was playing at you can hear her playing or looking for her mother.
Harpers Ferry
Its known that Harpers Ferry has tons of ghost stories well I only know one. Its been known you can see soldiers come out of the water.

My experience "Congratulations"

By: teec05@yahoo.com

Hi. My name is Tina. I am not sending this story in order to find any kind of help but, instead because I am not sure if you post stories from other people who send them to you. I have only had a few encounters (if they can even be called that) with spirits. When I was younger me and my family lived in an apartment in Troy, New York. When I would sit in my room reading or listening to the radio I would hear someone call my name. Also just about everynight my brother's radio would turn on and no one would be in the room. The main one I remember just about every detail happened when I was 17 years old on Oct. 3, 1998. It was my wedding night and me and my husband where going to Boston, Mass. We ended up leaving from our house in Petersburgh, New York. Massachusettes was only a half hour or so from our house. But, we didn't know how to get to Boston from the part of Massachusettes we were in. So, we stopped in a conveinant store to ask directions. There was no one else in the store but, me, my husband, and the clerk. We were standing over a map getting directions to Boston when I heard the bell over the door ring and then footsteps getting closer to us. Being a store I didn't think anything of it. Until, I felt a tap on my shoulder and then someone whisper congratulations in my right ear. I turned around and no one was anywhere in t store except the three of us. I later told my husband about it and he thinks since it was about one and a half weeks to his father's one year death anniversary at the time of the incident that it might of been his father.

Ghost Stories

By: fadora_7@yahoo.com

My name is Cate and I have some interesting stories to share.  First, about my home, just outside of Kittanning, PA and then about the cemetary in Kittanning.
My home; I live on a quaint little farm that has not been active for some time due to my father's illness.  The house I live in is almost seventeen years old, it is just over two years younger than I am, but since we've moved in there's been plenty of strange experiences.
We're a religious home of Roman Catholics and are church regulars.  When I was young I remember odd experiences and because of them, I was terrified of the dark and could not fall asleep on my own, which resulted in my odd sleeping habbits.  I refused to sleep in my room, which I shared with my sister four years my elder.
My mother recalls me telling her that it felt like something was watching me and I was absolutely terrified in there.  I just remember feeling like someone was there.  Then my sister and I moved to another room once my two older brothers moved out and for some time I could easily sleep in there.
My other sister, ten years older than I, slept in her own room at the other end of the house.  I recall plenty of strange occurances happening in her room while she was in it.  Many times I'd sleep on her floor, because of nightmare, and would wake up to odd sounds in the night.  Her furniture, especially the large mirrior, emitted an odd energy from it and thankfully it's now gone.
Once when I was exiting the room, I went to grab the door knob that suddenly twisted and opened itself.  At first I thought my brother was playing tricks on me and I said "Stop it."
When I glanced in the hall no one was there, everyone was in the family room and my brother Matt was actually not even in the house.  My sister and I were the only ones in the room and there were no windows open due to the cold winter air outside.
Well my sister and I (the one I always shared a room with) did not get along well so I switched room with my oldest sister and my sisters now shared a room while I had my own.  My nephews (now 12 and 13) lived in the middle room, where my sister and I had first shared a room when we were young.
In my room I have seen mists hovering above me, and I heard a cat underneath my bed just after mine had died a week or so earlier.  My sister Jen has seen our grandfather and great grandfather standing in her room, at the foot of her bed, and she often sees a man in a hat.
My nephew also sees a man in a hat sometimes and once in my room my nephew saw a blonde little girl standing in the corner of my room.
Just down the hill the old house, that's over 150 years old and was moved from one location to where it is now by a team of mules, still stands and my aunt lives there with her family.  A little girl died of the flu in the house years ago before my grandfather bought the farm.  In the barn (as old as the house or older) someone committed suicide by hanging.  The house we live in (the new one) is built atop an old orchird and sacred Indian lands.
The Kittanning Cemetary:
This cemetary is not blessed, several different churches bury their dead there and there are supposedly a circle of witches there.  I've never see the witches.  There are also moved graves from a graveyard that was once where the St. Mary's school playground is now.  One night my friends and I went ghost hunting.
The Kittanning cemetary is built on a hill and that night, near Halloween of this year (2005), it was windy, but not very cold.  We came around the bend and stopped to take pictures (we were in a car), and I was preparing to roll down the window when I saw the misty shape of a person outside my window.  We were not far from a large grave, but I could clearly see it wasn't a grave marker and the shape of a person was greatly outlined, standing inches from my window.
I put my head down and covered my eyes I was so scared.  There was nothing menacing, I just felt like someone was looking right at me.  I started to shout at my friends: "There's a man outside my window!  There's a man outside my window, go!"
Well, we couldn't get out of there fast enough.
I hope this information is good enough.  I've had enough paranormal experiences to know what is real and not and I am also pretty skeptic when it comes to believing my eyes.  Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, is my motto.

For the Experiences

By: adam.a.white@navy.mil

Hello, my name is Adam and I'm an E-3 in the U.S. Navy. I am stationed in Oklahoma City, and I have an unusual story to tell. Let me give you a bit of a setting here. I am stationed on an Air Force base, and while I cannot tell you what my squadron' s mission is (just to enter the community, you must have or be escorted by someone with a secret clearance), I can tell you that we fly heavily modified Boeing 707's. These are big flippin' planes. Well, the story goes some years ago (before I shipped in two years ago) there was a maintenance worker who was checking on a very powerful peice of equipment in the back of the plane. It had a short in it, and this maintenance guy didn't follow proper procedures (i.e. securing the power on the aircraft; it requires an external power source except when flying or in pre-flight checks). He halfway climbed into the piece of equipment and the arc traveled from whatever it was arcing to, into him, effectively cooking him. From what I hear, he was so badly electricuted that his head was fused with the inside of the panel. Now, these aircraft get flown around quite a bit, and deploy entire crews for weeks at a time. It is not uncommon (actually, it's downright constant) to hear stories whenever the crews stop by or come home from a deployment. They usually consist of tools disappearing right after they are put down only for a second only to reappear in the exact same spot later on, electronic devices turning themselves on and off, and things of the like. I once overheard this guy who said he was doing some routine maintenace on a device near the rear end of the plane when one of his tools went missing, though he "swears on all that is Holy" that he specifically recalled setting it down right next to him. While he searched for it thinking it had rolled off somewhere or one of the other crew member was messing with him, he heard a distinct metallic clanging in the very back of the plane. Upon investigation, he found the tool...inside the machine that killed the man years before. The funny thing is, the original part was removed from the plane a year ago. Another interesting thing I heard straight from a reputable E7 (a Chief Petty Officer) was that there is a light in the back area which seemingly has no source, and he noticed it when all electrical power was disconnected from the aircraft. Many have vowed never to deploy on the haunted aircraft again.
Right now, the squadron is split up into three "duty sections" whereby one section will come in, perform required maintenance, assist crews returning from deployment or preparing to deploy, or if there is none of that to be done, one person stands watch as "hangar bay rover" (basically assuring that if the place caught fire or something, that someone would be there to call the fire department). Well, I had this rover watch late one Saturday evening, and the aforementioned aircraft was in one of the hangar bays. The size of these bay is incredible (well, duh, me... it has to hold a Boeing 707) and retains a certain atmosphere whenever you are the only person there... cavernous, overwhelming, downright eerie... all of this was amplified by the plane in hangar bay 4, sitting silently and barely illuminated. I was starboard of the aircraft when making my rounds, checking all the workshops and making sure no one unauthorized was sneaking around, when I heard a slight thud come from the port side of the bird. I went around and checked to see if someone had maybe come through one of the hangar bay doors. No one was there, but I looked up the the aft port crew entry hatch which was wide open. No one could have been on the plane because there were no stairs leading up to either of the crew entry hatches and no one could have gone through the battery access hatch without being seen by me. I took a few steps back and saw a soft bluish glow coming from inside the plane. I have to stress this... it is literally and physically impossible to have any lights on without a power cart being running and attached to the outside of the jet. Yet there it was, a bluish white glow that by no means should be there perfectly framed by the crew entry door that opened by itself. I promptly locked my self in my workcenter and watched the squadron over the video monitors until my relief came.
Well, that's the story. I'm waiting for the plane to return so I may hear of more spooky aircrew experiences. Kudos on the site, too.

Do They Have the Power

By: chef_mary_mac@yahoo.com

Upon reading what has happened to other people I
decided to submit my own experiences. I am strong in
my christain faith and will not let myself believe in
ghosts but i (regretfully) have had a couple of
terrifing moments. I can only sum them up as demonic
I'll start with a presence that used to visit me at my
parent's old home in Maine. The house was over 150
years old and was in the family for at least 50 yrs.
This house was "haunted" hands down. We had an
electric can opener that would run all my itself along
with the typical footsteps and flickering lights. In
my room as a teenager a black figure of a young man
would stand in the corner by my door and watch me read
and do homework. It was kind of annoying but not
threatening. One day it pulled a prank on me. I had
lit some candles and put the matches in a glass ash
tray. My cat was sleeping on my bed when all of a
sudden he freaked out. He was hissing at somthing over
my shoulder. I heard some scratching behind me and
then a loud puff. I looked behind to find a ball of
fire in the ash tray. The ash tray then exploded
sending glass and fire all over the carpet. I jumped
off my bed and starting patting the floor screaming,
"well you can help me put out!" fortunatly nothing was
ruined. I kept pieces of the broken ash tray for
awhile. The edges of the glass were not sharp but
smooth-almost like the fire ball had melted them down.
A few weeks later while trying to sleep a felt very
sad. I knew he was trying to contact me. I felt tears
running down my face but i wasn't crying. "why are you
so sad?" i asked but no reply came. This sad feeling
came often but I was not prepared to help him because
of my own problems at the time. Frustrated with the
double load a greif I moaned out, "I can't even help
myself. I can not help you. I'm sorry." Well needless
to say I never saw him or felt his presence again. My
parents moved and the house was torn down shorty after
in the summer of 2004. My family was the last to live
in the house and sometimes I wonder what happen to
him. My family watched as the old place was torn down
and my father turned to my mother and said, "now where
will our ghost live?". There new house remains
unoccupied but such things.
I have one other experience I would like to share.
This one still makes me feel uneasy when i tell it. I
was house sitting for my in-laws last summer. There
house is no more the 15 yrs old but still has a very
dark feeling to it. One night after returning from
work I could hear their dog barking. Freddie, usually
a very friendly dog, was acting so strangly i ran up
to the front door only to stop short when i then heard
music. It was coming from inside the house. I had not
left it on when i left for work and nobody else was
staying at the house with me. I felt very oppressed as
i walked thru the front door. I couldn't stop the dog
from barking. I became terrified and frozen in the
kitchen. I couldn't even lift my head up. I called my
husband on the phone because i was so scared. he
started to pray for me and i worked up the courage to
go into the living room to turn off the music. But
that weight of the fear was increasing and i sank ot
the ground. as if some large force were pushing my. I
prayed so hard with my husband. slowly but surely the
pressure and fear were lifted. I slept in the lving
room that night because I felt like the evil presence
was still lurking around downstairs.
My in laws came home the next day and while they were
inspecting the house the found a large stain on the
downstairs ceiling below the living room. No water had
leak but part of the ceiling had to be replaced. It's
hard to explain but the stain looking like a mix of
water and smoke that went through the ceiling in one
spot directly under the living. Also a large mirror
that was near the stain had been thrown across the
room and shattered. My in laws weren't surprised and
summed it has a demonic presence and I must have upset
it when I started to pray.
I now live in North Dakota and even though I sometimes
feel like a demonic being is trying to get the better
of me, I know how to handle it. For all you  reading
this, demons are real and they do not have power over

Could it be Death

By: abigailnieves@yahoo.com

Hi my name is Abby I'm 16 years old. This story that i'm about to tell was told to me from my older sister Yesenia. This happened a while back when i was about two to three years old. Any way my mother and father used to live in a ranch. Any way my grand mother was living with my mother beacause my grandmother was sick with olsimers disease (i'm not sure how to spell it). So basically my mother took care of her. One night my sister Yesenia and my two cousin Veronica, Rosy spent the night. They were the only ones home besides my grand mother. It was probably like around 8 P.M. my sister and my cousins were in one room talking and laughing about who knows what, and i guess they were being a little bit too load that all of a sudden my sister heard my grand mother yell out and and said that Yesenia, Veronica, and Rosy need to be quite because my grand mother was trying to get some sleep. And from hearing that they were shocked because first of all my grand mother couldnt speak any more and from hearing there voice they got terrified. so they stayed quite... later that night my sister recalled seeing a lady wearing a black trench coat walking through the hall way to her room and to my grandmo ers room. My sister certain it was death it seemed that the lady in black was choosing over her or my grand mother. i guess the lady made up her mind and didnt bother coming back to my sisters room and eventually stayed in my grandmother room. that next morning the ambulance came in and took my grandmother to the hospital because she got very ill. a couple of hours later my grand mother past away. aint that a tripp every one thinks that death is like a skellitin more shaped as a man than a woman. well who knows what it reallly was.

Coal Oil Lamp in a Field

By: Mctc6x@aol.com

This is a story about a night we were coon hunting in maybe 1983. It was a weeknight and we often went two to three times a week.
My friend, Trent and I were waiting on our other friend, Denny. We had driven around to the next road where we were going to run our dogs. Denny was working late and said that if he was able to go, he would walk out through the bottom land to find us. It was maybe a mile from his house to there.
Well, I guess we had been in the fields about an hour when I saw a faint light on the field road some 150 yards away. Trent said,"Denny's wheat light must be dead. He has a kerosene lantern tonight." So I went to meet him and as I got closer I noticed I wasn't getting any closer to the lamp and I couldn't see the body sillhouette of the person carrying it. I could even hear the squeaking from the old rusty handle as it swung back and forth.
So I started running toward it and never got any closer. It finally disappeared and so did we.
Neither of us have ever spoken of that night to each other but I have heard other people tell of similar stories in the same part of the woods we were in. Something scared my Uncle there and he never has gone back. His experience was probably 10 years before ours.


By: Aliced8@aol.com

My friend live in this house with his family off wolcott rd.  Its the old Wakelee house.  The house is sinking inside and you get the chill factor all the time.  A family burned in a fire in the attic, the attic is very haunted along with the rest of the house.  In the attic you can still see burn marks on the walls.  On many occasions we have heard and seen things.  My friend who live there has woken up to a teenage boy circling in his room, screams in the wall, and many shadows passing by.
there is a couple buried in his yard on the side and a soldier buried inhis dirt basement.  His father has the placks to prove it.  Many occasion we have driven past the house when no body  was home and seen people in the windows. I have slept there once and woken up to the door opening and shutting.
People are not allowed to bother them with this, but peole reading this will know where I am talking about if they read this.

The Light

By: ktaylor@ev1.net

I remember this day because it was July 4th. My grandparents live on a ranch that seems normal. The thing is we went across the street to do the fireworks. It was way back in the woods. I was tormented by the thought of something out there. I had never been out there so I wasn’t used to my surroundings or the dead darkness. We rode four-wheelers out there and the one I was on was the very last in the five. We did the normal fireworks and put everything up and headed back. Again my dad and I were on the last four-wheeler and the wind brought the dust to our eyes. I felt the cold stares of someone behind us but no one could’ve been there. I continuously looked behind us and once I saw a gleaming light. It was extremely bright but definitely couldn’t have been a light. It glided on the ground and seemed to brush through the woods as we rode through them. It was always behind us but not too close. I watched as the light slowly disappeared from my sight and then we turned a corner. I hear stories such as this and can’t believe them. The thing is I’m very into the world of spirits and soon would try to study the after life. I know what I saw. But I would like to disprove myself. I’ve had other occasions but not as momentous as this one.

Some Stories

By: GoodCitizen54@aol.com

Ok, here is my first story...
When I was about six or seven, I used to live in a trailor park with my parents and my sister. I had the room that was all the way at the end towards the street. I had an old red reclining chair that was made of leather. It was my dad's dad and my dad got it when his father died of a heart attack when he was 17. That was back in 1974. Well one night I was laying on my bed and I was watching tv. I laid there, turned off my light and got under the covers. I looked over at the chair, and to my surprise I see this old man that was very pale and kinda transparent. I couldn't really make a noise cause I didn't feel any harm coming. The old man was sitting with his leg on his knee, and he had his hands together and he kept rotating his thumbs like they were in orbit. It's hard to describe, but it was crazy. I just stared at him and he just kept smiling at me. I left to go get my parents, but they were in the kitchen with my next door neighbors so I went back to my room and the man was gone. About two years passed and I told my parents about it. Well of course they didn't really believe me that that could happen. Well three years after that, we went to Newport News, Virginia. I have lots of family there. The third day into our trip, my dad's side of the family were all at my grandma's house. Everyone was having a good time and my Aunt Cece thought it would be a good idea to get out old photos and talk about the past. While we were all looking, I saw that same old man in a picture with my Aunt Lisa. He was sitting the same way he was on my chair. I started to freak out. I told my parents and my grandma and aunts that I saw that same man. My grandma asked me if it was really hiim. I described the way he was sitting and the thing he did with his thumbs and my grandma started crying. I described the clothing he had on and the same black shoes and that's when everyone got freaked out because those were the clothes he wore when they found him dead in the bathroom in 1974. To this day I have not encountered him again. I still have no idea why he visited me that day.
My second story involves one day while I was at school. I had three long periods a day. I decided with my friend Rob to skip the last two periods and we headed to his house since we would be the only two there. His parents were at work and he was an only child. We sat around listening to music, playing pool, and hanging out in his room. His cousin is a famous dirtbike rider, so we went outside and rode on his dirtbike awhile. We came back to his house and we decided to watch some of his cousin's movies. We got some popcorn and drinks before we sat down and started watching them. Now his living room is right infront of the kitchen. There is a wall there with a big window looking down in the living room. Well when Rob and I left the kitchen, we went and spent about two hours watching these video's. About halfway through the video, I decided to go up into the kitchen and I walked in it and EVERY SINGLE CABINET DOOR was open. I freaked out and was hysterical. I left and never went back to his house again. He tells me nothing like that has happened again.
My third happening happened about when I was 15. When we went to Virginia one summer to visit family, this time we had to stay at my Uncle Pat's house. He is my dad's brother. It is an old house sitting on a big hill. It was made in the 1910's and is a three story monster. Well first night that we were there, everyone of my family members were there. After awhile everyone left and me, my mom and dad stayed up to watch tv. Well I got tired and I headed up the stairs and into my room. It was a very clean and well kept room. It was my cousin's room who was out in the army. Above the headboard there are two really big mirrors. They have these weird looking images on them and it made me feel awkward. Next to the bed was a window that was covered up by a blanket. When I layed down, next to the left side of the bed was a big mirror hanging on the wall. When I would sit there, I felt really weird looking into the mirror at myself. I hated it. When I went to turn off the lights and went back to bed, I couldn't face the mirror. A whole lot of fear would over come me. It was pitch black in the room, but the mirror's above the headboard had moon light hitting them. I was laying there freaked out of my mind and hated it. About twenty minutes later, I could see some sort of tree branch type shadow in the mirror reflecting from the window. I laid there and closed my eyes and started breathing deeply. Then out of no where a cold breeze blew over me and I heard my name .." psssss danny boyyyy" and it faded into the wind and the breeze stopped and it was gone. Everything stopped and my mom opened the door to make sure I was asleep. I told her about everything and she told me that it would be okay and that we would discuss it in the morning. When I woke up, I went downstairs to tell my uncle and he said the house wasn't haunted that it was just probably me dreaming. But later on my mom told me that that night he told her that almost every night him and my aunt sit in the living room and can hear people upstairs in the attic walking around and he can hear them talking. He didn't want to tell me because I had to stay there for about six more days. The funny thing is the room that I was staying was in front of the house and there wasn't a tree nearby. My uncle and aunt haved moved out of that house into another one. Supposeofly, the area of that supdivision used to be a cemetery.
This next occurance didn't happen to me, but happened to my dad. My dad did not believe in ghost or anything to the sort. Alcoholism ran through my family so my dad used to drink heavily and always had the "tough man" mask that most people wear. Well the past five years everything has changed and my dad has been a new man. About mid april 2000, my dad got a phone call. His brother Bobby has gotten cancer. It hit my dad hard. After about a week, my parents, myself, my sister, aunt lisa, her daughter karen, and karen's daughter linda to go see my uncle in Virginia because he didn't have very long to live. We all go see him and my family stays together for the five days we are there. Everyone is just enjoying everyone's company. After about seven months of being there, my dad gets another call. So this time just my parents and aunt go to see him again. He is now only given two months to live. He stays alive for just another year. One night my dad was sleeping. He said he woke up and looked at his television screen. The pitch black started to slowly turn into grey fog. The time was 2:35. The fog had started to get thick. My dad sat there and just stared. All of a sudden he could hear footsteps. He could see a shadow from the back of the tv headed towards him. A red tint color started to appear mixing in with the grey fog. As the person walking towards him got closer, he was still just a shadow. At this point my dad said he was scared. The shadow suddenly stopped and he looked to his right and waved another shadow of a person towards him. The other shadow walked up next to the first shadow and they both walked closer to the screen. When they got close, they both kinda waved to my dad and the second shadow waved to his right and another person. He walked up to the screen and waved to my dad. They all then stared at my dad and walked back to the end of the tv screen and everything faded. The next morning, my dad got a phone call that my uncle bobby had died at 2:34 that morning. My dad was shocked and the next few days my parents and I have discussed the situation and we came up with that the first shadow was my grandad (my dad's dad). The next shadow was my Uncle Will. He was married to my Aunt Cece and he died in 1984 in a car wreck. Well they both come to get bobby and came to say goodbye to my dad and to let him know he was okay and that my dad had nothing to worry about....Another quick thing, my Uncle Will's 20th anniversary was last year and when my Aunt Cece came to the wreck there was a white dove on his car and last year on the anniversary around the time of the car crash a white dove flew on my grandma's window sill.
I don't know how haunting this is, my I think my house is haunted. I can be sitting in my room and I'll hear my dog run up and down the hallway and I go out of my room to tell him to stop running and he'll be snoring on the couch sound asleep. Everyone in my house hears this. Also, when I walk out of my bathroom late at night, I feel the presence of an old lady pushing me in the side to get out of the door. My girlfriend that lives with us gets the same feeling and it's scary. Looking down the hallway when i walk to my room is so scary cause I always can see the outline of her in the dark at the corner of the end of the hall. I haven't felt that way as of late, but when I do it's a scary feeling.
There are my stories, glad I could share!

My Story

By: deviouslysweet22@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Pam. I just wanted to share my story with you and possibly get some of your thoughts on it. My mother and my five siblings moved into my grandparents home in holden, Massachusetts 20 years ago. When they passed, they left their home to us. My father stayed in Texas to sell our house and passed away there. When we first moved in, my mother tells me that my younger sister  and I used to talk to the kitchen ceiling like someone was there. I don't remember this but there has been weirder things over the years so I believe it. Shortly after moving in, a couple of my sibling would wake my mom often crying because single sheets of toilet paper kept comming under their bedroom door. My mother's response to this "If that's all it's going to do, don't worry about it". I find that interesting. Sometimes I wonder if more then that just happened because whenever I bring this up to my older sister she gets upset and doesn't want to talk about it. Also, one year, many years back, my brother-in-law had been over getting some of my father and grandfather's tools out of the basement to fix something in our house. He came upstairs white as a ghost and wouldn't talk for hours. When he finally did he said that he heard a voice tell him to get out of his basment and stay away from his family. For years my brother-in-law would not go down in the basement without someone else. Also, my 6th birthday was scary. My younger sister (by a year), myself and my cousin about my age went into our garage. We went upstairs and we have the old trap door things. Well once we got upstairs, it slammed closed. We pulled and pulled but it wouldn't open. Finally it flew open by itself. We ran downstairs only to find the door to leave the garage would not open. Suddenly an old and very rusted pia started playing by itself. This is the piano that the keys were so far destroyed and rusted you could not push them down. Then toilet paper started wrapping around us from nowhere and I swear to this day that it wasn't my imagination because my sister remembers it too...there was a real skeleton laying on top of that piano smiling and it had a patch over it's eye. Another skeleton dropped from the ceiling and just hung there. Just as suddenly as it came, the toilet paper fell and the garage door opened. We ran out and told an older cousin (who was still only like 7 or 8 years old) who didn't believe us. She went in herself and when she came out she looked really scared and to this day has never told us what happened. I mentioned this to the cousin we went in with recently and she remembered this happening. We didn't go into detail but I was surprised because that was proof my sister and I are not crazy. Years later we are still in this house and weird things still happen. Some years ago my brother heard a phone ringing and checked them all. It wasn't ours. He followed the noise and the ringing was comming from our livingroom wall. We still talk about how strange that was. It only happened once. Things that are going on now: My sister mentioned one day that whenever she is alone in her bed it shakes. I couldn't believe it. The same thing happens to me. I lay down alone and my bed shakes. I sit up and it stops. I lay down and it starts again. I thought I was crazy untill my sister mentioned it. My other half felt it for the first time a couple months ago. I was so glad he felt it because he thought I was nuts. It only happened once with him here. My sister's boyfriend sees an old man watching my sister and mother sleep and walking around a lot. He also sees a young black boy about 15 years old wandering our house. He's not scared of them but he gets upset that no one else sees them. Maybe they don't like the rest of us? The boyfriend has talked to the ghosts and from my understanding, the young boy says e was murdered sometime ago in this town not far from where we live. I really wish he would go into more detail because I would love to investigate it this. Also in my bedroom, one of my closets will make a low shaking noise in the middle of the night. My sister has a light in her bedroom you have to pull a string to turn it on and off. She'll turn it off, 5 minutes later it will come back on. These too things happen on a constant basis. We also have lights that will flicker throughout the house, things that will end up somewhere other then where we put them, etc. I think that's good enough for now. If I think of anything that I've missed or anything new happenes I'll give an update. Thanks and bye.

My Mother's Stories

By: Tauras1967C@aol.com

To whom it may concern,
I am very interested in the paranormal and since I have been looking over your web site I have found it very interesting. Earlier this afternoon I was speaking on the phone with my Mother about your site and about ghosts in general. My Mother has told me some of her experiences and i would like to share them. Thank you for reading. ---Phyllis
Seeing her paternal Grandfather
My Mothers experiences with apparitions have started way back when she was 3 years old. Although she doesn't remember seeing the apparitions herself, she does remember her Mother telling her of the way she would scream at night saying " Man in the corner, Man in the corner" this happened twice.
Seeing her maternal Grandmother
When my Mother was a teenager (late 40's) she saw her Grandmother roughly 4 to 5 times. the incident she remembers mostly was when she saw her Grandmother floating outside an air shaft window beckoning her to come to her saying "Come to me Helen". If it wasn't for her Mother my Grandmother she would have fallen to her death some 30 ft. My Grandmother had pulled her back just in time from the window ledge.
Feeling cold spots in apartment and other abnormal happenings
In the mid 50's to 1970 while living in her first apartment. My mother would always feel very cold when she pasted the door to the bathroom. It turned out that a man hung himself in the bathroom from a gas pipe. My Brother and my Sisters would feel fingers poking them when no one was there. A teddy bear would sit up on it's own and blink.
Seeing a little boy
In December of  1970 my family moved from that apartment to our first house. Within days my Mother started seeing a little boy playing with blocks. The figure she said would look at her than slowly fade away. This happened numerous times for a little over a year. Later she learned from a neighbor that a family living in the house prior to us lost one of their triplet sons when he was struck by a car.
Seeing a family friend
In the mid 70's my Mother saw a friend of the family in her bedroom. She assumed that her friend was saying goodbye.
(My Sister has also seen this apparition)
Seeing her husband (my Father)
In 1983 My Mother saw my Father also in her bedroom. This one wasn't a pleasant experience. She told me that she was frightened and she begged him to leave her alone. he appeared once more and never again after that.
That concludes her stories. I hope I formatted this right if you decide to use them please feel free to format it correctly.
Question Is it safe to say my Mom is sensitive to this type of stuff?

My Haunted House

By: livingdeaddaughter666@yahoo.com

I was really too young to remember but my mom told me what happend. She says i was in my room on one of those rocking horses laughing when suddenly it got quiet. A few minutes later i tore out of my room and came running down the hall. My face was really pale and i was breathing really hard. My mom asked what happend. I pointed towards my room and said, " Mommy...there's a man in my wall..."
She slowly got off the couch and walked into my room. I clutched onto her pants and waited for him to just jump out and eat me. She looked around and told me there wasn't anything in there. She thought i had made it up.
A few days later we were cleaning up my room and i felt someone in the room with us. My mom must have noticed it too because she looked up and looked around.
"Mommy! There he is!!"
She nearly knocked me down trying to get out of the bedroom. I wasn't far behind her. We told my dad when he came home from work and he thought we were being the biggest idoits in the world. He just laughed and asked what we were having for supper.
I haven't seen him anymore. But this house is haunted. It seems like ghosts come and go. The most recent supernatural thing to happen is 'the ghost cats' as we call them. They seem to be only shadows that run past you at night. A man asked if we had any cats in the house and my dad told him we didn't. "What ran down the hall them..?" He asked, My dad quickly changed the subject.
There is an old 1800's graveyard just a short walk up the road from our house and a native american burial ground just about 4 miles away. (We live very deep in the woods.)

My Haunted House

By: mavs23@sbcglobal.net

I used to live in a house that I knew was definetly haunted. Here goes.....When I went on vacation with my family we left my sister due to her job and we thought everything would be okay. But just after a week of being on vacation my sister called and told us she had pnemonia. My mom went home to take care of her and my sister kept on telling her things that happend to her while we were gone, she said that while she was trying to sleep she felt someone breathing down her neck and that she would hear people talking in the hallway. One day she finally got tired of the spirits bothering her..So she yelled at them and told them to go away....And they did! At least for a little while...I myself have had some experiences. Like when one day I was watching my favorite basketball team play and they caught up, I was happy so I started yelling,yes!, And suddenly I went into the hallway and was continuing to yell when somebody said "shhh!!!!!" And what freaked me out was that nobody was home! But now I know who haunts my old house. Supposedly its a little girl with blond hair and very noticeable blue eyes. My sister has seen her and had at least 3 dreams about her. The "ghost" has done only things that I've heard but never seen (although, I have a picture with a big white blur by my dad, so I guess I've seen her) Right now I have some relatives that live in my old house and someone said that already some weird things have been happening like seeing a face on the window, or a room suddenly getting really cold. The reason I think its haunted is because there used to be a cemetary behind a neighbors yard. The tombstones are gone for some reason. Until then that house continues to scare me, even though I moved out.

My Family is used to Strange

By: soda1343@hotmail.com

hi im mariah decker and im 12 years old . im writing because me and my family r really used 2 weird stuff . when i was maybe 4 my great grandma died and be4 i was born my  brother died . i moved from my house 2 my grandmas about a year ago . since then my grandma has been in africa and some pretty weird stuff has happened . after my mom visited my grandma in africa she brought back some tribal masks, well 1 day while me and my aunt were cleaning one of the masks like flew from the table and hit the window the rest ofthe masks fell 2 the floor .at the same time as this my aunt was working on a jacket . well th ironing board is attached to a door and it started to rattle very hard she backed away and it rattled 2 where i could hear it in the dining room it was very loud and did eventually become annoying . then it just abruptly stopped . my twin brothers who r 10 have seen a boy walk past a window who resembled my brother who died be4 i was born . be4 my mom knew tristan had been hit by a car she heard someone tell her that he had been hurt she ran outside just be4 the ambulence arrived . my aunt will often see my great grandmother as we all have she likes 2 sit in the hall . i no this makes my family sound crazy but it's true .

Ghost Story

By: vragnauth@snet.net

This is my second submission and second experience with ghost. I haven't had any more since this. When I was 16 yrs. old. I lived in an apartment up stairs from my parents in an older victorian style house. One weekend I was sleeping in late, it was about 10 am  or so. I was awaken by someone whispering my name. The first time I ignored it because I didn't want to get out of bed. The second time I uncovered my head and looked toward the hallway where I heard it coming from. I thought I was hearing things in my sleep or half asleep and half awake so I just lay back down under my blankets cause I had an eerie feeling. About 5 min. later I heard it again, a loud whisper! SHEllie! The beginning of my name was louder then the ending. It freaked me out, I jumped out of bed and ran to my kitchen to see if my parents cars were in the driveway. They weren't! I was afraid and confused and didn't go back in my room till my parents came home. When they did I told them what happened and I thought they would laugh at me but they gave eachother a puzzled look and then began to tell me that when I wasn't home at night they would here footsteps upstairs thinking it was me my mother would come check and would find nothing! I said maybe it was the house settling and they both were positive they heard footsteps. Thanks for telling me this now was my response. I don't live there anymore and I don't think I live with any ghost anymore........

The Little Girl

By: Anonymous

My brother was at the computer at 1:00 a.m and of course everyone in the house was asleep except him. All of a sudden he heard a little girl say his name. When he heard it he looked and saw the figure of a little girl. After he saw that he just said “I’m going to upstairs now.”

The Ghostly Prediction

By: Anonymous

This happened awhile ago before I was born. My mom was in bed in the middle of the night and she woke up, and at the foot of her bed she saw an image. It was the image of her grandmother, she loved her so much. She told my mom that she was going to have a girl. Then she went to the doctor and the doctor said that she was going to have a girl.


By: Cddolphinchic@aol.com

Hi. My name is Christian. I have a story regarding the bellwitch. I don't really know if these really happened but i'm telling you anyways cuz i believe they did. My brother said that him and a group of his friends had heard about an abandoned house not too far from the bellwitch cave that was supposedly haunted and they decided to go and check it out. There was about 4 or 5 of them and they all walked through the house together and the girls were getting really scared.
As they were going through they looked and there was still an old tv in the front room and they looked down the hall and this like blowing blue light was in front of them and it moved really fast past them and then they all ran to the back and my brother's friend was like "hey why don't we go upstairs and check it out?!!!"and right about then they heard a crash and they ran outside to their truck but as they passed by the tv they saw that the screen of it had been busted and it wasn't busted before.
They all ran outside towards the car but when they went out the trucks doors were open and the lights were on and they weren't before . they all ran and jumped in the truck turned it on and got away from there real fast.
My brother said that he would probably go back but a couple of the girls refused to ever go back there again.
I just thought that i would share this with you because I thought it was very interesting


By: rockmerose@hotmail.com

I would like to share a story with you that happened a very long time ago. I
was only 5 years old and living in a large home with my parents. Both of my
parents were meth users and were constantly abusive not only to me but to
eachother. I often awoke to the sound of there fighting and many times hid
under my bed or in my closet. One night I woke to the sound of shattering
glass, my parents were throwing dishes at eachother. I went to dive under my
bed, but a sound from my closet distracted me. The moonlight shone through
the window illuminating the ghostly pale face of a little boy that was older
than me but just barely. He put a finger to his lips and said "shhh,
everything will be okay" I got this feeling from him that it would and I was
not scared. I heard pounding on my door from my mom trying to come inside. I
had no locks on the door, but it would not open for her. She was screaming
obcenities at me and I knew that if she were to come in, I would be hurt.
The little boy just stared at the door concentrating and finally she went
away. He kept me safe that night and quite a few others. I was eventually
taken my the child protected services until my parents got the help they
needed.I haven't seen him since I was about ten but I remember him even now,
and though he never told me his name I knew it anyway. His name was
Alexander and I believe he may have been my guardian angel.

Something Else that Happened to Me

By: ElfieG@aol.com

This happened in 2004.  I was working as a security guard at a place I cannot give the name
of.  My hours were six pm to six am. I was on my way up the stairs in the main office where
we wrote our reports when I heard what seemed to be women talking. I started checking the
area because nobody was to be in this area at night. I came to a door which led to what had
been a place for battered women to come and get away from being battered and could stay
for a while.  I opened the door and went in and the voices kept on.  I asked if anyone was here and a voice said something like "he's not bad" and then laughter started and I left the
area realizing that I had heard voices from the past. I saw nobody in that area. I did go back
many times but did not hear anymore voices. It was always chilly in that area.
Thanks and will send another at another time.

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