The House in Winnipeg




The house in Winnipeg was owned by my family between 1965 and 1996. My grandfather owned it first, and after he and my grandmother died in 1985 and 1986 respectively, my immediate family owned it. I renovated the basement into a bedroom/bathroom for my own use, but found myself "visited" a lot. Something tried to get in bed with me once, and sort-of "clung" to me like a "lover", or something. I turned to see who it could possibly be, and saw that it was all a black form-or anti-form, like a hole in the air. I yelled, and it disappeared.

I don't understand the origins of such a thing in that particular place.



Haunted House in Vinita




Around 1986 my family and I moved into a home in vinita that used to house two residence. The upstairs had its own kitchen bath and bedrooms. The downstairs could house a bigger family. The side door that lead out into the drive way  was where I first seen a little old lady. We had such episodes that never made any since. my mother had made a statement about a cat that she used to own. Two hours later a similar cat appeared with the exact same markings as a cat she had owned thirteen years earlier. Banging could be heard from under the house that raised furniture off of the floor. The garage I never entered due to bad vibes. After a few months of noises and mischef we decided to move. About two weeks later we drove back past the old house and as I looked up into what used to be my room there she was. It was a little old lady looking down at me. The only thing is that she wasnt real...later the side of the house burnt in both places where I had seen her. If we had still stayed me and my sister would of been trapped in the upstairs and more than likely would of parished....



A Little Experience





hi my friend told me about your site  because i have had alittle experience with 2ghost . well tell i'll you about my first  experience with teh paranormal , well i was 13 and it happend  at my  friend  sharnes house just around the corner from my house , well anyway it was her birthday so me and 3 other girls stayed the night at her house in the living room and i wasn't really into ghosts and things  untill i had that little experience that night , well sharne has told me about the gas cooker going off at night and lights flickering on and off and her house used to be really hot , but the night i stayed there it was rather cold and  chilly , but as we all had enough of talking so  we decided to get some shut eye. but we kept all waking up every half an hour  and we would wake eachother up and  i said sharne  are youcold and she answered me back  and  said yeah i am  reather chilly , so she got up and  looked at her central heating  and it was as hot as you could put it , so we all thought nothing of that  , anyway we all fell a sleep again for about half an hour , then i got this cold shiver down my spine and  i put my cover up by my neck and i was hot so i moved it back down and with in about

2 seconds it was really cold again and  i whispered to the other girls are you a wake and they all answerd back and said yeah we are  but as i asked sharne what was happening  i realised my breath was cold like it goes in the winter , when you breath out and i was rather scared at the time  and confused . also later that night i heard the cooker start up as if someone was  trying to put it on  and couldn't do it . but then it went silent for about half an hour and then  it would happen again and this time  i sat up and looked at all the other girls  and they all were wide away and i said do you hear that  and htey all said yeah i do  and i was just laid back down and finally dfited of to sleep.

in the  morning i said sharen you should get someone to looka t your house and so she did and she asked the  local vicor to bless the  house as soon as

  he heard her story  he  came round the next day and blessed every room  in the house even the attic and ever since nothing has happend. but  karen sharnes mum did a little research on the histroy of the hosue  and she found out that a old amn used to live in her hosue before she moved in and apparently he had died in his house  and it was his lost spirit wondering around his house as if nothing had happend to him .

but it was rather scary  at the time , when i look back on at it  i realise it was  a ghost  and now i totally believe they exist  today.

my second time i saw a ghost  was in  my  flat with my mum when i was 15 and im 16 now .but it started when i was alseep but i could feel someone watching me so i opend my eyes and i looked round and nothing was there. but it happend again and this time it was by my purple bean bahg which i keep near my window and it was a ghost of alittle boy and he was playing with my cushions that i keep on my bed that i take off and put on the floor next to my bean bag and so he was happily playing with my cushions and then suddenly he dissapeared  in to thin air and i never saw him again . but he was only about 3 or 4 , but he  was wearing a waste coat and a white shirt and a tie and he haf ginger hair and i didn't really see his face . but he was just happlily playing with my cushions , in away he was rather cute looking in his  shirt and everything .  ever since then i haven't seen him since .







Hello everyone! I have been sitting here reading some of your stories and thought I would share mine with you. I don't know anyone who has ever experienced what I did when I was 4yrs. old, but I would love to hear from anyone who has. Well here it goes... When I was a little girl (3-4), my grandparents owned a farm in Salem Indiana. My brother and I always spent our summers with my grandparents (in Salem and later in Madison, Indiana). One particular visit to the farm in Salem would soon be my last. One thing you must know first off is that my grandmother had a strict rule about going to bed and falling asleep; you went to bed and went right to sleep. We were not allowed to stay up after my grandparents went to bed. If we stayed up until they went to bed, that was fine; but when they went to bed, we went to bed. Well back to my story, when I was little my grandparents would always tell us if we did not go to sleep the Sandman would come and put sand in our eyes to put us to sleep. My brother and I were little so we believed them. I don't remember anything unusual about my grandparents farm in Salem; as far as it being haunted or anything, but I remember one night, when I was 4. I remember that night in every detail: I was watching T.V. with my brother, parents, and grandparents after dinner. We had just arrived that day and my brother and I was going to stay for the summer and my parents were leaving after a couple of days. Well it got to be late and my parents went to bed; my brother and I stayed up with my grandparents. When they went to bed, my brother went into the room he would sleep in and I curled up on the couch. Now, normally, I had no problem falling asleep at night but that night in particular I just could not fall asleep. So I laid on the couch, quiet as a mouse just staring into the dark. I was not afraid of all the creaks and other noises of the dark; I just laid there trying to fall back to sleep because I did not want the Sandman to come and put me to sleep; afraid I would never wake up. I remember laying on the couch and closing my eyes, trying to sleep when all of a sudden I heard footsteps in the kitchen. Now the kitchen was situated right off the living room and there was a big picture window in the kitchen would provided much light into the house at night. So I laid there, eyes squeezed shut. I thought I would get in trouble if it was my grandma or grandpa who was up, and I was not asleep. Then the curiosity of who was awake got to me and I opened my eyes. I saw a tall dark figure walk through the kitchen, past the big window, and stop at the kitchen and living room doorway. Then a voice spoke to me... it said, "Why are you not asleep little girl?" At this point I knew it was not my parents or grandparents, so I said, "I can't sleep." Then I asked the figure, "Who are you?" He replied to me... "I AM THE SANDMAN!!!!" I never moved so fast in my life; I jumped up off the couch ran across the living room and into my grandparents room. I immediately jumped into bed with my grandparents and this woke them up. They asked, sleepily, what I was doing? I said, "The Sandman is in the kitchen and wants to put sand in my eyes!" I was crying hysterically. My grandpa got up out of bed and checked the house. NO ONE WAS THERE!!!! The doors were all still locked. My grandparents calmed me down and told me to go back to sleep, and that I was just dreaming. I know it was not a dream; He spoke to me. Needless to say when my parents got up the next day and found out what happened the night before, they offered to take me home (back to Cincinnati). I never again stayed for an overnight visit on the farm. I didn't stay with my grandparents again until they moved to Madison; about a year later. Even though I was not much older I would stay in Madison with them in the house they bought. I later found out the house in Madison was haunted. You would hear someone come in the back door every night, hear them walk around the house and then leave. I soon learned how to pretend I was asleep (my husband says I am a pro at making people think I am asleep :-) Years of practice I say  ) I am not sure if the ghost in Madison was someone who lived in the house in the past or if it was the Sandman coming back to see if I was asleep. All I can tell you is every night I went to bed, whether I could fall right to sleep or night, I laid in bed, eyes shut, and still. I did not want a second encounter with the Sandman.

Hope this story was scary enough for everyone because it still scares me to tell it or even think about it. I must also mentioned, I have 4 children and I have never once told them they had to fall asleep or the Sandman would come. I met Him once and I don't want my children to meet Him. He was truly scary!!!!!!!



North Georgia





Dalton, Ga, 1970.

I was a forteen year old kid when my family moved from Dallax, Texas to north Georgia.  My father had bought a share in a little airport, Jolly Field, hoping to have a business of his own finally as an aircraft mechanic.  He couldn't leave his job in Dallas until he tied up a few loose ends, so my mother loaded my two brothers, sister, and me into the olds wagon and set off into the unknown.  None of us had ever been to Georgia.  Dad's partners had found us a little house where we were to stay temporarily until we got our bearings.  As it turned out, we lived in that little house on a rural highway for many months.

The house was completely furnished with old, cheap furniture not in very good repair.  There were shelves of porcelain figurines in the tiny dining room.  The walls of every room had been papered and papered over many times.  A large front porch was completely screened in, which was great as we had a little terrier who could sun herself without wandering away, which she tended to do.  The front yard was huge, as were the side yards and the back.  The nearest neighbors were hundreds of yards away in equally old and rundown houses.

Beyond a clearing that served as the backyard, there were woods.  On the edge of the woods, at the end of the clearing there was an old tumble down wooden shed.

It was strange to come to that place.  It felt as though we had invaded someone else's space.  Whoever had lived there before seemed to have taken nothing with him when he left.

There was a great deal of emotional tension wrapped up in the move and in moving into that house, which my mother called a dump.  It certainly wasn't what we had been used to. 

A couple of weeks later, my father joined us.  There were arguments, threats of leaving this Dalton place, trouble between my parents.  My brothers, sister and I struggled to cope with a seemingly completely different culture, and a difficult to understand Georgia accent, as the school year began.  Dad went off to work at his new business.  Mom stayed home and ran the house.  Eventually we all calmed into our new world.

One weekend afternoon, my younger brother and I explored the spooky shed in the backyard.

It's been so long ago that I don't remember everything that was in the debris filled building.

What I remember is a large, metal banded steamer trunk which I opened and rummaged through.  It contained disintegrating women's dresses from some other decade, a deck of playing cards ca. WWII, and a large packet of picture post cards postmarked early 1900's.

I took the postcards and the deck with me and kept them.

We ventured beyond the shed into the wood.  The ground was peculiar in that it seemed to have long rows of dug out areas long overgrown.  I learned years later that at least one civil war campaign had been fought in the area.  Who knows, maybe these were confederate entrenchments?

Years later, my mother claims that the events in the house began when I brought those old postcards into the house.  I can't verify it, but it's as good a place to start as any.

In the last couple of years I've asked family members individually if they remember anything strange happening while we lived there.  My sister was only seven and remembers nothing.

I however remember that she had a room of her own, a room addition to the back of the house specifically.  I remember that she was afraid to stay in that room.  It was cold and damp regardless of the weather outside.  I never felt comfortable, either.  Nothing ever happened there, it just felt creepy.

In the evenings my family normally watched tv together in the living room.  On more than one occasion we would hear a crash from one of the bedrooms that sounded as if a closet shelf had fallen.  The dog would begin to whimper and stand in a corner of the living room and stare at the wall.  Odd, as the sound came from elsewhere.  Nothing in the closets was ever out of place.

My older brother calls it rats in the walls.  It's plausible as there were lots of heathy rats in the neighborhood.

My younger brother, 12 years old, remembers no such thing ever happening.  My older brother thinks my parents and are probably making it all up or are romanticising normal occurances.

Dad was usually awake and sitting with coffee at the breakfast table by six a.m.  One morning he stood at the kichen window gazing into the woods when a small child in the garb of a hundred years ago walked thouugh the yard.  Since there were no neighbors, and no children in the area besides us, he went outside to ask if she were lost.  No little girl, and nowhere she could have gone without Dad seeing her.

Little things in the house would turn up out of place, inconsequential things like the settings on the percolater changing, the settings on Mom's sewing machine being changed.  This was constant.

Those early mornings, my father would hear footsteps walking up the hall toward the kitchen, but no one ever arrived there.  My mother says she would hear the same footsteps with the additional sound of rustling petticoats.  She came to believe that the female invisibility in the house was connected to those postcards, all of which were addressed to a Nellie Teasley.

My parents talked about these things between themselves, but never with us kids.

During this time, mom, who is afraid of nothing became afraid of the house.  When we were at school and dad at work, mom began staying in the front yard with the dog until dad came home for lunch.  Then she started to work with him, helping run his business just so she didn't have to be in the house alone.  Meanwhile, the terrier still went nuts eaverytime something happened.

Walking from our little dining area into the kitchen, I would trip over something large in the doorway.  To me it was like an invisible footstool.  When the same thing happened to mom, she said it was like tripping over a dead body.  We did learn later that the old man who had owned the house had actually died there not long before we moved in. 

One afternoon, I found myself alone in the house with our little phaedo.  We were in the living room watching tv.  The mirror that hung on the front wall between the front door to the left and a window to the screened in porch right began visibly flapping, beating against the wall.  Lady the terrier went to the usual corner and shivered and whimpered.  It was over in a few seconds.

I was frozen on the sofa.  When Lady calmed down, I opened the front door and beat the wall from the outside to determine whether it could have been someone knocking agressively from the outside.  Not a chance.  The wall was solid and unmovable.  I don't know what happened.

None of the rest of the family ever had such an experience in the house.  Then again, I never heard anyone walking up the hallway.  I never stayed by myself there again.

In a few months our new place was finished and we split and didn't talk about the rural house for years.  We did drive past it on occasion.  Seemed it went through tenants fairly regularly.  Mostly it stood empty.  After a couple of years it burned to the ground.  A trucking company built a facility on the property.  That company didn't last long.  Then we left north Georgia.

I haven't the least idea what happened there after 1974.

It's not much of a story.  But it all happened exactly as I describe.  Had I been older at the time, I might have tried to look into the thing a little more.  Too late.







My husband and I lived in White Eagle, OK about a year and a half ago with our four children. One morning about 4:30 I was feeding my four month old son in my front room when I saw a shadow cross the window. It stood about

7-8 feet tall and had the shape of a man. I couldn't see what it was exactly because my blinds were closed. But it walked in front of the window and stopped as if to look in the front room and then continued to walk around the east side of the house where my bedroom was.(Our bedroom was right off of the front room) It stopped in the middle of my bedroom window and turned it's whole body to face my bedroom and then turned around and walked off.

The next morning I walked around my house and seen no footprints. I've been told by community members that "big foot" is known to walk around by White Eagle and that was what I saw. A couple weeks after that happened, my husband and I had just gotten into bed and we heard a banging on our wall from the outside. My husband thought is was the children playing a joke on us and he went outside to chase them off, but found nothing. He came back in and got into bed again when we heard something hit our front door. I told him to just leave whatever was outside alone. I've lived in Ponca City my whole life and was raised knowing about big foot. I do believe he walks around White Eagle and that was what I saw that night. At night you can be outside and all of a sudden smell something really stink. I was always told when you smell that it was big foot. White Eagle as a community is haunted, I've heard so many stories about what people have seen or heard. Thanks for taking time to read one of my stories.




Cuddling Ghost




Here's yet another I can't believe I'm doing this. ever since I was little it seems that there has

always been a ghost in our house. No matter were we moved. The last house that we all grew up in ( I have 12 brothers and sisters) there was a ghost that snored. At first we were all scared

but eventually we got used to him. I have had other ghost encounters since then but the one I

have now is different. I live in a big farmhouse that has a studio apartment (where I live) in the

front and the rest is a huge house that is rented out to college kids. I have lived there 3 years

and have gone thru 3 different groups of kids, but they all say the same thing. We have a ghost

in our house! I had always wondered if there was one over there. The ghost never bothered me

until Jan. of this year. I had gotten up around 5 am to use the bathroom and when i got back in

bed i could hear someone else breathing next to me. When i rolled over there was no one there. It didn't happen again until this Aug. The house next door has been empty for a couple of

months so i'm in this big house all by myself, which usually doesn't bother me. One night I

was having trouble sleeping so I rolled over to try to get more comfortable and I felt the other

pillow come up against the back of my head and then an arm and a leg thrown over me. I

lay there for a minute trying to figure out who it could be when I knew i was alone. I went to

roll back over but I had to push them over off me to do so. There was nobody there. It didn't

bother me at first, really not till about a day later and now I think that I'm crazy. If the landlord

would just rent the other side I think the ghost would go back over there.




Guardian Angel or Ghost




I have read alot of the stories here, and noticed that alot of folks say this....I am not sure if I saw a ghost but here's my story. As a child of about 5 maybe 6, I was the only boy and had my own room. My two sisters had the room right straight across the hallway from me. Now this was around 1976 or 1977, we had gas heat through the entire house, so at night my dad would turn off all the heat. As a child in Georgia we used to have cold winters, so the house would be very cold at night. I felt a cool breeze blow over my face and I woke up, I saw a teenage girl standing in my doorway blond hair and wearing a long white gown. I thought it was my oldest sister so I called out to her and said aint cha cold? Well as you can guess she didn't answer me, I called out again and she just stood there watching me. Well I quickly covered my head and when I peeked out again she was gone and of course when I ran across the hall she was in bed sound asleep. There were several things that happened in that old house, see someone run across the porch and noone was ever there. Our bathroom had a hook to lock the door, one day my middle sister and I were home alone and the door was shut and locked...ok someone shut it and the hook fell and locked...NOT A CHANCE! 10 minutes later the door was unlocked and opened right up. I really don't know if I believe in ghosts or not, but I know what happened in that house. Feel free to write me anytime.








Haunting at the old Beauchamp House

After my parents were divorced, I went to live with my grandparents at their farm house which was on the edge of Grove, a small town on the shores of Grand Lake’o the Cherokees in Oklahoma.  My family had lived there for two generations, and there had been both joys and tragedies that had occurred on the family homestead.  I would discover some tragedies were more discussed than others.  For instance, it was well known that the house had burned down during the Great Depression, and had left the family all but homeless.  They lived in what was left of the garage until they could build a new house on the basement foundation of the old family farmhouse.

My bedroom just so happened to adjoin the steps that led to the basement.  Many times, I would awaken and feel like something… SOMETHING was in the room and watching me.  There were spots in the house, particularly in my bedroom, that were ICE COLD no matter what time of year.  My grandmother told me, at a very troubling time in her life, she had been awakened by her long since deceased mother.  My grandmother said my great-grandma looked radiant and had sat at the foot of her bed, and made her know everything would be okay.  The experience had been very comforting to her.

Again, there were things about our family history my grandparents had never shared with me.  One night in the dead of winter, I was watching television.  I was about sixteen and my grandparents would let me stay up past their bedtime.  I began hearing a bizarre strange, mewling sound.  Because we lived on a farm, I thought it might be an animal of some type, but I had NEVER heard such a weird cry.  My hair stood up on my arms and the back of my neck.  It was one of the coldest nights of the year, and it was snowing but I put my shoes on and walked outside because I wanted to put my mind at rest. I didn’t think I could sleep until I discovered what had made the noise.  I walked outside and scanned the property looking for any stray cattle, and then I heard the noise AGAIN!  BUT it was coming from DIRECTLY ABOVE ME!  I looked up into the oak tree next to the house and there was a large branch that had grown over the roof.  A glowing ball of light was pulsating about a foot above the branch and the strange mewling sound CAME FROM THE LIGHT!  I almost fainted… and I froze just like one does in dreams.  It seemed like an eternity before I shakily made my way back into the house.  I really thought I was going to wet my pants.  I went straight to my grandparents room, and woke them up with a shaky voice.  My grandfather was a lighter sleeper than grandma and woke up and joined me in the hall.  He said, “What is wrong with you?  You look scared to death…”

I haltingly explained to him what I had seen, and told him it was a weird, WEIRD sound, and he asked me to mimic it.  I did my best to make the noise, and all the color drained from his face and he quickly turned his head.  I saw a tear fall from his eye, and he wiped it away.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said I had just made the same sound his baby brother made when he cried.  His brother had been born with a cleft palate, and another malformation of his mouth that made it impossible to nurse and he had eventually died of starvation.  I had never heard the story of my great uncle and was absolutely SHOCKED!  He asked me where I saw the light, and I took him outside and showed him.  He told me I was pointing to where his nursery had been located before the old family farmhouse had burned and they had rebuilt a the current home on the foundation.  At that point, I felt vertigo but we were both able to make it back into the house.  I spent the rest of the evening wondering why my family had kept my great-uncle’s sad death a secret.  I decided they did it because it was so sad they wanted to keep it to themselves.  Eventually I fell asleep.

Its been years, since I’ve lived in that house and since then Grove High School has built a baseball field named after my father, major league baseball player - Jim Beauchamp, directly across from the old Beauchamp house where I used to live.  I often wonder if those that attend the games ever see a glowing, pulsing ball of light slightly above the roof, or hear a lonely, strange mewling sound coming from the ol’ Beauchamp House.




Diary of a Haunting






1.This event happened on Cave Hill cemetery in Louisville, Ky. My husband and I were up there with our friend Marshall and his wife, Caressa. Well, Marshall wanted to videotape at the top of the cemetery, but the oddest thing happened. His battery died...I know you are thinking what is weird about that...but, once we left and headed down the hill. guess what??? The camera worked fine! I suppose someone didn't want to be on camera. I saw that you have Cave Hill in your haunted places index. I can vouch for the truth of that.

2.Today is August 30th 2005- a few days ago, I was alone here and I was sitting at my computer and behind me, I a dish or something fall. I couldn't find what had fallen.

3.A few weeks ago, I was alone when I heard a frantic knocking on my door. I jumped up to see who was out there. Nothing around. Not even a bird chirping. And we live in the country and you can catch if it is a person. [Although, last week, we found out one of my husband's Aunts had a heart attack and must face surgery.]

4.June 8th 2005-My husband and I had just went out to eat with our friends, Marshall and Caressa. We were driving home when I saw a large orange ball of light arc for a moment then suddenly vanish. I was the only one in the car to see this thing.

5.June 11th, 2005-Again, Marshall and Caressa had come to stay all night with us and George, my husband had walked outside around 2:00 AM and saw a large yellow ball of light flashing through the trees. He was the only one who witnessed it. [Note: the 4 of us are ghost chasers and we do love ghost stories.]

6.May 24th 2005-Have you seen Final Destination? If so, then you will understand why this scared me badly. Think of Carl Jung's synchronicity idea---(I will list the events of that day alphabetically)

A.That morning I had awoken thinking about a dream I had had in the mid-1980's-In that dream, Arabs had detonated an atomb bomb in the Appalachian mountains (this is where we are from and live now.) I saw the mushroom cloud and felt the scalding hot the dream, I thought I was one of many on a hijacked bus with Arab terrorists. Now, remember I had this dream in the 1980's. Well, on 5/24/2005, I started thinking that the government might detonate an atomic bomb in the Appalachian mts. for a test. [I don't know why this was on my mind...but all day long odd things happened.]

B.On CNN...they were talking about the Hiroshima A-bomb. [Yes, I cringed.]

C.I picked up a book to look through it. It opened to Oppenheimer-the father of the Atomic bomb! I had checked out a book from the library on strange facts and Oppenheimer was in it!

D.Later that evening, the movie, Sum of All Fears was on tv. Of course, in this movie, an A-bomb goes off in Baltimore, MD!!

E.I picked up the phone book and automatically the terrorist section fell open! What to do in case of a terrorist attack!

F.Again, CNN mentioned that North Korea may use nuclear weapons.

G.And my husband came home from helping with a Funeral and told me that the tomb was like a bomb shelter!! Plus, as an extra...he had said he was discussing Garbage Pail Kids and that he and Marshall had talked about Adam Bomb!!

All that added up to freak me out!! And I don't believe in coincidences, either.

Thank you for allowing me to share these.





My Friends Great Grandma Edna





When I was about 15, I hung out with a very big group of friends.  We would all go to my friend Jeremy's aunt's house to hang out or what have you.  Now, this house has been in his family since his great-grandfather bought it in the very early 1900's.  They all grew up there and Jeremy even raised his two kids there for a couple of years, way after the event I will tell you about.  It was summer of 1995 and Jeremy's great-grandmother Edna just passed away.  Jeremy's aunt worked nights as a nurse and told me I could stay in the old house and sleep while she was at work as I was exhausted from partying the night before.  It was about 7 or 8, dark outside and inside the house.  I was stretched out on the living room floor in between her couch and coffee table, all by myself.  I was just in the stage of sleep where you are aware of things going on around you, but it just doesn't seem real.  The house was in dead silence as I lay there slowly drifting off to sleep.  Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a bell dinging as it very swiftly floated over my body.  After I heard this, I looked up very fast toward the dining room which was right in front of me, to see the image of an elderly woman with curly hair and glasses looking right at me.  I looked away and then back and saw nothing.  I got up ran out of the house and went home confused and out of it.  The next day Jeremy showed me a picture of his great-grandma that was in the obituaries.  She had curly hair and glasses just like the woman I saw.




Haunted for Years




My house has been haunted for years.  I have seen so many freaky things that I don’t think anyone will believe it when I tell them so I won’t get into all of them. 

This one time I walked into my house and I felt a really cold chill as soon as I walked into my dining area.  As I turned the corner to where my dining room table is I heard voices talking.  I did not recognize any of the voices so this made me a little nervous or maybe it was just the nervous chill in the air. 

When I turned the corner I saw something that defied all logic and beliefs that I had in the past.  There were three images sitting at my dining room table involved in an intense game of monopoly.  They were arguing over who had the rights to Board Walk and Park Place and whether or not you go directly to jail when rolling three straight doubles.  When I heard this discussion I didn’t know whether or not I should say something or run away with my tail between my legs.   I decided to speak up.  I said, “You definitely have to go to jail if you roll three straight doubles.”  As soon as I said this the apparitions disappeared and I never saw these specific figures again.  

About a year later, I came home from working a late shift and I entered my house to the same cold chill.  With the memory of my past experience and the fact that the hair on the back my neck instantly stood up I knew I was in for something crazy.  After checking my house for anything unusual and not finding anything I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower.  

After I got out of the shower, I went to my room to get dressed like normal except that there was someone lying in my bed.  I said, “Who are you and what do you want?”  I got no answer.  I got a little bit closer to get a better look and what I saw changed my life forever.  It was my ex-girlfriend who was killed in a motorcycle accident about three years before this.  She told me that she wanted to let me know that she was okay and not to worry about her anymore. 

After she told me this she started to get out of the bed. I realized that it was the face of my long gone love but she had the body of a scorpion.  I ran out of the room and shut the door.  When I went back later she was gone and I never saw or heard from her again.  I still am amazed by this altercation to this day. 

Please do not take my stories lightheartedly.  As goofy and unbelievable as they might sound I assure you that these things really happened to me and they have changed my life forever and maybe they will change yours. 








Story of Red Troll




Many years ago when I was a small child, only the age of 6, my family and I moved into a new home that was built for us. My mother and father enrolled my older sister and me in the local elementary school. We where new to our home and new to our community and anxious to start our new lives.

Within a few short weeks our family began to attend services at the local Catholic Church. CCD classes where held every Sunday after mass for the youth in our church. I was to receive my first holly communion and was studying very diligently. I enjoyed my classes and was excited to feel a sense of belonging.

Only after a month or so of living in the house, I began to hear noises. I remember complaining to my parents of the noises, especially at night. My parents explained that it was a new house and it was “settling.”

The noises progressively become worse over the passing months. I would hear rustling sounds as if someone or something was shuffling things around in the closet or just outside of the bedroom window. Again, I was told that it was the house settling or some raccoons in the shrubs outside.

Weeks of this passed and I would ignore the noises until one evening the noises came from under my bed. It began in the closet with some of the typical banging and rustling sounds. This noise awoke me. Trying to ignore the sounds I suddenly became frozen with fear. I heard the noise come from beneath my bed. I tried to call out, but could not speak. A few moments of silence had passed and I leapt from my bed and rushed into my parent’s room hysterically trying to tell them of what just happened.

I was horrified and determined not sleep in my room. My parents compromised and left the hallway light on and checked under the bed. This convinced me that all was well and perhaps I was just imagining things.

As my CCD classes where in full swing and my First Holly Communion only a few short weeks away, my mother was helping me practice remembering all the prayers. Each night my mother would stand in the hall as my sister, who had the room next to me, and I recited prayers. I believe that the reciting of prayer and my coming closer to Communion and God only invoked the next occurrence.

With only a few days from my Communion, everything was seemingly quite. I went to sleep only to be awoken by the forgotten sounds of the banging and rustling in the closet. I sat up in my bed looking forward to the metal closet doors. The noise stopped. I then saw a little red man come in through the bedroom window and land on the foot of my bed. It was short and swift and resembled a troll. I jumped from my bed and started to run toward my parent’s room. The thing that came into my room from the window jumped on my back and brought me to the floor in the hallway just outside of my parent’s room. I was screaming terribly and woke my mother. She came to the hall in horror. I was screaming to have her get it off of my back. But she could not see it. There was nothing there.

My older sister woke up and came to the hall as well. We all began to recite prayers and ask God for protection from whatever it was.

For the next few days I slept with my older sister in her room and didn’t have any problems. I had a good First Communion and all of the incidents seemed to stop.

We moved from that house into my Great Grandparent’s home a few years after and my family still lives there today. Some things have happened in the current house, however, not as terrifying. There are more in jest, such as covers being ripped off and doors slam close and lock. I can’t describe it, but I feel as though whatever is currently in the house isn’t there to harm, just to show its presence from time to time.



California Story




I grew up in Fountain Valley, CA.  I lived  Sparkleberry Street.  I was about 5 when we moved in and I was 24 when my parents were able to finally sell it.  Since day 1 my brother and I had always felt something odd in that house.  Late at night I would hear my door creek open, someone or something sit at the edge of my bed and cover me up with my blankets-my brother would experience the same thing.  Myself, my grandmother and other guests that had stayed with us mostly would see a woman that wore some sort of flowy dress.  We always had things missing and there were always, and I mean always footsteps and knocking noises.  Nothing ever flew across the room, but I would never be able to be in the master bedroom by myself for a long period of time-and if it was at night-forget about it-I had to turn on

every light up there.   My parents never believed us until my father saw in

the reflection of the computer monitor that was at the end of the landing on the second floor, a young boy dressed in a sailor outfit-this was after we had lived there about 15 years.  We tried selling the house a few times and every time we tried, there would be more activity in the house (typewriter tyoing, garage door opening and closing, always with the footsteps).  Then escrow wouldn't go through and we'd stay there a few more years.  My parents were able to sell it about 5 years ago and those people only stayed about a year and a half.  We had  2 priests (friends of the family) check out the house and they said that they felt some sort of presence.  We also had a real estate agent check out the history of the house and all he could find was that it was built on bean fields and there were people moving in and out of that house all the time.  Apparently and even to this day, we are the only family how stayed longer than 2 years.  There was always something weird about that place.  I could go on in this email of all the other things, but I am not sure how much information you need.  I really think something went on in this area in the 1800's or so-the way the 2 at my house were dressed-then to read about the sightings at Fountain Valley High School.  I would really like this investigated, I don't know how.

I do know that one night our dog and all the dogs in the neighborhood would not stop barking-I thought great, an earthquake, but nothing happened.  The next day in either the Daily Pilot or the Orange County Register, there was an article on "ghostly sightings" in our neighborhood.  I wish I would have kept the article!  It talked about lights and figures being seen moving diagonal from Mile Square Park crossing Warner Ave., Slater Ave, Talbert and so on.

Like I said there were so many weird things about this area, it would be interesting (and entertaining) to investigate.











i must confess.....our family business was located on the corner of 19th ave and was, and still is, a preschool. upon opening the school door early in the morning,to my utter disbelief , in one of the classrooms stood a little brown haired girl just staring at me. she took off running to one of the other classrooms so i searched the building to no avail. all of the doors leading to the outside had inside latches placed very high on the door as to not let the small children let themselves out. all doors were secure. the little girl was seen on several occasions by all of my family and was accepted. she seemed to like the preschool and was there everyday  and started to play little tricks on me (breaking the fire alarm glass, sweeping the floor, cabinet doors and drawers would open and close, refridgerator magnets would fly across the room by themselves), we had a classroom that would remain cold all of the time, summer or winter.orbs appered in many pictures and shirts were occasionally be tugged. i believe it is the same little girl in your "phx"list and this is the first time i have heard of any location having the same little girl walking around in that area.the building was investigated and it was determined to have the little girl's ,as well as other children's presence as well as a very negative and angry adult male's.the little girl didnt like the man and would'nt listened to him as the others did. she would hide from him and only let herself be known when he wasnt around. i grew fond of the little girl and her playful antics..she sounds like the one in your article and i was very astonished at the's sort of a unheard small history of a possible reason, of what happened to her in life. thanks for the insite



New Listing for Private House




There is a hunted house in  Eustis, Florida.

The wife of the man who still lives there died in that house.

I was once involved with this man for several years after his wife passed and voices are heard, but you can't make out what they are saying. shadows appear along the walls, loud kitchen type noises. ON separate occasions, I have personally seen two male looking objects in the bathroom in the master bedroom.

She died in the masterbedroom.

I used to take great pains to nicely sort the silverware tray only to go and find it an utter mess!

The man that lives there keeps the house shut up and dark. Her remains are in an urn inside the house and he keeps moving it to different locations..sometimes its in the master   bedroom or the spare bedroom or out in the living room..different places.

I was house sitting last  year for him while he went up north for a visit and during hurricaine charley my folks came over to ride out the storm and they left saying it felt spooky there.

I've lived with it  and lived in that house, and it doesn't bother me, but she is still there and brought some friends with her.

most of the activity is in the master bedroom and master bath.

I just don't understand what the voices say. its weird . you can hear them talking and yet you can't figure out what they are saying. some nights its constant chatter and other nights its quiet.



Talk about Busy Places





 If you want to hear some interesting truths about the things going on in this home that I rent,please let me know.....My name is Laura,and I live in a building in Milllington that has constant activitity going on....You see, I am not sure if I should say anything because I love the lady that owns this building and I do not want to do or say anything that will ever hurt or embarrass her......She is a very special woman who has never experienced the things that many who have lived here experienced and still does experience here.........So after truely thinking about this,and with the understanding that the building connected to this does not belong to her, but to another buisness owner, I am going to tell you about an accounter my co-workers and I have had working at Fairway Discount Store.  A friend of mine was a manager there.  I was a key holder as well. Closing the store one night with another cashier,Maria was already outside when Tina punched in the alarm code, started to walk out the door when she heard a voice say something alone the lines of "Wait,don't leave me!"... Freaked out,she closed the door and locked it. She turned around and asked Maria if she heard anything and Maria no. Since I literally lived next door,she came to my place pounding on the downstairs door until my neighbor Cliff and I answered it.She told us what happened,said that she thought she might of locked someone inside the store and wanted the both of us to go down with her to look around.  All four of us went into the store together.  While she called the owner,Cliff,Maria,and I searched the entire store and was unable to find anyone there or anything out of place...Tina let out a sigh of releif and we started the p cedure to closing the store.  Cliff and I had the door open while Tina and Maria set the alarm back on. As they came up the ramp to go out the door,All four of us heard "don't go,don't leave me!!!" Talk about chills,lol....but there is more.......The next day when I came back from taking my kids to school, I saw that another co worker went in early,so I thought I could spook her out a little to tell her about what had happened the night before... I went upstairs and called her,told her what happened and she asked if we checked out the store..... I said yes and there was nothing out of place......She started to laugh and said That explains it then.  You guys ticked her off because when I came in this morning,all of the papertowels were all on the aisle,and I spent the last 15minutes putting them back up!"  None of us work there anymore,but none of us will ever forget that night,lol.





The Masons





I'm Trish. I live in Petaluma California and was a member of The International Order of Rainbow for Girls, until I met the ghost that lives in their building. The Masons go way back, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt way back, they mention it in the new movie National Treasure. Well they have a non-profit group for girls 11-20, Rainbow Girls, to help the community and help make us respectable women. But its kinda hard to work with a very protective ghost. Lots of old Masons have breathed their last breaths in that building, since it was one of the first built in Petaluma. I always wondered why we had one of the smallest memberships and so few visitors, you got rewards for visiting other assemblies. I was one of the not so lucky girls. When we were emptying out the building for earthquake retrofitting and upgrades I saw him. He through the doorway of a room (with a mysterious trapdoor that later got boarded and carpeted up) with no other doors and no windows. The closest light came from

15 feet away from a small crack between the bathroom door and the floor and from an independent light fixture in the ceiling 35 feet away, it had decided not to work just then! As I was drinking a small paper cup of water facing my friend who had her back to the door I brought my cup down and he started to materialize from his face down. Needless to say I only saw his left hand and was out of there! When I got down stairs and out of the building our Mason loading the truck said I looked like I had seen our ghost, OUR GHOST! He knew I had met him and got me to explain what had just happened, down to the blue Mason suit and he supplied the stern face with mean, glowing ice blue eyes. My friend was the only one who knew something had happened. She only saw the strange bluish light and the reflection in my eyes but that and the chill in the room was enough for her. We promised not to tell the other girls and said I had the flu since I was completely white flushed and freezing and sweating and we went home early to keep it a secret. The Masons finished empting out the building and I was filled in by my best friend and her brothers also in Masonic groups in the building. They had never told me.

   When they were alone in the building, just the two brothers, practicing their guitar duet they heard loud piano they thought was coming from the music store a couple hundred feet away, but in the same building, so they eventually couldn't continue cuz it was to loud and went to leave when they realized it was coming from upstairs in the dinning room where there is probably still an upright piano. So they went upstairs to have whom ever was up there leave with them. When they went to push the dining room door open no one was there. The huge ballroom/dinning room was empty so they stopped and listened. Nothing. One of them stayed put and the other crept around to check the small dinning room and large kitchen and attic route, since the other could watch the bathrooms and stairs and if anyone doubled back around.One last check of the bathrooms and they teamed back up, the one never left his post and pointed out the very cold breeze now coming from the large dinning room and they went in to make sure the fire escapes were really closed and all the windows as well, they didn't want to get in trouble.That's when they saw the piano was closed, they had never heard it close, but all the windows and doors were locked tight and the room was still breezy and cold, so they could leave. as they passed the first table they heard the loud sound of thick fingers impatiently thumping pinky to first finger in an empty room. They apologized and moved very quickly out of the room.When the door was closed they started off even quicker to the much louder music of the piano in the dining room. They opened the door and it stopped and the lid was closed. The wind helped them close the door and the music was even louder as they all but ran out. They did not tell anyone for a long time. This is when I start to strengthen myself so I have more control and understanding and can move on. Thank goodness I did because the dreams began that night!




My Sister




hi the storie I am about to tell you is about my sister it is the only storie that I can remember right now but me and my family lived in a house many years ago that was built in the 40's well we knew there were ghost in the house well my mom and my sister did I was kinda to young to really know what ghost are but my sister is a neat freak and at the time she was in the master bed room that was her room well the family was gone and it was her and she was cleaning her room well she had these little dolls that she liked at the time well she placed them in a neat order on her dresser well on of them had a bow in its hair a red one well after she did that and someother things she went down stairs to get something to eat and to take a break well when she came back up stairs to finish cleaning she saw the doll was gone she thought she knocked it over and it fell behind the dresser well she looked and it was not there after putting things back she turend around and say the doll pinned to the wall with the bow wraped around the dolls neck like it was hung now mind you there was no one home but her me and my brother and my mom were gone and this it not the first time they showed them selfs to my sister and my mom so but I have found out when I got older that they liked the master bed room but did not like any one in it there were about 3 of them in the house and they all were very evil I thought I would write this to you think you might like to hear about but if you want to ask me any more or get ahold of me you can reach me at my e-mail adders at this e-mail adders is not mine I am using a friends so thank you for taking the time to read this and I love your site







On December 20th of 2004 my aunt passed away very suddenly from a blod clot that went to her lungs.  A few days after her death my mom was in her bedroom gathering wash and I was my room with my 2 year old neice. I went out into the hallway to ask my mom something and she asked if I had come into her room a couple minutes earlier and I said no.  She said that while she was bending over to get things out of her hamper she heard someone say "hey". I told her it wasn't me but maybe she heard my neice, which was not really possible since my door was shut and my mom's room is at the other end of the hallway. I asked her what it sounded like and she said it sounded like a whisper but it was quick and she couldn't tell if it was male or female.  The next thing that happened was also to my mom. It happened about a week or so after my aunt died. It was the middle of the night and my mom was awakened by a voice which she said belonged to my aunt.  My mom never looked over and she was still kind of in a daze but she was awake enough to answer.  My aunt said that she missed work to which my mom said ok.  And then my aunt said it's ok here. She didn't sound very happy.  Then she told my that she had to pray for her and my mom said ok but then my aunt said it again more insistantly so my mom said ok louder. My mom looked over and didn't see anything and fell back asleep.  A few days later my mom went to church to light a candle for my aunt and an older lady walked yp to her and handed her a card with prayers on it and said that they were very powerful prayers and that my mom needed to be careful what she prayed for. I joked with my mom asking her if the lady disappeared as she walked away (which she didn't). The last thing that happened took place in my room while my neice was sleeping over.  While my mom was getting her ready for bed my neice kept saying that someone was ticklin her feet. My mom looked over and my neice had her feet on my bed not hanging over but so she didn't get scared my mom just said that it was my pair of boots. The next day my neice told me the same thing and I asked her to show me how my "boots" were tickling her feet and she wrapped her fingers around my toes. I told her that it was just my boots and there was nothing to worry about. I don't know if she bought cause to this day she still brings it up and the next time after that she was a little skittish about sleeping in my room. Thanks for letting my tell my story I hope you enjoyed.



Weird weird stuff....Maybe BEK???




I'm new to this site.  BTW it's a great site just wanted to let you know :)

Anyways, on with the occurence.

Last night I was super tired so I fell asleep on my couch in the living room.  Everything was fine, nothing out of the ordinary at all.  I actually got some good rest until this one point in my sleep I start to dream.  I dream about this small boy (maybe 5-6) that's wearing a nightgown and he just sits there and looks at me.  Now what was weird about the dream is that I was in my house lying on my couch, so it's hard to tell if i was asleep or not?  Anyways, most the time in my dreams i can tell it's a dream because i'm in a weird place, or nothing will be exactly how it is in real life.  But, i'm rambling, on with the story.  Anyways the boy has half of his face like missing.. Either it's lost in shadow or just gone, and his eyes were a deep black color.  I kept waiting for him to say something to me, and he said nothing so I spoke to him.  I asked him what he was doing in my house, that I didn't have any children here for him to play with, but that i'd take some time to play with him.  He said, "No, something bad is going to happen."  Immediately (even in the dream) I was scared.  I asked him why he was letting me know, and why was something bad going to happen?  He said, "no reason, i just know you and something bad is going to happen to you."  That's all I actually remember about the dream (if it was a dream).  Anyways, that wasn't too scary the real kicker is, I came into work the next morning, still thoroughly shook up.  I told my co-worker about the strange dream and we were kinda laughing about it a little, anyways, to get to the point.  I get a phone call about 5 minutes after that.  It was my g/f, she had been in a wreck at her school and was so upset it wasn't even funny.  I calmed her down as best I could because i was shook up too.  I've had dejavu before, and I'm not sure if i've dreamed it or experienced in real life, but this one definately was some kind of warning ahead of time.  Or maybe it was my subconcious letting me know of it ahead of time?  I'm not sure what it was, but I have had other strange things happen to me.  Like I have clairvoyant dreams, but I truthfully think there is a ghost that's speaking to me when I'm asleep.  It's not a purely evil being because although I'm scared of him, he's never done a thing to try to hurt me, as far as I can tell, he's trying to help me.  anyways, I'd like you to put my email address up for people to tell me about their similar happenings.  I'm sure this isn't very scary, but It sure as heck scared me.









i entered a a place in the hauntings for bushnell florida about a big house i have experienced stuff when i was sleeping. people say ghosts come to ou in your dreams. i dreamed that i was lost and i was talking to a guy dressed in the old uniforms that wear in the reactmenta there at dade battlefield and he was telling me i could bunk there for the iwas sleeping and i woke up to the old captian or sargeant  throwing a pair of clothes on me  and telling me to get up and i could wear those so i woke up to that and it felt so real it freaked me out.

another night i was sleeping and i heard footsteps coming up stairs in the hall and i was acting like i was asleep and this man was standing at the door with a green glow around him and he pointed at me and i was trying to wake my boyfriend up (my boyfriend at the time) and i couldnt move or scream  so i woke up with a sweat and was freaked about that.

Another me and my best friend was out in the pasture talking in a wide open space looking at stars and we had woods all around us and we heard some one walking through the woods (no one was there ) it was nt an animal you can tell when an animal is brushing through leaves or a cow. Cows are heavier and has four legs and so does little  animals and we all know what they sound like but this was a human being then we heard the noise all around us we took off running the sound was closer to us as we are rtunning through this opened area without leaves. we just kept running til we got to the big house and locked the doors and called my friends mom told her what happened then the guys came home and we told them and we thought it was them but they were up town at the parts store. Weird huh?



Friends House




I stayed with my friend for 4 weeks this summer and her house is haunted. She told me about it before hand, but I didn't belive her. I told her I did, you know just humoring her. But the second night I was there I felt so afraid. Thats not even the right word. I was terror stricken. I'm the type of person who when I feel something bad at night I look where I sence it. I don't hide. But that night, laying on my matress on her floor. I was to scared to take the blanket off my head. I felt threatend and l felt like there was a male watching. Oh I was so scared. I got like 2 hours of sleep that night. There was anice ghost, his name was Jesse. I'm not sure how my friend learned his name, but I wasn't afraid of him. I can't see them. I don't think I can really sense them unless they're directing at me. But I can feel them. When all the sudden it gets cold, in places there couldn't possibly be a draft. I didn't believe in ghosts. But I do now. I was carrying my laundry down stairs where the laundry room was and I swear I was pushed down the stairs. El said the ghosts in her house didn't like me there. I'd see things sometimes, shadows moving, reflections. Even now, when I'm not there I can't quite accept that those were ghosts. El and I were hyper one night and we decided to record our selves to see how we sound to other ppl. Well we recorded for like 5 mins. then stopped and played it back. Between our talking you could hear very clearly a womens voice saying "I'm fine." It sounded very breathy, El thought it was the girl who she see's sometimes in her window from the outside. So we decided to just record while we were quite. We recorded for about 50 mins. Playing it back and listening to it, I remember phrases. When we were in her bathroom we heard "Wheres the boy?" and later in the recording theres a roar. Theres no ways to explain it. I mean you can hear me and El talking then we stop and it happens. We tried to listen to it a few days later and it didn't work, the whole recorder. So we put new batteries in it, still nothing happened. That happened at her house, electronics died or used batteries very quickly. A couple of weeks later we tried it, and it worked. I don't think I'm am going to go back there any time soon. And I really wish I could not believe.





Ghost School





I've been hearing thing's and seeing thing's for a long time know, and when I saw this web site I just had to say my first experience of seeing a spirit.

It started When I was seven, I used to hear thing's in the dark. I can't sleep with out a light on now. I have always felt the presents of other beings, but none of this prepared me for my first sighting.

It was a Tuesday and I was rushing to my next lesson, when I felt I was being watched. I looked around, no one was looking at me they were to busy messing around. I looked up at the windows of our health centre and was surprised to see a girl there.

She was not a student and she was certainly not one of the teachers kids who was of sick because she was ill.

The girl was wearing a black dress with a with white apron, she had in her hand what looked like a bonnet. She looked about the age of nine, and had a pale peaky face, and bushy dark brown hair.

I was really surprised that I started to feel the presents of some thing not quite human. But I was sure this was a reel person, she looked as solid as I did.

The girl then mouthed something to me; "I am Waiting"

I got the chill's all down my back and I felt that I was going to be sick. My Friend Ell- (Not her real name, she asked me not to mention it) caught up with me and seeing the distress I was in asked me what was wrong.

I told her what I had seen, but as I did the girl from the window disappeared.

My Friend suggested that if this girl indeed was a ghost maybe I could find out who she was in the school record book. ( Our School is a very old building).

I did just that after lunch, I found out that this girl dated back to about Victorian times. She had drowned in the lake near bye. Her name was Sara, she worked as a maid.

Normally a maid would not be noted in a record book, but it is said that after she died she came back and haunted the big house, (Which is now my school).

There was picture of her too, well not of her she was one of the many maids lined up behind the family for the photograph.

I told my friend this, and we had a good laugh about how we were being history detectives.

Then Came light's out in all the dormitories and I fell asleep only to be awoken by a droplet of water falling on my head.

Now the girls in my dorm love to play prank joke's, so I decided not to give them the satisfaction of squealing with annoyance, then another drop of water and another. The girls would have given up by now so I opened my eyes.

Sara's Face was inches away from mine! I tried to scream but no notice came out. I couldn't move or speak. I could barley blink. Sara Stood up a little and said to me; "I'm Waiting for her, but she wont come. No one remembers me now.

I looked at her properly now, she was socking like she had gone to have a bath with her cloths on. Then she looked at me un happily as if she was waiting for some thing then she disappeared.

I went up and woke Ell and told her the whole story. I didn't sleep at all the night, and I was so existed in the morning that I was sent to the health to sleep.

But My Pease was not there. Sara was there again, except this time she wasn't wet. She mealy stood by the window, I was so scared but I realised that just sitting there was not going to solve any thing.

"Go away" I said hiding under the duvet.

Sara started sobbing, I could here her.

"I can not" She told me, "My Mother has not come, My Mother has forgotten"

Then she was gone and I finally slept. When I woke up I decided that this girl had probably been forgotten here at this house, No One had obviously cared that she had died. Me and Ell decided to finish her long wait so we picked some flowers and went to the river. We Said a prayer about her then through the flowers in to the water.

I never saw her again but as we left, There was a sense of gratitude in the air.



Haunted Hotel Room




I have always been pretty sensitive, able to recognize the spirit world.   When I enter certain places, my hair stands on end and I feel uneasy.  I have had several paranormal experiences, and in fact I believe my house to be haunted by a benign spirit.  However, I will focus on my most recent experience, which occured in an old hotel in Boston.  I am 23, but my brother is only 17.  This summer, I took him up to visit New England colleges (my mother was recovering fram a knee injury at the time so I volunteered to take him).  We stayed in Boston for three days, looking at various colleges in the area.  We booked a suite at an old hotel.  I felt nothing unusual in the lobby of the hotel, but as soon as we got up to our room I began to feel uneasy.  I let my brother have the bedroom and slept on the pullout couch in the "living area" of the suite.  In the place where I was sleeping, there was also a desk with a small worklight.  This will be important later.  Anyway, I felt uneasy so was ready for any psychic event to occur.  That night, I made sure all of the lights were out when I went to sleep.  At 3 am, I was awoken to the light of the desk lamp.  I was still half asleep, but I thought I saw the bedroom door close so I assumed that my brother had sat at the desk for some reason and had gone back to his room without turning off the light.  However, in the morning, my brother denied that he had gotten out of bed at all, and neither he nor I have a history of sleepwalking.  I felt even more strange but after a long day of college tours I had pretty much forgotten about the incident,  The "electrical problems" continued the next night, however.  Both TV's in the room would randomly turn on, turn off, and change channels by themselves.  We called the front desk but the man they sent to our room could find no problem.  It was then I told my brother that I suspected that the room was haunted.  He suggested we change rooms or hotels but I said that we were only staying one more night anyway.  I now wish we had changed rooms.   The next night I fell asleep peacefully, but was almost immediately awakened by my coveres being torn off.  I sat bolt upright and turned on the light but there was nothing and nobody in the room.  Then, in the little kitchenette, the coffee maker switched on and the sink started to run.  I was now terrified. I sensed that this spirit could do my harm if it wished.  The hotel door banged open,  as if the spirit was throwing me out of its domain.  However, I calmly explained that we would be leaving the next day and that it must leave us alone. Incredibly, the spirit seemed satisfied and the room went back to normal.  Still, I was unable to sleep the rest of the night.  In the morning, I rushed my brother out of the door as soon as possible.  Amazingly, he never woke up during the whole experience.  I am not sure exactly what went on there that night.  I could not find out anything from the hotel's employees.  It was an interesting, paranormal experience.  Thanks for letting me share.  -Claire




My Scary Childhood Experience





Hi, my name is Andrew, my first ghost encounter happened during my preteen years when I was watching t.v. in my living room. I was five in the morning and I felt it was getting really late so I headed out toward my bedroom and to get there I had to go through a long dark hallway so as I reached the beginning of the hallway, I saw a white figure just standing there about three feets away from me and i kept on walking and as i passed her i could see her rotating  just watching me.. man.. that wasn't the last time I would see her.

there was a night where i was woken up in the middle of my sleep beacuse i heard something in the hallway.. it was two in the morning and it was one of those rare occasions where my bedroom door wasn't closed completely and this really brought chills down my spine.. as i opened my eyes.. the sound got louder, it was a sound of crying.. something was moaning and crying in the hallway.. i was terrified to dealth and i couldn't  move all i could do was to go back to sleep.. and well, at two in the morning.. it was nothing.. i was knocked out.

i've seen a lot of sightings like a shadow that glides along the walls.. with two red eyes and a beakish nose..

there was one time i was coming home and when i got out of my car i look out onto my street and i saw a kid on a tricycle that dissappeared after the fences.. he wasn't any ordinary kid.. he was glowing green.. and head this evil laugh like witch..

my latest sighting was when i was watching my home videos with my nephew and i set the camcorder to be facing us, and when we finished viewing like 8 hours of video we were exhusted. so i walked right up to my camera and switched it from play mode to shoot mode.. and you will never guess what we both saw.. i looked closely at the t.v. screen and saw something in the cornder of the screen.. asked my nephew if he saw it.. his eyes were wide open and he just nodded.. i directed him out the door with my eyes giving him the signal to run.. we dashed out the room never to go back in.. what we saw on the screen was a lady standing on my mother's dresser that was against the corner.. i will never forget her face.. it was just blank, her eyes where wide open and she was just stand there staring at us.. i remember when we ran out the room, i stared back at the corner and she vanished.. till this day.. i never saw anything again.

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