Dark Night


By: bradleejh2001@yahoo.com


alright i dont know where to start ok i was sitting at my house one night on the computer and it was storming out and right in front of my computer is a 5 ft by 10 ft picture window so i was looking out the window wathing the storm downloading music when i heard a tapping on the window so i looked up and at that exact moment i looked up a bolt of lightning struck and i seen 6 figures looking in the window at me so me thinking im mister macho man i got up opened the dor and looked out at the window there was noone there so closed the door sat back down and a little bit later the tapping started again so i got up put my face up to the window and i kept hearing the tapping i didnt know what it was and then i heard the tapping on my computer screen so i turned and looked noone there and when iturned around there were bright red eyes looking straight at me then boom more lightning and i seen the bright eyed figure in full it may have been for only a couple of seconds but that image will be burned in my mind forever it was about 5ft tall heavy set his arms were turned the wrong way like they were broken he was cut om neck to groin and from side to side but he was empty nothing in him at all no guts no bones nothing but i seen little eyes in side of him i got so scared i ran to my parents room to wake them up but i couldnt wake them  it was like they were in a deep sleep so i went to the living room and sat there till morning scared out of my mind and when the light came i went outside and seen hove prints like a horse ran thru my yard now im not saying it was the the devil but the way he looked he mid as well ben so thats my story that I have named DARK NIGHT



And Now "MY" Ghost Story


By: johnspurling2@yahoo.com


I thought I might as well tell my story, finally. I'm the one who submitted the Old Hill Cemetery (in Newburyport, Massachusetts) entry to the Haunted Places Index. What I didn't mention there was that I have personal experience of the phenomena described in the submission. I was only to learn years and years later that my experience was alluded to in a local legend or mythology I was, back then, utterly unaware of.

"There are cases where visitors have been temporarily 'possessed' and taken on different personalities while at the cemetery."

I spent ages 9 to 15 on Vernon Street in Newburyport - the same street, incidentally, the historical "Olde Gaol" is on. (Although the "Gaol" is supposed to be haunted as well, I had never experienced anything remotely supernatural in connection with it the whole time I lived on the street, and I often hung around its premises.)

One of my favorite haunts as a kid (pun unintended ...

sort of) was the Old Hill Cemetery, which was right across the street from the Olde Gaol. My friends and I spent many an hour playing there - indulging in games such as hide n seek, looking at the weird tombstones, engaging ourselves in silly superstitious childhood rites, such as the old yarn about conjuring a spirit by walking backwards 13 times around a tombstone while repeating the dead individual's name ... you know: the usual light-hearted childhood fare. :-) Sometimes I went there with friends, sometimes with my sister - oftentimes alone.

I believe I was 13 when I first started feeling a peculiar heightened "draw" to the cemetery. You know the cliche about being drawn to something or someone like "a moth to a flame." Well, this was definitely the case. It's a cliche all right, but an apt one.

Now, everyone, to some degree, becomes paranoid on some level while visiting a cemetery. A feeling of being observed, a subtle (or perhaps not-so-subtle) feeling of self-consciousness just beneath the surface. Especially if one is (physically) alone. One feels one is being watched by the dead, regardless of how ridiculous it seems to one's sense of logic and reason.

Well, during this time the self-consciousness became so pronounced it personified or condensed itself into the sense of a specific entity I imagined abstractly as a boy of about 11 or 12 (close to my own age) who rather resembled myself but had darker eyes. Eyes like pools of dusk-darkened pond water, yet the skin of his face very pale almost to the point of dead white. The eyes were so dark, the darkness seemed to bleed into and around the sockets like cast shadow. I wouldn't call this an actual conscious image I held - it was a FEELING. It's difficult to explain. This entity was composed of or formed out of feeling rather than visual imagination.

From then on, when I would visit the cemetery, I

sensed this boy's presence very strongly. My mind would suddenly begin obsessing over this subtle-profound presence like it was preoccupied by some kind of light fever-induced delirium. It wasn't overwhelming, but it was certainly persistent. I wasn't frightened or disturbed by all of this in the slightest - rather, my attitude was defined by casual intrigued fascination and curiosity.

All of this came to a head one mid-autumn day in 1981.

My sister (11) and I were in the cemetery, and I decided I was to pretend I was a "ghost" who looked like her brother but wasn't. My sense of this mysterious boy was very potent at that moment and I decided to pretend I was him. My "act" was pretty convincing; I communicated details to my sister regarding when I lived, when and how I died, and in which spot of the cemetery my body was buried. I showed her a gravestone and claimed it was mine. I think I got my sister to the point of at least humoring my "act" with feigned belief.

At some point, I began to seriously spook her out. I kept talking and talking, and it must have seemed I'd lost my mind. I probably did. I had a pretty defined sense of losing control by that point. But just as she was turning to leave for home, I raised my arms and cried "Winnnnnnnd!" - and at that exact moment a huge gust of wind battered at us and it actually succeeded in blowing my hat clear off my head and sent it rolling down the hill. I went after it, and just as I left the periphery of the graveyard, the wind stopped and I instantly lost all inclination to continue acting like a ghost.

Maybe there is something to the supernatural after all. I would learn years later about the legend of people taking on "personalities" or becoming obsessed by spiritual influences while visiting that cemetery.

Back then, I hadn't known about possession or whatnot.

When I read about the legend, my childhood experience at Old Hill Cemetery was finally given an explanation, a point of reference. Everything seemed to fall into place and it made sense.

That was my one and only experience with "ghosts" or the supernatural.




A Ghost Story, The Ghost of my Hampster, The Ghost of Mrs. White


By: Nopatno3@aol.com


I used to have a hamster named Tornado and one names Cuddlebug, but they died.  After they both died, I began to hear scratching and tapping noises in the computer room (The room I typed this in!)  I always listen to see where the scratching noise is coming from, but it seems like the noise tries to run away from me.  More recently, I've seen little black things quickly running up the basement walls.  My hamsters were black.  I have another true story that my dad told me.  One day my dad was walking home from school, and he saw his neighbor, I think her name was Mrs. White.  My dad said hello to her, and she asked if he needed a ride home.  My dad said he didn't.  While still walking home from school, my dad passed by Mr.White's and Mrs. White's house.  My dad saw Mr. White.  My dad said "Hi Mr. White, I saw your wife on my way home from school."  Mr. White just looked puzzled.  When my dad got home, his mom told him that Mrs. White had died while he was at school.





A Ghosts in My Friend's Bathroom at Dorm


By: jabrina@tmail.com


I thought all ghost stories were fake but true.. I told ya'll stories about ghosts in my dorm. In spring, at night in dorm, my friends told me about ghosts in vally school,it very old as near about 100 years. I was freak out then I know that fake whole thing...at few hour I did not remember what time is...my friends and I walked in hallway of dorm and I was stand behind them. Studdley... One of friends name lauren,stopped walk and toward at restroom then srceamed and grab on one of my friends'

arm name andrea. Lauren told me and andrea " I saw a ghost in restroom and something black shape stood there!! I saw a ghost! I swear!!!! She seem afraid so badly. Andrea tried test herself if she can see a ghost.

She walk near restroom as her right eye and her side near restroom then so she saw it ,too then she srceam and hold lauren so tight. Both gals look me like that "stare" I dislike way sound crazy and total freaky to me. But I did not saw a ghost then I looked up at a dark orange light look like square. It bit dark there and it really creepy to me then I feeling not right almost like I had sense something.. I felt cold and little shake. I was totally freak out than before I really not like it way. I running ahead my friends and grab my friends. I feel like in twilight zone. That story was true happen at I was freshmen in high school.



Anderson College Ghost


By: ashkidel@hotmail.com


I go to Anderson College, now there is a lot stories about the ghost of Anna, I think her last name is White, haunting the Sullivan Building, well I have a couple of stories of my own about her.  Two semesters ago I was going to the Sullivan Building for a bible study and me and a couple of my friends were waiting for the rest of the group to show up in the lobby, when I heard movement upstairs, now I raised in a one story house so I notice when there is a lot of movement above me when I'm in a two story house, now I didn't think much about it until my friend Quinn and his girlfriend Amber came in, Quinn came in for the bible study that I was a part of and Amber was looking for where her bibile study was being held, since I heard movement upstairs I thought that someone wsa up there so I went with her up stairs and looked around and no one was up there and since the only set of stairs in the building were in the lobby and I was standting in front of them the whole time no one could have come down with out me knowing it.  And another one of friends has an experience with the Sullivan building, she says that many times when she has walked by there she has heard a female voice calling her.

Oh yeah, there has also been things going on in several other places on campus, one that I heard about right after it happened since I've made friends with one of the security guards he comes around every once in a while and visits and one time while he was talking to us he was called to the Merrit Administration building where a couple of students were standing outside the building when the front double doors to the building swung open on there own, and this was long after the building had all been locked up. 

And there is a rumor about the Belk Theatre in the Rainy Fine Art center being haunted, now I haven't experienced anything yet, but several of my friends who work during several of the plays have told me that there have been many times when there have been sounds of someone moving on the catwalk when no one actually was when everyone was asked about it.  That's all for right now and I'll update if I find something else out.




Ensign-Bickford Simsbury Connecticut


By:   cjs0800@yahoo.com

In regards to Ensign-Bickford in Simsbury Connecticut, I used to be a senior security officer there for a few years and there are a number of buildings known to be haunted, for example the plumbing shop, it is said that a working hung himself in the stairway leading too the second floor. ALL of the security officers refused to patrol that area at night because at one time we all felt a cold feeling when in the stairway. The southern part of the plant has had alot of fatalities in the history of this company. Lights would misteriously go on and off. An example of this (I saw this first hand) we would have mtion detectors going off in a building directly across from the security building, when we looked out the 2nd floor lights would go on and off randomly followed by the first floor lights and sometimes at the same time. Upon searching of the building, nothing was found. Ensign-Bickford also owned a large mansion at the time next to the simsbury volunteer ambulance. Legend has it that a little girl died inside when back in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Unsure of what she died of , but One security officer who i believe is still there has a photo taken when they were trying to sell the place. The photo was taken in the Great Room that contained the fireplace. This photo was supposed to go into the advertisement, it never made it because in the photograph there was a female in an early 1900's lace dress leaning against the fireplace and she was semi-transparent. This shocked all of us guards who patrolled that property. This in conjumction with motion detectors beiing activated constantly, motion lights going off and the building being empty really frightened most of us to the point of ending up doing just exterior checks of the building for signs of forced entry. If you want some good paranormal activities, this is certainly in my book 'ground zero'. I can tell this certainly from experience and I am not really a believer in the paranormal, but I can't justify the things that happen there. I have numerous other 'happenings' that i can't explain.  The history of this plant is a deadly one with what I have been told over a hundred people have been killed there since before the civil war due to accidents. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me via my personal email address at cjs0800@yahoo.com.



colchester CT


By: Nascarchevy10@aol.com



Colchester CT Linwood Cemetery- In the summer of 2004 durring a regular trip to see if we could get orbs on our digital cameras we took a break and sat down it was a full moon that night so the whole place was lit up off in the distance  as i was sitting in an area that graves where yet to be places i saw three white figures just floating through a clear patch by the woods. I got up to run to my friend and my bf saw a white wolf heading towards me that was not even 5 feet from me but before it could get to me he growled and it disappeared




Ghost Girl and Her Dog


By: unplugged14@yahoo.com


This strange event has been on my mind for quite some time....

It was a warm and pleasant evening last September, and I had decided to take my little dog for a walk around the neighborhood, like I do several times a week. We walked about one block down, and crossed the street.

As we walked in front of one of the many houses, I heard a little girls voice say "Hello! Can I pet your dog?" I stopped and saw a young girl, probably around

5 or 6 years old standing in front of the door of the 3rd house from the corner. Beside her was a large, old looking, golden retriever. (He had the white muzzle and droopy eyes of an aged, but much loved dog) I paused and replied, "Uh, of course". I felt a little strange, because even in though we live in a good part of town, kids are usually weary of approaching strangers when their parents aren't around. I pulled my dog away from the tree she was sniffing and we headed back towards the girl and her dog. I glanced at the girl, who was chattering away about her own dog Buddy, and began to feel that there was something a little odd going on. First was how the girl looked.

The girl was beautiful, with long white blond hair, down to the back of her knees. She was wearing a white blouse, and a long white skirt, and she wasn't wearing any shoes! Feeling a bit miffed, I glanced into the house behind her. THe house was COMPLETELY DARK. Not a single light was on inside, even as it grew darker outside. I also noticed that there was no vehicle in the driveway, and no garage where one would be parked.

At this point I remember being concerned that this little girl was a bit young to have been left all alone at night. Meanwhile, the little girl was babbling on about her doggie Buddy, and how he likes to eat, and was trying to get my litle dog's attention, while her the old dog sat on the lawn, watching the whole scene. "What's her name?" She finally asked me. "This is Phoebe" I answered. I was slightly confused, because Phoebe kept pulling away from me, as if trying to get away. And my little dog absolutely loves children. She's small, so she tends to like people her size. Not to mention that she is always up to meeting other doggie friends. But Phoebe did not want anything to do with this little girl, or her dog. "Uh, she's a little shy" I said as I saw the little girl get a sad look on her face when Phoebe wouldn't be friendly. So I asked her about her dog, so she wouldn't be upset. And,as before, the girl started chattering at about 100 miles and hour, as little girls will do. I tried to follow what she was saying, and it was something about how Buddy got old, and then he went to heaven when he went to sleep at the bottom of the stairs...or something along those lines. I remember glancing over at the old dog, still sitting on the lawn as if keeping an eye on his young blond companion. My own pup was really raring to go, so I finally said, "okay, well, you better go inside now it's getting dark" the little girl just gave me a big smile,and said "Bye Lady, Bye Bye Phoebe". And skipped off up the driveway to the house, with her dog following. We continued on up and around the block .

The whole time I pondered what had just happened. I couldn't help but have a strange feeling, not good, or bad, but just weird. I had never seen that little girl, or her dog before. And having my own dog to walk, I was fairly familiar with the neighbors. I also had seen many children around playing, but none that looked anything like this girl. Besides, most of the children were older than her anyway.To this day, a year later, I still have not seen the girl and her dog. I have walked by that same house many times, and it seems that a middle aged man lives their alone. He drives a sporty SUV, and is rarely home. But the strangest thing is my dog's behavior. My little dog had never met a kid she didn't jump on and give kisses.

I have told this story to several people, and everyone has been a little freaked out. I think I am going to do some research on the history of my neighbor hood and see if I can turn up some clues.




Ghost Experience


By: tangumaj@panam.edu




Hi, my name is Itzel Gonzalez, and I would like to declare myself as a person that has seen ghosts. How can I start, I am pshycic, and I talk to ghosts also I have once been attacked by one. Since when I was 5 years old I started my adventure on Mexico. In the house of my aunt I used to see a little boy, actually I could only see his hat. Well then at the age of 11 when I bearly got my own house I started to see a girl in about the age of 7. It was one night that I saw a girl on my feet. She was white, glowing, and had a long, beautiful, straight hair. At first i thought it was my 5 year old sister, Idania, but something made me put my right hand besides me. I went white and cold blooded as a reptile when I felt my sister's hair silky and long. All I did was pray to god for her to leave me this night that I could help her some other day. The next night as I was looking on the window still thinking of the scary incident that had happened to me the night before. I felt someone looking at me as I turned slowly toward the sight I saw a tall shadow. The first thing I did was cover myself, the next thing that happened was that I felt a body on top of me trying to suffocate me. Well, I just threw myself up and the spirit went away. Up to now the girl visit me the past Christmas and the latest is that she followed me to school on thursday.




Our Ghost Stories


By: jreed66@bootheel.net



I've grown up hearing ghost stories most of my life on dark stormy nights, and every bump in the night was never explained away by " Oh it's just the wind", or "It's just the house settling". Instead, I was always told, "It's just the spirits coming for a visit". 

I have always had one spirit or another bouncing around where I lived.

The home I have lived in now for five years is filled with the little specters and we've had some times with them.

Two days after we moved in, I was doing my house work around 11:00 pm when the house is quiet, the kids are asleep and my husband still at work. While doing dishes at the kitchen sink, I felt as if someone was watching me. I thought it was one of the kids up for a drink so I kept working. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and I looked in the dark window in front of me. Two eyes looking right into my own, and not my reflection. The window was too high up for someone to just be standing there, and there was an electric stove in front on the other side. I turned to look behind me, but there was no one visible.  After turning to the feeling several times, I finally ignored it, until an insect repellant can "rolled" out of the cabinet behind me and stopped at my feet across the room. I replaced it in the cabinet and two more times. Finally I pulled the glass window shut in front of it, to dry the dishes. The can flew out of the cabinet this time and just missed my head, slamming into the cabinet in front of me. I took the can back to the cabinet, and had to open the door to put it in. This time I said "Stop it, I'm busy and don't have time to mess with you right now!" It stayed put. Each night I could feel the eyes on me but ignored it. Eventually it settled down when I started finishing my work earlier.

A few months later, while going through the kitchen, I saw a little boy in the hall from the corner of my eye. I continued watching him from this view, so he wouldn't know that I could see him. He had black hair cut in a page boy cut like my own son's, white shirt and black pants. When I turned to face him, he was gone. I have seen him two other times once in the hall and once in my yard. Once I saw a woman standing in front of my picture window, her feet going right through our sofa. She had one of those 40's rolled back hair styles, and a floral dress on. I stared right at her. She was crying and appearing to be watching for someone to come to the house. I asked her if I could help her and she faded away.

My entire family has seen the man's shadow walking down our hallway and can hear his footsteps as if he is walking on a hard wood floor but it's carpeted. He scares my husband half to death who never believed in ghost until he married me and each house we live in has had spirits in them. He thinks that I attract them.

Most recently I was awoke by a man pulling hard on my ear. I have never seen him before and he's a dark slightly frightening man. He had on a long black coat and black clothes like Mormons from long ago. His hair was dark black with a widows peak and his face thin and drawn. His expression was angry.  My husband and I moved into a room we had redone that was once the sun room, and one of my older son's now has the room but he won't sleep in there because the window opens by itself.

We don't show fear, I heard that they can't hurt you unless you let them, but I had a bruise for days on my ear.

A lot of things happen in the house. The lights go on and off by theirselves along with our television. The light bulbs blow similtaneously and we keep a drawer full of them. Cabinet doors open and close by theirselves, forks and sharp knives disappear and never come back so we are always replacing them. The toilet flushes by itself and the water taps are always just turning on, doors slam and we can hear a baby crying late at night and no one around has one. Sometimes the power goes completely out and everyone else still has power in town, and we haven't blown any thing, we just have to let them come back on when it gets ready. Pretty creepy? That's just a smidge of the odds that happen. There is often the smell of smoke and burned wires, cabbage or rotting meat at the strangest of times, the smell of food cooking when no one is up and music from my daughter's music box when it isn't even wound late at night. Perfume wafts thorough our house, floral and light, and the smell of spicy cologne that none of us wear.

Things really come to a head when we do a spring cleaning, apparantly they like a clean house.

Our home was built in the 50's, It's had 4 families in it, we and the family before are the only ones who have noticed the hauntings. I know all the families who have lived here. We live near a place called the Pole Road in New Madrid Co., MO. During the Civil War, most of this area was all swamp with very little civilization. Confederate soldiers had to put tree poles end to end and side by side to make a road to pull their wagons through the swamp. On the road where I live a confederate soldier was found dead on a stump and his body never identified. It's in the town history. Orbs are seen all over town, and there is a lot of dark history here of people disappearing and strange deaths. This past year alone, 7 women died with the same type of rare uterine cancer, and four men with stomach cancer. They all died within two weeks. A girl hung herself in the school in the 50's and the room where she was found floods often and there is no water source there. The town is full of tunnels that I have heard were old fallout shelters from one of the former town board ladies, but others say that they are drains because it's possible the town could flood being a former swamp.I've heard of children falling in and drowning, but none since I have lived near this town for the past 20 years. It's possible for it to happen though, if someone could take off the hundred pound lids or remove the steel bars from the drain outlets. Not all of them have drain outlets, so they can't be used for that, They are large steel and concrete openings into the ground like storm shelters.One street floods with every rain for no reason. The founding father's son lived there until a few years ago when he died in his late 90's. His house is still there and is one of the oldest homes in the area. A lot of buildings are reported haunted here, the old box plant and cotton compress are haunted by some workers that were killed there. We haven't tried to exorcise them, but I have had a medium here who used a Ouiji board for her source.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened that wasn't already happening other than the dark man appeared after that.




Ghost Story


By: denis_cuillierrier@pch.gc.ca



I wanted to share a real story about a house I lived in when I was a kid so here it is...

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in a house that was kept in my family until my parents decided to sell it due to the high mortgage rates. It was an old house that was built by Dr. Sweetland in the1860’s, which was the first house, built on that street. It was sold to my ancestors and my mother was taken care of by her great aunt when she was 9 years old, after losing her father in a railcar accident in Quebec City.  In that house, nine bodies were exposed due to the years when tuberculosis was a major illness. When we lived there, we could hear things, especially at nighttime. The house had an attic and we could sometimes hear someone walking. The entrance of the attic was in my bedroom, a door which was locked at all times that would sometime open by itself. I would come in my bedroom when it was time to go to bed and I would find the attic door open. Sometimes, I could hear someone coming down the stairs of the attic and stop at the door as if he or she wanted to come in my room.  I tell you, I always slept with my head under the blankets because I was spooked. My father had a collection of paintings; he had at least 200 or more that were hung through out the house. I was in the living room on day when I heard a large bang on the wall and a painting just fell on some of my mother’s crystals. Of course, I was the only one in the living room so I was accused of doing it but even when I told my dad what just happened, he wouldn’t believe me and he would punish me even more because he would say that on top of breaking things, I was a liar…

I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and they all witnessed something during the years that we lived there. The last thing that happened was very strange and I was happy to see that both my parents witnessed it as well and for once, they saw that all those years, when we told them that whatever broke, whatever noise they heard, wasn’t us kids but were actually ghosts. Here’s what happened…

Like I mentioned earlier, my parents had no choice but to sell the house because the interest rates were way to high in the early 80’s and my father, being the only one working, had trouble making the mortgage payments. The “FOR SALE” sign was up and one of my sisters found herself an apartment because she decided that at her age, it would be a good time for her to use this opportunity and tell mom and dad that it was time for her to move out. She bought herself some furniture and also bought herself a piano that she had delivered to the old house until she would actually move to her new apartment a few mouth later. My mother played the piano so she found some old music that belonged to one of her great cousins who died in the house like all the other eight from tuberculosis. She played some music but was playing one in particular that she liked very much. According to some text that was written behind the music sheet, it was also her cousin’s favourite that she played for her siblings when they were exposed and a few weeks before she died. Anyway, a few weeks after the piano was delivered, my mother noticed that the piano was playing off key so my sister called the store where she bought it and the salesman told her that he would send someone to tune it for her. The Piano Tuner arrived, started tuning it and when he was done, he asked my sister if someone had open the piano and played with the keys inside. She said no and the tuner said that almost all the keys were so tight that they were about to break. One thing he wouldn’t understand is that when a piano needs to be tuned, it’s because the keys get loose so they need to be tightened. That wasn’t the case, instead of loosening, they where tightening up. Anyway, it was fixed so the man left. One week later, the same thing was happening, the piano was playing off key so my sister called again and the Piano Tuner came to our house and again, he couldn’t understand what was happening to the piano. He fixed it and left. One week later, the same thing was happening, the piano was again playing off key. The Piano Tuner and the Salesman came to the house to look at the piano and again, the piano was having the same problem, the keys were very tight, at the point where they would break one by one.  The Piano Tuner said that he’s tuned pianos for 15 years and he never saw or heard of such a thing, a piano that tunes by itself. He said that if he was to call the head office in Toronto, they would tell him to go see a Psychologist because it wasn’t possible. The Salesman decided to replace the piano with a new one and he would send the first one to the company who builds them and just tell them that it was defective. So, the next day, a new piano was delivered and guess what, a few days after we got it, the same thing was happening. The salesman did not send the Piano Tuner because my sister was moving the next week so he would rather send the Piano Tuner to her new place and take a look at it.

What I believe is that my ancestors who died and were exposed in that house, their spirits were still there and new that the house that was kept in my family for years was for sale and were probably not happy about it and it was probably a way to show us their frustration. Today, that house is a Bed and Breakfast and my sisters and bothers and I, spent a night at the B & B. The owners of the house told us that a Medium was once their guest and when she came in the house, she told them that she could sense spirits and she believed that there were nine of them and that they were good.




Ghosts and Blindness


By: goatboy@cox.net


I have a story I'd like to share. I am totally blind. I've been this way since birth. We think it is hereditary because my brother is blind in one eye but has perfect sight in the other. Anyway, my family and I moved into this house when I was about three. The house bothered me at first. I cried almost the whole day the first day we were there. My grandmother even said to me, "Brettsy, you shouldn't cry at the new house." I don't know if the new sarounding bothered me because they usually do, or if I felt something noone else could feel. I eventually got used to the place and things seemed allright. However, a year later, I got up in the middle of the night. You know when you're a kid and your body says, "get up," you do. Well, I went into the livingroom and to call it a blindism, or whatever, I began running back and forth between the family room and the Foryay. I soon stopped abruptly when I heard another pare of feet running next to me. I figgured I should stop and maybe go sit on the couch. Well as I approached the couch I heard a person move over to make room for me. Then I heard a woman's voice somewhere in the room. It was undefinable as to where exactly it was coming from. It said, "Did you speak to dah?" By then I was scared pissless. I decided I'd better go back to bed. I lay there for a while and then I heard someone come into my room. I lay really still hoping they couldn't hear me breathe. The person approached my bed and began a rhythmic tapping on the wall and the bed. Two taps on the wall and one on the bed. Tap Tap bump, tap tap bump. I fell asleep but I woke the next morning with my head toward the foot of the bed and my feet toward the head of the bed, and on either side of my head were two pares of women's feet. It was as if I were lying at their  feet. Soon my mom came in to wake me and comented on how I was sleeping. I asked her if she had seen the two women sleeping in my bed. She thought I was just being silly. The next night I was affraid to go to sleep. "There's someone in my room mom," I cried. "There's noone in your room," she sweetly replied. Well until I was about ten I was visited by these women. Sometimes not for a while and then frequency increased in times of trouble or low confidence like when my parents began having trouble and talked about devorcing. However, as I became a teenager and was quite sure of myself the visits completely stopped.

Years later after we moved out of that house my friend Rollypolly and I thought  to do some research in the supernatural.  We found the demons name to be D.A.X. Rollypolly instantly got a really bad feeling . We did a little research and we found that Dax is a name of a deamond found in Spain. It preys on weak people and thrives off of fear. That might be what, "Did you speak to Da" meant. It also might explain why it came around in times of sadness. It may just take on the form of a woman or women.

who knows





By: yostrhonda@yahoo.com


During the day my mom sometimes heard  a child saying mama, and my mom seen toys fly out of my toybox. One morning my mom and dad were laying in bed and a ball went twords them and the wierd thing was is that, our house was on a slope so  the ball went to the left but went to the right witch was up the hill in my mom and dad's bedroom, my mom said"my daddy jumped off the bed in shock because it scared the life out of him. The house was build in 1912. Before my mom and dad bought the house a man named Harry lived there for a long time. Harry's family for generations had lived there. Harry passed away in his chiar in front of the liveing room window and that's were my mom felt the coldest. Mom will never forget takeing a shower when we first moved in and haveing  a man that she thinks was Harry standing directly behind her, she was so freaked out that she didn't even rinse off, she just hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her and called my dad. It was a great house, and Harry wasn't mean but my mom is glad that we moved.






By: chibiri@allofyourgodsaredead.com



i wrote just little while ago but i forgot to inform all of a public place where you're sure to brush the paranormal surface. there is this motel in west reading pennsylvania called the PennView Motel. it's $66.64 including tax to stay there for a night. enough sixes? anyway it's a completely legit motel just very old and ugly and dirty. the only thing you should be afraid of is catching an infectious disease from the sheets.

i stayed there with my boyfriend for a weekend and afterwards i asked him if i was the only one who saw the black animals darting around from the corner of my eye. he was surprised that i saw them considering he's usually the first to notice if anything supernatural is around and promptly wards it off for me. i call them gremlins. this place is absolutely teeming with them. i read a lot people see them. my old roommate/sifu/mystic explains that they aren't actual gremlins but shadow-dwelling entities that appear in areas where things aren't going all that wonderfully--people dabbling with black magic, or just outright acting badly. some people have them that follow them everywhere. if you're one of these people i suggest a major lifestyle change.



Mushroom Mines in Soldier, Kentucky


By: CSilverHair66@aol.com


About a month ago I went to go visit a friend who goes to Morehead State University. When I got there we had nothing to do, so she starting telling me about a haunted mushroom mine that's in Solider, Kentucky. I wanted to go so badly because that kind of stuff interested me. So we drove all the way there, and it was in the middle of the day so it was still light out. When I got out of the car I got an uneasy feeling, but I ignored because I wanted to go in so badly. So we grabbed our flashlights and went over the dirt pile that goes all the way around the entrance of the mine. So we went inside and to your left is a room and I heard a big boom, like someone threw something at me. and I ran out of there as fast as I could. I got so scared and I don't get scared that easy either. I just stood at the entrance of this big huge mine. My friend decided she was going to go in further. I just stood there watching her go in further and further until I couldn't see her anymore, and I'm freaking out because she was in there all by herself walking around this evil place. About 10 or 15 minutes later she came back into site, but she was still far inside the cave and the more she came into site I could see someone walking behind her, and we were the only ones there. She starting running towards the opening of the mine, the figure still behind her. When she got to where the sun came in mine the figure stopped chasing her. I was so amazed because you could see the outline of this person that had been chasing her, and usually you read about people seeing things out of the corner of their eyes, I was looking right at this white figure of a man. As he was walking back in the mine he keep looking back, as if telling us not to come back in, it was very weird, he was evil you could feel it.

On our way back to school we were talking about what we felt and what we heard and saw, that's all we could talk about for the rest of the day. I took the 2 hour drive back home and still the only thing on my mind was the Mushroom Mine. when I got home I got on the computer to check my e-mail. I got an idea to look the Haunted Mushroom Mine on the computer, and I came across your website and I read what you had put about the mines about the man following people out of the mine. I don't want to sound mean but I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't any back ground information on the mines like what happened there to make it so haunted. I think it is the most frightening place or thing I have experienced in my life. So I was thinking you should go there and get more info about it. Thank You for taking the time and reading this. 




The Right Time to Share


By: dulegstmiramherzen@hotmail.com]


I discovered your site many years ago, but thought that the time was right to share of my experiences of my home and the experience my family has had. 

The first one I want to share w/ you is my parent's house.  As far as I know we are the second family to have lived there and my family moved in the house in 1981.  The stairway to the basement has always been a source of uneasiness, but the basement itself is worse.  The basement is cut in half by a wall, we call the 2 parts downstairs (or sometimes the basement) and the basement basement.  The downstairs/basement is the tv area and computer room.  It also functions as a guest bedroom for visiting brothers from college.  The basement basement is just an unfinished basement.  The basement basement falls where the stairs are and so part of it has a sloping ceiling from the stairs.  I used to play in that area as a little girl, but only during the day when my dad was down there working in his workshop. 

When I have to go downthere, even to this day (and I am a 25 yr old woman) I turn on all the lights and get what I need as quickly as possible.  I thought I was alone in feeling like something wanted to harm me (I get this feeling only in that part of the basement, the part under the stairs) until Christmas 2003 when my brother was teasing my sister in law about the "gremlins" (his word).  It turns out that 3 out of the 4 siblings had felt the same thing, the unease, the feeling that whatever it was wanted to harm them.  I never had a big problem w/ these feelings since I could usually avoid going into the basement basement, however, it grew harder the time my dad recarpeted the stairs and left the stairs bare for a couple of weeks.  I tried to avoid going downstairs at all b/c of the feelings that something wanted to grab my ankles.

The next experience was one that my brothers had at our grandmother's house.

They were spending the night at her house sleeping on the 2 couches in the living room when they were woke up by the sound of a coo coo clock they couldn't see (we later learned that granny had one, but it was broken in the attic and wasn't fixed for 20 years).  One of my brothers looked into my grandparent's bedroom (directly across from him) and saw a woman sitting, brushing her long hair in front of my granny's vanity.  They say she looked at them through the mirror, smiled, and vanished.  They, of course, told us and mom the story, but mom claims that it was just granny brushing her hair in the morning and that they didn't recognize her b/c she had always worn her hair up, not down.

The last story I would like to share is when I visited the Concentration Camp named Buchenwald in what used to be East Germany.  I was going there w/ a couple of friends, 2 of whom had already been there and would act as my tour guide.  As soon as we stepped off the bus, I could feel a sense of heaviness, a depression.  It continued the entire time I was on the property.  I never saw anything there, but I know that the events that occured there have placed a "stain" if you will on the atmosphere.  The only thing that I saw that was unusual was one of the mass graves had a depression (as all graves do if they aren't filled in), but this depression was in the shape of a cross.  This mass grave wasn't for the Jews, it was filled w/ Russian soldjers.  I thought that was noteworthy.  I felt a depression and a heaviness I have never felt before and hope to never feel again until I stepped back on the bus to leave.

These are my experiences and my families.  Thank you for allowing me to share them.



My Ghost


By: MacgyverRocks2@aol.com


Hi, my name is Jordan, I'm only 16 but I've had a lot of experiences with ghosts.

I dont even know where to begin...well...I guess I'll tell you about the first house I lived in.  I live in a township called Ridley right outside of Philadelphia.  The house I lived in was only 50 or some years old when we moved in in the late 80s, when i was born.  The neighbors told us that the couple who lived there before never got along.  The man was a cop and one day his wife took his gun and shot him while he was shaving in the upstairs bathroom.

Well...we had lived in the house for a few years before anything really happened.  One day while my brother was playing soccer he sprained his ankle and had to use crutches.  Since it was hard for him to get around, he stayed at home while the rest of my family (me, my mom, my dad, and my sister) went out to buy a christmas tree since it was coming up close.  When we all got home, we found our brother running out of the back door without his crutches screaming and crying, holding our dog Watson in his arms.  He threw him into the car and we headed to our granmoms house.  He told us that he had gone up to the bathroom and saw a strange light in my and my sisters room, assuming it was just the car pulling into the driveway and the headlights shining through the window.  But after he got out of the bathroom, the light was right in front of him.  He told us it was in the shape of a person and held his hand out to him and he heard a voice say "run danger life".  Well he definently ran.  He ran down the steps and out the door just as we pulled up.  That was the first encounter any of us had.

After that, strange things kept happening, our piano and my dads guitar would play by themselves, the water in the bathroom upstairs would turn on by itself, my brothers globe would spin around without anyone touching it, ceiling fans or lights would turn on and off, and my dog would constantly stare up the steps growling and barking at nothing.  Atleast nothing we could see.  I also heard things from my sister and brother, my sister told me she saw it standing in my parents bedroom looking out of the window.  My brother told me he was in the bathroom and the shower curtain started to pull open by itself very slowly.  One thing that freaked me out the most was when my sister told me she had woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure standing over me while i was sleeping.  But for some reason when she told me this, I wasnt scared. After a few years, my parents were divorced.  My mom and us moved into an apartment only a few minutes away so that i wouldnt have to change schools.  One day after school I was at my Dads house, our old house, and I was sitting on the couch watching TV, only me and my dad were there.  I felt someone come up behind me and pat me on the head, then walk up the stairs.  A few minutes later my friend came to the door and I went to my dads room to get a brush and he was sleeping in his bed.  No one else was there but him, and I never heard anyone come back downstairs.  I used to hear footsteps all of the time when i was home alone and almost every morning while I was getting ready for school when i was little I would see it standing in the hallway.

Well, my Dad ended up moving out of the place a few years later and into an apartment.  Nothing has happened here.

Meanwhile at my moms apartment, only a few things had happened.  Three major things happened there.  The first thing, my mom was by herself and she was sitting on the couch, and she said that suddenly the light in her bedroom turned on and the door shut.  We found her standing outside on the steps.  Another thing, I was sitting up very late at night or early in the morning, however you want to look at it, it was 4:30 am.  I was on the computer and I heard a strange noise in my ear, the only way i can describe it sounding was like a robot or something.  It freaked me out so I went to bed.  The strange thing was, the next night I went to bed earlier, but couldnt fall asleep.  It was almost 4:30 when I had last looked at the clock.  I heard the sound again out in my living room minutes later.  A few weeks after I was  going to bed, and I noticed a ball of light in the corner of my room...I figured it was just a light coming in from the window, since it was directly opposite from it, but when i rearranged the blinds, nothing changed about the ball of light.  But I wasnt scared, I got the same feeling that I did when my sister told me about the ghost standing over me.  Somehow I knew that it was the same ghost...I just get this feeling that he was watching over me for some reason...but nothing has happened since I turned 13.

Other things have happened, but I figured this is already long enough.  I am very interested in ghosts...but not when theyre in my home.





My Grandmother


By: ryczek35@yahoo.com


My grandmother died back in 1994. I was about 5 years old at the time. When my father was going to visit her in the hospital and he sensed a spirit walking by him and he recognized the smell of his mother. He walked into the room and was informed that she had passed away. Later, after the funeral I was laying in my bed and I wasn't completely asleep but I was almost there. I then saw a figure of my grandmother standing there and she told me she wasn't in heaven yet, but she was going to be there soon. I told my parents about it and they didn't think all that much of it because I was so young. Well during the winter of 1994 but Dad starting hearing banging noises along the house and went he went outside to see what it was, he noticed there were no footprints or anything. The minute he would go back to bed the banging noises would start again. Also around that time my sister would lay in bed and hear distinct footstephs that sounded like my grandmother walking up but when she would look down the stairs no one was there. A very religous neighbor of mine told my family to pray for her because she was probably just a lost soul and couldn't find her way. We dont hear her as much anymore, but I notice as im writing this there are noises downstairs and no one is home. I'm going to investigate.




Stealing Roses


By: MoCiSoFOB@aol.com


My own ghost story happened when I was about 15 years old.  My friend and I were walking in the cemetery, which is something we did on a regular basis considering we were neighbors and shared the same back yard.  In this case, it was the Oak Ridge Cemetery located in Southbridge, MA.  We came across a freshly buried grave site where mourners had thrown various flowers over the dirt.  My friend and I decided to take 2 roses each.  If her Mom asked where she had gotten them, she would say from a bouquet at my house, and if my Mom asked, I would do the same.  We stayed at my house until 10 PM or so and then decided we would spend the night at her house.  We made our way next door, down a long driveway which led to her home since her house was set back farther than mine, when we noticed someone standing on the other side of the rock wall in the cemetery.  At first we just stood there staring because we weren't sure of what we were seeing.  It was a man in white, who seemed to be glowing.  As we stood there he raised his hands to us and motioned for us to come him.  Or maybe just to notice him.  It was like watching someone flag down a plane on a runway.  We were so afraid we just turned around and ran down the driveway, across the street and hid behind a parked car.  We were shaking so hard we could barely speak.  I remember going back down the drive way very slowly holding her hand just to confirm what we had seen.  He was still there so we cut across my yard and ran in my house hysterical.  My Mom tried to calm me down and I confessed everything we had done during that day.  She was very disappointed in me.  My brother and his friend were laughing at us the entire time.  But I didn't care.  My friend and I along with my stepfather returned down her drive way.  We made it to the wall.  He was gone.  We scanned the cemetery with a flashlight my stepfather had brought, and screamed at what we saw next.  Along one of the many roads in the cemetery we saw the same man walking towards the grave we had taken the flowers from.  He had traces of white trailing him.  My friend and I screamed "He's over there!" and ran back to my house.  My stepfather just stood there and soon followed us saying he saw nothing.  Several strange events took place that night, but I don't know if you would post such a long story.  I will end with this.  I am now almost 23 years old and I think of this experience at least once a day.  I still get goosebumps every time I think of it.  I would just like to say that ghosts do exist.  As for my friend, I'm not sure if she still thinks of that day.  I've since lost contact with her.  But it has taught me to respect the dead.  I even wrote an apology note to the man the next day.  But was to afraid to leave it by his grave.  Someday I will leave it there. 




My Own Haunting


By: KeithamandaBrwn@aol.com



I am from Lake Charles Louisiana and have always lived here.  Since I was five I have experienced things.  First I lived in Chennault appartments where me and my mom saw an army man coming out of the shower and he walked right through our bedroom door.  When I was 13 we moved into a house on the corner of Creole and Louie st.  That is where I experienced things I never could have imagined and it seemed like they would find one person in the house to pick on and it was me.  I would be alone at night waiting for my mom to get off or my friend to get back home because she and her mom lived with us and all of the sudden I could hear banging and slamming of things upstairs.  I would get scared so bad I would call my mom at work to come home or I would call someone to come and get me.  No one believed me because it kept only happening to me.  After a couple times my mom and my friends mom claimed of hearing someone walking through their room at night thinking it was us but it was not.  Several times I had these things happen to me and it seemed to get worse each time.  Door knobs jiggling, banging on the wall, and even doors slamming.  Well the very last time before we moved out it all started again and I called my mom and she came home and sat down and began telling me that she thought I may need help and sure enough right as she finished the sentence every doorknob in the house started jigging.  After that we moved out.  Me and my sister in law went to the house this past year and I am now 23 so its been 10 years and the new owner say the same things happen to them exept its the same as me, the ghost or ghosts only pick on the wife of the man who lives there.  He has heard a few things but she claims that whenever he leaves it does those things to her also.  So I wasn't crazy afterall.  I just recently found out that a man committed suicide there 2 years before we moved in.



My Twins


By: Fairydustncandy@aol.com



i was 19 weeks pregnat when i miscarried my twin boys. Three months later i was pregant with a little girl.. Two years later i had a son and one night i kept hearing one of his cars making noise (one you have to push a button to make it work) i finally went to his room to tell him to go to sleep and that car was in another room!  I ran out and told my boyfriend to cloe the door and he said well they can go through doors and i said well thats true - then my son went to that room and i yelled for him to come out and my boyfriend said " maybe it's his brothers" i say well kids can see ghosts so lets see - my son walked almost into the room, stopped, and then yelled rah! (Like if you were scaring someone) and walked away.  Ever since then my daugher keeps saying she wants to play with her baby brothers and once in a while we will hear only my sons toys make noise - boy toys- we've come to live with it and i tell my kids they are here watching over them - My boyfriens (all my kids dad) is from Concho Ok. - a very haunted place.



One Strange Week


By: Eversosammie187@aol.com



One day in the summer of 2003 a girl who was badly beaten stumbled onto my front lawn. No one else being home my mother 9months pregnant decided to call for some help. After calling the police, she rushed out side to attend to the girl, her head had been brutally abused, her head was bashed in badly and blood was gushing out of the open wound. my mom asked the young girl who had done this to her but she did not respond.  Once the police and ambulance came we never found out about what happened to the girl. Recently my mom woke up in the morning, around 7:30, and the front door was wide open, she did not think anything about it. Later on that day, she and my dad were relaxing in the living room when all of the sudden a the dogs began to bark very loud as though someone was walking in our yard. Sitting up, my parents saw a young girl about the same age, and simmilar features as the girl that had wandered into our yard years before, she turned up the drive way and towards the front door. My mother mistaked the girl for a sales person, and opened the front door, just as that happend, the dogs became silent and the girl was gone. the next few days, various and frightening happenings occoured, the T.V would turn on, on its own, the door would open as the whole family was sleeping. on one occasion, a friend of mine was awaiting my arrival home, she and her mother were waiting in their car in front of our house, they were looking at the window, and saw blue lights flashing inside. that very same day my boyfriend said that someone signed on AIM with my mom's screen name and kept putting the away message on all day. Soon after the happenings stopped. We don't know if the girl had anything do do with all that happened that strange week.



Peter and Jonathon


By: riotgirl1217@yahoo.com


This story happend about 2 years ago. My moms dad Peter died when she was like 6 years old. So she never really got to know him and naturally I didnt know him. One night my friend Mandy was staying the night at my house. We had been planning to shaving cream my brother that night because he had gotten us twice before and we were looking for revenge. LOL Both our rooms are upstairs with the stairs in the middle of them. About 2am Mandy and I got up to do the deed. I told Mandy to go downstairs and get the shaving cream. I stayed in my room and waited. She walked out the door then came back in a few seconds later and said "Josh is standing at the bottom of the staris and he seen me!" I opened my door and looked across at Josh's room and seen him laying in his bed. I told Mandy. "Ur seeing things, look his still sleeping" She was like then "Who's at the bottom of the stairs." I looked around the corner and down the stairs and there was a man standing there. He was there just stairing at us. He didnt seem angry nor happy. But he didnt seem to be a threat. He looked slightly fimilar but I couldnt place a name. But I could see where Mandy thought it was Josh becasue I could see some resemblence. I looked at Mandy and said "Get back into bed because I dont know who that is!" When she looked around the corner and down the stairs she whispered "He's gone". When I looked again...sure enough he was gone. The next morning my mom was going through some pictures and putting them in frames. Mandy picked up my grandparents wedding picture and nearly fainted. I asked her what was wrong and she showed me the picture. I hadnt seen the picture in years and the man we had seen the prevouis night had been my grandpa!! We told my mom about what appened and she was shocked. But she belived us that we had seen my grandpas ghost. About 2 weeks later Mandy was staying the night at my house again. I belived we had a ghost that opened our cabinets, he opened and shut windows, pushed buttons on the micorwave and things like that. Me, her and my brother were in the kitchen getting ready to pop some popcorn when i shut the door on the microwave, it started before I pushed any buttons. Mandy flipped out but I told her that was just another ghost. She asked his name. I told her I hadnt named him yet. She told me too. All of a sudden the name Jonathan came to me. So thats what I named him. That night her and my family (mom, dad,brother,me) were sitting in the living room when our front door opened. Mandy asked what happened and I was like "oh that was just Jonathan again" My mother looked at me and said "what did u just call him??!!" I was like "Jonathan" She said "why did you name him that?" I was like "I dont know. Jonathan just popped into my mind." Dad asked my mom wha the big deal was about the name Jonathan. She looked at me and asked if i knew who Jonathan was. I was dumbfounded and said No. She told me that Jonathan was my great grandpa! I thought it was neat. So now we belive that not only is my grandpa ghost here but my great grandpa! Thanks for your time.




Scary Encounter


By: daylee07_lady@yahoo.com


I was asleep one night about a couple of years ago.  I woke up really late like about 2 or 3 in the morning.  I looked through the doorway of  my bedroom door and I saw a dark figure move quickly across.  I called out, "mom?"  There was no reply.  Then I saw her face.  Only, it wasn't really her, her eyes were red and menacing.  I could tell it wasn't her.  It was something evil.  But just as quickly as I saw her, she disappeared.  Thinking that the darkness was playing tricks on my tired eyes I sat back to go back to sleep.  Then something very strange and frightening happened.  I was lying on my back and completely paralyzed.  I could not move any part of my body.  I tried to call for my mom but my voice was somehow choked.  All I could do was think.  I prayed to God in my mind to forgive me of my sins, to save my life and my soul.  Then I saw this blue square box-like shape hover above me.  It was slightly translucent.  (it looked like a tv screen, snowy-like when it makes that white noise sound)  Well to me it felt like this object thing was draining my energy.  I felt my eyes starting to close but I fought to keep them open.  Before I closed my eyes I could see a transparent blue illumination figure exactly like me being pulled into the blue box.  My last thought was God I love you please save my soul.  I believed the figure of me to be my soul.  Next thing I know I open eyes, sit up real fast covered in sweat and scared to death.  I got down on my knees and prayed to God thanks for saving my life.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me and hasn't since then.  I'm not sure what the blue box was to this day.  I'm a real skeptic for ghosts but  this most definitely was not a dream so I have no idea what it was!!!




Something to Scare You on a Cold Winter Night


By: rebeltilthedayidie1863@yahoo.com


When I was a child in middle school I had a very frightening experience that continued off and on for approxiamately 10 years. When I was a child I lived on Travis AFB in California. I was out riding my bike one night and stopped at the ball field. I was sitting on the top of the bleachers when I looked up and saw this figure dressed in black robes. I was shocked to say the least. I then noticed that it was on the same level as me, this was unusual because the field was level. I notiiced that it had green eyes with viens (similar to looking deep into a cats eyes). I was so scared I did a backflip off of the bleachers and hopped on my bike and peddled as fast as I could. I reached home and ran inside. I never really felt safe after that.

Then about three years later I was living in a house in Vacaville, California. The way this house was set up was that the living room had a hallway that ran off of it in an L shape down this hallway were the bedrooms. The kitchen was behind the living room. In the living room we had the sofa against one wall (from which you could look down the hallway) and a chair sat next to the front door and the TV was in a corner. I was home alone and it was about 2 in the morning. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye so I looked up and sitting in the chair about three feet away was the same figure. I watched it as it slowly stood up. It moved towards me and I could feel very negative emotions coming from it. I just froze I could not move and so I thought to myself if this thing touches me I am dead. I then formed a power symbol in my head and threw it at the thing and at the same time I thught to myself I bind you and demand that you leave immediately. The next moment it disappeared.

I did not see it again until years later. Just before I got married. I was not alone when I saw it this time. My fiancee was with me and she saw it too. We were in front of her uncles house and we both smelled this horrible stench. we looked up and the thing was right in front of us about a foot away. My fiancee being Catholic and having holy water threw the water at it and it disappeared and I have not seen it since.



Strange Activities


By: clarinetmama@tds.net


We have been in our house for eleven years and during that entire time we have felt we aren't alone.  On many occasions I have had the feeling someone is watching me....not from outside the house, but inside.  I have been in my basement and couldn't get upstairs fast enough because a feeling of dread overtakes me. 

While alone in the house I hear noises...no pets were in the house at the time, although we do have pets.  The sound was that of something coming up the stairs. 

My son who is now six has commented about ghosts in his room.  I do know the original owner's son was born in that room and that he passed away many miles from our home a few years ago.  However, the activity existed long before he died.  We are not aware if anyone died in our home.

An acquaintance who once dated a girl who lived in our house thirty plus years ago asked if we had seen the ghost in our house.  I did not have the chance to ask what he was talking about.

The strangest event happened to my husband today.  He said he took clothes out of the dryer and  his pants and shirt were buttoned while in the dryer.  I have a friend who also talked of this happening in his house.

We are in the process of moving and are away from the house for as long as ten days at a time.  My husband says the occurances seem to be happening more as we spend time away from the house.

I no longer live in the house as my son and I have moved to our new home in another state.  That house is brand new and nothing happens here that is of a supernatural nature.

If it was only one person in the house who was experiencing things I would be skeptical.  I almost forgot...our cats would often stare at nothing.




The Witches Tree in Wilder Kentucky


By: Christopher.Noah@dhl.com


An experience that I had at the tree.  My cousin told me of the tree so of course I wanted to see it.  After passing the three humps in the road at 2:00 in the morning I came to a curve that my cousin told to slow down on good thing because if I had been by myself I would have wrecked into the tree that was in the middle of the road.  Now I don’t mean laying down I mean planted in the road.  After observing the tree I did a burn out next to it. (bad move) Before I got off of the road my car broke down three times as if each witch took a lash at me.  My fan belt split twice long ways and once side ways to deliver the final blow.  Freaky, you can say that.  My car showed no sign of belt wear just cuts.




  True Story in Sloan NY


By: jmn49@msn.com



I have a haunting to share with you.  In 1993 I had a temporary job cleaning the

top floor of Woodrow Wilson School in Sloan (Cheektowaga) New York.  On several

occassions as I was getting ready to leave for the night, I would see a woman

dressed in a flowing evening gown roam from classroom to classroom.  I only worked

there for about six months but discussed my visions with others who had had the

same job before me.  Each person reported seeing the same thing as I.  Needless to

say, we never shared this info with any of the students.  My two sons' were

attending this school at the time, so I did not discuss it with either of them.  You

may contact me at:  jmn49@msn.com




Scared in Denmark


By: gangstaneut.vanderneut@us.army.mil



While I was stationed in Germany, I got married to my wife in Denmark. We stayed at a nice little hotel that was built in the 1400’s. We stayed a total of 3 nights and never had a problem until the last night. Late in the last night, I was laying in bed with my new wife. We were both facing a wall away from the door. I said something along the lines of “I’ll always keep you safe” At that moment, an overwhelming fear came over me. At the same time, my wife said, “Why did you just say that?” I had no real reason but she described to me that she was feeling the same thing I was and we were able to determine that the source of our unexplained fear was coming from the doorway behind us. Neither I nor my wife wanted to turn to see if anything was there. When I finally mustered up the courage to look, I was convinced that I was going to be looking directly into the eyes of the Devil. However, nothing was there and shortly after the fear subsided. I have jumped out of planes and been to combat twice, but I have never felt as scared as I was that night.




My True Stories


By: mcorbett2005@yahoo.com


Hi my name is Melissa from Virginia Beach VA. I have had some strange things happen to me on this 26 years of life here on this planet. These stories are the truest to my knowledge and I hope you enjoy them. I have alot to say so sit back and enjoy!

The year was 1985 I was 5 or 6 and I was in Lake Winnipisauke  New Hampshire with my mom and her boyfriend. We were taking a walk after dinner and I saw someone walking at the edge of the woods were it meets the road. He seemed to be an Indian he was naked except for his bottom half being covered up. He was staring at me and my eyes were locked I wanted to get my moms attention but I could not look away nor speak. When I could finally tell my mom to look she did and she said "what man I don't see anyone" I was very confused and couldn't understand why they couldn't see or hear him walking in the woods. We turned around and I looked in the woods trying to find him no luck, when we got back to the cabin I wanted to find him again still no luck. I never forgot about him and I know what I saw, people think I'm crazy when I tell them the story but now I realize it was an Indian ghost and children do see things that adults can't see.

The year was 1993 I was 14 and we moved into this really great house in Hampton VA. Everything was fine and normal at first until I started to date this guy. He had a brother named Tim that committed suicide in the field sort of across the street from my house. We would hang out in the field quite often and soon after strange things started to happen. The lights would turn on in the middle of the night including my room, the vacuum was turned on one night. I was doing seiances in the house and I didn't think much of it until I did it in my room one ight with a friend and the cat was with us also. The cat freaked out hair standing on it's back hissing at something and ran out. We freaked out also and turned the lights back on and never did that again. I'm pretty sure that my boyfriends brother was the ghost in our house. Maybe he felt safe with us and knew that I was friends with his brother. He hated his dad and stepmom and that's why he killed himself. It saddens me to think about it and knowing that he is probably trapped in this world forever and will never get to see the light.

The year is 1999 and my family moved to Middlesex County Va, 40 minutes from the mysterious Cohoke light in West Point. The house they moved into was built in 1902 and used to serve as ferry house that would carry the people across the Rappahnock River. The house has had many owners and the ones before my mom used it as a summer home. The house was quite at first until things started to dissappear like the house key that was sitting on the counter the night before, and my moms yummy peanut brittle bars that she made on Xmas and mysteriously got half eaten and cut perfectly while she was on vacation. Not so sure about that one! My step-father is the first to see the ghost he saw him walk around the perimiter of the house and saw his features very clearly. He had long grey hair in a ponytail, long beard, white button down shirt, blue jeans and no shoes. We believe he was the ferryboat operator, and did not want my family to take his home. My mom has also seen him pacing back and forth along the cliff where the steps lead down to  ferry boat she thought she was dreaming at first and the person she was talking to outside thought she was crazy by the look on her face. He looked back and saw noone. Then she felt him touch her shoulder and felt his presence behind her. I have never seen him but have felt strange things and feeling like I'm being watched. I never leave the room at night without having lights on and off within my reach. other siblings have also felt his presence. At night I always sense someone peering at me through the windows but it is pitch black outside and you can't see a thing. I will be going back to her house soon to try to get some video footage hopefully I get something!

My next story is quite strange it's one of those things that make you wonder if our angels can be placed into human form. It was summer 2004 I was in Portsmouth VA at 7-11 with my kids getting slurpees. This old lady around 75-80 comes up to me as I'm getting my kids out of

the car she tells me I have beautiful reddish hair (as she strokes my hair) just like hers when she was younger (my hair has a tint of red depending on the hair dye!) Then she tells me how beautiful my kids are and asks how old they are and their names (Hannah was 5, Ian was 3) she tells me I'm very lucky. Then out of nowhere she tells me her bithday August 3, 1931. That is the day of my birthday! I secretly freaked out my heart jumped and stomach dropped. She then walked back to her car not even entering the store. When we left the store she walked up to my car after I backed out and almost got hit by the macho guy and his macho truck and she said to me "don't worry honey your gonna live longer than him"  I was so freaked out my encounter with this lady like she was an angel or something. After being on the interstate for about 25 min heading back to Virginia Beach I see this truck with furniture in it and the chairs were not tied down, I got in another lane cuz I knew something was gonna happen.  Sure enough the car in front of me slams on it's brakes and so do I and all the cars behind me with all the cars going "screeeech!!!!!"  what do I see? chairs all over the interstate and as I finally came to a stop I hit a chair along the way scratching up and denting my front bumper. I had a slight anxiety attack with my whole b y shaking, I was so lucky I didn't get hit with my kids in the car. I looked back at all the cars stopped I was lucky to be alive. Was that my guardian angel in human form at 7-11? I will never know but I'm a believer that anything is possible. Well those are my stories I hope they weren't too long! Write back if you have any questions or comments-

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