Elk Street 2002-2004


By: sawdon65@yahoo.com


We bought my father-in-laws house with the understanding that he was to stay with us so we could take care of him.  He was in his mid 70's and not in the best of health.

Before we moved in we turned the 2 upstairs bedrooms into 3 bedrooms.  My husband was upstairs taking the panels off the walls and called me upstairs to figure out how and where to move the heating duct.  As soon as I got to the top of the stairs my husband hung his hammer on a nail that was sticking out of a stud.  We were standing right next to that stud the whole time I was upstairs with him.  We were the only two upstairs.  When we were finished talking he went to grab for his hammer.  It was no longer hanging on the stud.  We looked for it for about 15 minutes before finding it under a pile of panels about 10 feet away from the stud it was hung on.  We just gave each other a raised eyebrow look and didnt say anything about it.

The TV would always turn off and on by itself.  It was my father-in-laws TV that sat in the livingroom.  It was the only TV in the house that did that no matter what outlet it was plugged into.  I would turn it off and by the time I would walk into the kitchen it would be on again.  I would have to say something like "I dont have time to play right now" before it would finally stop.

I was at work the night my father-in-law passed away.  It was 3 am on a Monday morning when one of the high low drivers broke a main water line that caused all the presses to be shut down.  I'd been working there for 2 years and had never seen or heard of all the press operators being sent home as there is always something else for us to do, rework, cleaning...

I went straight home and straight into my father-in-laws room to check on him and tell him what happened.  We had a close bond and talked about everything.  He was gone.  His estimated time of death was 3am.  It may have been a coincidence, but MAN, what a coincidence!

After my father-in-law passed away I experienced only one more thing.  I was up in my room and heard my son call me from the kitchen.  I was at the top of the stairs and he was at the bottom of the stairs when we met up.  He asked me what I wanted.  I asked him what he meant because I heard HIM call ME.  He just shook his head and said "Oh, not this again."

I came home from work early again one night, about a month after my father-in-law had passed away.  I walked into my sons room to see if he was home yet.  He was laying in his bed with the blankets over his head.  My son was 18 at the time.  I whispered "Are you still awake?"  He popped his head out from under his blanket and told me he heard footsteps in his room just a few minutes before I got home.  Could have been the cat, I told him.  Nope, definately human he said, but when he looked to see who it was there was nobody there.  My oldest daughter heard me and her brother talking downstairs and came down.  She told me about an hour before I got home she thought she heard someone walking around downstairs, she thought it was her brother.  She heard footsteps from his room to the bathroom.  She went downstairs and peaked her head in his room, not in there.  She walked to the bathroom but the door was standing open so she knew he wasnt in there.  She was spooked so she went upstairs and didnt come back down until I got home.

We moved to a big old farm house in 2004.



Wisconsin Haunted Places


By: madted@webtv.net


I notice that The Inn At Pine Terrace on Lisbon Road in Oconomowoc is

not listed in your Wisconsin haunted sites.   It was a private home and

is  now a Bread and Breakfast.    A young woman had hanged herself in

one of the rooms  and the building sat empty for some time before being renovated for a Bed and Breakfast..  My daughter worked there one summer as a maid.  She was the only one on staff at the time who was not afraid to enter the "tower room". The first time she entered the room, she announced that she was a friend and only wanted to clean the room.

Although there was a definite chill in the room upon entering and some things would be moved around a bit, she never felt that she was in danger. 

Interestingly, the Inn At Pine Terrace is located near Fowler Lake, one of the sites you had listed.




Tulsa Oklahoma Shelter


By: x_ptgurl_x@yahoo.com


My own personal experience is i was in a home/shelter a few years ago and on the second floor is where i slept.Well i was lonely and couldnt sleep so i decided to stare out of my window.I was at first looking at the tall buildings of tulsa being lit up and beautiful,but then discovered someone walking across the basketball court.I thought it was someone who had exscaped and there are two buildings cornered from each other and the court was in between.This person who looked like a girl was wearing a white night gown and looked like she was floating.Well she went down some stairs as i watched her in fear she turned towards a door and disapeared,The door never opened she just went right through it! It was so scary.



Timothy Dalton


By: saddlegurl300@aol.com



 Earlier this year I attended a camp in Rabun County, GA. There I was told the story of Timothy Dalton. The story is that in the late 70's, the Daltons lived in a rural area of Habersham County, GA. Supposedly Timothy was about eleven years old, an only child, and his parents didn't really like him. They abused him in every way possible and kept him in the basement due to them not thinking he was worthy of a room upstairs. This wasn't even really a basement more just like a cellar with one small window that was about 2 feet in length and half a foot up. Mr. Dalton's wood workshop was down there so at night Timothy would work on whatever he could. His father didn't quit mind him working with his wood because his father would take what ever Timothy made and sell it with out giving Timothy any of the money. Well, one day Timothy was at home alone weeding the field when the postman came. His parents had gone off into the next city over to get supplies for the upcoming fall. Now, Timothy knew that there was such a thing as mail but since his parents didn't tell him where it came from and neglected to send him to school he never knew what it honestly looked like.

The postman approached Timothy and asked him if his father was around. When Timothy answered no the postman handed over a package, he had never ever seen a package before and was informed not to open it or even shake it. It was his fathers and not his. Timothy went inside the house and set the package down on the kitchen table. He couldn't stop thinking about it so he opened and made sure that he could seal it again. Around this time power tools started to come out and Timothy's father figured that he should have one since he does work on wood sometimes. Timothy saw that it was a power drill and was in awe. He couldn't wait until that night to start to make something. So, for the rest of the day he just went around and collected logs and sticks so that he could make something. Once he found them he set them by the window and at night would open it and pull them in.

That night once his parents locked him down in the basement, he started to work. He worked and worked for about three hours until he came up with this beautiful rocking chair. He had never seen something this beautiful and never been this happy about something like this. So every night threw the summer and the fall he would sit and rock in it until he would fall asleep. Well, a horrible blizzard blew threw and it was a horrible site. All the crops of Habersham had died and nothing was left of them. So one day Mr. Dalton told Timothy to go and find fire wood for the fireplace since they didn't have electric heating. Timothy knew that all the fire wood would be wet but decided not to fight with his father. After about two hours Timothy had found some dry pieces to possibly hold them over for the night. So he turned back and started to walk back towards the house. As he approached the end of the woods he noticed that there was smoke coming out of the fireplace. He found this very odd and didn't quit know why his father would send him out to find firewood if he already had some.

So Timothy walked into the house and as soon as he walked in he was horrified. He saw his rocking chair, the only thing he had ever been proud of, chopped up in the fireplace burning to little bits. Timothy snapped.that's all to say. He didn't start to yell at his dad or anything. He just mentally snapped. So he sat down the fire wood and did his chores. Before he was locked down in the basement he managed to sneak some chicken wire under his shirt. So he took it down to the basement and was locked in there.

After about an house he knew that his mom and dad had just turned off the light to go to bed and he go to work. After maybe three hours he had constructed this power drill into this killing machine. He had found an Exacto Knife and bound it to the power drill so that when the turned the trigger on it would spin around and around. So he used some chicken wire to unlock himself and walked up the stairs to his parent's room. He slowly bound his parent's hands and feet to the bed post and foot board. It took him about an hour just to do this without either of them stirring. So once that was done he just stood over his father staring him dead in the eye with his hand and power drill behind his back. As soon as his father awoke he started yelling at Timothy calling him a freak and wondering what he was doing there. So Timothy didn't do anything just pulled out the power drill and jammed it straight into his father's heart and turned it on. His mother was screaming bloody murder. So he pulled it out of his father and slowly walked around the other side to his mom. She was crying and was in hysterics Timothy looked at her then revved the power drill once and shoved it straight into her neck. He just dropped everything didn't wash his hands didn't even try to clean up. He didn't care if he was caught all he cared about was that rocking chair. So he went over to the fireplace and sat down in front of it and stared into it for three days until the police got suspicious and noticed that they hadn't seen them for a while. When they came to the house they didn't even have to ask any questions they knew what had happened. So they admitted Timothy into the Habersham Psyche Ward where he stayed until the late 90's when he escaped.

Now, you need to know that to know this strange experience that happened to me. When I was with my camp our cabin of twenty boys and girls were on a bus headed to Helen to go tubing on the Hooch. It was really rainy so they didn't want us going in the water so they took us to go bowling in Habersham County. The night before we had hiked up Blood Mountain and was told that story. So we were all pretty freaked out. Well, me and my friend Kelly and her boyfriend Jake decided to go walk around the bowling building since a lot of the counselors already were back there. So as we're walking back there, there was an old man with slightly grayish hair standing out there smoking. We had been informed that if you see anyone outside of camp that you kindly say hello, don't say your name, and only tell where you're from (camp wise).  The man did what any other person would do ask us our names. We sat down on a curb that was parallel to him but the length of a car away from him. We told him that we were from CHH Lake Burton and that we were here with a camp. "Well, that still doesn't answer my question." He said. Kelly spoke up," I'm sorry sir but we're not allowed to tell you our names." He looked at her and laughed a little," Well, Kelly, my name is Tim." We were all completely shocked and confused.

"How do you know our names?" I asked. He laughed again and put out his cigarette. "Let's just say that I know a lot of things. Habersham is a very quiet town and as of last night for you guys it was a very innocent town too." We were all in shock and awe. How did he know that we knew about the murders? We all got spooked and Jack led the way back round the building. But every crazy person has some parting words," Just remember this," he said to us as we all halted to stop, "I wouldn't have had to kill him if he just kept his eye's closed." To this day it still haunts me, the wheezing laugh of that man and the wondering of the story. Is it honestly true?


The Wake Up


By: robinmichel@cybercomm.cc


In my former residence where myself, my husband and my teenage son lived, there were lots of paranormal happenings. All three of us experienced strange things. But the one that was the most bizarre happened while I was asleep in my bed.  My husband had gone away on business for few days, so I was alone this particuliar night. My son was asleep in his room down the hall.

I owned a large male cat named Bing. Who almost always spent the night on my bed. I also had a hampster that was kept in a cage in my son's bedroom. The cage door was broken so we tied it up with baggie ties. She had escaped once or twice, so I had planned on buying a new cage the next day.

As I lay sleeping in my bed, I can remember hearing someone yelling in my ear"WAKE UP" several times. I then found myself standing in the hallway and to my disbelief, my cat had the hampster cornered and was about to pounce. I screamed for my son and he came to the rescue before anything could happen.

Someone had made sure that I would wake up in time that's for sure. I know I heard those words "WAKE UP", repeated several times.

I was not terribly afraid at that time because, I figured that this entity had to be friendly.





Pioneer Ghost


By: gacook4@juno.com


A few weeks ago, my grandparents and I went to a Mormon pioneer cemetery a few miles from where I live to get a picture of an ancestor's gravestone.  While driving into the cemetery, I noticed a particularly tall gravestone.  As soon as I saw it, I got the chills.  Normally, I am not scared of cemeteries or things like that, at least not in the day time.  As we left the cemetery, my grandmother pointed out the creepy head stone  She said it was her grandaunt grave, and that this lady had crossed the plains to come to Utah when she was about 8. She later went north to help settle the town of Richmond, Utah.  Then grandma told me the following story.

When my aunt Andrea was about 15, she was home alone in the kitchen, right after school.  She heard a womans voice and turned around.

 She saw an elderly lady in a long, old-fashioned style dress with her hair in a bun. Andrea ran out of the house and to a neighbors, where she called my grandmother at work.  Grandma thought she was just trying to get attention, but told her she could stay with the neighbors until she got home from work.  The same thing happened twice more over the next two weeks.  My grandma requested a picture of a great-aunt from my great-grandmother, so she could copy it and hang it up on the mantle.  It was lying on the counter the next day when Andrea came home.  As soon as she saw the picture, she jumped.  She asked grandma who it was of, then told her it was the ghost.  Andrea never saw the women again, but says it wasn't scary. More like a lady that wanted to help.





The Ghost of "Great Grammy"


By: jamirault_mvus@yahoo.com


I am a 16-year-old boy from a small city called Malden in Massachusetts. My parents moved into my house when I was only a few months old. Now the story behind my house, is that it is quite old, and belonged to my great grandparents, my mother's grandparents. They lived here for MANY years, my great grandparents moved in when they were young newlyweds; they had a number of children, and were quite happy living in this house. My great grandmother or "Great Grammy" as we called her, died at a fairly young age due to heavy smoking; I sadly never had the pleasure of meeting her myself, as she had died many years before I was in the picture. With his wife gone, my great grandfather lived in this home all by himself, until he grew to old and could no longer care for himself, so he entered a nursing home. When he left the house, and we moved in, we kept things how they were for a number of years, but eventually my mother began to do some renovations to the house, little things here and there. Then when I was around 9 or years old and some discussion of remodeling the kitchen (which had been unchanged since the house was built) some strange things started happening. It began small, my mother, my father, my older sister and I would be sitting at the kitchen table having dinner, and a plate that was sitting in a rack drying off (we had no dishwasher at this point) would randomly fall over. No one really thought anything of it because it only happened roughly once a week. But after about 3 weeks it began to happen more frequently, no one really had any idea what was going on when one night after it happened my father said to us, “ Hey, Maybe it’s Great Grammy paying us a visit.” We all laughed it off, but then the next day after the plate tipped over, the door to the basement (located in the kitchen) popped open then suddenly slammed shut.  From this point we all began to reconsider the statement about the possible visits from great grammy. Soon the tipping of the plate, and the movements of the basement door were happening every night, and it occurred only during our dinner.

We all believed it was great grammy, so every night after the “show” my mother would say, “Oh, Hey Gram”

very kindly. One night, after the visit, my sister asked my mother, “Hey mom, why is she visiting us?”

and my father replied, “I don’t know, maybe she is just looking for Great Grampy”. We grew very used to these visits as they happened every night, and one night before dinner, I was in the basement searching for a bottle of soda, our basement is not finished, the floor is half concrete and half dirt, but there is a refrigerator down there for extra storage in case the one in the kitchen fills up.  Anyhow, I was down in my basement and as I rummaged through the fridge I felt a little strange. I backed away from the fridge and looked down to the other end of the basement, I thought I saw something colored gray and white, but it had disappeared within about 2 seconds of my seeing it, I figured I was seeing things. I called up to my mother whom was in the kitchen, cooking dinner “Mom! I think I someone is down here!”  “WHAT?” she cried nervously, “Yeah, I saw something but it disappeared.”

I yelled up. She then replied with a giggle, “ Oh, It’s Just Grammy”. Now I was quite scared, even If I was just seeing things. I quickly went back to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of Pepsi and closed the door.

 I was heading for the stairs, and I stopped and took another look, I saw nothing to my disappointment, but I turned back toward to the stairs when I heard a deep sigh coming from directly behind me. I quickly spun around, but saw no one. I thought to myself, it’s just grammy, it’s just grammy, say hello to her. I was very scared and I said out loud, “ H…Hel….Hello Grammy.” I heard nothing, but there was a thud from a little ways into the basement and an old scratched up baseball rolled into my path. I began to shiver in fear; I quickly walked over to the ball and picked it up. It felt peculiarly warm for something sitting on a cold dirt floor for god knows how many years. I took my soda and the ball and I ran back upstairs. We had dinner and the usual plate tip and door actions took place. I showed the ball to my father and he was inspecting it and he said, “ WOW! Take a look at this!” he held the ball to my face and in blue ink scratched in the bottom and slightly worn away was the name “Wesley” which was the name of my great grandfather. Then the night soon came to an end. The next day was my grandfathers 93rd birthday, and the entire family was going to visit him in the nursing home. They had put pictures taken all during his life up on the walls of the room that we were having the party in. My father was with me as I looked at the pictures, there was one of him and my great grandmother and she was wearing a large white sweater, and next to it was another picture of my great grandfather standing in my backyard, with a baseball bat in his right hand and a baseball in his left. I felt very strange seeing as how I think I had that very same ball, so I decided to stop looking at pictures and get back to the party. 2 days later my great Grandfather died peacefully in his sleep. He was buried with his wife, and the very day he was buried the actions with the plate tipping and the basement door opening and slamming stopped completely. We never heard from her again. I believe she was simply lonely and searching for her husband, when they were reunited, she could finally rest in peace. I am now 16 years old, and I have never had another ghost experience, but I still get a shiver when I enter my basement, and I have kept the ball in my room since the very day I found it. Until the day I die I will remember my experience with The Ghost of “Great




Tall Floating Figure


By: michelle.hall10@ntlworld.com


I write to tell you of a site which will stay with me for life. my friend and I where returning from a duck hunting trip in Dunmrry when we decided to have a look in the river to check for ducks on the of chance of a last crack before we crossed the fields to home. we made are way across the M1 motorway at Dunmurry,shush tad illegal, and when climbing the bank on are homeward we loaded are guns.  When I put my last shell up the spout I noticed a tall light tan coloured figure of to my right it seemed to be about 7ft tall and of the ground by about 2ft, this scared the xxxx out of me I couldn't speak to warn my mate all I could do was brush his shoulder as he stride closer to it, but it was enough to turn him round his first words where what the fxxxs wrong with you, I could only motion my eyes towards it and when he turned he started backing up asking what in goodness names that, well words to that effect. first instinct was to point our guns at it but I urged him not to fire encase we only angered it.  I remember saying don't run just back up slowly and walk away, I was afraid in case he could out run me, this we did for about five paces and my so called mate was off with me hot on his heels, turned out he had ask me to wait for him.  This happened about 14 years ago and neither of us went hunting at night again. Iasked him later why he asked or how he new to ask what was wrong with me, he said it was the shear look of terror on my face.

I told a friend of mine this story only yesterday and he explained that a figure not unlike a monk had been reported on the motorway from as far back as thirty years ago, wish sum1 coulda told me





By: losingsunday@yahoo.com



My name is Josh and I am new to the experience of the phenomenon, but have always been interested in the paranormal.  So then it is no shock to me when things happen that you cannot explain.  My experience actually took place last night (9-16-05) as I was online late doing research....It was in the 2nd bedroom that I use as a computer room....I remember having the feeling that I was being watched...so I checked the windows and saw nothing, so I sat back down.....moments later...the feeling returned but it seemed that it was more intense..like something was there with me....My heartbeat a little elevated...I continued to work...knowing that this was't my mind playing tricks on me......it was when I felt it move from my neck to my shoulder that brought me out of my chair....I spun around only to find the room much darker than I remember and feeling a great pressure inside my head and very confused....moments later it was gone and everything was normal....I live in a 2 bedroom duplex, and have always suspected of having "house guests"  or the possibility of something else residing in the same dwelling.  Things have happened that you can't explain away as the house settling, or bad plumbing....things move from where you put them that you swear w e there a minute ago.......doors open and close in the night....things fall that shouldn't.  I have been co-existing with my "house mate" without contact..until last night.




Queen Mary Ghosts


By: ppaulson@cityofsacramento.org


My husband and I had a couple of strange experiences on the Queen Mary in July of 2005.  Our first night staying on the ship was fairly uneventful.  We enjoyed the ambience, but were a little disappointed that nothing "ghostly" happened.  On our last night we were with a friend who lived in the area and had come to the ship to meet us. Both my husband and his friend had worked on the ship in the A/V department about twenty years prior to our present visit. We were heading to our cabin to pick up a camera for a ghost hunting expedition,  my husband in the lead, Julie and me following.  Just as Julie passed  a set of open fire doors in the corridor, one of the doors slammed shut, hitting her in the back and then opened again.  Upon retrieving the camera, we continued our unauthorized tour of the ship, looking for more spirits.  Nothing more occured and Julie finally had to go home.  We passed a peaceful night.  The next morning we were leaving the ship to head home.  I had put on a new halter blouse.  My neck soon became irritated by the knot of the top.  I kept pulling it away from my neck, but kept it securely tied.  While we were going down the elevator to the dock, my husband and I were the only ones in the elevator and he was standing facing me, I felt a tickle at my neck.  I reached up to see what the tickle was and found the knot was untied.  My husband said it was a friendly ghost as it seemed it know how much discomfort I was feeling from the knot.  If nothing else, it was a helpful spirit. 



One Scary and One Not



By: nechigrrl@yahoo.ca.


I have been reading many of the stories with great interest, and feel compelled to share two experiences.

Before I continue, I must say that this is an excellent site! I am part Native, and part White; my mom is Cree and my dad is German. Much of the traditional teachings I received with regards to spirits are very similar to the information on this site.

The first and scary experience happened almost 20 years ago. I was in college, and not getting along with my parents, so I moved out. I ended up moving in with a roommate into a small 2 bedroom bungalow in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. This bungalow was a little dilapidated but it was within in my meagre student budget. I always felt 'creeped out' in the house at night, like there was something watching - something not all that friendly. About a month or two after I moved in, my roommate informed me that there was a small, old graveyard across the road, hidden behind a tangle of brush and weeds. EWWWWW! One night, my roommate, a friend and I were playing cards. My roommate looked at me and said out of the blue (no previous mention of ghosts), "Do you ever get the feeling this place is haunted, like you're being watched?" I immediately and emphatically said, "YES!!!" I never noticed physical manifestations like objects moving, taps turning on, or lights flashing, but just an overwhelming creepy feeling of being watched. I would run from the bathroom to my bedroom at night as though I was chased by hell hounds.

Well, one night during the winter I was in my bedroom with a candle lit, trying to figure my life out. The window was shut and my bedroom door was closed. The candle did not flicker or waver like flames do when there is a breeze; the candle simply went out, as though extinguished by someone or something. Well, this spooked me, to say the least. So, I turned on my bedside light. The bulb make a 'pop' noise that bulbs make when they burn out. There I was, sitting in the dark and extremely agitated; I needed to get out of my room immediately. I tried to open my door and the doorknob came off in my hand! The terror rose exponentially at that point. My bedroom door wasn't a regular inside-the-house kind of door, but it had a window in it, like an older kitchen door. I had hung a little curtain over the pane for privacy. Without even thinking - like an instinctive response - I smashed my fist through the pane of glass to be able to reach down and open the door from the outside. I bolted from my room and fled to a friend's house.

Very soon after that, I reluctantly moved home. I sure wasn't going to live in that little creep-fest hovel anymore!! I suppose one could explain some of that night away given that the house was old and in not very good shape. So, it's not surprising that the door knob came off in my hand; I'm was in such a state of terror that I probably used a little too much force trying to open the door. And, being a student on a limited income, many of my belongings (including my bedside light) were second-hand, so malfunctions wouldn't be that unlikely. But, the series of events - candle, light, door knob - and the absolute terror convinced me that there was a nasty spirit there.

More than ten years after that, I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia when I had another experience that was not at all frightening. I was living in an apartment with a roommate and two cats.

After a while, we both noticed that there seemed to be a third cat living with us - a cat you could feel but not see. Either one of us would be doing the dishes and feel a cat brush up against our legs but see nothing there. Or, one of us would be working on the computer and feel the cat's tail brush against our legs as it apparently walked under the chair, but see nothing.

The other two cats seemed completely at ease with this. I had cats before as a child, but that had been quite a few years before these occurrences. I had no idea who or what this spirit was, or why it suddenly moved in with us. We were never frightened by this, but I decided to 'smudge' the apartment anyway; 'smudging' is a traditional cleansing ceremony that includes burning sage and prayer to the Creator (known as God in the Christian faith). The cat spirit left and I have never felt it again. I have had other experiences with people and pets passing on, as well as some premonitions, but I will save them for another time. Be well. All my relations.



No-One was There


By: txesaf@netscape.ca


I,m a big believer of ghosts but when you see or experience  things that you really know can,t be ,you start to think its all in your head.I have lived in the same place for 5 years now and I,m not sure but I think we have some sort of entity.Well I have a  6,13 and 14 year old but for some reason my 6 year old and I are the only ones that have had things happen to us.When my daughter was about 4,we were sitting around watching TV I just happen to look at her (sitting on the floor) she looked like she was following someone cross the floor in front of her and walk down our hall.She says to me "mommy who's that man" I told her that I didn't see a man and she informs that she did.I on the other hand am not liked very much I don't think cause it locks me out of the house,I know what your thinking but I have even changed the locks thinking the doorknob was the problem but it didn't help, it cant be the kids either cause it happens when they are not home as well. The first time it happened it was 10:30 at night and about - 30 F I let our dog out to do her thing and shut the door then went to open it and it was locked thinking now what do I do I started bagging on it in hopes one of the kids will wake up to let me in. After about 20 min they did and let me in, it has happened a few more times. Now I don't EVER shut the door when I go out for a sec but it still locks on me, I just laugh and say you didn't get me.I also saw something I cant explain, the kid got up before I did one Saturday morning and they were in the living room watching TV .I got up  and walked down the hall to the living room the kids were standing at the entrance to the living room ,(I swear I was wide awake) I saw this red T shirt (at least that's what my brain registered) standing next to my kids then walk into the other room by the front door.I asked the kids who was here they looked at me like I had finally lost my mind and said no one,I know I saw it so I went to look who was here and I didn't find anyone and the front door didn't open either.So that's my story and I swear its true.




My Uncle Richard


By: DRod39102@aol.com



When I was 11 years old I lived with my mom, my sister and my uncle Richard (Who was only 26) in my grandparents house. My sister and I shared a room upstairs between my uncle's room and my grandparents room and my mom had the basement to herself. One day I faked sick because I didn't want to go to school, what a big mistake that was. My uncle Richard came home that day, complained of breathing problems and died in our upstairs bathroom that we shared with him. I was hiding behind the door in my room and my grandmother was downstairs in the living room (She has MS and cannot walk) I saw everything, the paramedics eventually saw me and made me go downstairs. When they took him out he was blue and his arms were hanging down. It was very traumatizing and I think that experience of seeing him die was what opened the door to everything I experience now. Anyways, the morning after he died we all got up and had breakfast together, my grandfather asked if anyone had taken a shower around 6:30 am. No one did, but we all heard the shower running. 6:30 was around the time my uncle would have been getting ready for work. After that nothing really happened for a while until they cleaned out his room, which was a couple of months. I decided I wanted to have his old room so I moved all of my stuff in there and then weird things started happening. Anyone who knew my uncle would tell you that he was a prankster. He loved to play tricks on people and I think that's what he was doing to me. It was always freezing cold in my room, the power would go out just in that room, my clock was never right no matter how many times I set it and the curtains would open by themselves in the middle of the night. It frightened me at first but then I realized he was just him trying to play tricks on me, eventually I found it comforting and enjoyed when those things would happen because I knew it was him and I would talk to him and tell him how much I missed him. One time when I was talking to him it felt like there was arms around me hugging me. The Christmas after he died my aunt Julie and my cousins came to visit, we had not seen them in a while so everyone took a lot of pictures. In almost every picture, on different cameras and different rolls of film there was a white blur, we all believe it was him spending the holiday with his family.  I do not live there anymore and have not lived there in about 8 years and I miss the experiences I used to have there. I have many stories of things that have happened in my new house, that I know aren't my uncle Richard but that's another story.




My Grandparents' House


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My grandparents used to own a home in New Hartford, CT. until about 5 years ago... It was a huge house, mostly built by my Gramps, and it sat centered on about 4 1/2 acres of land. It was really nice... In the daytime, anyhow.

It was a 2 story house, with a huge attic, and a basement as well. There were a total of 5 bedrooms in the main part of the house, and there was a 2 bedroom apartment connected to the house. Now, just as a bit of background, my Gram and Gramps were some cool old people. They traveled a LOT. In fact, they've been to many different countries, and have been to all 48 continetnal states, plus Alaska, in their RV. A few years before I was born, they went to Haiti... And, they bought this FREAKY little wooden statue.. Ever since I was a little girl, any time we went up to CT to visit them, I HATED that statue. A giant pillowcase used to have to be put over it so that I couldn't see it.

One night, when I was about 13, I was sleeping in the bedroom that was converted into my Gram's needlepoint/sewing room. I woke up to go to the potty. The little freaky statue man had the customary pillowcase pulled over him, and was standing in his usual corner across the short, squared hall from "my room." I went potty, and came out. First thing I always did, was I had to check and make sure that the little man hadn't moved. I ended up wetting myself when I looked and saw the pillowcase on the floor in the corner where scary statue man was, and then looked at the corner by my door, and he was there. I was only in the bathroom for 2 minutes... And, that statue was WAY too heavy for anyone to move it and me not hear it. Everyone else was asleep anyhow. My older brother (the only one who would have been sick enough to pull a mean prank like that) was not at my grandparents' home... He was in Bark Hamsted (sp?) with my cousin Sean at my Aunt Joanie and Uncle Jim's house. As soon as I saw that Mr. Man was waiting for me by my door- probably waiting for me to walk by so that he could grab me and eat me or something- I immediately took off running down the stairs (which was an incredible feat for me in and of itself, if you've never seen a fat 13-year-old girl run before), and ran through the family/living room, through the kitchen, into the foyer, and up the 2 steps to the attatched apartment where my mother was sleeping with my little sister Hannah and my baby brother Ryan. The next morning, bright and early, we went upstair to invesstigate... And, where was the statue? Back in the corner it was supposed to be in, with the pillowcase pulled over it.




My Ghost Experiences



By: derrick_guffey_26@yahoo.com


i have had many encounters with the paranormal since i was about 5-6 yrs old i have seen ghosts and i have seen and heard and felt honest to gods demons. i wanted to share two of these  experiences with you. people can think what they will but i take these things very seriously and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are real and walk among us. the first ghost to ever cross my path was that of a woman i was 5 at the time and had gone into the kitchen to get a drink while my family was watching a movie on the hyda bed. i was standing there drinking my water ,when i see in my peripheral vision a woman in a white dress floating down the hall from my aunts room right into the room occupied by my mother and myself. being as i was a child a thought only that this lady didnt belong in our house. well i for some reason threw a kitchen knife at it and you guessed it the knife went right through it. my mom always said to me that the boogie man was in the closet so be careful. you know what she was right only that it was the boogie woman. it was about two night afterward that i saw the door to the closet bow outward as though someone or something were trapped inside and was trying to get out. that door actually splintered in a few places.

my second encounter was with a phantom miner sounds wierd huh but let me just say that this was in sacremento california where gold was discovered. sutters mill was about 10-15 miles from our house. i saw the spectre in our back yard digging in the ground. he was dressed as a miner would have dressed in the 1840s he even had a mule with him loaded down with things. it was at night at about 10 pm i guess he found what he was looking for because he pulled something out of the ground put it in a pack grabbed the mules reins and started to walk away about 3 seconds later he had vanished from sight. the thing that was odd to me was that a water pipe that was in the spot where this phantasmal miner was searching had that very next morning mysteriously began to leak.



My Encounter


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My name is Mari.  After reading some of your stories, I decided to share mine with you- just as an example to those who may not believe in beyond natural beings........

About 2 years ago, I lived with my parents and I slept in a 2 bedroom attic- ever since we moved there, my mother had seen a little girl running from room to room--- and at night you could feel something creeping around the bed but there was nothing there.

One night for some reason I was really scared, so I slept with my lamp on.  I was awakened by my "mother" she came really up close to my face and screamed at me- she said "I'm going to turn that light off whether you like it or not".  it really scared me.

The next morning, I asked her why she did that- she said "Mari, I slept all night, I didn't go upstairs at all.  if it wasn't her than who?  Its something to think about.





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you should check out the Gap in uptown Minneapolis, MN. on Hennipen & Lake.

I used to work there, and rumor has it the building burnt down years ago, before it was a Gap.  in the back stock room in the basement, it still smells like charred wood, and no one will go in there alone.

creepy noises and other wierd things have happened in there (boxes moved, etc.)

also..next door is an Urban Outfitters where many of my friends worked, and apparently the ghosts there are more bold.  people have seen apparitions, soda cans have overflowed without being touched, and people have been locked into rooms, among other things.

the offices of both of these buildings are downstairs, but most people won't be in there alone, as there is always kinda of a feeling of being watched, noises, and just a basic feeling of not being alone when you are.

thought you might be interested, or wanted to look into it!




Mercywood Hospital/Ann Arbor, MI experience


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I thought i would share this story, since it concerns information on this page. This past week I went over to a brand new (roughly 5 years old) apartment complex off Jackson Rd. Near Zeeb. Upon visiting the complex with a roommate of mine, we found it to be a very excellent complex and even seemed to be a decent neighborhood. I had a little bit of an uneasy feeling about this place but attempted to shrug it off in interests of a nice apartment close to work. As we talked to a person in the office, the feeling grew, and continued as such that by the end of the showing of the unit, it was so uncomfortable that i had to leave. Little known to me, but at the end of the tour, an impression of something very WRONG hit my roommate "like a ton of bricks" as he put it. This impression was so strong i passed on this complex, however i could NOT shake the feeling i had gotten from that place for several hours afterwards. I tried doing some research after a friend had told me there was a Commune right next to the place, and that she had gotten a strange feeling from that location as well. Taking a guess that there had to been some sort of rash of violent muders, defiled graves, or possibly a haunting, I came across Shadowlands. I remember someone showing me this site before, but now it felt like there was a reason i came back. I saw the blurb on the Mercywood Hospital and read about it's former location. I couldnt believe that this should have been an issue, but it was too close to not be a coincidence. researching further, i only found very brief blurbs on the Sanitarium and mention of a stay by Theodore Roethke, but then i noticed a relief/survey map that had lat/longitude coordinates for where the hospital stood, and much to my discomfort, it was shown as being DIRECTLY across the street on Jackson, roughly a mile north from this complex. reading this information and getting the feeling i did, i cannot believe that anyone could possibly live there. I did find that the hospital was torn down in 1987 and now there resides a car dealership, but any information about the history of the hospital itself other than Roethke's stay, and it's expansion has been totally wiped from the annuls of every corner of the net. Is this haunting simply from the disturbed minds of its patients? or did something else take place at that location to cause it's closure and eventual demolition? Either way, this revelation has caused me to be highly critical of places in the immediate vicinity and it also illustrates just 'HOW' distressed the Spirits of that location are. If there's any further information on this place, i would be highly interested in knowing, as simply reading about the hospital only answers a few questions, and poses so many more.



Ghost or Ghost Battle


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Okay. I am fourteen years old and I am in high school. I live near the town of Waco, Texas. I live in Lorena, Texas. Anyway, when I was in sixth grade, I heard weirds things. Mind you, this only happened twice. I went to bed one night and before I fell asleep I heard this weird tapping on my window. I doubt it was a tree branch because the tree branches are not long enough to touch my window. They were long enough to scratch the metal roof though. ( I sleep in the second story of my mom's house) I was freaked out. I think it happened again the next night or after. I heard the same tapping again on my window. It stopped and right before I thought the tapping was gone for the night, I heard this huge bang. It sounded like something hit my window. Sometimes my windows upstairs rattle when it is windy but there was no wind that night. It scared me. I did not notice until maybe a few days later there were scortch marks on the roof. My mom always said we lived on ancient Indian burial grounds. Later on my uncle told me we live on a battle field. When my family first moved onto our land, they found cannon balls and fifty calibur bullets. I also found a railroad spike. Maybe the noises I heard might have been the battle or maybe I was imaging things. Thanks for listening to me.



Many Strange Things in that House


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Jewelry Store


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Downtown Bay City MI Jewelery store. I worked there for 10 yrs and several things happened to me and some other employee's.  Co-workers and I have both heard our names being called on more then one occasion. Things being hid and moved things turning on and off like lights and machinery. I was touched by a unseen hand and old broken clocks would chime. Once four of us were standing at the counter talking, and there was a fountain on the counter next to me and as we were talking the stones in the fountain would fly out and hit me. We just joke about it because something was always happening especially to me. We think that the spirit is the spirit of an old man that used to work at the store.He always helped me out before he died and I think he is still helping us out  in death, all you have to do is just ask Him to help and he will help. He has found many things for me. But that's a whole other story.






I Have a Ghost Experience


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i was about 8 or 9 this is in oxnard ca,  at these apts called rancho ellin apts.  my mother just bought me and my sister bunk beds and i use to sleep on the bottom  i had numerous junk such as baseball cards and toys on my bed shelves.  one night i woke realizing my sisters hand was hanging off the top bed with her pillow.  she eventually dropped the pillow and all of a sudden the bed shook violently.  knocking off all the junk off my shelves making a huge mess i scared myself to sleep.  i woke up in the mornin with everything on the shelves neatly stacked and put down or whatever.  i asked my momj if she heard any noise or if there was an earthquake she said no she thought it was just me and my sister playing around.  i believe this spirit is following me since i had numerous strange things happen to me through out my life but unexplainable  i never talked about it to my family cause they already think im like possesed by the devil or some shit cause im punkrocker.  also i had weird stuff happen when i lived in the los arbolitos apts also.  i saw there was activity there people submitted to this site.  there is indeed a cemetary behind all those apts.  my friends and i use to play capture the man with the flag in there and always seen shadows lurking around.  like i said i thinkn i have a spirit following me but im really not sure.  anywho those are my experiances i have more if your interested just email me back

thank you



Haunted Places


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There is one place that has not been put in your hauntings, back home where I'am from we have a haunted casino many people don't belive that we do but I have worked there for over 3 years and have heard the stories of the buffet being haunted. After the buffet would close down for the night you would hear pots and pans being moved around, also the water would run. One time the secruity was informed of a mess in the kitchen, they investgated the kitchen and found things have been thrown around but there were no employee in the area. In their report they wrote that the buffet staff did not clean the kitchen after closing it down, that was found to be untrue cause the supervisors said they check the kitchen before anyone is allowed to leave. Until this day no one knows what or who causes the mess but it has happened 5 more times after that. The other part of  the casino that is haunted is the hotel, room 312 or 307 has been reported as haveing little ghosts such as small children pulling the covers off of the guest and turning on the water. One guest reported that they could not sleep cause of  the children running in the hallways and doors slaming in the middle of the night. Only once has it been caught on tape by the survalliance camera but no one would believe that ghosts haunt the place. This casino was said to be built on Indian prayer grounds and was told not to have it built but the people back home went ahead and had it built any ways cause would bring new jobs for their people.

I have worked there but not have heard or seen any of it was only told the storys. I really don't want to name the place cause I'm afraid of being in trouble our people but if they did not want any one to know about this they should have not built the casino, I have been told that employees still hear and see the ghost. Back home there alot of haunted places but I find this one to be the most, They say the hoff man is yet to visit this place cause he has visited the old casino before this one was built. The old one was built in St.Michaels ND and now the new one is built 5 miles from the old one. The Spirit Lake Casino and Resort was opened in June of 1996 that is when I started there, in the buffet. If you have any question please email to the above address its my husbands email.








Haunted Old Farm Site, New Jersey


By: GOM@webtv.net


I've sent several stories to your site regarding some of my experiences, when I was a teenager, living in a housing development in northern New Jersey.  The entire development was built on a former farm of the Holt family.  The original but refurbished farmhouse still sits on the property till this day.  The farmhouse appeared to be built in the mid to late 1700's.  The cellar contained a maze-like collection of windowless cubicles with manacles for hands and feet.  This was a set-up, I was to find out later, which was a common way for landowners in the north to house their slaves at night because they didn't have large spreads as did landowners in the south.  It was more than a hellish way to live, I'm sure.

I used to babysit for the many young families who resided in the development.  One family, I'll call then the "Pecks", were a particularly sour lot, especially the man of the family.  This man had altercations with just about every other family in the development of approximately 20 families.

I did not babysit for this family very often but it was an unsettling experience whenever I did.  The Pecks had only one child, a son of about

8 or 9, who was a very quiet, frightened-looking boy (frightened, we all thought, by the sour Mr. Peck).

Mr. Peck kept what was his "library" on two shelves in the rec room.

There was nothing much of interest to read from this collection.  One book though, which was prominently displayed, was a copy of Hitler's, "Mein Kampf".

Whenever I was there I would see small, scurrying shadows along the floor.  I put it down to feeling tired.  Indeed, after about an hour in the creepy Peck house, I would begin to feel very sleepy.  On one occasion, possibly the last one in which I babysat for them, the small shadow "animals" were so numerous that I put my feet up on the couch to avoid them!  There were so many in front of me on the rug that they resembled hundreds of grey rats on a feeding frenzy.

With the exception of the old farmhouse, this was probably one of the creepiest houses in the development in which I babysat.  For what it may be worth, this development was very close to some high voltage power lines.






Haunted Jail


By: Foxchild7992@aol.com


I'm from Ohio and I work in a jail.It's pretty old and there has been a few deaths in the long history of the correctional facilty.One night I was supervising some inmates doing a work detail in the intake area.It was getting close to quitting time so I told the work crew to start

wrapping things up.while the inmates were heading back to their cells I could hear a few inmates in the bathroom finishing up.(I could hear their sneakers squeaking) I opened up the bathroom and their was nobody there.I also heard other staff saying they could see a human

Form running when they are back in the intake area.I worked 3rd shift in the central control booth and I can  hear footsteps but nobody is around and it's 3:00 AM.I heard the jail was built on an Indian burial ground.




Haunted Apartment


By: dorothy.melendrez@swri.org



I'm sure you get a lot of stories, but if you have time, can you please read and post mine?  Thanks!

Six years ago, my husband, infant son, and I moved into our first apartment in San Antonio, TX.  It was nice, and was our very first place of our own, so we were excited.  Everything was fine until 3 months later when it was broken into.  We signed a 6-month lease, so we waited till the lease was up, and the apartment manager was nice enough to move us to a different apartment (upstairs) as we renewed another 6-month lease.  This is where strange things happened.

I never saw nor heard anything, but I always felt odd, like I was being watched, and strange things happened, mostly every time, when my son and I were there alone.  The first event happened when my husband was home, but was not in the same room.  I was in my son's room on the carpet playing with him, while my husband was in the living room watching T.V.  In my son's room on top of his dresser sat a Rugrats piggy bank.  It was one of those that moved and played the Rugrats theme whenever a coin was inserted, or if the button was pressed.  We were nowhere near the thing, and it all of a sudden started playing!  I freaked, needless to say, and couldn't move a muscle!  I got chills, and couldn't speak for a few minutes after it happened.  I don't think I'd ever been so scared in my life!  My son was too little to think anything of it and still played.  I called out to my husband and told him what happened, and he said there was probably just something mechanically wrong w/it, no big deal, so I shrugged it off.

The next event happened while my husband was at school in the evening, so I was alone with my son.  He was about 13-14 months old and walking.  I was in my room, and he was playing in his.  Then he came running in my room, crying.  He took my hand, and was leading me to his room, like he wanted to show me something.  He didn't talk, but he pointed to the corner of his room, right next to the dresser the Rugrats piggy bank was, and just grunted, like he was pointing something out to me.  I didn't see anything, but he kept pointing and grunting, and he seemed scared.  After that, I started to think he saw something I could not, and the place might be haunted.

There were times my husband would stay out late with his friend while I was home, so I'd keep the chain lock unlocked so he could get in so I wouldn't have to get out of bed to let him in.  Many times he wasn't able to get in, because everything was locked, when I knew before I went to bed, the chain lock wasn't locked.  He would knock until I got up to let him in, and he would say how he couldn't get in, and of course, all the locks would be locked...weird!

Another time, I was getting ready for work in my bedroom.  Again, I was alone.  My husband was already at work, and my son was still asleep.  I had my bedroom door closed, but not all the way.  Something made me turn to look at it, and I saw it moving slightly, as if someone was on the other side, looking through the crack, but it didn't open any more than it was.  I thought the door was gonna fly open any second, but it didn't.  I was so scared, but I tried to ignore it, and go back to what I was doing.

That's all I remember about the apartment.  Thank God we moved out after our lease was up!





Haunted Apartment Building


By: singindm@peoplepc.com



At the time, I was a tenant of one of the apartment buildings at 31st and Grand Ave in Des Moines, IA.  This apartment building was once a mansion and then a funeral home, as I found out the history of the house from the owner.  I am not sure when it was made into an apartment building. But there were two identical houses right next to each other.  Mine and another one which was also a mansion and then a funeral home. 

One early morning, about 2 or 3 AM, I awoke from sleep (or half asleep and half awake) hearing voices in the room with me and saw hovering over me two people (ghosts or apparitions) and they were discussing how I died and how I looked peaceful and rested, etc.  They thought I was dead and were apparently at my funeral.  I also heard voices out on the front porch talking about my death and when I went to look out the window to see if anyone was there, there was no one.  But yet the talking kept on going, and I saw a group of ghosts (as I will call them for a lack of another term) on the front porch mourning my death. 

This was a very frightening experience for me and I still remember it to this day.  Both the houses have been torn down now and a huge condominium built in their place.  But was this an experience of ghostly encounters for me?  I am still trying to figure out what exactly happened that one early morning about three years ago. 



Grandma's Doll


By: mathgirl1993@msn.com


This happened years ago, when I was about six or seven.  I was playing at my grandparents house with my sister and my cousin.  My grandmother had recently died of cancer.  I believed in ghosts then, and convinced my sister and cousin to put a doll in my grandmothers old room to see what would happen.  It was a battery-powered Tommy Pickles doll from Rugrats.  We turned it off, placed it where her head used to go, and left, locking the doors.  We came back after dinner, knowing that we had the only key to the room.  When we opened the door, not only was the doll on a different part of the bed, but it had been turned on!  It was mumbling words that it had never said before.  My cousin gasped, and the doll turned over to look at us.  It stopped talking, and just stared at us with wide eyes.  I picked it up, looking at the control panel.  It had been off the whole time!  We ran to our grandpa and told him what happened, but he told us that we had had too much food and were seeing things.  I don't know about you, but I think it was a ghostly expirience.



Girl on the Stairs


By: atownbg@hotmail.com


I lived at my parents' house until about two years ago.  They and my brothers still live there, and I now live nextdoor.  They have owned the house for 20 years.  Ever since I was young, I could remember strange things happening there.  Fans would turn on by themselves.  A basketball once rolled itself across the room.  Another time I was going into the living room to get a cassette my mother asked to me to get, and it was on the floor, away from all the others, as if it was left there for me.

As time went on, things were still creepy.  One night my bed shook for no

reason, waking up me and my boyfriend.   But one night was truly

unbelievable, and to this day, talking about it scares me.  It is great to have a place to share it.

This was about 2 years ago, and at that time I slept in the basement of the house, which my parents had made into a small apartment.  I woke up thirsty, and sat up to take a sip of water from a glass I had next to the bed.  I looked up and saw a girl standing at the top of the stairs.

She was wearing a red and white flowered dress, had long hair, and was facing the top of the stairs.  It looked so real, I was about to say "who are you?" thinking maybe my brothers had a friend over or something.  She proceeded to fall backwards down the stairs, and disappear into thin air.

Terrified, I jumped out of bed, turned on the light, and ran upstairs, where I sat trembling on the couch in the living room.  I could hear a faint sound of singing (which i had heard in the house before) and it sounded like a man and young girl.  I figured that my parents upstairs had their radio on.  I had no tv or radio on.  My brothers then came home and I told them what happened.  They sat up with me which helped me calm down, and I eventually fell asleep.  The next day I told my parents the story, and asked if they had had the radio on.  My father's response was no, and that he had heard beautiful voices singing and thought it was something I had been listening to.

We also saw that the light at the top of the basement stairs, where I saw the girl, along with the lights directly above it on the first and second floors all went out, and the light bulb in each had actually broken.

Luckily, I was due to move into an apartment nextdoor weeks later, and I never slept in the basement again.  I still live nextdoor.  A few times on Sundays, the tv has gone on by itself, and it is always a broadcast of a catholic mass.  At night, I will wake up to find the basement door opened and the light on, when I know it was turned off when I went to bed.  Only weeks ago, the bedroom door slammed shut for no reason.  The windows were all shut so it could not have been wind.

It troubles me that these things are still happening although I have moved. 

If anyone has any insight to share, it is appreciated.




Jamestown Warren Area


By: prudydevil@yahoo.com


my granpa owned a couple of houses on a street in jamestown ny one of the things that happen to me is i was laying in bed one night trying to fall back to sleep after going to the bathroom looking at the bathroom door a man appeared  kind of see thew but he had on a cowboy hat brown  a white shirt brwn vest and brown pants he smiled at me !  then vanished into thin air !

the next morning i told my grandpa what i had seen he just looked at me & smiled asked if i was kidding i said no he said you just descibed my grandfather in what he was wearing the day he passed away ! he also came to vistit him as well i have not seen him since but every once in awhile i will catch somthing out the corner of my eye i know its him i get the same feeling i did that night






About My Ghost


By: Garrett


Hi Dave my name is garrett and it would be so kind of you if you would submit a ghost story for me.The thing I have to tell you about is there's a sort of spirit in my woods or atleast i think there is, it's a creature that takes shape as a 6-foot tall male completely coated in shiny black. Me and my friend Charlie were going in the woods one night about 2 years ago and when my house was out of sight we were at this intersection in the path were 4 mappel trees were I shined my flashlight up in the top of one of the trees and saw it.It jumped down at us and knocked me over the only facial features were its shining yellow eyes. Right when we thought we were going to be killed the creature looked over to the left then looked at use then took to the trees and ran off. We didn't know what scared it off,but i learned that my great grand father died in those wood so maybe his spirit was protecting us from this creature. Also it attacked me and my friend sam in broad daylight once and i have never seen it since.    





Fond du Lac St. Mary's Springs



By: sonburst@execpc.com


I am a student at St. Mary's Springs High School in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, but I know several firsthand stories told to me. 

A certain teacher at my school who is still teaching today, used to sleep in the "main building" (not Boyle Hall. -there are three buildings.  left-modern school  middle-now abandoned "main building" abandoned since 2001. and right- Boyle hall, oldest and original school building also abandoned.) He slept on the fourth floor which used to be a dormitory for nuns.  He was in his room when he heard footsteps coming down the hall towards his door.  The footsteps stopped, then the doorknob started to jiggle to be opened.  immediately the teacher yelled "go away" and immediately ran to open the door to confront his intruder. no one was there.  he looked up and down the hallway. no one.  a person would've ran to the staircase which could not have been reached in a full sprint by the time my teacher looked into the hallway.  all other doors in the hallway were shut and he didnt hear any of the doors open and shut in order for the intruder to quickly hide in.  Even if there was a person in one of the other rooms, he was too petrified to search.




Disappearing Picture


By: TrntRn7@aol.com



When I was little I used to spend the night with my grandma every Friday night. She lived in New London (a very small town in Indiana). Where she lived there was a graveyard across the street and a church next door. Well we were getting ready for bed and got to talking and we decided to take a little walk. We went outside and crossed the street and walked through the graveyard. It was almost dusk so we were looking at the gravestones and talking about what we thought the people were like and things like that. We came to this one gravestone and it had a picture on the marker of the little girl who was buried there. I can still remember what she looked like. She died about 12 yrs. old. I remember that because I was 12 yrs. old. I told my grandma how awful to die so young. Well by then it started to get dark so we went home.

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast. I suggested we go back to that little girls grave to have a better look at her picture. When we went back we couldn't find it anywhere.

I recently took my kids there and we looked for it. To this day I cannot find that gravestone.

I asked my grandma if she remembers that night. She told me she did. I was surprised. I thought maybe I dreamed it. But she confirmed it was not a dream.



Demonic Possession


By: vickiej@braasco.com


My family and I lived in this house between 1983-86 and our family would encounter many strange events.

We had a big tree that had strips about 5 " wide and 7-10 feet long  3 side by side, like a huge cat or something was trying to clime it, the bark was laid out in a neat row leading to the old milk barn for the 2 cows we kept. We had a tree specialist come from Mankato to examine the tree, we were very curious. My father would joke and say that it was a 10,000 pound putty cat and he could sleep where ever he wanted to. The specialist called back about two weeks later and said "well there was no spontaneous lighting activity and there are no signs of a natural gas in the tree samples, our conclusion is about the same as your husband"


 Other strange events would occur, missing items that would show up a week or so later in the same spot you thought you left it in. Our dog's would sit at the end of the driveway and viciously bark and snarl, you would have to drag them away. Our Dairy cows would evade there milk path in a panic when there was nothing there that we could see. Foul odors that only one person could smell when there was three people in the room at the same time, and the smell would pass to the next and you could not smell it anymore, horrific odor, smelt like burnt hair and rubber and other things that you could not even describe. We would try to decorate by putting on wallpaper or paint, but when we would wash the walls to prep before, they would ooze a crude red liquid and then the odors would start up again. I remember my sister saying "Mom!! The walls are bleeding".

We noticed that everything we brought in new, it would not work. Like our Lawn mower, brand new try to start it on the lawn and nothing would happen, not even a sputter. We took it back several time only to be embarrassed when the guy would start it with one pull and look at us like idiots.

I started the lawn mower on Co. rd 43 and made a run for the lawn after it was started, my persistence paid off.

We started putting King James Bibles on anything that would not work and believe it or not it worked.

There is another family that lives there now and I am concerned about from time to time. I see many cars that look like they should work but do not ever move in the yard. I hope that no one is hurt or worse yet







By: Foxy8154@aol.com


ok heres the story...my friend Cindy has a 4 year old daughter,Taylor, about a year and a half ago her she had some blood work done and it came back terrible..they thought she might have lukemia. The night before she had everything rechecked, i stayed the night with them for some moral support..Taylor woke up in the middle of the night crying so hard she couldn't stop so Cindy brought her out to the couch and i went into the kitchen which is kind of attached to the front room...by the time me and cindy got to the kitchen. Taylor started laughing..me and cindy both looked at eachother in astonishment. When Cindy asked her if she was ok she said very clearly "I'm ok now mommy, the lady touched my face." Freaked both of us out...Well the next day when Taylor had her blood work...all of her blood work came back totally normal...

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