The Visitor to our Home




I'm probably like most people, I didn't believe in ghosts until I encountered one. My wife and I used to live in Pasadena, Texas(southeast oh Houston). We had bought a house back in 1996. It was built in 1951. The first encounter I had was on a windy night, my wife was taking a shower and I was watching TV. The back door opened slowly, almost all the way, then it closed, by itself. I figured it was the wind making it open and close, so I got up to lock the door. I almost dropped my keys when I realized the deadbolt was already set. I told my wife about it, she laughed and said I must have dozed off on the couch and dreamed it. I knew better. Then, not long after that, my wife said she heard someone walking through the house. She thought it was our daughter since she is proned to sleepwalking. She went to her room and realized that it couldn't have been our daughter, there was not enough time for her to have been walking around, then gotten back in bed and pulled the covers around her. My wife has also heard the microwave bell go off in the middle of the night, when all of us were asleep. We have a pair of pueter lamps on the end tables of our couch. They are a 2 bulb system, with pull chains for each bulb. At least once a week, we would be sitting watching TV or reading when all of a sudden, a chain on one of the lamps would start banging the side of the lamp. Since they were pueter, it was loud. The ghost never tried to harm us, so we think it was a child playing with us. Thank you for letting me write to you.




The Weekend of 5-27-05




Before I attempt to recall this quick moment over a weekend meant for fun and enjoying tranquility, I'll need to tell you first that:

1. My parents own a cabin in Lupton, Michigan. We travel there every other weekend, usually, and pretty much keep the place in tact and enjoy ourselves.

2. There aren't many residents that actually live in the houses around our cabin, besides one family, so many different people are up there at all times.

Now, the night before this completely dumbfounding experience was one of some slight alcohol comsumption.

I had a decent 7 hour sleep from 2a.m.- 9a.m. I had woken up at 9 to turn over so the pain in my stomach would subside. As I was doing that, I heard the storm door in the living room open. The subject proceeded to walk past my open doorway as I was sitting up. I was able to glance through my sleepiness to see what seemed to be my mother. It went fast, right into the bathroom. No noise was being made in the bathroom, and I fell asleep again. 9:30 a.m. comes along with me waking up to my parents coming home from grocery shopping. My mom was asking my dad with a laugh "Honey, did you put these out here for us?" he replied with a no and some assuring words that he did not place them there. These things they were talking of were three granola bars with plums. Mother came into my room and immediately asked me about the granola bars. I didn't tell her what I had saw for some odd reason. I just didn't feel like explaining it.

Throughout the day we asked several others around and received no confirmation. A two hour drive back home is what I wanted more than sleeping there another night. This was all definitely a confusing, jumbled mess of events, yet, I will return another day, hoping to find out more. Thank YOU for reading THIS.




The Day I saw my Dead Grandfather




a few years ago i had a run in with my grandfather who died my mother was 15 years old. That night for no apparent reason i woke up at about 2:30 A.M. and looked across the hall that separates my room from my mom and dad's room and thats when i saw my grandpa moving toward my room i was so scared i put my head under my pillow and tried to fall asleep. This sort of the thing happened many times after that but all i would get was a quick glance before i would hide my head.




The Bed




during the summer of 2004 i spent 4 and a half months in switzerland, working as a nanny/farmhand/waitress/dishwasher/janitor for a family who ran a little cafe and crappy hotel for hikers way up in the alps. my room had two twin beds which were designed so you could push them together to make one big bed or pull them apart to make smaller ones. i started out with my beds pushed together, as i wasn't sharing a room at first. a few weeks later, they told me some other girl was coming up to help out and she'd be sleeping in my room so i pulled the beds apart. they stayed apart, and the second one was mostly unoccupied (my roomie slept elsewhere most of the time). as this girl left, a second one came to stay and help out- she didn't like our room much either, apparently, she didn't sleep there anymore than the previous girl. now that we've got through the boring setup crap...

one night about halfway through girl #2's time with us, surprise- her bed was empty. i was lying in bed attempting to sleep, and i was almost there, just at the point your brain starts to shut off, you know? and i heard breathing from her bed, literally two and a half feet away from me. i looked over, thinking maybe i had drifted off and she'd come back, but there was nothing. bed empty, unmade, and breathing heavily as if in a deep sleep. so i did what anyone else would do- i buried my head in my blankets and went to sleep. this happened a few times after that, maybe five times during my stay. after the first time i began paying attention to the clock and realized when this breathing thing did happen, it was always around the same time.

so this girl leaves, and number three shows up, sleeping in the breathing bed (hell if I was going near that thing). she ended up leaving us early for reasons i won't go into becuase it doesn't matter. the cook had the room next to me, and her husband was coming to visit overnight. the last place i wanted to be was aginst their wall, cause i'd been there before, and...yeah. nothing i cared to hear, hehe! the second bed having been moved to the other side of the room, i slept in it that night to give cook and hubby their privacy. i woke up at about 2.30am as if i had been violently startled to the oh-so pleasant feeling of being stared at malevolently, like somebody was boring holes into my skull. of course i didn't look, i was terrified, and again i buried my head under my covers until i fell asleep. needless to say, i didn't sleep in that bed again! nobody else ever mentioned anything odd happening, but now that i think about it, none of them ever gave me a straight answer about not wanting to sleep in our room, either. i just figured i stank, maybe they picked up on the Bed Thing too, hehe.



My True Ghost Story




Not too long ago I visited the Lost Sea Cave-Well me and my neice were just standing around and all of a sudden we felt a cold chill and something that felt like it was hairy brush against our legs. We didn't pay any attention to it but later on the woman that shows us around told us about a jaguar that fell down there and died and as it turns out we weren't the only ones that felt it...Also one time when I looked over from one side of the cave I saw a figure that looked tranparent almost at the time she was tellin us about a union soldier that got shot by a confedarate soldier.



My Father


In 1957 my Father and his best friend were killed in a hunting accident. I was only 7yrs old. I remember his funeral and the many people who came to pay their respects. That night I went to bed at the usual time and was awakened by something. I glanced at the foot of my bed where a large chair was and saw a ghostly figure of a man sitting in this chair. At first I was afraid but the longer I stared at this figure I realized it was my Father. He made no movement but merely sat in this chair. After a couple of minutes I decided to communicate with my Father so I sat up in bed and proceeded to crawl down toward the foot of the bed. Before I could reach the foot of the bed my Father's image faded away. It was then that I felt afraid and climbed in bed with my Mother. However, I didn't tell her about seeing my Father until several days later. All I know is that this wasn't a dream and I was very thankful to have had the opportunity to have experienced this. I don't think my Mother ever believed me about this but it doesn't matter because the memory of it has stayed firmly in my mind. Thank you for letting me tell you my story.




West Babylon - South Bay Elementary School




Many sightings of a little boy wandering in the recreation area at night is seen, hes usually seen walking around the area where the old fire house burnt down around the late 1800's. Also, numerous times, an old man that looks poor is seen wandering.

Being that we live on long island and pride ourselves on ghost hunting, myself and a group of my friends decided to visit the so called haunted elementary school. After getting lost on our way there, we found the school at about 4am (friday night) with the help of my cousin( who went to the school when she was younger and is too creeped out to go there by the playground). We drove around at first and didnt see any cars or any people so we decided to walk through the field. I wanted to go into the playground where the little boy is supposed to be lurking but the three guys i was with were a little too weirded out ( i was a little scared too, i must admit) So we walk by the park in a hurry and get to the car, and start to drive out. We were in the front of the school, ready to pull out and waiting for the light to change, talking amongst ourselves saying how we should go back and see if that ''poor looking ghost'' is around. A minute or so passed while i was on the phone with my cousin, then i looked over to the drive and saw his terrified and shocked facial expression while he was looking in the rearview mirror. All of a sudden i hear a shreaking scream and banging on the trunk of the car. I turned around and saw this shaggy black figure banging and screaming on the trunk of the car, we bolted down great east neck rd and eventually pulled over because we were all shaking. The shocked expression on the driver's face was due to the fact that he saw this black figure come out of nowhere and charge suddenly at our car at full speed. After a few minutes and a couple cups of coffee in dunkin donuts, we decided to go back to see if it was someone just trying to mess with us ( eventhough we all knew inside that someone appearing at of nowhere at 4am and slamming on the back of our car seemed a tad paranormal). Out of the three guys i was with, only one decided to get out and go back with me. We didnt go near the playground or the field, and just stood towards the front making noises so it'd come back. After a few minutes of us clapping and whistling, the two guys in the car started to scream at the top of the lungs for us to get back in the car. We ran in and drove off, because they saw a black figure begininng to shuffle slowly leaning right to left, coming out of the playground towards us.  Needless to say, i've never been that scared in my entire life.




Memorial Park Cemetary





When I was about ten years old my dad used to take me to Memorial Park

Cemetary on North Dixie Dr. in Dayton Ohio and let me drive his car. He

said if you want to learn to drive this is the best place. So when I got

to be a teenager it was a good place to take girlfriends and park. Well

one night while I was parked I thought I heard a something so as I

started to look out of the window there was a man with a suit on and I

thought o no it's a person who works here. As I opened my car door to

try to explain he disapered before my eyes. Needless to say my

girlfriend was freakin out because she also so it. I never went back

there again.







So, my hauntings started when I was about 13.  I had this strange dream one

night.  It started with a lady walking around or cultasac.  She was wearing

all black and it looked like she sick because she was blowing her nose.  Now

that I look back, I wonder if maybe she was crying?  Anyway, I panicked and

went to my mom in the dream and she said, "Don't worry she's supposed to be

here."  The dreamed continued with me just standing staring out my window

watching the lady, then another lady dressed in all white with brown hair

walked by.  It looked like she was wearing a nightgown.  I woke up right

after that.  Now, everytime I'm on my computer, which is located just across

from that same window, I can see that same lady in the white walk by.  For a

while it frightened me because I didn't know if it was actaully the lady or

just my imagination.  I'm used to it now.  Lately, if I'm up too late, I'll

be playing on the computer and I'll hear a bang.  Now, my family is always

asleep by 10-ish and the possibility of them making the noise is rare.  The

best memory of the bangs I have is actuall during the day.  It was summer,

so my parents weren't home and me and my sister were cleaning for company

coming in.  I was walking past that same window and I heard a bump coming

from a bookshelf.  The bookshelf is in a corner and it is pushed completely

against the wall, so it couldn't have been my sister trying to scare me.  I

ignored it and went on with my life.  I have tried to research my house and

what it was built on (maybe a grave yard or an old indian preserve) but I've

had no luck yet.  I haven't heard from "her" for a while, but sometimes at

night I still hear bangs and I get weird feelings, and that makes me run to

my room...









, this happened to me when I was in my late teens, I think. I was helping a friend move into her dormitory. We were outside when I locked eyes, with a very handsome  blue eyed guy also helping a friend move in. We were unable to stop looking at each other throughout the entire move. We were both very instantly attracted to each other and we both knew it although neither of us approached the other. Later in the day as i was sitting alone in my girlfriends room, i got the sudden urge to get up and open the door.  I did and directly across the door in the next room was  Nick, just standing there looking at me.   He hadnt knocked on the door or anything,  Our meeting each other was incredible. Anyway, we of course became a couple very quickly. We had so much in common, and I was very head over heels over him and I felt that the feeling was mutual. About 2 months later, Nick told me that he would be going to Virginia with some friends for the weekend, and that he would be picking me up at the dormitory that Sunday. He dropped me off at work , we kissed and the last thing he said to me was that he would come for me on sunday. Then he left.  At that moment I was standing behind the counter ( I worked at Mcdonalds at the time ) and in my head I clearly saw and heard a man telling me that Nick was dead. I knew, absolutley Knew with all certainty that he was not coming back from Virginia alive. Despite this knowledge , I dismissed it as my imagination, although I couldnt think of why I would imagine something so horrible. Anyway, of course Sunday comes along, and I am waiting for Nick. I went downstairs and used the pay phone to call him. A man answered the phone,  and when I asked for Nick ,he said I'm sorry but Nick is dead. I was completely dumbfounded and I said to him, thats not funny. The gentleman answered,  I am his Uncle and I would not joke about this. Nick suffered a heart attack and died. As it turns out Nick had a drug problem that i was not aware of . He did a speedball (cocaine and heroin) and his heart stopped.  Well, as I said I was completely numb, and I just hung up the phone and went upstairs to my girlfriend. I knew at that moment  and still believe to this day the Nick and I were soul mates.  Nothing else can account for our unusual attraction and meeting, or how I was made privy to this terrible knowledge. Time went on of course,and eventually I dealt with his death as best i could. But every time I would think of him, my heart would  skip a bit, because I knew that he was going to die. This clairvoyancy stayed with me throughout the years, although it has diminshed significantly. This is my story! Let me know if you decide to put it on the website ! Thanks



Demon at Doublechurch




Before I was invited to join my friend's ghost hunting group they had told me about a house on Doublechurch road.  It got it's name from the fact that there are only two churches along that road.  They didn't tell me much, because they wanted to see if I'd experience what they had.  However, a week before I went there with them I was having dreams of the house.  I had never seen it before.  Something would give me a sense of being lured there in my dreams.  It bothered me so bad that I spoke to my church minister about it.  He told me simply not to go there.  I didn't listen.  We went to the house which was abandoned.  Somebody owned it but never fixed it up.  What frightened me was the fact that it was exactly as I had seen it in my dream.  Many things happened over the course of several visits.  My friends recounted stories of seeing a glowing white panther like creature near the frontporch steps.  There was an old windmill there that would actually answer yes or no questions!  It would creak once for yes and twice for no.  We don't understand how it happened, but there was no wind or outside factors that we could percieve that would cause this.  A friend of mine went there one night on halloween with the group.  He put his left foot on the porch and suddenly couldn't move.  The most horrible thing there is what I percieve to be a demon.  I have seen a hulking creature about 6-7' tall hunched over that looked kind of like a gargoyle with horns coming out of its head.  I am not the only one to have seen it either.  Two of my friends have seen it without any of us ever saying anything about it before.  The describiton is always the same too.  I've experienced other things there as well.  I was there one night with my ghost hunting group when I foolishly tried to challenge whatever it was that was there.  Two of my friends had gone inside the house, I stayed outside with 3 of my other friends because I'm a big guy and it was an old house and I figured there may be some real physical dangers inside.  So I stayed outside challenging the ghosts.  My friends kept yelling at to stop when I heard footsteps on the porch.  I turned around and there was nothing on the porch!  I felt something go by me and I looked down and I could see footprints being made in the grass beside me as if something was walking past me!  Then I heard a noise coming from the barn.  My friend came out of the house , and like me he's sensitive to spirits, and he looked around as if trying to sense something.  He then looked at the barn and said, "It's in the barn."  The rest of my friends looked at me and said, "We know".  We then headed down to the barn.  As we were walking to the barn we heard what sounded like two horses and a carrage actually go through us on the small road to the barn.  There was a lot of activity that night.  So we get to the barn and two of my friends go around the other side and go in, because that's where the only door was.  My one friend who is sensitive too was one of them.  We stood there for a while.  I was getting chills and goose bumps.  All of a sudden one my friends that was with me got wide eyed and said, "They're messing with stuff they shouldn't be!".  When my two friends came out later they were carrying some old books they found inside the barn.  I don't what they were, i never looked.  While they were in there we also kept hearing a screen door slamming shut.  We asked them about it and they said there was no screen door!  I've also seen black shapes the size of midgets running around in the yard, I've heard footsteps going up and down the stairs from inside the house.  The stories behind all of this is that one night the farmer killed his family in their sleep and hung himself in the basement.  There has also been records of satanistic rituals in the basement and whatnot.  A lot of people who go there do get a strange urge to go into the cellar/basement.  I've experienced that myself, but I've never gone in.  One more thing,  The house is in the middle of a field and even on a night of a full moon the house is dark and shadowy and you can barely make it out without getting right inside the road to the house.




D Street Cemetery





Well i have a few storys for you. the first ghostly thing i've ever seen was one day with my friends we were hanging out in the cemetery after dark, just trying to have a good time and see if we can find anything weird. well we were sitting on the far right side of the cemetery facing south from d street. we notice that this tree we were sitting by had a strange looking face on it. it was weird but the light of the moon on the tree showed a old looking face it was large and look undeniabley like a face. it freaked us out a bit and i've never seen anything that looked so much like a face show up like that did that night.( note it was on a full moon when that happened)  Another thing that happened to me and another friend late one night. we were walking down the cemetery through the loop. as we were coming up on the corner. i recalled a time when my wicken friend requested some dirt from a grave for her spells and stuff. well a few months back i had kicked some dirt up from the grave for her and bottled it up. (not much of course but enough to make a 3 inch groove in the dirt right next to the tomb stone.) well i was telling my friend about it and i showed him the groove that was next to the stone. i put my foot into the groove first to find it to show my friend, then my friend put his foot into the groove to see what i was talking about. well we began to walk some more then i heard this noise. i stopped and told him to listen. it was like a howling noise almost. it was really hollow but high at the same time. sorta like when you blow into a glass bottle but different. a noise i've never heard before. there was no way it could have been anything in the surrounding area because it was 3 in the morning and no one was out. then i got this cold chill running through my body. it was a warm night since it was august and it was near 94 degrees that day. and out of no where it got cold. i felt goose bumps run through my body. my friend had felt it too. the noise was getting louder and the chill was just so strange. we began to freak out and after a few minutes we decided to take a run for it. i think i may have disturbed something with the dirt i removed. but it happened shortly after i showed my friend the groove. it was the most realistic ghost experience i have ever encountered. i have been in there numerous of times and there is always a feeling of presence when you enter. but yeah thats the two most promanant encounters i've had and i thought that it may be of interest to you. Thank you





Ghostly Payback




A couple years ago I went ghost hunting on a regular basis.  Harpers Ferry, Wva was one of the most frequented sites we went to.  One night a friend and I went there on one of our ghost hunting trips.  I was tired of never seeing anything.  I'm a sensitive, so I can know when they're around.  I just don't see them very often.  On the way there we stopped at a store to get something to drink.  I also picked up some little debbie blueberry muffins and brownies.  On the way there my friend and I ate the blueberry muffins and were saving the brownies for later.  Well we get to Harpers Ferry and park the car.  We made sure it was locked and the windows were rolled up.  I had laid the brownies on the passenger side floorboard.  Then we went ghost hunting in our usual spots where strange things happen.  We went to the bridge next to the railroad tracks.  This is where a lot of stuff happens like strange sounds or civil war soldier sightings and what not.  Well nothing was going on that night.  It was pretty dead (excuse the pun).  I got a little angry and started to challenge the nearby spirits.  I challenged them to appear or lift me up.  Just to do something physical.  I even took off my blessed cross I was wearing.  Essentially telling them that "The gloves were off".  Well, nothing happened.  Not even a strange noise.  So we walked back to the car defeated.  On the way I remarked that, "At least I'll be able to some of those brownies we bought, so it's not a total loss.".  We get back to the car and the brownies are missing, box and all.  The car was locked and the windows were rolled up.  We made sure there was no way to get into the car from the outside.  We even checked to see if the windows or the locks had been tampered with.  Nothing.  We checked under the seats in the front and the backs seats.  We checked everywhere inside the car.  We even checked the trunk for some odd reason.  Nothing.  They had completely vanished.  Not even the box or wrappers from the muffing box were inside the car.  I was so mad.  I guess I should be careful what I wish for, I just might get.  I think I insulted the spirits in the area and they decided to get even with me. 




Haunted Apartment Bldg.San Pedro, CA.





I lived in this building for many years. Three different tenants lived in unit # 19. Often times, a cold presence is felt and an image appears in the bathroom mirror, of someone possibly a woman, Native American with long hair. 

Unit # 6 , in which I lived in, on a number of occasions, I had felt someone sit on the bed during the night. You could see a depression on the bed where the spirit had been sitting. In addition, on numerous occasions in all three units there were happenings of cabinets opening and drawers being left open. This usually happened when we left the unit to take out the trash, or change laundry. You would come back to your apartment and ALL the drawers in the bedrooms and ALL kitchen cupboards and drawers were left open. Nothing was ever  disturbed or missing, just a mischievous ghost messing around.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you




Garfield, NJ:




Although my experiences are small, they have all added up to wonderful experiences.  It all began when my fiance and I moved into my grandparents old two family house.  I was a bit hesitant at first, but after the wall were painted and the floors recarpeted - it was easier to move in.  Within three months of moving in I had many interesting moments, I would smell scents that would bring me right back to being a toddler in that house, when I went to take a deeper inhale the scent was gone, walking past the cellar I would smell fresh cut wood (my grandfather was a woodworker) and every so often the air in the room would get "heavy."  My dog would often stare off into another room, enter that room and just stand there.

Then one night I saw them.  It was 3:15am and I was awake in bed, I looked to the foot of the bed and saw two figures standing there.  I was not scared or shocked, I started to laugh and smile - I just knew it was my grandparents. 

The next day I went into the attic to "look around" I had my grandparents in my thoughts and I asked out loud "where is Roger?" he was my fathers brother who died a tragic death before I was born, a voice in my head quickly answered "well...he's in the attic."  When I was in the attic I found a drawing from Roger and hung it on the wall, I'm sure he would have liked that.

My fiance had not experienced anything directly, he would however ask my grandfather for permission before using any tools.  However, one September day he was cleaning out a cabinet in the cellar and came across a wooden perpetual calendar (the kind where you change the wooden blocks day by day).  It was in his hand before he looked down at it, October 17 it said, the date of our upcoming wedding day. I took this as their rsvp to our wedding, and they are in a few of our wedding pictures!

Now that my sister and her husband have moved upstairs the house has been quite for a few months.  Though they do visit me in my dreams now and again, I think they are glad to see their house being used by their only two grandchildren and their husbands.




The Myrtles Plantation




I have been wanting to spend the night at "The Myrtles Plantation" in St. Francisville, La. for years, so finally my husband decided to take me there for our anniversary last year.  We stayed in the General Bradford suite, the only room available for overnight stays that is downstairs.  The tour was wonderful, all the legends of the plantation, including the one about Chloe tucking some guest in at night were told with gusto, we were allowed to photograph the famous mirror in the entrance hall, and the photos were wonderful, handprints appeared in them all, also the staircase which was reflected in the mirror had some strange thick fog appearing on each photo.  The only paranormal experience I had during the tour was having a gentle breeze blowing on the back of my neck a few times (I thought it was my husband trying to scare me, but when I turned around no one was there)  I just dismissed this as a draft.  Once we went to bed, my husband was teasing me, he stated "I'm not afraid of you, Chloe, bring it on."  (chloe is the slave who was hung for poisoning the masters 2 children and his wife).  Well, suddenly my husband claimed he was freezing, I reached over and believe me, he was ice cold and shivering.  I was warm as toast!  After a few minutes he seemed to warm up.  Nothing else happened during the night, so about 6AM we woke up and preceeded to get out of bed, I couldn't throw back the covers, I had to climb out from under them, and upon inspection I realized the covers on my side of the bed were tucked tightly under the mattress, and I can tell you with utmost confidence they were not that way when I went to bed.  I am very anxious to go back!!!!!!!  If anyone would like to see some of the photos taken at the plantation, I will be glad to email them to you.  my email address is




The Girl





 It stared out as a nice warm sunny day.(I was about 9 or 10) It seemed like nothing could go wrong.... But that night when I went to bed I went to sleep with the TV and the light off.(which is very unusual for me!) Then in the middle of the night I woke up and my room was freezing cold! Then at the bottom of my bed I saw this girl. She was wearing a yellow dress, and she had a cord attached to her face,and the end of the cord was cut,and some of her hair had fallen out like she had cancer. She was just sitting there looking at me straight in the eye for the longest time. Then I hit myself in the head to make sure I was awake. When I noticed that nothing had changed i threw myself from the bed to the floor and ran to my moms room. I wanted to wake my mom up and tell her what I saw, but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't talk,I couldn't move, I just sat in my moms rocking chair for a long time.

Then my mom woke up and tried to talk to me, and right when I told her what happened i busted into tears. For the next two weeks or so i slept on the couch. I got over it eventually and went to sleep in my room. But i still keep the TV on just in case.




Ghost on the Porch





A couple things should be mentioned before I begin my story. First, on the front poarch, there are motion detection lights. These lights turn on when any person/animal moves wth fifteen feet of them. Second, my doorbell has a tendency to stick when it is pushed in and it makes an obnoxius buzzing sound. This can only happen when someone pushes it, it then must be pushed in again so it will stop.

I'm seventeen now, but this story takes place when I was ten. One fall night, around nine, my two uncles, my aunt, my grandma and I were sitting in the living room watching t.v. when we heard the doorbell ring. My uncle Jonathon gets up and looks out the peephole. He doesn't see anything and the lights arn't on. My uncle sits down and none of us think of anything that just happened.

About five minutes later we hear the doorbell ring again, but this time it has gotten stuck. My uncle once again gets up, looks out the peephole and, again, see nothing. He opens the, so he can push the doorbell in, and it is then, only at that moment when the lights turn on.

Outof the five peole that were in the living rom that night, none of us can explain what happened that night. Since the living room is five feet away from the door and the lights sty on for five minutes, if not for longer, there is absolutely no way a person could have rung the doorbell and ran.

As I said, this event took place when I was ten. It has been seven years and it stil sticks with me. Nothing like this has happened again. Every once and awhile I get a feeing of dread while i'm in the house an my step-dad swears there's ghosts in he house, nothing has been as shocking as that night.




Happened Many Years Ago


By: C.M.


This happened many years ago. I was around the age of 20 and was living in (what was at the time) my family's home. 

A few bits of information first.  Since early childhood I have always been scared of ghost/spirits/entities whatever you want to call them.  When going to bed I always insisted on having my bedroom door open with the hall light on.  Always, prior to sleep I had a litany of prayers, e.g. "thank you for this" and "GOD bless my family" etc.  The last of my prayers every night was for God to "not let anything scary happen to me, not let me see anything scary, and to not let me think or dream of anything scary."

Back to what happened to me that night. I had my own bedroom.  It was late around midnight when I was finally going to bed. As usual I kept my bedroom door open.  My father was still up and I remember hearing that the television was on kind of loud.  I decided to get up and shut my bedroom door. (That’s where I made my mistake.)  I lay back down on my bed and immediately drifted off to sleep.  It seemed like I was dreaming as I had that heavy half asleep half awake feeling when I started hearing a noise as though something was being dragged slowly across the floor, back and forth, back and forth. Then, just as quickly as I had fallen asleep, I woke up from my dreaming state and, thinking about what I had just heard I opened my eyes. Standing to the right of the foot of my bed was what looked like someone standing there with a sheet or a blanket over their head. It was easy to see as my room had outside light coming in through a sliding glass door. I immediately closed my eyes tight and started saying prayers repeating, “Lord Jesus have mercy on me. Lord Jesus have mercy on me”.  My heart was pounding so hard and fast. I was petrified.  Then after what seemed like only a couple of minutes I somehow in my fear was able to reach over and turn on the light that was next to my bed.  I slowly looked around and of course there was nothing there.  But I gathered up all my blankets and went to my sister’s room down the hall and lay down on the floor.  I tried to sleep but it was difficult.  I kept thinking about it again and again, did I really see that or was I still sleeping/dreaming?  But every time I recalled the sound of that heavy type of material dragging across the floor I just knew I saw what I saw.




My Cousins




Dave and Tina, I 'd like to share my ghostly experience with you. About a year ago my two cousins heard that there was a haunted road in Sanger, Calif. The road was named Channel but was given the name Snake Road by locals because it is has many sharp twists and turns and runs alongside a river. Legend has it that a young mother and her two daughters lost their lives on this road when the mother failed to negotiate a turn and drove her vehicle into the river. She was thrown from the car and died almost instantly, her two daughters were trapped in the car , which continued to float downstream. They both eventually drowned. Many people have reported seeing the apparition of a woman walking along the road at night and along the riverbed. Locals believe it is the ghost of the mother looking for her children. When my cousins told me this story I was a little intrigued but also skeptical. After much begging and pleading my cousins were able to convince me to drive them down the road. We got a map of Sanger and located the whereabouts of Channel Road. We drove around for approximately an hour and could not find the road, even though we followed the directions to a "T". The area where the road supposedly is, is very dark, very overgrown with weeds and huge bushes and trees. Also the area is not well taken care of ( street signs missing ). Frustrated and disappointed about not finding the road we started back home. We could not remember what streets we had taken to get where we were so we just started taking any roads that went south ( we knew one of these roads would get us to the main road ). We turned onto this one road ( we could not see the name of it because as I had said earlier the area was very poorly maintained and bushes were covering the name ) but hey it was going south.We were on the road for approximately 2 minutes when my 12 yr. old cousin started freaking out in the back seat, she started crying, saying she was scared and wanted to go home. I assured her that was what we were doing but no amount of reassurance could calm her down. I continued down the road as fast as I could. I began slowing down when I noticed a thin patch of fog, I say fog , my friend swears it was an apparition about 50 feet in front of me. As we came upon this apparition it slowly began to disappear. At that point I had almost come to a complete stop. As I passed the area where we saw the fog, okay apparition, I began to accelerate . Just then I saw a sign about ten feet ahead that said "Caution, Dangerous curves up ahead ". I slowed down and in the back of my mind I'm thinking " could this be the road ". I assumed it wasn't because up until that point the road had been fairly straight and easy to maneuver. But the sign didn't lie, the road suddenly became very windy, to the point where I would drive a few yards, have to make a sharp turn to the right, drive a few more yards and suddenly have to make a sharp turn to the left. This went on for about three miles then the road straightened out. Up ahead I saw flashing red lights. As I drew closer I saw that it was a stop sign. As I was approaching I told my friend to see what street we were on so I could maybe get an idea of where we were. I'll never forget the look on my friends face as I pulled up to the stop sign. She looked as if she'd seen a ghost. She said, you guessed it, we were on Channel Road. As soon as we turned off the street, my cousin who had been nearly hysterical from the moment we turned onto it, had calmed down just as quickly. I now do believe that the apparition we saw was of the young mother. I do not think she was trying to scare us but quite the contrary, she probably saved our lives. Because had I not slowed down when she appeared, I'd have suddenly come upon the dangerous curves. And going at the speed I was up until that moment I surely would have not been able to maneuver them, and possibly suffering the same fate as the young mother and her daughters. Also this happened in the middle of summer, where fog , even a small patch , is unlikely, where the temp. is usually in the 100's.

P.S. This past January my grandparents were looking into buying another home. They showed me and my cousins the pictures of the two homes they had narrowed it down to. One of them was on Channel Road and in the picture provided to them by the realtor, a side view of the riverfront property, you can see a sign about five yards away that says " Caution, Dangerous curves ahead ", we advised them that if they bought the property we would NEVER, EVER visit them.




I was Possessed???




I pride myself on being an open minded person.  I don't have a particualar faith and will listen to other's views.  Sometimes I sense a presence around me, and often I'll have the classic, "see something out of the corner of your eye, turn and nothing's there" happen, and I generally believe in the paranormal.  My story doesn't compare in the terror department like some others, but it does occasionally give me a dark feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

It started when we first moved into out house.  I was in second grade, so about 7 years old.  I have a memory of seeing blood in the bathtub and sink in my bathroom, however as I told this story later everyone insisted I made it up, so I dismissed it.  Then as the years progressed I would hear a woman's voice every single night.  She sounded like an older woman, and not a happy one.  I would hear a low moaning, and every single time I would check on my mother because I thought it was her- it never was and of course I was the only one who could hear it.  It eventually stopped, until a few months ago I heard it again for a short period of time.  These have all been relatively dismissive and I'm fine with them.  However one night I got a full on, face to face, body in body experience from something that sure wasn't alive, and sure wasn't something a kid's imagination made up. 

I was falling asleep, and for some reason I felt something say, "open your mind."  So I did.  Then bam!  In my mind I'm jogging down this hallway, make a few turns.  Then suddenly, I get to a doorway.  It's dark, and there's a man inside.  I tried to turn around and run but it was too late.  The next thing I know I'm in my bed again, but I can't move.  (This part I was awake)  I was floating up, did a full rotation, still couldn't move, couldn't speak, nothing.  I descended down onto my matress, and within about 5 seconds I felt a huge weight rise off of me.  I was so relieved, and began to breathe normally again.  Then in front of my eyes flashes a man's face.  I saw a lot of red and he was yelling something.  The face flashed twice and then was gone.  I tried to pass it off as a dream, but I've had plenty of weird ones and nothing compares to this.  The rest of the night I watched TV with an unusual amount of concentration.

Nothing has happened since then.  But hey, you never know.



Haunted Farm House





Haunted Farm House

My uncle who is in the miliatary at the time bought a farm house in Braxton County West Virginia. About 3 months after he bought it My sisters, mom, and dad. Went out there and decided to stay for a week. the first day there I woke up just at daylight and saw a white s-10 truck sitting in the feild below the house the person sitting in it had a rifile poked out the window of the house. It scared me so I walked out on the porch when I did the truck pulled into the creek and vanished. Then about 2 months later no one had been to the farm in a while. The farm got broken into almost everthing had been stolen. And my uncle is a very wealthy person. His great great granfathers world War 2 flag was even stolen. Eversince the break in i'm afraid to stay up there and when I do (the house is 2 stories w/basement and attic) I hear noises like chains dragging the steps and someone crawling in the attic. This isn't all one day I decided to take a walk in the woods with my sisters. We came to a  very old graveyard that you could tell no one had been to in many years. The strangest tomb was one that was about 7 foot tall and 4 foot wide. There was a very old rusty chair sitting right beside it. There was the same old man that was sitting in the S-10 parked in the feild. He looked so old that I don't know how he could even walk. So me and my two sisters ran all the way back to the farm. (By the way i'm 13 and my parents wern't at the farm they were at the store 10 miles away.) There the same old man was sitting in the swing on the back porch. So my sisters and I ran into the house and locked all the doors and windows. And that night the noises and sounds got so bad we left. The farm has now got burned down. But sometimes my dad and my mom and us kids all go up there to hunt and still sometimes I see that old man sitting in that same seat with that same rifile. Thank you for your intresest!










My sister just recently had an experience a few days after our grandfather passed away. She was walking down the hallway to go to her room and the door to my grandfathers old room was slightly open, She looked to the side noticing the door was ajar and seen a outline of a long manly arm reaching out. She looked forward and continued walking. Our grandma was resting in her room so she told her crying. Later that night she was trying to go to sleep, she turned to face the wall and something started tugging on her hair violently,but nothing was there. Once again she started screaming .It's little things like this that happen ever now and then







My events were not as scary as some others, but they were quite spooky at the time. We hat to have my cat Tuppy put down when i was about 12. She was 16 yrs old and quite grumpy, and not very affectionate. I was one of the few people she really liked. Anyway, a couple of times, once at my grandparents house which we stayed in while our new house was being built, i was lying in bed and felt a cat walking over me. There were no animals at my grandparents. I knew It was Tuppy beacuse it was heavy (she was a very big cat). It padded all  over me and i think may have layed down. I was so scared, even though, if it was my cat, she was friendly. I felt her again in our new house. We had 2 new cats by then, but I had my bedroom door shut and they were not in my room. Again, it was heavy and padded me out before lying down.

The other vent which happeded was at the housewarming we threw. No one can recall the TV being on, but when we had the photos from that night developed, there is a picture of my parents cutting their hosewarming cake. In the background, the TV has the words - like the title of a TV show - "The House of the Dead"! Like I said, none remebers the TV being on, andI doubt it would have been in the middle  of a party. This was a brand new house in a relativly new subdivision. Since then, both Mums parents have died and my Dad's adopted Aunt. None  of them died in the house, but they all spent a lot of time there and my Great Aunt was at our house with Pnemonia when she got sick enough to go to the emergency doctors b4 going to the ICU.



Ghost Story




i have seen to ghosts in different places before and are all true. the first happened at my dads shop i was in the back looking around and i saw this old man but i looked away and then looked back and he was gone, i told my mum and some old guy died there years ago by being run over. the second happend in my house when i saw my mum walk past and some man folled her but i got up looked outside my door and just my mum was there.




Gainesville Texas




i lived for 3 years on east Scott Street in Gainesville. i bought the house in 1981 because i wanted an old two story house to remodel. down stairs was 6 rooms and a large entry. up stairs was 6 bedroom and a bathroom with a stairway leading to the attic which was large enough for a third floor. the house was made into apartments during the war to house army families. i believe the house was built in 1899 by a banker the house across the street was built by a bar owner around that time. our house was once owned by the superintendent of Gainesville schools and that is who i believe one of our ghost was.  when we first moved in the very first night my 15 year old daughters bed started shaking when we went to check this out a mirror fell off the wall with the wire intact and the nail hanger still secure in the wall. every night about 1 am  our cocker spaniel Maundy sue would go out in to the foyer from our bedroom and start barking, until she died a year later at the age of 3 . a fan flew out of the window in my bedroom which was at the head of the stairs and a ash tray shattered in to a hundred pieces sitting on my night stand. our son would no sleep in his room for he was to scared and slept with his sister. my great aunt came too visit and tripped on the stairs but there was nothing to trip on. up until before i moved i really wasn't scared, then one night i came home from work, went upstairs to my room to change and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. i could feel something watching me and i called out to the children but no one answered me. i walked out into the foyer and the door knob on the twins room was turning and the door opened i called out no one answered. i ran down the stairs not even remembering if my feet touched the floor and all the children and my husband were watching TV and didn't hear me call out. i then decided to sell the house for my nerves were shot. i had called Mr. Charlmers daughter when i researched the house and she told me her father had loved the house but she wouldn't even come up on the porch when she came to give me a picture of what it use to look like. it has had several owners since i moved, and i did go back to see the house which they had removed all the fire places and made it more modern. last time i was there it was for sale again. the kids are all grown now but still talk about it. the house across the street was also haunted my daughter use to go over to feed the cats for the owner when they were gone. one time when she and her friend were over there they went upstairs and the doors were opening and closing bye them self's my daughter never went back not even when the owners came home. i don't remember my address but the house is on east Scott on the west side right across the street of the Jr. high school. it is a two story with a large attic and a balcony and a wrap around front porch with a tall black iron fence. the house across the street is a two story brick.  thank you for reading my story iam sure their are more as Gainesville is an old town with a lot of old homes.




My Friends Haunted Closet




Hello, this is my third story that I have submitted to the Shadowlands. The first two were my experiences but this actually is my best friend, Jennie's story. She just recently moved to her new house in a modern neighborhood in Apex, NC. She and her Mom and sister all have different rooms, and she has the haunted room. Every morning at about 12:01 she awakes to strange noises and the light flashing on and off.

Now I have seen this closet and I have spent nights over at her house, heard and seen this. But even when both of our supernatural minds are put together we can't find any explanation, logical or not to explain this. The history of the house doesn't explain anything either.




A Ghost Locomotive




my name is michael carlisle this is a true story. on august 24 1994 we went to aiken s.c. to the pepper hill nursing center to see my grandfather. on our back from aiken we went pass a small town called eureka. we saw an orange light what looked like a steam locomotive. the tracks were removed in 1974 or 1975 . i talked to a man who worked for the georgia & florida railroad .the company who owned the tracks. the man told me a train derailed on the very spot were we saw the light in 1930 and that the engineer was killed.



Real Life Trasylvanian Ghost




Here is a story that happened to me in 1999 while I was visiting a farm in Arad, Romania..

On the property, there is a large castle that dates back a few centuries, as well as farm lands that were developed after the home wa built.

According to the current owner of the house, a man and wife built the castle before the Communist regime came into Romania.

The wife found out her husband was having an affair with her own sister and consequently hung herself in an upstairs bathroom.

She was buried near the back of the property in a marked grave, that was later desecrated by Communists that used the castle as a meeting place/headquarters.

You can see this grave if you walk an overgrown trail. There is a large monument and a large, gaping hole in the grave itself.

Her grave was robbed and the marker was used for weapons shooting practice during the Communist era.

During our stay on the farm in summer 1999, we felt virtually nothing while sleeping in the castle, albeit we did hear some creaks from the upstairs rooms, despite the floors being unsafe for visitors, my friend and I did venture out to the bath house, which sits opposite the castle on the property. It is an isolated building with few windows, poor lighting and five or six bathtubs that fill up with mineral water from a nearby well/spring.

The light switch is on the other side of the room and as we crossed in darkness to flip it, we both felt very uncomfortable and wary.

It's a place that leaves you with a feeling of uneasiness and the feeling of being watched.

At one point, while the tubs were filling, I had forgotten my towel back in our room in the castle and decided to jog back and get it. This was around 11-12 at night.

As I was heading back, i got a very bad feeling and, for reasons unknown to me, bolted back to the bath house as quickly as I could.

When I arrived and burst through the door, the room was freezing cold. As soon as I stepped in, it warmed again and the lights became brighter.

My friend was huddled in a corner, with her knees drawn up to her chest, breathing heavily, very pale and quite frightened.

She told me as soon as I had left and the door had shut behind me, the room had become extremely cold, the lights had flickered and dimmed and she had seen the shadow on the wall of a woman walking through the room.

She had severe goosebumps when I found her.

Crazy, huh?

The woman that lives there now is an ordained minister and when we told her the story, insisted on doing an exorcism in the castle the next morning. We didn't hear or feel much after that, but I still got the impression that it hadn't cleansed the area.

If you have any questions about this story, feel free to email at




Acacia Townhomes in Indian Head Park




We owned a town home in Indian Head Park in a sub division known at Acacia, was once a cemetery and church in the late 1800's early 1900,s where they hide slave in the under ground railroad.  Some had died due to illness and buried in unmarked graves where now the town homes stand. 

We experienced someone touching your back and towels flying off the racks in bathrooms.  Things falling in the night mostly in the bathrooms and bedrooms.  Once I walked in the bathroom and a washcloth fell two feet off of the shower rack and hit me face, (so it flew horitzalital quite hard).

We grew to love our ghost, he seamed to only be mad at us when we left the house and came back late at night. 



My Grandmother's Guardian Angel




This is not my personal experience, this was told to me by my mother. I've never seen a ghost or had any experiences so I was not much of a believer in the supernatural, that was until my mother told me what my elder sister had seen.

My mother is from Cape Town, South Africa and my dad is from a small town called Dundee, when my parents married they moved to my fathers home town. My grandmother, my mothers mother use to come down from Cape Town to Dundee to visit us, she use to travel by train it was a 3 day journey. She use travel alone because my grandfather passed away when my mother was 18 years old so none of us had the pleasure of meeting my grandfather.

When my sister was about 5 years old my grandmother took her to Cape Town this was my sisters first visit to Cape Town, I was not even born at this time. They traveled by train.Since it's a long journey to Cape Town you travel in a compartment which fits 6 people but my grandmother and sister traveled alone in a compartment.

There is a portrait of my grandfather in the living room at my grandmothers house, it hangs directly opposite the door as you enter the house and it is the first thing you see when you enter.

So when my sister stepped into my grandmothers house for the first time, the first thing she saw was the picture of my grandfather. When she saw the picture she pointed towards it and said,

"Grandma, that man in the picture he was with us on the train the whole time."

Since my sister was only 5 at the time she probably could see my grandfather since children can normally see ghosts, she never saw my grandfather before and did not recognize him when she saw him in the train with them. I think my grandfather was watching over my grandmother like a guardian angel and that's why my sister was not afraid or did not feel threatened by him, because he was watching over them. This is a true storie and it sure made me a believer.




"It happened to me"




I have been an avid reader of your site for as long as I can remember.  I have also been a firm believer in ghosts since child hood, although I had never seen or experienced anything particularly "ghostly" until about a year ago.  I was living with my boyfriend at the time and we had a HUGE blow out argument in the wee hours of the morning (around 3 if my memory serves).  I was so angry my teeth were chattering and I had the jitters, so I decided to leash up my dog and go out on a run and burn off some of the steam. 

After running for about 3 miles, I was totally exhausted but still didn't feel much better, so I decided to take a nice walk for the rest of the way home.  We lived across the street from my college (Eastern Kentucky University) so the occasional car passing at that hour wasn't a big deal.  howevre, as I was coming up the hill to cross the road and get home, a nice looking 60's  model Mustang pulled up next to me, and then turned left and parked right in the middle of the road.  It's a small town and I really didn't find it odd that the car had stopped.  A young guy, I'd say around 21, stepped out and said "You have a beautiful dog." We had a small conversation and he told me he was a pre-vet major. Soon a campus patrol car pulled up and the officer asked "Is everything alright?" I said yes and he gave me a strange look (I thought it was because we were in the middle of the street at 33o or 4 in the morning) and drove off.  Right after, the young man said bye and drove off.  I Kicked myself for not getting his name because he seemed so nice, I would have liked to talk to hi again.  Then it  hit me: His car never made a noise (the way older cars rumble and such) and the police officer directed his questions at me, not the guy.  As a matter of fact, the officer didn't even aknowledge the guy being there.  This story is made stranger by the fact that I've never since seen the man or his car on campus.  It's a small campus and if you have an unusual car... you're bound to be noticed. 

I don't know what to make of this strange event, but I haven't forgotten the sweet guy, the silent car, or the strange look on the cop's face.



Was it a demon?





I would first like to say I really love your website.My experience happened in a small town in Alabama.I was a young mother of 17 and woke up at about 2:30 in the morning.My baby was crying and I got up ,layed him on the couch and was warming up his bottle.As I was standing at the stove I heard the most terrifing sound I had ever heard.It was like a growl and a roar together.Like in the movie the exorcist.It was so loud I felt it,like loud music.I felt very weak and almost passed out.You know how when you hear a strange noise and you think "what was that?"?I immediately thought the devil.I was so freaked out I left the baby on the couch and ran to the bedroom and woke up my husband.He was very angry as he had to get up in a few hours and go to work.He said it was the pulp mill down the road.He didn't believe me.So I got the baby and went back to bed while he searched the house to calm me down.He ran into the bedroom and his legs gave out from underneath him.He said "I heard it too,we have to get out of here".We ran out of the house and almost wreaked getting out of the driveway,saying the Lords prayer over and over.I got all my family and friends to help us pack up the next day and got the hell out of there.(rental)The pastor of my mother-in-laws church said he got really bad vibes when he went by that house.Never went back needless to say.




The Mysterious Lady Presence


By: Anonymous


I would like to write about a true experience I've had.

I would appreciate it if my details are unknown.

Living in New Zealand all my life when I was younger I believe I've had an encounter with a supernatural presence which is true percieving on the fact I had seen certain descriptions which were unexplainable. My house is located not too distantly away from one of the highschools in the southern area. Amongst my peers at a certain age we were at the highschool making use of the basketball court. When my friends had decided it was time to leave we all made our way indivually to where we lived. I was walking alongside with a friend and then we seperately took our own routes to get to where our houses were. I sidetracked into a left junction at this street where it went downhill and then sloped upwards to get to where I was heading towards. The time would have set into range of the afternoon interacting with night estimately I would recall the logic time being of 5 - 6 pm. The atmosphere was on the basis of getting persistently dark, practically it was setting into nightfall and I noticed all the street lights were off. Reaching the centre of the street and being located on the left side of the road I focussed my view over towards the right where the surroundings were of this certain land. Prohibition signs were placed and the area was set with tall grass like landshape covered by big structured trees with a noticeable creek as a dividend in the landscape. The same surroundings now have a children's playground built if mentioned at this present time.

With my focus on the landscape's surroundings towards the right at the certain time of nightfall, my eyes made out a presence of a woman standing further back in the landscape. Her description were of black dressing I would recall in consideration to the type of a nun's, where the head is covered by a shawl or hooded type feature though it was all black throughout consisting into a long type of dress. The facial features were uncertain, at the time I would probably have been verifying white like stranded hair showing under her shawl though it was kind of unclear in views of actual facial presence. Not knowing what a lady was doing around that area at this certain time of night I called out to her most probably through paranoia on being judgemental whether my mind was playing ticks on me or not. The lady seemed to make her way to me from further back to where she was first situated. Then with more concentration on her overall feauture I noticed the lower portion of her body wasn't there. I had just practically called out to a lady I could see gliding over the glass like surface with no legs. Knowing this was no human type form I kept god in my mind and made my way away from the situated place this encounter was happening upwards to where there were other people to my relief with the first light I saw in the street being of some person's ciggarette which they were holding. I made my way to where I lived and at times would have certain paranoid thoughts interfering my conscience as to whether that presence was on my back situated there when I wasn't in full control to see if anyone was standing there if I turned around. Eventually through time that type of thinking managed to clear itself though the memory remains.

Thanks for letting me mention this experience.



The Haunted Flat





this story is about the flat that my parents used to live in many years ago it was in croxteth in liverpool. many starange things used to happen there and my mum always used to have a feel about the place as though something wasnt right.

odd things used to happen like they could never hang a picture or mirror on the walls cause as soon as they did the picture or mirrir would just fall straight off.

another time was that my mum was in bed once and my dad was out and she was lying there and the door (which had been firmly closed) opened. my mum thinking it was my dad coming in said hello, nut there was no one there and then it closed tightly with a click. it then opened again and then closed with a click.

little things like this led my mum to believe that the flat was haunted but her nor my dad ever saw a ghost or apparition.

the most scary and weird of all the incidents was: one morning my mum and dad went to the kitchen of the flat and there sitting on the kitchen table was a large black crow. there was absolutely no way that it could have got in as the kistchen door was locked, the windows were locked and there was no evidence that it had come down the chimney eg. soot.

i believe that my mum has a sixth sense for this sort of thing as one time when she and my dad were house-hunting they came across a house which my mum and a very strange feel about she stepped in the house nut immeadiatley had to come go back out as she had a very strange feeling about the place. my dad didnt sense anything. they didnt move there they moved to our current house which so far (touch wood) has remained ghost free. i swear this story is 100% true and all these events did take place.




The Ghost we now call Bobette





It was a foggy friday night at about 12ish. We were right off of shoe factory road in Hoffman Estates and we were at a stop sign. There was a little intersection but the next day we learned that there is no street there with a stop sign. There was a gray old looking jeep sititng there with no lights on and it was not on and someone was sitting in it. At first we thought that it was a weird person. We were sitting there for while just looking at it and than we finally made our turn. As we were making the turn one of us was looking at the car and it just disapeared. The person in the car was all white and had white hair all over the place. Once we discovered that it just disapeared we flew down the road. And where the ghost was they are currently begining to build new houses around there. (maybe the ghost doesn't want them to build them there?)


My Other Stories



I've always been fascinated by people who have managed never to experience ghosts.  I know that the area around Washington, DC, especially to the west, is the location of many Civil War deaths, and before that, countless native American deaths.  I've lived in two houses where I felt hostility from the ghost, although nothing aggressive happened -- in one house, all of us were uncomfortable; the other, for a long time, I was the only person who was aware of the ghost, and after the other residents realized the house was haunted, it seemed that I was the only person who felt uncomfortable.  For the most part, I've been comfortable with my various ghosts.  My present house has a very playful ghost, and I enjoy his company.  I have to move in the next year or two, and I'd really like it if he'd move with me.  I guess that's up to him, and time will tell.  The number of men who died around here during the Civil War must have been a nightmare.

There is a privately owned, quite expensively restored free-standing townhouse in Old Towne Alexandria.  It has no house attached on either side, and is apparently quite large for the area.  The couple who own it are married -- he's on his second family and has grown children from his first marriage.  The house was built by a free black architect and occupied by the man and his family.  Apparently the current residents are so used to the ghosts they forgot to tell the children from the current owner's first family about them.  One son was staying for an extended visit and came down to breakfast one morning.  He wanted to know who the black family in the room upstairs was.  "Was" was the appropriate word.  They'd all been dead for several hundred years.  Other than occasional appearances, I never heard of any other behavior.  They seemed to be happy to have the house restored to its original beauty.

When my sister and I were little, she was capable of poltergeist-like activity.  We're less than a year apart, and I remember one display she did for me -- I must have been about 10 months old, if that much.  (I'm one of those people who remember some events that happened before my first birthday, but they're random.)  We lived in a tiny row-house in DC.  The house was about 15 feet wide; the living room narrower because the stairs took up 30-36".  There was a knick-knack shelf that I remember looking almost like a mantle hanging on the side of the stairs.  The shelf had a pink, art deco-ish shell vase on it.  My sister, who still has a tendency to be manic, said "watch this," and pointed at the vase.  It popped up in the air and landed on the floor, breaking into three or four pieces.  It was impressive.  She never did the kind of stuff you see on TV, just weird little stunts like million other kids, until they found out it wasn't possible to move things with their minds.

Keep up the good work.  The listings of hauntings are fun to read.

My current haunted house is in a development near Dranesville and Sterling, Virginia, around Sugarland Run, which empties into the Potomac River not far down the road.  The development is called Cascades/Lowes Island.  (Lowes Island is the expensive part, east of Sugarland Run.  The price of a townhouse in Cascades, the less expensive part of the development, is liable to give folks a heart attack.  When I sell my townhouse, I should have a good safety net for my retirement, but I feel bad for folks trying to buy inexpensive houses in safe neighborhoods.  Of course, being Virginia, it's legal to own guns, so we don't have a lot of break-ins.)  There was a lot of Civil War activity around here, and most honest folks admit their houses are haunted.  We're in a relatively new development, started about 15 years ago and finally almost finished.  I've not heard of any hostile ghosts, but I've heard of lots of ghosts in lots of houses.  They seem to be comfortable with what the builders did, so they just go on about their business and play games from time to time.  Mine seems to enjoy my motion-sensor light switches.




Old Ellicott City




Up the hill from "old town" (you take a curvy road that's perpendicular to the old "market" part of town), there's a "castle" on a large piece of land.  A friend of mine owned the house some years ago; I think it sat on a ten-acre lot.  The inside (the last time I was inside) was interesting, to say the least.  There had apparently been a fire, and the repairs were bizarre.  There was a flight of stairs that went up, and stopped, going nowhere.  Across the room below, they continued.   In one bedroom, used as a guest room, if you tried to sleep in that room you could hear a baby cry all night.  (I never tried that and we knew nothing about the baby, but suspected the baby was killed in the fire.)  We were in the yard one summer, and near the house there was a three-story stable.  You could enter it on the same level as the house or on the lowest level; I expect that the middle level was used to store hay for the horses.  The house's owner and I went in the top level with a visitor who "didn't believe in ghosts."  In the center of the top floor, there was a definite cold spot.  Mr "didn't believe in ghosts" was suddenly covered in goose bumps.  The owner and I had found a "new" ghost, so we went around to the lowest level, and the cold spot was directly below the cold spot on the third level.  We had no information on the stable ghost, but he was definitely there.  There was no hostility that we could feel.

There was a third ghost, who was the most active.  She was (is?) a treat.  The house's outside walls are solid, thick stone, and even the strange fire repairs are sturdy.  One New Year's Eve, a chandelier is one of the countless parlors fell on a room full of people, but hit no one.  It livened up the party a bit.  The dining room is splendid, with a dining table that must have been built in the room.  The table easily seats 30 people, and has a chandelier above it.  The maid who worked at, but would not stay in, the house would get up on the table and grab the chandelier to stop it from swinging.  She'd get back on the floor, and the chandelier would swing again.  The story is that the active ghost lived in the house and one of her children married, and the young couple, not wanting to wait to inherit the house, locked the older woman in one of the attics, where she went "mad" and died.  Apparently, she's unsure about the dead part.  There was a night when I was at a small party there, and we were in a large parlor that had classic, dark green velvet "Gone With The Wind" draperies.  It was a bit strange as we'd decided to play charades, men vs. women.  All the women looked at the curtains at the far end of the room at the same time (there was no sound) and saw one of these heavy draperies with lead in the hem (this is done in many custom-made draperies, even today) lift as if someone wanted to peek outside.  None of the men saw it.  At another party, in the dining room, there was a dumbwaiter to the basement, where the kitchen had been at one time.  I saw the old woman at the door of the dumbwaiter, turned to tell someone, and she was gone.  (I was quite sober.)  No one else ever admitted to seeing the old woman, although a couple of people said they'd heard her speak, which I never did.

The old woman's favorite games were in the "tower."  On one side of the house, there was a three- or four-story square tower with windows on the three exposed sides (the fourth side abutted the house, but only opened into the main house on the ground floor.  It was a challenge to keep the windows closed as the old woman apparently preferred them open.  My friend, who owned the house, had her son (an adolescent), her husband, and the long-suffering maid stand outside at the bottom of the tower.  She started on the top floor of the tower and tied each of the three windows (one of each side) closed with cord, then went down one floor and repeated the process until she got to ground level.  She went outside where her witnesses were, and all the windows were open.  The witnesses only saw that the windows opened.  My friend went back inside, and in the center of each floor of the tower, she found a small pile of cord from the three windows.  She was finally able to find some latches that either pleased or stumped the senior ghost.

Several years later, the ceiling of the tower developed a leak, so the electricity to the tower was disconnected until repairs could be made.  It was at one of the parties, and I offered to take anyone who was interested upstairs in the tower (with the hostess's blessing).  I had a cigarette lighter, not a flashlight, and on the way to the top floor, the flame grew to a foot high and would not go out.  I asked the ghost to cut it out, and the flame went out.  I relit the lighter, and finished the tour, although I'd lost several folks who decided they weren't up for a REAL ghost!  I knew the ghost was just playing, but some folks were apparently frightened enough to give up on the tour.

The basement was a rough, old-fashioned dirt cellar.  It had boarded up tunnels that had been part of the Underground Railroad in the days when the Underground Railroad saved many lives.  As the tunnels were very old, and there had been development and over a century of weather and wear and tear, a previous owner had felt they were unsafe.  Several years after my friend sold her house, I met a man who was familiar with the house and the fact that it was haunted.  He had maps of where the Underground Railroad tunnels went.

No one was every hurt by the ghosts, although many people were frightened, which was unnecessary.  One night, three men had escaped from the state penitentiary, and had been traced to the area around this house.  Given that my friend's son was away at school, and she and her husband had divorced, she called the State Police to find out if she should worry about the escaped convicts.  The State Police declined to enter the house -- they knew its history.  They advised her to get a 12-gauge, cause they weren't going to be looking in the basement and attics of that house under any circumstances.  So she got a 12-gauge, which won't hurt ghosts, and remained there several more years.




My Real Ghost Story




I just want to share my own experience...

It happened in our house..

When were finish eating our supper, my mom and dad go out and have a chat. I was the only one left in the house and my brother who is inside his room. While I'm cleaning the table I started to be curious on what is in the living room and too bad that you can see the living room from the dining. And then when Iooked at the living room i saw a tall man, dress in white barong and black pants walking. And I stared at it for 2 to 3 seconds and then it was gone.

The second time I experienced it is when I'm fixing the clothes then I got shocked that somebody is running in the stairs but nobody is there and it seems like that the ghost is mad.

It happened in our school..

At first I don't believe my classmates that there is something special in our "comfort room" at the 8th floor of our school. I experienced it when I'm going to change my PE uniform to school uniform. At first there were three of us in the comfort room then afterwards my classmates are already finished changing their clothes and faces. They already left and I'm alone in the comfort room in the last cubicle the largest one, while i'm dressing up my uniform I got curious because there is something ticking then i looked for it and I got shocked when I see that the light is moving against the wall. I got scared that time so I run away.

Then I go back to the comfort room with my friends because I want to try if the light is east to move and to my surprise it is very hard to move you need a lot of streght to move it against the wall. After I experienced that I never go to that comfort room alone




My Little Ghost Story




It happened just the other night.I was lying awake and watching tv on one of my couches and my older cousin was asleep on the other. Suddenly I began to feel very hot. Then I began to hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Thinking it was my father who would surely be angry that I was still up watching tv, I began to pretend I was asleep.Next the sound of footsteps went into my older sister, Liz's room. So now thinking it was nothing I began to watch the tv again. Then I started to hear what sounded like a doorknob turning from that direction so I began to fake sleep again.When the sound stopped I decided to start watching tv again. But after a minute or two of watching tv I saw that the light I had turned off just before bed was on again. I then decided to fake sleep again just in case. So while I faked sleep the sound a footsteps reatreated once more up the stairway.So when the sound of footsteps stopped upstairs I began to watch tv again. Then during my veiwing of the tv the sound returned. I was now tired of faking and wanted to see who this person was. As I looked over toward the stairs I saw a very tall and mysterious white glowing figure at the bottom. The figure was definatly not someone I knew. It was tall muscular and frizzy looking. It then walked toward my fishbowl and started to stare within it. Suddenly the "thing' disapeared behind the fireplace. Now thinking the whole ordeal was nothing and still being very hot I got off my couch and went to sit in my green recliner.  After sitting down I put the footrest up, took off my shirt and put a thin blakent over myself. Now I was finally able to relax and watch tv again. But sadly I dont think my new "friend" wanted me to do so. It began to walk through the living room and went into my and mylittle brother's room. I s now terrified. So rememberinh something I heard Peter on "Family Guy" say: "I chose not to believe it" I began to say the sentace over and over again I began to watch tv again and sat up the rest of the night.




My Grandfather and Dad




Back in March, I went on an investigation with a group that I'm in. The medium that heads the group kept telling me all weekend that I had a very nice gentleman with me. Turns out, she got the feeling that it was a grandfather. She described him to me and I later asked my aunt and my Mom about him. They both said that it sounded like their grandfather, whom died when my Mom was little. She was his favorite. Fast forward to the next weekend-I got the call that my Dad was dying in Ohio. My family packed up all our stuff and headed out. We weren't but a few miles from our house when I started to get a tingling on my right shoulder(the right side is the maternal side). Just when I started noticing it, the cd in the player skipped. That wouldn't be weird if it wasn't for the fact that nothing was wrong with it the night before or during that day. I looked at the stereo. I put my hand on my shoulder and asked if it was my grandpa to give me a sign. The cd skipped again. I looked at my husband and started to explain to him about what I had just thought. At the end of it, the cd skipped again and then shut off, going to just the stereo on a station that isn't even set yet, got nothing but static. We looked at each other again. We came around a curve, quite fast, and there was a hearse and a funeral procession. I told my husband to slow down. I got the feeling very strong that he needed to slow down, that everything was going to be okay.

We made the trek from TN to OH. About an hour from my Dad's house we stopped at my aunts to drop off my kids(Mom said she didn't think that they needed to see him going). We weren't there three minutes when we got the call that he had passed. I fully believe that he waited until we had stopped so we weren't on the interstate when we got the call. So of course, I broke down, told the kids, and left, heading to their house. After a few minutes, I kind of, as my husband says, went behind my brick wall, and just stared out the window. I got the strong tingling on my shoulder again, and also one on my shoulder blades. That tingling on my shoulder blades stayed even after we got there. It didn't leave until about 45 minutes after they had come and got Dad's body, which was an hour after I got there. A couple of nights later, as I was going to sleep, I heard him saying my name. Before he died, Dad slept upright in a chair in the living room and Mom slept in their bed. They had a baby mnonitor so if he needed Mom, he could call for her on it. During that week, and evidently afterwards, she would hear him calling for her on it.

I believe it is my Dad when I get that tingling on my shoulder blades, just because it is usually when I am thinking about him very strongly. Like he's telling me he's okay, and I'm going to be okay.Kind of a comforting. It's not there all the time, just every once in awhile.




My First and Last Visit with Grandpa





I would like to preface this story by saying that most of the information within is according to my mother because most of the events that took place i only have a vague recollection.

When i was between four and five years old my mother and i lived alone in a 2 story house in Tomball, TX. It was a very rural area and so we had few visitors if any. One morning while my mother was cooking breakfast and i was sitting at the table chattering, i confided in her that i had a visitor the previous night. My mother of coarse was concerned for reasons listed above and prodded me for further information. I told her that during the night my grandfather had visited me and among other things told me that he was going to give me a horn. My mother asked if i had meant my father's father since he was the only one that was living at the time and i told her no that the person i was speaking of was her father. She insisted that i was wrong and she had every reason to do so since her father died a year before i was born. I of coarse being a headstrong child not to mention outgoing, of coarse insisted that she was the one that was incorrect. We went back and forth until we both got slightly heated and my mother being the adult, decided that it was best to let the subject drop.

Fast forward 4 years. when i was eight years old my mother and i moved back to her place of upbringing and while our new house was being built we stayed with her mother, my grandmother. During this time she came to me and presented me with a fox horn made of a rams horn and told me that it was left to me by my grandfather (he was an avid fox hunter). She also added that he left one to all of the male grandchildren and that i was the last to recieve mine. This of coarse brought back the memory of that long ago morning of my youth, and spooked my mother a bit since she had assumed that my little story back then must have been a dream.

I don't know whether or not i really visited with my grandfather that night, and if i did i am even more unsure if i was speaking to an angel, an apparition, or the over active imagination of a child. What i do know is that i had no knowledge of my inheritance, and although my memory of early events is fuzzy my mother has never lied to me that i know of, and it would be very strange to think that one of the few lies she has told me was about this. I also have faith that this event really happened, and it has been a great comfort over the years (especially during the rough times), to think that my grandpa is watching over me somewhere in the hereafter.

Thanks for taking the time to read this story. My experiences have served to make me a believer in the supernatural, and i can only hope that it might help others in deciding whether or not their experiences are real.



Lady in Red




I'd like to share my experience of seeing  a lady in a Red Dress at Cranbrook Educational Community. Located in Bloomfield Hills,Mich. I am currently an Employee on Campus at Brookside Elementary School. Oct. of last year (2004), I became aware of a glimps of something or somone in a red dress at the door of Brookside House which is located next to the Elementary school. All  Employees park in the circle drive which faces the Brookside House. I caught many glimpses of this person dressed in red, never saying anything to the other fellow employees. Now mind you, we arrive at work  anywhere between 5:40 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. which is our starting time. This went on for a few weeks, on and off in the mornings untill I saw this person in a red dress walk past the window where I was standing.This is my work station every day. Facing the windows and the road out front.Never seeing her face I finally asked my Boss, who do I talk to about the history of Cranbrook. And she  directed me to Archives.She then ashed me why?! I said, who's the lady in the red dress? And the look on her face scared me more than me thinking I saw something. She told me thatshe don't ask and she's never seen her, but I am the only one who has told her the color of her dress.  It seem that another Employee saw this lady in a dress but when I talked to her she couldn't tell me the color but she did discribe this dress to a tee! The dress was tight fitting at the top-came down to a v at the waist, and went to the ground. I was very interesed by now so I made a trip to the Archives and shared my story. I looked thru books of photos to see if I could see anyone or anything that would give me a clue of who this person was. At that time of the morning there is no-one eles around, no students, no teachers. No one else arrives till 8:00a.m.So I know I'm not seeing anyone who should be out there.Nothing was found but I'm not giving up. I would like to find out who this person is or should I say was! Verious sightings have happened at Cranbrook. I'm not the only person that has seen or felt things at this 100 year old Campus. It have many buildings and about 315 acres of property. Brookside Elementary was the second building erected  and it is now attached to the Meeting House where many events when on there and was actually a school back in the early 1900's. I've never seen her walk both ways only coming from the way of the Meeting House.  There is a web site for Cranbrook if anyone is interesed. Very informative and tells of the history of Cranbrook and it's grounds. They also have tours for the public, a Science center, Art Academy and beautiful Flower Gardens. I would really like someone to help me with this siteing of the Lady in Red. Maybe some help of understanding why I'm the only one in our Kitchen that has seen her and why when I walk into the center of the room at the Meeting House, my hair stands up on end. I haven't seen her so far this year and Mark at Archives asked me to keep notes of when I see her. Like the time of day, time of year and the weather. And usually nothing is seen or any happenings around our building unless things start to get hectic in the school. Such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.A very busy time for the Staff and the students.I'm glad I was able to share this with someone and know that there is help out there to understand the other side.





Ghostly Encounter




       I've had many encounters of the ghostly kind and after reading some of the stories, I decided to share one. I was 15 years old and lived in Newark, N.J. at the time. The house I lived at was a three story house and was divided into three apartments. The basement had been divided into seperate rooms, which were rented out to single men. The house had front and rear access to the three apartments, but the only access to the basement was through the rear door. At the bottom of the steps was the door to the basement and in order to enter the basement rooms you had to have a key. The only ones with a key were the landlord and the men that had rooms down there. Sorry if this is boring you, but i need to explain a few details that will become relevant in the story. At the left of the house there was a big driveway that had been converted into four parking slots so the drive way left enough room for one vehicle at a time. At the end of the driveway there was a big garage that took up the whole rear of the property, it housed six cars and off to the right side of the garage there was a door that led to a downstairs apartment. On the right side of the house there was a large parking lot that was compleatly fenced in. Our house was compleatly fenced all around and at the rear on the right of the garage near the door to the garage apartment was a wooden fence that conected to the rear of the house and was at least eight feet tall. On the left was a chainlink fence with a gate and padlock that led to the yard of the neighbors' house which was also compleatly fenced in. Our next door neighbors had a very aggresive watch dog. One night this dog started howling a little past ten o'clock which would last about five minutes. He did this every night for about two weeks. A few nights after he stopped,I came home after going out with my boyfriend. Whenever my boy iend brought me home he would park in front of my drive way and we would talk for about ten to fifteen minutes before we said goodnight. As he parked I turned in the seat so that I could face him and from this angle I had a good view of the driveway all the way to the garage. My curfew was ten thirty and we arrived at five after ten. We were talking about five or ten minutes when movement in front of the garage caught my eye. As i'm typing this every hair on my body is standing straight up at the memory! Anyway, my eyes are automatically drawn in that direction and what I saw surprised me. I saw a very short ( 5' tall at the most) black woman walking from the neighbors gate that is always padlocked to the middle of the driveway and stop dead in her tracks. It was almost like she could feel my eyes on her, because when she stopped she turned her head and looked straight at me. When our eyes locked I felt goosebumps all over my body.For the few seconds that we looked at each other, I got a good look at her. What really got my attention was what she was wearing. She was wearing a long sleaved blouse on a hot summer day. A long skirt that covered her feet a shawl over her shoulders and a bandana covering her hair. Then, like a deer caught in headlights she gave a little start and scurried behind my house and disappeared out of my sight. My boyfriend had been talking and did not realize that my jaw was in my lap and I was not listening to a word he had said. When she had scurreid out of sight I turned back to my boyfriend with my eyes so wide they nearly touched my hairline. At the same time I turned to him, he turned to look at me and noticing the look on my face asked me what was wrong. When i told him he turned around, but of course she was gone. I said goodnight quickly and went to investigate. I knew all our neighbors and had never seen this woman before. So i proceeded to the garage are and first checked the gate from the house was locked as usual. But I still thought nothing of it and went over to the door that led to the garage apartment And opened it. From the door you could see the apartment door and I noticed there was no lights on, besides the apartment was vacant at this time. I closed the door and entered the rear door of my house and locked it. I went down to the landing that leads to the basement and looked down into the basement entrance. And of course it was locked and no noise could be heard from beyond that door. So i climbed the steps back to the rear door and it was still locked and from the landing I had full view of that door. I climbed all the way to the third floor and found no trace of her any where. At this point I thought, for her to get out she would have had to pass me which she didn't, or to jump over the eight foot fence which would have been imposible. I am 5'4" and I could barely touch the top of the fence. I was so spooked I ran down to the second floor and flew into our apartment locking the door securly. I told a friend the next day and she told me that a two days before the neighbors dog had been poisoned by someone who later broke in and robbed their house. The dog was found dead a little after ten PM. Also while living in the house we all saw dark shadows out of the corner of your eye, but when you looked there was nothing there. I hated being home alone because i would see a lot of dark shadows. Well I'm still not sure what I  saw that night but I am sure it was not one of our neighbors. I asked around and no one knew her or anyone that fit that description, and no one saw her but me. So what do you think? Ghost or not? 








I was doing a engine search and came upon your website.  I had no idea about Missouri hauntings.  I do have an experience that a few years ago while driving off C Drive onto D drive I seen an old old Mansion on my left side on top of the field.  It was a good vibe feeling seeing this mansion.  Like a inspiration. I took someone that knows the area.  This is  Lawson Missouri address which is Ray County.  Anyways, he said there was a cementary where I seen the Mansion.  I have often wondered why I would see that place?  And wondered if a one time long ago a Mansion was built on that site it appeared to me?.

I seen it only one time.










When I was 13 years old in 1973 I had my first plane ride.  I was sitting next a lady who happen to be  nice to me. She was reading a book that was on then The New York Times new paper's best selling list for a few weeks.  When it was the time for me to go to college I had the same famous writer for a professor. Would you believe it was the same author of the best selling book!  He used tell the class about his adventures he made famous in his books.  I happen to have liked him and enjoy listening to his stories. One night I was alone in my bedroom asleep when sometime work me up near my dresser I saw smoke it looked like a tornado. It sounded like his voice telling me to do my best. You will have another change at school try not to mess it up.  There were no fire or smoke in the whole house.  The next day I told my mother about it.  The news paper was on the kitchen table in the obituary it reported my professor death.  After that I stopped reading the obituary for a long time.  I thought the whole thing was strange!









One summers evening in 1981 I was on the phone talking to someone I happen to be in a dark hallway of my home.  All of a sudden I had this horrible feeling to come over me so bad that I had to turn on the hall light.  All of a sudden I saw a friend that I knew since second grade that I kept in touch with on and off for years come out of nowhere and went into the bedroom of my parents.  She had on a white long night grown with pink and blue ribbons in it.  She looked funny she was just walking straight without looking to the left or right.  I was so amazed to have seen something like that!  I cut the phone call short and went into my parents room and asked my mother did she see anyone come into the room?  My mother said she saw no one but me.  So I went to bed.  I went to sleep something or someone woke me up it felt like someone took a hair brush and run it across my toes no one was there I was alone in my bedroom.  The next day I received a call from this same friend's family telling me she had passed away in her sleep last night.  She was a young lady that had a husband and new born daughter and she was only 22 years young. I believed she passed away at the same time I saw her.  I was so surprised to hear that she died.  I talked to her about a week or two before her death she seemed happy.  One thing that was odd my mother kept on telling me to call her up my friend. My mother said she had this feeling she couldn't shake. I said I would, but I ever got the chance to talk to her.  I didn't believe it was her spirit.  I believe when you die G_d takes your spirit.  I believe it could have been Satan and his demons playing jokes.  I was real creepy!



Haunting at Old Farm Community Center, Colorado Springs





When I was 8, my dad became caretaker of the community center at Old Farm in Colorado Springs from 1982-1992.

 As caretaker we lived in the 'Private Residence' part of the farm house.  I can actually remember the first night I spent there.  My dad and I slept in sleeping bags on the floor in the living room.  I knew from that night that something wasnt right there.  I could FEEL it.  We lived there for 10 years, and many things happened in that 10 years.  I dont remember the order, but here are some of the things.  I would hear foot steps up stairs in the middle of the night when no one was around.  I was playing house one day in the community center (a door connecting our part of the house to the community center was in my bedroom, and I used to play over there when I could tollerate it) Anyway, I had my 'bed' set up under the up-right piano.  As I was laying there, the peddles on the piano started to move by themselves.  I got so scared that I made my dad go gather my toys.  If I remember right, I didnt go back in there for a very long time.

When over in that area of the house, my best friend and I would catch glimpses out of the corner of our eyes of someone going around corners.  A lady would talk, not really to us, but it was as if she were talking to her husband about how thier party was.  I would hear voices from my room, but never wanted to hear what they were saying.  I always turned up my stereo.  One night my dad's girlfriend was sitting upstairs watching the city lights.  I was in my dad's room talking to him or reading.  She came in and asked what I wanted.  She told us that she heard her name and turned around and saw 'me' standing at the door.

When she spoke to 'me', I guess 'I' ran down the stairs.  My dad knew as well as I did that I was in his room the whole time.  All I remember is putting my face in a pillow and screaming.  On one occasion I had a friend spend the night and we could hear the piano playing...not through the wall like normal, but through the heat vents.  One day when I was in high school, I was laying on the floor in my room with headphones on.  I had a couple of windchimes hanging around my room.  I noticed that one was swinging around.  There was no air disturbance.  The heat wasnt on, and I always kept my windows closed up tight...(I had a peeping 'Billy' so I thumbtacked my curtains to the walls)  When that chime stopped moving I looked over at another one.  That one was moving.  It continued to go back and forth from probably half an hour.  One and then the other, but never at the same time.  When we were getting ready to move, all of my black shirts came up missing.  I searched all over the house for them numerous times.  I couldnt find them for the life of me.  About a week before we moved I went into the livingroom and found a black garbage bag sitting in the middle of the room.  I opened it to find all of my black shirts.  I asked my dad where he found them.  He thought I put the bag there.  He didnt.  The two scariest things that happened where:

I woke up one night within the first year of living there.  At least I think I was awake....Anyway, there was a figure in my door way calling my name.  It was a man.  To this day I sleep with my head covered by my blankets because of that.  The other thing that scared me happened about the last month I was there.  My dad and I were fighting.  He told me to go to hell.  I said that can be arranged.  I grabbed my exacto knife and sat behind my door.  I started to move to jam it

into my wrist to rip it open.   Something grabbed my

arm and didnt let go until I dropped the knife.  I could FEEL the hand on my arm.  Something definately grabbed me.  I always told my dad there was something there.  He would laugh it off and tell me there was no such thing as ghosts.  After we moved to Michigan my dad and my grandma were talking about how my aunt and uncles house was haunted.  I told my dad that no matter what he thinks, OLD FARM WAS HAUNTED!  He decided since we had moved out of there that it was time to tell me...Mrs. Barnes commit suicide in the garage there.  When we moved in we turned the garage into my dads room.  I looked into it a little bit.

She killed herself in 1976.  My best friend went out to find her gave.  She went out there in September 1992....On the same day that Mrs. Barnes died.  That is the end of my experiences.  I know there were tons of other things that happened, but those are the ones I can think of right now. 






Ghosts In Memphis




My wife and I moved to Memphis about six years ago.

We purchased a home, we are told was build around 1908.  We began to remodel the home, tearing out walls in two of the bedrooms.  At this time, my wife Marci, told me she saw a hazy figure of a person wearing a plaid shirt several times, always at night. Our two dogs would react, growling with the hair on their backs standing up.  The figure appeared several times throughout the first remodeling project.  We had similar experiences with each remodel project following.  On one occasion,  I was in the living room, talking to my brother on the telephone.  We were discussing the the experiences Marci had.  I was more than a little skeptical, as I had seen nothing unusual.  As I expressed my skepticism to my brother, the front stairway light switched on by itself.  We later learned a man named Ralph Chapman lived in this home, and died in the home, in the 1950's.  His wife is still alive, and works as a crossing guard for the school district in town.  We believe that means Mr.

Chapman died a fairly young man.  Mrs. Chapman told Marci that after her husbands death, she was not able to afford the house, and had to sell it and move out.

We have not had any unusual experiences in a couple years. 




Crazy Thing




hey. everyone this is one of the weirdest experiences i have had in a long time. its actually two stories but whatever. ok first story.

my dog jus passed away because of huge cancerous tumors in her breasts. we had her since she was 2 weeks old. she was very sick and sore. when she would go and lay on our couch she would groan and sigh when she got comfy. k well she died on May 23rd and this happened on June 2nd.

i was laying in bed and the living room is right next to my room. it was at about 5:30 when i heard the couch start creaking and making all these weird noises. then i heard the sighing and the groan. it was very weird so i got up and investigated. and in the spot where my dog always laid was a large indent in the couch. as soon as i said her name teh couch cushion went back to normal. i was not really scared because i knew it was her. adn then the next day. my mom was cleaning up teh house and we got this new dog. a little french bulldog who thinks that shes the toughest. this pup was layin on the couch and all of a sudden she started freakin out barkin growlin and pawing at the place where my old dog used to lay. and when my mom went tothe couch to see what the dogs problem was she saw the imprint. she is a totally a skeptic and i didnt tell her my experience until, the next day. it was a weird experience. thanx for listening



House on Broadway




there is a house on broadway in madisonville, ky that I personally know is haunted. there used to be a big wagon wheel light fixture that would actually start to spin in the middle of the night. and the dog would stand at the bottom of the stairs and growl, that deep gut growl. but there was never anything or anyone that we saw there. however, you could here footsteps on the stairs which was kind of odd, being that the stairs were carpeted. and late at night alight would come on in ome of the upstairs bedrooms by it's self.  I dont know the story of the house. but have been there and saw these thing's myself. if anyone happens to know any other stories about the house, let me know. the house faces broadway on the corner of broadway andsomething and has a glassed in front porch. brick home that has a side entrance to. my experiences were about 15-20 years ago, but the house is still there and occupied .




Lincoln Alabam


By: brenda []



We are moving, so I feel fine about telling everyone about this place.  Lincoln, AL   it is soon to be a commercial lot - a car lot to be exact.

The land there is haunted. The 12 X 60 mobile home we live in has been in the family since 1974 and nobody ever died in it. It will be moved before July 2005 - as soon as it is sold. The people who are about to occupy that property are in for a big surprise.

My oldest brother was the first to live in the mobile home - one night after drinking too much he saw a figure in a nightgown with a nightcap holding a candle - it walked down the hallway toward the bedroom and disappeared. He does not believe in ghosts and put it out of his mind, not saying anything about it until years later.

My youngest brother lived there next - in the late 80's, early 90's. He too, saw the same figure - and he had also been drinking. It scared him, he then went to sleep and didn't say anything about it until my husband and I moved in and had seen it.

We moved in January 1993 (non-drinkers) and for the first six months we each saw this figure - it would cross from the back of the trailer to the front, then 25 or 30 minutes later would cross from the front to the back. After six months of seeing this figure and not saying anything to the other, we both said (at the same time) "Did you see that?" Then we started discussing it and telling each other what we saw.

I had also had something touch me just shortly after moving in - it sent icy chills down my body - I even had goose bumps on my face and seemingly on my teeth. I ran out of there so fast! After my husband and I talked about what we had seen, we continued to see other figures over the past 12 1/2 years.

A small dog ran down the hallway while we I was in the bathroom and my husband was in the kitchen. I said "Where did that dog come from?" and he looked and said "What dog?" just as he said that, it disappeared.

The state was doing construction and demolition in the area to build a new road in 2000 - 2002 when Honda came to Lincoln. During this time, there were at least 6 or 7 new figures that appeared to be trying to get a message to me - I asked a couple of construction guys if they had found anything in the way of human remains in this area - as they had dug a considerable amount. He told me they hadn't, looked at me strange, and then said "With the rush we're in, even if we did, I probably wouldn't hear about it." I "Told" the figures this and it was really creepy. They appeared to me one night - a black man with cut-off pants just below the knees, the figure in pajamas, and 3 other figures that were hard to distinguish. I had been reading a book about poltergeists. I put the book down and got rid of it.

In the past 2 1/2 years I have seen only the first figure. My neighbors have reported seeing the black man in their homes - one of my neighbors even pointed a shotgun at it just before it disappeared into thin air. We've all tried to find out something about the land - all we know is that it has been in the McCaig family for years upon years upon years.




The Presence





I was 10 years old when my little incident happened.  It was dark outside and i was in my room listening to the radio and dancing, of course.  All of a sudden, these kids were passing by my window and I told them to leave so we started an arguement.  Then they walked away from my window.  I was standing in the middle of my room just listening to my radio when i heard chains passing by my window and i felt a chill down by spin but there was no wind. .  At first i thought, it was those kids but i was wrong, very wrong.  I was approaching the window and i noticed that my lights started flickering. I didn't think nothing of it because i thought the light bulb popped or somthing.  And i was reaching the window when i felt someone was behind me but it couldn't been any my family because they were in the livingroom, any way, my neck hair was starting to stand up and a weird feeling was in my stomach .  So, i got to the window and my hand was shaking really bad.  When i opened the window nobody was there and there was no wind outside and no leaves on the ground.  So, i closed the window and i turned around and whatever it was it was gone because i heard the door slowy and squeakly closed and the feeling i had left when the door fully closed.  After, the door closed the lights completely went off then came back on. Also, the radio volume was going up and down. Then,  weeks after i kept seeing black shadows, figures linguring in and out of my room.  And until this day i hear and see those black shadows and hear some chains.  For now, .........The End








I have written a story of mine once before called a haunting on irving avenue. Well once  that house started becoming active, i started going on web sites and doing lots of things trying to find out what exactly was going on in my house. Then i learned that with paranormal ectivity you cant know for sure.I found that we could never make it a home because it was always negative to us and anyone whom steped in it.

Well to the story. It was holloween night and my Friend Sam and i were home alone at my house. We went out at about 8:30 to do some more trick or treating. As we walked up my walkway at about 9:30 10ish we heard a noice coming from inside my house. We went up the porch and as i unlocked the door we realized it was music coming from the living room. When we got inside, we heard "Monster Mash" being played. I shut it off and to comfort my friend i told her it was probly my mother. I callled My mother and sister whom both said that they have'nt been home. Thinking maybe they were trying to play a little holloween joke on us i ignored the experience and went on with eating candy and telling story's with sam. We were in my kitchen when all of the sudden  heard "Monster Mash" being played. We both looked at eachother as if we were seeing if the other heard it. Being that i had already been in the house a year, i knew that something was turning the sterio on. (being this was'nt the first time things went on on their own) We spent the night in in fright. When finaly i said to the thing that was doing this " just stop already!" I was more fustrated than scard. Not exspecting a responce we heard a voice speak "one more time" we both got frightend and ran outside on the porch which we planed on staying there until someone came home. About 5 minutes had passed and still no sign of the sterio going on. Whe it started up agian. We let it play because we were to scard to go back inside. The strange thing was that Monst Mash was # 7 on the CD out of 20 but when it went on it went straight to Monster Mash and when it ended, The sterio simply turned off.




Pennsylvania Haunting




Sheffield PA,Center Sreet.  I had heard others talk about the ghost of a drug dealer or something in that luxury placeof an appartment building, but never beleieved it.Often times I had awoken very startled to what I thought was someone standing in the middle of the room.  It scared the crap out of me everytime.  Another time I was in bed in that appartment on Center street, I almost dosed off,  when it just starting shaking like there was an earthquake.  It was absolutely unbelieavable because nothing in the room moved, but the bed.  I couldn't stop the shaking, it lasted about 2-3 minutes and didn't start again for the rest of the night.  I moved out the next day and won't ever return.












"Hi, my name is Jimmy"




Thank you so much for you site. This is a long story, but I hope it is worth your space and time.

 I too, have had "ghostly encounters", prophetic dreams(have dreams about my mom dying, only to find out later she was in a serious accident, same with my best friend Mike~rolled his ATV and split his head open, my stepson in a car accident...etc). Whenever someone I am close to(emotionally), gets hurt, either physically or emotionally, I feel it, or have symptoms of their illness. For example, my friend Mike(he's in

CA) shot himself in the leg. My left leg got swollen, and stayed that way for three days, until I talked to him. My sister had an appendicitis attack, I had abdominal cramping. Somedays I will have complete sadness, and just want to cry for no reason, until I start making phone calls, and find out who is in distress....Some times it sucks being so empathetic, but I would not give up my gift.

  I need to take you back to my beginning, so I can relate my sons "encounter" in 2000, and my daughters "encounter" last week, and why I believe them...

When I was an infant(living in California) my mom said I would rock myself to sleep. That is, I would set my crib(on rockers) to moving back and forth. I think this is an explanation she made up for herself, as to why a tiny babys' crib is rocking on it's own. I remember after I moved from my crib, to a "big girl bed" the rocking sensation continued(my body did not move), and to this day, when I lay down at night I can still "feel" myself being rocked,especially if I have had an emotionally charged,(good or bad), day. As a toddler, when we moved into our house in Rincon Valley,  the shadow people would visit me, along with a black cat.

For the longest time I was the only one who could see them, and I learned to accept them as an every day thing.

Then the dreams started. Wonderful glorious dreams of having beautiful children~I was 8 at the time, but in my dreams I was an adult. In my dreams, my children, a boy and a girl, would be with me when I picked my husband up from work. In my dreams I was allowed to see every detail of my children. They were blond haired, brown eyed beautiful children(I have brown & brown). The boy was older, but not by much. They were not allowed to tell me their names, and I was not able to see what their father looked like. In my dreams we were a happy family.

Now back to my reality. When I met my first husband, I thought he was the man of my dreams. Thank God, he wasn't. My first marriage was short, and unhappy.

In 1994 I met my second husband(but not for the first time, our paths had crossed many times over the years before I moved here, to Illinois in 1994). Even though he has his moments, he is a good hearted man(blond & green)~PLUS the father of my two BLOND HAIRED, BROWN EYED children, my son Trenton is 22 months to the day older than my daughter Miranda. He also brought a son along with him, Nate(brown& green).  Even though I am only 15 years older than my step son, I have never treated him any different than if I had given birth to him myself. I love that boy with my whole heart. AND...I take my husband to, and pick him up from work everyday!!!

Since I have had many(to many to relate now)encounters, when my children started showing signs of being intuitive/sensitive, I did not regard them as just having  good imaginations(which they do).

Our pictures always contain orbs, ectoplasm, and the like. At least three out of every roll developed. My sons birth, and subsequent trip home were some what uneventful(he just got stuck and refused to budge, the doctors comment "He just does not want to come out"), while my daughter was born with a hole in her heart, and the umbilical cord around her neck. She spent her first week of life in the neonatal ICU. We had to monitor her closely when we came home. My husband was a wreck, that was until he saw her angels( I still tear up thinking about this). She was asleep in her bassinet, and we were in our bed. I was out like a light, as my husband watched over her, and started to doze off. He had been having a nightmare about something bad happening to our daughter, when he awoke from sleep he looked over at her, sitting around her bassinet were at least two dozen little angels. He woke me up, and all I saw was a fading glow. I believe they were there not only to watch over our baby girl, but to reassure my husband that she would be fine.

I have watched my children take head dives towards our hearth, only to slow down in mid-fall, and not get a scratch or slight bump when their heads hit(talk about heart stopping moments).

Along with these saving moments, our resident spirit is quite the prankster. Taking things, then putting them back somewhere we had looked moments before(mostly it's my keys, and books, and kids small toys). If we can not find what we are looking for, all we have to do is say "please bring it back." "He" took one of my older boys' shoes, and did not bring it back for weeks. When "He" finally returned it, I was doing dishes, and home alone. I got the chills then the hair on my neck stood up. When I turned, there it was, right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

At one point, I was going to smudge the house. I had a bundle of sage that was picked by a friends husband. My sage disappeared. I made a deal with our ghost, I told him if he returned the sage he could stay, but nothing bad was allowed to enter our home, and I would toss the sage on our burn pile. Not 5 minutes later, my sage was back on my shelf.

Our experiences are not confined to our home, though. My son had his first scary encounter at the old state prison, in Laramie, Wyoming, back in July of 2000. Trenton was 3 almost 4, a little on the clingy side, but very well spoken for his age(he was using complete sentences before he was 1 year old). He's as smart as a whip, but takes a more cautious approach to life. Preferring to stand back to check which way the current is flowing, before jumping in.

We went on a tour of the prison, and my son kept expressing his uneasiness. He kept saying he could "feel" bad things. He was too young to know what a gas chamber is, but when we got to it, he started to really freak out. "NO, Mommy! don't go in there!" and so on. We continued our tour. When we got to the gallows room, the hole in the floor was sealed, and it looked like an ordinary small room, he just about went into fits. Now mind you, my children are very well behaved, and not prone to acting out in public, so his behavior was very startling to me. I went to take a step into the room, and he started screaming "No mommy, don't go in there. Please don't go in there it's bad." "Daddy, get out of there it's BAD!!!" He was pulling on me, then on my husband. I decided it was time to listen to him, and get out of there. Even though I felt the negative vibes, I understood where they were coming from and why they were there, so it did not have the same effect on me as it did him.

Now we will fast forward to Memorial Day weekend, and Jimmy.

Let me start this part of the story with a little info about my daughter.

The hole in her heart was the only weakness my daughter has ever had, her body, a wonderful pediatrician, and the strength of prayer & God, fixed that within a week. She did not require surgery. Miranda came out fighting,  and is now Miss. Rough and Tumble. She runs with the Big Dogs, and heaven help you if you get in her way. She is as sweet as pie, and just an all around wonderful girl. She has never had a fear of the dark, or going places on her own( for example, to the outhouse/bathroom while we are camping). This changed last weekend, when we met Jimmy...

...Devil's Lake, Wisconsin, site 243, there are 7 of us camping, my friend Michelle(soul family, we are), her two boys Jack(13) & Ben(11).

Their dog Vetta, Vetta plays a roll in this too. My husband, two of our three children, Trenton(9) and Miranda(7), and myself.Thursday, May 26th, 2005. It was evening, and we just finished setting up our tents and the rest of camp, my daughter, and the boys took off to use the bathroom. She had no problems going into the women's room by herself (it is well lit).

When she came back she said, "I heard my imaginary friend. He talked to me. He said 'Hi, my name is Jimmy'." I just about crapped my pants. I ran her through about two dozen questions, are you sure you were the only one in there, are you sure it wasn't the boys messing around, and so on. From her answers, I concluded that it was more than an imaginary friend. She was spooked by the experience and would not go back into the bathroom by herself during the night. I had to go with her, and she clung like a burr to my side. I asked her why she wouldn't go alone. All she said was "Jimmy".  There is one stall she refused to use, and I never even opened the door of it myself.

After the kids went to bed, Michelle, my husband and I had a talk. Well, my husband mostly listened. She said Miranda had told her the same story, so we took it upon ourselves to go investigate. That evening we only felt the presence of a little boy, but when we started back to camp, I felt someone watching from the woods off to the left of us. We were just about the only campers there, and there wasn't anyone camping directly near us.

I asked Michelle if she could feel it, she says "Nah, I don't feel anything. Plus you're better at that than I am." I said "Better at what?

You're telling me you can not feel that?!" She replied "No." then shivered very hard. I kind of giggled at her, then asked "Do you feel it now?"

Her reply, a grumbled "Yes." Then on the way back to camp, she kept asking it to leave her alone. It was not being mean, just getting her attention.

The next day when they all went hiking, I got to stay and watch camp, and keep the dog company. I decided to take the dog into the bathroom with me. She entered okay, but when I started walking toward the end stall(it's HUGE), Vetta dropped down, and braced herself with all fours, Vetta is a 75lb. Weinmeriener(sp?), and got a scared look on her face.

Her hackles went up, and she refused to move. I said "I need to pee, could you please leave her be?" I walked her away, then back to the stall. She went in with no problems. Then, when I went to wash my hands, she would not go near the sinks bracing with all fours, again... so, I walked away "All I want to do is wash my hands" came back, and washed my hands. As long as I announced where I was going with the dog "We are leaving now", our way was not blocked.

That evening, when Miranda asked me to go to the bathroom with her, I brought along a white candle. She asked what it was for, but I did not tell her until after we got into the bathroom. I asked her if Jimmy was there(I could feel him, I just wanted to know if she could, too). She said "Yes, he is." I asked her how she knew when he was there. She said she could hear him. I said besides hearing him, how else do you know he is here. She lowered her voice, looked in my eyes and said "I can feel him, mom."

I took the white candle out and lit it. She asked what it was for. I told her we would keep it lit while we were in the bathroom, then when we were done, we would say a prayer for Jimmy and blow it out. We finished our business, then as we were about to leave Miranda says "Is it time to say our prayer to Jimmy?" I said "No, we do not pray to Jimmy we pray to God.

We pray to God, and ask him to help Jimmy find peace."

I had hoped this gift had passed my daughter by, and had truly thought it had, because she had never shown any signs of having it...That was until we met Jimmy.

Thank you so very much for your time, and letting me share our experiences with you in a forum where I know I will not be judged.

You may contact me if you want to, just put "Re: Jimmy" in the subject line.

Thanks again~




Hauntings by the base Battleship mountain in the Superstition

Mountain Range




In January of 1999 I had finished building a house about 600 feet from Battleship Mountain.  I had a smoke alarm system put in the house that when smoke is detected in one room, all smoke detectors go off at the same time.

However, quite often I would be awakened by only the alarm going off in my master bedroom, and I would sense a presence in the room without actually seeing anyone there.  I also experienced my bed being bumped or sinking at the foot of the bed as if someone was sitting on it.  Then one night, I was awaken to the sound of an Indian drum beating in a war-like ceremony.  I went outside and searched as far as was possible but found that the sound appeared to be coming from the top of the mountain where no campfires or light of any kind could be seen.  Sometimes during the day I would suddenly feel as if someone tall was starring at me and would hear movement but not see anyone.  Then that first April I had a visitor, a University Professor/psychologist who stayed a few days due to a 3 day seminar he was giving in Scottsdale.  He announced to me that he could see what he thought was an Apache medicine man standing by my door observing him, and that this medicine man was here to protect me.  Almost two years later I met a person who had done research on the Superstition Mountains and written books about it who told me about the Apache wars.  She told me about one battle where the Apache men were captured by the white man's army and when the army came to take the rest of the tribe as prisoners, a medicine man protecting the elderly people, woman and children in their campsite convinced them to all jump to their deaths rather than be captured.  Other guests who have stayed over night have reported hearing war drums beating and sounds of someone moving throughout the house when everyone was a sleep.  I have also had sightings of Extraterrestrials in my house three different people.

When I first moved in my house in 1999, I was told that there was a vortex on or near my property, and in 2003 using special equipment it was confirmed that indeed a vortex runs through my property, through the master bedroom and continuing on through the center of Battleship Mountain.  I and one other person have witnessed at 2 a.m. one night the waving of the walls and strange blue lighting running along the vortex line going through my house.

If you have any questions, please contact me.





Coincidence, or contact?!you decide!




Hi, I'm Mechelle hernandez,but I also go by chelle,( pronounced like shell) a 16 year old resident of cooks mills, Illinois and I have quite an experience to share with you.first I'll give you a brief past on the situation.ever since I was three years old and saw a man who wasn't there(my parents searched the area thoroughly no one was around our house)outside my window watching me, I have had quite a few experiences with ghosts, spirits, energies, flashes, and other paranormal activity(behind our house is an old pioneer gravesite) one night when I was about 13 I was sleeping on the couch in the living room where there was a big bay window in which my mother hung a wind chime (inside the house)on many occasions my great grandmother and aunt have made them chime when I had been in the room alone,don't ask how I knew it was them, but trust me I do, but on this night it was different. being an insomniac I was the only one left in the house still awake,trying desperately to get to sleep when out of nowhere the chimes went off as if they had been violently smacked then as suddenly as they chimed they stopped,I knew it wasn't my relatives this time, then they began to chime as if a small child was playing with them. uncertain of what else to do,and no longer afraid of communicating, I asked if the spirit would tell me who they were and how old they were. as I asked the chimes stopped so I figured that it left.but after about a minute the couch seemed to get chilled and I heard a small child's voice, it sounded like a small frightened girl and she said two things and left 'laci"and"I am eight years old" then the heat returned to the couch.I really had no contact with her(at least not confirmed to be her) after that night but a few months ago(now 16 years old) my best friend, a believer of the paranormal,whom I share my experiences with, my mother whom is also psychic, and I decided to band together and begin paranormal investigations beginning with a place my friend had heard of named Ashore estates, in case you hadn't heard of it here's some info.,Ashmore Estates - West of Ashmore - Ashmore estates was an old insane asylum, legend has it that the government stopped the funding and all the employees left the patients. With no where to go and the inability it help themselves. The patients all died of starvation and dehydration. Illegal as it may be, when people venture into the building, strange voices are heard, and when leaving people have reported loud banging noises, and when looking back they saw the trunk of their car dent in and out as if being pounded on.I can also tell you that it was built on the same property that a poor house once stood on but a fire destroyed that taking the life of a young girl. it was more of a hospital than an insane asylum, but many of the people housed had illnesses that caused them to loose their mind but no one can really find or know the true past of this location.well we took a few pictures as soon as we got there(around 6:30)and set up a tape for white noise with an offering of crackers, then we began looking through the soon as we entered I felt as if I were being followed by a presence for about five friend and I went to the second floor for awhile where there was an old front desk,like for check-in at a hospital and Jessie(my friend)got a strange feeling and told me to get my mother and bring her up there, and I left her there alone at the front desk, nothing at this house felt right, but when we returned I found Jessie standing pale faced behind the desk, I had warned here she shouldn't have let me leave her alone, and she had told me she had opened the door to the small office behind the desk to look around when she heard a noise behind her so she turned towards the desk to see a woman in an old nurse's uniform digging through these open drawers as if organizing them then closing each one.sure enough the three drawers that had been open when I left were now closed(they were very dusty so if she had done it she would have left finger prints).things got worse the later it got,my 13 year old brother had come with us because he was too afraid to stay home alone, so all four of us were walking through the very bottom floor when we came to a big, heavy, metal door and we walked through(mind you it was not on a spring nor was there a breeze in the house) and as soon as my brother walked through it(he was behind us) it SLAMMED shut hard and he ran outside to wait in the truck for the rest of the night.(later he told me on his way out something kept poking the back of his neck)Later my friend found a way in the attic, as soon as we entered it we could feel the temperature drop as it had earlier in the ,once hidden, crematorium where we set up the we walked through it, now about 8:30, we kept seeing a small shadow move from the corner of our eye then we got to the middle of the room and we saw a big flash of light then the back of our heads hurt as if we had been hit with an ax.a little later after that stopped hurting my friend who had been walking next to me suddenly froze in place, zoned out, I called her name but she didn't reply for about a minute then she whispered "laci" and snapped back not remembering a thing, when I brought up laci she turned and told me she saw a girl,for only a second, she saw a small girl about 9 laying in the corner. as I walked over into the corner there was this extreme energy that I felt all around me and that's when flashes of picture memories flooded my mind of a small girl being placed in the attic with a big man meant to do her harm, the ladder stairs being taken away,people in old hospital beds being tortured, then the small girl dead in the corner I was standing in from a blow to the back of the head. after that me and Jessie went to leave the attic,immediately, when I felt this threatening energy like I was in danger, then I lighter energy like the girl was protecting me.after we got out of the attic, it hit me,laci,she had visited me before, why didn't I remember that before. I knew she wanted my help. she needed me.we told my mother what had happened, and the two of us being wiccan, we prayed to the goddess and the god to help her find freedom, peace,and a new life as well as to send the man away so he couldn't harm another spirit in that house.I went to retrieve the tape and we left.we took Jessie home(this had really been her first actual experience with those passed on) and on the way home we played the tape hearing a heartbeat and someone saying, in a frightened voice, were not gone(that to me proved the torturing,burning alive) jingling of janitors keys, a small boy's voice saying "ohh crackers" and "mine"a few other things, but the eeriest was a small girls voice  saying "chellie......chellie.....chellie". this is only a few of the things that happened, if you want to talk to me , ask questions, or share experiences with me, e-mail me at quack_moo_its_cdh7@hotmailcom





Strange Stuff




Well,there have been alot of stange things happen at my house, here's one that freaked me out.

One night I was working on my truck in the garage, it was late,about 2am. My folks were in Hawaii and I was enjoying the time alone. We have

5 acres in the wine country of Temecula and not too many neighbors.

Anyway, I suddenly got this feeling of being watched through the window of the garage, but when I would look,as you would expect....nothing.

This went on for about ten minutes and I looked one more time only to see someone looking in. I got kinda freaked so I went in the house only to find a house full of people partying. They were dressed in different eras of clothing but they didn't seem to pay any attention to me. Was I out of my mind? I laid down on the couch with my face in the pillows and finally fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, Every window and door was wide open and every light was on.

There have been many little things happen there since  like the other night, my girlfriend,  and I were sitting at our bar talking and above the bar, there leaks a mysterious red liquid it looks like blood but by the amount of it, it would smell like something dead, if a mouse or a rat dies in the attic, it stinks to beat the band. So we were talking about how they used to use maggots to eat gang green and other rotted flesh in the medical profession. Just as we ended that conversation two live maggots fell from the ceiling and landed on the bar. Because both of us wittnessed it. I have no choice but to believe it. The phone repair guy went into the attic one day to repair the phone line to the bar and got halfway in the attic and came back down and told to find someone else. He would in no terms go into that attic again. He left the house with a quickness. We hear things in the attic and I have found the door to the entry to attic open one a few times. It's only 30 year old ranch home and doesn't reall have walk space.

Make up your own mind on this one..

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