Shaking Ghost


By: Anonymous


I am new to the site and I have read many of the stories posted.  I wanted to share my experiences.  For the past five years myself, my son who is turning 6 and my daughter who will be 2 this fall have lived in a small cottage style house with a full basement.  The first weekend that I moved in, I of course had a party.  My son stayed with my parents for the night.  I also had a roommate for the first two months that I moved in to the house.  She had a cordless phone in the basement and I had a regular phone upstairs.  After our guests left for the evening I took the cordless phone upstairs to make some calls.  When I went to bed I left the phone on the floor in my room.  The next morning I heard someone walking up the basement stairs, my bed was on the other side of the wall that lead to the basement.  I heard the footsteps walk through the kitchen, small dining room and into the living room.  I had my bedroom door shut and I tried to call out to my roommate to tell her to come in.  I thought that she was looking for the phone.  It was then that I realized that I couldn't open my eyes, move or speak.  I heard the footsteps pass thru my doorway, the door never opened.  I noticed that the closer they got to my bed that the floor appeared to be shaking.  Hence the shaking ghost.  The only auditory comparison I can give is it sounded like when my dad would do laundry and try to cram 20 pairs of jeans in a washer that held 5.  The whole machine would shake and you could hear it all over the house.  The bathroom floor would even vibrate.  That is what this felt like to me.  I realized that whatever it was, was standing over me and soon I felt a hand resting on my hip.  It was just a gentle pressure.  I think that "he" was trying to see who was in the house.  At that moment, I was extremely terrified and still couldn't move, speak or open my eyes, there was a banging on my window.  The noise stopped and whatever had touched me let go.  I jumped out of bed and there was nothing in the room.  Apparently my dad had been standing outside for 10 minutes banging on the door.  I never heard him pull into the driveway, which is right outside my window, or knock on the door.  He also said that he had tried to call us and I had never heard the phone ring.  I never had this happen again until just the two nights ago.  My daughter and I share a room and around two in the morning she woke up.  I could hear her cry out Mama and I tried to get up.  I was paralyzed.  I couldn't move anything but to lift my head off the pillow briefly.  I realized that the floor was shaking again.  I tried to open my eyes to look at it and I couldn't.  I believe that it was looking into the crib at my daughter.  I didn't feel anything evil but I don't think it wanted me to see it.  After about five minutes the shaking stopped and my daughter was back asleep.  It all seemed so strange that I even considered that I was maybe dreaming it all.  When I checked the crib, my daughter seemed fine and nothing was out of place. 

Some other just normal haunting things I have experienced are footsteps and cabinets opened when I know that I left them closed.  The ghost seems to like my kids and likes to check up on them.  I smoke so during the winter when it is cold I go down into the basement and smoke by the back cellar steps.  I have often heard footsteps go from one bed room to another, but they never go back out of the last room they entered.  Also when my daughter was in her baby swing, anytime I went downstairs I would hear footsteps walk over to the swing and stop.  They are always too heavy and slow to be my son's. Also when ever I hear them and go back upstairs, he is soundly asleep in his room so I know that it was never my son.  There have been a few times though that I felt that I was unwelcome in the basement.  I feel like I am being watched in there and that something doesn't like me to be there.  I have also felt that feeling walking past my kitchen at night.  It's like someone is standing there watching me and this thing seems very cold.  I have never been harmed or felt completely threatened by anything.  My son has complained of being scared but if he has seen or heard anything he doesn't tell me.  I just wanted to share our story.  We are moving in a month so it will be interesting to see if the people that end up renting my house have any experiences too. 




 Greenville Clay Street




A little girl appear wearing old fashion dresses with ringlet in her hair her hands were moving very fast like she was trying to talk with them one day at my desk i felt  her playing with my hair she has been playing trick on everyone  that  has slept  here Some even ran out of the house.  




It Wanted In





I'd like to start by saying that I don't know much about the supernatural but I know something's been going on that I can't explain since I was a little kid stuff like this has been going on, so I'm going to pound out a few lines . Let me start by saying I have nothing to gain for telling you this other than to just get it off my chest,

It was the early part of the 70's yeah I'm that old !. Anyway's I think I was about 6 my mom and dad went away for the weekend and left my brother ( Eddie) and his new wife to watch over me my 10 year old sister (Anna) and 13 year old brother (Frankie).

Frank was out for the night with his friends and me and Anna got to stay up late because my brother Eddie got drunk with his wife and took some pill's I think they use to call them red's back then ( It was the 70's) I would have never let them run a day care? And if my parents knew they would have never let them watch us kids?

Now it's about 2 A.M. and me and Anna are watching TV Eddie and his wife are passed out on the couch when we both heard something at our back door like trying to open it, I have to tell you something about our back yard it was great during the day real big with a high 6 foot fence around it must have been a good 40 yards long and 20 wide with a really big tree in the back corner and a small raised hill in the center we lived on the coast so at night during the winter the fog would come in and what seemed like a great place to play during the day would become creeper than a graveyard at night,

When me and Anna heard the noise we just stop watching TV and looked at each other for a second than we both looked back at the couch where Eddie and his wife were asleep

we didn't want to wake them up because we knew Eddie would get mad and make us go to bed being that it was way past are bed time.

just than the noise seem to stop but me and my sister were already frighten by what we heard so we got up I think she got a knife or something like that and I got this ashtray that was also a sword when pulled out of it's holder and we walked to the kitchen where our back door was . The noise had stop just when we reached the doorway into the kitchen , It was all dark in there we couldn't see much other than the moon light coming in from the window,

we just kind of stood there not wanting to go all the way in I guess we felt if we left the light of the dinning room we would get hurt or something . Than all of a sudden the door knob started moving like someone was trying to get in real bad.

well needless to say I think me and Anna left are shadows behind us as we ran to my brother Eddie who was still asleep on the couch after a minute he woke up (all pissed off) and told us what the hell were we still doing up at this time I think it took him a little to realize what we where saying me and Anna must of seemed frantic at this point you could tell he didn't want to go at first but he didn't want to look like a sissy in front of his wife so he walked to the kitchen door way the whole time balling me and my sister out For being up so late when he got there the door knob stop turning so me and her started getting balled out for filing a false report than the door knob really shook hard like who ever it was on the other side was getting pissed Eddie hit the light switch and the door knob just stop turning the second the light went on and all was still

Eddie walked over to the back door kind of slowly,   although he was married he was only 16? ( he ran away to marry his wife and wouldn't come home until my parents agreed to let him do so ) but being that he was taking on big boy reasonability's like a wife my parents must of thought he would be a great baby sitter ( little did they know? ). He put his hand on the door knob and the other on the back yard light switch he was going to time the opening of the door with the light.

He swung the door open ( the whole time the knob was spinning ) and turned on the light

we had a flood light in the back so when it was on the whole back yard would light up like daylight there was nothing there nothing at all just the still of the night and the fog that covered the ground there was a kind of mist in the air .

well after that me and Anna had to get to bed Eddie wasn't to happy because we woke him up and he didn't have any more pill's ( still a big time dope fiend ) So we went to bed not thinking anything else of what had happen I think that's when we let it in.

Something in the corner

The next night passed without much happening my brothers wife brought over her brother Michel we called him fat Michel ( because he was fat ) to spend the night with us he was about the same age as my brother Frank.

I didn't want to go to sleep or couldn't as I had slept late being that I had been up all night the night before?.

Me and my brother had are own room it faced the front of the house and we had bunk beds I slept on top because I didn't want Fat Michel falling on me?

It must have been real late I guess around 1 A.M. I was facing the wall when some one or something opened our bedroom door and it sounded like they stood in the corner after closing the door never turning on the light and it sounded like they had been running for a long time really out of breath we had a dog but he couldn't open the door and he wouldn't of been nice enough to close it behind him ether and it didn't sound like a dog it sounded much more like a human this was going on for a few minutes I was to afraid to turn around and see who was standing there when from my bedroom window I could see the head lights of a car pulling into our drive way it was my mom and dad coming home from there trip.

from my bed I could hear the front door open and my brother Eddie say something like how was your trip home and my mom saying how nice it was and what a great time they had my dad was talking about the traffic and what a drag it was coming home

I could her them coming closer to the house the whole time this thing in the corner was breathing really hard.

than my mom started talking about us kids and asking if we had been good while they were gone my moms voice getting closer to my bedroom I new she would open the door to look in on us kids she had a thing about blankets she would put so many on us at night would we couldn't move and we would wake up all stiff the next morning?  just as she open the door and turned on the light I turned away from the wall and sat up and looked at the corner of the room where I thought I heard the heavy breathing there was no one there but my mom at the door and she wasn't to happy seeing me awake she told me to get to sleep right away or else ! needless to say it was hard to get to sleep that night ?

The spoon box

The next night we all went to bed on time my dad was in the air force and although he had been out of the service for some time he still went to bed really early and we had to go to bed when he did all at the same time, it's hard to think of how we where back then because my mom also had a thing about going to bed before she would turn off the last light everything had to be clean and put away before the night day that meant every last dish in the house had to be dry and stacked .

just as everyone got settled down for the night and I was trying to move under a hundred blankets? someone pulled open the spoon box in the kitchen really fast and hard everyone could hear all the silver wear slide to the front of the box then the draw slam shut really hard it sounded like some one was really pissed ?

I could hear my dad get up saying something like what the #@!*#! is going on here who the #@!*# was in the kitchen ( no one was aloud in the kitchen after bed time ) I could hear him get out of bed and walk across the hard wood floor and pass our bedroom, I didn't know who was up in the kitchen but I knew they where going to get it from my dad ?

I heard him go to the kitchen than a few minutes later he went back to bed I heard my mom ask him who was in the kitchen he replied in a low voice but I heard her say what do you mean no one was in there ?

the next night the same and then again and again but then it seem to slow down and would stop for a day or two then start right back up for three or four nights it did that until the day we moved out ?

Who turned on the light ?

One night we had some friends come and sleep over the house I think we might have thought there was safety in numbers or something any way if we thought or self's good friends we would have done the right thing and told them to stay away, even to this day were all still good friends and they still wont forget that house or the things that went on in it ?

that night our friends witch were Billy Bobby and there two sisters along with there mom and dad stayed the night so I got pushed into my sisters room along with all the other kids so it was I Billy Bobby his two sisters and my sister Anna there mom and dad took over my room for the night.

well the lights went out I felt better knowing that there where so many of us in the house.

That feeling was soon to go ?

As I lay there in the dark everyone drifted off to sleep and soon my eye's had become use to The dark I could see everything from the smallest things on the floor to stuff on the night stand?

I was on a roll away bed right by the bed room door . The bath room door was right there by her door if you were to walk out of my sisters bed room and make a right you would end up in the bathroom

Everyone must have went to sleep I'm looking right out into the hall way I can see the bathroom door is open I can see the mirror on the wall in the bathroom when all the sudden the light goes on ?

But there's no one there ?

No one walked by if they did they would have to have passed right in front of me ?

And I would have heard them on the old wooden floors ?

But there I was looking right at the bathroom light but no one was there ?

I didn't know what to do at first ?

So I called out to my mother who was already in bed for at least an hour ?

I could hear her saying something to my dad and her walking across the floor just as she was going to open the door the bathroom light went out right in front of my eyes ?

she walks down the hall to where I am and asked what was the matter ?

I told her about the bathroom light ?

So she turns to her left and checks to see if anyone's in the bathroom ?

she turn's on the light and kind of pokes her head around before turning off the light she informs me that there is nobody there and to get to sleep !

I can hear her going back to her bedroom closing the door and telling my dad it was nothing just me seeing things again ?

I think less than a minute goes by when the light goes right back on this time I'm looking right at it ?

Still there's nobody there ?

I didn't want to but I called out for my mom again this time I can tell in her voice she's really getting ticked ?

same thing happens just as she was going to open here bedroom door the light goes back out ?

I mean I was looking right at the damn thing ?

This time my mom didn't bother turning on the light or looking around she just let me know that if I got her out of bed one more time I was going to get my lights turned off !

She goes back to bed again this time I hear the same thing my dad not sounding to happy when he asked what the hell I wanted this time ?

Again less then a minute goes by I'm looking right at the light now not wanting to even blink and again the light goes on right in front of me with no one standing there or walking passed ?

This time I keep my mouth shut and just look at the light for about minutes or so then it just turned off and stayed off .

I don't remember ever having any sleep problems up until then but until this day I still cant get any rest at night I'm up all night long ?

I don't stay up thinking about the boogie man or anything I just can't get any sleep I take sleeping pills but I'm up to 6 a night and I'm still waking up at 5 A.M. I take a sleep aid called ambient after a week or two of no sleep my body catches up with me and I get one good nights rest .

Someone standing there

One night I was in bed looking out my window my bed was pushed up against the wall, and the window was right there, There was a thick fog in the air and I couldn't make out much except the street light .

Then I felt something ? something I think we all feel at one time or another ? I felt someone behind me just looking at me it was so strong the hair stood up on the back of my neck and my eyes open wide with fear ?

Then I felt something in me I hadn't felt since this all started I think it was courage ?

And I told my self to turn around as fast as I could to see if I could catch anyone standing there ?

It took me a few seconds before I was able to do this but when I was ready I turned my head as fast as I could .

My bedroom door had been left open because if I had to run out I didn't want anything slowing me down and taking time to open a door would have slowed me down ?

Anyway I seen a figure of a tall man standing in the doorway , It was just the shadow of a person standing there ?

And as fast as I turned around it was gone ?

The next day when I woke up the window screen I had been looking out of the night before had been slashed with what looked like something that had three fingers or claws ?

I wondered if any of the other screens where like this so I went around the house checking and sure enough they all had the same claw marks or slashes ?

I don't know what did it or who did it I just know it was done, I was young back then and you might say that,  that  could account for some of the things you have read but as I have grown older since and there has been a lot more stuff that has happen ?

I don't know if anyone will ever read this , I'm hoping that someone does ?

there was a lot more strange things that happen there but I can see this page is getting longer,  and I don't think a lot of you will stay to the end so I will stop here for now and I hope to see that someone did take the time to share




Hallway Ghost




I was watching TV late one night when I saw a shadow out of my eye. I looked and saw no figure. At first I was scared but, then I remembered reading about evil ghost on your web site. Then I got some history about the e house. It turned out to be my grate grate grandmother's spirt!!



Experiences with the after-life





I've had experiences with the after-life for most of my life.  I seem to have a sense when it comes to knowing when they are around.  My first recollection is when I was a child at my parent's previous house.  It seemed, every so often, I would be lying in bed either just about to go to sleep or when I woke during the night when I'd see a white ghost-like/humanistic form in the hallway.  My parents would write it off as my eyes just adjusting to the darkness, but why would I still see it after I'd been sleeping for a while?  I haven't had that experience since leaving that house.

Another experience was at a 100+ year old church in Donaldsonville, LA.  I was working with an architecture firm and was asked to go to the church to take some pictures for an upcoming remodel of the church.  This was on a Monday morning and they had just had church services the Sunday before.  A co-worker and I walked in the fellowship hall area and noticed a terrible smell.  It smelled like something died.  After some investigating, we found the kitchen sink was backed up or plugged up and was filled with brownish, foamy water.  In the water was about 10-15 dead cockroaches.   We decided to take a picture of it (which I will send at a later date).  After being grossed out for a bit, we proceeded to take the necessary pictures of the rest of the fellowship hall.  We came to a hallway which had a restroom, an office and a storage closet.  We both stopped dead in our tracks and looked at eachother.  We'd both felt a chill run down our spine and the hair stood at the back of our necks.  We quickly took a picture from each side of the hallway and a few of the bathroom and got out of there as quickly as possible.  We noticed a small graveyard just outside the back door of the fellowship hall.  Upon getting the pictures developed, the two pictures from the hallway contained a human-like white form.  You could not make out a face, but it definitely was not something wrong with the film or any type of reflection.  No other picture in the roll contained these images.  I had a friend of mine, who is a photographer, examine the photos and he said there's no way this type of image could have gotten onto the film. (I have these photos as well)

The latest experience I've had was at a friend of sister-in-law's house where my sister-in-law was staying.  The house had been the friends grandparent's house before, but they had recently passed away.  All of her friends would come over and would have various things happen to them.  One night, one of the friends decided to taunt the spirits and said, "If you're really here, prove it!"  Just then, the TV remote, which was sitting on the coffee table, started shaking and, then, flew across the room and slammed against the wall.  When I came to help my sister-in-law move out, I was walking around the house just to see if I felt anything.  As I walked into the den, I got that same feeling as I usually did.  Something moving caught my eye.  In the corner was a rocking chair which had started rocking back and forth.  I got the girl who was living there and told her what I'd seen.  She said that was her grandfather's favorite chair.  He'd sit in it all the time and just rock the time away.

I've had other feelings upon entering rooms and buildings.  Like I said, I guess I have a sense for those type of things.  I'm sure we all do in one shape or form.









Now I am familiar with the stories and myths of the Old Hag, and of sleep paralysis, and of demons and Ouiji and spirits, in fact you might consider me an expert on them (at least with personal experiences.) I think I could probably write a book the size of the Bible of my experiences, but the stories I am going to relate to you are only the ones that took place over the span of about 6 months in a house I rented in Andover, Massachusetts. As you probably know, Massachusetts has a rich ghostly history, with wars fought on it’s soil and Indians innocently slaughtered, and young girls burned at the stake for supposed witchcraft. Boy am I lucky to live here.

            Well I guess this story has a beginning, and it was June 8th, 2003, at about approximately 4am. The odd thing about this is that is was the same time and date my boyfriend was in a very serious accident, thrown 60 feet from a vehicle and obviously went into a coma. I do not know what the actual link between this and the haunting is, but at 4am that very morning of the accident I was sitting on the couch in my family room with a friend, and we heard dishes being moved around in the sink, the water running, normal kitchen sounds. I asked my friend whom I was sitting with if he heard it too, and he said yes and we went into the kitchen to see who had arrived (our door never locked so it was entirely possible someone had arrived late night). No one was there and the kitchen was still enveloped in darkness, as it should be at 4am.

            From that day on, we constantly heard sounds in the kitchen, dishes being washed and stacked and put away, footsteps with no one attached to them. And all the time there was never anyone there (anyone living anyway). In fact, there were at least 20 times (no exaggeration whatsoever) we had friends over and they would hear it, and say “who is here?” and I would casually answer “nobody”, and they would get up off the couch and go into the kitchen to say hi….and walk slowly back to the family room and say “you’re right”

(usually a few shades paler than just moments before). I would come home from work at about 6:15 every night and open the door and say “hello”

because I could hear people in the kitchen. There was never anyone to greet me back. I stopped saying hello after a few weeks of that. But the noise and disturbances did not stop there. There was at least 5 times that the TV and radio came on out of nowhere, and they belonged to different roommates so it could not have been the machines themselves. And always very loud and causing everyone to jump up and shut it off, because it was so late at night. My roommates chose to ignore the disturbances, and would poke fun at me and say “well the ghosts aren’t hurting anyone, are they?” My roommate’s boyfriend told me (in confidence of course, God forbid people actually believe in this stuff) that he saw a completely black shadow/person walking around in his girlfriends room one night while they were in bed. It just disappeared after it walked around the room for a little while. Also, when there were no open windows, a door slammed shut behind him once, and that really rattled him because he tried desperately to find a reason for that occurrence, searching for a draft for peace of mind, but never finding any.

People who would sleep downstairs (where the kitchen was) would hear things all night, 2 pairs of blinds fell down from the windows in the same night (while people were sleeping, no one was touching them), footsteps with no one ever entering the rooms, weird swooshing sounds would be heard as well.

In fact, I know this all sounds fake and like I am crazy, but I swear to you for those months I COULD NOT EVEN GO TO THE BATHROOM BY MYSELF. Someone had to come in with me or stand outside (their choice). In the loft on the third floor (where my bedroom was) one of my friends was held down in broad daylight and whispered to by a person that was not there. Her eyes remained open the whole time. She sensed it was a man. The time of that was about 9 am and with sunlight streaming into the windows. There was a few nights that we heard what I call “booming footsteps” which would come in the door in the kitchen and walk all through the downstairs, up the stairs to the second floor and stop. I would be in the loft praying with all my might that it would not come up to the loft. Lucky for it, it never did because I do not know what I would have done. My boyfriend, who heard all of this because he lived there too (after he recovered from the accident anyway) would have no explanation. I would say, “can you hear that!!” and he would say “yes”. And I would say, “Then what the hell is it” and he would say, “I don’t know”. No one could ever tell me.

            I asked the investigators MAGIC (Massachusetts Area Ghost Investigators

Coalition) if they would kindly come and investigate, and they were wonderful, friendly, down to earth, normal people who came out and offered their help (nothing like the movie Ghostbusters, even though my sister kept humming the song while they were there!) They researched the area and found that the house was about 100 years old, and used to be housing for the mill, which was behind our house (which was converted into elderly housing). Also, the area in Andover was seedy (right next to Lawrence, which I think has once of the highest murder rates in the whole country) so I am sure that did not help! There was also a tragic flood in the 50’s, which people probably died in too, and it was Indian inhabited land as well.  (P.S. I would recommend MAGIC to anyone who needs help, I had no idea there would be people who would help me (for free as I had no money at all!) and be so serious about it. I was and still am thankful for their help. Thanks MAGIC!

Now I have dealt with sleep paralysis for years (at least 11 years that I can remember) and thank God it actually never happened in that house.

Probably because I used to sleep 4 nights a week at my parents house, or pull all-nighters out of intense fear of it happening. And the worst part of the house was the terrible atmosphere. I am not usually a mean person, but I had my ugliest moments in that house, and so did the people I lived with.

Now they were mean horrible lying stealing people to begin with, but the house intensified it to the point that I could not live out the lease, and I left. After I left, I felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted, and have not experienced terror like I did in that house since then, and hope never to, and would not wish it upon my worst enemy.




Every House has a Ghost





hi just wanted to say that yes i believe every house has a ghost. Some people except the fact some dont i could sit here and tell many stories its unreal. I will share one. its all true but compucated.i dont spell reall good some times my brain thinks faster than my fingers type. i had a old ex girlfriend who got pregnant and she couldnt have the baby witch was a boy. so she had a option of having it and she could die or give up the baby and she would live.well she gave the baby up. it was a boy. so years down the road i got married andalot of wierd things happend to give a example i and my ex wife would wake up all the nobs off of every thing would be layed in the living room floor example... sterio stove toaster tv you name it .just weird stuff no biggie.i yous to have poasters tacked to the wall and i worked constuction at early morning to late night i woul shower go to bed a n the ex woul tap me on the back and say hun you need to see this rolling over the tacks would pop out of the wall and the posters would curll up the wall . any way back to mte point years down the rod we moved in a small town and small apartment had two children and one day i was shaving and my son was sleeping on my ex wifes lap in the living room my girl was in her crib . i went to walk out of the bathroom to go to the livingroom when i seen a little boy standing in my hall way and he said hi daddy. then ran to the kitchen. i thought it was my son sleeping with his mother who i thuoght got up and was running around i went to the kitchen to scold him to go to bed. i serched the kitchen no one was there. i went in the living room and there layed my son asleep on my ex wifes lapp she said whats wrong i said well i thought he was running in the kitchen. she said no he has been here the whole time that you have been in the bathroom. so i stopped and sat down to think this over and what i came up with was that was my sons birthday that never had a chance to live he onley came by to say hi thats the last iv seen him in 10 years. this is true not a hoax.




Our Event




Angel and I befriended each other in early elementary school.  We were polar opposites but somehow became the best of friends.  Growing up, she had a very vivid imagination and always swore that there were evil spirits and ghosts after her soul. [Yeah, that's what I said too.]  I use to kid her about being a horror author when she grew up.  Over time, our differences began to separate us and we lost touch.  When we were 22 we ran into one another again and for a while, things were back to the way they use to be.  We were again inseparable and spent hours talking about our adventures, relationships, screw-ups and dreams.  After a few weeks of playing catch-up, we somehow managed to get on the topic of ghosts and haunted places.  She was all fired-up to go to several places in the community and spook hunt but I was not so willing; mainly because I thought it foolish and Childs play.  Somehow, she talked me into going to this old, abandoned house by the elementary school we'd both attended. 

This is a very old farmhouse and it was recently purchased and restored but shortly after the restorations were complete, the new owner disappeared.  Some thought he ran off with another woman, some thought he had ran off with a man and some thought that his wife shot him.  As it was, the house was about to go up for auction as the bank was going to foreclose on it and Angel and I knew it was our best chance to check it out; me for the sheer beauty of the house and her for the possibility of spooks.  Using a trick I'd learned from an ex-boyfriend in college, I got us in to the house undetected.  With flashlights in hand, we start browsing through this immaculate house. 

Now I won't go into all of the specifics, but Angel's overactive imagination was out in full force.  For every little creak, crack and shuffle she heard, I could come up with a logical explanation.  After a while, we'd made our way upstairs.  In one of the rooms, there was a bookshelf and oddly enough, there were two, solitary books on it.  I walked closer and there was no writing on either of them, so I went to pick one up and that's how we discovered a secret room.  It was really small and I figured it was supposed to be a safe place to put valuables.  Once inside, we found a small, bright orange ball.  It was probably the size of a baseball and made out of very bouncy materials.  After a few moments, we left that secret room and closed the entrance back.  Angel was holding the ball so I told her to put it on the book shelf.  We went through a few other rooms before heading back downstairs.  

In the main entrance at the foot of the stairs we were getting ready to leave when we heard this thud-thud-thud.  I figured it was air in the water pipes with this being such an old house and all.  Angel, frustrated by my lack of belief shouted "Okay, Shelly doesn't believe in you.  Give us a sign and make her believe your real and you're here." 

I rolled my eyes and was about to move when we heard the thud-thud-thud again.  It sounded like it was coming down the landing towards the top of the stairs.  We both shined our lights in that direction and saw that bouncy ball sitting at the top of the stairwell.  That was pretty freaky and I was trying to come up with an explanation when all at once, the ball began moving slowly; back and forth then suddenly started bouncing down the stairs.  We must have looked like two of the three stooges trying to get through that front door at the same time.

When we were back in my car I noticed that we'd left the front door opened.  I mentioned it to Angel who refused to go close it.  Gathering up my courage, I crept up towards the door hoping that I wouldn't disturb anything any more than I already had when SLAM the door flew all the way opened and then SLAM shut with such force that the windows rattled.  I looked like an Olympic sprinter getting back to my car  and we peeled out of that driveway.  At the end of the driveway, I stopped before pulling into the main road when I noticed in my rearview mirror that the porch-light had come on.  It then got brighter and brighter, before slowly dimming and going out.  I asked Angel if she'd seen it and she was literally crying.  

Try as I might, I could not come up with a logical explanation for the ball 1) making it from the shelf, taking a sharp right turn to get out the door, then making it's way down the hall to the top of the stairs and 2) stopping completely, then rocking back and forth before bouncing slowly down the stairs towards us.  Nor could I come up with a logical explanation for the front door.  It was 88 degrees and with 98% humidity that night and there wasn't any breeze and no power turned on in the house to make the central heat and air come on.  And lastly, there was nothing in my mind that could logically explain the porch light.  After that event, Angel and I lost touch again.  She ended her pursuit into the realm of ghost and ghastly happenings and ironically, I started my own. 

Thank you for reading this.  I hope that it made the hairs on your neck standup the way it does mine every time I think about it.  Bye the way, they never did find that missing owner and no one has purchased the house in the 8 years since that event.



Mayberrish Southern Town





I grew up in a typical, Mayberry-ish, small southern town in SE TN.  Our home was less than 80 feet from a Norfolk Southern railroad line.  The tracks were on a rise in the hill and from the second story window of our home, you would be parallel with the tracks.  The town I grew up in was once a coal mining camp and then grew to be a coal mining town.  Point of fact, the town's name came from the original proprietor of the first train depot.  It was called Daisy after his only daughter.  From my house, the original train depot was situated just about a mile north and the area of the train tracks in between was often referred to as "black track" because there were several curves in the railway and coal was often spilled in these curves; leaving the soil covered in the black, chalky coal residue.  It is purportedly haunted and there are several ghastly and ghostly tales attributed to that area of track.

From what I've been able to gather, one story is that a female slave was once accused of leading other slaves to freedom via the train tracks and when her treachery was discovered by her owner, she was tied to the tracks until a train came through chopping both of her feet off.  Once this was done, she was carried to the slave quarters as an example of what would happen to all others who attempted escape or assisted others in escaping.  Slowly, she bled to death despite the other slaves best efforts. I know several people who would lay their hand on the Bible today and testify to seeing her feet less body in the area.

Another story is about a train wreck that happened about 15 yards from the back door of my old home.  In southern TN, we do not get much snow, but we can get quite a bit of rain.  Apparently in the late 30's a weather front came through bringing a lot of rain and flash flooding to the area.  One night after the rain had slowed to a drizzle a fully-loaded train was slowing to stop at the depot not knowing that the ground below was giving way under its weight.  In a flash, a large section of track sank some 15 feet causing a massive wreck that threw debris and coal as far as 50 yards away.  During the initial wreck, several railroad workers and ho-bo's were trapped in the rubble; many of them dying before being rescued.  Many of the rescuers were local farmers and residents who perished as the mud shifted under the weight of the debris and ultimately a large land and debris slide halted all rescue efforts.  As many as 50 people perished and the old timers would say that they could hear people moaning and screaming for help for days after the wreck and how help never came.  Some people swear that they can hear the sorrowful screams and moans of the trapped on bright, still nights.

Lastly, another story about that area of tracks has to do with teenage hormones and stupidity.  Along the section of track an old half-paved road weaves back and forth across the tracks.  In the 50's and 60's this area of road was used by teenagers to prove the muscle in their machines and the guts in the drivers.  More than one person has perished in their efforts to outrun the train.  Many people ay that those untimely deaths are the culprits of strange flashes of light that are often seen in that area.



Clay Street




I  would like to tell  my story   I was living  on clay street in greenville mi

there many things would happen heres a few we had a black cat that wouldn't get near our little girl

 then strange to us the  cat wouldn,t leave her side it even slept with her  after a  week of this I heard the cat at the door  after letting it in I notice my little girl had a different cat that  looked just like ours after letting it out we never saw it again.  ok this isnt so strange  a few nights later I Woke up feeling somethink smelling my hand  it was a very big black dog  our door was shut and locked letting it out  we never saw it again.  lights going on and off water running  were nothing after all this. we were diging footing in our yard for a new addition we found many old bottles like a doctor would have maybe.our little house was very old we tryed to fine out more about it  with no help . our little girl was always having trouble sleeping in her room she was scared so bad. then one day I saw her a little girl standing in my living room around three or four yearys old dressed in old fashion way  long curls in her hair she was  moving her hands very fast over and over like she was folding clothes  I just froze  I  could'nt look  in her eyes   after this we move

in to a new house and have had  no trouble theres my  true story hope you will used it.



Not the only one!




I was bending over doing my hair in the bathroom and I kept seeing a dark thing there untill I looked at it or for it .  I didnt tell anyone because it was no big deal . Then I was sitting in my spare room and I saw something in the T.V.  I thought nothing of it . Then I was sleeping that night and felt really cold , so I sat up and I saw my great grandma .  She didnt look real .  After that I heard footsteps out in my living room . At first I thought it was my dog but then did I find out all my animals were with me on my bed . I see things everyday . I used to be scared but now I'm not. Soon did I find out many of my relatives died in my house.




The Ghost of Blue Spring




It was in Oct.2000, my Civil War Re enacting unit was down in Moshien Tenn. doing the reenactment of the battle of Blue Springs.   The original battle was in Oct. of 1864.

We were fortunate in having the event on the original battlefield.  This battle was special for us because the unit we portray, the 8th Mich, was in the original battle. 

It was Sat night and the spectators all had gone.   It was around 9 PM we were all sitting around our campfire swapping stories, telling lies and sharing our bottles.  One of the sponsors stopped at our fire and informed us that there had been reports of some teenage boys breaking into vehicles in the re enactors parking area. Several of us decided to walk down to the parking area and check our vehicles. 

The area assigned to us was at a bottom of a hill just below an old pre Civil War church.  The church had an old cemetery right next to it. It was about ½ mile from our camping area.  We had to walk down a big hill to get there, which meant we had to walk up the hill to get back to our camp. We got there and check on our vehicles and went back to camp.  By the time we got up the hill I was ready to hit the hay.  I told my pards good night and tried to get to sleep.   The longer I lay there the more I was thinking that I had not locked my truck.  I finally got up and told my pards I was going down to check if I locked my truck, and I wasn’t going to climb that hill again until the next day and that I had decided to sleep in the back of my S-10. It’s a good thing I did go down because I had failed to lock it.

I put my sleeping pad and blankets in the back of the truck, and was soon fast asleep.  It was a mild evening so I left the window up on the tailgate.  I woke up when someone reached in and grabbed my hat.  I dropped my tailgate and grabbed a metal bar I had back there.  As I jumped to the ground I dropped the bar, and was confronted by three, laughing teenage boys. I remember thinking, as I backed up to my truck that these guys were going to mess me up.  As they were about to grab me I woke up.  It was only a dream. It was so real that I was shaking. Getting back to sleep now would be difficult, so I decided to have me a smoke.  Setting there I noticed there was a ground mist that was about ten inches deep.   I happened to look to my left and a chill went down my spine.  I saw what appeared to be a woman all in civil war era clothing floating on the mist.  As she got closer I could see she was walking so slow she wasn’t even making a ripple in the fog. As she got closer I could she here hands clasped in front of her like she was in prayer.  Her head was slightly down and what I saw was a face that seem to be sad.  She was plain looking but not unattractive.  She was wearing a light cotton day dress and her hair was in a bun covered by a hair net that was crocheted. As she got up to me I said “good evening, I see I’m not the only who can’t sleep tonight.” She stopped and turned my way and said “ sir, I haven’t been able to sleep in a long time.” I stood up and offered my hand and introduced myself.  She took my hand and told me her name was Bobbie Mae.

Her hand was as cold as a piece of ice. She had a very different accent, so I asked her where she was from. She told me she was born in New Hampshire, but she went to Florida when she was younger to get married.  Her husband was in the Army.  She had two sons from him and when they became men she moved to Tenn. Her sons stayed with the father.  She told me she worked with people, who were dying, and she had just lost a man who was in his 80s and she was quite sad. She talked about some of the other people she had been with when they died. 

She appeared cold so I reached in the back of my truck and pick up one of my blankets to place on her shoulders.  As my hands were lowering the blanket I could feel the cold coming from her body right through the blanket.

I asked her if she was a nurse for Hospice. She looked at me in a strange way and said, “What is that.”  I explained it to her and she told me she had never heard of it. I thought this was a little strange but I didn’t dwell on it. 

We talked a little while longer, I looked at my watch and it was 3:30 AM.  I told Bobbie I had to try to get some sleep because I had a big day Sunday.  I asked her where she was camped?  She pointed to an old pickup truck with a piece of canvas draped over the box.  I suggested she sleep in the cab, because the canvas would keep the rain off but would not keep her warm.  She said she had a blanket and she was all right.  Being a gentleman I invited her, if she got cold, to share the back of my truck where we could spoon and both stay warm, my truck was completely covered.  She thanked me and said she would, but her friend who was sleeping in the cab, would worry if she wasn’t there when he woke. We said good by and she went to her truck and I curled up in my blankets and was soon asleep. 

Something woke me up at 5:00AM.  I got out of my truck and looked down to where Bobbie was staying, and to my surprise there was nothing there.  The grass was wet with dew and there was no tire tracks anywhere to be seen.  I walked down to where her truck was parked.  A chill went down my spine when I got there.  There wasn’t enough room to put a snowmobile let along a full size pickup.

This is all true.  You be the judge.  Was I dreaming, was I drunk, or did I really see something that is out of the norm.



Strange Things




 My name is Lindsey I have lived with my family in this house for 4 years now and every since we have lived here we have experienced some strange things. It seems though most things have happened in my bedroom and i often thought my parents did not believe the things i had told them about. The first month of living in this house my mother awoke in the morning to find a painting of a women swimming this painting was laying on the floor in her closet it had appeared over night she had questioned all of us in the house and no one had seen it before. The music boxes would play randomly in the middle of the night. Door knobs turning seconds before turning them yourself. My bedroom door always sounded like it was opening by it's self when it was really shut. It wasn't for a while when i actually started to see people or should i say ghosts in my room while sleeping. I have seen a black women wearing brown rags several times. The first i had ever seen her she was standing at the end of my bed with her mouth wide open as if she was screaming but i never heard a sound it felt as thought my heart had stoped. I was frozen with fear i had rolled over and told myself it wasn't really there i was seeing things. Then about a month later the same lady sat in a chair in m room just watching me i had then covered my face with my pillow and went back to sleep. In the morning i had told my mother about both times of this lady being in my room she just kind of laughed and joked about it. she had told me that the first time when the lady was there she was trying to tell me her teeth hurt because i'm planing on becomming a dentist after schooling. I didn't think my mom believed me at all. Some time after that a tall man stood next to the head of my bed once again just staring at me, when i awoke i starting screaming and my mother came running into my room she told me it was just a dream and to go back to bed, but i knew it wasn't she was just saying what anyother parent would say just to make me feel better. It was strange how my room was the only room i ever see them in my family would make fun of me and would make stupid jokes about the ghosts in my room. One night after my 16th birthday my sisters and i were playing a board game in our dining room when the room filled up with a blinding flash, we just figured my mother was right outside the window taking a picture of something. Later that night my sister was across the hall from me sleeping up stairs when the same flash lit up the room at 1 in the morning she was 20 years old then she ran into my room and slept next to me she was not sure that it was a flash from a camera anymore since we were upstairs and everyone was sleeping. We never figured out what the flash was. When my mother was away on vacation and i was the only one home i was sleeping and when i awoke in the middle of the night i found myself eye to eye to a young girl who had to have been at least 10. She had a wound in her head where her eye had been there was a hole through her head, it was the right eye that had been gone. This was the most frightening thing i had ever seen. I once again couldn't do anything i was the only one home so i layed there and went back to sleep. Once again i see the black lady except this time i find myself fighting her in my drea the wierd thing was a mobile that was hanging above me on my ceiling had fallen and hit me in the stomach while i sleeping. The mobile hit me in the same spot the lady hit me at the same exact time. I still found that my parents didn't believe me untill one night my dad traveled down stairs for a drink at 1 in the morning and he heard some girl humming a song he thought it was me untill he realized that he and my mom were the only ones home that night. Later the same night at 3 in the morning my mother awoke and had to use the rest room. while she was walking down the hall she heard a lady talking. My parents told me about this when i arrived home the next morning and now they believe me. We don't know who these ghosts are but we are trying to find some histoy about our house as it was built in 1890. Maybe the history will reveal who these ghosts are and why there here.


My Guests





hi my name is carolann and i have a story on youe site page 339 its about a lady who committed suicide in my garage,you had given me advice on how to get rid of her and for a while id thought she left but shes still here and she like to scare my guests, first it was my mom,and a few times it was me  she puts lights on makes noise in my kitchen it sounds like someone is out there a few times i called out my hubbys name thinking he had come home from work but no one was there just the noise. when my sis passed last july my brotherinlaw was over while we were making arrangements and he had brought his comp. in for me to fix for him,well it took some time it was about 1am we were both tired by then and he lives in n.j so i told him to stay over i have a blow up mattress we set up for him in the living room we turned in about 1.30 after about 5mins. he came to my room and asked me to come out to the living room when i did he was looking underneath the mattress i asked what was wrong and he said he could feel things moving around with him when he laid down, now my brotherinlaw is a big skeptic about anythink pertaining to ghosts ,i told him it was proberbly just the mattress sticking to the floor and popping he said oh no something was pushing me off it,well it was about 1.45 am by now he was dressed and on his way home by 2am swearing hed never sleep here again.this past week  on the 25 of june i had my son and girlfriend over they slept in my basement in a room i use for entertaining his girlfriend said at about2 or 3 am she heard a sound like a violin but it was a voice moving across the cieling saying good night good night good night she was up for the rest of the nightso 2 more not staying here.i know shes harmless just like to pull pranks and scare people, ive also gotten voices on tape ,when i put the recorder in the garage where she hung herself i asked her to say something on the tape and let me know if shes still here and got a very low voice which sounds like here she is,another tape is a low whisper it says help me, and when i filmed ors in my room the voice on the tape says in a minute.ive got 2 more i have not made out yet what there night she knocked over a very heavy st. jude candle in my room which could not fall over by it self also ill hear breathing just as im falling asleep or a whisper sometimes someone calls my name i sleep with a light on every night i hate those night sounds and i tell her now not to scare me so i guess instead she scares my guests ,but when my grankids  stay over shes good no scary stuff so they dont know about her it would scare my grandson so we keep the story from them .just recently went to a psychic dinner which was really intresting but at one point the psychic said tell your spirit to beat it,she rembered at anothe meeting my ghost came with me and contacted her.well ive done the prayers blessed house and even said a prayer a reike gave me and also one from this site almost thought it worked was real quiet for a while but shes still here does not want to leave,i dont know but i kind of feel if shes happy here so be it.well thats mt latest update foe 7/1/05 sincerely carolann.  email if anyone wants to write me to my email be my guest.




Vicksburg Cemetery




Before the cemetary was publicized, sectioned off, and given a sign on the side of the road for recognition, about 30 years ago, my father and his best friend came across the cemetary at night. They heard children laughing, but upon looking around, found nobody. They started to leave when they found the gravestones of two small children. Then they saw a green ball of light floating around the cemetary. It floated toward a cattle fence, and the two boys watched, intrigued, as the ball floated through the fence, following the path, like a person would, instead of floating over it.









    my name is Robbie  Hoffman and I was 11 years old when my experience happened. I was going on a field trip to a place called environmental camp and I already believed in the paranormal. when I was on the school bus I brought my book about places where ghosts were sighted in the U.S. A. and when I was just flipping through the pages I saw the camp I was going to. So I told my friend beside me and he was shocked then he passed it to his father,but he didn't say anything. About an hour later a woman passed out some pieces of paper that had the house we were staying in when the woman gave me the paper I thought I was going to pass out because the house  that was haunted was the place that I was sleeping. I then asked my friend what house he sleeping in and he got the same house to. A few minutes later we got to the camp so the people there got us all settled in and I was pretty comfortable until night came. The room I was staying in was also where three other people were staying and one of them was my friend. I couldn't sleep because I felt someone else in the room other then the rest of my friends. so I looked around to who was there and when I was looking I saw a shadow crossing the door and after five minutes it didn't cross the door again because our room was at the end of the building. In the early morning I was still awake and when I wanted to go to sleep someone said hello right in my ear, so I looked around and my friends were still sleeping so I didn't sleep for the rest of the day. that was my only ghost experience I had and the house i slept was called the Quillen house in Ferry Beach,Maine.




State Hospital




I just wanted to inform you, after reading your splerb about the Anoka state hospital. I am an employee here and I have experienced the wonderful tunnel system once after that one time I refuse to go in the tunnels again. I had my experience in January of 2004 when I was in training one of the security officers took me on a tour and there is a section of the tunnels that T's off and then the tunnels go around in a circle. Well right and that point where it T's off you can feel a major temperature change it goes from hot and muggy to really cold. Anyways the staff members that have worked out here many years claim that there is a lady in red the story goes that their was this young lady was a patient here way back in the day and that she had hung herself on a pipe while wearing a red night gown so the joke is whenever you go into the tunnels that you need to watch out for the lady in red. So we made our way through the tunnels on my tour and on our way back we were at that point where it T's off and this is where you make your way down a long hall and that's where the door is to get out and at that point my hair on my arms began to stand up and I informed the officer that I didn't feel right and we needed to get out of their. All of a sudden it sounded like someone was banging on the pipes, the officer informed me it was ok and that it was just water or something going through them. Well it started getting closer and I could tell that he was starting to get scared to when the hair on his arms started to stand up that's when it was ok for us to run out of the tunnels. He couldn't get the key's in the door fast enough needless to say he nor I will ever go into the tunnels again past the entry door. One of the other security officers had an odd experience as well I'll try to get him to submit his story because he actually got voices on tape and him and 2 other males got chased out. 




My Motherly Encounter.






I have been reading stories from your site for years. They are all amazing. I have had a few encounters of my own. Mainly with places that I had lived being haunted, or seeing things as I was driving in the darkness of the night, or just that simple 'hair was standing up on the back of my neck' experience. This is not one of those. This is one of those stories that gave me some comfort, and gave me a warm feeling inside.

I am 19 years old. I lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina for the longest time. I recently got married, and moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina. My mother passed away in March of 2004. She was only 50 years old. So very young. I never even got to say goodbye to her, or even tell her that I loved her. I'm sure she knows that though.

My husband and I were on our way to Tennessee. He is from there, and it was going to be my first time meeting my in-laws. I decided to drive the whole way, because I like driving. My husband had fallen asleep. I had the radio on to keep me awake. I was driving at a decent pace.. seeking through radio stations to find a good song. All of a sudden, my radio sort of just ended up on a station with static in it. I didn't think of anything of it.. then out of the static, a song came on. It was the song "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey f/BoyzIIMen. That happened to be one of my mothers favorite songs. Just then, I started to feel all funny, like warm inside. I looked over to Glen, to see if he was still asleep. Glen wasn't there. My mother was sitting there. She was wearing her peach colored shirt, her black pants, and her flip flops that she always wore. She just sort of looked at me and smiled.

"All grown up, I see" She said to me.

I sort of looked around the car, in awe.. and surprised at the same time, cause my dead mother was talking to me, and it looked as if she was waiting for an answer.

"I guess, I was kind of forced to." I said back to her.

"You weren't forced, Cortney. I knew you would. You have a good head on your shoulders." She said to me, with a grin.

I'm sure you are all thinking.. so your dead mothers ghost is talking to you? YEAH RIGHT! If I was lying, I wouldn't be in tears, like I always am, everytime I think about this.

My mother just kind of sat there, looking around. I was still driving, and I noticed that I was going about 120MPH. I decided to slow down, so I wouldn't get pulled over.

"Have you seen Uncle Johnnie? He isn't doing so good." I said to her, wondering if she knew, or if she had been watching over him too.

"I know all about that. He won't be around for very much longer." She said.

She went on to tell me that she is happy where she is, and how everyone here is the same as they were when they were alive. She told me that she has no worries, no pain, no hurt.

"I miss you, and your Dad." She said to me, with tears in her eyes.

I looked over at her and just started crying. I told her how much I missed her and loved her, and how I just wished that things were back to the way they used to be. I had never thought of how my life would be without her.

"Pneumonia dear, it was pneumonia." She said, with a very serious look on her face.

I kind of shrugged that comment off, cause it kind of confused me. It was very random. I later learned that the cause of her death was Pneumonia, with acute respiratory failure and severe sepsis to prior wounds.

"We all love you, Toots. Take care of yourself. I am always here, always watching, always waiting" She said. She reached over and touched my  hand.

It was the weirdest thing, but she got up, and just walked off.

"I LOVE YOU!!" I screamed.

She disappeared.

By that time, I was driving through the Gorge. I was going about 100 through these dangerous curves, because I was still in shock from the experience. Just then. my staticy radio station began to play the song again. I put a CD in, with my favorite song, "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" By Mark Willis. It was pretty much me saying telling her thank you for talking to me.

I told Glen to wake up, cause I was going through the Gorge. I was crying, and he wanted to know why. I explained all of the things she said to me, and everything. I'm sure he must have thought I was crazy. I know that I'm not though.

To this day, everytime I drive to Tennessee, I pray that she will come and talk to me. I haven't heard from her. I sure hope I do, someday, soon.




Lawrence Family Mansion


Hi, I'm here to tell you about the strange occurrences that happened to my mother at the Lawrence Family Mansion on Teddington Park Avenue in Toronto. The first thing you need to know is that my mom is a down to earth, no-nonsense type and she believes that the house was, as ALL its tenants have believed in the past, that it is haunted.

My mom lived in an apartment (Dirt cheap because it WAS haunted) at the top of the mansion. It was, she says, extremely beautiful; High vaulted sealings, many rooms, and spacious, too. In the kitchen there was a mirror people called the "Talking Mirror." This was because any body who stayed in the kitchen long enough started randomely talking to themselves in the mirror. My mother says no matter who passed it, they started to babble. My mom even talked to herself without realizing it until something brought her attention back to where she was and what she was doing, making her realize she had been talking to herself. The people never talked about anything imperticular, anything that came to mind they would talk about.

On the bottom floor a German man named Hans (I don't know how to spell it, it is pronounced Ha-nse) who was the most serious man my mom had ever known. My mom visited him sometimes, and often she would go into this bathroom that was there and just study the clw footed tub that dated back to the1930's. She got the most creepy feeling looking at it, like she could almost see a body lying in it. She compared it to the portrait "Murder of Marat" which is a painting of a man with his throat and wrists slit. She told the man and he said that he heard noises comeing from it at night, and that he KNEW it must be haunted, because he said you could almost see the outline of a body in it. They looked into the history of the house and, sure enough, somebody had commited suicide in the tub around the 1950's. Another thing near the bathroom was a hall, where people would say they felt a deep desire to run to get down it, and that before going down it you had to stop and brace yourself, getting up your courage, like there was a wall there stoping you from going that you had to get through.

Another place in the house was a great living room. It was in the apartment of a police man, and his girlfriend. They always argued, mostly in that room, and one night the girlfriend took the mans gun and held it to his head as they argued. People also reported that happy couples would go into that room and just start fighting, over absolutely anything.

Cold spots were numerous in the house, and many suicides had taken place there. I could tell you many other stories about various spots, but I have to get going.

Also, my mom says the house has now sold for 5 million dollars, and that she suspects that someone tore the house down to get rid of the hauntings and built a replica.


Grandma's Haunting.






 Hi, It's Ayme and I would like to share another story with you. This story was told to my sisters, my brother and I, by our grandmother when we were kids. I am now 36 years old and the youngest of five kids. At the time we were told this story, I was about 9 years old. One day, while sitting around with nothing better to do, our grandmother decided to entertain us and told us various ghost stories. The one that really stuck with me happened in 1936, when my mother was only a year old. The story that was told to us goes like this. When my mother was only a year old her parents ( my grandparents, of course) were looking for a place to live and found this little house near to where my grandfather worked which was affordable. It was a small two bedroom, small living room and kitchen with an outhouse. When they moved in they were happy to find the little house and never expected what was about to take place. As it happens, my grandfather worked nights ( never asked what exactly he did for a living) and was away from home during crucial moments. Things were fine until about three nights after they had moved in. Since my grandfather worked nights, my grandmother would allow the baby to sleep with her. After the baby was put to bed, my grand mother decided to go to bed too and crawled into bed next to my mom. No sooner had she laid down, when she heard this humongous crash coming from the kitchen. She described it as if some one had taken the dish rack full of dishes and thrown it on the floor, so that every dish was shattered. Well, of course she went to the kitchen to see what was going on and discovered nothing broken, or out of place, everything was exactly where it should be. She went back to bed and tried to put it out of her head. A few nights latter the same thing happened, only this time there was more. After checking and finding no broken dishes again, she went back to bed, but once she was in bed the mattress lifted into the air about a foot and dropped back into place with unbelievable force. This frightened my grandmother so that she grabbed my mother off the bed and left the room quickly. She spent the rest of the night with my mother in her arms on a rocking chair in the living room. This went on for a few nights, until one night something else happened. Back in those days in Puerto Rico they used padlocks on their doors, you could lock your door from the outside or the inside with the padlock. Well, one night after checking for the non-existent broken dishes and going back to bed, she heard the sound of a horse galloping around the house. Again she retreated to the rocking chair in the living room. The chair faced the door and as she watched the padlock unlocked itself, twisted out of the loop, fell to the ground and the door slowly opened. By this point my grandmother is so freaked out that she is clutching my mother to her. The door opens to reveal a man, dressed in white, leather belt and all, standing on the porch. As my grandmother looked at him, he used his thumb in a manner to motion as if to say " get out". My grandmother was frightened and could nothing, but sit there and stare at him. The next morning my grand mother informed my grandfather of all these strange things and my grandfather, believing someone was trying to scare them, decided to hire some one dependable to guard the house. Well, the next night my grandmother went to bed as usual and again the dishes crashing, the mattress incident, the horse galloping and the padlock and the man on the porch. My grandmother tried to wake up the guard, whom had fallen asleep on the couch to no avail. The man slept like the dead. So, again my grandmother told my grandfather and informed him that his guard had fallen asleep and would not wake up. My grand father then decided he would stay home and find out who was the SOB that was frightening his wife. The house had been built on a hill so that the back of the house was on land and the front of the house was on beams and you could walk upright under the house to a certain point. The night some of the same things happened and my grandfather hearing the galloping horse, grabbed his shot gun and went outside. While standing on the porch, holding the gun at the ready said; if you're a man come out and face me. At that moment a man and horse came out from under the house and rode right through the barbed wire that was used as fencing around the house. My grandfather thought that what ever rode through that fence was not human. The next morning he went under the house and soon found a grave. After talking to the neighbors he was told that the house had been built by a man, whom specified to his wife, the house was for her and his kids. The man knew that he was dying and built the house before he died. Soon after the husband died ( according to the neighbors) the wife went insane and took off leaving her children and the house abandoned. This is the story we were told all those years ago. When I was in my teens I was told that due to the fact that no one could live there, the house was eventually torn down. I hope you enjoyed this story and it doesn't give you nightmares like it did me when I heard it.    









I think that I've written you before so if I repeat myself in anything I say here then please excuse me. I wrote your Website before talking about my House that I felt was haunted even though everybody else thought that I was crazy well mainly my Mom who continues to insist it isn't haunted but a lot of thing's have been happening lately that convince me otherwise. Normally, thing's happen once in a while but not a lot but I read one time on your Website that Ghost's feed on emotion's of people or react to their emotion's I'm not sure if this is true or not.

Well, I've always thought my house was Haunted since I moved in when I was 9 thing's happened once in a while but not that often. I've been with my Boyfriend a year and he recently found out he's deploying to Iraq in the Fall for a second tour and well needless to say since I found out this hasn't exactly been the greatest time for me emotion wise. This is going to sound completely crazy but my emotion's are up and down everyday with this news and I notice that more thing's are happening since I've been well more emotional. For instance I was at work the other day and I swear I heard someone call my name this was of course when I was downstairs by myself it was like a whisper and the same thing happened at home.

I tend to be a skeptic so I just tried to ignore it then the other night I was in the bathroom everyone was in bed and I heard footstep's and a knocking noise I of course was really scared I hate thing's like that. Then on Saturday I was home alone and heard knocking and then a door slammed of course I was terrified I try to shut it out but something like that is pretty hard to shut out. I refuse to go to bed till the Sun come's up my parent's think I just like to stay up late that isn't it and I feel incredibly uneasy when I try to sleep. My boyfriend is stationed overseas right now so I will call him and make him stay on the phone with me for hour's since I feel that uneasy. I know this sound's all very very crazy and of course I don't consider myself to be the least bit psychic but I've been convinced my house was haunted for year's but no one ever ever see's anything but me. In the hallway downstairs there are read stain's on the ceiling that look like blood stain's my mom insist's it's paint and that I'm crazy but the foyer isn't even painted red!

Anyway, I'm sorry for taking your time and I realize I sound completely crazy I guess I'm just looking for some kind of rational explanation because right now I'm beginning to think I'm crazy. I also don't understand why everyone is obivious to this but me so I don't really talk about it. The only person who really know's exactly how I feel is my best friend she stayed here one night and she was here 1 or 2 hour's, and she wokeup insisted on leaving and refused to spend the night. This same girl 2 hour's earlier had been drunk we were drinking at home and passed out ten minute's later she wokeup completely sober got her stuff and left. She wouldn't say what she saw but insisted on leaving she told me later and since then has refused to sleep at my house. Anyway, sorry for taking your time hope I don't sound completely crazy thank's for your help.








my story isn't that big but you can use it if you want to.

when i was about 7 or 6 i woke up in the middle of the night for a strange reason.i had a loft bed and i had looked down at my i was looking i saw my bead curtians that were hanging over my closet started to sway.then i felt something brush the side of my arm.i fliped out and ran tomy parents room.when i was half way to my parents room i concired that a fan was on but only i rembered that i didn't have a fani  my room.i also didn't have any pets so i had no logicl explination to what had happend.i rember always seeing someone in the coner of my eye.i would turn to see who it was but when i did no one was there.things would dissapair such as homework and school suplies then they would reapair on the kitchen counter or on my dresser.i would always feel someone watching me then i'd turn around to see that no one was there.i rember one time inpictular i had a friend sleepover.we were up in my tree fort and it was dark out and we were heading inside.we had dared each other to turn off our flashlights so we were it was pitch black.we were getting ready to open the side door when apair of red eyes appered on the door window.we rushed inside and started to shake from fright.i moved from that house 5 weeks ago and have lived in that house for seven years.i'm glad not to be in that house any more.i feel a presense here but i think it is a good one.




Ghost Dreams




Although, our family does have some semi-psychic tendencies, its rather unusual for us to actually SEE anything.  Dreams, however, are another story.  For example:

My grandmother throughout her life had a recurring dream of standing outside her home at night and seeing a figure carrying a lantern and walking the top rail of a picket fence.  Always when she had the dream, within a few days, she would hear of a death in the family.  As she grew older, the dreams continued, until one day when she was in her 80's, she made the comment that, "I know the next time I have that dream, they'll be coming for me."  She lived to 91 and never said specifically, but I always wondered whether she saw that figure again.

Personally, for me there are no recurring dreams, but I have experienced losses of loved ones several times in the last ten years and almost every time, I have had dreams where the lost one comes back to show/tell me that they are all right.

The first time occurred in 1994 when my Siamese died.  He had owned me for over 18 years and we were very attached.  He had been ill for some time and finally got to a point where he had both kidney issues and cancer; euthanizing him was a mercy at that point.  A week or two after he passed, I was lying in bed in the morning, in that grey area between sleeping and waking, when I felt him lying in the crook of my arm, his usual sleeping spot.  Because I knew he'd be gone when I opened my eyes, I put it off as long as possible.  When I did, of course he was gone, but the spot on the bed where he had been was warm and I could still feel where his fur had been warm against my arm.

In 1996, my mother passed away after a long period of failing health.  I had been her caretaker for years, so of course there was another huge void.  Again, a dream.  In the dream, Mom and I were sitting in a sunny little kitchen nook, bright flowers at the window, sipping hot cups of tea and just chatting.  Finally, after a brief lull in the conversation, she looked over at me, put her hand on my forearm and said, "You know, I really AM all right?"  When I woke up, I felt so peaceful and warm and reassured that she WAS ok.

Fast forward to 1997 after my husband died.  Not long afterward, I found myself chatting on an online widows/widowers chat and many of my fellow chatters talked about having seen/felt their late spouses or having dreamed of them; I myself hoped to have an experience of that nature, but in all of my dreams, it seemed I found myself either looking for Joe but never finding him or telling someone or other that he was gone.  The very last dream I had, though, I found a place where he was although he wasn't there.  I fond myself looking at a whitewashed adobe-type square building on a white sandy beach, complete with palm trees, looking for all the world like a perfect Caribbean beach.  There were large openings on each side of the building with beautifully colored drapes billowing out in the breeze.  Inside, each room was stacked with huge, soft pillows in ice cream colors.  I knew instinctively that this was where Joe was "staying" although he wasn't there at the time and I felt better knowing that he was in such a lovely place (and where he could go fishing--lol).  That was the last dream I ever had of Joe.




Don't Do THat




To whom this may concern,

I live in Signal Hill, California, at the Hillside Pines Condominiums.

This experience occurred early this morning, Saturday, July 2, 2005, between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. when I was about to go to bed.  I turned out all the lights and as soon as I laid my head on my pillow I heard a woman's voice say,"Don't Do That".  It was non-threatening, neither a high nor a low pitch to the voice, just a simple "Don't Do That". 

As soon as I heard her voice, I got up and looked around in the dark.  I couldn't believe what I had just heard.  I started to think of logical reasons.  It could be the neighbors next door, but the voice was right inside my bedroom, right in my ear.  I wasn't scared, just surprised, with some disbelief.  I dismissed the voice and laid my head back down on my pillow, all the while thinking of that woman's voice repeating,"Don't Do That". 

About a minute went by when I heard my cat, Sassy, knock over the glass lid of my candy jar.  It was a loud noise and I knew she had jumped up on the kitchen counter, an area that is forbidden to her.  I got up and turned on the lights.  The glass lid was knocked off and I was missing a silver chain wrapped around the lid.  I knew Sassy had swallowed it because it wasn't the first time she had swallowed inanimate objects.  Last time it was a rubber band, which she coughed up a couple days later.  Hopefully she'll cough up the silver chain.

Before this experience, I sometimes feel my bed move as if someone sat next to me or sat on the edge of my bed.  I assumed it was one of my two cats jumping onto my bed, but when I look up to see which cat it was, there was nothing on the bed.  This has been going on for over a year and I never told anyone until now.

My family and friends suggest that I check with the neighbors who have lived in the condos from the day it was built in 1985 and check with the police department of any homicides or deaths that may have occurred in the city of Signal Hill.  A couple friends even suggest playing a tape recorder to record any noises at night, a suggestion I plan to do this evening before going to bed.

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