Cottey College-Nevada, Mo.





I saw the listing for Cottey College on the Haunted Places listing.

I was a student at Cottey College from 1988-1990 (CSC'90!)  During my time there I had several different experiences.  Originally, Rosemary Hall was a three story building with an auditorium on the first floor and two floors of suite style dormitories on the second and third.  At some point the upper two stories of Rosemary Hall became structurally unsound and were used to house props and costumes for the drama department.  When I toured the campus as a prospective student an acting class was actually still meeting on the second floor, despite the desintigrating plaster ceilings occassionally falling around them.

When I finally came to campus my roommate, who was the costume mistress for the drama department, told me all about Vera, the ghost of a young woman who died of serious burns while at Cottey.  Supposedly, Vera was making candy in her dorm room, which was against regulations, when her long skirts caught fire.  She was badly burned and moved to the infirmary which was, at that time, located in what is now known as Main Hall (Rosemary Hall and Main Hall

were once connected).  Vera died due to the seriousness of her injuries.   I

do have a book about the history of the college and its founder and Vera's death is mentioned briefly, but nothing more.

Well, my roommate used to work alone at night in the costume department sewing costumes.  She said she never felt truly afraid, but heard all sorts of odd noises she could not explain.  It used to be that at 10 p.m. all buildings on campus went automatically onto a keycard system and you couldn't get into any of the academic buildings unless you had a staff keycard.  My roommate had such a card because of her job.

I used to practice my flute in Main Hall at night in the practice rooms.  It was often dark when I departed and I had to walk past Rosemary Hall on my way back to my dormitory (Robertson Hall).  One evening as I was walking back to my dorm (it was around 10:30 p.m.) I heard the faint tinkling of piano music coming from Rosemary Hall.  There were no lights on in the

building and I knew that my roommate wasn't working late that night.   I

hurried back to the dorm to tell her about it.  She said the only piano in the place was located on the third floor and that it was a very old piano that was barely in working order and no one ever played it.  She also said that she had left the building not more than fifteen minutes prior and no one else had been in the building.

The next evening me and some of the other girls in our suite decided we would go to Rosemary Hall and go up to the third floor.  We snitched my roommate's keycard and let ourselves into the buildling.  It was as dark as a stack of black cats and we had only one little tiny flashlight.  Huddled together we made our way to the second floor, listening to the groans of the creepy building.  We were giggling nervously and grabbing onto each other out of fear.  We made it to the steps leading to the third floor when we heard a huge crash coming from above.  All of us screamed in terror and turned to flee in the darkness, making it down the steps without barely touch our fee to any of them.  When our hearts started beating again, one of the girls decided she was going back up to see what was going on.  Another girl decided to go with her, but the rest of us had had enough and went back to our dormitory.  When the two girls returned they said that something creepy had happened but wouldn't say exactly what it was.

They tore Rosemary Hall down the summer before my second year at Cottey.  No one knew they were going to do this...we simply came back and it was gone. 

Some say that the ghost of Vera moved to Rosemary Suite in the same dormitory where I lived (Robertson Hall).  None of the girls we knew in that suite ever had any encounters with any spirits in their suite.

I lived in Southeastern Suite on the third floor.  At night we would lie in bed and could hear heavy scraping sounds across the attic floor above us. 

We tried to get up into the attic to see what was going on, but were always shooed away by the cleaning lady, through who's closet the entrance to the attic was located.  In our suite we had things flying off dressers without any warning, too.

One night, a bunch of us were stupid and decided to play an Ouija board in the suite.  We kept getting visited by this spirit called Doza.  She made some pretty harsh remarks about what would happen to us.  I got agitated and never played Ouija again, however, the other girls did.  They supposedly made contact with several different spirits.

The Haunted Places listing also mentioned the spectre of a Dark Man on the campus, possibly looking for Vera.  This spectre was never mentioned to us while I was a student there.  I doubt if he is looking for Vera as there is no history that was ever told relating a dark spectre to Vera.  It wouldn't surprise me, however, if there were several entities roaming that campus. 

Indeed the whole area around Nevada, Mo. is alive with paranormal energy.

We used to go out and drink at a bridge called "Witches Bridge".  This bridge was way out in the middle of the country.  One night it was my turn to be the designated driver and so I sat sipping my soda and watching my suitemates stumble around.  It wasn't long before I needed to relieve myself, so a friend and I went a short way into the woods.  Suddenly, a huge crashing noise tore through the timber.  It sounded like a very large, angry thing that WANTED us to know it was there.  It was thrashing and crashing and we screamed and ran back to the fire, raising the alarm.  Everyone stopped to listen, but the noises had stopped.  We went back next day to look for broken branches but there weren't any.  The legend of the bridge includes the unceremonious hanging of a couple of witches many years ago.

These are just a few of the encounters I experienced.  I'm sure there are many more other students there have experienced.  Any former Cottey students please feel free to email me!



My Dad's Spirit





I have always believed in the paranormal and spirits and have had a few encounters with ghosts in the past. I have recently had an experience that I truly believe has saved my life.

My father died in 1983. Since his death I have had two vivid dreams with him which I have to classify as "visitations". In both of these dreams, he never spoke but I was directed to watch what he was showing me. On both occasions, the scenes he showed me came to pass and their meaning was understood. There were nine children in my family and only one of my other siblings, my sister Barbara, now deceased, would dream about my dad and he would show her events to come. My Dad and I had a special bond because we both drove only cars made by Ford.

In June of 2005 I relocated to another state. At the time I was in a very abusive and negative relationship. I received no assistance from the legal system in the prior state that I lived in and this person was allowed to remain in my home. I really had a battered woman's syndrome, because even though I wanted out of the relationship I was afraid for myself and my children of this person seeking revenge.

I had placed my prior home on the market for sale. I kept the particulars concerning the sale price to myself, but this person knew it was in a hot area in NYC and I was going to get well over seven figures for it. He also was very interested in my other assets but I gave him false information concerning them. Other people in the area had been able to sell their house within a few weeks of putting them on the market, but I had received no offers and the house was in great shape.

I completed my move late on a Friday night. I parked my car in front of my new home and this individual and my two children were in the house. It began to rain, thunder and lightening. As I went to enter the house the lights in the car began to flicker on and off.  I checked the doors, restarted the car, re-locked the car but nothing would stop the flickering of the lights. This had happened on one other occasion and just as it had started it had just mysteriously stopped.This continued for about 5 minutes and then stopped.

Approximately a week later, I discovered that the individual that I was living with was seeing another woman. I was very happy about it hoping that he would move in with her.

however, he became more abusive and violent. The police were summoned to my home four times in two days. Unlike New York, I was able to get this person evicted from my home with a protection order in effect until a court date that was scheduled a week later within 24 hours. He believed that he would have another 30 days in my home. During one of his tirades he made physical threats against me as well as another person that I discovered was his girlfriend's husband.His girlfriend's husband was found dead  five days later and it is under police investigation.

I went to court and obtained a permanent eviction with a full force protection order which allows me to protect myself legally in any way. On this same day I received three offers for my home and I am now going to contract. The night prior to writing this I thought of my Dad. I said "Daddy, if you were warning me and protecting me and the kids, Thank You". As I looked at my Ford Windstar, the lights flickered on and off.

Another thing I found out later was that this woman's husband had also felt fear for his safety. He notified several of his relatives and now his wife cannot touch any of his assets or insurance until after the police investigation and who knows where that might lead.




A Few of my own Encounters




Okay, to begin, I have been living in the same house my whole life. Located in Harford County Maryland. My first encounter was when I was about seven years old I saw a figure hooded and completely draped in black, drifting around the room which at the time was my sister's later to become my room. My second encounter was with a friend. I was nine years old, and upon her saying that my house truly wasn't haunted, I locked her in a room that had no windows whatsoever. The light was off, and she was at the exact opposite of the room when I left. I was keeping an eye out underneath the door to see if she got freaked out and turned the lights on. I heard her scream and the lights flicked on. Grinning victoriously I had opened the door to find her sitting in the corner (still at the back of the room) shaking, with every light in the room on. There was no way possible she could have done it herself, and to this day, she won't tell me what occurred when she was in there. The next two encounters that come next in my mind happened in the same night. One being that it sounded as if a little girl were crying. By this time, my sister had moved out and I was eleven. The only people in my house were my mom, dad, and me. And the crying was coming from the exact opposite of the house. Terrified I went into my room, and eased myself to sleep. I woke up at about three in the morning, dying of thirst. I got up and went to the kitchen (where the crying had sounded like it was coming from earlier) I was walking and then saw something truly horrifying. Sitting there in the kitchen where the light from the front porch shone down from the window, was a...Honestly I have no idea what to call it. It was rocking back and forth wringing it's hands. Mumbling something. I tried to scream but could not. Suddenly I blacked out, and remmeber nothing else. There are more memories I had, I just dont have the strength t type anymore.



Someone on the Stairs




please exept this takes place in a 2 story house in a place inKentucky,it is true

My Aunt was sleeping on the sofa on the ground level. The sofa was leaned against the wall where the stairs were.I was only a baby then. My Mom and Dad were sleeping in their bedrrom on the right side of a hall upstairs,my room was on the left. My Aunt heard someone dart down the stairs and saw a flash of a figure,at first she thought it was my mom trying to scare her,because afterall,it was halloween. so my Aunt jumped up to grab the person who ran down the stairs,when she jumped up,no one was there,she heard no one run back up either. when my Mom and Dad went don into the basement to see what was down there, they found thousands of dollars worth of old records and pictures and childrens toys and coins, My Father was a paranormal investigator at the time and i'm wanting to go back to that house since paranormal investigating is in my blood.

i'm using no names for protection reasons, i hope you decide to use my story



Haunted Places: Murfreesboro, NC - Chowan College




In reference to the "Brown Lady" who haunts the Collumns Building at Chowan College in Murfreesboro, NC:

I am a 2004 alumn from Chowan College.  I worked in the Columns building for one year as a student telemarketer.  We worked after the building had been locked for the night.  It was strange how I would go in to work and find the hall covered in dried leaves that had fallen from the bushes surrounding the building.  The leaves were so abundant that it seemed someone must have intentionally kicked them into the building.  I asked around and everyone wondered but had no explanation. 

The story is that the "Brown Lady" is actually a former student from when the college was all female.  She is reported to have the name because she is wearing a brown dress.  Some say she threw herself off of the roof of the building after an argument with a boyfriend. Others say that she died of an unknown illness and haunts that building because at the time of attendance her dorm room was in that building.  At night when you walk past the building you can see just one of the 8+ rocking chairs swaying in the wind.  The building seems earily dark and antiquated. In three years there, I passed the building almost nightly walking back from work and I had a hard time allowing myself to look at the windows, but always forced myself to look just to be sure I wasn't being watched!




Haunted House




Shook, MO – Before the road was changed in approximately 2001, there used to be a house that was almost exactly between Greenville and Wappapello on D Hwy, just across from the gravel road to Lost Creek. This was one of only a handful of houses anywhere close to the two-lane, black-top road, for about 22 miles.  During the 1970’s there was a small store on the property call the Terminal Grocery.  I was said that this home was built by a George Shook, sometime during the late 1800’s.  Mr. Shook was the local lumber baron and this house was one of few in the area built with basically clapboard type siding.  The interior walls were double tongue and groove hardwood.

There are several stories about this house and property – I will only relate the one’s that I am personally familiar with.  The last family to live there (approximately from 1966-67 – 1987 and still owned the property until approximately 1997), reported several paranormal events.  It was said that the house was haunted by a male ghost whom the family referred to as “George”, who would open the door to the upstairs (used mostly for storage), open cabinets in the kitchen, open and close other doors in the house and a rocker in the living room would rock by itself.  This “presence” always seemed to be around and protecting the family – never doing anything to hurt or harm anyone.

One night the daughter in the family had some friends spend the night.  They decided to sleep in the upstairs.  The upstairs was basically divided into 2 rooms with a bedroom being the furthest away from the stairs.  Because this area was used for storage, this could be almost considered an attic space. There was clutter all over the place in the larger room.  The girls just had a “path” to get through to the bedroom that was lined with books, boxes and more importantly to the story glass canning jars.  The girls settled down to sleep with the oldest closest to the wall (having to crawl over the other 3 to get out of bed) – when this girl woke up, she was at the bottom of the staircase.  Could it have been sleep walking? Maybe? But how then did she get over the 3 other girls without waking them up and through the “minefield” of clutter without making noise?

In 1983, the daughter of the family was spending one of the few nights she ever spent alone in the house.  Her mother had passed away about six-months before.  The front part of the house was set up with the living room with a bedroom on each side.  Her bedroom was on the north side of the house. One night, she woke up to the sound of her mother’s voice – just as if she would have been calling her to get up for school.  It was so natural that it took about the 3rd call of her name before she sat up in bed realizing that her mother wasn’t there. That first second she was frightened, and then felt an extreme sense of calm – it was as if her mom was letting her know she was looking out for her and would wake her up if anything were to happen in the house.  When the girl was about 6 years old she had an electric blanket catch fire with her, and was extremely afraid of fire and storms.

I am the daughter of the family – these incidents happened to me or with me there.  My mother claimed to be a witch with powers to get rid of warts, and some psychic powers.  That coupled with her being born on October 31st – just added more credence to that fact.  There are many people in that area who knew my mother well and was aware of George and the powers my mom had. I would be happy to furnish any additional information or provide name of other individuals who were aware of these incidents – including the sister of the girls who woke up at the bottom on the stairs.  My mother was fascinated with the house from the time she first saw it and when it came up for same a few years later she bought it.  It was in my family from approximately 1966 to 1997 and I lived there until December of 1984. Another interesting tidbit is that before purchasing this house, my parents had lived in the St. Louis area.  In looking for a house to purchase there, my mother came real close to purchasing one of the most noted haunted houses in the USA, without knowing it – she went as far as to actually view the house, but decided it needed extensive work and was really too big – she just didn’t like the feeling of the house since my dad worked nights and it would be mainly her and my brother alone there at night (this was before I was born in 1962) – the Lemp mansion.  Coincidence or physic phenomenon – you decide.



Haunted Bookstore?




I used to work in a haunted bookstore a few years ago in West Virginia. 

I’ve since moved to California, so I don’t know if any more activity has occurred there or not.  Anyways, I’m going to try to give as much detail of this as I can.  The bookstore is in a building that was once the Carnegie library.  The building itself was built in 1904 and is on the Historic Registry so it can not be torn down or altered drastically in any way.  It houses more than 500,000 used/rare/out of print books making it known as the biggest used bookstore in the state.  I won’t go into saying what it’s called, as I’m sure with a little research anyone can figure it out.  When you walk in there is a wrought-iron spiral staircase that goes up from the basement to the 3rd floor.  Each floor level surrounding the staircase is made of thick smoky glass.  There is also a mezzanine on the opposite side that overlooks the store.  And there are 3 awesome cats that roam the floors, lay on the couches, and give great company to visitors.  It’s quite an amazing place and tourists come from all over the world to check it out. 

Now, keep in mind that I worked there for over a year opening and closing by myself on many occasions and only had a few experiences that I’m still not sure how to explain.  I will admit it did give me the creeps sometimes closing some nights.  After locking the door and making sure no one was in the place one night me and a co-worker heard books dropping to the wood floor up in the mezzanine after we turned off the lights (all the cats were in the office on the first floor with us).  The next morning when we went to go check out what book fell, there would be stacks of books in front of some of the bookcases and in front of the fireplace.  One time we heard it while we were closing and got so scared we ran out saying we’d count the money early the next morning instead.  And on other occasions when we heard the noises, one or both of us would check it out to see that everything was in

order- clean and proper with no books on the floor.  There was no cleaning lady at the time either, as you’ll read later why.  So, one morning I was doing inventory of some of the books on the first floor by the spiral staircase.  We had just opened, my boss and I, and there was hardly anyone in the store.  An older gentleman came up to me and asked me, “What is that?” and was pointing to the lower steps of the spiral staircase.  I went over to look and saw a freshly made (like it was dipped in oil to the touch) child-size BARE footprint on each step that upon further inspection went all the way up to the 3rd floor from the basement!!!  It definitely wasn’t there when we opened and I quickly did a search of the 3 levels looking for a barefoot child.  Nothing.  When I told the inquisitive man that “I don’t know” he kinda just looked mad that I didn’t know and walked off.  This was extremely puzzling to me so I called out Dan (not his real name), my boss, to come scope it out.  When he saw it, I remember him taking off his baseball cap and scratching his head before saying, “I…dunno”.  This kinda freaked us both out, but decided to wait until Mary (not her real name either), the owners daughter and manager of the store, showed up that day to ask her if she had any ideas about it.  Dan told me that it must have been the cleaning lady from the night before, but that still didn’t explain why she took her shoes off.  It made us feel better thinking that it was someone human though.  When Mary came and we told her the story she laughed it off saying we imagined something since the footprints had faded completely by then.  One of the cats started laying on the 3rd step (she never did that) also.  Dan asked Mary if it could have been the cleaning lady and her response scared us even more.  She said no, and that the cleaning lady was off for a while undergoing chemotherapy and that even if she was to come, she didn’t have the new keys yet (we had to get new locks b/c of a fired employee).  After that day we never talked about it again.  There are so many stories surrounding the place, but I always took them with a grain of salt.  Stories of employees quitting after a few days being scared so much, but they couldn’t say why or what they’d seen.  This psychic lady would ask to spend the night, but she was always given the ‘no’ by our manager.  It always felt like someone was watching me in the basement where the records and used paperbacks were located, but I never felt threatened.  Maybe it’s just an old library guest who checked out a book, but never checked out themselves.  Thought I'd share my story about this place since I've never been able to forget it.








I sent you a story earlier on when I used to work at a haunted bookstore and I have another story to share as well.  This happened when I was 11 years old and I was staying at grandma’s house for the night.  It was just the two of us in the house.  I was in the spare bedroom a little down the hall from hers.  Her entire house is a one story house and outside of the spare room I was staying in was a room directly across the hall and a furnace built into the floor a little to the left of the door leading into the living room. 

When you would walk across the furnace, it would make an unmistakable clanging noise, but there were ways around this if you hopped on the sides and jumped over into the living room.  I think I was the only one that did that though when I was up sneaking around at night.  So, this one night I was in the room watching tv and I remember standing up by the bed with a corner eye view of the hallway.  I was singing some song I had heard at church that day when I saw a tall white figure walk past my room leading into the living room.  When I turned to see it, I just caught the very tail end of it for a split second and it was a solid white figure.  I kept singing for a few more seconds but got quieter as I was trying to figure out if I saw what I saw was real.  I did see something…maybe it was gram going in to turn off the lights and make sure the front door was locked.  Also, I remember hearing the footsteps matching up on the furnace.  So, I went into the living room to inspect.  No one was there and the front door was locked.

  I turned off the lights and walked down the hall to my gram’s room.  She was already in bed with her sheets pulled up reading one of those trashy tabloid magazines she loved so much and had the television on.  She was wearing bright fuchsia colored satin pajamas- a far cry from the white I’d seen pass by my door.  I asked her if she had just walked into the living room in a white robe to check the living room and she replied no and that she’d been in bed this whole time waiting to watch the 11 o’clock news. 

Then she asked if I would lock the front door because she’d forgotten that night.  Needless to say, I ran back to the other room and turned off the t.v. and lights and ran back to hers saying I was sleeping with her that night.  What makes this even more interesting is that my grandpa died in that house when I was only 2 years old.  I don’t remember him, but I’ve heard stories that he liked to sing all the time and especially to me when I was on his lap.  Makes sense if it was really him that he showed himself while I was singing.  Maybe that’s just grandpa’s way of showing he looks after my gram and makes sure the doors are locked when she forgets.  I’ve never experienced anything else there and what’s funny is that that house always felt like the safest place in the world to me.




Augusta Pillar of Death






I was in Augusta, Georgia not too long when I heard about an intersting haunting from one of my relatives who lives in the south. In Augusta, Georgia there is this huge factory that was used to make gunpowder for the Confederate armies during the Civil War, heres a modern photo of part of it-- A little historical background info before I go into the haunting. The factory (which during the Civil War the South had only 1 factory for every 6 in the North) was built by the Confederate War Department in 1862 to supply the South with gunpowder which was becoming scarce because of the naval blockade. The factory was a group of seperate buildings and it stretches for miles but not all of it is still standing. The factory was the single largest and best producer of gunpowder in both the North and South and because of it's seclusion it survived  Sherman's "March to the Sea" in 1864. As far as I know the Augusta Powder Works produced rifles and precussion caps as well. Now for the haunting...I visited the site because I was told of a certain pillar not far away from the factory. It stands alone, a granite pillar of maybe 10 feet in height that once belonged to a long gone building of the facility and rumor is the pillar is haunted. During the Civil War that building the pillar belonged to exploded when several thousand pounds of powder caught fire killing dozens of workmen. Apparently this pillar is all thats left. It is rumoured that if you touch it you will soon die. The pillar itself gave me a strange vibe and yes I did touch it:-) Work crews have tried to tear it down over the years but have failed to make it budge even when using a bulldozer! It is fact also that a car crashed into the pillar during the 50's killing the occupants which gave the pillar more mystique. I could see how maybe the pillar picked up the energy of all the people killed there and perhaps the spirits are now somehow attached to the pillar which is why it cant be removed. I don't know if the factory itself is haunted or if it is still in operation as I didn't bother to check but that pillar sent chills through me, as if the enrgy of the war was still within it somehow. If you ever go to Georgia make sure you see this pillar as it's a creepy place.



Emporia State University




Here's my story...It comes from Northeast Morse Hall on the Emporia State University campus in Emporia, KS. The background is that a female basketball player on the ESU team had either recently gotten cut from the team or she'd tried out and didn't make it. Anyway, she was so distraught that she hung herself in her dorm room, which happened to be the room caddycorner to my dorm room. It's rumored you can hear a basketball being dribbled at times. Well, I thought this was all a bunch of bull until I was in the dorms practically by myself over Spring Break because I had to work. There might've been a couple girls in other rooms, but I knew the girls that occupied the "haunted" room were gone. I was sitting in my room one night after work trying to unwind and I heard the unmistakable sound of a basketball being dribbled. When I opened the hallway door, the noise was definitely coming from their room. As a side note, the girls who lived in that room said when they moved in, the word "help" was drawn on their wall, so they scrubbed it clean. Not an hour later, the word had reappeared.

After reading your stories, I thought I might as well submit my own. Also, you might want to look into hauntings at "the Hollows" in Ottawa, KS. Supposed to be some pretty creepy stuff happening down there.




Winchester House




As a former employee (tour guide, circa 2000-2001,  I have read many stories about the "ghost" of this now turist attraction. Personally I can not say without dout that the house and surrounding areas are haunted. However a personal story of mine occured in the top floor right above the collection of victorian glass doors and wall paper room, which was apart of the original barn of the home that Mrs. Winchester first purchesed. I was explaining about a shoot in the room when I was struck with an over baring heat and an intence headache, skipping the rest of my speach for that room I asked the guest to follow me into the "13th bathroom, on the way we passed an old room on the left and I begain, amusing myself mustly, to say out loud "please mrs. Winchester not today" weither it was just a fluke, the headache went away and was I was back again talking about the home. Another story that happened during my tenure there was a fellow tour guide (as it was latter told to me) was "pushed" by an unseen presence down the staircase that leads down from the "widows balcany" after the day it supposedlly occured I never saw him again, and wtnessed his mother picking up his last pay check.

I thought maybe I'd pass along my own story, undoudtly one among many with employes, to you at the shadowlands site.

And also I lived right of highway 17, (california) the highway/freeway leading to santa cruz, everyday I had to travel on this highway, and not once did I see an object/orb/manisfastation.




My First Apartment




About 4 years ago, while living in my first apartment, I swear I had an encounter with a ghost. There were several occasions that my husband would work the midnight shift, and I would be home alone with our 2 cats. It seemed like everytime I was alone, and in bed, I could hear footprints walk past the open bedroom door. It sounded like barefeet on carpeting. The scary part was - everytime I heard the footprints, so did my 2 cats who would be sound asleep at the end of the bed; they would both perk up and look out the bedroom door as if they saw something or someone. There were also 2 times I was cleaning the bathtub with the water running, when the shower would come on all by itself and spray me when I got to the end of the bathtub. Some say it could have been malfunctioning, but the showers were setup so that you had to pull a lever UP and lock it into place for the shower to come on. Any malfunction would be defying gravity.....

We finally moved out of the apartment, because I felt uneasy being there alone, and it wasn't until about a year ago that I found out about a girl that had been murdered in my apartment building. Supposedly, her boyfriend (a fix-it man for the apartment complex) was asphyxiating her while they were making love, and she suffocated to death. He was so scared, he hid her in the closet of an empty apartment and she wasn't found until a few days later. So, I believe that the "encounters" I had just may have been the girl who was accidentally killed about 8 years ago (4 years before I moved in). It's hard to say since I never "saw" anything, and my husband says he never witnessed any of the things I did.



Things have been Happening




Things have been happening ever since we moved into the house like doors closing and locking by themselves…. Before we would hear someone opening the front door of the house, and would walk up the stairs.  (We live in an old house built in 1901.  It is a four bedroom two story house plus attic.)  I would think it was one of my sisters and I would call out their names… one night I was so sure they were home that it bothered me that they wouldn’t answer… I ran down the stairs and everything was off and locked.  When I went up the stairs again I went to their rooms and nothing.  When I walked to the hallway I saw that the lights were on downstairs, and keep in mind I just came from there, so I ran downstairs and asked them what they were doing and to my surprise there was no one there… I got chills from head to toe.  I felt so eerie and all of a sudden if felt cold.  I got scared… so scared that I thought I was going to pee on myself… right then the lights (all of them) started flickering.  At that same moment my mom was praying the Rosary upstairs in her room.  That was the first week she started praying.  My sister Susie was dating her now husband at the time and my little sister was the chaperone.   That was one of many things that happened to me… my mom and sisters have their own stories.  After my Mom began praying little by little things stopped.  Now there are just little things here and there that are s rting to bug me.

My mom since that week has not stopped praying the Rosary every night.  She got so good at it that it takes her 20 to 30 minutes to pray … at the norm it’s like a 40 – 45 minute prayer.  It’s been a few weeks now that I see something around me where ever I am in the house… sometimes in the bathroom , in the kitchen but not too much in my room.  I started to think that my glasses were just creating shadowy spots so I stopped wearing them at home… but then with out my glasses the shadows become much clearer and I would do double takes to check out what I thought I saw.  I don’t feel threatened or too scared.  I just don’t feel alone in the house.  Now I where my glasses cause I don’t want to notice the shadows all the time.  I’m not afraid to walk around the house at night… like I said I don’t feel threatened anymore (like in the first few years living there).

Before I would walk up the stairs and you could feel and hear someone walking behind you… I live in an old house so the floor creaks at every step you take.  It felt as if they were right behind your neck… my Mom and sisters felt that same thing too.  It wasn’t all the time… only at night and in the early hours of the morning.

A few times it would be like 3 or 3:30am and we would all be home and the slam of the front door would wake all of us up and we would all hear someone walking up the stairs and there was no one there.

I’ve got to say something though… it officially stopped (not completely, but the threatening feelings) when our baby kittens were born in the house.  My sister Susie brought home a stay pregnant cat… two weeks later she had kittens.  We kept two of the kittens and gave the other two away.  Well when they were all tiny they would all his at the same time at the air downstairs in the living room and they would do it upstairs a lot.  We believe that the presence of the cats scared what ever was there away. 




My Dog Rebel


When I was a lot younger (around 5) we had a family dog. He was a large black German Shepard mix named Rebel. He was very protective of my brother, sister and I. We lived in the country on the shores of Lake Erie. If strangers ever came by the house, he would instinctively get between them and us, growling.

In the wintertime, we would follow him through the snow banks in the woods surrounding the house. He would plow through, making a path for us. I was the youngest and would fall behind. He would always come back to get me. In the summer, we would go down and play in the creek by the house. He was my first best friend.

When I was ten, we had to have him put to sleep. He was older and in pain. I cried the whole day. That night, I had a dream about him. In it, Rebel was there. We were in the backyard. He was hobbling around, because he was in pain. He started walking towards me in the dream. Suddenly he was struck by some Jacob’s ladders (those are the sunbeams that break through clouds). He started dissolving. It was fairly gruesome, but it made me sad and happy at the same time. I knew it was more than a dream, and Rebel was telling me he wasn’t in pain anymore. After his body was completely gone, I woke up crying.

I few months later, I was out in the woods. I was still sad at Rebel not being there. That’s when I saw him. He was up in the distance. I ran to catch up to him, and he would run ahead, never letting me catch up, but stopping if I fell too far behind. He eventually led me down to the river. He looked back at me. I got the feeling he was telling me he had to go, but he had wanted to play one last time. He walked into the center of the river, into some Jacob’s ladders created by the leaves of tree’s hanging over the river, and disappeared.

I know this isn’t a scary story. I’m actually tearing up twenty years later remembering it. It’s the only ghost experience I’ve ever had though.




La-La Bye




Here's to prove that not all all ghosts are bad...

I live in a very small village called Lood, Michigan.  I have since birth and made friends with everyone that's ever lived in 777 W Kood rd. which is directly across the street from my humble abode.  When i was five i finally was allowed to walk down to a little general store that was a block from my house, which was torn down and a house built over the lot, and that's where i met my friend Kate.  After a month or so i finally headed to her house. After hours of non-sense play of Snot-Man, har har, we conned our mothers to let us spend the night at her house.  That night both of us swore to have heard some sort of la-la bye being hummed but no one was sing nor was a music box playing, and from that day till Kate moved we both heard every night well Kate did i only heard it when i was over.  After a while we just ignored it it was actually liked it.  Sorta a calming feeling from it.  Around 1999 my sisters friend Marie moved in  and our parents and hers became good friends and we once again over there constantly.  And after awhile my mom and Marie's mother started watching on another kids on and off and several times i would have to sleep over, and just like before e la-la bye returned and this time Marie's mom and dad swore they heard it them selves.  After about three years Marie and family moved and shortly after my friend Ty moved in.  2003-present Ty and i both still hear what we call the Ghostly La-la bye which is kinda corny but hey it fits. 



The Night The Lights Went Out In Cairo






Born and raised in NJ......I have always been a "sensitive".....I was used to "visits" from spirits that knew I could "see" them.   But I never really gave thought much to them being a part of my vacation.

Anyway, I always been fond of ancient history and the Pyramids.  It was one of my dreams when I was a child was to grow up and go see the place where King Tut had once lived.  When I got older I was fortunate enough to have the funds to travel so I finally made a plan to visit Egypt.

I was very excited about the trip and had been telling my ex about the story of

the "Curse" of the Tomb. I had vaguely remembered a story about the night I believe Howard Carter (he was an archeologist who discovered the tomb) died all the lights went out in Cairo and a dog (his Dog) was heard howling back in London as his master died. It is thought that he died of the "Curse".  Supposedly written on the exterior the tomb were the words.

Death Shall Come on Swift Wings To Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King...

On my own adventure, my ex husband and I rented camels and went to visit the tombs.  Out in the desert close to the tombs we rode through an ancient burial grounds. This was the cemetery they buried the people who built the pyramids we were told. Seems after this point I felt we were not "alone". 

Even my ex husband who DOES NOT believe at all in these "spirits" felt this odd feeling of not being alone. That feeling carried with us the whole day.  I was to say the least a bit uneasy.  The faint smell of "dirty and musty" followed us.  He was busy making jokes and trying to pass it off with giggles. 

We were staying at the Rameses Hilton in down town Cairo right across the bridge from Giza.  Hardly a place you would expect to find a spirit but as it were something or someone "followed us" back to the hotel. 

Back at the room we were going to shower before dinner.  Walking past the darkened bathroom coming into the room I could "see" the faint outline of a "man" in the bathroom.  Very Odd I thought.....I told my ex husband but he kind of passed off as too long in the hot sun. The "smell" of dirty and musty stuck with us though.  It was what I would imagine the smell of someone long dead.  That was hard for us to ignore.

I kept replayed the story of the lights going out in Cairo over in my mind again.  Wondering what could have made that happen.  My ex husband of course never heard the story before I told him nor believed in any of the tale.

He was kind of kidding me the whole day about yes they are going to come to a Modern Hotel and "get you" and take you back to the tomb with them. "The Mummy Returns" and all that stuff.  He was having a good laugh on me that day. 

Trying to ignore the "man" and the smell, thinking a shower will help.  I turned on the bathroom light and started running the shower.  I got in the shower and my ex husband got in with me. He was joking the whole time about the lights are going to go out "watch".  He was making howling sounds like the dog that was supposedly heard howling when the darkness fell over Egypt in the tale of Howard Carter.

As he was about to reach for the water to make it cooler the lights in the room went out.

Now I really thought at first how did he "rig" this up to scared me. But then as I jumped out of the shower to try the light switches..... I realized it was not just the bathroom in darkness but the whole hotel room.  

I tried every light in the room....

I kept telling him I can't believe he rigged the whole room to go into darkness like that but he was not laughing anymore.  This is a huge hotel, so I am thinking damn ok, if he had nothing to do with the room lights going out how had all the lights in the whole hotel go out? 

It was still light enough with the drapes open to see in the room we called the front desk.   They said no the lights are on fine in the whole hotel.  Sure enough my ex husband got dressed and went into the hallway.  All lights were on and working all over the hotel.

Meanwhile the front desk sent someone to investigate the lights situation in our room.  They changed all the bulbs in the room....No lights....They went to the breaker boxes and found our room the ONLY ROOM out of a hotel of over 300 rooms was the only room effected. 

So I guess it might have been a fluke...For me at least....The Lights Went Out in Cairo. Whatever it was, some spirit that heard my thoughts...My fears or the "man" who followed us back to the room and would show my ex husband not to play with "father nature".  Fact, fluke or fiction I will never know.  What I do know is it scared the pants off me.  P.S. My ex never joked with me again about the "spirits".  LOL



Max Meadows-Grahams mansion




We had the awesome experience of living next door to the mansion and gave tours . Their are several ghosts in the mansion- you can feel them touch you.  The front is haunted by good spirits and the feeling is happy but as soon as you walk to the back stairs- the slave stairs you will feel the cold in the air and you get goose bumps. We have seen lights on in the attic- there are no lights in the attic and seen a young boy standing looking out the window.  In the home we rented I believe there were ghosts also-  we woke up at 4 am to the smell of coffee brewing and there was none, we would have things disappear where everyone was searching for the lost item only to have it reappear right in sight!  Both homes the lights would go on and off anytime you asked about the spirits there.  People would take pictures and have ghosts appear in the truly is a haunted mansion!!  The story is Major Graham left the mansion to a slave who then killed him and threw him down the well.  Grahams cemetery is across the road on a mountain. If you would like any information please e-mail me




Ghost Experiences in Eunice,Basil





    We were homeless  and a nice old woman had a house that had just been siting there abondoned for about 20 years , She  ended up leting us stay there Yet we found it odd she only let us stay there paying $70 a month to live in that house. We stayed there for 10 years till it got far too bad for us to handle, It was me my mother and my grandmother staying in that house, But we always felt more were there , Several times we could leave a room noticing how things were but when we went back things were scattered and moved from where we left it. Also  there were more violent  ones there , we noticed that becuase of scratches appearing on the walls and on me while i slept.

The violence seemed to happen in my grandmothers room  and the kitchen. the Worst of the violence happened int he back bedroom( my

grandmothers)  when we slept,  my mother could hear me talking to what seemed several poeple, but when she came to check noone was there , id Be at the edge of the bed  like i was holding someones hands and they were singing ring around the rosey in a different language , id look like iw as awake  then all of asudden my mother and grandmother would see my face change as if i was scared to death.I was screaming and fighting  like they were pulling me  to them , That was from how they saw me now ill say what i did see from the instances .. unfortunatly its pretty much burned into my memory ,  id remember going to sleep then feeling someone tap me on the shoulder  but all i could see were

5 figures in white robes  they looked like kids , They would ask if i wanted to go play so id ask my mom if it was ok to go or not, Shortly atfterwords we'd begin playing but it seemed like everything around us vanished  and it looked like we were around a patch of flowers.. After running around it and chanting like they did they would stop and say "

we want to show you something" when they did they'd reach under their chins and  pull up . thats when i noticed the robes went from white to black. the kids had no face's no skin  they were skulls. The area around the  flowers were gone and seemed like ntohing but fires, thats when they would start trying to grab at me .. my mom and grandmother would see me grabing at the steel posts of my grandmothers bed and me being pulled from it .  my mom and grandmother even tried getting phycologists to see if it was just me or the house. so far they say it wasnt me.  we've had priests go to the house when we lived there  to bless the house. most of the priests who went  never stayed for more then 4 minutes, the only priest that lasted the longest threw the holy water to my mom and said he had to go . Something seriusly isnt right in that house but what made us move the fastest  was when my cusins came to visit from florida, Me, and my two cusins  were sleeping in the living room when we kept hearing something call our names. we all seemed to have woken up from it and looked twords the voice when we

saw a blackish cloud at the cieling   saying for us to go to the attic

and help .. me and my cusins went in different directions to wake everyone up  thats when i noticed my grandmother was talking to my mom becuase she saw a woman wearing  a long white gown standing in her room  and told her she was just checking on her so she thought it was my mom and went to see what she meant My mom was asleep and knew nothing abotu it. Needless to say we moved out the next day ... Far too much happened at once in that house , The original owner  died a few years back.I disided to send this to yall so yall would know that more then 2 places here in eunice are indeed haunted . Also  in regards to the Basil school.. i use to go there and its said the school burned down 60 years ago . Whats bad is ive been there when they put new doors in  you could  turn away for even a moment and the Same designs of a face that were on the old doors will be on the new ones.. some students there use to tell me about seeing poeple  in the gym that looked like thier skin was gone. but im sure yall have heard all the stories of the place. Thank You for reading this.












Three Gates Dedham




July 31, 2005

Hi, my name is alex and tonight me and three of my good friends went to the three gates. We have been there befor e but never seen anything like tonight. One of the first things we noticed was that there was more animals up there then usually. We really were not sure what they were and were not up there to look at animals so we kept going. First thing we did was shut our lights off and drove up to the first gate. Like every other time we have been up there, we were all debating on whether we should do it or not. Well first off this is the urban legend we know, first thing is to shut off the head lights to a car, then you have to drive down to the first gate, and everyone has to get out of the car and knock on it 3 times, this goes for the second and third gate. Once you get to the third gate, you have to drive back to the first gate turn around and drive out . Thats when awkward stuff is suppose to happen. For us and we have been here many times,  we all noticed one thing, one street light was flickering or would be on for like 30 seconds then go off. Which was sort of fun and scary at the same time. But when we went to go knock on the second gate three times, the light went out jus as we got there and there was not any flickering but jus pitch black for like two minutes. Thats never happened to us before




Railroad Ticket Office




One night I was getting ready for bed in my mom's room,(my bed wasn't put together yet,so I slept in my mom's room.).I was looking for a radio station,and I heard someone walking twords the room.When I looked up,there was the shape of a railroad conducter,all black!It turned what used to be it's face.I could see two holes where it's eyes were.Then it turened away and walked into the livingroom.After it walked away,I screamed,and ran into the living room.After we moved out of that house,my momchecked into the history of the house.The house was a ticket office for a railroad that used to run by the house.Now, a paved road runs in front of the house,and the railroad is a dirt road.Now my family believes mebecause our bus stop(our parents wanted to keep us in the same school when we moved from the house)is next to the dirt road that was the railroad.One day in March,me, my mom, and my three brothers were sitting in the car at the bus stop, and we heard a train as if it were right next to us.And the closest railroad was four towns away.The incedent at the house happend when I was eight,and when my family and I were at the bus stop happendat the age eleven.My friends say I'm making it up.Mabey the people who read this will believe me!!!!




My House Full of Visitors




When my father died in 1998, I thought I'd never see him again. Wrong. Three months later during the Christmas season, I was playing with some of the ornaments on our tree when I looked up straight into the hallway and saw him walking towards the front door clutching an ACE Hardware bag. Another time I was taking medication (I have asthma) with my back turned to the rest of the kitchen when I heard loud footsteps that sounded like boots walking across our kitched floor. I was too scared to turn around, even though I knew who it was. He's got other ways of letting us know he's still here, too.

My sister died in our house back in 1993 at the age of 13. My mom claims to hear her laughter and calls of "Mommy" sometimes. (My sister had severe cerebral palsy and this is one of the few word she said). I saw my sister on two occasions. One time I saw her in the hallway briefly, as if she had just come to see me. ( I was seven when she died, but that night I promised her I would turn 14 since she wouldn't) Another time my family had just left on a shopping trip and shortly after I looked out the window and saw her running around on our driveway. I was around 14 when I started to see her, and came to the conclusion she had come back to see me.

A lady and a little boy came around in 2001. The lady was dressed as if she had been out hiking. She came through our front door and to my room. When I got up to check, I found my room empty. Later my mom knocked n my door and asked if I had been trying to come into her room. I said "No. Why?" She told me that someone had just slammed her door. I also heard a female voice that did t belong to anyone I knew calling my name as if trying to tell me something. The little boy is dressed in early 1900's clothes and the one time I saw him I was about to go to bed when I looked up and saw him sitting in a chair next to our dishwasher. He was looking right at me and smiling as if to say "I know who you are, but you don't know me."

There is also a baby that cries every year around the Thanksgiving holidays, but to my knowledge no baby has ever died in my house. I sometimes think a lot of this has to do with the fact that there is a cemetery down the road from my house. My mom also told me this house has been moved before. Who knows?



Hunt,tx sleepy hollow rd.




Back about a year or two ago I went to a house on Sleepy Hollow Road in Hunt with my sister, her friend, and my aunt with her three year old son.  Rumor has it that the house was built by a man in the late 1800's for his mistress whom he got prenant.  He couldn't let his wife know what had happened even though he loved this other woman so he set her up there to have the child with promises that he would visit her all the time.  Months after she had the baby she had feelings of resentment for the child who she felt kept her from her love simply because it was out of wedlock.  So,  the woman smothered the baby and burried it in the back yard.  She then killed herself by jumping off the balcony.  When the man came to see her he found her dead and the fresh mound of dirt in the back.  He was so struck with grief that he shot himself in the up stairs bedroom where they had slept.  While we were there we looked in windows knowing it was completely unoccupied.  You could see shadows moving in the back rooms and sudden gusts of wind moving the curtains but no windows open.  There was a see-saw in the back yard that moved every now and then from one side to the other and old pick nick tables that stacked ontop of eachother on their own after we had left the area for a good thirty- forty five minutes.  As we were driving off a light in the upstairs bed room came on and a dark shadow appeared of a man plain as day and a light outside appeared.  Down the road a ways my little cousin told his mother he didn't want to go back because there was a monster in that house and he was bad.  My sister did the research to learn exactly what happened by going to the library, the court house, by contacting previous owners of the house who by the way could not, like all the others, stay for more than three months.  




 Be Careful, For What You Ask For





On one of the foggiest nights we had when my daughter and I got home from Christmas shopping.  A friend stopped by for a few minutes as we sat in the living room chatting. No one else was home. The only light on was the lamp in the living room where we were. All of a sudden the television in my bedroom came on, the volume was full blast we jumped up and looked at each other thinking someone was in the house with us. I went into my bedroom and turned it off. I had a uneasy feeling entering into my bedroom. My friend was very uneasy, I told her that it has a short and does that often, just so she wouldn't leave.

After about 45 minutes my daughter and friend went home. I become very scared. I brought in my dog (Nemo).  I got out my knitting and turned the television on in the living room, trying not to think about what had happened earlier. All of a sudden Nemo started jumping straight up in mid air, jumping on furniture, wagging his tail and following something near the ceiling. I got his attention and made him sit. He was next to me on the sofa watching television and watching above the television he got down and walked in front to the television tilting his head from right to left, slowly moving it back above the television and over the window. I had enough of this and put him back outside. When I came back into the house the television in the living room was off and the one back in my bedroom was on. By now I was really scared I wanted to leave, but the fog was only getting thicker. I turned the television back on, and turned off the other, again. I turned on the old movie channel waiting for my husband to get home from work. My back was toward the kitchen when I heard footsteps, and the sound of water. I turned to look and what I saw was a large orb right behind me, all of a sudden I felt a peace come over me, I wasn't scared any longer.

Before my Mother passed away, a month earlier we were watching Ghost Stories together, and she asked me if I believed in Ghost. I told her yes. I asked her if she passed away if she would come back and visit me, and with the most sincere voice she replied " of course I will".




Teacher Ghost




I have read many ghost stories most in disbelief, however the one i have to tell is true i swear on my grandmothers grave. One cloudy tuesday evening on a cold september day, me and my friend had to stay back after school to help clear up after a parent-teacher conference. The nights had just started geting darker and the fog had set in across the field, as we stared out of the window from our top floor class room. Our school was about 75years old built next to a cemetry. I asked my friend to go get me some cloths to wipe down the tables form the closet down stairs, she left the room and hurried down the stairs.  By now everyone exept Mr Graves our maths tutor had gone home, he was in his office across the hall from the room i was in. I was stood alone for what seemed like forever, when i started to hear tapping coming from the window. At first i thought nothing of it... until it became louder and continued to get faster. I turned quickly to the window to see an old woman with long white hair and blood streaming from her head, her hair was stained red with blood her eyes were wide and bloodshot. I had never witnessed such a sight i froze with fear and couldn't take my eyes off her. Her hand rose to the window and she cried out in pain, then as quickly as she appeard she vanished. I told many people of my story, and i soon found out that an ex-teacher committed suicide 50 years ago that day, from jumping out the window which i had seen her appear!




Haunting on Staten Island




I live on Staten Island in a very old house. We have seen several ghosts over the past three years. An old man in a bowler hat is often seen walking around the first floor. The house was a speak-easy in the 1920's and things are always crashing in the basement where this all happened. On the second floor a little girl is seen standing by the closet watching people while they sleep. She is dressed in a long black dress and wears a bonnet. She never moves and is never seen anywhere else in the house.

Crashing coming from the kitchen happens a lot, too. Cabinets, closets and draws open and close on their own. Two disembodied voices can be heard late at night coming from the kitchen having a friendly conversation. Then there is the backyard where you can often see lights flash across and recently things have been tossed around that the wind couldn't have picked up. Last night I even heard a little girl screaming in the backyard, at the same pitch and volume for an hour as though it was a record that was skipping. I asked the people who use to live here if they ever heard or saw anything and they described the same apparitions and strange occurences as we are experiencing. They are becoming more frequent the longer we live in the house.






Father Malachi Martin




Fr. Malachi Martin, was for years, the Vatican's front line exorcist.  Most instances, he said, "were not hauntings of buildings, but of people."  He wrote a book, among his many, called "Hostage to the Devil" the Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans."  He is one of the few Jesuit priests to have been given access to ALL Vatican archives, this permission given by Pope John Paul.  He states that demonic possession has never changed, but we have changed.  Our society has created a favorable climate for the occurence.  He consistently warns throughout the book to not to try to conjure these demons, as they are very dangerous.  Possession is real, and there are real prices to be paid.  He also states that since 1976, demonic Possession has become real entertainment.  Unfortunately, we have created a cultural desolation very conducive to these spirits.  He also states that due to this condition, young people are far more likely, and are generally defenseless.  He states this is NOT magic, or paranormal.  It is real.  To compare spirit with the elements of our lives and material world, which it can and sometimes does manipulate for it's own ends, is a fatal mistake, but one that is very often made.  Eerie sounds can be produced by spirit - but spirit is not eerie sound.  Objects can be made to fly across the room, but telekenesis is no more spirit than the material object that was made to move.  He says "one man, whose story is told in this book, made the mistake of thinking otherwise, and he nearly paid with his life when he had to confront the error he had made.  This stuff is nothing to fool around with.

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