Sarah 2




Hi i have another story about Sarah.

Me and my roommate were walking to our block when she staired and something in the tree. She looked ver frightend but i could see anything. She asked me if i could see her aswell but i said no and asked her what she was talking about. She said there was a girl wearing black sitting in the tree swinging het legs up and down just stairing at her. I still couldnt see her but it was obvious that my roommate could see her cause she was really looking at something. She told me it was looking at her. I told her to describe what she looked like but she said she couldnt see her face because it was all blurry. I told her that it must have been her imagination and i dragged her to out block.

I was standing about 2 meters away from the door when my roommate said that 'Sarah' was standing next to the door.

I got a bit scared because it was ver obvious my roommate could see her.

To comfered her i went to the door and said that she wasnt there.

My roommates eyes opened really wide and she said that 'Sarah's' hand was on my shoulder. I couldnt feel anything but i got very scared..

I told my roommate to just ignore it or tell it to go away but she was to scared too. So i told it to go away and leave us alone. After that evening my roommate hasnt seen her again.

I am scared i was to harsh on 'Sarah' but she was really scaring us. I hope she is in a peaceful place now.



Ghost from the Old Times





hi my name is natasha and i'm 11 well the house i used to live in was a douplex and well one night i don't remeber how old i was but i saw a lady dressed in white she had brown hair and was wearing a white night gown that coverd her feet u could see through her i could see are tv which was right on th other side of her! and one day my cat who died in march sadly was locked in my parents bedroom nobody went in there exept fluffpuff the cat i was at school at the time my mom herd fluffpuff meowing she tried opening the bedroom door but it was locked then a couple minutes later it was un locked and when me and my mom were watching tv in the garage (which was the family room by the way) the door burst open and me and my mom were th only ones in the house when ever we go by the douplex someone new lives there then we moved to a house thats about 50 years old and nobody died there but once i saw a floating head creepy and when my mom painted the smoking room purple she heard knocking like crazy when she finally said it's her house now it stopped and when my mom goes to bed she heers knocking from the ceiling and it happems in my room too at first i thought it was aleins then after i told my friends about it clayton and ariel we decied to go in the attic and take pictures and what we caught was a bright white orb my mom yelled at me so i earased it but then after she wanted me to keep the photo so now next week where going back into the attic to find an orb again and my friend bree saw an indian cheef staring at her and before that we found out that our house was built over indian burrial ground but my dads never had an incounter so he's a none beliver oh and some orbs are just dust particals my dad knows that for fact because camras eluminate dust so u can see it but bright bright orbs that look like orbs are not dust and we have a posesed doll yes it's true it will move it's fingers  and flip u of at first we called it evil and bree so it going up and down on the bed but we don't call it evil anymore and nothing happens to it any more so that's my story i don't know if my friends told the truth or not but were sure freaked out!



A Haunted House in Ajo








A Weird Haunting





 My aunt told me that one time when she live in Oklahoma she found this house for rent. It was a three or four bedroom house and the rent was only $250 a month. Well, there was a barn in the back of the house and my aunt went back there to check it out. On the barn floor there was a circle ( it was some kind of cult sign). The circle was red. Well, she said that when she met the woman who owned the house, the woman said that she did not want the house. Well, she did not listen to the woman and she got the house. when she move into the house with her children she said at night time she would hear cars pull up and shut off the engine and close the car door. She also told me when she went to get her utilitys turned on she said that the company said that there was no adress that registerd there.Well, she kept on telling them that there was a house there. The company still said there was no known house there. She still had utilities, but she wanted to put it under her name. So she never had to pay a utility bill. Well, she would get up and look out the window  and no car or any person(s) were there. Then one day when it got dark she would see two red glowing eyes in the window. Well, one night when all her kids were in bed and she was in bed the tv came on. She got up and turned the tv off and just thought it was a power serge. Well, the tv kept on coming on by it self. So one night she unpluged the tv and she put the kids to bed and went to bed herself as usual, and the tv came on. She went in there to turn it off when she realized that the tv was unplugged and still came on.Well, one of her daughters got sick and she took her to three doctors and they could not tell her what was wrong with her daughter. Her daughter stayed sick no matter what they did. The landlady never would come into the house. She would wait out on the porch for the rent come rain or shine. Then one night when my aunt was in bed she and her kids heard this heavy breathing. The kids ran into her room. Well, the dog that they kept in the house went into the kitchen and had gone strait to the corner of that kitchen and stood up on its hind legs and started barking at the ceiling. They always kept a bag hanging on the kitchen door. Well, one night my aunt heard the bag rattling. She said it sounded like something was going threw the bag. She didn't get up to check it out. Well, all this time her daughter was still very sick. When they would want to leave the house their car would not start. They had to push the car all the way down the road and stick the key in and it would start right up. She said when she was in that house she felt like she was being watched all the time. Well, one day they went out and got home late. My aunt saw this big black shape on the porch. My aunt said it was shaped like a man with hooves for hands. Well, she got her kids out of that house as soon as possible. After she moved out her daughter got better in no time at all. Well, that is the weird haunting. Thanks for every thing.



Another Time Same Place




I sent you a story yesterday and decided to share with you a few more experiences.  I will ask again that if you do post these for others to read only to use the email address in correlation with my story - the email address I am sending this to you from is a work email- thanks.

These events took place about 13 to 14 years ago - my Dad was last stationed in Utah before he retired from the military and this is where I was knowingly introduced to the strangeness of the paranormal.  Before I graduated high school I worked at an amusement park during the summer as part of the early morning grounds crew - located near the back of the park is a replicated town of the first Morman town that Joseph Smith established (no I am NOT a Morman).  It was rumored to be haunted, but of course no one believed the stories until one morning a few events changed all of our minds forever. 

The girls and I were instructed to head to the picnic area in the replicated town to prepare it for the days' guests.  Now, none of us were overly excited to do this area because there wasn't a whole lot of lighting and it kind of freaked us out after hearing the stories of what people have seen.  We were split into a couple of different groups so, that way we could hit some of the other areas that needed cleaned along the way.  My group had finished the area that we were assigned to do and started heading for the poorly lighted town, when we heard a blood curdling scream. 

I right away recognized it as my friends voice and went running towards the sound of her screams.  I finally figured out her terrifying screams were coming from the towns jail.  As I reached it, two of the girls who had it out for her were holding the door shut to the jail and she was trapped inside.  I just remembered hearing her repeat over and over again, "let me out or he's going to get me" - I felt the agony she was feeling, pushed aside the girls and unlatched the door.  My friend came flying out of there running and yelling to me "run, don't look, just run".  Well, this intrigued me and scared both at the same time - I turned my head to look and ready to run, but I froze, I couldn't move and I couldn't scream - all I could do was stand there shaking and stare, afraid to even take a breath.  What I saw will forever be embedded in my mind - the jail was a two cell jail with a dirt floor. 

Looking in the door immediately to your left was the two cells and a small walk way from the door to the end of the second cell.  What I saw was a translucent small boy crouched in the far corner with his knees drawn up, his arms wrapped around them and his head buried in between his knees and chest.  He was dressed in clothing from the early 1800's and seemed to be weeping - in the quick few seconds this took place he lifted his head first staring at the cell in front of him and then creepily he turned his head and looked at me with a stare that reminded me of something from a horror movie.  Once, we made eye contact, the fear that had frozen me quickly changed into a flight of survival and I took off running. 

Once I caught up with my friend I asked her who did she saw and to describe the person to me - she did and it was the boy I had seen weeping.  I will never forget my experience with him and I often wonder why was he there, why was he so sad and did he ever cross over to where he was meant to go or is he still haunting the jail to this day.

We were shook up and stalling to continue our instructions of cleaning the dreaded picnic area.  We knew of course our boss was strict and we had no choice but to proceed.  We kicked ourselves being responsible and went on our way to do our job.  The area located right before you head into the picnic area is a gorgeous green lawn with old trees and beautiful flowers - what really is the kicker, smack dab in the middle of all of this is a replica of the stage they performed the towns' hanging's.  What we all saw, prevented us from completing our job on that day.....there were two ropes tied into loops and perfectly knotted, ready to do their killing....what we didn't expect is what we saw hanging there...two somewhat translucent people, once again dressed as the boy in early 1800"s pioneer clothing, heads bobbing and bodies swinging.  No one even thought twice, we just turned, took one look at each other as we ran like we were running for the gold in the Olympics.  Our group leader covered for us and our boss never did really find out what happened that morning.

This experience happened a little over a month from the last two experiences, but in the same replicated town.  At the far end of the town was the "mayor's" home, the story goes that his daughter on the day of her wedding was murdered in this home while she was wearing her dress (no one seems to know why) and if you are lucky enough to catch her at the right time you will see her step onto her balcony and begin to pace......she only moves back and forth three times and then vanishes, but if you are close enough and she doesn't see you, you can hear her sobs and see the blood stains on the front of her dress.  One morning we were taking a short cut back to our office to clock out from our shift and something caught our eye, there on the balcony of the house stood the girl in her white wedding dress crying into her hankie and pacing....then she was gone. 

I will never forget the images that are forever imprinted in my mind and such sadness that the little town held.



Black Shadow In The Woods





About a year after we moved into our new house there was a forest in the back i liked walking in it. One day i was walking in it i was in the middle of the woods when i thought i saw something behind me to my right. I turned to look when i saw it was pitched black, the deepest i had ever seen it did not seem to notice me but kept on walking until it walked behind a clump of brambles and disappeared. I was very scared and did not tell anybody about this until now, it was a very frightening experience.




Cloaked Man on the Road of The Zena Church





In Regards To: Cloaked Man on the Road of The Zena Church

When reading the encounter on your web page I was shocked and somewhat relieved(that we were not crazy). 

Myself along with two friends that were with me six years ago on that very same road.  We were coming back very late from the backwards church on Halloween night, a figure appeared after coming upon a strange blue/lt purple fog, on the side of the road was someone riding a very old bike.  As we approached the figure we could see he was wearing a dark purple cloak with the hood pulled up so just a very small portion of what you would expect to see a face would be at, instead of a face it was a gray fog/mist that had no definition(there was no face), we were driving by at 25 MPH three feet away from the apparition.  Not quite sure if this was a real person or what we decided to find an explanation, we drove down the road found another road that goes up and around so that we would come up behind him.  Which we did but this time he was not on the bike he was pushing the bike and as we came up behind to pass the apparition/figure/thing the head/shadowy face watched and followed us as we passed again at a very low rate of speed and only feet away trying to get a good look, at this point we were determined to see this things face.  As we ascended the hill to double back there he was pushing his bike on a completely different road about ¼ of a mile from where we had just seen him minutes previous with no other rout except the entries we were taking besides bush wacking it.

At that point we knew what we had just seen and took off like a bat out of hell, it was a relief to have the site confirm my storey years after me telling it to other, that’s scary.



Couple of Experiences





I recently had a couple of supernatural experiences while on vacation in Chincoteague, VA. The house that we were staying in was built in 1905. The woman that lived there had passed away a few years earlier. My first experience happened the first night. I was out on the couch in living room and I kept hearing strange noises. Another experience that happened was I would keep seeing shadows moving along the walls. My sister also claims that she heard footsteps one night and couldn't go to sleep. Although I never saw a person, the owners wife claims to have seen an elderly woman in one of the windows.



Ghost Story





  I am from El Paso Texas and when I was living in my parents house I had many strange experiences. They started when I was very young, and at that time I was afraid to tell anyone for the fact that they would think I was crazy. Well one night I stayed up late to watch television, I was about 11 years old. As I was watching tv I heard a noise from the corner of the room, kind of like thumping when two cats are fighting and throwing eachother, only we didn't have any cats.

At first it was that then a loud bang like if they were thrown off the radio that was in that corner. By this time I was very scared but stubborn enough to stay and see what happend next. I would look in the direction of the noise and it would stop then when I would look away it would start again. Then the thumping stopped and I heard claws getting stuck in the carpet like a cat was walking towards me only it sounded like two things. Again I would look then it would stop turn away then it would start. Finally I had enough I ran to my bedroom and closed the door completely. The things chased me I could hear them running after me, then clawing at the door. I pulled the covers over my head only to hear them stop and my door nob creek then turn and the door be pushed open.

They circled my bed and all I could do was pray and finally either passed out of fear or fell asleep.

Needless to say I tried not to stay up late anymore by myself. Although the door nob creeking and turning didn't stop until I was fed up and yelled for it to stop doing that to scare me and left the door open all night to sleep. Well that is one of my stories, I have more but too long to tell maybe I will write again later. I hope this didn't bore you to read or that it was too long an email but it feels good to talk about it and know that I am not crazy and that I did hear and see things in that house that no one else did.



Eureka Theater




Hey. My name is Hannah. I was just curious have you ever heard any stories about the Eureka Theater in Eureka, California? It's now the Eureka theater of performing arts I think.  Well, I used to live there when I was very little. There was an apartment on top, and my dad was the manager of the theater. And very strange things happened there.. almost on a nightly basis.

A few examples... One night I was in bed with my mom and dad, and the lights were still on and everything and my parents were still awake talking. And out of nowhere I look at the end of the bed and there was a HUGE spider crawling up the bed but it was white and kind of.. misty looking. Then I looked over to the bathroom and saw a small white figure walk out of it. By small I mean no more than a foot high.  And then I heard my dads blanket start to pop. And I was screaming and freaking out so my mom told my dad to take me to the living room and I fell asleep. That was the end of that night. Another time My brothers were playing with their bouncy ball in one of the theaters , and my brother bounced it really high and all of  a sudden

  a "devils" tail came out from the screen curtain and grabbed it. My brother was chased by a ghost. The janitor that worked there would play loud music on a few different stereos and he would hide behind mirrors because he said it "confused" the ghosts. Also many people who worked there quit because they were so freaked out. Many people just seeing a movie would see someone who was there and then dissapear a second later. The place next door was also haunted.  Those arent my only strange experiences though.. my brother, myself, and my parents probably have hundreds of stories like that.

It's pretty strange. We've experienced everything from ghosts, to strange noises, to ufos, aliens, balls of lights, hooded figures, weird creatures, losses of time, even fairies on one particular night. It was in the georgia mountains. My dad, my uncle, aunt, and grandpa were camping out and they were the only people around. I mean there was NO one else anywhere near where they were and they started hearing this strange folk music/chanting?

so they started looking around for what it could be. My dad was standing by a small bush by the road and heard voices comng from it. So my dad got freaked out and asked everyone to come with him to his tent that was down the road to get his stuff because he was too scared to go down there alone.

On the way down they heard zipping and ripping noises coming from the wodds on both sides of them. They got to my dads tent and the strange music/chanting noise was practically coming from his tent. He said it was very loud in his tent. So he ran in grabbed his stuff and ran back up the road as fast as he could. Then that night my uncle woke up to 3 knocks on the camper and he went to look and no one was there. And the next morning a crow was circling their camper. Anyways.. Those are jsut a couple stories.

Thanks for listening!







my name is tiffany smith and i am 15 years old....not many people believe in ghosts...i never used to either til not too long is my story...

one night me and my friends were all hanging out in my room and we were all talking when all of a sudden my television shut off by its self....i thought that it was one of my friends playing around and turning the tv off wit the remote....then i looked to the side of me and noticed that the remote was next to me the whole time and plus it had no batteries in it....we were all a little freaked out but we payed no attention to it and we just turned the tv back on....about 15 minutes later...we heard some one walking down my hall way and it sounded like it was coming towards my room...we thought that it was my mom just coming to tell us to be a little quieter but what ever it was just stopped walking when it got to my bedroom door....we all looked at eachother and i opened the door to see who it was but no one was i just looked around then closed the door....then about 2 minutes later someone knocked on my door and scared the crap out of all of us...i opened my door...but only to see that no one was this time we were all FREAKING we ran to my sisters room to make sure it wasnt her...but she was sleeping...then we went to my mom and step dads room and they were sleeping we all went to my room and after that things were fine.....until we fell asleep....about an hour ter we all fell asleep my cousin woke up to go to the bathroom but she got an even bigger surprise...she started tapping on my arm and when i woke up, i woke up to her face REALLY pale and tears running down her face... i looked up and saw a lady staring at us....the lady had a long red dress on and her hair tied this time, tears were running down my face also...we looked at the lady then all of a sudden she disappeared...we looked back and my friend was sitting there with a speachless look on her face.......she didn't know what to do or say....none of us did....

i dont know what that lady wanted to do.....but the one thing she definently did was scare the crap out of me, my cousin, and my friend



My Daughter (in response to the story in 1997 titled My Son)




My grandmother passed away before I found out I was pregnant.  My daughter was namesaked after my grandmother.  My grandfather met her when she was 2 weeks old and passed away some 4 months after that. (We live 800 miles from them).  From the time I can remember, my daughter would always follow something with her eyes and “talk” and babble to invisible things.  She would laugh and giggle looking at something intently that we could never see and I insisted it was my grandparents.

One morning, when she was very small, hardly old enough to turn herself over, she woke up not feeling well so I put her in bed with me.  I had a double bed and it was fairly high enough off the ground.  Well this particular morning, after my alarm went off, I blocked her up with some pillows just to be safe.  I was out in the kitchen having coffee and I felt this urge to go check on her, so I did.  This infant child had not only fallen out of bed, but was completely unharmed and still sleeping….there were boxed and shoes and cd’s all over the floor, and she was laying in the one spot that didn’t have anything…almost like someone just lifted her off the bed and placed her there.  I was the only one awake…and I was single at the time.

Another thing…after she could talk….I have a picture of my grandparents in my bedroom….she’s never met them, only my grandfather the one time at 2 weeks old…and she said to me…”that’s grandma and grandpa”.  It completely blew my mind!!!

Anyway, I thought you’d like to know you aren’t alone in the world and that I firmly believe that children…especially infants, have a strong link to the other side.

Another story..not so much a haunting…but definitely something.  My estranged husband committed suicide a year ago.  I had been separated from him for 5 years at the time.  We were just getting to the point where we could be friends and I enjoyed it.  Well he committed suicide and needless to say, our daughter and myself were devastated.  He was always a tortured soul on earth and I needed to know he was ok.  2 nights after he died, I had a dream.  He was in wooden casket and there was nothing around but darkness.  I was standing over him and no words were said..but the lingering question was there…was he ok…was he happy now…was the pain gone?  He looked at me in the coffin…and he didn’t say a word…but I felt this complete and utter peace around him.  I woke up knowing that he was fine and the pain was gone. 

Now I know this is long, but here is yet another one..and it involves my husband.  If anyone has ever heard that when you have a loved one die, they sometimes leave  loose change around the house…in places where you know it isn’t supposed to be.  Well after he passed on, I would find change in the most interesting places…under the computer chair (a handful of loose change that wasn’t there in the morning), on the coffee table I had just cleaned off the night before….in piles on the floor in front of our daughter’s room.  At first I thought it was my boyfriend or one of my daughter’s.  They denied it.  That’s when I found out about loved ones leaving change….so the next time I found change where it wasn’t supposed to be, I would just say outloud…”thanks for looking out Walt” and leave it at that.  Now one day his sister called and wanted to take my oldest (her niece) out for dinner…she didn’t mention taking my little one, just the bigger one…so my senses were immediately on red alert….and it weighed heavy on my mind….I then had a dream.  My husband kept telling me over and over…”Don’t let her go…don’t let her go”..and I couldn’t figure out what he was saying in my dream….but then I said..”You’re can’t be here…you left me the change remember?” and then, in my dream, I walked out of my room and he was standing there and in front of him, spelled out in loose change, were the words “DON’T LET HER GO!”  So needless to say I didn’t let her go!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any responses are welcome!

Haunted House





hello ... i live in a haunted house in canton connecticut.  the house was built in the early sixties by a man who never married and devoted his time to creating the beautiful gardens that surround the property.  certain features make this house very unique... you cross running water to reach teh house, there's a stone circle in the woods near the property and the house sits in the center of  large clearing surrounded by trees.  

"steve" died in the late 80's - early 90's.  he had no immediate family and he was dead in the house for a few days before anyone found him.  the house was vacant for about a year.  it had two owners in very quick succession, and then my fiance bought it in 1997.   shortly after he moved in, it became very clear that steve was still around and still regards pond house - our name for the place - as his.   one night after beginning the first major renovation project, don (my fiance) was in bed and felt someone push him.  one morning i was getting ready for work when he called very early to ask me if i had come over to his place the night before.  i said, no, i'd be home all evening and asked him why he thought so, and he said he'd been asleep on the couch when he heard footsteps coming up the steps and someone who sounded like me calling his name.  he was so sure it was me, he waited for me to come and say hi, and when i didn't, he searched the house looking for me.  no one was there.  a few weeks later, i experienced the same thing... except i was already in bed and don had fallen asleep on the couch that evening watching tv.  as i was snuggling down to sleep, i heard a voice that sounded like  don call my name.  i also heard don snoring.   i sat up and said:  'cut that out... it doesn't work when you can hear the person snoring, too!!"  another night i woke up in the middle of the night and heard what sounded like a baseball game on TV.   again, i thought don had fallen asleep with the tv on, until i looked over, saw it was 2 AM, and that don was asleep next to me.  i also realized it was the middle of january, and even on cable, baseball in january is pretty rare.   and don never leaves the tv on - he turns it off when he comes to bed.   now that i live here too, i see a lot of movement out of the corner of my eye.  my son has seen orbs float around his room, my middle daughter has photographed orbs.   don's daughter has seen a man around the property.  there's a lot of activity that happens on the property itself and steve doesn't much long change even now... but he and we seem to have reached an amicable arrangement.  :)... thanks for reading...




Haunted Museum




My life is full of ghost stories but one of the most compelling incidents happened when I was working at a small museum in an area full of history.

I was in the office working at the computer when I felt there was someone standing at the door. Of course, there was no one visible but the pull for my attention got stronger and stronger. I tried to pay no attention to the energy at the door but I think it got a little annoyed with being ignored.

All of the sudden there was the very loud sound of pots and pans crashing down behind me. I knew this was impossible since there was nothing behind me that could make that sound and when I looked around all was normal. The sound was so clear and real that I actually ducked down and covered my head with my arms. Since I was alone in the museum there was no one else to ask to see if they heard the crash as well.

The museum is actually a very old church that was converted a few years ago.

I don't work there anymore but I sure would like to know what the entity was trying to tell me.






Interesting Experience






This is not my story but an experience my brothers had that I'd like to relate.  My grandfather passed away on September 3, 1998. My parents, grandmother and two brothers were with him when he passed. I was unable to be there because I was beginning my first year of college and was required to be at freshman orientation; something I will always regret since I never got to say goodbye.  My brothers have never been big believers in the supernatural, however that day they both definately found something amiss in that hospital room. Watching my grandfather die was not something they could take so they both went out into the hallway.  Shortly thereafter they both tried to walk back in the room to say goodbye since my dad said he was going, but they were met with resistence. My one brother describes it as "it felt like the room was too crowded". He could not get through the doorway, there was too much pressure and it felt as though someone was pressing on his shoulders to keep him out of the room.  Not long after that my grandfather passed away and my brothers went in to say their final goodbye. They said the room still felt crowded but they were welcomed.  The only thing they could think was that our family who had already passed over (grandpa's parents, siblings etc) were waiting for grandpa and possibly thought it best that they didn't see him die.  The funny thing is, neither my parents or my grandmother felt anything odd, it was just my brothers. 



Missing Her Mother




Hi, my name is Amber and Ive written a few of my experiences down for you before, this one is one that my mother told me about last night.  This story happened a few days ago.  Now for a little background.  My mother lives in a small town in Washington state called Goldendale.  She lives just outside the town itself, in a new mobile home that she rents from my husbands recruiter and his wife.  My younger brother, and his girlfriend and their son are staying with her for a while, her health isnt great.  My nephew is 4 yrs old.  He is central to this story.  They are the only four people in the house.

The other night, my mother, brother, his girlfriend, and their son, wre in the living room watching tv after dinner.  My nephew was sitting on the floor in the frontroom, coloring.  He glanced up into the kitchen, then back down to hius coloring book, and quite casually asked my brother "Daddy, who is the little girl in the kitchen doing the dishes?"    My brother jumped up and ran into the kitchen, knowing that no one else was supposed to be in the house, and my mother also went and looked.  They didnt find anything, of course.  Now keep in mind that my nephew wasnt at all frightened, he was totally nonchalant about it.  So they asked him what he saw.  He told them that the little girl had dark hair and a white dress on, he told them her name, and that she was sad and crying.  They asked him why, and he told them it was because her daddy had killed her mother.  They asked him where she went and he told them that she flew into grandmas bedroom. 

No odds, my mother nad brother were mystified.  I told her i wouldnt w ry too much about it, that my nephew wasnt frightened and that whatever it was didnt hurt anyone, so it should be okay, but that she needed to research the land, and ask the owners about the mobile home, try to find out if there were any double murders close to the area or in the house itself.  I personally think that the little girl was murdered at the same time as her mother, and maybe doesnt even really realize it.  Poor thing.




My Grandmother's House




Once when I was about 13, I stayed a my grandmother's house in Port Orange, FL, for a few weeks during the summer.  Now, nothing strange has ever happened here before.  They have lived in the house since 1975 with no supernatural phenomena.  Well, one night while I was visiting, I awoke during the night.  I was sleeping in the den, which looks into the living room.  When I awoke, I sat up to roll over in bed.  As I looked into the living room, I saw a little boy standing there who was dressed in 1920's style clothing.  Let me tell you that scared the heck out of me!!!  I got up and went to sleep with my cousin!!  Well, that was the only time I ever saw the ghost.  Weird thing is that about 5 years later I am again at my grandmother's house, and I'm talking to her next door neighbor.  He's done some research on his house and it turns out it was owned by Al Capone and that his mistress lived there with her two children.  His house and my grandmother's homes were built around the same time.  Anyway, he's showing me pictures that he has found of his house and there in one of the pictures is the little boy I saw that night.



Paranormal Warning?





About 2 years ago, about 10:00 pm, I was quietly surfining the web in my bedroom.  My 5 year old was in his bedroom - at the other end of our apartment, asleep (or so I thought).  This is always a good time for me to get in some quality computer time without inturruptions.  It was very quiet in our apartment.  Not one tv was on, which is unusual for us, no radio, nothing.

My computer at that time was on a small desk in the corner of our bedroom.  I kept getting a strange feeling that someone was behind me.  I was thinking that it was my son sneaking around trying to put off going to bed.  My neck got very cold, and a VERY loud whisper was in my left ear "MOTHER".  I jumped up and ran to my son's bedroom.  He was sitting up in his bed SO frightened by a spider that he couldn't make any noise.  Just a terrified look on his face and an open mouthed silent scream.  To his credit it was quite a nasty spider, coming down his little web right over Tyler's bed.

Someone or something was certainly watching over both of us that evening!



Pinned in Bed




This is my second story, of many more to come, that I am submitting.

On January 2nd 2004 at 6:00am the alarm clock went off and my wife needed to get up for work.  I was off that day and did not need to get up.  Well to go back for a second,  I need to add that on new year's eve we got a new dog - he was about a year old when we got him and he weighed about 100 pounds and had some pretty good height to him.  So with that out of the way, my wife and I layed in bed and talked for about 10 or 15 minutes before she got up.  She then got out of bed and went downstairs to take the dog outside before she showered.  I layed awake in bed for some time because it is hard for me to fall asleep because I have sleep disorders (insomnia and sleep apnea).  So I rolled over to my stomach and partially on my right side and was basically laying with my head on my right arm that was extended out under the pillow.  As I was laying there wide awake I heard a noise like someone had entered the bedroom.  I lifted my head and looked to the door but no one was there but as I went to put my head back down on the pillow I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye and thought that maybe the dog came back into the room so I looked again and nothing.  I put my head back on the pillow and layed there for about another 30 seconds when I felt something lightly grab my wrist of my right arm. before I could act something just POUNCED on me.  The force of pressure was just intense with most of the pressure being on the top part of my shoulders and the back of my neck.  The thing that grabbed my wrist also intensified leaving me unable to move.  I was pinned down for about 10 seconds (which seemed a lot longer at the time).  Now I am a big guy weighing at about 285 pounds, built like a football player and I was not able to move a muscle.  As this weight lifted off of me I spun around in bed to find nothing there.  I got up and ran down the stairs. As I got to the bottom step my wife was coming out of the bathroom and she looked at me and seen something was wrong and asked me what happened and I told her that I got pinned down in bed and she got freaked out and left for work early.  So for the next month I really couldn't sleep wondering if whatever it was, was going to return.  And still more true experiences to come.



Rose Hills




Whittier California-Rose Hills Cemetery

There is a road not far from the main entrance towards the right side,around four streets up.On this street it is a large upslope,this road will pull you're vehicle

upwards&backwards(gravity hill)in nutruel,my vehicle is a 2002 Chevy Suburban and it was pulling the car up in nutruel in reverse going approx 10 miles an hour,if you pour water in the gutter on this road the water will not go downward down the hill(road)it goes upward!!!Once you get to the end of the road it release's your car and then it will stop and come to a slow stop.This is true!.We video taped ourselves

with the car moving in reverse up the hill in nutruel.You must try it.




Texas Prison has Murderous Past





I used to work at Clemens Unit,a medium security prison in Brazoria,Texas.I started in 1999,and quickly heard of the past.There was a inmate cemetary across the street from hwy 36,which was the main drag through town.Only markers remain with numbers there,but I wanted to explain about while I was living next door to the grounds.A trailer park was there on the property line.Some cool foggy nites as you would look through the tree lines towards the prison you could see dark figures walking through the trees,on closer observation you could notice them working the fields, (hoe squad)as they called it.My wife one nite was on the phone talking to `1 of her friends and freaked out over seeing these images.The next work shift I explained what we experienced to one of the Sargents,and he said that was alot of death and bad things of the past all over the property.I really beleive that now,cause starting about late 2000,I noticed alot more things happening at the prison,ok the history lesson of the place starts in 1890,An inmate was brutally murdered in the original building which housed 6 ,40 to 63 man tanks.we never knew why he was killed,but the inmates started discribing a older black man in original blk/white striped shirt/pant combo walking around in the old stage area,and also among the tanks he would be present during the 12 to 2 am time.I personally saw him in the old kitchen area a few times,and also through the back hall area.He would just walk past me,smoking I think and walking towards the outer doors.Some times I would go with an inmate up to the upper tanks by the law library,to the storage (stage) room and always feel cold chills,warm spots,and even "guss" as we called him walking around from one end of the stage to the other.In 2002,I was called apon by some inmates as I worked the tanks that nite,to help an inmate in the toilet area.come to find out that he was having a massive heart attack,and as my Sargent and I were helping get him on a gurney,he literly died in my arms.after that "guss" came around alot more frequently,and if it was him or not,things happened more.Blk. images floating among inmates at nite,the smell of rotting flesh in certain parts of tank #3.It really got bad for awhile.The ending of this mans story,Is that if you want to work in a prison,be ready for haunts,ghosts,spirits and other bumps and smells along the way.Brazoria County,Texas is especially haunted,cause of it's juicy past.if you like what you read in here,plz visit the County of Ghosts in Texas.




The Sheridan - Milwaukee, Wisconsin




I know that your site already has The Rave, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, listed as one of the buildings in your Haunted Places Index, but I honestly believe that the building right next door to it should be listed, too.  The building is named The Sheridan, and it's one of those very old buildings that used to be a hotel.  It feels as if you've travelled back to the 1950s every time you enter it.  There is even one of those elevators that is built something like a cage and has a wooden panel you have to slide back to get to.  The apartments even have fuse boxes and those lock boxes in the kitchen cabinet that used to be used to store packages that were delivered from the mail carrier.  Anyway, moving on with the subject, I just moved into this building like two weeks ago.  I went into the rental office during my lunch break on a Monday morning and paid my security deposit for it and received my keys.  The whole thing only took like a half hour, and I still had a half hour to waste for lunch, so I decided to go over and check out my new home.  Usually, people do this BEFORE they pay for an apartment or home, but to be honest I had to hurry up and move into a cheaper apartment.  Money is tight and I didn't care what the apartment looked like, just as long as I could get a decrease in rent before it was too late, so I just took the first apartment available.  I walked into the building and went to the second floor, where my apartment was and was about to put the key into the door but I swear I began feeling very, very strange standing there at the door of the apartment.  Thinking back on it, I feel kind of retarded because I really had no reason to have any sense of foreboding, but it was there anyway.  I mean, I stood there at the door with my key inside of the lock, but something kept telling me not to turn that key.  And while I was standing there, I kept feeling eyes on me.  I started to laugh at myself, but then I actually heard something or maybe someone moving inside of the apartment and I didn't think anything was funny anymore, I just took my key out of the door and left the building.  I still haven't moved in because I am kind of nervous about going back there alone.  I haven't even been back to visit the apartment without someone with me, but I know that eventually I'll have to move into the apartment.  I paid for it and signed a lease.  I don't know, maybe I'm just being really dumb right now, but I am really convinced that something is not right with that apartment.  I haven't said anything to anyone, though, because I don't want them to think I'm a superstitious fool...







Unbelievable Events




Hi- I have never written about this, but when I was 16, I had an unbelievable event happen to me. Over my childhood years, I have felt that I have been visited by deceased family members, especially right after they passed on. I have had them touch my hair, visit me in dreams, and just feel them there. I have always been a light sleeper. Well, around 3-4am on a weeknight, when my entire family was asleep, I was awakened by a dark shadow standing in front of me. I was terrified, and couldn't move. It was black, but somehow transparent also. It kept looking at me, then quickly started to move back and forth- almost floating. It then ran up to me, then ran down the hall, and slammed the bathroom door shut. Maybe it had to go? Ha! Anyway, I finally had the courage to yell for my parents and had them look around the house. Of course there was nothing. But even today- nearly 15 years later, I still have shadows follow me upstairs every night.

Another time, I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter, I was up late one night crying very hard about a hard decision I had to make. I always pray to myself at night, but on that particular night, I said outloud," Mom or Pop, if you can hear me- please show me a sign that you understand how I feel!" At that moment- my blinds shot up on their own! I was shocked! That never happens! I never met my mother in law- whom I called out to, but I knew Pop. I just hope they understood and agreed with the decision that I made.

A few years back, my grandfather was dying of cancer. I was supposed to go and see him for the last time the very next day. I prayed for him, and told God and Pop Pop that it would be okay to leave, and that I would understand. The next day he was gone.

I know in my heart that ghosts exist-some good some bad. But I would like to think they are there to reassure us and be there when we need them the most! Thanks for listening!



Scary Night





I live in a small community, and one night my friend and I were at her house and decided to go to a building which was just down the street, called the Multicultural Centre, which was said to be haunted. Now you see, this Centre was a historic site, which had an old house and a building where they a little restraunt and they sold some other things there. So, we went there and it wasn't that late at night, only around 6 or 7:00pm. Apparently the building was closed because ALL the lights were out and no one was around. On they building (not the old house) they had those windows right by the ground, so being curious I knocked on one of them. Then something not expected happened, something knocked back!! You may recall earlier as I said ALL of the lights were off, and they were, I mean the place was locked! But the strange thing was I didn't see a hand or anything. When that happened, I ran back and screamed in fright, since then i have always been hesitant to go back or even watch scary movies. I know it sounds like I'm being a little baby, but it was more scary than it sounds. If you don't believe me I can't change that, but I swear on my life, IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!



Amazing Dreamer?




I am not sure if this is a ghost story or just a vivid dream but here goes.

When I was 18, a dear friend of mine died (She was also 18).

Last summer I was very anxious and nervous. I have a 2 year old and was informed by my doctor that I may have a form of Leukemia and I was very agitated and scared. I had this dream, a dream that made it all better. I was walking through a field of Sunflowers with my friend who had passed away. She held my hand and told me everything would be ok and to turn around. When I turned around, I saw myself, my husband and my daughter. My husband and I were older and my daughter had grown up and we were all having a picnic with HER child. I just felt so at ease and when I woke up I knew I was ok.

That weekend I went to visit my mother. I told her of the dream and as I was in mid-sentence, my deceased friend's mother walked in! She came to visit my mom also and to give her a gift she found somewhere. She opened the gift and it was a suncatcher..a Sunflower suncatcher. I immediatly told her of my dream and she got the most loving look on her face and said "Libby was saying hi to me". She says this because after her death, her mom always thought of her when she saw Sunflowers. Sunflowers are tall and beautiful but also clumsy looking, just like Libby. Soon after her death, sunflowers were everywhere she went so she always associated that with Libby saying Hi. She also asked me when the dream was...and it turned out it was the 10 year anniversary of her death.

Here is another one if you don't mind.

Another friend of mine died when he was 18...same year as the other one but very different circumstances)

A year later I was very depressed and thinking about killing myself. It was a Friday and I dreamed he was in a white room with me and I was extactic he was there and he said "Don't worry about it, I'll see you on Sunday"

I took that as meaning on Sunday I would die (1 year anniversary of death). So, Sunday night comes and I do it. I kill myself. I took a bottle of pills and passed out. My mother found me and we went to the ER, I got therapy and I am stable and ok now. The wierd thing is HOW my mother found me. My deceased friend woke her up. My mother doesn't just wake up and she is a sound sleeper. She was awaked at 3am by someone literally shaking her and telling her to go in my room. She said she remembers saying no and trying to roll over and this person kicked her in the stomach and she got a really bad stomach ache so she got up. Now I know that when he said "Don't worry, I'll see you Sunday" he meant he would be the one to save me.

Is all this possible or am I just an amazing dreamer? I have many more that aren't dream related but I don't want to bombard you with them.







I appreciate your reply...and like I said, I have quite a few "stories".  So I thought it over and I decided to go ahead and share them.  Here's one of them:

Let me start by saying that I grew up in New Orleans, LA...and from living there for all those years, I can tell you that there isn't much I haven't seen.  When I was 13 years old, my father, my brother, my grandmother, and I moved out of the apartment we were living in, and into a house on the outskirts of the city.  It was a nice house and I liked it a lot, but at times things would happen that would scare me.  The first thing we noticed about the house was that the front porch and the entrance to the front door was like a big it was designed for someone with a wheelchair.

Well must have been about a week after we moved in, it was during the end of summer, around August, and in the summer I get bad allergies and hay fever.  So I had gotten sick that day, and I went to bed early, around 6 o'clock in the evening.  My father had gone out, so had my grandmother, and my little brother was staying at a friend's house back in our old neighborhood.  So I was alone, which didn't bother me because I like being alone.  So, it must have been around 9 or 10 at night when I heard this loud banging noise.  It woke me up abruptly, and it kind of scared me.  So I get up out of my bed and walk around the house looking for what's making that noise.  As I walk into the kitchen, I can tell that the noise is coming from outside.  Our kitchen faced our backyard, so as I looked out the window I could see the whole yard.  Off in the corner of the yard we had this old aluminum sided shed.  Now, it was pretty dark out there, and I was half asleep, and sick and tired, and just flat out disorientated.  But I was absolutley positive of what I was looking at.  It was a little girl.  She had her back to me and she was banging on the shed as hard as she could.  She was wearing a little dress with big polka dots and there was this big bow tie on the back of her dress.  And she had pigtails in her hair.  Well, I couldn't help but to laugh at this.  I figured that since we were new in the neighborhood, some of the neighborhood kids were just messing with us.  So, I just blew it off and went back to bed.  I never thought of it again and never mentioned it to any one.

Then, about a month or two after had started, and I was in bed asleep because it was a school night.  My little brother comes running into my room and jumps on my bed with me.  Now, you have to understand something... I have never known my brother to be scared of anything.  He fears NOTHING.  So when I saw him freaked out like that, on my bed shaking and crying, I was scared to death.  I asked him what happened, and at first he couldn't even talk.  I just sat there and held him until he calmed down, and then he finally told me.  He said that he had woken up to use the bathroom.  As he got out of his bed, he said he felt really cold, and he just felt someone was watching him.  So he turned on his little lamp and he looked around his room and he saw a little girl standing in the corner of his room staring at him.  He said that her face was all messed up, like someone had beat her with a bat.  Half of her face was all smashed in.  And she was wearing a polka dot dress, and the dress was all muddy and torn, and she was just STARING at him!  Well, when he told me that, I was definatley freaked out.  That had to have been the same girl I saw that night, but I never thought that she was a ghost or anything.  I thought she was a regular girl.

Well, needless to say, my brother and I decided to keep that to ourselves.  We didn't want to tell anyone because we were scared that they would make fun of us.  But it seems like the more we tried to pretend it didn't happen...the more she would mess with us.  And it wasn't just her.  There was someone else there, too.  I could never see him, but I could always hear his wheelchair late at night, and I could hear him grunting in he was trying to get out of his wheelchair or something.  All sorts of little things would happen.  I'd be watching TV in the living room and I'd hear a little girl whisper something and I'd hear little feet running across the kitchen floor.  One time I was in the shower, and I was home alone, so I left the bathroom door open.  Out of no where, the lights in the bathroom went out and the door slammed shut!  I was so freaked out, I didn't know what to do.

And things didn't just happen to me and my brother.  I had friends that would be at my house and tell me things, too.  My friend Eric spent the night at my house one night and he was sleeping on the floor next to my bed.  He said that something kept touching his face, and when he opened his eyes to see it, it was a little the hand of a child coming out from under my bed.  Yeah, after that I didn't sleep in my room for a while.  But what I thought was odd, was that she never messed with my grandmother.  Or if she did, my grandmother just never mentioned it.  She never really messed with my father either, except for one night.  I had a couple of friends over and we were watching TV in the living room.  My father had to work the next day so he was in his room sleeping.  Well, out of no where, he comes running out into the living room yelling at me, and I was like, "Dad, what's your problem, why are you screaming at me..."  And he told me to stay out of his room and leave him alone while he's sleeping because he's tired and has to get up early.  I was a bit confused.  The next day I asked him why he did that.  He said that he was sleeping and he felt someone breathing on him, so he turned to look, but it was so dark, all he could see was a dark figure and it kicked his bed and ran out of the room.  He assumed it was me playing around with him.  But I knew who it was and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up when he told me that.

That's pretty much it for that.  I never saw the girl again, but you didn't have to see her to know that she was there.  She obviously loved attention and would try to get it from whoever was around.  And as for the wheelchair man...I asked some people in my neighborhood about that.  They told me that some old guy used to live there by himself and yes, he was in a wheelchair.  I asked some of them if he had a granddaughter or if ever there was a little girl that lived there, and they said no, they never saw any girl there.  But they found that question odd because there was a little girl that lived in that neighborhood years ago that went missing.  Some people believed that the old man that was in the wheelchair had lured her in the house and....well, who knows.  They said that the police investigated the missing girl, but she was never found.  The old man lived in the house by himself and he was supposedly kind of weird, so they questioned him without any probable cause and he filed a complaint against them and that was the end of that.  I never knew what the think about all this.  I even contemplated digging around in the backyard, maybe around the shed to see if her body was buried there.  I didn't know what to believe, so I decided to just forget about it.  And on the day we moved out...a few years later, I think I was 16,  all of our stuff was out of the house, and I was so exhausted from moving the stuff all day that I fell asleep on the floor in what used to be my bedroom.  I had a dream of a little girl trying to talk to me.  I couldn't see her, and I could barely make out what she was saying.  But she seemed desperate and she kept trying to talk to me.  It seemed like it was real...but then again, it had to be a dream, right?  Who knows.










 I'ts been a few years since I sent a story in as I was layed (oops,not PC..)I mean there was a "Reduction in force" where I use to work.

My situation was this...My wife and I had gone to Las Vegas for some R&R(November time frame) and the last night we were there I had the most vivid nightmare I've had in a long time that unfortunately came true. I guess they call this a "preminition" I saw my older sister's death/ funeral playing in my head ,right down to the type of casket!!  December 25th of 2004 at 3am it became reality.She had been fighting cancer for a year or so and had gone into remission,or so they thought. It came back with a vengance. I had  relayed this "story" to my mom the night she called to give me the news,and her only comment was,"just like your grandfather".I take it from all my mom has said about our family in the past is that "we" have been given that gift since we were kids.This kind of gift "they " can take back !! Thankfully I have had no more of these preminitions(so far)and was really bummed out by it.

Thanks for letting me ramble!!

Glad to see the website is still there!!!



Bed Time





Recently my boyfriend Mark and I  bought a new bed. Once we got it home and into our bedroom, we put the

duvet and pillows on and went downstairs to answer the door to find that it was our friends, Dave and Karen.

We had a chat and a couple of drinks then had a Chinese take away. We realised it was getting late so we said

goodbye to our friends and headed upstairs. Once the bedroom door was open, we noticed that the duvet and pil-lows were scattered around the room and a big red patch emerged on the mattress. After this incident, no strange happening occurred but we were still rather scared. Mark decided to research about the bed, then he emailed the man that had sold him the bed and got this reply:' My fellow salesmen and I are very sorry to tell you that the bed you bought appears to be haunted. The previous owners had a very hard time because of financial difficul-ty's and after her husband died mysteriously in a car accident she gave up the will to live and committed suicide in her own bed. ' After receiving this e-mail, we decided to leave the bed in our house for a couple of nights be-fore dispossessing of it. During the day, nothing unusual happened but that night when Mark and I went silently to bed, I saw green eyes peering in through the window. Frozen with fear, I managed to wake Mark up but by then the eyes had gone. He was cross for being woken up, and went straight back to sleep. I then saw blue gunge seeping through the walls and dripping onto the floor. I screamed which woke Mark up yet again and I showed him the wall where the gunge had been.

          Strangely, the gunge had disappeared and there was nothing at all on the wall. I still don't know why it is

that only I could see the haunting's, perhaps it is because I was the one that wanted to dump the bed, whereas

Mark insisted on keeping it. He was not usually like this, he said the bed was possessing him. But in the end we

got rid of the bed and Mark got back to his normal self. We will never buy a new bed again.  



Best Friend




Four years ago I lost my  best friend  We both were Radio Broadcasters his name was Tom Rose  Tom Suddenly passed away while doing his show  his daughter felt the need to let me have Toms CDS  after several weeks I had the courage to seat in my kitchen and play Toms music  I was alone that night my cocker spaniel was outside all of a sudden my dog was barking uncontrollable  staring at me through my sliding door finally I had to turn off the stereo I packed up the cds  and was carrying the case upstairs  I will never forget when I reached my fourth step I heard my kitchen floor making noise only the sound when walking I froze and started yelling out my wife's name thinking she may had come home there was no reply I have an alarm system  all at once I heard  my alarm door beep only beeps when the door opens or close  I ran downstairs thinking someone came home to my shock there was no one but myself.

I emailed you on 11/10 regarding my best friend Tom Rose  my name is Tony there is more occurrences that took place   One week before Toms death I use to do plant tours for the company I work for one day while I was walking through an area I did everyday I was in a hurry as I walked through a young girl with long brown hair no more than in her mid twenties said in a very sweet voice Hi Tony I took a quick glance and replied I kept on moving until it dawned on me who was this person that knew me and I felt bad I did not stop to speak with her so I decided to go back to where she was when I arrived she was not there I started to ask several workers in that are where is the girl who was working on the first line they told me no one ever works there I waited several minutes to see if she returned she did not  I purposely went back there every day for one week and never saw her again  I do remember when she said hi Tony she put her head down with no expression  that same night I phoned Tom and told him something really strange had happen my father passed away nine months before Tom said maybe it was a sign for your Father that following week on a Sunday at 3:07pm Tom passed away while doing his Radio program toms on air name was Doc  Tom and myself would speak everynight on the phone sometimes for hours  we would sometimes kid around and tell each other  if any thing would happen to one of us we would keep the music we owned  the first Sunday after Toms death I felt the need to do his show the hardest thing I will ever do now I knew Tom had a Daughter Michele but never had a chance to meet her when I was on that day a young girl entered the studio and ask if I was Tony she introduced her self being Toms Daughter she told me she came to pick up his belongings in the office that was being stored the General Manager came in shortly after opened the office and handed Michele Toms Jacket and cases of CDS  I asked Michele if she would stay with me in the studio while doing the show and she did  now Tom had a favorite song entitled Dear I Swear by the Plants  the song I still play in is memory when I am doing a show I played it that day saved it for last I noticed something strange about the song while it was playing the song finished and I thought nothing else about it   in the mean time after the show Michele turned to me and said I feel I need to let you have my Dads CDS I asked her if tom had ever mentioned that to you she said no why I just knew how close you both were   after the show I played the program from that show when I heard Dear I swear I could not believe it was possible the lyric she is mine all mine backed cured it self and repeated a Cd cannot do that once it skips it cant continue like it did than I recalled something I heard through my headphones and that was it I played the same cd now and never has any hesitations I made Rollye James from Wpht who was a friend to the both of us hear what I heard on the tape she agreed it could not have happened naturally she was thrown back  did not mean to take up too much of your time but needed this off of my chest there were a few more strange events that took place I never went to see where Tom was burried  until my daughter bought her home across the street was the Cemetery that tom was  I decided to walk over and find his resting place  after that visit all the strange occurrences I was having ceased  what I am telling you is the truth 




About the Masonic Temple






when we were younger my mother and father worked at the masonic temple in salt lake city  we know all about charlie and the little girl. doors would slam and open, sometimes lock one time on the third floor some ladies were locked in for 2 hours pictures would change places from one side to the other . my parents were care takers there so we lived down stair at the basement part. my mom seen the little girl a few times. we had a potted plant hanging and it would swing till it emptied out our dog would go crazy alot. also one time the bathroom water came on full blast and we could get it off for over 30 minutes it came on by itself and would not  let us shut it off. when no one else was there and the doors would be locked you'd here foot steps in the main building.






Haunted Fort Worth




One of the former tenants of my home has come back.  A teenage girl lived in our home with her family for nearly 7 years.   In 2001 she hung herself in the garage of her grandmothers house ( 3 houses down from ours).  It took approximately 3 months before little things started to happen.  Long story short, she liked to play pranks.  She would flush the toilet while I took a shower, she would yank curtains down repetitively.  My husband, who thought I was crazy, and I witnessed an apparition come out of our daughters room while she slept.  My nephew claims to have witnessed a female apparition standing in between our kitchen and dining room. 






Haunted House in Fresno CA




This house sits on the corner of Clinton and Valentine. It's a white two story house with a animal pen to it's right, (if your facing the house). There's a big green gate in the front of the house creating a kind of outside foyer. It once had a beautiful white horse that would pace nervously from side to side, then one day, the horse ran full speed at the brick wall at the back of the pen and killed itself. An eerie greenish light was seen from a small rectangular hole near the foundation of the house (the basement?). While the house was abandoned, I went in with a friend, we have video footage of a dresser, with one of the drawers taken out and set on top of the dresser, that suddenly slides off and slams to the floor. There was a smell of something rotting (dead) coming from the attic when you got to the landing on the stairs (inside), a general sense of dread, like something bad happened in that house. We also have video footage of a pair of sunglasses hanging on the wall in the kitchen. There was nothing for them to hang on, nor were either of us wearing sunglasses, we went at night.  We saw a mist in the living room, where the feeling of something bad got worse. A cold draft came from behind us, and some knocking, and we took off like someone lit a fire under out butts.  People live there now, there's a for sale sign up, they've only been there for a year. No one stays in that house long, and I don't blame them. Something happened in that house, and whoever or whatever is there doesn't want anyone to be there.




My Cat's Friend




Ive seen a few of these stories and mine isn't anything terrifying at all.

its a bit comical.

Ive got a cat who has befriended a ghost in the house.  My brother and I are are the only ones that live there and we are 21.  ok, so this ghost only bothers us when our cat is upset. if we dont feed her on time, a glass breaks in the kitchen. if we dont let the cat in, a glass breaks in the kitchen.  one day my mother decides to take the cat with her to my grandfather's house where she (my mom) also lives.  guess who got to buy new glasses the next day. Segue: We have a dripping shower. our shower isnt one in a bathtub and doesnt have doors, just a shower curtain that fails to reach the floor, so water splashes onto it. End segue. Well the day after my cat was taken, my brother and I see footprints on the floor.  Small footprints that seem to be the footprints of an 11 year old.  there were also wet footprints on the carpet outside of the bathroom. Didnt bother us. 

My mother came by that day and called me into the living room from my room.

You have to go through the kitchen to get to the living room from mine. 

when i got to the kitchen i heard a little girl say, " Come here Abby."

that's my cat's name. It didn't surprise me because i've never paid much attention to the out-of-ordinary things that happen around here. I paid attention that night.  About 10 pm the t.v.s in all 3 bedrooms turned on as well as the one in the living room.  The vacuum also turned on.  The lights didnt flicker, just turned on and stayed on.  so i told the ghost that i would go get the cat.  all the lights, tvs and the vacuum turned off at the same time.  I brought the cat back. Glasses still break when Abby's unhappy, but I had a "talk" with the ghost and told her to turn a light or tv off or on if the cat wanted in or wanted to be fed.  It works. That's my story.

Hope you have a good laugh at it.




Paranormal Activity in My Condo Apartment




I am a thirty year old male living in Fort McMurray Alberta. I am a manager of a rental company and here is my story,

On October 12 2005 my nephew and I were playing video games on our Sony playstation. Meanwhile my 18 month old daughter was playing in our dinning room area with her toys. Being tuned into the game we were not paying to much attention to what she was doing. Suddenly she would stop come into the living room and say “it’s scary daddy”. Not thinking anything of it we continued to play our game and she went on playing. This then happened again a second then a third time, this time I watched her to see what she was doing. She would run into the dinning area and say “boo” then turn around run into the living room saying “it’s scary” then giggle this happened about six or seven times. We started to get a little freaked out, so I started to ask her what is scary. And she would reply “it’s scary” every time I asked her. Getting no where I then asked her to show me what was scary. She then led me and my nephew around the kitchen table crouched down to the ground and physically tried to pick something up of the floor. I asked her 3 more times to show me and each time would take me to the same spot and try to pick something up. We then moved to the living room to try and clear our heads to figure this out. Meanwhile my daughter had gone into the dinning area again and started to look around the table say “boo” and start giggling hard, this went on for about 15 minutes with her following something around the table, playing with it. Over all this went on for about an hour and a half.

Since then about every two or three days in the evenings my daughter would have what I would call episodes of varying severity and length of her seeing or playing with something in the apartment always in the kitchen or the dinning room. Over the last two months my daughter has been having more and more nightmares waking her up I have noticed since being aware that usually these episodes occur after waking up and after being up for one to two hours. I talked to a doctor about the nightmares and he said it is very unusual for a child that young to experience nightmares causing her to wake up and stay awake. So I am wondering if it is nightmares at all or if it’s something else waking her up in the night wanting to play.

On October 1st 2005 we moved out of the apartment not due to related problems but due to a nicer property becoming available. Last night October 7th 2005 I was in the apartment again with my nephew trying to clean up and to get a few more things out since we have till the end of the month. I was walking into the bedroom and glanced in the bathroom as I was walking by. In the mirror looking at me I saw a young girl ten to thirteen years old. I stopped in my tracks looked for what seemed, several seconds, got a very good look and then she was gone. She had long dirty blonde hair but what was very strange that there was grey hair mixed in with blond, she had very high check bones, a thin face with a narrow chin, and thin lips. Her eyes were large for here face and the colored part of the eyes were black; I remember this the most because she was starting directly into my eyes. She was very thin and was wearing a very faded summer dress with large 5 peddled flowers on it. Her skin was grey and had what looked like age wrinkles on her face but I could tell it was a young girl; she looked like had been there for a very long time. At this point I kind of lost it and headed for the front door. My nephew asked what was going on and I told him I was getting the fuck out of there. I calmed down and refused to let my fears take over, I mean heck she has been there this long and has not hurt anyone. So we finished what were we doing and I started to load the truck. While I was down stairs the nephew said it felt like someone was watching everything he was doing in the apartment.

I being a person that does not like horror films and do not watch them can not attribute this to my imagination because I have never seen anything like this in any movie or picture and there is no doubt in my mind in what I saw. At this point my concern is this I have heard that spirits can become attached to individuals and or material things, what can I do to try and prevent this from happening with my daughter or our belongings, frankly she can stay were she is for all I care.

If there is anyone who can explain what I can or should do please respond to the email. Regards Steven Babich




The Lost Ruby




I have only had one experience in my life and this is one that changed my life and way of thinking.  When I was a teen my grandmother moved in with us.  I loved my grandmother, we were very close, so much that my mother would call me her junior.  Well when I was seventeen I went to prom and my grandmother had let me borrow  her beautiful ruby necklace, Well at that age being somewhat reckless I lost it somewhere, to this day I still do not know where I just remember at the end of the night my mother was so upset with me, my grandmother being very understanding and forgiving was not upset at all, a year later my grandmother passed away, not long after that I joined the military and got stationed in Germany for years I had not talked to my family.  I tried started my on family but only after two years my husband left, at this point I had been in Europe for 4 years and I still had another year to go, one night I was a hysterical drunken mess I broke down, I cried for hours and past out and the end of the bed.  The next morning when I woke I found clutched in my hand one beautiful ruby necklace that was my grandmothers, I don't know how to explain this, it just happened, I shared this with my mother and we both cried and together with the help of my family and really weird occurrence I am putting my life back together, Thank you for letting me share this with you

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