Ghost Story???




Im not really sure if this is a ghost story or not.  I was serving in the Royal Navy about 2 years ago, i was asleep in what we call gulches, which means bed space, the bed spaces were in groups of six, which consisted of 2 rows of three beds in a bunk system.  I was asleep and suddenly awoke, i slept on the top bunk.  I couldnt feel the bed and was pressed against the ceiling of the gulch with the various wires and pipes  that kept my ship running, pressing softly at my face, for some reason i was floating.

This was the first time and only time it ever happend, and up until that point i was a total non believer in anything like this.

Does anyone out there have any explanations for this.?


A Haunted House




The house is in Thomplson Valley.

The house is a big white two story Farm house.

The original owners still haunt the house.

They rest on the hill behind the house. some of the head stones has been ther for

more than 110 years.

A women hung herself in the stairwell of the house, she comes back to visit often. she walks through the house and stands at the top of the stairs. if it is raining the windows will close by them self. you can hear children playing  but there are no children living there.

Two men hung them self in the barn. you can hear them talking from time to time.

A tall slim man has been seen walking in the yard. you can hear women talking in the kitchen. some times when the people living there comes up the drive way the lights will be on in the house but when they park and get out of there car the lights go off.  all of the ghost are friendly. They never try to frighten the people living there. I myself like them being here and I hope they keep visiting. after all this is their home.


A girl named Wendy




My name is LouAnn. I am 19 years old and live in a little redneck town, Va. I live with my grandparents and have lived all my life.  My mom was 14 and in the 8th grade. My mom had a very best friend named, Wendy who was 13. They did everything together. Soon after our house was built,Wndy's parents were not getting along and were going through seperation and divorce procedures. Wendy and her mother had to move to Woodbridge, Va. soon. During the time of the separation, Wendy spent a great deal at my mom's newly built house. They spent much of their time in my mom's room, which is now my room. Then came the time for Wendy and her mom to move. It was very early one morning. Wendy was in the back of the van holding a glass coffee table steady (this was in the days before seatbelt laws). There was a drunk driver on the road and hit the van head on. Everyone made it out with semi serious or minor injuries, but not Wendy. The corner of the glass coffee table hit her in the head and killed her instantly. Years later, in 1985, a week before my mom found out she was pregnant with me, she was in the family room talking to my grandparents about going on birth control. My grandmother, and my uncle both caught a glimpse of a girl standing behind my mother shaking her head, and after that one 2 second glimpse she was gone. My uncle and grandmother agree it looked like Wendy. We believe that she was shaking her head because she knew my mom was pregnant and didn't want her to go on birth control. Ever since then, everyone in my family has caught a glimpse of her in our house. I have even seen her. Because my room used to be my mom's room, she is in my room most of the time. I feel her present in there a lot. When I am upset no matter where I am in the house, I can feel her there, but it is a comforting feeling, not weird eerie feeling. No one has seen her until my mom became pregnant. My family believes that she was sent to watch over her best friend's daughter. Everything I told you is true, and I was wondering if I could have my house investigated to make sure it IS Wendy, or if me and my family are going crazy. If it is Wendy, I would like to communicate with her. Please send me an e-mail thank you for reading my story. ps. our house was built in 1979 (that is so it correlates w/ the beginning of the story.) and I also have pictures of me from when I was a baby and on, where there is an orb or fog or some kind of light near me and none of us can figure out where they come from. They are in every single picture taken of me at my house.



Things that have Happened to Me and Others





I submitted a few stories a few years back so if I repeat any of them sorry. 

This happend to my cousin and I in late '02 in a ranch style house my family and I used to live in.  My cousin woke up in the middle of the night to my voice or so she thought it was my voice, she looked at me and I was sound asleep and not talking.  Also that night actually it was probably 4 or 5 in the morning I felt someone pecking on my knee and it wasn't my cousin because she was sound asleep so I just thought it was my imagination.  As we were eating that morning my cousin told me what she had heard I freaked because I knew that whatever had pecked on my knee was not my imagination.  Nothing was ever actually seen in this house that I know of, but a lot of things were felt and heard.  A few months after that incident my cousin was staying the night again everyone in the house had been asleep for atleast 2 to 3 hours, but my cousin being addicted to the Sims was still on the computer.  As she was shutting down the computer she heard voices coming from the hallway directly to her right she looked down there and saw nothing.  The voices she heard she knew were not any or ours so she ran to the floor where she had made her bed an covered her head up.  I guess the voices must of stopped after that.  A lot of times I would hear cabinates shut, dishes clank together, and other odd unexplanable noices.  One night my brother got home from a friends house around 1 or 2 in the morning I had been asleep on the couch in the livingroom for atleast 4 hours and my parants had been asleep in their room for about the same amount of time.  As my brother got out of his car he looked toward the door that went directly into the livingroom from the outside it had a little window on it.  He could see the light from the tv that i always left on at night, but he also saw a black figure looking at him from inside.  He ran in the house and seen I was on the couch sound asleep then he went into my parants room and asked if they had been up and they hadn't.  What is scary is that thing was in the same room with me.  The next night I slept on the couch again, do not ask me why,  my brother was not home yet and my parants had went to bed.  I was watching tv and I got kind of uneasy so I layed down and covered up my head.  After awhile I heard the glasses in the kitchen sink clanking together I started to sweat then I felt as if something was coming into the livingroom, where I was, when my brother arrives home and the noises stop I got up and looked at the dishes in the sink and none of them had been moved.

About 14 years ago we moved into a house that was built in the 1950's I believe that used to be a boarding home and was right in front of a cemetary.  There were lots of noices heard there as well as a few spirits seen.  I remember staying home one day from school and my mom was asleep because she worked nights and I heard a voice say my name it scared me because we were the only ones home and it was a voice I had never heard before.  My mom would be home during the day by herself while my brother and I were at school and she would hear a music box playing, at the time we had m ic boxes, but they did not play the song she heard.  My mom would be sleeping on the couch and she would hear footsteps coming through the kitchen which was right next to the livingroom where she was.  One time when that happened she grabbed her shoes and didn't come back till we got out of school.  She also would be sleeping in her bed and it would start shaking this also happened to me.  The shed in this house was directly behind my parents bedroom because their bedroom used to be the garage well anyways my mom would be lying on her bed and she would hear someone or something walking in there the odd thing was it sounded like boots on wood, but the floor in there was concrete.  We had a little dog out there at the time, but there is no way it could of sounded like that when it walked.  One night my mom, dad, brother, and I were all sleeping in my room because we put the air conditoner in there in the summer well anyways it was a cool night so they had turned the air off and left the door opened my mom for some reason looked at the doorway and felt as if there was a presence there she just put her face into my dads back and went to sleep.  The next day she found out her dad had died who lived in Kansas and hadn't been found for a few days, she believes that it was him in the doorway.  My brother saw a ghostly head in his bedroom one night it was in a mist and was bald on top with hair around the edges of his head we believe it was my great grandpa.

This happened at my grandmas house on September 2, 2004 it was my grandmas birthday and my mom, my little cousin, and I went there to have cake and ice cream, well my little cousin decides she wants a miracle whip sandwich.  She pressed up against the door frame asking my grandma if she can have a sandwich when all of a sudden she looks towards the micorwave in the kitchen and screams, drops the jar, and runs to the couch where my grandma is and my little is crying hysterically.  Were all like what just happened?  For some reason I became very cold and get goose bumps and had the urge to sit up.  My little cousin wouldn't tell us what she saw.  My grandma tried to tell us it was a mouse or a bug, but I highly doubt it because she wouldn't of acted like she did.  My grandma believes in ghost, but I think she said that to make herself feel better because she knew she was going to be there alone when we left.  My little cousin I believe has forgotten about the incident so I still do not know what happend.  Other things have happened at the grandmas like something kicking her bed very hardly one night and she also seen the spirit of young girl dressed in white one day while lying on her couch in her livingroom.  She seen a shadow like figure outside her window which she knows wasn't a human because her cat started hissing and acting weird and there's probably been other things that happed that I do not know about.

I don't believe I've actually ever seen a spirit, but I know I've felt them because in certain places or sometimes when I talk about spirits the back of my neck starts to hurt and feels weird and sometimes my head will start hurting.

I have so many more stories to share with you, but I will send them at a later time.  If you have any questions about my stories or would like me to send you some more of my stories please feel free to contact me.





Peter and Jonathon




This story happend about 2 years ago. My moms dad Peter died when she was like 6 years old. So she never really got to know him and naturally I didnt know him. One night my friend Mandy was staying the night at my house. We had been planning to shaving cream my brother that night because he had gotten us twice before and we were looking for revenge. LOL Both our rooms are upstairs with the stairs in the middle of them. About 2am Mandy and I got up to do the deed. I told Mandy to go downstairs and get the shaving cream. I stayed in my room and waited. She walked out the door then came back in a few seconds later and said "Josh is standing at the bottom of the staris and he seen me!" I opened my door and looked across at Josh's room and seen him laying in his bed. I told Mandy. "Ur seeing things, look his still sleeping" She was like then "Who's at the bottom of the stairs." I looked around the corner and down the stairs and there was a man standing there. He was there just stairing at us. He didnt seem angry nor happy. But he didnt seem to be a threat. He looked slightly fimilar but I couldnt place a name. But I could see where Mandy thought it was Josh becasue I could see some resemblence. I looked at Mandy and said "Get back into bed because I dont know who that is!" When she looked around the corner and down the stairs she whispered "He's gone". When I looked again...sure enough he was gone. The next morning my mom was going through some pictures and putting them in frames. Mandy picked up my grandparents wedding picture and nearly fainted. I asked her what was wrong and she showed me the picture. I hadnt seen the picture in years and the man we had seen the prevouis night had been my grandpa!! We told my mom about what appened and she was shocked. But she belived us that we had seen my grandpas ghost. About 2 weeks later Mandy was staying the night at my house again. I belived we had a ghost that opened our cabinets, he opened and shut windows, pushed buttons on the micorwave and things like that. Me, her and my brother were in the kitchen getting ready to pop some popcorn when i shut the door on the microwave, it started before I pushed any buttons. Mandy flipped out but I told her that was just another ghost. She asked his name. I told her I hadnt named him yet. She told me too. All of a sudden the name Jonathan came to me. So thats what I named him. That night her and my family (mom, dad,brother,me) were sitting in the living room when our front door opened. Mandy asked what happened and I was like "oh that was just Jonathan again" My mother looked at me and said "what did u just call him??!!" I was like "Jonathan" She said "why did you name him that?" I was like "I dont know. Jonathan just popped into my mind." Dad asked my mom wha the big deal was about the name Jonathan. She looked at me and asked if i knew who Jonathan was. I was dumbfounded and said No. She told me that Jonathan was my great grandpa! I thought it was neat. So now we belive that not only is my grandpa ghost here but my great grandpa! Thanks for your time.



Weird Nights




My cousin and I were out in Glenpool, towards the boondocks where my grandparents used to live, watching t.v. late at night. We weren't really tired, hyped up on caffien from pepsi and sprite, just hanging out and trying to see how long we could go without passing out to sleep.

At first, I thought I was just hearing things, or my cousin was being a jerk and screwing around. But the louder the sound got, and closer, that's when we both turned the volume down to turn to each other and ask the same question, "was that you? Did you hear that?"

Of course, it was like a scratching, shuffling sound outside, and we both dismissed it thinking that perhaps it was the family pets or wild animal, since the house was out in the middle of nowhere.

Instead, curiousity got the better of us. I suggested that maybe it was bigfoot or a ghost, and she promptly crawled towards the window for a peek.

She didn't say anything, standing still like if she moved something would see her. I started to talk, but she silenced me with the wave of her hand. When I got over to the glass, i stared off into the black yard expecting to see a deer or something. Instead, what i saw was a... thing.(best word used to discribe it)

It was all black, nearly invisible in the shadows it clung too. The only way we were able to see it at all was due to a distant light pole. It was skittering around, it's back turned to use... for the moment. I guess the dogs must have felt the tension in the air, because at that moment they all went into wild barks at the intruder.

It swung it's head(or what seemed like a head) towards the sound, then up to the window we both watched it from. There was nothing there, no face, nothing at all. Needless to say, both of us were terrorfied to see a hooded, faceless figure staring back at us.

It disappeared, melting into the shadows. The dogs yipped, dashing for cover. Both me and my cousin were cold, shocked, afraid, and speechless.

We don't know what it was looking for in our yard, or what it was at all. I used to believe it was a person thinking on robbing our house, or at least i tell myself that so i don't get so freaked. Though the truth seems a lot creepier, it is still the truth, and neither i nor my cousin can deny that.








The year was 1991. I was a newlywed and living with my husband's cousin saving for a

place of our own. Since I was the new kid in the house I pretty much didn't have a say

who could visit our home. One such visitor was a girl who had wanted to date my husband

and had been turned down by him. After her visit I started having strange things happened to

me. At the time I didn't associated one thing with the other and never did. After he left every morning about four each morning I would wake to find someone next to me I could never see its face or body. It started pulling my sheets off me, pushing the bed, or trying to slap me. I was terrified, but I wouldn't mention it to anybody in fear of not being believed or viewed as crazy.  So I started saying the rosary each time my husband left and mostly tried to stay awake (hey if I didn't sleep it couldn't bother me). Nothing worked.  We finally moved out to our own apartment. Nothing would bother me at all even when I was alone at the apartment. I was happy once again and didn't give it a second thought. Fate would play a cruel joke on me. Within a couple of months we ended moving into a duplex next to the same girl. Things started happening again only more violent. The thing would lay next to me I could always see the sheets move up and down like someone was breathing. I could never see an actual face or body, but felt the presence. I started throwing up often, having constant headaches was just plain sick. I finally spoke to my husband and he just said it was all in my head.  I started praying and crying every morning after he left. Once again I prayed the rosary I even tried wearing the rosary on my wrist. It would fall off and once again nothing worked. We had constant fights and I kept getting sick (my husband thought I was pregnant, not so). On one of our fights I decided to walk across the street to another of his cousin's house to cool down. She told me I looked sick and just plain bad. I started crying and told her everything that was happening and she believed me. She called her mother to come and go thru some ritual at my home. She lighted a white candle and started praying the Lord's Creed three times. Next, she place a blessed palm from Palm Sunday mass she made a cross with it and placed it above my bed. I don't know whether it was coincidence or what, but every thing stop. I'm happy to say that dreadful girl left shortly. The subject was never spoken about much less remembered that was until we took a trip to Mexico years after. My husband and I had come to know and love a curandero. I had never spoken to him about my experience, I just didn't believed in witchcraft, these things just didn't happen or exist. I finally told him and asked his opinion in the presence of my husband. He looked at me straight in the eye and told me voodoo had been performed on me. My husband asked why hadn't she gone after him and he said they always go for the weaker of mind. He took me into his area of work where statues of saints, candles and a pentagram was drawn he only showed me the area.

I can honestly say I was frighten at this, but sat down nevertheless. He told that my problem was that husband was not convince or believe in any of this. I still get chills remembering the room and this conversation.  My husband and I still debate to this day that this really happened. I on the other hand know it really happened and truly believed that anything and everything is possible involving the supernatural.    


The Green Eyes





When I was eleven years old, at about three o clock in the morning I woke up to hear the sound of my dad plowing our driveway.  He soon left for work, and I couldn't fall back asleep.  After all was quiet I got out of my bunk bed and climbed down my stairs and walked  into the hallway.  I went to the bathroom and then back to my room. I climbed into bed and crawled over toward my pillow.  It was then that I turned around and was about to pull my blankets over me when I noticed two bright green lights in the corner of my room directly in front of me.  They were glowing and hovering in the same spot I just walked through.  I was confused and tried to think of all the possible things they could be.  Smoke alarm light?  Glow in the dark plastic stars?  Anything!? I started to get more scared as the time passed because i tried to eliminate the fact that it could be a spirit. I tried to figure out if it was my eyes playing tricks on me...perhaps i saw the lights from a clock and my eyes just needed to adjust to the darkness.  I d n't turn any lights on while I got up.  I blinked my eyes in a different spot on my wall and tried to see if the lights would follow my eyes.  They didn't.  At this point I looked back to the spot and there they were.  I was so scared. They were eyes, and they were staring at me.

I was so scared.  I couldn't move at all I was laying down resting on my elbows just staring at them.  They moved foward a foot or so, very slowly.  Then they moved back and just as slowly vanished to the left through my wall.  I was so scared they would come back. 



Riverdale Road in Colorado




riverdale road has a lot more than just that certain place by 132nd. riverdale road is spooky throughout the entire road. it's weird, sometimes the road stretches and shrinks. (the bad side of the road actually starts on 104th (northglenn) and goes all the way to end at highway 7 (boulder) ) but anyway....from 104th to highway 7 is approximately 13-15 miles. I was paying attention to the mileage and I was going about 35-40 the entire time. I started at 104th and by the time I got to highway 7 I had only gone 9 miles, when I turned around to go back the other way towards 104th again, when I got there I went 16 miles. Now tell me that isn't creepy, if you pay REAL close attention to the road you can almost see it stretching.                  

There's also this turn called dead mans Curve, it's a real sharp turn the recommended speed is 25 but easily done at 40...there's a cement block wall bordering one side of the turn. If you turn that corner around 2:30 a.m. you will see a woman in the middle of the road holding her hands up, waving for you to stop. But when I went around that corner I didn't have time to stop because she's like right there after you do a half 90 degree turn. I ended up hitting her, I got out of my car and looked all around, absolutely no one was around but there were hand prints on the hood of the car.

Also, heh, if you turn onto riverdale from 112th, and turn left there will be a huge line of trees on either side and it just looks like a dark cave of trees, and there is a very mean jogger spirit that 'hitch hikes' and joggs around there. my sister and I were driving around on that road and went through that little cave of trees, and she said she first got a glimpse of the light on his shoes (on the left side going away from 104th) and as you get closer you can see that it's a person and he was holding out his hand for hitch hiking, then all of a sudden knelt down in the running position, and as soon as we got close enough he jetted out in front of us. my sister said there guts and blood and body parts all over on the windsheild, and she blinked and it was all gone. she said as soon as he knelt down getting ready to run, she saw that his face was just a skull and his hand was bones.    So yeah heh it's not just that spot right by 132nd, there are millions of ghost/spirit stories for that road believe me!! I've gone up and down that road billions of times. I used to do it about 5-7 times a day for about a year so I know that road pretty well



Overland Park Kansas




I moved to Overland Park, Kansas during my sixth grade year along with my mother, step-father, and brother. The five story house we lived in was in a new neighborhood, and I never took the time to research the land on which our neighborhood was built. Of course, I didn't know what experiences I would find myself in throughout the next few years.

My night routines consisted mostly of sitting in the "sunroom" on the fourth floor that looked towards the hallway leading to the two bedrooms, a bathroom, linen closet, and the staircase which led to the master bedroom while reading whatever book I had at hand. I can't recall how long it had been since my family and I moved into the house; however, I remember this night clearly. My parents went out to eat, and I stayed behind at home.  I was curled into the corner of a sofa that sat in front of a set of windows reading Guardian by John Saul. The first incident happened well after the night sky had darkened. I was concentrating heavily on my book when I began to hear a knocking coming from outside. It sounded almost exactly like someone hammering on the side of the house. Looking up from my book, I turned and looked outside to see who could be outside at such a time; however, I couldn't see anyone. So I turned around and made myself comfortable to engross myself in my book. Again, the banging continued and the most effort I put into looking out the window again was angling my head and looking out of the corner of my eye. After a few minutes the sound outside stopped...only to begin inside. This time it sounded as if someone was banging a hammer on a pipe in the basement three floors below. The banging was four or five short clangs, and then silence. I'd raise my book again until I was interrupted by another round of clangs. The only thing I could do was try my best to ignore it.

As I continued to read, I experienced this unnerving feeling of being watched. I tried to reposition myself on the couch, shifting my legs from underneath me and stretching out, but nothing would unshake the presence. I finally settled on propping my feet on the table in front of me and resting the book on my knees. It was then where I could see in my peripheral vision a man standing on the top step of the staircase leading to my parent's bedroom. He stood in complete black, perfectly still, and watched. When I looked directly at him he disappeared. I figured all the noises and the man I saw were a result of reading the book, and because of this conclusion I refused to look up at the staircase again regardless of the fact that the man was still there.

I never spoke of the clanging or the man once my parents came home because I figured it was my imagination. My parents were arguing when they came home anyway, so I tried my best not to get in their way.

Most of my time was spent in my room when there were others in the house.

You could blame it on adolescence and wanting to be by myself. It was there in my room where another strange incident occurred. I had my radio cranked to the highest decibel and was "rocking out" when I heard a knock on my door. Turning down the radio, I rushed to the door and opened it to find no one standing outside. I shrugged, thinking I was hearing noises due to the loud radio, closed the door, and cranked the radio back up again. A few minutes later I heard the knocking again, but this time instead of turning down the radio I opened the door while the radio blared. Again, no one stood at my door. I walked into the bathroom which was immediately to my right and checked behind the drawn shower curtain because my mother would love to hide and jump out behind me as I walked down the hallway. Well...she wasn't going to get me this time...only she wasn't behind the curtain. I walked down the entire hallway, checking the kitchen and bedrooms before going to my parents bedroom. It, too, was empty. So I high-tailed it to my bedroom, shut the door, and sat on my bed. I figured whoever wanted to come in would so I no longer answered the knocks. Whoever it was knocked twice more, and then stopped.

Months passed and the knockings continued and the man stood on the top step of the stair case. After awhile I became used to it, but I never mentioned it to anyone in my house. I always figured it was my mind playing tricks on me. Eventually the sounds and the man disappeared, and I never experienced them again. Until years laters.

My mother and I were standing on the back porch one night while she smoked a cigarette. No one was allowed to smoke inside because my younger brother was an asthmatic. While she smoked she mentioned, "I see people in this house."

I casually looked at her and replied, "You too?" I can't quite remember the look on her face, but the sound of her voice distinguished her fear. She told me that she continuously saw three people standing on the stair case leading to her bedroom, only the people she saw were dressed in white. She said that the people she saw stood on the stairs day and night, whereas the person I saw was dressed in black and only stood at the top of the stairs at night. She told me of a night when she was smoking in the garage and she heard a knocking on the door. Figuring it was her husband, she knocked back in return. Moments later another knock, and she returned it. And again. And again. Until the door opened, and her husband asked why she was knocking on the door. Her answer was, "Because you were knocking." He informed her that he had been downstairs watching television.

A year or so after she and I shared our experiences, my mother, brother, and I moved out of the house and into an apartment across the street from the neighborhood. My mother and her husband were seperated, but he continuously stayed at our apartment anyway. One night my mother decided to drive back to the house to feed our dog that we left behind at the house, while my step-father was inside our apartment sleeping. I remained behind as well, sitting outside on the back patio. My mother was gone for ten or fifteen minutes before rushing back through the front door. The hairs on her arm were standing on edge and she couldn't seem to collect her thoughts. She finally asked, "Do you think I'm crazy?" I laughed and asked why. She

explained: While the dog was eating out in the garage, she had gone inside to close the blinds in the formal living room. While her back was the rest of the room, she heard a distant voice saying "Get out of the house". She said she shook it off and walked up to the "sunroom" to close more blinds, where she again heard "Get out of the house". Finally, while closing the blinds in the kitchen, she said that the voice was so close that she ran out of the house without closing the remaining blinds, jerked the dog into the garage, and sped back to the apartment.

A year later we moved to Georgia where there have been no experiences in any of the houses we've resided in. I've been debating with myself as to why she and I would see people standing on the same stair case and if their different clothing represented anything, maybe because that's where most of my parents fights would take place, or what was trying to get our attention by knocking on the walls. What I do know is that now that my mother is no longer married to the same man, we haven't experienced anything of the like since.


My Son has a Knack




I’ve always felt that my son (my firstborn) has had a particular awareness about him.  I know we all cherish our children, and know that they are special and gifted in some way…but something about his presence and how others react to him has always been quite remarkable.  The awareness I mentioned, is not only in regards to how he interprets living beings, but I’m pretty convinced that it’s more than that – that he can connect with more than just the visceral world.  He is currently 4 years old.

The first set of significant experiences that made me raise an eyebrow or two was when he was about 15 months old.  We were living on the west coast, but then were called back east because of a death in our extended family.  My husband couldn’t get off of work, so we traveled without him.  I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle my baby at a large, conservative, Catholic funeral (the faith and culture of the deceased, but not of our own), but what was important was that we were there.  At the funeral home, the tone, was, as expected, somber and silent.  But my son seemed to understand that this was not a place for frolicking, and was surprisingly respectful of the situation.  Of course, there were a few moments of giggles and laughter – when prompted by others who joined us, but for the most part his behaviour was appropriate for the time. At one point, he approached the casket, stood up on the small kneeling step, and stretched up high on his toes trying to see the deceased.  It brought a smile to some faces there and he came back over to me where I sat.  He looked at me and said “Okay, Mommy, Okay”.  I assumed at the time, it was his method of comfort of some type – he was only 15 months old and perhaps he heard it from around the room.  As the mourners approached the casket he watched them, yet seemed to be watching someone else, just behind them all.  When my stepmother and the husband of the deceased kneeled at the casket, my son joined them, put his hands on their backs and said, “okay…okay”.

He made it through the funeral at the church with a demeanor impressive of any adult – which took me by surprise and much to my relief.  This was a simple church, and the power of the moment, I suppose made an impression on him.  He fell asleep on the way to the cemetery, and slept through the internment.  The rest of the day went on as usual.

The next day I returned to the cemetery to visit some graves of some other relatives that I had not been to in a very, very long time.  The cemetery is absolutely beautiful – so diligently cared for, and a lovely place for repose.  It’s quite vast and isolated, so I gave my son the run of the place as I searched for the markers.  As he skipped through the grass he would stop sometimes and say “Hi!” and then move on, rolling down a hill, thumping himself down and giggling.  He stopped a few times before he finally came upon the marker of my great-grandmother.  The grave that I had yet to find.  He put his hand on the stone and just smiled at me.  I was speechless. 

Through the months (as he’s not really old enough yet to refer to time in years), he’s demonstrated some behavior akin to felines…when people joke that they are speaking with fairies.  Just little moments few and far between where it seems as though he’s connecting to something – sometimes with words, sometimes not.  Then you tap him on the shoulder and he comes back and moves on with life.  I spoke with his pediatrician about it, and there seems to be no cause for concern – not that I really was, but it made my mother feel better.

But tonight really made me catch my breath.  We went out to dinner at a new restaurant down the road a bit from our home.  (We’re in a new development in what was rural Florida, so everything is a “bit down the road”, but development is encroaching bit by bit every day).  My husband had come in a separate car and he left as such and took our daughter with him.  We needed to pick up some milk so we stopped at the 7-11 which is adjacent, got out, got back in the car and went on our merry way.  But before I pulled out of the driveway and into the street he said, “Over there, Mama, over there – look at the ghosts!”,

and I replied, “Where, honey?”

“Over THERE”

As I was driving and he was behind me I couldn’t see to where he was pointing, so I asked, “Outside the car?”

“No, inside the car,”

“In the car?”

“Yes, Mommy, next to you.”

“Is it one ghost or more?”


“Can you tell me what they look like?  Man?  Woman?”

“Both.  But they’re little ghosts – a boy and a girl…”

“Are they sad?  Are they happy?”

“They’re sad.  Both of them are very sad.  And they’re right there, Mommy, and sad.”

I continued on down the road.  When I turned into the entrance of the development he said, “they’re gone now Mommy.  The ghosts are gone.  They’re aren’t any ghosts in Florida (he thinks our development is Florida – and hasn’t quite yet grasped the concept that Florida is a state and how big it is).

What made the experience so remarkable was that just last week, our community experienced the loss of a middle-school age boy who shot himself, and a kindergarten age girl who died suddenly of, as yet, unexplained causes…in the parking lot of the 7-11 in her mother’s arms.  As far as I am aware, he does not know about these events – he was not with me when I found out about them, nor have I discussed it around him.  I suppose it is possible that he may have heard something at pre-school…but the events are so recent…I don’t know, it seems like a stretch.  Four-year olds are not that prone to gossip as of yet – though I suppose the teachers may have discussed it just as news among themselves. 

So that’s it.  There’s my experience as of late, or rather, my son’s.  The Splendor of Light…his name means, as it turns out.  I didn’t even realize it at the time – it wasn’t part of the process of putting his name together.  But coincidentally, my daughter’s name means the same thing.  I suppose that’ neither here nor there, but it was a realization I made just a few months ago.  And the name of the town we now live in seems derived from Litha, - which I just found out about last week – the whole light and life abundant, the Sun God reaching the peak of his strength.  A town that we decided to move to, on a complete lark, in the middle of nowhere (at the time), 3,000 miles away from a place we adored.  Again, maybe all of that means nothing…

But there it all is for what it’s worth.  I just wanted to put it all out there – to perhaps someone of an open mind who might at least respect the story…thanks for your time. 




Crawford Road




I have had a few experiances on Crawford Road in Yorktown Virginia. Me and a few of my friends went down there one night after we heard some stories about it. We got to Crawford Road and as soon as we entered the area were all of the activity happens we started hearing noises. The first one I noticed sounded like someone whistling. It started off in the distance and as we got closer to the bridge the whistling got closer. Another experiance I have had, we stopped undr the bridge and stood there for a few minutes. One of my friends was standing in the side of the road and something walked up behind him and I took a picture after he ran behind me and I got a picture of a Face. It was like it was standing right in front of me. Another time we took a video camera out there and we filmed all the way down the road. We got some pretty interesting stuff on the video camera. The first thing we noticed was a tree that had a branch sticking out a little bit, there looked like there was someone hanging on the branch from a rope around their neck. As we got closer to that tree it dissappeared. We drove on a litte way and then we noticed someone standing on the side of the road, as we got closer to them they started running towards the woods and before they got into the woods they dissappeared. We drove on a little ways and we noticed someone standing against a tree, this person was wearing a full KKK outfit, as we got closer it dissappeared. As we got towards the end we noticed a house back in the woods that was on fire, as we got closer to the house we noticed a face that was bigger than the house and it looked like an evil face, As we right up on the house we noticed that there were people in the house and the face was there laughing, It dissapeared as soon as we passed the house it dissappeared. Me and another friend went down there one night and we parked under the bridge and stayed there for about 10 minutes, My frie cut his car off and put it in Neutral. As we sat there the car started rolling up a hill that was there, We drove off and went to a 7-11 that was right by Crawford Road. When we got to the store we got out and looked at the car and we noticed hands prints on the back of the car like someone had pushed the car. We decided to go back to see if it would happen again. We were there for 10 minutes again and the car stared rolling up the hill again. We drove off again and went back to the store. As we got out of the car we noticed more hand prints all over the car. There were little foot prints on the sun roof, there we finger prints on the passanger side window, there were scratch marks by the door handle on the passanger as if something was trying to get into the car. Another time me and a few friends decide to walk down Crawford Road, As we were walking there were sounds off in the woods as if someone was following us, we heard sticks breaking and then there a sound as if they were carrying a chain, it sounded as if they were dragging this chain behind them, As we got closer to the bridge, at the top of the bridge there looked as if there were people on the bridge standing there watching us. Me and my friend walked on top of the bridge to see if anyone was there and there was no one, there was no footprints except for the ones we made walking around up there, (It was raining when we went that night, so if someone would have been up on the bridge they would have left footprints). We stood under tis bridge for a few minutes and we heard a sound like someone was crying, we looked around to see if it was anyone that was with us and it wasn't, we walked around to see if someone had been hurt and we found nothing. As we followed the cries we were taken further into the woods, We all started getting a very bad feeling so we turned back and went home. These all of the things that I have experienced on Crawford Road. Please write me back if you think any of tis stuff is good enought to put on your website or any other website you might suggest to post this on. Thank you



My Old Home




I love reading the stories that are told on here.  I have had several years of experiencing things myself.

When i was about 13 i moved into a house in eastern MO north of st.louis.  The house was built on an old settlement called Clark Springs.  It was the first actual settlement in that area and the particular spot my house was built on was "base camp". This is just some basic information about the house.  The house was built in the 1960s brand new. I knew the first occupants personally.  I attribute the occurances to the land, not the house.

Several common things happened through out the years. Whoever or whatever it was it loved to mess with the air conditioning system.  In the summer the heat would get turned on up to 90 degrees, or in the winter the a.c would get turned on below 60.  No one in their right mind would do this and this happened often.  We would just fix it and go on our way.

For about a year, i would see a fog floating in the bathroom.  It was hazy and you could see it day or night, never really knew when you would see it.

I also saw people.  They would walk up behind me and stand there and i would turn to speak to them and theyd disappear.  It was a usual occurance. Sometimes this bothered me a lot, sometimes it didnt.

Ive had more than this but i just thought id send the basics.



My Haunted Life





I've read many of the stories here. They have made me think about my own experiences.

I've had what we call paranormal experiences my whole life that I can remember. I never thought of these things as unusual. I thought that everyone saw or experienced things like this. Many members of my family have experienced the paranormal, ghost sightings, things moving apparently at their own will, creepy feelings about our Grandfather's stairs in his house. Hands grabbing at them as they descend the stairs..etc. I get dizzy and feel lost in certain places or around old antique items... sometimes they make me sick to my stomach because the feeling is so unusual..kind of wobbly. Can't describe it. It's like being dropped or falling. It tickles, but not in a fun way. I visited Gettysburg when I was a small child and I became ill and so did my mother. I did'nt think much of it until we went to a certain place. It was the devils rock or some name close..I don't remember the name. I just remember the man in a grey uniform who told me to get away from there because it wasn't safe. He told me to get away soon, Or I would be dead. I rember his face so clearly. He was dark blonde on his head but had a slight red beard. I dont know if what I experience was a true ghost phenomenon or just pure imagination.



My Gudgeonville Bridge Story




Hello. The following story is what happened to me as the second time at the Gudgeonville Bridge. I went with a group- My sister, Christa, her boyfriend, Scott, his friend, Terry, and his girlfriend, Sam. It was about 12:30-1:00 at night on September 23rd, 2005. It was a half-moon on that night as well.

We first were all psyched that we were all going to experience the Gudgeonville bridge at nightime, a first for all of us. The entire party of us all had the uneasy feeling of it. Arriving at the bridge, we all get out, and get used to the entrance. We take a couple pictures and such. Then, a car strolled past us. The car was going rather fast but it slowed down when it saw us. There was then a strange yell from the car at us, kinda like a couple of college guys just screwing around. None of us saw the driver's faces or outlines of the body. All I captured was the headlights and the backlights. Meanwhile, once the car has past us, we resume taking pictures and walking across the bridge. The entire bridge is now covered in graphiti.

All of us then past the bridge, but Christa started going back-I joined her.

We get to the end of the bridge, and a car comes driving once again. I then noticed it was the same type of headlights and backlights as the car when we just gotten to the bridge past us. After that, we all then jump back into the car, I take the last pictures of the entrance and the cliff in the back.

None of us reported any signs of ghosts.

After we left the bridge, we see a pleasant, fully grown deer on the street.

Everyone looked, and the street was close to the I-90 highway. Just then, we see a speeding car come, swirve, then hits the deer head on, and the deer basically "flew" across the street onto the side. There was a great splatter of blood. Unfortunatley, the deer wasn't dead, it was suffering. The car that hit the deer stopped, and then reversed back. I then take notice that it was the exact same type of headlights and backlights as the two other cars when we were at the Bridge. The driver of the car was an older man, with white hair and a white beard and mustache. Christa got out of the car an approched him, but he never acknowledged that we were there. He never looked at us, he never glanced at us, he never talked to us. We decided just to leave as the girls started getting (more) scared.As I look back at that car, I notice that there was a bright, white light in the backseat of the car that hit the deer.

Could possibly are the deer and all the car incidents intertwined? Many of us leave it as that question.

Also, Christa had told me about a premonition she had before we went on the trip. She told me that she saw a splatter of blood, and that she would also drop the car keys. After the incident, we saw a splatter of blood from the deer, and when she got into the car, she dropped her keys. Could this possibly have anything to do with the hauntings of the Gudgeonville bridge?




My Ghostly Experience




I like your site very much AND, if I may, I would like to tell you of a first-hand experience of mine that took place approximately 40 years ago. One night, when I was about 10 years old, I was sitting in my living room late one night watching TV when a movement behind me (This would have been in my kitchen area) was caught out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to see what had caught my attention I was immediately transfixed by the image of a person walking through my kitchen area. I continued to watch as he walked the length of the room and then just kind of vanished once he reached the other end of my kitchen. I had the great fortune to witness what all ghost enthusiasts refer to as the "HOLY GRAIL" of hauntings, ie, a full body image of a ghost. What i saw was what I would describe as a male figure, height of approx. 5' 9" to 6 feet and of medium build. And what I found very interesting was that he walked as if he were "Marching" millitary style and his eyes were always transfixed directly to the front of him. And if I might add an interesting footnote; years later after we had moved out of that house I was talking to my mother and mentioned my ghostly encounter and to my amazement my mother told me of several personal encounters she had with what I believe to be the same ghost. My mother liked to sleep with the door to her room opened and she told me that on more then one occasion she woke to see a figure standing in the doorway of her room. And what really blew me away was when she described her visitor she gave the same description, almost word for word, as the person I witnessed in my kitchen late one night.

I hope you enjoyed my story AND please believe me when I say that it is one hundred percent TRUE.





More Details




 i have sent these stories into your haunted places section but here is a little more detailed description and acouple of my experiences. Well my school has many stories of how it is haunted. The most known ones in the school are the haunted gyms and underground pool. There are two gyms, the A and C building gyms. In A building Gym you can supposedly hear basket balls dribbeling when the lights are out. Though i havent experienced anything from my school the head Janitor has told me and my friends a story. Well i was in orchestra and we were having competitions between the other schools with their orchestras. well you had to get a job to help out and keep everything in order. since it was later in the day the head janitor was on the job and one of my orchestra friends came up to us with the head janitor and asked if we wanted to go to the underground school tunnels (yes our school has underground tunnels for those of you who dont believe it). Well anyway we went to the tunnels and since they were kinda spooky we were asking him if he had experienced anything. he told us of a story with the C building gym. he was working there at night and when done cleaning the gym and turned the lights out. but he came back and the lights were back on. so he turned them out again. but again he came back and they were back on. by now he was getting frustrated b/c he wanted to leave and before he left the school he yelled into the gym "OK enough joking around turn these lights out and keep them out" and left the lights on. He then told us that as he was leaving the lights were tunred off. There are also stories of a dog that was let into the halls as a senior prank and was kil d. so it now haunts the halls. there is also the story of the schools underground pool being haunted by a student that died in the pool. i have never seen the pools and ive been told they dont exist so im not sure if its true. but now i have my own eperiences. when i was young me and my mother lived in an apartment complex. i used to be going to sleep and i would look and see a figure of a man walking into the room and just stand there. i dont know if it was my imagenation or not but i have never ever experienced this since then. but oddly enough my best friend knew the people that lived there when me and my mother moved out. they would tell me how the girl that moved into my apartment with her parents would have things moved around and things would float. i thought this was weird seeing as i never told ANYONE about my experiences so they couldnt be making it up just to make me scared. but now that i am older and still live in the same area i have noticed that the apartment i lived in has now been quarentined. no one is living there even though the apartments are still up. coincidence? i dont know.



Midnight Cuddle




I'm kind of a off and on sleeper at night. Some times i'm out like a light, others i wake up to fall back to sleep. It's weird, but that's just how it is. One night, when i was visiting from college, i new it was late... or early, depending on how you want to see it.

I know i wasn't dreaming, and i'll even swear on a bible too. I was snuggling back into my blankets, trying to tell my brain that it's not time to get up so be quiet and go to sleep, when something touched me.

In the begining, i thought that maybe it was just the covers, or my grandma checking in on me since she's a night owl and stays up to watch the news. But no one was hovering over my shoulder. Not a soul. So obviusly, i brushed the notion aside and shut my eyes. That's when i couldn't deny what ever it was up against me.

I had been moved from the edge of the bed to the middle, feeling something pressed against my back. It had one arm thrown around my waist, hugging me close. It was definatly a guy. At first, i held myself perfectly still, trying to sort this out logically. But the longer i stayed in that stiff position, knowing i was awake and NOT dreaming, the scarier it became.

The person breathed onto my neck, then, when i was about to kick and scream, they kissed me on the nape. I bolted up, scanning my room for any sign of an intruder. I found no one.

When i told my mom, she just tries to tell me i was dreaming. What ever it was, it didn't appear to be threatening. I stayed one more night at my grandparents, but it didn't happen again. I like to think that maybe it was a ghost welcoming me home. Why do strange things always seem to happen to me? I'm starting to think that maybe I'M haunted.


I have visited the Arcadia Academy in Missouri about 4 years ago....




My husband and I went there to help his daughter and son-in-law move out after they had experienced many odd things there. Water turning on by itself in the bathrooms, footsteps when nobody was there and numerous times when they felt they were not alone or heard sounds when they were alone. They were so scared they asked for help in moving. My husband went in with our son-in-law and when he came out he had a story to tell of his own. On the first floor he looked down a long hallway and it was completely pitch dark, suddenly it was like the darkness itself moved and he felt some kind of presence rush up to him and weight on his chest as if something was pressed hard against him, he could feel a presence and it was not a good one. He looked past his chest and the hallway was lit at the other end as if something had been blocking the light and wasnt there anymore. He said the presence was there for a minute or two and he felt it leave. They quickly gathered all the belongings and left. My husband is not a big tale kinda guy and after he came out of there he told me what had happened and every hair on his arms stood on end while he told me ,he then burnt every piece of clothing he had on while he was in the academy. He said he didnt want anything to do with anything that had ever touched or been there it scared him so badly.While he was inside my daughter-in-law and I saw several movements on the grounds outside we would see movement and yet nothing was there.Many people I know have talked about t footsteps and doors shutting, lights on and off when nobody was there. One couple had  visitors, two priests that proceeded to sit on the edge of their bed and curse them for being there. Too many stories to tell about this place.



Haunted Places in Cedar Rapids Iowa




my son has worked for several security firms here in town and he has stories that would curl your hair - for example - the Fire and Casuality building at the corner of 2nd str and 2 ave has  a bad feeling to it at night -my son refused to work patrol in that building after one night - he said lots of ghosts- he and I both get these feelings - I later heard rumors that there had been shootings in that building and several people had died - in the Armstrongs Center- in the basement - you may be followed by the "ghost security"--you ll never see his face - just tell him that it s ok and you can handle it and thank him and he will disappear- if you curse at him or get angry he will strike you and has struck a woman -going down the stairs to the basement you will here tapping ( there was a fellow trapped and killed under the big freezers that used to be there for the resturant that no longer is there- if you tell Frank that help is on the way the tapping stops - if you tell him to go to the light the tapping gets frantic and louder - also once in the basement you may feel a little tug on your sleeve and as you look down you find a little boy who asks if you have seen his ball-you look at your watch - it s2:30-AM and when you look back - he s gone --also there is an older part of the basement that my son would not enter at all -- he said he felt nearly paralized with fear going anywhere near the door  and only even tried to get the door opened once and had to leave - there is also a huanted office building out near Hiawatha - will have to ask him which on it is - I think it is the old Parson s building- some one tries to force open the door- and you can see their face thru the window -but a security guard standing outside could see no one - just the door moving- and my son was talking to him on a cell phone and watching the security camera and watching the face inside -- later my son- when he asked about that tape was told that in their line of business stuff like this was just erased and they don t talk about it - also when in that building late at night you can hear papers rustling in empty offices and there is a woman who walks up and down halls and she was also on the camera as my son would see her on the camera and go to see who had gotten in to the building and no one was there- I worked at the MCI building for many years and there are cold spots there -and sometimes -- well - just weird feelings - I know it usesd to be a bank -below the old roosevelt hotel there is an old pool and health club - long abandoned and vandalized - I know I don t like to be alone in what is referred to as "the dungeon"- it was something in it s day -- mexican tile and a beautiful pool with separate weight rooms and dressing rooms- but it is now a dark and eerie place- have been in the basement of what used to be the Killians building - don t think it s haunted - but the echos and the feeling is interesting there                




Experience, Witches Pond Stafford Virginia




I had the chance to go and visit Witches Pond in Stafford, Virginia.  The place is definetly creepy.  It was night time, and I was with a friend.  It was very dark, and amung entering I had a weird sensation that I didnt want to be there, and I dont scare easily.  

Anyways, we passed by the pond.  We kept hearing noises, but didnt let it get to us much.  Just after the pond, there is a small trail that leads to the old graveyard.  As you look at the trail, the trees right around all lean over top the trail, making it look as if there is a cathedral like look to it.  That was creepy.  

As you walk along that trail, there is water to each side.  About an inch of water flows over the trail, so while you walk down to the graveyard, it seems as if you are walking on water.  When we got down to the graveyard, we looked around and tryed to figure a way in.  

We heard a loud shreik off in the far distance, and we kept hearing it, each time closer.  We decided we overstayed our visit, and we headed out.  On our way out we took pics.  We stood next to the pond snapping pics and we heard the screams again.  We thought it was an animal and decided to stay clsoe to the entrance.  Something came changing in through the woods.  We could hear the leaves and sticks russling, but no footsteps.  We hauled ass out of the place.  Once we were a ways back on the road, we looked back up at the place and saw something dart across the street into the woods.  It really had no figure to it, it was just a dark shade.  

It is the coolest looking place I have ever been, it was like something straight from a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.  Its unbelieveable, but I will never return to that place again.  I feel as if I brought something out with me.



Europe Experiance




When i was about 16, i went to france with my class. It was fun, and the history lesson was great. But the best part wasn't at the tower or arc de triumph, it was when my tour bus stopped at this hotel. I can't really remember what it was called, since it was in French, but I do rememeber it was dripping with ghost stories.

It had once been a lord's castle, and during a war the young lord enevitably betrayed his friend to the king.(since the friend was apart of a rebel group)

The young lord felt so guitly and grief stricken he had sent his best friend to the guillaten, he pretty much grieved himself to death.

I thought that was interesting, but on with what happened when i checked in. I was staying in a room, on the third floor with about three other girls. When we first arrived, i explored a little of the rooms open to tourists. I'm an artist so naturaly i wiped out a sketch book and began to draw a detailed statue placed in one of the sitting area's.

I sat down on a sette near the window, working like i was possessed, when a presence soon fell over my shoulder. I looked up to see a very... *clears throat* handsome man. He had dark hair, ice blue eyes, and was just genuinly good looking.(yes, even four years later i still remember)

He smiled at me, then studied the picture. He must have liked it, sitting next to me and going on and on in French. Needless to say i don't speak it, so i had no idea what he was saying.

When he stopped, expecting me to respond, i was very blunt, "I didn't understand a word you just said. But keep talking, the words sound pretty."

He only gave a chesire smirk, switching to English(thank God) and asked how my stay was.

"I just got here, but it's very nice so far."

The guy commented on how he liked my drawing, so i decided to give it to him.(since i can always make another.) Before i could rip it out, one of my roommates came in. When i looked up, the guy had vanished.

Okay, i was a little freaked, but didn't tell anyone that day. Later that night, i heard the door to our room squeak open. Since i was closest to the door, i just turned over and squinted out to see who was coming in. My roommates were all in bed, and i didn't know anyone else, besides the manager and maids, to have a key to our room.

It was that guy again.

He smiled brightly at me, then blew a good night kiss and vanished. The door locked.

The next morning, when i was getting my things together to leave, i noticed that the statue sketch was missing. When i asked the desk about it, they just kind of looked at me like i was crazy, then asked ME if the man who checked in on me last night blew me a kiss.

At first, i was furious to think the staff was playing pranks on it's customers. But the guy assured me that the man was none other than the lord himself bidding me a good night. (He apparently had a thing for flirting with the women that came to stay in his castle. And he never missed an oppertunity to make sure all his guest's were comfortable and a safe)

Then the guy shook his head, laughing at me. "Well, he's most likely taken your picture to where ever it is ghost's go. We can always check his old room if you like."

Just to sate my curiousity, i followed the manager to the lord's room. It was closed off to the public, and the manager(plus one old janitor) were the only one's allowed into the room.

I was informed not to touch anything, so instead i just looked around. The place was a little clean, but i soon turned my attention to the potrait on the wall. Yep, that was the guy i had been seeing. Just my luck. Another supernatural inconter. I'm starting to think i'm haunted.

I turned to the desk near the potrait and noticed the statue picture laying on top.

I only smiled, calling the manager over. "He's known to take things he deems his."

I only smiled, signing my name to the back of the paper. I did say he could have it after all.

I was sad to leave a few hours later, but God knows i'll never forget my stay at that castle.



Delaware Hotel Leadville Colorado





I was there in september just exploring some of the rooms.I came upon one of the rooms on 3rd floor.2 family members were with me as i tryed and tryed to take a pitcher of this room and my camero would not let me. so i took my batteries out of the camero and put them back in and it still would not my sister inlaw told me to walk out in the haulway and try to take a pitcher of a old mirror and it still would not take.when i go down to the lobby my camero began to work.I've never had anything like that ever happened to me.The room was so cold!!! but the hotel was so beautiful.



Blond Haired Boy in Illinois




During the mid-seventies when I was 15 years old, I lived in a house in Champaign, Illinois.   There was a window in the small dining room that faced the front street.  The house had a sidewalk along the front and a row of 4 ft. high shrubs was on the street side of the sidewalk.  The point being, you could not see the street very well from the window and the shrubs provided a dark back-drop for the window.

Every now and again we would see a small 7-9 year old boy with light blond hair run past the window.  I believe he may have wore a horizontal striped t-shirt.  Several family members noticed the boy at different times but no one mentioned it until one day someone spoke up about the little boy and how they go to the front door and he's not there.

There was nothing scary about it and we all took the situation very nonchalant.   Why?  Why would we not be amazed?  I can't tell you.  After we all realized that this was an apparition we would all call out, "There goes the little blond haired boy!" every time we saw him.   He didn't follow us when we moved so he must be attached to that house somehow.

This site has prompted me to write the owners of the house we lived in nearly 30 years ago, I'm interested if they too have seen the little boy.



A Ghost Locomotive




my name is michael carlisle this is a true story. the story i am writting happened on august,24,1994 at 9:45 p.m. in the town of eureka which is located in aiken county of south carolina. we went to see my grandfather who at the time lived at the pepper hill nursing center. on our way back from aiken we came to the intersection of  highway of 19 and 191. we took highway 191 into edgefield s.c. we passed an old railroad track bed. there we saw a bright orange to a yellow light. i am not the only one who saw it my sister and grandmother also saw it. i talked to a man who worked for the georgia and florida railroad company . the tracks were removed about 1973 or 1974. the man told me a train derailed in 1930 and that the light we saw was from the locomotive . the engineer was the only person killed. this is a true story.



Haunting in Virginia




When I was 12 I lived in a big white house in Suffolk VA on Holland Road. The house is no longer there, instead there is now a parking lot with some car place there.

But anyway, moving on. When I first moved into this house with my mom I didn't really belive in ghosts...I mean, I had had my experinces with them and stuff in the past but they never really seemed to REALLY scare me because I had never acually LIVED with them befor.

 When I moved into this house with my mom it was me, her, my little brother Billy, his dad, his step-mom and step-sister and brother.

 I remember the night I was becoming aware that something strange was definetly in our house. That day it was just me, my mom and the three kids because the other two adults had gone off to pick up my step-sister Seira.

 Well my mom was down stairs and she yells for me to come down staires because she said she could smell something burning. After we had established that it was just the stove leaking or something we we're in the dinning room talking. Suddenlly I told her, "Hey, did you light a candle?" She told me no and asked why.

I asked her if she could smell the vanilla. She said she could but no one had litten anything. This would be the first of many more events to come.

 The next night everyone, but my mom, deicded to sleap downstaires. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and just kinda looked at the ceilling trying to fall back asleep.  I remember hearing the sounds of little kids footsteps running up and down the wooden staires and running around upstaires. I looked around to see the three kids sleeping and their three dogs to. At the time, how ever, I didn't think much of it.

The next night Billy, Samantha, and seirra all returned home. We we're all hanging out down the the living and me and my mom we're telling Billy and Samantha about the strange happenings

 So Samantha and them finnially start to share the "stories of the house." I'm a little off on the stories because it happend like five years ago so bear with me.

The first thing, the're were children haunting our house.

There was a women who died in our house.

There was a women who haunted where the garage once stood. (I never saw her.)

There was a ghost who would turn the lights on and off and would mess around with the TV.

Billy once saw eyes starring at him in the boy's room.

There was one night when he came running into the house scared out of his mind because he saw two heads float through the fence.

Sometimes you could hear in-audible/incoherent voices of two men talking.

 As they we're telling these stories suddenlly we heard a loud CRASH upstaires. We looked around. Everyone was down the stairs...including the dogs. The're was NO one up there to make that noise. When we went up to investigate something had fallen over that shouldn't have been ever to fall down on it's own.

 There we're many other stories but I can't remember them...I was told that the house stood on an old Indian burial ground and one was used as the site of a battle...





My Personal Ghost Stories





I have read several of the stories on your site, and have become compelled to share some of my own.  I am currently 20 years old, and all of my experiences took place in a house that i lived in from birth to 8 years of age.  I was not the only one to experience things in that house, but my experiences were defintely more intense then the rest of my familie's.  Some of the most common ghostly occurences would occur almost everyday. Doors would open and close by themselves, footsteps would be heard, and often times in my case i would hear a few different voices calling out my name.  At first it freaked me out, but it would happen so often that i got used to it.  It would happen very regulary right before i went to bed at night.  It happened once to my brother and it scared him really bad.  The most intense experiences came when i was roughly 6 or so.  I began seeing actually entites.  Three distinct different ones, and i only saw them once or twice each.  The first being a man who was dressed in black and red flannel with long hair and a beard.  He appeared to me in what we called the "middle room" it was decent size room that seperated my  room and my brothers room.  It was a very brief encounter, and in no way did i feel threatened.  Another occurence happened not to long after that when i droped something down the stairs into our basement.  When i went down to retreive it i saw a woman with long brown hair and a white dress. She was there one second and gone the next. This one actually scared me a bit, and i did not want to go down into the basement alone anymore.  The finally entity i saw was that of a small child.  The child actual woke me up in the middle of the night and asked if i would play with him. At the time i thought i was dreaming so i simply rolled over and went to back to sleep. I saw the same entity again while playing football in my front yard with my friends. One of my friends asked me who the kid was in the window, and when i looked it was the same entity that i saw that other night.  I immediately ran into the house but didn't see anyone.  I then ran upstairs and asked my brother if he had seen a kid in the house, and he just looked at me puzzled and said "What are you talking about?" I have since been living in another place in the same town, and have not experienced any other paranormal activity. 



Ravenswood House 2000-2002





I married my second husband just before moving into this house.  My oldest son was 18 and out on his own.  The children who were still living at home with me were my 15 year old son, my 10 year old daughter and my 5 year old daughter.

We had a hard time keeping the back door closed, even if it was locked.  I woke up one night to my husband trying to coerce the cat out from under the deck.  She got out during the night when the door came open.  We had a puppy who would cower when we took her into the back yard to go to the bathroom.  She always stared at the far corner of the yard like there was something over there she was afraid of.

My daughters and I came home from shopping one day to find our puppy, who was locked in the hosue when we left,  just sitting in the driveway staring at the wide open back door.

Around Christmas we had battery operated candles in the windows and let them burn until the batteries died.  About a week after the last light went out we were sitting at the diningroom table talking about how it had been a while since the door came open when one of the candles lit up again.  It stayed on for a couple of hours and didnt come on again after that.

When I was home by myself one day I heard someone talking in the livingroom and what sounded like the front door slam.  I went and looked to see what could have caused the noise.  The front door was closed and locked and the TV wasnt on.

We bought my father in laws house and made some renovations to it before moving in 2002.



House in Lexington, MI 1994-1997




I never had an experience with the unexplainable until we moved into an older home in Lexington, MI. in 1994

I was 29 and pregnant with my 4th child at the time.  My other children were a 12 year old boy, a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.  From the time we moved into the house our animals all acted very different.

Something that happened frequently was a voice.  The only thing the voice would say was our names but using the voice of a family member.  When it would call my children it would use my voice and when it would call me it would use the voice of one of my children.  We would tell my husband of these experiences and he thought I was putting bad ideas into my childrens minds until he experienced it while he was home alone one night.  He thought he heard me call his name at around 1:00 one morning.

The voice would call me while the children were at school.  It was easy to ignore then because I knew I was the only one home.  I would also smell perfume and cigarette smoke often.  Nobody in our house smoked and I would smell it whether the children were at school or at home. 

I would sit and crochet on the couch at the bottom of the stairs everynight after my children had gone to bed.  My dog would lay by my feet and stare up the stairs.  I would feel like I was being watched and I would feel a cold breeze coming down the stairs.  I would hear thumping around upstairs, like the boys were messing around when they were supposed to be in bed.  I would yell upstairs at them to go back to bed only to be met with silence.  When I went upstairs to investigate, the boys would both be sound asleep in their own beds.

One night, after everyone was in bed, I heard the cat making a very strange noise.  I got up without turning on any lights to see what he had gotten himself into.  He was just laying on the floor in front of the closed bathroom door like he was getting ready to pounce on something.  I opened the bathroom door and turned on the light.  Nobody in the bathroom.  I turned the light off and walked through the dark headed toward my room when I noticed through my daughters bedroom door, a dark shadow slide off of her bed and look like it laid on the floor.  I thought it was my dog until I turned on my bedroom light and saw my dog laying on the foot of my bed.  I went into my daughters room to check for what may have caused what I saw.  I found nothing.  My daughters bedroom shared an interior wall with the bathroom.

After I had my baby I switched rooms with my  daughter because I couldnt fit the crib in the room I was in.  One night all of my children and I were laying on my bed talking and giggling when my daughter started screaming and crying hysterically.  She swore she saw a shadow in the form of a man walk through the livingroom from the front door to the stairway and go upstairs.

We lived in that house for another 18 months but only experienced the voice and the smells for the rest of the time we were there.



Farm House 2004 - Present





We had some renovating to do to this old house before we moved in also.  We had to put in a whole new heating system, new plumming, new carpet, paint, some wiring, some drywall...

I was here by myself one night painting my daughters room.  I had the radio on and kept hearing noises downstairs.  Doors slamming, footsteps...  I turned the radio off because I thought that was adding to the things I was hearing.  That was even worse because then I could hear the noises more clearly.  This house had been vacant for over a year before we bought it and I didnt know if animals had a way to get in or even people who may have used this house to party or sleep in.  My imagination ran away with me and I ended up calling my husband to come all the way back here to get me out.  By the time he got here I was hiding in the closet.  Big Baby, I know, but I was really scared!  I still havent heard the end of that one.

We came out here after dark one night to get more things taken care of.  We were about 1/4 mile away when I noticed there was a porch light on at our new house.  Good, someone was thinking!  When we pulled in the driveway the porch light wasnt on and it looked like the livingroom light went off as we pulled in.  My husband and I walked though the house with a hammer and crowbar before we let the girls come in.  Nobody was here and the cellar light was on.  I wouldnt have been able to see that light coming down the road.

After we moved in we were expecting the water softener guy so I slept in my daughters room that day. The same room whos closet I hid in.  As I was just starting to fall asleep I heard two kids giggling.  The TV wasnt on and my children were at school.  I was too tired to worry about it and fell asleep. 

One Saturday morning after work, I went to my room and sat on the edge of the bed talking to my husband.  While we were talking I heard someone come down the stairs and close the bathroom door.  I sat and talked to my husband for another 15-20 minutes waiting for the person in the bathroom to get out.  I was going to hurry them along and poked my head around the corner to say something.  The bathroom door was open.  Nobody was in there.  I turned and looked at my husband and asked him if he didnt just hear someone come down the stairs and close the bathroom door.  He said he had heard it.  We would have heard the toilet flush and the door open up again.  Our bedroom is right there.

I have "felt" someone in the room with me on several occaisions.  I have even talked to them.  When I turn to look at the person Im speaking to there is nobody there.  This happens in the kitchen frequently.  There have been knocks on the bathroom door when I'm home alone and in the bathroom.  We hear footsteps upstairs all the time.

My son came home from work one night to find my oldest daughter sitting downstairs in the livingroom.  She was home alone and told him that she heard things upstairs and didnt want to go up there alone.  He made a comment to her that it was pretty sad little sister can play up there by herself and older sister was afraid to go there.  My daughter told him little sister was at her girlfriends house spending the night.  He told her to stop trying to mess with him because he just heard little sister upstairs singing in her room.  When he went up to his room he looked for his little sister and found that she wasnt there.

We still "feel" and hear things often.  As long as I dont see anything this will be my last house.

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