The Nantasket Haunting


Hi I just came on the internet to check my mail when I found this it reminded me of a very strange thing that I want to tell you about I hope very much that this will be printed . These true events happened in Hull Massachusetts on Nantasket beach . I had heard stories about the same house from 3 different people , a past owners son , my uncle by marriges uncle from my mothers side of the family and my cousin on my fathers side of the families cousin. I first had been talking to Mike a kid from school who's mothers house was haunted . She lived there for thirteen years and had witnessed all sorts of strange events. One was that a party would happen every December 30 in her bedroom and every night at 8:33 like clockwork she'd see a "policeman" climb the stairs and once he got to the eight stair he'd stop and disapear. Then he went on about how a rose bush had been unfront of the house and was overgrowing the deck so his step-great grand father cut it down , only to have it regrow this happened twice more over the next thirteen years until they finally just let it grow. The plant had been in full bloom when the family moved , they had a picture to prove that but when they went back the next day to take a part of the flower the plant was completely shriveled upnow if you think this isn't strange lilacs grew in its place and the same thing happened when the next people moved. Now I didn't think very much of the stories at first , until I met Ben. Ben was my first cousins cousin ( no relation to me ) who was at a family party over my cousins house he didn't talk to me at first but to his first cousin about a haunted house that was near him and described it and gave the adress on Nantasket Ave. a long street with many houses and I got premission only to use the street name and not the whole adress. I asked him questions about it since he had first hand experience and he told me all about it ,and oviously he didn't know Mike. He told me that his parents had looked at it to move in and the windows had blown out from the inside for know aparent reason. Now I started to beleive Mike more. I then met my uncle by blood's uncle ( also no relation to me ) who had been a policeman in Hull and worked for a policeman named Hank who had lived in that house and who had drown lobster fishing . I then told him about my Mike and Bens stories and he was practicaly shocked I called Mike and that was when I could first experience to go into the house and see for my self this house of horrors because the house was being sold and Mikes mother acted as someone thinking about buying it even though she really had no intent of doing so. It was like I had expected it had kind of a <I>feel</I> to it so I stepped into the house and said his name , "Hank" I knew I'd get a response but I now regreted saying his name out loud . I then heard a loud crash and a scream we went into the room and found a broken mirror about four feet from the dresser was glass that was perfectly out in the mirror shape and the wooden part had no glass in it now. It was an impossible thing to happen and th realEsate agent was horrified.

I cfan't blame her so was I. Well I hope you enjoyed this true writing from me and if anyone else knows anything about this then they should tell it.

It Looks Like a Normal House


My grandparents bought our house about fifty years ago, they have since

passed away, but our ghosts remain. In our sewing room there is the ghost

of a woman who paces and cries. We think she was murdered in there, mostly

because at times you feel as if a pillow is being held over your face. It

is nearly impossible to breath, I have stumbled out of that room more than

once, nearly fainting from lack of oxygen. This one in particular does not

seem to affect men, only women above the age of 15 years. In the hallway,

there are two ghosts. One of a large man with heavy boots. This one

terrified my sister and I when we were children. At night he will chase you

down the hall into the living room, he never passes the the hall door, but

gets to the thresh hold and stops. (After my divorce, I moved back home,

and notice that mychildren do the same thing. They have never been told the

old ghost stories.) The other is my grandmother's dog that has been dead

for for nearly forty-five years. This is the "day shift". I hear her nails

clicking down the hall every so often, and sometimes she goes tearing down

the hall, and as she turns the corner, you hear a slide and thump. (She

always smacked into the wall when running at full tilt.) The front bedroom

harbors something that looks like a nun, although it doesn't "feel" like a

nun. It is rather menacing, but definetly female. The garage was converted

into another bedroom many years ago. In there you can find a little boy

sitting on the floor in front of the door, a little girl who shakes the bed

just to wake you up, and in the closet I'm not sure who he is but he's

really noisy! There are others, but these are the most prominent of all.

My Aunt and Uncle's House


It started in 1995 when my aunt, uncle, and cousins bought a new house.

The main part of the house was built in 1839 and an addition was put on in

1878(the years might be off a little). As soon as they bought the house

and were pretty much moved in, my family went over to visit. The house

was fine, really pretty, but when we got up to the third floor, I couldn't

breath and I got a bad headache. I had to go back down right away. A

couple of days later, we went back to help clean(the people before had

left the house disgusting). I brought a friend with me this time, and she

was the first to see something. I went in to get a drink and when I came

back outside, she was sitting in a chair, very still. When I came over to

her, she said "Look down by the pool". I did and I didn't see anything.

She was trying to tell me that she saw a little girl, but before she could

descibe her we heard a loud bang that came from the basement doors behind

us. We thought that my little brother and cousin had gotten into

something, but when we opened the doors, it was dark and no one was down

there. That's when I got the same feeling from the third floor, I

couldn't breath and I had a bad headache. We ran out, shut the doors and

ran down to the pool where we found my little brother and cousin swimming.

Later that night when we were saying good-bye to everyone, I was hugging

my aunt and facing this little shed we planned to turn into a playhouse(I

was 12) and I saw a black man in a blue shirt and white pants walk behind

and never come out. I got all panicking and got in the car and wouldn't

come out. Everyone wanted to know what was wrong and when I told them

there was a man back there they tried to assure me nobody was there, but I

swear I saw him. A couple of weeks later I was invited to sleep over. I

pushed the man out of my thoughts and accepted. Everything went fine and

bedtime came around and I was put on the floor at the foot of my cousins

bed. I fell right to sleep, but it didn't last long. I woke up around

1:30 with a terrible stomaach ache. I tried to go back to sleep but when

I put my head on my pillow I heard this moaning. It wasn't one person,or

moaner, it was a couple, all different volumes and pitches. I finally

fell back to sleep but again, it didn't last long. I woke up again at

three and looked out the window from where I was laying. I saw this big

tree and 1 star through the branches but something wasn't right. I

realized the light was on, and it wasn't the last time I woke up. Maybe I

didn't notice, but I remeber not being able to see the tree. My confused

thoughts were interuppted by a white cloud that flew right through the

tree. I don't mean it weaved itself in and out, I mean it went right

through. I got up and left that room and went into my other cousins,

where my brother was asleep. I woke him up and explained everything to

him. Then I fell asleep and slept the rest of the night. Other things

have happended, too. One night, in the summer of 1996, I woke to look out

the window and see a little girl staring up at me. She was cute and she

resembled the girl that my friend explained to me. There was a sadness

with this girl, and I wanted to cry, or run out of the house and take her

in my arms and tell her everything will be all right. I new it wouldn't

so I left the little girl staring up at me, and went back to sleep.

Another time I was running around the corner of the house in broad

daylight and saw the little girl peering around the doorway of the barn,

looking at me, this time without the darkening sadness, but kind of a

playful look. I turned and ran the other way. Another time, me, my

brother, and my three cousins were up in the third floor and we were

playing with this doll that walks around in a walker and cries and laughs,

we were making fun of it and beating over the head with a cardboard brick.

When we were done we turned off the doll & walker and the remote and we

sat down and started playing with a Ouja board. Me, my brother and cousin

put our hands on the pointer. My cousin started saying "Spirits of the

light, protect us from the Spirits of the dark" but the doll started

laughing. We screamed and raced downstairs, leaving my oldest cousin who

had fell to take care of herself. Also, my cousin and sister have seen

the little girl on the basement stairs and just disapear into thin air. My

cousin also saw her when we were playing Man Hunt. She was running and

hiding behind trees, like she was playing with us. I haven't seen

anything since the summer, and I also haven't been there too much. I hope

I will get to see the little girl some more. If any people would like to

email me with questions or helpful info, feel free to.

The Pipe Cleaner


My father told us this story when we were small...I'm not sure if it is

true, but he says it is.

We had and old farm-house, in fact it was the oldest one on the road.

In 1974 my mother was in the hospital after just having my sister and my

Dad had sent me to stay with relatives. He had closed off most of the

house with blankets in the doorways and was just heating the one room.

He was sitting there reading the newspaper and he heard a noise. He

listened to make sure it wasn't a tree limb or a mouse in the wall or

something like that. The noise was different and it had a

pattern....tickety-tick, tickety-tick. He turned the light on upstairs

and went to investigate. The noise stopped. He dismissed it and

returned to his paper. He had no sooner sat down and he heard it

again. He waited and it didn't stop so he went to look again. As soon

as he turned the light on it stopped. Confused, he went back to his

paper and sure enouh it started again. This time he snuck up the stairs

in the dark. He could clearly hear the tickety-tick, tickety-tick. He

couldn't see anyone though. He said, "Who's there?", and there was a

flash of red light and the noise stopped.

Ten year's later my father woke up in the middle of the night to see a

man dressed in clothes from the 1800's with one leg up on the end of the

bed. The man was just staring at him while cleaning his pipe. The only

sound my dad could here was the noise he made while scraping his pipe

out, clickety-click, clickety-click!

The funny thing was is my Dad thought the person was real. He yelled

at him, "Who the hell are you?". There was a red flash and the figure

disappeared. My Dad yelling had awoken my mother. He told her what he

saw but she told him he he was dreaming and to go back to sleep. To

this day he swears he wasn't asleep when he saw the man. He didn't even

remember his experiences from ten years before until a couple days

later. He's sure the man cleaning his pipe was the exact same sound he

heard all those years before. Nobody ever saw anything else to

substantiate my Dad's story and we no longer live in the house.

Christmas Ornament


I have a white linen bell. It is a Christmas tree ornament that my grandmother made shortly before she died. My grandmother was from Lithuania and is the only grandparent that I can remember very well. The others - also from Lithuania - died when I was very young. My grandmother knew she was dying from colon cancer that summer, so she began making crafts, thing to give to her children and grandchildren with which to be remembered. The bell of one of these.

It is intricate, linen lace, fashioned with white sparkles. Each year, I pull it out from its box and put t on the tree. This year, I decided not to pack it away, and have it in a dresser drawer in my bedroom where I can look at t.

Just after my grandmother died, my sister got pregnant with my niece. Her daughter is now a young adult. She's like many of the kids that I now teach. She also has a linen bell, fashioned by an old woman who she never knew. It's interesting, last summer my sister told me that shortly after her daughter was born - as a toddler - the little girl saw an older woman in her room. She wasn't frightened of this woman, but was indeed curious to her identity. The woman smiled lovingly at her. Only three, the child described the woman to her mother as having spoken "funny English." Her description matched the picture of my grandmother that now sits on a desk in my sister's family room.

Some say that it could be bad that my grandmother came back from where she is to see her great-granddaughter. I don't think so. I think it's a blessing.

A Protective Spirit


About 1931, my mother had a "visitation". The folks were living in

company housing (a bedroom and a kitchen, outside plumbing) at a coal

mine in Illinois with one heating source - a pot bellied stove in the

kitchen. It was January, and bitterly cold. At the time my sister was

about 5 months old. As usual, the fire in the stove was banked to give

off enough heat to keep my sister warm in her crib by the stove. At

about 1am my mother felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She was

facing the kitchen when she opened her eyes to see a woman dressed in a

long black gown with mutton sleeves and lace at her neck and cuffs. The

lady's hair was pulled up in a Gibson style and she was standing above

my sister's crib looking at the baby. Mother turned over to my father

and whispered "Joseph!"

Upon turning back to the kitchen, the woman was gone. Mother got up to

check on my sister and found that the stove had gone out and the diaper

my sister wore was ice cold (from doing what babies do best - wet). The

temperature was dropping and had my mother continued to sleep, the baby

would have frozen. When she described the woman to my father, he went

to his childhood bible and removed a small photograph of his mother that

he had stashed away. She was dressed in a long black gown with lace at

her neck and wrists, smiling for the camera. Dad said that she was

buried in that dress about a year after the picture was taken. (Grandma

had died of a botched abortion.)

Mom always had "feelings" and "forebodings" and as kids, we learned to

listen to her and take these things into account. She would even tell

my dad not to take a job on the railroad extra board because she felt

something would happen to that run. She wasn't always correct, but

often enough for us to take note!

Haunted or Not?


From 1980 until 1983, my husband and I rented an old farmhouse from a very nice couple with a family. It was known as a grandparent's or in-law's house. The original structure was a log cabin, and it had been added onto sometime in the late 1800's, which made it very close to the "main" house. It was a charming old house, but I always felt really uneasy there. My oldest daughter was just a baby at the time, and my husband was working a lot of evenings. I always had the feeling that someone was watching me, but never really saw anything. I did hear mice, I think, because there were always scurrying, scratching noises in the walls and ceilings, but never saw any. I really got concerned one night, though--my husband was working late. I was in the upstairs bathroom getting ready for bed. The upstairs bathroom had a window that looked down on the backdoor and patio. I know I was wide awake and not imagining things when I distinctly heard a voice say my name. I thought my husband was locked out as he always came in the back door, so I quick looked out of the window to see if he was down there, and there was no one there. My daughter was sleeping, and the voice was definitely a male voice. I never was so scared in my life! I didn't sleep well in that house, but don't remember any particularly horrible nightmares--just that uneasy feeling. But, in all the time we lived in that house, twice someone spoke my name and no one there.

Ghostly Sounds and Feeling


I am very interested in ghosts and hauntings, though I do not know very much

about them but what I've heard from others or read in other stories or websites. I

live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and I was just wondering if you know of

any especially notable haunted places in my area. I have heard and read many

stories about the Berks County area, which is only about a half hour from

where I live.

To my knowledge, I have never actually seen a ghost, but I am convinced that

I have at least heard some and felt the presence of others. One time, I had

gone with my boyfriend (now my husband) to visit a friend in Boyertown, PA

about a year and a half ago. When we entered the building where his

apartment was in, I got a very strange, creepy feeling. I didn't know why,

but I did know I wanted to get out of there FAST! I cannot say that I felt

like I was in danger, but it was a very unsettling and uncomfortable feeling.

The next time we went to see Randy (my husband's friend) I decided I'd wait

in the car for them. It was at this time that I first saw a plaque on the

front wall of the building. It stated that it was the former site of the

Rhoads Opera House, in which there had been a fire in 1908. The fire had

killed 170 people who had been packed (and terribly overcrowded) into the

Opera House to see a Sunday School play. The building was rebuilt soon after

the fire. I had read the story of the fire about two years before this

visit, in a book called "Ghost Stories of Berks County" by Charles J. Adams

III. Needless to say, I never did go into the building again.

A few years ago, before I met my husband, I was living in an apartment in a

very old building in Royersford, PA (the town where I've lived for most of my

life). I had moved into this place in November. When we were moving my

things in, I went down into the basement for the first - and last - time. I

got the same creepy feeling down there that I described above. I quickly

decided not to store any of my things downstairs, so I wouldn't have the need

to go down there ever again. Now, by the following spring, the woman in the

apartment next to mine had moved away, and I was the only tenant left in the building. There was a larger apartment upstairs that the landlord couldn't rent until he fixed

various problems with it. However, almost every night, I was kept awake by

the sounds of someone walking around upstairs! I almost jumped right out of

my skin one night when I heard these footsteps walk across the floor above

me, come down the inside stairs, proceed down the hallway and stop outside my

bedroom door! The inside stairs were in my living room closet. When the

building had been remodeled to create apartments in the old house, it had

been done in such a way that if you were to open the closet door in my living

room and try to go up the stairs, you would hit your head on the bottom of

the upstairs floor, with NO POSSIBLE WAY TO GO ANY FURTHER) After several

weeks of such performances, a friend and I went up to the outside door of the

2nd floor apartment and discovered that it was locked with a padlock that had

obviously not been unlocked for quite a long time. (My landlord was not

disposed to doing many repairs in my building.) And also, the wooden floor

of the porch upstairs was in such horrible condition that we very nearly fell

through it onto the concrete below, not to mention that we made a great deal

of noise walking on the squeaky porch. In all the times I had heard someone

upstairs, I had never heard anyone going up or down the outside steps. A few

weeks before I moved out the landlord finally decided to start working on the

upstairs apartment, and after he removed the padlock and was in there more

often, I didn't hear anything else at night. Pretty odd, don't you think?

Mr. Cox


I was about nine or ten years old when this happened... and Elizabeth

was living with my parents because her mother worked... it was during

the war years... 1945-1946... and mothers often worked when husbands

were off at war.

It was halloween... so that night Elizabeth and I went out trick or treating

for candies, fruits and other goodies... and one of the first houses that

we stopped at was caddie corner from our house... We lived on Shealy

street... 1842 to be exact, in Corpus Christi... and the Cox's lived kind-of

across the street, and to our right... there was a vacant field across the

street from us...

The lights were on in the Cox's residence... so we knew someone was

home... which was not always the case. Mr. Cox worked as a pilot for

the Naval Air station... or something like that... my dad also worked at

the navel base, too... but that night some one was home at the Cox's


There were other children, many our age... some younger, and in

groups, and some older... most with costumes of goblins, and ghosts,

and other costumes that were appropriate for that special night. So

we made one stop, next door, then headed across the street to the

Cox's residence and knocked. We waited but there was no answer..

so Elizabeth and I peered throught the front door glass, and inside the

small frame house, Mr. Cox was sitting in an overstuffed cloth chair..

the old brownish kind... that looked that it may have been stuffed with


He was in full naval uniform, even with his cap on... we could see

him clearly in the room... the floor lamp was lit, and the reflection

around the room from the wallpaper covered wooden walls, gave

a good view... The chair faced a little to the right of the door, so

he was not looking exactly at us, but a little to the right of us... and

he simply sat and stared at the right side of the front door where

we stood.... knocking. He didn't even seem to hear our knock.

It was obvious that he did not intend to get up and give a treat so

Elizabeth and I really pounded on the door, to irritate him into a

candy... we were children, and we new the power of the irritation


But still, he didn't budge... so we left, exiting on the left side of the

wooden front steps... the steps had two sides... a person could

enter from the right or left... and as we exited, I took a bar of soap

that I used in an emergency, and left a quick design on the window

screen that was on the left side of his door... and we quickly left for

better pickings at some other residence....

We were happy that night, and soon forgot Mr. Cox's rudeness at

not accomodating us... and it wasn't until the next day that my mother

had informed Elizabeth and I that Mr. Cox had been killed in a aviation

accident, about dark... the time that we saw him.... Elizabeth and

I were really excited... and we told mother that we had seen him sitting

in his chair... but mother, who, never took anything serious that we said

or did... so after a few days... the event was forgotten... until now.... I

remembered it, while reading your ghostly web page.

A Few Experiences


I have a few stories to tell,some of them my own experiences one that of my

grandparents and one of my roommate. My Dad has often told me the story of

when his parents were first married.My family is originally from England.

My grandparents rented a small apartment that was inexpensive.During their

first night there,they were woken up by a great deal of noise.They opened

their eyes to see their belongings being thrown about the room,they were

the only ones there.It escalated from there.Pictures flew from the

walls,their bedding was ripped to shreds and dishes were smashed.Needless

to say,they moved out very quickly.Others attempted to live in the same

suite but the same things would happen.Eventually,nobody would live

there.Nor,after tearing down the building did the activity end.It continued

in the new one.That building was also torn down.Now,nothing stands there,it

is an empty lot.

In 1977,when I was 16,we went on vacation in England to visit relatives.My

parents,myself and my younger brother were touring a castle.We came to a

set of stone steps leading up to a small tower.My Mom had decided to stay

at the bottom and sit on a small bench as she had recently sprained her

ankle.I was the last one up the steps.As I got to about the middle of

stairs,I felt a hand in the middle of my back,like someone was making sure

that I wouldn't fall backwards.I assumed that it was my Mom,and when I

turned to look at her she was still on the bench and nobody was behind me.

A few years later,when we were at home,I was sitting in the kitchen at my

parents home.I had been doing my homework at the kitchen table as I usually

did.I happend to glance up to see the figure of a woman dressed in a long

flowing dress drift past the doorway of the kitchen and down the hallway.I

sat speachless for a moment.When I finally worked up the courage to tell my

Mom who was sitting in the living-room she looked at me and told me that

she had seen the lady before but didn't tell anyone because she thought

that we would think that she was crazy.A short time after this,my parents

woke up one morning,to find that their bedspread had been neatly folded to

the bottom of the bed,both of them had slept soundly through the night.

Some years later,my Mom was babysitting one of the granddaughters.She

looked up to see Chelsey staring down the hallway."What are you looking

at?" she asked her."The nice lady in the hall.But she has to go

now."Chelsey replied,and proceeded to wave "bye-bye".My Mom was

stunned.There ghost hadn't been seen for some years and only seems to

appear to the female members of our family.

About a year ago,my roommate Yvonne awoke to see a figure sitting on the

edge of the bed which was up against the wall.She had an immediate feeling

of fear and what she calls "the yucks".This happend fequently enough that

her cat refused to sleep on the bed.I am Wiccan,so she asked me if I could

do some sort of banishing ritual to rid the house of this unpleasant

spirit.One day when the house was empty,I did a ritual and the spirit never




hello my name is jeff and about five years or so ago i had a paranormal

experience. i was at my friend, jaiman's house and he had told me years

before this incident that there was a demon who plagued his family

for generations. i didn't belive him until years after he told me about

it i came over to his house to play guitar with him. it was a normal

jam session when all of the sudden he stopped playing guitar and he sat

down and opened up his bible. i don't know why but he began reading out

loud i thought he went mad or something, then i felt a feeling like i

should be angry or intimidated about something ( i kind of get the

feeling just writng about it). the hair on the back of my neck stod on

it's end. I felt something moving or maybe i heard something moving in

the next room even though we were all alone in the house and i was only

16 or so at the time. Jaiman continued to read the bible and i looked

behind me (because i had that feeling like someone was watching me).

there hovering about 6" from the floor over top of my amp, was a

transparent sphere about 2'x2' that seemed to shimmer like water (almost

like how the water ripples if you throw a rock into it) the center of

this sphere had tiny black spirels inside of it that floated in circles.

jaiman acted like it wasn't even there and the next thing i know it

moved toward me.

the next thing i remeber was the phone ringing and i looked at jaiman to

answer it and he was still reading his bible. on the phone was my

mother and she was mad because she had to pick me up and it was late

(about 10:30) that was at least an hour later than the time i rember

looking at on the clock in his room. to this day i don't know what

happened to that hour. when the phone rang the sphere was gone.

jaiman's family went through a divorce since then and he became

drug-using, alcoholic, unemployed and married to his high school sweet

heart who lives at that same house (his dad's house) and it is like he

can't ever leave that house. also before that night we were the best of

friends after that night he began ignoring me and he doesn't speak to me

any more. i never saw anything that bizare before or after as that

thing i could not explain. please reply to me and tell me what you

think happened that night and if there are any descriptions of anything

like i saw. that night bothers me to this day and i would love to know

if anyone had a simular experiance. some people tell me that this

happened because i believe in things like ghosts and other paranormal

things but just because you beleive in something doesn't mean that it is

going to happen. if you reply to my e-mail i'll send you more

information about the people who used to be my friends at that house and

now i don't have any contact with now all over strange circumstances and

ever since i stopped going to that house everything stange in my life

stopped and i have have had a normal life

thank you for your time



I am going to share something with you. I am not one of those who

believes in Ghosts or anything supernatural. Yet, something happened 30

years ago that gave me the goosepimples! This experience made me

realized that I cannot brushed it off as merely coincidence!

September 17th, 1967 , Seedy area of Los Angeles, CA....I was 17 years

old at that time. My alcoholic mother woked me up at 2:15 A.M.. she was

crying hysterically. I knew how she behaves and reacts but that morning

it was entirely different! Its as if she sobered up so fast that her

emotiions and reactions was not just her! She had stated that Jean (her

older sister) had died. I looked around our small apartment. There was

no one around...just us. We did not have any phones (being Deaf) . I

asked her how she know that Jean had passed away? She said Jean's face

had appeared before her in bed. She saw Jean's apparation. At first I

had figured it was her drinking that made her seeing things. But what

threw me off was her reaction. I stayed with her for about 45 minutes

then went back to bed. She looked at me and said ," I knew you don't

believe me, Frankie!". I woked up at 10 in the morning and found her in

a state of mourning in the living room chair. She had me to go see

Grandma (her mom). Grandma lived two blocks from us. Mom gave e a note

for grandma. I was half way to grandma's place when I met Step

grandfather. He was on the way to our place to let us know something

happened. He told me that, "Aunt Jean died at 2 o'clock this

morning."! I was stunned to say the least. When my step grandfather and

I walked in , mom looked at us and yelled at me.. " I told you Jean's

dead! You did not believed me!" . Step grandfather was puzzled and

stunned that mom knew Jean had passed away. She asked him if Jean had

died. He replied yes at 2 this morning. This really gave me the creeps!

I cannot think it was coincidence...too much of a coincidence! Somehow

mom had a message from Jean !

Nowadays, I don't go around saying there's no such thing as ghosts or

paranormal things! Mom's dead...she died 3 years later (1970). What was

so interesting about her death...was that she was so worried about her

dying coma twin sister Mary (my aunt) yet mom died first. Mary did not

know her twin sister, Isabel (my mom) had passed away then one week

later Mary passed away without ever regaining conscious. Mentally, mom

outlived Mary but physically Mary outlived mom. They are buried beside

each other in Los Angeles cemeterey. They shared everything from birth,

though childhood years then in death!

I will never forget this experience!

2 Stories from the Carolinas


I also have 2 stories to tell you.The first one took place somewhere

in South Carolina.

About 2 years ago my aunt went to a friends house.She said just looking

at the place gave her chills.when she talked to the woman of the house

she said her sons were the first to notice anything unusual.Her sons are

about two years apart.The oldest being around the age of six.Well the

boys said that during the night they would hear footsteps , but the lady

said it's probly just the house because it's an older house.A couple of

weeks later she notice that the boys would just stop in maybe the

middle of the room or in front of a wall and start having a

conversation.Well their mother thought they had imagenary friends.When

she would ask the boys what they were doing and the said talking to the

little boy.She asked "Well where does he live," and they said "in the

house." She asked

"Where?" and they said "in our room."After that she started to hear the

boy talking to them at night.Well then she started to see a lady appear.

She did not fell threatin.In the morning they would smell fried

bacon.The lady that lived there said that it didn't bother her.The boys

said that the lady that she had seen was the mother.The boys also said

that their was a baby in the house.Well she only seen one sign that a

baby was in the house and it's the only thing that ever scared her.One

day when she was going to wash her sheets , she lifted the matress and a

circle of flowers were aranged in the shape of a baby.

The next story happened to a family my parents knew.This story takes

place in a town called Gastonia in North Carolina, my hometown.

This house was a good size house and was new.According to the family

they said that they would see shadows and balls of light going down the

hall at night.One time she said that 2 feet tall men were running up and

down the stairs.Pictures would also fall off the walls , they would hear

voices , doors would slam and open.The family had the house blessed many

times , had exsersisims performed and nothing worked .I think it's

because they aren't Christians and bleive in God finally they moved and

had the house tore down.I ride by the land the house was built on all

the time, because it's located on a major road,and no one has bought

that land in years.

The Water Tower


This occurence happened to my friend Collin P. and

myself John G. in about 1959. At the time we were

about 13 and still attending Hagley RC High School.

The time was about 8.00 - 8.30 PM, the month I no

longer remember but it was in the Northern Hemisphere

Autumn - Winter because it was dark quite early.

The local town was Kidderminster in the County of

Worcestershire, roughly in the middle of England.

The area was Birchen Coppice, a housing estate owned

by the local council, it was then, a respectable area

as it was only probably 8 years old, I believe the

area is now more of a slum but I haven't been there

in 33 years as we moved in the middle '60's and then

I re-located to Australia in '67.

A bit of geography is needed here so;

The street we lived in was Kinver Ave, the rear of our

houses backed onto undeveloped bushland which went on

into some pretty, unspoiled countryside in most directions.

However the area just to the rear and to the south was

called "The Burlish Camp". This Camp was built in WW2 as

a repatriation hospital for US servicemen. After WW2 it

was used to house Polish war refugees. As children we

played, mixed and schooled with their children. In the

middle '50s the people were re located and the whole area

was knocked flat, except for one lonley structure called

the "Water Tower".

As the name suggests it was exactly

that, a very large brick tower, from childhood memory

about 50ft by 50ft by 80 - 100ft high with a giant water

tank in the top. It was used to supply the Burlish Camp

with water.There were 8 windows, 4 at the rear and 4 at

the front. The first pair about 30ft from the ground, the

next pair another 30ft up. There was a steel door on the

southern side but it was bricked up in the middle '50s.

There was never any electricity to it and it was now


Back to the story;

Colin and I were just hanging out, at the end of our

street under a street light.This street light was at

the junction where our tarred street met with a wide

dirt track that lead over to the Burlish Camp, straight

passed the Water Tower and onto a small town called

Stourport-on-Severn about 4 miles further on.

During our conversation Colin said " hey look at those

lights in the Water Tower", (the tower was probably 1/4

mile away but could be made out in the moonlight).

I was quite supprised, because we could see some form of

moving or blinking light in the window area of the Tower.

The light colour did not appear as normal to what we call

light ie, candles and incandescent light seems to have a

warm and yellow content, this light light was very sallow

white to opaque. A short time later, about 20 yds from us

on the dirt track at angle of about 45 degrees we could

see a light, the same colour light that was in the Tower.

From this point on, in the following events, I have no

recollection of time; I remember we thought it was someone

on a bicycle because the light seemed to fall to the ground,

we started giggling saying it must be someone drunk and fell

off their bike.

In the next instance, I remember myself drawn and staring

wide eyed at the figure of a man particularly at the face,

it was side on, very distinguinshable features; vertical

flat forehead, long pointed nose, sunken very staring eyes,

because my concentration was so intense and to the head,

I did not seem to observe any body detail, except the lack

of normal motion movements, he appeared to float along.

Opaque, we could see right through him.

Also the ground all around seemed to crackle, as if

Rice Chrispies were being trodden on. Next, I picked up

a stone and threw it in his direction, Colin was pulling

at my left arm screaming at me not to throw it. The stone,

I estimate, fell short but in line, as it hit the soft

grass with a "thud" the man brought up his arm as if to

protect his face, my legs went to jelly, I fell to the ground

and the vision disappeared, Colin ran off holding his ears

and screaming as he stumbled off running through peoples

front gardens.

BUT..... I vividly recall floating above the street light,

I can remember detail such as the bird droppings on top of

the post. I watched Colin pulling my left arm, me throwing

the stone, collapsing on the ground and Colin running away

screaming. I recall a lady from a nearby house coming out

and bending over me.

The next thing I remember was lying on the ground and a

lady, Mrs Sayers, bending over me asking if I was ok, and

"what was all that shouting"?

I ran home very scared. Collin lost his hearing for 2 days.

We made a pact not to tell for fear of ridicule, anyhow

as time went by we told, and we got laughed at. But I could

never see anything funny about it, this occurrence left an

indelible mark on me.

Some years later at age, maybe, 16, I had been out fox

hunting with a companion Peter G. Peter wasn't a local and

was unfamilliar with our area, we were heading back to

my home, on a "Dirt" motorcycle at about 2.30-3.00 am,

Peter was pillion, I was riding. When we were directly

in front of the Tower, a few hundred yards away, Peter

shouted to me "who lives over there", I said,"overwhere"?

as I concentrated on riding with no lights; "over there",

to your left, as I looked to my left I was looking at

the Tower. My eyes nearly popped, my jaw dropped, I was agast.

Each of the windows in the tower had those same lights as

years before, but even more startling, we could distinctly

see people like figures, lined up as if waiting to go in

where the door used to be, the figures were not

distinguishable seperatley but were the same opaque colour

as the "little white man". That motorbike became the fastest

bike in the land.

Many years later, talking to my late dad, we were passing

the time talking about our familly,being kids, where we lived,

neighbours and the like,dad was telling me how in the post war

years 1956 - 1960 times were hard and 5 or 6 of the local

ladies would work continuous night shifts in an electrical

insulator manufacturing plant, in the above mentioned town

called Stourport-on-Severn. He said they would cycle 8 - 10

miles to work each way instead of 3 miles short cut through

the Burlish Camp. I said "how come dad", oh he replied,

"Mrs Hawker next door says that none of the woemen

feel good going that way, it always seems very still and

eerie when they goe past the Tower, and when they come home

in the morning, the birds are singing but, not up there by

the Tower, its always still and quiet". Dad chuckled.

I didn't, I knew just what they meant.

Well, in the mid to late 60's the tower was to be removed

to make way for a communications repeater station, the local

news was there to cover the big Bang, it took 3 days of

drilling and explosives to finally fell the Tower, the

experts were scratching their heads, they couldn't

understand how it stayed up through so many explosive attempts.

More Williamsburg Stories


Hi It's KAt again, stories con't about Williamsburg....

I left off with a story about the girls Elizabeth and Anastasia...

The Peyton Radolph house has some VERY current links...

In Williamsburg, there are police that patrol both the campus and the

old historical district. What they do at night, is go through EVERY

house that is not inhabited but used for museum purposes-one of them

being the Peyton Randoplph house. There are two main streets in the

colonial district-Duke Of Glouster (DOG street, closed off to motorists,

just for tourists to freely wander around) and Prince Henry Street,

which runs parrallel to DOG and is open to mototrists. Every night, two

cops have the duty of checking the houses-one takes DOG, one takes

Prince Henry. Peyton Randolph is on PH Street. Well, one night in the

early 1990's, two cops did their usual round. WEll, PArtner #1 came back

on time, but partner #2 was no where to be found. SO, a search patrol

went out around Williamsburg, and they found his patrol ca, door open,

lights on, right in front of the Peyton Randolph house. THe front door

was ajar, and when they went inside, they found the officer on, the

floor, revolver drawn and cocked, pointing to something on the

staircase. He was in shock, his face a ghastly white and twisted in

terror. He has never spoken about the incident. He was subsequentially

transferred to work as a ccampus police patroller. Sadly enough, he was

the victem of a frat prank during his time at WIlliam and Mary. The Frat

Phi Tau had gotten ahold of the med school cadavers and taken thehead

off of one and placed it on the sundial in front of the library

here-which is a very central location. He is now residing at Eastern

STate, the local mental insitiution 5 miles off campus.

A couple years later, another officer was patrolling the area and was

making his usuall rounds at the Peyton Randolphg home. Now, PR (Peyton

RAndolph will now be PR) has three floors-2 above ground, and a celler.

THe officer went inside and looked around. Finding nothing on the amin

two floors, he opened the celler door and proceeded to go into the

darkness. He was just two steps down when he haerd the door creaking

shut---He tuned around, and when the door shut completely, he found he

could not move-He was in a jello like state, free of movement, but he

could feel something very real pressing around him-something cold and

very frightening. The next thing he knew, the door opened, and his

partner was standing in the doorjam. The partner asked the offcer where

the hell had he been, and the officer, climbing the stairs out of the

celler, gave him a confused look and asked him what he was talking

about. Apparently, the officer had bee mising for 6 hours, none of which

he can account for. Ever since then, the PR house must be searched by

two people, no matter what.

In Williamsburg, Christmas is a major tourist attraction. EAch of the

houses' windows are lighted with a candle placed on the windowsill and

are kept lighted throughout the season. One lady was doing all of them,

and had been for the past several years. I believe it was 1993 that the

following incident occured. She had finished her nightly illuminating

rounds and went off to bed. Arounf midnight her supervisor called her

and told her the PR house windows were not all lighted. THinking that

was odd, she got up and went out there, and sure enough, the upperleft

hand room was not lighted, and the blinds were drawn-the only drawn

blinds in the house. So, she relit the lights and went back home.

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang and it was her supervisor again,

reorting that the lights were still out. Frustrated, she went back, and

the same thing happened-drawn blinds, no lights. She relit the lights

and trkked back home, tired, annoyed and puzzled. Again, fifteen minutes

after her arrival in her warm bed, her sup calls her and tells her she

better light the candles, or it's her job. Angry, she storms off to the

house and finds the same thing--Drawn blinds, no candles lit in that one

room. She goes there and relights the candles, and opens the blinds. At

the top of the stairs, she muttered "That damn ghost," and suddenly, she

is shoved very hard down the stairs-so hard, that she broke both her

legs and both her arms. Medical examiners said that she was hit with a

force equal to that of a mac truck driving 25 mph. She lived, and sued

the City of Williamsburg-THey settled out of court, and this case is in

the city court on the books.

Let me reiterrate something... Iwas at this house last night, and I have

never been so scared of an inatimate object. THe house has a definite

personality...I will never go there by myself. I have goosebumps and am

scared to death of telling this...The house is less than a mile away

from my dorm.

Next to the PR house is a path that leads from this house to the

Govenor's palace. THe Govenor's palace was used for the govenor of

Virginia before the capital was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond. A

very stately structure, it is complete with a very large bush maze out

back and lovely gardens. Around the main part is a 7 foot brick fence.

THe palace is about 50 yards to the left of the PR place. It too has 7

foot bushes-These bushes have pklaces carved in complete with benche

that make for very nice hiding places. WEll, during the 18th century,

two men were courting the same girl-something that was never to be done

in high society. Well, the man that lived in the PR House was on his

way home fom a meeting in the palace. He used the shortcut path. In one

of the inlets, his competitor was hidin. When the unfortunate man came

upon him, he was dragged ino the bushes and stabbed 37 times. Only a

black slave was witness to this, and during

this time, blacks were forbidden to testify against white masters. THe

death therefore had no witnesses and his death was never avenged. Now

the person giving the ghost tour told us that when going through this

path at night, you must always look down, and if you see the shoes of a

colonial man, DO NOT LOOK UP, for it is the ghost of the murderer. OUr

tour guide has confessed to seeing the shoes twice, and he swears that

this path is the most frightening thing in WIlliamsburg.

THese two stories lend to the dramatic atmosphere of Williamsburg: (All


Now, there is another path on the other side of the Palace, which leads

directly to an elementary school. If you travel about 10 yards down the

path (which runs parrallel to the wall surtrounding the palace) the wall

turns into a fence, about 5 feet high. It's a tradition at William and

MAry to "Jump the Wall"--that is, sneak into the maze at night by

jumping over the wall. Well, this has been down since it was built-in

the 17th century. William and Mary went coed in the 1920's. One night, a

couple in their 20's went to jump the wall. THe man went first, just to

check and make sure no cops were in there. When he came back, he

couldn't find her. He jumped over the fence and landed on her body-Her

throat had been slashed, and she had died while he was inside. Now, I

mentioned earlier that there is a mental instituin here. This one, in

the 20's was used for the violentlly insane, and one of them esceped.

THe land around the palace was not developed untill much later, and his

body was nevr found in the deep woods--There have never been any

sightings of this man's ghost, but it adds to the drama.....

However, there has been a ghost of grey cloaked yound man seen several

times within the maze. He says nothing but "i'm going to kill you" over

and over again. It is thought that he was a confederate soldiar killed

on that soil who is so bitter about being killed in the prime of his

life that he wants to take away the lives of those who are his age.

Now, as mentioned above, if you follow the path, you will come upon an

elemntary school, whose name has slipped my mind. It was used for upper

class white children whose families wanted to ensure their proper

environment. When desegregation was forced upon the school, many people

were upset and many children were enrolled in private schools.

Well, one Friday afternoon, a frantic black mother called the school,

claiming that her two sons had not yet returned. THe principal; assured

her, that being a beautifull day and a friday, the boys would turn up

eventually. However, Monday came around and the boys were still not

home. THe police came in and searched the entire area, finding nothing.

However, that day, the school was forced to stop their curriculum for

the day due to a high pitched whirring noise that droned on and on and

drowned out the rest of the voices. The police came in and started to

search the school for both the boys and the source of the noise. THey

searched the first and second floors, but they came up empty. the third

floor was used for both storage and 5th grade classrooms.THis is where

the noise was the strongest. THey tried to open the storage area door,

but it was locked fast. It took them a while to get it open, but when

they did, they wished it could have stayed shut forever. One officer had

to leave for fear of passing out of disgust and terror. Inside, one one

wall, was a bunch of desk, arranged in a makeshift courtroom/trial that

resembled a lynching setup. THe other side contained the remains of the

two little boys, horribly disfigured and hung up on meathooks. Every day

after the murders, that whirring sound could be heard at 11:00 am sharp.

Finally, they got a priest to bless the rooms and they shut the third

floor off untill this day--THe whirring noise can still be heard evry

nowand then, but never as loud, and it is very infrequent. Because the

childrfen's murderer was never caught, people believe that they are

crying out of vengence for their deaths. It was suspected that the old

janitor at the time had killed them, for he was very against

desegregation and was from the times where hate crimes and lynchings

were very common.

My Parents' House


I have debated whether or not to write. I'm not saying my parent's

house is haunted and I'm not saying it ISN"T haunted. I'll just write

about the things that I've seen happen there and let someone else

decide. I'd appreciate it, that if you do use this story on your page

that I remain anonymous. The only reason I decided to write to you is

that your story sounds very similar to mine. Maybe I won't sound as

crazy as I feel.

My parents moved into their house when I was thirteen. We had just

moved all our furniture into the house and were getting the smaller

boxes in. I was sitting on my bed unpacking a box when my entire bed

moved about two inches across the floor. I froze. I didn't know what

to do. It didn't take me long to figure out I should probably get out

of there so I did. When I told my parents, they just laughed. They

said my bed was probably set up a little crooked and that me sitting on

it evened it out. OK, fair enough explanation.

Since then, I've heard knocking on my wall at night (I'm on the second

floor and the outside of the wall is brick.). My room is always cold.

(That's been blamed on bad insulation.) I bought a lamp at a second

hand store and didn't pay too much attention when it would turn on and

off by itself. I just threw it away. I figured someone gave it away

because it didn't work right. Then my NEW lamp (using another outlet)

started to do the same thing. There is a bedroom/den right next to mine

with a touch lamp. That started coming on and off by itself too. Now,

my parents have actually seen this. They say it's not a ghost. I told

them that they should get the wiring checked in the house then. That

would be another explanation for it and it could start a fire. Well,

they refuse to do that and the lights are still going on and off.

I guess I'll tell the least scary things that have happened there. I

really get freaked out, so talking about some things really shake me up.

The most "harmless" things that have happened involved my cat and my

dad's truck.

My cat was really cool. She wasn't the stereotypical cat you'd see in

the movies. She would come to me when I called her. Also, when she was

sitting in a chair and she saw me walk into the room she would scoot

over so I could sit down next to her. To sum it all up, she was a

sweetheart. When she died, I was miserable. I wanted her back. I kept

having dreams about her, I guessed it was because I missed her so much.

Then one day my friend Nicole and I were down in our laundry room

getting a two litter of pop off the shelf. (Our kitchen is pretty small

so the shelf down there serves as a pantry.) I might want to mention

that the shelf sits right by our crawl space (which our dog whimpers in

fear at if we try to take him over there.) Well, I look over into the

space and something's looking at me right back. It looked like a black

cat. My cat was a tabby so she looked nothing like this. I say it

looked like a black cat because I couldn't really see it. I could just

make out the eyes. I screamed and dragged my friend upstairs. She

didn't have a clue what was going on but she knew I didn't get that

scared over nothing. My parents went back down with a flash light. It

was really dirty back in there since we never used it. This time they

sort of believed me. They didn't see the cat, but they did see the paw

prints in the dirt. (They sort of looked wet) They said it must have

been a raccoon or a possum, but we never did figure out how it could

have gotten in or out of the house. I was almost sure it was my cat,

although I don't know why she had looked so different. For a while I

liked the thought of my cat being around, but then it dawned on me that

was a pretty selfish idea. If she really was still around and I was

what was keeping her here and there was a better place for her somewhere

else, then I should let her go. That night I silently spoke to her and

told her if she wanted to leave she could and that I would understand.

(No wonder my parents think I'm cracked, I thought) Just then, my mom

screamed. I ran into her bedroom. She was staring at the window where

my cat used to sit. She said she saw my cat sitting on the window sill

but she was transparent. Then she turned into a ball of light that

looked kind of like a big firefly and went out the window. I didn't

mention what I had just done. I knew by this time talking about ghosts,

much less talking TO ghosts, would have my parents furious with me.

When I asked my mom about it the next morning, she snapped at me "Don't

be so silly, I just had a bad dream." Subject dropped.

I have had several nightmares, ever since I was little. It seems,

though, that they escalated when we moved into this house. My parents

are used to this by now and aren't too concerned. Right around when I

turned 16, I had a really bad one about my dad's truck. In my dream, I

was driving along in my dad's truck, when all of a sudden I was talking

to these two people. They said I had died. I told them I didn't want

to and couldn't they send me back? They said my body was obviously dead

and they could not. I asked them if I could say good bye to everyone

first. They looked very sad. One turned to the other and in a kind of

pitying voice said "She doesn't want to die yet." At that point I woke

up, very much afraid. In come my parents, apparently I had yelled. I

told them about my bad dream. They comforted me then went back to their

room. Needless to say I would NEVER get in that truck. My parents flat

out called me stupid for this. They'd roll their eyes in disgust. I

still wouldn't go anywhere in it. This went on for several years and I

really can't say I blame them for their reaction. It wasn't until I was

in college that something actually happened. Nicole (the same friend

who was with me when I saw the cat) was over to help my mom and I with

our yard sale. My dad asked me if I wanted to go to his family picnic

with him. Our conversation about going places usually went something

like this,

"Do you want to go?"

"Are you taking your truck?"

"Well, yeah...."

"No, I can't go then."

My mom muttered something under her breath and my dad just waved his

hand at me and left. My mom looked at me for a minute then walked into

the house without saying a word as my dad pulled out of the driveway.

Nicole gave me a gee-I-feel-awkward grin. I had previously told her

about everything that had been happening in that house. I had to tell

someone, I thought I was going crazy! A few hours later my mom got a

phone call. She called me inside and Nicole followed. My dad had been

in a wreck. Someone coming the opposite way near the park had a camper

hitched on to their car. When they went around the corner, the camper

went over into my dad's lane making him swerve off the road. From what

I heard it was a pretty steep drop and his truck played like a pinball

bouncing against a lot of trees. Thank God, he was OK. No broken bones

or anything. Just a few scrapes here and there. We were really

relieved. Of course, what had stopped him down that steep hill was

smacking into a tree. It totally wiped out the passenger side so that

part of the roof of the cab was almost at dashboard level. Needless to

say, I would've been a pancake. Nicole sat down on the couch with me.

I looked at her and said, "You know, I just had a bad feeling about that

truck.." My mom glared at me and very firmly told me to 'SHUT UP.'

Subject dropped.

This stuff really scares me. It happens all the time there. I've since

moved out and am just terrified to go back there to spend the night. My

parents have since gotten locks for the bedroom doors to lock yourself

in at night (they will even remind me to do it when I come to visit)

although they still won't admit anything's wrong. Like I said, I just

mentioned the nicer occurrences that didn't scare me as much. Luckily,

where I live now, everything's peaceful.

Ghostly Co-Worker


I have a friend who has amazing powers when it comes to communicating

with spirits. A couple of things come to mind when I think of her

abilities. The hair on the back of my neck still stands up when I think

of these two incidents.

One deals with a coworker. This woman reported to my friend in a

supervisor/subordinate capacity. For the purpose of this writing, we

will call the woman Mary and the supervisor Ann. Mary and Ann had

become good friends in the year or so they worked together. Mary was

married to a man who had two grown boys by a previous marriage. From

the stories that Mary told Ann, the marriage was not good and Mary's

relationship with the grown children was strained. Mary drank a little

bit; but not to the point where it affected her work. One morning Mary

did not show up for work. Around 8:30 or so in the morning Ann began to

feel as if something was wrong and tried to call Mary's house. She go

no answer. She tried again and again throughout the morning because she

just felt as if something was terribly wrong. At last around noon

Mary's husband answered the phone and informed Ann Mary had killed

herself by letting the car run in the garage while she sat in it. Ann

did not feel good about what she heard and called the police to tell

them she believed that Mary did not kill herself but possibly was

murdered. The police took the statement, but to her knowledge, nothing

came of it. Now, here is where the story takes on that hair raising

turn.....About a week or so after Mary's funeral, Ann saw Mary walking

around the office area. Ann's office was situated where she could look

out her office door and see the open bay area where her people sat at

their desks. Ann would look up and see Mary passing in front of her

door, or see her walking in the back of the room and one time saw her

sitting at her desk. When Ann would get up to investigate, Mary was no

where around AND, no one else had seen her. This went on for a couple

of week and Ann was getting a little upset. She felt as if Mary was

trying to tell her something, but she didn't know what.

One night a Mary was driving home late (very dark outside), she

suddendly had a feeling that Mary was sitting in the passenger seat.

Ann was frightened, but did not look towards the seat fearing she would

wreck her car if she actually SAW Mary sitting there. So, she said,

"what is it you want, you are frightening me Mary!". As soon as she

said these words, the feeling went away. Ann had to pull over to the

side of the road and get control of herself. Mary has never returned

and Ann is not sure what Mary wanted. Ann is still convinced that Mary

did NOT commit suicide.

Another story about Ann deals with peer supervisor who worked at another

location. We'll call this peer Karen. Karen's husband, Karen and Ann

were good friends. Karen's husband, Don had a medical condition

(diabetes sp?) which lead to the amputation of both of his legs. It

also eventually caused his death. When Don became seriously ill and it

appeared his death was near, Ann flew to be with Karen. Ann had to stay

in a hotel and commute to the hospital where Don was slowly fading away.

The night before he died, Ann was alone in her hotel about 3:00 in the

morning when she felt Don's presence in her room. She said out loud to

Don, "what is it you want Don?" and she heard him respond that he was

there to say goodbye and that he was checking out at about 2:30 that

day. She said it wasn't as if he was talking to her as you and I would

converse, but as if she heard his voice in her head. He told her not to

worry that they would have their dance some day in heaven. (Ann used to

tease Don that he needed to get out of his wheel chair and take her and

Karen dancing).

The next morning as she arrive at the hospital to be with Karen around

8:30 a.m., she relayed to Karen what she had experienced in the wee

hours of the morning. She and Karen both felt that it was weird, but

gave it little thought. After lunch, they were sitting in a waiting

room when Karen's grown children came out to get her to go to be with

their dad. Karen waited for about 15 minutes and a nurse came in and

said Don had just died. Karen looked at her watch and it was 2:30