The Farmers Dog




In england I would often stay awake untill the sun went down in summer. When it went own I would usually lie in bed and try to get to sleep. But sleep would not come untill at least 11:15. I thought it was because I had an active mind from the day and I simply was ot tired. But the thing was , if I had an actie mind , surely I would fall alsleep easily i I was tired. But that was not the case. I began having feelings that something was watching me  , and preventng me from sleep.

One night , I went through my normal routine and when darkness fell , the feeling of being watched came upon me once again. My brother came into my room and sat on my bed . He told me that there was a black dog sitting outside his bedroom window and just watching him. Of course , I did not entirl belive him. He opened my curtains just a tiny bit an looked out. He gasped and looked back. He told me that the black dog was , this time outside my window. I too looked out and there it was. It just looked at me. It was entirely black and very big. I think that it was an irish wolfhound. It had big yellow eyes that nevr blinked. Not once.

Now my brother  being six years older than me was obviously much braver than I. He went back into his room and than came back into mine. With him he had his duvet. That night he slpt in my room , so that we both would not lose our minds and become scared out of our wits. As usual at 11:15 roughly , the feeling that I was being watched left me. I looked out of my window and I found that the dog was gone.

The next dy when we woke up , we decieded to tell our parents. We thought if they wont believe a eight year old girl , they must believe a 14 year old boy. So we told them and they told us to go to the musuem and find out what we could.  So , we went to the museum and told the person in chrge of our experience. The man listened carefully and when we had finished , he went over to a large filling cabinet. He sorted through untill he came to a file named "The farmers dog"  Inside there were lots of pictures and recordings of the dog , and when the dog had been sighted. 

The man told us that , many years ago , when our village had been only a tiny hamlet , there had been lots of farms. One man called John Brown owned one farm. He was known for his scary repuation and for his scary dog.  John Brown treated his dog terribly , he kicked the dog if he didnt do what he was told and would beat him up when the dog  let a fox get away. One day the farmer was so angry with his dog , that he beat him to death.

Now the owner of the museum had given us lots of info that helped us a lot but somehing remained unsolved. Why did the dog come to our part of the vllage , and why did he leave at 11:15?  The man told us that the area where my brother and I lived , is where the farmer used to hunt for animals. Sometimes the farmer would let his dog go out alone to search for food but the dog had to be back by 11:15.

My brother and I were plaesed by our discovery but the dog still visited us.  The man at the museum told us that when we next saw the dog , we were to go outside and stroke him. We were to tret him excactly how a dog should be treated. We were to tell him that the dog did not have to hunt anymore and that he could just rest in peace.  So , the next time we saw the dog we did this , although terrified. When we touched the dog it felt like we were touching air. But the dog seemed to listen and after that night , we never saw the dog again.



Stange Occurences in My House




I have 2 stories that are goin to interwine w/ each other....My parents had their house built in 1963...from the time i was a little kid, i would wake up either in the middle of the night or early morning to hear people talking in our living room...i would get up & every1 would be sleeping..I told my mom about it ..she would laugh & tell me it was probally dead Indians...According to Michigan History the land had been owned by the Huron Indians...being a little kid i believed i grew up I didnt hear them any more. I had my son in 1985...and we lived in this old house that i had knew the previous owner had passed away in it.  From the 1st day we moved in there, I always had the feeling of  being watched...and weird things would  the vcr would come on by itself  doors open & slam shut ....& at 1 time i saw an elderly woman come up the stairs & walk into the son was 18 mons old & told me about a woman w/ a pink dress was floating over his bed....this happen twice..he started sleeping w/ 1988 my mother had taken ill & my father was an over the road truck driver..we were asked to move back home so my mother wouldnt be home alone.Not long after we moved in my son started tellin me about hearing people talkin in the hallway....this has went on all his life...he's now mother passed away  in son was 6 yrs old about a month after she parents bedroom was across the hall from the bathroom..1 night my son walked out of the bathroom then come  running in the living  as white as a ghost  tellin me he had seen my mother sitting on the bed....she told him " You be a good boy "  knowing my mother thats exactly what she would say to him...i believed him...for a year after that when it got dark every light was on in the house purchased the house from my father in 2002...My husband , son & I...have been living 2003 my husbands ex gf had passed away from cancer....she told him  she was goin to haunt  him....after she died weird stuff started happening...noises voices music when no radios or tv's were off on...stuff would fly out of the cabinets..after a couple of months of this.  I demanded that whoever was there to leave...well they didnt. I know i have at least 3 ghost son woke me up a couple of weeks ago asked me to come in the bathroom he was hearing a man & woman talking in the hall....i got up we went in the bathroom, & we shut the 1st nothing...then i heard a womans voice...couldnt make out what was said but it was definetly a female voice...then last night i was sittin here on my computer . my husband & I split up 4 months ago...I was here alone my son was at was 2am...i was playing in yahoo computer is in the living room next to the entrance to the  the way i sit im facing the here playing a game then i seen some1 walking down the hall...for a second i thought my was male & about his size..i saw it for about 20 seconds enough to say it was wearin a beigh T shirt..tucked into pants...& i didnt see a head  just a torso..then it faded....i was freaking out....the hair on my arms  was standing  a mile high & i was shaking...i turned every light on in the house  called my son at work  told him to come straight home from work...then last night i tried to go to bed while my son was at work...he gets home about 4:30am....i couldnt sleep...i got up turned on all the lights & played on the computer till he came home....well thats all for now....if anything else happens ill let ya know...ty  for reading this...


Sleep Paralysis Experience





Okay, this is very weird.  I just last night experienced for the first time what I think is Sleep Paralysis.  I just wanted to know your opinion. 

I was using a pulse oximeter last night so my doctor could look at my sleeping patterns.  I was having a hard time sleeping, so I laid on the sofa for a bit to see if I could drift off while watching TV.  I didn't have any luck there because I kept hearing this banging noise off in the distance.  So I went to bed.  After about 45 mins of listening to my husband snore and snort, I decided to go sleep in my daughter's room. (She is away visiting her grandparents).  Anyway, not long after laying down in her bed, I had the feeling I wasn't alone in the room.  The door closed when the A/C kicked on (at least I hoped that's why) and it kinda jolted me awake.  I was making up my mind to go back to bed in my room when the weirdest sensation came over me.  I couldn't move, I could barely breathe and that feeling of someone else in room was over-powering and I would swear I heard rustling behind my head, coming from the closet.  In a minute or so, it stopped and I went to get out of bed and it started again.  I tried to say "stop", but I couldn't make my lips move.  I was terrified.  This happened about 6 times in a row.  The last time I jumped up and RAN to the door.  My cat was just outside the door all hunched and hissing.  I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers over my head!

Since we moved in this house, I have felt something here, and even thought I'd caught glimpses of something out of the corner of my eye.  My kids have never said anything to me, but they all sleep together in the same bed, and often leave the TV in my daughters rooms on, with the sound off.  Now I am really worried and I don't know if I want my kids sleeping in there.  She's going to be gone thru the weekend, and I was thinking about trying to get up the nerve to try to sleep in there again.  By the way, I will be calling my doctor to get the results of the pulse oximeter test next week.  I am hoping that I can get a copy and see if there are strange readings back to back.

Thanks for reading my story.  It makes me feel better to tell someone.




My Sisters Apartment




My youngest sister was taking care of an elderly gentleman some time back and with her pay

they gave her an apartment.  The apartment was situated upstairs and the doctor had an apart

ment downstairs.. Now the house was really old I'm not sure just how old but befor the doctor

bought it it was a funeral parlor..Then many years ago he made a doctors office with 5 examination rooms and a records room in the front of the house.....Now the house was set up

like this...It had both a front door (leading to the doctors office area) and a back door witch led

to his apartment and stairs leading up to the other 2 apartments...the one upstairs apartment

was vacant...(the one in the back) and my sister had the front upstairs apartment....Now her

apartment had the front entrance also...If you walked through the front the left was

the old doctors offices and a big foyer with a winding staircase wich led to my sisters

apartment.. If you took the front way the stairs end at a hallway about 15 ft long and on your

left was her bedroom, the attic entrance...and then straight ahead was the door to her living

room...Well one night I had had a dream about that area of her apartment and the panic and

fear I experienced was overwelming to me and I couldn't get it off my mind...When I had visited

her I senced something but didn't pay any attention to it until I had this dream..After that I

mostly used the back door...But when ever I would be in that hallway near the front stairs I

would always get this very heavy feeling , and a feeling of urgency to get myself into the living

room area and fast....just as you entered the living room to the left was her two daughters

room...The doctor was very old and senile so he needed pretty much to be helped with every

thing...So my sister had baby monitors both for him to call her and for her to hear the children

at night when she had to go help him with watever he may need...Well one night (this was long

after my dream) she was downstairs with doctor and it was late...My daughter was spending

the night, when she had left the chilren were sound asleep for hours...She heard toys going off

and sounds like the children may be up on the monitor and when she went upstairs to check

they were all sound asleep.  My daughter had also sensed some strange things when there

also.  My sister has long since moved and the doctor has passed away his daughter lives in

the house now..I often want to stop and talk to her to see if she has noticed anything strange




My Haunting Moments





As a child we were told a lot of creepy things that happened. We lived out in the country. There was a few houses around at the time and we lived on a three and half acre farm. Us kids would go out in the front and play ghost in the graveyard or sometimes we'd play truth or dare. This one night, we were all holding hands sitting in a circle and we kept hearing a noise saying coo coo and we thought it was just a owl. We asked my brother truth or dare before he could say truth, a big black wing, we thought it was a bat, swooped over us. We got up and screamed and looked up in the sky and there was nothing around. So we thought it was just our imagination. We sat back down and this thing swooped down again. At that moment we ran in the house and realized there were bats outside. That was one of the spooky moments.

Another time, i went to church and wanted to get my glory on. After my sister dying of cancer, well let me take you back to her death. She was in the hospital before this happened and he was taking keemo therapy and radiation and she kept asking me if she was going to make it because she didn't want to die. I told her that we all have to come to that day to just pray. She kept smoking and I told her to stop smoking. That night, she had her last cigarette. I was called at the hospital at 12 midnight. My sister was dying. I started praying in the emergency room and she wasn't responding but I could feel her spirit was there and i was talking to her. I said caroline hang on. I said if it's the will of god go with him. I came back home because i needed sleep. She left me in charge on pulling the cord or letting them do whatever they needed to help her.I came home and fell asleep. Something was tapping at my window. I woke up and my sisters face was staring at me in t window. She kept telling me to come to the hospital and i said no that i couldn't. I got up and went to the bathroom. I kept smelling cigarette smoke as i sat there on the toilet. There stood my sister in the hallway smoking and she kept looking at me. I said no this can't be. I went to lay down i went to pull the cover up and something pulled the cover down. Something was telling me to come to the hospital. I started crying as i made my way. I said lord I can't do this on my own. I need you to help me make the right choice. Help her find her destiny. I went into the room and kissed her. I said caroline it's time you help me make this descision, either you stay with us or come home with the lord. 5 minutes later the heart monitor went dead. I started crying because i knew she was gone. We burried her, made funeral arragements. A few weeks later, i went to church. I was coming down the road. I was happy and singing it was about 11 at night. It was so funny because the light on the road, never takes forever to turn green. I stopped i felt a cold black feeling come over me. I got chills on my arms. I looked to the passenger side, and there sat my sister caroline. But it wasn't her, it was an evil spirit form of her. I said i rebuke you in the name of jesus. The light still wouldn't turn green, i looked around. I heard something on the side of my van. I gave it the gas, i came down to my house and ran to my door and i heard footprints behind me. I got to the door and my hand started shaking. I got in and it was dark. I turned the hall light on and my heart was beating. I began praying, i smelled smoke again. I looked in the kitchen and there stood my sister laughing at me with dark evil eyes. SHe was laughing at me and it was like her eyes were bleeding. And i told her to get out of my house. I went back to bed, and i haven't seen her no more. Months has gone by and i go driving and i look off into the golf course. I see my sister driving her cart smoking. It took many months for that all to go away. TOday i l in my bed and night time falls. I can't turn off my lights right away because there are dark spirits in my house. Sometimes they walk by me and my hair stands up. I go to close the curtains that closes off the living room and dining room and there's like hands trying to reach through the curtains. I go into my room and my spirits can't be me anymore. I rise up and i see them trying to get on me but they can't get me. I don't wanna go to the bathroom at night so i try to hold it until morning because i feel something is going to get me. I thought i was the only one seeing these, thought i was going crazy. Maybe i was missing my sister. One night, my oldest daughter went to the movies and my little 6 year old. SAid mommy, don't turn off the lights. I asked why. She said i see people. I said what kind of people do you see? She said their scary momma. They're white ghosts and their scary, their in our house momma. Just not in our room. WE kept hearing things in the other room. The glass fell and broke, a cupboard slammed and a hour later my husband and older daughter came home. we didn't see no more. I know i'm not crazy. My 13 year old sees spirits. My oldest son is scared to turn off his t.v. at night because he said there are good and bad spirits in our house. The good ones out weigh the bad ones in the house. I know when my husband is not in the bed with me i can't sleep. because i wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweat. And someone is always standing by my bed looking at me. When i turn on the light, there's nobody there. I really don't know what is happening over the years. But i know there's a lot of spirts out there. I know i'm not crazy. The devil is a powerful person but not as powerful as god and as long as i believe in the lord i have nothing that can harm me.




My Experiences




 I am 22 years old and have had a few run-ins with ghosts or what I believe to be ghosts...anyways I live in Gainesville,Florida and have since i was 3 years old...After basic training I moved to Parkersburg, WV for a change of scenery and my best friend at the time was living there so I thought it would be good for me. Anyways a few days after being there I met my future ex-wife...I stayed with her at her mothers house for about a week or so and couldn't stay there anymore...the scary thing that set me off was actually my first ghostly happening...I came to her work <she was a bartender> and told her i was going to go home and take a nap til she got off..well I got home and layed on the couch and turned on the t.v..I dosed off for maybe 20 mins or so and was woken up to the radio being on full blast and as I looked around i noticed the remotes that I had laid in on my chest..were on the coffee table in a line..I looked over at the front door and the front door was wide opened and the screen door was opening and slamming closed...after gathering myself and about creating a bowel movement in my pants I put my shoes back on and sprinted towards the door and as soon as I got to the stairs I froze and became ice cold and was absolutely terrifed..after about what felt like 10 mins staring at the steps I ran back outside and headed towards the bar where she worked...I told her what happens and she had told me that "David" must have been messing with me and she told me the reason why I froze at the stairs must have been cause that is where she sees him most of the time...I was always kinda scared to be alone after that in that house....I had more expierences in WV but wont take up to much time telling them..I will move on to the recent ones...I have been in my apartment going on 2 months now and I day i moved in I have heard strange noises coming from the cabinet doors in the bathrooms opening and closing..I also hear like a child running back and forth between the rooms..I have a 2 Bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom day i came home from work and I ALWAYS shut everything off all the a/c..I cant afford a high electric bill....I came home form work around 10 at night like usual to all the lights being on my tv and my radio was playing....The most recent happening was about 3 days ago..I invited my sister and her boyfriend to my apt to eat and watch some movies...During the movie we kept hearing the usual noises that I explained earlier and then all of a sudden my t.v. shut off and it was pitch black in apt and I heard my sister scream and after I went and turned on the light he was crying hysterically and when I asked her whats wrong...she yelled at me asking why I shut off the t.v. and tried to scare her by blowing in her ear...After I convinced her that it wasn't me cause I was on the other couch and we were seperated by a table and the ear that was blown in was facing the wall away form her boyfriend...after she calmed down I felt a finger go across my felt the same way as if you move your finger over from one side of your neck to the other as if you are gesturing someone that you are going to kill them.....that really freaked me out and I grabbed my cigerettes and headed towards the door...that was the first time I was ever touched by anything...It wasn't the greatest....I haven't ever really been comfortable in my appt and definetly not now....could you give me some suggestions or comments and tell me what to do??? I talked to the owner of the appt...its one of my close friends and asked about the history of the place..he said he had no clue what or if anything happened...




Lake Compounce Bristol Ct.





hey guys this is not something i normally do but ever since the summer of 02 and 03 i have had thoughts of some things 

i used to work for lake compounce amusement park in bristol ct and i had an extremely unusual experience

see" the lake" is rumored to be haunted the park itself has been around since the 1860's you can hear the stories from any employee and as a matter of fact the big man in charge now Mr. Jerry Brick will not go into the ballroom by himself.  So back to me well i was a ride control operator  in the deep south section of the park.  one night after shutting down the skyride i had a cigarette in between the skyride and thunder river rapids  u see there is a bridge in between the two rides that the public can not see, anyway i was going to but my cigarette out when i felt a tug on the back of my shirt.  At first i thought it was one of the maintenance guys becasue they always tried to scare us however i turned to find no one around me so i quickly tried to put my cigarette out again and this time the tug nearly pulled me off my feet needless to say i never shut that particular ride down again by myself




Former O'Briens Pub Employee




I came across your site dong some personal research to quench some spur of the moment curiosity.  I decided to look into some of the areas in south dakota that were haunted, as I grew up there, and am a fan of local lore, myths and haunts.  I read you're section on O'Brian's Pub (Which actually is the same as Rushmore brewery.  It was changed to Rushmore Brewery when new owners took over the buisiness.)  Anyway back to my origonall point.  I had a job there the summer before my 8th grade year, as a dish-washer/bus boy, and i often worked the late shift as it was more natural for me to be up during the late hours of the night.  O'Brian's was devided into two parts.

The bottom floor was the pub its self, and te top floor was a fine dining section called "Reflections Diner".  The pub closed down at 11 while reflections closed at 9 pm.  When Reflections closed the dish washers had to go up and roll silver ware and put it away in that part of the establishment.  Everytime I went up there I would always hear  silverware being thrown to the ground, knowing full well that My freind and I were the only two living souls on that level of the building.  As much as we hated giong up there, some nights we'd go up when we didn't have any work to do and just wait and listen.  We walke all over that top floor,except one area in a corner of the room that always invoked the largest amount of fear from us when we approached it, and we could never find the silverware that had

made the noise.   I know this may not be very interesting, however, reading

through your site brought back some memories, and I felt like sharing that. 

Oh! also one update on another haunt in Hill City South Dakota, if it should intrest you, Hill City High School, a long rumored haunt, has been torn down and replaced by a new high school. the Middle school  has now expanded and covers part of where the old high school once stood.




A Few Visits from Grandma





One night after my grandmothers funarel i was laying in bed trying to fall Asleep when my door opend, there was a frezzing cold air at my feet .

a cople of nights later there was a white figure that was standing by my door just like my grandmother used to do,and then all of a sudden we heard a unexplainable noise coming from my intercome. The Noise was a person breathing very heavy. my grandfather went down to see what it was but nothing was there. we heard it again. this time my sister went down with a pocket knife but nothing was day me and my 2 friends were in my room which was my grandmothers room before it was mine. the door was opening and closing. Those are my encounters with my grandmother.








A friend of mine has a house down on Pease av. Well there house is huge! There house is 4 storys and it is around 105 years old. Built before world war 1. And my friends mom was baking cookies. and know one was in the house with her because her husband was at work, and the kids were at school. So anyway, Shes standing in the linvingroom watching tv

waiting for the cookies to be done. when she accedently forgot about them. Do they started to burn. So she ran through the dinningroom... ( also they have this really big miror thats been passed down through the family for years) well anyway,

as she ran passed it, she thought she saw something. She walked back and looked in the mirror, when she saw this dark shadowything, all hunched over. Sortof like the grimreaper. Well as shes froze there, she turns around slowly ( to see if she could feel anything) when it was GONE!  Theres also alittle girl that died in the lundryroom from a bad sickness. And she likes to play with change ( money). So whenever you go in there, she throws them at you. Trust me, I have wittnessed it. There dogs spazz out all the time. They get locked in the basement and in the attic. Which also, is the spookiest place in there house! You can here things and defentily feel things and see things. Her son talks to alot of the spirits. and if you stay the night there, you will see thinhs you could never imagine.



My Mother




My dear mother passed away on 3 June 2004, after a long and brave battle with breast cancer. Apart from a couple of dreams just before and after she passed on there have been a couple of incidents that I find hard to explain.

I was lying in bed in the early hours of the morning at my father's home reading a book, and I'd allowed my left arm to fall out of bed. A few minutes later I had the distinct impression of someone lighly grasping the tips of my fingers, like Mam used to do long ago. I know I didn't have pins and needles, nor was I dreaking, I was wide awake.

A month or so ago I was again reading late at night (this time in my flat in London) feeling a bit down about my mother's death, as I still do on occasions. I thought to myself "I wish you could let me know you're still around, Mam. I really miss you". Not two seconds later the bulb in my bedside light went out, not quickly, but slowly getting dimmer and dimmer until the light disappeared. Needless to say I was shocked at this, and I laid in the dark for a couple of minutes, but thanked my Mam and said that I hoped I would find another bulb, which I did.

These two incidents gave me a lot of comfort. I often wonder whether she's still around. I sense she's resting in peace, but likes to keep watch on me and Dad, who lives away from me.



My Ex's Ghost




Tulsa, OK

My ex wife used to tell me about her "guardian angel" who used to follow her around when she was a child. She would tell me about a man she would see at night and stand there and smile and disappear. I've seen and heard unusual things before, so I naturally listened with earnest.

I have three instances that I personally witnessed and would like to tell you about them.

She lived in an apartment above her parent's house. The night before we were married I was allowed to sleep on the fold out couch in her apartment. She had a cat, and the cat and I just didn't get along. I'm a dog person, and the cat never let me get close to it. About 2:00 in the morning, I woke up hearing moans and screams. A blast of cold air was coming in through the windows, and the curtains stood out straight away from the wall. I could see my breathe when I exhaled it was so cold. I even heard the shake and rattle of chains along the moans. The cat was so scared, it jumped under the covers with me. It felt like it was freezing inside the house it was so cold. Mind you, this was the middle of August in 1980 when they were having the longest streak of 100+ degrees temperature to date. I didn't know what else to do, so I hid under the covers with the cat. Twenty minutes later, the moans and the sound of chains disappeared, and the rest of the night went without any more incidents.

The next day, I told my fiancée about what had happened. Of course, she was interested. We eventually went through the day's activities of getting married, and adjourned for the evening that night again at her apartment, but this time I was in her bedroom.

Her bedroom door had louvers in the middle, so you can see who's on the other side of the door. My wife noticed her cat staring through the louvers watching something on the other side of the door. She told me to look at the cat. I did, and I could see a pair of man's shoes standing on the other side of the door, with pants extending up, just like someone was standing there, but about eight inches off the floor, the pants ended, there was just empty air further up. I got out of bed to investigate, and the shoes disappeared.... just moments before I reached the door. Nothing there. At least there weren't any screams this time.

The last incident took place about a year later in our own apartment. She was primping her hair, getting ready for bed, and smoking her cigarette. She stopped for a moment, and asked, "Honey, did you see my cigarette?" "No, last I saw it you put it in the ashtray." "Well, help me find it. We don't want any burn marks in the carpet."

We looked. And we looked. We looked all over the floor, the bathroom, the closet, and of course, the ashtray. We looked for ten minutes. There was simply no place for it to go. We shrugged our shoulders, she lit another cigarette, put it in the ashtray, moved her hand away, and the original cigarette appeared, still lit, and the smoke starting to float upwards, along with the second cigarette.

I saw it appear; I didn't blink. One second it was gone, the next it just appeared. We both saw it happen. I looked at the ashtray when it was gone, and it wasn't there. It appeared in the same slot she had put it in. It just appeared.

We figured her ghost was just playing a game with us.




Strongly Believe in Ghosts




I am 12 years old and strongly believe in ghost. My mom lives in a haunted house. You may think im crazy but I speak to the ghosts. There is a man, a woman, a young boy, and a baby girl. My mom and everyone that enters the house believes me. Here are some things that have happened to me and my family.

When I was little I went down stairs to get the kitten food and saw a little boy in a blue bathrobe petting my dog through the cage. The dog was rubbing his face against the cage as if they were petting him. Also, I know how they all died. The man shot the women then shot himself and the boy jumped from the balcony. The little girl (she’s about two.) climbed onto the balcony to see her brother and looked over the edge falling to her death.  A lot more has happened but the most recent ones are… My mom and older sister were in the basement and heard what they thought at the time was me calling for my mom. Only I wasn’t there and they figure it was the ghost boy. And I have a two year old sister and when my mom was in the hallway she says she felt my sister grab her hand but, when she looked down she wasn’t there and my sister was asleep in her room with the door shut. Also, when my sister was a little baby my mom had her cradle at the foot of her bed and she said that the cradle was rocking as if someone was rocking it and she heard a woman faintly singing a sweet lullaby. Lights always go on and off along with the t.v. and stereo, there always is some thing that goes missing and we find in plain sight later and there are always footsteps going up and down the stairs and down the hallways. We often hear children laughing and playing and ALWAYS have the feeling of their presence.  My mom says when I was little I would play with a little boy in the house when I was alone turns out my imaginary friend was a ghost!!! The ghosts are scary but never have hurt us in a physical way.







(By the way, on the state-by-state listing on this site, this place is mentioned: The Brea-Olinda High School Performing Arts Center.)

I was in the school musical my freshman year, and my experience was limited in both performing and the supernatural. Oh, sure, I had hard the rumors about the PAC being haunted and the cold spots in the dressing rooms, but I didn't exactly buy into it because the person who told me the stories was a girl who was prone to lying about some things. So I just blew it off and didn't think anything of it.

We had been practicing in the auditorium for about a month and I hadn't felt uneasy, scared or even picked up the vibe of being watched. In fact, I had been in there on my own a few times, too, and even then I felt right at home, despite my normal creeped-out feeling of being in a strange place by myself. I was convinced that there was no haunting taking place due to my lack of normal premonition about those things......if I don't include the odd shudders I would get in the middle of doing something, the eerie gentle pulls on my long hair, and my neck feeling prickly when sitting backstage, but I get that everywhere I go.

I didn't believe that there was anything there until our last performance. I was sitting backstage left on the couch someone had put there when I looked to the door to the stage hallway. (There is a hallway that runs the length of the stage and backstage areas for the choir and band performers when there is a concert.) The door had opened and I had looked up to see who was entering, but it was held open a little as if the person was talking to someone down the hall. The odd thing was that I didn't hear any voices coming through, and there was no really loud noise to obscure the sound that should have been coming from the door that was only a few feet away. The door opened wider, then closed a little, the opened, then finally fully closed. I saw no ones hands holding that door open, and to this day I stand by what the girl sitting next to me said when she saw the door:

"Didn't you know the PAC is haunted?"

I've been told that sometimes the choir members will hear piano playing coming from the PAC only to find that there is no one there, and the music will stop when someone goes to investigate. While it is eerie on so many levels...I am definitely going to continue performing there.

that's my story, and i'd love to see it posted!! please email me back when you post it.

and my one request is that my email adress not be put up-- instead, please put up the adress it IS a real adress, don't worry, but it's just not my main adress.

thank you!







I have been reading all these amazing stories and I find myself willing to tell a story of my own. Like so many others, the paranormal seems to follow me wherever I go. It all started when I was just an infant and my parents had rented a house on the West Side of Edmonton. I can still vividly see the house and each room is still etched into my mind. The upstairs contained two bedrooms; both had slanted ceilings and small windows. My room was the only room with a door that would lead to the attic, where my parents would often find me playing. My mom used to say that she felt such peace when she would go upstairs and my brother and me would play endlessly.

At night my parents could hear me talking to myself and would just laugh it off. As I got older I still continued to "talk to myself" and one day, my Grandfather even asked me who I was talking to. I replied, "to the man in my room." Everyone was quite taken aback and a little unsure, but it continued. I vaguely remember him. All I remember is the comforting feeling I had when he was around.

Of course, this was not the only thing to ever happen to me. It was always a common occurrence for someone in our family to sea loved one who had passed away, still making dinner when they came home, or hearing chains dragging in the hallways. I always saw bright, white apparitions of light around me and someone sitting on my bed. I was never afraid, but I was always (and still am) remarkably interested.

I am very fortunate. I have had only one disturbing ghost/poltergeist experience. I was staying at my grandmother’s with my cousin who lived there. I ended up staying in the side room where my grandmother slept. I had a good sleep when I was awakened by someone sitting on my bed. I thought it was my cousin coming to wake me up. Of course, there was no one there. I was suddenly slammed down into the bed and something covered my whole body and face. I could not scream or even utter a sound. It then made violent licking sounds in my ear. It released me and it was sometime before I was able to get up. I told the story to my cousin and my grandmother. They both laughed, but they believed me. My grandmother said nothing ever bothered her in there. My cousin’s brother, who also stays in that room from time to time, has had the same thing happen to him. To this day, I refuse to go into that room or even be left in the house alone!

It’s nice to know that you really aren’t going crazy and that many others experience similar things that you have.

I do, however, will continue reading everyone else’s stories. I am truly enjoying them!


Dog Senses and Hears Entity or Spirit(s) and Alerts Residents Repeatedly!






This house is in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska and was built in I believe 1955.

In 1989 I purchased this property and lived in this house.  I sold the property and moved in 1997.

I lived in this house with my son and our Golden Retriever "GINGER" - who made a point of lying on the floor, next to my son's bed, when he went to his room every single night!

This house has three bedrooms.  When we occupied this house, the "Smallest Bedroom" has what we referred to as the "Dog Door" - that conveniently led to our back yard.  At the time I purchased this property, there was no other door (except this Dog Door) leading to the back yard.  

I was told by the old man I purchased the property from - (who was 91 years of age in 1989) - That two (2) unmarried Sisters (who may have been the first owners of this property) are the ones who installed this "Dog Door" in the "Small Bedroom" for their dog or dogs - that led into the back yard.

On dozens of unexpected nights while we were sleeping, our dog "GINGER" could be found in the hall and at the door of this "Small Bedroom" WHINING... and became loud enough to wake both my son and I.  Too many times, my son and I would both be coming out of our bedrooms at the same time and could also hear scratching within the walls of this "Small Bedroom." 

After speaking with other people who voiced their opinion about having "Something" living in their homes, on occasion, when my son "was not at home" I told this Entity or Spirit that "IT" would have to remain quiet if it stayed, otherwise leave - because it was frightening my Son and our Dog and is no longer welcome in our home!  I never went so  far to sprinkle "Salt" around our house as others suggested and have done, but I did place a cross on the wall and other Religious artifacts in this Small Bedroom.  

My son did became so alarmed and frightened at the noise in the walls of this "Small Bedroom" that I called Nebraska Pest Control, among other companies, to come and inspect the house for "Pests" that may be crawling and scratching within the walls of our home and particularly this "Small Bedroom!"  


My son and I both instinctively knew soon after we moved into this house that NOTHING WOULD BE FOUND...because "WE COULD FEEL a PRESENCE" as our Dog "GINGER" did!

In fact, my son was so spooked by "GINGER'S" whining behavior and the sounds coming from that Small Bedroom during the night, that my son refused to nap or fall asleep in that house until I came home!

Now the year is 2005. 

Looking back at the time we lived in this house, my son and I know a "SPIRIT OF SORTS"  that was not so "APPARENT" to "Us and We Could Not See" - was obviously "APPARENT" to our Dog GINGER! 

My son and I came to the conclusion that our Dog GINGER "COULD SEE THIS ENTITY or SPIRIT" - And... that GINGER "COULD FEEL IT'S PRESENCE" (as we often did)!

Prior to 1989, we can only assume that a person or pet probably died in the room of that "Small Bedroom" and still lives on in this particular house!

From the time we moved into this house in 1989, we NEVER used "This Small Bedroom" as a Sleeping Room, and there was NEVER any activity of any kind coming from this room during Daylight hours!


I realize our "Encounter" is not so shocking...But it is TRUE!

Thank you for your insightful and interesting Web Site!

I appreciate this opportunity to share our story!




Departed Communication?





Messages from beyond the rift?

My uncle passed away in Florida about 18 months ago. He was a real character. He enjoyed blowing a whistle and yelling “Everybody in the pool!” at our summer place, then he did it for years afterward even if there was no pool around, just to get a rise out of people. I planned to pick up a whistle and yell his favorite line at the funeral, but I had pretty much forgotten about doing it until the night before we buried him. NOBODY knew of my plan. So, the night before, my mother comes walking up to me the wicker basket from the kitchen, kind of a “catch-all” for various things. She asks me “Is this yours?” and on the top of the basket is a big old plastic whistle—which NONE of us had ever seen in our house before. My uncle lived in Florida, so it wasn’t his! I don’t even know why she came up to me with the junk basket—she looked like she was in kind of a daze, with a blank stare on her face! I wasn’t even sure if she was asking me about the whistle or another item in the basket! So at the funeral, I totally forgot about the whistle in the car. The graveside service was finished and as I was about to drive away I remembered the whistle in the center compartment, ran out and blew it--I yelled his famous line and threw it in the grave. His wife, my Aunt Barbara saw me do this from the car and gave me a big nod of approval. I take this is a communication from my uncle…

Barbara, his wife, just passed away about two weeks ago. So last week was her funeral in NY. The clouds broke 2 minutes before the graveside service and sun came shining through, which her daughter predicted would happen 20 minutes before(nice). So after the graveside service, we’re about to leave and her car is completely dead. A late model Nissan with no maintenance problems just dies there. My cousin (her daughter) said that her mother was trying to keep her there. I think she was playing a joke on her son-in-law, as we all left him there to get a tow truck! Although she wasn’t a practical joker in life, I think my aunt  finally lightened up and did something funny for once—and who better to play a joke on but the son-in-law!

So two nights later, I’m feeling like maybe I can ask for a “message from beyond” and see if she is ok over there. I’m not teary-eyed or upset or desperate or anything. I’m in my bed, really calm and receptive, just trying to commune with my aunt. All of a sudden, my whole body goes gooseflesh and I feel the tremendous energy pulsating through my body. Wave after wave of energy making my skin feel electric! I felt all of my close family who passed on around me in this tremendous, positive energy field. I got the message that everything is fine—not verbally, but possibly telepathically.  It actually was hard to stop this incredible pulsating field of electrical/magnetic energy it, as I had to tell them I had to rest and go to sleep. I thanked them for coming through to me and tried to come down from this energy surge/communication. It wasn’t easy to do! I’m not a complete believer in the afterlife or psychic communication with the dead, but this experience was too strong to ignore.

Also, my grandmother who passed in 1976 seems to stick around the baby grand piano she used to play(now in our house). She was a concert-level pianist. Strange thing is I feel a powerful energy at times near the piano. Now I know that items that meant something to the person who passed over tend to have a lot of significance to those who survive, but it’s not like I get nostalgic or weepy when I approach the piano. I don’t expect anything weird to happen as I pass by it. I was eight when she passed on, and she was a very dear person in our lives. It’s a very positive energy field, and as a 37 year old man I must say that being near it is quite extraordinary. Sometimes I feel the energy, sometimes not. I feel it only if I am calm and and in an open minded state. Really cool to know that literally her spirit lives on…

Anyhow, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on these experiences. I enjoyed writing about them. Also I feel a bit strange for publicizing them as well. Thanks for providing the venue!


Wyoming Frontier Prison_ Me! A tour Guide!




Personal occereces of mine start when I frist tained as a tour guide and was taken to the rec. room where a box of bloody clothing of an inmate who was stabed and bled to death are still up there aswell as his wallet which tends to move from the box to the table to comlealy dissapering anouther is while cleaning cells on hte dark side of A block i heard footsteps in the showering room (below the Rec. Room) and on the the oppisite side of A block aswell, a door opened and closed on its own too. I was the only one inside! I know more of the other tour guides experiances too so E-mail me!




My Old Dog




 The story I'm telling is true. Around Christmas of 2004 when I was 13 , I visited my great grandparents,who lived on a farm near the woods.They're dog,Freckles, had died a couple of months before.They then had bought a new dog,Spot but this one had black spots instead of brown,like the old one.We had spent a few hours there,it had gotten a little dark, but I had decided to walk down to the woods anyway.So, me and the dog walked down there,the dog was as hyper as he could be.While walking down there I saw a white dog with big brown spots. Then,spot, ran down and played with what I thought was a stray.Anyway I thought nothing of it,so I kept walking down to the woods without Spot. As I was walking I started to realize that the stray looked exactly like Freckles.Then it dawned on me how long Spot had been gone, so I called him and when he didn't answer I ran back and told them that Spot was playing with the ghost of Freckles.So my grandma went and looked.She brought back Spot but didn't see anything else. I never saw the dog agian.But to this day I can't help but wonder whether it was a dog.... or an old friend.




The Man On the Bicycle




I have always been very interested in paranormal activity and ghosts and what not, especially at my curious age of 17! I have always sort of believed in the back of my mind that ghosts are real even though so many people don't believe in it. One night about 3 months after I got my license, I became a full-on believer in ghosts. I live in Georgia and I live near several areas of land that used to be old slave plantations way back in the day. It was about 10pm on a Friday night in August and I was driving with my then boyfriend up the road to get something to eat. Along the way I saw this old looking man on a bicycle and he was wearing an old ragged hat that covered the upper most part of his head and a big, thick button-down petticoat and long, baggy pants.  It was really strange to see a person with that much clothing on in the hot Georgia weather in August, but I thought it was just some homeless man and when I went to turn the bend which would put him out of site, he looked at me right in my eyes and it gave me the creepiest feeling ever. I could tell this man was Asian, whether that was important or not I still don't know. Literally a minute down the road I realized that I had forgotten my purse at my house which we were coming from so I turned down this narrow dirt road in the back of my community to go back home real quick. It was really dark on this road and there was only one street light and it was in front of one of the old slave plantations about a mile from my house. So I had just turned down this road and all of a sudden I see the Asian man on the bicycle under the street light in front of Rice Mill Plantation, the old slave land. At first I didn't really think much of it because I was in a hurry to get back home. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the street light get dimmer and dimmer and it was just the weirdest thing to me. The creepy part was that the man was just standing there under the street light staring us down. When I looked through to rear view mirror he was watching us drive away as the light went out. I thought it was just some delusional old man. After I got back to my house I started thinking about it and realized that there was absolutely no possible way that the man on the bike could have made it from the end of my neighborhood to a mile down the road under some street light in a minute or less. The driving took like a minute and 30 seconds for me to see the man for the first time, turn around to get my purse and see him standing under a street light that was a mile away from where I had literally just seen him that short time ago. There was no possible way he could have traveled that far on his bike in that short amount of time. I told my mom about it and she told me that it was probably a ghost. Ever since that night, I have believed that there really are ghosts out there and that even non-believers can see them!





Saved by My Guardian Angel




I want to relate this story while it is clear in my head. I was going to NJ from VA to visit family last Thursday, June 16. I am alone driving my red sports car. I am in the middle lane  going at least 65 mph keeping up with the traffic in front of me. I am driving with my mind on automatic because I have made this trip so many times. My mind is wandering at the moment, concentrating on the music and to seeing my friends and family again.  Suddenly my eye catches a truck to my left coming into my lane and cutting me off and I knew she was going to hit me with her big truck. My little sports car suddenly moved the the right  lane without me steering it. My hands were still driving straight ahead it was as if my car was pushed over so quickly to the right lane and then back to the middle lane because if I had stayed on the right lane I could have been hit by another car coming behind on the right lane. It felt like the wheels had been elevated slightly in order to make such a quick instant move over to the far right lane and back to the center. The driver of the truck moved back to her left lane after she saw me. I had such an adrenaline rush from the fear that I was shaking for a while. I was not paying full attention to the road and yet in an instant my car got out of her way and I swear I did not turn the steering wheel, it was as if someone else did it for me and saved me from a bad car accident or even saved my life as I was in a little car and the other driver drove a truck.

I truly believe this was my guardian angel. I feel like I know my guardian angel because sometimes I hear this voice calling my name. The voice sounds almost like an echo in my head  and talks very fast and he or she uses my nick name all the time.  The voice sounds neither male or female. Sometimes the voice awakens me in my sleep. One time it said to me. "It's an emergency."

For instance, I cannot find something and look in vain. Then when I stop looking for it suddenly it gets presented in front of me in an obvious spot that I wonder why did I miss it there. Its usually little things that I can't prove and only I know

about them.  Before my trip, some things were moved in my bathroom from a high shelf and placed side by side on my bathtub mantle. I think someone is trying to show me that they are there. Only my husband and I live in our house and he says he definetly didn't move those articles.  I'm not trying to prove something one way or another, it's just what I believe to have happening to me.




My Uncles Visit





My name is Amanda I'm 15 years old and I live in Big lake Alaska. Last year my uncle passed away after a life of heavy drinking and smoking I never really knew him very well he lived in Sitka Alaska next door to my grandparents and my grandfather (his dad) kind of watched over him because he had some mental issues due to his heavy drinking. He was found sitting upright in his airstream holding an inhaler in his hand. No one know for sure what he died of he was only 56 years old. abotu a week after his passing I was in my room just thinking about him when I suddenly got the feeling to walk to my window so I did and I looked out and there he was I could barly see him it was ass if he was part of the air and i couldent reallt see his face but I knew it was him because an overwhelming feeling of security came over me and he didnt speak but I knew that I was suposed to tell my dad my grandpa and my other uncle goodbye for him.Why he came to me I don't know I didn't know him very well infact he kind of scared me because he was not well kept and looked very creepy and i knew he was not all there mentaly. I belive that he came to me because I have seen apparitions in the past and I belive that such contact was possible though I do not know why he did not contact my father instead who also has seen apparitions in the past and belives. I guess I will never know




My sweet Tiá





Hi there. After reading all of these stories I finally realised that I had an encounter too. I always thought that ghostly encounters were supposed to be frightening ordeals, but the one that I had was actually very pleasant and reassuring..

7 years ago my aunt who lived in Brooklyn, New York, died from cancer. I did not attend the funeral then, because I had a very important year at school and we lived (and still do) in the Netherlands, so it would take too much time. My parents went and I wrote my tiá (spanish for aunt, that's what we would call all my aunts) a letter saying goodbye. After that we still visited the house, but nothing ever really happened.

A couple of years ago we visited my other aunt who still lives in the house. Maybe I should explain first the floorplan of the house (this becomes important later on in the story): on the first floor lives my oldest aunt, on the second floor is the bedroom of my aunt who lives downstairs and then on the 3rd floor is where my passed aunt used to live. On the topfloor is where the guests (in this case, me, my parents and my cousin [who was never there before]) stayed.

Back in the day when my tiá was still alive, she would cook us very big meals, it didn't matter if it was breakfast, lunch or dinner, tiá would always be in the kitchen, making sure that everything she cooked would be just right (and a lot!). Needless to say that her floor and ours always smelled of good soulfood. On this particular trip, our first morning there, we woke up to the smell of a traditional "tiá-breakfast". At first we thought that it was my other aunt from the first floor who was making us breakfast, but when we came down, my other aunt didn't even wake up yet!! And downstairs it did not smell of breakfast, the smell stopped at the third floor... My dad never smelled it, but my mom and me truely believe that it was tiá who was just saying "hi" and welcoming us back into her home, with a traditional breakfast.. :)

I never had any other encounters and to be truthful I hope I never do, unless it is one like this..




My Daughter and Sarah




We recently moved into a home that was constructed in the early 1900's.  From the first day of moving in I knew the house was haunted.  After a few weeks I started sensing our little ghost more often.  I started seeing a little girl in a blue dress around 8-9 years old in my head & the name Sarah has also stuck in my head.  Well, after a while my daughter would hear footsteps in the hallway & the occasional door slam when no one else was home.  A little background on my daughter. She will be 12 next month & when I was pregnant with her I had a lot of strange occurances happen to me that made me know she was going to be special.  I have seen ghost & felt their presence all my life, I am 36 now, and I knew that my children would be the same way.  And they are. Both my kids feel presences & hear spirits.  Back to my story, just recently my daughter has started having dreams that come true, the same as me when I was her age.  She told me a few days ago that she dreamed of a little girl in a blue dress that was about 3 feet tall & my daughter stated the girl told her that her name was Sarah.  Mind you I have been really careful when talking to my daughter about her gift because she is not real fond of it.  So when she told me about her dream I let her know that Sarah is our ghost & now she knows what she looks like.  Sarah has been really quiet for the past few months & I recently spoke to a friend that also senses & sees spirits & he informed me that our little Sarah is content because she feels she has a friend in my daughter.  Two days ago I was doing some cleaning & had two of my daughters braclets on my make up desk. I picked both up with the intention of taking them to my daughters room & instead placed them back on my desk to do something else.  Well when I went back to get the braclets only 1 was left.  I think Sarah liked the green one.  I told my daughter what happened when I took the 1 braclet (orange) that was left to her.  She said Sarah can keep it.  I just laughed.  I am interested in seeing where it is going to show up.  Well, that is it for now.  I am sure there will be more stories to come.



Mr. Parks




Growing up, I was raised in a strict Christian home.  I never believed in ghosts because I was taught they didn't exist.  We lived in a 100+ year old home and I had never experienced anything out of the ordinary...until I married my husband.  He had grown up believing/seeing ghosts along with his whole family.  We talked about it only a few times but it wasn't until we moved into our new house together that I became a believer.  It was a small 2 story, 100 year old house that we had bought from a family who had lived there for over 20 years.  Shortly after moving in all the smoke detectors' batteries went low.  Instead of changing them, we just took the batteries out and threw the detectors in the pantry.  A few nights later as we were watching TV in the other room, we heard a loud strange screeching noise.  We assumed it was coming from outside, but decided to investigate.  When we entered the kitchen, we realized that the noise wasn't coming from outside, but from inside the pantry.  When I opened the door I found the smoke detector was making the noise...with no batteries.  Although this freaked me out, I wasn't convinced it was a ghost just yet. 

One night while laying bed I woke up for some reason.  As I was laying there I heard a noise at both windows on either side of me.  It sounded like someone was throwing stones at the windows.  A minute or so later it felt like someone was at the foot of our bed and nudged it with their leg.  It wasn't my husband, because he was sound asleep next to me.  However, I still was not a believer.  Later on in the year our carbon monoxide detector's batteries were going low.  This also happened in the middle of the night with my husband sound asleep.  It woke me up with the loud beep (you all know what I'm talking about) and I woke my husband up to tell him, remembering what happened with the smoke detector.  He told me to take it down and take out the batteries, so I waited for the next beep before getting up (so it wouldn't beep in my ear, this happened about every 60 seconds or so) and just before I touched it, it beeped again.  This freaked me out so bad, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.  Around this time is when I started realizing that these weren't just coincidences, but it wasn't until Christmas Day that I became a full fledge believer.

Our house upstairs had an access door to the attic above our kitchen (this was an addition to the house).  This door was about a 15" square hole on the side of the wall, right by the floor.  It was framed by wood that had a door that came completely off.  It fit snugly in the hole, so there was nothing to hold it on.  The night of Christmas Eve 2002 we were at my in-laws' house.  We spent the night and when we returned in the morning, we found the door was off and set along side of the wall.  Now mind you, I realize that critters could get into the attic somehow, but I'm pretty sure that it can't take the door off and neatly set it up against the wall next to the hole.  This is when I became a firm believer that there was more on earth than just us living beings. 

My husband was curious to know what had happened in the house to cause these "hauntings", so he decided to do some research at the local library.  He asked the woman there if she could help him find out some things about a haunted house in town.  She said she didn't know much about it, but she would get someone else to help him.  When the other lady saw him she told him that she had already told him he needed to go to the courthouse to get some information.  My husband told her he'd never stepped foot in that library before.  The woman looking a little startled told him that a guy that looked JUST like him had been in there a few days earlier asking about the same thing.  My husband thanked her, and with that, we decided we didn't want to know what had happened! 

Now, there are other things that have happened since then, but nothing major.  We have just moved out and we decided to ask our neighbor if he had heard of anything unusual happening in that house.  He said no, but that he grew up next door to the house and at some point a woman shot her husband with a rifle in that house.  We now believe we have the answer to who the ghost was.  As we were leaving, I said my goodbye to Mr. Parks.




More Childhood Ghost Memories




Childhood ghost memories. ...

I had already mentioned my paternal grandparents house stories. One I did forget to mention was that i had a cousin who when all of us where hanging around in the house in front he took a glance at our house. Something in the attic window caught his attention. He said he couldve sworn that he saw someone there. When we looked up no one else saw anything. I knew better.

Before they moved into the house i grew up more in they lived directly across the street in a much nicer bigger house. Why they moved into the smaller house is beyond me. Anyhow that house had alot of scary things too. It always gave me the chills. The basement in that house was a no-go with me. I was terrifed of going down there and it was always cold no matter whether it was the height of the summer outside.

My maternal grandmas house was spooky as well. I didnt see as much as felt it. My mom and her mom saw alot. They said they would go into rooms and see pools of blood and then blink it was gone. My youngest moms daughter was very young and we would walk into a room where there was no one and say something like who are all those people? We would all give each other a look and didnt say anything. This was also the house where i started suffering from sleep paralysis. Its where you are awake and aware but cant move and you usually feel someone is with you and may even be the cause of the not moving. As i got older it happened less and less.




Just a Little Mischief




We recently moved into a home where the previous owner died due to smoke inhalation.  The house has been empty for 2 1/2 yrs, mostly due to this reason.  The day we came and looked at the house my husband and I walked in the front door and we both felt like we were home, I physically felt like I had gotten hugged at the door, it felt good.  After we looked at the home, we both wanted it so bad, then the realtor informed us of the old lady's passing. 

It didn't bother me, I didn't feel spooked or uncomfortable at all neither did my husband.  I knew the real test would be our children.

We got the home, moved in, and the kids loved it.  We did not tell them of the previous owner's death, and they still have not been spooked being alone downstairs or upstairs by themselves. 

The owner died in the early morning hours, the neighbors said she had kept strange hours.  She had lit a candle and thrown the match in the bathroom trash and stuck the can back under the sink and closed the doors, it smoldered and when she went in to try to put out what she thought was a fire it was too much for her.

I did not have anything begin until we had been here for 2 weeks.  Pictures got moved from counters to table tops.  It seemed to be just 1 particular family picture.  There have been chairs in the basement that don't seem to want to stay pushed under the table.  Always turned out as if watching.  On one particular day the young gal that is staying with us was having dinner with my children and I and we had been talking about how we met our husbands and then suddenly something tugged at my hair.  I looked around to see if the boys were messing me, they were not around.  I didn't say anything to my guest, she did notice however that my head suddenly went back.  I just shrugged it off, then it happened again, after the third time my guest looked at me and stated "she's here isn't she".  I believe at that point I was finally relieved that there was some actual contact.  I really felt that she was wanting to join us in our little chat.

A little spooked we got up and cleaned off the lunch stuff, I had pushed all the chairs in and went into the kitchen.  When I returned there were 3 chairs pulled out as if to invite us to sit with her!  So we did.  We didn't speak to here but now we always pull the third chair out when we chat.

I have had lots! of problems with keeping candles lit, imagine that!  I would light one and turn to light another and go back and the first one would be out. Back and forth I would go until I finally spoke out loud and told her " I promise, I will not go off and leave one lit and I will be safe with them"  I no longer have trouble keeping candles lit.

I decided it was time to tell my husband what had been going on, of course he laughed at me and told me I was loosing it half-heartedly.  That night we were lying in bed watching a movie and the bed started shaking, you know like someone was wiggling their foot with that nervous twitch.  I thought it was him so I nudged him and he asked me if I got my motor started, Ha.  I told him it wasn't me and that he was the one with the problem.  It wasn't him, we decided she was just letting him know she was for real.

We've had other little things, but mostly they just involve me.  I think maybe she was just so lonely before that she is enjoying having another female companion.  I understand her family didn't visit much.

This is all for now, if I see anything or hear anything I'll let you all know.




I Think Some Abilities are Passed Down




When i was a kid I saw alot of things. I used to think i was crazy. My grandmothers would assure me i wasnt.

My paternal grandmother said that when she was a kid she would see dead relatives like her own grandmother who had died even before she was born. She said her visions were very real to her. She could smell and hear them. She would go and describe who she saw to her mom and her mom would say that looks like my mom or something like that and then would proceed to pray. When she had my dad she almost died. She might alot of things these days at her tender age of 70 something but she never skips a detail when it comes to her life and death experience. She said she could she her body going out of her and the efforts below her to bring her back and that only for a brief moment she thought that my dad would be motherless and then just felt peace and she said she heard a voice that said it wasnt her time and then she was back in her body.

My great grandmother on my moms side had the sight as well. I remember her pretty well because she died when i was 10 or 11. My mom says that she would tell her things that scared her. She just knew things. When my great grandmother died she sent what i have heard referred to as a emergency call of the spirits i guess. Where there is a tradegy somewhere and the loved one is sending out a beacon of love so to speak. My mom said she was awakened in the middle of the night to only see her abuela floating at her bedside. She called her mom and was told that her grandma almost died. My mom went to a fortune teller of sorts and the lady told my mom that when abuela died she would get all the she had.

My mom tried to deny she could see anything when i was a kid. She would try to ease my fears by telling me i was just seeing things when she knew better. Everytime something bad was going to happen a woman would appear to her. The lady wouldnt say anything but just appear. My mom had good reason to be a little afraid though. When they lived out of the USA they lived on an island. They had maids and stuff and she had to let one of them go. The following day she was shocked to find that there was her name spelled backwards on a building. It sent chills down her spine. She would later leave the country they lived in sick with something not even the doctors here could figure out. Eventually she just got better. As my mom has gotten older her 'visions' have gotten more cryptic. She says less but when she does we stop and listen, just in case.

My kid has similar talents. I hear her talking and i dont make a big deal out of it. I know her dad has similiar abilities. Living with him could sometimes get spooky. I had all but ignored my kids abilities but its my mom who pointed them out once when unknown to anyone my uncle finally passed after a long time in a coma. Before anyone knew it my kid was giggling and telling someone to stop teasing her. My mom understood the familiar phrase he would tell her. My mom said they would hear people at the door and my kid would say something but my mom would warn her its not who she thinks it is and to stay away. My kid is much less verbal about it and doesnt freak out. Its as normal to her as anything could be.




Ghostly Sobs





I have an interesting story to tell. I am part Puerto Rican, and part Cuban. I used to spend a lot of time at my grandma's house in Puerto Rico through out my childhood. There was a legend connected to the area where my grandma lived. This is the legend as it was told to me; A long time ago a widowed woman and her only son lived in the area. The boy used to love exploring the woods and caves. One day the boy left his home to go exploring as he had done many times before. On this particular day a very strong storm blew in while the boy was exploring. As the weather grew progressively worse, the boy's mother became worried and decided to go out to look for her son. Neither mother or son were seen again. Some people believe that the boy died accidentally in one of the caves he loved to explore, and that the mother came across her son's body and killed herself, for she loved her son dearly. Anyway, the legend says that on bad stormy nights you can hear the sounds of sobbing echoing through the area, as if it were coming from the depths of a cave. As a child I never believed it. I thought it was just a scary story told to pass the time, as my grandmother loved to tell ghost stories. One night when I was about 8 years old, and visiting my grandmother a really bad storm blew in. Every one was already in bed and I was trying to go to sleep. As I lay in bed tossing and turning a noise caught my attention. I decided to lay perfectly still to listen and try to figure out what it was. As I lay there listening, I realized the sound I was hearing was sobbing. I thought some one in the house was crying. But then i realized it could not be any one in the house. You see, my grandmother's house had a tin roof and the walls of the rooms did not reach the roof. So if anyone in the house would have made any noise you would be able to hear it as if they were in the same room as you. But the sobbing I heard sounded as if it where coming from outside the house, and it was echoing, which is why I had a hard time figuring out what it was. Then I remembered the story I had been told and I became really scared. I covered my head with the pillow until I fell asleep.



Detroit - Detroit Institute of Arts




My class in 8th grade took a trip to the DIA. Me and a few friends went into this old temple like structor brought over from ireland or maybe france, it belonged to a castle and was used as  a temple for praying. When we were inside we had this aweful feeling of our stomachs droping almost empty feeling, it also go colder very quickly, you had a strange scence that somthing was there with you watching you . Got almost a suffacating feeling the air became very thick. im in 11th grade and i still can remember that feeling today, somthing wasnt right.



My Stories




In reading some of the stories about encounters on the website I have decided to share two of mine.  I am a very open minded person and have a very strong beleif in the supernatural I have had several encounters.

Figure In the Rain

The earliest encounter I can remember was when I was eleven years old I was spending the night with a friend in this two story house that was around 100 years old.  We were sleeping in a bedroom on the second floor that had a large window that allowed you to overlook the street and driveway.  It had been raining when I went to sleep around 11pm.  Both my friend and I woke up in the middle of the night at the exact same time for no apparent reason.  The rain had increased to the point its was pouring and since I love the rain I looked out the window to see it, my friend joined me and we both looked out the window. 

Standing half way between the street and the house in the driveway was a man.  He was shrouded in gray and was wearing a gray hat almost like a cowboy hat.  He had a pale white face and dim eyes.  We stared thinking it was some crazy person just standing outside until he looked up at us.  Getting freaked out we both ducked out of view, five seconds later I looked back out the window and he was gone.  Because there were no trees or bushes to hide behind in the near area that it would take five seconds to get to the only expination was that he vanished.

The Glass Vase

When I was 14 years old my friend and I were sitting in her house in the living room at 1am playing a video game.  The house was dead quiet except for the quiet noise coming from the television from the game we were playing.  We were startled by thier pet cockatoo that suddenly began to squak as if someone was trying to kill it then a loud crash.  Her parents came out of their room as we got up and went to investigate the loud crash.  The glass vase they had sitting on a shelf had shattered sitting on the shelf.  Nothing had struck it, it didnt fall off the shelf, it simply shattered where it was.




Personal Experience Submission




I'm not sure how to go about writing my experiences, but here it goes anyways...

I have been a believer in the paranormal, mainly ghosts and UFOs, since I was about six years old, encouraged and supported by my grandmother on my mother's side.  I never really had any experiences at that age, except for feeling unexplained cold spots and chills while walking the lower levels of a known to be haunted antique store that my grandmother regularly took me to after I moved to California from Sweden, as well as a vague apparition that showed up in a photograph of a vanity mirror taken after my grandma won it in an auction a few years later (the environment around it was checked, and there was nothing obvious that could have caused it, and the camera's flash had not been on).  I experienced nothing else in the few years following.  However, I am now sixteen in age, and we have had some experiences in our house since my dad's father died around half a year ago.

The first experience happened only a few days after my grandfather, who had been fighting with my father for a rather long time, passed from cancer (I was fifteen at the time).  Around 2 in the morning, the approximate time that he had died, I heard the phone ring, but went back to sleep.  The next day after picking me up from school, my mother told me that an unidentified young girl called us that night, asking for George.  When my mum told the girl that she had the wrong number, the girl replied, "No...where's George?"  After that, she hung up, however, mum heard no dial tone or even the sound of someone hanging up a phone on the other end.  Oddly enough, my grandfather's name had been George, and even my father, a sceptic, had been creeped out that night after being told what had happened right after the girl hung up.  My dad also now wakes up at night around the same time that his father passed on a regular basis.

The second experience, or actually experiences, have been very recent, the past few weeks actually, in the short hallway that contains our computer room, farther down, our laundrey room, and at the end, the doorway to our garage.  The first was a sudden coldness that mum experienced in the laundrey room.  The door had been closed, the AC was off, and there are no windows in the room.  The second happenings have been my and my father's computers turning on by themselves, the first being mine turning on when I walked into the room, the second being my father's when he walked into the room.  I was on my own computer at the time his turned on, and we just stared at each other, wondering what had happened.  He looked throught the entire computer, but found no reason for it turning on automatically.  Lastly was last weekend when I had been home alone, my younger sister and both parents attending a baton twirling competition.  I had just taken the family dog out, and was now bringing her back into the garage and approaching the door to the house.  As I leaned down to take the dog's leash off, I heard the distinct sound of someone fumbling with the doorknob to open it.  Thinking it was someone from the family, even though I had not seen our SUV pulling up when I was outside, I looked up to see who it was, only to see the door push open inwards a few inches with nobody there.  I checked inside to make sure and still saw no one, nor was anyone home.  I cannot explain how the door opened, as it has a spring to close itself automatically and keepitself shut, and I am 100% sure that that there was no wind and that it had slammed shut when I left to take Skye, our dog, out.  I would also like to note that there is a box sitting on a shelf that my dad brought home after his father's death right next to the garage door.  This box contains my grandfather's valuables, along with a tooth that might have been either his or his wife's (who passed away herself about eight years ago), so I suspect that box, or possibly some of the other posessions of my grandfather that are in the garage, to be the source of these happenings.

I also have one other experience that may have something to do with my dog, Falina, who passed of internal bleeding and liver failer on the thirtieth of November, 2001.  Around the beggining of this year, I woke up one night with a strange feeling. At the time, I was facing my wall, with the door on my opposite side, where our hallway nightlight is visible and shines into my room.  Suddenly, I heard the faint jingle of pet tags and something solid passed the night light in the hall, casting a shadow on my wall.  Looking to the end of my bed, I saw both of our cats sound asleep, and our other dog, who was still a puppy when Falina died, was sleeping outside.  Also, when I asked my mum the next day if anyone had been out of bed, she said no.  I'm still not sure if I imagined it, but since my dog's ashes are next to my bed, and my room is located right above our garage, where she died in my arms, I believe that she very well could still be here with us.

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