My Grandparents House

by fba!

when i was about 9 yrs old, my mom, sister and I moved into my

grandparents' house after my mom and dad divorced. well, my mom

went to work w/the airlines, and worked many night shifts. well, i

remember one night (i was about 10 yrs old), my sister and I were in

my gparents' room talking to them. it was about 8:00 p.m., and my

mom didn't get off work until 10:00. anyway, we lived in a tri-level

home, and so, that night, at about 8, we heard the garage door open

and close, then the den door do the same. these two rooms were on

the 1st floor. the garage door was very hard to open, and was very

heavy. then, we heard the sound of someone coming up the stairs (13

of them to be exact) up to the 2nd floor (where the kitchen, lr, dr,

front door, and sliding glass door to back patio was). my grandpa

said "girls, it's your mama! she's home!" so my sister and i ran to

the top of the 4 stairs leading from the 3rd floor into the

livingroom, which around a corner was the kitchen, right by the 13

stairs. well, to our suprise (and my gparents' surprise), no one

was there. My gpa went downstairs to see what had gone on, and the

doors were all still locked. that was the first time anything weird

like that had happened there. that we'd noticed, at least. anyway,

things just got weirder from there. every night after that, we heard

the same sounds of someone coming in downstairs and coming upstairs.

always from the garage door. well, my grandpa found out that someone

had died during building that house (fell off the roof, broke his

neck), so we just named it "Charlie", since that was the only thing

we could figure to do, and figure who "it" was.... well, we moved to

another state when i was 14 years old, and left the big house

behind. well, a few weird things happened over the years no matter

where we moved. we figured maybe he'd came w/us. but nothing as

weird as the footsteps. well, my grandpa died when i was 16, now

i'm 22. nothing's happened over the past few years now, until

recently. my t.v will come on for no apparent reason, my vcr will

also turn on and a tape will start playing on my t.v. i hear

whispering sometimes. also, my t.v. will just start changing

channels, sometimes really fast, other times, not, when im not even

holding or sitting on the remote. so, i don't know it im a little

crazy, or if it's "Charlie", or maybe perhaps my grandfather's

spirit (since we were really close), or maybe not something i'm

familiar with at all. it's begun to do it alot lately, too. and the

thing is, it only happens when im alone at home. when my roomate is

there, i haven't heard or seen anything at all. and he totally

doesn't believe me, or just blows me off when i try to talk about it

to him. what do you think? i could really use some advice or

feedback from someone. when i've tried to talk to my girlfriends

about it, they just seem to freak out about it, so.... thanks.

Starboard Light


I have enjoyed the stories on the webpage so far and I wanted to contribute some of my

own. This particular story is not one that happened to me, though I also lived through

a personal haunting. This is about my Great Grandfather Lynch. He lived in a beautiful

Tudor Mansion that was built in Greensburg, PA and he named it "Starboard Light". My

Great Grandfather had been in the Navy and retired a Commander. He was a veteran of WWI

and WWII. He died at home the summer of 1963 and "Starboard Light" was sold to the

University of Pittsburgh where they established a branch campus in 1964. Unfortunately,

my Great Grandfather died 3 years before I was born, so I never had the honor of meeting


Since then, the University has turned the home into the Administration Building and it

is now called Lynch Hall. I had always heard stories about the house but never knew

what to believe. It wasn't until I had experienced a haunting myself that I was able to

make sense of what is going on at Lynch Hall. Recently, my father, stepmother, sister

and I went to Lynch Hall and got our first tour since my sister and I were small kids.

I found that the school had painted the interior woodwork with an awful gold paint. I

was floored by the paint job when I walked in the house, I plan to complain to the

University regarding this issue in the future. It is my belief that my Great

Grandfather probably objects to it as well and that may be one of many reasons that he

is still there.

One of the security guards showed us around the house. My father told us about what it

was like there when he was a kid because he spent an ample amount of time there. One

portion of the house was for living quarters and the other section was my Great

Grandfathers office. The guard told us that most sightings have occurred in the office

section. It is where there is a spiral staircase, and a huge office on the first floor

and 2 bedrooms on the second in that section.

The guard proceeded to tell us how she walked into the bathroon on the second floor to

close and lock the window and as she started to walk out she saw something move in the

tub. She looked and saw a gray figure sitting in the tub with legs pulled close to him.

She said that he had sunken eyes and said to her telepathically "What are you doing in

my bathroom?" She looked away because she couldn't believe what she was seeing and then

looked back. He was still there. She left to get another security guard. When she

left she left the door open, when she had arrived earlier the door was cracked. When

she came back with the other guard the door was cracked again and the window in the

bathroom was open again.

Another time, she walked up to the house and came in the door where either the main

entrance or the spiral staircase entrance is (this I'm not sure about). She saw a

figure standing at the top of the stairs leaning on the railing in older clothes and

again he said to her "Well, are you coming in?" She basically said that she froze, and

refused to go in the house. She said that she did not feel threatened by him. My

father had been told that one of the men that works in the building turned around once

and saw my Great Grandfather in full dress uniform (Naval).

The security guard told us that they had a Psychic enter the house and that as soon as

she walked in she could feel his presence. She even noted the bathroom incident, and

told the guards that the spirit was not a mean spirit and that he liked to play jokes on

people. According to other relatives that have been told these stories, they don't

believe that it is my Great Grandfather. They seem to think that he would identify

himself. I don't think that is the case. I felt something in the house before I was

told that he spent most of his time in that particular section. I could feel something

in one of the bedrooms and it made me catch my breath and my eyes water, I could feel

something or someone there. I was face to face with him, but could not see him.

Although, I did see some motion in the air. It had kind of a fluid look, and I'm sure

it wasn't my eyes. I simply said, "Why are you here Great Grandfather, you need to go

on". Then I left the room to catch my breath. I know someone or something is in that

house. I would like to help him make his peace with God.

I had taken some pictures while in the house and I picked up something near the spiral

staircase. I'm not sure if it was my camera or if it was something else. However, I do

know that when we all walked back into the room where I felt a presence, I didn't feel

it in that room anymore, but I could see the fluid motion in the main second floor

hallway. I believe that if it was my Great Grandfather, he did not want to frighten us,

as we are family and I know he knows my father. If anyone goes to the Univ. of

Pittsburgh and knows of any true sightings that have occurred there, I am interested in

hearing about it. It must be true, I'm not interested in the jokes and rumors.

Paranormal Experiences


I've had an interest in the paranormal since I was very young, and also some "encounters" from that time on, so I've often put my experiences somewhere between overactive imagination and possibility.

In 1987 my husband and I bought our first house in upstate NY. A 45 year old brick house with one significant modification; one wall between the livingroom and a bedroom was removed to enlarge the livingroom, and an additional bedroom was built on with it's doorway opening into the old bedroom's window. This new room was built complete with a full basement under it. Only two previous sets of owners, no deaths, or other health problems in either family, according to the neighbors who originally owned the land the house was built on and who knew both sets of prior occupants.

During the time we lived in this house, my husband was being treated for depression, and I was beginning to take psychic development classes at the local Spiritualist Church. So we had some unusual energy in that house.

The experiences that my husband and I had here were often focused in this back corner of the house where the old bedroom was and in the added-on bedroom.

First of all, the light in the new bedroom would turn itself on any number of times during the evening. I would leave the room, turn off the lightswitch next to the door, see the light go off and, presto, it would be on again almost in the same instant that I would be turning around. The switch itself did not flip. I actually got to the point of Monitoring my lightswitching activity at that doorway. This game could go on 2 or 3 times in a row before the light would stay off. My husband never had this problem with this switch. I have never had obsessive-compulsive tendencies, but this game made me wonder. I had the feeling of being "watched" in the old back bedroom area. I am not normally afraid of the dark, but never felt comfortable walking through this area at night, in the dark. I had the feeling of being watched from that corner of the basement when I would go down cellar to do laundry. The cat would get very nervous when I was down cellar, meowing, demanding to be picked up, demanding that I follow her upstairs.

One afternoon, when I was alone in the house, I went into the new bedroom to change. I sat on the bed to rest for a moment and was quite suddenly engulfed by feeling that Someone wanted to communicate with me. I saw nothing, there was no temperature change, but the room suddenly felt as if it were crammed tight with people, the atmosphere seemed to get very dense. I was not really afraid, but was uncomfortable with what was happening. In a firm tone I said aloud, "I don't have time to talk with you right now, you have to leave." It did. I never felt that again, but I didn't go back into the room until bedtime and my husband was with me.

Three episodes were more frightening. They are not here in order. One was a dream that I had. In it I sat on the cellar stairs while a "ghost" repeatedly "flew" at me from that corner of the cellar. It's sole purpose was to terrify me, It was male, with hugely wide open, unblinking eyes, and it's body seemed to dangle under it's head. It would fly right up into my face. I just repeated calmly to it over and over that things were O.K. and that it could go into the light (it's a dream, right?). I only mention this dream because it happened in the new bedroom. Another occaisson I woke up in bed with the feeling that something was lying on top of me (not the cat) crushing me.

It was a very threatening presence. Although my husband was asleep right next to me, I couldn't move or talk to try and wake him. Again I just kept on repeating to this presence that everything was going to be O.K. and that it could leave if it wanted to.

I don't remember the end of this episode. The final scary incident involved my husband in the cellar. His wooodworking shop was down in that corner and also in the small basement room under the new bedroom. As he turned on the light in the smaller basement room, something whitish and about the size of a pigeon flew at his head. He claims to have felt it brush the top of his head as it flew out the doorway he was entering. He screamed and turned and ran for the stairs. Upstairs I heard that scream, I thought he had cut his hand off. It was that kind of scream. I went running...and met him at the cellar stairs. I've never seen him so frightened before or since. I went down to investigate (it may have been a pigeon, and I was the animal person). There was nothing. The cellar windows are fixed shut in that house. Nothing would have come down the gas furnace vent and lived to tell the tale, the chimney trap was shut. He calmed down, and worked down there for the rest of the night without incident. We moved from that house in 1991, by the way, we loved that little house, and still love to drive by and look at it. No experiences of this particular type have happened since.

If you have any comments about these experiences, I would truly like to hear them, some of this activity almost sounds poltergeistic to me, some of it almost sounds possessive. All of it sounds crazy in writing.

Story from My Childhood


When I was a child we lived in my great uncle and aunt's farmhouse (they

lived in a different house). I used to tell my mom that I saw an old

lady roaming around our house. She began seeing things out of the corner

of her eyes. Then, one day I told her that the lady told me that she

made the curtains in the livingroom. My mom called my grandma, and she

said that a lady who used to live there named Mrs. Urban made the

curtains. I was only about 3 or 4 years old, and there was no way that I

could have known that, and nobody told me.

Mrs. Urban's husband, Ben, stole tombstones from a cemetary about half a

mile away from the house and walled them up in the basement. Who knows,

maybe some of those people haunt the house?

We Do Not Die


i am a civil war re-enactor for northern va. and have been on many battlefields but the one that will always stay in my mind is henry hill in manassas va the sight of one of the bloodiest battles of fellow re-enactors and i were camped out for a living history{ which is just camp life basiclly} when we decided to walk around we went into the woods maybe a mile or so when we heard a fire crackiling as far as we knew we were the only re-enactors here or were we? we approached the fire only to see a confedarate battle flag hanging limply from a tree upon futher investigation we saw an officer cleaning his rifle and talking to men we didnt see a few moments ago he looked up and asked us what outfit we were with we told him we were the southern grays ( lees army of northern va ) he offered us a seat and began to say how badly we {whooped} the yanks today we were just stunned speechless the apparition then just vanished poof like it had never been there we vowed we would never discuss this because people would think we were nuts as we turned to leave we noticed a large tree with three headstones overgrown with smaller trees and roots etc. and we knew we were probably the first to see this upon inspection of the headstones we read the names of 3 rebel officers who died. we investgated the names and read their histories and learned they were killed by a night raid in their camp right near where we saw them that night it may sound weird but its true

Williamsburg Stories


I am a sophmore at the College of William and Mary-the second oldest in

the USA, and keeper of the oldest building in the country-the Wren

Building. First some historical notes about Williamsburg:

Williamsburg is one of the most visited sights in the USA-It's the

largest working museum in our country. Williamsburg is a complete Old

colonial town with original buildings and new old style ones. THere are

houses here from the 1600's, and there are about 20 TRUE ghost stories

associated with the place. All of the stories have been researched, and

can be backed up by old documents such as police records, books,

journals, etc. THe first story I shall relate has to do with the Peyton

Randolph house-It is the most haunted house on the east coast,and it

ranks 2nd in the nation. THe Peyton Randolph House has been linked to 23

unnatural deaths (3 of which were men lynched to its imposing tree out

front) and I will never go in front of that house alone-It emits such an

evil force that I am scared just writing about it-LAst night I went on a

ghost tour of the place, where a professionally trained student had been

versed in all the TRUE stories of Williamsburg, and the last stop was

this are some of the stories...

When the first inhabitants of the house moved into their dwelling around

the turn of the 18th centuary, they were pleased with the stately home

and knew that they-the mom, dad, and three sons, ages 6,8, 16 would like

it there. However, two weeks after moving in, the youngest fell gravely

ill and died about a month later. THe eight year old, prone to climbing

the many trees out in the backyard, had a tragic accident one

afternoon-he fell, snapped his neck, and was found some 5 hours later,

dead and cold. THe last son, being 16 and of age, was in the militia and

during training,was struck in the head by a stray musket ball and was

killed instantly. The parents were devasted and moved out of the house

as quickly as possible. Some years later, a new family moved in, with 3

boys-aged 6,8, 16. Within the first two weeks of living there, the 6

year old boy grew ill and thus dies very quickly and painfully within

two weeks. A couple of days later, the 8 manages to drown himself in a

foot and a half of water behind the house while his playmate is with

him. THen, the oldest boy, who was NOT in the militia, was attending a

parade at the main street, and was struck in the head by a stray bullet

and died...THe family moves out, and more live in the house----

One of these families was one that consisted of a mother, father, and

daughter named Anastasia, being 8 years old. Very well mannered and

quiet, Anastatsia developed a special friendship with an imaginary

friend named Elizabeth. Anastasia was very considerate of her new

friend-She always warned peopel "Elizabeth is sitting there, please

don't squash her,"or "Elizabeth is the nicest friend in the world."

However, within a months passing, Anastasia grew mean and hatefull with

her friend, saying, "Elizabeth hates you. Go away, I hate you, too!" and

things of a related nature. THe parents, being concerned, grew very

tired of her meaness one nihjt, amd sent her to her room without supper,

saying that she was not allowed to play with anyone, not even Elizabeth.

ABout an hour later, the parents hear maniacal and screaming, and load

crashes, the sound of glass breaking...

THey run up and try to open the door, but it was much harder to

open-When they finally do, the are horrified by what find-blood is

everywhere, and the window, being on the second story above the steps

ouside, was broken. Anastasia had flung herself out the window, and when

her body was inspected, they found that her wrists were slit,and a small

crest was embedded into her shoulder. AN old woman, who was witness to

the crest, knew that this was the crest of a familiy that had lived

there before-A girl, aged 15 was the only daughterof that familiy. She

had fallen in love with the stable boy, and when her parents banished

her from seeing him, she slit her wrists and flung herself out of the

same window as Anastasia-on her ring finger was the crest of her


Angela Revisited



It seems that a lot of people like my story, "Angela" and have been

asking me for more of my experiences. I've had quite a number of them

over the past 12 years. I guess it's these stories that make your page

so popular. Anyhow, I'm certainly willing to share my experiances,

so... as people ask for more... I'll share more. Unless you'd rather I


Anyhow, here's one of my encounters with something less pleasent than


Since I was about 19, I've hung around with people who were psychicly

active (I'll be 32 next month). One day, one of my friends who was just

becoming aware, came to me with a concern about a park near her house.

She said that it had previously been a very pleasent place. It was a

big wooded area with lots of hills and paths and a creek or two. She

told me that recently, something had changed about the place. It no

longer felt friendly and she felt as though something unpleasent was

watching her. She was particularly concerned about one spot. I offered

to go check it out, along with another friend. So the three of us

trundled out there, to see what boggie men had been stirred up. When we

got there, there was deffinately an unpleasent and meanacing feel to the

place. As we made our way to the spot she was concerned about, Jenny

got kind of confused and couldn't find her way there. This was unusual

as she had been to this spot many times before. I said that it was ok,

I would find it. I reached out with my non-physical senses and tried to

find the source of the disturbance. I got a lock on it and we went that

direction. As we homed in on it, it seemed to shift and try to lead us

off in another direction. "Oh No," I said, "I know this game. My

ancestors called it 'being lead astray'" I eventualy zeroed in on the

spot and led us there. It was the exact spot that Jenny had been trying

to take us to. It was at the top of small hill, and there was a sort of

depression in the ground. There were the remains of a low, stone wall

around it. In the middle of this area were a beat up old sofa, lazyboy

and coffee table. We surmised that this was a teen hang out. At that

time, there had been a rash of occult related vandalism and crimes in

Fairfax County, where the park was. We did find a few objects in the

area that could have been occult related, but no diffinitive evidence.

So... by this time, at least three entities had shown up. They tried

scarring us away but we would have none of it. We were basically, like,

"Ok... Bring it on"! One entity attacked and another ran off into the

woods. My other friend took off after it and I dealt with the

attacker. The third just sort stood there waiting to see what

happened. Understand that this was not an unusual thing for us. We'd

been doing this sort of thing for a couple of years, by this time.

So... I managed to bind the attacker, and my friend got the one that ran

away. The third one still just stood there. We then discovered that

there was indeed a gate of some sort in the area. We forced the two

bound entities back through it and the third went along quietly. We

then sealed off the gate. That was about 7 or 8 years ago, things have

been pretty quiet in that area since then.

My Grandpa

name withheld by request

I have been reading this web page for about 4 months now... I really do

enjoy it. I just read the story titled "Grandpa Rides Shotgun" and I

thought about my story...

My grandfather taught me piano lessons ever since I was a little girl.

He became very ill, colon cancer. I can not say that I was very close

to him but I loved him alot. On the night of his funeral my sister was

babysitting my cousins and I was home alone. At 3:00am, I awoke to a

strange feeling in my room and noticed an indentation on my bed, as if

someone was sitting on my bed. I was initially frightened but then fell

back to sleep. I woke up again around 3:30am feeling a bit nervous, for

whatever reason I do not know. I wanted to call my sister, but I didn't

considering how early in the morning it was.

I did not say anything to my sister at first. But it came up in

conversation one time. My sister told me the identical experience at

the same time of the night. After telling each other the story we both

said "Why didn't you call me !?!?".

I have realized through the years that my grandfather was just saying

good-bye and that he loved us. I know he is in a good place, and I love

him too.

Civil War Spirits


It was a gorgeous fall afternoon here in Georgia when I decided to play sick at my job so I could leave early. I went home to where my sister Teresa was babysitting my 4 year old son Wesley, and suggested we go somewhere nice to enjoy the beautiful weather. We decided to go to a local Civil War National Battlefield Park. It is a gorgeous place with the typical numerous trails and various sites where soldiers were were buried before they were relocated after the war, monuments, and the famous places where the battles were held. We went to a site where one of the most gruesome battles of the war took place. We were walking along one of the trails when we came upon a stream. Wesley had some toys that he brought with him, so he wanted to play in the water for a bit. We stayed there for about 15 minutes when I heard some voices. I asked my sister if she heard them too, and she did. My son heard them as well and asked me who it was. I picked up Wesley and told Teresa that we should follow the sounds of the voices to see who it was. It sounded like about 20 people that were marching and chanting like they do in the old war movies. I can't describe how errie it sounded. The closer we got to these voices, the further they seemed away. We started running so we could find out what it was, when the sounds just stopped completely. I dismissed it at first, thinking that is was maybe some reenactors, or maybe that it was some kids from a school field trip. But then that seemed odd. It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday, and the reenactors were usually there on weekends...not in the middle of the day. Before we left the park, we went to the information desk and asked if there were any reenactments going on or any field trips there on that day, and the lady said no. We told her what we had heard, and she told us that other people had heard the same thing in about the same place that we did, and that she couldn't explain it. I truly believe that Teresa, Wesley, and myself experienced a supernatural occurance from the souls of those killed there. It is a memory I will always cherish.

Toilet Flushing Spirits


Greetings from England!

Hi, I was wondering if you were interested in my story. Just to let you

know that whenever someone tells ghost stories or I hear of ghostly

goings-on, I tear up and feel that I cannot breathe and it has always

bewildered me. It also happens to my brother but I only found that out

the other day! My psychic friend has told me the reason that I tear up

and get claustrophic, is because I am a very spiritual person and am

surrounded by spirits all day, and when we hear ghost stories, they come

closer to us to try and contact us. I don't know whether I believe that

or not, but that is one explanation.

Anyway here is my experience, no visual sightings though!

It always happens when I am in a half awake, half asleep kind of state,

like when I am dozing off, and mine have only happened during the day,

like if I have a lie in or something.

I start to doze off and then I can hear movements in my bedroom and feet

shuffling on the carpet and whispers around me, sometimes children,

sometimes adults. I can hear wardrobe doors being opened in my bedroom

and have even heard my toilet flushing! One day, I heard adults tell

their children to hurry up and get the toys and not to wake the sleeping

woman. (This was odd in itself, as I was living in Germany at the time,

but the voices were in English!!)

On every ocassion, I am trying so hard to force myself to wake up but am

paralysed. I seem to be awake in my mind, but my body doesn't want to

respond. I am almost screaming in my head for me to wake up, but still

I remain silent and motionless. I have even felt someone(thing) sit on

my bed and tell me to wake up on numerous occasions, all to no avail.

Eventually I will sink into a deeper sleep and wake naturally some time


These experiences started when I lived in a small apartment inside a

house in Germany, the house being the oldest one in the town left

standing after the war. My husband and I were living in the attic of

this house in a two bedroom apartment. The only way up to the apartment

was up some really creaky stairs, and boy were they creaky. My

experiences only ever happen when I am alone, like when my husband has

gone to work and I jump back into bed for an extra half hour's sleep!!

The door to my apartment was always locked, so these experiences could

not be intruders. To get to our bathroom in this apartment, you had to

go through an unrenovated part of the attic with a small flight of

stairs leading into the very top of the house. This was always

unnerving walking past these stairs at night, nothing concrete, just a

feeling, which my husband also picked up on.

When we moved out of the house, the experiences kept happening in the

new apartment (still in Germany) and our bedroom was next to the

bathroom. The bathroom had no windows, so thirty seconds after you turn

the light on, a fan would start in the bathroom to rid the room of steam

and condensation. Some mornings I would hear the toilet flushing

several times and also hear the fan going; once again, frantically

trying to wake myself up, without success. Once again, only way into

the apartment was through the locked front door, and you even had to be

buzzed in to the main reception area!

On moving back to England the experiences are still with me, but not as

strong. I am busy at work now, so I don't have too many lie-ins, but

you can guarantee, once in a while, if I am on my own, and in that half

awake-half asleep stage, someone(thing) will be with me in the bedroom,

telling me to wake up. I don't really know what kind of feelings this

brings on in me, I am not scared or frightened, but it makes me a little

apprehensive and I would like to see what is causing this.

I have asked many people about this, even psychic friends of mine, but

they have no answers. I tell everyone I know about it, trying to work

it out, but eventually have come to the conclusions, that I must be

delusional, or due to the fact that I am half-asleep, I must be

dreaming. I have never felt anything else, or seen anything for that

matter, so I am wondering just what is going on.

Looking forward to hearing your comments in the near future.

Aquia Church Ghost


Hi ... I ran across your homepage .. very interesting!! I found the

Haunted Places Index and saw Aquia Church in Stafford County. I live in

Stafford, Virginia and run Rescue at Aquia Harbour Rescue Squad which is

located by the church. About two years ago, myself and another guy were

on duty one nite... We were at the movies (we get to see the movies for

free at the local movie theater since it never fails that we don't see a

whole movie before getting called out.) .. Anyway .... we were seeing

the movie "Seven" ... very scary movie, if you've seen it before.

Anyway .. we get punched for a call in the Harbour for a woman choking,

but was told to stage before entering the scene. . So we staged the

ambulance at the end of the street that the emergency was on. It was a

raining nite and very muddy out. It seems that a lady was in her

kitchen and was by the sink and saw out her kitchen window a woman in

her backyard, holding her throat. She was said to have long blonde hair

and in a white gown. So the dispatchers told the lady to stay inside

(since it was night time outside and really wasn't sure what was going

on) and wait for the police to arrive. The police arrived and after

about 10 minutes we were put back in service, cause they couldn't find

anything.... Thinking this was rather strange, we went back to the Squad

and I called dispatch for times and asked them what was that all about.

They proceeded to tell me that the police arrived and went into the

backyard.. they searched the small wooded backyard and didn't find

anything.. also they stated that there were NO footprints at all back

there.... and with the rain and the soggy/muddy ground there should have

been some prints in the backyard, but found none or the young lady in

white. I thought that was rather weird... So in a couple days .. I was

talking to some of the other squad members there and told them of my

previous nite and the call... ( up to this point I knew nothing of the

Aquia Church ghost) ... One of the members proceeded to tell me of the

murder that had occur back in the civil war time (or something like

that) and of the young woman with the blonde hair and white gown that

has been spotted numerous of times over the years in Aquia. Well I was

very freaked out hearing about this .... I couldn't believe that this

was happening right in our backyards.

I may not have seen anything.... but to go on a "ghost call" as my

friends call it was very strange to say the least. Just thought I would

share that since you had the Aquia Church haunting on your site!!

Demon Eyes?


My husband and I bought our first house on 214 SE 8th St in Ankeny,

IA. (We've since moved.) I don't know when I first noticed this, but if I

stood in our living room and looked through the east side window, I

would see a pair of red lights shining eerily in the middle of our

neighbor's yard at night. It would be when they weren't home, so their

backyard was pitch black. I remember getting the most uncomfortable

feeling when I first saw them, because there was no reason for them

to be there. I thought perhaps somehow it was a reflection or

refraction of light from our house, but no, after turning off living room

lights, the stereo and shutting the front window drapes to eliminate

these possible light sources, the pair of red lights remained. They

were 7 feet off the ground at least, and when they appeared, they

always appeared in the same spot. They glowed a very bright red, yet

did not illuminate the darkness around them. They were spaced too far

apart to be human eyes, but they were not far enough apart to be a

car's tail lights. Besides, they appeared in the middle of our neighbor's

backyard, far from any street. They would be there for several hours.

I got the impression of evil from this, as thought this might be a spectre

of some kind, so I never ventured outside to get a closer look. They

were puzzling, because they didn't appear all of the time, so I didn't

make out any pattern of when they would appear, the only common

factor was that the neighbors weren't home on those nights. I got

used to seeing them after awhile, so I would avoid looking out the

window for the rest of the evening, or would close those curtains.

Somehow, which is very odd, I never told my husband about seeing

them either, until after we moved. I'm glad I didn't, because he said he

would've gone outside for a closer look! I wonder if the new owners

have seen them? I'd like to ask them, but I don't suppose I will.

This just happened to me recently, at our new house:

Two past Midnight

I've been spending a lot of time on our new computer reading ghost

stories. I put my computer on suspend instead of a complete

shutdown. I decided to read some magazines, so had been sitting

there reading with the cat on the back of the chair, and the husband in

bed sleeping for about 45 minutes, when I heard the computer turn

itself back on! Ok, maybe somehow the wire to the mouse had some

tension on it, causing it to move. I happened to look at the clock to see

what time it was 12:02 a.m.

The next evening, my husband asked me to make jell-o with fruit in it. I

set the timer on my microwave for 90:00 minutes, to remind me when to

put fruit in. We remained in the kitchen, my husband and I, talking about

the day's events, when I had this compelling feeling to look at the

microwave. I whipped my head around to look at the microwave, and

the time remaining on the timer said...12:02.

That night, I had drifted off to sleep, when my husband woke me up

suddenly. He told me he'd heard a sound, like our cat had barfed

behind the stereo in our bedroom. I got up and looked, nothing was

there. He apologized for waking me up. I told him that it was okay, that

I was used to it by now. I sensed even as I asked him the

the way, what time is it? You guessed it, the clock said 12:02 a.m.!

Strange coincidence, huh?

Haunted Basement


Curently,I work with a woman who as a child lived in a haunted house in

Belleville, Illinois. The house is on Orchard Drive. She asked me not

to post the exact address with the web site out of consideration of the

present owners, friends of her parents. The house in question once had

a ceramic business in its basement owned and operated by a married

couple, one being "Arthur". Arthur was a long-distance trucker. One

night he was killed in a car-truck accident. The wife was

grief-stricken. After the accident, she felt his presence standing

behind her and breathing whenever she went into the basement's ceramic

shop area. Odd things would happen in the basement. There is a cold

spot in the basement. Also, cupboard doors would be open when the wife

had closed them during the prior evening. My friend as a child shared a

bedroom with her sister. In the room, there was a overhead attic

pull-down stairs. Several times during her childhood she and her sister

would awaken by loud thumping and vibrations being emitted by the door.

My friend's family had a dog which refused to enter the basement. She

stated that she had felt someone behind her, breathing in the basement.

After this experience my friend told me she truly believes in ghosts and

haunted places having had first-hand experience with the supernatural.

According to my friend, the house is still haunted. By the way,

Belleville, Illinois is an old german community which is rumored to have

several haunted houses and places situated within the city.

Haunted Apartment


I have been wanting to share this experience for quite some time. This happened about 15 years ago, but lives in my mind as if it only happened yesterday. This all took place over a six month period of time.

My best friend, Jackie, and her brother, Mike, moved into an apartment together. I basically lived there too, I didn't have a room, but I was always there (the couch was my bed). When they first moved in little things happened which we thought were coincidental - or we blamed the dog. They had a very mild mannered dog who suddenly began ripping the apartment to sheds when left alone during the day (or at least we thought it was the dog). We thought that it was just upset over the move.

Mike started having very peculiar dreams. He would dream that a short (about 4 feet tall) hooded person, with bright red eyes would stand beside his bed and watch him sleep. He would wake up - very upset - to always find the front porch light on. He would get up - turn it off - go back to sleep - and have the same dream again. Then he would awake again to find the light back on. This was only the beginning of many things to come.

One night we were all sitting in the living room talking. We could see into the kitchen from where we were seated. Suddenly a plastic cup - which was sitting on the counter - flew across the room and hit the wall with great force. We started to get a little concerned.

A few days later we heard a loud THUD which sounded like someone had hit the wall - somewhere. After investigating the whole place - we found a spot in the hallway that looked like it was punched from the inside. It was a bulge about the size of a fist protruding outward. Whatever was in that place was not to happy that we were there. Things starting picking up rapidly - more frequent - until we were all scared to death. No one wanted to be there alone - sometimes not even together.

There are many little things that kept happening, voices, scratching sounds on the carpet - but I want to get to the two big things which sent all of us packing.

One night I had fallen asleep on the couch. I had on a black outfit - and Jackie had put a white "fuzzy" cover over me before she went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I had white fuzz all over me. I was sitting there picking the stuff off when I noticed a shadow on the wall across the room. The way the living room was situated - the person making the shadow would have to have been right behind me. So I thought Mike had gotten up and was standing there getting ready to scare me. I decided to beat him to the draw and turned around and yelled "Gotcha". To my surprise - no one was there - and when I looked back at the shadow it lingered there for a moment - then flew away. I ran screaming into Jackie's room. That was the first time any of us had actually "seen" the ghost.

The last straw - - - Jackie was alone one day in the kitchen. She was making herself a peanut butter sandwich, spreading the peanut butter on using a steak knife. Before she knew what was happening - her arm and hand took on a life of their own. Her right hand started trying to cut at her left wrist. She was fighting it with all of her strength. It grazed her wrist twice - deep enough to make it bleed. She was finally able to break free of the force, throw the knife down and ran like crazy out of there. It was trying to kill her!

It wanted us out - and we were - the next day. Jackie found out who some of the previous occupants were and asked them if anything similar had ever happened to them. It had - - and that's why they left too!!