What is in the closet?


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I have read many of your stories and decided it was time to tell mine. This was many years ago and in Plano, Texas on (get this) 420 Apollo road. The house was a corner lot and green but from the beginning things weren't right! When I first entered the house in the first bedroom I reached I found many satanic books strewn around the room ( my spelling is just as bad as most). Also, weird at the end of the hallway of the house was were what looked like a book shelf closed off as I entered the next room the bathroom was competely boarded and had to be pryed with a hammer to get in (this became my mothers room) the third bedroom was to be my sisters and I. One night my mother was on a date and we were three sisters left to be good and take care of each other by the way their was many cold spots but lets get back to the story…I was watching the stars in the driveway on top of a yellow orb every night it seemed three lights would pass across the field from our house and disappear you could hear dogs howling as if someone was beating them I wonder if this still goes on. Anyway, I went to bed early as all three of us had. During the night my sister who had her own room shook me awake telling me she saw someone in the house. You must believe me when I tell you I was pissed that she woke me up and asked to trade rooms with me but I thought you know I don't mind sleeping in my own room cool lets switch. I immediately noticed the chill in her room and the closet door wide open and when I turned the lights out I saw what looked to be yellow-reddish eyes and hoved feet looking from the closet I felt scared but got the nerve up to close the door. I actually remember falling to sleep fast like putting your head down and bam your out. Last I remember I woke up what really felt like I had one of the best sleeps ever to a police office standing at the foot of my bed. I looked at him as why are you here kind of thing and he explained that our oldest sister had called and that she saw a shadow in the hallway so, we all were carted out to the living room and us sisters sat there on the couch with me holding the dog and being pissed that I was really enjoying my sleep. As, I was brushing off the sleep I noticed that their was loud banging noises coming from the attic and just a month earlier I had been up their with my brother helping install installation and knew their was nothing in the attic it sounded like loud wind and boxes being thrown. I also, noticed the officers I think two maybe three wouldn't go into the attic and would just dismiss the noise when they came back to the living room they gave their card and what not to my sister and told her to call if anything else occurred. It, did.  Might I tell you know that the previous owners of the house were bikers and something happened in the garage and family members were killed just a side note mind you. Their was not even a breeze outside you could beg for one but anyway to the story after the police left I scorned my sister for waking me up and as I was still holding the puppy proceeded to go back to bed as I was walking toward the hallway to my room I looked down and so that our dogs eyes were wide and stooped with absolute fright shaking I stood between the living room and hall way looked up and saw the black shadow that my sister was talking about going straight across and the rest of the shadow on the refridgerator side. I couldn't move and just about then my sister pulled me by the arm out of the house my other sister stayed but that was a horrific nightmare the puppy died two-weeks later with a broken neck. To this day and more happened I will never forget. Thank you, for letting me tell this encounter. 







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Dad was told he had cancer in May of 1999. He had always taken care of my mom. Mom had been sick most of my life. Dad passed away July 14 of 1999. The ball was dropped in my lap into what to do with mom. She had always asked me not to put her in a nursing home. So I left my job and brought mom to live with me and my husband Sam.

The night my dad died we went back to my parents house to stay . My son Brad and my husband got a beer and went out to the patio to set. My dad had never drank a beer with Sam and Sam took the beer and made a toast to my dad saying " here is to the beer we never had together Walter"

at the time they popped the cans of beer the 2 coach lights on the garage flashed blue and shots of blue came from them and they went out!

Sam and Brad never did take a drink of their beers.

After the funeral and we was able to put our thoughts together. We brought mom to our home to live. We have a manufactured home no one had ever lived in it but us. Things had been so crazy in our lives that I felt I had not been giving my husband the attention he needed. So I made a bed in front of the TV after mom was put to bed and a little soft music . Things started to heat up when we heard this very loud thump on the wall beside us. At that same time my mom says in a loud voice " did you just see a man coming down the hall way" ?

Needles to say the night was over for Sam and I. A week later Sam and I had been in bed when Sam says  " Deb, Deb all I could say was I see it. There was a shadow on his side of the bed and then moved to my side. We couldn't believe what we had just seen.

The next morning my mom says to us " did you see your dad last night" we both said, yes. The phone rang and it was my son who was with a friend down in Southern Illinois. He says MOM , last night I woke up and grandpa was standing over me right by my bed. The only thing I could say was I know he was here also. Now during this time mom became very sick and was put into the hospital. She was put in a room across where my dad had been . She said, she heard him calling her and got out of bed and tried to walk to the room across from hers. She fell and broke her arm. I woke up at home to our ceiling fan lights on and the fan on high speed. The phone rings and its the hospital telling me of my mom breaking her arm.

Other strange things started to happen like lights coming on in parts of the house. TV coming on.

I think the strangest of all was New Years Eve of 1999. My dad had always been so worried about the year 2000. He was worried what if mom wasn't able to get he pills and her insulin shots. Sam had to work and I was watching  a show on TV. When the clock struck midnight the movie I was watching that was in color,  went to a black and white room with two men in it. There was a desk and both men had on the same cloths. One man looks at the other and said, ARE YOU MR WILSON? THE OTHER MAN SAID, YES I AM. My parents last name was Wilson. This froze me to my chair not being able to move. Then the movie I was watching was right there before my eyes. Back in color.

I was hit with the flu bug really bad in the winter of 2000. As I lay there in bed crying because I just could take care of mom as I felt I needed to I felt this soft kiss on my lips and a hand touch my cheek. Mom was in her bed and couldn't walk and I was the only other person there.

Mom started to see someone setting beside her bed at night. She had a potty chair in her room. she said, the man would set there for hours and look at her.  One night she screams out SAM < SAM < SAM oh god he is pulling me by my arm. As we run to her room and turn the light on you could see the fear in her eyes. Sam asked her where the man was and she says right beside you by the stairs. We didn't have stairs in our home. I felt so bad for mom as I started to think Dad was there to take her with him.

I called a paranormal group from southern Illinois to come to the house but was ask by my son not to do this. Things was just to far gone in my mind. And I needed help to keep my mind.

Mom was put in the hospital so Sam and I cold take a break. She had a stroke the next day and was in coma. I was at the hospital everyday with her. The fourth of July came upon us and I told Sam I was not going to the hospital that day. As he was getting ready for his 2nd shift job  I started thinking yes I will go even if it was for a short time. I got to the hospital around 4:00 pm and was setting there holding her hand  and she passed away. I think she was waiting on me to come to her so she wouldn't die alone. As she was taking her last breath mom looked to the door, open her eyes and smiled. All the pain that had aged her face all those past 35 years was turned to a soften and free of pain. She was with daddy and I new it in my heart.

Dad and Mom had been married for 50 years. During that year I tried to get grass to grow on dads grave it wouldnt do anything just dirt. After mom was laid to rest beside him the green grass grew. Dad Died ....July 14, 1999.. Mom Died....July 4, 2000

God I miss them both. But I no they are both watching over us together now. Strange thing still happen from time to time and I just kind of give a smile and say OK< I will be careful.

You see its not the first time I have had things happen to me like this. It has happen most of my life. Its like I draw a power knowing someone is going to pas away in my dreams or a smell. I would love to talk to you about these things.





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My father lives in my grandmother's old house and he is taking care of my cousin. Before he got my cousin I would always go over there to feed his dog while he was at work (on the nights he worked late, he'd call around 11 pm and tell me to go feed his dog) well I would, on occasion, go through the house instead of around the house to the back door, and when I would, my father's bedroom door would SLAM shut, or I would feel something like a "sheet" move past my arm or my face. I never have actually SEEN anything but the sounds are unbelievable. I do not believe in ghosts, or I should say I didn't until this last few months. Even-though I said I haven't really seen anything, I do believe that at one point in time there was a child like figure watching me clean my car one day back in August. My father had blinds on his windows, and for a while they were half way up the window and during this period of time I would THINK that I seen a little child peaki down at me but when I would blink, it would no longer be there. In September, I was going to my father's to get some DVDs to take back with me to my dorm room, and I hear what sounded like someone running backwards and forwards upstairs in the bedroom area of the house. THAT was just plain SCARY so like the lil' scared shit-less, all the time in the night. person I am , I slammed the door behind me and didn't stop running until I reached the sofa in my basement. I haven't been the only person to hear it either, my mom heard it one night, so my dad asked her if she heard it and her words to me were, "how can I not hear it, it's right above my HEAD........do you hear this all the time?!" and according to her, my dad had said that he was used to it, that he hears it all the time. He thought it was rats but that house is completely clean of any animals at all.

When I was a child, my father told me that my aunt had seen a woman in a white dress floating above her bed, but when she realized that my aunt was looking at her, she floated up and through the ceiling into the upper level of the house. I cannot remember how many times someone's actually seen a woman in white float through solid objects such as the refrigerator, walls, doors, and etc. This house is one HAUNTED house, and I know I'll never stay over night there without SOMEONE ELSE there with me.

Thank you for your time, and for reading this e-mail. This house is haunted. That I know for a fact. I know that when you're perfectly sane, your mind doesn't play tricks.





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My family bought a house on Park Ave. in the 1970s. My sister and I were the only ones in the house one evening ,in the den when the door handle slowly turned, the door opened , a cold draft wafted in and the door closed again all on it's own. We also heard an old man praying in the front upstairs bedroom and hav seen a white dog running down the upstairs hallway.

In a related story I was at the hundred anniversary of Bostian Bridge in '91. No people saw any ghosts but the 2 dogs that were present started barking toward the tracks at 3 am.



Military Barracks


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I deilver papers at Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor NY. There old Millitary Barracks.

When I was in one building to drop off a paper, I was walking up the steps to the apartment when  I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and nobody was there. As I started back down the steps I saw a figure walking downstairs in front of the door. He was dressed as an old army soldier and hand his rifle over his shoulder. As I walked down the steps toward the door, he turned and looked at me, as I went to open the door it opend by it's self. Ever since then when I have been in that building I have gotten the feeling like I'm being watched or fowlled by someone. It's not a bad feeling, it's a very safe feeling. I feel that it's an old soldier still doing his job, like he did back during the wasr of 1812.

Sackets Habor, NY is knowen to be filled with history from the war of 1812. There are a lot of old buildings in Madison Barracks that are being remoldled. It's been said that a man with a light can be seen on one of the belconies. I drop a paper at another buliding, I believe this is where the man with the light is seen. I feel very safe when I'm at Madison Barracks, because I know I'm being watched over by the long since dead soldiers, who once lived there. I believe they still patrol the Barracks to this day, to keep them safe. I know their watching me and are keeping me company, when I'm in the bulidings that are now used for apartments. I would like to hear from anyone who has ever been to Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor NY.



Polite Ghost


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hey yall, its me again. same old house but a new story. my mamal was up visiting from georgia and wanted to sleep downstairs. well, those of you who have read my writings knows that that is where all the " bumps " are , but we didnt tell her any different.

 the next morning she came into our room and said,

" i was getting ready for bed and put my glasses on the table beside me, when all of a sudden, they moved themselves to the other side. i just stared for a second, then told whatever it was to put them back, i needed them to see in the night to go to the bathroom, and sure enough, they moved right back in their place."

her words.... not mine. but it was nice to know that " sam " had the decency to put things back when asked. thank you for reading





Man in Photo


By: carel@nida.co.za


I was about 7 - 8 years old when this happened to me.  We ( my brother and I) were visiting a friend who lived on a farm.  After breakfast we headed of the the old barn where we, as boys would attemp to build a go-kart.  About 30 minutes into the construction an old man by the name of Johannes aproached us and started assisting us in the construction of the vehicle.  Upon complesion, we ran back to the farm house to reveal our go-kart to his dad.  His father commented that we as children ( being only 5,7,8 me being the oldest) could not in a milion years construct such a contraption.  He then asked if we had any help, whereto we replied that an old man by the name of Johannes helped with the construction.  Course there was no man by that name living on the farm.  We left it there and entered the living room.  As we all were sitting around ( His parents included) I looked up and noticed the old mans portrait hanging on the wall.  I walked over to his father and convirmed with him that the man on the wall was the same man that helped us build the kart.  As all three us children aggreed on this, they laughed and replied that that was his great grandfather who passed away more than 20 years ago.............  I'm 18 years of age now and till today when I visit Richard, we talk about that day and yes the portrait is still hanging there.  In the meantime they have added 2 new siblings who are according to them also interacting with old Johannes.




Ghost Bound


By: charlotte.arthur@sympatico.ca


My sister and her husband have lived in this house with their children for 7 years now and wierd things have happened over time, I will mention a few things.  One was when my brother-in-law was alone in the house and he was sleeping, and felt a cold air in the room, the next minute he feels a real pressure on his stomach and sees a mist near him, this was to let him know the family is not alone, I think, another was a worker was doing their basement and he heard footsteps upstairs when no one was home, then a year later I was there for two weeks visiting and everyone was in bed asleep, I was just about to fall asleep, when I heard someone fall down the stairs, this was not a sound of a child and my sister and her husband were sleeping, the next dayI spoke to my sister and she told me everyone was asleep, and then she told me some woman died falling down the stairs waiting for her husband to come home, she died of her injuries, and the last incident happened two months ago, I was watching tv and I heard footsteos walking down the stairs and into the bathroom, the tap went on, I assumed it was my brother-in-law so I did not think of looking, but just as the footsteps went upstairs I saw no one there, I went up to ask Pete if he went downstairs to wash his hands and he said he was upstairs all the time, I told him what happened and he said it is not the first time this has happened, this house is bad luck, everything breaks down or animals are living in there, they are thinking of moving next year and to this day I am scared of stayin there.




My 2 Experiences


By: hardrockcajunpirate@gmail.com


I live in Luling, Louisiana, a town 30 minutes outside New Orleans that is about as fun as a retirement home. I've lived my entire life and in 20 years I've had two experiences.

The scariest happened when I was about fourteen or fifteen. I was staying at my friend Corrie's house with my cousin Davlyn. Corrie lived in low income housing-it was a really old and small place. We were sitting in the living room one night just talking. It was summer and it's very humid down here, so there was a fan blowing directly on us. I was sitting on a table, Davlyn was sitting in an armchair facing the hallway. We were bored and taking Polaroids. I took one of Corrie and Davlyn standing by a dollhouse. When it developed, there was this strange fog next to Corrie's face. It looked like someone had poured acid on the picture, but no one had. Almost seconds after that, Davlyn screamed. I looked to see what she was screaming at and immediately starting howling too. There was this tall black figure in the hallway. It was blurry, but I could see that it was wearing sort of a 20's style fedora and long black coat. It's face was shaking and let me tell you, it didn't look happy. So, all three of us ran like hell for the door. The fan shut off by it's own. We started pulling on the door, screaming our fool heads off. We didn't dare look behind us but there was this sense of great pressure in the room, like it was bearing down on us. All three of us were yanking on that door, but it wouldn't come open, and those locks weren't on. We finally got it open and hauled butt down the street. We turned around and saw the black shape in Corrie's window. We ran a few blocks down to where my Nanny lives and slept by her place, if we could sleep at all. The next morning we went back to Corrie's, feeling safe since it was daylight. There was no sign of any disturbance in the house, but when we opened Corrie's closet, there was a black fedora and coat on the floor. Corrie was a cheerleader. She didn't own those things.

The second, more mild event happened about 5 months or so ago. My friend Scott and I decided to go take pictures at a Thibodeaux cemetary, since I enjoy photography. It was a very, very hot day. We walked around the cemetary until we found an open tomb. There was two compartments in it and the bottom one was very deep.  There was a board blocking the bottom half of the tomb. I looked at it and saw that there seemed to be a water stain that was the shape of what seemed to be a pregnant woman. (picture attached) Scott is a daring sort of person so he decided to get into the bottom half of the tomb to take a picture. I agreed and he got into it. There was a small box at the back of the tomb (there were no coffins, obviously) and Scott said that when he touched it, the hair on the back of his neck stood up and he turned freezing cold. Even from where I was standing, I got cold, and mind you, this was a Louisiana summer day. Since that day I haven't gone back to that cemetary, but I believe in ghosts like I believe in God, and that's saying something.



Haunting In Grandma's Iowa Home


By: KEVCPRATT@aol.com



My grandmother's house in Ottumwa, Iowa, always seemed a bit spooky to me when I visited it every year as a child from my home in Michigan.  It was not a terribly old house, but it was perched up high upon a landscaped double terrace and there was a thick, brooding forest across the street.   My grandmother had lived there for decades with her middle-aged son, my uncle, who suffered from some ill-defined mental problems.  It was not a particularly happy home.  But my mother insisted I pay them a visit every year and I complied.

When I visited, I was usually placed in the room that I liked the least, an upstairs bedroom that seemed ordinary yet always made me uncomfortable.  When I was in that room, I had the definite sensation of being watched.  I could never really relax there.  In fact, one year the tensions built up so severely that I experienced vague, but severe, pains in my stomach and I wound up in the hospital for three nights.  Those pains never occurred at any other time of my life.  The doctors had no explanation for the cause.

The last night that I ever spent in that house was by far the scariest.  In the middle of the night, I was awakened because my bed was shaking very roughly, practically flying off the ground.  I sensed a spirit hovering above my bed, but I could not see it.  In an act of bravery, I struck the invisible entity with my fist.  The shaking immediately ceased.  I lay in bed, still scared but also vigilant, until daybreak.  When I walked into the kitchen, my mother looked at me and remarked humorously, "You look like you've seen a ghost!"  I must have still been pale and shaken by the incident.  Not wanting to upset my grandmother, I said nothing about the experience.  My mother and I drove home to Michigan that morning.  The next time I stayed in Ottumwa, many years later, I stayed at a comfortable motel.

I'm glad that I had made an effort to "fight" the ghost.  Ghosts enjoy scaring us; it can be like a game for them.  But that doesn't mean that we humans have to play along.  We do not have to consider ourselves helpless in an encounter with the supernatural.  If we choose, we can give them a scare!




Encounter with a London Underground Ghost?



By: anonymous


I have just returned from travelling on the London Underground railway (we call it “The Tube” – Americans would call it “The Subway”).  I changed trains at Leicester Square and managed to get on board a southbound Northern line train just before the doors closed.  As I sat down I realised that there was only one other person in the carriage.  I took no notice of him and started reading my newspaper.  As we approached the next station (Charing Cross) I looked up and realised that I was alone.  I have tried to tell myself that the other person had got off the train but of course he couldn’t have,  as the doors remain closed until the trains stop in a station.  London Underground trains and stations are reputed to harbour several ghosts,  and despite my often voiced scepticism, I am now wondering whether I encountered one of them.







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I had a red healer puppy named Ali. She was the runt of the litter and was born with a weak heart. She was my little angel. She was a ball of energy just for me;she would lay around and sleep when I was not around. When I ended up with the flu, I was so sick I couldn't even get out of bed. My little Ali would lay right next to me and cuddle as best she could. I ended up with a very high fever and one evening Ali gently crawled up on my chest and layed her head on my shoulder. The next morning I felt good enough to get out of bed and go watch tv. Ali climbed up on my lap and slept. She was 9 months old when she passed to the next plain. Every year when I end up with a cold, I wake up sometime during the night with the feeling of her on my chest. I consider her my guardian angel.



2 Ghost Stories


By: dkmgirl13@hotmail.com


Before I tell you these storys I will go over a little backround. I live on one of the oldest streets in America and years ago in Salem Witch times actully before Salem Witch times Giles Corey beat Jacob goodale a farmhand to death. Also there is a cemertary on the corner of wildwood drive and Goodale st which is where my first story begins. Me some friends and my neighbor and his brother decided after going to the streetlight (that is my second story) to go to Needhams cemetary we joked along the way my neighbors brother being an idiot banged on streetsigns and kicked leaf bags. Before we reached the graveyard I was more scared of police then ghosts since it was about nine pm. We got there and I took pictures of gravestones including Sally Morses the little girl who haunts the area and got nothing. My friend took a picture of one of the windows in the house next door ( a modern tropy home but it was built on haunted land) when I heard her say " Oh my god what is that" another on e of my friends said "It's moving!". It was an orb and we caught it on camera. We started to hear noises from behind some of the gravestones near the rock wall. My neigbor said we should leave so we did and my grandfather picked me and some of my friends up (two wanted to walk home with my neighbor and his brother) when we where all back and started eating pizza and throwing m&m's at each orther my neighbor said he had seen a ghost him and his brother had seen a little girl with long hair staring at us crouched behind the tiny rock wall staring.

Now my second story that started early that same evening when my neighbor said lets go to the light it was a haunted street light that turns off when people stand under it and once he saw a dark figure in the tree. So we cut though peoples yards one guy threatend to call the police if we cut though his yard again and saw the light right past a small graveyard and sure enogh it turned off when we got near it . I thought it was just defected but you never know.




Sighting in the Dorm


By: crazyhorse96333@hotmail.com


Well first of all I would like to say I think your site is cool and well I have never thought that I would ever tell anyone about my storie except for my friends. But I think this site is legitimite enough so I will entertain you with something that happened to me.

In 2001, I was going to school In Rosthern, Saskatchewan. This school has been around for more then 100 years, so it is pretty old. The school has a set of dorms in the back where the students can eat and sleep and make many friends. I guess there were a couple of stories going around about how the dorms were haunted in the girls side.

It was said that there was a girl that hung herself on the third floor in room 313. I guess one time a girl got up late one night to go to the bathroom and she got a weird feeling and looked down the hallway and saw a girl walk from the room at the end of the hall to the bathroom (which is in the middle of the hallway).

Anyways, that's one story but I have heard many others, and felt that I have witnessed an encounter myself.

My friend and I were told about a specific night where if you stay at the dorms you will see a ghost or at least feel a presence. We weren't really believers, well I don't think my friend is too much, but I always have believed and still believe in the paranormal.

So, we stayed at the dorms on 03-3-2001, and we stayed up until 3 a.m. or later. We were hungry so we went up to the third floor and made some food at the microwave at the end of the hall. We were talking and at this time it was about 1 or 2 a.m., and we figured we would walk down the hall to the back end and see if we could see anything, but we didn't but when we got to the end of the hallway and started down the back stairwell we could hear the dormroom doors sound like they were being closed. So we kept walking to the second floor and we just figured it was the Deans coming to check on everyone. So we went to our bedroom and had our food, then around 3 we started to feel hungry again, so we decided to go back up to the third floor. Well this time we were a little more scared about the noises because when we were microwaving our food we suddenly heard soft music coming from down the hall, so we went to go see where it was coming from and my friend stopped at the first door and said she couldn't hear it anymore. I went afterward to see if she was just making it up but she wasn't and we listened hard to see if we could still hear it, but we couldn't until we went back to the microwave. So then we were talking again and we suddenly heard the doors at the end of the hall sound like they were closing again, so we checked down the hall and didn't see anyone. After that we kinda started to get spooked and we quickly walked down the hallway to the back stairwell and then down to the second floor. Again we heard the doors closing and we figured it was just the Deans again checking but we waited for a bit to see if they would come to the 2nd floor but they didn't. We just figured it was the wind after that and went into our room and talked. We grew silent after awhile and we could hear the doors on the second floor near the end of the hall (were we just came from) start to close. So we, went and stood by the doorway and were looking out I looked down the hall toward the back stairwell and my friend looked the other way, then we switched sides and looked the other way but we still couldn't see anything. Then I looked back at the backstairwall and suddenly I saw a white half circle in the window at the end of the hall. I thought i was imagining it so I looked down to the other end to see if it was our own reflection but from the angle, it wasn't. So I looked back at the stairwell and the form moved right into the middle of the window so I could clearly see the form of the head and shoulders. It also had stripes on its chest that looked like our rugby shirts that we wear for school, but I don't really know if I was just imagining it cause it was so late at night or if it really happened.

So anyways after that I freaked and told my friend to close the door and lock it. We jumped on her bed and I just sat there shivering uncontrollably and the hair on the back of my neck wouldn't go down for over a couple hours, I even scared my friend cause she couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I told her what had happened. We finally went to sleep and then in the morning we were getting ready for the day and I was going to go to the washroom, when I had the urge to look at the ground. When I did I noticed the little white flakes from the ceiling all over the floor, weirder yet they were perfectly set in-between the door of the bathroom and the bedroom door. We looked at the ceiling and didn't see any signs of people dragging their hands along it, so we couldn't figure out why the flakes were like that, but we suspected that maybe I wasn't just imagining things.

So that's my story and if you don't believe it that is fine, I don't think many people do, so that's why not too many people know about it. If you have anything to say about it, that would be great, but if not, thanks anyways for listening, or reading I guess.




The Kings Field Gym


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I was 17 years old at the time and I lived on the post at Fort Riley, Kansas.  The way the post is set up is the new side, where all of the lower ranking soldiers and their families lived.  And the historical side where all the Officers and their families lived.  I lived on the new side with my mother and her husband.  It was late September and my next door neighbor worked at the Kings Field Gym located in the historical part of the post.  And he had been telling everyone for weeks that there had been strange happenings going on when he would close the gym at night.  He said it all started when he started to talk to Col. Patton, who had died nearly 20 years before, in the basketball court and tell him how bad the army has become.  And he would do that night after night until he weird things started to happen like the lights coming on when he had just turned them off, or visa versa.  I didn't believe him, so he took me there one night.  We went in and all the lights had been turned off.  There's an excerise room about 20 ft long 50ft wide on the second floor that over looks the basketball court on one side and over looks the racket ball courts on another, and the other two sides are filled with windows that over look the street and parking lot.  It was around dusk and the sun had just set, so it was still light outside. But when we went up to the second floor, we could see anything, and when I mean anything I mean it was so dark that I couldn't see my hand 2 inches in front of my face.  I started to freak out a little bit and told him that we shouldn't go in any further, I just had this bad feeling.  So we went back to the first floor and began to cross the basketball court to the far exit behind the building.  We could see the excersise room from the basketball court just fine.  As we crossed and made it to the other side, the sound of a pebble being thrown across the floor echoed through out the court and I was like, ok, it's time to go.  But my neighbor noticed that there was a service on that was shinning through the ceiling right above us, and course he had to check it out.  He didn't find anything except for the fact that the light was on and he couldn't explain it.  As we exited the building, the church across the street began to toll and the full moon behind it with cloud crossing over it made for one creepy ending to that story!  And as we were driving we also noticed that across the street, next to the church was Patton Hall.  My neighbor said he'd never noticed that before.  We also noticed that there is a street lamp right next to the corner window where the excercise room is, but we didn't see any light all while were up there.  Creepy.  




Williamsburg Independent School


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I just wanted to share something that happened to me 2 nights ago. At about 10:30pm i was up at the school parking a car. I pulled my car up to the curb to empty some garbage out of my car. The whole school was completely dark but out of the corner of my eye i saw something glowing on the top floor. i looked up and there was a woman staring down at me. The way that she looked at me completely gave me cold chills all down my body. Her face was completely white and her hair was long and very black. I looked at my friend and asked her if she saw something in the window up above me and she said no. So i ran to get into the car and we left. We circled back around and she wasn't there anymore still.  There have been many reports of this school being haunted. It was built on a graveyard and many people believe that not all of the bodies were taken up. Two days later i came to school and a girl came up to me and said that she was telling her boyfriend(who goes to college now and i don't talk to) about what i saw.. she hadn't got to the description yet and he interrupted her. He said that about 2 years ago him and his friend  were riding around town and they went by the school and it was completely dark until they saw the staircase. He said that there was a pale woman with really dark hair standing there. They both saw her. Then they came back around and she was go When my friend heard him say that she freaked out because that sounded like the same woman that i saw. Now i have researched this and talked to many people. and there isn't anyone that works at our school at night that has dark long hair like that. This has really affected me and every time i talk about it i get really bad cold chills and my eyes water really bad. Many people do believe me and many others think that i am weird.. but my teacher said that she has herself over the years heard several students talk about seeing something in that same room at night. I was also talking to some women from school that work there and they said that they were in the office one night really late and they were watching the monitors to the cameras and one of them looked at the other 2 and asked if they saw something in the monitor and they did.. They said that they saw a girl kneeling and praying outside. (As if at a grave) They went outside and there wasn't anyone or any trace of anyone being there.





A Disturbing Occurance


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I was about 16 years old ( i am 20 today) and living with my mother,her boyfriend, and my sister and brother in our small two bedroom apt. I had just gotten home from school and decided I would relax on the couch and read a book for a while to unwind from the pressures of being a normal high school student. I had had experiences with inhuman entities before but not for some time and never like this before. As i was reading silently to myself I began to drift off to sleep, but before I could close my eyes I looked over to see something strange going on. You know those tall skinny lamps people have that are about 6 feet high and and have like a bowl at the top with a light bulb inside. Well my mom had one  a few feet away and it began to lift up off the ground. When i realized what was going on I was shocked, but I didn't have time to take it in because after it had lifted a good foot of the ground it then began to swing left and right like a pendulum. I knew at that point that something wasn't o.k. And as soon as i could rationalize the situaton into an actual thought I became paralyzed and started to panic.For some reason I had no control over my body and suddenly coudn't move or speak. Then, out of the corner of my eye a black, smokey, shadowy figure emergered. It came out of my perifial vision into plane sight. This figure scared the crap out of me and I wanted badly to scream and alert someone in the apartment of what was happening to me but i couldn't speak much less move. The black figure seemed to talk to my mind and sounded as tough it were using a language unknown to me prior to this incident and its voice sounded like many voices all speaking at once yet saying the same thing. Blasphemy and evil things were spoken and I felt like i would suffocate. Meanwhile, I told myself that I was awake and to prove it I started to move my eyes  over to the direction of the  clock on the wall. I began watching the time go by...I min, 2 min., 3 min., I wanted this to be over when I remembered something my grnadmother told me when i was young. At that time i had no idea why she was telling it to me. She said if i ever come in contact with an evil spirit or a demon, to say the name of Jesus Christ and the spirit would have to leave. Apon realizing this I said in my mind " help me jesus" " jesus christ" and all of a sudden like nothing ever happened, the thing was gone and the episode was over. I felt myself able to move and felt relieved that I could speak. I was sweating and still watching the clock. The whole thing had lasted no more than 10 min., but seemed like an eternity. The entity came back a few times after that and become sexually abusive. For some reason it always chose to show up when I was alone somewhere wether it be in my place or someone else's. Well, I'm 20 now and have been married for almost a year. I am also muslim now and every since I became a muslim and got married, i haven't experienced any thing from that particular entity anymore thank God.



A Promise Kept at all Cost


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I have always felt some odd connection to the spirit world.  Like somehow I have a deeper involvement than I know about.  I feel an odd connection to the past and often wonder if I lived another life in the past? I don't have any major encounter's like some of the stories I have read here but I still feel what I have experienced  is worth noting.  This is long because it has great sentiment to me and to do the experience justice you need the whole story.

My family history wasn't by any means the picture of perfection.  My mother was never very maternal and when I was a child I was fortunate to have my grandmother to provide me with love and nouturing.  My grandma Avis (my dads mom) lived with us when I was little. In England the cost of living is high and so when my parents married they purchased a house with her so that everyone could have a big spacious house.   Anyway my dad ran his own business and was never home.  I know he loved me very much but he was so driven to succeed and be wealthy--to live the wealthy lifestyle that it was all he did.  On many occasions he had asked my grandmother to "make sure Petra is O.k" as my mother would be side-tracked by her horses and animals.  I remember hearing this statement many times in the first 11 years of my life.

Now as you may of guessed my mother eventually tired of a marriage to a workaholic alcoholic and decided that she need to start a new life for herself and me in Canada.  So it was planned for us to leave and come to Canada.   I was excited about the move, the thought of hot summers and winter snow in Canada was very cool to an eleven year old girl who lives in rural Cornwall England.  

As the time approached I spent more time with my grandmother who was devastated that her only grandchild be leaving her.  I remember one morning my dad coming into my grandmas side of the house with me and saying "mom you'll take care of her right? I can always count on you to take care of her right?".  Both grandma and I had heard him ask this many times before and so she agreed as usual and he left for work after giving us kisses.

Later that afternoon I was playing house with my dolls in my grandmas caravan and listening to the song "fame" on tape. ( 1981) I suddenly had a thought ( it was very matter of factly) dads dead.  Just like that I thought it, and my response to the thought was nothing.  Like someone telling you "the toasts ready"  well of course the toasts done, I heard it pop.  I went back to what I was doing and about an hour later the police arrived to tell my mother and grandmother of my fathers suicide.   That moment in the caravan is etched in my mind some 25 years later, I knew all along and was not surprised by the thought of his death or the actual news from the police.

After all was done with we did still come to Canada, we had nothing as my father had made some bad business decisions and lost everything which was the reason for his suicide...pride. We left behind my poor grandmother with a husband lost to the war, no son, and no grandchild to seek comfort in.   I was twelve and really did not appreciate what she must of suffered in this dark time of her life.  I had a rough go of it over the next ten years of my life as grandma was across the ocean in the most important years to guide me.  We kept in touch of course and as the years passed and I grew mature we became close again as we where when I was little.  She wasn't like your typical "old lady"  she never passed judgement on my mistakes but instead encouraged me to learn from them and be stronger.  She saw me through some really dark hours when I thought my destiny would be the same as my fathers.   We spoke every other weekend on the phone.  She was overjoyed by the arrival of her first great grandchild James (one of those mistakes she never judged) and told me that she felt me growing stronger everyday.  Two years later I married James' father but she was too sick to travel for the wedding.  Then when our son was 3 I found out I was pregnant again, she was excited for us and again went on about how strong I was becoming with my husband  at my side.  As my pregnancy came close to end I told her I would call her as soon as I got out of recovery (caesarean births) and she said not to worry about that and to focus on the baby, she said you are so strong now, I'm so proud of you, and your dad would be proud too of the woman you have become.  It was a touching moment for me as my heart always ached for the father I never got to have.

One week later my grandmother died and my world fell apart.  One week after her death I gave birth to a baby girl and with this I found her again.

I came home from the hospital and sat nursing the baby in the rocking chair.  I felt a coldness behind me to the right and the hairs on my neck stood up.  It is the most intense feeling I have ever had in my life.  It was her and I have no doubt in my mind about that.  I spoke out loud and told her I knew she was there.  I fed that baby for the next month with that feeling around me.  Only in that chair.  I know why she was there.  She told my dad she would always take care of me and she did.  She spent her whole life thinking of me once he died.

I found out later that she had been sick for some time before her death but did not want to cause me worry.  She was 97 years old and I honestly think she lived that long because of that promise she made to my dad.  She came back after she died to make sure that I was o.k and that I had the strength to live out my life.  If I did not have that strength I honestly think her ghost would have stayed with me.  She only came around during the first moth of my daughters  life till she had the answer she needed.  She was right, I am strong.  I'm strong because of her love over the years.  I hope she has all the lost loves of her life back, her husband and my dad.  I still miss her and it was 4 years ago.

Amazing how love can have such power over us.

This is my long tale of love and in my heart I believe that there is still more to come.



Farmhouse Fright


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I was laying on my bed watching TV with my husband a few nights ago when I rolled over and asked "What?"

My husband gave me a strange look.  He asked me who I was talking to.  I told him my 15-year-old daughter had just called me mommy like she was going to ask me something.  She always calls me mama or mommy.  He looked at me strange again and told me my daughter had just left for the store and wouldnt be home for at least 20 minutes more.  I heard her voice clear and as if she were standing right behind me.

This morning, right at 6am, I woke to my 10-year-old daughters voice calling me mama loud and clear as if she were in my room and was looking for me.  I was in a dead sleep, heard that and sat right up.  I noticed that there were no lights on in the main floor of the house.  I went upstairs and saw her light on, called her and asked if she had just called me.  She told me she hadn't.  She was just climbing out of bed and even if she had called me from her bed I wouldnt have heard her from mine.




Another Story


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I wanted to thank you for posting my story....it's not everyday you can tell someone that and have them believe it......much less...put it on a website so others can see it.  I wonder if you have had much experience with all of the many sightings in St Augustine.  Many of the ghost stories there are not only shocking but amazing. 

I have another experience I would like to share with you.  It happened to a friend of mine and because I have shared an interest about phenomenon, she shared her story with me.  It happened several years ago while we were still in school around 1992 I believe.  She shared this with me after an episode at her own house which she also believed to be haunted by a little girl...I could share that story as well, but I don't want to come across as somone who is making this all up.  even to myself to have so many experiences without being a full fledged ghost hunter is pretty rare...maybe I attract them.  Anyways....the story she shared with me disturbed me very deeply....She told me one morning as she walked to the bus stop....back then we had to be at the bus stop very early..it usually was just before dawn.  Her bus stop happed to be about a half mile from her house.  She told me as she walked about half way she noticed a few things....the street lights which were usuallu on at this time were going out....it was still dark.....they started behind her..and then they started to all go out....having a slight fear of the dark already, she quickened her pace only to be stopped dead in her tracks by fear....she heard a voice whisper her name from somewhere off to the side.....she froze....but then got the courage to put one foot in front of the other, she began to walk again....then she heard it again....louder and more distinct....she froze again..this time she couldn't move at all...whatever it was had her frozen stiff....she turned to face it...not by her own power. what she described to me was to me the epitome of absolute evil...she described a man shape in the bushes....blackish in color with deep eyes....no clothes.....a voice that could stop time......I believe she was in the presence of an actual demon..she said that he started by saying her name again......he stared at her..almost straight through her....he told her that he had come for her......if it had not been for the car of a friend that stopped to ask her if she wanted a ride, I nelieve he would have taken her.  She told her friends mother about the figure, and she called the police..they came out and of course found nothing but a burned patch of grass where he was standing.....Until that day I had always believed that if you were singled out by a demon that wanted you ...there was nothing you could do to stop it...from that day...she has had no contact again by that same entity......




The Ghost Cat


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I can't really describe my experiences with ease, because most people in my own family say I'm nuts and things like that..But I've read all of your stories so I'll share some of mine.

The first experience I had was just after the christmas of 2004, I was watching tv in my brother's room. My room was 'attached' to my brother's, it was just a door at the end of his room. I'd left the door open, and it made me uneasy, it felt like there was something in there. (my brother wasn't home then) Suddenly, I heard heavy footsteps and breathing coming from in there. I tried to ignore it, but it just got louder. So I shut the tv off and ran downstairs.

I 'accidentally' fell asleep on the couch that night,  I was too afraid to go back upstairs. I woke up at 4 in the morning and my fat cat, Cajun was sitting on my stomach. I pushed him off onto the floor, when I noticed how cold the room was. My arm was covered in goosebumps and Cajun started acting funny. A transparent-looking cat appeared, and walked across the room, all the while looking at me. Cajun's fur was on end, so I knew that he saw it too. The ghost cat vanished suddenly, but the room remained icy cold..Maybe it was just the cold winter night, but I believe I saw something.

And that wasn't the last strange thing to happen..The ghost cat apparition appeared two more times, and items disappeared and reappeared. The most recent thing to happen was this: One day, I had gone up to my room to get something, when Heard it. It sounded like something was rummaging through the drawers in there. The door was closed so I couldn't see in, but I blamed mom. I opened the door, and the noised stopped..nobody was there.

My little sister told me once that she had heard a loud smashing noise once when she was home alone. She said that she had run downstairs to see what it was, but nothing appeared to be broken.

Me and my sister seem to be the only ones who have seen or heard this entity. But I believe something besides my family resides in this house.



These are My Stories



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We say that my house is haunted and here is why...  

One day my dad was home with my brother.  My two sisters, mom and i were shopping.  My parents don't think that ghosts are real and don't think of that stuff. 

My brother was upstairs on the computer, playing a computer game that he can't get away from.  My dad was downstairs in his work room making something (Can't remember).  Anyways he has a saw that has a guard on the end of the cord that so you can't start it, and it wasn't plugged in.  He has many other tools too.  All the sudden the saw started going and my dad told Chris to cut it out and stop turning it on.  My brother walked to the top of the steps and asked my dad "Wha are you talking about?   I have been up here the whole time."  So my dad walked in his work room and the saw was plugged in and running!!  He turned it off and stopped working rest of the day.

Another story...

One day my oldest sister just got home from high school.  My parents were gone and she was home alone.  She makes home-ade bread for communion Sunday at church and was making some just for the heck of it.  All the sudden she heard someone walking down our hallway so she went and checked what was up. She didn't find anything so she started baking again.  Then she heard someone talking in the living room.  So she set the bowl of bread on the door of the oven that was on and laying down so it was horizontal.  She went to go check and nothing, again.  She went back in and the bread was sitting on top of the stove and the oven door was shut!!!  She ran to church until my parents came home. 


My middle sister sleeps in our basement.  She has seen ghosts in our house before.  One night she was sleeping and awoke to a little girl standing on the end of her bed looking out the very small window at the top of the wall.  My sister wasn't scared at all, but when she told me what she looked like i got VERY scared.

She said she looked like she was 6 or 7 and she was wearing a white gown (actually all of her was white). She had long hair too but she never showed her face.  My sister said that she was never scared because she said that she has seen her a lot.  All the time.  I told my sister that one time I have seen her too.

I was downstairs watching TV.  It turned to a commercial and I had to go to the bathroom.  So i got up and was going to go into my sister’s room (downstairs she has a bathroom connected onto her room).  When i walked in I saw a girl with no feet floating there in the doorway with long hair and a gown on.< AN style="mso-spacerun: yes">  She wouldn't show her face then i turned around and ran upstairs.  My sister says she can here her do stuff at night.  It is really scary.                 Well those are all true stories. There is more but I will tell them later.        Emily K




The Red Brick House in Greenville


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The house located near the Flat River in Greenville has had three fatalitys. One shot himself in the type basement and another hung himself inside one of the bedrooms. The last died of a sudden desease. In the ball room a chair rolled across the floor and the same with a few toys. We checked to see if the floor was level and just like we expected it was level. Our doors started slamming, knocks on the wall, cold spots and many more. I expirenced something I will never forget in this house. Up our steps they creaked, every single one and voices saying "Who is this?". My stereo system blared suddenly as they were speaking. The stereo play "Highway to Hell" by ACDC. I checked the station and it suddenly unplugged. A couple years after I switched my bedroom and moved my stuff near a bathroom were a mirror was in sight. I took one glance at it and I saw a body, not dead but checking out its clothes and it was a person in a black tuxedo and suitcase. Then I looked away because the door slammed shut. I scared myself to sleep and the next day the door was open again with the mirror moved.



The Hensel Haunting


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My grandfather was in the Air Force so growing up, my dad and his siblings moved around a lot. When my dad was about 16 years old, my grandfather got re-located to a very small town called Hensel (which is near London,Ontario). They ended up living in the biggest house in Hensel; a mansion with a huge wrought iron fence going around it, a lovely nice cut green lawn and the house was pretty much eye candy for the locals and visitors of Hensel. So when my dad's family moved in, the real-estate agent let them know that the house used to be a funeral parlour circa early 1900's (explains why the house is so large). This didn't bother my grandma or grandpa (espescially my grandpa, a very stern,cold man). However, it wasn't long after they moved in that strange things started happening...

For starters, the house always had a "creepy feeling about it" (according to my grandma) and my grandma, dad,aunts and uncles all agree that the house was DEFINITELY haunted (my grandpa simply refuses to believe in anything supernatural so everytime we talk about the Hensel house he always scoffs at us and brushes all the ev ts off as "crap").

Strange things would happen like hearing clear,pronounced footsteps from the back-stair case (there were two staircases: the main one and the back one that led from the kitchen to the 2nd floor). My grandma says this happened frequently and she'd always wake up my grandpa to go check it out. He'd go and always come back reporting that all the kids were in bed so she must have been hearing things. Other things would happen like the lights going on in the living room in the middle of the night. The lights were the type that were directly on the wall and were very small, glass tear-drop shaped lights. Out of nowhere, they'd just come on. Since my grandparents room was on the 2nd floor and right at the top of the staircase, anytime the lights in the very big living room came on, they'd illuminate the whole stairwell, the 2nd floor hallway and of course my grandparents bedroom. This would obviously frighten my grandma since she knew everyone was in bed and of course she or my grandpa would go check it out and they'd find no one down there.

Another time my grandma said that she was lying watching TV in the family room one night when she heard a knock at the front door. She thought this was pretty strange since they have a doorbell but she figured maybe she didn't hear the doorbell over the TV. She heard my aunt Lori coming down the stairs to answer the door and after a few seconds Lori came in into the family room. My grandma asked Lori who was at the door and Lori said no one was there. They didn't think anything of this incident until it started happening frequently.My grandpa obviously brushed it off as just teenagers playing pranks but that theory went kaput when my dad was heading upstairs one night when he heard the same knock at the door. My dad went to answer the door but before he could open it, my grandpa came in the front door,startling my dad. My dad asked him why the hell he was knocking on the door and my grandpa replied that he wasn't. My dad explained to him that he just heard a knocking on the front door and my grandpa said that's totally crap because he saw no one there as he was heading up the front steps. This is when my grandma and my aunts and uncles really started to figure that the house was indeed haunted. Things started getting a little scarier because soon apparitions started to form. One night, my aunt Christine (who was about 5 at the time) ran crying into my Aunt Lori's room (who was about 11-12 at the time). She said that she was lying in her bed when suddenly a young boy appeared at the foot of her bed. Christine turned on her bedside table lamp, hoping the apparition would go away but he didn't. Christine (who is now in her late 30's) said that the boy was very sickly looking; pale,veiny and was wearing what appeared to be a nightgown. My aunt Christine said she was too terrifed to even speak and the boy was just staring at her and apparently mouthed the words to her "Am I Dying?". The boy then turned and left the room and that's when Christine noticed that the boy wasn't life-like...in the sense that he seemed to almost glide out of the room instead of walk. This happened a few other times to Christine but one that was very interesting was my dad (who is the oldest sibling) was babysitting his younger siblings (my aunt Lori, my twin uncles Bob and Bill, my aunt Christine and my Uncle Steve, who was a baby at the time). My aunt Christine said she was upstairs playing in her room when the young boy appeared in her doorway. Christine got up enough courage to ask the boy what his name was and the boy whispered in a shaky,weezy voice "Joseph Cremwall". The boy then turned and disappeared. This was the last time my aunt ever saw the boy but she did run downstairs and tell my dad what she saw. My dad mentioned it to my grandma when my grandparnets got home and my grandma said she'd look into it. My grandma asked the real-estate agent if she could check up on any re rds of a young boy named Joseph Cremwall who either lived in the house before them or was a boy whose body had been kept at the funeral parlour. The real-estate agent reluctantly agreed to check records and after a week or so she notified my grandma that indeed a 7 year old boy named Joseph Cremwall's body had been kept in the mortuary and his funeral was held at the funeral parlour in 1921. The boy had died of tuberculosis.

Other strange apparitions had been seen over the course of their 3 years living there, one of a teenage girl, a young woman and an older man. Heavy footsteps were heard on a regular basis coming from the back staircase and muffled talking and moaning could be heard coming from the basement. Things would happen like cold spots, getting goosebumps for no reason and hearing the TV go on in the middle of the night. The only thing that my grandpa will even admit to is that sometimes the aroma of copper (and if you'd ever tasted blood, it tastes like metal) would come out of nowhere. My uncle Bill said that one time the unexplicable taste of blood happened in his mouth and when he went to spit to see if maybe he actually was bleeding, there wasn't any blood but the taste was so strong, he actually vomited. The whole family (minus my grandpa obviously haha) says that on more than one occasion, they'd feel someone either tap their shoulder, grab their arm or touch their feet if they were lying in bed.

They lived in this house for 3 years and my grandma says that it was 3 years of pure unexplainable events and that there was no doubt in her mind that the house was definitely haunted!

Two years ago, my aunt Lori and uncle Larry were driving up to London, Ontario to visit my cousin Jordan at the University of Western Ontario. Lori decided they'd stop off in Hensel so she could show Larry the haunted house she lived in. They went to the house and lucky for them, the owners of the house (a young couple with 3 children) were very gracious and let Lori and Larry come in and look around. Lori finally got up the courage to ask the owners if they ever had anything strange happen in the house.. When the young woman asked Lori what she meant by that, Lori explained that when she lived there, they found the house to be haunted. The young woman's face grew very surprised and she and her husband admitted that they thought the house was definitely haunted too! She said that one day, a couple of days after they moved in, she was moving in a desk into one of the guest bedrooms and was startled to see the apparition of someone lying in the bed. She thought it to be one of her children and when she got closer she realised it was a young boy (and they have 3 daughters). The woman got too scared and backed out of the room yelling for her husband. When her husband ran upstairs, they both heard the sound of what they think to be a young boy yelling out "Don't leave me!". They approached the guest bedroom and when they looked in, the apparition was not there anymore. The woman claims this is the most bizarre thing that has happened, the others are just events of things like lights turning on for no reason, hearing heavy footsteps coming from the back staircase(!!!) and sensing a presence. My aunt Lori thinks that maybe the apparition the young woman saw was the ghost of Joseph Cremwall again.

Anyways I'm sorry that story is long but I wanted to include details for you. Hope you enjoyed it!:) It's pretty spooky.










By: Carol.Sheehan@state.ma.us


This might come under the above heading as a poltegeist, but here's a personal experience I had at my father's home in West Roxbury MA..  West Roxbury is part of the city of Boston, which is in the southwest corridor of the city and this also borders the town of Dedham.  Well this is what happened, it was during the winter of 2000 and I was getting ready for work one morning that I think that a poltegeist might have picked up a coffee mug which sitting on the second shelf against the wall.  Now mind you we do live down the street from a commuter rail station,but now train had gone by when this incident had occurred.

This coffee mug was somehow picked up and dropped onto the floor in our pantry, I was no where near the pantry when this had occurred.   Earlier that year my mother had just passed away in the spring of the year 2000, this may and may not have any significance to this occurance.  Although my mother did like to have cup of coffee and a cigarette as she read her books, she would read all night at our kitchen table or on the couch in our living room. 

I just thought this would be an interesting story to share with someone, any way its a good story for Halloween.




Oklahoma/Missouri ghost light


By: lfsim@gbronline.com


I have always loved ghost stories whether true or false they are always fun to hear.  I really believe there is something out there but never have been lucky or unlucky enough to have had my own experience with the supernatural.  That is until I was about 20 years old (1990).  I had just watched an "Unsolved Mysteries" show on ghost lights and was amazed that after all I watch and read on supernatural occurrences that I had never heard of these.  I had told my friend "Terri" about the show because she likes that kind of stuff too.  Not a month or two later she returned from college in Northeast Oklahoma and she told me her roommate and some friends took her to see a ghost light and if I would come visit they would take me there to see it.  I was apprehensive when she told me and can't say that I really believed her too much.  I said ok and that was it.  The next visit I made up there they took me to a place way out in the boonies. Way out on the horizon was a light that looked like a street light that looked several miles away. We were on this back on the border of Oklahoma and Missouri and this light just was not that impressive.  We sat there for a little while and suddenly the light was getting closer.  Before I knew it, it was so near to the car that it had lighted the interior and I could see everything in the cars floor board with out any other light.  The trees outside the car were lit up and it was glaring off the car hood.  I was speechless!  In a flash the light had returned to its original spot looking several miles away!  It started dancing back and forth on the horizon and then to our amazement it started shooting little balls of many different colors out of it like a roman candle.  The little balls of light sort of shot out of the top of the large ball of white light and fell down the sides of the large ball extinguishing after a few seconds.  The little balls were red, yellow, green and blue and in no exact order as they came.  All the while the large ball kept approaching the car and would come all the way to the front edge of the car and illuminate the interior again and again but zip back to its original location after a bit.  It was so fast you didn't even realize that it had moved until you saw it way off again.  I asked my friend if it was always this active.  They said they had been out there several times and it had never shot off the balls of light before nor was it ever this active.  We were there for 45 minutes to an hour.  They said it only lasted about 20 minutes before.  I like to think it was showing off for me but even so it is the most spectacular thing I've ever seen!  I am not sure of the exact location of the place and my friend "Terri" said she always let her room mate drive so she is not exact on where it is either so I have not been able to go back out there.  "Terri" said the last time they went out there someone in a pick up truck chased them off and tried to run them off the road so she really doesn't want to go back anyway!  Oh well, I will never forget the night I saw my one and only spook light and it was great!!!!



My Grandma's House


By: dorothy.melendrez@swri.org


Hi again.  I submitted a story about the apartment I used to live in a few weeks ago, but I have another story about the house my family and I are currently living in, which is my grandmother's.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think the house my family and I currently live in may be haunted.  We've been living there almost two years.

First of all, my great-grandparents (my dad's grandparents were living there, then passed away at that house before I was born. Then, when I was 7 yrs. old, my grandfather passed away in the same house of cancer.  I remember that, because my parents and I spent the night there the night he died.  I'm not sure, but sometimes I think the house is haunted, and other times I'm not so sure.  It's been months since I've heard any noises or felt anything unusual, but that's how it's been.  Another important note:  my grandma doesn't live there, she lives with her boyfriend in Castroville (a small town 30 min. away).  She's only there every few weeks, and stays for one night, then goes back to Castroville.  Anyway, a couple weeks after we moved in, my husband said he wasn't sure if it was his imagination, but he sometimes heard footsteps in the kitchen late at night, after everyone was asleep, and he was the only one up.  I hadn't heard anything-yet, until a few weeks after he told me that.

Another thing that happened was I found a cabinet door opened in the laundry room, when no one had been in there.  My son couldn't have reached it, because it's too high.  Then early one morning, I heard noise in the kitchen/laundry room, and footsteps too!  I was really scared, too scared to investigate, so I just sat up in bed, and listened.  Of course, everyone else was sleeping.  My husband was also awake in bed one night (while everyone was asleep), and I happened to wake up too.  He asked me, "Did you see that?"  I didn't see anything, so I asked him what he saw, and he said he saw a something round and black hovering about 4 ft. from the ground in the doorway.  He said he thought it was a spider, but it was too big.  Then he said after a few seconds, it kinda vibrated and dashed away real fast.

He dismissed  as his imagination, due to the fact he was so tired, and so did I.  A few months later, my 7-yr. old son said he saw a "foot shadow"

floating back and forth in front of his door.  His door was closed, and we were still in bed, but he said he saw it through the crack under the door.

I told him he was dreaming, but he said he was awake, and insisted that's what he saw.  I've never SEEN anything directly, but occasionally I've seen a figure walk by in another room from my peripheral vision, when I know I'm the only adult in the house. (The figure is too tall to be my son, but a little shorter than my husband.)  And of course, when I look directly at where I saw it, no one is around.

I told a friend at work about my grandma's house, and she let me borrow her digital camera for the evening.  I took several pictures (all at night), and several orbs came out in some of the pictures.  I'll have to send those if I can find them.  In one of them, there's an orb that appears to have a face resembling my grandfather's!

Then late one night when my husband was away at a DJ gig, I was asleep and woke to the STRONG feeling that I was not alone in the room.  I didn't have a dream or anything, I just suddenly awoke, startled, and my heart was pounding.  It felt like there was another presence in the room with me, and I scanned the room good, but I didn't see anyone.  That was really weird, and I've never had that happen to me before.  I didn't like that feeling at all.  I felt scared.

It's been months since anything out of the ordinary has happened, but recently while I was lying in bed (my kids were alseep and my husband was at work), I kept hearing noises in the kitchen/laundry area again.  It took me a while to fall asleep, and I was a little scared.  I was worried someone was trying to get in the house, but was too scared to get up and look, so I took a golf club and put it next the the bed!  The weird thing is, we finally purchased a digital camera recently, and took several photos in the house, with no orbs appearing.  But, the pictures were all taken during the day.  I'm going to take a few pictures at night to see if anything comes out.  I asked my grandma about the house, and she said it's not haunted, and nothing's ever happened there, and she's never heard nor seen anything.  I even told my dad, and he says the same.  Does anyone have any ideas?






The Spirit Photo


By: medium12003@yahoo.com.au


This took place at my daughter's wedding in May 2005.

Her grandad died back in 1986 and I have felt him and heard him communicate with me a few times over the years. His side of the family are sceptics which is a pity because he has tried to communicate with them directly.

After the wedding ceremony both sides of the family posed outdoors for informal digital photos taken on my new camera. My sister in law (grandad's daughter) took 3 photos, seconds apart.

Weeks later I went to look at the photos to print out. I decided the first photo looked the best in the thumbnail sample so I printed that one. I looked at it and noticed a translucent white partial sphere next to my daughter -the Bride's- head! It has a slightly chubby shape to it and is at the height grandad was. The two photos taken seconds later don't have the sphere in them.

I did wonder at the time if it was my deceased dad in the pic or my father in law (grandad) but when I started showing it around I soon got the answer. I literally just met a Korean lady at the shops via a mutual friend and she took one look and said "It's your father in law, he looks like your husband" just like that! It made sense. The sphere appeared next to the bride, on the side of the in-laws and was snapped by the appropriate daughter!

Another week went by and I had  a dream that featured my dad who let me know he was aware of the wedding in a different way. I knew then that the sphere was indeed grandad.

We do get our messages in funny/strange/interesting ways.

Unfortunately, the in-laws are still sceptical, but that's the nature of scepticism, they deny any evidence in front of them. Over the years I have done many things to convince them that grandad exists post-death. Dreams, channellings, visions, verbal messages and synchronicities. Now there's a photo, perhaps the most precious of anecdotal proofs. Alas, I can't do more than that, grandad, but you are now on the wall along with the rest of the family.



Tales from the psychic realms


By: medium12003@yahoo.com.au


Memoir number 19 – the haunted office

We moved our business premises to another office in the same town. It had been built as a 2 storey house with the option of residential or office in the 1950s.

The previous owner/occupier was also a business and one of the rooms had been sublet to a counselling practice. There may have been several owners before that. We cleaned the place before moving in.

While I was cleaning downstairs I got a picture in my head of a thin, dark haired woman with a rather stern face. She gave me the nonverbal impression that I must get every spot of dirt up and gone. She was rather like a stern school ma’am from decades ago.

I didn’t tell anyone anything for a few days until a report got back to me that the painters had seen a face n the window during there lunch break from the other side of the street. The face appeared upstairs, and they knew that no one had entered the building while they were there. Their description matched what I had ‘seen’ psychically.

Then I talked about it. I found out later that the previous occupiers had secretaries who were afraid to work at night because they would hear noises like a broom handle banging on the ceiling (from upstairs) if they had the radio on too loud.

I felt that the room that was haunted was one that ended up, after a few years, being my husband’s office. I had already worked on the room by placing Scrabble letters in a circle and some lavender and asking the spirit to leave a message like her initials. I felt the initials were ND. The letters that had moved ever so slightly overnight were MB – similar and maybe correct, as when I "heard" the letters it could have been MB as it sounds similar. Later I went to see the spiritualist church leader from next door (someone I actually don’t have a lot of respect for) and she claimed the lady had died of stomach cancer in the late fifties and she confirmed my description too. she said the lady needed peppermint tea to soothe her (a bit late now since it was a spirit not a body !).

I didn’t sense anything after that.

A cleaning fetish and stomach cancer might go together since they describe and fanatical type of personality.

My husband’s own stomach played up more and more with work stress until he eventually left work. He drank a lot of peppermint tea to soothe his stomach. I haven’t heard any more about a haunting at that office.

Interesting confirmation of sightings at least.




I live in a Haunted House


By: drop_1_dead@yahoo.com


When I was little,about two years old.My family and i moved into a house in VanBuren,AR.We had the house built and while it was under construction my mother took some pictures.After the film came back my mother noticed that there was the shape of an old coffin in the ground.After six or seven years living in the house it started.In the middle of the night my sister heard footsteps going down tha hall.But when she looked no one was there.Then when i was moving into her room I had a sleepover.Everyone but my cousin and I went to another room.We both saw a shadow like figure go past the doorso she sat down beside me on my bed.THen out of nowhere we hear this sqeak coming from the other side of the room.It sounded like someone sat down on the other bed in my room.So we turned on the light and we saw dent in the beds mattress.About a month later the water in the kitchin sink came on by its self.Pictures fell and drors opened with no explanation.My mother even claimed that she heard the sound of children laughing and running down the hall.



Ghosts etc.


By: a_trailer_md@yahoo.com


I really love your website and have been debating sending you my story for some time. I have always been fascinated with hauntings and ghosts, but have never had any desire to have direct contact with them myself. However, recent events have confirmed that I have been in direct contact, whether I like it or not.

We came to the conclusion that our apartment was haunted shortly before we moved out. We had already made the decision to leave based on a number of other factors, but realizing it was haunted sealed the deal. We'd lived there for 2 years, and experienced stuff that can be chalked up to living in an old apartment, but we've experienced so much of it that it just doesn't make sense.

When we first looked at the place, I was not into it at all. I felt that it had a really creepy vibe and the landlady was crazy. But, my husband really loved the place. So, I agreed to move in and we both worked really hard to make it a home. The first day we moved in, some neighborhood kids had scrawled "This is the scary ghost house" in permanent marker on the front steps. It may seem silly, but it certainly gave me some reservations. We rented the whole first floor and the basement. I had been petrified of the basement since we moved in, and would not go down there alone for months. In an attempt to 'cleanse' the apartment we lit sage smudges and clapped out the corners, and we sprinkled holy water everywhere. I'm sure it helped, but I'm scared to think of how things would be if we hadn't done any of that. Every major appliance broke when we moved in. We had inexplicable computer problems. We could never seem to get the house 'clean'. We were burglarized TWICE. We're both people with lots of riends and we love entertaining - strangely, people wouldn't come to the apartment. Bands would stay over, but they always stayed over once and never came back. Whenever I put something down and then looked for it later, it was never where I put it, and I would spend 10 minutes looking for it before it re-appeared right where I put it down in the first place. Our bed shook in the middle of the night - which is FRIGHTENING. It always happened when I was almost asleep, and I tried to write it off as my imagination. We'd both had inexplicable health problems. We were constantly tired and worn out, and we become very depressed and negative.

Finally one morning, my husband confirmed all of my suspicions. I'd asked him before if he thought the house is haunted, and he always said 'no'. Uncategorically denied any such thing. So, I stopped mentioning stuff to him because I didn't want to freak either of us out any more than we already were. However, all the same things had been happening to him, and he confirmed that the bed shaky thing happened when I was out of town and he was sleeping alone, too. In fact, he has seen whatever 'it' is at the top of the basement steps at least 3 times. He describes it as a crouched old man heading back down the basement steps. He fell down the basement steps when we first moved in, and the first weekend he was home with crutches, I had to be out of town and he was home alone. There was no way he could get around without the crutches, and when he woke up one morning, the crutches weren't in the bedroom. He found them in the living room, at the other end of the apartment.

During the last summer we lived there, the upstairs apartment was unoccupied and being renovated. No one was up there. One night when we were lying in bed we heard footsteps upstairs in the room overhead. We went up to check it out and there was no one there. We kept our cat's water and food bowls at the top of the basement steps. The cat started waking us up at 4:00 or 5:00 and would want me to stay with her while she ate. I think that whatever was in the house was harassing her when she tried to eat, and if I was there it would leave her alone.

Knowing all this confirmed and explained a lot of stuff. We felt like we were struggling to keep our heads above water. We both felt lethargic and depressed. When we would come home, we both did a full walk of the apartment and checked every room before we felt like we could settle in.

My only other experience (that I am sure of) is a much more positive one. I am very close to my stepfather and I was very close to his mother as well. I consider her my third grandmother. She died last year, and my stepfather was devastated. We planned to bury her ashes in the same cemetery her husband and mother are buried in. My stepfather was in a relationship with a woman for 9 years who died in his arms, and she is buried there as well. When we got to the cemetery, we discovered that a plot had not been dug for my grandmother's ashes and my stepfather couldn't remember where they were buried, or whether or not they had head stones or flat stones. My whole family was wandering around the cemetery reading all the head stones and trying to find where the family was buried. Finally I asked my grandmother's mother to help me find them - where were they? I turned around and tripped over a buried flat stone - it was the marker for my stepfather's girlfriend who had died in his arms. All three graves were in a row, and they were so overgrown with grass I doubt I ever would have found them without help.

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