Haunted Places Listing


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I am writing in hopes that I can provide information regarding one of your Haunted listings in your database. But first, I'll give a little background on myself. I'm a 20 year old English Professional Writing major junior attending Slippery Rock University, PA (www.sru.edu). And I've never beleived in ghosts until this happened to me.

Early last Fall, my good friend told me about Snyder Cemetery in Butler County, PA and it's alleged hauntedness. He, our other mutual friend, and I decided to visit it one Friday night. We drove up to the entrance, parked his truck and brought a few lighters and a scented candle (the only things we had in the car that would emit light.) and ventured in.

We as a group innitially found nothing out of the ordinary in the way of activity. I however started hearing unhuman moaning coming out of the surrounding trees. My two other friends didn't hear them, however, when I asked them if they hear it, even as it was going on. Still skeptical, (it surely was some kind of animal, I told myself) I ventured around to the rusted iron gate in the back.

As soon as I opened the gate, I felt as if I had walked into a wall.

I've been in a life and death situation before (my arm was severed by a large peice of glass when i was young), and I know what it's like feeling/knowing that I may die. I had the same exact feeling as I walked through the entrance. I physically, for the first time that night, was scared. Beyond scared, petrified. It was now dark. I creeped forward and lit my lighter to read a gravestone. I couldn't read it because of my shaking and instinctual fear.

After about 15 seconds in the enclosed graveyard, I quickly exited.

Then the real problems started.

As I went back to my friends who were standing at the entrance, they both decided it was best to leave. Apparently they were bored. We walked out through the entrance, and got into his truck, a late 90's GMC pickup. The truck wouldn't start for about 5 turns of the key.

 Eventually it did start. Then the truck's headlights started flickering extremely rapidly but "randomly" from High to low beam; as if being controlled by a person. We started barreling down the gravel road, in fear of whatever it was doing this. Imediately we noticed that a dense, zero visibility fog had come around our truck. We could only see about 3 inches past the headlights, and only the outline of the road.

Burton road extends for probably about 2 miles either direction out of the cemetery. For that entire stretch, we had no visibility due to the fog,  and the truck's lights were behaving erratically as previously noted.

As soon as Burton ended, and we were on the main road, the fog dissapeared, and the headlights were fine and have been ever since. No areas that we drove through to get home had fog, and his lights haven't acted that way since.

I've returned 5 times with other friends. In summary, these are the things we have experienced:

Cell phones go out as soon as you get onto Burton Road. No service from 4 different providers, including Virgin, Nokia, Verizon, and Tracphone.

Drums. This is sometimes listed on other sites, but not on yours. Odd, "bassy" but wooden sounding drums are heard. Not like a bass kick drum, but more of a wardrum sound, playing simple war beats.

Sounds of heavy creatures, peoples, or whatever entities in the woods, snapping sticks, walking, in trees, etc.

When pulling out, a feeling of tugging or extra weight on the car. As if we were riding the brakes, or we had about 500 pounds in the trunk.

I hope any of this will be helpful in your listings on your hauntings.

Your listing:

Butler County - Moraine State Park - Burton Road -"Snyder Cemetery"

Red eyes will chase you out. Also, something else could chase you out.

It is Conrad Snyder who is haunting his family's resting place.





Don't Believe in Ghosts


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It's kind of weird, I don't believe in ghosts and all that stuff but some of the things on here kinda freak me out... the whole noises and stuff thing.. anyway...

What brought me here was a bad link out, but I read through anyway. I am from the northeastern part of Pa and saw the elmhurst road one. When I was a kid, maybe 14ish, we all used to go up there because of all the tales. A woman who was supposedly killed on "dead mans curve" on her wedding night, animal sacrifices, satanic rituals. One night while we were up there, we stopped towards the end (we came in through the scranton side) and the fog started rolling in pretty thick. We got back in the car to leave and started driving away and the headlights hit something in the woods with these bright green eyes, be it a deer or whatnot. It scared the f**k out of me. It was just weird, like the entire time we were there, we were being watched or something. Too many rumors abound that place. I have never heard of the one with the truck that is mentioned, but I'll be sure to pass it along tomorrow at work.

Thanks for putting up something like this. I know that it takes a lot of time and effort to do a webspace. It was informative.


Presence from Hell


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I have been reading the stories on this site for a while and I would like to

share one of the many experiences I've had. This was without a doubt one of

the most terrifying experiences of my life.

Now as a little bit of back story I have been aware of the other realm and

it's inhabitants all my life also my mother, her mother (my nana) and her

mother (my Great Nana) have as well. I have been in tune with the entities

that are among us my entire life. So, to say that this particular event

scared the hell out of me is saying alot. But I think the only reason it

scared me so much is just because it happened to someone I love and it hit

so very close to home. I want to make it very clear that I am in absolutely

NO WAY being dishonest, here is my story...

My boyfriend and I had just recently gotten together and had only been

dating a few months. We were housesitting his parents house while his

parents were out of town and we were sleeping in his parents room. Also we

had just gotten our dog (that was a puppy at the time) a week before. This

is all relevant to the story.

It was a Sunday and things had felt very different that day, not normal, and

I had taken a nap during the day which for me is just simply not something I

do. But it was a good thing that I did and I found out why later. As the day

turned to night, around 11 P.M. I tried to get my boyfriend to come to bed

with me. He was acting weird and said that he would be coming to bed really

soon. Now, like I said it was around 11 and anyway I went to bed and I ended

up jolting awake at 10 minutes till 5 in the morning. I remember because I

looked at the clock. Anyway my boyfriend had not not come to bed yet and all

the lights were still on in the house. But, I disregarded it and I laid back

down then I heard him coming down the hall and get into bed. When he laid

down he obviously sounded very tired and he said (in an almost dazed voice)

that there was a man outside the front window of the house that he and the

dog both saw this person and they didn't like the way the guy looked. He

also said that he had just taken a sleeping pill. Now, my boyfriend kept

telling me to look out the window. At this point I was getting freaked out

because my boyfriend says there is a weird looking guy outside and he just

took a sleeping pill. So I told my boyfriend I was going to call one of my

friends that is expertly versed in the ways of the supernatural, and when I

told him that he started saying "no, don't call her" and at that point I

immediately called her. Now while I was on the phone with her my boyfriend

shot upright in the bed and started repeating the phrase "when all the

lights go out" he just kept repeating it and then as he was half way through

saying the phrase his voice changed into the most demonic sounding voice I

have ever heard in my life. I have never moved so fast in my life, I turned

on all the lights and went to the living room. I was just watching the hall

to see if my boyfriend came after me. I was trying to decide if I should go

to my car but I was under the impression that someone was out there so I

felt trapped. But I finally got enough courage to get to my car (and I never

saw anyone outside and to this day i still firmly believe the man who my

boyfriend saw was the demon) as I sat out there trying to call one of my

friends to come to the house so that I wasn't alone my boyfriend kept

calling me from the house. Now, he kept saying on the phone that he couldn't

move, yet he was able to call me. Our dog was very small and in a big deep

box at the time he kept telling me that our dog was in the hall and

bleeding, that he was scared and he needed me. I knew things sill weren't

right and then before I knew it he was speaking and laughing in that demonic

voice again. Finally around 6 A.M. my friend showed up and he escorted my

into the house. When I got back to the bedroom my boyfriend was passed out

and I went up to him with my blessed cross, and remember he's passed out, I

opened his hand and everytime I got the cross two inches from his hand he

would close his hand. My friend saw that his eyes did not move and were

closed and he was not awake. If I had not had a witness there I wouldn't

believe it myself. Then as I turned my back and started to walk away he woke

up and started laughing in that voice and telling me to get out. Then I told

the demon that I was aware of what it was trying to do and then my boyfriend

passed out again so my friend and I left the house because i had to go to

work. Well later that day my boyfriend called me asking why our dog was in

it's box in the bathtub with the water running? I had not done that and he

obviously didn't do it either. But when I started talking about the events

of the night he didn't remember any of it. But he did talk to his mom and

she said that a same thing had happend to his dad many years before. I knew

that there was something in that house but what had visited that night was

NOT it.



Physical Ghost

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My Own Experiences in my House


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I live in  Spartanburg, S.C. in  a 1997 model mobile home. I bought the house from a repo place a couple of years ago . What I was told by the man who sold me the house was that an elderly man and his wife lived here and when he passed away in the house she could no longer stand to live in it, so she let it go back to the bank.

Since living here I have had many things happen to myself and my family. There will be loud knocks on the back door and no one there, knocking on the wall above my headboard. The clocks in both my kitchen and bathroom have changed time by themselves in the same night. He doesn’t like it when my boyfriend and I argue because when that does happen there will be knocks and one time 2 light bulbs in the same fixture blew out rather dramatically, sparks and all within minutes of each other. He is a pleasant type energy, he just likes his peace and quiet I guess. He moves things sometimes as well, I will find something in a place I know it wasn’t before.

Also most recently I awoke with a start because I felt an icy hand on my back. My boyfriend was sleeping peacefully with his back to me on the other side of the bed. Also you will see small lights in the house from time to time. I wish that I had a copy of the photos that I had seen of the house on the internet because there where several orbs visible in those pictures. That is what has happened thus far, hopefully you will find it of interest.





My House on 74th Street


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Well, we had a home  awhile back, it was built in 1912, the people we bought it from had, a generation of family who lived there.Anyway, this place needed alot of work, so my husband gutted the house and we basically re did the house.The day we started I was on a latter painting, my husband had to go to get something from the hardware store, I imediately felt someone behind me. It scared me alot. I have always had something around me wether its a spirit or ghost im not real sure but im not afraid i think its awesome.... But this was different ,it followed me in the shower once in awhile, I would here noises in my kids bedroom.I would go to see what it was and I swear to god I watched their toys litterally fly out of their TOY BOX!!!!!!  My husband was a little skeptical , untell our dogs ball flew up our slope of a floor in our bedroom one morning.Our dog was in the back yard at the time.It scared the hell out of him, and honestly he doesnt scare easily.Anyway come to find out, a man named Harry, the people that sold us this house, their son Harry died there in the living room.I still think though that kids had died there to  years ago. The toy box thing still freaks me out.                               thanks, Rhonda





Haunted Farmhouse


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Well I have read many many good stories here on this site and I figured it's about time I tell a couple stories of my own experiences.  I've had many experiences but I will post two of them that affected me the most, so here it goes:

I grew up on a farm and I had step brothers and sisters.  We lived in this old farm house that had 4 bedrooms up stairs and I had shared a room with my step brother who is about a two years younger then me.  It was 1986 and I was 17 when this happened.  Our room was a small one but we had two beds in there and the way I had my bed was at the foot end of my bed was towards the bedroom door, and the my head was about two feet from the wall because I had a couple rifles, a .22 and my 32 Winchester special.  The night this happened I was sleeping on my belly with my arms under my pillow, and something woke me up.  It wasn't a noise, or light, maybe it was a dream but I woke up and kind of pushed myself up a little bit with my arms to look at the door.  When I looked, there was this figure, a dark shadow or better yet like a silhouette  and for some reason almost telepathically I learned that it's just one of my sisters (their room was straight across from mine on the other side) is just bring in one of the cats to sleep with me because the cat was keeping them up (we had a lot of barn cats that weren't allowed in the house).  So I turned back around the way I was before I "woke up" and laid my head back down and I expected the cat to be put on my bed and the feeling that I got was a very very comfortable feeling, like 'everything is ok'.  A few seconds later I felt the weight of the cat snuggled up to my side, like it was half on my bed and head and paws on my kidney area of me.  I woke up a couple more times feeling this kitty cat still next to me, I was going to reach around and pet it but I didn't want to wake her up.  After a good night of sleep I woke up and I couldn't believe that the cat was STILL on my bed and partially on my side.  So I reached my arm around and I did NOT find a cat on my bed with me, I found my .22 rifle laying across my back!  I was totally confused by this.  I wanted to confirm that it was NOT me who put my rifle across my back, so I put it back where I had it before I went to sleep and to be able to get at it I would have to have gotten on my knees and reached way over to the corner, and with one arm grabbing it and I couldn't lift it up at that angle.  Of course nobody had believed in me, so I just never tell this story except for now.

For my next story I'm going to say something first as it relates to my story.  I have what is know my some "sleep paralysis", I'm sure a lot of you know what this is, when you wake up and you are mentally awake but you cannot move.  This is a VERY terrifying experience.  I have heard many theories on this and the one that makes the most sense to me is by Sylvia Browne.  She says while you sleep, your soul leaves it's vehicle (your body) and goes wondering around to various places.  As a result, your body wakes up but you can't do ANYthing about it because your soul isn't back from it's journey to wherever.

One with the second story:

After we had sold the farm my family moved into town, Ashland Wisconsin.  I decided that if I wanted to make it in life I had to go to college so I stayed in this house my parents bought which was very old, not sure what year it was built but it was one of the first ones built when the town started.  My room was a very small room, about the size of a large bathroom but it worked.  The year was 1993 and I stayed there through out my college years 'til I graduated.  One night, again I was sleeping on my belly and I was in a very deep sleep.  Something woke me up, not a noise or light, everything was as dark as it could get.  It woke me up enough where I sat up and I was staring towards my door, I couldn't see my door it was so dark.  I was wide awake and I kept looking at it, almost as if I was in a trance of some sort.  All of a sudden, I got this telepathic like communication that told me that "everything is ok, you don't have to worry".  This feeling is the most bizarre feeling as if someone's mind is with my mind talking to each other.  So then I was told to lay down and don't be scared, then I got this extremely comfort feeling so I laid back down except this time I laid down on my left side.  Then I felt someone or something's hand around my neck and it started to squeeze, and then it cocked my head over the side of my bed by my neck.  Mean while  I tried my HARDEST to yell or scream to wake someone up but all that would come out of my mouth was a little girgal sound that no one could here except for myself.  This was extremely terrifying, then I had the feeling of high voltage electricity that make this humming and buzzing sound and feeling through out my entire body.  I then woke up in the morning in that exact same position that it left me in.

So those are the somewhat short versions of my two stories, I have many more like them.  Thank you for taking the time to read them, I tried to make them as short as possible.  You can email me at cemorse@charter.net if you want to share a story or have anything like my experiences that you would like to talk about.






College Years




During my college years, my brother and I lived in an old brownstone in south Minneapolis.  The apartment itself was large and sublevel with 2 bedrooms.  From the moment we moved in, we knew there was something wrong.  On nuimerous occasions, I saw someone in my hallway, moving across the rooms, out of the corner of my eye.  I always thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me initially, but then stranger things began to occur.

We began to have out television turn itself on at night.  The stereo would do the same.  I would be sleeping at night and it would jsut start blaring. 

My bedroom was the worst.  It was uncomfortable, I became afraid to sleep in there, I could not describe the feeling.  I began sleeping out in the living room on our futon.   Finally, I told myself to stop with the silliness and resigned myself to sleep back in the bedroom again.  I did so, very uncomfotably for a few nights, only to be awoken one night by a man's disembodied head hovering above me,smiling.  I still very clearly remember it.  I screamed as loud as I could and took off out of that room, and never slept in it again.  We moved out after 6 months of living there.



My Daughter's Helper


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One night, early in the morning hours, my daughter wakes up because someone is calling her name.  The voice is calling, "Mrs. Browning,.....Ms. Browning.   She wakes up, looks around.......nobody there.  The next night, again in the early morning hours, the baby wakes her up coughing.  As is the norm in her house, she takes baby into the living room, where she decides to put some vapor rub on the baby to help ease the coughing, stuffiness.  There is very little vapor rub left in the jar, and my daughter decides she will probably have to make a visit to the doctor's office the next day.  About 3 a.m., my daughter wakes up because her eyes are burning, and her arm.  The baby is lying on her chest still asleep.  She finds herself covered in vapor rub, even on her eyes, in her hair and on her arms.  When she checks the baby, there's a glob of it on the back of her head, and it's in her ears, and arms as well.  She looks over at the side table by the sofa where she left the jar of vapor rub, and it is not there.  She searches the sofa cusions as well.  No vapor rub jar.  As she picks the baby up and heads to the bathroom to take a shower,....there in the middle of the living room floor is the jar, lid closed, jar as empty as it was before.





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 I came across the old hospital about 19 or 20 years ago while riding my dirt bike in the woods. I had no idea what it was. I walked through every room of every one of the three large buildings that were there. You would not believe the things that were left behind, a old army surplus X-ray machine, still in the box. I came across still full bottles of medication, the type with the alum. top with the cork center, for the injection needle. I still have the med. bottle. At that time, you could safely go through just about every room in any building. But since that time the buildings have been burned. I've been told it was by the Monson fire dept. using the building for practice, but I don't

know for sure.

 Also, there is another place in Monson that is haunted. If I remember the address corectly, it's on main St.. From what I was told, it's the house originally ouned by the former ouner of Zero corporation. A very old manufacturing Co. in Monson. After they moved, it became a nursing home. This was a very long time ago. After that, the house sat unused for a very long time. Untill two local builders thought of turning it into a bourding house. At that time I was working second shift in a machine shop in Monson. I met the two while having a beer after work, and they were looking to have someone who might be interested in living there cheap, to keep an eye on the place nights. As they had a lot of tools and things in the house. I was tied of traveling from Springfield to Monson every day, so I agreed to move in. They had completed the renivations on the southern top floor. So that is the area I moved into. It consisted of a large room that I used for a kitchen and living room, a sliding door that led into another large room that I used for a bedroom, and a door that led out to a hallway. Just into the hallway, was a small bathroom on the right. The bathroom comsisted of a small sink, a toilet, and a bathtub with a shower. Ther was also a small window which overlooked the back yard of the house and the old horse barn. because on the landscape, this window was three story's high. The lock on this room was only a eye bolt, and hook type. So once you went in and locked the door, it could only be unlocked by someone in the room. if it was forced, you couldn't close the door and then lock it behind you. On the first occation, I had gone in the bathroom, shaved, and then began to shower. Half way through my shower, the water preshure dropped and the water turned ice cold. I rinsed off as fast as I could, and turned off the water. I then heard the sound of water still running. I then opened the curtin and saw the door was still locked from the inside, but the hot water was on in full in the sink. This was a old style sink, like a outside fousit that you can turn maybe four or five complete revolution from full on to full off. It was full on. For about a week after that I kept telling myself that I must have left the sink on before getting in the shower, but I also NEW I didn't. Well a week or so later, the same thing happened again, and believe me, I made sure the water was off before takeing a shower after the first time. This time, as soon as I felt the water pressure drop, and the water was like ice, I ripped open the curtin, and again the sinks hot water was on full, the door was locked from the inside, and there was no way anyone could have come through the window, because on both occations, the window was locked from the inside.

 I moved out shortly after.

 If you know anyone who would be willing or able to anolise the contense of that Med. bottle that I found at the old hospital, I would be willing to let them do it. Let me know.



Martin Home


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There is a large home in Martin that I lived in for 20 years.  It used to be a carriage stop.  The first day I was moving in, there was a woman in a black high collared dress peering out at me and my Mother, the curtain was being held back, and she was fiddling with the broach on the collar of her dress.

Once inside the house, it appeared to be a bundle of gray dusty rags floating in the air close to the ceiling, it swooped down under a doorway, and went out thru the window.

It has been seen many times in the road in front of the house, a man in a black coat with a high collar holding a lantern and swinging it back and forth as if to lead the way for persons passing thru.

Sleeping on the couch one afternoon, a little girl in a blue dress was standing in front of me, I could not see her face, but she seemed real sad.

Lying in bed at night and sometimes in the morning, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, you can't move, you feel a weight that holds you still, all you can see is the boots of a large man, he looks into every bedroom, and then goes back downstairs.  You can then move.  In the parlor you can hear a party going on, and while that is going on, you hear a baby crying.  When my Mom and I were sitting in the dining room, we both saw objects being thrown across the laundry room.  You feel cold, and get goose bumps throughout the house. 



Just Another Unforgettable Day


By: elvisno.1@juno.com


Well, I have been addicted to your site since I first came across it - I am really into this kind of thing and have shared it with a few of my friends - so, thanks - it's nice to know you are not alone....no pun intended.

Okay, I kept thinking over and over I should write, but I haven't been able to decide which experience to share.  I myself have been able to sense paranormal activity and have actually even communicated starting at a very early age - just for a little background on myself. 

This particular incident happened about a year ago at my friends' house (which by the way she is going to have an investigation done this fall because of her home being haunted), she had a physic come and do tarot card readings.  This was on a Friday evening and there was around 15-20 people present.  Not everyone was able to get their reading done because it was going well into the night - I was the last one to have a reading done.  Needless to say, we all were tired and the physic had finished my reading and left.  Now, we previous to this had discussed how in her home we will see movement out of the corner of our eye, cabinet doors being open in the kitchen when no one is around to open them and even the stereo turning on full blast when no one is even near the basement to cause this.  I have also gotten this very distinct presence of an older male in his late 60's and a younger one in his late 20's.  Her 10 year olds son came to me about his friend "spectre" who he sees from time to time all throughout the house - "spectre" is who I believe is the younger male I sense, he is dressed in a civil war uniform according to her son - let me state that her husband and myself do not believe either one of these are evil and will cause no harm.  Back to that night, my friend, her husband and myself were sitting in their living room discussing the evening and our readings when I started having one of my "feelings".  Now it's not easy to explain these "feelings" that I get, but when I get them anyone who knows me, knows these are no joke.  It's an VERY uncomfortable feeling that comes over me,  I turn a ghostly shade of white, my heart pounds fast, I start to pace and I start shaking my hands, almost in a way like I am trying to shake something off and the only thing I can concentrate on is what I am "feeling" at the moment.  This time however was unlike any I have ever had before.  The feeling was so overwhelmingly strong - I actually started becoming taken over with this feeling of love, comfort and joy - almost like I could burst with happiness - the only thing that was totally amazing is the message was for her and or her husband.  All I could do was stand in the middle of the living room and smile and proceed to tell them that "all will be okay", "don't be afraid" and try to share the enormous amount of relief, joy and love that I was feeling coming with this message.  Now, while this is happening I started seeing the person this message was coming from, at first they both thought it was someone different they were related to.  Then we realized it wasn't a grandfather or uncle, it seemed to be the elderly man I always sense was around.  He was a smaller man, maybe 5'10, wore a brown felt hat, a light brown and tan tweed jacket with brown pants and brown dress shoes - his outfit reminded me of something my grandfather would have worn to church in the 1950's.  He was ecstatic that he was finally able to communicate with someone and share with them to not be afraid in their own home.  While I am in my zone and they are somewhat freaked out - they told me they felt the feelings I was expressing to them and that the whole time though the hair on the back of their necks stood at attention and their bodies were covered with goose bumps.  The crazy thing is it was over almost as quick as it started - the experience left us smiling and yet a little bit of mind blown.

Thanks again for having a site where we can share our experiences and for letting me share mine with others who believe.





Haunted Colorado



By: coloradogirl14@comcast.net



The following ghostly experiences occured during a recent family vacation to Colorado Springs.  While they are not concrete evidence of the paranormal, they do offer strange coincidences...

The first experience comes from Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  Miramont Castle is an old Victorian mansion that has been restored for people to view.  It is also reported to be haunted.  While wandering through the mansion, we came to a room known as the solarium, which used to be an operating room when the mansion was used as a tuberculosis ward by the Sisters of Mercy.  My sister sat down in a chair and reported difficulty breathing, like her throat was being constricted.  It lasted for a few seconds, and then disappeared.  My mom chalked it up to the altitude, since this was our first full day in the mountains.  However, it had not happened before, and my sister did not complain of it afterwards.  After a while, we went up to the gift shop on the fourth floor, where we ended up talking to the woman behind the register about ghostly encounters in the castle.  My dad mentioned that my sister had had trouble breathing.  The woman told us that other people had experienced that as well, and then proceded to tell us this story:  When the Sisters of Mercy were running the mansion, a nun had hung herself in the solarium.  The same room where my sister had had difficulty breathing.

Our other encounter came from driving up through the mountains via Gold Camp Road, which is also reported to be haunted.  People have reported seeing mysterious handprints on their cars while driving through the tunnels.  We drove through the tunnels, but we didn't see any handprints appearing on the windows, and didn't notice anything strange.  We arrived at Cripple Creek for lunch, and then went out to a local cemetery.  It was at this point that my dad went around to the back of the car to get a fresh video tape out of the trunk, and saw something unusual.  On the window was the clear outline of four fingers, starting from the bottom of the window.  It was as if someone had taken their hand, caked it in dirt, and pressed their fingers against the window.  The entire outline was filled with dirt.  The rest of the car had been splattered from the road, but nothing like the finger outlines.  We determined that the print did not belong to any of us.  Upon closer examination of the car, we found another handprint on our left taillight, which looked like someone had been clawing at the back of our car.  There were a few finger prints, a palm print, and a thumb.  My sister found a couple of small prints on her window as well, one of which did not appear to come off.  We cannot be sure of the origin of these prints, but all we can say is that the hands are not ours, and the prints were not there before we got onto Gold Camp Road.



Douglaville Ga


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We live right down the street from grey rd. and have been there several times. I have sevaral different experences, one time we had about 6 people in a large jacked up truck sitting off the road beside the bridge and the truck started shaking tremendously we all felt it. On other nights we would be sitting in the same place and would have the lights cutting off and on, sometimes the car would even go dead as we were just driving by slowly. The last time I went it was halloween 2004, it was myself , my boyfriend and another couple. We had parked in a new neighborhood that they are building (have been for quite a while)  beside the bridge and barn, my boyfriend got out and was looking around and are lights kept cutting out.He Thought we were doing it on purpose and wanted to leave. so we got in the car and we were leaving we went down to the stop sign and decided to turn around one more time. we were going about 25 mph when we heard something running toward us very fast the only way i can descibe it is it was like a horse running at us kicking up leaves and breaking sticks .IT sounded like it was about to come through the car but we couldn't see anything We all started freaking out and took off.We got half way down the mile rd and decided to go back to see what it could have been there was Nothing there.We have not and will not go back. Grey Rd is 100%  really haunted



Ghost Storys


By: margaret.bloor@ntlworld.com


Hi i have been reading your storys on the net and am so glad to find it  I have a few storys of my own i will tell u just one for now hope you all like it

When I was just 3 years old I saw my frist ghost it was of a family friend that had just died I had to go to nursery so i nevr got to say goodby until the day after when my mum took me down to see chris I was sat on his knee giving him a big hug when I saw sharon his dead wife I said I thought that sharon was with her baby and my mum and chris both said she was but i told them they were wrong and that sharon was stood by the window my mum just kept saying no she is not now be quite until I said that she was stood there in a red dress and a white shawl and all she wanted was to say goodby to me and chris and to tell us both she will always be with us and she has kept her word to this day as i always see her even though i am now 27  i hpoe u like thisif i see it on your site i will send more  



Ghost Haunting


By: occozzybamfan1@csonline.net


Yes, my name is Jamie  and I live in a rural town, a college town, called Clarion, PA.

With that said, let me tell you of the most FRIGHTENING experience I have EVER gone through in my entire life dealing with ghosts.

When I was younger, we lived at a residence in which I live 4 blocks from at this moment. And, within this PRECISE home, we had hauntings on a regular, daily basis.

The hauntings were so bad, that I would wake up with unexplained bruises and scratches on my face, neck and back, while ALSO being woke up out of a dead sleep by something choking me. (NO JOKE!)

My brother would wake up in the middle of the night, and there would be a entity standing near his closet door. He would jump, startled, get out of his bed, and turn to look in the mirror, and there was a entirely DIFFERENT entity staring back at him. It was a man, with a beard and a weird looking hat.

That's just the beginning!!!!

We would hear footsteps EVERY SINGLE NIGHT walking up and down the hallway staircase, and once in a while, we would hear DEFINITE scraping of feet on the floor. (After we would hear the noise, we would attempt to go down the stairs, only to be frightened by the bones that we would feel pertruding from the walls. (ALSO, NO JOKE!)

The ghosts were so scary, we left one day to go to a family outing, and before we left, we made sure that our house cat was well taken care of with his food and water. We made sure ALL the doors were SECURELY shut and the windows and what not were all locked.

When we came home, we couldn't find our cat, which name was Fuzzy. As a last resort, we checked the basement. And, NO LIE, there he was, with a chain wrapped around his neck, hanging. NO ONE broke in, ALL the doors were locked and bolted, and NO windows were broke into.

The final straw was when we heard THE most LOUDEST noise one night around 12:30-1AM coming from outside of our bedroom (My sister and I shared a room),..and we ran to go see what it was, and our door was LOCKED! Mind you, we had NO LOCK on our door. Finally, after begging God to help us REPEATEDLY, the door opened. (After about 15 minutes of crying and screaming.) Then, we ran to our parents room only to be grabbed and told to start heading down the stairs. Our parents were FREAKED OUT! We caught a glance for about 2 minutes into their room only to see a BLOOD SPOUT streaming from one side of their bedroom wall, to the other. (NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!)

That was enough for all of us! The next day, my mother and father decided to look for another house to move to. Needless to say, within 5 days, we were SIGNED and ready to go!!!!!!

I still worry about who lives in that house because I have known EVERYONE who has lived in there before and they have experienced similar hauntings and booked as fast as we did. Now, there is a family living in their and I am too afraid to ask them about it.

I still believe that the house is TOTALLY haunted and I still feel as though it should be investigated. It would ease my mind just to know that we aren't crazy and that it is what we say,.....a DEMON HAUNTED HOUSE.




The Shoe


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Im Laura and Im 13 years old. I strongly believe in the paranormal. After my experience i have grown to believe in them more. I knew something was in the room with me that night. I could feel it. I didn't know where it was though. I was probably about 9 when it first happened. At school we had been telling silly little ghost storys. The stupid ones that aren't scary which are made up. I could feel something tickling me. It was strange. I thought it was just me because of the ghost stories at school. It wasn't. I went underneath my covers and waited. I heard a sound that sounded as if someone was moving stuff around. I wanted to look and see what it was but i didn't dare. I was to scared. All of a sudden I heard a loud screech. I jumped out of bed. Nothing was there. I knew where it had come from. I looked in my wardrobe. Everything had been moved around. A small shoe was left at the bottom of my wardrobe. One I had never seen before. I kept it under my pillow so if anything came back for it I would feel it. A few weeks later I felt a hand touch my hair. It pulled it slightly. Then it pushed my head to the sight. My head hit the wall. I woke up and it was there above me. I white face with black eyes. I'll never forget the eyes. It slowly faded away into nothing and dropped its shoe on the floor. For some reason it looked depressed. After that I felt strange. I don't know if it was just me or if it was the ghost but i kept seeing it and hearing it. I heard voices saying. I'm coming fotthe shoe tonight, then it would never turn up. Or give me the shoe or you'll die in your sleep. I carried the shoe with me everywhere but when i turned round to give him it he was gone. It was playing mind games with me. I started ti hate leaving the house. I sat in my room all day waiting for it to come. On the night it did come. Strange things happened. Whenever u opened my mouth the speak i just screeched. My eyes went blurry. I cried blood from my eyes. The ghost took his show but decided not to leave me alone.

As a grew older the ghost followed me more. He used to make me lose my breath. He followed me and used to do everything i do. I asked him to leave once. He looked at me. He said no... now your trapped. I was trapped? He had hold of me. I started to like him being around which was weird. All though it did make me cry lots i enjoyed watching him doing everything i do. He hated this. This destroyed him. The more I laughed at him the more he faded away and grew weaker. Till one day he whispered his last words.... This isn't over and dissapeared. Now im waiting for his return.



The Eavesdropper


By: csouder@bgnet.bgsu.edu


My name is Cristi and I live in Toledo, Ohio. When I was seventeen years old, my best friend Jenni and I would drive around the Toledo area all day hanging out after school.  She was seeing a boyfriend of two years named Will.  Will was a wild one, and Jenni's mom had forbidden Jenni from seeing him.  We drove around so that Jenni could secretly see him. 

By 1995, Will had taken up residence in Bowling Green, twenty minutes south of Toledo.  He had many friends there and in Toledo. Then tragedy struck. Around November 24, 1995 (I don't know exactly the date), something had upset Will, and he drank a large amount of alcohol, after which he decided to go on a joy ride with four other friends.....a joy ride at a hundred miles an hour down a curvy road.  He died instantly on impact with a utility pole, along with Amy,who had been in the front seat. The accident report was printed the next day in the Toledo Blade's borderland Second News Section, but Jenni and I found out about the accident an hour after it happened from a friend who had survived by being thrown from the car. 

Jenni and I decided to break the news to our circle of friends personally, in case anyone needed a hug or a shoulder to cry on.

We knocked on all the doors, and told everyone the bad news.

However, Monica was grounded and no one was allowed to see her.

So we had to call her on the telephone.  We went to Jenni's house and I was on one phone, and she was on a second one.  We dialed Monica's number and waited as the phone rang.  All of the sudden, Will's voice broke through the rings.  He was doing one of his famous cartoon character impressions that he had routinely done in life.

These impressions seeemed to immediately cheer anyone up who was down.  All of his friends loved it, and the cartoon voices always seemed to make everyone feel better when he did them.  He truly had the gift of laughter.  And he was actually trying to comfort us from beyond the grave with his sense of humor.  The voice said: "Fast as fast can be you'll never catch me! Tee Hee Hee!!"  which was one of his favorite Loony Toons phrases. As soon as the voice loudly appeared through the telephone line, it quit, and the phone went back to ringing.  Monica finally answered and heard the terrible news. 

Since then, Will's voice had mysteriously shown up in random places in our previously recorded music mix tapes.....in those recorded BEFORE he died! His voice showed up in the middle of songs saying "Luv Ya" or "What's up, dudes?"  I can't explain an apparent EVP recording over a tape made before a person's death....a tape that was not ever recorded over again, by the living anyway.  One day we just dusted off the old mix tapes to reminisce, and upon playing them, there he was, clear as day, cutting into the music here and there. The last apparition was in 1997 or so.  I hope he's found peace.   




Teachers Experience


By: jonny.lavin@ntlworld.com


A while ago me and my friend were doing a project for school and we got to choose what we did, so we did Ghosts and Hauntings and we used this site and it helped us loads, but anyway, while we were working our substitute came over and saw what we were doing and he asked us if we had ever seen a ghost, I think I've heard a ghost crying but I wasn't to sure and my friend hasn't seen anything, but my sub said that he had seen one, he said that when he went to look after his nephew once he saw something, he said that he went round to his brothers house and while his brother and his wife were getting ready his nephew came downstairs and told his dad that he had seen "the man with the big hat and the funny glasses" upstairs, my teacher asked his brother what he was on about and his brother said that he had seen the ghost again, my teacher didn't belive him but his brother said he'd seen it upstairs, then when his brother and his bro's wife had gone his nephew who was only 5 wanted to play football in the garden, so as they were going through the kitchen his nephew said that "the man with the big hat and funny glasses" was behind my teacher, he freaked out and was scared to death, he said he wanted to just go out of the house but made himself turn around, he said that he saw a gas like form that had a pilots hat on(an old one not a helmet like todays) and that the thing was wearing big goggles, he later found out that his brothers house was built on an old airfeild, the story freaked us out!!!





By: cecelia2005@msn.com


I have lived in present home for 30 yrs. When I go thru certain spots in the house I feel cold-there is a presence that you can feel. The ghost of a blond haired boy has presented himself to my children.who are now adults. but still speak of playing with the blond ghost, named Bobby. My ex husband,who believes in nothing,swears there is a ghost here that doesn't like men. He was by himself here one night in the rec room when a piece of the ceiling fell,barely missing him.a few seconds later,he said he heard something in the adjoing bath,which turned out to be a split in the glass shower door, from on corner to the other. I did get a picture about a year ago that is like a glare of light.I believe there is a man & a boy here that looks over me. I consider them my "angels".At the time of the incident with my ex, the children & I were living elsewhere,when we came back my husband had no more incidents,so he came to the conclusion it did not like men. The ghosts have been quiet for some time now,but when things get in a turmoil here ,they don't like it & will be back.




My Stories


By: igrassini@hotmail.com


First I love your Web site. I've read all the ghost stories and it's got the best site on the net.

My first story is not really about a ghost, it's more about a spooky dream I had that came true.

When I was about six or seven months pregnant with my son I had a dream about my next door neighborhood telling me she was pregnant with a baby boy who was going to be here in January (the dream happened in April). When I woke up that morning, I didn't think much of this dream since I had so many crazy dreams during my pregnancy. A few weeks later, I was in my front yard talking with that same neighbor while she was watching her daughter play in the sprinklers. She told me that she just found out she was pregnant and due in January. I couldn't believe it. I had to sit down when she told me this. I told her about my dream and she couldn't believe it either.

About three or weeks went by and I had another dream about the same neighbor, this time is was not a good dream. I dreamt that her husband came to my front door and told me the baby is no more (he spoke in the same way their three-year-old daughter talked). After I woke-up I kept this dream to myself, because who wants to hear bad news like that. The only person I told was my husband who laughed at me for being a weirdo. A few days later, my husband called me at work to tell my this same neighbor had been bleeding and cramping all day and her husband had taken her to the hospital and he (my husband) was watching their daughter for the afternoon. I was stunned. My neighbor did end up miscarrying (don't be sad, she got pregnant again a few months later and gave birth to a healthily baby girl the following October). I never did tell her about my second dream.

My other story is kind of another kind of spooky dream regarding my deceased mother.

My mom passed away when I was very young (19). The night before she passed away I was at my boyfriend's house (now my husband). I was taking a break from spending time with her at the hospital (she had been sick for many years and in and out of the hospital most of my childhood). We were watching something on TV and I fell asleep on his sofa. I started dreaming that I was talking with my mom (she was in a coma at the time). In the dream she was lying down on our old couch (in the house I grew-up in) and we were talking about her being sick and having to leave me and my brother. She told me that everything was going to be ok. I don't remember much about the conversation, but I felt very comfortable talking with her and we talked for a while. Then all of a sudden, she yelled at me to wake-up and go home. Then I suddenly woke-up and saw that the time was past midnight. My mom hated me being out past midnight. So, I went home and the next day my father pulled the plug on her life support. It's been over 10 years, but I will never forget that dream. It still give me comfort to this day.

Thanks for reading my stories



My Ghosts


By: Shellgroff912@aol.com


i actually have 2 stories, some people call them hust that too, stories. i will tell them to you and let you make your own decision.

1. when my daughter was only 4 we lived in an old house. at night i would hear a sound like a bouncing ball in the hallway. the next morning i asked my little girl about it and she said it was her friend. i figured she made that up so she wouldn't get in trouble.after a few more nights of this i looked in the hall to catch her and no one was there. a few days later i asked her about her friend. she said he was looking for his daddy and he was a police man. one night she came to my room and said she smelled smoke, i went to her room and i breifly smelt it too. it was like someone was burning wood a few blocks away. i didn't smell it outside. she said her friend told her the upstairs was on fire. we lived in a single story home.. anyway, after a long investigation with the libraries help i discovered the house used to be 2 stories and the residents were a 6 year old boy and his father who was infact a police man, their house caught fire one night from a heater and the top floor burned. the man died from smoke inhalation becausse he went back in looking for his son. he didn't find him before he died. the boy died in his sleep from smoke. this was in mississippi           

2. a few years ago we move to san antonio texas. a friend came from florida and i took her to the ripleys haunted house downtown. we love a good scare. you tour dark halways with things running across your feat and people whispering in your ear, all of the greatest scare tactics... half way through i heard a small child tell me.... i'm lost.. i whispered back that i would help her/him. the voice was low so i dont know if it was a girl or boy. the child held onto the back of my shirt. remember it is very dark and i never saw the child except for a dark shape, the same as my friend in front of me just smaller. i felt the tug on my shirt all the way to the end of the tour.. then b4 i could turn around i heard the voice again. this time it said thank you. i turned and no one was there. i assumed it was a stage act and spoke to the girl working there. i told her that was an awesome touch. she told me there was no act like that and asked the manager. he thought i was making it all up and asked me to leave. i believe someone reached out to me to help them. maybe it was an actor, i dont know. but when i left my shirt smelled like baby powder and had that smell all the way home. my friend didn't hear the voices but noticed the smell.

thanx for having this sight. it is nice to know that there are people out there that dont think you are crazy..one quick question? at night i hear my name being whispered and when i turn around i notice a light moving, kinda like when u look to long at a light bulb. i turn back around and see the light coming back out of the corner of my eye. sometimes i play around and go to the door, and it seams like it peaks around the corner at me. i never hear any other sounds, nothing breaks or anything else like in the movies but for a week the stove timer would go off at different times in the morning. never the same time. finally i got up and said out loud.. this isnt funny, i have to get some sleep. i will play tomorrow... my husband laughed for days at me, but it never happened again.

who knows maybe i am loony, i dont think so. i would like to know what you think if you have time,



Family Haunts


By: tallinmydreams@yahoo.com


My family on my fathers' side have always talked about things they've seen or felt - it used to be funny when I was younger listening to them tell their stories then watch fully grown adults act like frightened children and have to be escorted by one or more of us children to their cars so they could go home.  I have seen things that spooked me or at the least, made me stop and wonder.  Certain places will cause an uneasy feeling, some so much I will drive completely around the spot to evade it.

The one story from my family that has stuck in my mind involves my Uncle Charles: when in France towards the end of WWII, Charles was driving his truck, alone, down an unfamiliar road, paying close attention to the possibility of snipers.  For some reason, he felt a great urge to look over to the passengers seat (which was supposed to be empty) only to see his father sitting there, "talking" to him.  Charles leaned toward his father to better hear what was being said when a sniper bullet came through the windshield hitting the back of the seat and going out the back of the truck.  Had Charles not leaned closer to his father, the bullet would have gone through him.  Later, he called his family and was told that his father had passed away.  Passed away at the same time/day as when he saw him in the truck.

As for myself, a former supervisor asked that I come to visit her and see what she had been doing to her house.  The house was an old Victorian and she had remodeled every room, taking great care to keep the Victorian touches on the main floor.  When I first pulled up in front of her house, I was amazed to "see" an old man dressed in worn overalls, a flannel shirt, t-shirt, an old grey-green felt hat and his shoes were very worn, with the toes slightly curled up.  He was just standing there watching me watch him, rocking back and forth on this heels.  It isn't like I "saw" him so much, more like I visualized him.  Anyway, I didn't feel any threat so I knocked on my friends door and once inside, she gave me a tour of her home.  While on the second floor, the first room she took me to was her infant son's room, at the top of the stairs.  When I looked into the room, I again "saw" the old man, standing beside the crib looking at me.  A bit of a shock but still no threat.  I did notice that when I saw him outside in the sun, he looked as though he was standing in sun and when I saw him again inside, he no longer looked like the sun was shining on him but rather darker, like he was really standing in a room with minimal light.

After about an hours time had passed, I decided to go home, telling her I would see her tomorrow at work.  When I saw her the next day, she immediately wanted to know if I had "seen" anything at her house.  I don't normally own up to things I've seen or felt but I did tell her about the man and where I saw him.  The following day at work she came in with a small box that had some old photos, pulling one out for me to look at.  There was the old man, dressed exactly as I had seen him!  It turned out that at one time, her house had been an "old folks home" and this man had lived in the room her son now occupied.  She did tell me that when she would be in the basement she could hear heavy boot sounds coming from the third floor and when she would run up there (her son, an infant, was the only person in the house, along with mom) and no one would be there.

My sister lived in a large house in the country and my husband and myself stayed with her for a couple of weeks.  While never feeling afraid of the house (it looked friendly) I never felt totally comfortable either.  Late one evening I'm walking up the stairs to go to bed.  When I reached the top of the stairs and looked down the hallway (long hallway with two doors/rooms on either side and a window at the end) toward the window, the whole end of the hallway continued down - not ending, as though the wall was not there.  I just froze - staring at how long the hallway was, and wondering what the heck was going on!  I had not been asleep, had not been watching scary movies, did not have heartburn... any of the things they usually say are triggers to explain sightings.  I told my sister about it the following day and she said she could not get any of her dogs or cats t go into the room across the hall from where my husband and I were staying and that her cats would follow "something" going up the stairs.  Every once in a while the fragrance of lilacs would come through - in the winter.  The two of us always thought it was funny that other than the animals, no one else saw or felt anything.

After she moved from the house, we found out that at one time, the house had been used as a mortuary. 

My husband had an experience while at an warehouse.  He was guarding the warehouse from vandals and while sitting down for a long shift, looked down through the windows to the outside of the main entrance door - to see a man dressed in old fashioned black clothing, holding his hands up in front of him (as though he had a book in his hands) and he seemed to be chanting.  My husband was getting ready to call the police when he noticed a women and her young daughter on the other side of the entrance!  My husband got up off the chair and while not taking his eyes off the man, woman and child, they vanished.  The woman and daughter appeared to him a few more times.   We often wonder who they were and what happened to them.



Good Girl, Gin


By: falconschild@gmail.com


I figured I'd go ahead and send you my story...bittersweet still, but undeniably odd.  When my husband and I first married, we had three dogs - two retired racing greyhounds, one male (Sly), one female (Gin)

- and a female border-collie mutt (Chewie).  We'd never intended to wind up with three dogs, but we took in the female greyhound "just for the weekend" and she wound up staying on.  Her name when she was racing was Twilite Gin.  She'd had a rough time of it after she'd been retired, and came home with us after her first home just didn't work out.  When we first got her, she didn't know what the words "good girl" or "good dog" meant...she'd just stare at you blankly when you praised her.  We resolved that we would teach Gin what "good girl"

meant, and in time, she came to know how to play, how to have fun, and how to smile at you, tail wildly wagging, when you told her she was a good girl.

We'd had Gin for a year and a half...and suddenly, she became ill, losing her normal graceful coordination.  Our vet, bless his heart, tried everything to figure out what was the matter with her - X-rays, blood titers, you name it...he was in constant communication with the state's veterinary university on the matter and they, too, were baffled by Gin's inexorable loss of coordination.  She just got sicker and sicker and sicker.  Finally, on the night of July 5, 1999, she began bleeding internally.  Gin looked up at me with those dark brown eyes and told me she was tired of fighting and wanted to rest.  So my husband and I had her humanely euthanized, ending her suffering and breaking both our hearts.

The day after we'd had Gin put to sleep, neither of us felt like cooking...we missed our girl very much and were devastated by her loss.  So we ordered pizza and tried not to dwell too much on the subject.  After dinner, my husband went upstairs to check his email, and I prepared bowls for our two remaining dogs.  I took Sly and Chewie back into the living room and put their bowls down so they could eat.  When I returned to the kitchen, I turned to put the leftover pizza in the refrigerator.  While I had my head buried in the refrigerator, I felt a greyhound nose-bump the back of my knee.  I turned to see what Sly wanted...only to find that I was alone in the kitchen.  Both dogs were still in the living room eating, and my husband was still upstairs.

I could only smile, knowing that the nose-bump was Gin's way of telling me that she was okay, and a thanks for what we'd done for her.

 I have always appreciated the gentle good-bye bump from the ghost of our good girl.



Ghost Sighting in my House


By: Vanessa1@bigpond.net.au



I am only 13 yrs old now but at the time of the sighting I was about 9 or 10, maybe more. I am not sure. I still live in the same house and aren’t really bothered other than the black thing, but for now I will talk about a different ghost. I was early in the morning, I am not sure of the date, or even the year. But I was wondering down the stares to the ground level of the house from my bedroom to the living room to play some Nintendo 64, when I happened to glance up the hall and froze in shock as I saw a tall White cloaked figure that slowly stepped out of the dinning room and into the narrow hall. It slowly wondered across to about half way then stopped, its face was hidden from me the whole time and it slowly turned its face to me.

Before I had time to really see what I was seeing it vanished in the middle of the hall. After that I immediately ran back upstairs, either to my parents room or my own, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember the detail.

It surprises me it looked so solid. As though I could run down and touch it.

The next sighting is of a black, again cloaked figure that I only see at night. It used to appear every night, several times, I never got used to it.

It would always do the same thing; swiftly walk across the gap between the door and the wall. I could always see it from my bed. It would frighten me very much; it still does still come, less regally now. In my room I had a night-light, come on! I was young! And mother would leave the light in the hall on so I could see it I went to the bathroom, we also that one on also.

So really the place at night was lit up very well. I doubt it was a figure of the imagination as it kept on walking that same meter or two, every night for as long as I can remember.




Duluth, MN -- NorShor Theatre


By: cobblestoneinfo@bellsouth.net


In the days of Vaudeville the NorShor Theatre was a playground for socializing and seedy activity. Charlie Chaplin married one of his many wives there. People often see a sleazy, dark-haired man ascending the staircase dressed in clothing of the turn of the century; rumors abound as to whether or not he may have been a murderer. Someone either fell or was pushed from the balcony of the time, falling to their death 80 feet below. Perhaps the perpetrator is doomed to revisit the scene of the crime?

Other things happen, too--lights going on and off, etc--but after an X-Mas party one year a the staff was closing up and turned off the main power switch. At the same time the upstairs radio turned on, and the theatre was filled with the sounds of Nat King Cole's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". I've been in the theatre many times--it definitely has a vibe.



The Ghost Calls 9-1-1


By: streaks20@hotmail.com



Ok, I'm an 18 year old girl and live in Ottawa,Canada. I've lived in the same house my whole life and it's definitely not a scary house to be in but sometimes I think my house is haunted. For instance, there have been many occasions where I've been asleep and I'd wake up to the feeling of someone touching my shoulder or my face and when I'd look to see who it was, no one was there. There are cold spots in my house,sometimes I hear unexplainable noises and doors open and close by themselves (although my mom claims it's "just the wind"). In some photos I take inside my house, there have been orbs and weird ghostly fogs. Things get misplaced as well. There have been many occasions where I'd put things down (like my car keys), go get something and come back and my car keys wouldn't be there anymore and they'd be in a completely different room. I have cats and sometimes they follow things with their eyes and I can't see what they're following. They have freaked out and hissed at things that "aren't there" and one weird incident was one time one of my cats got so scared she refused to go into my living room. When I p ked her up (against her wishes) and brought her into the living room (she was clawing me and howling like mad) she was so terrified, she peed on me. As far as I could see, there was no one or anything in the living room to be afraid of.

The scariest and most unexplainable incident that ever occured happened in October 2003

It was about 9:30 on a Friday night and my boyfriend and I were sitting in my basement watching a movie. We had already decided he was going to sleep over at my house that night, so after the movie ended, he decided he wanted to go back to his house and get his contanct lense solution,toothbrush etc. There were 3 people home that night. Me, my boyfriend and my mom who was on the computer upstairs on the main level. Anyways, the movie ended and I got up, went and turned off the T.V. In my basement, there is a furnace room,laundry room and guest bedroom as well as the open space where the T.V. and couches are. So after I turned off the movie, I turned off all the lights EXCEPT the laundry room light (I like to leave at least 1 light on because my basement is so dark and scary haha). As my boyfriend and I were heading upstairs, the doorbell rang.I was kind of surprised because I hadn't invited anyone over and by now it was about 10:00. My boyfriend and I went and answered the door and to our astonishment (and fright) it was the POLICE! Standing infront of us were 2 policemen shining their bright flashlights into our eyes. They asked us if everything was ok. I was still surprised and I told them everything was fine and asked them why they had come over. They informed us that about 10 minutes prior to them coming over, they had gotten a 9-1-1 call from my house and when the emergency operator picked up, there was only a staticky, fuzzy sound. The operator asked a number of times "can you speak?" "is everything alright?" "hello?" but there was only the sound of static and other unexplainable buzzy sounds. The emergency operator decided to call my house back and the police cla ed that someone had picked up the phone! But again, it was only staticky, fuzzy sounds. Of course, it's the policemen's duty to check my house just in case something was terribly wrong. The policemen even read out my phone number and asked me if that was my house's phone number. It was. They had obviously traced the call to my house. By this time, my mom had come to the door and they explained to her what had happened. The 3 of us stood in shock. First off, no one had been on the phone in a quite a few hours and DEFINITELY no one had called the police! I was with my boyfriend the whole time, neither of us called the police (we had no reason to and we're not pranksters) and of course my mom hadn't called. Anyways, we invited the police inside to see for themselves that everything was fine but they believed us (well they seemed like it) and left (but they gave my boyfriend and I a huge lecture on phone pranks and that dialing 9-1-1- for no reason isn't a laughing matter and blah blah). I assure you, none of us called the police. After the police left, my boyfriend and I went into the kitchen and checked to see if my kitchen phone was off the hook. As were standing in the kitchen, I could hear the T.V. in my basement was on! I knew that I had turned it off, so to me this was very creepy. I grabbed my boyfriend's hand and he grabbed my cat (because they see things that humans can't) and we proceeded down the stairs. When we got down there, sure enough the T.V. was on and my cat immediately started freaking out the closer we got to the laundry room. My boyfriend put him down and the cat started hissing and bolted upstairs. My boyfriend and I were of  course scared to death. We were both wondering if someone else was in the house. As we both started towards the guest bedroom to check it out, I heard a click behind me. I turned around and the laundry room light had gone off. Remember, I had left it on. The click I heard was the sound of the laundry room light being turned off. My boyfriend an I freaked out and ran upstairs. After we calmed ourselves down, I realised that maybe the light had burnt out. I decided that if the light switch was still in the 'on' position, it means that the light simply burnt out. If it was in the 'off' position, someone (or something) had to have physically turned off the light. We went downstairs and reluctantly checked the laundry room light switch. To our horror, the light switch was in the 'off' position! We screamed because we realised that someone had physically turned off the light and it wasn't either of us. Anyways, those were and still are the most unexplainable, scariest events that ever happened all in one night. Needless to say, my boyfriend and I definitely didn't sleep in the basement that night haha.

The creepiest part is that only a few months ago, I was across the street borrowing a ladder from my neighbours. They're a very old couple and have lived in their house since they were young newlyweds so they have seen a lot of different families live in my house. I got talking to them which I never usually do and I asked them about the different families that had lived in my house. They said the family that lived there before my family had 2 teenage sons and were really nice. But the family that lived there before them, tragedy struck them. In 1973, it was a young couple living there with their toddler son. The mom wasn't home one day but the dad was. He had forgotten to put the little plastic gate up by the stairs (you know the ones that block any little kids from falling down the stairs) and the toddler son had fallen down the stairs and died. My neighbour said that it was tragic and he remembers it just like yesterday because he vividly remembers talking to the mother about how excited she was to take him trick or treating for his first Halloween and how she abd her husband were devastated they wouldn't get the chance. The child's death happened in October 1973. The 9-1-1- call and weird stuff at my house happened i October 2003. I find that bizarre and very creepy.

So that's my ghost story. Sleep tight ;)






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hello my name is Nynke and i lived in a boarding house for a year. There were a lot of stories about the boarding house being built on a grave yard.

It really scared me and my roommate but we figured it wouldnt be true and just a made up storie!

We got very scared so we went to the head of the boarding house and he told us it hadnt been built on a graveyard.

We were very happy to hear this but there was another storie, a guy who was building block 10 was killed when he tried to built a wall. People in block 10 told us they had seen him wondering around and at night they would hear him working on the wall.

Me and my roommate were wondering if our block we lived in had a history as well.

We found out a girl called Sarah lived in our room 30 years ago and died of a mysterious death.

That night me and my roommate were talking when we felt a icy feeling in the room, (we live in a tropical country so that was really wierd) , we heard knocking on the window so we opend the blinds and saw a girl, about 17 years old, sitting in the tree swinging her legs. She was wearing black and was looking rite at us. We couldnt see her eyes and we were totally freaked out.

I left the boarding house 7 months ago because me and my familie moved to Australia. My roommate still lives in the boarding house but moved to a different block.

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