it was on christmas night when all this happened.

everyone was leaving to the program and i was home alone with my dog. i was laying down on the couch watching some christmas movie almost about to doze off. when i was almost asleep i heard movement behind the other couch across from where i was and i thought it was only the dog so i left it alone. the noise kept getting louder like something chewing on a bone. when all of a sudden my dog barked from the outside and the chewing noises stopped, that woke me up because i thought the dog was in the house with me. i looked toward to where the noises were coming from but it was a little too dark to see because there was only the t.v. on. i kept my eyes on the spot where the noises were and sure enough i saw something but couldnt notice what it was. then the t.v. turned off and that scared me alot, i was frozen and kept my eyes on the spot. it was dark inside but i still can see the 'thing', it looked like it was moving toward me very slowly, crawling like. the window curtain was open so there was a little light from the moon and i can see it, the whole thing. to me it looked like a half-person. i was VERY scared and couldnt believe what i was seeing. i closed my eyes hoping that it would go away, when i opened my eyes it was still there and i can see its eyes looking back at me wide-eyed. i closed my eyes and started to pray as hard as i could, then the t.v. turned back on. i got up from the couch and turned the lights on, to this day i still wonder if it was a dream or not. then again, i hear stories from my sisters about something sounding like its eating in the house when they're alone.







my name is sarah I am a sixteen year old girl from england and I would like to share my one and only experiance with you.

My story:

I have just left a school for disabled children in Hampshire, England. It was here that I had my first experiance with the paranormal. I have always been a bit of a sceptic when it comes to the paranormal but this experiance has convinced me beyond any doubt that there is something after this life.

I was sat at my computor emailing friends. Some of my class mates were also in the room but they were sat at their desks which were at least a foot away from mine.

Anyway, all of a sudden I felt something touch my head. It was like somebody with freezing cold hands giving me a head massage.

At first I thought that it might of been my friend Holley playing with my hair because she does that a lot and her hands are usually cold. So I turned round to ask her if she knew how cold her hands were but she wasnt stood behind me!

Instead she was sat with her boyfriend at his computor desk which is about three foot away from mine. It would have been impossible for her to touch my hair.

Worried that I might have been imagining things, I asked my friends if they had noticed anything. Most of them said no, except my boyfriend who said he had noticed a black shape stood near me but couldn't be sure of what he saw.

After this I became very scared and decided it would be better if I left the room. I have not experianced anything after this incident and would rather I didn't.

Thank you for listening and keep up the good work








I came upon your site while searching for a haunted tour in Gettysburg.  I have a place to add.  It's the house I grew up in as a child in Conestoga, Pennsylvania, on a street called Stony Lane.

We had a 2 story house, with offices in the lower part (Dad sold insurance).  This was out in the country...Stony Lane wasn't even paved until 1990.  I always thought I was the only one to hear/see things, but later found out that my father's secretary heard many of the same things.  My room was overtop of the conference area downstairs.  Only when I was alone would I hear sounds of the chairs being moved around and scraping the floor, and 2 men talking to each other.  It happened so frequently that, in the beginning, when I was around 13 or so, I'd think Dad was home and go downstairs to find everything dark and unoccupied.  Later, I knew it was ghosts.  I would also have my alarm clock go off at weird times of the night, that I didn't set it to.  That was very annoying.  I also had an antique tea cup fall off of my dresser and break.  No reason, it just fell.  My tv would turn up in volume periodically, as would my stero.  Once, when I was a child, I was making a time capusle for school.  I was about 10 years old.  I was recording my "life story" on a cassette recorder.  When I got to the part where I said I was a christian, a squeaky female voice said, "and that's true!".  I rewound it and I could hear the voice.  I was alone at the time it was made, no one was home.  I was so freaked out I ran outside and buried the time capsule, and years later when I searched for it, I couldn't find it.  I tried digging several times.

Probably the most scary thing that happened was when I was outside in the woods in front of the house and I turned around, and a black figure with glowing red eyes was in front of me, about 10 feet away.  I could see the house through the figure, so it was transparent.  I can still see that like it was yesterday, and I'm 30 now, so it was about 22 years ago.  I told my parents but they didn't believe me.  It vanished in front of my eyes.  I always believed the house was haunted, and was always scared to be alone.  I used to lock myself in my room when I no one was home, which was often.  My father used to say the house was buried on an indian burial ground, and I've found many arrowheads on the property, so who knows, maybe he's right. 

There's my story!



Camping Nightmare





I have a story I would like to share. I was about 18 or 19 and Krissy a friend and I decided to go camp out for the night. My family has some farmland and I decided that was the best place to go. So we packed up and left for the site, When we arrived to my uncles farm I told them that we were going to camp out on the river bank until morning then we would leave. Well everything was going well, fire burning and everything. I fell asleep about 11:30 after making sure she was sleeping well,  About 1:30am Krissy woke me and ask if I heard something in the water, I told her we were in the country and it was just an animal in the river. Alittle later she woke me again and said "listen to that sound" I sat up and for a few seconds didn't hear anything and then, I heard something that I had never heard before, I was rasied in the country know how animals behave at night( deer,dogs raccoons). But this was something not natural. There was the sound of someone or something in the river, and not natural sound. The hair on the back of my neck stood up the sounds got closer (sounded like someone thrashing around in the river . By this time Krissy could see what it was and all I could hear is the sound of a low groaning like something was in pain. I ask her what do you see and she jumped up and ran. I started to turn around and that little voice in the back of my mind said RUN AND WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T LOOK BACK. So I ran up the bank and met up with Krissy at my truck. That is where we spent the night but I didn't sleep much,

I ask her what seen and all she would say is SOMETHING when I ask something what?? she would cry. I went to the river back to get our camping gear and check for animal tracks but no tracks to be found on the back just the camp, the burned logs from the camp fire but no tracks.  I have visited the site many times but only in the daytime and still get the strange feeling that there is something there. To this day Krissy will not tell me what she had seen on the river bank. Its still always SOMETHING but after a few years she now will say SOMETHING HORRIBLE that noone should ever see again. Its been almost 10 years since then and still the hair on the back of my neck stands up even now, writing my story for your readers.





Apartment Spirit





Hi, I wanted to add one of my experiences to the website, so I thought I would share it with you. I moved into an apartment in the beginning of 2004, and from the time that I stepped into the house, it felt as if someone was watching me. I would get real nervous being home alone when my mom and my siblings would leave. I had several encounters with what I believe is the spirit or spirits of the apartment. I was in the shower on time, and I heard footsteps in the bathroom. I always lock the door so no one could've gotten in. The water turned brown and when I turned to shut the water off, I saw a shadow of a person standing on the other side of the curtain. I pulled it open and there was nothing there. Also, my couch was against a wall that looked right down the hall to the bedrooms. My sister's room was right across from mine. On three occasions, I saw a black shadow figure run from room to room back and forth. One night, I went to bed it was around 11:00 PM. I went to lay down and out of the corner of my eye, I say a pair of red eyes looking at me through my closet door. I leave it open for my cat who likes to sleep in there. I knew something was up because she wouldn't come into the room. Later that night I awoke to sounds in my bathroom which was the master bath in my room. I heard footsteps again and children laughing. I went to get up and the bathroom door shut. I ran up and grabbed the door, opened it, and nothing was there. The final time that I ever had anything scary happen to me was about a month before I moved. I was not feeling well and got up to get a drink of water. I had just turned into the hall and a woman came running at me. She got about an inch or two from my face and she disappeared. You could see her face and everything. I was so scared. I fell to the ground and screamed. After that, I prayed and told the ghost not to come back. That was the last time that I ever had any encounter with the ghost(s) of the house. Feel Free to e-mail me back at or for further information. Thanks.



Animal Sensitivity




Ok, some people think cats & dogs ect. Can see ghosts. Well I used to own rabbits, mice, hamsters, stuff like that. Well, I got a cat right before some of my other pets starting dying. Each time one would die, he would watch nothing run around. Once while he was a kitten,  he began watching the bathroom door. I was sitting on the floor and watched him back up slowly, then run behind the toilet. Then he ran to the other side and peeked around the edge. He could barely leave the b-room. Also once he saw something on the other side of the bed, then ran to the door and stopped dead. He looked behind the door and made him self jump then ran down stairs. None of my 3 cats would go in my room for a few weeks.



All My Life




Let me start out with basic info, I am presently 31, and since I was a child I recall a ton of strange things and sightings, and sounds.

I grew up in Corpus Christi, Portland, and Taft, TX. Since I can remember running around as a youngster I can tell you things that happened like it happened yesterday. My first "sighting" was when I was about 7 we were in the front yard of my grandma's house in Taft Tx, and the Frisbee flew across the fence, on double dare my cousin and I went to get it and at the end of the road i could see this man playing marbles but no head. I freaked out ran back into the house and this was   how this story of my life takes place. I grew up with knowledge of the unknown, so of course maybe that's why i am the way I am today. at about the age of 13 I actually felt someone. I came in from feeding the dog (now in Houston) and felt someone following me form the back yard. i ran inside, sat on my couch with my step dad in one room my older sister in another, i was in the living room, when from no where i get the feeling of someone starring at me. I look the the left and a hand touched my shoulder, i screamed as hard as I could, and totally cried my eyes out. Continuing to go during the summers to taft, i would begin to see an increasingly amount of things.  I got married at 18, and unfortunately didn't get to spend a quit amount of time with my father in law, he passed away a yr into my marriage. then my mother in laws house began to make strange happenings, with an internal lock, in the middle of the night, we began to hear noises as the door would unlock and open alone. this happened nightly for a few months. one night my husbands aunt called, asking if I could bring her milk. Being t kind person I am, I said yes, getting into my car, I began to notice something int he sky, no not a plane, but a figure. and with my voice completely taken back, this HUGE white bird flew over, I could see it as it passed, until it flew away. By then I was like 24, at the age of 25 I bought my first house. I had 3 kids and was happy. then with the drop of a dime, life started turning, I became depressed and struggling with my marriage. TVs started turning on alone, my daughters room would turn seriously cold, and i began waking up with deep scratches all over my body. Dreams were becoming seriously scary and i would drink coffee at night so i could stay up a little later then everyone. for 6 months i was like this, and then little things began to catch my attention, I began "thinking" of what could happen and how, and then telling my sister and within time it would. I got scared, and stopped or at least tried to. We lost our house in Allyson here in Houston, the water went in 3 ft, and stayed for 5 days. so back to my mom in laws.  Things were OK for a while, you know actually settled down.

And then, we rented another house. My first night there, I saw a man in my hallway, i was in the kitchen and i saw him come from the bedroom into the living room, at first i thought it was my husband, and when i realized it was not, thought not again. I didn't feel threatened by this man, just very aware of his presence. I would drive to the corner store and literally see him in the passenger seat of my vehicle. Still not frightened, I thought ok, this one is ok. 5 months passed and I was laying down next to my husband talking, when i saw this little girl pass threw the doorway to my bedroom and instantly screamed, i was so scared, chills and tears. I clinged to my husband whom at this point was freaking out completely he had never seen me so frightened. I closed my eyes while he got up to see what I saw, or at least to try and put sense to it. nothing. As I knew he would find, absolutely NOTHING. Then sl ly but surely the dreams began again. The foresight was coming back. Well, now 31 new house, and a busy life. I have lived in the new house 5 days a whole 5 days. And 2 nights ago, while we were all awake, and in the living room. a knocking came to our door. No one in sight. the curtains were open and just a nod of the head is a view to the door. NO ONE.  Last night, again, the dreams began. I awoke at 3 am. sweating and feeling a feeling I had not felt, Fright, and pain. I couldn't open my eyes, and I couldn't hear. But I was wide awake. It follows me, It happens in front of people, and lets a selected few hear it. But I am with it everyday. It is hard.



A Story To Tell





Hello, my name is Reana..and I came across your site the other day and it sparked memories of an instance that happened to me when I was around 8 yrs old. I have never really told anyone other than my Grandmother and Mother, because the whole thing shook me up so bad..and I also thought everyone would think me completely crazy..or just imaginative. I was watching TV with my Grandma one night in her room, which was dark at the time <no lights on>..when she left the room to get a cup of tea, I jumped on her bed and laid down on my back watching the TV upside down with my head hanging off the edge a bit...when I felt something tug my hair, quite forcefully, as if to pull me off the bed. I quickly tried to jump up in surprise and a bit of fright...but as I tried to sit up it felt as if a heavy weight was keeping me against the bed...out of nowhere a shadowy figure appeared atop me, as if straddling my body and placed both its "hands" against my mouth..I tried screaming for my Grandma but it really was as if a person was covering my sounds only came out as a muffle. I looked up all the while as this was happening, and the shadowy presence looked as if it was wearing a dirty torn "shroud" covering it's head and "body". Though it looked so transparent and still held me in place...and I can remember red eyes....and as I was fighting to get free, it looked down at me and laughed this almost Horror movie-ish sounding evil, gritty cackle like laugh...and if nothing happened. I tore out of the room crying and sobbing to my Grandma...I think my hysterics and shaking scared her witless...but I remember her just hugging me and trying to calm me down...she's as rattled about it as I was. And I never went back in that room. I know this sounds completely crazy...but I swear every bit is true...I'm 25 now and I can still see that figure in my mind to this day and that spooky still gives me chills when I think of it. I guess my only question is was it a ghost...a demon....I don't know what to think anymore...I've always believed in the paranormal...but have never witnessed it as I did that day when I was a little girl.

Well, thank you for letting me get it off my chest..  :)




A Poltergeist and my Little Brother




my brother seems to attract supernatural activity, though he has managed to consistantly ignore it through his lifetime. still, i grew up with him. i saw what was happening, though he seemed to be pretty sucessful at blocking out the realization that it was happening around only himself. for one, as a teenager, he had a poltergiest. it wasn't the kind you read about in ghost stories. it wasn't always there, tormenting us, but it would make itself known here and there, and always when he was in the house. once, it pulled one of thoes tiny computer speakers off of a shelf. the speaker wire was running behind a row of heavy books, all of which tumbled onto his head. i saw this happen. the speaker literally hovered there in the air for a few seconds before it fell with the rest of the contents of the shelf. it would hold the front door half shut sometimes when we tried to unlock and open it. once or twice, it actually shoved the door shut in my father's face. and once, it spoke my name aloud when i was cleaning the livingroom. it was a woman's voice, low and raspy. my brother was sitting in his room at the time, reading, no music, no computer, absolutely silent and with the door shut. and of course, it couldn't have been him. it was a woman. once it manifested as a black shape in our hallway and enveloped my mother. i could not see any of her inside whatever it was, but i could still hear her screaming right next to me. luckily, it didn't actually hurt her. she jumped back and nearly took me down in trying to escape. after regaining my balance, i looked up and found it had gone, leaving only a moonlit hallway. my brother was asleep just beyond the door the shape had appeared in front of.

the other thing that happened to him started when he displayed a family heirloom on the back of his bedroom door. my grandfather's job in WW2 was to pick up the dead bodies of American soldiers. once, he took a Japanese flag off the chest of a fallen Japanese soldier as he was rooting around for more American bodies to clean up. it was soaked in the man's blood. he probably shouldn't have taken it, i know, but it had already been in my father's possesion for years before i realized how wrong it was for my grandfather to have done something like that. this man DIED for that flag, probably, and then the flag was raided off of him by an enemy soldier. now, it's a threadbare rag with a red circle in the middle, blood stains still easily visible, turned dark brown, stored safely away from the house in a little box in the storage shed.

the flag still reeks of rotten blood. i have no idea why my brother wanted to display the thing. maybe he thought a blood soaked flag would look cool. he WAS pretty young at the time, afterall. anyways, the nightmares started the night he hung the flag. he started waking up, moaning. i've always been a chronic insomniac and our rooms shared a poorly insulated wall, so i was awake most nights and could hear him do it every night he had the nasty blood soaked thing up in his room. i could hear him walking around in there, too. really fast, nearly stomping, and it almost sounded like there were several of him, all wearing heavy boots and making them clomp around on his hardwood floor. he started reporting that he was dreaming of a forest scene appearing in his room, with soldiers marching through, getting mowed down by gunfire. he said it was so vivid he could smell gunpowder, see flashes of light from the explosions reflecting off the paint on his walls, smell blood and hear men screaming from the bushes that had somehow appeared out of his floors. once, he told me he was unsure whether it was a dream or a waking hallucination. he often told me that the dreams scared him because most nights he would see a dead man on his floor, all full of bullet holes. he said he was scared to leave his bed, even to pee.

but what about those footsteps? i didn't tell him about my hearing that because i knew he would do like he always did when something strange like that happened around him and pretend he didn't understand. it was as if he knew, but didn't want to know.

he must have guessed something, though, because he took the flag down after about a month of sleep interrupted by the same gory nightmare and let my dad put it in the storage shed in our backyard. the nightmares instantly stopped.

that very night he slept peaceful for the first time in weeks. no more sounds of booted feet coming through my wall, either.




Police Officer Has An Encounter




I am a law enforcement officer for the State of Florida. I wanted to relay an experience I had earlier this year. It was about 5 in the afternoon and it was somewhat chilly outside.This happend in January before the time changed.  I was about to go off duty and I had to finish my daily paperwork, tickets-gas reciepts etc. The area I work in is a state preserve in west Florida. The preserve is about 5,000 acres and has a north-south road/highway that goes through it. I had pulled my patrol car through the preserve parking lot.   This parking area is big turnaround.  I had the car placed facing the road like I was going to pull out. This was done to deter any speeders that would have happened to come by.  The parking area was deserted. When I pulled through,I did not see anyone in the pine woods that surround the parking area. There was practically no traffic on the road on this particular day. As I was sitting there doing my paperwork, I saw something to my left out of the corner of my eye. I saw this man, he looked as though he was in his late teens to early twenties. He had older clothing on, by older I mean clothing I saw groing up in the early to mid 80's. He was somewhat pale as well. I thought that perhaps he needed some help so I rolled down my window and asked "Can I help you"? He smiled and said that he was just going home and thought that he would say hi. This took me aback somewhat because most people dont want to say hi to the police.Also due to the fact that he just appeared out of nowhere when just seconds earlier I had not seen anyone.  He asked me what my job was. I told him that I am the officer assigned to look over the preserve. I also told him I was trying to cut down on the speeders out here as well. I remember he said that was good because somebody could get hurt out here.  We made small talk for about 2 minutes. Talking about nothing in particular. He did say he was very saddened to see the area grow at the rate that it has.(Down the road about 3 miles are several new housing developments going in) He then told me that he had to go home, I said Ok, I told him to take care. I turned my head around to my right to adjust my radio,I looked down, maybe 5 seconds at the most, and when I turned back, he was gone. He was nowhere to be seen.  That really got me thinking. How can someone just disappear like that?  I got out of the car and looked around the parking area. Nobody was there. I looked out into the pine woods, no one out there either.  I walked back to the road. I looked north and south and didnt see a soul. It would be virtually impossible for someone to leave that area that quick and for me not to see where they went. The pine woods are fairly open and you can see very far into the woods. The road is straight with no hills. A person can see well for several miles in each direction. I got into my patrol car and drove south for about 2 miles. All the while looking into the woods. Didn't see anything. I turned back around and went north, didn't see anything there either.  It was just like this man disappeared off the face of the Earth. After that I spoke with some freinds of mine at the Highway Patrol. They told me that this particular stretch of road has seen its share of fatal accidents. The Sheriffs office told me that they have recovered several bodies over the years. The bodies were found in the woods before the State of Florida purchased the land for preservation purposes. Also there are accounts from old timers of a family graveyard on the preserve by the shores of the bay. Many times while patrolling on my ATV, I would try to find this graveyard, however I had no luck.  This story is not very scary, just very weird to say the least. I did not feel scared when I talked with this person. However, I did feel sad and felt a sense of longing for something. Like someone lost for instance. If you are interested or if someone has had a similar experience please email me. Thanks.




"Sammy the Prankster"








Since I was about 8 years old, I have had dreams about a little blond haired boy (about the size of ten) with a bowl hair cut, striped long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. In my dreams, he was always just standing in my livingroom with his pale face, staring at me. In my dreams he was in, my house was always haunted. Well, about three years ago, things got weird in my house.

 My bedroom is connected to the livingroom which is closed off by two painted glass double doors. My bed use to face the glass double doors, and at night I'd just lay awake and would feel someone watching me while my parents slept in the next room. I would see the silhouette of a child about four feet tall at my bedroom door, just stand there. It never moved, only faded. I never felt threatened just uncomfortable as this was something totally new to me. As weeks went on, I finally told my mother because she is the only person who, like myself, believe in the paranormal. She then told me that some nights while she falls asleep watching TV in the livingroom, she would see a little boy staring at her from the kitchen doorway (the rooms are all connected). She described the boy and it sounded very similar to the boy I had dreams about as a girl.

Months went on, and we let my dad know-who is an extreme skeptic by the way. He was the only one who didn't take the boy seriously. My mother and I dubbed the ghost 'Sammy'-it seemed to fit. Then things started to get funny. It seemed like Sammy started picking on my dad. At night, my dad sleeps with the air conditioner full blast or he can't sleep. He awoke during the nights several times because the air conditioner was turned completely off. He complained to me. He went to boil some eggs for himself while my mother and I sat talking in the livingroom, he returns to the kitchen and yells because the flame is on all the way high when he left it low. He thought I did it. At 3 or 4 am he hears a child running up and down from his room to my room. He complained to me again. But when his foot was slapped while hearing a child's giggle in two seperate occassions last year, he finally stopped complaining and became a believer.

Sammy's still here, even though I moved my bed to face another section of my room, he sits on the ledge of my father's doorway and watches me sleep. He still comes to make my feet vibrate when I'm trying to sleep but we've gotten use to him around. I talk to him out loud from time to time. He's a good kid. I just wonder what happened to him that he's still here.





Haunted House





This is My personal experience with my house. First a little bit of personal information. I can see and hear people and animals. My husband never believed in what I can do until I told him info I could never know. Back to the house where we lived until last week. There is sevcera.l spirits in our home. One that even my children have seen and are not afraid of: his name is Frank short for Francis he sits at our table and reads the same book every night. He flips the same pages. He also checks on the kids in their rooms. He is a grandfatherly type. There is also an older female her name is Margaret she was a very miserable mean person and still is as a spirit. My children do not like her. We also have a little girl who is Mischievous she is abt 7 her name is Stephanie she runs around the house at night banging on the walls and doors and makes the dogs bark. I have tried everything to send them home but they refuse to leave. Only Frank has gone to God.




In Reference to the Selesians Boys School.Cedar Lake ,Indiana.





My girlfriend and I joined a group of six others, a paranormal research group one night. We had many encounters that night. There are many children spirits there, both inside and out. There is also a demon spirit, possibly two. My video camera worked fine before and after. However, It wouldn't while we were inside or on the grounds. It also could shoot infrared as well. When inside the gym, my friend heard a horrible snarreling growl pass by her and a friend. It wanted us out. Also,when we were in the boiler room, We got a low temperature reading only in the boiler ,.then we all(our group of four) heard the school bell ring. It was a little faint,and definatly time to leave. By the way, there was no electricity that the bell could ring. Upon leaving, I noticed that the only building that had collapsed, was the church there. Oh yes, when we entred the building I could feel my bangs on the left slightly moving, I knew someone was playing with them, and my friend could see it moving, I was never affraid of this experience. So much more happened. I was upset when my son told me he went. He too experienced a lot. My son and I have had many encounters that have been whitnessed by others.    



Macon County Ghosts




Hi. I enjoyed looking at your website and have always been fascinated by the supernatural. The story about twin churches is close to what I heard growing up, but the version that my grandfather told me was that the preacher was indeed having an affair, but he was also involved in satanic rituals. After all was said and done, people figured he was trying to "brainwash" his congregation. Somehow or another he was discovered doing this by some of the elders of the church. Anyway, they hanged him over his pulpit with his bible opened up to the previous week's sermon. Then they closed the church and the lady was ran from town, never to be heard of again. According to the story, that is the reason for the heavy bible. I, personally won't go near the church, but I know people who have. There is also a church in the town of Oglethorpe that is believed to have a ghost in it. The Methodist Church. There are actually two ghosts that I have heard stories about, but the one I can recollect and personally experienced was that back in the 1800's, there was a grand wedding to take place and everyone was at the church. Everyone, that is, but the groom. Story goes that a wheel broke on his buggy and he fell over into the flint river and drown. So, when you go to the church around 11-2 am, you can sit on the street that faces the side of the church and watch the window. After a minute or two, the curtain will pull back and you can see a figure in the window. It is believed that the bride is waiting on her groom to appear. I'll let you know when I get the story about the other one. There is also a house going towards Reynolds, GA from Oglethorpe that is haunted by a man who owed money to the Mafia and sat up in hi living room awaiting the arrival of the man who would be coming to kill him and he was shot multiple times in the back  with a shotgun while sitting on his sofa. I had a friend that lived in this house while we were in high school. We had helped clean up the kitchen and sat up playing cards in the dining room. Before we went to bed, we put the cards back in the box and put them in a drawer in the kitchen. She told me that once we went to bed, that we shouldn't get back up. Okay, admittedly, that was weird. Anyway, the next morning, the cards were scattered all over the floor and table in the dining room and all of the cabinets had been opened and all of the dishes scattered. Well, to my surprise, the mom told me that this was not unusual for them. Well, I never went back. I hope this has helped you. And whenever you are down this way, I hope you find all of your ghosts. Oh, yeah, we too have an old asylum...



My First Time Ghost Hunting




Hello ! name is Deana . I live in Hidden Valley Lake , California and on my first time hunting I captured some strange photos at our local graveyard 4 miles from my home. It was just me and my daughter who is 8. She is really into ghosts too. She has know fear of anything. I would like to send you the pictures of our last quest to the same grave yard too. With them I will tell you our stories that go along .  I can send them via e-mail. I'll have to wait for my husband to get home as I am still learning to use our computer and all its systems.  The pictures were takin with a digital cam and i cant explain them myself. My husband was leary of my ghost hunting but now helps out by looking through the pictures with me to let me know I really am seeing what Im seeing  and that i am not crazy. I would like a pros opinion so please contact me. I will tell the stories now and lable them so when you get the picts you can put them in order.           1. Girl behind tree                As I and Devin were walking toward the back of the cemetary a hazy figure was standing behind a tree . It was about 5 yards away. I pointed the cam and said " I see you " and then took the pic. She seems to be smieling.  2. Man , Woman and Child          We were walking up the hill and we were the only people their and heard footsteps besides our own. Devin asked " Mommy do you hear that?"  I heard it as we were walking up the hill but I didnt no if Devin would freak out so when she asked I told her "yes". We stopped in front of a bench and I told her to sit down. We still heard them coming toward us . I told her I was going o turn around and take a pic. After I took the pic we heard no more foot steps. When I got home down loaded the picts and 3 images were there.That day we got there at 2;00 in the after noon . There was no wind and the sun was out and hot.   3. Our trip on Mon Sept 5 / 05.    We got their and went to sit on our favorite bench .We held hands and asked If there were any spirits who would like to show us if they were around and to give us a sign and let me take there picture . Devin said " Mommy it feels like someones touching my leg. so i stood and took a pic of her on the bench. In the lower left hand corner there is an orb. 4. The Fog      I asked again about 5 minutes later if there was any with us and we got up and started walking due east and about 5 yards from the bench i stopped  and turned around and asked again. I Told the spirits "Im not coming back here at mid night so if you want to be seen now Show your self " I was looking though the digital screen and saw this fog then looked with my naked eye at the same spot. I took a pic of were it was coming from and it was on the pic but not in plain sight.   5. The nun         Devin and i walked to the Far east side of the cemetary and were just messin around and she asked me to take a picture of her standing on this giant stump i told her Yes . When we got home  and down loaded the picts my husband noticed in the back ground some one was standing by the gate. Its a nun. I then remembered it is a catholic Cemetary . We were the only ones there  It was about 6:00 at night and the office was closed and the gates are closed every night at 7:00 by a timed electric gate. This Cemetary is dated back to the 1800's and  Off the Famed Silverado Trail that runs through Lake and Napa county california .    Thank you for reading these and ill get my husband to send the picts this evening .




My Husbands Visit





My husband of 21 yrs shot himself after an illness that left no hope in his living more than a couple of months longer. He was in pain and asked my forgiveness and asked others to take care of me for him.

A psychic friend of mine whom I only knew from online and knew nothing of my or my late  husbands history, called me and told me that my late husband was met by his father. She said he was resting now. I felt a cold chill and then she asked me if I felt a chill and I had and then she told me that was proof that it was true. She told me I would remarry after my next birthday.

I did remarry after my next birthday. On the 1 yr anniversary of my late husbands birthday, about 4 months after his death, I had a vivid dream where he got up from a bed wearing stripped pajamas and gave me a wordless hug. That night I also got a phone call, and what I heard was the sound of static like I have never heard before and I Knew it was my late husband. I have also had a vivid dream where my mother came to me and gave me a hug. These vivid dreams are not ordinary and for the record, I usually never remember dreaming!







My Terrifying Experience





First off, I was so relieved to find your site! My experience with ghosts has been a very evil and wierd one. It's been a few months; and I am just now able to fall asleep without jumping at everything real OR not real. I have told friends and family about the things that have happened; I even went to a church to get help. However all I "get" is,"you've lost it", "you're freaking me out, shut up".; and at the church they looked at me like I was crazy and said they could'nt help in that area. My paranormal experience started out in catlike animals in the old apt. I was staying in with a friend.When I actually saw this thing it was black and spongie,round in shape.I actually stepped on it when backing up in the living room and thought I had accidently stepped on my friends cat only to see her sound asleep in the kitchen.I later saw a teenage boy in the living room sitting on a chair right in front of me- the chair was always across the room in a corner. I had fallen asleep on the couch that night and tossed to roll over only to be frightened half to death by this kid staring at me! Out of fear I pretended not to be awake for I thought maybe some "punk" had broken in and was going to hurt me when I awoke. I was always alone whenever any occurences happened. This thing also followed me to other locations.He, she, whatever, was also perverted! I was grabbed on the rear twice- no one else was in the apt. Heard cat noises- not from the real cat.A sexual "mmmmmmm" while undressing on one occasion.Poked from behind once while downtown on my shoulder only to quickly turn around to see nobody near to me.That particular day this thing had been bothering me all day. I often woke up with strange looking cat scratches on my body- but didn't feel a thing during the night.There are so many other inciden s, but I'd like to talk to someone first before writting my full story- it's rather long. 




Our Ghosts




I'll tell ya what our ghosts can get on your nerves...we don't know where they come from since we are the only family that has lived in the house...but we have at least 3 ghost living with us.We know theres 2 males 1 female...there's really no begining to when this started since it's been goin on since i was 4 yrs old...When i was little and we 1st moved here, ( my parents had this house built ) i use to hear voice's people in another room talking...mostly in the early morning hours..& id get up thinking my parents were up & no one would be up...but i heard talking...i had told my mom about it she laughed...said i was hearing i got older..the voices stopped.  Then in summer of 1985 i purchased the house from my parents...and had my son that november...when he 2 1/2 yrs old & just started talking ...he was tellin me about a lady floating over his bed in a pink dress..and as he got a little older like 4-5 yrs old...he started hearing voices & people talking...he's now 19 yrs old & still hears the voices...but i do really started for me about 3 yrs ago....i had just husband & i would lay in bed & hear music...even though there wasnt any radios or tv's on...1 night i woke up to go to the i got to the bedroom door i heard 2 male voices in the living room was a low talk like they didn't want to wake anyone up...thinking it was my husband & son..i walked across the hall...there wasnt any lights on..i looked in my sons room ..he was sleeping and so was my husband..i woke him up told him i heard 2 guys talking...he got up & looked  no one there...this is a 1 floor ranch house...these events happen quite often ...especially around thanksgiving & christmas.  A couple of month ago my son works till early morning...he had come home & was in the bathroom was 5:30 am..he woke me up & asked me to come in the bathroom..he was hearing 2 ppl talking outside the bathroom door...i went..he shut the door  a minute or 2 went by..nothing...then i heard a female voice say a full sentence...couldn't make out what she said..but it was female...he jerked the bathroom door open nothing..but we both heard all the yrs i've lived here..i've never had a ghost appear before son & husband & 1 of my sons friends have...till about a month ago..i was sitting here on my was son was at work..hubby & i had split up...i was waiting for my son to come home from work i was playing a game in desk is located in the living room right at the hall so sitting here i can see about a 1/4 of the way down the hall...i was lookin at the screen then i saw a man walkin towards me down the hall..i looked he got about 2 feet away from me he just disappeared...but i saw him...he had on a tan t-shirt & jeans & the shirt was tucked in..thats how vivid it was...i freaked...every light came on in the house till my son came home...2 days later.. i was standing at the front door it was just getting dark out...then i saw the same figure...walk across the neighbors yard..wearin the same thing...cross the street walk up a driveway & disappear before they reached the sidewalk...i ran out of the house into the see where they went  there was no1 there...i dont know if this is a neighborhood neighbor had just told me that when she 1st moved here...her kids didn't want to sleep in their bedroom..cause they said there was an old man standing in the corner watching them...these kids are in their 30's now & swear to it...till this very day my son still remembers the lady floating over his sons friend...told me that in January this year..he was in his room & had the door pushed to not latched...he wa watching tv..he said the door open ..he thought it was his cat..he got up to shut the door...he said there was an old women standing in front of his tv...her hand was making a motion that she was turning a older tv's had when we were kids...then she turned looked at him.went out the door & it slammed shut...he hasn't slept in that room since...this guy has down 2 tours in Desert Storm & Iraq...he said he had never been so scared...he lives down the street. Well thats all for now ...hope you enjoyed the story.




The Ghost in my Childhood Home




Hi and thanks for listening to my story.

My name Is Russ Im 23. Im Australian.

I grew up in a west Australian suburb call Hilton it was mainly old pre ww2 weather board house, the kind that were made for low income families. My family (Mum, Dad and My younger brother Andrew) moved there when i was about 3. there was lots of cold places especially in our play room and in the lounge room. things started happening when i was 4. The first thing I remember was being in bed at night my dog Jesse would sleep under the covers at the end of the bed she started to growl. thats when i heard my name being said like someone was whispering it and a lot of swirly mist twirling around the ceiling. I was really scared so i hid under the covers till I eventually fell asleep. The sightings changed after that night to an old lady in a floral dress who used to stand in the door way and look into the room at night. She always looked the same but I can never remember her face. some times I would awake to jesse growling and the old lady would be standing over my bed if I tryed to ignore her so nights it would feel like she was grabing my wrists and shaking me a little her hands would feel like a freezer burn on my skin. but she wasnt the only thing in the house. Little red things that you could see out of the corner of your eye would move around in the lounge room at night and sometimes in the early morning and there would always be whispering noises when they were around. there was never anymore then 3 of them at a time. we move out when i was 8. Ive driven past the old house a few times it still scares the crap out of me.




The Ghost Upstairs




The story that I am about to tell you happened to my boyfriend and I a couple of months ago.  Well, I moved in to this house about a year ago to live with my boyfriend.  My boyfriend's dad actually owns the house and he had it build only about 30 years ago.  Anyways,  his cousin and his wife lived up stairs until just about a couple of months ago.  We live downstairs, it's actually like a renovated basement appartment.  To get to the point, after his cousin's moved out and everything was pretty much cleaned out upstairs, my boyfriend and I decided to take a bath up stairs one night.  We only have a shower in our appartment so we were kindof excited to be able to take a bath.  It was about 2:30a.m., which we are always awake at that time, when we finally got into the bath.  We decided to take our dog, Irie, upstairs with us so he wouldn't be by himself, plus I feel safer with him around.  We were only in the tub for about 10 minutes when we heard the first noise.  Someone, actually something, was walking up the stairs.  We knew there was somebody there because every time someone walks up the stairs, they creek.  We heard someone walk up the stairs and then we heard them walking around, we actually heard footsteps, walking over into the living room and back again.  My boyfriend jumped out of the tub and threw his clothes on because we both thought that it was his dad or his causin coming up to get something, and we weren't about to have them catch us like this.  I sat in the tub and waited as him and Irie left the bathroom to see what was going on.  About 2 or 3 minutes later, when my boyfriend came back in, I asked him who it was and he just looked at me and said there's no one out there.  I started to freak out, I know that I heard someone walking around, and he heard it too.  I jumped out of the tub, got dressed, and ran downstairs.  I couldn't believe what just happened.  Nothing like that ever happened to me before, I mean, I didn't even believe in ghosts until that night.  When we got back down stairs my boyfriend ran to the front door just to make sure that there weren't any cars out there, but there wasn't.  When he came back in I remember standing in the kitchen, I was leaning against the sink shaking, and he was leaning against the stove, when all of a sudden we both heard a loud thud upstairs, like someone jumped or stomped on the floor.  My boyfriend ran back over to the stairs and yelled up stairs for whoever of whatever it was to cut the shit, and that he was sending his pit bull up there.  Well he tried to send Irie up stairs.  Now Irie was all excited and barking because his daddy was getting him all riled up telling him "go get um", but Irie got half way up the stairs, stoped, then ran back down.  Now let me tell you, that dog is afraid of nothing, but something was stopping him from going all the way up the stairs.  Ever since that night, I have been a believer in the supernatural, I know that there was something up there, no matter what anyone says about it.  Since that night we have had a couple more occurances where we heard walking around, but no one was up there after we checked.  It hasn't happened in a while now, knock on wood, but i know that whatever it was is still up there.  After talking to my boyfriend about the occurance, i found out that his grandmother was sick with cancer and had come to live with him and his parents when he was a child.   Unfortunately she had passed away in this house.  The only other thing that we could think of is that our house is located around where the King Philip's War and the Great Swamp Massacre occured.  Well I hope that you guys enjoyed my supernatural encounter, because i sure didn't.






True Storie





This story was told to me by my mother in-law. The story all begain with her mother. she was in her ninties when she passed away and that was 2 years ago. Before she passed away she was bed riden and my mother in law was the only one taking care of her. One day she walked into her mother's room and to her suprise she had here arm up in the air like she was reaching for something that wasn't there. She told me that she had her arm up in the air for more than 20 min. Which at her old age was extremly hard and painful for her to do but for some reason she didn't seem to be in pain  So my mother in law asked her what is she doing and she replyed that she was reaching for the angel she asked if she saw it and my mother in law replied that she didn't see anything there. A few weeks past and my mother in law entered into her mothers room. When she got in the whole room smelled like roses. This confused her because she didn't know where the smell was coming from. Her mother wasn't allowed to use lotion or soap with any kind of perfume in it because her skin was extremly sensative due to her old age. She told me that her mother loved roses and she told her when she passed away she wanted roses at her funeral. Couple of weeks past and she passed away. Soon after she started to tell me stories of what was going on in her house. The first storie she told me was that of my husband's friends who had gone to visit her. She recalls 2 of them sitting on the sofa watching tv while she was in the kitchen making dinner. The sofa was right next to the stairs. While in the kitchen she heard them get up and slammed the door. So she went to check to see what was going on and as soon as she opened the door they screamed out"we just saw your mom walking up the stairs". Ever since then they refuse to go back inside the house. Soon after that her neighbor asked her if she could watch her 10 yr old daughter while she went out. she was making lunch for the little girl and when she returned the girl was pale as a "ghost". Worried something was wrong with the girl she asked her if she was okay the little girl replied that she had just seen her mother walking up the stairs. That was the last time anybody ever saw my mother in law's mother. I guess when you're gone your not really gone at all. My mother in-law tells me she feels safe because she knows her mom is around to watch over her. She also said she knows her mom's spirit is happy because she could walk again something she couldn't do for a long time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this story







My Moms House




Hi, my name is Denise and I am 31 years old. I was reading the stories on your website and I wanted to share some things that have happened to me and my family, and also a few close family friends in my moms house. First let me start by saying these stories are very much true. '"ll give you a little background. My mom and dad bought our house in 1975 when my little sister Laurie was born. My brother Darren is 4 years older then me and me and I am 1year and 4days older than Laurie (she is the baby of the family). Anyways for as long as I can remember (when I was 4 or so), I have always thought our house was haunted. I don't recall ever seeing or even hearing things that young but I always felt like something would sometimes be watching us kids in our playroom. Now this house is a very big, 2 stories,  with a basement. At that time it was a 3 bedroom, 1 full bath and 2 half baths.The basement was my dads party room complete with a bar he built himself, a pooltable and a gorgeous fireplace that takes up almost one whole wall. This is also where the laundry room is. Our playroom was on the main floor (now my moms room) along with a huge living room, dinning room, kitchen and the full bath. Too get to the playroom you go to a doorway across from the front door that is the entrance to a hallway (not very long) which has the door leading upstairs on the left , and turning right led down the hallway, the bathroom door is in the middle on the left and at the end is moms room (formerly the playroom). My brother and me shared the smaller room, but it still was good sized room upstairs on the righthand side of the landing (bath room in middle) with our parents and sister in the much larger bedroom across the landing on the lefthand side. Both rooms have huge walk-in closets, and I remember always being afraid of the closet in our room but the other closet in my parents room did not scare me at all. I wouldn't go to sleep unless the door was firmly closed and latched and I still do. Eventually my mom divorced my dad because he was and still is an alcoholic and was very abusive to my mom, but he never hit us kids. But we did witness a lot of the beatings he gave to our mom, and it was a horrible scaring environment for us children especially for my brother who remembers a lot more then me and my sister did because he was the oldest. Anyway, mom took us kids and left. She filed for divorce and we moved to Vancouver, Washington while they battled it out in court. Dad still lived in the house which is located in North Portland, Oregon. Eventually mom won the house, the kids, and our dog Tobby, but we lived in Washington for about a year with our mom, and her soon to be husband, Butch, (who was a real jerk)and his son my stepbrother Woody. When we moved back to the house I was about 7, Darren was 11, Laurie was 6, and Woody was 7. My mom and Butch made the playroom into their bedroom on the main floor. My sister and I had the 2 upstairs rooms. I took my parents old room and Laurie got the creepy room across the landing from me. My mom had 2 bedrooms build in the basement for my brothers. At first I didn't feel the presence in the house when we moved back and I kinda forgot about my childhood fears but when I was about 12 or 13, I often would stay home alone while my mom and step dad went out. My  brothers and sister were staying at a friends house and I knew I was the only one in the house and I would hear what sounded like footsteps or someone walking around upstairs in my sisters room. At first I thought my ears were playing tricks on me or the house was just settling but a lot of times I would grab one of my brothers baseball bats and walked to the door that led upstairs and I could clearly hear what sounded like someone upstairs, I opened the door to go up and the noise would suddenly stop. Of course that freaked me out pretty bad.  After that, I decided to call a friend who lived a block away and told her what had happened and she told me I was crazy and laughed at me.  But as I was on the phone with her I heard a door shutting in the basement and I knew that I had to go down as I had laundry in the dryer, with my bat in one hand and phone in the other to check the noise.  When I got downstairs, knowing that I had left the door open, to my surprise it was shut and no one was in the house!  Now, I decided to go to my friends house cause now I was scared but I had to wait for my laundry to dry.  So, I again, left the door opened and went back upstairs.  I waited about 20 minutes, still on the phone with my friend, I heard another door slam shut downstairs.  I proceeded to go back to the laundry room and found the door shut that I knew I had left opened not 20 minutes earlier.  I then quickly grabbed my clothes, left mom a note and got the hell out of this house!! 

As I got older, I didn't hear all the banging noises much but I did hear them occasionally.  Of course, my mom thought I was crazy and told me to stop smoking the "wacky tobacco"!!!  Then when I was 17, I brought my son Chris home from the hospital, that is when I started to hear it walk across the landing upstairs from my sisters room to my room, open the door and walk around my bed, and it messed with a clock radio that I had on my headboard, it would turn up the volume and change my station to static.  Then it would walk back around the bed and sit in the rocking chair next to my sons crib or it would stand next to the bed, and it felt cold and like someone was watching me.  I would never open my eyes as I was afraid of what I would see and after a few minutes it would walk out my door and towards my sisters room.  The next morning, I would wake up with my sister in my bed next to me. Of course, she would say she didn't think there was anything or anyone in the house but she wouldn't sleep in her room unless I was home and 99%, she always ended up in my bed!  At least 2 or 3 times a week I would encounter the same thing with this person.  One night, me being a new mom and very tired, it was walking around, messing with my radio and I got irritated and told it "Stop It!", and it suddenly stopped.  Up until I was 21, I still heard footsteps going up and down the stairs with the normal visits to my room.  But after I told it to stop, it didn't seem to come around my room anymore.  I moved out after that.

At the age of 26, I ended up moving back into this house with my daughter and ended up with my sisters old room, the one across from mine when we were kids.  My daughters bed was pretty much next to mine and one night I awoke to my daughter clinging to me in my bed, telling me that she had seen an old man standing at the foot of her bed watching.  My daughter, who was 3 at the time, was able to tell me what he looked like and what he was wearing.  As I said earlier, I always had to have the closet door closed and latched in that room but when I looked at the closet door that I had shut and latched before going to bed was opened.  Needless to say, my daughter never did sleep in her bed while staying in that room.  A few weeks after that incident, she had went to her dads for the weekend, I had fallen asleep with my t.v. on and I woke out of a dead sleep from a feeling of someone watching me and I looked toward the t.v., I saw that same man my daughter described to me, standing in the middle of my room.  I crawled to the end of my bed to turn on the light and he was gone.  But guess what...that damn closet door I had closed and latched before going to be was once again opened!!!  After that, I slept on the couch for remaining two weeks I was in that house.

During the times that I had moved out of the house, my mom or my brother would rent out the rooms in the basement to close friends, naming a couple people, Christina and Virgil. These two, I am sure rented the basement the longest, as my mom was always quick to take in some strays of the streets of Portland, literally!! Anyway, Christina has told us that in the first couple years of living here, she would be in her room downstairs and since her bed was by the door, she would be sitting in bed and out of the corner of her eye, she often saw shadows of someone walking downstairs, down past the bar and off to the laundry room.  She would always turn her head to look and no one was there.  There was another time that she had went upstairs, leaving her door cracked open.  After a few minutes, she had went back downstairs and her door was shut. When she tried to open it, it would not budge as something was blocking it.  She got a little irritated and starting shoving her door kinda hard and come to find out, her little dresser that was placed at least 10 inches away from her door and on the same wall had moved itself about 1 1/2 inches in front of her door causing it not to open?  It must have been her cat!!!   Anyway, she had moved out and of course like me, moved back in a year later with her daughter Chaie, she said that there were times she saw that same shadow, and also started hearing her daughters toys, the ones that need our fingers to push start, all of a sudden go off.  This didn't just go off once at a time, it played the tunes or whatever for at least a minute or so.  Once again, my mom thought we were smoking "wacky tobacco".  Just wait, she will smoke hers too!

Our other roommate, Virgil, had the room next to Christina, said that one day he was sitting in his room with the door open, not knowing Christina wasn't here, thought she had just came home.  He said that he had heard someone walk down the steps, he called out to Christina and when no answer, he sat up out of bed just in time to see a dark shadow move past the door and he jumped out of bed to watch it move past the bar and to the laundry room.  Still thinking it was Christina, he walked in to the laundry to find no one there.  He then knocked on Christina's door and got no answer, then he went upstairs to see if anyone was home only to find that he was alone or was he?

Just before I had moved once again back home, Christina had told me that my mother who was always a non-believer, told her that one day when my mother was laying on the couch in the livingroom, knowing she was the only one home, heard what seemed to be someone walking around upstairs, back and forth.  Also that when she was in her bedroom late at night, she started to hear someone banging on her wall from outside, and that it was going from one side to the other.  She then said she got the gun out cause it sounded like a real person was out there.  But like all the others, no one was there either.

Now, I have moved back into this house and have the basement which is now converted into a apartment with my two daughters, Allie (was 3 now 7) and Rayannah (1).  Allie can still remember the old man she had seen standing at the end of her bed.  Sometimes she gets scared when I leave her downstairs alone, but I reassure her there is nothing to be afraid of.  But still to this day, we all have our stories of the person or persons still roaming this house and know that he or she is not here to harm us, they just haven't found the light to guide them to the other side........







The Jewish Cemetery






One night after work, I picked up my friend Ryan to take some funky picture that we needed for an art project. We went to various sites around the area and took beautiful pictures of the lake, sunset, and train tracks. I remebered that there was an old jewish cemetary up on a hill in are little central pa town. The cemetary had a really cool fence and really awesome pictures views of the mountians surrounding us. As we walked through the cemetary taking various picture, a weird vibe was running through me and ryan's bodies. We qucikly decided to leave. As we reach the car, we both heard a horifying scream comming from the open gates of the cemetary. We stood there in fear and listen for more noises. Shortly after, we heard screams from a baby. We got into my car and quickly left. As we left, we both looked back and saw hands eaching out of the gate. We were so scared that we went and sat on my porch all night long and telling all are friends about it. The scare doesn't even stop there. After we got at pictures develope, a man was standing in ripped closed with a shaven head in everyone of are photographs (he looked like he was in the holocaust).  It was truly phenomonal and probably the most haunting thing that will ever happen!




Amber Orbs




September 4, 2004

The women on my mom’s side of the family have been able to tap into and/or be given messages from the other side.  Some have dreams of births and deaths.  Some get feelings or just have very good feminine intuition.  I sometimes have feelings and interpretations of my intuition that I share with my husband and daughters.  But my youngest daughter quite often has much to tell the family of her interactions with those from the other side.  (Her experiences with the spirit world are abundant are better shared later.)  Her older sister listens with interest but only has rare happenings with the other side to share.

My older daughter (9) was very excited because last night she saw what she interpreted to be angels.   While she was swimming in the pool just after eight o’clock she saw gold stars in the back yard and in the trees.  (They were not lightning bugs.)  There were small gold lights floating around.  The gold lights had small rays like the stars in the night sky.  The lights that were close were larger than those in the trees.  The lights were moving slowly around but mostly seemed to be going up.  She felt very special after seeing what seemed a supernatural event.  Now she had an odd occurrence to share with the family.   She talked about it with her younger sister and they decided that the gold lights must have been angels.

My older daughter shared her story of the gold lights this morning while we were sitting in the living room.  On most days I probably would have dismissed this story of the gold stars as the effects of chlorine in her eyes as she had looked at the lights in the darkening evening sky.  But I too had seen odd things in the back yard the evening before.

My husband and daughters were asleep by ten o’clock last night.  I didn’t want to go to bed so I continued playing computer games.  I had purchased a new computer CD with 100’s of games on it.  I tried out some new games that I hadn’t played yet.  The hours passed quickly as I worked out puzzles and tried to beat the clock on other games.  Around one o’clock I decided that I needed to quit playing and go to bed.  I took the dogs to the back yard for a bathroom break.  As I walked into the back yard everything seemed hazy or almost a bit fogy in the yard.  I just guessed that what seemed like blurry vision was because I had been playing games and looking at a bright computer screen for hours, and now I was in the dark with the moon nearing its half phase.  Then in the haze I saw gold lights.  The lights were saucer sized and had the clarity and color of amber.  Small rays extended from the spheres.  I thought that I must be really tired since I was seeing spots in front of me.

I am now at the point in my life that I have had to start using reading glasses to help me with the words in the newspapers and books.  My hazy vision and seeing spots made me a bit sad because I thought that I might also be starting to have problems with my night vision.

When I looked at the lights of downtown about three miles away the sky was clear and the downtown building city lights were crisp and distinct.  The difference in the clear distant lights and what I was seeing in my own hazy back yard was very odd.  I decided that I must have just stayed up way too late playing games on the bright computer screen and went to bed. 

This morning started as a lazy Saturday morning that was great for sitting around a bit and watching some TV.  My daughter shared her story of the gold stars the night before.  I listened to her story with interest in her details.  I then told her that I too had seen the gold lights in the back yard three hours later. I believe her about the lights.  Perhaps they were angels.

September 1, 2005

I wrote this story about a year ago (the day after it happened).  I have had many odd happenings and stories to tell.  This is one of my favorite personal creepy stories because someone other than me shared the same unusual experience.  Over the years I have noticed that sometimes when strange things happen three days later something very bad happens like an accident or a death.

A few months after my daughter and I had seen the gold stars I started to wonder if my uncle had passed away near the sightings of the gold stars.  I found and read his funeral memorial pamphlet that had been put away in the memory box.  I pimpled all over with chills as I read his memorial.  He had died three days after we had seen the gold stars.

My daughters might have been right.  Maybe the gold stars really were angels.  Angels coming to take my uncle home.








Couldn't help but come across your site-and I wasn't too surprised! Montanna has alot of er...old mountain feeling, and buddies and I have often come across stuff that isn't too normal. Here's a few things we've found.

Just north of Florence, Montanna is what appears to be a ghost truck. We've heard it more often than we've ever seen it, coming down a long driveway, but by the time we get outside, it isn't there. It's come at night and at day. Other friends in the area have said they've seen the same thing. It's frequent enough to be pretty creepy.

As for the 'Ghost George' in the Missoula Childrens Theatre, another friend, 'Eek' and I have both had some experience with it. He seems quite benevolent.

Now the creme of the crop, so to speak, is my own house-don't scoff yet please! It's in the university neighborhood, and we bought it about five years ago. It's a historic house, being one of the first built in the university (dated ~1880-90). Doors slam without notice even when there isn't the slightest of breezes. There will be times at night when my own bathroom door won't open to tugging till I state my 'needs'. Lights go on and off, though the wireing is well maintained. Electronics malfunction regularly in my room, and there has been one incedent of an EVP nature on my computer (also in my room). But later the computer scan ran clear. Drawers will open and close, things will get knocked off of shelves quite suddenly, and footsteps can be heard on the second story hallway (outside my room).

The history of my house is that the man who built it lived in it for about 60 years. His son was born in my room, though I am not totally sure if he died in the house. The more often I leave electronics running in my room, the greater the likelyhood of something happening. The house is near the Hilda-Eddy Avenue intersection in the University area.

Anyways, don't know if that's usefull or even interesting, but hey!




Don't feel out of Place



By: Anonymous



After reading several dozen stories, I guess I won't feel so out of place putting mine up. I'll only talk about one house that I lived in from the time I was fourteen until twenty-one. Rumor had it that the neighborhood was built on Indian burial grounds. This was in Marlton NJ, and is well known for the Lenapee and Cherokee tribes that occupied the area long ago. I know, sounds like a fish story already. Just bear with me for a few.

The first thing that I remember was when I was sleeping in my waterbed when something, or someone that had a hold of my legs and was shaking vigorously awakened me. My feet were definitely off of the bed, and it felt as if someone had a hold around my ankles. Scared the s!#@ out of me. Got out of the room pretty quickly. This happened a few more times, but no one thought it was a ghost. My parents wanted to take me to a specialist to see if I was having some sort of seizure. Never brought it up again even though it happened again.

Same house. My dog died after 16 years. I had a friend of mine over from Florida visiting. It was we two and my Mom in the house. We were in my room, and my buddy was on the floor. My Mom was asleep down the hall when we heard a trotting type of sound coming down the hall. We stopped talking and both looked at the door. We heard a sound kind of like when a dog is sniffing around and they huff out real fast. It was right under the door. It did it two or three times and then we heard it trotting away. Us two tough guys got up and locked the freaking door. Never heard it again.

Same house. Same buddy was over about a year later with another one of my friends. Big guy, kind of like the missing link. Anyway, we were hanging out watching TV when I look over at the missing link. He had a kind of freaked out look, and was just staring towards my kitchen area. I asked what was wrong, and he said, "I didn't know your dad was home". I said that he wasn't (business trip). He was definitely spooked. He said he just saw a dark figure walk from the hallway through the kitchen and just kind of disappeared in the dining room. He left, another tough guy right?

The mirror in the dining room got everyone at some point or another. We had people just walk out of the house shaking, and some crying. They would always see the dark figure walking through the kitchen and into the dining room. It would always seem to melt into the mirror, or maybe that is just the last place people saw a reflection last. We have had doorknobs turning. Lights flickering, and even had one guy run screaming from my brothers bedroom because he had seen an apparition in the corner. He described it as featureless, but extremely bright. Supposedly it lit up the room. He was pretty shaken, so I have a hard time believing he was putting me on.

Well, that's about that. The house has sold about five times in the last 12 years. I wonder what the other people saw???




Stories from Fort Sill, OK




I am a Sergeant in the Military Police Corps. I am an Investigator stationed at Fort Sill, OK. I was looking on your sight and you only have one sighting. Well I can tell you that the whole post is full of things that go bump in the night. (And I do mean that latterly!) I can give you a few that I know or have known people that I trust not to make them up.

The first is bldg. 475. It is the old hospital when Geronimo was there. He died there from pneumonia. Back in 1995 we had our arms room, where we keep all our weapons, down in the basement. Well that is the old imbibing room. And right next to it was the old morgue, then the supply room. Most of our armors would not stay down in the arms room due to the repeated banging of pipes and attempting of opening of doors.

(Most of the doors had pad locks on them and the locks would bang off the doors.) Most of the basement had cold spots in AUG you know when it is 110 degrees outside. That bldg used to be our barracks where I lived on the 2nd floor. There we saw multiple sightings of things moving around. But due to the level of alcohol consumption most of them were just dismissed. Only when we got new soldiers in that did not drink did we start to think they were real ghosts.

No one had any trouble with them but they would scare the new soldiers out of there wits.

The next one is bldg. 913. It is a barracks for one of the field artillery units. It was remolded a few years ago so there was really no way to secure the bldg. Every few nights (were talking about 5-6) we would get a call from one of the adjacent bldg saying there were noises coming from 913. So we would send two (2) patrols to investigate the noises. One patrol would start at the top using the back fire escape to get to the top floor and the other would come up from the bottom floor. Now we would hear noises on the floor above us and rush to track it down but could not find anything. After about and hour of this fun, we call and got a few more patrols to come help us search. We posted a man on every floor where a stair case connected, with instructions to snatch anyone they see. We started to search over from top to bottom this time and were still hearing noises. No one went by the posted men and the noised were jumping floors.

We finally checked it up to ghosts and cleared the scene.

The third is Ambrosia Springs. It is now a park but back in the 1800’s it was a sores of water. There is a well that is back off in the back of the park that Maj Ambrosia an officer in the engineer corps built. He was killed by Indians a few weeks after the well was complete. He wife (I have never been able to find out her name) took her life when she threw herself down the well. Now it is said that on full moons if you look down into the well house (there is a great where you can see into the well) you can see her face looking up at you. Now I have tried this and have seen something that was not the same color as the water.

What it was I don’t know.

The last one is Medicine Bluff. It is believed to be a place of power in the area for the Indians. There have been Indian chants and dancers seen on the bluff in full dress. By the time we get up to the top. (No vehicles are allowed up on top so we have to go in on

foot) there is nothing to see. We have had patrols see then from down below and try to direct the other patrols to them but they are gone before we can get to them.

I know of a few more but as I said I can’t say for sure that they are accurate or that they have not been made up. Hope these intrigue you.

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