Black Magic





A while back, a friend and I had been dabbling into black magic, somewhat half-heartedly (I was into it much more than he).  I had The Necronomicon (which has another paranormal story with me altogether) and other spell books.  We created a game called Necronopoly, a Monopoly spin-off, of course, which included Heaven and Hell cards, grave yards instead of rail roads etc.  Well, we were on our way to another friend of ours house around dusk.  We were getting off of the exit ramp from I-70, the kind that makes almost a full circle.  About halfway around the loop I spotted what looked to be a homeless man off to the side.  Being the stupid teenager I was, the first thought that popped into my head was to tell my friend to swerve and act like we were going to hit him.  Before I said a word of it, I got the worst chilling feeling inside of my stomach I had ever felt and I completely froze up.  I watched the man as we drove by, who did look like a homeless man.  His beard and moustache covered his mouth, but the part of his face that struck more fear in me was his eyes.  They were blue and glossy, almost as if he was high on drugs.  They stared straight at me the whole time we passed, which seemed like an eternity.  I could not move, I could only sit there frozen, perhaps even shaking a little.  When we got to the street light at the exit ramp I was finally able to talk to my friend.  I explained to him what had just happened and while I did this, he just shook his head, looking more scared than I.  He said he saw the man from a distance and got the same feeling.  He was so scared he could not look at the man at all as we passed and could not even bare to look in the rear view mirror behind him.  After talking, we both agreed that this man was The Devil himself.  We only wondered whether he was around because of us, or was it coincidence.  Even in writing this now, years later, I see his face, his eyes, and it gives me chills.  It sometimes, like right now, makes me feel like someone is behind me, though no one is.



Tobie, My Gaurdian Angel






In just this year I have had many encounters with a ghost, some of them life saving. My first encounter was at the beginning of this year, right before I turned 11.(I'm almost 12 now.) My Cocker Spaniel Tobie had died a week before they started happening. Most of them happen in my school, which is over 100 years old.  I was in science working on a chemical mixture when i heard a voice in my head that said "Get out of the room now!!!! Get out fast!!!!!!!"  Frightened, I excused myself to go to the restroom. Not 30 seconds after I had left the room I heard a loud bang, and saw smoke come out from under the door.  I later found out that my partner had put in too much of something, and caused a serious negative reaction, puting her in critical condition. If I had been in there, I too would have been serioulsy injured.

Another time my English teacher told me to come to his classroom. As I approached he tried to sexually attack me. But when he got close, a blue glowing wall formed between us, blocking his path to me. Then the wall shrank and turned into a little dog... it was Tobie! He started snarling and barking and made my teacher back off. I started screaming for help which two 8th grade boys responded to. Later that night Tobie appeared on my bed and snuggled up close. He felt so real, I could feel his fur against my arms. I calmed down and fell asleep, and when I woke up the next morning he was gone.

I know Tobie has come back to protect me. Because whenever I feel sad or scared or whatever... I feel a soft brush of fur on my arms, or a wet slobbery lick on my cheek.



The Haunted Door




The year of 2003 my sister had been graduating from highschool and moving into her apartment. As she was getting shown around the house she was taking alot of pictures of every inch of the house. These pictures soon came in handy later on.

As soon as she figured out what color to paint her basement she began to work on painting it. After the paint had dried she had to paint over it a second time when she got to the door to her tornado shelter she noticed the word "Help" written on it. Not thinking anything of it she continued painting. After touching up on a few spots she went to check again and noticed that the writing was blue. she thought that maybe the paint had an affect on the color of the word. She decided she would try to go over it once more and to her surprise the last color was red.Then she remembered she had taken pictures. She went back to look at them and noticed nothing had been written on the door then. She started to become a little scared, and worried about it constantly. After bringing people over to see it and try to uncover the weird incident more things were starting to happen.

Although she never seemed to see any figures she could always feel the presence of something there. As days went on she noticed the word "Help" getting brighter red then the day before. After a few weeks of this happening it soon starting running down the door. After contacting her landlord, he soon revealed that the word "help" on the door was too thick to be paint.  It was soon proved to be blood!!!!

After figuring this out she decided she would move to the dorms instead staying in that same apartment. To this day, the new owner of the apartment, has been painting layers of paint on the door, but "Help" just won't seem to go away.



Stockbridge  Joe's Road




About 6 months ago a friend and I went for a weekend of ghost hunting using your web site as a guide.  The 1st place we stopped was Joes' Road.  It was awesome,  we parked, put the car in neutral and at the bottom of the hill, apparently we were backwards because we only moved about 10 feet.  So we turned around to try again and this time we moved all the way up the hill.  I got it all on tape, we were going 7 mph up the hill,  I opened the door and taped the road, then we taped the back window, we didn't see anything until we got home and then the orbs in my back window appeared.  We even tried baby powder on my tail gate but it was too windy.  We talked to some local's and they said they do it when there's nothing else to do and it always work's.  My husband went fishing one day on lake Winnebago, and checked out Joe's road in daylight, he said that the road was down hill,  but I told him then why didn't it work when we were parked backyard's, if it's a hill it will work either way. 

It's not a long road but it has two hill with a valley between the stop signs and a farm house down at the bottom. My friend and I are convinced of Joe and his road.  I recommend it to anyone, you have to try this one!!!!!!!.

On that same trip we also tried Chilton's Breed Street and stayed at the Karsten Inn in Kewaunee  of all the  places we stopped  these 3 places were the best.

In Chilton we parked at the corner and just videoed,  my camera was real goofy,  it would get real blurry and then clear up.  At the end of the road there was a light that kept changing colors and got bigger and smaller.  When cars appeared at the stop sign their headlights were fine one minute and you could tell that it was a vehicle, and the next time the lights were big, blurry, and looked like only one light.  You could not tell it was a car, until you looked up from the camera.

At the Karsten we actually stayed in Agatha's room.  We read the guest book of stories, and later we went to bed.  We woke up in the middle of the night to an awful smell.  We also heard bump's and noises all night.  When we woke up we opened the door to find our door frame in the hall way on the floor.  We then went down to breakfast and met the other couple staying there,  they asked us about the party we had the night before at around 8:00 pm.  We then told them that we didn't get into the inn until about 9:30-10:00.

This month we plan on taking another trip to investigate more hauntings we will keep you informed.




In The Corner of My Eye




Hi ! I read your stories on the "Shadowlands" website. I am a true believer of ghosts, ufo's, spirits, etc.  Your story was very interesting to me. I am emailing you because i wanted to share an experience I had when I was younger, maybe 10 years old or so. This took place in my bedroom, I remember it was either Halloween or around Halloween because my mother had carved out a pumpkin and put a candle in it to lite the room. Anyway, I don't know what time it was but what I do remeber is what I saw. I was completely woke and aware. My bed was against the wall, and to my right, was the door, which was open. However the open door is not what scared me. What I saw was something that appeared to be a little witch, on the door handle. Almost the size of a "treasure troll" but  bigger. It had a pointy hat, there was no face, but I remeber being scared as hell . When I screamed for my mother, no sound could come out of my mouth. I could hear me saying "ma!, ma!" yet there was no sound that you could coming from me. I guess I heard myself in my head? This was very real. It wasn't my imagination nor was I asleep to be dreaming. I never told my mother until years later for some reason, because it was almost like I totally forget (for some strange reason) . And then one day, with my mother and I having a conversation, I just brung it up. She laughed. But to this day, when I talk about it, I can still re-live that memory as if it just happened. Another incident happened that took place, only this time both my mother and I both seen the same thing. This is at a different apartment and I was much older here. A teenager between 13-*16 years old. We were watching TV, all lights out in the house and the only light that was visible was the TV light. Next door, was my room, which my door was open. While watching TV, i saw something out of the corner of my eye, a little shadow, that for some reason, felt like it was the size of a doll or smaller. It dashed into my room! The ironic thing is that my mother saw the same thing! We both looked at each other with a puzzled look on our face to figure out what that was. We didn't own any animals of any kind. No birds flew into the house. It was unexplainable. But we both seen these "shadowy" things out the corners of our eyes. These stories are very true. I hope you can email me and give me a little insight? Thank you.




Our Son




This is a story about what happened to me and my husband about three years ago. We had two small children, a boy and a girl. Our son died of a bad illness. Soon after is when this story began. We had just returned from retrieving our son ashes, which we kept in an urn atop our bedroom dresser, earlier that evening. We had just put our infant daughter to bed and were laying in bed watching T.V.Our son's urn slowly started moving from the back of the dresser to the front. Then started shaking from side to side. As if he wanted out. I was very scared as this was my first experience with actually seeing a spirit. I hid my head under the covers and told my husband to move his urn to the back of the dresser so it wouldn't fall off. I didn't think I could stand actually have to see his ashes. My husband got up and spoke to our son [he was much braver then I was at the time] telling him it was OK and he needed to be careful not to fall off the dresser. My husband had just returned to bed when it had started again. This time he removed our son's urn and placed it on the floor. That’s what started it all. For then we heard a loud crash come from the bathroom. My husband went to investigate. Returning to tell me he had found nothing broken or moved. Then the noises moved to the kitchen and then to his bedroom. As if he was still going about his play. We then realized that our son must not know that he had passed on. My husband tried speaking to him and telling him it was OK and he should go on to Heaven. The noises stopped. We thought he listened to him. But then there was knocking at the door. It was our best friend and was also our son's God mother. We sat on the living room couch and told her what had just happened. She in turn told us what we had assumed. He was too young to realize he was gone. From our friends vantage point on the couch she could see partially into the bathroom. We heard her gasp and then cry out.’ My God, she said, look at that’ we all went into the bathroom to discover what had made the loud crash that had come from the bathroom earlier. There was a small hand print on the cabinet under the sink. It was just the size of our recently departed son's and looked as though he had been playing in the dirt, for it was brownish- black in color. I know that it was not there earlier for I, my husband, and our friend had spent the last few days cleaning the house, removing all his clothes and toys. Giving them to our friend, who also had a young son? That was the end of it for that night. But it started again the very next morning. I must tell this about our son first so you will understand what happened. Our son slept in the room on the other side of our bedroom wall. When he awoke every morning he would play for a little while quietly, then when he started to get hungry he would knock on the adjoining wall. This would wake me up. The very next morning I was awakened by the knocking on the wall. And have just woken up, I was still disoriented, got out of bed to go and tend to my son. Not remembering that he was gone until opening his bedroom door to find it empty. I was not so scared this time and I spoke to him. I told him that we all loved him and missed him but that as he had passed on I could not give him his breakfast. I went back in my bedroom and woke my husband to tell him what had happened.

Later that morning I received a frantic call from our friend, telling me of the very real dream she had had the night before after leaving our house. Her youngest son was only two months old at the time and still woke in the middle of night for a bottle. So when she "awoke" to her son's cries she just got up and went to the kitchen to heat him a bottle. She was turning lights on as she went. As she turned the kitchen light on there was our son standing in the middle of her kitchen. She was shocked at first but then started to speak to him. Our son and friend were very close before he died and went to her house frequently to play with her three children. She was a strong believer in the super natural. It didn't bother her at first. A game that they used to play was my son would run around her house with a beach ball and she would chase after him. In this "dream” he had the ball and was calling to her to chase him. She went after him calling his name. After a few minutes of chasing him, he ran into her youngest son's room and disappeared. That’s when she woke up to, up’ you may have already guessed it, her son's nightly feeding. So she was very frightened then thinking she had dreamed what was about to happen. It didn't though. It was our son's way of telling his best friend good bye. All that day we heard noises much the same as the night before. Only his spirit was no longer in his urn, so it didn't move anymore. But the strangest of all was to happen to me that night while I slept.

My husband and I were babysitting our friend’s three children at her house, while she and her husband were out at a restaurant. We were in the living room with our daughter and her two older children playing video games. Her youngest son was taking a nap. A few minutes later he awoke from his nap and started to cry for a bottle. So I went into his bedroom and there in his doorway was my son. The exact spot that he had disappeared from in my friend’s dream. I yelled for my husband to come to me. Just as my husband was coming down the hall, our son ran out of the bedroom and down the other end of the hall. When we started to walk towards, him showed us he had the beach ball in his hands. Then he spoke” Momma, Daddy, want to play ball”. So we all sat down in the hallway and rolled the ball back and forth. After a few minutes he got up and went out into the living room to watch the other kids play video games. That is were my dream ended. Later in the morning, I called my friend to tell her about my dream. It was like she had the first half of the dream and I had the second. Nothing like that had ever happened to either of us before or again.

Over the next couple days, the noises continued. My husband and I felt very bad, not able to really get over our son’s death because he was still with us. Which was a good thing and a bad? Our son had a little bid more time with us, but we knew we had to help him move on, we just didn’t know how.

Later that night, after my husband had left for work, I was home alone with our daughter. I had just put her down to sleep. I was sitting on my bed watching T.V. when I heard a noise coming from the living room. I looked out my bedroom door and out into my kitchen. [It was a very connected apartment} I saw a man standing in my kitchen. I was very scared at this because it was not my son and I had no idea who it was. Then just as quickly, he disappeared. Then, I saw my son run by the bedroom door. I got a very cold feeling of dread. I just felt such anger coming from the kitchen and fear from my son. It looked as if my son was running from the man. That made me mad! Who was this man to scare my son even in death? I knew that right then and there that I must do something. I called my husband and friend and they both came to me. My friend said that we should get a Ouija board and try to contact this man and find out what his problem was with our son. So, she left and my husband and I went to buy one. We came home and went into our son’s bedroom and sat on the floor. It wasn’t long before the man came through. He explained to us that he had been cremated right before our son and some of his ashes had been left behind and now were in the same urn as our son. He wanted the rest of his ashes. We told him there was nothing we could do about that. But that we would help him and our son move on so they could be at peace. The man explained to us that since he was trapped with some of his spirit in our house and the rest of it else where, that I would have to guide him through the Ouija board. So, I did. And our son followed.

That was the end of the man. But our son still comes to visit us occasionally. We feel him with us always. Losing a loved one, especially a child, is very difficult. But by our son hanging around for a while, it did help us by getting to say good bye one last time.  




 Not Sure What It Is




My mom thinks she has a ghost in her bedroom.  Either her father, mother or grandmother she feels.  Her television goes on and off by itself at all hours, day or night, even when she is not in there.  We will all be in the living room and hear something all of a sudden.  One or two of us will go check the noise and it is the television.  It's been turned on and the volume has been turned up loud enough to hear in the living room.  She (my Mom) double checks before she leaves the room to make sure the TV is off.  The TV also gets turned off when she is in her room watching it.  Or turned on when she is in there asleep.  All of us get the feeling someone is wacthing us sometimes.   It's never a threatening feeling, just like someone familiar is with us. 

I have had a few dreams of events that have taken place within a week of the dreams also.  Things like, I dreamed I was standing in our back yard and you can see a neighbors front yard from there.  In the dream there were about a dozen cars parked in front of their house and people going inthe house were dressed in like Sunday clothes.  I went back in our house and told my mom that old lady Rogers must have died because there were a lot of people over there.  When I woke up that morning I looked at the obits and there was Mrs. Rogers' name.  I never even knew she was ill and we all thought her husband would go first.  Then there was the dream about an airplane crashing into my aunts truck with a parking lot full of cars and hers was the only one that was touched.  I woke up when the plave hit the truck it was about 1:45pm.  My mom got a call from my aunt that night.  She said she had been in a wreck just before 2pm that day.  Weird huh?

Just wanted to share. 




My Personal Ghostly Experience


By: ChatriseHadley455@Hotmail.Com


I am from AnnArbor, Mi and I am giving you information about my grnadmother's house at 235 Sunset Rd.  This house is directly across the street from an old cemetary.  I grew up in this house and have seen many scary things.  I was about 11 years old and I saw a man's figure appear on the side of my grandmothers bed, a very large man and keep in mind that it seemed to look like my grnafather which who I never met.  My grnamother was blind and saw him.  I have heard foot steps in this house when I was the only one home.  My sisters saw my dead grnafather walking down the basement steps the day of his funeral.  A cuple of people have died in this house and that is why I am not surprised at all that it is haunted.




My Friend Willy




ok, so here goes my story. i know it sounds really impossible to some but either bare with me, or quit reading. about 2-3 years ago i lived in a very old appartment complex in marrysville ohio. when we first moved in i knew there was something very weidr about it, it just didnt seem like a very happy place. my parents were in the process of a divorce and my dad lived within walking distance. i choose the room on the left once you walk up the stairs. there was a stair case with a landing 1/2 way up the stairs that you could see from my door way. my moms room was right on the other side of mine and the bathroom right across the hall. well back to the story. so i was being baby sat by my best friends sister and we were down stairs listening to music and suddenly all the lights and music went off. we figured the power had just gone out so we just started talking. after about like 10 minutes the tv came on and it was al static. lately i had been seeing a man in a black cloak run from our kitchen out the back doo and i looked over and saw it again. nobody in my family believed me so i looked to constance and asked her if she has seen that and she said yes. so we were a bit freaked out and decided to go upstairs. at about 3 in the morning constance went to sleep and i stayed up because i could have sworn i was hearing people down stairs and that the stairs were creeking.  i turned to switch the stereo on ( the power had come back by this time) and i head a voice right behin me. it was a guys voice and it said '' dont scream and dont be afraid.'' i slowly turned around expecting to see a guy with a rope or something ready to tie me uo but there was nobody there. i quietly ased who was there and where they were but nobody answered. ( constance was baby sitting for a week) i decided i had imagined it so i just decided to go to bed. the next night we were watching a cartoon in my bed room and i heard the same voice. i turned the tv off and asked constance if she had heard that and she said she thought she heard a man talking. so i asked who was there and where they were again. this time it answered me. it said its name was willy and that he  wanted to be friends. he said he was sitting right beside me. i turned to look and i couldnt see him. will said that he was my guardian angel so i wouldnt be able to see him. i think it was a mistake but i agreed to be a friend. so me and constance talked to him for the remainer of he baby sitting stay. after about a month things started to turn for the worst. i had a problem with one of my friends and i told willy and he/it asked me if i wanted him to hurt them. that was when i decided he wasnt very friendly and asked him to leave. that night i had my friend that had made me angry( we made up) spend the night as a way to say i forgive you. well i thought something might happen but i took my mind off of it. at about midnight we decided to turn the tv off and just talk untill we fell asleep. i heard something on the stairs and went to look but i couldnt see any one but i tho ht i heard my name in willy's voice so i went back to my room and shut my door. right after i shut my door i heard someone laughing and this freaked us both out because my mom was at the neighbors house. i ran over and locked my door then ran back to my bed and grabbed my baseball bat and stood by my closet ready to hit anyone who came in. then my door knob started shaking and my door rattled violently. i seriously thoughti heard willy's distinct laugh so i hollered at him and told him to go away and never come back. right after that the dor stopped and we both vowed to never tell any one we knew what happened unless we seriously considered it.  so, do i sound like a nut yet? thanx,



My Favorite Teacher




My ghost story is that my 3rd grade teacher died in mcdonalds the summer that i was going into the 4th grade, And McDonald is my last name. Well i was really upset then my 4th grade teacher was best friends with my 3rd grade teacher and he sat me down and told me that MrPlumber (3rd grade teacher ) told him that i was his fav student, and he enjoyed me in his class. well the day after that my class went to lunch like normal i sat down next to my best friend . but when i looked up from my food i seen Mr.Plumber walking through the cafeteria to the staff room as plain as day and when i went to tell my friend to look,he vanished.




Job Corps




I wanted to tell you of some personal experiences that happened in Randallstown Maryland.  There is a Job Corps center on Old Court Road it is technically considered Woodstock Maryland.  The Center is called Woodstock Job Corps Center.  I was a student as well as a Residential Adviser at this facility from 1995-1996 (student).  1998-1999 (residential adviser)  Anyway, this is a huge mansion type building that currently houses up to 550 students, it used to be a monk monastery, there is a graveyard for the monks that still sits at the entrance of the center.  Well, when I was a student there, there were a lot of strange things that would happen but we had one that was widely known around center he was called the black monk.  Not because of the color of his skin but because he had no face and under the hood of his cloak you could only see black, he used to walk around the center at night if you woke up in the middle of the night and looked out your window you would sometime see him on the grounds.  The next experience is that there is a dorm called Columbia (all of the dorms are named after surrounding towns).  That was the dorm that I lived on.  There used to be an extension to the dorm that you could access through a door at the back of the lounge (the entrance to that part was always kept locked) on the upstairs section of the dorm. This section of Columbia burned down sometime in the eighty's.  When the dorm caught fire there was a sixteen year old girl who perished in the fire she has been seen many times in the dorm lounge.

Just before I started at the center there was a dance.  This would have happened in the summer of 1995 the night of the dance a young girl, I believe she was 16 or 17 was out on the grounds walking to the dance.  When she realized that the dance was starting she began to run to the entrance to get to the dance. As she trotted towards the entrance she realized that she was having trouble breathing she was an asthmatic and had forgotten her inhaler in her room.  Having trouble breathing and with no one around (everyone was in the dance) she sat down on the steps to the then flagpole (now waterfall) and perished.  She was also a resident of Columbia Hall and you could hear her wheezing walking down the hall at times during the night or when the dorm was quiet.  Now, when I was a staff member there I was placed on Columbia Hall as staff.  Well, in the mornings we used to have to check all of the rooms to make sure that the girls had cleaned there rooms, close and lock the lounge and laundry room, etc.  One morning while I was up there I would always start at the far end of the dorm checking rooms and the laundry room was about midway down the hall and the lounge was at the end of the hall.  Anyway, I went in to check a students room and when I came back out of that room I realized that the lounge door was closed, it was open when I went into the first room and closed when I came out.  So, I decided to go down and just lock it figuring the door had just caught wind.  When I went to lock it, it was already locked!  this was impossible since the door had to be locked with a key!  Than just at that moment I heard the washing machines ALL FOUR OF THEM start up in spin mode so, at this point I got creeped out and I went into the laundry room to investigate thinking maybe one of the girls was being funny.  When I got into the laundry om there was no one in site and as I lifted the lids all of the washers were half full with water (mind you I said that they were in spin mode!)  At this point I became too creeped out to stand it so I ran downstairs to get another staff member to come up with me until my inspection was complete.  I don't know if I have some kind of gift or something but,  I was not the only one to see or hear these things (except that morning no one else was with me) but there was something about that place that just seemed to draw this out in me I was always the one to see them and draw other peoples attention to them.  Since leaving there I have not had such powerful occasions I have had some strange things (feeling someone else is in the room etc, etc.) but nothing this strong,  and I will never forget them.  Thanks for listening



A Promise




it is called a promise. well one day my aunt and my uncle lived together. well my uncle had promised to my aunt that he would someday cut down the tree in their backyard. well on a day my uncle was drinking cofee but all of a sudden he droped dead. so on the night of the funeral my aunt and the people living around her thought they heard someone liting off fire crackers in the backyard. so they went out to take a look. when they went out no one was there but they watched in amazment as the tree in their backyard fell down all by itself. theweird thing is that during that night there was no rain no wind no lightning no thunder or anything that could of knocked the tree down. its almost as if the tree tore itself off of the roots and ground and threw itself against the ground. but thats not what i think, i think that my uncle kept his promise.








I am Selena I live in IL. USA. but that's all i can tell you sorry. I don't like giving out info about me. I practice witch craft. white magic only! I am also somewhat religous. (christin) sorry if i spell a lot wrong I have ADD and dilixia. Wow i guess i do give a lot out a bout me. lol. well anyways. I had just went on to your site about vampires and I ended up hearing a very loud growel. It might sound like much but resintly i have been feeling very uneasy about my aprtment. sounds and all really late at night when i know the people up staris are asleep. but most of the noises come from my kittchen or my room when i'm on the computer in my front room. not only this but my friend and i tend to feel a power or even see things. no one can prove it so they say it's not real. I have dealt with stuff like this my hole life. even my mom and dad have. they both have tolled me of stories about thier inconters. the one that stood out the most though is my moms storie about a house in Willmington, IL. I don't know if that's spelled right. oh well. oh any-ways. my mom and dad owned the house befor my mom left him. but it i think was reported that 2 wemon died there. well my mom was home alone when my dad went to drive me and my brothers and sisters to my grand parents (6 hour drive all toghter there and back) well it was dark out my mom was sitting in her room with our dog at the time. when the lights started to go off bye them self. and it wasn't like acurcit bracker or any thing it was the swittch that went down every time my mom put it back up. then she started to here some one walking up on the second floor. (my mom was the only one home) she thought someone broke in so she got the baseball bat and cheecked every thing. d i mean every thing. and all the things that they say would happen happened. including my dog waking up and starded barking at the celing. she never found anything but that didn't make her stop wondering. we left the house my mom me and 2 sisters and 2 brothers. my other sister and brother stayed with my dad since the where his and some othere lady's. I have talked to them about it and they said they would lay on the floor half in and out of  there door ways talking. one day they started to hear some noises. they where scared and went to bed. or at least thats what they say. my mom and us moved to a new town far away. and after a while my dad joined us only to live across the street. I don't know if the house still stands today still but i think i have an address and photo some where. I don't know what to ask but what is going on with me and my friend I mean none of the othere can see them even we are staring strait at then. scarry. oh well. even if you don't have an answer to this little sorta long storie you can use this for your ghost stories if you think it's worthy. I do not lie. so i'm telling you this is 100% real. thank you for lisening good bye




Grandma's Visit


By:  Anonymous


Before I was born my great grandma really wanted to see me. But she died soon before I was born. When I was 3 or 4 years old I came downstairs from my room and told my mom something that happened before I was born. She was apalled. She asked: "Who told you that?!" And I replied simply: "The old lady upstairs." Because of the info i told about my great grandma, my mom souly believes I spoke to the ghost of my great grandma. I have had other paranormal expierences as well.  



Gram's House





Hi my name is Raynie and i am 16 years old.All of my life my family members have told me stories about ghosts and experiences that they have had in my grams' house.They have also had sightings in every other one of my family memebers home but that is another story.Well i didnt really believe theses stories until I had a strange experience myself.I went to sleep at my grams' house one night to take care of her while she was sick and i was laying down on the family room couch.I then heard a noise coming from my left side.Ithen looked to the left only to see that nothing was there,then i heard footsteps leading to the basement door which you can see from where i was laying down.I looked over once more and i saw the basement door begin to i got up to go check it i heard footsteps coming down the stairs..come to find was grams..but she didnt go anywhere near the basement that night.I kind of brushed it off as a figment of my imagination..until a few days later i went to check on my grams' and i noticed that my grams's house was oddly cold.Ichecked the a.c. to see if it was on and it wasnt..i went upstairs to check on her and found her lying up in bed waving and saying goodbye to someone ( i couldnt really make out the name) a few minutes later i got a call from my mother saying that my aunt had passed on..i was so0 freaked! well after that my grams' decided to sell her house and move into my aunts old house and take care of her children.It sometimes feels like my aunt is there with us.Sometimes we will be sitting on the couch watching t.v and it will just turn off by itself.My last experience was about two weeks ago and i havent had one since..but when i get another one i will let you know!



The Accident




As I was driving with my mother and two children in my car we slowly approached an accident site.  We were living in Sioux Falls, SD, and it was in the year 1989.  To my horror, a motorcyclist had collided with a car.  The car, driven by an elderly man, pulled out of a driveway and right in front of the on-coming motorcyclist, who appeared to be in his 30's. 

I told my children to remain inside my car, as my mother and I got out of the car to see if there was anything we could do to help.  The accident had happened only a few moments before we arrived at the scene.  The police hadn't even arrived yet.  The elderly man, who was the driver of the car involved in the collision, was sitting on the curb.  He had no injuries.  The motorcyclist was lying in the middle of the road.  It wasn't until I approached more closely that I realized the horror of what I was looking at.  When the motorcyclist struck the car, part of the motorcycle itself became wedged beneath the car.  The motorcyclist went underneath the car and out the other side. When the motorcyclist's body went underneath the car, his legs and his body were mangled and one of his motorcycle boots was pulled right off his foot.  The motorcyclists body was lying flat on the stomach, with his arms flat beside his chest.  The man's legs were completely twisted around, and looked as it he were lying on his back from the waist down, except for his legs which were twisted round and round.  The man's neck was completely twisted around and looking upward toward the sky.  That's when I realized the man wasn't dead yet!  I began crying uncontrollably at the sight! 

I am a very devout Catholic and I happened to have a pocket full of Scapulars that afternoon.  As my mother and I watched this man look up into the sky, as if he were focusing on some unseen object, he drew in his last breath right before our eyes!  I knelt beside the man and I spit upon his forehead and whispered:  "I baptize thee in the name of thy Father, thy Son, and thy Holy Spirit.  Then I placed a Scapular in the palm of the man's hand.  As I did this, the man exhaled for the last time.  He died.  I walked away sobbing my heart out.

In the year 1997, I was having extreme marital problems.  I married in 1993 to a very abusive individual, and finally in 1997 I decided to pack what I could in the trunk of my car, load up my four children in the middle of the night and get as far away from my abusive husband as I could get.  I said "goodbye" to my mother at 10pm.  The further I drove out of town, the more it felt as if I were doing the right thing.  I had been driving on the very dark highway for a while, when SUDDENLY OUT OF NOWHERE I saw the figure of a man in the lane ahead of me!  I panicked because I was driving about 80 miles per hour and I knew that there was no way that I could stop my car without hitting the figure in my lane up ahead!  I could see that it was the figure of a man.  Just as I began to scream out of my fear of striking the man, he looked right up into my eyes!  I let out a blood curdling scream, yet none of my children awoke!  I closed my eyes knowing that my car was going to strike that man!  The car never hit anything, or anyone as I slammed on my brakes!  Just when I realized that I had seen that mans piercing blue eyes before, when I should have struck that man, I instead experienced a passing through his ghost.  I thought I was having a "heart attack" because I was in so much pain!  I couldn't even breathe, or move.  My car came to a complete stop on the highway after I slammed on my brakes.  There were no other cars in sight and I feared another vehicle might come up behind me and hit my car!  But I couldn't move!  Little by lilttle I began to slowly breathe again, and the intense pain began to subside.  I looked up and I saw the figure and the piercing blue eyes of the motorclyclist that was killed back in 1989, who I had prayed for!  Then he disappeared into thin air!  I could never forget the piercing blue eyes!  He was still wearing the same clothes he had on the day he was killed.  Same boots. 

I do not know "why" he came to me that night.  Was it to "thank me"?  Or did he come to bring me a message?

When I arrived at my destination, I found out that my Aunt was dying from cancer.  I was able to be close to her during the last days of her life. 

I dont know if I saved the motorcyclist somehow with my blessing, prayer and Scapular on the day that he died?   I dont know if he had some kind of divine intervention for me where my Aunt was concerned?  But I do know that his spirit passed through my soul on the highway in the middle of the night back in 1997 as I fled for my life with my children. 

What do you think?




Gettysburg-Battlefields-Summer of 1994






My friends and I had just graduated from high school.  We spent the entire summer ghost hunting.  Since we lived close to G-Burg, we decided to make a trip up there.  I don't remember the road we turned onto, but it was up past the main part of town, going north.  There were two guys, a girl, and myself, and we pulled the car over and got out to investigate.  It was after midnight, very warm outside, and the moon was out.  The first thing we noticed was a chilly mist above the ground.  This may be a common occurrence, but it added to the experience.  The boys went out into the fields and split up, and my friend and I stayed by the car, smoking cigarettes and chatting.  We weren't able to see where the boys were, but we stuck close by in case they came running back.  Leaning against the car, I saw the property across from me.  It had old wooden fencing and a barn.  There was a farm house, still occupied.  A generator of some sort was running with a low hum.  I started to hear something other than the normal workings of a house.  I heard clops, made from hooves.  I also heard wagon wheels on the pavement rolling closer and closer.   I remained still and did not let on that I heard anything.  It became more noticeable and my friend asked me if I just heard something.  I nodded and we backed up closer against the car.  We continued to hear the clopping and turning wheels, followed by low mumbling, like that of men talking quietly to one another.  When we looked at one another and started to question whether should get back into the car, two full shadowy figures walked past us, within a foot of us!  The moonlight was our only source of vision, and who sees shadows at night?  This was not a drug-induced nor alcohol-induced hallucination--two figures truly passed by.  I didn't say anything at first.  I slowly turned to my pal asking, 'J, did you see anything?'

She responded, 'You mean the two shadows walking in front of us?'  That was enough confirmation for me! I told her I saw the same.  We screamed and jumped back into the car, hugging one another and hoping that nothing had followed us in.  Moments later, the two fellas opened up the car doors, jumped in, lit cigarettes, started the car, and started to speed off.  Confused, we asked what happened.  Neither said a word.  The gentleman driver, S, pulled over a half a mile up from where we originally sat.  Shaking, he started comparing stories with the other gentleman, R.  Again, we asked what happened.  S told the group that when he went in the opposite direction of R, he stood in the field and was tapped on the shoulder.  A voice said, 'hello'.  Thinking it was R playing a trick, he turned around.  No one was there.  At the same time, R was struck with a small rock and he heard horse hooves trudging by.  Scared, both ran and met up in the middle, and headed towards the car where they found J and I clutching one another, screaming.  True story, I assure you.




Disturbing the Spirits




I have been reading the stories on your web site for several weeks no, and I think it's interesting how different people react. I have two stories, one long one that happened to me, and one I was told second hand by a friend who is very straightforward and honest. Please do not use any e-mail address but the one at the bottom of the page.

I was discharged from the Air Force in '04 due to disability, and because of that I wasn't allowed to return to work for several months. Since I wasn't being paid, when a close friend asked me to help her house-sit for a week for a good amount of money, I jumped at the chance. When there was only a few days before the house sitting was to begin, she told me the house was haunted.

I have to explain that I do not go into cemeteries because I feel like I am suffocating, or having an anxiety attack or something. I KNOW it's because of the spirits trying to contact me (especially after reading other people's similar experiences). So when she told me the house was haunted, I hesitated. But she needed me for late night and early morning and she couldn't get anyone else, so I told her I would still do it, but if anything creepy started happening, I was out of there!

The day I was supposed to start house sitting, we went to the house together to introduce me to the four dogs (the Irish Setter is the only really significant one, his name was Toby) and show me where everything was. The house is very old, actually a converted barn. When you walk to the front door, it's actually a breezeway. Straight ahead was Mattie's (the woman who was paying us to house sit) office. I was told that the doors to the office were to remain closed, and not to go up there. To the right was Mattie's mother's house (which was built new) where Toby and the littlest dog lived.

To the left was Mattie's house where she lived with her husband and three children. Walking through the door, the stairs were immediately on the left, going to the upstairs, which was all open in the middle (again, it used to be a barn). The sitting room and dining room (where I never went) were on the right side, and to the left was the kitchen, stairs to the basement, and the living room where I was going to be sleeping. In the living room was a door onto a small porch that was cluttered with junk. My friend told me not to open the door, it was hard to open (you had to shoulder it and then force it past the junk) and even harder to close because it wasn't hung right and the wood was swollen because of the humidity. Through the tour of the house, I was a little creeped out, but I attributed it to just being nervous. After going in the basement, I REFUSED to go down there ever again, it just felt...BAD. Last bit of info on the house, at the top of the stairs, the hallway that circles all the way around is bare wood floor. Mattie's bedroom is the first one on the left, and there's a small (8x8) area between her bedroom door and the "hallway" that is carpeted.

There were six spirits in the house. Three of them have been living there for quite some time and are well known to the family and are playful or flirtatious (my friend had been slapped on the behind when she was making a bed and she was alone in the house) but the meanest thing they ever did was not let you light the gas stove. The other three were new and unknown, they had followed Mattie home from work. The only thing she knew was that one of the new ones was female and she would let out a bloodcurdling scream as if she was being murdered.

The last bit of background I will give you is that I am Wicca, and several years ago I had my "third eye" (spiritual vision) opened by a druid, and I sleepwalk. Back to the story.

She showed me around the house and we played with the dogs, and I left to return that evening. I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and around 2100 I decided to go to sleep. All four dogs were in Mattie's side of the house with me, and the doors were all closed. As I was laying on the couch (which is under Mattie's bedroom), I hear footsteps upstairs. Heavy footsteps in work boots. They started at the top of the stairs, sounded four times and stopped as they reached the carpet. I took a deep breath, and tried to sleep. Within a few minutes, all four dogs jumped up barking and ran for the front door into the breezeway. Not sure what it was, I went out, and saw the cat outside, let him in, and went back to lay down on the couch. The dogs all followed me in and settled down. Ten minutes later, they jumped up, barking, and ran for the door again. This time there was nothing there.

There wasn't anything there between the first time and midnight when it finally stopped. Periodically until nearly midnight the dogs would be settling down for the night, and they would get up barking and go running for the door.

I mentioned this to my friend the next morning, and she told me that the next time it happened to explain to "them" that I needed to rest (I was coming down with a nasty cold at that point) and to please let the dogs settle down. That night, right on time at 9:05, the dogs all four got up barking for the door. I did what my friend told me to do, and it was quiet for the rest of the night.

Over the next few days my friend and I started noticing things out of place.

While we later discovered that it was Mattie's mother in law (she saw where my friend and I "hid" the key between shifts), the spirits were getting VERY upset. By this time my start of a cold was pretty terrible, and I was sleeping restlessly. For those of you who don't know much about sleepwalkers, it's the subconscious mind getting up and doing things. Well, that night my subconscious mind was "up and doing things" when I heard a bloodcurdling scream. I sat bolt upright, and Toby (who had been sleeping on me at that point) jumped off the couch and ran barking for the door to the little porch. The door that was supposed to be impossible to open swung open without a sound. I can't think of a time in my life when I have ever been more terrified, but I somehow managed to lay back down and get to sleep.

As I mentioned, Mattie's mother-in-law was coming into the house and disrupting the spirits. The night I was sleepwalking, I heard one of the spirits, establishing that they could communicate with me. The night after the scream, I was wrapped up in some sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and thick heavy socks. I was very sick. I also found every blanket I could get from the house (I think it was 7) and doubled some of them over to crawl under.

The heat was turned up, and Toby was sleeping on me. I shivered for nearly an hour, freezing like I have never been cold before. Maybe it was my cold (even though no other time have I ever been cold, I'm always hot) but I had the claustrophobic feeling that I would get in a cemetery. My friend and I hypothesize that all six of them were standing around me, trying to make me hear them so they could tell me about the mother-in-law coming into the house during the day.

My second story is second hand, but I thought it was interesting. A friend of mine in New Hampshire lives in a house that was built in the 1700's.

Lights go off and on, doors slam, etc. Nothing malicious, just letting the new owners know they were there (she said there are two, and one of them is a man). One night her niece and nephew were spending the night, and since they like scary stories, they decided to have some fun and turn on the tape recorder, since it can supposedly pick up frequencies we can't hear. They walked around the house talking and giggling, and finally got tired when nothing happened and went into the family room to play monopoly. The two kids were going to sleep in the den, which had an alcove. The two of them started arguing because her niece didn't want to sleep near the alcove. Her brother said that he would, and the game went on. Finally someone noticed that the tape player was still recorded, so they rewound it and played it as the game went on. At the point in the tape where the two were arguing over sleeping arrangements, a voice as clear as day was recorded on the tape "Shh, we won't hurt you." Everyone in the house that night was on the tape, except that one voice. She still has the tape and still doesn't want to believe how the voice got on there.

Sorry it's so long, but I'm glad I was able to say something. I have more supernatural stories, but those are my two ghost stories.

I don't know if being able to tune myself in to the spirits would be better or worse, right now it's just a lot of feelings, kind of like trying to listen to a static radio station. Any thoughts on that, let me know.




Our Ghosts




Hi, this is the first time i have ever written down the things that have happened to me and my family. Im sure there are worse cases but this is what has happened so far....

My boyfriend and i LOVE to go out and search for old houses ans see if they are haunted. we found one one night that was in the middle of nowhere.  my kids were with us , 12 yrs. and 15yrs., and things were pretty quiet until we went up on the back porch to go in.  in front of us was this room that our flashlights didnt seem to reach into even though it was only 5ft. away. for some reason I told jerry( my boyfriend) not to go in there. he said ok and went to the door on the right. things were pretty normal throughout the house until we only had that room left to look at and I refused to go in until everyone else did. you must realize that it is the middle of summer and at least 80 to 90 degrees out side.  we went in and i was slammed with this vision of a little girl being hurt.  I started to say what i was seeing and then my boyfriend interupted me and started saying what he was seeing and it was the exact same thing.  he started looking at some old news papers on the walls and all of the sudden the room got so cold you could see your breath. My children and I stood back and all the sudden jerry's shirt was pushed against his lower back. He shivered and pulled his shirt down and went on reading and it done it again. We think it was the little girl because when we finally left the house we all had this strange feeling of being watched all the way home. after that strange things would happen around the house like t.v. being turned on in the middle of the night or off while you watch it and silverware flying across the kitchen.  This didnt bother any of us because if it was the little girl then she wasnt alone any more.




Our Ghosts #2




  Hi again, I wanted you to also know about the house we found and named " The Growling House".  we took a couple of friends to this one. there was six of us this time . when we got there we walked around the house. couldnt get too close because of the weeds and bushes but we were able to go around to the back of the house and found a well and old sheds. After a few minutes we went back around front intending to go through the front door to look inside. Jerry would always go first to keep us safe but as soon as he stepped inside there was this growl that seemed to come from every where.  I yelled for him to get out and as soon as we all backed off about 10 to 15 ft. the growling stopped. Every time we tried to approach the house it would start again then something else would happen to run us off. T he second time we approached we were run off by huge bees.  The third time we were run off by bats.  We were scared out of our wits so got back in our van but one of the girls with us was determined to go inside.Jerry went with her and I staid in the van with the others.  They took a couple of guns , just in case,  and we watched thier flashlights go toward the front of the house , then to the side but they stopped short.  Next they went back around front and stopped.  Everyone in the van jumped because all the sudden we heard rapid gun fire.  We kept an eye on thier lights and all the sudden they came running back.  They refused to go back up so we left.  As we were driving off everyone got the feeling that we werent alone.  For the next 4 or 5 months after this my family and I were tormented with things like the covers being yanked off my kids while they slept and thrown across the room, the t.v.'s going off and on ALL night long every night, a growling in my daughters room,all of us waking up with bad bruises,we could hear someone walking around upstairs while we all were downstairs watching t.v., jerry had a huge black smoky cloud rush across the room at him just to disappear befor hitting him, I heard people talking outside my bedroom door one day while the kids were at school and Jerry at work. When i opened the door the voices stopped.  we had a priest come by and bless the house.  About 2 wks. after that jerry's son stopped by while I was home alone and as we sat talking the door to upstairs opened and slammed VERY hard. We still hear from it sometimes but not as mean.




Everything not in it's Place




At the time I lived in the Allston-Brighton section of Boston, MA, my family and I had several experiences with strange occurrences that were attributed to “ghosts” or “poltergeist” activity, one of the strangest was back in the early 1990’s.

In our apartment you could walk in 360-degree uninterrupted circle. Now, the rear most bedroom had full visual unimpaired line-of-sight of the bathroom, dinning room and kitchen. I was sitting in this rear bedroom on the bed reading a book, and in the dinning room my friend Tiffany was playing Solitaire, I think. Point is she was in the dinning room. The bathroom is in the situated exactly midway between these two rooms. There was no one home but the two of us.

As I sat there reading, I heard this sound, “chink thump“. I looked up expecting to see Tiffany trying to get my attention or something. I didn’t see her and she made no vocal acknowledgment of the sound. I went back to reading. A few moments later I decided I wanted to go get coffee or something and as I passed the bathroom, I noticed the bathtub stopper was in the middle of the bathroom floor. I thought little of it, picked it up and placed it on the back right hand corner of the bathtub. Went, got my coffee, and went back the bedroom and my reading. Shortly there after, I heard that sound again; “chink thump“. Again I looked up expecting to see Tiffany, or hear her call m or something…nothing. Again I thought little of it and went back to reading. After I finished my coffee, I went to put the cup in the kitchen and noticed the tub stopper back on the floor. Puzzled, I picked it up and put it back, again, in the rear right hand corner of the tub. The cup placed in the sink, I went back to reading, and shortly thereafter, again, I hear, “chink thump“.

Now this time I call out Tiffany “ Did you hear that?”

She responses anxiously, “Yeah, that isn’t you? I thought that was you before.”

“ No that is not me! I thought it was you. Look in the bathroom and tell me if the tub stopper is on the floor.”

She gets up and comes toward me slowly and timidly looking in the bathroom.

She almost whispers, “It’s on the floor”.

I do not remember what I said or did that made her come and jump on the bed with me, but neither of us moved off that bed until the rest of the household came home. And I had to use the bathroom.

I do not know how the stopper kept getting on the floor. If either of us had gone in bathroom and put it there, we would have been highly visible to the other. Plus the location where I put the stopper on the tub was not one where it could have slipped and fallen on the floor, especially into the middle of the floor. If you were facing the side of the bathtub, it would have been on the right hand side furthest away from you in corner against the wall. If it had fallen from there, it would have fallen in the tub, not across the open tub to land in the middle of the bathroom floor. The other strange thing was the order in which the sound was heard. It was a distinct “chink thump“. With just enough pause in the middle to let one visual e the chain hitting the floor before the stopper.  Which, had it been thrown or had it fallen there, the two sounds would have been closer together and the thump would have been heard first.

I still can’t figure it out, unless someone or something just didn’t want that stopper on the back of the tub that night.








One day my mother and I were at home alone taking a nap when the phone rang.  My mom answered it and it was the Mayo Heart Clinic confirming my father's appointment to check into the hospital the following week.  My father didn't have any heart problems and hadn't been to the doctor in years.  However, his name is a very common one and it was not unusual for us to get another "George Smith"'s mail, bills even dry cleaning.  My mom told them that they must have the wrong "George Smith".  At this point, they gave my mom our address and my father's social security number trying to determine if they had, indeed, made a mistake.  All the information the person on the phone gave was my father's.

Mom told them that there had obviously been some sort of mistake since her husband was healthy and did not have heart problems.  The next week (New Year's Eve) my father had his first heart attack....on the very day the caller was trying to confirm as his check-in date.  We never did figure that one out.

I got married in November 1998.  That Christmas my husband's father got sick and it was determined that he needed emergency bypass surgery.  We flew up to see him and spent Christmas with him.  He did not do well but managed to linger until February.  After his death we remodeled our house and put new furniture in it.  A few months later the remote control to the VCR disappeared.  We looked all over that house...nothing!  Unfortunately one of the items of furniture we had broke and had to be replaced therefore the floor was cleared of all items and vaccumed in preparation for the new piece to be delivered, which it was.  Walking down the hall after the arrival of the new piece I look down where it had been placed and between the chair and the wall in plain sight was the missing remote.  Now that floor had been totally bare and I know for a fact that the remote was not there before.

3 months later the remote to the TV disappeared.  Again we searched everywhere to no avail.  However, we were going to be moving and I felt I'd find the remote in the process of packing.  I packed the entire house by myself (husband is a truck driver and was not at home)---no remote.  We moved everything and I unpacked everything---again, no remote.  A few weeks later we went to the mountains for the weekend.  When we got home, we sat down on the couch and I happened to glance at the coffee table and, wouldn't you know it, there sat that remote.  At that point I felt that my husband's dad was with us and playing around. 

My daughter (12) and nephew (5) were playing with my nephew's plastic dinosauers on her bed and they had used four throw pillows to make "caves" for them.  I was sitting in there when I heard them looking for a missing dinosauer.  I stopped what I was doing and looked under all the pillows (putting them back into the "cave" position after looking under them) and blankets on the bed.  Finally my daughter said "Grandpa, can I please have the dinosauer back?"  about 10 seconds later one of the "caves" fell open and there sat that dang dinosauer.  We had looked in that very spot and it was NOT there!  My daughter just looked at me and said, "Thank you grandpa."  My nephew was curious about what was going on.  Once my daughter explained it to him he looked at me and asked if it was true.  Before I could answer the light in her room turned off for a few seconds then back on.  I figure it was his way of answering my nephew's question. 

My husband and I have now divorced and his dad must be following him because we haven't had any more things disappear.

One story is a ghost story, the other one is just kind of freaky.  I hope you enjoy them.  I know if they had not happened to me, I would have a hard time believing it.




"and I have too go now "





The morning my Grandmother passed away, she was staying at my sisters house ,she had been

there for a few weeks .She had been at my moms house for about 10 years ,Her health wasn't the

greatest but she wasn't in a life or death state.My mom started taking care of her a few years after

my Grandfather had passed suddenly in 1982.After that her health started down hill ,more than likely

from the loss of here husband who she relied on for everything ,My Grandmother came here from

Italy when she was young and didn't have much schooling ,So when he died she was at a total loss

who would take care of her ,the house and everything else.So she moved in with us. towards the end

of her last days ,she wasn't in bad health but expressed she just wanted to go and see her husband

and it was time for her to go,just let me go she asked,and my mom was very upset so my sister decided

to take her for a few weeks, to give our  mom a break but Grandma did pass anyway. That morning

my sister found her . She woke up her son ( my nephew ) and had him goto my house that morning.

after everything was takin care of my nephew ,who was about 7 yrs old at the time told my ( sister )

his mom that , that morning before she woke him up, that he was dreaming that he was walking down

a street and everything looked old ,and there was a little girl standing on some steps of house

and as he pass, the little girl said, hello Sam ,being puzzled by this ,he asked how do you know

my name,and she replied don't you know who I 'am ,no I'm your grandma at that point she looked

back towards the house and said ,and I have to go now...thats when my sister woke him up to say

that Grandma had passed away.....




The Lady in the Window





This was about 5 years ago. Me and my sister were sleeping in my bed, (her room was located at the back of the house and she often heard noises so she usually got into my bed in my room at the front of the house.) When all of a sudden my sister woke up. She looked to the right and she looked out my window and she saw a face!! Then the story gets deeper, as she went back to sleep she felt a hand pull her down and she fell off of my bed! I woke up and all I saw was her on the floor. I asked her what her problem was and she said, "The lady in the window pulled me off the bed."





Smyrna Girl





I lived in Smyrna for some time about six to seven miles from the Stones River Battlefield.  In the last two years of my stay there i encountered some very odd things.  One night my friend and I were sitting on my porch and i was staring off into the distance not paying attention and i thought i saw a little girl.  Thinking it was just my imagination, being 2a.m. or so, i brushed it off.  About a month or so later, keep in mind i never told anyone, my boyfriend at the time was bringing me home.  No one was there and all of the lights were off.  When we said our goodbye's my front porch light switched on, and *Brian said who is that little girl walking across the window? I told him to be quite but he kept saying he wasn't lying so i just said whatever and went inside and fell asleep.  About three months later it was storming outside and i was home alone.  My newfound boyfrind *Jake was out with friends.  My phone was not working, it was storming like crazy, and i was home alone.  >From inside my house i heard a music box playing rock-a-by-baby.  I've never owned a music box so i don't know where this sound could have came from.   maybe what i saw was nothing maybe it wasn't but im not lying about it or making anything up.



Possible Ghosts of U.S. Navy Sailors?




I've been to the shadowlands site a few times, and read some interesting stories (some have even made this sailor so afraid at times I tend to get a bit paranoid-- espescially those dealing with U.S. Navy ships-- go figure).

This is the first time I've had a chance to write one in, and I hope everyone finds this entertaining and interesting-- maybe even find that these sort of things have happened to them, as well.

I have been in the Navy for 12 years now, and have some things that are hard to believe, but nine times out of ten have a logical explanation to how or why they happened.  But there were two incidents aboard my first ship, USS Curts (FFG-38) that I seem to remember the most. 

I checked onboard the Curts in Feb. '94, as it was leaving Singapore (at that time, the ship was homeported in Yokosuka, Japan, near Tokyo).  It was about a two-week cruise back to our homeport, and as you can probably imagine, being a new sailor then, I was a little overwhelmed by all the stresses involved with having to travel half-way around the world to get to the ship, on top of that, being stationed overseas (leaving home for the first time), and having to adapt to this new environment.

So maybe this first experience was the stress, but it was real enough for me.  It was what made me a "true believer" in the supernatural (although I had had some questionable experiences before I joined).

Well, on the way back to Yokosuka, I was on a night watch one night.  At the time, I was standing an under instruction watch on the bridge.  My chief was standing Conning Officer (he gives course/speed orders and helps w/ general navigation of the ship), and had authorized us (the guys on watch) to smoke behind the pilothouse (for you land lubbers, that's the bridge).  I guess it was sometime between two and two-thirty am when I decided to go 'round back and burn one real quick.  I let Chief and the qualified guy I was on watch with know I'd be out there.

I stepped out into almost complete darkness (and it didn't help that, even though I eventually got used to being up there, I'm afraid of heights), except for the pale moonlight reflecting off the seas.  I slowly (and probably over-carefully) felt and slid my way back, until I was aft of the pilothouse.  I reached in my pocket, pulled out a smoke and my lighter and lit up. 

I was about a quarter of the way through my cigarette, when I heard a door to the fire control space aft of the bridge open up and saw what appeard to be another sailor come out.  All I could make out was a silouette of a person, so naturally, I assumed it was one of the guys.  From what I could tell, he was wearing dungarees with a peacoat and what appeared to be a white hat, a.k.a. "dixie cup" (for you newer squids, back in the day, we did wear white hats with dungarees-- what y'all call utilities).

"Ya got a smoke?" he asked, and as I was new and didn't know anyone on board yet, and was looking to make a few friends, I said sure, reached into my pocket, grabbed the pack and opened it up.  He took one out, put it in his mouth, and then asked for a light.

I pulled out my lighter again and was going to light it up for him, when the light from the flame revealed that, the person who I gave a cigarette to not more than thirty seconds ago, was not a sailor, but in fact was not there.

The flame also led me to look down to the deck, where I found the cigarette.

This only happened once, which I find suprising since there were many nights that were just as poorly lit (or even darker nights), or were filled with bad weather.

The second experience I remember was quite a bit more blood-chilling, and ten times more dangerous.  It happened about 18 months or so later, after I had been onboard awhile, and had made Petty Officer Third Class (to y'all in the other branches, I was an E-4).

I was in charge of maintaining/inventorying our storeroom on the fourth deck (about two decks below the waterline and about six decks down from the bridge, where I normally worked).  I never really liked going down there, hell, I hated going down there-- reason being, I always sensed another presence there.  Kind of like when you're in a room, and you're doing something when someone else walks in and you don't look up to acknowledge them, but you know they're there, except in this case, no one else was there.  And add to that, the feeling of being watched (that, and I had heard several stories of guys getting trapped and dying in similar storerooms on various other ships).

On this particular day, I was alone in the storeroom, inventorying our signal flags and parts for our searchlights.  The only other spaces in the area were the sonar room and a small engineering space.  The sonar room was located just in front of the only ladder (stairs) that led down into the area, and was locked (as it usually was in port), while the smaller space adjacent to the storeroom door didn't have its own door, just a single opening that led into it.  There wasn't any other way to access either of these spaces (i.e., no other doorway).  The ladder leading down to this area rattled loudly whenever anyone walked on it, and I always heard it rattle from the storeroom.

I unlocked the storeroom, opened the door, latched it open, and went in.  I set down my clipboard and began counting flags and spare parts.  About thirty minutes into my work, I heard the door close, almost as if a slight breeze had eased it shut, and one of the individually operated dawgs (door

latches-- there were eight on this particular door) come down.  I looked over, and sure enough, my ears didn't lie to me-- the door had closed, with one dawg down over the door.  I walked over and opened the door again, and thought to myself that I had surely latched the door open.  I then re-latched it open and checked the area, thinking I hadn't heard anyone come down the ladder, and the person who may have slipped by was just screwing with me.  First I checked the sonar room (which was locked from the outside with a padlock)-- those of you in the Nav know how funny those sonar techs think they are-- but no one there.  Next, I checked the other, smaller space in front of the storeroom door.  No one there, either.

I then forced myself to shrug it off, and chalk it up to being forgetful and having a vivid imagination.  I proceeded with my work, hoping to get done before the chow line secured, as I was almost working through lunch, and was wanting to get off early that day so I could go party with the boys in Tokyo.  As my luck (the only kind I got, anyway) would have it, I got the exact opposite of I had hoped for.

I started working again, and heard the door close again, only this time as if someone had intentionally closed it, and two dawgs hit the striker plates on the door.  I stopped, let out a deep breath, cursed God for having me here (something I did much of in my younger days), and turned around, only to find my ears still held true.  I knew I had not heard anyone come down the ladder, and knew that no one else was there, but once again checked when I got outside.  My instincts were right, but now my "sixth sense", I guess, kicked in.  I checked the top of the ladderwell before I re-entered the storeroom to make sure nobody was there (and no one was), inspected the door and the latch holding it open to see if the door had just been popping loose, and re-latched the door two or three times just to make sure I had done it (hey, this way I couldn't go wrong-- I knew I did it!).

I went back in, and hastily began counting flags and parts (I think I even fudged a few numbers)-- by this time, I was feeling  considerably paranoid, as was evident by the goosebumps on my arms and the hair standing up on the back of my neck.

As I rushed through, the door closed again, this time even more forcefully-- not quite a slam, but awfully damn close-- with three dawgs coming down.

This led to the same routine-- exiting, checking, latching and re-latching, re-entering.

By now, I was shaking and sweating profusely.  I purposely started writing down numbers without actually counting, or just taking a quick peek at the shelves to see if there was stuff there that wasn't on my list, or to check and see if items listed as being low in quantity were still there or if we were out.

Finally, the door closed with the hardest intensity I had heard yet.  It was as if someone, a rather large, muscular someone, had intentionally slammed the door as hard as they could, and two dawgs dropped down.  That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.  I ran over to the door and lifted one of the dawgs, another dropped.  I lifted one more, and two dropped.  At one point, six of the dawgs were dropped down-- it seemed like there was someone on the other side dropping them faster than I could get them up.  I kept thinking that I had to get out, I wanted out, and I really felt sorry for the fucking asshole on the other side of the door who thought it'd be funny to scare the piss and shit out of me, and whether or not I should call medical immediately after I gave him the worst ass-beating of his natural life, or if I should beat his ass, then go have a couple of smokes and a soda, and give medical an "Oh, by the way..." after the said smokes and soda.

I worked to get the door open for what seemed like hours (although I'm sure it wasn't more than a couple of minutes), when the dawgs finally stopped dropping.  I burst through the door yelling what ever obsenities that managed to make it out of  my mouth without getting mixed up with others (I was swearing more than any normal, healthy sailor really should, if that gives you an idea), and swinging and kicking.

Much to my surprise (or maybe expectation?), there wasn't a soul to been seen outside that door.  Not a single body.  Sonar still had the padlock on the door.  No one across from the storeroom.  Nobody at the top of the ladder.  Just the feeling of an unknown presence and of strong paranoia.

I half-muttered, half-growled another list of curses to myself, and to anyone or anything down there with me, and ran up the ladder as fast as I possibly could, vowing vengence upon my supervisor for sending me down there.  I got back up to the bridge and grabbed my supervisor in probably the rudest way possible (it could have gotten me in front of the old man-- the ship's commanding officer-- if you know what I mean), and yanked him into the chartroom.  I told him, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn't going back down to the storeroom ever, at least not alone, and if he didn't like it, he could shove it.  I think it hit home-- he maintained the "deer-in-the-headlights" look for several moments after that, and then developed the "I'm lost..." look shortly thereafter. 

I didn't tell him what had happened until a couple of days later when he asked if anything had happened while I was there.... the way he asked was in the manner that he had a feeling something had happened, but didn't know what.  He said something about some "funny vibes", "something not being right", and "someone else" he thought was there, but wasn't.  After I told him my story, he no longer sent me down.  Instead, he started sending down other guys, two at a time.

I never figured out what happened there, nor have I ever heard of anyone else having a similar experience, save for some of the few sonar techs that said once in a while, they also got the feeling they weren't alone, either.



Shadows or Something





Hi, my name is Donovan and I live in  Wi.  My ghost stories are rather small, and not really much to tell, but I still like sharing them.  I was about 11 years old when both of them happened. My grandma lives about half a mile away from me, and she got that house after the ex-owner, an old lady, had died there. Well anyways, I was sleeping in the living room there, when all of a sudden I woke up.  Then I see an old lady with a walker walking from the living room into the kitchen. all I could do was hide under the blankets. I know I wasn't dreaming because I even pinched myself to make sure. Everything was normal, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. (Apart from what I had just seen).  It couldn't have been my grandma because she isn't that old and doesn't have a walker.  The second one I'm not so sure about. This took place a couple of months after the first one.  I was sleeping in the living room again, when I woke up and looked to my left.  I then saw a tall, grayish,square like figure just looking at me.  I then hid under the covers again. After a while, I figured it could've just been shadows or something. But as soon as I looked back up, it was gone. Well those are my stories.




My Father's house





Another Strange story about the house I grew up in (see page 311 "Grammy's Ghost"). My father, who would always scoff at any tales of the house being haunted, actually told me these. He said that my cousin's ex-husband, who was now living with my father, was asleep in his bedroom (strangely enough my old room) when at about 2-3:00am he felt as though he was being watched. He awoke to find an old man staring at him. The old man then walked out of the room and turned right and walked down the hallway. After he was out of view my cousin's ex said he could still hear the footsteps going down the hallway. My father said that later that same morning the cousin's ex came down and asked him why he didn't say anything about the house being haunted. My father remained skeptical though until he was alone in the house and he heard footsteps in the same hallway. He thought it may have been one of my brothers who still live there, but when he called to them no one was there and both brothers came home shortly thereafter. I never felt threatened in the house, but I never felt comfortable when I was alone or when my parents had gone away.



Anniversary of Dad's Passing




hello, my name is nikki of New Hampshire. my dad passed away on june 26, 2001. well, this year was the 4 year anniversary of his passing. it was a couple days after this that i was out side, it was about 10:00 pm and i felt sort of like a hand touch my shoulder. i turned around and there was a small orb of light slowly bobbing up and down in mid air. it was like a blueish color and it was about the size of a plum and it slowly drifted down the stairs of my porch and slowly faded away into the ground to where my dad died. i couldnt tell if it was my dad or my grandfather. will it come back? i havent seen it since that night.





My Brothers Tale




I've got a short story to share.  Its an experience that my brother had a few months back.  One evening him and his ex-girlfriend were driving around bored.  They where in Claremount New Hampshire and decided to go to this overpace where they heard you could see a ghost.  Legend has it that if you drive underit at night real slow and with your headlights off you could actually see a man hanging from the bridge above you.  Well they tried it and I guess its true, they saw the man and his ex freaked.  Now i want to see for myself.



Aunty's Home




I was staying at my aunty's home down in tasmaina where i learnt very quickly the horrors of its past. Her home was built back in the 1900's when convictes first landed their home still has the remains of a moet, servants head quaters and the hospital which it became.I went down with my grandparents, they had warned meof the presents in the house. My grandfather had seen a young girl in a long white gown holding a candle enter the spare room as she vanished before his eyes. The very first night we arrived the fun began. I was sleeping in my cousions room with them when i awoke to someone calling to me, as i opened my eyes i saw two white fairies floating above me as the light from the moon hit the room they vanished. From that night on as i slept i could feel something touching my head. Around 4 days later as we all slept smoke filled the rooms the strange thing was our door was open but nothing entered. The next morning we awoke to find all the display plates which a kept in a locked cardboard left lying on the floor in perfect order. 2 nights later there was this huge storm and as the dogs had puppies they had got loose and where running in the yard my aunty was woken my a frozen touch on her cheek the man stood over her and pointed out the window once she left the room he vanished. A few days later i got sick and was in the computer room with my cousion as i wasnt allowed outside as i stare at a doll I swear it blint at me I got out of there so fast. Later on that day i went to go to the toilet with this house there is one large room which contains the laundry, bathroom and the toilet as i entered this room the bathroom door wasnt quite shut and i saw a man standing in there. I ran out of the room and when and asked my grandmother who was in the shower as my cousions where in the room, my uncle and grandfather were out the back in the shed and grandma and my aunty where in the lounge room. After a few days feeling well i went back outside to play when i was confranted by the man in the shower. I later found out that his name was Shane and he had once owned the house he was found shot dead. Also while playing outside hidden behind huge over growen trees was once appeared to be a grave site, as i hearded for the house i saw the most grusome sight of a man from the window under the house he was so distuted. thankfully after that day I was heading home. They're since seen a little girl which skips around the house, and hearded the screams of pain from the room down stairs thankfully i didnt hear any thing like that. They did move out after that though.




Kinder Cemetery Hauntings




I read about George at Kinder Cemetery, in St. Helens.  So I went there at 2 am one morning and made a video to see if I could find me a ghost!!  Well, I did !!!  The very first thing I said, after pressing record on my camera, is "George"?  I heard nothing, but got a chill.  After reviewing the video, you can clearly hear a man reply "get back in your car" then, you can hear the sound of me getting a chill! Seconds later, it is very clear that the head of a very small child, appears to be rising from the ground, directly in front of a large grave marker, titled, Andreas. there are no dates or other markings on the stone, so it is impossible to tell if the marker belongs to this small child or somebody else!!  It was a very frightening, yet, thrilling experience.  I highly suggest, anybody in the mood for a good ghost hunt, go to Kinder cemetery.



I Saw Death





I want to tell you of an experience I had alittle over a year ago. I was living in a house on Bessemer Street in Youngstown, OHio. I knew the house was haunted by a woman who was killed by her husband some years before. (I was a baby when she died.) I think my room used to be her room. I never felt comfortable sleeping there, so I often slept on the couch in the livingroom. One night I woke up and felt like I could hardly breathe. I felt like there was a tremendous weight on me, and I couldnt move or speak, except for open my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw a HUGE black hooded figure at the end of the couch, kinda leaning over it looking at me. Mind you, I couln't see his eyes, Thank God.

I instantly slammed my eyes shut and kept trying to scream, but couldn't. Everytime I opened my eyes, he was closer. Till he was right over me. I took a deep breath in and started screaming. I woke my sons up. Needless to say I got up and turned on every light in the house! I think it was death. I don't know why he came to me. Not long after my grandmother passed away. (She lived next door to me).

I have more stories about that apartment if you want to know. I also have a picture I believe is Teressa. (Thats who was haunting my house.)

Thank you for your time. And thank you for your website.



Uncle's Cabin




i don't actually live with ghosts but at my uncles farm they have a cabin it's going up for sale pretty soon but there is a ghost in the cabin. The funny thing is that they just built it and no one has died in it or anything. my cousin said that the ghost is a girl that follows him everywhere. when my other cousin, my little brother and i, were watching a show in one of the rooms, than we heard foot steps walking across the floor upstairs, we tried to ignore it, than in the middle of the movie the movie screen went fuzzy. We all stared at the television shocked, than my cousin screamed and my and my brother and i screamed after her we ran out of the cabin we got to the house in five seconds. apparently everyone heard us screaming and we told them what had happened they told us the power probably flashed or something, but i still don't believe that. Please email me back for more info.




Haunted House




Our house was built in 1959. To my knowledge nothing ever bad happened here.  The first time we noted anything was the mid 1970s.  We moved here in 1970.  Both my husband and I awoke in the night and saw the figure of a man walk across the room at the foot of our bed and disappear.  My husband jumped up and turned the light on and then ran throughout the house looking for the intruder.  No one was found. 

Over the years we have heard noises coming from the bedroom areas, doors closing when they are all open.  Our neighbor has seen lights on in the middle of the night when we are asleep.

A few months ago, I was standing at the bathroom sink, mid morning, and saw a man walk by. I thought it was my husband and when I walked out to see where he went, he wasn't there.  I went back down the hall and he was still in the master bathroom and had not walked down the hall.

One day we were all sitting at the table and four of us observed a can of Coke move across the table and stop before it fell off of the edge. 

In the basement on the carpet, a  spot just became wet, even though I was the only person down there this week. I scrubbed it up and so far it has remained dry.

We hear the sound of the doggie door being opened and closed, even though the dog is asleep in front of us.  

There is far too many incidents to mention, but interestingly enough, our dog never acts like she hears any of these unnatural sounds, even though she barks at humans or dogs, etc outside.




Ghost Story




Hi, I am only 13 (almost 14) but i think i have experienced paranormal phenomenon. The first time was when I was about ten. I had gotten a keyboard for christmas and it was set up with its stool in my room. I had just gone to bed and just happened to look at the keyboard and a black cat weaved itself through its legs. naturally i went screaming to my parents and they reassured me it was nothing. Another time i awoke to a huge face floating in front of me. Now it may have just been my imagination but i dont think so. On another occasion i was in the shower and someone went sccccccc like they were trying to say scary in a drawn out voice. I am the only one in my house that believes its haunted. sometimes when my sister goes by my room to get to the bathroom she snaps at me right before she enters the bathroom. Well one time i swear i heard someone snap at me but when i turned around noone was there. I checked the bathroom and my sister wasnt there my parents where in the living room and my sister in hers. that one happened about a month ago. All the time i feel like someone is watching me or is in the room with me whenever i am alone in a room in my house even in my own room. sometimes when i go to bed i even make m parents look in my closet. I have told my mother and my sister about it and they dont seem to think anything is wrong and im just paranoid.



Detroit :: Union Soldier




A couple years ago I used to have to take the bus every day to get to work. One morning in the late summer I was riding to work on the bus traveling down Woodward in Detroit and I saw a man dressed entirely in a Union soldiers uniform walking down the street. At first glimpse I didn't think anything of it but when I looked around to see if anyone else noticed, and no one did, I looked towards the window again and the guy was gone. I really don't know if it was a ghost or not but I know he looked very real and very out of place. To me it seemed just too hot to be wearing that uniform with the muskett, cap, and everything. It all looked so very authentic. He was an African American, looked old like in his 70's, and the uniform wasn't clean like a reenactment was dingey. I would say this happened in late August around 10:30 a.m.



A Couple of Ghosts on Board the USS Saipan Lha-2




I am currently 22 years old, and stationed on the Uss Saipan home ported in Norfolk, VA.  We have a couple that I've heard of.  The first and most creepy is a forward ammo hold.  Some of the AOs (ordinance handlers) have always felt funny going into the space.  One day, a couple of the AOs went to the space with a video camera.  Upon getting close to the door a green dot appeared on the camera screen and started moving around, and yet it wasn't visible without the camera.  As they got closer to the door, the dot went away, the screen turned blue, then black then the red record light went out.  Later the camera's owner thought about it, and realized that if his battery died, it would have all stopped at once.  Upon turning the camera back on, he had half a charge, more than enough to keep recording.  He hooked it up to a TV and watched the video with his friends at the point where the camera shut off, the video turns into pure snow...just like any other blank tape.  The rest is still there.  None of the AOs will go to that hold unless ordered, and they don't even go by themselves.  Another Saipan ghost is in an engineering space.  If somebody falls asleep below decks in the engineering spaces, and nobody wakes them up, SOMEBODY wakes them up.

One story I've heard was that a guy was asleep, and while asleep, somebody tapped him on the shoulder.  In the navy we generally wake people up that way so no matter how deep you sleep, a tap on the shoulder will wake you up.

Anyways, upon waking up he sees a figure go through a door and dog it down.

Curious to see who woke him up, he goes through the door, and nobody is there.  It's normally credited to a death that happened onboard.  One of the ladder wells leading down to the aft engineering spaces is where the death occurred.  A sailor fell down the stairs and died, and every night, between 0100 and 0200, the watch can hear somebody falling down the stairs, but nobody is there.  From time to time people witness a figure walk out one door and into another in the engineering spaces, only to be gone upon investigation.

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