Story of a Ghost





Hi i have two stories really weird. The first one is when i was like 5 years ago i was asleep with my grandmother in is bed. During the night i saw myself come in the room, say something and the grab the blanket. The funny thing is that i did that in this evening and i said something because i was thinking that a ghost was there. This night i amolst not sleep...the other happened is a restaurant. I was working a coffee shop in night and we saw many stranges things : flying things, the oven was starting by itself, opening fridge. The main thing happened the day that im buried his mother, we lost electricity at the beginning of the ceremony and regain it at the end. We where the only shop to lose electricity that day... 




Old Slave House




When I was a child I was raised up in Masonville Ky there wasand old brick 2-1/2 story house there beleved to be civil war relic. they say it was haunted but I could never witness the things reported there but something was very strange about the place. You could go there alone or with others sit very quietly upstairs an you woud hear and feel doors slaming very hard go downstairs and all was quiet go back upstairs and hear it repeadily over and over slam so hard it would jar the walls but go down there was nothing some of the chains were still in place inthe attic where slaves were held and there were open slots for shooting guns from attic theysaid an old woman burned to death in one of the rooms it was nailed dhut to keep people out of cause they said  smoke in her shape drifted around the room so I never got to go in there. but one room up stairs if you go in by yourself the door would slam shut and you couldnt get out two of us went in but had to raise the attention of others to come open the door from the outside it seeems the room was out of balance and when shut if you were inside it wedged the door too tightly to open but standing on the outside caused it to open freely.     





 My Ghostly Visits




Hi, my name is Lisa.  I am from Minneapolis, MN.  I had two ghostly expierences.  My first expierence was when I was about 4 or 5 years old.  We lived in this very old apartment complex.  My grandmother, her sister, my parents and my younger brother also lived in our apartment.  My grandmother's sister was very old and died of old age.  We had her funeral in Sacremento, CA.  A week after she died, I was in my parents bedroom playing with my younger brother.  It was during the day, the sun was out and everything.  All of a sudden I looked up and there she was, my grandmother's sister.  She was standing right in front me, smiling.  I loved her dearly, and my mother heard me talking.  She came into the bedroom and she had seen her, herself.  And that was that.  At the age of 4 I didn't know that I had seen a spirit, but at that time I was not scared and now, I feel blessed to have been visited by her. 

My second expierence happened in 2000.  My family and I went to visit my father's aunt and uncle in Utica, NY.  It's a small suburb which had lots of old run down train/bus stations and old homes.  I've been to their home several times and my cousins whom had lived in that home would always tell me stories of this woman that had lived in that home a long time ago.  They told me that the woman had lived in the house by herself.  She met a man, fell in love and got pregnant.  The man that she fell in love with wanted nothing to do with her or the child, so he left her.  The woman was terribly devasted and went into a deep depression.  She had the baby, but the baby had several medical complications due to her depression.  So she lost her baby.  Well, the woman went mad and hung herself in one of the bedrooms upstairs and from then on, my relatives that lived or spent the night in that home have expierienced ghostly sightings, sounds and doings.  I didn't believe them at first until I went to visit in 2000.  It was our second night in the home and we all slept in the living room together.  My parents, my brother and I and two of my cousins.  I was sleeping on the pull out bed from the sofa and I was awaken by something, I'm not sure of what.  I looked at the end of the bed and that's when I saw a lady dressed in white, floating.  She was looking straight at me and in her arms was a baby.  I didn't think anything of it, because I thought I was dreaming.  I just sat there staring at her for no more than 2 minutes and she just disappeared.  I woke up the next morning and asked everyone that was sleeping in the living room if they had seen what I had seen and none of them said they did.  Everyone thought I was just having a nightmare of acting crazy except for one of my cousins.  The one who actually had lived in the house and he told me that he has been visited by her several times and he said that she visits you because she wants you to know that she is now with her baby.  And those are my ghostly expierences, hope that I didn't bore anyone.  Thanks!  




 House on the Bluff




this happened when i was thirteen.  i lived in milwaukee, oregon, which has grown to be a suburb of portland but at the time was a small town on the willammette river.   one of the poorer sections of town was on a peninsula where the railroad trestle crossed mclaughlin boulevard at a closed-down pizza parlor.  this area faced the river and rose into a bluff.  there were many victorian era homes there.  in the early seventies most of them nearer the trestle were run-down rentals.

this was where my friend lucy fischer lived with her sister and cousins. she invited me over and mentioned that her house was haunted.  being thirteen i was all for that, so my dad drove me over one sunday, grumbling all the way since it was a long drive from our house and in a slum to boot.  when we got there i could tell he was less than pleased at leaving me off in front of this place.  it was a three story victorian with a tower on the side and a small tunnel shaped opening on the sidewalk level big enough to push a pony trap into-thats how old the place was. it was seedy and run down, grey, with crappy shingles and patches of bare shake showing. you had to climb another storeys' worth of cement steps to get to the front door from the sidewalk. (any oregonites recognize the place? e-mail me at

this is the key part...... i remember it was early september and the middle of a heat wave-unusually hot for the willammette valley -99 degrees. dead still most days and worse down by the river because of the humidity.

my friend met me and we went through the house meeting her sister and cousins.  the place was totally ratty...sis was no housekeeper and they were poor as churchmice. no a.c., no fans.   every window in the house that could be opened was, all the doors too.  still it was like walking into an oven.  my friends sister said, take her up to the haunted room, that'll cool you off.'  everyone chuckles.  lucy leads and we both begin climbing the stairs up to the third floor. as we went up the steep, narrow stairs hanging onto the bannister you could feel it get hotter and hotter; not unusual seeing  it was an old, uninsulated house standing full in the sun on top of a bluff, no trees around, and no wind.  by the time we got to the haunted room on the third floor we were literally dripping sweat.  the walls were warm to touch, the stair railing, the carpet, everything.  (by this time i've gone from the "neat! a haunted room!'  frame of mind to a  'this better be &@?! 'in good after all this'  frame.)  the door to a small room painted white was standing open at the end of a short hallway off to the left.  you could see right into the room.   entering, lucy pointed out  that a huge framing nail had been pounded  through the carpet with the head bent into the door holding it against the wall, keeping it open.  it was covered with old beat up paint the same color as the door. been like that for awhile, since before they moved in.

we walked in to this empty, small room-one set of windows facing north and the other facing east with the sun blaring in-and the room was cold.  like a basement cold. you could walk through the open doorway into the hot, hot hallway and back into the chilly room and feel the abrupt temperature change.  both sets of over and under windows were painted shut.  there was absolutely no breeze whatsoever, no movement of air at all.  i looked all over the room-there wasnt much to see, no furniture, a built-in closet on the west wall with a sliding door and a couple of wire hangers, and another on the south wall next to the entry door with a spring latch, which was shut- stained green wall to wall carpeting and that's it.   by the time i had made all these observations i'm beginning to get seriously scared, but also overawed too.  i was expecting bullshit, but this was truly unexplainable and the longer i stayed in the room the more 'wrong' it got.  the walls felt chilly.  the windows felt chilly-single pane, wavy, hand rolled glass on the third floor of a house in the middle of a heatwave.  at the exact moment i felt that i wanted to leave, the closet door nearest the doorway on the south wall popped open. and continued to open. and open, until it met resistance with the carpet, yet still opening, scraping across the carpet until it touched the wall.   i ran down the three flights of stairs with my friend cracking up behind me.  her sister and the kids laughed too.  i asked where the phone was, then went and grabbed it anyway without waiting for permission.  i called my dad and told him to come get me. then i turned around and told these people that they were crazy to live there.   i went out on to the front step to wait for my dad.  my friend waited with me and said her sister thought i was really rude and didnt want to see me again and i said 'no problem.  i'l never come back here.' 

i am in my mid forties and have thought about this many times.  the thing that sticks with me is the inexplicable 'wrongness' of it. there was nothing to doubt.  everything happened in broad daylight, it was observed, felt, seen and heard-and by more than one person...this wasn't an experience at the edge of sleep or the middle of the night, it wasn't 'images' or 'impressions' or 'weird feelings', nothing vague or shadowy or specteral.  i wonder if that house still stands, and who's living there now.




Haunting in Springfield, MO






I worked for a place called Joy Assisted Living, located on Mt. Vernon St. in Springfield, MO. It is a beautiful facility, but can be very eerie, especially on 3rd shift. I believe the source of the haunting to be in the livng room/parlor and down west hall in the main part of the building. The parlor is dedicated to the grandmother of the administrator and contains a photo of the woman and some of her furniture, including an old organ and grandfather clock. This is a room most employees do not like to enter alone, especially when dark. I have seen an apparition of this woman and have heard the organ play on it's own. Though it can seem creepy, I believe the spirit to be harmless, as this woman was the first nurse in their family and maybe this is where her final happiness in live rests.






     Friends and Family





I have only had a few experiences with this.  It first happened when I was about 15 or 16 and I went on vacation  with my best friend and her parents.

We stayed a night at her parents friends house in the Los Angeles area.

When we got there we put our stuff in the room we were going to sleep in.  I had to use the bathroom and my friend sat on the bed to wait for me.  Then she had to use the bathroom.  As we passed eachother she gave me an odd look

but didn't say anything.   I sat on the bed and suddenly I got this weird

feeling that someone was watching me.  I looked around the room but no one was there.  It was really freaky.  When my friend came out she told me that she had a weird feeling in this room.  And I told her the same.  We told her mom and she said that it was their friends daughter's room but she died  a long time ago.  Well, we freaked and refused to stay the night in that room.

We slept in the living room and I swear all night the chandelier (sp?) moved.

This one is a sad one.  This happened my junior year in highschool.  I was staying the night at my sister in laws.  She got a phone call from her cousin (she's just a year older than me).  She was upset because her friend was just killed in a drunk driving accident.  When my sister in law got off the phone and told me, I saw a flash of a friend of mine's face in my mind (whom her cousin would have known too).  She didn't know the name of her cousins friend.  A little later that night we went to where her cousin worked to rent a video and I asked her who it was.  She said his name and it was my friend who flashed in my mind.  I did not take this very well.  I never had lost a friend before.  I cried all the time.  One or two nights later I had a dream.  I was sitting in my mom's car in the parking lot of the retired home where my grandma lived.  I looked out the window and saw my friend who was killed, skateboarding (this was something he did) in the next parking lot over. I was so excited I jumped out of the car and ran over to him.  I asked him what he was doing and that I thought that he was dead.  I tried to hug him but he wouldn't let me.  He said that I couldn't hug him anymore.  He was just there to say goodbye I guess.  I woke up and Im not sure if that dream ever really made me feel better but I really think that he came to me in my dream.

The next time was when I was 19.  My boyfriend (now husband) was at my house

one night.   My parents were sleeping and we were watching TV in the living

room.  I needed to get something out of my room.  I was near the closet bending over and I swear my boyfriend was sneaking up behind me. Thinking he was going to scare me, I figured I would turn around and scare him first.  I swung around and was about to say something but no one was there.  My curtain, all the way across the room, moved like someone moved passed it.  I ran as fast as I could down the hall, back to the living room and my boyfriend was just sitting there watching TV. He swore he didn't go to my room.  That was just after my grandma had died.  I believe it was her.

As much as I think I would like to experience maybe seeing a family member or friend's spirit, I'm not sure how I would handle it.  I think I will just be content with the experiences that I've had.  I very much believe though.



Church Organist




This expierence did not happen to me but It was a story that was told to me by my father that happened to his best friend.

The church i'm about to tell you about is a church i went to with my parents when i was a child it is said to be haunted and i believe it is. My father's best friend worked a night shift at a nearby mill in a town called South Boston V.A. He loved motorcycles so he owned one a road it to work everynight. On his way to work he had to ride by a church which was the church i attended as a child but please note i was not born at the time of this, this took place at my guess in the 60's being that i was not born until the 70's i never got to meet my fathers best friend but as the story goes. My fathers best  friend named Winston Harding  traveled the lonely church road every night on his way to work alot of nights he noticed the sainturaty light on at night  his first thought was someone is not turning the lights off at night after choir practice. Mr. Harding kept a eye on the church everynight to see how much the light was being left on and noticed it was more on wednesday nights than others so he decided to call the preacher and tell him the choir director must be leaving the lights on after practice on wednesday. The preacher told him he would remind the choir director about the lights and thanked Mr.Harding for his concern and he told him if he saw the light on anymore to please stop and turn them off so they would not be wasting current.[ My father told me back in his time 50,s 60's most churches kept there doors open not being the case these days and times.] Mr. Harding agreed to stop and turn off the light if he saw it on again. Well th very next night the light was left on again so Mr. Harding pulled his cycle into the gravel lot of the church and after he had turned his motorcylce off he could hear music coming from inside the church this really raised his suspisions being there were no other vehicles but his cycle in the gravel lot. He went in threw the main doors which were the saintuary doors and he then noticed it was the erie sound of the organ playing and as he looked toward the organ there was a lady in a lavender gown sitting playing the organ. Mr. Harding called to her but she did not answer or look his way so he moved closer and called out again she still played not noticing his present now he was getting a little nervous so he moved even closer but careful because he did not know what kind of fruit cake he was dealing with. He yelled loudly at her and she stoped playing and slowly stood up and turned toward him and he could see this was not a healthy human woman her face was deformed on one side like it had been burnt badly. she never spoke or even flinched just looked at him. He decided then there was no time for further investigations so he stepped back a few steps and turned around and ran like a bat out of hell to his motorcycle. He had told my father he was so scard that he was frozen in the church and he doesn't even know if he was even breathing at the time when she turned toward him. Mr Harding called the preacher as soon as he got to his work and told him what had just happened. The preacher did not know how to respond but only said the lady you described was the churches organ player,many many years ago I just started preaching at the church and only knew her briefly she played the organ beautifully and was very dedicated member., but that lady had died right after i started my ministery there she had cancer and it had spread over her and had affected one side of her face. The preacher told him she was buried in a lavender gown because he preached her funeral and he can re mber it very well. Mr Harding was killed on his motorcycle not long after the sighting on the same road as the church, right infront of the church in a very sharp curve. It is said to this day that the lights are still left on some nights and the lady in the lavender gown still plays the organ for her church.

There have been alot of stories about the church i can remember people saying they did not like to be left alone in the church. They could here doors opening, shutting footsteps erie feelings along the halls. I know this for a fact because it happened to me not long ago The church called my father and wanted him to buff the floors for a homecoming this past may and wanted us to clean the church up. I was helping my father and went into the choir room where they keep there robes and a piano i was dusting cobwebs. I pressed a few keys on the piano just playing around like most of us do when one is around i then dusted somemore and as soon as i walked out the door the piano played a few notes on its own i turned around and did not see anyone. I still think about that wondering if it was just the old keys on the piano or was it more!!!! 




"An overactive imagination?"




When I was about five years old, my family moved into a house in Omaha, Nebraska that was built in 1934. Upon entering the house, I immediately picked out a room. Everything was fine until I was six. About four nights every week, I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming at about the same time. My mom would often lay down with me to make sure I fell asleep. One night she awoke at about 3 AM to hear a noise as though someone was flicking open a news paper. She never revealed this to me after we moved out of that house. My younger sister's b-day is Halloween(sounds corney). anyways I would wake to hear the back door bell ringing, even though to be able to ring the door bell, you had to get through a locked storm door. That happened every night leading up to Halloween. Later when my parents were talking to our elderly neighbor, he said someone named Bob had died in that house.    




 The Being




This all started back in 1992 and every bit of what I am about to tell you is true.  when I was 11 years I awoke in the middle of the night (it was like 11:30 which seemed like middle of the night back then) and for some reason I looked out my window and in the back yard was a (for lack of a better word) a being it was glowing yellow and it had the outline of a human skeleton but it had no legs and was floating now being 11 and seeing this was a scary experience and this wasn't the only sighting but the beginning of an epic encounter I continued to see this "being" off and for the rest of that summer and then it just stopped and thought that was the end of that but almost to the date the next summer it was back and it was the same story and went on for the summer and same the year before it was gone as quickly as it appeared but in 1994 it was a new saga I was standing in my back yard and I noticed a yellowish fog or smoke blowing into my yard and the being appeared out of the smoke and was standing about 15 feet from me and I looked at it and it stared back at me then it just disappeared that was the only time I saw it in '94 and thought that was the end of my bizare sightings but two years later in '96 I was in Richmond VA. visting my uncle and I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and I walked into the bathroom and as I glanced out the window I saw the being this time it had it's back to me and it started to turn slowly and as it did it had beams of red light coming out of it's eyes and as it turned I ducked and the beams came into the bathroom and reflected off the walls I don't want to know what could have happen if I had been touched by those beams.  Later that summer I was at my parents beach condo in Nags He NC and i was up late watching TV and glanced out the window and saw the being stand by the pool staring at me and just vanished and then 3 nights later I was standing on the stairway which lead to the beach and was looking out at the ocean as it was the last night I was going to be there and as I looked south down the beach I saw a yellow glow heading my direction and as it got closer I could see it was the being and it just floated on by did not even glance at me that was the last time I ever saw the being.  I do not what it was or what purpose it served if any all I know is at the time it scared the hell outta me I really don't care to see again or to find out what it was.



My story , My truth




Well, to begin with I wasn't a believer in Ghosts . I was the type that If you told me A story I wouldnt listen or actually believe. We'll everything changed when something scary happened to me . It was New Years Eve , I was getting ready in my room because i was going to my Aunts house. We'll next to my room is the washroom and a small hallway . I was putting on makeup , and had a strange feeling . But I ignored it. Not even 3 seconds past and I was nervous. So I looked out of my room and saw a big dark shadow , It was wearing a black suit , and its face was white but wierd like smoke like a cloud . I know what I saw . People dont believe me . Ever since then I can't sleep alone . My little brother moved in with me. And even so till this day I feel like somebody watches me . When Im in the hallway at my house I feel someone following me , and i start running of how scared I am . Maybe this might have a connection to the other ghosts they said huanted my house. When we moved my uncles and aunts said that they kept seeing things. But I didnt believe them . Until one day we were cleaning my closet and we found a painting of a beautiful women and a handsome man. They mustve been 23 - 26 of age. The drawing was from 1913 . We showed my family the painting and said they saw a lady in dress like that girl in the picture. Later we asked the lady that used to live their if the picture was her . She said yes . That it was her great grandmother , and she lived in the house we are living in now.So it might have some connection .




My house




    About a year ago my husband and I moved into a house that seemed like a dream for us. It was the perfect price, had everything we were looking for and so much more. Soon, however, after settling in we realized we weren't the only ones occupying the house. It started out with small things that we could easily pass off as the house settling or just our minds playing tricks on us. We would hear tapping on the wall, foot steps, doors opening, ect. After a few months of hearing that it kind of became suspicious so we began to investigate the noises. Everytime we did, however, we came up empty handed. A few more months down the lines things began to progress with the hauntings.  A few of these moments that stick out most vividly in my head are as follows. Every night before bed my husband and I would shut and lock the glass door, then shut and lock the normal door before heading off to bed. One night my husband got up around midnight to get me a drink of water and when he walked passed the front door both of the doors were wide open, but still locked. Another incident was when we were painting our bedroom and heard a huge crash in the livingroom, as if something glass shattered into a thousand pieces. When we went to see what had broke nothing was out of place and there wasn't a shattered piece of glass in sight. We looked all over the house and still found nothing. We have an old garbage disposal in my kitchen that doesnt work and is extremely difficult to open, both my husband and myself have trouble opening it and it doesn't work so it's never opened anyway. One morning we got up to find it wide open. Neither one of us had opened it and no one else lives with us. We have had our dogs and cats wake up in the middle of the night and started growling and hissing at thin air. One of my dogs inparticular will often be seen staring up at the ceiling for 10 minutes at a time, then suddenly raise the hair on his back and growl. Our air conditioner stopped working one day, so we had to turn it off and the house was boiling hot, but all of a sudden we heard a door slam and the house got ice cold. We have an EFD that we use in the house and it goes into the red and yellow zones quite often. There is no doubt in our mines that our house is haunted. We do know that this ghost or ghosts are not trying to hurt us or scare us away, just simply letting us know they are here.




Home Cleaning Service






a year ago I took over a small home cleaning service for a friend of mine who was moving. I added a few of my own clients including the mother of my college room mate. The house is average, a bit smallish, but full to the brim with collectables in every spot in every room.

I can not quite explain it but the house has a horrible feeling. It just feels 'bad', something feels so very wrong, and just terrible there. I forgot until last fall (after my first experience) that my room mate had always told me she believed that her parents home was haunted due to strange noises, sights and just an overall disturbing feeling she had always had at that house.

Early last fall I was finishing up vacuuming in the large living room and had my back to the long hall, the vaccum makes quite a bit of noise and I should have not been able to hear much over it, but I did. I heard, coming from the hallway it seems, a young girls laughter. But it was not giggling pleasant laughter. It was a horrible, evil laugh. And 'behind' the laugh I could hear what sounded like a guttaral whisper of a man. Very low and indecipherable, but it chilled me to the bone.

I had the feeling that if I turned and looked I would see something I would neve forget. I took a deep breath and whirled around but there was nothing there but the dark hallway. I got out of there as fast as I could.

That was nearly 8 months ago and I had all but forgotten about it, and had even gotten used to being in the house by myself for those 3 hours every other week, until yesterday.

I was quietly thrilled when the owner, a teacher and good acquintance, would be home for the summer months and I would not be there by myself. But she always feels she is in my way so she now plans errands around my cleaning so she won't disturb me.

Not long after I had arrived yesterday she left. I had an overabundance of that horrible feeling, which I had not really noticed in quite some time. I kept hearing things that were simply out of place, just tiny creaks and pops that just didn't fit anything.

Then while in the kitchen I heard a very loud and unmistakable scratching at the side door. The door is virtually unreachable from the outside as it is surrounded by flower beds and is never used, EVER. But twice, same length, from top to bottom of the door a  horrible scratching that was very loud. My heart froze! and I realized belatedly that the doors I always keep locked were not locked because the owner had been home when I got there. But I guess whatever wants in will get there lock or not.

I was a mess and just trying to get out as fast as I could. I was finishing up in a bedroom when I saw very disinctly a shadow move in the room across the hall from the room I was in. It was a full length shadow, as if a door were swinging in the room, but the closet door was jammed due to stuff on either side pushed against it.

At the same second I saw the shadow a phone in the room I was in (no other phone in any other room, and they have at least a half dozen phones) began to ring. It stopped after a couple of rings, but I realized that the whole time I was there every time I would hear or think I saw something it would immediately be followed by a ringing phone. I even thought about telling the owner how her phone had rang constantly the whole time I was there.

I am closing the business in the next month, as I am about to have a child. I can not wait to be rid of that house! Though I have no intention of telling the woman taking the business from me about it, I don't think anyone would volunteer to do it after that! I just hope she has more luck seeing as how she cleans with a partner and not alone.

Thanks for letting me share.




My Dogs




Here are a couple of my ghost experiences with my dogs.  ~Casey and Sasha~  My dogs both have passed away in the past two years, but yet, they still seem to linger here. Just to clear some thing up, I kept my dogs collars when they died.  One night while I was sleeping, I heard a sound of two dogs collars right beside my bed I opened my eyes to see both of my dogs sitting on the floor staring at me. While they were sitting there, I noticed that they were wearing their collars. One nudged my arm and I went to pet her, but I fell asleep. The next morning, I thought it was just a dream. So I pushed it a side. I walked up to my door where thier collars used to hang, and to my suprise the collars where gone.I looked all over for them, but they where no where to be found.  I was really upset, because those where the only things I left of my dogs. Well, I decided to take a walk and I happen to walk past my two dogs' graves and there laying on the grave stone was their old collars. Conquinceidence? I don't know.  The night after my dog Sasha died I was sitting in my kitchen crying when I looked out the window and saw both of my dogs looking through the window. I ran towards my window to them. But when I got there, they were gone. This made me angry. This kept happening until recently, when I got a new dog to ease my pain. Now, my old dogs play tricks on my new dog, it sounds wierd but they do. 




Dad's Story




Well this story didn't happen to me but my dad has told me this story many time's and just seems to never get around to submitting this story so I guess I am. This story happens in Colinga,CA my dad was just a kid about 10 to 12 years old growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and not much happens much (except that big earth quake but that was years afterwards). So one night my dad was trying to get to sleep but had troubles now I'm relly not sure but maybe he had the idea he was being watched I dont know but he opened his eyes for some reasion and saw a shadowy figure crouching in the corner. My dad said it look like him self just crouching there watching. So being a kid as most of you would of done he yelled out to his dad when his dad came and turned the light on...nothing was there.



TV Problems




Hi, my name is richard, im 15 now (2005) and this happened to me when i was about 12.

I was in my room laying in my bed with the light on just looking inot space.

All of a sudden my TV (which was very old indeed) turned on all by itself.

This TV didnt have a remote control to it only manual switch on and changing channels, i used to share the room with my older brother, we had bunk beds, but he had gone for about a year by then. I checked it all, the cables, the main switch, nothing was wrong, i didnt even know if the power was on from the main plug? ive always been disturbed by this and have always mentioned it when telling ghost stories to friends.



Soldier in the House




I lived in Caroline Co. VA for several years and ended up buying a house off of rt 1.The real estate agent forgot to inform us that it was on civil war grounds.One night my husband and I were sitting in the living room when we both noticed a face in our kitchen window of a man with a beard and cap on, he looked to be very tired.Chris jumped up and ran to the kitchen door, but noone was there.Our window was slightly raised so you would have had to stand on something to see in.By the time Chris got back in the house the face was back.We eventually found out that during the war the South dug trenches to suprise the North to keep them from getting to the North or South Anna rivers.Our house was on one of the trenches,so we lived with our soldier who we eventually named "Ed the head".

Also when our daughter was born I put her in her room one day, she started to cry so by the time I reached her she wasn't crying anymore and her bassanet was rocking.The bassanet wasn't the type that rocked and she was stairing into space and not responding to me.At the time she was only 3 weeks old so she couldn't be making herself move.

If you ever want to know the truth about the barn where John wilkes Booth was supposidly killed and then the barn burnt to the ground, you should take a ride to the farn=m and see only 1 barn standing that fits the description to a t is old and has a odd feeling about it.

If you have any concerns or questionsplease feel free to contact me.I also know where there is an Indian battleground thats visited by spirits.









i have always thought the house that i have lived in has been creepy, uncomfortable sorta aura about it. All of my nannys or au pairs have thought the house has been haunted, I dont like to use the word ghost, I think spirit is more appropriate. BUt over the years, i have had many different experiences of varying degree. when i was ten i woke in the middle of the night to the most intense terror i have ever felt in my life, i was completely paralysed and my eyes could not shift from this unseeable but definitely sensable presence at the top right corner of my room. it passed in say ten seconds but. Ok then a lot of times i have had even when its hot, cold chills, just an uncomfortable feeling, which could be me, but it is felt by anyone when alone in the house. I was also listening to music with my cleaner, and she was like this song doesn go with the rest of your mix, and simultaneously, as i was looking at the cd player, the volume turned down, to zero, i was like why you turn it off woman! an she was like i didn.

so i go llook for the controler, its in the next room, facing the wall, no way it coulda been used as we were alone in the house. weird thing was we were both researching the houses history as we both feel theres something up in this place, so maybe it was tryin to shit me up, i do get scared, mainly when im stoned at night! but i feel more powerful than my spirit, in a spiritual sense obviously. also since i bought my cross necklace, when im chillin at night i feel this sorta  tuggin, niggling, just little movements like someone is tryin to pull my necklace of really pathetically, and i have not been movin at all during these times. no wind etc. im inside init!.

could you make a judgement on what sorta spirtit this might be, if at all. i believe so strongly tho. cos it doesn feel like a friendly one. trust me. my dads hoouse by contrast has a friendly warm feeling despite the grumpy bitch of a wife that lives there with him.



My Haunted Experiences




I have always been a little 'sensitive' (or a magnet, perhaps?) to spiritual encounters (some have been witnessed by others who were with me).

I had an apartment in Frostburg, while I was going to college, where I frequently saw an apparition of a black woman (a maid?) dressed in 1800's clothing) staring out the kitchen window (it was a large old house that was converted into apartments, so I'm not sure if it was a kitchen during her time). She never seemed to recognize my presence but would just fade away after a few moments.

I then moved to Cumberland where I lived in a number of places.

One place I lived (I believe it was Grand Ave.-please allow me to double check the exact places, if you plan on quoting me on this because I've lived in a number of houses and this was about 25 years ago). I lived on the second floor of a house (which also had the attic). It was a long, narrow apartment that ran from the kitchen in back to the bedroom at the front of the house. Every night around 2:30 AM I would be wakened by the sound of heavy footsteps that started in the kitchen and ended right about my bed. I went to check it out on several occasions. On one was there and there was no way anyone (other than myself) could have possibly been there!

After talking with some friends, I discovered that a girl I knew, a photographer,  had lived there previously and, while taking a picture in the living room, one of the objects she was shooting was suddenly thrown across the room.

Later I, and a group of friends, decided to reduce the rent, we would move into an old house on Cumberland St. Days after getting the place, I was there alone while they ran to pick up cleaning supplies.

As I was exploring out this huge old house, I suddenly heard the cry of a young boy. I can still hear it today "Help me, Mommy!"

It was coming from the stairwell (which ran up three flights to the attic). I searched up and down the stairs but saw no sign of anyone.

Just then, the others arrived back to the house. As I told the one girl what I had heard, she turned slightly pale and said that as they were pulling up, Holly, another room-mate, said she saw a boy looking out the attic window.

This house was located about a half a block away from an old cemetery (right behind Allegany High School-but I don't believe it was any sort of High School prank or anything). Late one night I was walking home past the cemetery. Out of the corner of my eye   (there were street lights and I recall it was a full/nearly full moon) I saw a shadow that seemed to be coming down through the cemetery. This was an old cemetery that allowed monuments and the above ground burial vaults and stuff (not like the new ones where it's only a  plate on the ground so it's easy to mow over).  As I walked, the figure seemed to be moving faster, darting between the monuments and statues. I picked up my pace (mind you, there was only a waist high iron fence separating the sidewalk from the graveyard. Finally, I panicked and took off running for my house as fast as my legs would take me.

I moved shortly after.

Then I moved to a house on Decatur St. , another second floor apartment. >From the start, there was a constant issue with doors opening and slamming closed and things like that. I  also decided to adopt a kitten. I got about three kittens and each one died within weeks. Finally, I talked to the neighbors, and they say that the house had been owned by an old lady named Lucy who was fairly mean. Taking one more risk, I got another kitten, named it Lucy, and it lived to a ripe old age, plus the door slamming seem to stop.

My "haunted" experiences settled down after that point. There was one incident where I had to walk from Lonaconing to Cumberland (a long dark road) late one night with a friend. It became scary when (1 or 2 AM) a growl was heard just off the roadside. Although the moon was out, we couldn't see anything, but it followed us for miles until we reached the intersection blinking lights of a cross road).

Now that I live here in Fairmont, WV , this has all stopped..almost. In this house, now I get an occasion touch or tap on my shoulder, when no one is around. Not sure what it means, but there has sure been a number of people who have died next door. In fact, after the lady next door died (whose only passion in life was TV) I 've seen the glow of her television through the living room window for  months after she (and the television and electrical  supply) was gone!

I'm not doing this for myself or publicity, in fact, sometimes it makes me wonder about my own sanity...but there are others there who have witnessed the same or experienced similar, so I don't feel like I'm completely bonkers.



Thunderbird Youth Academy, Pryor,OK





I work at TYA (Thunderbird Youth Academy) and have been here for almost 9 years. I have seen shadows walking down the halls, heard foot steps walking up and down the stairs. Showers and sinks come on all on their own. Fans turn on that was unplugged. I sat with a friend one night and watch the lights in bldg 310 turn on several times after telling my platoon sergeant to turn them off several times. I have seen shadows in the windows looking out, late at night. The young boy you referred to was an orphan during his time here. The story is he was killed by a janitor in bldg 307 and still walks the halls of that bldg. I have heard people talking in the buildings. The auditorium on post is also said to be haunted. One of my friends who work there was locking up one night and heard voices coming from the auditorium and went in to look and no one was present, as he was leaving he heard foot steps walking behind him on the stage, again no one was there. Orderlies have been seen pushing a gurney across the grounds with the dead on top. There are all kinds of stories of this place and I could keep going.




The Storm Orb


Hi, I was at your site, and I really like it. My dad and I are paranormal detectives, and we look at everything and anything scary/haunted. This is not my encounter, but my cousins and his freind's encounter. Here it is. My cousin is in high school and he had his friend over in the middle of the night. They were watching a movie or shows or something and my cousin's friend, Mark, went upstairs to get some soda and chips. Then, my cousin heard, "Hey Luke! Come here!" He went to check what Mark was yelling about. "Oh my gosh, what the heck is that?" said my cousin, Luke. At the top of the stairway was an orb with a greenish glow. "Oh my word." said Mark. All of a sudden, the orb flies through Mark. Mark all of a sudden collapses right when the orb exited his body. The orb went down to the bottom of the stairs and vanished completely. Mark was okay, so he stood up, but he was shaking. "I'm getting out of here!" said Mark. "This is nuts!" Luke and Mark ran up the stairs, out the front door, and down to Mark's house. It is said that a man that lived there long ago was brutally murdered at the top of the stairs by a crazed killer. To this day, we still don't know if this murder thing is true, but the ghost was surely there. The orb still appears from time to time there.




One Sunday Afternoon




One Sunday afternoon, I was taking my dog for a walk at my favorite park. I love this particular park because it is adjacent to a large church and the park itself has about 50 acres surrounding a lake. Around the lake wraps a 3 mile paved pathway, on the outer reaches of the path are woods.

Anyway, as we walked down the path I noticed that for such a lovely sunny day, there was barely anyone there besides me and my dog. I noticed another walker on the path, but she was far across the lake on the other side. We were rounding a corner of the path that is more densely surrounded by woods when suddenly I was jerked to an abrupt halt by my dog.

At first I thought he stopped to use the bathroom or caught a scent of the ducks in the lake—that is until I turned around. When I looked at him, he was sitting on the pavement refusing to go further. He sat on the ground like dead weight and sprawled his legs. I began to get irritated and tugged at him and he refused to move—his collar nearly came off. That is when I noticed that his eyes were wide in fear and he looked absolutely terrified.

Suddenly, there was a strong breeze and he put his nose in the air and sniffed the air furiously, looking around nervously. Immediately, I began to get very scared.  Anyone who knows anything about Corgi’s knows they are a very bold breed. They don’t scare easily at all.

Thinking someone was hiding behind a bush ready to jump out, I started looking around frantically. I scanned the open field in the distance, and the only thing I saw were 2 prairie dogs about 2 acres out, standing and sniffing the air, and then for some odd reason, they rapidly ran for their life. Then a cluster of small birds and ducks flew away quite abruptly.

At this point, I thought, there had to be a coyote (we have many coyotes in Ohio) and I better get back to the path closer to the church and away from the woods. I reversed back right away. My dog was more than happy to turn around and was pulling the leash so hard that he was choking and hyperventilating. As we rushed away, I looked to my left because something across the fields, deep in the woods caught my eye. I did a double take and froze. About 2 acres out, I saw a “blacker than black” mass shaped like a small person—a dwarf. It features were blacked out, it had no clothes, but it had a humanoid shape. I remember it had distinct pointy ears and wrinkled kneecaps. It backed up slowly into the denser part of the woods, all the while watching me.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I stopped short. I was so astonished that I stood still for a few moments then ran and didn’t stop until we reached the outskirts of the church. My heart was racing insanely Once we got there, I scanned the woods from atop a hill and didn’t see anything. I looked feverishly for a good 5 minutes trying to see where the thing had gone.

I have no idea what the dwarf shape was. I have not seen it since, but I will always be looking over my shoulder for it.

I swear this is a 100% true story that scared the heck out of me. I didn’t add details to sensationalize the story either. If anyone has had any similar experiences, or knows what I saw, please feel free to drop me an email.



Aunt's House




My brother and I were at my Aunt's House and I walked downstairs to find a towl because we were going swimming. And my Aunt Has a pool table and as i walked pass it the ball started to move.and all of the sudden 6 of the balls went in the pocket. So, I go get a towl into the bathroom thinking it was the wind. So i walked pass the table again and the balls were placed back on the table. So, i run upstairs tell my aunt. She went downstairs and look at the table and the balls were not there. it could of not been anybody else because we were the only ones there. so my brother and I slept over and my cousin was also there so we were falling asleep with the radio on and all of the sudden it turned off.Then the lights started to flicker then it was over for the night. the next day my brother and I and my cousin were listening to Rap music with the bass on and my brother had his coffee cup in the first shelf the stereo thumped the I look and the coffee cup was on the floor just sitting there it did not spill 1 little drop. and also we did not hear the cup fall. But, now nothing happened but one day ill be there by myself and it will happen. And sometimes i can here whispering in the basement.

ill never forget those experience. And when it happened it got so cold all of the sudden.




My Personal Experience




MY beloved sister was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago and died at the time the Doctor's predicted she would. Her cancer (at the last) had spread everywhere, and  I was told it also had invaded her brain. She had lucid days, and other days she was "out of it". During two of her lucid days, she called me to her bedside and told me she wanted to tell me something, but both times as she was starting to speak to me, she forgot what she had wanted to say. I said what did you want to tell me, and she replied she couldn't remember.  She not long after lapsed into a coma and died....with out ever telling me what she wanted to. About a week after her funeral, I was home alone, and as I was watching television, I glimpsed something out of the corner of my eye, as I turned my head to see what it was, I saw an end table with a lamp on it  radiating up and down...radiating is the only way I can explain what I saw, I of course blinked my eyes, and looked away over to the couch just to make sure I wasn't having an attack of some sort, and the couch area was normal, so I knew I wasn't stroking out, or having some sort of eye problem... but as I looked back at the table , it was radiating lasted for a few moments then stopped. The sight was as close as I can describe it to say , you know when you are driving on a hot day, and you look far ahead off in the distance and you can see the heat radiate from the pavement upwards, and to me that is what this looked like. In your opinion , was this a spirit I saw? I felt it was her trying once more to contact me. maybe to tell me once again what she wanted to say. I have never had the experience again, but I do get mental images of her as she was before she became ill. Reply to me please,  if you will and tell me what you think it was...




My Daughter




 My daughter talks in her sleep everynight. She has dreams everynight, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night sweating and screaming.

I have caught her walking in the hallway and I've called her name and talked to her her and she will walk into her bedroom and go back to bed. I have

stood at her door many times and listen to her have conversations with someone. She laughs, and talks, tells whoever it is about her family and I thought

maybe she has a imaginary friend. My mother asked her who she was talking to, and she told my mother that she was talking to her dad ( great grandfather )

and he died when she was just a baby. My daughter tells me that she talks to " uncle Jack" which is my mothers brother... and he died in 1972. My daughter

was born in 1999. Sometimes it scares me. Sometimes I feel happy that she may be talking with our family who is already passed. Im just so confused and I

wonder if they are trying to tell us something through her. My uncle that she talks about died in a car accident, and was believed to be racing with another car,

who bumped him causing him to wreck, and left the scene. What if he is trying to tell her something? The last thing that happened with her, was the scariest.

My sister in law's brother passed away in a car accident, and about a month before my daughter went out to eat with him and his daughter and some other family

members. I know how she gets when people die, so I didn't take her to the funeral but I did explain what happened. A couple of weeks later we went out to see the

tombstone. The day we went out to see it, it was hot and sunny. She kept saying what a nice man he was while we were standing there. I told her we better go,

and I started walking back to the car, and all of a sudden it got real dark, the sun was gone, the wind was blowing leaves all over the cemetary, and it got chilly.

I turned around, and my daughter was standing there staring at the tombstone with this weird look on her face, and I called out to her. She continued to stand there staring, I walked over and grabbed her hand and called her name. She looked up at me and it was like she got pulled from where she was. Her expression changed

back to normal and she smiled and asked me where we were going. I made her get in the car and I sat there and cried. I am still wondering if he was talking to her or

something. When I  called her name the sun came back out and the wind stopped. She asked me in the car. " mommy, whats wrong? " because I just kept crying and

wiping my face. I told her, you know that when someone dies it makes people sad. She said " mommy, who died"? It freaks me out sometimes......




Marrow Road




I never believed in ghosts or spirits until 2 nights ago. My friends were talking about haunted places & the closest to us that is still around is Marrow Road in Algonac. So we decided to go check it out. Couldnt find the road lead alone the bridge so i came home & found out the story & info on your page mapquested Starville & Marrow Road & go directions. We couldnt find the bridge & thought it was blocked off after crossing over another street. Not the case. Not finding the bridge we just decided to stop on the road & try it. A few minutes later waiting for midnight, we saw another car turn on the road & turn their lights off. Knowing they were doing the same thing. We honked 3 times at nidnight, nothing. Watching the other car we saw their lights go on & off 5 times. So we turned around & they started driving. Flagged them down & asked, we discovered we passed over the bridge numerous times because it is well hidden w/ grass, weeds, etc. We asked what the did & they said they turned off their car, stepped on the brakes 3 times, honked the horn 3 times & everyone gets outta the car chanting "we got your baby" & the driver puts the keys on the car. Their lights went on & off 2 times & the car made a funny noise. So we went back last night & did exactly what they said to. When we got out, the lights went on & off and me not believing, i asked who had the keys in their hand, next thing we knew the keys were lightly hit on the top of the car to move them a few inches. I flipped out & got back in the car. No ghost, no baby, no lady in a dress. And we think the "green light" may be fireflys. Gets really dark out there & you see them all over. (green glow) Anyone wants to know where the bridge is, its a pain to find so on maoorow rd. heading south, just past Angling Rd.




Greeneville TN


we lived in an old house beside the Annie Hogan Building at Tusculum College between 1990 and 1993.

The master bedroom was always ice cold no matter what time of year.  Also, when you were in the living room under the master bedroom, you could hear someone walking around.  My children which were very young at the time (1st grade and under) told us about a woman in a long flowing white dress that walked the hallway upstairs.  We never had a problem with her nor were the children ever scared of her.  My daughter told me she saw the woman standing over her bed.  I believe the house is part of the college now.




Ghosts Haunt My House




my house is very old, it was built around the times of slavery.  the previous owners have tried to perserve the house and lot to be historicaly correct.  there are still the bells around the house that were used to be used to call the slaves, and there are still the slaves quarters (a small run-down little cabin in the back of the yard in a grove of trees). 

i live with my husband, 9 year old son, and our dog.  we have seen several sightings of ghosts around the property.  the first sighting was when we had just moved into the house.  it was  only one or two months after we bought it, and we were literally spending our first few weeks in the house.  back then, (12 years ago), we didn't have  our son, and we hadnt gotten our dog yet.  so, the house was only occupied by me and my husband.  we slept in a smaller one of the rooms (there are 5 bedrooms, 2 of which are masterbed rooms.)  as i said, a lot was preserved in the house, and many of the rooms still had original windows, and paintings on the walls. even some of the plates on shelves were the old ones.  our bedroom was one of the rooms that had it's original windows, and they were very bumpy and a bit chipped.  next to our bed was a large window that looked out into the garden.  there was a small crack that ran down the left corner of the window.  niether of us paid much attention to the wirethin crack.  that night though, i was rolled on my side, and i had a clear vision of the crack.  i fell asleep, but after a while i remember feeling like someone was nudging my shoulder, so i turned to my husband, but he was asleep.  i tried to fall asleep again.  i felt like it could just have been my dream.  but a few seconds later, i felt it again.  i rolled and could see clearly that it wasn't my husband.  when i rolled over again, the first hing i saw was the crack in the window.  the crack seemed to have extended, and it looked like it formed the outline of a face.  as i watched, i could see the outline sortof, filling in with more details.  two eyes, a nose, ears, a mouth, so on.  i stared as it seemed to become more lifelike.  i was so scared, all that i could do was gape at it.  once it had finished it's detail, the face twisted into a sortof expression like it was terrified, and it's mouth opened, i felt like it was about to scream.  i must have gone to sleep sometime, becuase the next thing that happened was that my husband woke me up, saying that i screamed, and that he thought i had a fever.  i told him about it, and im sure he believed me, even though in the morning, the face had dissapeared.

the next 3 hauntings were all pretty simaler.  they happened very spread out over the next 9 years, over my son, Ben's life.  when Ben was born, my husband and i made the move from the small bedroom into one of the masterbedrooms on the third floor.  the first haounting when Ben was alive was when he was 2 years old.  he had been taking a nap, it was about 4 in the afternoon.  Ben was not a big screamer baby, so when he began to scream at the top of his lungs, i came running into his room from the garden where i had been planting bulbs.  when i came into his room, there was something that was hovering near the window.  i wasn't sure exactly what it was at first, it looked like a creamyish white orb.  it wasn't exactly circular, there was a point, sortof like a nose, or an ear.  it just hovered there, very transparet, by the window at first when i came in.  i was so terrifiyed, i just stood there.  then i noticed what was going on, and grabbed my son and ran out of the room.  luckily, Ben wasn't scarred after a few minutes, but i still had my husband go into his room and make sure it was gone.  he went in, and to all of ou relief, the ghost had dissapeared. 

three years later, we had mostly forgotten about the experiences, we had sortof passed them off.  my husband told me this story.  he was mowing the lawn, and he happened to be going right up to the slaves quarters.  he had earplugs in, so he couldn't hear anything.  but he felt a bump, and saw glass fly out from below the mower.  quickly, he turned it off, and checked to see what it was.  saw that it was actually a glass bottle, and he thought it looked like an old fasioned medicine bottle.  only part of it was broken, and he said that when he held it up to the light, to get a better look at it.  in the top of the bottle, a dustly, sortof ghostly looking orb appeared, but he said that it looked like it was a face.  he said that it seemed to fly out of the bottle once he threw it down in shock.  he said that it floated out of the bottle, but stopped for a second when it was at about eye height with him, and after a few seconds dissapeared.

the last sighting that we had was when my son was 8, and he was helping my husband do the dishes.  i was getting ready to walk my dog, putting his leash on.  we were in the kitchen, and the door seemed to blow open, even though there didn't feel like any wind actually blew in.  a ghostly looking hand shape grasped the top of the door.  nobody moved for a few seconds (including the hand), but then, my dog began to bark at the hand, and Ben ran from the room screaming.  the hand then slipped from the top of the door, and dissapeared.

my husband and i talked to the previous owners, (an elderly couple who moved into an assistant living home,) and they said that they had seen the ghost 4 or 5 times, and it was scary at first, but they didn't think it would ever do harm.  my family still lives in the house today, and we aren't planning to move.




A Strange Guiding in Grand Prairie Texas


By: Anonymous



I have always tryed to surround myslelf with hauntings. I try to visit haunted places and old unused places as much as possible. I am so olddly interested in trying to see somthing "unnatural". Ive been searching for the "old confederate graveyard" somwhere near joe pool lake in Grand Prairie, Texas. I havnt found it yet but one night while searching for it I came across the "estes graveyard" (both of the places are on this website in "haunted places"). the estes graveyard was a very cold place. i felt nothing and didnt see or hear anything. about 10 minutes after getting there I got the strangest feeling that i should leave. I cannot explaine it. I didnt want to go and if the feeling wasnt so strong i would have stayed there another 20 minutes but i was so inspired to leave for some reason. so i walked quickly to my car. a split second after i turned on the main road, I saw a cop car come around the corner. as I looked onto my rear view mirror, I saw the cop turn onto the dirt road that dead ends to the estes cemetary. I wouldnt have been sure wheather the cop was ment for me if it handnt been for the strong feeling i felt. It was like an inspiration from no one. Like an unheard suggestion. and the more i stayed, the more stronger it got as if it was demanded in a foul language in the end. Im pretty sure I know who called the cops. when you first turn on this long dirt road, to the left there about 50 yards are new built two story houses. you can only see the back of them but thats my only guess as to who called them. unless theres some sort of "graveyard keeper" (im guessing thats what you call them). I cant wait for my next visit to the cemetary. I feel a spirit was helping me and I will search for that kind spirit again.




Wierd Happenings





Here is just one of a few of my wierd happenings.  Back in 1989 I was living with my dad, my brother and my dads girlfriend and her two daughters.  My bedroom at the time was in the basement (finished basement).  Well I turned the main larger room into my bedroom which meant that if you came down the stairs you basically walked into my bedroom although the room spanned the entire length of the front of my house.  My room was on the right side of the stairs, and if you turned left you can go around the corner into the laundry room ( not visible from my room).  But anyhow, I was asleep one night and woke up for some reason in the middle of the night.  As I woke up I was laying on my left side and started to turn over when I noticed all of the basement lights were on.  At that same time a man was standing at the foot of my bed.  I could not see through him as he was not just a shadowy figure, he looked as if he were alive.  We made eye contact and he turned around and headed for the laundry room and just before he entered the laundry room he stopped and turned to look at me once again for just a second.  As he walked away I didn't hear anything from his movements not a sound.  Now this is not the strangest part, (and by the way all of this happened in a matter of 10 to 20 seconds).  As the man disappeared into the laundry room I went right back to sleep.  I was not scared nor did I have a reaction of any kind to this strange happening.  Well now the story gets even stranger.  As i'm asleep I start to tell myself in a panic that I need to wake back up because there was someone at the foot of my bed.  I wake up suddenly and it is now 10am.  The sun is shining and I noticed the basement lights are still on.  I get out of bed and go upstairs and sat at the kitchen in deep thought as to what happened.  Everyone was awake and my dad came into the kitchen and saw that I was in deep thought about something and asked what was wrong.  I told him about what had happened and he started to just freak out.  Well come to find out he woke up around 3am and thought for sure he had heard someone talking in the kitchen, but he knew we were all sleeping.  So he woke my older brother up and they began to search the house to find out who was talking.  Well they searched everyroom including closets, doors , windows to see if we had an intruder.  They found nothing.  Even the screen doors were locked.  The only place they didn't search was the basement and they didn't turn the lights on!  Someone or something was trying to tell us something but we dont know what.  I never saw him again. 

I have since moved from that house where I have plenty more stories but I will save them for another time!!  If anyone wants to reply to me about this story...feel free.



Many Ghost Stories




1. Upstairs Haunting

A few years ago me and my mom went up to the store to get somethings. When we came back the front door was wide open, but that door was always locked. We thought it was a burgler or something, but a year later, that exact date. I sat in the living room when these bounding foot steps came flying down the stairs. I screamed and jumped up, but nothing was there, but the door flew open. That's when I knew it was a spirit of some sort. This was a week before each Halloween that these happened

2. The Shower

It was my first year in our new house. One night I went to take one of my many showers as normal. No one was home and the bathroom door was locked, as was everything in the house. My elbow hit the shower curtain as I was about to turn off the water. The figure of a small hand reached threw the curtain and I screamed. I pulled back the curtain, but there was nothing there.

3. The Dog

I was in the kitchen with my mom one night. Our black dog Wicked had died a week ago. As we where talking about her, the shadow of a black dog stood in the shadows. I jumped up and it was gone as fast it came.

4. The Broked Glass

I was spending the night at my grandparents house with my parents. We had just came back from my uncle's funeral. It was late at night and my Grandpa was joking about how he was probably with him. Still angry at my Grandpa for a fight they had had the night before he died. As they said that, a glass of water from the middle of the table went flying across the room and shattered against the wall.



True Ghost Stories Experienced by Me




i have experienced what i would call sightings and happenings since i was about 5 or 6 years old. my first experience, that i can remember was Right after my paternal grandparents died. my grandmother died the same month that john f kennedy died. my grandfather died six months later. my grandparents fought alot so my grandmother would stay overnight at our house when they fought. she slept in my bed with me. i only vaguely remember this. years later when i  became a teenager i would ask my mother questions about my grandparents. she told me that after my grandmother died my grandfather lived with us for the last 6 months of his life.

soon after my grandfather died i went to a store with my dad. i remember being in the toy department looking at toys while my dad went into another department to buy paint. i remember looking over to where my dad was suppose to be. But as my eyes traveled over the outside furniture department i saw both my grandparents standing on a platform that was displaying lawn furniture. they looked at me. i remember wanting to run to my dad and tell him that i saw them but didn't because i knew he was sad because they had recently died. i have never seen them since.

i don't recall anything else happening until i was about 18. my parents had divorced when i was younger and my dad had moved to Massachusetts.I lived in nj. I went to visit my dad for the weekend. he had a really big walk in closet that had two doors. one connecting to the bedroom the other one connecting to the bathroom. each room also had another entrance. during the night i had to go to the bathroom. when i got up from the bed and started walking towards the closet i saw a transparent shape. it was silvery and sparkely.

it din't touch either the top of the door or the didn't look like a person. just a shape as big as a person. i was surprised tosay the least. i closed my eyes and went through it . it didn't feel like anything. when i opened my eyes again it was gone.  a few months later i went again to my dads.

this time i was going to be alone for a few days. my dad was on a cruise and i was going to relax and enjoy the solitude until he came back. the minute i got there i closed both doors to the walkin closet.

nothing happened. my dad came back and he couldn't open the closet door from the bedroom.i told him i closed it it was probably locked. my dad looked at me and said there is no lock on the door.he had to take the door off the hinges to fix it.  about a year later i was in a car with friends . It was january and it was a pretty cold night. my friend was driving and as i was watching the road alittle boy about 9 walked into the road. he was walking his dog. i yelled for my friend to st look out. but she didn't see anything and kept driving. the next day i was telling my frinds cousin about it and she started asking me questions. up unti that point i hadn't given it much thought. she asked me to describe the boy.  i said he was about 9 . he had on a red and white striped short sleeved shirt and  shorts. brown hair and he was walking a brown dog on a leash. after i told her that i looked at her and said but its winter anf its cold outside... nothing much happened for about ten years,  i was now living in my present home.i was living with my then husband and our two little boys.. they were 2 and 4 at the time.they shared a room and  they had gone to sleep hours before. my husband and i had a fight about something so i went to sleep on the couch. i was laying there for about 15 minutes when i heard two little girls giggling in my ear.they sounded about 6 or 7 years old. i knew it wasn't my boys but i went to check any way. they were sound asleep. needless to say i went back to sleep in the bedroom with my husband... Years later when i was divorced  and my boys were about 12 and 14 i was on the computer. the kids were asleep and the two same little giggling girls giggled from my computer.beleive me i will never forget their giggles.

i stood up and backed against the wall .I slid along the wall till until i was out of sight of the computer. i checked on my two kids. sound asleep. i went back to the computer and shout off the power and went into my bedroom.a few hors later i awoke to go to the bathroom. as i opened the bedroom door the computer turned on all by itself. since then my boys are now 18 and 20. i now have had sightings and happenings at my job and more frequently at home. i will tell them some other time 



The Portal




Yes, it's me again...

But this time it's not really a ghost story, but rather a warning to be very careful as to what you sketch on your walls.

I was 18 at the time, and my Gramma and I were the only ones living in the house, as the rest of my family had moved out.

My Gramma said that I could paint my room any color or pattern I wanted, as long as she could paint over it if she decided to sell it.  Well, I agreed and started to draw what I called my "dream closet" on the West wall.

I had everything drawn from the door with diagonal stripes going two different directions, trading direction in the middle of the door, to the Egyptian styled eye inside a faceted gem, to the clouds over the rest of the surface, and Dream Closet above and to the North of the door.

The only thing I had not sketched was the door knob, I couldn't find the one I liked.

Well, for 3 nights running, and always at 3am, I would hear clawing coming from the wall.  At first I thought it was the vermin my Gramma told me about, but when my cat didn't twitch a whisker at the sound, I kinda knew something was up.

On the third night, I did what I yell at horror movie actors to never do.  I got out of bed, walked to the wall with my hand outstretched and placed my palm on the wall.  And I kid you not, what happened next was pure adreanal terror... I felt claws go over my palm through the wall.  Well, I made it all the way to my bed from the far wall in one leap, and pulled the covers over my head and just shook.

The next day I painted the room solid purple, because I knew without a doubt that I had opened a portal to another place, and if I had finished the sketch with putting on a door knob, that something was going to come through.  And I would be damned if I was going to let anything happen to my Gramma.

My sister now lives in the house, and as of yet has had no experiences.  Truth...



The Old House I Grew Up In--and Beyond.




My name is Nancy and I'm 42 years old. I grew up in Burns,Oregon in a house built in 1904. Just a few things I seen; heard and felt---are the following. On more than one occassion in the morning just as the sun rose a sound like a huge stack of book's being dropped on the floor; sometimes the smell of smoke or excretement out of the blue; one time I'd just gotten into bed and a sound like a bunch of people whispering real fast next to my left ear; once I was laying on the couch and heard like tiny feet running down the wall and felt it run across my chest; I've had water poured on my feet and my feet tickled; I've woken up and all my blankets were folded into a neat pile on the bedroom floor; I,ve seen a toothbrush float zig-zaggedly down to the floor and sound like a stack of books when it reached the floor;  I've seen oranges float in the air; I;ve seen a black shadow walk by that went clear up to the ceiling; and I saw a double picture frame slowly close up---and making the sound of a squeaky barn door....and when it opened back up it made the same sound--and then jet black circles apppeared around the eyes for a minute. I've seen people shapes anywhere from colored to barely visible brown-----and I've seen a black cloud float across a kitchen floor and go into the openiong of a vaporizer!  And there's many other things that I have experienced! Needless to say I spent many night's sleeping with my bedroom lights on! Ant needless to say every place I have lived since--there are paranormal happenings! Not just to me but also my whole family!



The Handprint


By: Chelsea and Alex


One day while staying at my friend Alex's house we three (me, alex, and her mom) decided to go to a cemetery while driving home from the carwash. During the drive to the cemetery we decided to drive a little further past the it. We drove not even four feet past a little dirt road before her mom stopped and told us that she had never noticed that road before.

Immediately we decided we wanted to go down it. So her mom backed up and turned down the road. We were getting a little freaked out, we didn't know why we just were...The road was very narrow,so we looked for a spot to turn around. About five miles down the road we spotted an abandoned barn. We quickly turned in. Her mom stopped the car and looked further down the road. She said that she saw something I caught on and told Alex I saw it, too. Even though we were joking her mom and I really did see something. Then about twenty seconds after claiming she had seen something her mom let out a ear-piercing scream. Alex jumped so high of her seat she hit her head on the roof of the car. I screamed so loud my throat hurt. Her mom stomped on the gas pedal. Then she started laughing Alex and I looked dazed. Finally we relized nothing made her scream she was just trying to scare us. After making it clear that she did she had a very pleased look on her face. After about five minutes of laughing about the whole thing we pulled into the cemetery. We all got out at the same time and walked to the back of the car to see how much dirt was on the car. Then we saw a clear dirty handprint. We all looked at it amazed. We measured to see if the print was any of ours, it clearly wasn't it was way to small. Before all this week Alex kept saying she felt a presence. We didn't stay at the cemetery long after about five minutes we were really freaked out we left and went home. The handprint can not be explained, well not by us at least. The handprint remains there to this day...




Strange Noise


Hello again, my name is Gena, and I have written some of my experiences here.  Well, here is the latest in that long line.

I am now a live in caregiver, and one night as I was taking the person's dog out to "go", there was an inhuman scream from the yard.  The dog was so scared by it, that she hid behind me. 

Well, I grabbed a flashlight, and went searching for the origin of the sound because as a caregiver, part of my job is to protect my charges.  I found nothing in the yard (and it's a big one) that it would or could have come from.

And then, about a month later, there it was again, only I was inside at the time and had to go outside to hunt it down, and again found nothing.

I called a friend, and he came out and said that it was most likely the animal that was burried on the property, a family pet of the people that owned the house before my charge bought it.

But just last week, the person's daughter said that her pet bunny was burried in the yard.

Now I have heard a rabbit scream before, and no bunnies vocal chords could have made that sound.  I am not sure if it is as my friend says, or if it is something else.  It was just way wierd.



Corpse Eyes




 I've had several encounters with things I can't explain, but the one that still gives me chills happened several years ago in Japan.

 It happened one night after I had met some friends at a bar for a few drinks and conversation. I left before anyone else in the group (I've never been much of a drinker) and although my house was only a few blocks from the bar, I decided to take a walk along a part of the base that was bordered by Tokyo Bay before going home.

 I was walking along a sidewalk that was seperated from the water by a low concrete wall and looking out over the bay when I heard someone cough in front of me. I looked up and saw a woman, who was dressed in a white blouse and grey skirt, walking toward me from the other direction. She was about twenty feet away and walking straight toward me at a unsteady pace and I was surprised that she had got that close to me without my noticing her sooner. She had her head down and she was coughing like she was trying to get something out of her lungs, but couldn't get enough air into her lungs to cough strong enough to clear them.

 She kept walking right at me, I actually had to step aside to keep her from running into me, and when she was about to pass by me I asked her if she was ok because the way she was coughing was really worrying me. She raised her head and turned to look at me and what saw when her face turned toward me froze me in my tracks.

 Let me say I've been afraid before, I've faced off with Soviet ships at three to one odds in their favor during the cold war, been shot at by Iraqis during desert storm, and weathered a volcanic eruption in the Philippines, but I have never seen anything as frightening as that woman's eyes.

 There's only one way I can explain what they looked like, one summer while I was a military policeman we had several accidental deaths and I was dispatched to many of the accident scenes. The bodies of the victims all had one thing in common, their eyes, they looked flat and empty with no light of life in them. I remember thinking they seemed to be staring at something and found myself wondering what they saw. Morbid, I know, but dealing with dead bodies isn't easy, it tends to hold your mortality up and shake it at you so to speak. Anyway, back to where this is going, this woman's eyes were the eyes of a corpse.   

 My first impulse was to run, to get as far away from this woman as I could, but I couldn't get my legs to work, all I could do was stand there as the woman continued past me and out of my field of vision. A few seconds later the coughing stopped and I risked turning my head and looking in the direction the woman had gone.

The sidewalk was empty.

 I did find out a bit of history about that particular area, it's pretty interesting. It seems that many years ago a man was having an affair with a woman he worked with. He asked his wife for a divorce, but the wife refused to grant him one, either hoping to win him back or out of spite, I don't know which. One night the man and his girlfriend confronted the wife in their apartment and, when the arguement became physical, the wife was stabbed several times. In a panic, the man and his girlfriend carried the wife's body from the aprtment and threw it into Tokyo Bay right in the area where I saw this woman with the corpse eyes. About a week later a fisherman caught the woman's body in his nets and, as a result of the investigation, the man was convicted of murder, but the girlfriend went free. 

 After the encounter I talked to other people who have heard similar stories and one person who had a similar encounter in that area.

 A few years later that part of the bay was filled in and several years after that a ballfield was built on the land fill. for awhile I wonderd if that would stop the encounters, until I talked to one man who claims that while he was parked near the land fill one night he saw a woman in a skirt walking near the waters edge on the land fill. He said he turned to talk to his wife, who was in the car with him, and when he turned back the woman was gone.

 What do the staring eyes of the corpse see? They see nothing....nothing and beyond.




Big Rapids




a local legend in big in the woods on a small dirt road a man lost his life in a car acccident, and now haunts that old road. going north out of big rapids, turn right on meceola road, follow that a few miles and take a left on a dirt road (i cant remember the name, when ivisit there again ill make sure to email it to you) and follow that all the way to the intersection in the middle of the woods.  if you turn around and double back until you reach the second to last hill, you park your car on the side of the road, and wait.

the single lane dirt road is nearly engulfed by the surrounding thick forest, creating a canopy of sorts, which blocks out most of the moonlight. 

if you go there at night and sit in your car with everything completely shut off, strange things happen.  at first, you have an overwhelming feeling of foreboding.  after several minutes, faint yellow lights can be seen just off to the right side of the road ahead, almost like lightning bugs, whci come closerand closer to your car, until about 10 feet ahdead, they will disappear, then the old man appears.  i have done this multiple times, along with many area youth.  most of the stories share the lightning bug phenomena, accompanied by the old man.  i have gone probably 6-8 times and have seen this 3 times.  the first time, the man was off down the road, on the left, walking with his hands in his pockets or at his sides, not looking up.  as soon as we saw that, we split.

the second time, we followed the same procedure as before, turning everything off and waiting.  sure enough, the yellow lights came after about

15 minutes, but there was no apparition ahead of us.  we waited for it to appear down the road, but saw nothing.  all of a sudden across the road perpendicular to the driver there he was walking away from the car, in a very slow, fluid walk, looking down like he was sad. as soon as we turned the car on he vanished.

the third time there were no lightning bug affects, but after 20 minutes or so the old man appeared 50-75 feet down the road, this time walking in haste across the road from right to left.

i can assure you that this is no lie.




My Strange Experiences as a child




My name is Freddy and I remember when I was a child, we lived in a very old house.  We had those old light switches that would make a very loud click when you turned the light on.  My parents and I were very light sleepers but sometimes I would be the first person to wake up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, the lights and t.v. would already be on and the t.v. would be turned to a non-working channel.  Sometimes we would wake up in the middle of the night because the thermostat would be set on 45 degrees F.  I remember one time i fell asleep on the couch and woke up the next morning under my bed.  I remember I would hear whispering sometimes in the middle of the night.  Sometimes i would get enough courage to say, "Who is that?" but no one would answer me.  I don't know if you would consider this a haunting, but that's what happened.




Lady in Black




I was researching hauntings in Colonial Williamsburg, and I came across your site by chance......or was it?  Anyways, reading a story of a person who had a ghostly experience in the Wythe House, I felt compelled to share my own experience at the Wythe House:

A friend and I spent last Christmas together in Colonial Williamsburg.  One night we went on a walking tour that took us around the town, ending in front of the Wythe House.  While we were standing outside the house in the bitting cold, my friend kept looking over to the right side of the house. 

When I asked her what she was looking at, she told me that there was a young lady dressed in black period clothing, with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders, standing in the shadows by the Wythe House.  At first I thought she had gone mad with the cold, but I looked over, and with God as my witness, there was indeed a young lady standing in the shadows.

What was interesting about the lady was that she was in shadow, yet I could see her in some detail, except for the facial features and hair color, which were indistinguishable.  As previously mentioned, she was wearing a long black dress, a white shawl, and a white cap.  I could also see that there was some very intricate embriodery work on the bodice of the gown.

Naturally, my friend and I assumed that she was just a part of the tour, but when we asked the tour guide who she was, he told us that there had been no lady in black standing beside the Wythe House.  This, of course, sent chills up our spines.  But, it also interested us greatly, due to the fact that both my friend and I are very interested in hauntings, especially ghosts fromt the colonial era.

The next day we began to ask around about the lady, but what we found out only confirmed that we had indeed seen a spirit from the past.

To this day we do not know who she was, or where whe was from.  And, until recently, I had not remembered one important fact that should have told me she was a ghost from the begining:  as I said, she had been wearing a white shawl.  It had been rather windy that night, but I do not recall seeing her shall blowing in the breeze.




Knox Butte Graveyard




It's me again...

I live in Albany, OR, and about 11 years ago a friend of mine and I were at the cemetary on Knox Butte to see the "glowing headstone" under the full moon.  We couldn't find it, but we did find something else...

Since we couldn't find the headstone, we were just wandering around the cemetary talking, when there was a rustling in the bushes.  Neither of us thought much about it at first, because there is a road and some houses behind the cemetary, but when neither of us could see either a human or animal figure making the bushes move, we decided to leave.

Now I am a Witch, and can sense entities of the rotten nature, and this I could tell was not after me, but my friend who was very suceptable to the spirits.  I told her to run for the car at the bottom of the hill, but she would not leave me.  Mind you, as we walked down the hill, the rustling followed us.

I told her that we would both run on the count of 3.  I counted and she took off, and I turned to see whatever it may be, still hoping it was a dog.  But there was absolutely no corporial being, and so I hightailed it, and when I got to the bottom I said a spell with her screaming at me to get into the car, and trapped it in the cemetary.

That night I found out why some cemetaries have fences.  It's to keep the nasties inside.

Well, we went to a well lit restaurant to have coffee and calm down, she needed more calming than I did, as I have faced off with nasties before.

I have told my friends about this (and thank heaven they believe me) and they said that the next time I want to see a glowing headstone, to take an army with me.




Jonesboro TN





My mom is a nurse and she has been working in nursing homes for 29 years, and she has been around a lot of death so you can sure say she's seen a lot. This story occurred in Jonesboro,TN, which is the most haunted town in TN, so a lot of hauntings occur there. My mom was working at Jonesboro Nursing Home, and she saw a lot of stuff, but this is one of the many stories. It was winter, and my Mom and one person were working. It had snowed a big storm and nobody had been in or out of the nursing home. My Mom went to unlock the door for the kitchen people so they could come in to make breakfast for the patients, and remember NOBODY had been in or out all night, and in the snow there were little tiny footprints. They went out to the road and came back to the door. My Mom called the person who was there with her over to look at the footprints, and they went to check everybody's socks to see if they were wet, but the socks were all dry... Then, they both said Tilly. "Tilly" or Matilda Rupe was a patient who had died 2 months earlier. She used to walk from the door to the road and back, and she had apparently decided to pay my Mom a visit.




House Noises




I lived in Orange Ct most of my life and am now in Fla.  After both of my partents died Imoved into their house and found out it was built in the 1700's.  I use to hear footsteps on the second floor and just figured it my folks looking things over and protecting me

I habven't heard the footsteps since I moved to Fla.  Just before I left Ct I heard my Mom call me by my first name and she sounded happy so I took that that she was happy I was moving.








Fordham University Keating Hall third floor Bronx New York-

My experience there must have been either during my sophomore or junior year which was a little over a decade ago. I was delivering a letter from Dealy to one of the offices on Keating third, after I delivered the letter I walked to the other end of the hall when I felt someone touch my shoulder I looked over my shoulder to see who it was but there was no one there however at that moment I was passing a room that had blue walls it was there that I noticed the figure of a person forming in the dust particles that was shining through the adjacent window in the sunlight it must have been around 2.30 or 3.00 in the afternoon and sunny however it was still creepy and as soon as I saw this I ran down the stairs and out of the building so fast that I must of looked like a bunch of dust particles. The next day I returned with my then best friend because I was definitely not going by myself and we investigated the "blue Room" it turned out to be a  chapel and there was a plague on the wall dedicating the chapel to someone who had passed away,  could it have been that person that decided to say hello to me the day before or was it something else?

I am a strong Bible believing Christian with a few different takes on what these phenomenon could be and I have other experiences to tell about some my own, some from others however not all necessarily related to Fordham but that is a discussion for another time. 




My Mom's Ghost





My mother is very reluctant to talk about this but...About 2 years ago, she mother moved into an older house very close to downtown Lake Geneva, WI.

The extremely nice landlord lives downstairs and she lives upstairs.  Two days after they moved in my 18 year old sister, who is a very sound sleeper, woke suddenly to see a man with dark hair wearing a baseball cap standing in her room near her doorway.

He was using one finger to beckon her to him.  Scared, she hid under her blanket for a few seconds and when she looked again he was still there.  He disappeared the third time she looked.  After that incident my sister kept feeling and seeing things and she desperately tried to convince my mother that something was terribly wrong.

A few weeks later, myself, my husband, our 3 month old daughter, my mother, my sister and my mother's boyfriend were in the living room that has a partial view of the dining room and kitchen.  My mom had made chili that evening but had put too many jalapenos in it and it was too hot for my sister and I to eat.  My sister was heating leftovers in the microwave, my husband and my mother's boyfriend were sitting on the couch, and my mom and I were playing with my daughter on the floor.  When my mom commented that the cat was acting strange, we all chuckled because it appeared that the cat was doing a sideways grapevine motion.

Then a fork flew off the microwave in an arc and landed with a thud in the middle of the floor.  This was not a natural motion and no one had touched it. 

A few weeks later, my husband was with our daughter alone in the living room.  My mother and I went to the store.  He kept hearing footsteps and was trying to understand why it was taking us so long to get up the stairs.  He suddenly realized it was coming from the kitchen.  He turned and saw a tall, dark-haired man walk across the room.  He was not a believer in the paranormal.  Honestly, he was barely a believer in life after death.  He is now.

Things kept happening and my mom confronted the landlord and she said that it wasn't haunted and no other residents, including her own son, had ever commented on anything strange.  My sister got a ride home from school from a friend one day.  When the friend pulled up to the house, her eyes welled up with tears and she told my sister she had lived there for 7

years and asked if she knew that it was haunted.   

My mom went to the landlord again and she finally admitted that the previous owner's son had killed himself a few years after the family moved from the house.  She gave us his name and physical description.

She knew it was him out of all the people who had ever lived in the house.  My husband and I went to the library and found a class portrait containing the "ghost's" photo.  We showed it to my sister and she picked out two people, one was the ghost.  This all happened within the first month.

We also found out that the apartment used to be two separate apartments which may explain why he never haunts my mom's room.  It's the only place a presence isn't felt.  Also, the house used to be connected to the house next door and was a boarding house.

I know this is long, so...I'll just highlight a few other incidents. 

My brother's friend went to the bathroom late one night, came out and found a kitchen cabinet, the drawer below it and the cabinet below that, all aligned in a row and open.  The salt shaker from the dining room was in the middle of the floor.  My mom's friend won't come in the living room.  One day she asked my mom if she knew that she had two ghosts that haunt her living room and that one is benevolent, one is not.  The cat acts very strangely.  Footsteps are heard often.  Lights turn on and off by themselves.

Pots of food are found on the floor without anything being spilled.  I spent the night once and someone moved my hair away from my face.  My brother was locked inside his room from the outside.  My sister's drapes are always open in the morning even if they are closed the night before.  She once tried to pin them closed and the entire curtain rod was on the floor the next morning.  Doors open and close, footsteps are heard and no one is there.

She almost called in a paranormal investigator but she's scared the mean ghost will become more active.

So far, so good...





 Ghost of Little Boy?




 To begin with, I've always been a believer in the un-seen world. Being raised in church all my life I have heard (and experienced) stories of demons and the like. If you believe in God, you must also believe in evil powers, since there is a constant, on-going battle for the soul of man since the dawn of time as we know it.

 This little story is, I suppose, more of a "ghost"

story than of evil spirits, although I could share a few. Over 20 years ago, me, my now ex-wife, and our two boys lived in a quiet neighborhood in Ft Worth, Texas. This was a house we were renting, which was several years old.

 Ever since we moved in, I had had an eerie feeling about the place, just un-easy. I remember one rainy night, my oldest son, who at the time was about 5, came in our room in the middle of the night frightened. When we asked what was wrong, he told us of seeing the face of a liitle boy looking in at him through his window. We told him it had to be his imagination, after all, what would a little boy be doing late at night, in the rain, looking in someone's window...right?

 I remember sometime later, I was lying awake late at night while my wife slept. Suddenly, I remember, ever so faintly, hearing a child crying somewhere nearby.

Again, I just blew it off. Until one certain morning..

 On this particular morning, my oldest son was'nt feeling well, so I told my wife I would take the day off from work and stay with him. After she and our other son left, about half an hour later I sat down in the living room to read the paper. Suddenly, my son stepped in the room for a few seconds, and then stepped out. At least I assumed it was my son, as I never looked up from the paper. No more than just a few seconds later, I called his name.. no answer. I then got up and then went to his bedroom.. only to find him sound asleep, under the covers. Now, that kinda freaked me out. I knew, somehow, that was'nt my son who stepped in the room that morning. Could it have been the long lost ghost of a little boy? After tying all the other experiences together, it gave me chills.

 Through the years I've thought alot about that house, and that one  morning, with the events I could'nt explain. By the way, I asked my son later that morning if had gotten up, you guessed it.. no.




Family or Unknown Ghost




hello my name is jeannette, i live in an aptment building with my husband matthew and our two and half year old son jake.and my neice rachel.we have lived in this apt for three years now and i have encounter our ghost i have seen green glowing orbs,and have felt all the time.i dont know the history of the building but since we have moved in it is almost it is almost like he is attacted to my son.(and yes i say he because i know its a he i have seen him)i also think that it may be my husband deceased granfather or his sister who gad pasted in the 80's. but one night as i was sleeping somthing told me to wake up and i did as i woke up i seen a man on my side of the bed.he was wearing a brow pant/slacks and a brown jacket and blue baseball cap.and i just stared at him for a wile and said to my self im really seeing this.when i woke up the next day i told my husband and he told me i just seen his grandfather, i have seen pic of his grandfather and he's wearing that baseball cap i just wanted to share my story with you at shadowland love the website thank you!



Dark Shadow




It was Sept. 1976 I was a new mother of 16 and my 2 week old son was in his crib at the foot of my bed.  I was sound asleep and woke up to a sound of my son gasping.  I jumped up and moved my way towards his crib, that's when I saw it, this big dark shadow leaning over his crib.

I could see the figure of a man, a perfect outline, head, shoulders, a sort of face or features any way, arms and a chest, it looked thick and see through but dark just a gray/black dark, and as I moved around it and went to pick up my son I was startled to see the babies eyes wide open staring right at this thing and gasping for air,  this dark shadows head looked right up at me as I went to grab the baby,  its face stared at me and I at it as I picked up my little boy, and as I did I had to reach almost under where its chest should have been to pick him up.  I was terrified and I didn't want to move but my son was my whole world and I reached in and pulled him to my chest.

As I grabbed my son  this thing straightened up and faced me, it was only about 1 foot away from me and I knew its eyes were on me I could almost feel them going right through us both, its head turned a little each way as if to look around the room and  it seemed to be so big and tall,  I felt that this thing was evil, I knew It was EVIL!  As I stood there with my son, terrified  my body shaking uncontrollably and alone with my baby, this thing floated up a little and went right through my son's and my body I actually felt it literally go through me, as it did I turned to look behind me and watched it go right into the wall behind us.

At this point my son took a deep breath and began the worst crying I had ever heard.  I sat up all night trying to make sense of what had happened. Needless to say, I had my son sleep with me for the next 4 yrs.

To this day I remember and wonder what the hell was that thing, and what did it want with my son ?




Bayview Cemetary




While I was living in Bellingham, WA I went to the Bayview Cemetary with a friend I had talked into going with me.  He was just as curious to see "Angel Eyes" as I was.  Well, we never did see the angel, but we did have a nasty follow us partway out of the cemetary, until I cast a spell that knocked it for a loop, and when I did that, I got the distinct feeling that the other inhabitants of the cemetary were very happy and it was party time.

As we had gone there after dark, and closing time, we were waiting for an opportunity to walk out onto the sidewalk without anyone seeing us, when I was slightly shoved.

My friend was tying his shoe by a tree that was 6' away from me and couldn't posibly have done it and gotten back to where he was before I would have caught him.  And I got the distinct feeling that it was a child wanting to play, but I had to tell it that I couldn't play now, that I had to go before I got caught.  I think it understood, because it felt like it was waving "bye" to me.

But that nasty was something else, and would have gotten just about anyone else that wasn't able to give it a so-to-speak "black eye".




Atlanta Michigan




My sister and her family lived in the stone house in Nickersonvalley. Their daughter 9 years old at the time, said she couldn't sleep because those little girls keep playing all night. They didn't know when they bought the house that it had the history of the little girls dying in the upstairs. They actually saw them sitting on the stairs one afternoon. They sold the house shortly after that, and built a brand new house next door




Aberdeen Street




My family and I lived in a house that was owned by the government, very old by Australian standards. It was just before I began my schooling, and our next door neighbour was a lovely old Italian lady. Her husband was not quite right mentally and would always be outside giving us kids coins and saying -'Oh Dear, Oh Dear'. I think that's all he could say in english. Apparently he used to beat her, but I was just a kid, so I didn't see any of that.

When he passed on, she was afraid to sleep in her house alone, so my brother and a neighbourhood friend would stay sometimes. But they didn't like it. They would come home very early the next morning pale-faced, telling us tales of seeing Mr DeLouis in the room, or hearing his footsteps down the corridor. We laughed and thought they were just being hilarious. Ha! we were wrong.

Our family was very fond of Mrs DeLouis, and she was like one of us, so it was quite natural for my newly married sister and her husband to move in with her until they found their own place. I have three sisters and one of them is married to a sceptic, when it comes to ghosts. They were in Mrs DeLouis's kitchen, late one night, just talking, when all of a sudden they heard a huge smashing of glass on the floor. They ran into where the sound was coming from and the floor was covered with like windscreen glass. No window was opened or broken. Not a dish was smashed, no cups, wine glasses, all the doors were locked, light fixtures all intact -  nothing was out of order. Just this glass all over the floor. The sceptic was suddenly a believer!

Our house was very haunted too. I would hear knocking on the walls all the time, 14 foot walls and no one was knocking that I could see. A mirror that was fixed into the wall over one of the fireplaces suddenly smashed one night,(a stormy one, typical huh) and scared the heck out of my sister. She says she saw a man with a tall hat leaning on the mantlepiece looking at her.

It was an old house, probably turn of the century. When we first saw it, it still had old paintings and some old furnishings in it. The huge backyard had little pathways that led to original stables with all sorts of treasures in it. The good old Aussie dunnie was way down the backyard, and I'm pleased to say, it was not working! The toilet we had to use was still outside, but just on the back verandah. Not nice when you're a little kid who has to go in the middle of the night. We would hear the front door being opened with a key, solid footsteps walking down the long corridor, walking through rooms until it would stop dead before we saw who it was. There was a certain doorway that always had something go through it when you weren't looking, but you saw it from the corner of your eye. My brother saw an Aboriginal lady standing in our parents room late at night(we used to sleep with mum and dad sometimes when we were little). My dad was a sceptic too, but sadly, mum and dad split up, and he was left alone in that house for many years after. He saw an Aboriginal mans face in the tv, but it wasn't even on. Dad loved those front porch swings and he finally bought one. One night, he went to sleep and was woken up by the dust-buster (portable vacuum cleaner) on the wall suddenly flying off and crashing on the floor. The next day, the front porch swing was gone, stolen. The spirit in the house was trying to wake him up! He always heard the footsteps coming down the corridor and walking right up to the kitchen in the back of the house where he was. He would turn expectantly waiting for my sister, and no-one was there. While my mum was living there, she was going through a really bad time with dad, and at night she would sometimes feel a tender stroking down her arm, like it was trying to comfort her (it wasn't dad!)

Years later, the house was demolished to allow a bypass on the freeway and the demolision team unearthed an Aboriginal burial site.

I still have vivid dreams of that house and my father living there. He passed on in '88, but in my dreams I'm there and I see my dad in his room, everything in it's place, I can still smell the same dad smell, the same house smell and I feel like I never left.



A Hospital Haunting In Philly




This is a true story, It happened in the city of Philadelphia where I've lived all my life.

My youngest son at the time was 6years old, he was admitted to a well known childrens hospital

located here  for open heart surgery..parents are allowed to stay overnight with child.

our first night there my now ex husband and I was offerd a private room for the first night .

this room is located on the surgery floor. when you first enter there is a lounge with a TV and some lounge chairs for sleepng, which my husabd found to be quite comfordable.  on one wall there is 2 doors , these are the parents rooms. My husband  was laying back  reading. I went in to lie down,  although I was not sleepy  . after entering the room I looked around .

it was a small room with a double bed, 2 night tables with a lamp and a telephone.

I was laying on the bed about 5minutes relaxing my self I was not sleepy yet so I was just laying there listening to the TV that was located right outside the bedroom door in the lounge.

( I was not sleep) All of a sudden, I hear this little girl say  " do you wanted to play"  at first I thought I was hearing things or was hearing the TV but then I heard it again . and sounded like she was talking under water. the hairs stood up all over my whole body. I sat up on the side of the bed. now frightened  and unsure of what I was hearing looking around the room trying to locate the child ,

knowing all the time no one is in there but me . in the outer  room I can hear the television playing a kiddy program and I'm wondering what childs program is on so late and what parent would be watching it .

as I stood up I heard  it a 3rd time "do you want to play". I did't waste any time getting out of that room. as soon as you open the bedroom door you are in the lounge area . the Television was off and the lounge was empty.  At that point my husband walked in I told him what happend and he said he never turned the television on and that no one else came in . it was 11:30pm  so no children was in the area at that time or he would have seen them  and so would I.

I can still hear her as if it was yesterday, I will never forget the sound of her voice light and bubbly

sounding like if you tried to talk under water,       " do you want to play.? "




A Haunted House in Youngstown Ohio




I've been a "sensitive" my entire life, feeling, seeing and hearing ghosts.  When my middle daughter, her partner and their baby girl moved into a house here in Youngstown, my first visit to their home was completely unnerving.  At first, I ignored my feelings, putting it down to the fact the house wasn't in a good area and needed a lot of work.  As my daughter was showing me the house, the presences there definitely made themselves known to me.  The first floor was fine, but as we progressed up the stairs, that old familiar feeling of ghosts was overwhelming.  The attic and basement were true "hot spots."  As we walked up the stairs to the attic, I could feel an almost eerie sadness.  There is one large room, with 2 smaller rooms at front & back of the house.  In the front room a little girl told me her name was Lucy.  I could "see" where her bed was along one wall, pink blanket & all.  She was very unhappy, and I got the impression that she spent a lot of time in that room being punished.  Her sadness and despair literally brought me to tears.  In the back bedroom was an old metal bed frame.  When I touched it, nausea and revulsion filled me and I had to snatch my hand away.  Something BAD happened in that bed.  When we toured the basement, there was a fruit cellar with a lock on the OUTSIDE of the door.  I felt that a little boy had been locked in there as punishment.  I couldn't read him enough to get his name, only that he had been confined there.  Whoever the parents of these children were, they certainly were very harsh on their kids!  I've had many experiences of this type, but this one hit home because my daughter and granddaughter were living there.  Fortunately my daughter didn't stay there long; the negativity in that house pretty much drove them out.  Even now if I drive past the house, I can feel Lucy at the window, and her presence is as strong as ever. 




A Family Trait of Attracting Ghosts?




My name is Jessica and I am sixteen years old.  I have been living in my home in Littleton Colorado for around seven months.  This was right after I had moved back in with my mother.  The house is a one story with a basement where my bedroom is located.  My mother's bedroom is located upstairs at the end of the hallway.  Her and I have both experienced several...apparitions and bumps in the night.  The first in this house started in our first month.  I was asleep in my room until around 2 am.  I woke up because I heard a man upstairs muttering something, he continued to speak for several minutes until finally the chatter stopped.  I tried to ignore it because I have had many experiences before and this one seemed no different.  The most often occurence is that of a hooded figure shrouded in all black standing in the corner of my room, just standing there.  Another less often one is that of a girl with black hair and torn clothing crawling on my floor.  At one point, my mother woke up in the middle of the night when her bedroom door was opened and the sallow face of a man stared at her from the opening.  He remained there for around twenty minutes until she finally worked up the courage to see what was really going on, but when she got out of bed, the man disappeared.  The next happening occurred around midnight when I was suddenly woken up by my shaking closet door.  Both the door and handle were shaking violently.  It lasted for two minutes and then stopped, I was frightened and had hidden my head under the covers of my bed.  I did not fall back asleep.  The most recent experience happened to my mother.  Two nights ago as she layed in d, she could not sleep because a sudden feeling of fear came over her.  She told me the next day that she for the first time felt like she was going to die.  Our cat had also been running around the house crying out and poofing his tail out.  He would go no where near my mother.  The women in my family have had a strange trait of dealing with paranormal occurences.  My aunt Cathy recently divulged her most terrifying experience to my mother.  In her home in Phoenix Arizona, my Aunt had gotten up in the middle of the night because her new born son had begun to cry.  She walked into the kitchen to heat up some milk when the sound of fingernails scraping a chalkboard was heard going around the walls of her kitchen.  She began to shout, "I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this house and all those in it and I rebuke you in the name of the Lord."  and it stopped.  My father, having never dealt with such encounters, forced me to see a Psychiatrist and the doctor prescribed me an anti-psychotic to prevent my "visions" or schtzophrenic episodes as he called it.  But no medicine helped and I continue to this day to see figures in the corners of my bed room and hear the noises and voices from the upstairs. 





When I was 9






My experience was back when I was 9 years old. We lived in a very large 13 room house in Reading Mass. Jean Dixon came to our house the day we where moving and confirmed this haunting. I can remember how chaotic everything was that day and how so many times before Henry (Ghost) made our lives change from non believers to believers. It all started the day my father had his heart attack. A knock on the front door at midnight which continued every night there after. One morning sitting down at the table eating breakfast my Mother called my brother down stairs and asked him who he was talking to last night. Leslie who at the time was 8 years old told her he is talking to Henry. My Mom gave him a piece of paper and pencil and asked him to draw a picture of Henry and he drew a picture of a man with a dark cape on. Leslie also started speaking in Latin. One time while going to into his room I came upon pictures Leslie had kept under his bed and found needles stuck in the pictures. When Leslie was confronted by my Mother about these pictures he stated that Henry did not like this person and asked him to put the needles in the pictures.  Being so young at the time myself I was frightened but at the same time I did not fully understand what was happening. One day while walking into my parents room My mother and oldest brother where holding Leslie down with a crucifix on his head and Leslie screaming out it burns it burns......It took a year to sell this house and that was one year seeing doors close on their own to objects flying across the rooms. Seeing my sister screaming after clawing at something in the night.  I never saw Henry in his cape as a child. I do however remember the specks of light that would cross my path and praying it would go away. And the nightmares I had for years after moving out of this house.



Phantom Organist in the Bruton Parish Church




I sent in another ghost story of mine the other day, and thought you might like this one as well:

About five years ago, when I was twelve, my family and I spent Halloween in Colonial Williamsburg, Va. (if you haven't gone, I would suggest, most strongly, that you do).  My father, older brother, and myself, had just gone to a legends 'concert' at the courthouse, and were walking down the street to meet up with my mother and younger brother, who had been trick'or'treating in the historic area.  We were to meet up with them outside the Bruton Parish Church.

My mother and younger brother were late, as they usually are, so we were given the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the cool of the night.  After about five minutes I could distinctly hear organ music coming from the church, it sounded oddly like Handel's Massiah.  I told my father about the music, and he listened for it, but said he could not hear anything, which I thought was very odd as I was not given to delusions or anything of the sort.  But, nonetheless, I continued to hear the organ music playing; of course, when you are twelve you don't exactly pay attention to details, but there were no lights on in the church, a fact which I paid no heed to at the time.

Later that evening I asked a bus driver if there was some sort of concert going on in the church, but, to my great shock, she said that no, there was nothing going on at the church that evening, and when I said that I had hear organ music playing in the church she gave me a rather odd look and said that there could not have been anyone in the church, as it was closed for the day.  Naturally I didn't think much about it at the time, but, we are going back for Halloween this year; and, perhaps the phantom organist will be putting on another show.



The Girl's Locker Room





Last Night I was talking to my friend about ShadowLands and how she should put her exsperience on. She started telling me them and the one we shared. I had forgotten for so long, because I didn't want to remember, but its back and I have to tell.

It was three years ago, in 6th grade. Me and the rest of the girls where getting ready for gym. My friend Sre started telling us about a legand a our school. We where laughing about the haunting and goofing around. When we heard foot steps above us. Our school has an attic, but it doesn't exstend that far, so they couldn't have walked over us. We quickly left the room as we heard a locker slam on the other side of the room, and their was no one there.

After Gym we all had to stay in the locker room for fifteen minutes. We all sat on the bench and me and two of my other friends went on the other side of the room to go see the locker that slammed earlier. We where about to touch it when the door leading to a small locked room, opened and slammed. Grant it's nearly impossible to slam these doors or get to them from the outside, because the room is tightly locked and can't be open. We did what any sane person would do we paniced. We could hear the guys through the thick wall. Telling us to calm down. They tried to comfort us through the walls, but got in trouble for yelling so they could be heard. My other friend went to the shower to get her towl.

A few of us went too, and we saw a blood red hand print on the wall, like it had been dragged. It hadn't been there before. We got our teacher, but when she came in with all of us, it was gone. She said we where imagining things and she left. A few minutes later, we heard a whisper, it sounded like a girl, but it wasn't any of us.

Thigs like this kept happening and we kept running by our gym teacher to tell her this. It all stopped after that day, but we never looked at the locker room the same way again. Our teacher now bealives us, she thought we where joking, but she too says that theres something wrong with the locker room.





Old Man Behind the Tree




When I was about 10 my dad lived in a small town on the west cost of New Zealand called Karamea, every holidays I would go to see him, at that time I was going through a faze were I love grave jards, I have no idea now why I just did.                                             

One day my friend and I went down the road to the grave jard to put some flowers on her sisters grave, when we were there we heared what sounded like an old man talking to us from behind a tree they were saying go away over and over again, I thought it was my brother and went around the tree to hit him and there was no one there, my friend and I were kinda fright out so we left, the next ti I went there I had a look under the tree again and I saw a grave that I must have missed the last time we were there, It was the grave of an old man who I think lived in my friends house years before, the story goes he hated people coming to see him and after his wife died never saw any one till he died, I put flowers on his grave told him I was sorry and lefted I never heared him again.



Home Alone





I was home alone when I was 12, my mom was out with some friends and my brother was just next door with my grandmother. I was watching T. V when i heard a sound in the bathroom. I just thought is was the cat so I didn't think much of it. So it was about time I'd go to sleep because i had school the next day I was going to go to sleep in my room but since my mom was still gone i decided to sleep on the couch so if she came back i could unlock the door. All the lights were turned out and I was almost asleep when I heard like footsteps in the bathroom so I looked up and i could see the nightlight shine to the living room from the bathroom then I saw a figure of a man in a hat that looked exactly like the man who used to live in the house before us. The shadow got closer and closer to the wall the light and I looked back and there was no one anywhere so i got scared and got up to go check it out when the wooden toilet seat slammed down and shattered into pieces. A loud whistling sound and it was gone. I never had an appearance again but it like he was telling me that he had passed over and he was happy and ok were he was. We knew the man so it wasn't like he was telling me that he didn't want us there but he was a great friend to use but still it was freaky!  




  My Ghost George




This is from Voluntown, Ct

When my sister, now 31, was 4 she moved up into the attic, the room i, now 14, am in. When i first moved up here, it was normal, then stuff happeded, weird noises and movements in the dark. Then, i told my sis, and she said "It's just George" she says that george was there when she was a kid, and would do good stuff for her, like close doors and bring her the rabbit she had in her room if she had a nightmare. I was always beliving in ghost, but was slightly scheptical about this George guy, but i was open minded. Then, after doors started closing for me, i would say 'Thanks George" or something like that. Then, i saw him, he actually talks to me now! i like him, and he can stay as long as he wants.



My Bike Ride




28 NOV 04

about 7 or 8 years ago, when i was about 5 or 6 maybe, i was outside one of my old houses riding my bike around our cul-de-sac. my mom was sitting on the steps of our house probably reading a magazine or something. we were the only people outside that afternoon. anyway, my bike was the kind where, to use the brakes, you had to push the peddles backward. i wasn't very good at using them but i usually peddled slow enough that if i wanted to stop, all i had to do was let my feet down on the ground and let friction slow me down. the cul-de-sac was sort of shaped like a "P". actually that?s exactly how it was shaped. the long line at the left side of the "P" was a steep hill. half of it was asphalt and then it cut of into an even steeper grassy hill that led straight into a rocky ditch. ( i hope you get the picture) my house and the hill are on completely opposite sides of each other. anyway, i was flying down the hill and i missed the turn into the "loop" of the "P". i panicked and forgot how to use the brakes. i started screaming for my mom. she looked up and watched in horror as i soared down the hill. she yelled for me to use the brakes and i yelled back " I CAN?T! I CAN?T!? she started sprinting towards me, crying hyste cally. she knew where i was headed and how bad i was going to get hurt on the rocks. all at once, she was running, crying, and praying like crazy. she said she was a few yards away when she saw me hit the grassy hill and then i stopped making any sounds at all. she continued running at top speed and praying even faster. when she reached the top of the grass, she saw my bike stop at the middle of the hill. it just stopped dead in its tracks on a steep hill. she didn't give it thought at all. she just ran to my halted bike and picked me up in her arms. i wasn't screaming or crying. she said i was looking straight ahead and was very stiff. i was literally paralyzed by fear. as soon as she had hold of me, my bike took off again, flying as fast as it was, down the hill and crashed into the rocky ditch. again, she gave it no thought. she was just happy she had me and i was ok. she walked back up the hill with me in her arms. we sat down, i in her lap, at the top. it was then that i woke out of my shock and we both were crying. She notice that none of our neighbors had come out or anyone. We were still the only people outside.  then she started to realize what she had just witnessed my bike do and probably started thanking God like crazy. she believes it was my guardian angel that saved me that day.

sorry but i didn't expect my story to be so long. i don't really remember this happening but i can recall a little bit. my mom has had many encounters with the paranormal throughout her life whether she will admit to the supernatural being the cause or not. ive had many of my own experiences as well but i never share them with anyone. this is the 1st time actually. i like having my own secrets. but i really love this site so maybe ill share another one in time. thanks 








I am 13 yrs. old. Throughout my life, I have had some very creepy experiences.      When I was 4 yrs. old I had seen a ghost. After my parents split up me, my brother, and my mom slept in the same room sharing the same bed. I would sleep in the middle and my mom and brother would sleep on the sides. My mom always slept by the glass sliding door and had a big knife in case something ever happened. Well, one night I wanted to sleep by the glass sliding door. I couldn't sleep because I always saw a man with red eyes staring at me. As I looked down on the floor glancing at the knife, I saw a figure laying on the floor moving around in a coat.  I screamed and my brother hurried up and ran for the light. When he turned on the light he saw nothing. I told them what I saw and my mom began to check the room and the whole house but there was no trace of anyone, not even the coat but a cheap fragrance of cologne filled through the whole house. We then decided to moved out into an apartment because the house was way too big and too many things happened.

I hated sleeping at night because as I looked in the hallway, I would see things walk by. They never came into the room. For some reason they'd stop there. Things would fall. I never liked turning towards the window because I always saw someone with no eyes peering into the window. It seemed like they would be screaming and hitting on the window at the same time.

Now that I'm 13 things have gotten a little more creepier. I stay up late chatting online. Although I know of seeing things, I still stay up late. The scariest part in the house is from the living room all the way to the hallway and into my brothers room.

When I have the lights off in the living room and I'm sitting on the couch, I look at the other couch and see a figure sitting there with long black hair and a very pale face. Sometimes I see a very tall and skinny figure standing at the edge of the couch.

My mom has curtains covering the hallway entrance. However I don't like them closed. When I turn out the lights in the living room and I turn the hallway light on I'll look in the gap of the curtains. Sometimes I see hands coming through the curtain or an eye that's just looking at me. When I turn off the lights off to go into the room, I feel like something is grabbing at my back. It's like they're pulling at me and I walk really fast, but as I enter my room I feel safe. I turn around and I see all this black figures just looking at me. But sometimes walking in my room doesn't make me feel safe.

One time I sent into the bathroom and no one was home. I had closed the door and got in the shower. Well when I got out, something brushed up against the door like a body. I was too afraid to open the door so I yelled out, "Who is it." Of course there was no answer, when I opened the door there was no one there, no one was in the house or anything.

There was an incident that occured when me and my mom was home alonde. She had asked me to walk into the other room to see why the dogs were barking. I go to walk down the hallway and my brothers door opens. (Mind you this, the door was shut completely). I scream and run back into the room where my mom was and we both looked in the hallway. We saew a white figure, the shape of a little girl run quickly past the hallway and into the living room. The dog opened the back sliding door and came in. He was growling. Of course we didn't go in there. Instead my dad had came home just in the nick of time and got the dog out. I never went to sleep that night and never turned off my lights.

There's a mirror in the hallway and when the curtains or open you can see things walking by. One morning I woke up and the curtains were closed. Everyone was asleep. I had asked my mom if she closed them and she said no. Everyone that I asked in the house had the same reply.

I believe that the closet in my room is haunted. I have my bed up against the closet entrance because the door was taken off. But when I go to turn on the light a very cold hand will touch mine and I hate that feeling because it sends jolts through my body.

Sometimes I can hear footsteps stopping in front of my bed or walking near the edge, that's why I don't sleep on the edge. Sometimes when I take the covers off my face, I can feel something hovering about my head and when I looked up there's a big black figure, it's like darker than the room itself.

A lot of creepy stuff happens. I do not look forward to seeing any of them and I wished that someone else would be the victim other than me. It has put great fear in me. I am afraid to even sleep alone or turn off the lights.



Black Figure and Odd Things




My name is Daniella, I'm 26 and I now live in Durand, Wisconsin since the "happenings" occurred. I lived in Alma, Wisconsin when it happened and I was alone when the "terror" moment occurred (not the first incident in that building but the worst). I have not told many people about this except those I trust because I refuse to be looked at as crazy. I lived in an apartment my address was: 114 S. Main St. Alma, Wisconsin 54610 the year of 2001 (just in case you feel the need to check up on it). Anyway, like I said, I was alone with my infant daughter and my dog. I was in my bedroom trying to get to sleep with my daughter somewhere around 1am-2am if I recall right. My dog was laying at the edge of my bed and being the guard dog that she is, any noise makes her bark. Now, she wasn't barking but she was doing a low growl type gurgle. Which to my knowledge, is something she only does when someone comes near me physically. Knowing that we were alone, I continued to lay in bed with the blanket covering most my face telling her to shush for about 2 or so minutes on and off.

I did get alittle irritated with her going on and on that I sat up to say to her "out", go lay in the living room something to that effect when I seen what I thought was a man standing in the door way of my bedroom door. Now, ha ha.....I know I am not crazy because I had my fish tank light on in my living room directly straight from my bed in my room ( straight across ya know from where my bed was from one room to the next is what I mean). This figure showed light around him everywhere except where I saw black. I had the worst emotions (if that is what I can call them) when I saw "him". I am almost pos ive it was a man, tall, wide shoulders, and no details to his cloths or face just a black shadowy type figure. Just the way "it" stood also later made me think "it" was a man. There was no sound to the black figure and it lasted quite some seconds before it was gone. Oh dear god, I couldn't sleep for anything that night, let alone leave my room till late that morning. I went about my morning business ya know showered, feed my daughter and got dressed etc. yet, nothing else had happened and the feelings of something evil never left my mind from hours before. I was going to get the mail that morning with my daughter, which for me, the post office is across the street so I was getting ready to lock my door when a man walked by my door, (fumbling to lock the door), the man after taking I don't know how many steps past my apartment stopped dead in his tracks turned to look at me and my god the feelings that I had that night before came rushing back because he stood there till I fumbled to get back in my apartment (needless to say, I never got my mail). And even after I got in my door locked it and looked out the window to see if he was still there he was, still looking back at my apartment right at me in the window. He made no effort to say a word to me but the feelings I felt from that felt like he knew who came to my room that early morning. I didn't leave my apartment for about three days after that. For about a year after the "happenings", I would get bad vibes here and there from people who just would cross my path, like say at Wal-Mart a women or man could just reach to grab a cart and the feelings from that night were back and sometimes so overwhelming I would have to leave the store. Honest, that night I thought I had the devil in my home I was so terrified by it and the man the next morning. I mean I had friends telling me to bless the apartment and so on to rid the "evil spirits". I'm not that religious to begin with, but I believe there is more to what meets the everyday eye but wh that happened I felt man, if a lack of sleep causes this then I better get some help rather than to try and raise my daughter on my own. I really felt I was imagining this and is was a direct result of being tired ( seeing as I was up all the time with my daughter) till I saw something on the "TLC" channel about this just tonight. My daughters father and I had also lived in one of the upstairs apartments before we had lived in a lower one. We had also had happenings there too, but not "evil", I guess I should say. Many times us or our neighbors seen or heard a dog outside of our doors in the hallway a Springer Spaniel with a clanking chain collar. One night, when my daughters father and I were messing around on the living room floor when I saw a man for a split second standing against the wall next to our bedroom leaning on the wall. I saw him though, he had a handle bar type mustache and looked kinda he was dressed forties era maybe thirties. We also would have knocks at our doors and heard a little girl laughing, now I heard laughing a couple times but some of the others saw her walking away from them (her back to their front). I couldn't say, I never saw her but I was told about other things like that. We asked our landlord if anyone else had ever said things to him other tenants who had lived there before us, he laughed and said there was a book at the Alma Library for us to rent on unusual and haunted places in Wisconsin, he assured us his building was not one of the two in the book located in Alma. He did say the two apartments on the top floor were once on home for a man who owned the building. He said the downstairs was a cigar factory while he owned it but that's all I know. So that is about it since I have not lived there I have not heard or seen anything. Yet, I once in a while get the bad vibes from someone I may touch up against or happen to notice. It's almost like they stick out and I wonder why I have those feelings never did I have them bef e that night of the black figure or after the happenings we had upstairs. You got me! I don't know what happened that night but I sure wanted to tell my story to someone who may understand it. If you got feedback for me let me know I would love to know why it happened not that I expect you to know but maybe "in theory", what you think it was and why, or what for. I was scared, I was really scared when it happened and I was just in this place of outside myself kinda I was so confused, wow I didn't know it would be hard to explain, hell, it creeps me out now telling you, just typing it makes me wonder. It makes me re-think everything I thought I knew you know what I mean, now that I know there's more out there who have experienced this. So thanks for the website it helped alittle and just thanks for I guess knowing this happens. Like I said you can always drop a line as to what you think causes this to occur I would greatly appreciate it.




The White Faced Lady




My name is Molly. I am only 9 years old, and my littlebrother is 6. This story is about something stange my little brother saw. About 1 or 2 months ago, my family , my mum, my dad,me and my brother, Harry, where taking our dogs for a walk. As we walked by a field, Harry saw a lady in the field. He was the only one who saw her, but afterward,

he told me that she was wearing old-fashioned clothes, she had a white face, and he thinks she might have had dark red eyes. He  said she probably was roughly 10 metres away from us. She had black hair down just below her shoulders,

in a pony-tail. Surprisingly, 6 year old Harry didn't have any nightmares afterwards though!!!

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