Pekin, Illinois




I grew up in this house, built in 1959 on a new sight where the woods had been cut away for a new subdivision. Split level brick home, we were the first to live there, from 1960 to the early 80's. The 'entity' was much like that of the Comedy Store in Hollywood, where I now live. A dangerous 'entity' capable of moving inanimate objects and invading and manipulating people in a manner much more horrifying than anything seen in the Exorcist. The activity seemed to emanate from the basement. Those who owned the house after we were finally able to leave ( it wasn't easy ) have experienced wierd occurances, nothing as over the top as we experienced. Whatever it was ( is ) was eager to present itself or make it's presence known any time of the day or night. A sickening feeling and deep cold announced it's presence.

I should say that A LOT was left out where Bartonville's Asylum was concerned, many photos have been taken and this is not a place one would ever want to enter at night. The Madison theatre in Peoria is haunted and in Elgin there used to be a classic haunted house.

Here in Hollywood, there are dozens of astonishing sights, The Knickerbocker Hotel, The Argyle and dozens more. Over thirty people have jumped from the Hollywood sign, the first being Peg Entwhistle.



My Story of a Ghost Voice





okay, just for the record im not a loon, i am normal, have a normal job, not crazy at all.

i was staying at my friends house, where we all planed to sleep in the livingroom, laura and dave and myself.i knew dave was leaving early in the morning fo work at 6am.

i woke to go to the loo in the night and found laura had gone to bed in her own room upstairs so it was just me and dave sleeping in the livingroom.

it was getting light when i found myself awake, even though i felt tired. i awoke sudenly but peacfully, and i was very much awake (did not dream this!).

i was wondering why i was awake (in my head, not out loud) when i heard breathing. two sets of deep in+out heavy breaths, i instantly thought oh its ok its dave breathing. the next thing i thought was 'hang on, daves not here(he had left for work) and straight afdter that thought came 'laura said her house was haunted . .'

before i could even ponder that i heard a voice, an older mans voice right in my ear, so close i could feel him near me wispering he said "i'll wrap you in my grave". he sounded full of malice and just really hatefull.

i was terrified, and was stuck in that position i was so afraid.

after about 15 mins i held my hands over my ears and screamed and screamed till laura came down, but where i had my eyes closed when she tried to get me to realise she was there i thought it was the ghost and screamed more! :p

she says i was hysterical for a while untill she calmed me down.

it was not a dream.

laura then told me, her sister used to wake in the night because she couldent breath and felt like someone was sitting on her chest.

lauras mum told me that laura, when she was little, used to ask who the people in her house were when there was no-one there but herself and her mum.

i had trouble sleeping for months after, and still cant sleep on that side or with the lights off alone.

when he said the word 'wrap' i had a visual image of cherries, which i thought was strange, it was like somone saying in german a word u regonise when you only speak english.

what he said dosent make much sense but when i told my mum she thought he might have said 'rape' and not 'wrap' . it sounded like wrap though.

well thats it hope u dont think im mad ;)




Haunted house in Cecil 


Many years ago, I lived in a huge old farm house.  It was pretty big and I was newly married.  We would have friends stay periodically as they needed to.  We had many things happen.

The one bedroom always had flies in the window.  I would spray, vacuum and scrub the windows but the next day, the room was full of flies.  My best friend and her husband needed a place to stay for awhile and I let them choose the room they wanted.  They chose the room of flies.  The one night she was sleeping and felt someone pushing her to roll over.  She thought her husband had gotten up in the middle of the night and was coming back to bed, but when she rolled over, she fell against her husband.  She looked to see who pushed her and although no one was there, she felt the pressure of someone lying against her.  She tried to wake her husband but he would not wake up.  She was so scared, she stayed awake the rest of the night until morning and was too afraid to look and see what was next to her.  Finally, once daylight hit, she felt the pressure leave and noticed an indention of a body left behind on the bed.  They never slept in that room again.

We also had dogs that would not go upstairs or downstairs.  I was doing dishes in the kitchen and the upstairs stairwell was behind me.  All of a sudden, my dog perked up and his hair stood on his back.  He started to growl as he was looking towards the doorway and suddenly bolted for the livingroom.  He would not come in the kitchen after that unless I was with him. My dogs also would stand at the doorway to the basement and would have their hair raised on their backs.  I was always scared to go down there.  I would get a really bad feeling where I would run down and back up as fast as I could.  I would try and get one of my dogs to go with me, even in daylight, and they would not go further than the doorway.

We would also hear someone walking through the house, but no one would be there.  The one spirit would be talking and we would look for the voice and could not find it.  Sometimes it would call out our names and we would think it was each other and answer and find out it wasn’t anyone calling.

We slept in a downstairs bedroom and I would have a sense of a man standing at the foot of our bed, watching us go to sleep.  Our dogs even had to sleep with us and would not sleep at the foot of the bed.

After many strange activities, our neighbor told us an elderly man had lived alone in the house for a long time.  His mail had been piling up in his mailbox so the mailman contacted the police to have them check on the old guy.  He was found dead on the kitchen floor and had been there for quite awhile.  The funny thing is, the kitchen was never spooky feeling.



Ghostly Tenant





Hi, my name is Ayme, and I want to share something that happened to my family about 9 years ago. I have some free time on my hands, so I might as well. As I said about nine years ago my husband, I and our 4 children (ages 12, 11, 9 and 5) moved into this small 4 bedroom house. From the day we moved in we knew there was something about the house. It wasn't really a bad feeling, but something different. The feeling was almost welcome, like we were meant to be there. We were happy to be there, it was a comfortable house for people who were used to living in apartments. We had bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and a kitchen on the first floor. And a bedroom with bathroom and a small porch, plus a larger room with a smaller room off to the left on the second floor.At one time the house had 2 apartments. The upstairs had 1 bedroom with bathroom, a living room and a small kitchen off to the left. The first floor had 2 bedrooms a bathroom,living room and kitchen with access to a basement. At the time we found this house seemed almost like a God send since we were being evicted because we had aquired a Dog. And this house had a nice sized yard and the landlord did not mind pets. Well soon after we moved in strange things started to happen. Since I was a stay at home mom most of the time due to being the parent of a ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) child, I was the one to experience most of the phenomenon. You see while my husband was at work and the kids at school, I would hear light foot steps downstairs. But for anyone who has lived in apartments your first thought is " it's the neighbors," until you come to the realization that you are now living in a house and there is no way you are going to hear the neighbor whom does not live upstairs or downstairs ( It's a single family home for crying out loud!). But I put it out of my mind telling my self I was so used to hearing the patter of small feet, that i could still hear it when no one is at home. We had minor things happen like, The footsteps when there was only one person home. Things disappearing and turning up some where you knew it shouldn't be, sightings by a friend who had never been to our house, and finally the sound of a small die cast toy car falling down the stairs and hitting the back door. At night once all the kids were asleep( when you're a parent you can tell when the kids are asleep just by listening) You can hear the sound of a small toy car falling down the stairs and hit the back door ( which happened to be a thick wooden door ). For any one who has small boys you know what a hotwheels sounds like when it hits any surface because you've heard it before). Anyway, this is what my husband and I heard on a nightly basis. One day, about 8 months of living there a friend of my husband brought over a new girlfriend for us to meet. As far as we were concerned nothing out of the ordinary happened that day until Jimmy ( my husbands Friend ) Brought by his girlfriend ( China ). At this point I should explain a few things. First off, the bedroom with the bathroom belonged to my husband and I, the large room that used to be a living room became our " computer room" and the little room off to the left became our daughter's room. Secondly we did not allow our kids to have friends over, due to things disappearing when ever certain friends came over. Well the next time China came over she asked us how many kids we had and I told her 3 boys and 1 girl. Then she asked us who the little boy downstairs had been. And I asked her what little boy. She said the last time she had visited us there had been a little dark skinned boy in diapers playing Nintendo 64 with my kids. And I told her politely there was no other child but mine in the house. She insisted that " I saw another little boy in diapers today and the last time I came playing Nintendo 64 with your kids!" I told her she was mistaken as my kids were not allowed to have friends over. Well of course she dropped it after that, but to this day she still swears there was a little boy in diapers in our house. At other times when I was alone at home I would hear someone knocking on my bedroom door, and I would automatically ask " what ? " and then realize there was no one home but me when I received no answer. This happened to me a lot. Sometimes I would hear some one playing in the boys' rooms downstairs when the kids were at school. About 1 year after we moved in my oldest and I took newspaper routes. About 4 months after we started our paper routes, I was rolling newspapers before delivering them when the front page caught my eye. The picture on the front page looked like my house, but there were toddler toys on the lawn and I had no toddlers at the time. So I proceeded to read it and found out that exactly 1 year before we moved in a little black boy of about 1 years of age had died in the home. It seems Miles had been living there with his foster mother, her father and her children. One day the foster mother went out and left her father to watch little Miles. While she was out her father in a fit of rage hit Miles while the little boy was at the top step on the second floor ( which by the way happened to be near my bedroom door). The little boy lost his balance upon being struck and fell down the stairs and broke his neck. As I read this little things began to fall into place and I realized that maybe Miles was still there. The last thing to happen there was about three months before we moved out. It was late and my husband and I were still up talking and watching TV, when again we heard the little car falling down the steps and hit the back door. I knew my kids were sleeping because that was the only sound in an otherwise silent house. So I jokingly said " Alright Miles, It is late, and it's bed time for little kids and even little ghosts. What I heard next chilled me to the bone and freaked me out so bad I was almost in tears. As soon as I said that I heard a tiny little giggle, which my husband also heard, and I promptly said " do what ever you want!". As I said before, up to this point we had thought we were imagining everything that happened there and never wanted to believe we had a ghostly tenant. The strange thing is that we were never scared while we lived there, the feeling living there was we are home and this is where we were meant to live. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we had to move, otherwise we would still be living there. It was the most comfortable place I have ever lived in and I loved it there! I have other stories that have happened to family members,  and myself. Maybe I will share some more some other time. For now, I hope you enjoy this story and maybe can tell me if it was really a haunting after all. I still keep trying to tell myself we imagined it all, or maybe deep down we hoped for a ghost story in our lives. I just don't know what the case was.    



Haunting in Toronto


By: Randall 


Hello my name is Randy and I`ve been reading many of the true ghost stories on ur site and I must say some of this stuff is genuine and it sends chills down my spine.I know from experience.To tell this story we have to go back to the 70`s.the city of Toronto.My Mom and my stepdad were in a band my mom left my stepdad for a woman in the band and we [meaning me and my younger brother,my mom and her lover]moved into a rooming house.Two rooms on the second foor w/kitchen and bathroom.On a street called Bertmount near Pape and Queen.The first day we moved there maggots came crawling out from underneath the baseboard of one of the walls in my room.My Mom and her girlfriend shrieking and squishing bugs.Anyway my Mom would leave me and my brother there alone at night so she could play music with the band.Besides the lady who lived on the first floor had three boys my age and she would come up periodicaly during the nite ,or right away if we called out.Well it started out that when everyone was gone and my brother was asleep I would hear the voice of a child quietly muttering or praying and I wasn`t the least bit frightened,at first.Now please keep in mind this was a long time ago and I don`t remember anything in particular it said to me but it was like an imaginary friend I assumed.Then one nite,I was in a mood or something,and for some reason I was being cruel to my younger brother{as children sometimes are},And he went to sleep crying.Now this spirit or entity took on a much more terrifying persona.Now it hated me.And nite time was now a horrifying experience.There were a few things that it did almost nightly like yanking the covers off ,or  making it seem as though a huge rat was underneath the covers,scream profanities constantly,rattle the dishes that were left to dry on the counter.I would beg my Mom to stay home and scream for that poor woman who lived downstairs.Or I would try to keep my brother awake but he could sleep through anything.The most terrifying thing that ever happened was this ball of lite red at first but it changed as travelled up and down the wall,spitting electricity.I was so scared most of the time I couldn`t move.It got so bad I couldn`t sleep ,and kids at school were accusing me of wearing makeup[eyeshadow].I became accident prone and finally got poked in the eye by some girl at school and my mother sent me to stay at my grandmothers for a month.By the time I recovered,we moved away a few days after I returned.For years I never told this to anyone.No one believed me when I was a kid.But nothing like that has ever happened to me since.It seemed like for awhile I even forgot it happened.But not anymore.There are a couple of things I learned from this experience first thing was that spirit was a child and secondly that spirits do exist.And lastly I`m no psychic detective or anything,but I`ll bet there`s a body buried behind the wall in that room!Who knows,maybe someday I`ll go back there and check it out.Well thanks for letting me get this out of my system,and thanks for listening to my tale.Goodbye and Goodnite   





Extra info for a Washington haunting





This is for the KC-135 reference under Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington. I’m a crew chief stationed out at Fairchild, and the jet you’re referring to is 58-0050, known to those of us in Maintenance as “Spook 50”. Although I can’t remember the exact occurrences behind either death on that jet, it is true that two people have died on separate occasions. You accounts of temporary power losses, items falling off mounting points, moans, and strange fuel leaks are true. Some other incidents that have happened while I’ve worked the night shift there are:

In the control cabin (cockpit) there is a chair just to the left of the door to the cargo area (as in all KC-135s). A crew chief I know (who’s name I won’t use, as I doubt he’d want it known) was sitting in this seat one night filling out maintenance forms for the jet, and happened to glance to his right, and saw just out the corner of his eye, a “dark” hand reaching toward his right shoulder as if someone were leaning out to grab him from the doorway. Since then he has outright refused to go up into that jet for any reason, whether day or night. The same is for the others I’ll tell you about, and for myself.

Another incident happened while towing Spook 50 out of a hangar onto a parking spot. When towing jets, someone has to sit in the pilot’s seat so that he can hit the brakes in case of an emergency. During this tow, I was walking along the left wingtip to ensure we wouldn’t hit the hangar door. The crew chief “upstairs” started freaking out, on the verge of panic, saying that he heard a voice in the jet calling his name and making “banging” sounds in the far back (where it’s normally near pitch dark, even in daytime) of the cargo area. After the tow was completed he couldn’t get off the jet fast enough, and we could all tell he was visibly shaken and scared.

Yet another crew chief and buddy of mine was on Spook 50 during our shift inspecting panels and rivets on the wings. When he was done and putting the over-wing hatches back in place, his flashlight went out on him. He already was familiar with the hauntings on the jet and had two other flashlights with him. Overkill probably, but can you blame him? Neither of the other two flashlights would work, and even after jockeying batteries and light bulbs around, they wouldn’t work. When our truck pulled up to take him inside from the jet, we saw him climb down the crew entry ladder, and the second his feet were back on the ground, the one flashlight in his hand came on. He summed it up best by saying “I’m calling shenanigans. That jet hates maintainers.”

I myself have heard strange noises, though not the groans mentioned in your description. Before being put on night shift, I worked days, and a few times could just barely make out voices having a conversation inside the jet, even though I was the only one up there. The voices were quiet enough that I couldn’t make out anything being said. I could only hear tones and sounds that at least sounded like human speech. The next part of this takes some understanding of our jets to really get. In the back of the cargo area, underneath the floor is what we call the “boom pod”. It’s basically just that, a pod, where the boomer climbs in, lies on his stomach, and controls the boom during aerial refueling operations.

Later that same day I was working outside the jet when another co worker was upstairs, shutting down power. When he came down he gave me a weird look and said “weren’t you just upstairs in the boom pod?” I told him no, and he suddenly looked scared. He said he was sure he saw me (or someone) climb into the boom pod. He even saw and heard the grate open and close when “I” climbed in. After I assured him that I wasn’t upstairs while he was, all he could say was “We’re getting the f*ck out of here”. Whichever of the ghosts in Spook 50 is manifesting itself, it’s certainly not friendly, though to date it hasn’t hurt anyone.

Hope this gives you some extra reading to put on your great site. Peace, from Kyrgyzstan.




Experiences Since I was 8




Hi, I have experienced  haunting's since I was about 5 or 6 years old. The very first time was when my family moved into the house my uncle owned we lived downstairs and they lived upstairs. It was an old pretty house, well  after a few weeks of living there one summer, my dad went tot he grocery store though it's strange my parents would leave me alone at home because I hated leaving the house  The grocery store was on the corner anyway. So that day I was alone and I heard someone walking up stairs, thinking it was my aunt and cousins I went upstairs where they always left the door open for us I walked in and no one was in the he house, I check the living and bathroom the kitchen no one was there but I kept hearing someone behind me then out of no where this doll appeared by the door, it wasn't there when I walked in. II wasn't very scared but just a little shook up I went downstairs and stayed in my living room looking out the window for my dad to come home. Well we ended dup moving 3 years later when I was 8. This time we moved into this Victorian style home, cherry wood and old heaters, very romantic with a small chandelier, I fell in love with the house ( I've always loved old homes)  months after moving in I would hear someone in the bathroom rummaging or washing their hands I would walk in there no one would be there everything would stop, sometimes later I would sometimes be sitting in the kitchen eating cereal and I saw a tall man with another oddly tall woman not dressed in Victorian wear but still old fashioned maybe 1930's or 40's,  I saw them standing down the hall in there straight at me I looked at them for a little bit and then they were gone. They were misty and I remember seeing the sun shining through them it was very calm. Other times that I stayed home alone in this new house I would hear someone waking up the stairs and then it would stop if I would cal out, one day they didn't stop I was watching TV it then turned off and I couldn't figure out why, so I sat on the couch playing with a little music recorder I liked talking into, I heard my name being called from the stairs, it didn't sound like my dad but in my head I was forcing myself to think it was and I called out "daddy" no one answered I just kept hearing my name and someone walking closer up the stairs I heard the footsteps and my name I became really frightened and I heard a soft chuckle of a man, it wasn't treating. Well after that I had many more experiences now I am 18 and they have stopped. I kind of miss them and sometimes want to come in contact again. That's some of my early experiences.




Two Stories


Story #1

About four years ago, my parents moved to a home in Midnapore.  We know nothing about the homes past, but right after they moved in - strange things began to happen.  These odd things were only noticed by my mother and my nephew.  My stepfather never saw or heard anything strange and my mother was afraid to tell him, for fear that he would put the house up for sale immediately.  Mom would notice that knick-knacks in her china cabinet would be missing.  They would show up again in the china cabinet, in a different spot.  One day she was coming downstairs and could hear the television on. 

She thought to herself "that darn kid left the TV on" and as she rounded the corner, it clicked off by itself.  She was vaccuming one day and turned the vaccuum off, but it kept going for about thirty seconds.  The basement had motion detectors that would go "blip, blip" when they detected motion. 

These were going off so often that eventually you didn't even hear them anymore.  Mom would often feel a presence watching her when she was downstairs doing laundry.  The home had strange things in it, such as holes in the walls that had been plastered up.  One closet had the back of it plastered up and I used to tease her that maybe a body was back there.  My nephew (who lives with my parents) used to complain (not be scared, but just

complain) that there was "someone" in his room with him.  They lived in this house for about two years.



Story #2


When I was sixteen (a  long, long, long time ago), I went to visit friends who lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta (Canada).  I was to stay with them for one week.  My first night there, they showed me the guest room, in the basement.  I was not a jumpy kid but was uneasy about the accommodations. 

Once in the basement, you had to cross all the way across to the other end - turn down a hallway and the bedroom was down that hall, with a bathroom directly across from it.  My first night there, I tried to convince the dog to come downstairs and sleep with me.  He would have none of that! I resorted to carrying the poor creature downstairs but once we got down there, he bolted back upstairs.  It didn't help that the walls were covered in animal heads - deer, elk, etc.  This was and still is absolutely horrifying to me.  More horrifying in fact than meeting a ghost face to face.  Anyhow, I slept down there the first night without incident.  A day or two later, I went into the laundry room, which was also in the basement. 

Hanging behind the door was the creepiest little puppet (it was actually a

marionette)  that I have ever seen.  Now I am not making this up for the sake of dramatics, but this hideous thing would be swinging back and forth every time I went into that laundry room.  It would stop swinging when it was facing me.  If I went into the laundry room with anyone else, it was completely still and usually facing the wall.  I could not and still cannot figure that one out.  Anyhow, one night I decided to take the dog for a walk (actually, I was sneaking out to smoke cigarettes) and out I went.  I was gone for one or two hours and when I returned home, the house was dark. 

Someone was showering in the upstairs bathroom, but the kids were in bed.  I decided to go downstairs and get ready for bed.  The lights were off - I turned them on and went downstairs to my room.  As I headed into my room, I noticed that the bathroom across the hall had a light on and the door was shut closed.  I didn't think anything about it, but walked into the room and took my nightgown, toothbrush, etc out of the suitcase.  I turned around and the door to the bathroom stood wide open.  The light was off.  I thought to myself "geez, I must be in trouble"....... but carried on getting ready for bed.  I eventually made my way upstairs to face the music.  My host was still in the bathroom and I sat in the upstairs living room waiting for him.

  He eventually came out of the bathroom and came and sat with me.  I asked "is Darlene made at me for something?"  His reply was "Darlene went to Calgary tonight."  They had made an offer on a truck that was for sale and it was accepted.  Darlene had been gone for hours.  He could sense that I was puzzled and asked me why.  I explained what happened downstairs.  One thing that has always troubled me, is he very matter-of-fact stated to me "it must have been the wind" and got up and left me sitting there.  How could the wind turn a light on / off and OPEN a door?  I slept on the couch upstairs for the remainder of my trip.




Haunted House




Not sure I believe in ghosts, but we live in a house in Brookeville (The Blue House) built in 1790 that might be haunted. My daughter once saw an old woman sweeping the stairs (we two are the only ones living in the house). I occasionally smell things cooking (coffee, shortcake, chocolate cake), even though we're not close enough to the neighbors to smell their food. No creepy feelings, though--she seems to be a good ghost.



Grandmas House





In conway, south carolina I lived on Cates Bay Road. You could tell the house out from all the other ones because it was the only one on a dirt road and all of the other houses where by the highway. We lived with my grandma so the house was pretty old. Her parents lived in and her parents parents' also lived in it and so on. All in all the house has been through 13 generations. The house was also built on top of slave head quarters. Whoever built the house thought it would be "charming" to leave some of the quarters still standing. My grandma always told me the house was haunted; I didn't believe her. Until one night when a date was dropping me off and we sat in the drive way for a little while, we got quite and all of a sudden we heard a white male voice shout, "get back to work!" then we heard a whipping sound and a dish or glass break. I told my date good nite and ran inside. When i got there I saw that it was only my grandma in the house. Of course I knew my dad would never behave like that. All grandma did was look at me and say,"Ya heard it too huh sonny..I told you it was true." of course then I fainted. my grandma told me that my mom use to lay in bed and listen to a black woman sing hymns. Grandma said it was never frightening to her until she found out there was no black woman living in the neighborhood. the kitchen to the quarters must have been in my grandma's room because (no lie) it has a very distinct smell of fried chicken. The house almost caught on fire one day. Mom was cooking peas on the stove and she put it on low, she was gone for about 5 minutes and when she came back the knob had been turned to high and the pot was on fire. When grandma died we moved out of the house and out of conway. Too many strange things for us to handle.



Experience of a Ghost




Hi. We have experienced something at our old house that we lived in. One day my sister wasn't feeling good so she asked my mom if she can stay home from school. Then all of a sudden the glass vase that was on our shelf just flew off and crashed onto the ground. Nobody even touched the shelf and there was no wind. It just flew off without an explanation. I believe it was a ghost.




Dad's Experience




One day a couple of years ago my sister and I were sleeping in our rooms. My dad was in the living room watching t.v. waiting for my mom to come back from work. Then he saw two kids that looked like my sister and I. He told them to got to sleep but they would not listen. Then they ran out the door but instead of opening the door and going out they went right through the door outside. Right away he went to go see if we were still in our room.and there we were. He was scared and didn't know what to think. After that we all became believers of ghosts.



Abandoned House




in capac michigan  there is an abandoned house on the south side of the road rumor has it this house was the site of the bggest masascure in st. clair county.  if you were to go in this house till this day all the funitures still in its place and there is still food in the cupboards.    when u drive by the house if u look thro the front door which is no longer there, you will see an imprint of where a body was thown thro a wall. If u stop infront of the house and shine lights in the house you will see shadows moving in the house and sometimes at the right moment you will see eyes glowing from the upstairs window.




The Ghosts of Clay, Alabama and those of which are unknown...




Clay,Alabama is a fairly new town. Most of it was farming land and nothing but swamos before the new Middle School and high school went in about anywhere from 9 to 12 years ago. Thigns haven’t been the same since.In the High School it is reported that lockers open and slam by themselves and you don’t want to be out in Clay at night. You see many Indians used to live there befor ethe land was bought and sold off piece by piece. In the middle of the night sometimes you can here strange noises outside your houses and the dogs and other animals in the area will act out for no reason at all. Is this the work of a ghost? No real investigation has been done there, but for those of us who live there, we know the truth. We all know that Clay is indeed a haunted town.

 That is not the most haunted place though. I live in the middle sized town of Grayson Valley, and I have personally had enough experiences to tell you that I personally believe that my house is haunted. My first experience came when I was about 7 or 8 years of age. I remember it was a school night and I had just layed down to bed. I don’t remember much about it but I remember the room becoming very cold and it felt as if someone sat down on the end of my bed. I layed there scared to move at first but when I looked up there was no one there. Ever since then things have been weird. At first I shrugged that experience off and told myself it wasn’t true…boy was I wrong. It happened again when I was about 10 or so. I was helping my mom carry in some groceries and as I approached the top of the stairs I swore I heard the sound of children laughing. I immediately shrugged it off and told myself that I imagined it, but my next incounter would leave my breathless. When I was 13 my grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away. Right after she passed things seemed different. At first it was little things. Like throwing things down and then coming back later to find that they were gone and had somehow been put in there right places and small things like that, but then something out of the ordaniary happened. One night about two or three days after my grandmother’s funeral I was laying in bed when I happened to notice something shining on my wall. I noticed it was about the size of a small tomatoe and was a very beautiful blue color. I didn’t think anything about it because I figured that it must have been the moon light shining off of something but it kept coming back. Night after night it would appear and always in the general area over my door just slightly over my wall. Then one night I got up to see where the light was coming from. I couldn’t find a source anywhere. From the way the moonlight was shining it couldn’t have been that and there was nothing in sight for it to shine off of or anything like that. I was totally freaked out. But by the next night it was gone and I never saw it again. The last great encounter I had was this past summer. I was 14 about to turn 15. I remember I had just gotten home from school and was doing my chores, which included vaccuming the livingroom. There was this black fan that was sitting on the floor and was plugged into the wall. I had to unplug it to plug the vacuum in. The other spare plug was being used up by a lamp. I began to vaccum. Shortly after I turned around to unplug the vacuum when I noticed that the lamp was unplugged and the black fan had been plugged in and was no running on high. I was absoloutly terrified. I ran in my room and shut my door and didn’t come out till my dad got home. I am an only child and no one else was in the house with me when the event occuried which places no one else there who could have plugged the fan in…other than a ghost? I have since had other small experiences that involve strang noises or talking that sounds distant. Sometimes though I wonder if there is something more in my house than just me.

 I don’t know much about the history of my house or the property for which it sits on. I know only that before us my house had two previous owners. First, a younger couple with three children and when she got pregnant again they had to move. And after them an older couple moved in. Then after they left we moved in. The house is only about 20 to 30 years old, I know that much, but unfornatually that is all I know at the given time.Maybe my experiences have something to do with my lost family or maybe that of the previous families who lived there. Or maybe I have so many experiences because in my family,we have a history of producing Mediums and prophetics, or people who can sometimes see into the future without any control over how to do it or when it is going to happen or sometimes things just come to them. Anyhow.

 This is my story of Clay,Alabama and of my possibly haunted house. I hope you will enjoy reading it and can maybe offer me some tips about why these ghosts might be there or whatever it is inside my house.



Pub Horror




I was in the pub and my mate needed the loo, so I came with her and she went into one of the cubicles and there was one beside it. I waited and then suddenly i saw from inside the other cubicle an empty toilet roll just fly across the cubicle! then I asked my mate i f she just threw a toilet roll, but she said no! So I went to the other cublicle and looked behind the door and I saw that the toilet roll holder was still in place!!! i was so freaked that I ran out and waited for my friend, when she came back she was surprised to see me, she told me that sha thought I was still in there, I asked her why, She said that she heard humming....



Living with a Ghost




I believe that i have a ghost living with myself and my family.  I believe that the ghost is the spirit of my grandfather whom died nearly thirteen years ago.  He was a very good man,  he was always there to help out where ever help was needed.  His death was very sudden and unexpected,  in fact he had actually been sitting my younger sister and me for the day.  After he had left our home he called my parents and asked for one of them to stay with him.  My mother went and needless to say my grandfather was rushed to the hospital where my grandmother determined that he was to be taken off of all the machined still keeping him alive.  Since that day my family had moved to a new home,  and it seems that my grandfather has followed us.  He has never threatend anyone in my family nor any visitors.  I believe that he is here to protect us from some sort of evil being that occupied the land we live on before we came here. 





Just damn SPOOKY!! Things that make you go hummmmmmmm





Hi my name is Tammy...Recently on march 5th 2005 some close friends of mine SON SHOCKINGLY COMMITTED SUICIDE AT THE AGE OF 14!! HE HANG HIMSELF FROM A TREE IN THE WOODS!! It floored us all especially his parents (of course!!) Too many questions left unanswered!!!            It's just that ever since this unfortunate event has taken place then the outside area has a creepy,strange,almost make your hair wanna stand up feeling!! Especially at night!! My dear sweet friend Mikey never believed in ghost until his son died this tragic death!! Now he sees them!! Also several of us have seen what seemed to be the profile of a ghostly shadow or human shaped mist!! very starnge i get chill bumps just thinking about it!! My friend seems to think there is something evil working here & i get that same creepy feelin as well!! At first I wasn't scared or frightenened b/c i thought if it was a ghost it was only     " Kyle" & he loved me & would never harm me!! since Kyle did die the way he did i feel like he wants to tell us something!!       Example of the strange which could be changed to coincidental but i think NOT.......Here is where my tale begins......Mikey & I have always been as close as brother & sister & his wife & i get along great!! well my fiance' thru me out of the house so i have been staying at their home with them... One night a girlfriend & I had came in late so we decided we would just sit outside for a while since it felt so good anyway!!we had picked several spots that we where gonna sit at when finally decided on th front deck swing!! We were sitting there chatting when suddenly Mikey's big light, on the front of his body shop,BLEW OUT!!! Now i have been told an old wives tale that if someone close to you dies & suddendly your lights start blowing that they (your dead loved one!!) is tryin to contact you!! so needless to say when that light blew I just about fell out!! Then suddenly we hear a loud BANG!! That was all I needed to hear in my eyes it was time to  GO!!  I told my friend "come on let's get in my Passport & leave i'll explain as we go!! So we make a run for it!! Then just as I get to my driver door I looked at the huge shop door & saw light!! Strange I thought mmmmm was that light on earlier & i just couldn't tell because ofg the big light or is that fire I'm seeing!! So I called my friend over to look & sure enough Mikey's  Shop was  on FIRE!! needless to say we ran in the house & woke them up to tell them the shop was on fire!! Now had we not had been there that night on the front deck than Mikey's Shop would have Burnt to the ground!!  Things that make u go hummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!  




The Woman Upstairs




I have to tell you a story.  When I was young my parents rented a house in Monmouth Oregon.  I was so happy.  We walked all over downstairs.  It was cool I liked it and I was very happy.  

Then I took the first flight of stairs.  The stairs turned right.  They went up right.  There was a room there.  I felt nothing.  Then I went forward.  When I walked in this room I felt a horrible icky feeling.

It was terrible.  It was dark.  My parents did not know what I felt. I did not tell them.  It was just icky and dark.  In that room I had a walk in closet.

I felt so much like there was a woman in that closet.

I could not ever go in that closet or place any clothing in there.  I got in trouble for not hanging up my clothes.  But I knew there was someone in there.

 I got in trouble for crawling out the window in that room.  They said the neighbors saw a woman jumping out the window of my room.  I swear I never did that.  I slept my whole life down stairs that we lived there on the couch. 

The couch was directly under that room. I had the icky feeling there was a woman walking up above me.  I ran away.  they brought me back.  When I was seventeen, my dad told me to go in the backyard and turn off the water on the yard.  I did.  And when I looked up in the window there was a woman standing in the window.

Forever.  I looked at her for 10 minutes.  I will tell u  there was a woman standing there as well as u are or I am.  I wanted to make sure it was not the moon.

Or some weird thing.  But I will tell u for a fact.

there is someone that lives in that house.  I know. 

It is a  pub now.  Rookies. Monmouth Oregon.  I went there.  when I started to tell them of my story they said they knew.  they said everyone who ever lived there knows there is a woman who lives upstairs.  I sweAr it is a bad woman.  I can tell u more if u are interested




My Paranormal Experience




I don’t know if you still need stories or are updating this site anymore but here is what happened to me as I can remember it….

I was watching TV late at night one summer in my room. All of the lights were off; the only thing that was turned on was the TV. I was watching a show on tape and I had paused the tape. Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked and for a couple of seconds, this pair of eyes was staring at me from underneath my dresser. They were these two red glowing eyes looking directly at me. I was only a couple feet away from the dresser at the time and I was laying on my bed. Whatever it was had disappeared after a couple of seconds of my looking at it. I quickly turned on the light, thinking that it could be an animal but I did not see anything. There is no way for some animal to get inside my room from the outside; there weren’t any open doors or windows for an animal to somehow crawl in. A stayed up for months after that, afraid I would see this thing again. But, I never did. I was completely shocked when I looked at it that one night, I wasn’t afraid though. I know I saw this because I can still see the image in my mind of what I saw.



Merritt St., Bpt., C.T.




My family and I lived in this house on Merritt St., in Bridgeprto, Connecticut.  We were never really sure how many ghosts we had in our house.  Before I was born, my parents used to have family get togethersand birthday parties in our basement that my parents had so beautifully redone.  They used to be down in the basement with their guests, when they'd hear what sounded like someone running upstairs.  When my dad used to go upstairs and look, he used to never find anyone there.  Then we had this plastic water pitcher with a close and open top, well when we used to go and grab it to pour ourselves more water, the top would pop off.  Then when we put it down, the top would close. 

Not only had the ghosts affected everyone in my family, but it affected my brother and I the most.  The ghost or ghosts hated my little brother and would bother him in the night saying they were going to kill him.  The ghosts loved me, they wouldn't really bother me.  Although sometimes when I was in the basement playing video games, I could feel them sitting next to me. 

Now I love hauntings and ghosts but after we sold our house and moved to Wilmington, NC, the ghosts seemed to follow.  Even today, I know that they're there because sometimes when I look up, I can see a dark figure go over me or past me and I know they're there.  One night, my brother and I were watching a movie in our room, and a little boy's voice and a little girl's voice could clearly be heard in the hallway behind my door.  My parents were asleep and on the other side of the house, our tv was the only thing on and when we paused it we could still hear them.





House in Mississippi





My friend used to live in mississippi, they had to move to another house due to rodent infestations in thier old house.  my friend was about 4 at the time, but she remembers some of the incidences, but her mom told us some too.  about a week after they were settled in, my freind would wake up screaming in the middle of the night.  when her parents came to investigate, my freind told them that she dreamed all her toys were burning in the toychest.  her parents showed her thst they were not and they went back to sleep.

one night, her mom was watching tv alone on the couch late one night and there was nobody around.  she heard someone say thr "fword" and it sounded like a lady behind her.  she turned around quickly and nobody was there.

my freind has also had dreams of a black dog burning beneath her bed.

tvs and lights turn on and off by themselves.

after a month, they asked neighbors if they knew the history of the house.  one old couple told them that 30 years earlier, there was a young couple who had just gotten married who lived there.  the young bride was ironing an outfit for a party in the living room and had starch alover.  her huband was leaving the house for a minute to go pick up something from the store and he flicked his cigarette anf the stark caught fire.  it was all over her.  he tried to help her put it out but they died and the back of house burned down and the dog was kille d also.  needless to say, they moved out right away 







when i was about 11 i was up in wisconsin at my grandfathers house and he has a lot of land. his closest neighbors are about a block away or more! there are woods on both sides of the street with leaves all over. i was at the end of his long driveway and this really white guy came walking down the street. he looked sad or bored. i said hi and he slowly looked at me and said hi. and i turned to look down the street the opposite he was walking and it was only for a second. and i looked back where he was and there was no one there. he wasnt in the woods because i didnt see him and i didnt hear him go in the woods i would hear the leaves rustling. and he cannot run that fast he was really old. i think it was a ghost!



Rt. 55





I just read your haunted website and was surprised that Rt 55 is not on it.

The rumor I heard was that it and the Deptford mall were built on an old Indian burial ground. Supposedly an Indian chief still alive at the time they opened Rt 55 put a curse on it, I believe a motorcyclist was killed on that road when it first opened the ramp to RT 42, to be blamed on this curse.

We always kidded about those ghosts. I worked at the Bank in the mall, and we had swivel chairs. Some mornings we would come in and no matter which way we turned the chairs, the backs would face each other, we said the ghosts aren' t talking to each other that day! The space is no longer a bank I think it is now Lane Bryant. This all happened between 1984-1991




Former House




Hello, My name is David Wahl and I finally have to tell about a former house I lived at in Round Lake Beach.We lived at 1320 Woodridge Dr. in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.In the basement of this house by the sump pump there was always a very cold chill, not only that but a cold chill was felt down your back until you went back upstairs.We also had a problem with sump pumps burning out, light bulbs were burned out fast, and the circuit breaker for the washer and dryer would always pop.The "thing" in the basement never seemed to want anyone downstairs, and once the lights went out it seemed to chase you upstairs, my dog would never go in the basement and our cats always came back upstairs immediately.We lived there 13 years and finally sold the house and perhaps there is nothing to this but it was all too coincidental with the cold feel in the corner by the sump and all the electrical conditions.Well, thank you for listening and I just finally had to tell my story.




Childhood Experiences


It wasn't until recently that I stumbled upon your sight as I was researching the events that occured on 112 Ocean Drive, Amityville. Since then I feel the need to share my own experiences.

All of these events occured when I was but a young boy. The first one happened in the very first house I can remember living in. It was a large two story house with many open rooms and hallways. The house was "large" by my standards and I inherently feared several rooms within the house, namely the main hallway, my own room and the dining room. My room resided on the second floor just above the dining the main hallway ran through the entire first floor. Now onto the experience. As a boy I had a nasty habit of leaving my room and venturing through the main hallway, past the dining room, and into the kitchen to fetch myself some goodies and a glass of water. On one of my nightly expeditions are looked down the stairs into the main hallway (which runs parallel to the open stairs) and I saw a shadowy figure walk across the floor. It was the distinct shape of a medium sized man. Now, We have a light that shines in from the backward into the hallway which has a full window wall. When I shared this with my mother she insisted it was my mind playing tricks on me and probably one of the cats shadows on the fence for a nightly strole. but I swear up and down to this day there was nothing on the fence and the only cat we had was staring a the floor, hissing through the windows.

My second experience occured several years later, in a different house and was much more terrifying than the last one. I remember I was probably between 8 and 10 years of age. This house, since day one, gave me a horrible feeling in my heart, one that seemed to only intensify during the night hours. Unfortunately, I had not yet lost my habit of venturing out into the kitchen at night, caused by a constant thirst. One event I was passing by the living room when I saw a shadow fingure walk past the sliding glass door and seemed to vanish into the corner darkness of the room. Fearful I ran bak to my bedroom and quickly rocked myself to sleep. This alone was not enough to disuade me though, as I would once again venture towards the kitchen. Only this time as I kept my eyes locked on the living room, for sure that the same aparition would show itself to me again, I was completely unaware of what lay before. The entrance into my kitchen had long been an open entryway, and as I turned to enter the kitchen there it stood before me just as plain and visible as if I was standing before anyone else. I full image of a large male figure, totally black, devoid of any and all features. It merely stood in the doorway as if blocking my path. I screamed something horrible and ran to my mothers room, awaking her in the process. I practically pulled her out of bed to come see, when we arrived at the kitchen there was nothing there. I pleaded with my mother to check everything. She informed me that nothing had been taken, no doors had been broken in, nobody had come into the kitchen or the house in general. Six months later we moved out of that house.

That was over ten years ago and to this very day the memory of that even gives me chills. It would be many years after that event occured that my mother would tell me that she too felt an uneasiness within the house. Something dark, and foreboding. I was just glad to know I wasn't crazy...








At the age of 8, I recall heading out to school in the morning.  It may be co-incidental, I can not be sure, but it was St Patrick's day, I recall this from eating breakfast beside the radio and listening to the day's news. 

When I was walking down the farm road (our place is a small croft) I thought I saw what I recall to be someone on a mountain bike or racer going past the road-end.  Upon further instpection, I was completely amazed and astounded to find that there was in fact no bicycle there at all!!!  It took me about precicely 5 minutes to piece together the reality of the situation, despite the sudden apparent unexplainable logic of it all. 

As I looked closer and closer from about an approximate distance of 500ft I could in fact 100% verify that there was indeed no bicycle that was propelling the movement of this figure at all!  Indeed, for every 1 step that the figure took, it was equal to about 4 human steps...

Given the trauma that I entailed upon verifying this, I only recall, dropping to the ground completely without speech to explain what had just happened before my eyes. 

It is an infalliable truth, that it took almost precicely 2 weeks before I plucked up enough courage to inform my parent of this amazing event. 

Upon much deliberation, my mother concluded that the figure I had seen was akin to a monk.  This would make sense, considering the precise day, apparent look of the figure, and direction in which it was heading. 

We found out that indeed, there was an old monastery in a nearby location called "Grange."

From documented literature at the local library, we found that the Monks were in fact tortured with workloads and often had a harsh, painful existance.

I can only fathom that what I saw for about a precise 5 minutes was a pristine example of the "other side." 

It often puzzles me beyond conclusion, I wish I could find an answer to this anomaly. 

The graphic image of the monk literally walking in a step ratio 1 to 4 is beyond scientific explanation.  I have a naturally scientific/mathematical orientated mind and therefore, find a lot of this information not only disturbing, but frankly, completely and 100% totally unexplainable.

It may sound odd, but I often have never take on board others stories or situations because I don't believe them or find that I can't relate to what has been said.

All I know is that what I saw is real for me, despite what anyone else thinks.

I desperatly wish I could explain this in further context.  I originally saw this at the age of approximatly 8.  I am now 26 years of age and it is still as ripe in my mind as when I originally witnessed this.

As with all, this information is supplied in a adult context and hopefully is of some use to your cause.




A Present From My Mother





I would like to share with you an expieriance I had after my Mother passed away which got me interested in the paranormal,up until then I saw everything in black and white in this subject.Before my Mother was buried i placed a single red rose in her hands,a few days afterwards both my Father and my Sister were telling me how they had seen my Mother and my Father in particular was loseing sleep because she kept moving her crystals around on her dressing table and the "tinkling" sound they made kept him awake.On my way back home in the car I told my Husband how upset I was that my Mother had visited both my Father and Sister and not me and that i wouldnt believe it unless I saw her.Shortly after returning home,I was getting changed in my bedroom,I was standing right in the middle of the room with nothing close to me,I suddenly felt very light headed and giddy and (the only way i can describe this)suddenly there was a clinking noise like metal hitting a wall and something bounced off of me and landed on the floor,I bent down and picked the odject up,and started to cry,for in my hand I saw a beautiful brass button in the shape of a rose,I have no buttons like it,and  have never to this day seen any buttons like it,all I could say was "Thankyou Mum.since then I have joined a Spiritualist Church and a Closed Circle,I have also become a Healer,and I think this was my Mothers way of telling me to get my butt off the chair and get working with spirit.




Snowy Nor'easter




This is an old story that happened to our family, one winter's night, in 1965, in the town of Acton, MA. My mother, my sister and myself were sitting in the living room watching TV. Outside, a fierce snow storm had already dumped a foot of snow and another foot was still to follow. While we sat and watched TV we all heard two loud raps on the back door. We wondered who could be out in this kind of weather knocking at our door. Mom got up and we followed her to the back door. When she opened the door all that was out there was wind driven snow and cold. There were no footprints in the snow and we concluded that if thier were footprints the falling snow could not yet have filled them in. We just sat back down to continue watching TV when we heard, what we now assumed were knocks, two loud thuds on the front door. The front door was much closer and the noise was laud and distinct. We jumped up and quickly went to the front door and opened it to find the same conditions we had just found at the back door. This time we had a clear view of the street and there were no footprints anywhere. Just heavy wet snow and wind. This time we investigated a little furth by walking out on the porch for a better look. We thought maybe the neighbors kids accross the street might have thrown snow balls at the door or house, but, there were no impacts on the doors or walls of the house. The only movement outside was the falling snow. We had only one explaination for this and it was not at all saddening to us either. My oldest sister was taken from us in an accident in the fall of the previous year. We all knew that it was her coming home, to say hello, the only way she could.




Buster's Entertainment Center - Pittsfield, Massachusetts




Buster's Entertainment Center is a arcade and used to be a grocery store. I worked at Buster's and weird things mostly happened to us in the basement. Once we heard someone with loud shoes, like high heels walking and when you talked to it it would stop for a while and then keep going. There are circuit breakers in the basement and we switched them off at night to turn off the games. A few times I would go down and as I got to the breakers, they were already switched off, but yet the games were on when I went downstairs. Upstairs some weird things happened also. When I would go to leave, I heard hear loud knocking coming from the basement. Also once I went to leave and I heard a loud smash as if something very heavy fell off of a shelf and smashed. In the morning, everything would be fine.









I have never been comfortable telling people about what happen to me as a kid when I had my first and only OBE. When I was asked if I ever had OBE I always tried to avoid it or just said no which was wrong to lie. I felt weird talking about it. What changed my mind is seeing that other people weren't afraid to talk about their OBE.

On this day my Mom and I were up early to see my father off to work as we always did. After that we went back into their bedroom and my Mom fell asleep real fast. I remember I couldn't sleep so I got up to look out the window for a while. Then I went back to the bed where my Mom was sleeping and fell a sleep.  I remember that I was floating on the ceiling of the bedroom and screaming for help! Then I woke up and fell right back to sleep and it happened again! It's like when you wake up from a bad dream just to fall back to sleep real fast again. Then the third time I had woken and went back to sleep nothing happen.   I was just a kid I don't think I was older enough for school yet. Now that I am grown so far nothing like that has ever happened  to me again.




My Experience at the Swimming Pool




I have been reading this site for past almost five years now. Today I am going to share my experience with folks from the other world. This incident happened in December 2003. My wife & I were returning back home late at night from a get-together. At that time were were staying in a rental housing complex, at Falls Church, Virginia.

The parking lot in front of our house is right besides the complex's swimming pool. One can see the pool from the parking lot. As I was pulling into this parking lot around 2.00am in the night.... in the path of our car's headlights, we saw a pair of female legs running in the pool area. The water in the pool was disturbed as if someone had entered in recently. I jokingly told my wife, that someone has stole their way into the pool for a dip. She asked that how is it possible for  someone to enter the pool area when the gates are locked & furthermore she added that its around 2.00am ... on a cold, wintry & chilly December night.??!!

This caught my attention. I got out of the car & ran towards the pool's gates which was about 50 feet away. We had seen the figure run towards the same direction.But, there was no one there. I came back to my wife who was getting out of the car now & angry because I had left her alone inside the car. We started walking home, thats when my wife said that all she saw was just the pair of woman's legs that ran across the beam of my car's headlights. That time it occurred to me that it was the same image I too had seen.


That scared the daylights out of us & we started running to our house. We came inside, closed the doors shut & checked all windows if they too were shut. After that we never saw nor felt anything till we stayed there for another six months. But till date whenever we speak about that experience, it sends shivers down our spines.



My Crazy Houses





well, where do i begin. we lived in east syracuse on taft rd. in a 2 story first experience is so vivid still and i was only three at the time.i had a ghostly playmate named kathy with the red long ringlet hair and starched white mom thought she was an  amaginary friend .she said i would freak her out by actually looking like i was actually holding hands with her and playing with someone she could not see.she was always with me.i can remember holding the covers up for her to get in bed with me.i have heard of these friends before but never thought of kathy as one until i read some stories on your i'm freaked. dad died  the year  i was 6 and we went home to be closer to family so we moved to mom bought a house that we were fixing up with the help of her brothers. my uncle went down cellar to get the paint and an old man in overalls was standing at the bottom of the steps only to dissapear when he hollered ,HEY YOU!as we were to soon find out that was only the beginning.we had things come up missing all the time only to be found later in the silverware drawer or some odd crazy place like the nail clippers in the fridge. at christmas she bought me a huge doll ,hid it in the cellar and its never to be found in that house to this day.cowboys and indians walking through a closed locked front door. someone grabbing her hand through a solid pine headboard. arms coming through the walls to hold us while we slept. ya right.eek.clothes missing from where we left them minutes before and searching for hours to find them only to reappear right where we left bed coming 2 feet off the floor in the middle of the night to wake the whole house with an earth shattering the way the ouji board was the only thing under it besides the cellar stairs.i didnt sleep in that bed for weeks.well thanks for listening i have so much more but im out of room.




Lady in Wedding Dress




My experience happened when I was 4 yrs. old. We rented a two story home and my dad worked swing shift so I often slept with my mom when he was at work. One night while sleeping with my mom, I awoke. Her bedroom door was opened and I could see the bathroom, hall, and my room across the hall. I saw a women wearing a white wedding dress walk into my bedroom. I wasnt scared, just confused. Being only 4 yrs old, I didnt know what ghosts/spirits were. I was just wondering who was this lady in our house.

I awoke my mom and told her "mom, some lady just walked into my bedroom". She told me to go back to sleep. I didnt though. I was curious so got out of bed started to walk into my bedroom. It was so dark I was afraid to walk into my room. I decided to walk downstairs. As I was heading down the steps the lady appeared again, wearing a white wedding gown and walking up the steps. I stopped, she stopped ( she was about 5-10 steps below me) we both looked at each other. Her expression was just unconcerning. She didnt look scary or evil but more surprised to see me but her expression didnt really change. We stared at each other for a few moments then I stepped to one side of the steps and she began to slowly walk up the stairs and right past me into my room. 

I walked on downstairs and into the kitchen. This part gets a little unclear of what I exactly saw. In the corner of the kitchen was a small child about my age. She was stooped down and had something in her hand like a baby bird. It seems she was doing something to the baby bird and looking at me and kind of giggling. I just went back upstairs still confused.

I crawled back into bed with my mom and was still facing the hall where I could see the bathroom. Then a voice called to me "Bonnieeeeee, time to take a bath". Now I was scared. The bathroom looked pitch dark and no way was I going to walk into there if someone was there.  I rolled over so I didnt have to see the hallway/bathroom but still had my eyes open and was facing a window.

Suddenly a ladder hit the window, someone opened the window and a little girl and boy was crawling in through the window. I believe the boy was wearing knickers and the girl a faded pink dress. I immediately closed my eyes tight.

The next thing I remember I awoke and it was morning. I told my parents about it as soon as I awoke in the morning. As far as I know, I didnt have anymore sightings but it wasnt long after that we moved.

I never forgot that experience. It was very real. I still think about it from time to time . Now that I am older I found out that my parents had some weird happenings in that house too. No sightings but my mom would hear footsteps on the stairs at night. My dad would be standing in the bathroom mirror shaving and feel a real strong presence behind him, he'd turn around and no-one would be there. There was also problems with the furnace. The pilot light never seemed to want to stay lit. My dad called the landlord to ask him to come over to the house to light it and the man said"oh no, I'm not going back in that house again, I'll just tell you over the phone how to light it".

Not long after we moved out there was a fire at that house. But I dont know any of the details or if the house was burnt down or just damaged. My parents do believe me and my mom remembers me waking her up that night and telling her I saw a lady. I dont know why I only saw children and a lady in wedding dress or the history of the house. All I know is it happened 35 yrs ago & I still remember it. Some people say I was just dreaming but I know I wasnt. I was up walking around and those people I saw were real to me. Just as if they were real human people, they were not faded or ghostly like you see on TV but just as clear I see real people.

That is my true story

Occured sometime in 1970 in Hamilton, Ohio




Haunted Houses




My family home and my birthplace  700 East Albuquerque in Roswell, NM you could hear foot steps at night and if you slept there ,some one would sit on your bed you could not see them but the bed would give weight . My parents went on vacation and I was to turn the lights on the patio on at night and off in the AM, I went by the house about 7:30 am and went into the house and walked thru the living area and passed by the kitchen ,(I Felt the hair on my back standing ) down the hall passed then bedrooms and into the Den where the light switch was I turned it off and hurried bach thru the house to the front door. I locked the door and got out. The feeling was still with me of someone in the house. I was taking off and looked back the light was back on again,  for the rest of the time I unscrewed the light bulb outside.

My father built this home in the early 1940's ( 2 rooms) and later added rooms to make it larger it.  3 bedroom 1 Den and living areas and 2 dining Rooms and a large Kitchen. My father sold the house in 1995 and has since passed.

Alot on my  out of town relatives would not stay there and if they did they would sleep in pairs



Grandma's House is Haunted




Hello my name  is Laura, I live in Florida. I had just recently got married five years ago, and my husband and I have two children. My son was a baby and my daughter had to be about 4 or 5. Anyway we were renting my grandmothers house. Everybody use to claim this house was haunted, mind you I visited alot and had sleepovers when I was younger and never experienced anything out of he norm. It was about three days after we moved in and I was giving my daughter a bath. I was plucking my eye brows in the mirror when my daughter says "mommy there are eyes in here waching me". I said "what baby"? And as I turned to her there was this look of terror on her face as she pointed and let out this horrible scream. She was screaming "hes going to get me', Hes going to get me. Well this scared me, and she was still screaming, so I started screaming, ran to her and dove out the bath room with her, at this time my husband runs into the room swinging, because he thinks there is someone in there tring to hurt us. Well we get her out and try and calm her down ,but she was histerical mumblig ," hes going to get me".. "The eyes mommy ,the eyes".We got her calmed down finally, and as soon as I said nobody is coming for you honey, I am here. The garbage knocked over and the loud noise from the garbage scared her and she said see mommy the eyes are coming. Finally everything stoped  after about an hour of rocking her and she calmed down.Another incident that happened is that  I would hear a conversation going on, and I would go to see what it was, to find my daughter talking to her friend "Lisa" in the mirror. That was the little girls name, says my daughter. Doors opened and closed by them self, showers would turn off and on. I even had my cousin spend the night and I was telling her about it, and she was being mean to them, and a screw driver flew off the fridge and hit her in the stomach. She freaked out.I told her never prevoke a spirt. We since moved about three months later.We have things happen still to this day. I think we are just magnets to them.




At My Grandma's House





Grand Marais- on Christmas Eve about 5 years ago, I was at my Grandma’s house and I was up stares with me Cousins & Aunt and we were talking about girl stuff, then the door slammed shut. I looked over at the door there was something in it ,I leaned foreword and saw it was a glowing foot. I jumped back. When we went down stairs to yell at the boys my mom said,” they were down here the whole time.” So we went to yell at my uncle and he said, “ I was down here eating, and we thought you slammed the door.”   




My Story


By: Anonymous


  scary because I know who the ghost is, and she’s not at all scary; Maybe a little ornery at times, but not too scary.  The ghost is my husband’s mother.  We live in the house that belonged to her and my father-in-law.  She battled cancer for months and died in 2000 in the home.  When I moved in, in 2003, I knew that she had died at home under hospice care, but I didn’t know details.  I never got to meet her except for once many I have a ghost story to tell.  It’s not exactly years ago before I even met my husband.  When our son was born we spent many hours rocking in the recliner that sits in the corner of our living room.  There is nothing behind this chair to catch a baby’s eye, just plain white walls.  From the time my son was old enough to interact with people by smiling, cooing etc… he would stare at this corner behind me while we were rocking, and coo and laugh as if someone were entertaining him.  I thought nothing of it since he was a very happy baby, but then he started reaching for someone behind me, and pointing,   I mentioned this to my husband and he started paying attention to him doing it, and nonchalantly said, something like “Hmm, that’s odd.  That corner is where my mom’s hospital bed sat until she died. Maybe it’s her”   It didn’t scare me because I know she is just there to see her new grandchild.  She makes herself known every now and then.  Just a few weeks ago, during the night I was sort of asleep, but woke suddenly and was on alert because I thought I heard the baby make a noise.  His room is right across the hall from ours and the way the rooms are set up I can see into his room and his bed if I raise my head and look over my husband.  This particular night I sat up and looked across the hall into his room and saw a woman with a scarf on her head in a sweat suit leaning over the baby bed just looking at him.  About the time it registered and I gasped, she was gone. I was awake, and I know what I saw.  She was hazy, and I could vaguely see the night light behind/through her. I got up and checked on the baby, who was sleeping peacefully. I woke my husband and told him what I saw and he told me it was ok, and for me to go back to sleep.  Somehow I did. The next morning he explained to me that in the last few months of his mom’s life she pretty much lived in sweats for comfort, but she always wore a colorful scarf on her head because she had lost her hair during chemo.  So now I had seen her too.  A couple of weeks after this incident, my husband was sick.  He is very “needy” when he is sick.  I myself had just had some minor surgery that resulted in a major infection that I was finally starting to recover from, and I was a bit cranky and felt like he was just being a big baby, and I told him as much on about the second day of his illness.  His father told me that his mother used to baby him horribly especially when he was sick, and that is why he needed so much attention.  I made some comment to him like “Well, I’m not his mother and I refuse to baby him”  I guess that irritated his mom’s spirit a bit because that night when I went to lay in our bed beside my husband I could not get comfortable.  It seemed like there was no room in our bed.  I kept tossing and turning, getting hot then cold, and my muscles felt like they had an electric current running through them, and I couldn’t lay still.  I was miserable.  Finally I got up and went to lie on the bed in the baby’s room to see if I could get comfortable.  It was a little better in there, but I felt like someone kept coming to the door and glaring at me.  So I got up and went into the living room and lay on the couch to sleep and I was just fine.  I fell asleep and slept the whole night there.  The next morning my husband said he had the weirdest dream that his mom was taking care of him while he was sick and she made me leave the room!!  I think she was aggravated with me for not taking care of him the way she would have.  My 15 year old son has also seen her.  Out of the blue one day he said, “Mom, you know we have a ghost here don’t you?”  I just said “Don’t worry, it’s Marty’s mom, she is harmless.”  He said “I know, I just see her out of the corner of my eye while I’m watching TV.  She walks from the bathroom to the kitchen then disappears.”

I have had scary encounters before in other places that left me afraid to be alone in certain places, but I’m not at all frightened by our ghost here.  I know she is just here to look out for us.

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