My First Encounter





First off I want to say I love your site, and secondly I have been a fan of this site for awhile but this is my first time posting.

I am a true believer of ghosts, spirits and entities. I myself have never really had an experience until Memorial day of this year. My sister and I were going to get some friends from there house on Saturday night to go out to a club in Athens by Univ. of GA. Well they told us their house was haunted before we left to go and get them but I thought nothing of it until we were on the road and headed that way when I got this terrifing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I told my sister I did not want to go but we had no choice plans were made and I did not want to let them down.

Their house is a double wide mobile home and it was in some little town going toward S.C., not sure of the name. Well anyway all the roads to the house are very dark and creepy and that did not help my feeling at all, but I was all excited to go out and have fun so I tried to look on the brighter side...until I got to their house.  The first thing that creeped me out was that they were two house away from a old church and a cemetary (not something I wanted to see). When we get out of the car my hair on my neck stood straight up. I heard what was chains rattling next to me right away so we ran inside, while sitting their I kept getting this feeling I was being watched and that was when they told me the seen the aspirition of a man go from the master bedroom to the hall and he stopped and looked straight at them and then walked into the hall way bathroom. I really had to go to the bathroom when we got there and put all feelings aside I went into that bathroom and did my business, when out of the corner of my eye I saw him standign there, that was when I said time to go, I ran out of that house so fast I made there heads spin. We go out and have a good time and then it was time to go back to drop them off (now this is where it gets spooky) the oldest girl told me the land lord knew nothing about the ghost and said it was nonsence but he was being very shady the whole time, and she said it gave her an eeirie feeling. They had lived there a few weeks and did the whole change of address at the post office and everything but they have not received one piece of mail lthe whole time it is like the place doesn't even exist (creepy huh?), I know this is long but this is the last thing I promise. On the way back they said if you look at the church you can see the same man standing in the doorway, and sure enough thought I tried not to look because I was terrified to the point of tears I was compelled to do so he was standing right there, in this eirie glow. Thank you for reading my story I will post on my grandmothers house next time.



My Family's Unsettling History With The Paranormal.





To begin with, I live in Los Angeles California, in the Valley.  My house is a very unsettling place, ever since I can remember, there have been unusual goings ons and oddities.  The history of the house is this; the house was built in the late fifties in the Hollywood Hills somewhere or other I am not quite sure, but it was eventually moved for some reason to the Valley in the early sixties at which point my grandfather bought the house at an amazingly reasonable price for such a then luxurious and beautiful house.  my family moved in and they have lived there since.  Now begins the second part of my story, when my grandfather was nearing the end of his life, he began to see things, namely my grandmother(whom he had divorced decades earlier and who had died about three years earlier)and, a small girl who he would become agitated at the sight of and wave away saying things like "Get away, you're gone!" and the like.  It was very unsettling, as I said.  He however was not alone in his unusual experiences in the house as my aunt and father have also experienced oddity here as well as any and nearly all of my friends who have stayed the night and most significantly, me.  My aunt has heard voices here when she was younger, and has seen a man out of the corner of her eye standing at the corner of her bed watching her who has also she says caused her to have difficulty in breathing on occasion.  My father is another story all together, but I am unsure as to his reliability as he is quite frankly, bi-polar/szkizophrenic but, several years ago after my grandmother died in 1994 he went quite insane and said that a "thing" in his room told him to kill himself. . .I would otherwise discount this as part of his psychosis or mania, but after that happened, I came into possesion of the house as part of my inheritance from my grandfather and when I first moved in, as there was hardly any furniture and I was staying there, I had to stay in his old room at the end of the hallway at the back of the house(there are no windows and the only illumination is from a wall torchier precisely in the middle of the hall which will play in later oddities).  When I lay down in there with my dog to rest a bit on the mattress which had previously been his, I felt decidedly unpleasant as if I were being watched but was suddenly so tired that I immediately fell asleep.  I woke up some time later in a cold sweat and my dog was huddled in the corner whimpering and watching the ceiling in the diagonally opposite corner of the room and seemed very frightened.  The unpleasant feeling of being watched had greatly increased and I quite the room as hastily as I possibly could.  When I had first moved in also, about a week after the oddness with my dog, and before I could move over my bed from my previous residence, I had moved over my father's bed from his old corner room and begun to sleep upon it.  Things were fine for about a month or so until one night I awoke to see the silhouette of a tallish man standing in the doorway to my bathroom(there is a bathroom attached to my bedroom and a door leading out from the bathroom into the entrance hall by the front-door)the man was standing with arms slightly bowed and head lowered with shoulders tense and seemed angry for some reason, Very angry.  The man pointed at me and I blinked and he disappeared.  What was even more disturbing about it was that the man appeared to be composed entirely of shadow as if the brightest light possible were shining behind him while the lighting behind him was just as it always is, as at that time I usually left the entrance hall light on for anyone coming home late and, the light in my bathroom was on which was directly flush with the man.  Even more disturbing was that while after I blinked, the man was gone and when I looked to investigate, the door was once more closed, but the door was un-locked which it Never was and, the light in the bathroom was still on which it also Never was.  I made a thorough search of my room and it was completely sealed and there was no possible way for what happened to have happened.  About a day or two later, and this is the weirdest most terrifying part and the most horrific, I was laying in bed(the one my father had shot himself on after my grandmother died-although he did not die of it)hands began to form out of the mattress and massage my body at first I thought it was a dream as it was so absurd but did not feel bad and was actually soothing, until the hands began to gouge and claw at me and try to pull me into the bed at which I began to shriek and jumped out and off of the bed and watched as the hands very sinuously melted almost back into the mattress.  My body hurt very much and I went to observe myself in the full length mirror which my grandfather had hung upon the door between my room and my bathroom(which had been his, he was a short man though so I don't believe the shadow-man had anything to do with him)and I noticed that my entire body from ankles to just below my neck was covered in gouges as if I had been scratched all over and many were bleeding although not profusely.  I ran out of the room and did not sleep the rest of the evening and in the morning, removed both bed and frame and put them in the trash and on the curb.  After this, I began to have nightmares in which a massive presence chased me through rooms of places in which I had previously lived or, I would be in a normal-ish dream(I am presuming that they were normal because I have never had a real dream, only nightmares)and then I would sense something approaching, even through the walls of the buildings in the dreams and then it would appear and rush at me and attack by grabbing me by the neck and throttling me and though it did not speak or even make sound or have form I could see it is as if it did and it had the form of a large human-like thing and it would gloat over me and taunt me as if I could hear it's thoughts it strangled me and lifted my feet off of the ground and prevented me from calling out or even making sound and I would struggle until I finally awoke and many of the times I would awaken to find large hand prints upon my neck, larger even than my hands.  The worst of the strangulation dreams was one set in my back hallway just to the side nearer the back of it just on the side of the lamp farther from the entrance to the hall.  In the dream, I was held walking about the house and heard something frying in the kitchen like eggs and when I went in there were eggs upon the stove and I felt such an inexplicable horror and revulsion at it that I still cannot quite shake the image from my mind.  After I went into the kitchen, I heard my dog whimpering in distress and ran to the sound and found her in the back hallway and she was being held up by the throat and throttled as I had been before and I ran over shouting at the shadow thing which was also the incorporeal thing(which I knew somehow)and threw myself at it to force it to release my dog and she was thrown back against the corner of the side hall which leads to the other bathroom off the master bedroom and lay unconscious at which it began to throttle me until I managed to shout out "God!" and was dropped and awoke immediately to find my neck severely sore and with bruising all over it and when I went to check on my dog, she was whimpering and my mother could not figure out why as she had suddenly begun to whimper in the middle of the night.  The shadow things hunted me I believe for some time.  I was standing in the back-yard on evening very soon after and my older brother who had asked if he could sleep in a tent in the backyard instead of in the house had pitched a tent there in the back of the yard near a jacaranda tree which is in the middle rear of the yard the way the tent was set up, one would have to upon exiting the tent, walk round about a trestle picnic table and the jacaranda(which lay perpendicular to the house)to come about to the path to the house which lay about twenty or so feet away.  That said, I was waiting out on the other side of the tent one evening chivying him to hurry up so we could catch a show when I thought I saw him exit the tent and start to come around(that meaning I saw "him" push aside the tent flaps with the light in the tent behind him bright and stride around the table and tree towards me)just as "he" reached me, my brother exited the tent and said "Alright, alright already, I'm coming, stop pestering me!" and this happened just as the shadow thing rounded the tree at which it bolted directly past my face and straight into the wall of the neighbor's garage which forms part of the separating wall between our two yards and as the shadow man reached the wall it ran directly into it at which it appeared to melt and splash almost into the shadows which blanketed it.  My brother also saw this although far more briefly as he only saw it bolt and "blur" past his eyes between the tree and the corner of his tent as his tent obscured the rest of his vision in the evening darkness.  I say that the shadow men hunted me because they followed me to my aunt's house and tried to attack me there as well.  The attack at my aunt's house occurred not long after the attacks and sightings at my own house and happened when I went up there to San Louis Obispo County to Los Osos for her father in law's wake at her house.  There were a great many family members at the house for the ceremony and I as a younger member of the family and not directly related as such to the deceased, was given a less than luxurious accommodation; the floor of my cousin's room with my mother sleeping upon the bed itself.  I went to sleep feeling in the far corner of the room far away from the bed.  I awoke later in the evening, rather late, for some reason stretched out straight with only my head pointing towards my previous position and at an angle with my feet pointed towards the bed even though I had previously been sleeping with my whole body curled up in the fetal position.  I woke up again later in the evening farther towards the bed with my ankles underneath it which frightened me even more-so at which I curled even farther into the corner after having gone across the hall to the restroom to splash my face with cold water.  Once again, later even in the evening, I awoke to find myself under the bed, but this time I knew what it was as I was experiencing the same sensation of having something stuffed into my mouth to prevent my making any sound whatsoever and which barely allowed my even being able to breath as if a gag had been shoved into my mouth, the same as when I was attacked by the shadow man and the incorporeal thing which were the same.  I was horribly aware of my being pulled forcibly under the bed and what was even more aware of the fact(and this is the Most terrifying and inexplicable of it to me, I am only about 5' 8" or 5' 8-1/2" or so but the bed which I was being pulled under, was only a single sized bed and I should only roughly have been able to be pulled under it while laying perpendicular to it as I was, roughly to just above my knees)I was up to my CHIN beneath the bed and being pulled farther as I tried to scream.  The wall was on the other side of the bed so that if I had been pulled that far, it would have been INTO the WALL.  I finally managed to get a yelp out of my mouth and then the pulling and gagging stopped and my mother looked down very perplexed as to why I was under the bed and so far at which I told her what happened.  We left within the hour.

    The oddness of my house goes back into my youth as well, as I recall when I was younger and only my grandfather was home with me, we would sit watching the television and sometimes, I would hear what sounded like squelchy boots coming down the hall at which I would look, and there would never be anything there and the carpets were always dry and there were no pets then either.  Also, the day I left to go to my grandfather's funeral, I was the last out the door and closing it behind me when I heard a tea-pot whistle and I went in to investigate worried about someone having left on a fire on the stove, but it was not on and the tea-kettles were all cold.  My grandfather always used to make tea.  Another time, I remember I was sitting in the living-room when I heard what sounded like a horrible soul wrenching sorrowful wail almost on the edge of hearing, like a weeping wail emanate from the fireplace in the corner of my living-room.  It is the most sad sound I have ever heard in my entire life.  It sounded like a little girl pleading, pleading so she didn't even speak, just wailed.  Another time, when standing in the entry hall which looks directly into the kitchen door, my friend and I saw a man approach the refrigerator from the direction of the hallway which leads to the backdoor to the house and he was youngish middle-aged with light-brownish hair and glasses and  a crew cut with a white shirt and a tie on.  He walked up to the refrigerator and looked in it and then walked back to the backdoor's direction from which he had come.  My friend and I looked at one another and both said "Did you SEE THAT?!" we both nodded and rushed to the back door and it was still locked with it's slide bolt which can only be locked from the inside and there is no other way out of the room.  I have since performed an exorcision upon my house and most of the oddities have ceased although anyone not sleeping in my bedroom which used to be my aunt's is prone to nightmares and intense sluggishness no matter what they do and the back of the hallway is still inexplicably Dark no matter what is done, even when a flash-light is shined upon the back hallway, the light appears somehow dimmer, even when it is pitch black outside.  The back hallway is also the main element and subject of most of the nightmares which anyone who sleeps in the living-room suffer from(I Never tell anyone about the dreams because it usually frightens them off, my friends that is).  So far, five of my friends have had similar nightmares concerning the back hallway namely the space directly at the back and there being a doorway there, either black or made of flowing solid blood or of a doorway with the door a crack open and something horrible beyond which my friends cannot explain.  In my brother Kevin's dream(I count him as one of the friends)he dreamed that he saw a doorway there and that his girlfriend who was sleeping next to him zipped to the neck in a sleeping-bag attacked him in some daemoniac fury and when he awoke, she was still zipped up, but his back was bleeding profusely with gouges all across it.  I have had nightmares of a doorway in the back hallway since I can remember.  There is a small room or something some sort of space which is behind that area where the doorway lies in the dreams.  I found it one evening with a couple of friends after they had spent the night and were unsettled and wanted to see what there was to see.  We looked and there is no roof panel over the heater which is also set in that wall and you can see over the back paneling and there is a small "space" back there.  Couldn't make out anything though, even with flash-lights, there was too much dust floating about.  My family in general has had problems of this sort for years though, at my grandfather's old house there was comparable and worse and while at another aunt's house, I have awoken to a black swirling vortex over my bed.  I can't think of anything else I'd like to say, but I hope some of you who read this. . .I don't know.  I just wanted to tell my story.  Thank you for reading it.




Lights, camera, death!




In the year of 2004, I happened to be in the play, Aladdin, whom of which I played Jasmine.  I was sixteen years old, and the play went well at rehearsals.  It was at the best theater in town, The Missoula Children's Theater. 

I remember driving my hot new car to the large building, and, on the day of the live show, saw an accident on the side of the road.  Apparently, a large semi truck, had rushed into a tiny car.  The car looked familiar, but I just kept driving.  When I got to the theater, there was a very long line of people waiting to get in.  This made me very excited, and I couldn't wait to get changed into my costume, and put my stage make-up on.  When I got there, my boyfriend, Jordan, (who played Aladdin) said he didn't feel to good.  When I asked him if he had stage-fright, he said no, it was something of guilt. 

When the show started, everyone was sooo excited.  Jordan kissed me goodluck, and I did the same back.  We got on-stage, and as the ropes lifted us higher on our "magic carpet" I started singing, "A Whole New World".  In the middle of the song, Aladdin was supposed to say, "Don't you dare shut your eyes" instead he said, "don-" he stopped.  His poor face turned white.  He straightened up, and as one of the boards behind us fell down, so did he, fifteen feet down, off of our cloth carpet.  I will never forget that. 

Apparently, the car crash I saw earlier that day, was his mother, and she died.  Poor Jordan, landed on his head, and broke his neck.  I thank God that he didn't die, but when he heard about his mom, that was what almost killed him.  I came to the funeral and prayed for her the rest of the night. 

Later that year, there was another play at the theater, Romeo and Juliet.  I wanted to audition for Juliet, and with all the experiance from Aladdin, I thought I might have a shot.  I asked Jordan if he wanted to, and said he should try out for Romeo, because we'd have kissing scenes and stuff.  He told me no.  He said that he saw a white figure of a man, and he threw a board that fell behind us when he broke his neck the first time we were at the theater.  He was sooo embarrased, he wouldn't do it.  I later heard of the story, and didn't try out for the part.  No ghost will ever hurt my sweetie again. I am now pregnant, and Jordan will be very protective over the child, because of what had happened before.  May God watch over all of you reading this, and be careful of the superstitious...they are there waiting for you.



Haunted log cabin in newark ohio




There is a log cabin in newark ohio and it is said from previous owners that there are many parinormal activities and images that go on during all hours of the day and night. One family that owned the cabin between 1989 -1994 had many parinormal activities happen in the few years they owned the cabin. They heard glass shattering, doors opening and closing, and felt the presence of  something strange within and out arround the house. In one instance a younge mother woke up one night and found herself to be thirsty. She went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea to help relax her and put her to sleep she was then grabbed by the shoulder and thrown into an old rocker they had in their living room where she was held down and forced to stay there the remander of the night. The next morning when her husband awoke he found her wide awake in the chair and asked her what had happend. She asked him to check her shoulder where she was grabbed and he then found nail prints in his wifes skin. Sence then they have moved out of the cabin and a few couples have moved into the house but moved out leaving all their belongings inside the house within a month time period. It is said that if u go to the cabin and sit in the old pourch swing you with feel an presence of something that doesnt want u there and on some occasions u will see a shadow or  outline of a person watching u through the window.



Childhood Flashback




I want to share an experience i had when i was a child. I grew up in Newcastle Australia, about 2 hours north of Sydney. As a child i was very scared of anything supernatural, ghosts, monsters, skeltons...anything ! 

When i was 7 years old my bedroom was at the end of a long hall, on the other end was the top of a staircase then led to the basement of the house.

One night i was woken by strong winds outside, my bedrom door was open. ( i always slept with the door closed). I looked down the end of the hall and saw my mother dressed in her night gown holding a hurricance gas lamp...she was walking down the stairs, her robe was white and her hair was up and sort of a reddish colour. I though that the power had gone out and my mother was going down stairs to get other lamps for us to use. Our house was high on a hill and was often damaged by storms....often we would get up and check the house for damage durning bad weather. As a child, this was quite exciting, i quickley jumped out of my bed and went into my parents bedroom, to my surprise, my father was still in bed and i woke him..i asked why my mother was going to get the lamps? he looked at me like i was on drugs....told me to go back to sleep....i then asked if he was going to help my mother...he replied, "what are you talking about, your mother is in bed " i noticed my mother in bed and was totally confused...i went back to my room, closed the door and never thought of it again until 7 years later. I do not know why I did not think of it again until i was 14. I thought back and realised that my mother did not own a white gown, my mothers gown for purple velvet (it was in the 70's)....and my mother had short black hair...not long red hair....I told my mother about this and the woman i described was her mother...who had died before i was born. It seems like she was checking up on us I guess.




Australian Ghost





I thought my experience was a unique event but after reading these stories I realise that it's a common occurrence.

I started seeing a girl whom I worked with and it became a fairly turbulent relationship. We used to clash a fair bit and argue but our sex life was absolutely fantastic. She lived in an older house that was converted into four apartments. The apartment she lived in was on the ground floor. I have no exact idea of the age of the building but it is in a Sydney suburb of Kirribilli very close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is one of Sydney's oldest suburbs and was frequented by convicts, English soldiers and working class people during the early days but now it is one of Sydney's most high class suburbs.

Anyway, often I would walk into her into her room and it often felt as though I was walking into someone or some heavy weight. There was always a heavy energy or weight around the entrance to her room. It used to freak me out having to get up and go to the bathroom at night.

This went on for a few months. Our relationship was getting worse and we argued more and more. One night we were lying in bed together, both on our backs. We were not arguing but the conversation was intense and I was upset with her. We settled down after a few minutes and things were fine.

Suddenly, I felt an intense urge to leave, get out of there or run...I told her that I have to get out of here and go home (I lived over an hour away).

She was shocked and did not want me to leave, I then tried to get up out of the bed but I then felt a very heavy pressure on my chest and shoulders. My girl was still lying still next to me and not moving. I asked her if she could feel the weight and she said yes. We were being held down in the is a weird feeling like no one is touching you but can feel your body weight pushing down in the bed. The room was dark but I could feel someone only an inch from my face....I stared back hard and without fear....I asked "What is it that you want". Then, I felt heat all over my face and head, my body became very light and calm, it felt like I was on the ceiling looking this time I was freaking out but still could not move my body. My eyes closed hard and I realised I was being shown something. I could see two men sitting in a basement around a furnace. They were cold and wet and appeared to be dock workers...I could not see the face of the one standing up but the other guy sitting down looked straight at me, he looked really pi**ed off....not with me but I think he hated his life or time...he did not move his lips but he did say to me " How dare you judge me, you have no idea what my time was like and you know nothing of my circumstances, I had to work with this guy, he is a trouble maker" I then looked down and that man had an iron fire poker next to him, he had used it to thump some bloke to death...that person that was killed is the person or spirit that held me down and made me stay...he was only young when killed, 20 or so...he had difficulty with his work mates and did not fit in....there seems to have been some collusion or trouble with his work on the Sydney docks. By the appearance of their clothing, it seems to be in the 1800's ....cannot specify a decade though. I then told the murdered man that I did not want to get involved, he was getting agitated...I felt bad about what I did next, but I had to do it...I cast his presence out and unwelcomed him...I used prayer and holy strength to disconnect from him....the weight instantly lifted and the whole thing separated from became like the room was cut in two...they were still there but I was now on the living side... I feared that I had not cut them off completely and called my brother on the phone. (my brother is a devout Christian and has had experience dealing will the spirit world) , we both together cast the entity completely went away.......I went back to bed, my girl was not shocked at all by this event which surprised me......After about half an hour I was drifting asleep when I dared to check in on that spirit again without engaging it....he was upset and cowering in a corner...I felt really sad for him but I just could not get involved any further....the next day, my girl said that that spirit had been there for a while, she didn't tell me because I might freak out.. Her ex boyfriend (who was a complete sceptic) was terrorised by the same spirit until he never went back to her house...they just broke up over it. We soon broke up, she claims she is happy to live in the house and the spirit does not harm her....personally, I think the spirit is a jealous bastard who acts like a controlling child.......but hey, how can I judge someone that could be 200 years old?




Are We Crazy




My husband usually leaves his wallet on the dining room table.  Sometimes he carries it and sometimes he doesn't.  One day he went looking for it and couldn't find it.  We retraced his steps, he looked at the lost and found at work, we searched the house, our cars, the couches, our daughter's toy box, etc...  I was in class one afternoon when I received a call from him thanking me for finding his wallet.  I told him I didn't find it.  My husband is taking a few classes online this semester and the wallet was left right next to the laptop.  I told him that I was working on the laptop before I left and it wasn't there.  The wallet was gone for almost 2 weeks before it reappeared.  Now if only he'd give us back his cell phone... 

Also, my husband gave me a watch for a wedding present.  I took it off one day and couldn't find it for eight months.  I searched everywhere, I finally got up the nerve to tell my husband I had lost it.  I was upset and I knew he would be upset.  I was going through some plastic storage containers that I hadn't opened in years, and my watch was at the bottom.

Our ghost also likes to leave the faucets running in the bathroom and kitchen sinks.  A friend was staying in our spare room while his apartment was being readied and someone had gone through the drawers in his desk and left them open.  He thought it was our 2 year old daughter, but she was asleep.

We have videotape of our daughter dancing and there are orbs surrounding her.  We all feel like we are being watched.  Our daughter is young but sometimes I feel like she may be talking to someone who isn't there.  The house is over a hundred years old, and we did ask about signs of a haunting when we moved in.  I think some of the occurences might be happening due to my uncle who died when he was 12.  He was a bit of a prankster and this July is the 30th anniversary of his death.  Also, our phone rings once every night between

10:45-10:47 pm.  We call it our 10:45 Ghost Caller.

I appreciate your site so much.  It makes me feel that I am not alone and there are others who share my experiences.  Sometimes I feel like I am reading into things or that I may be imagining them...




 An evil Obssession at Berea College Pearson's Hall





In 1986 I was a sophmore at Berea College in Berea KY, and lived in Pearson's female dormitory on the first floor. The dorm room was small with a loft reached by a ladder; underneath we had a love couch and a couple desks. My roommate was a long haired Pentacostle Holiness church girl named Becky. Becky went to church every Wednesday  and Friday night as well as on Sunday mornings. She had been raised to wear only dresses and skirts, and to never cut her hair. A Vietnamese born man named Keyholee who was a foreign student and photographer, went to her church. She would tell me stories of how he'd stand up to witness in her church;  about his childhood experiences and about how he was once a devil worshiper. He would go on and on about how he wanted to be saved by Christ and such. He had a very obsessive crush on Becky. She sort of was flattered at first, but he began to follow her around campus with his camara and he'd tell her that she was going to be his wife. He wouldn't take no for an answer. She began to avoid him and eventually became frightened. This guy was stalking her big time! I remember once running in to hi on campus and trying to reason with him. A few minutes into the conversation I realized that he REALLY was disturbed and crazy. There was not a rational way to tell him which he would understand; that Becky didn't want him. She eventually told a school conuncelor, and the campus security was alerted to this stalking problem. He wasn't allowed around our dorm. She also avoided church for a  while until she heard he'd stopped going.. Meanwhile, I began having strange experiences in the dorm room. I often took an afternoon nap in the loft and my dreams began to get creepy. I had a recurring dream that I'd discovered a satanic cult under our dorm's front porch and the group noticed me looking at them and began to chase me. One day during my nap, I dreamt I was in my own dorm room and I stood looking at Becky who sat on the love seat. Around my neck was a huge snake, like a boa, hanging down. I said, "Look Becky, at this snake here on my neck!" Suddenly the snake broke up into 20 or so different snakes, hissing and moving; and they all began to slither away from me and around us in dorm the room. Becky disappeared and I noticed I was alone. Next, the room began to swell inward around me and became alive with an evil presence. I countered this by yelling at the room"I LOVE YOU", thinking that since this was my dream I could change it around to lightness and god. But the room responded, by swelling closer around me with hate; and regurgitated my words straight back "I LOOOOVEE YOUUU!!" in both a deep gutteral and hideous voice which vibrated in several low tones at once. I was horrified, and ran out of the room, only to be chased once again by that recurring group of satanic people from other nightmares.. A few days later I was once again sleeping on my loft in broad daylight between classes. I began a nigh are again, this time of being surrounded by negative energy shadows who wanted to harm or steal my soul away from me somehow. Suddenly my loft was full of stuffed animals all floating around my head. Just floating in the air alive and looking at me. A lion floated before me smiling, right in front of my face. He just smiled this horrible hateful ghastly grin, directly at me. I could feel the daggers of his attention, it was eery! I raised my arm up and knocked this thing away from me, off the loft toward the floor at the base of the ladder.. I looked at the floor below and he was still there; his mangled head smiling up at me, still  with that evil grin. I jumped down the ladder hard, knowing my feet would stomp him. I didn't look but  ran away, out of my dorm room without looking back!.  I opened my eyes, wide awake. The sound of a blood curdling female scream rang loud in my ears, even with my eyes open and thoughts focused on being awake. I mean, this scream continued LOUD inside my head as I looked around me wide awake! Never before or since have I ever experienced this phenomenon. About a week later, my roommate Becky sat talking to me in the rocking chair. We were just gossiping about poeple, classes and such, when suddenly she fell to to the floor in a fetal position. She was in so much pain she couldn't move or talk.  I rushed her to the hospital. After a foley catheter was placed, numerous blood tests, an abdominal series, and examination from head to toe with an over night stay, they found no reason for her pain. She had screamed all the way to the hospital and through most of her ER visit. Nothing. We could find no reason. The summer came and Becky and I split up as roommates. We both went to different towns durring summer months and returned to school with seperate roommates in different rmatories. This year is when something really wild occurred. Keholee didn't know that Becky had moved from Pearson's Hall, so when  our school semester started again he began to stalk our old room again. The new girls who lived there were in for a big surprise when one day he wandered in to the locked female portion of Pearson's dorm and entered their room. Luckily, both were in class and the room was empty. He locked himself in that old room of ours and wouldn't open the dead bolt for several hours. He began to flip out, cursing and calling out satanic spells, cursing the room and calling out to Becky and just mumbling evil spells. Security, police and all sorts of folks were called to the dorm room. An interpreter came to get him out of there. He was actually taken away in a straight jacket, expelled and sent back to his country. I have wondered if all along, that year before, if all of his focused energy on our room, and on Becky, had caused my nightmares and her sudden unknown pain. We were being attacked by God knows what all that time. Thank God Becky (or I, or anyone) were out of that room . . .  when he finally came to collect! 



The Waves Goodbye





My mother and I use to live in this old house. We always heard dogs howling in the basement and we heard stuff moving around in this room were this coupl(an old lady and her husband) were murdered in. A few months after we moved  in we found out that the couples dogs were murdered too. We thought that nothing weird would happen because we havent encountered that much weird stuff yet. My mother went to work at 5:30 in the morning every day. One day she was like am I that loud in the morning that I wake you up? I did not know what she was talking about she never woke me up. She was said,''Then why is it every morning you wake up to wave to me goodbye?''. I said mom I dont know I never wake up in the morning. So the next day when she got in her car she saw someone waving to her in the window so she pulled up to the window so she could get a better look at the person. Then she saw and old man with a long beard wearing overalls with a plad shirt under. She jumped out of the car and ran as fast as she could(and she can run very fast she was in track) to the kitchen ans she flew open th door but when she look at the one was there. She looked in my room and I was sound asleep!! I have 2 more ierd experiences to tell you. We had this dog named Scooby-Lou. She was a big dog so she panted alot. One day me and my mother were in my room talking. Then my mother was said why is Scooby panting so loud? I said I dont hear anything. So she looked behind her because she thought Scooby was right behind her but she wasnt. So we look every were in the house but we could still her panting. We couldnt find Scooby. Then I looked out side. Scooby was out in the field about a half mile away. One night I was awaken by a weird noise. When I open ny eyes I saw and old lady with white hair dressed in all white but the weird this about her was he had fresh blood all over her. She had stab wounds all over her. She told me not to go in the basement room. We never looked in there because it was locked. Well the next day I was out side. I always looked on the ground because you could find deer bones all over the yard. I saw a skeleton key. So I called my friends Becca, Marijo, and Megan over to my house. I told them we will have an adventure today. So I tried tht key on the basement room door and I worked. When I opened the door....there was a horrible smell. Then I shined my flashlight in the room and all of my friends screamed. There was blood on all of the walls and there were scratch marks on the door. I can see that the old lady and man were nice ghosts and the old lady was just trieing to warn me.




Indiana Home



By: Scared and Running



I lived in Indianapolis, IN for over 9 years. We moved because we couldn't take the hauntings anymore.

The home belonged to Bob and Mary . They were my hubby's great aunt and uncle. Mary died in the home, and a few months later, Bob died in the hospital (both of old age). The only thing was, they NEVER actually left the home.

We bought the home through the estate. The home was in desperate need of renovating. For the first five years we lived there we did all of the renovations. Needless to say, all hell broke loose.

In the room where Mary died, it was always cold (freezing cold). Though the room was small, it had two large windows, but never seemed to let much light in. On the door, in the woodgrain, a face could be visibly seen of a man screaming. Also, a skeleton's head could be seen at night on the door. One night, my oldest son (who was 7 at the time) started screaming and running out of that room. He told me he saw a shadow inside of his room walk past both of the windows. He thought a burglar broke into his room.

The TV and VCR would go off and on by themselves, even when we unplugged them.

I watched my dish drainer in the kitchen go flying up into the air and land on the floor, breaking some dishes.

I watched b-day cards that were set on top of an antique china cabinet fall to the ground. The only strange about this was that only every other one fell, not all of them.

Our dog would constantly bark into the air for no reason.

Our cat's hair would stand up and it would start hissing and growling at nothing.

Our sons' remote controlled cars would play by themselves.

Things would go flying across the room.

One day, when Mary's sister died, at the time she died all of our doors in our house slammed shut. No windows were open at that time, and our relatives that were visiting witnessed this.

Things would always disappear, then reappear a few days later.

We ALWAYS heard people call out our names, but no one would ever be around to have called out to us.

One night my youngest son and I heard a little girl crying outside of the house. It was around 2:00 am. We looked out of our windows, but never saw the little girl, even tho we could still hear her crying "mommy."

One day my youngest son was looking out our huge picture window in the living room when he saw a strange looking man coming around the kitchen from the glare in the glass. When he turned around, he watched the man walk past him and towards the hallway, then disappear.

Many of our friends and relatives had witnessed a lot of the hauntings in this house. At one point, one of my friends went running from the house and about broke her neck falling over the dog laying on the front porch.

When we moved from that home, we vowed to NEVER return. I'm sure Bob and Mary are still haunting the place. They didn't like kids, because they never had any, and they didn't get along well with any of the neighbors. I can just see why they were trying to run us out.







I woke up one morning before daylight with the cover being held over my head.  I fought to get out.  When I got out,I looked over my shoulder at the side of the bed and saw a man in khaki pants and a white shirt.  I didn't see his face. He seemed to be an older man.  I asked,"What are you doing?".  When I spoke he just faded away. About a  month later I was sitting in the recliner with the footrest up.  A lady appeared with her back to me. She was sitting on the footrest by my feet.  I took a double take and she faded away.  I have seen things since I was a teen.  Both my grandparents did when they were living also.  My mother is 84 and has heard things,but now she is beginning to see things. It is so common with me that I forget to tell anyone about it anymore.



My Little Girl




Hello again, I this is an update on my house.  I moved into this house in Nov 2004. As I have recently stated in other stories my house is haunted.  There is a little girl & now I know there is a ghost outside as well as another ghost inside so that makes a total of 3 now.  My husband & I seperated on July 1 & since he has left I have had a episode just about every night.  The first instance was July 4. I had gone to bed & left my son & daughter with two of their friends watching tv.  We had earlier in the day visited one of the houses I lived in that had an evil presence in it.  We did not go in b/c the area had grown up with trees & brush.  Well that nite I had a dream of being chased by something & I was completly terrified in my dream.  Strange as it may seem I recall feeling something sliding up the side of my bed above my covers while I was asleep.  My hand was hanging off the bed to my wrist and as I felt the movement on my bed it grabbed my hand & jerked it.  Well, I woke with a start b/c of whatever was chasing me had me so scared.  I later realized that it was one of my ghost that is inside waking me up b/c they knew I was afraid.  After I was awaken I was no longer afraid & feel back to sleep. This was 4:30 in the morning.  The next night my sons friend woke to use the restroom & "saw" me go from my room to the dining room. He told my son about it the next morning & my son asked him what time it was & the John said 4:30.  Well my son knows me & I am never up that early.  So when John told me about it that evening I asked what "I" had on.  He said yellow pants & a shirt.  Well, I had to tell him that it was not me & that I slept in grey shorts & a tshirt.  He went white & said now that you say that I did think you were walking funny.  Gliding instead of walking.  Hope you enjoy this.



My Experiences with the Child





hello! i love your site and frequently read it until my contacts pop out of my eyes. ghosts are my greatest fear next to becoming a ghost. that may lead you to believe that my mind plays tricks on me just to indulge the fear--and it has several times--but my family and i recently moved out of a house in which i encountered some kind of energy and the strange thing is that it never scared me in the least.

the house is located in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, a very old and overpopulated city.  we moved in with a kung fu sifu/mystic who, after the first thing happened, informed me that he and his former master had to cleanse the house of almost 70 spirits. they left two harmless spirits they said was a little boy and girl but there was something that tormented these two that they could not remove without pulling every trick in their book. with that info i will begin with the experiences.

on our first night there, my boyfriend and i were in our room unpacking, our daughter, almost 2 years old, was playing on the bed. my boyfriend went out to the bathroom and when he came back in and walked halfway into the room we all heard three distinct taps on the door. my daughter called out for whoever it was to come in as she did whenever she heard knocks on doors. no one came in so my boyfriend opened the door but no one was there. he immediately went downstairs to find our roommate who was just chillin on his computer as usual. he came back upstairs and said, "you and your freakin love of ghost stories! now you've got one!"

before we moved in, we would often spend a lot of time there because my boyfriend was taking kung fu classes there. there was an ugly art deco clock on the bathroom wall that didn't work. it started working the night we moved in. it stopped again when my boyfriend was made to move out (there was alpha-male friction between him and our roommate).

i had a friend come over one night to do a tarot reading for me. it was laughable and stupid but it affected her so much that she had to stop it. she was really upset about something so she took me into the basement and whispered to me that she thought the house was haunted. i told her i knew. she said, "you know it's located right in front of the attic door?" that, i didn't know. our bedroom door is adjacent to the attic door and the wall in front of it happens to have the bathroom clock on the other side of it.

i was going up the stairs to my room one day, leaving my daughter downstairs with my roommate and i heard whistling just upstairs and around the corner. it was a melody i can't recreate. i just giggled and silently greeted the happy spirit and walked right through into my room. i heard the whistling twice more on quiet evenings while i was in my room.

every so often i'd hear three taps on my door but never ever EVER opened it. once my roommate tapped on the door and got pissed at me when i didn't answer cuz he distinctly heard my daughter and i awake inside. it was his fault for knocking that way.

one night my boyfriend and i were watching a movie in the basement with the baby monitor on because our daughter was sleeping upstairs. we distinctly heard long sentences being whispered. our daughter only used one word sentences at that time. we went upstairs to find her still fast asleep. we noticed that a hand mirror that she was playing with earlier was laying face up on the dresser which had a large mirror on the back of it. apparently mirrors reflecting on eachother can open a portal for spirits.

another night, my boyfriend and i and some friends from the kung fu temple were hanging out in the living room sharing ghost stories. my daughter was running from the living room to the kitchen happily. we weren't watching her directly until we heard a huge bang and looked to see her stopped dead in her tracks with the light bulb from above the sink on the floor rolling in circles in front of her. she tore ass back to us. we all inspected it and couldn't find why that happened or how it didn't go into the sink or break. it just went straight for the floor. our door to our bedroom is directly above it upstairs. my roommate later said that he thought the tormenting spirit had returned.

the clock in the bathroom would be stopped on say eleven o'clock. two hours later when i'd go back in it would be stopped at something like four thirty. that cannot be explained.

my god this is getting long. anyway this all culminated in seeing a spirit one night. i left my bedroom to go to the bathroom. the hallway light was on so i wasn't backlit. i saw a shadow of a small head and shoulders wavering in the far corner--it was about half my height. i watched it as i walked sideways into the bathroom and it went down the stairs. i did my thing and it wasn't till i went to walk back out that i realized there was something i didn't want to see again out there. i called weakly for my boyfriend in the bedroom but he couldn't hear me. i tore ass back in and just stood there not breathing with tears streaming down my face. that was the last of it and two weeks ago i moved out. thank you so much for bearing with me!



Haunting in Hanford




I have been a fan of your website for over two years now.  I just wanted to tell you about this house that I lived in in Hanford, CA.  I rented this house from a realty company and quite quickly so I didn't have a chance to go in and look around too much before signing the papers.  I did make my walk through and the only thing that I found in the house was a pick axe in the garage.  I kept it thinking whoever left it might come back one day...boy was I ever right.   I lived in the house with my daughter, boyfriend, invalid mother and my boyfriend's sister.  Weird things started happening almost immediately even though I never felt uncomfortable, everyone else did except my mother.  We had a picture of myself and my boyfriend on the back of the commode in the hall bath and it kept getting turned around towards the wall.  I just thought it was my daughter or my boyfriend's sister doing it.  Until one day I was at home alone and turned it back correctly and came back to the restroom a few hours later and it was turned around again facing the wall.  I knew then it was something out of this world.  My mother could not have done it seeing she needed my help always to get in and out of bed.  We had doors that would come open after they were shut and all that...but didn't think too much of it.  That kind of stuff doesn't scare me.  Then one night we were having a party at my house and I took a digital pic of my boyfriend and he was wearing a black shirt.  There appeared to be a man holding a pick axe in front of him...very demonic looking.  Scared the pooh out of me.  I ended up taking this picture t a medium to see what she thought.  She said that the spirit in the pic had attached itself to me.  I was like..what???  Why?? She said that I looked just like his old girlfriend when he was alive and he thought I was cheating on him with my boyfriend that is alive...that is why he showed himself like that in the pic.  Well I didn't want to believe this so I went to the neighbors house, who by the way had lived there for 20 years, and started asking questions.  Who had lived there before?  Had anyone died? etc, etc.  I was told immediately that they had thought I was a girl named Linda when I came over to introduce myself for the first time.  I asked who Linda was.  They told me that Linda was the girlfriend of a man that had lived in my house for over 15years and looked exactly like me except that she had blonde hair and I have red hair.  He was tragically killed in a motor accident over 5 years ago.  This made my hair stand on end.  I then had the medium come to my house and try and get this "spirit" to go and find the light.  She came in the house not knowing all of the things that had gone on.  She came in and began to tell me where and when the phenomenea(sp) had been happening.  She then made her way to the garage and noticed the pick axe...told me it was his and I needed to get rid of it.  I did!!!  She then turned to my boyfriend and said very calmly, "oh, he doesn't like you at all!!".  My boyfriend didn't think anything of it until she began to say that "Gerald" was not happy with her being there and at that point the ashtray near my boyfriend, which had nothing in it and was heavy glass exploded into 4 pieces.  We all jumped.  She then cleansed the house and we no longer felt unsafe.  We moved shortly after that and haven't had an experience like that in a long time...and hopefully will not anytime soon.  LOL.  Thanks for listening. 





The Ghosts




 I have seen encounters of numerous ghosts a pair or younger girls around the age of 18 would follow you into the house around midnight and walk up stairs with you. They would wait untill you went into the room and closed the door to walk though the door and dissappear. i witnessed watching the girls follow my brothers up the stairs, and then dissappearing.Also once when we first moved in there i was sleeping with my dog and he just started barking and i looked in the mirrow on the wall and there was a figure of a man and when i closed my eyes and opened them he was gone. thats my personal experence.




Ghostly Experiences




   Hi, my name is Ayme. It's been a few weeks since I've even been to your site. But I'm back and I would like to share another experience ( I feel as if I'm among friends on this site!). It's a short one, so I hope I don't disappoint anyone. Well, around 10 years ago, when my daughter was 3, now 13, we moved into an old building and a few odd things happened. You see, we moved to three different apartments in the same building, but only had experiences in two. In the first apartment we moved into, at first it was little things. Small things would disappear, most specifically lighters. My husband and I both smoke and we both keep lighters, which for some reason only one would disappear. At this point we are both thinking; one of the kids took it, after all we had four small children ages 3, 7, 9 and 10. So we would turn the apartment upside down and inside out looking for the missing item, but could not locate it's hiding place. Well of course we're thinking; they got us good, they found a new hiding place! The very next day, the item would turn up in the same exact spot that it was placed, in the exact position it was placed. Of course every one got grounded since no one knew, or saw who took it. Also some times during the day you could hear little kids running in the hallway, but when you go out to the hall, the noise stops and no one is anywhere around. But one event sticks out in my mind. On a very hot day, my husband and I were sitting in our room in front of a fan talking, trying to stay cool. The fan was one of those desk top fans that have four big buttons, Off, Hi, Med and Low, in that order at the base. Well as we both glance in the direction of the fan, the Off button goes down as if some one pressed it, and the fan shut down. My husband and I were both shocked to say the least and we were silent for a few seconds. Then my husband said " If you turned it off, you can turn it back on" to which I said " Oh no, If that fan turns on by it's self, I'm out the door!" I jumped up and turned it on myself. At the second apartment nothing really happened, but things changed when we moved to the second apartment. Some of the same things disappearing and reappearing in the same place a day or two later. The boys, all three of them shared a big bedroom, were afraid to go to bed at night. They claimed that nearly every night they would see a floating hairy hand that sometimes had a knife appear in their bedroom. I didn't believe them, even though a few times one of the boys would scream, as if the devil were in there with him. I'd run in there and of course there would be nothing there and I would scold them. But two more strange things happened. 1. You would hear some one knock on the door, but when you open the door no one is there. The weird thing is this, the building is old and the stairs (wooden by the way) creek, so you would be able to hear anyone on those stairs even if they tried to creep down. 2. A puppy we acquired would start to cry in the middle of the night and would hide under our bed, this happened for a few months and did not stop until we moved out. I have already submitted a few stories of personal experiences and for some reason most of it seems to happen around me ( except for my grandmother's story, that happened when my mother, now 69, was a year old. I have submitted stories from two email addresses. My first, and my second, Now I live in an apartment 3 blocks away from that building and as it so happens, this apartment is haunted by a male spirit. I have grown used to him, as has our dog, Lady. From time to time he will let us know he's still around. He will walk in, or knock on my bedroom door, or touch me. When I get fed up i say "stop it, leave me alone" and it stops. So I figure he just wants attention. I hope you enjoyed my story. 



 Ghost in the Bathroom




My husband and I moved in this apartment in august 04. At first we had trouble sleeping, we would wake up early every morning for no reason. After a while we decided to close our bedroom door thinking it would stop some noises coming form the kitchen and help us sleep.

It actually helped so we though we solved the problem. Then we adopted a dog and we put her in a closed space between our bedroom and the bathroom when we would go out. For few days she was fine there. But then one night we came back and she looked really stressed and when we would approach her, she would crawl away and close her eyes like she expected us to hit her. Which we never did, she is such a nice dog. It took us few minutes to calm her that night. It scared us so much to see her acting that way that we installed a camera to see how she was when we were gone. We did it and realized that she would stay away as much as she could from the bathroom door.She was crying but very quietly like she didn't want to get the attention of anyone who could be on the other side of the bathroom door. At first we though that she was just having the stress that some dogs have when they’re left home alone. But then we tried to film her again, out of her closed space. She was incredibly quiet and relaxed so we decided to never put her back in there. Then we though, she just don’t like closed space.

Then one day I was taking a shower when I saw the shadow of someone walking through the bathroom, but I was home alone. I got really scared and got out of the bath right away to check the apartment and see if all the doors were locked. No one was there.

Few days after, one morning my husband was in the shower and he started to talk to me so I came in the bathroom and said “Who are you talking to?” and he said “to you!, I heard you opening the door” but I was in the kitchen the whole time. Now, the bathroom door is a sliding door that goes in the wall to save space, it’s heavy and it makes a specific sound when you open it.

Few days later, we woke up, I got in the shower and my husband went outside walking the dog. Few second later I heard the door opening and though “wow he made it short, he’s probably tired”. But I didn’t check the door. Then I got out of the shower and realized the door was closed even if I never heard it closing back. I got out of the bathroom just in time to see my husband getting it the apartment with the dog. He was out the whole time.

Then last week we were getting ready to go to bed and my husband said, “it’s a weird night tonight, I don’t know why”. I felt the same and I had trouble to fall asleep. But I finally felt asleep few seconds when I heard steps in the room on my husband side of the bed. First I though it was him but I realized he was still in bed with me. Plus those were very loud, like the person was wearing boots. I look up and saw nothing but got so scared that I yelled my husband name. He woke up and turned immediately towards the sounds and said “what was that?!”. Since that day I’m keeping a journal of everything that will happened to us.

Also, I know it will sound weird but once I was in the shower and suddenly I got this weird awake dream or vision of myself slipping in the bath tube and drowning unconscious. It came like that and then it went away and I never got scared of the bath again. I think maybe that’s what happened there.







I am submitting to you my story as to the updates regarding the hauntings in my home in Pennsylvania. I submitted some of the happenings which you posted when I was 12 years old although it is highly unlikely you remember as that was almost 8 years ago. I am 20 now and still live here. I still remain in the dark as to what exactly the beings are in my residence but over the years the activity has died down to a greater extent. I will fill you in on the incidents starting from around 2001 up until the current time. I owned a dog named Mutley, a good dog whom had to be put down due to old age in March of 2001. The incidents involving what I believe to be the spirit of my dog occured around 3 or 4 months after we had put her to sleep. In life Mutley would often sit outside the bedroom door on the second floor and her tail had the habit of hitting the bottom of the door. You would also hear her licking her paws. This activity she did virtually every night during her life resumed in the months following her death. It was an unnerving experience yet not in the least frightening. I would only ever hear her and have yet to catch a glimpse. On several occasions late in the evening I would occasionally hear footsteps going 4 or 5 steps down into the kitchen and then it would reverse and come back upstairs and the licking sounds would resume. I worked up the courage on more than a few occasions to open the door yet nothing was there. It seemed also that the sounds of the dog licking her paws were more prevelent than her tail hitting the door although I hear this occasionally as well. My parents were nights, I work during the day so I am usually along during the night. The recliner is right next to the arched entrance leading to the kitchen so I can see right into it. Out of view but on the right side of the kitchen are 3 steps, a small landing, and then another 10 steps leading to the second floor. While sitting in that recliner some nights I would hear shuffling, scratching, and light footsteps overhead. Now we had a problem with mice a few years back when a housing developemtn was put up a few blocks from me where a field used to be but even with this explanation for the scratching I could not debunk just what was causing the shuffling and walking sounds. The walking sounds were not a dog's though they were human and sounded like a man's footfalls, like he was wearing perhaps a boot or other kind of heavy shoe.My parent's bedroom is overhead from the living room and the footsteps never seemed to cross into mine except on rare occasions. The most frightening incident involving these footsteps was about 2 years ago when I was studying for my criminal justice course in the kitchen around 9 or 10 in the evening. That was when I heard the footfalls, very heavy, walking down the steps which are wooden and not covered by any carpeting so they were quite loud. It came about 6 steps down or so. Needless to say caused me to leave the house for a good hour or so and I sat on the porch contemplating what had happened. I was the only person home, certainly nobody could have entered without me knowing. When I get home from work (I work in a warehouse) I ususally take a nap for an hour or so. I would lie upstairs awake and hear my name "CHRIS" called, very close as if right beside me and loud enough that I would often ask "what?" I would assume it was one of my parents but they would deny having every called out to me. Things constantly disappear around my house, my weight set, my wallet, etc. and they turn up in the strangest places where I know they shouldn't be. On one occasion I found the wallet in the shed out back which I havent been in for months. You can leave money or keys right behind you and turn around a moment later and they are gone sometimes reappearing in the other room. The basement itself has a frightening vibe to it. We have a backroom in our basement, more like a narrow corridor which houses the furnace and the water heater and such. My friend Steve is an avid ghost hunter and he had set up his camcorder in there one evening and we left it down there a good 45 minutes. Upon reviewing the tape we saw orbs, and not clouds of dust particles or the like but individual orbs that would move in strange patterns. I have sighten the orbs throughout the house and even outside on many occasions. They are solid white, appear brifly, and either vanish altogether or move off eradicly as if they're startled. My ten year old cousin seen this when she visited and when I asked her describe them she seen in the same manner as I had. Some of my friends have also seen them. The hallway light also has a strange tendancy to turn itself on and off when nobody is around. The most frequent encounter I have had has unnerved me a bit. My bedroom is small, maybe 10 feet by 13 feet. The door is on the left my bed is centered at the back wall. The door is right by the left hand corner. About a week ago I was awakened about 4 in the morning to a extremely strong feeling of a presence. It was a strong sensation of being watched. I looked and seen what looked to be a man, more of a dark silouette. Very tall, maybe 6 foot 7 inches or so.I could make out no features such as in the face or style of clothing but he seemed to have one arm folded over his torso and one at his side. He stood a few inches away from the closet door and right next to the bedroom door and watched me for a good 10 minutes, he stepped back a few inches, then forward again and then vanished. If it hadn't been for the strong presence that accompanied it I would have written this one off as a visual hallucination, the product of too little sleep or the like. I haven't encountered Mutley lately but the man who haunts the upstairs I cannot identify, only that he had heavy footfalls and is very tall. He would easily stand 8 inches taller than me. It is a strong yet very empty presense as it seems unhappy. The house is 76 years old and I have only rudimentary information about it's history. Deaths could have occured here but in my mind whatever is here is harmless although occasionally frightening in it's behaviors. Thank you for providing the medium for myself and so many others to contribute their encounters!



Ghosts Sitings




Heres my story.

When i was maybe 10 years old, so like 5 years ago, me , my mom, and my brother moved into the house that my nana live in with our pawpaw, my nana had died when i was 6. my pawpaw is still living. All three of us shared a room and the room next to us was my pawpaws room.. there was no door leadin to the rooms and no hall way leadin to them either. they are connected. My mom used to tell me stories about a man who lived in the house b4 my nana and pawpaw that had died outside under a tree in the front yard. Well one night i was the only one who was awake. i was watchin movies cuz i couldnt get to sleep. the tv was in front of the door on the other side of the room. when u sat on my mothers bed you could see into my pawpaws room. i sat on her bed to rewind a movie so i could watch it. i seen something move in the corner of my eye. i looked over there and i saw my nana hoverin on the side of my pawpaws bed and she was rubbin his head  she didnt look at me but then i seen something else move behind her  and i tried to look.. i didnt have to try.. a man appeared on the corner of the wall peakin around the corner at me and tipped his top hat at me and smiled.. i sat on the bed maybe bout 2 hours frozen stiff.. i havent a clue if and when they left.. i never looked bak over to the door. that was the first and only ghost sitings i have had.



Boy with the Ball





I'm a nurse on a busy med surg floor in a hospital of Lansing Michigan. I work the midnight shift and before we moved to a brand new wing, our unit, 6 south, was a place full of history. Many had been treated on that floor and over the years, many had died There has been one story that stands out since I've been here about a boy who died in the burn unit several years ago. The burn unit is now shut down and changed in to a caridac floor, but the boy still wanders from 4th floor to other floors. The story goes that this boy died in the burn unit and is forever looking for hismother. He wanders around asking patients where his mom is, and a bouncing ball is oten reported where ever he's been. I heard this story for about two years before witnessing an event that took place which involved him. it was in room 659 and that room was pretty wild anyway. For one, patients in that room tended to hallucinate more than patients in other rooms. There was an ongoing joke about that room being the 'haunted' one.. I couldn't quite putmy finger on it, but there was an unusual energy in there. Once night, a nurse I work with had that room and at about 3am the call light went on . She went to answer it and came out looki white as a sheet. Betty (this nurse) was very practical and narrow minded about the supernatural, but she had to tell us all at the nurse station that her little old surgical patient had just reported that at little boy was in her room and asking her where is mommy is. The patient told Betty that the boy was bouncing a ball and that she was surprised how well she could hear him speak and the ball bounce in the room because she was very deaf and sleeping with no hearing aides. Of course, we all felt goose bumps! We'd heard of the boy, this was our first experience with him. Other floors had tales to tell as well. There was one other room on that unit that had a all light that would go off by itself. Once night it went off about three times with nobody in there. Pretty soon we didn't want to go in there to turn in off! Once night a nurse I know saw a heavy closet door open all by itselt, all the way. He couldn't explain to his own satisfaction (to himself) how this occurred. He was so freaked he wouldn't go to the bathroom on that unit for the rest of the night. He didn't want to be alone. Another nurse I know, Michelle, she went to a storage room and began to reach up to a high shelf. She was all alone in this small closet, light on and the door closed behind her. Suddenly she felt hands on each side of her waist grip her and lift her off the ground! I can't tell you how many dying people have seen their loved ones and friends while lying on their death beds;. I believe them and respect this when it happens. I've come to know the feeling of when someone is dying and going to die very very soon. I know the feeling of walking in to a room where someone has just passed over. The energy in their room changes. It becomes heavy and light at the same time. You walk through this vibrating energy and you can almost smell the waves. I believe this is because death bed room fills with spirit, coming to welcome a person crossing over. Myself and two other nurses went to the chapel in our spital and prayed/guided the little boy with his ball . . .  to the Light. The new chapel is where we did this work, because the old one was so haunted that we could hardly walk in the door without feeling pressure of presence. It was so very intense it became a dare at 3am on the midnight shift to see who could go in there and actually sit down one minute at a time! I believe that maybe these placesare so thinck because the rooms are often closed off with no windows; they haven't been cleansed between patients, energy residue remains and becomes trapped. The hospital chapel is full of pain and loss and despair. Imagine the emotion and energy left at that alter!





The Strange Happenings





I felt compelled to send in a few of my strange experiences that I had at my grandparent's former house. 

One evening I was talking on the phone to a friend in the master bedroom.  It was nearly 2 in the morning and the room was pitch black as I was going to get some sleep directly.  As I chatted to my friend, suddenly I saw what is best described as a black cloud about the shape, size, and position of where a person's head should be.  It bobbed as if someone were walking by at the foot of the bed for about 3 seconds and then it was gone.

I was doing some homework at the kitchen table on evening when out of the corner of my eye I again saw a black flash that looked to be about the size of a small dog run across the hallway floor. When I commented on this, my grandmother, who was in the living room at the time, claimed to experience the same thing all the time.

My grandparents house is set up so that you walk in the front door and all the rooms are connected by a hallway that at one end leads to the kitchen and dinning room, living room, master bedroom, staircase to the second floor, bathroom, and back to the door.  It was summertime and my mother and I were arguing. I was standing at the foot of the stairs and looking at her in the living room.  I was making a fuss saying that I wanted to sleep upstairs, which I had only recently conquered my fear of, and she was telling me that it was too hot up there to do so.  Mid sentence I glanced up the staircase and what I saw horrified me.  Staring back down at me from the top of the steps was the hazy, cloud-like figure of a human, I believe it was a male.  It was only the second time I was ever truly afraid.

I was cleaning my new room on the second floor one day and it was very hot being that it was summer and heat rises so I opened one of the old weighted windows.  It was not an easy task due to old paint which had practically glued it shut and it only budged after I pried it with a screwdriver.  I tried to pull it down to see if I needed to prop it and it wouldnt move.  So I carried on with my cleaning.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the window shut with a loud bang behind me.  Again I opened the window only this time I propped it open with a paint stir.  After about 2 minutes, the window again banged shut behind me, this time so hard that the glass broke.  The paint stir was at least 8 ft. Across the room.  I said "You win " and ran down stairs.




Completely Scare at One Time




Well, there was a time where I was so completely scared of encounters that I thought that if I ever had one, I would never be the same. About 6 years ago when I was 10, we were living in a really old house and I was kind of not feeling well about not moving in. The first night that we had stayed there, I was kind of comfortable but not really. The first full day was okay. But that night, I had heard something in my room. I slowly got up and made way to my room. I looked and the only light coming in was the light from the moonlight. But as I stared harder. There was a huge flash of light that came in on the top corner of the room. I got so scared!! I slowly walked into the room and said "Um.. Is someone here?" Just then I heard someone whispering to me and said "Don't leave!" I screamed and ran out of the room, my mom was saying "Mijita, what is wrong?" I told her everything and so my mom is scared of these kind of things. Right as soon as I told her, we moved out and while we were moving the ghost said "please don't leave!" I didn't care...I left anyways....ever since then I have had no encounters with anything for 6 years.



I Have to tell what happened to Me





I'm Diana and this thing happened to me when I was 10 yrs old , Now I'm 18 and I still remember as if It happened yesterday. Believe me .

When I was 10 yrs old my parents and I rented in an apartment , and the apartment had 4 floors. So in the 1st floor my mothers's friend babysitted my little sister , in that time my sister karen had 5months.  So one day I decided to go down there and check up my sister , so then   my mom's friend and children were in the living room  , and her other 2 children were in her room. In the kitchen they  had a washroom. Then all of the sudden we heard screams  of a Little girl. So she tought  it was one of her girls so she told one of her daughters to see if one of her little sister was there. She came back and told us nobody was there. So she sat on the cauch. Then again , he heard this huge scream saying " Mommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but in spanish. And we all just stayed quiet and serious. We couldnt believe what we were  hearing. Then ,  she told the owner of the building and he told her that his daughter of 7 yra old  had died there , because she had choken.

From since , everytime I tell this it gives me chills because I still remember the screms of the little girl in my head so clearly.

Then my moms friend change houses because she had boughten a new house, and from then I seen people  move in and moving out , And I wonder if those people go , because  they seen or heard the little girl.  After that my parents and I moved weeks after my moms friend had moved because In  my apartment strange things happened.





 My Ghost Encounter




My friends and i were fooling around on the computer when i remembered your website. It was late and i wanted to freak them out a little. So i showed them the Massachusetts part of the hauntings section. After reading some of the neighboring towns, i read to them the Pittsfield one (that is where we all live). Everyone said they had never heard of the hauntings there, so we decided to go see if it was true or not. We were all very skeptical about the whole thing, but we decided to go none the less. The 5 of us packed into the car and went on our way. We got there at about 12pm, and drove into the field. We saw lots of hardwear and big metal containers. But suddenly it stopped a little ways in. As if no one wanted to go that deep into the wooded area.  We went in about 50 yards where we were completly surrounded by woods, except for the front of the car, and behind is. We turned off the car and rolled the windows down a little bit so we could hear if anything was out there. We sat there for about 5 minutes and were ready to leave when all of the sudden we heard footsteps. Not those of an animal, but of a human. We thought it might be the cops, but we saw no flashlights or anything. The footsteps continued for about 30 seconds, and seemed to get closer. Then my boyfriend and his friend whisperd "Look!", and pointed to the windshield. A shadowy dark figure seemed to glide across the windshield. It scared us half to death. We also heard the sounds of a train. The one final thing that happend (which made us leave) was a light tapping on the windows of the car. First the drivers side, then the passengers side. After that we just left because it was too creepy. But to whom ever goes there, bring a camera and a tape recorder so you can see and hear all of e weird and strange things that happen there.



Plantation in Georgia





We lived in the old plantation house when i was in high school. We had several sightings including an old lady that stood over my sisters bed  at least three times once telling her of a car wreck that we had on the way to school.

The most interesting was when a friend of my sister came to pick her up for school and never blew the horn so my sister looked out and she was already there. When my sister got into the car she asked her if Calley (our other sister) had not told her that she was there. Tiffany looked at her and said I'm the only one here. Her friend said Calley came out on the porch just twenty minutes ago and went back in. Tiffany really was there alone as far as she knew.

The other thing that made this so scary was the following story.

I was working on a car in the drive and my sister Calley walked by me going to barn and I said hey but she just kept going. Then I got to thinking she was dressed funny in a long dress down to her ankles. I went to ask my dad were she was going and she was sitting on the couch with him.

Both of these stories had to be told so I could share this. When we moved out five years later we went into the cellar to check if we left anything. We noticed a brick loose in the old foundation and pulled it out there was a box inside with pictures in it. When we looked at them there was a picture of a young girll that could have been Calleys twin. Our land lord said it was her great-great aunt that had died of TB at the age of twelve in the room my sister slept in. When our land lord saw Calley she almost fainted.



Offutt Air Force Base





I was stationed at Offutt Air force Base between 1999 and early 2003.  During my time I had heard many stories and had been witness to something I can’t explain.  Most of the incidents I heard concerned the old Fort Crook section of the base, including the base lodging office where I worked at and Quarters 13, which was on Generals Row and was used as the Distinguished Visitors Quarters. 

I encountered something I can’t explain at the Lodging office one night.  Me and the Sergeant I was working with that night heard someone typing and moving around in the back offices, which were locked about 6 hours earlier.  We both went in there and there was no one there.  Both doors were still locked.  Niether of us could explain it and both of us had heard it.  Another night we heard the same thing and heard a radio turn on.  We both ran back there and once again nothing.  We even looked at the clock that had turned on by itself, thinking maybe the alarm was timed to go off at that time, but the alarm was turned off and it was not even set up when we pressed the button it still flashed 12:00.  And it was about 2:30 in the morning, which didn’t make sense.  

Quarters 13th, which was our responsibility since it was the DV suites, was even more troublesome.  The people who stayed there were usually Colonels and above transiting through the base.  Very high ranking people, people you normally wouldn’t expect to hear anything about weird noises.  One night stands out quite a bit in my mind.  A Colonel kept calling the front desk complaining of people walking around in the attic and making a lot of noise.   I went over there to check it out, which is about a 5 minute walk from the lodging office.  The Colonel was waiting on the porch and we both went up to the attic to check it out.  The door was locked and after unlocking it, we both went inside.  No one was in there, just some boxes.  I got a very weird feeling while we were up there that someone was watching me, but there was no one there.  I explained to the Colonel that maybe it was a rat or something in a box or something that made those noises.   He shrugged and went back to bed and I am sure he was as unconvinced as I was.  I went back to the lodging office and talking to my co worker she told me about the building and the stories about it. 

Apparently whatever was in there had manifested itself to the housekeeping staff, as several of them refused to go in the attic.  They would never say why, but they refused to go up there.  And one of the rooms was also supposedly haunted.  I heard this in the early part of 2000, and in late 2002 a One star General died of a heart attack in that same room.  I don’t know whether to believe what I heard or not, but I heard from several people that were there in the room that he had died with his eyes open and a horrified look on his face.  I have remained skeptical of hearing this, I figure even if this was true it may have just been from the shock and realization he was dying….but then again, who knows.  

Other buildings on the base that I have heard that were haunted were the base gym and the old Martin Bomber Building on the base, where B-29s were built during World War 2.  I worked at the gym for about two years while at Offutt and I saw something odd one day with my supervisor when we were doing our final checks of the building.   The gym is a old aircraft hangar and is nearly a quarter of a mile long.  We rode around in a golf cart for our checks.  There is a ¼ mile track inside the gym, and all the state flags hang from the ceiling around the track.  While we were doing our checks, the flags began moving infront of us, like someone had been running by and jumped and hit it.  Except the flags hang nearly 40 feet up in the air and there was no wind inside.  Neither one of us could explain this.   But I do know that someone had died of a heart attack while jogging a couple of years earlier.  Could it have been him out for a run? I am curious if you have heard any other stories about Offutt Air Force Base.  I am working on some research on the base and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something at Offutt.  I can be reached at 

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