The Rocking chair





Before I moved into the house on Willowbee Lane, I never had given the slightest thought to paranormal activities, and had always dismissed it with a wave of the hand and an offhand comment of how such things were scientifically impossible. However all that changed a few years ago when myself and my newly acquired husband decided to buy an old farm house in upstate New York.

The real-estate agent, while giving us a tour of the house, had in fact related some disturbing information to us. She told us that about twenty years ago a young woman who had lived there with her two sons and her father (who apparently was an alcoholic as well as an abusive parent) had gone missing. Her remains had never been found but there had been almost certain proof that the father had murdered her, and was shortly there after tried, and sentenced to 10 years in prison where he had died.

I thought nothing of this, except for the fact that one day I might be gardening and dig up a little bit more then dirt. However this did not stop us from buying the house, which was gorgeous, with green shutters, a post and beam barn which was in good repair, and a drive that was lined in grand old maple trees.

However my friend, who was indeed a strong believer in the super natural, strongly advised us that there might be what she called ‘restless spirits’ residing in the house. Again, me, being convinced there was no such thing, did not take her warning seriously.

After a long day of moving all our possessions into the newly bought house, I had fallen asleep in what was soon to be the living room. The movers had helped me bring in our couch and as well as an old rocking chair we had found in the barn. Both my husband and I thought we might be able to save the old thing, with was made of oak, and not damaged except for the fact that the seat itself was no longer there. I was snoring away on the couch when I awoke, drowsily to a consistent creaking. My husband, who was at work, and the movers, who had long since gone home were absent, leaving me alone in the house. As I looked around I noticed that the rocking chair was moving, as if someone was in it.

Needless to say I was incredibly scared, and proceeded to throw a book I had been reading at the chair before running out of the house.

As the weeks passed, more and more of these types of things would happen, all ending with me rather frightened.

Things would disappear, and reappear with out notice, some of which were never there in the first place. Some of these items consisted of a wide collections of women’s jewelry, that I occasionally would find in what we found out later used to be a bedroom, though we converted it into a study.

I would hear knockings, doors would open and shut for no apparent reason. We would occasionally hear the faint creaking of the rocking chair, even though I had insisted it be placed back in the barn. Occasionally I would hear hushed voices, and see flashes of what appeared to be figures out of the corner of my eye.

This behavior increased as time passed, till I was starting to get used to it. I even admit to talking with the ‘spirit’ whenever I was alone in the house. I would always be rewarded with an abrupt cease in all abnormal activity. 

On the evening of the house warming party me and my husband were holding my one of my friends came to me, in a state of anxiety. They said they had been in the basement when they saw a women standing there, staring at them then turning and vanishing. Myself and a few others hurried down to the basement, where we looked all over, trying to find the women. What we did find was a hidden cupboard with what later was confirmed to be the remains of Sue Hoover, the women who disappeared nearly twenty years ago.

After this finding the noises, and sightings immediately stopped and we have yet to hear the slightly disturbing creak of the old rocking chair, which eventually we moved back into the house and repaired. However I will never forget my experiences that year, and never again doubt the existence of spirits in this physical world again.


Neat Stuff




I've Always believed in ghosts

I've some neat stories to tell

When my mother was growing up in Cebu, philippines she had Three major experiences Once, they found little silvery footprints in their house.

They lead from the door, to the bathroom, then up the stairs.

When she was older, she was taking exams and felt her desk wiggle and lift a bit and felt a presence,but nothing scary.

It was just saying Hello

When she was older, she once had to stay at the school overnight with a classmate They made sure everything was locked, then went to sleep.

Later that night they awoke to the yard dogs howling like mad.

When the dogs are howling, they say, ghosts are around In the next room, they heard banging, and Cracking And fingernails against the chalkboard The next morning, they found desks and cabinets tossed about the room.

The doors were locked and bolted, windows barred. There is no other explanation There have been four seperate events in my house that I know of, but I do not believe my house is haunted. My dad had a friend, a good friend, who had committed suicide.

One night, my father heard a little movement downstairs. The next morning, he found our water jug out on the counter. No one in the house could have moved it. He also says that he felt the spirit of his friend, for a moment, as though his friend had come to say goodbye.

My mother says that she has felt my grandfather again, just for a moment. She says he was checking up on her I too have felt my gandfather. It was just a presence, gentle and kind, and only for a moment.

I think he was checking up on me too.

My final is more interesting.

I was reading one night, when I suddenly felt a chill cold, and grew afraid, but I thought it was the book.

soon afterwards, I could see, out of the corner of my eye, a black mass in the hallway, outside my door.

Naturally I grew more afraid. I could feel the presence growing, hovering outside my door. I felt a subtle malavolence, a quiet evil.When I could take it no longer, I went to my door, and out of fear and anger, slammed it hard.

I just wanted to be left alone. It left. At the time, I did not think it was a ghost, but after reading some of the page's stories, I know it was one.




My Sister's Experience





I am a great fan of your site and have submitted some of my own stories.

The other day, I remembered an experience my sister, Kirsty, had many years ago.  Although I was not a direct witness to this, I was there when she came home in hysterics.  She was in such a state we all thought she had been attacked and we could not get any sense out of her.

The story goes like this:

Kirsty had been walking home from a friend's house down a long lane called Langley Lane.  On the right hand side of this lane there was a field which was used for cattle from a local farm.  There was also a brook with a large tree hanging over it. 

The summer before (I think this happened later in the year as it was dark quite early) a young man had hanged himself from this tree during a fit of depression.  I recall that other people have hanged themselves there, at least one other that I know of.

I think I was about 16 at the time (I am now 36) and Kirsty would have been 11.

Anyhow, myself and my brother were sat in the house one evening and we heard Kirsty loudly banging on the front door to be let in.  She was crying hysterically and was trying to talk but couldn't.  She was obviously very distressed and we thought she had been attacked.




When she eventually did calm down, which was some time later that evening, she told me what had happened.  She said she had been walking down Langley Lane when she looked over at the tree and saw a figure hanging from it.  She said the figure was glowing white and had a bend in its neck, like its neck had been broken.  She then proceeded to run all the way home, which was a distance of about a quarter of a mile.  She did not want to tell our brother as she thought he would not believe her (he is a cynic).  Having had experiences myself, I am open minded and certainly don't feel she made it up.  She has always stood by her story.


Jefferson Davis Hospital




I was looking at your haunted places in Houston, TX. (I grew up there)  I came across the Jefferson Davis Hospital and it reminded me of something.  Once after a good night of hanging out, a group of friends and I decided to go and check it out.  When we got there, I immediately felt unwanted.  My skin crawled with fear.  I kept telling everyone that we were not welcome there. We were only equipped with several lighters, so the shadows were unbelievable.  We kept hearing people talk, thinking it was someone else in the hospital someone would call out, but no one would answer.  I kept feeling something touch my back, thinking it was my boyfriend I'd turned around but he was a couple of feet away from me.  The entire time we were there, I kept telling them we needed to leave.  After being there for a while my friends got annoyed with me, so we decided to leave.  As we were leaving the building, I was holding my boyfriends hand, something shoved me.  I fell so heard that I twisted my ankle. It was swollen for weeks and my doctor couldn't tell me why. Nothing was broken.  It finally healed after 6 months.  I still have problems with my ankle to this day.


Ghost experience --- White Noise




I have an experience that I would like to submit to the web site.  I have it attached below.

After my encounter one late night in August with my sister, I found out that we'd always been around ghosts.  My family has moved five times and in every place there'd been at least one ghost there with us.  When I lived in Texas I moved from Houston to San Antonio, in that move a ghost that we'd had for a year followed us to our new apartment.  After living there for about a year, we discovered a new ghost; this one would hold the bathroom doors closed and knock over our memorabilia items we had on display.  The event that completely changed my view of the paranormal happened in August of 2001.

It was the early hours of the morning, about 4 a.m., and for some reason I couldn't sleep.  My older sister was on her computer and she'd found a bunch of old music files she had downloaded for her "History of Rock" class.  Then she came across a Britney Spears parody song, downloaded from a radio station's web site.  Well, the song itself was actually only a clip about 30-40 seconds long.  We played it, and the file for some reason was corrupt.  The words were garbled, playing in a slow,deep, incomprehensible voice.  I had chills listening to it play, and when I looked at the counter it had been playing for over a minute.  My sister finally turned it off - she was just as spooked as I was.  We moved on, laughing about the look on the other's face.  Then about five minutes later we heard three soft, solid pounds on the back wall in the far back of the apartment.  Neither one of us said a word, we just listened, trying to explain it away in our minds; we lived on the second floor, and shared only one wall ... and that was not it.  Another couple minutes passed by and the banging jumped to the one long wall we shared.  Still towards the back of the apartment but getting closer, we couldn't help but stare at each other.  After that one we finally decided to ask the other if she'd "heard that."  Of course we heard the same thing and not a minute later the banging jumped to the room right next to us, on the same wall.  Three solid bangs escalating in amplitude.  My heart was racing waiting for the next set, afraid of where it would jump next.  A couple minutes passed, and just as I began to calm down and blame the banging on the maintenance worker that we shared the wall with, the banging suddenly jumped forward to the wall behind the computer.  I looked above me to see the ceiling light shaking.  Moments later the banging shot across the room to the balcony.  It sounded as if the entire wall was pounded on with one giant fist.  Three echoing pounds later everything stopped.  I checked the sliding doors which were locked, thankfully.  We both ran into my mother's room ... she was still sleeping.  She hadn't heard a thing.  That was something I never understood.  My baby brother was in the same room with her - door closed - and he heard a soft rumble and my mother heard nothing. 

After that experience, I have always been a little on edge.  I always think about what would have happened if I had left the sliding doors unlocked that night, and what was the thing trying to get in.  One thing I know for sure is that my ghost from Houston left that night.  And the one already there seemed to get more active.  Everyone started to hear their name being called, even when no one else was around.  Luckily no one ever attempted to communicate with whatever it was.  As a matter of fact, we rarely began to answer unless we saw the person who was calling us.

Two years later, after I finished high school, we moved to Iowa when I was accepted to college and so far we have not had any strange occurrences.





Mexico Story




well my story starts off in zacatecas, mexico.. i was over there for a summer vacation visiting relatives. one night it was 5 min. before 12:00 at night and my cousins and were talking inside her room. it was like 5 of us.suddenly we all heard the cry of a lady which was very emotional and scary! in the morning i asked my grandma what is was and she told me it was the weeping lady. Wow i was freaked out when she told me the leyend of the weeping lady who appears at rivers trying to find her children she drowned,or so the leyend goes. i believed her because there is a river that passes in front of my cousins house. some people have even seen her, that is worse. some people say that when you hear her cry, if it sounds far away it means that she is close, but if you hear her very close it means that she is far away.




Folsom Ca




8 years ago Myself, my husband and my brother lived at this house.  We were told by the neighbor that no one ever lasts.  We didn't either.  Not because of the haunting, but because we needed to come back to MA for family reasons.  Anyway We lived in this house for 9 months.  We were told the AC was broken and in the valley of Folsom it gets very hot, but not in our living room.  It was always very very cool in that part of the house.  On one occasion I was in the bathroom and after my shower I was looking in the mirror and I saw an orange blur over my shoulder.  I turned to look, but it wasn't there.  It looked as though is was a face and it would have been standing at the right height to where a head would be on a grown person.  After a few weeks I mentioned it to my brother and husband and my brother relayed a story about one night while sound asleep he was woken by a very large thud on his bed.  He said it felt like a bowling ball had landed on the bed, like someone sat down.  He said he was too scared to look, so he fell back to sleep!  After a few more months we found out that the house used to belong to the Town Doctor that treated inmates from the Folsom Prison back in the 1800's!  After putting all the info together we realized we were living in a haunted house!

I was hoping to see other stories about the house on the website, but maybe my story will start the flow.


Down the Road




I think this fits into your site.  It happened a long time back.  When I was eleven my father died from a heart attack in our house.  Because of the trauma on my little sister, she witnessed people trying to rescitate him,  our mother decided to move.  We ended up moving just a little bit farther "down the road" into an older house that had been built in the early seventies.  The owner of the house had also died in the house many years before.  It was a two story house and the bottom level was made of cinder block.  I am guessing because of this, it was the reason that it was always cold down stairs.  Luck, or unluck would have it that the bottom level would be mine and my sister's rooms.  It always was creepy feeling downstairs.  It always felt like you were being watched but I chalked it up to an overactive imagination.  Me and my sister both felt uncomfortable in the downstairs area.  It consisted of our two rooms, a laundry room and a cellar.  One morning, when I was fourteen I was standing in front of my dresser mir r putting on my make-up.  Suddenly I heard a voice come up to my right ear and whisper my name.  The fact that on my right side was a wall really freaked me out.  I ran upstairs and asked my mom had she called for me, she told me that she had not.  I hated sleeping in my room from that time on and always tired to sleep with the light on even though it drove my mom nuts.  My sister had a similar experience.  I was staying at a friend's house one night and my sister went downstairs to make sure the door leading outside was closed.  She said that as she went to place her foot on the bottom step she said something came up to her and whispered MY name.  She said that she has also experienced things being thrown in the dark when there was no one to throw them, such as a sock.  My mom lives there by herself now and as far as I know she has never had anything odd happen to her, but whenever I visit she knows that I will not sleep in the  lower bedrooms.  I still feel odd in the lower level but not as bad as I use to.  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this I would love to hear it.  Feel free to email me.  Thanks and you have an awesome site!



Dark Torture








“The same thing followed me around until I finally left your father,” my mom told me after I finally told her about strange experiences I had been having. 

Since I was 13 something had been terrorizing me.  Negative energy had latched onto me at some point and followed me for years wherever I went.  It is said that at that age, as a female, your emotions are so unstable you become very vulnerable to the negative entities that sadly roam the earth in search of company.  This entity was particularly depressed and angry.  It was smothering and possessive and sometimes lashed out at me for no apparent reason.

It started one night when I awoke to breathing in my ear.  It was hard and heavy.  Like emphysema patients sound when not on a breathing apparatus.  Naturally I was startled and tried to get up to run.  But I couldn’t move.  I was paralyzed.  No matter how hard I tried I could not move a single muscle.  I panicked and tried to scream for my mom.  The paralysis apparently affected my whole body.  I couldn’t even open my mouth to scream.  By now the breathing had stopped but I still couldn’t move.  Finally after what seemed like hours of malfunctioning, I jolted upright in bed, gulping in air.  That was when I realized that I hadn’t even been breathing during that episode.  I was determined to stay up the rest of the night until daylight, but sleep took over and eventually I was knocked out.  I awoke again to the same scenario. This time I fought back even harder and it lasted only less than a second. 

When I told my dad about this, he had assured me it was a night terror but suggested that I sprinkle holy water in the corners of my room and carry a cross. I later found out that he had only said that to avoid scaring me.  He actually believed I was being followed by a supernatural force.

From then on, although I had not experienced an attack since that first time I continued to see a shadow of a very, very tall wide width man in my closet.

I had a rough child hood from 13 until I moved out at 17.  I endured a lot of emotional and verbal abuse by my father and hadn’t spoken much to my mother in years.  I felt very abandoned by both of my parents. I was rebelling to the extreme.  I was at an all time low in my life when I met my boyfriend Maurice.  He gave me a reason to be happy again and I fell in love.  I moved in with him when I was 17 to get as far away from the abuse as possible.

The attacks started again.

I still saw this shadow figure standing in my closet at night in our new apartment.  I refused to sleep alone so I became very dependant on Maurice’s company.  Maurice, being a skeptic, thought I was just “seeing things.”

One night, as I sleepily crawled out of bed to go to the bathroom, I opened my eyes only to see blackness.  Pure blackness.  I panicked, thinking I had gone blind, when I realized this blackness was swirling. I looked way up and saw that the shadow was standing right in front of me.  I screamed and jumped back onto the bed on top of my sleeping boyfriend.  I was crying, covering my eyes.  He panicked as well and was doing his best to console me without knowing what was wrong.  I tried to explain it to him over my sobbing.  He became angry and yelled into the air for the shadow to leave me alone.  Then he turned on the light for me so I could complete my earlier mission.  I didn’t see the shadow for the rest of the night. 

On another occasion I had made the mistake of sleeping alone.  My boyfriend was playing video games with a friend.  When I awoke I noticed the room was lighted red.  I tried to turn on the light but it didn’t work.  I suddenly felt an overwhelming impending doom that scared me so badly I proceeded to run from the room.  That’s when I suddenly awoke again! “Ok, so it was only a dream,” I thought, “Thank God.”  But again I noticed the room lighted red as in the dream.  This time I ran with out attempting to turn on the light.  I got to my boyfriend and lay down sleep on the couch.  I awoke later back in my room in the exact same scenario! Finally I started to cry and I ran to my boyfriend asking him to hold me until I fell asleep.  I awoke again, this time for real.  I was back in my room and noticed that the room was dark now as I had remembered it when I fell asleep.  Still scared, I slept on the couch in the living room with my boyfriend until he came to bed with me. 

We moved into another apartment a few months later, in a nicer neighborhood.  It was here that the attacks became more frequent and more menacing.  I had visions of terrible domestic violence in that apartment that I believe left a lot of negative energy in that place.  Coupled with the worsening violence between me and my boyfriend and the deeper depression I fell into, it made for a very unhappy home.

Strange things occurred to me almost every night.  I still saw the shadow in my closet at night.  I would see things move in the corner of my eye.  I felt some one watching all the time.  Once, the water faucet turned on by itself.  I was always losing things.  I would hear footsteps coming towards me when I would go to sleep alone only for them to stop when I turned to see who it was and saw no one there. I became very afraid of looking into mirrors at night.  I started sleeping with lights on and the TV blaring to block out the sounds and to avoid seeing things in the dark.  Eventually I stopped sleeping in my bed altogether when Maurice started working grave shift.  My boyfriend complained of a corner of our bedroom that “creeped him out” and he refused to go near it.  He would not place furniture in that corner. 

One day, in the throws of depression following a severe fight with my boyfriend, I decided I couldn’t take life anymore.  My boyfriend had left for hours and I had no clue when he was coming back.  I felt the presence of the shadow suffocating me.  I opened a bottle of Excedrin Migraine with Sleep Aid and downed the entire bottle.  Fortunately for me, I had taken in too much of the poison and my body rejected it.  I began vomiting profusely until I was dry heaving so badly I couldn’t breath.   I crawled out of the bathroom in immense pain.  I began to feel the effects of what medicine did make it into my blood stream.  The entire time I felt the shadow’s presence so strongly, it literally suffocated me until I was gasping for air again.  Soon I was so high on the sleep aid I passed out on the floor.  I vaguely remember my boyfriend picking me up and placing me in our bed and falling asleep with his arms around me.  I slept for 16 hours. 

Not too long after that, my boyfriend and I had planned a “movie night” together.  As I walked into the bedroom to join him I suddenly noticed a look of terror on his face.  I ran to him to see if he was ok.  He just grabbed me and kissed me and said it was nothing.  I badgered him to tell me what was wrong.  Finally he says, “I saw your shadow, it was hovering behind you while you were coming into the room.”  A chill went up my spine and I asked him to describe it to me.  He said it was a black cloudy mist that hovered over my head about a foot behind me.  In the blackness he noticed that there were two holes that looked as though they were its eyes.  He was so taken back by what he was seeing that he blinked hard to make sure it was real which is when it disappeared.  He said, “I thought you were just exaggerating about this.  That you were just seeing things.  But now I know.  I’m sorry I didn’t take you more seriously.”

After our year lease was up I wanted to get as far away from that apartment as possible.  The last day in that apartment we took my mom’s suggestion and saged the apartment and ourselves, prayed for the shadow to leave and abandoned the apartment.  I haven’t seen the shadow since nor have I suffered anymore attacks.  I have since improved my life drastically with the change in my outlook on life to help guide me.  My mom believes that the shadow may have been an extension of my dad attempting to watch over me.  It makes perfect sense.  It attacked me the most when my dad and I started drifting further apart from each other.  In the midst of depression, my dad succeeded in taking his life a couple of months after I had gotten rid of the shadow.  Although I miss him with all of my heart and soul, I have not felt that negative energy around me since his passing.  This, to me, confirms my mother’s belief.  Despite this, I still sometimes fear the return of the worst thing to haunt me in my life, the shadow.



Another One to Add




This is a weird story.  It still sends chills through me as I think and type.  One summer Friday night, my boyfriend and I were driving to Nashville.  I was stationed in the Air Force at Fort Campbell and the closest metropolitan area was the 45 minute commute to Nashville.  Anyway, as we were headed to the city, we noticed an old looking rusty faded red pick-up truck pulled off to the side of the road.  It was loaded with what seemed to be OLD furniture... almost antiquish, as if someone were moving.  Because I was driving, I decided to pull over.  Paul, my boyfriend, was all of a sudden very pale.  I asked him what was wrong but he wouldn't answer.  He just sat staring forward in the passenger's seat.  I drove a station wagon and had plenty of room in the back seats.  I got out of the car and walked over to the truck.  There was a woman and three children.  The woman, dressed in a plain floral print cotten dress, who I assumed to be the mother, was barefoot along with all three children.  She had an older son who looked to be aybe 8 or 9, a daughter who was maybe 4 or 5 and then a toddler boy that she held in her arms.  They all were dirty and seemed very "poor" and malnutritioned.  Their clothes were of an odd nature as well. Very "Little House on the Prairie" like, if you know what I mean.  Well, I asked if I could help.  The woman looked extremely scared and I asked if maybe the husband had gone ahead for help.  She said no and that her truck had run out of gas.  By this time, Paul had regained some of his color back and walked up behind me.  He offered her and her children a ride to the nearest gas station.  I was very happy that he was willing to help.  They all clamored into the back of my little car and off we went, only this time Paul was driving.  He continuously would stare at this woman via the rear view mirror.  He would drill her with all sorts of personal questions but the woman remained silent... strangely enough, so did the children.  What also was strange was the smell.  They reeked of decay... as if they hadn't had baths in months!  Anyway, I would smile at the children trying to make them smile...  They did...  I was completely fine with it.  About three or four miles down the road there was an exit.  We took it.  We pulled into the nearest gas station.  I immediately offered money to the woman who graciously (at least in my mind) took it.  Paul was insistent that we leave, but I didn't want to leave them there without help.  The woman said thank you and basically turned away from us.  I took it as my que to leave.  Once Paul and I got back into the car, he immediately insisted that we return to the woman's truck.  I told him it was pointless with the woman being left at the station.  He told me that I didn't understand, and that he needed to check something out.  With my Friday night practically gone (but feeling good about performing a good deed) I decided what the heck. bsp; We headed back toward home and the truck which was supposed to be in route.  Well... one mile... two miles...  four miles...  five miles...  I was a little confused.  Finally another exit. Paul finally breathed.  I looked at him questioningly.  Finally, he told me that he expected the truck to be gone... and his reason for it was that he had picked-up that same woman with the same three children about four years ago and that the children nor the woman had aged.  They also wore the same exact clothes.  He was convinced that we had just dropped off a family of ghosts at the gas station...  No wonder he was anxious to leave!  Wondering if anyone else has witnessed this woman and her children on I-24 going East towards Nashville.  Can't remember the exact exit though.  This happened over 8 years ago.  Thanks for reading




 Aces and Eights




Me and a few freinds lived at an old run down tavern in Watertown WI and we had many weird experiences. There were many times we would all leave and as we were leaving all the lights in the house would come on and shut back off, other times there would be one person left in the house on the way out and it would sound like someone was chasing you down the stairs, and afew times while everyone was asleep I would be up smoking my last cigarette of the day w/ my girlfriend and we would see a figure walking around outside or in the same room we were in and what really creeped me out was last year a few of us went to the old tavern to check it out becuase it has been condemed since then (2003) and I walked inside and it was about 65 degrees when the temp outside was around 85 a few people have reported seeing figures jumping out of trees when they were standing next to it   the building has been standing for at least 85 years and used to be a tavern/house many families have lived in it over the years it is owned by my freinds father who ownes a car dealership acrossed the street we lived there for a year rent free the last name of the tavern was Aces and Eights all the windows are broken out and it is condemed and there is talk that the local fire department wants to use it for training




The Little Black...Thing





For the first seven years of my life my family lived Tennessee. We had a 100 year old house with a tin roof that leaked every time it rained. Some parents may not allow their toddlers to watch horror movies but my parents didn't really care to keep those kind of movies from my sister and me. So, as a child, about 4 years old, I already believed in ghosts and supernatural things.

I still don't know if it was just my imagination or if something was really walking up and down the long hallway right outside of the bedroom that my sister and I shared. Each it would take me at least a half hour to get to sleep because I always heard a constant treading out there in the hallway. Naturally, I was completely freaked out and never dared leave my bed. But one night, I had to use the bathroom. There was a small bathroom right in my bedroom but I didn't want to use it because it was quite small and I would have felt better if I was in a larger bathroom with more light to shine on me- well the bathroom that my parents claimed fit that description nicely.

I ventured out of my bed, turned no lights on for I didn't want to wake my little sister, and crept out into the hall. My parents' bathroom was no more than five or six feet away when you left my bedroom. It seemed as though it took me a whole 5 mintues to get there. My heart was pounding and the thought that there was something behind would not leave my mind. And of course, just like in the movies, I felt that presence behind me... and I turned to look. Behind me stood a small black figure with illuminated, laser-lemon eyes. It stood there and glared at me, like I had interrupted it. At the time it looked as though it had been wiping it's hands on the curtain that my dad had hung over a small closet that he never had the time or will to put a door on. I was 4 years old so when anyone looked at me like I had done something wrong, I got scared and upset. Now this was a demon-like looking kind of thing. It looked like something out of a cartoon. It had a set of little horns and everything. So when this monster or whatever it was glared at me like I had upset it, you know I was freaked out! I started crying and woke my mother up. As I stood there, I had wet myself. I had been potty-trained but this was something I just could not hold back. I had had to use the bathroom in the first place, anyways.

I don't know what that thing was and I have never seen it since, but I will never forget that night. It is the most vivid memory I have. And I love horror movies today but I am still afraid of what I might see when I'm by myself, in the dark.




The House that knew Me




I used to live in a very old 4 floor house in Buffalo, New York. It was old enough to once have an orchard behind it and in Buffalo, that’s very rare. Growing up I knew that there was something there watching me. I would ask the house questions and have it answer me by flashing the light in my room. I played games with whatever was there but I knew it wasn’t friendly. It gave a bad feeling. It would mess with my head. I was an infant in that house so it knew me very well. It would get me in trouble with my parents. It once hid my allowance when I was five or six and I blamed my older brother. I told my parents he stole the missing money. I looked everywhere for it and then my parents looked under my bin of toys and there was the money. I had already looked in that spot. So I was blamed for trying to get my brother in trouble.

A black shadowy figure of a man has chased me out of my basement, I’ve seen a cat’s shadow walking across the top bunk of my bunk beds as I lay on the bottom (my cat was on my kitchen table when I ran out of the room), I’ve seen a person laying on the top bunk and rolling around (the imprint of a body at least) when nobody was there, my radio would turn off by itself, my mother had been shoved in the back very hard by the ghost while doing laundry in the basement. It wasn’t a nice presence. It seemed to enjoy taunting us. It never was too aggressive though.

It got a lot more aggressive when my family moved out. We moved to the country but did not sell the house. I was going to college at the time and working in Buffalo so my parents thought it would be a good idea if I moved back into the house by myself. I took the upstairs apartment just below the attic because it was the cleanest after the move. There was only a couch in the place the first night I stayed there. I curled up on the couch at about 12am to go to sleep. I was starting to drift off when I heard extremely loud banging on the wall in between the master bedroom and the living room. It was like someone was kicking the wall with all their might. I knew immediately what it was. I knew the ghost was angry because we left. I got up and walked to my radio, which was right against the wall in question, and turned it on. I tried to get back to sleep but every time I closed my eyes it would turn the radio up full blast.

It banged and messed with me the whole night but I eventually fell asleep.

Other things have happened to me there but not related to this particular ghost. My first love had never really known he was my first love. He was sent to live with his uncle in California after we had just started the everyday hour long phone conversations part of the teenage love epic. He called me from Calif. one day and told me he’d be gone for a long time. We lost touch and a year or two went by. I then saw him again at a friend’s house and hugged him pretty hard to say the least. He looked sad and withdrawn. I decided to tell him how much I loved him and that I wanted to start again. I gave myself a time limit, two weeks. Well, one week went by and on my may way to school in my mothers van I heard on the news, 16 year old boy has committed suicide. He was hit by an Amtrack train. They didn’t say his name but I knew that it was him. I looked at my Mom and told her that I was sure it was Corey. She knew it too. She asked if I wanted to stay home from school and I told her no. When I got home I was greeted at the door by a friend, my suspicions were confirmed. I took it very hard.

Two days after the funeral I was walking home with a friend. We took a shortcut through an alleyway right by train tracks. An Amtrack went by and I just fell to the ground and started yelling his name as loud as I could. All of a sudden I felt him. My friend stopped trying to console me and said she knew he was there. We finally got back to my house and sat in my brother’s bedroom (he was out for the night). We were sitting on the bed talking when I happened to glance across the room to a once empty chair. There he was, legs crossed and hands under his chin staring at me. I didn’t say anything to my friend; I thought she wouldn’t see him. Then I noticed her staring at the same spot. “That’s him” she said. She described exactly what I was seeing. I knew then that he had come back so that I could finally say what I needed to say. I told him I loved him more than I will ever love anyone. He stayed there for an hour or two and didn’t move. I eventually went to bed and dreamed of him. I talked to my friend while I was sleeping that night. I told her I was dead and couldn’t move but I don’t remember talking at all. He’s visited me since, holding my hand and I swear I’ve felt him pass right through me. I’m married now but I was right, I’ll never love anyone as much as I loved him. He’s with me always now. All I have to do is call him and he’s right there.

I have one more story that happened while I was in that house. This one is the most mysterious to me. When I was about 4 years old I had a horrible and very realistic nightmare. I was speeding through a maze of stone walls and dead vines on my bed. I watched the walls whiz by as lay in bed, eventually I got up on my knees and held onto the head board. I could feel the cold wind hitting my face. All of the sudden my bed stopped and when I looked around I was surrounded by four stone walls. I blinked and they disappeared and I was in my room again. I lay back down in my bed and tried to fall asleep. Just as I closed my eyes I heard a creak. I looked over to my closet door and it began to open, not moving the giant pile of toys in front of it. I screamed for my mother and she yelled back from the next room that my brother just had a horrible nightmare and that she’d be there in a minute. I saw a bright light coming from inside the closet as it opened but the light didn’t hurt my eyes. Then a beautiful blonde haired woman with blue eyes floated into the room. There was light all around her and flowing white garments. She coasted along the floor toward me. I pulled my blanket over my head and within seconds it was pulled off of me with invisible hands. She stood over me while I was sobbing for my mother and stared for a moment. Then she asked “Why are you crying?” in the sweetest voice I’d ever heard. My mom walked in and she disappeared and the closet door was closed as if it had never been open. To this day I do not know what she wanted. She may have been my angel, but I don’t know why she came. I’m no psychic, I’m no especially gifted person but ever since I left that house Corey is the only one I keep in touch with except for a door slamming, radio turning on or misplaced article here or there.




The Brown Man




Hi, I am 40 years old and this story is very true.  When my brother, sister and I were young, about 7, 8, 9, maybe even younger, we used to see what we used to call the Brown Man.  He was brown from head to toe. We came to the conclusion he was a black man because his hat, his face, his clothes and his shoes were all brown, different shades, but all brown.  We would see him periodically, and take off running when we did, but our parent never seen him. We'd walk from the kitchen and turn the corner and he'd just be standing there. Sometimes we'd hear the toilet set drop.  Just little things.  After we grew up, my sister was about 25 when she had her first child. She had a girl.  My sisters daughter used to what we thought talk to herself when she was about 2 or 3 years old and my sister decided it was time to ask her who she was talking to...and her daughter told her, Mr. Burgess.  So this went on for sometime.  She would play, have tea parties and sing with him just about everytime she was in my parents home. Well one day my niece asked my sister why Mr. Burgess wore brown all the time.....needless to say, that really shook us up, because we thought we saw a brown man...we would tease each other and say "the brown man's behind you and get a real kick out of it.  I've since had 3 children and my sister another daughter, but they have never come in contact or have ever seen the brown man.



Texas Story




I just want to start by saying i love your site....I've been coming here for about 4 years now,and decided to share my story....I will make it as short as possible.

   When I was married to my first husband we rented this house in central texas where we are from.The year was 1992 and we have a daughter who at the time was 6 months old...We had been living in this house for about 4 months and nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened until this one was in December and me and my husband was watching a movie(not scary).Well my husband ran a wrecker service and got a call about midnight that night....So he left and i was still watching the movie.My daughter was in her crib asleep...About 15 minutes after he left,the back door started to shake violently...I thought someone was  trying to break in so i called 911...I looked out the window and nobody was outside....The police showed up and checked everything out,but couldn't find nothing...My husband had a police scanner in his truck and rushed home....Everything was fine until we went to bed...We started to hear footsteps in our daughters room...Everytime we went to go check they would stop...We did this about 7 times...The last time we were sitting on the bed trying to figure out what was going on when we both happened to look down the hallway and we both saw this black smokey figure walk down...We both looked at each other shocked and scared to death...We left that night to my parents house and moved out the next day....Anyhow,that is my true story...Any questions, feel free to e-mail me...








It was when I was younger I believe I was twelve or thirteen years old I was up at the cottage with my family,it has been in my family for years and we often spend two weeks in July up there.In the living room there is a round table where we often play card games,well one night my mother,some cousins,my older brother,and I decided to play a few hands of crazy eights there is three small windows where the table is and my mother and I were facing so we could see out the windows and my cousins and brother were facing with their backs against the windows something caught my eye it was a girl coming down the hill I instantly thought it was my best friend Nikki coming for a visit or for a late night swim down at the lake because to me it looked like she had a towel on top of her head,well as the girl got closer to the window I noticed it wasn't a towel she was wearing it was a veil and what looked like a dirty and shabby wedding was then she lifted the veil and much to my surprise I seen a bone face smiling at me I couldn't believe my eyes I let out a scream then I watched as she lowered the veil and walked away toward the shed it was like I was dreaming, I felt like I was crazy, was my mind playing tricks on me?It wasn't until years later maybe when I was sixteen that my mother told me she seen it too.but as everyone is skeptical too the thought that there is actually ghosts and from being told when your younger that there is no such thing this the time I knew different because my mother and I witnessed it with our own two grandfather passed away at the cottage when I was nine it was the one place he loved and when he knew he was sick he wouldn't have wanted a better place than there too spend his last days.there has been a lot of unexplainable things that have occurred there not just with us but by other family members,my older cousins have been there and when they awoke have found a fresh pot of brewed coffee and my grandfathers favorite mug beside it.when my cousin was younger about fifthteen he had got hit by a street car well the doctors didn't think he would live at one point they pronounced him as dead,every bone in his body was pratically broken he was in a full body cast I remember going to visit him in the hospital I was four years old and it's one of my most vivid memories, well thank the lord he lived. after that it was something he didn't like to talk about and it was quite understandable.a few years ago we both happened to be up at the cottage at the same time I was outside having a smoke and chatting with him I was telling him about Sylvia Browne the well known psychic it was then we started talking about his accident and how he went thorough the tunnels and into a pasture he then told me he knew who said it wasn't his time and to go back, it was his hockey coaches wife who passed away.when he told me this a feeling of happiness passed threw me because I knew there was something more for us after life and it wasn't reading it from a book it was from a family member who actually experienced it.I believe loved ones who we've lost send messages to us all the time we just have to be able to take notice it's a sign not just a strange coincidence, but it's all up to you if you want to believe it or not it's how far you want your mind to explore



My First Experience





my name is Val. On Wednesday, I was at my Grandma's house, it was about 12:00 a.m. and I saw a young woman, she tall, as tall as the door frame she was standing in front of.  She had blond hair, and was about 20 or 25 years old, she was wearing red pants and a red shirt, and she was looking at family pictures that are lined along the bedroom hallway.  I hid under my blanket I was so scared, but then I look again she was still there. I was so scared that I went back under my blanket and finally fell back to sleep. Then I woke up at 2:00 and she was there. I hid again and went back to sleep. Then at 4:00 I saw her again, I watched closely, but I noticed she was looking at me. She started to walk toward me, but as she got closer she was getting smaller and younger.  She stopped half way to the bedroom and looked at another picture.  She now looked to be 7 or 8 years old. I did the s e thing and hid under my blanket again and went back to sleep,   About 1hour later I was feeling something like a presence in the room, so I look and she was there but she was fading away. Then Saturday night I saw a man. I did get a go look because once i look away he was gone.   AND I DON'T KNOW THEM!!!

This one was about a week before this one but on a Thursday night I saw a old man. I didn't think of who it was and why he was there. This was the first time I have seen ghost.  The  next day I call my mother and she said that my grandpa died Thursday night. I didn't know what to say. I saw him again on Saturday night.  Then I called my mother  day to see how she doing.  She then told me that my great grandmother have died also.  I think it was my grandpa coming to say goodbye to me.



My Experiences




My first experience with supernatural type things happened at my ex inlaws home.  I am one of those type people I have to see it to believe it.  People just telling me about it.. well..

So anyway, my sister in laws one day, starting telling me about some things that had been happening in the house. They had lived there just short of a year and didnt notice anything till after our nephew was born.   When he was a few months old, his mom noticed that when she was changing him he started to stare at something above him and would smile.  She would look thinking it was a fly or something, anything, but nothing was there.  This continued off and on for awhile.  The next insident to happen was that a boom box in the bathroom started to play Winnie the Pooh stories.. When looked at, there was no tape or anything in it, no batteries and it wasnt plugged in.    Around this time the touch lamp that wa sin the living room started to turn on and off.  My mother in law didnt believe any of these things when she was told about it and when it happend to her one time, the washer was running so she said it was from the vibration of the washer.   However, about 2 years after moving into the house and being told about all thehappenings,she finnaly got her dose of it.   They had an old TV set and the nob for changing the channel was hard to move.  She was in the room by herself and watching TV when allof a sudden the nob started moving and chaninging channels on her as easy as could be.. nobody else was i the room or near the TV.

About a year later my mother in law and father in law seperated and he stayed in the house with his two youngest daughters. He was a truck driver so asked me and my ex husband to move in to help watch out for them.  Well as I said, I had been told all about everything going on in the house, but didnt believe it...well one day it was just my father in law, my youngest son who was 2 and I in the house.  My husband was at work  (30 minutes away) and the girls were at school.  My father in law asked if I would please make him some coffee ( he had just gotten home from a run in the truck) as he was going to take a shower.   I made him the coffee and set the cup on the table.   I went and sat in the front room, ( I could see everything in the kitchen from here and my son was asleep) and read. I could hear the shower running. When my father in law finsihed he came out and asked where his coffe was, I said right on the table.. he siad no it wasnt...  My head had been down while I was reading , but I would of noticed if anyone had come into the kitchen... the coffee cup had been moved to the counter.  I also started to see the touch lamp going on and off after this.  Later when researched by my sister in laws, they found that the house was built next to a cemetery and a little boy had been killed in that area close to the house.  ( This wa sin Giltner, Nebraska)

The second incident of unusual activity occured in  Columbus Nebraska where we was living.

It wasnt major things but just a few things and it wasnt all the time.  We sleep with a fan on at night. We always have it on low.   Well one night my husband did the usual, trn on the fan and such and climbed into bed. I know for a fact he turned it on as I watched him do it. Later I woke up and it wasnt running. Well I fiigured it had shorted out. When I got up to look at it, it was in the off postion.   I turned it back on and it was fine.   Another night, same thing except this time I we both woke up and it was running on high.  I am a light sleeper and can feel anytime my husband gets in or out of bed. We also was the only two people in the house.

Another thing was lights being on, when we knew we had shut them off, and also for about a week, whenever we went to bed after my husband was asleep I would here banging/clunking sounds. When I would quietly wake him up to go check it out, it would stop.  When he would be back in bed and asleep it would start again.  And again I would wake him up and it would stop.   After a week of this we started staying up past the time it usually happened.. nothing happened...Then we went to bed and it would start again...only to immediately stop when I woke my husband... again quietly so if anyone was doing it, they wouldnt hear me wake him.  He never turned on the lights when he went to check it out either.   After two weeks I started leaving a light on in the living room and it stopped happening.   I started turning the light back off again after two months.  Didnt hear it again.

A few months later ( last summer) we had a room mate that was outside when we came home and when asked why they was outside, stated that they came out after two wine glasses flew off our computer desk. He said they didnt just fall of, they fl off.   ( Note* This one we are not sure of as the person wasnt the most reliable person, but we took it into consideration considering our own expereinces).   We did notice that nothing unusal happened whenever we had other people in the home ( Living, staying over or just visiting).




My Experience


By: anonymous


Dear the Shadowlands,

I haven't let out my experience to no one but your company and my best friends. This is how it all went:

My Grandma died in 1997. It was a big shock to me and it was very upsetting. From then until the beginning of 2005, I hadn't seen mirages or any real life things. Then, in March, something happened.

I was tossing and turning in my bed and I felt really uncomfortable. I finally decided that I'd go downstairs and get a glass of water. Then as I walked back up the stairs, I felt a presence in my house - it was as though I  was being watched. I dashed up the stairs in fright, put the glass on my bedside cabinet and leaped into bed. Back erect, I rubbed my eyes. Then I saw her. She was glowing and looked strange. She emerged from my T.V, passed through the radiator and moved round to my bed to face me. She just stared at me, and then she faded away. You couldn't exactly see much facial expression - her eyes and nose weren't there. I was pretty freaked out, and I didn't sleep that night - I couldn't...

The same happened again and again. Then on the fourth time, she held out a small black ring box. I was curious. I reached out and touched the ghostly box. Then she faded away yet again. I woke up the next morning feeling strange. I pulled my arm out from under my pillow and there was the black box. Then I remembered that I had put it in the attic along with all the photos of her, so this was unusual. I opened the box and I saw a charity bagde she gave me only three weeks before she died. It was touching to see it again. As I made my bed, there was a photo of herlieing on my sheets. This was getting weirder by the minute. I couldn't understand it all.

On the fifth and final time, I spoke to her. My words were;

'Look. I don't mean this in a horrid way but I think it's best if you go away and never come back. I love you, but your really disturbing me, and I don't like it. I will see you again in some years to come.' By this minute, I was weeping. Then she faded away and I haven't seen her since...




I Saw 2 Spirits and More




hi the stories that i am about to tell you i will keep breif as possible the first one is of my grandfather 3 months after he passed away in 1983

When i was eight my grandfather passed away due to kidney failure he lived in Tenneessee at the time, and my family and I lived in Arkansas.  I was never close to my grandpa because i never got to see him that much and when i did visit him, i was attached at the hip with him and we seemed to have a bond with one another.  When he passed away i was very distraught and missed him.  Three months later i was asleep in the top bunk and shared a room with my sister and i suddenly woke up and looked at the rocking chair in the corner of my room it was a full moon and the moon was shining through the blinds and i saw my grandfather sitting in the rocking chair looking up at me smiling as if he was saying goodbye to me and he would keep me safe.  I pulled the covers over my head and a few minutes later i looked out of the covers he was gone.  He had on the same clothes that he was buried in.  I never told anyone about it till i was 18 in fear they wouldn't believe me and my mom told me that they usually only visit their kids, but i told her i was his grandkid i was part of her and i looked alot like my mom when she was small.

The next time i saw anything i was living in waxhaw, nc and at the time i was having bad feelings all day i was visiting my sister in pageland,sc and i decided to call my parents to come get me and they did and when i got in the car my bad feeling got worse and my mom proceeded to tell me that a friend of mine and my brothers that lived in Arkansas was stabbed and i began to cry and had a sense of horror come over me and she said that they were going to sew him up and send him home, but i knew better i dreamt his death a month to the day before he was murdered it was bits and pieces.  Later on that evening when we got home i stayed up for a bit and decided to go to bed and try to rest and i turned off the lights and turned over towards the wall.  I had a feeling that i was being watched and i turned over and saw in the corner towards the door a figure that was black and was 6'1.  I was scared out of my mind and decided that i would cover my head and he didn't go away.  I knew it was my friend Chris i could see all the detail outline of his body down to his curly hair.  I stayed awake all night until the sun come up paralyzed with fear in my bed.  as the sun come up he went away.  I never got to tell him goodbye, but he was telling me goodbye and he was killed april 1, 1990 and was kept on life support till the next day, he had a number of heart sugeries because he was stabbed in the heart and flatlined on every sugery  (that is what i was told)  but i know he would never do me harm, but i was still freakedout. 

Death Dreams and weird things

September of 2003 I had a dream that of people i never met at somekind of gathering and everyone was dressed up.  Well i dismissed it and 6 months later i found out why and i will tell u the story behind the dream.  My finance' was killed the morning of January 11, 2004 and i was going to pick him up from his moms after i got off work and i talked to him around 9pm and he told me to call him back in 15 minutes and well i got a bad feeling and i called back and didn't get anyone on the phone.  So after work i got our 3 children and went to his moms and to my surprise cops were everywhere and i took the kids in and i stood in 40 degree weather on her porch to find out if it was him that was dead or the one who ran and well it was him.  So when the body was released to the funeral home i fixed his hair for the funeral and that was to have my last goodbyes to him.

That night at the wake i saw the samething i saw in my dream people that i never met and went up to his ex boss that i never met and said hello tj and he was puzzled and i told him who i was and everything was exact and when i dream things and they eventually come true i get light headed and i feel like i am going to pass out.  I see things when in reality in a grey smoke like around what i am seeing.  This was very bizarre and 6 months after his death i dreamt of people i never met and had conversations with and month after month at work i saw these people.  I have a gift of foresight  in my dreams.  I know you make think i am full of s--- but it's true.   This man was very insistant of reading my palm and i thought he was just trying to flirt and well i am a skeptic of palm reading.  Keep in mind i never seen or met this man before (he kind of looked like bubba on sandford and son)  well he took my hand palm up closed his eyes and began to tell me my life from the time i was 14. he said he saw 2 deaths of one i was very close to and one i never knew.  Well the one i knew was my friend chris and the one i didn't know was the child i had a miscarriage with at 14.  said he saw 3  people that i was close die.  yes my brother, grandpa and fiance'.  he said that i was looking at a suburban and minivan and that he saw me driving one or the other by febuary 2005.  at that time i was looking at both vehicles.  through all this i never confirmed anything and he had his eyes closed the whole time.  I never said a word.  After he was done he sat down to eat and i went to him and asked him if he was in a hurry and i talked to him and still never confirmed anything and he kept looking over my shoulder and i kept looking behind me and i started looking behind me and i was what r u looking at?  he said u have 3 men behind u and he described my grandpa, my brother, and my finance' to a T and i was in tears he said they were looking out for me and that my finance' was sad because he didn't see the kids as much

and for me to move on and to be happy is all he wanted for me to do.  After all that i finally confirmed everything with him and he said that they were my angels.  My brother and i were close he was 9 years older than me.  I was surprised to find that out who my angels were.  I have been told that u don't know who your guardian angel is that it's usually someone that u haven't met.  I think mine is my grandma she died 12 years before i was born.  And in febuary of 2005 i purchased a minivan without thinking of what the man said to me.

Physical things

My finance' has pinched my butt, came to me in dreams (they r called direct connects) his mom has heard his footsteps in her trailer and she lives alone (he was killed next door)  we have both seen him driving a car that he wanted ( at seperate times) and he smiled and waved to us and i followed the car the time i saw it and i never did see it like it vanished in thin air.  I asked a friend that is psychic about it and he told me that he wanted to make me smile and i did with tears in my eyes. and has talked to all three of our kids while they were asleep.  I heard the kids talk in there sleep saying the same thing at different times  "it's in the sky"  i can only believe that he is asking where heaven is?

i can only say that i know it's him because of the love of our children he had and love for me.  i often smelled his cologne that he wore called eternity i have none at my house. it's comforting but also spooky.

i have more but i will post at a later time when it is daylight that is the scariest s--- i have encountered yet.



Honor Farm




In Pueblo, Colorado, there is a place called, "Honor Farm." located in a fenced off field just before the nature center. Honor Farm has a rich history of supposed experiences with the unknown. A brief explanation of the grounds, rumor says that prior to it vacancy, (if you can call it that,) Honor Farm was a part of the Colorado Department of Corrections and was exactly honor farm. Pre-parolees lived here. After the destruction of the farm itself, it is said that many a many time Satanic cults held gatherings at Honor Farm. Anyhow, my story is a simple addition to the vast mystery of Honor Farm. On July 22, 2005, my friend got the bright idea to go back to Honor Farm at around midnight. It was a full moon that night and it was just her, another friend and myself. We had been out there a few times, mostly with friends or during the day. July 21 was the first night we actually went by ourselves, just the two of us....That night, I kept wanting to walk farther, closer to the big wall that is the trademark activity are for Honor Farm. The feelings are almost indescribable. It feels as though thousands of needles are poking at yourfrozen body, mostly your hands and legs. You can feel solid emotion all around you, like quicksand slowly pulling your head beneath it's surface....Needless to say, my friend grabbed my by the arm and pulled me back to the car, where our other scared friend was waiting with the doors locked. We got in the car, and that was the end of that experience. Sadly, that was the beginning of a new found obcession for me...Honor Farm has a gravitational pull of it's own. Once you go there, you're compelled to return again and again. However, on July 22, I had an experience that would forever keep me at bay from returning to the place....It was my same friend, she forced me to go there....we got out of the car. We crossed the gate and began walking cautiously....She was holding my hand, praying prayers from her church that I didn't know...she told me to pray with her and I didn't know them. I felt the anger swelling, the quicksand rising, and then I saw the reflection of a dim silver like light across the field. We stopped...and I said, "What is that?!?!?!" Then, I got the strong instinct to LEAVE. I began to turn around and said loudly, "Go, NOW."  We took off running, crossed the gate and hopped into the parked car.

I shut the door quickly and locked it....and turned my head and stared in disbelief at what was just on the other side of the fence. It was a huge silvery white cloud of smoke, a haze just beyond the fence that I have never seen before. There could have been no source for such a sight. After I saw it, and she saw it, I said, "Drive, now." and she sped away.....My other friend, religious and fearful and sitting in the backseat, took my hand. He was holding a roseary in it....It burned my hand and left and indentation, as usual but now only worse...My hands are always freezing after being on that property. It always burns.... Needless to say, I will not venture back to Honor Farm anytime soon...I don't suggest anyone go there. EVER. This story may not seem like much; however, if you are receptive, be prepared to be bombarded and weakened by the amount of strength that the farm possesses...also be wary....the farm has a tendency to possess you. If you are compelled to return, I do not condone your doing so....Praying is the only thing that seems to help when you get home.




Hauntings That Follow




Here are a few stories. It may be long, but it's certainly interesting

enough to hold your attention.

I have encountered many paranormal activities since I was a child. 

Apparently things like this run in my family, but I seem to be the only

one who has held on to my abilities.  The first encounter I can recall

was in Villa Rica,Ga.  I don't remember how old I was, but I know I was

really young.  My mother and I were driving to my aunts house late at

night. There was a store of some sort on the side of the road which

looked to be very old.  Outside of the door stood a light up a-frame which

housed advertisements.  I noticed a figure moving around it.  It had

huge white glowing eyes, and the best way I can explain it's looks is by

telling you that it reminded me of spider man in the dark. I yelled for

my mother to stop the car because the boogy man was standing outside of

the store.  She told me I was seeing things, but to this day she wishes

she had stopped the car.

I saw things through out my childhood so much, that most nights I'd

wind up sleeping on my mothers floor.  We moved to TX when I was about 9,

the hauntings seem to follow me. 

I could tell that there was something wrong with the house the second I

entered the doorway. I guess you could call it a feeling that I had.  I

always had trouble falling asleep, I would hear the sloshing of boots

on wet carpet.  Voices that I knew were not my parents.  Those things

didn't seem to bother me that bad. hat DID bother me was when I did fall

asleep, I'd wake up and could see an apparition floating above me. It

had no recognizable shape to it. I'd stare at it and watch it move for a

while. Then I'd run into my mothers room where, for some reason, I felt

safe. The scariest thing I ever encountered in that house was while my

room was being renovated. I slept in the living room on the floor, and

on this night something jolted me out of a sound sleep. As I lay on the

floor eyes wide open, I looked towards the kitchen. On the wall to the

left of the kitchen was something I have NEVER seen, and I hope I NEVER

see again.  It stood as tall as the ceilings did, so I'm guessing

about 8 to 9 feet.  It was wearing a robe that covered the arms and

face so I never saw any kind of features. I felt threatened by this

"creature" But I had no idea what to do.  The "creature" stood still as I

contemplated what actions would be best for me to take.  I darted up as

fast as I could and ran past the "creature". I looked at it as I ran by,

and all my doubts of me hallucinating were gone. It reached out towards

me but I managed to get past it. I took a sharp left turn into my

mothers room where I ran to her side of the bed and hit my knees. I buried

my head in her stomach and told her what I had seen.  No one in my

family has ever doubted that I can not only see spirits, but I can hear,

smell and feel them.  I never saw that "creature" again.  Just faint

whispers, the smell of something burning when nothing was and footsteps.

When I was 17 I decided to go to Job Corps in San Marcus TX.  This

particular campus is an actual old army base.  Our dorm rooms were army

barracks where many soldiers had once slept.  My first encounter with an

apparition was in my dorm room.  The lights were always turned out but

the faint glow of fire escape lights lit up the dorm.  I was slee ng

when my eyes bolted open.  I could see a man with a rain pancho on,

covered in water. He appeared to be holding a lantern. He was about 5 feet

away from me. His mouth was moving, but I never heard a word. I closed

my eyes and fell back to sleep.  A few nights later I awoke to find the

man standing directly above me. I was on the bottom bunk, and I still

can't believe no one else saw this man.  I could see the glow of the

lantern clearly, and his pancho was a shade of green. I could see the

water dripping onto him as if he were being rained on.  His lips were

moving as he look directly at me, but still I heard nothing. I never felt

threatened by him, so I rolled over and fell back to sleep.  Many of

the girls in my dorm reported seeing two children, a boy and a girl,

playing with a bouncing ball. I never saw the children myself but I never

doubted any ones story either.

I came home 6 months later to the house I never held too dearly.  I

learned to ignore what I was hearing, and feeling. 

I didn't have any encounters for a while, until I met a guy named

Toney.  Toney was a strange guy, he believed in things such as the

Necronomicon. Some people say it's just a book written to make money.  But after

living with Toney I believe it's VERY real.  Toney used to walk around

the house chanting in Sumerian, and if you've ever read the

Necronomicon it warns you  NOT to chant anything out loud.  I swear even his cat

was possessed. It used to sit and stare at me, with these big green

eyes.  It would attack me for no reason. Once I woke up with it sitting on

my chest.  Falling asleep was very difficult for me, even though Toney

and I slept in the same bed.  I could hear demonic breathing, it filled

the entire room.  Shadows would move across the walls. I could my name

being called out. This happened EVERY night that I lived ere.  I

started having nightmares on a nightly basis as well.  In my dream there

sat a demon upon my chest, talking to me in Sumerian. I could feel the

weight of it as it sneered into my face.  It would lower it's head

until it was touching mine. I'd wake up at that moment.  Toney woke up a

few times, and he swears I was talking in Sumerian.  I moved out after a

year because the intensity of it all was becoming too much for me to


Please bare with me, I promise I'm almost finished.

Nothing much happened. Until I was about 20.  I moved into an apartment

in Spring Branch and AGAIN, I could tell something was wrong with it

the moment I walked through the threshold.  There were 3 of us living

there. Brandon, my boyfriend and I. Brandon took the bedroom and Wes and I

slept in the living room on a small mattress. (we didn't need no

stinking furniture!)  The first weird thing happened a few nights after we

settled in.  All three of us would be in the living room and Brandon's TV

came on. Just a pitch black screen.  It happened ALL the time.  One

imparticular night stands out.  I was home alone playing a video game,

when I heard Brandon's TV come on.  I went into his room and turned it

off.  As soon as I sat down, it came back on again.  I got up and turned

it off once more.  This time I turned off the light and closed the door. 

I could hear the TV come on again, but I ignored it.  I laid down to go

to bed and from Brandon's room I could hear his blinds rustling

around. (they were closed the last time I went in)  I ignored it and

fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I decided to go look in his

room.  The TV was off and the blinds were pulled up and severely

tangled.  That freaked me out really bad.  It only happened once, but still,

I'll never forget it.  There would be nume us times when I would be in

the bathroom fixing my hair and I'd see someone walk by the door, even

though I was alone.  Once I even heard the front door open and I heard

a man call out my name, thinking it was one of the boys I answered. No

one answered back. I heard the door close and I went to see what was

going on.  There was no one in my living room nor was there anyone on the

porch. My phone rang and it was Wes saying the he and Brandon would be

home in a few minutes.  I moved out shortly after.

I am now 22 living in Blairsville, Ga. I've learned to ignore the

spirits that follow me. There are times when I see things, or smell

something funny.  I still hear my name being called out. I've started having

extremely weird but lucid dreams.  Nothing really exciting has happened

to me in this house. If it does, you'll be the first to know. I'm sure

between now and then, I'll remember some more of my encounters.  Thank

for reading and I apologize for the length.



Family Farmland




First of all, I want thank you so much for providing an outlet for people with questions/concerns. I have had questions for many years but had no idea who to talk to about them without the other person thinking I'm crazy. I believe that more people believe in the supernatural then they would like to admit.

Here is a little backgraound on me and my "ghosts." I was born and raised in smalltown Millville, NJ. The land my house was built on belonged to my ansestors. It used to be all farmland until it was sold off piece by piece.

The house was built behind the original farmhouse and later given to my mom and dad when they were married. My house was/is (?) "haunted." I don't like the word haunted because it has gotten to be known as a bad thing. In my case, the spirits that visited my family were protective and very playful.

They opened and closed closet doors, turned of the washer and dryer, stuff like that. My dad is the only one that has physically seen the "woman in white." When he described the woman to his mother she told him that it sounded like his great-grandmother (father's side), whom he never met. She showed him a picture and sure enough it was her. We believed she watched over our house and protected us. Mostly my dad I believe. Dad told me he used to sit in the livingroom with me in his lap and watch her walk in and out of the walls. My dad and step-mom had spiritual meetings in the house.

None that we knew about but we did find tapes later. The medium told my parents of a "door." Same spot my dad used to watch her walk in and out.

Years later my step-mother passed away, leaving my dad in a great depression. He was remodling the kitchen one day when I went to visit him. I asked my dad if she (his great-grandmother) had visited him anymore and he said yes. He heard the floor creak like someone was walking in the kitchen (even though he was alone) and he felt a cold hand on his shoulder, not 10 minutes before I came over. He then felt like everything was going to be alright.

I know that a spirits reside in places, homes, businesses and the like. But is it possible for a spirit to move with an individual? I guess that is the biggest question for me. I find it had to believe that ALL the houses I have lived in are haunted. I am 28 now and have moved alot in the 10 years I have been on my own. I can tell you a story or two about all of these places. As a child I had several imaginary friends. Soon after my sister was born, my family told me they all went away. The thing is I don't believe one of them was imaginary or went away. I FEEL someone with me almost all the time: at home, work, in my car. I find myself talking to SOMEONE when I am lonely or depressed. I can FEEL him "answer" me at times. He is not always there.

Where he goes I don't know. I don't believe in angels, in the Christian sense (you know with feather-wings and come from heaven). I say him because I believe I saw him in my bedroom mirror one night. I was lying in bed one night talking to my boyfriend. We were loving discussing our relationship. I saw movement in my mirror. Impossible as we were the only ones in the room.

I saw a figure standing where my desk should have been. I saw a boy about 16, sandy-blond hair, very handsome. He was dressed fashionably. He was smiling at me. I had a feeling that he was trying to tell me that he was happy for me. Then he was gone. He wasn't transparent and didn't fade away.

He just disappeared. I know it was the same being that has been with me because the feeling was the same, but until that night I had never seen him before. When he left I cried. I told my boyfriend what I saw. He asked if I was scared because I was crying. I told him I wasn't scared. I had no reason to be scared, but I didn't know then or now why I was brought to tears.

I have two small children now and live in Florida. Since my second (a girl) was born my friend has been around more and more. She is 4 now and I think he is visiting her or she has a friend of her own. One night about 2 years ago, I had a friend over. She woke up screaming. She kept pointing at the mirror of her little plastic vanity and screaming my friends name over and over again. I told her that he wasn't in the mirror because he was in the other room but she wouldn't calm down. Finally I turned the vanity around and she laid back down. A little while later she started to talk to an imaginary friend. I hear her at night singing and giggling. I think she is playing with her brother or toys, but he is usually asleep when I go in and she doesnt have any toys. When I ask her who she was talking to she usually says "I'm just singing to myself."

Is it possible that my daughter and I have the same connection. A connection to our "own" spirit? Is is possible that what we (or just me) hare experiencing a being that may never have been alive, but something else? I have never felt menaced by any of the beings I have come acrossed.

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