Duffrin Street


By: ekli9@hotmail.com


    Hi my name is Diana im a 55 year old mother of five great children. I live in Toronto Ontairo, When i was 15 years old me and my family moved to a house on duffrin st. this house had three floors 2 bedrooms were on the 3rd floor. three on the second floor the house was very big and my parents kept it very clean even with 5 children. my self and my brothers had experinced many strange things in this house between the 7 years i lived there. For exaple one day i was singing a song and tapeing it on a tape recorder. i was singing " My Love Is Gone My Pride Is Gone I Care No More". no one was in the house at that time exept for my self. when i played the song back to hear my self singing a mans voice followed mine in a deep deep voice i was very scaed i was home alone. when my parents came home i played it for them we just could not beleive what we were hearing that was just one of the many things that happend. onther thing that happend was there was three diffrent times when we would have a visitor in the middle of the nite. one man and two wemon. my mother was very strong minded and they always seemed to go to her room and they would ask her.. if they could spend the nite. she would always anser "let me go ask my son he is on the 3rd floor". i remember this so clearly because i was so terrfide i went into shock stared shacking and couldent move to go help my mom. my mother would go to the 3rd floor to get my brother and by the time he got down stairs there wouldent be anybody around, he would run out the door look out to the street but there was no one there. i couldent believe wat was going on in the house i met my husband in 1970 we slept in the front bedroom on the 2nd floor these are the things that happend to me in that bedroom. i woke up one nite with such a force to my stomch it was like some one has taken there foot and kicked me so hard i pushed my husdban off the bed thinking he had struck me. He thought i was crazy and asked me why i pushed him off the bed. i told him i thought he had kicked me but he had been sleeping so it wasent him. onther nite i woke up with my hands on my throat choking my self i was thinking why would i be chokeing my self like that?.many other things had happen to me in this house. i wishh i could tell you more but my son dousent want to write he is to tired he wants to go to bed. we moved out after i had my first son, my mother and father had the chance to buy the house for 50,000$ but refused to buy it because we believed it was haunted. we leared later the the owner of the house also had experieced the same kinda things we did. the house was sold guess?who???? bout the house? nuns and priest. i went back 2 years ago to look at the house it still looked the same from the outside and the back yard was just as nice as it was in the 70s. i wanted to knock on the door but i dident i thought that maybe the nuns wouldent let me go in and look around..(i was a little afraid.) because what was ever in this house was maybe after me, for what reson i dont know. I think that its to bad that no one ever investigated for any ghost in that house. maybe if anybody reads this they mite go to the house if uwant to contact me email me at ekli9@hotmail.com thx for reading hope u liked it.





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Well my sister, my boyfriend and myself have been reading many stories of different cry baby bridges, and happend to find one about 30 minutes from us in Viola, Illinois. The story behind this one is that a school bus full of children went off the bride into a deep creek and drown. If you go to the bridge put your car in neutral and shut off the engine they will push you across the bridge to make sure you get across okay. So we decided to drive out there. We did as the instructions said and it worked, but not only did they push us across the bridge put they were controlling the steering and pushed us up the hill and around a curve until we were about a half of a mile away from the bridge.  Needless to say we were convinced it worked. Along with the story came a warning not to get out of the car or roll down the windows. My sister figured that when they stopped pushing it was safe to get out and see if she could see hand prints. My boyfriend and I decided to stay in the car. She said there were finger prints and we drove back to the main road. Once there we all got out and looked and the hand prints. About 30 mles back towards home my boyfriend had to use the restroom, since we were out in the middle of no where we stopped on the side of the raod and he did his thing. About five minutes later water marks started appearing on the insdie of the car windows and my boyfriend said he felt very cold. i reached into the back seat to hold his hand and his pants were soaking wet like he stepped into a lake or creek. At first we laughed and said he peed his pants, but his pants were way to wet and it was ice cold with no odor. After we got into town my boyfriend complained of a haed ache and chest pain I turned around to ask if he was okay and he freaked out and started screaming that a dead man was in the car. He swore he saw the face of a dead man in mine. I have no idea how to explain this and although i am not scarred I wonder if the real reason why they push you across the bridge is because they do not want anyone there to begin with and they say not to open your doors because the spirits will try to get the hell out of there!




Children and Ghosts


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I beleive you may be right on the childhood and seeing ghosts at a young age. My sister has a friend in the playroom it was a little girl and my sister used to play and put cups of water out for her and her friend. Me and my cousins like 10 at the time (16 now, her 3). Well last year my aunt was going through a divorce and we had her room in the play room and re did it put her bed and such in there, well to cut to it one night she had waken up around 2:00am and there was a girl at the foot of her bed. She thought it was my little sister and said Taylor you ok, then the girl walked to my aunts face. My aunt said she blinked and the girl was gone, but my aunt said after that she felt relaxed not scared or stressed.




Hawaii Condo


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  I lived in Hawaii, when I was young, and they had evicted the families that lived in houses that had been there ( some from the early 1910's) for generations.When the statred to renovate the land to start building ( In Hawaii, the custom is that the Aina:land, must approve of any buildings being built upon it. If that isen't done , bad things are said to happen. How ever in this case a Clergy was brought in, and the blessings began. As soon as he started however, a Tutu, an old wise woman or healer for the family, came onto the property, and started with a mele to curse anyone who lived on/ or built on the land. She and her family where the very ones evictedfrom that land. Now 2 decades later there have more strange deaths, murders, and other violent occrances then anywhere else on the Island. They say it is all because of the curse that the Tutu put on the aina.





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My friend john has a mother who happens to work at a residentual home(excuse the spelling). his mom was working the late shift when something chased her out of the home. Just  a week before this happening she had found an elderly lady dead in her bed. many of the workers have  their stories and most involve a voilent act of chasing or attempted pain.many elders have have died in the home so it could have been anyone's spirit.john's mom finally agreed to take the night shift again about a week later.she now REFUSES to go on the night shift after she found the door Wide open after she locked it about 20 minutes before. She still works there but no longer experiences these happenings becuase she won't work the night any more.



Still skeptical


By: Anonymous




I've been reading the stories on your site for quite some time now.  I've had several things happen to me in the past that I could never quite explain.  Being brought up in a Christian home, we were taught that there was no such things as ghosts.  Despite that, I've always been fascinated by ghost stories, horror movies, etc.  It wasn't until I got a bit older, however, that anything noteworthy ever happened, and even when it did, I was still in "ghost denial".

My first experience with the paranormal occured when I was 17 or 18.  My best friend's mother had been hit by a car crossing a busy street.  My friend had always told me her mom was haunting her house, watching over her family, but I didn't believe.  That is, until one night when I had spent the night there and met her for myself.  I was sleeping on the couch in the living room which is right next to the kitchen.  The two rooms are connected by an archway, with no door in between.  I couldn't tell you what time it was, but I'd been sleeping soundly and woke up to the sound of water running in the kitchen.  It was completely dark, so I couldn't see anything, but assumed it was her older brother up getting a drink of water.  However, the water kept running for several minutes, and I heard no other noises.  So I got up and turned on the light and discovered that the kitchen was empty, but the water was running full blast.  I walked in to shut it off, only to have the cabinet doors fly open and close by themselves.  Ok...... now we're a little bit freaked.  I told my friend the next morning and she just laughed and told me that "mom is welcoming you to the family!".  A few days later she made her presence known again by causing a drawer to come flying out of a desk when we were no less than 10 feet away from it.

   Fast forward about 3 years... My mother had just passed away after a lengthy illness.  It was a hot sunny day in late August.  My dad had gone to visit his sister in another state because he had to get away, "too many memories", he said.  I was in the process of scrubbing down the walls and windows in the living room.  I had gone into the kitchen to dump the dirty scrub water down the kitchen sink.  The living room door was open and sunlight was flooding the house.  I got a feeling like someone was there, even though I didn't hear anything.  I turned around and in the rchway between the kitchen and living room (remember it was a bright sunny day) was a shadow.  I couldn't discern who or what it was, male, female, whatever, but whatever it was was hovering just outside the kitchen, halfway into the hallway that goes towards the bedrooms.  I said "Mom???" at which point all the hair on the back of my neck stood up on end, and I proceded to watch this "thing" float down the hallway and into my dad's bedroom.  I was slightly freaked out, being home by myself and all, but I got over it... until that night.  I was getting ready to go to bed, making sure everything was all locked up when I looked out the kitchen window to notice the garage door was up.  I remembered closing it earlier when I'd got back from the store.  So I hit the button on the garage door opener and watched the door close.  I turned around for a split second to get a glass of water, looked back out the window, and the garage door was open again!  I got a flashlight and went out to make sure nothing was in the way that would make it go back up, then closed it again.  I finally got to bed (ignoring the whole door issue - refused to think about it).  After turning out the light I noticed a funny glowing type thing in the corner of my room.  Having had enough, and still refusing to believe in ghosts, I said "Ok that's enough.  Whoever you are, you're dead and you don't belong here anymore, go away".  And it did. 

    I'm still fascinated with ghost stories, and still wonder if I'm ever going to experience anything else, but at the same time, my 6 year old son shares my love of scary movies, etc., and to keep him from having bad dreams, etc, I tell him "ghosts, monsters, vampires... they're just stories, they don't exist."  I'm sure he'll have his own experiences some day for himself, then he can make up his own mind.


My Beloved Dog Ghost Britney




well let me start out by saying i really really enjoy your site and i hope you will put my story

on it which is true.one evening i was playing with my dog britney outside and my mother told me to put her up and thats when i noticed her collar was missing but i decided to tie her up any way since i didnt know where her collar was and it was getting darkso after i tied her up i went inside for about 20 minutes and  i started to wonder why my mom had not come inside yet and at that moment i knew something was wrong so i went out the front door and i called out to my mom and she told me to go back inside and i said why but she still told to just go back inside now i got a sickening feeling that something had happened to britney i was 11 around this time and i happened to be very close to my dog.i went back inside and started pacing around when my mom finally came inside i could tell by the way she looked that something was seriously wrong.i went to bed soon after because it was a school night and when i woke up in the morning i was suprised that it was 10:00 since my mom usually woke me up around 6:00 to get ready for school .i found my little 5 year old brother my sister who was 9 or ten at the time and my mother in the front room my mother told us all to sit down on the couch so we sat down and the bad feeling returned sending a wave of terror through me.my mom then told me that britney had died and i could feel the color drain out of my face then i said no your lying she cant be dead your joking around when my mother replied no in a very serious voice i started to cry then i asked her how still sobbing my mother told me she strangled her self on the wire i had tied her to i sobbed for a while and visited the place where y mom had layed her to rest at a few days after this incident i was still very depressed i noticed that when i was walking outside i could hear panting behind me and at fist i was confused but then i knew it was britney i smiled and then told my mom about it.i also have felt like my dog was laying on my legs why i was in my bedroom laying on my bed and i sterted to talk to britney telling her that i love her andi felt really happy and not scared at all.




July 4th Visitor


By: dragon4shadowing@yahoo.com


My family and I moved into an apartment two and a half years ago. I noticed little things at first. Noise coming from the back bedroom but nobody else is in the house. Glimpses of someone walking past the door out of the corner of my eye. I remained open to the fact that I may  have an occupant sharing the apartment.

This would not be my first experiences with ghosts, so I was not immediately concerned by the thought of having an unexpected roommate. Most of the time our roommate is quiet. Car keys sometimes turn up in unexpected places (such as under the bed covers), a cd or two missing (still wondering where he put those).

Then things changed. I was sitting on our living room couch surfing the net on the laptop on July 4th. It was about 10:00 or so, my husband was in the bedroom reading and I had the lights off so I could watch the fireworks. Light was coming from the computer, a little light from outside and a little from the bedroom. I saw what I thought was my husband come into the room and stand about 5 feet in front of me and look out the window about 3 feet in front of him. I thought he had come to watch the fireworks. I waited for him to say something but he remained silent.

After a couple of minutes I said my husbands name out loud, He answered from the bedroom. I told him nevermind, I'm talking to ghosts. He said, okay. I continued watching my visitor for a few seconds when he just faded away. An hour later I put my computer on its side leaning against a stereo speaker and headed to bed. I was laying in bed with the light on, thinking about reading a little more when I heard my computer fall over, I thought the dog or cat may have knocked it over, However the cat was above me on the window sill and I found the dog laying in the bedroom doorway. The cat also seemed to be interested in what was happening in the living room. I walked into the living room and checked on the computers, it was still leaning against the speaker, just on the opposite side away from all foot traffic. Since my husband and myself where the only ones home I figured our visitor was nice enough to put the computer out of harms way.

It's been interesting having our roommate around. I wonder if we will see him more now. Anyway I thought I would share my story. While I have my share of scary, weird ghosts stories I thought I'd share a good one for a change.



Haunting in a Farm House


By: af_kid69@yahoo.com


I have only had a few experiences with ghosts, but I personally was facsinated by them, and i hope people take time to read this.

My family and i live in a one story four bedroom farm house where we opperate our farm. One summer when my cousin and i were about eight years old, we decided to have a water fight. There is this really heavy, not to mention thick glass door on the back side of our house, so i opened it and left the screen door closed so i could run in the  house at any moment if she was about to soak me with water. I ran around to the other side of the house where she was waiting for me, so i quickly ran for the side of the house where I and only I had just been so i could sneak off into the house, because that was the safe zone. When i reached my destination the screen door was wide open and the heavy sliding glass door was shut. we were the only ones home, and she was right behind me the whole time. the door was too heavy for anything like the wind to shut a sliding door.

A few years down the road my brother passed away in a drunk driving accident. I was fourteen at this time. shortly after his passing, i woke up at 3:18 AM suprised because this was his time of death just a week before this. I went to the bathroom to get a glass of water, and on my way  i looked out our picture window inside our living room and underneath the porch light, standing in plain view was my brother, he just smiled at me and then vanished.

Before he died, he and his wife were about to get a divorce, and she played the innocent widow pretty well. I won't get into my dissliking of her because that is not necessary. Anyway, they produced two beautiful children in their course of marriage. she decided to move away with them to a bigger city where we would barely be able to see them. she even rented out the house my brother built with his own two hands to this woman who would always try to make him cheat on his wife. Obviously, my brother was not too excited about this. I guess that a few months after the move, a few weird things began to happen in the house. The woman's sister was staying with her in that house and she had a little daughter. The little daughter would claim to see a man telling her she had to leave the house, when they showed her my brother's picture she told them that was the man she saw. Everytime they would try to listen to the radio, the station would change by itself to either a rock station or a country station, the only kind of music he would listen too, and it would turn up louder by itself. If someone sat there and held the station the sterio would completely shut off and could not be turned back on. the final straw was when the woman's high school graduation picture fell off the wall and shattered. The nail was secure but some how it was lifted off the wall and fell to the floor, with everyone sitting in the living room around the picture. They moved out, and my n hews and thier mother moved back home. We haven't heard from my brother since, maybe because everything he wanted to happen did.




My Two Stories


By: kirstengagne@msn.com


Hi, I'm just going to tell you a 2 stories that happened to me that scares me a lot.

Just about 2 years ago, I moved to a new city and moved into a new neighborhood, school and everything. Moving into a new house was awesome, and It was a gorgeous house! First day of school, people found out I lived in the house I'm currently no longer in, and told me it was haunted and no one ever felt like coming over. I was thinking right, but, then that's actually when things got creepy. In through our garadge was wooden stairs leading to the basement. We'll every time I'd come home for lunch and even when I'd be home all by my self, something clicky would be heard and I would just freak. Until one day I knew it was coming from the wooden stairs. I stood by the stairs and all I'd hear was a click, click, click, and nothing would be there. One day, I got fed up at lunch time and I told my mother what I'd been hearing at home and school and we were right beside the stairs. As I'm telling her, she tell's me young brains have lots of things just fill their mind. I'm thinki , haha mom, not funny. My mom opens the garadge and their it happens again, the clicking sound once again heard. My mom freaked and grabbed me and rushed us in the garadge. She told me to stay there and she took a bat and when in side. I was worried, she just left me their all by myself. A couple of minutes later I walked inside scared out of my mind and I headed towards the stairs and went down them and their my mom was worried. She said she saw nothing. Few days later my mom talked to the owner {She New Him} and he says, "Weird, my mother died on her birthday on these stairs, she got a brand new pair of clicking shoe." After that day we never heard it again.

And another story happened with me and my brother. We'll, I was young and was a big chicken so I stood by my brother while my mother left for groceries.  Let me start off this way, my brother would have this small play toy gun and it was his favorite gun and he'd have it all the time and kept it in his drawer when it wasn't in use. Back to when me and my brother were sitting at the computer, he's 2 years older than me, my mom had been gone for a while. We stood there and I was pale just staring. All of a sudden something started laughing, like a clown and it sounded as if two clingy things had been banging together, and then I realized it was the sound of my brothers gun made and I was thinking oh my Lord. My brother and I started freaking and we ran to the stairs and it got so loud and then the door handle started moving and it was banging and I ran and opened it and it was my mom. She asked us why we were so pale when we told her, it wasn't something she seemed much to care, like we were just children telling our tales. My brother that night went to get his play gun; it was gone and was never to be found again.

A lot more of these things have happened, and if you're interested in some more I can write them up and email you them. We moved out of that house just down the street and nothings happened to us like that again. Hope you enjoy my stories!



Taps Fish House

By: A Former Employee


I was the bouncer at Taps Fish

House and Brewery in Brea, Ca.   Myself and several other

employees, including management, have been upstairs in what was supposed to

be the original owners apartment.  When you are up there, someone will

either tap you on the shoulder or grab your shoulder.  When you turn around,

there is nobody there.  You will also hear things moving around while using

the bathroom and when you open the door, nobody is up there but you.  The

given story is that it is the ghost of our owner's father, Mr. Manzella.

His father's dream was to open this brewery with his children Joe Jr. and

Michelle, but he died shortly after it had opened.  The oddest thing of all

is that I was walking some customers out to their vehicles when one of them

told me she felt 3 spirits inside (i had not mentioned anything of the

hauntings).  She said one was an older gentleman but the other 2 were

children!  I know absolutlely nothing of children in the area.




Our Ghost



By: StonesRuleVp@aol.com


Well, interestingly enough, I just happen to get done reading your article about ghosts in Yucaipa, CA and guess what.....I live in Yucaipa and have a ghost too. My older son Adam 26, and his girlfriend Julia 23, plus Floyd 64, all saw the same ghost. He was a thin man that seemed to float. They followed him from one room to the other and he vanished. We also have a candle on top of the family room TV that gets knocked onto the floor every few days for no apparent reason. We have watching the candle get knocked off as if someone were pushing it on the floor. It just gets swipped off the TV. Sometimes the TV is on, sometimes not. My house definately has a ghost but I don't know who this tall, thin man was. I kind of like it that he's here, it's like having another pet. Just thought you'd want to know about this since you were in the area checking it out.



New York Haunting


By: redemptionzero@aol.com


Hello, My name is Mike, and I am a resident of Staten Island Ny. Me and my friends, Mike, and Maria - have used your site for a reference on where to go, and we've gone to two places so far - and I'd like to share our expierences with you.

Sleepyhollow - Sparta Cemetary: We've been there twice, the second one being about an hour ago. The first time we went was about 2 weeks ago, and there is an open gate to get in, but we made a discovery about something I will tell you in a little bit. The first time we went there, we got in okay, and we only visited about oh, the first half of the cemetary. We continued to hear rustling - but tried our best to remain calm. We then came across two moslueems(spelling?) - my friend Mike decided to go see if they were open, but he became too creeped out and came back towards me and Maria. While standing outside of them, we noticed a light from the street shinning through the trees, making an angel like silhoutte on the building. We all stared at it for a bit, and Mike mentioned that it looked like an angel, suddenly the light turned off - kinda creepy. After that we left.

The second time was tonight, there were for of us, Me, Mike, Our friend Rob, and his girlfriend Steph. We got in the same gate once again, and we proceeded to explore the same area we did last time. This is where we made our discovery, and maybe you can post a warning next to this place for people on the listings - the light we saw last time that came from the street- making the angel type figure, may be a motion detector, because it shines right into the cemetary - even tho its far in the street, when we walked the light turned on. This is when we started to be concerned, we also heard sirens, but they were ambulances. Then this is where it gets spooky, as we were walking the road back to the two moselums, I happened to glance through the trees as what appeared to be a standing silhoutte of a person, then I noticed a hat - shaped like a police officers - then I tried to show Mike, and he saw it too. But then I noticed it wasn't moving, when we were leaving, it was a statue on top of a tombstone. However, when we left, Mike explained to me that what he was looking at wasn't the statue - it was a shadow, he says. And his decription of the shadow was the same police type figure, we were both looking at two different things - but had the same description. I think something there didn't like us, and was trying to give us an illusion to get out. The other two that were with us didn't see anything - the only conclusion we could come up with was that something there remembers us from our last visit, and most likely doesn't want us there.

Our other adventure - Brewster - The Golf Course/Pond.

We drove up there - there was 6 of us. We drove passed the pond, and I saw something across the pond that looked like a flashlight being waved, I don't know what it was - but when we stopped at the gasstation before we headed over to the pond, someone said "party at the lake tonight." while purchasing alcohol. We parked up on a street about a mile or two away from the pond, and we all walked down the road to it. We also had a recorder with us the entire time to see if we picked up anything we didn't hear. We found a dead animal on the side of the road, as well as many beer cans. We aslo kept hearing rustling in the woods as we came to the pond. When we came to the pond, we saw nothing for about  10 minutes, so we walked back to the cars. We began walking faster when we heard a crash in the woods - and then we got back to the cars, and stopped in front of the golf course, where I took a picture of the sign - me and Mike were taking picturesat the same time, and I noticed there is a red orb like structure on the side of the sign. It's not present in Mike's pictures tho, here is a link to the picture http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v670/MikemicalRomance/26e6adb6.jpg

If you want to use it on the site, tell me - it's find with me, i'd just like to put a copyright or something of the sort on it. Then afterwards we found a cemetary nearby, but nothing creepy happened. When we came back home - we listened to the recordings, we picked up a loud crash, and two Moaning/Whispered sounds - one being directly said right after Mike said "That was definitely a noise."

So there is a report of our three visits to places, thanks to your site, we're addicted!

Please write back if you have anything to say.



My Personal Experience


By: Unknown


Mr. Juliano I came across your site and began reading the many experiences

people have had. While my own experince is not really that of a ghost

enconter I still believe that it may relate to some of the stories. Mine is

a premonition.

Growing up in Florida, I would visit my step great grandfather. Even though

he wasnt truly related to me he was far closer to me then many of my blood

relatives. I remember always seeing him sitting in his recliner and chewing

his tobacco. When i was about 10 I began having strange dreams. In the dream

i was walking through a house that was on fire. I was in a long hallway and

the flames were on my right side. I was not scared in the dream more curious

than anything else. Every few meters a round gray shape would raise out of

the flames and go over my head. This shape would then dissapear on the left

side. I tryed but could not see what was on the left; it was as though my

head wouldnt turn far enough.

I had this dream on and off for over 2 years before it finally stopped. I

didnt have the dream again until I was 14. However this time the dream was

different. I began having it every night for 2-3 monthes straight. And

everytime i saw the shape it was a little bit clearer. One night i realized

it was someone's face though i couldn't make out whose. The dreams stopped

for 2 weeks then i had the dream 2 more times. The last time I realized it

was the face of my step-great grandfather. The next morning my mom told me

that he had died in his sleep.

I thought perhaps it was just my subconcious mind telling me that he was old

and that he would die soon. But when I was 17 I got a book from a friend and

in the book it had a section on dream interpretation. I read that if you

dream of a house on fire then there will be a death in your family. At that

point I remembered all the dreams I had had. I realized that it was more

than just my mind warning me.

I have on occasion felt as if someone was with me whenever I most needed

someone to care. I believe that it is him.

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read through my story

Mr.Juliano. I am sure that others feel as I do and I thank you for having

your website to help the rest of us better understand these strange

occurances. If you wish to place my story on your page I give you my

permission. Again thank you so much.




Child and a Woman


By: RBrayford@gdtr.com




When I was a freshman in high school my Mom and stepdad and I moved into an older

home built sometime in the late 1920's or early 1930's I assume this from the newspaper I had found

dated 1936.When we first moved in ,there wasn't anything odd things happening not until my stepdad

and uncle started putting in rooms upstairs in the loft. One nite after a long day of swimming with friends

I decided to go home a take a nap and meet back up with my buddies later that nite, Well that didn't happen

I awoke to or whom I thought was my nephew sam tapping me on the foot, the room was very dark just

a small bit of light through the curtains I looked over at the clock ,it was late around 11:00 pm.So I said

to whom I thought was my nephew, what are you doing in here ,and where's your mom,you see they lived next door

to us,and I asked again with no answer. I got up and turned on the light...noone was there..OK..I said to myself

that was odd..and very reluctantly went to sleep.That wasn't the end of it one nite I woke up with all my cover off

the end of the bed,maybe I kicked them off who knows?,I know because the second time it happened, I was

not asleep when I felt the covers slowly pull off of me and off the end of the bed..can we say ....WTF.....        

and that's when I slept downstairs on the couch for a few nites telling my mom it was too hot upstairs to sleep.

A few months had gone by without anything happening ,until they put another room upstairs in and I moved into that one.

I started hearing sounds on the roof like if someone was throwing a ball onto the roof and it was bouncing down

went on for atleast a good month....Well the ice finally broke when my Grandmother who had been living with us

asked my mom one morning who was standing in her doorway lastnite my mom said no-one and my

Grandma replied that it was a  "Child and a woman" and that's when I told them what was happing upstairs.



St. Augustine


By: megan@gomoonlight.com


I am 13 years old and I live in florida.  I took a trip to st.augustine for vacation two years ago.  My family and I stayed in the st.francis inn, which is a bed and breakfast.  We stayed in the Sanford suite for like, 1 nite, and the lady at the front desk said that her daughter had babysat there and the kids were playing with those hot wheel toys.  Well, she said that her daughter called her up and said that the toys were moving on their own.  I was sooooo afraid to sleep in that room.  Well, the next two nites, we stayed in the cottage.  It was very homey like and I had no problem with it.  I went upstairs to the room I would stay in and I didn’t feel comfortable at all.  I felt like someone/something was watching my sister and I.  so that night I slept in the pull out couch.  That nite, my mom said that late at nite, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and into the room my sis and I were supposed to stay in.  everyone was sleeping, so there was no logical explination.  Creepy.  And the next morning, my mom went to have breakfast and she was talking to these really nice people that stayed in the supposedly haunted room, lillys room.  There is a whole long story to the room, and I don’t really know the details.  But the couple staying in that room said that they took some pictures, and in one , there was an armchair from like, a long time ago against one wall, but it wasn’t actually there.  So they started walking out to the courtyard next to the cottage and said, “oh, its just lilly messing around with stuff”.  As soon as they said lilly, the light above the cottage door went out.  My dad went to check it out, but there was nothing wrong with the lightbulb.  I was freaked out.  We were gonna leave that very day.  My mom couldn’t find her car keys or the cottage room key.  She was looking and she found the car keys on top of the counter and the cottage keys inside the door we never came in through.  This story is all true from what my mother told me.  Very creepy.




Sam, My Best Friend


By: 1smallfreak@gmail.com


Well, to start off with, I can see and talk to dead people. It sounds crazy, I know, but its the truth. I'm not one of those people that u see on T.V., but it's pretty much the same thing. I started seeing ghosts when I was six, when while I was asleep in my bed, I was awaken by what I thought was my brother walking around, but it turned out to be somebody I didnt know. I wanted to scream, but I was too terrified.

At first, he didnt notice me, then he saw me, looked surprised, and disappeared. I saw footprints just appear in the floor, heading inside my closet. I've been scared of my closet ever since. I couldnt see who it was because it was so dark, but the next day, I found out it was a kid. While walking up the stairs to eat breakfast, I saw him sitting on the steps, frowning at me. I noticed him, stopped, and I really wanted to scream. I was just about to let one out, when he put his finger to his lips, signaling me to be quiet. I didnt want to scare him away so I didnt yell. I smiled, he smiled back, I blinked, he vanished. At this point, I thought I was going crazy. I went upstairs, ate my cereal with my family, all the while, he watched. I tried to shrug it off, when a vase he was sitting next to fell off and broke.

Then I was staring wild eyed at him, he frowned, and disappeared again. I later was walking down to my basement, when I heard crying. I thought it might be my brother, frustrated because he couldnt beat a videogame (he always cried when he couldnt win), but when I got down there, the T.V. and the lights were off. I was again, terrified, but I peaked around the corner and nothing was there, all I heard was crying, but it kept getting louder. I was turning around to run, when I saw him right there in front of me I fell on the ground and screamed. He cried even more at this. I could hear my parents asking if everything was alright while they were making their way downstairs.

I looked at him and he vanished once again. The crying stopped as my parents came in the little crawl space that we called "The Toy Room".

They looked at me, stunned, still staring at where the little ghost use to be. They asked me if I hurt myself or something. I said, "No...

I just tripped." They then inspected my body, to really see if I was just toughing out some scrape. My mom then looked at my dad, and shrugged. My dads next reply scared me so bad to the point I peed my pants. "Well...then...why were you crying son?"

Well, after a few more meetings, I found out he was a ghost (yes, I didn't know before). After a while, we became friends, but he never spoke, just helped us out and played with our toys. Like once, before we went to our grandparents house, we had to clean the basement. It took hours, but we finally did it, then we went to my grandma's. When we came home, my brother and I went to the basement, to play videogames. It was a mess! We groaned, and I screamed, "SAAAAMM!!" We named him little black sambo, because of his color (not to be racist for those of you who are easily offended). While my brother went to the bathroom, he appeared, at first smiling, but then frowned, seeing how distressed I was. I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Help us clean, or clean it yourself!" I stormed upstairs to get my mom so she could help us. We were just heading downstairs when I heard my brother scream. I ran down to figure out what Sam had done. When I got in there I saw my brother shaking, his eyes fully open, looking to and fro. I looked in the room and gasped myself... it was perfectly clean.

My mom got down there and said, "What mess?".

It was six years that I had known him, he was mine, and the family's best friend. It was almost like he was a part of the family: he lived in the house, went to school with my brother and I, and did household chores (without us asking by the way). My life was going good, I was starting seventh grade, I had lots of friends, what more could I ask for? "I've decided that we're moving" I'll never forget that day. The day my mom decided to move. She had wanted to move before, but never did. We've even had a "For Sale" sign in our front yard before, but it was taken down only a few days after because my mother didn't want to leave the house she raised her children in. Now she was serious. The sign went up almost immediatly and she started looking at houses. At first, I thought it was cool, I mean, the house we were in was good, but we didn't live in the best neighborhood in the world, which was why my mom wanted to move. It was a long time before someone decided to buy our house for $200,000 in cash right there if we moved out in a week. My father took his offer, and we started packing immediatly. I was sad to leave this house, I had so many memories there, but, I had to move on. While I was packing my things, Sam appeared beside my bed, but he wasn't smiling this time, he was frowning (this didn't happen a lot). I stopped packing and asked him what was wrong. He looked at my bag. I smiled and said, "Will you miss this house too?" I was surprised to see him shake his head. I frowned and he started crying, "Why won't you miss our house?... didn't you like it here?" Then, I heard something I had never heard from him before... his voice. "I'm not leaving." then he vanished.

I'll never forget that week, I was more sad that week then I ever was, or will be. I had known Sam six years. Six years! It was like losing a little brother to me. That entire week, I begged him to go with us, he would just shake his head and say, "I can't." The day we left was the worst day ever... it's ironic, but it was the day after easter. As I was heading out of what was now our empty house, my brother and I ran to our Toy Room where Sam was. After ten minutes Sam appeared. My brother of course couldn't see him but knew he was there. At first he was frowning, but then the room got brighter, and he smiled. He waved goodbye, tears streaming down his eyes. I said goodbye and my brother said, "This is your last chance to come with us Sam... Please?" But Sam just shook his head, looked up, and disappeared from our lives.

After Sam, I've seen several spirits. Especially when we moved to the apartment complex. There was an old lady in a night gown that lived in my dad's closet, and a guy in camoflauge kakis and a white shirt with a green beanie that lived in our living room (he used to watch me play video games and laugh, he even tried himself once). When we moved into our new house (the house I'm in now) there was only one ghost. A mischevious poltergeist that is so annoying. He once turned on our T.V. and cranked the volume up to the max while we were all asleep! It scared the crap outta my mom, but he thought it was hilarious.There have been good things as well as bad things though, about a year ago, my brothers best friend died in a car accident. Our family, especially my brother, were distraught. So my brother and I stayed up late the night he died, and watched Monty Python to cheer us up. Then, I noticed somebody walking around our kitchen, grinning with the biggest smile I had ever seen. I thought it was the poltergeist, so I told him to go away. My brother asked,  "I don't think it's the poltergeist..."

I stared at him and asked him how he knew, "I don't know," he said, "but I really don't think it's him." He told me to describe him.

"Well," I said, "he's wearing blue jeans, white t-shirt, and he has the biggest smile I've ever seen." Jason stood up, "Jayson is that you?!" The ghost nodded and walked over. It turned out, the ghost was my brother's best friend, Jayson, that died in the crash. We stopped the movie, and talked for hours. Jayson had to talk through me though, apparently, the only way a ghost can communicate to living people, is through someone else. Anyway, presently, I talk to a ghost that came in about a month ago, her name is Emelie, and her brother, Jacob.

Jayson visits now and then, but I don't see him as much as I used to.

Well, that's my life, helping out ghosts, kinda weird huh? But it all started out with a little ghost named Sam. This is for you, buddy!





By: par8@watchtv.net


 I found your site tonight.  listening to the voice recording on page one, #13 ("go out there"), I understood the voice saying, "the boy ain't here".  Also, #16 (my mother's 95"), is saying, "I (I'll) love you all the time".    I never actually had a ghost or haunting experience. Only the time when I was 12 yrs, I was sitting off to the side of my grandmas' coffin while the grown-ups were conversing around her.  I was listening to them, when out of no-where this white bird fluttered down and perched itself on the edge by my grandma's head.  I thought some one brought in a birdcage, for this bird was a beautiful white dove.  I was so amazed by it.  I just sat there and watched it.  I remember a warm, peaceful feeling coming over me as if I were covered with sunbeams.  After what seem to be an eternity, sitting and watching that beautiful white dove, I realized no one else is saying anything about the bird, ...and the bird was closer to them then it was to me!  Yet they kept talking and looking down upon my grandma as if the dove wasn't even there.  As soon as I tried to get my mothers attention, I looked back at the coffin and the white dove was gone.  I jumped up out of my chair, going room to room searching for the dove.  I even went outside looking in the trees and up in the skies.  One of the funeral attendants was standing in the lobby when I came back inside.  I asked him if they had pet birds in the funeral home.  I never said anything about the dove until that evening at home to my mom.  She started to cry which made me cried.  She said it was a sign from God, only for me, since no one else could see it.



One of My Experiences with Ghosts


By: rag_lady@hotmail.com


Hi my name is Samantha and I'm 18 years old.

I have had a lot of unusual and scary things happen to my family and I.

But I won't get into all of that. But what I will tell you is one story about something I had the unfortunate chance of meeting. THIS is my story:

My family and I are gypsies, since we constantly move around and hardly stay in the same place. Mostly because of my dad(God rest his soul), he wanted us to see "the world" so we lived in 17 different towns and cities altogether.

But we sort of gave up on that since he died 7 years ago. So we moved a couple years later to Timmins, Ontario( Which is located in Northern Canada)

which is only an hour and a half away from where we used to live( Cochrane).

So anyway, I didn't get the greatest feeling from our 2 bedroom upstairs apartment. Not only was it on a bad street, but I felt something not good there.

Right away odd things happened. Such as the rocking chair moment.

There was this creepy old rocking chair from the 70's already there and it was put away in the inside porch with most of our belongings. I had an unnerving feeling and I went to go see it. Right there from the doorway, it was rocking crookedly which made it look even creepier. Then it stopped so suddenly, like it knew that I was watching.

Then there's the attic. I always hear something walking around up there and a loud thump like it jumping up and down. It was very cold up there. I always avoided it. My mom even put a lock on the attic door, "Just in case", was all she said.

I didn't know what that meant.

I remember one night I was home alone waiting for my mom and sister to come home. I didn;t feel safe, even with all the lights on. i couldn't sleep until they were home. I was in my room waiting on my bed, then I heard the door open and someone walking around. I thought it was mom so I went to go look. she wasn't there, the door was open and I was alone.

I used to wake up with scratches all over my body, some of them deep and I would be puzzled as to how they got there. I didn't have a pet.

Then there's the one night when I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling scared and it was cold in my room, which was weird since i didn't have a window and I wasn't cold, it was just the room. I felt someone was standing beside my bed looking down at me( my bed was practically floor level). I turned the other way and tried going back to bed but that's when I felt someone hot breath in my ear and I heard it rasp. It was a man. i knew. My heart stopped and I froze. I was scared. I couldn't sleep since.

i knew it was a man, I had a dream of him. he was caucasian, weighty and tall.

he often tried to follow me in my dreams, he was angry, abusive, but couldn't touch me once I got away from the apartment.

I told my sister and she knew also.

we moved out of there the next summer and we went back to Cochrane and we stayed here ever since. we've had other spirits but we didn;t care, we were back to something familiar and that was ok.




My Stories of a Few Ghosts


By: codydude061@hotmail.com


Hi my name is Cody and I have encountered a few ghosts my first when I was very young I woke up and opened my eyes and something said Gotcha Gotcha I looked and no one was there so ran downstairs.

Another time I went downstairs in the basement and I saw a man in a cloak and I asked who it was and it made a hissing sound and so i threw something at it I can't remember and its hissing got louder so I ran upstairs and never saw it again it had no face.

Another time I saw a lady after going to the public pool and I saw a woman and once again I fled.

At my friends former house I saw a lady in his house running towards the window I was looking through so again I fled.

One time my cousin, my mom and I were driving to my grandma's house and saw a semi-truck go right through our van so we stopped at a gas station and started driving again and turned on our radio and it said put up your weapons you cowardly humans and fight. So we started driving without a radio nad we went to our aunts house which she knows alot about ghosts and she said my cousin's friend died from a semi-truck on that same road.

All these times I never told anyone but my friends because my family thinks I lie about that kind of stuff.



My Old Apartment


By: RVos@hightechinstitute.edu


I lived in a town home in my hometown of Glendale, Arizona. It was on 59th Ave. and Peoria, less than a mile from three cemeteries and a dilapidated old barn house. Creepy surroundings. My experiences aren't that riveting, but the place was infested with cockroaches and they never went away no matter what we did. We did so many things as far as fogging, we let 30 geckos loose to eat them all, we put out roach traps. I've just heard things about bugs in haunted places, flies and stuff but it could have nothing to do with it. But also, there was 1 1/2 bathrooms in the place, the upstairs one had a shower the downstairs one just had a toilet and sink. Well, one time I was in this bathroom which is right beneath the stairs. As I was sitting on the toilet I heard feet running up the stairs like thunder though. Like someone was really hurrying to get up there. Then I came out of the bathroom and saw my boyfriend and my roommate and I said, "Who ran upstairs all crazy?" And they said neither of them. I said, "Are you sure?" And they said, "Yeah, we've been sitting here the whole time." I asked if one of our three cats ran upstairs. The two girl cats are too small to have made that kind of noise but our male cat was almost 20 pounds so it was a possibility. But he was sitting beside my roommate. Also, the light used to turn on by itself and in my boyfriend and my bedroom, the lock was on the outside and it was a key hole as if somebody was locking someone in the room from the outside. One of our female cats went crazy and started to growl at us and attacked my roommate. My dog was always barking at things when there was nothing for him to bark at.  Very scary. Thank God I live there no more.



My Grandmothers Passing


By: elementkid40@snet.net


about 3 years ago my grandmother died on june 30, 2002. 2 years later my parents and my brother were cleaning the house when my mom asked me to take a box down to the basment which i hate the basement cause its cold and i feel like i,m being watched.so i took the box to the deepest corner of the basement when i heard something say''Ryan'' (which is my name). jaymes is that you? (which thats my brothers name).jaymes i said again but no reply. the figure came down the stairs toward me but when it was 4 feet away it disapeared in mid air.i ran  to tell my mom b ut she said , it was your imagination. i sighed and said whatever i know what i saw.






By: silver_speak_7@hotmail.com


After sharing some particularly creepy paranormal experiences amongst ourselves, my brother, sister, my sister's boyfriend, and I decided to check out a couple of the places on the Haunted Places list that just happened to be located here in scenic Muskogee, Oklahoma. While searching for the address of 219 Okmulgee, we wound up on a street by the name of Callahan. A set of train tracks runs across the road, and bells and crossing lights are in place to warn about oncoming trains. At around 2:00 in the morning, we started down the road. When we started, the warning lights were flashing, but they went off shortly, and we assumed a train had just passed. But when we came up on the tracks, they began flashing again, and this time, the bells went off, too. Our driver, my sister, slammed on the brakes, and we all started looking for the train -- there wasn't one in sight. The lights went off a few seconds later. So we sat, and waited, unsure of whether or not to continue across the tracks. Then the lights went off again. My sister sped in reverse to get away from the tracks, she was so freaked out. Her boyfriend finally talked her into going across the tracks, and when we did, he, my brother, and I felt extremely panicked. After that, we finally found our address -- which is now an abandoned parking lot. The story says you're supposed to here two men talking in the back seat. What happened was that my left eardrum started hurting VERY badly, and I just got an overwhelming sense that something bad had happened. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, two street lights went out -- one right on the corner which the parking lot was on, and one diagonally across the street. We went through the parking lot once more, and once again my left ear started hurting. My brother said that his ears started ringing for about a second and stopped, and my sister's boyfriend said he felt like he was on an airplane because his ears suddenly became stuffy.



Man at The Top of the Stairs


By: sienkiem@MSKCC.ORG


I have a ghost story that my Dad told me about.  He and my grandmother (Dad's Mom) used to see this ghost all the time.  I was born in Poland in a very small town in the North.  For two years after I was born my parents and I lived with my Dad's family in one of the upstairs rooms with a separate entrance.  My Dad says that whenever he came home after dark he used to see this man in a suit standing on top of the stairs.  My Mom didn't know about it then because she is very afraid of ghosts so my Dad never told her but one day she found out about it when her sister and her Mom came to visit one winter evening when it was already dark.  They came up the stairs in the dark and my grandma walked forward to turn the light switch on and at the same time my aunt saw the man in the suit standing on top of the stairs and she saw my grandma walking right through him and turn the light on.  My aunt freaked out, she was shaking and crying for hours.  So, that's how my Mom found out.  My Dad said that one explanation for the presence of that ghost is that the house is very, very old (the area where I used to live used to belong to Prussia then it was taken over by Teutonic Order and then Germany).  After World War II Poland took over the land and my grandparents (Dad's parents) moved there (they came from Lithuania).  So no one is really sure how old the house is but when they came there after the war they found a body in the upstairs kitchen and that is right next to the top of the stairs where my Dad and other members of my family used to see the man in the suit.  I have gone up those stairs many times after I was older (my cousins used to live in that room) and I never saw anything but I heard this exact same story from many members of my family who experienced it. 


Haunted House


By: david@dpearce0.wanadoo.co.uk


Hi, you probably won't think much of this but it really freaked out my friend. Just read it first before you judge it.

It started with my friend's mum. His mum used to be a cleaner you see and she and her friend were cleaning this house when something happened. First whenever his mum and her friend were cleaning upstairs they could always smell something really horrid downstairs, but whenver they went down, there was nothing there. This happened quite a few times. Then one day, my friend's mum was cleaning the wall when she felt something push her really hard on her shoulder. She was then off with shock. Her friend who cleaned with her didn't think it was true but the next day it happened to her as well.

When my friend's mum was better, her and her friend went to the house next door to this haunted one and they told the woman who lived there. This woman (called Vanessa) went into the house and as soon as she stepped upstairs the smell stopped. It was almost as if she had scared the ghost or thing off. I don't know what you'd think of this story but I can guarantee you one thing, it is 100% true!



Grandparents Houme


By: sillyflapps@yahoo.ca



I have been reading stories on your website for a few years now, and I figured I might as well share some of the experiences which have occured to me and members of my family, and friends.

My grandparents have lived in their home for about 45 years now. My grandmother was a nurse before she retired, and she often looks after family and friends when they are ill. My great-grandmother and my great-uncle have both passed away in her home, one in 1979, and the other in 1993, I think. Anyway, my mother especially, can always feel my great-grandmother's presence in the basement, where my grandparents had stored her rocking chair, which has been there since she was staying at their home, and is still there today. You just get an overwhelming feeling that there is someone sitting on the chair, although it has ever scared any of us.

When my two sisters and I were younger, we spent every weekend, and a few weeks each summer at my grandparents place. One time, my older sister and I had been chatting about the house being haunted, and my grandfather got upset about that. My sister made the comment thet she wished that the ghosts would prove that they were in fact there. We left to go grocery shopping, and when we returned approximately 2 hours later, there were 2 cups out of the cupboard (we had put all the dishes away before going), and the way they were situated on the floor, it was apparent they had fallen. One was a plastic cup, which ended up being fine, and the other was glass, which had broken. In fact, there were pieces of glass embedded in the floor through the carpet. We knew that they couldn't have fallen on their own because t cupboards were all closed, and my grandmother stacks her glasses and mugs in stacks of 4 or 5, so there was absolutely no way to explain how only 2 fell, and the cupboard doors shutting behind them. There was nobody who could have done it, my parents do not have keys to enter my grandparents place, and my uncle was in Buffalo NY (we live in Ottawa,On.). My father thinks that my sister got her wish, and she has never again made a request like that.

My family believes that the home we live in is haunted. It quiets down, then gets active. We have no idea how to go about checking the history of our house, but we do believe our property was once connected to our neighbours. My older sister woke up one night, a few months after we moved in (my parents bought the house about 7 years ago). When she opened her eyes she saw a boy, she said he looked to be about 10, standing in the centre of the room. He was wearing a baseball cap, and t-shirt. The way she described it, he looked real, he wasn't transparent and there was no glow about him. She just looked at him, she rubbed her eyes because she couldn't believe what she had seen, then rolled over to face away from him, and went to sleep. My mother was telling our neighbour about what my sister saw, and the neighbour commented that it sounded like her ghost, her husband had seen a little boy he described the same as my sister, in their attic the day they moved in. Our ghost doesn't bother anyone often, and my big sister is the only one who has ever seen him. We can all feel his presence when he is around. We have a sunroom, which had been a garage that the previous owners had converted, which we use as a bedroom. The only place a bed can fit properly to allow people to walk around the room is to place it under the window, so you actually are literally right at the same height as the window sill. That room gets very hot during the summer, and stays very cold in the winter, we can never get the temperature right, which is a duct prob m. The window pretty much stays open throughout the whole summer, so anyone sleeping there can feel if there is wind coming in or not. Anyway, my younger sister (it is her bedroom) has been woken up by the sound of  the gate opening and slamming shut on the front porch on a windless night. This doesn't happen very often. In our living room and dining room area (which we use as a computer room) have older windows with the sliding lock things on both sides that have to be pressed in to open or close the windows. My younger sister and my mother were in the living room one day when it started to rain. Mom told my sister to help her close the windows so no rain gets inside, when they both heard the windows in the computer room start closing and when they went to get a better look, sure enough both windows were closed. We live in a bungalow, and there are no walls separating the rooms, only an archway, so they coulldn't see the windows, however they definately would have seen if anyone had been in the room.

I used to work 6 days a week starting at 5:30 a.m., with Saturday's being a shorter shift, so I would usually leave at about 9 or 10 a.m. I would go home and take a nap most Saturday's. My bedroom is in the basement, which is separated into two rooms, a rec room, and laundry area, then walking through those rooms and turning right to go into the very back of the basement is my bedroom. I got home one Saturday and went to lie down. Mom was also lying down in her room, and her room is at the top of the basement staircase. We were the only two home. She heard the front door open, and footsteps walking around. She figured it was my father or one of my sisters. Whoever came in decided to come down into the basement, open my bedroom door, lie down behind me, and squeeze me. I was confused, but not in anyway paralized or afraid. I was too tired to open my eyes and see if anyone was there, but I remember being squeezed pretty tightly. Then, the squeezer got up, left my roo and both my mother and I heard the footsteps going up the stairs, then out the front door. I had to use the washroom, so I got up and ended up meeting mom at the top of the stairs. I scared her, because she thought she heard a bag rustling as the footsteps had come upstairs, and she thought it was me leaving the house. We looked outside, and her car was the only one in our driveway, no one else had come home at all, so we have no idea who it could have been, or why it would have wanted to hug, or squeeze me.

My sister had gotten a helium filled balloon for her birthday one year, and it was just hanging in the corner on the ceiling in our computer room. I was awake one night surfing the net when I got the distinct impression that something was right behind me, so I turned around and came face to face with her balloon. It freaked me out, because, it had been floating on the ceiling, and it had to lower to the height of a person sitting, and cross the room, where it floated just level with my head. I popped the balloon that night. My sister has heard dishes being thrown into the sink at night when she got home from work, and one night saw a shadow of a person looking out the living room window when she came home. She walked in the house and dicovered everyone sleeping in their bedrooms, so she doesn't have a clue who would have been at the window. She called her boyfriend to come get her because she didn't want to be the only one awake that night.

I apologize for the length of this e-mail, and as I've mentioned, it is not the most active of hauntings, in fact no one has ever really felt uncomfortable before in our home. I still have years of experiences to tell about, maybe I'll e-mail again sometime.

If you would like to know more, or hear anything else, e-mail me at sillyflapps@yahoo.ca





Phantom Knocks


By: fawnibecca@comcast.net



In 1989 I lived as a single mom in a two story townhome. This was in Berea, KY. My bedroom was upstairs and had one window overlooking my front door and the parking lot. David, my next door neighbor shared his porch with me. One small cement porch with one step up, leading to his door and to mine. He was number 7 and I was number 8. One time, early morning between 2 and 3 o'clock, I had just startled myslef awake after a disturbing dream. In fact, I'd just finished writing it all down in a dream journal and had turned off my bedside lamp. I lay there in  darkness with only my bedroom window as a night light. A bit of street light  shone through the slightly elevated shade and if a car happened by I'd see a quick flash of headlights roam across my bedroom walls. Roads were mostly empty and it was all stillness outside. My window was partly open and I remember the sound of wind and an occasional insect amidst all that quiet. It was summer, or maybe end of summer, and the fresh air smelled like honeysuckly. As I lay there trying to fall back asleep I suddenly  heard the low growl of a car engine in the parking lot below.. It idled for a few minutes and then turned off. Silence.  Next the click of a door handle, then the sound of a door creaking open and slamming shut. I heard shoes hitting the pavement.  They had loud distinct heels on them, pacing the each step like I imagined a sharply dressed woman would do. Klip, klop klip klop,  coming closer to David and my porch. They made a distinct noise which echoed in th enight air, they walked to just below my window. I wondered if the person would knock on David's door, or mine.  There was a pregnant pause as I listened for the knock. I guessed the knock would be on David's door, as he was a big late night partier and frequent l e night friends. The knock came, but on my door. I heard it loud and belowing, through my open window from right below it, and simultaineously it echoed through my apartment. Five knocks on my front door. Sharp and determined. I immediately leaped out of bed and was at the window a few seconds later. I yelled down to the visiter, "Hold on, I'll be right there". I had several  friends or family it could be, despite this odd hour, I wasn't  concerned. I turned from the window and bounded down my stairs, in the dark, and sprung open my front door.I opened it part way and then all the way. Only darkness, just an empty porch. There was no car in the parking lot as far as my eyes could see! Wind howled through the trees, it just shrieked past my door and blew branches across the pavement. I shuddered, not from cold, but from the lightening bolt of creepy chills that were traveling like ice down my down my spinal cord. I shut the door again, then locked it. Then stood there for a minute or two and checked the lock again. Slowly I moved again, back up the stairs again, taking each step up backwards, keeping watch on my front door.



My Mother....


By: GMCJimmy24@comcast.net


This is a true story and to this day, I still dont know if what I saw was real.

My Mother passed away on May 13 of 1997.  It was especially hard on my wife and I because of all the things that she did for us to help us out like watching the kids so we could go out and have fun for a few hours.

After the funeral arrangements were made, I went to my mother's place of employment to collect her personal property.  She worked with alot of nice people  and a few of my aunts even worked there as well.

The warehouse she worked in was a small, 1 floor building probably about half the length of a football field.  As you walked into the employees entrance, the timeclock machine was hanging on the wall about 3 ft in from the door and that hallway ran along the wall from one end of the building to the other.

As I walked into the door, I was looking down at the floor (it was hard for me to be there because of how much she loved her job and the friends that she had there) and as I walked past the timeclock, I picked my head up and saw at the very other end of the hallway, my Mother.  She was standing there with her light brown curly hair with her glasses drapped around her neck like she always wore them wearing her "Proud To Be Irish" sweatshirt.  She stared at me and walked around the corner down the last Isle from where I was.  I walked very quicky down to the other end of the building  and as I got to the isle, she was gone.  I walked around the building to find someone that I may have mistaken her for, but there was nobody there who was even "REMOTELY" dressed like my mother was.  I felt a knot inmy stomach and had to walk out of the building to get my head straight.  I didn't know what to believe after that.

A few days later, my brother decided to move into the house because our mother lived by herself and we did not want the house to be broken into since the obituary notice had been in the newspaper earlier that day.

I received a phone call from my brother (who sounded nervous) asking me to come over to the house because "the doorbell keeps ringing and when I get to the door, there's nobody there".  I thought that maybe he was either imagining this, or someone was playing a trick on him, but that is where my mother had passed away, at her own home.



My Mom's Story


By: Donner@tampabay.rr.com


this will be the second story that I've sent to you.

my mom told me this story and said that she was about 10 or 11 during the time of her experience.she said she was sleeping one night and she woke up at about 1 in the morning. she looked up and saw a white shadow floating next to her bed that had big eyes.she said its head looked a little swollen and it looked like it was trying to say something.she got really scared and tried to scream to wake her mom she was so scared that she couldn't make a noise.she never told her mom about it because she was afraid that her brothers would tease her.but a week later she over heard her brother (my uncle Kevin)say that he saw a white figure with a swollen head.




  My Ghost Story: Chased by two phantoms!!


By: lakonveserothmikaiu@hotmail.com



Well, heres how this starts.

My best friend was over for the week, this summer, of '05, and we'd been working all day on something. After going inside and taking a nap, we both decided to go for walk in the woods. It was still light out, but barley. We let my mother know where we were ging, when my little brother asked if he could go. I said sure, and I let him come along. When we got back there, it was getting dark fast, and I was glad I had brought along my sword, incase we ran into any wild dogs. We'd been walking for about 10 minutes, when I noticed a trail I'd never seen before, yet I'd been past this place tons of times. So, we dicided to take the trail. It led down into a field that I knew, and we began to walk across it. Suddenly we heard this really loud shrieking noise, and looked acrossed the field. I should have probably stated before, I'm 17, my friend is 16, and my little brother is 13. Now, when we heard this shrieking, everything suddenly felt worng. And I don't mean as in we shouldn't be here wrong, I mean completely wrong. I drew my sword out of instintc, when my friend turned to me, asked for my sword,  and said he felt it to, I guess he noticed I felt someth g about that place. I decided to hand him my sword,and we decided to get out of there as quickly as possible, i.e., running. While we were running, I turned around, as I was at the back of our little group, when I saw two silver pahntoms. After I saw them, I saw a fleeting image of an old castle. After that, I was completely terrified. Not only where we being chased by two pahntoms, but now they were in my mind.At this point, my friend, my brother, and I ran all the way home. That was not the first time I had spotted the phantoms. One night, I had been in the field, and I had spotted them, yet I did not feel threatned until that night. It has reamined a mystery to me, at least it will until I get my investigation team back there........ It's one of the scariest things to ever  happen to me. This is a true story, and mine is not the only one to be heard about this field and it's two phantoms............



My Ghost "Friend"


By: irishchick14@sbcglobal.net


About 4 years ago, when I lived with my mother & her boyfriend in an apartment, I was sleeping on the loveseat in the living room & I had a stack of pillows & blankets close to my head. It was about 12 am & suddenly the pillows & blankets fell over, I shrugged it off, I mena, there were a lot of pillows & blankets & the pile was a bit lopsided, that was, until I got up in the morning. When I woke up, I saw that the pillows & blankets had been made into a little pallet on the floor next to me. Also, in that apartment, it was about 10 pm, I was trying to get to sleep, & I saw an lady in one of those button-up high-collared dresses from a long time ago, I was a wee bit freaked, but when I saw her, I was scared, but kind of happy to see her.

Also, about 2 years ago, I was living in a house with my father & my step-mother &  I was walking to my room & i saw a blonde lady laying on our couch, she was wearing a long, light blue dress. At first, I htought it might have been my step-mother, then I realized that she didn't have a long, light blue dress, so I looked back & the lady wasn't there, & my step-mother was at the other end of the house on the computer. This time, it happened to my father, he was sitting in his chair watching television & for some reason he looked behind him & saw this little old lady with her hands on her hips giving him a disaproving look. I'd also had things disapear & turn up in wierd places, at first I thought I had done it, I'm always leaving my stuff in odd places, like my shoes in the bathroom behind the towels, don't ask. But, then I realized even I didn't leave things in that wierd of places. Once, I lost my house keys, I knew I had left them on my bed & when I was getting ready for bed & I was getting all the crap off my bed, I realized that my keys weren't there. I looked for them for days, but I never found them, that is until, about 6 months ater, we were moving out of that house & my dad was moving this big desk out of my room, & there were my keys. There is no way that I could've kicked them under the desk by accident, it had this wierd decoration on the front. The only way it could've gotten there was from the back & that was also impossible, my desk was too close to the wall for that.

This also happened to my father a few months ago, it was really late at night, or really early in the morning, I don't know. But, my father woke up & saw his father standing in his room. He called my aunt & she told him what happened.

This happened about 5 months ago, to me, I was sitting in the church, during prayer, & i don't know why, but I looked up & I saw my best friends dad standing right there, which I knew to be impossible, because he had been dead about 2 years before this occurance.

This happened 4 months ago, I was late, like, really late, & I was having trouble trying to sleep & I was looking at my window, or rather, glaring, but , yeah, so, back to the point. Ok, so I was glaring at my window & I looked at the end of my bed & saw this wierd demon looking creature. Anyways, I totally freaked, I mena, you don't see wierd little creatures everyday, you know? Ok, well ever since I've seen this "thing" my favorite clothes have been dissapearing. At first I thought they might be under my bed or in my closet, but they're not, there's nothing under my bed & I've been through my closet twice. Do know what that freaky little creature might have been?

About 3 months ago, I was at my friends & they have crosses everywhere, I mean everywhere, ok, so, back to the point, the crosses. Yeah, ok, so they have crosses everywhere because they have a problems with these wierd glowing orb-like ghost thingys. Well, my friend, her sister, & I were sitting o her bed, talking & we were talking about Stephen King movies & I say, "Have you seen IT?", & we here this creepy voice say, "Yes", we freaked out, we all jumped into the middle of the bed & didn't move for a long time. Ok, well the glowing or thingys are supposed to be ghosts, we guess, because like, a lot of people have died in that house. Ok, well, my friend was up late one night, watching television, & she looks out her window & she sees 3 glowing heads. Ok, that's wierd right? Well, one day, I had come home with her after school so she could give me a ride to church, ok, so, I put my backpack in the middle of her bed, & sat on the floor, so I could watch some television before we had to go, she was on the other side of the room, by window where she saw the glowing heads & all the sudden my backpack flies off the bad & into her closet. I was like, "WTF?", & She goes, oh, it's ok, it's just the ghosts.

About a year ago, I was in my friends grandmother's bathroom, my friend had to shave her legs, & I see this old dog lying on the floor & I was like,"Did y'all have a dog that died?", & she was like,"Yeah, how'd you know". I said,"Cause It's lying right there on the floor underneath the sink". Ok, so maybe it didn't happen like that, but I did see it. Laso, I was sitting on her grandmother's bed & all the sudden I get all cold & I have these feelings of hatred, love, sadnness, & unwillingness to go. Well, those soon passed, bacause I got the out that room, quickly. I was talking to my friend & I said,"Was there an older man who died, who was close to you who died", & She said,"Yeah, my grandfather how'd you know?". I said,"Beacuse Ijust met him.". Turns out they have several "portals" so to speak in thier house, plus 3 in thier ouigi board,so we don't play with that.

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