Physical Education




I'm a former Estancia High School Student(in Costa Mesa, CA). graduated in 2004. One day during  Physical Edu. I had to go back to the girls looker room I had heard stories of hauntings but never took them seriously. That day for some reason I walked around the whole looker room to check no one was there. Then I went back to my looker. minutes later I felt like some one was there. The room got a little cold but I didn't pay attention. After that I could hear some one moaning like if they were in pain. I looked around and no one was there. When all the girls started comming in from class the moaning stoped, but when every one else left again the room got cold agin and the moaning started again. this time I ran out of the looker room. I could feel chills running in down my back. never again did I go back to the locker room alone.




Bluff Dale





There is a town called Bluff Dale which is about 60 miles S.W. of Fort Worth on Highway 377 S. . I used to live in this town and there are several ghost stories and sightings there. Confederate Soldiers still roam on Church St. through the middle of town. The old Bluff Dale School had the top story burned while students were in class, the spirits now reside in the new Bluff Dale School building. In downtown there is the remains of an old bank vault, you can not go into the vault without feeing evil spirits. There is a dry creek bed next to the school that you feel as though you are being watched especially late at night. There are evil spirits that are around the bridge that crosses the dry creek bed on Church St. next to the school (cold chills and goosebumps if you are by it at night), on nights there is a full moon, you don't even want to cross the bridge. You can see eyes and the figure of a demonic spirit standing on the bridge in the winter time during the full moon. There is house on Church St. next to the school in which resides a woman, dressed in white Victorian clothes that roams the house (I know from personal experience, since I owned and lived in the house), it's said that the woman was murdered in the house and her spirit still watches over the residents of the house trying to protect them (her name is Jenny - she is a good spirit). There is a house on Church St. at the far end that you feel eyes looking at you while you walk by (keep in mind this house if vacant and has been for some time, in fact no one will live in it). The townspeople will not talk about the towns history and if you ask they abruptly change the subject, but rumor has it the town was moved to it's current location from the other side of the river, sometime in the early 1900's. There used to be a town council, mayor, etc... of the town, but it has not had one since sometime in the 1920's. Mountain Lakes is building a development there and lights can be seen on the hillside opposite Mountain Lakes (there are no houses there). Right up County Rd. 172 at the end is a Church with a cemetary (also known as Rock Church) that no one goes to at night due to the evil that is there.




            It’s late, the house is deadly quiet, all occupants are fast asleep.  You’ve been in bed for more than a couple of hours now, half in and half out of sleep, vaguely aware of the program you’ve been watching on Tube, when the “Distraction” begins.  At first it tugs on the covers at the foot of the bed, pulling you back towards full wakefulness, But when it perceives you maybe drifting back, it tugs again to elicit a more direct response, but gets none.  Undaunted, it eerily walks across the bed like a black cat set loose by a witching hour spell and this time the response is right!  You crash land right out of the semi dream state you’ve been in and shoot straight up in bed, fully aware that something in the room isn’t quite right.  All hairs on the back of your neck are standing straight up like steel spines, and you catch yourself breathing in short, but very loud measured gasps --  Struggling to keep your sounds to a minimum, so you can better hear what is going on around you.

            Ah! yes, that’s better.  Now “it” or should we say “they” have your full attention.


            As the dark surroundings come into focus your auditory senses begin to detect a faint rustling sound, sticking a foot out of the bed, you slowly force yourself erect and then it happens!       You find yourself unable to breathe any air into your lungs momentarily, and then the air returns.  As you sit on the edge of your bed in the dark, you try to make sense of what has just taken place, when once again you find yourself gasping for air and this is when the reality of it all hits you that the reason you were unable to breathe, was because something had been placed over your mouth preventing air to enter.  Although no actual hand is felt covering your mouth, you know without a doubt that something unseen has done just that!!       Time stands still and so do you.  You are frozen in place, unable to move a muscle as your eyes strain to penetrate the darkness that is all around you, waiting for “It” to strike again and not wanting to disappoint you it does just that, only by now you have somehow managed to free your legs and mind momentarily from the frozen state you have been in, and have dove for the covers on the bed, and the body of your sleeping husband not more than a foot away. 

            You curl up against him as he lies on his side deep in slumber, totally oblivious to the events unfolding in the dark.     As you lay there underneath the covers, listening to the beating of your heart and the rapid breathing escaping your lips, your entire body attached to the back of your sleeping spouse, it strikes a third time! As if to let you know, that although you think you are protected by the bedding covering you, and your husband beside you, your not!!

             Somehow you know that “It” wants to let you know that it can reach you anywhere, at anytime it so chooses, and then its over, or is it??          Is this a Salem Séance? The Winchester House? A Stephen King Novel? Not a chance, this is happening right here in good ole Kaysville, Utah --  Maybe even a few houses down the street from where you live!  Real People experience “real” Apparitions right here locally.  Some of the homes are old and some are new, experiences  vary, Doors lock and unlock, voices are heard, shadows are seen moving down a hallway, footsteps in the dead of night. Cold Spots are felt in certain areas of the home, smells appear out of nowhere and leave just as abruptly, even an occasional apparition may be seen and yes even those of us that get visitors in the night that cover your mouth for no other reason than to let us know they are there waiting.

            I moved from this home a couple of years ago and still find myself driving by the house from time to time, Why? I’m not really sure, perhaps because I might see someone looking back from a vacant window, or maybe because as I drive by I often wonder if any other occupants have had similar experiences.  I never stop to inquire just drive slowly by.  I have noticed that it seems to be up for rent rather frequently interestingly enough, but my husband is quick to tell me not to read too much into it.  There were many events that took place while living there other than the one mentioned but none as scary, Your name being called out but no one in the home claiming to have been the one to call it! Electric Garage doors going up and down by themselves and shadows lots of shadows.  I can’t even begin to describe the fear that crept over me the following day as I watched the sun begin to set in the west, and to realize that dark once again would soon be upon me.

             The brain races, will it happen again tonight you wonder and every night there after?  Or will it wait in the shadows for that perfect time to show itself once more when you least expect it?  When you start to relax again, & the memory of the events that took place start to fade, then it will once again do something to remind you to never let your guard down, never think all is well and never but never think it can’t reach you at any time it chooses.  It’s there in the shadows waiting for that perfect element of surprise, that unsuspecting person, and then …..

            I have pictures that were taken while living there that have strange Anomalies on them, someone else may look at them and think the film was bad, something got in the way of the lens, or light got into the film itself.  I knew better, I waited until I no longer lived there then I sent them to the Utah Paranormal Research Society to get their input on what I was seeing in the photographs.  It didn’t take long to receive a response back and the response was as I knew it would be.  Yes, the pictures were authentic, Where was the house located? And definitely an investigation should be done there and please tell them more!  They also enlightened me about one of the photographs I had submitted that was taken outside in the middle of the day, It showed our driveway and the house next door to it with a row of hedges and trees separating our driveways.  There above the hedges at one spot was what looked like a small cloud, they informed me that they didn’t know what I saw when I looked at that picture but what they were seeing was a man, a woman, and a small child.

             Sure enough when you increased the size of the picture upon closer inspection there they were, the man with the small child in front of him and the woman standing next to him.  Also in this picture were several red “Orbs” floating around, these are said to be spirits themselves.        The other twp photographs contain what appears to be a funnel cloud over the main part of the picture with a ribbing on the outside of it.          I am told these are referred to as “Vortex’s” which is a portal or doorway for spirits to move in and out of.  These pictures also contain the Red Orbs I spoke of. I have attached the pictures for anyone interested in viewing them. And So, the next time you awaken for no reason in the middle of the night, not sure what exactly it was that woke you.  If you find yourself standing in the dark ”listening” for who knows what?  If the hair on the back of your neck stands up for no apparent reason at all, If for some unknown reason you feel as if your not alone,   bear in mind, it is more than likely not that piece of cake you ate before going to bed or that last glass milk --  Quite possibly you are -- 











Five Points and The Warren Courthouse




I live off a street where fivepoint is. The main road, king graves, is where a guy took a girl tami elmstron to his "cabin" (it was just a concrete shack) was, and murdered her there, mutilated the body, drove the parts to butler and dumped them all around...its just a burned down house and its not really safe to go in anymore, but if you drive past it and then turn around, you are followed by a car all the way to five point.  I had an experience where the car rolled over the boys, it was pretty crazy...we were just sitting under the bridge talking about it and we all heard snapping and grunting sounds and then we heard a high shrill, so we took off, later on there was a streak of finger prints across my driverside window, after i just washed my was nuts.

also the at the courthouse, there is a stairwell that leads to the upstairs floor. i was looking out a window at the side, which faces the graveyard in the back, and i felt a chill but thought nothing of i was walking out the room i looked back and the window was open, and the chandelier was swinging clockwise...ill never forget how freaked out i was




Ghost Dolls




Hi, this might not be a ghost experience but it still have no reason.

when i was like 9 or 10 i had this woodin doll with string hair and it was the uglest thing every, it would sit on the top of my curtains for the longest time. ok here is where the story starts, at my old house, that doll would sit on my curtains and everytime woke up that doll would not be on the curtains it would be sitting right next to me in bed, this was happing for the longest time, i move upstairs to my new bedroom, and i put that doll up on the curtains like always, but of corse it still was always next to me. so one night i slept dowstairs and put the doll on a table in the living room next to this clown doll that was wooden just like her. when i awoke she was next to me, not on the table and when i went to the table the poor clown doll was face down on the ground. Since my parents swore they didnt touch the doll and my brothers did too, i tought the doll pushed the clown down and went to me, my dad got sick of me complainin that he burned both of the dolls in our fireplace. after that i was fine till i started going to my sisters house to spend the night with my neice who is two years yonger than me. My niece has two porclein dolls that used to be my moms mom when she was little, they sit on my neices dresser, i was scared sick of those dolls because they have those glass eyes that close when you hold them and stuff, they never did nothing like move but i was scared sick of them, one night when i was in haileys room trying to go to sleep i kept staring at those dolls i got so frietnd that i through a blanket on their heads and begged my sister to go back home. and it was like 3 in the morning, but I called my mom to go back home, of corse she wassnt happy but I was. now i live in florida, a im 13. my sister now lives in my old house wear the first doll insident happened, and my sister still has those porclein dolls. My house in here in florida is new so its not haunted but my old house up in michigan is about 120 years old. nothing haunted happend in that house. my mom passed away when i was 10 but it wasnt in that house, so im happy. if she did it probley would be haunted. well thanks for letting me share my storiey. bye




My Own Experience




Well id like to tell you of the time that me and my family had went to Virginia one time to visit my family and what not (they go at least once every year).We had always heard stories of my great aunts house being haunted so one day we took upon ourselves to check her old house out.Coming up to the old house will scare you just looking at it.From the road where you turn onto to go to it,there are cornfields on each side the road to the house and it is about 1/2 of a mile until you get to it.This house is about 3 to 400 years old,so as you can use your imagination it looks really freaky from the outside.There were about 8 of us in total that had went that day.Two of my cousins who were little children at that time were very scared and did not want to go in.Can you blame them!?  They had stayed with one of my family members outside (i cant remember exactly who it was).As you enter this creepy old house,you come into a hallway the leads up some stairs to the second floor to the left is the living room and down the hall on your right is the kitchen (the kitchen freaked me out when i went in it).And at the very end of the hall is the bathroom.We had all looked around and whatnot and then we went upstairs and looked around at the old creepy looking rooms.Well something had scared the life out of my aunt (i didnt actually know what it was so we had all rushed out and left).

Okay heres what had happened to me.The next day we had all wanted to go back so we did.On the road to the house the car in front of us which consisted of my two aunts and two cousins come to a complete stop in front of us and they are screaming at us to back up! They get out of their car saying that they had watched the door of the house slamming shut by itself (im getting chills as i tell you this) so they had turned around and they were not going back. Well me and my mom and my cousin hadnt seen a thing so we decided to go on down to the house to see if we can see anything for ourselves.The others thought we were crazy but we didnt care so we ventured on down to the house to try to see anything.We drove all the way down and back to the others without seeing a thing.Well being the "brave young man" i thought i was i wanted to really see something so i start walking back down the road towards the house and my mom and cousin followed.A little later when the house came into view we stood there and watched the house.This is the good part...and this did happen because my mom and cousin seen the exact same thing.As if telling us to get away what appeared to be a woman in a black dress walks out if the house and and stands next to the tree outside the house...(im getting chills again) we are standing there in complete dismay wondering if what we see is true,then suddenly she disappears and the door slams shut again! So as you can imagine we run as fast as we can back to the car and we hightailed it outta there!


My Little Brother Still Loves Me






I stumbled across your website, as most people do, looking for those like myself, who have had experiences somewhat similar to mine. This account is very vivid in memory as it happened back in September/Oct. of 2004. I was amazed and impressed at the amount of stories and  feedback your website has compared to all the others.

Although I have not so far, ready many stories close to what I have experienced, I do coincidentally have a friend who experienced something almost exactly the same as I. And it was someone she was extremely close to also.

Okay here is my story it is very long, and 100% true.

My Little Brother Still Loves Me

First of all, I wanted to give a short background on my little brother , Jacob, and I's relationship. Jacob was born 2 days after my first birthday. We were inseperable and even when I got old enough to have friends, he never had a lot, so he accompany me to friends houses. Our mother left when we were young, I was 4, he was 3. The year before she left, we had lived "kidnapped" with her and her boyfriend who abused all of us. Then she just called my Grandma one day, told her to meet us at our Aunt's and she left us there. The last thing I remember, she put Jake in my arms and said "Take care of your brother, Sissy." Then she got back in the cab, and that was that. And I always made a priority in High School to defend him. Although I was a loud, in drama club, and cheerleader, Jake was quiet, not on the honor roll often, and had glasses. I can remember getting in many fights because I was protecting him. Often the bullies would even go as far as hitting or pinching him, and he would just ignore them. Of course, me being me, I would hit them or go for the low blow. Most people who didn't know that we were a year apart, even thought we were twins.

 Jake was also "accident prone." Before our mother left, when he was still in diapers, I watched him fall into a swimming pool and was rescued only after he brushed against someones foot. He also had a mirror fall and slit both of his wrists, not to even bleed, because he knew to apply pressure. And directly before he left for the military, he was beaten by a gang, and almost died. In fact his military induction was delayed because of this but low and behold a month later than expected, it was December 16, the day he left of that year, off he went.

My Dad was in jail when Jacob died, I can remember, Jake called me the night before died. Actually to Jacob it was like 6:30 at night (11:30 for me, and one day behind him,as he was in Japan) Jacob was upset about this, he and my Dad were very close. My step-mom and step-sister had Dad put away after a scuffle involving him and my step-sister's boyfriend. We talked for hours. I missed him so much, he and Granny were the only ones that came to visit me and Sami. And I remember after I had Sami, Jake would stay the night every now and then so that I could sleep, and he would stay up with Sami. He also helped me paint her first nursery. Anyways, The next day, after work, I had an argument with one of my step-siblings over the phone and was feeling a bit glum after a collect call from Dad in jail about 2 hours away. My fiance decided to take me out to Red Lobster, on passing my Dad's favorite bar where he pretty much always was(except this time), I noticed two marines standing outside talking to one of Dad's friends. I begged Tom to stop, but he assured me it had nothing to do with Jake and we went on to the restaurant. Well, after we had gotten our appetizer we got a call from Debbie (my step-mom) saying that two marines had been at the bar asking for Dad and they had told his friend, that it was regarding Jacob. We left the restaurant immediately and met her at the bar, I used her cell to call Granny. A I could understand through the sobs, was that one of the marines was a Chaplain. We quickly rushed to Granny's house, but they were gone to the jail. The marines told them they could only talk to Dad. Push come to shove , I was finally able to get my uncle (who was staying  with my grandparents) on the phone at the jail and he told me that "there's been an accident Sissy, your little- brother has been killed."

Jacob had been killed no more than 6 hours from the time I had spoke to him. He was hit by a truck while crossing an expressway. And strangely enough, he had called everyone he knew that day, except Dad. The first thought that went through my mind was that I had heard once , that when one of a set of twins dies, the other will eventually become drug addicted, or crazy. We were that close.

I remember being very upset because when the funeral finally came, Dad promised me I could see Jake and hold his hand.As I walked into the room, Jacob's Sargeant slammed the coffin shut, and Dad said "Sissy , no!" when I begged him to open it, to give me some closure. But it didn't happen. Regardless of me and my grandparents begging, the coffin remained closed.

I hadn't slept since the day we found out. I would just stay awake and ask God to explain to me why this had happened, I begged him for a sign that he was really dead.

That night I was rolled over facing towards my fiance and staring at the window, when I got the feeling someone was there, they were. It was Sami, and she wanted a juice box, so I crawled out of bed and walked to the fridge with her holding my hand. I opened the fridge and got out a juice box, and as I turned to hand it to Sami, there was Jacob. He was sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by a blinding white light. I dropped to my knees, and although I do not remember him telling me he was in a hurry, It was somehow communicated, perhaps telepathically. I asked him 3 or 4 questions and although I remember the answers to a couple I don't remember the "really important" ones. But I remember he didn't answer the way I had hoped, in fact he didn't seem happy, but sad. After the answers to some of the questions he had given me were wiped from my memory, he hugged me, and he was gone. He said "I love you Sissy, take care of Dad for me."

I  reached to my right, still kneeling and touched Sami's face and she said "you're pokin' me in the eyes, mommy." I gave her the juice box grabbed her hand, and walked back to bed. Needless to say, she slept with me that night. I do not know what she did or did not see.Although there is more to this story, I will end it here, because it is so long. If you would like to know more about experiences I have had connected with this story or the ones I have had that aren't, please email me at Thanks for letting me share this with you.




Office Max Ghost




I've been employed with my local Office Max store for 5 years now and have had a couple experiences there.  The most prominent one that stands out to me is when I was working overnight stocking the store.  I was at the rear of the store as the two other people there with me were when I saw a shadow walk across the front of the store heading towards the managers office.  Also within the last year I have been heading towards the rear of the store and seen a day planner fly off the shelf and land about three feet away from it.  I've talked to other people I work with and everyone gets the feeling when they're in the back area that they aren't alone.  There's always the sense of being watched.  The strongest presence I feel is in the mens restroom.  I hear things and always feel like there's someone in there even when I'm there by myself.  I've gotten the impression,  I don't know where it comes from, that the ghost is that of a Native American who happened to be killed in a battle there a couple hundred years ago and when the store was built 10 years ago, started wandering around.  He does not harm anyone, he's just there



Our Childhood Home




I remember a while back my mom telling me that we had a ghost living in our second house when my brother and I were younger. I was six and my brother was probably around 5 months old. Of course, I never felt the presence of this ghost. This house is in Duluth, Minnesota.

Anyways this happened when we moved into this house. When we moved in I was probably around six months old. We lived in this house up until 1987 then moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. My mom would smell perfume in the masterbedroom where she slept. My mom new that the previous owner died of some kind of cancer and she died in that room. They were an older couple that lived there. She loved children very much. When my brother was born and as he got older my mom would hear him giggle in his crib late at night to early morning. My brother was probably around five or six months at the time. He would also talk in baby gibberish real loud and giggle. My mom figured she was my brother's guaridan angel. But I would remember him giggling real loud in the mornings when I would try to sleep then I would start laughing because he was giggling real cute. I have no idea if this woman  ghost is still there. At times we drive by it but I don't feel anything. I told a story about my grandparents about five months ago on this website. Just recently I moved from St. Paul to Lino Lakes. I invited them to come with me and I don't feel their presences at all. But I have been hearing voices and seeing things from the corner of my eyes. And again, I don't feel threatened at all. I know you are not suppose to invite ghosts with you but I knew they were my grandparents. Then again, it could be my imagination as well. Please e-mail, I love to talk to people regarding ghosts.









My mother has a friend that decided to sell silver rings. My mother bought one for me that i really liked. I went to bed that same night and woke up with the ring tangled in the blankets. I thought how funny it was since i have heart problems and i tend to swell up when im sleeping but i brusehd it off by thinking maybe i took it off right before i fell asleep heavily without noticing. the very next day I don't recall why but i decided to sleep in the same bed with my mom. When we woke up in the morning the ring was off my finger and in my mothers wedding ring finger. We both freaked out and i asked her if she remember putting that ring on because i did not remember taking it off and giving it to her she said no. I called that same day the friend that sold the ring and gave her back to her without asking for a refund.



Spook Hotel




This just happened tonight (Aug 25 2005). As part of my nightly routine at my job, I go to our accountant’s office and pick up the used backup tapes. I do this every night and never have had any odd occurrences until tonight. I unlocked the door and was about to go in. For some reason I stopped and fumbled for the light switch. I saw a faint greenish glow by her desk but I figured she must have left her computer on. I turned on the light and went toward the filing cabinet to get the tapes. A cold breeze rushed past me and all the hair stood up on my arms and back. I noticed the computer and monitor was not on. I looked all over the office to find the source of the light-no digital clock, no adding machine on, no power bar, and the office is an interior windowless one. I had no thoughts of the paranormal tonight before I went to the office, as I said it was a regular nightly task for me that had never had any spooky overtones before.







Upstairs Level Haunted by Cop's Daughter's Dog




In Council Bluffs, Iowa, out into the country hills along Woodland Trail there's a dog that only roams the house when the Daughter of a police officer is in the home.. the 150 pd. Akita was her only true friend as they did everything and bonded, when the dog passed on, his spirt stayed behind and roamed the halls on the top floor of the tri-level home. both parents have heard the steps of the dog walking back and forth, and the daughter has seen the dog, it sits down when she walks out into the hall, when she is near enough to touch him, he's moves as to grab her hand to tell her something is wrong.... normally the next day something will happen in her life....

as she moved out early 2005, her mother hardly hears the footsteps of the dog, sometimes the spirit will walk the halls looking for her, but leaves only moments after her mother here's him..

This is the true story, and the Dog, Akita, who went blind in 98 and was put to sleep. he showed up about 3 months after he was put down.. he was bought from a pet store here in Council Bluffs Iowa, and was only a few months old.. he was a christmas gift to me from my parents and i was only 7 years old... i'm 20 years old now, and when i visit my parents house i can still see him waiting for me in the hallway right outside my bedroom door... my mom says the only time she hears something walking around the upstairs of the house is when i'm home, and now i sleep on the main level of the house and i sometimes hear about 3am footsteps on the ceiling to the floor right above where i would be sleeping. One time when i seen Akita, that next day my best friend was killed walking home from Mystery Mannor, in Omaha Nebraska.





Dressed in Black





When I was a little girl I was told the story of a woman, a woman dressed in all black with long brown curly hair, and a black vale over her face. When my aunt was 17 years old she seen her and my mother, an uncle and my sister. So I guess when I seen her it was my turn.  I was 14 years old and we lived in a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Well, one of these bathrooms was in my room, every night I kept the light on in there to see if I had to use the restroom in the middle of the night and I knew whenever it was off. Well one night there was a pretty bad storm and the power went out I had forgotten to close the window in my bathroom and I didn't want my floor soaked and have a bad mess to clean up in the mourning, Well I walked into my restroom feeling uneasy as it was I hate to be in total darkness, Well I felt around and was trying to find my aroma candles to shine some light till the power came back on. I found one and was looking for the lighter I kept near them. That's when I heard something say my name, I shut my eyes and tried telling myself I was hearing things, then I felt something tap me I was standing in front of a mirror so I didn't want to open my eyes the few moments of me standing there seemed like forever finally i grew the courage to open my eyes and when I did lightning struck and lit up my bathroom and I seen her standing behind me I couldn't move I couldn't even breath I didn't know what to do the door was past her and I kept thinking if I run something is going to happen. So I turned around and faced her whatever she was she didn't to wanna go anywhere, so we stood there staring at each other then it seemed to me like she was trying to talk, and I asked her if she knew me. She kept moveing her lips but nothing was comeing out it was like watching a movie in slow motion with the mute on. Finally she whispered something " You know who I am" and Vanished. The lights came back on and she was gone but I still couldn't move I heard a laugh that seemed out of this world. I have yet to see her again im waiting though cause I have this feeling I will again someday.






Foretelling of a Death




hi, i am a 33 year old mother of three young children, one boy 61/2, one 41/2, and a daughter 20 months . i have three step children as well, one girl 17, two boys, 12 & 10. i have had many strange experiences throughout my life, beginning when i was 7. i have always known when family members or extended family members would pass away. the first time was when i lost my grandmother, i was 7 at the time. she came to me at my home, 30 minutes from hers, to tell me she was leaving, it was about 3 am, when i woke that morning and told my father she was gone, he told me it couldn't have happened since my mother hadn't called from the hospital. a few minutes later the phone rang, it was my mother, telling us my grandmother had passed that morning. a few years later my grandfather would sit and talk to my grandmother, telling her he would see her soon, sure enough, at about 1:30 in the morning, he came to me and said he was leaving, my grandmother stood next to him and they both smiled and left. that morning i told my father my grandfather was gone, again he did not believe me, until the phone rang, he didn't need to answer to know it was my mother telling us he was gone.

since then, i have been able to speak with my grandmother, she in fact told me of my father's death, over a year before he passed! i was two months pregnant with my daughter, when my grandmother told me i was having a girl on jan. 7, and her grandfather wouldn't live to see her first birthday. well, he was fine at the time but then, a year later, in june, we were told his cancer had returned and sure enough he was gone in october. oh by the way my daughter was born on jan 7. i've also predicted the death of my husband's family. he was visiting his mother in Florida, we were warned she wasn't going to make it long, when i got the distinct feeling she was gone, it was 3:33 dec.7, 1999, i told my friend who was sitting with me about the feeling, when the phone rang, it was my husband telling me his mother just passed. i also knew of his grandfather's passing, i woke at 3:33 am on April 7,2000, to his grandfather telling me goodbye, as i told my husband the phone rang, it was his uncle, telling us his grandfather was gone. i have more weird things, many attached to this home, and some more about knowing about a death, but one more eerie thing, take it for what you will, my daughter is exactly 3years and 33 days younger than my son. note the times of death and you will see why this is eerie, at least to me.

finally, i would like to say i love this site. its nice to know that there are others who have strange things they can't explain happen to them. i know i can interact with the dead but few have ever believed me, thank God my husband can interact with them as well. also my daughter, i was told this by my grandmother, will have many more abilities to talk and interact with the dead than i, and she will have a great teacher as to how to handle her 'gifts'. i could tell you a great deal more, if you'd like to hear, in fact i could fill a few pages, maybe i will write again if you would like.




Haunted Lincoln High School





I am formerly a student of Lincoln High in Lincoln Nebraska. This high school has had a very interesting backround. It was established almost 140 years ago, but the original site was torn down and now is the Pershing Autotorium. It now stands at 2229 J' street in Lincoln. I was privalleged enough to speak with some of the staff about their ghostly experiences.

I quickly learned that the library, formally the pool, was haunted. In the early days of the school a boy was drowned in the pool. Late on night, after musical rehursal, my friends and myself where walking past the library on our way to the parking lot. We where laughing and joking with one another until one of us stopped and focused on the glass windows of the library. I stopped and turned and noticed a young man standing in the corner across the room. I asked my friends, who where now all focused on the windows to tell me what they saw. They all told me that they saw a young man in the library. I chuckled and our group continued it's way towards the doors. Then we heard a loud *Bang* against the glass. The boy was there, pressing his hand on the window. My friends and I bolted for the door. That is not the only haunting in this ordinary looking high school. The auditorium is haunted too, by the ghost of a girl that met her tragic end by falling off the balcony in 1919. Again another day of rehursal, not much to do when you are sitting back stage waiting to join the rest of the cast. My friend tapped my shoulder and told me to look up into the balcony and tell her what I saw. Their in the front was a misty  figure, not as clear as the boy in the library, but she was there. Sitting in one the seats watching the rehursal. I spoke with the director after rehursal about the strange figure in the balcony. He smiled and told me that, that was Ruth. I was a bit shaken by this. I never thought that he would be so calm about that. But, never the less I continued my quest for ghosts at this school. Another teacher, later in my senior year pulled me aside and told me the story of a ghost on the fourth floor. He was a teacher in the early days of the new building. A sturn but good hearted man who hated one thing above the rest, cheating. The teacher then told me about one of her students. She was known for failing and cheating her way through tests. Nothing stopped her until she had a fourth floor class. One day in class the students where taking a test and the girl had some of the answers written on her arm. All of a sudden a book fell out of the shelf by her desk and papers on the podium across the room slid off and onto the floor. The teacher checked her student and sure enough she was caught.

For more stories on this haunted high school contact me at:




Haunted Town : Stoneham




Me & my family used to live on Pine Street in Stoneham.

There was several ghosts in our house.  There was one little girl who wore tatters and leather boots.  I have a bracelet she used to wear.  My mother, sister, grandmother & I all saw the same girl.  She was frirendly, and she didn't mind us being in her house.  She would sit next to me on my bed, she would make me scared when I was really young, but I was never afraid of the house.  She protected us in a way.

it was a great house, very old at least 250 yrs old.




Indian Ghost?





My fiancee and I were spending our first night at our new apartment.  He went to our old place to pick up a few last things.  It was probably about 1:00 a.m.  I laid down on the floor in our bedroom, and drifted off to sleep.  I suddenly woke up and for some reason had to fight for the strength to lift my head and look toward the doorway.  When I did about four feet from me, and about eye level with me, was a almost transparent wolf.  It had a snarl on its face, with its teeth all showing and almost a lions mane of fur up around its face.  All of a sudden I just growled and lunged at it and it was gone.  With no fear I rolled over and went back to sleep, all alone in the apartment.

The next morning I told a few friends about the crazy dream I had.  Later I was really glad that I had mentioned it to someone else.

About two days later my fiancee asked me what was inside a box that was still sitting unpacked on my wardrobe.  I pulled it down and opened it, and was surprised by what I found.  The things in there were not ours they were genuine indian artifacts.  Moccassins, jewelry, a clay pot, and a little tiny feather made out of wood.  Also was a letter saying if you are reading this I am already dead.  It was written by a man who felt he had lost his family and had nothing to live for, and was going to kill himself.  I got goosebumps reading this because the night I was sleeping on the floor and had the "wolf dream" the box was about 2 feet behind me, like I was in the wolfs way of getting it. 

Even my fiancee was kind of spooked by this.  Neither of us had ever seen these things in the box and have no idea how they got in our house, other than the movers accidentally put it there.  He insisted that I go toss it in the dumpster.  This just seemed way wrong to me so at 5:30 a.m. I was on my way back to our old place where I placed the box on the porch where I believe it must have come from.  We haven't had any other incidents since then.




Letter From a Believer




Hello, my name is Bryan..I recently moved to reno NV . I used to live in Phoenix in a dump of an apartment in a gang infested neiborhood ,next to a heart institute and childrens hospital. soon after i moved into that apartment, my cats would stare into the corner of the room. waves of coldnes would wash over me for no reason. even after i turned off the air conditioning.the next several months started to drive me crazy i was hearing voices of children crying for there parents. I wrote this off till i started hearing things bump around in the kitchen both of my cats were in the bed room with me. I thought some one was breaking in ,but know one was there?

strang things would happen for the next several months. but what finaly scared the @$%^ out me was the figure i saw in the dark floating within the bathroom mirror ,it loked like it was hooded but had no left the side of the mirror and a wave of coldness swept thru me! I was scared and mad because i was going thru a lot in this apt. what made me move no one believes me! I started to talk outloud to whatever this thing was. I said GO AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE!! i thought it went away because for a couple of weeks nothing happend. Then i saw the hooded thing again! I hid under the covers,and finaly fell asleep.when i woke up all the dwars , cabnets , pantries. were wide open! I had enough! i gave them my 30 day notice.put my stuff in storage.and moved to a friends house. nothing has happend to me since. I moved Reno NV im March and i love it hear. I wonder if the people that moved into that apt in Phoenix are having the same problem....i hope not....




Louisville Haunting





I was reading through the hauntings in Louisville Kentucky and noticed that you had Hot Rod Haven as Mitchell Hill Rd off of Mt.Holly.  I don't know about a Hot Rod Haven on that street because I grew up on Mt. Holly and had never heard any one call Mitchell Hill - Hot Rod Haven.  However growing up we would always get a bunch of us in a car and ride to St. Anthony Church rd which was called Hot Rod Haven.  At the end (coming from our direction) before going down the hill there is a cemetery on the left.  The whole road was supposed to be haunted.  There was "blood" on some of trees and bridges.

Going through there now it looks like paint but when your 16 driving at night it sure sounded haunting!  One night we were having a scavenger hunt for about 6 car loads of people and the finish was at the cemetery at Hot Rod Haven.  There were about 8 of us there first waiting for the others when a man came up from a  hill in the back of the cemetery and just starred at us.  His face was very pale.  When he finally turned to leave and go back the way he came his head seemed to almost be turned completely backwards so he was still watching us all the way back down the hill.  It was pretty freaky.  I don't remember any of the stories as to why it was supposed to be haunted or anything about the old man in the cemetery.  Just thought I would share.

Thanks for a great site!




Meeting with Satan




I live in Wv. and one night I was with my girlfriend while she was visiting her grandfather. He was telling experiences that he has had in his life. But the one that caught my attention and still gives me chillbumps as I am writting this is the one of his brother who was about 11 years older than him, and his brother made moonshine up in the mountains. He said one night while he was home waiting for his brother to get back with the moonshine that he had made, he waited about an hour then finally he got home. He got up to help him with the jugs and his brother said I just met Satan. He said that he was very pale in the face. He said the way it happened was he was coming back with his moonshine and he was almost home but there was a man walking beside the road with what looked like a top hat and he couldn't see behind him because he was walking in the oppisite direction that he was driving. He stopped and asked if he wanted a ride and the man just looked at him and just said "no I'm just going up here." he then said "I know you, but you don't know me, but keep up the good work for me". I presume that he was talking about oonshining, but he said he just stood there confused and waited for him to start walking again, and when he did he could see behind the man and there were these massive logging chains attatched to his back that he was dragging up the hill, sort of like a slave. And he said that when he finally couldn't see the man anymore like something lifted off of his chest, like a burdon, but he just felt really nervous about being around the man and had a bad feeling. But thats his story, not mine, but I'm almost 100% sure its true. That old man is dead now, but I'm pretty sure I know where he is now.




My Experience at the Flamingo





 I had visited Las Vegas about 3 years ago with my mother,father, and friend.  We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel on the Vegas Strip.  My friend Dave and I stayed in one room and my parents in another.  Dave and I were the only ones with keys for this room.  Well, we stayed for 5 days and for the first few days , I kept hearing the faucet in the bathroom go on and off with no one in there.  On the last night , I had a horrible dream of me dying and I woke up. When I awoke I saw two figures in my room. One of the figures was a chubby man and he was standing in front of my friends bed sipping what looked like a martini or at least in a martini glass.  The other resembled a woman and she was near our luggage.  This is def not the first experience I have had with ghosts and I make sure I know what I am looking at before I make a judgement.  So, after looking at them a minute or so, I turned away and they were still there when I turned back. After rolling around a few times in my bed, I turned to see them again and they were no longer there. Many people always say that I could have been getting burglarized, but that was certainly not the case because these people were transparent. After that had happened, I went downstairs to get my mind off of the experience. The very next day, after I had returned home, I searched this very web site to see if the Flamingo was listed and it was!




My Families Ghostly Experiences




I have always been slightly intrigued by ghosts and other outer worldly beings even sense I was really young. Mostly as a child I was just frightened by it all but still yet I was always curious. However it wasn't until I was about 13 or 14 when my mother, brother, and I all had to move into a new home that I was introduced to it all in a hurry.  Even the day we came to look at the house before moving I remember feeling like we wouldn't be alone.  Soon after moving in both my brother and I started seeing and feeling strange things. My mother has never had an experience other than what we have told her. For example one night I was trying to fall asleep and I saw what I made out to be a woman in a long dress (although it was slightly blurry) come into my room and stand at the bed just watching me. She stood at the end of the bed for a little while watching me watching her and then just turned and walked out the door. I wasn't really scared but I was unnerved by the situation.

Another night my brother awoke in his room to a young girl at the end of his bed trying to talk to him. He was very scared by this for obvious reasons, and he immediately called for my mother and I remember hearing him from my bedroom telling her that we had to move the very next day.  Since then we have grown to recognize the young girl and the woman as parts of the household. We see them at all hours of he day and just simply let them go on about there business.  We hear them come up and down the hallway and we even occasionally get followed by the little girl trying to play. Another occurrence I remember one night waking up at around 5am and hearing who I thought was my mother coming to my room I thought she was coming to wake me up for school or something I was slightly still sleep logged, I lay still and pretended to be sleeping while she came in and kissed me on the cheek I remember her wearing a very long night gown and wondering why she was wearing it but thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.  The next morning I asked her why she had done that and she said that it wasn't her. After thinking about it I realized that it had been the woman I had seen so many times. This was the only time that I had seen her and she seemed so REAL. It was also the only time that I was physically touched by either of the ghosts. I truly had thought that it was my mom coming in to see me. We have never felt threatened by either of these apparitions.

However there is one other that isn’t quite as friendly. My brother and I both have discussed seeing a man lurking in the corners of our basement. He is always chasing us up the basement stairs and appears on the other side of doors trying to scare us. Just the other day as I was running up the steps from him when he grabbed my ankle right when I got to the top step; I had to pull my foot as hard as possible to get out of his grip. He always chases us up the steps however; he never ever goes past the basement door.

Can anyone explain this?  I remember one other scary incident with him in which I was upstairs on the computer talking to my friends it was late at night around 2am and I heard a girl screaming from the basement. I remember being very scared and worried that it was the ghost of the young girl being harmed by the man in the basement. That very same night there was a heavy black cloud floating in my bedroom as I tried going to sleep. These are only a few of the things that have happened over the past 8 years of us living here. We have discussed many of the happenings and even though my brother and I have never seen these ghosts at the same time we are both able to describe the same exact beings. I am unsure of what any of these occurrences actually mean and if I am even truly scared by them but, I thought that they would at least be interesting for everyone to read and compare to.

Feel free to email me at with questions or comments on my stories.





My Father's Death





i just wrote to you about my ability to foretell of death. what i did not tell you was that, not only was i told  my father would be gone before my daughter's first birthday, but i was told how it would happen. my grandmother laid out the time, day, and events to a tee. i was told it would be on a friday, after nine, i would find him, i would have to tell my mother and two brothers, and we would be late getting there b/c the car keys would be missing. i had figured it was after nine in the morning since my mother would go to work by 8:30 and i usually went by around nine. well, i was wrong. the day he passed was friday oct.8, that morning went by with only the smell of peppermint (my dad's mother) surrounding me. that night we were all at an event held by the fire company my husband, brother, father, and daughter belong to when my brother received a call that my father was being taken to the hospital.

making a long story short, my brother and i left to go to my mother's, leaving our spouses and children behind. my mother and i then followed the ambulance to the hospital, my brothers stayed behind to make phone calls. at the hospital we, (my mother and i) were told my father would not make it, i made her leave the room and go outside. when i then returned to the room, leaving my mother waiting for my family to show, i was told my father was gone. i called my husband to find out where he and my brothers were, only to be told THE CAR KEYS HAD DISAPPEARED making them late. when they arrived i had to break the news to them that my father had indeed passed before they could make it to the hospital. it was only later, after talking with my sister-in-law with whom i had shared my grandmothers prediction months before that we had discovered everything she had said had come true. the time of my fathers passing was 9:16pm on friday, my car keys had disappeared, making my family too late to see my dad, i was the first to be told he was gone and i was left to tell them. two more wierd notes, my nephew saw my fathers mother in his driveway at the exact time my father passed, he told his mother not to hit the little old lady standing there, but she could see no one. the time, 9:16pm. second the doors to the hospital that led to the outside tarmac for the helicopter blew off their hinges when the helicopter, carrying another patient to the trauma center, took off. this was something that never happened before in the entire time they had landed the copter. the time this happened, you guessed it, 9:16 pm. oh yeah, my daughter was only 8 months old.



Not a Real Person




Im 16 and the story is a short story, but i swear its true, me and my friends tested the probability of being a real person and its impossible for what happened to be a real person, heres what i saw:

I was at Fort George, i do 1812 living history so alot of people dress up in the style of clothing, so when i first saw this ghost i thought it was an actual person. i was walking to the bathrooms and you have to pass by a yellow building once used by the officers of the time, theres a little block kitchen out the back of this yellow house, i had to pass by it to get to the bathrooms. i saw someone standing looking at me and it was a man wearing a outift like the rest of the people camping there. i waved thinking i knew him and i was going to go over ot say hello, thinking i knew him and as i got closer he disappeared around the corner. i followed fairly quickly, wondering where he was going and when i turned the corner he was gone. like i said my friends and i tested this and it would be impossible for him to have gone around the next corner before i gotten there, i must say this freaked me out a bit, my friends throughly believe me and i know Fort George is haunted so im actually quite excited that i witnessed this, im hoping you believe me to :)



Pork Pie Factory




In the 1980s I worked at a pork pie factory, on permanent nights. I was not keen on the job, but it brought home the bacon, pardon the pun.

The factory built in Victorian times was used for many years as a slaughter house, was situated next to a railway line, and if you arrived on foot, had to walk past a large fishing pond. It was very isolated.

 I worked in the jelly room, next to the ovens. In due course, a new jelly room was built on the site where the old railway sidings used to be. We happened to be the first shift to use the new facility. We worked in pairs, and on the first night I was working opposite a woman called Rita. All of a sudden Rita screamed,and was incoherent. As it was near break time we helped her to the canteen, and after plying her with hot sweet tea, found out what had frightened her so much. At first all she could say was "it was woolly" we asked what was woolly, and she told us that whilst she was working she kept brushing up against something woolly, she looked up and saw a very tall man wearing what she described as a "navy blue army greatcoat" she also said he was so tall she could not see the top of his head. He disappeared as she screamed.

We resumed work apprehensively, and nothing more occurred on that shift.

The next night I was working on a table opposite my work partner Joan. Now we had to wear  disposable plastic pinafores on top of our overalls, and Joan jumped back from the table uttering an oath. It was as if someone was standing at the back of her, pulling the knot of her apron strings backwards and forwards. We had to accept that something strange was going on.

Word soon spread through the factory, and soon the cleaning staff refused to go near the place, we found we had to do the cleaning ourselves.

The girls on the other shift to us had also some strange experiences, like their overall collars being turned up, and a feeling that some one was behind them.

Things came to a head when a huge stack of trayed up pork pies came tumbling down, and narrowly missed one of the girls. At this stage we asked one of the old guys who had worked there from school, if he knew of anything  which could cause all the strange happenings. He told us of an accident which had occured on the sidings just after the war. A young guy had taken a job after being demobbed, and had only been there a week when he was crushed to death by a railway wagon.

The most significant thing is that he had been de-mobbed from the navy, and the coat that Rita had seen was a reefer jacket. The guy was also exceptionally tall. The place where Rita had seen him was the place he was lain down and died before the ambulance arrived. The guy also told us that his name was Stan.

I don't think Stan had parted from this life willingly, as he was quite nasty at times, and his pranks not good humoured. He had a thing for tampering with the water supply, turning the taps on and off. Also we had great cauldrons of Jelly which had to be kept at a certain temperature. These often boiled over, spilling boiling jelly all over the place, despite us keeping a log of their temperatures. He also kicked Rita on the shins before our eyes, we saw the bruise form on her leg.

Eventually the place shut down, and its workforce dispersed. I got a job in the nearest town. As I got off the bus one night after work, an old colleague greeted me and told me the news that the factory had burned down.

Guess where the fire had started? In the Jelly room of course, and when the workmen had tried to put it out, the water supply had been turned off.

I think Stan has had his revenge.




The Most Comfortable House I lived in was Haunted




Hi my name is Michelle but everyone calls me Shelly. Well, where to start, I guess I'll start back in 1993. My children and I and my best friend Brina and her boyfriend Benny and my boyfriend Reggie moved into a house it was a row house. This house wasn't in the best shape but it would make due, because I needed a place to live. My oldest daughter Amanda at the time was yrs old, and my other daughter Kayla was yrs old and my daughter Candace was only 1yr old. After living there for about months things started happening. First they would only happen when I was home alone. I would first feel something, I would feel as if someone was there looking at me or following me down the hall upstairs, I would turn around and no one was there. The floors in the front room would creek and no one was in the room. My dog would bark at nothing a lot but sometimes she would bark but wag her tail and other times she growled with all her might and wanted to attack something. Later on things would happen when everyone else was home but they would be asleep, I would be the only one up. When I would tell them about what I heard they would laugh and think I was crazy. I remember one night, now me and my boyfriend would lay blankets on the floor of the living room to sleep at night. While Reggie was sleeping I had gotten up to get a drink, when I came back to lay back down there were these wet spot on the blanket, but the wet spots were only on the blanket I lay on, there no wet spots on the top blanket or under the blanket, how did the wet spots get there, I couldn't figure it out. Then another night I was cleaning and I wanted to get a movie ready to watch for when I was done. So I put the movie in the VCR and pressed stop then rewind, I did it that way because it rewinds faster. When I came back into the room the movie was playing but it was rewinding, so thinking nothing of it I pressed stop again and then rewind and went to finish my cleaning, but of course when I came back into the room there was the movie playing but rewinding. I would hear footsteps walking around upstairs, when I was taking a shower someone banged on the bathroom door really hard it scared me so I got out to see who did it so I could yell at them but no one out there. Little by little Brina started to hear things also and she would tell me about them. Of course our boyfriends didn't believe us. But at least she knew I wasn't crazy. The oneday my other friend Gail came over to visit. We were sitting in the kitchen having coffee. I washing dinner at the time. in my kitchen there is the basement door only one way in and one way out through the kitchen. As I was stirring the pot on the stove there came a real loud bang from the inside of the basement door, Gail jumped and screamed and I just stood there stirring. She looked at me and was like what was that Shelly? I said well I guess I should tell you I live with ghosts. She called her boyfriend to come pick her up she was that scared. She stayed away for a while until she finally decided to come back over to visit with me. Well, that night it was Gail and myself and two other people there, we were sitting in the living room no music on no TV on we were just sitting there talking about what was going on in this house. Well, when her boyfriend came over to  pick her up he came in and she told him about the ghosts and he said out loud, "There is no such thing as ghosts" as soon as he said that my bottle of secret flew straight up in the air off of my entertainment center and fell right in the middle of the living room floor. Everyone sat there quite.

Then oneday when I was home alone I kept hearing the footsteps and it was starting to irritate me. I was already frustrated because I had a lot of cleaning to do. I just stood up and yelled out loud, "Listen I don't mind you being here, but you can at least help clean up around here!" After I said that I walked into the front room the dryer was in there, and the dryer door was open and the clothes were in the clothes basket. I was amazed. Then I said laughing "You could have folded them for me" But  I did appreciate the little help they did. lol.  Now I feel there was more then one ghost in my house, and I feel there was an angry one also. I say this because one evening my oldest daughter for was yrs old came running down the stairs crying like crazy shaking, I've never seen her or any child so scared. She kept saying something black come into her room and was hitting her. I asked her what did it look like? Now she  is only 5 but she said nothing, it looked like nothing it was just black and it was hurting her. From that day on she never slept by herself until she was like 14.

We finally found another house that was in much better condition and decided to move out. When we were getting ready to leave with the last uhaul load I looked up at the house, I felt a feeling a sadness come over me I felt I didn't want to leave, as I looked up the bedroom window upstairs I watched the window shut. I felt that this wasn't the last time I was gonna be in this house.

 We moved and things were alright for a while, but after about 1yr things started going bad for me. To make a longstory short I  got evicted. You can never guess what house was open and ready for me? Yes, the same house I moved from. It was then 1996 and I moved back into that house. My neighbor told me that ever since I moved out only one family moved in and they moved right back out in 2 months. It felt as if this house was calling me. I couldn't understand how this house being so messed up holes in the floors and a lot of other things that were wrong always felt comfortable to me. Well, while we were there the something's were happening except for the black thing, that never showed it self or did anything to anyone again.

I stayed there until 1998 and I moved out again. I was gone until 2001 and ended up moving back in, sounds crazy huh. That house just calls me back all the time. I moved back out in 2002. I'd be out driving and for some reason I find myself driving past the house and as far as I know there still isn't anyone living there. I don't know if I'll be back again, I can't say that I won't.  Thank you for taking time out to read my story and if anyone would like to comment or ask a question I would be happy to know.  I did have a picture taken in that house which has a ghost on it but I'm still looking for it.



Tree of Tressider






This haunting may not be as severe or exciting as some of the others on Shadowlands, but it definitely freaked me out! Last night, two friends of mine and I went for a drive around. One of my mates had just gotten his P plates, so we deciding to go celebrate. Another mate of ours had told us about a tree his sister took him to see, that apparently had the face of a female on it. With the 3 of us being very interested in ghosts and the paranormal, we decided to go check out what all the fuss was about. We really had no idea what it was that we were, in fact, supposed to be looking out for. All we knew was that it was the "third tree from the end on the left hand side". So were driving down the street (Tressider Avenue, Haberfield), looking for the "third tree from the end on the left hand side". We were ALREADY freaked out at this point, not quite knowing what to expect. And then we saw it. We didn't only make out a face, we were able to make out the entire body! It was the freakiest thing we've ever seen! It looked like a cloaked female, with her hands meeting in front of her body. We could CLEARLY make out e facial details, even from about 20 meters away. And as we drove past it, we could even make it out from the SIDE of the tree. We got out of the car and took some photos, but they didn't turn out too well, as they were taken from a mobile phone. We are going to back with a digital, and video camera soon!




Von Mindens





I had a really wired experience at the Von Minden hotel in Schulenburg, Tx. Its very old and is said to be haunted by the Von Mindens. they lived on the third floor, they all lived to be very old and died naturally, but one woman who was staying at the hotel (a long time ago) killed herself after she found out her boyfriend (a soldier) had cheated on her. you can see her in her polka dotted dress. the hotel has a very old theater built on to the side of it, its been there just as long as the hotel, its very dark and mysterious, you can feel the energy. We took lots of pictures and there were different shaped orbs in each picture. the owners now are relatives of the Von Mindens and they are happy to answer any questions and to take you through all of the secret passageways!! Jamie form TX




Barnet Vermont




House on right before the bridge over the river The house faced the river and caught fire about 10 years ago.  In the 1800 a family lived there a little girl and little boy used a board to cross the river to attend school.  One day when the river was a little too high the girl slipped and fell the house in that room the girl slept in was haunted the door slammed shut, the room would get freezing cold, and things would move around in a threatening manner. My Aunt owned this house and my father experienced this first hand. 




Haunted House




When I lived in East Hartford, Connecticut  the house I had grew up in of

21 years was filled with all kinds of strange paranormal activity. One event was a very muggy summer night in July, I couldn't sleep my bedroom was so hot I had to turn the fan directly on me, then I got really cold and I was shivering so I put my blankets over me to keep me warm and I tired to close my eyes but I couldn't keep my eyes off my bedroom door almost as if I was expecting someone to enter my room. Then it happened, my grandfather had walked in who had been gone since I was 1 years old, he came in and yelled at me for having the blankets on me in the summer time the way I did. Then he threw the blankets on the floor and said I better not do it again and good night. The funny part was I wasn't scared! But the next night I slept in my parents room!

Another event which occurred in my old room was, one night I had been up late and I was watching tv I heard little children outside my bedroom window laughing. I got up to see who was out there and nobody was outside, this whole situation would have been fine if my bedrrom window wasn't located on the second floor. One last event that had also occured in the house was when my father had seen a woman dressed all in white standing in the family room. Everyone in the house was out and he was the only one home he was watching tv and gone upstairs to the kitchen to get a snack when he went back downstairs to the family room he saw a woman standing in the middle of the room and disappear. Thank you for listening to my story I could go on and on! Thank you, Andrea





Haunting in Pa




Bainbridge,Pa- I have been waiting to tell this I also have 6 other witnesses to this. There is a little camp site just over the train tracks from my house And there is a few swamps and all of that But the scariest thing is that there is a little grave stone no bigger than 1ft by 1ft in the ground.Well 1 day me and a friend went down to dig this grave up note I was like 14 at the time.Ne way we started to dig it up and not even one foot into the grave site we had a weird feeling as if someone was watching us.

But we continued to dig and we were like 3ft into this and we smelled something horrable like rotting animal. I told my friend I was not going to dig ne more and just as I turned and droped my shovel he struck it. He hit the casket.I ran for the hills.So the next day we returned and low and behold all the dirt was back on the hole.We could not belive our eyes.

From that day forward There is some thing in the woods that dosent want me or ne body around this particular area. A few of my friends have experienced it the ground gets warm. Some times the plants will die unecpectidly. In the middle of last winter there was 2 flowers growing there. These were not a flower that should be around in winter either.




Leather Jacket





This story happened pretty recently, about a week ago, and it is the strangest thing thats happened to me in my entire life. And being only 14, thats saying alot.

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I were driving to Paul Dever, the old mental state before Taunton State Mental Hospital was built. Now, even in the daytime, Paul dever is a very creepy and foreboding place. It has about 6 ( maybe more but I can only count 6 ) large buildings. Most of the windows are broken, its spray-painted, and on some of the buildings, bars are on the windows. All in all, the place is just down right scary. And being the idiot that I am, pursuaded my boyfriend to drive me there one night.

The back entrances to Paul Dever are blocked by large rocks. If you enter through the front way, you have to be checked by security, because some parts of the place are still in use. So, we parked near my aunt's street, and I had ridden bicycles down Paul Dever with my cousin a few summers ago, so I was familer with where the paved bike path led.

We walked side by side along the bike trail. It was breezy out, so I had on a leather jacket my brtoher made for me before he passed away. It had silver studs, and an Anarchy sign on the back. I always brought the jacket with me when I was going to do somthing like this, because I noticed, that before somthing bad was going to happen, I always felt a tug in a certain direction to run. Long story short, I felt safer wearing the jacket than I did holding my boyfriend's hand.

We were coming up to a park. It was where the sick children would play, and it was bordered by a large building, which was probably where the children were kept. My boyfriend was having a heart attack at the time, because I was right up next to a giant slide I rememberd playing on when I was aobut 5 or 6 and my grandmother would take me there to play during the day. I always had an intrest for old and abandoned things, and not scaring easy, it was the perfect place for me to romp and have fun.

I held up my digital camera as my boyfriend started to tell me to get back to him, because he not dare go off the paved bike path, let along 20 feet from a building in that place. So I took my picture, and got nothing. I deleted it and kept walking. We had a police issued maginum flashlight on us, and it cast a pretty decent glow. I wasen't scared, just jumpy, my boyfriend kept complaining that he had a bad feeling.

We walked a few quarter miles, and found another building. The door was caved in, and you could see where teenagers had spray-painted the inside. I stepped right up to the door, and took a picture, ignoring the threats given by my boyfriend if I entered. I reluctantly turned and kept walking with him, but I noticed I kept pulling my jacket tighter around me.

We walked around the place, nothing happened. We thought we heard stuff, but it was hard to hear over the crickets and peepers. We shrugged it off until we found an old game court, located directly between 2 buildings. I went to the one on my left, and immeaditly fell backwards. Somthing had, once again, pulled my jacket, so i went ot the side on the right, again, I was pulled back. I stood in the middle, and nothing happened. I flashed pictures, and noticed the building on the right was a fallout shelter with a Biohazard sticker on it. I finished up, and we decided to leave.

One of our reasons was, although at the time I would not admit it, I got the sense that somthing very bad would happen if we stuck around. We found out way to the bike path, and looked at one of the buildings that sent shivers up our spines. We stood there for a few seconds, just looking at our surroundings. Then we heard it. Coming from the building directly in front of us, a very loud bang. It sounded like a flat piece of wood you would put under your mattress, being thrown heavily, and hard, onto another pile of woods. Then we heard the screaming.

I've never heard anything like it, no animal or person could have made it. The first thing I thought of was 'Banshee'. I knew a loved one was going to die if we stayed around. I turned, my boyfriend just stared in horror, and I began to run.

He was always a faster runner than I was. But somehow, I past him, and he grabbed my jacket, looked me in the eye, and said we should keep a steady pace. I then heard the voice of someone I knew. My friend, Cory. I went to go back, to find him and see if he was alright, but my boyfriend grabbed my arm and held me back, remindingme of what I said to him before we entered.

I had told him I read aobut the 'Lolita'. They are spirits of women who search for their child, and can take the form of anyone. They are heard around the Maternity Ward, which was where I heard the cries from. They hypnotize you, and make you believe a loved on is in danger. I knew I had only come with my boyfriend, but still, if he haden't reminded me, I probably would have gone looking for Cory.

As we continued our walk, I had the feeling to not look back. And what do I do, looked back, and snapped pictures. I told my boyfriend of the feeling, and again we heard the cry of the banshee. I felt a suprisingly hard tug on my jacket, and it kind of dragged me foreward. My boyfriend and I ran. I've never ran so fast in my life.

Back in the car, we drack the coolatas we bought earlier, and he sped out of our parking spot. As we were passing, we heard the cry again. He drove faster. I looked out the window and saw somthing, running and moving bushes aside. I didn't look back, and I didn't tell him to stop, I just wanted ot get out of there.

Back at his place, I flipped through the pictures I had snapped. Nothing interesting, the typical orbs, white lights. Then I found the ones I snapped of the Fallout Building, and while we were walking back. There was a woman, in the window of the buildings. She reminded me of the woman from The Grudge, and I shuddered. I flipped past and looked at the pictures I took while we were running/walking. I almost dropped my camera. Around my left arm ( my dominant arm and where I held the camera ) was another arm. I recognized the outline as Charlie, my brother who had recently passed away. He was there with us, and if he haden't tugged my jacket all those times, the woman in the window, just might have gotten me.

My boyfriend was in the shower at the time I was looking through pictures, and when he got out I showed him. He shuddered and asked me to take my jacket off. I did, but was confused as to why. He took it, and examined the arm. There where faint marks, that his hand, and mine, were too small for. Then he examined my left arm, and noticed a nasty bruise where my brother supposedly was holding my arm. I remember the pull, and not having to really run because I was being dragged so hard. Then it hit me. He was protecting me from the banshee. From the loltia. If he haden't dragged me, I never would have gone anywhere.

Sadly though, a few days after that, I checked the bruises, and noticed they were gone. The phone rand, and a voice said to call Chris, and hung up. Chris was my other broher, and he was at his house with Jake, my third brother. I called Chris. He informed me Jake had been in a car accident, and died on impact. The banshee cry echoed in my head. I cried, and held the jacket close to me. Put it on even, and once I did, I felt the familar feeling of Charlie when he hugged me.

I have not returned to Paul Dever, and I don't plan to. However, my leather jacket stays on me all the time now, and has saved me, and my boyfriend, more times than ever since Paul Dever. I like to think of it as, Charlie and Jake are making sure, we are safe. Although the feeling of comfort disappears when we drive by Paul Dever ( it's on the way to my boyfriends house, no alternate routes ) and my boyfriend speeds up the car. Once I looked, and saw a glimpse of the woman in the window, looking at me through the fence. I'm never going back there again.

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