Two Different Ghost Sightings




#1When I was 6 or 7 my dog Lilly and I were playing in my living room.We have a play room connected to the living room(just so you know.).That was when I looked toxards the playroom door(which is clear glass)and saw what I thought to be my Papa Frank who had died the Christmas before standing at the door,at the same time Lilly barked annd barked at the playroom door as if someone was there.I really think it wasn't a someone it was a ghost!

#2(My house is built on a battlefeild of the Revolutionary War)It was a Friday night in the middle of summer and I woke up because it had suddenly become very cold and the A/C was of so I went into my mom's romm where it was always a little bit on the warm side and went to sleep.I woke up an hour later because it had gotton really,really cold even though the A/C was of still and saw a noticable yet hard to see a light in the corner that then took form of a man wearing a war uniform.I did everything I could do to make sure I wasn;t sleeping,I wasn't!After what seemed to be an hour and was really five minites I got out of my mom's bed because I was scared.It suddenly disapeared!!!!




An Old House In Athens, Louisiana (revised)





There is an old house in Athens, Louisiana that was built in the late 1800's. My father bought the  two story wood frame house for around three thousand dollars. It sits on about 2.25 acres of land. This was my childhood home.

When I became a teenager strange occurrences began to happen.The windows in my room would be closed but later would be open and the wind would whip the curtains but the trees outside would be still. These were old heavy windows that you had to really put out an effort to raise them, and then after you raised them you would have to prop a sawed off broom handle to keep them open. I have had my sheets tugged off of the bed and land on the floor.

In the summer time when everyone was away you could stand outside and hear music and laughter inside the house as if there was a party going on. I have had many strange occurrences happen while I lived there that I won't go into. It was an old house and old houses make noises.

Several years later my wife and I was visiting my parents one cold winter day. I decided to go to the large room and play an old smoked up piano that I salvaged from a house that was partially burned. I was playing a haunting melody that just came to me when I felt what I thought was my wife leaning on my right shoulder, I smiled and turned to great her...but there was no one there. I immediately left the room and joined my Father and wife in the living room but didn't say what had happened. Then suddenly the room was filled with the overwhelming scent of fresh cut Roses, so strong it was almost nauseating, this was the dead of winter. We all smelt it and I asked my Dad did he spray any kind of air freshener. He said no so we looked around and couldn't find anything then as sudden as the fragrance came left.

Several years later after my parents were deceased I went to the property to gather pecans. While I was there I heard a loud noise like furniture was being moved across the floor, I came closer to the house and heard it again, I left the premises immediately!




Christine (my ghost story)




About two years ago, my family and I had our first experience with our ghost when one night, my older brother got up to go to the bathroom. While he was in there, he heard a scratching noise coming from behind the shower curtain. It got louder and faster as it continued, and he ran out of the bathroom and into my room with his trousers around his ankles. He called for me to come into the bathroom. Drowsily, I got up and we started down the hallway. We never did enter the bathroom, because we were both much too freaked out when a shampoo bottle came hurtling out of the bathroom door, hitting the wall opposite it, and rolling down the hallway. I slept in his room that night. After that, we had many encounters with the ghost that we began to call "Christine" after the famous Stephen King novel. Though I personally never witnessed her, both of my parents and my friend did. My mom was the first. One night, my friend Midge and I were asleep on the living room floor, when the alarm on Midge's cell phone went off at about 3 AM. It didn't wake up Midge or I, but my mom got up and came out into the living room to turn it off. She saw who she thought was me standing in the hallway on the other side of the room, but she ignored "me" to retrieve the phone and silence it. That's when she noticed that I was asleep on the floor beside Midge. Scared, she went back to bed. Later that night, Midge woke me up crying, and insisted that I had just shaken her awake, then ran into the kitchen. But when she looked over, I was asleep next to her. Several weeks later, my dad was pulling into the driveway late one night and thought he saw me sitting on the couch, pulling back the blinds and staring out the window. As he pulled close to the house, "I" put the curtains back and got off the couch. But when he came into the house, he discovered that I wasn't even home.. I was spending the night with a friend. In between these experiences, eerie things occured around our house. The silverware drawer would fly open and slam shut, doors would open, close, and lock by themselves, lights would turn on and off. Then, a very strange event ocured when I made a collage on my wall of pictures of my friends. I had about 200 or so pictures completely covering one of my walls, which took me a very long time to do. I went to bed, and awoke the next morning to find that every lastpicture containing Midge had been taken off the wall and was in a pile across the room with all the other pictures.





Creepy Experience...Making a long story short




I lived (part-time, if that makes sense) with my dad in Whitmore Lake, Michigan before he commit suicide last year.  One night, it was about 2 A.M. my dad was out somewhere and my brother and sister were asleep in the other room.  I was sitting at the computer, talking to my friends.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something "peeking" around the corner of the room I was in at me.  Usually this happens a lot to me and then when I look at it, it disappears.  Frightened, I turned slowly to look at it and it stayed there, staring at me.  I wanted to was extremely tall (maybe 7 or 8 ft. tall) had long, boney fingers and long, sharp nails.  It had long, gray hair and its face wasn't that of a persons, but looked decayed or like a monster.  I got very scared and after about 3 or 4 minutes (which it seemed longer) it slowly backed away from the wall.  I told the people I was talking to on the computer what was happening but for some reason I was too scared to get up to call my dad.  I ran upstairs and when I turned the corner to go up the stairs I saw it again standing at the top of the steps. I'm a huge scaredy cat so I was freaking out and I had tears in my eyes.  I ran up the steps with my eyes closed and ran into my room.  I turned on my light and checked in the closet and under my bed.  Then I slammed my door and locked i and layed in my bed until I fell asleep.  The next day I woke up and went downstairs and saw my dad in the kitchen. I told him about the previous night and before I described what the creature looked like, he already knew. He told me that he saw it all the time.  He told me to just ignore it.  My dad was definitely not a religious person so it bothered me that he was ok with this crazy thing just staring at me (or anybody).  To this day that was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I don't like to tell too many people because they just look at me like I'm crazy....and now I wonder if the thing had any connection to my dad and his death.  About a year later he got heavily into drugs and was going down hill and even after he lost his huge house on the lake that he spent his time and money and energy building, he still wouldn't leave the house.  He lived in between his house and the neighbors house in his camper. In July 2004, my dad hung himself from the tree in our old yard.  It makes me want to go back and investigate.   Thats my story...Ashley.




Sounds in the Night




Today (11/06/05) marks the two year anniversary of my husband's Liver Transplant.  Prior to that date, we had been living in northeast Georgia.  We were notified by my company that, if we had the procedure done at Mayo Clinic, it would be completely paid for, including traveling and living expenses.  We chose the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida and  went down there in August for the two week evaluation process.  Mayo Clinic approved Chuck's transplant and told us to move down there by the end of September.  Once we moved, they had to do a few more tests before putting him on the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) list.  We received a letter stating that Mayo had added his name to the list on October 25th.  On November 1st at approximately 3:00am, I woke up to the horrible sounds of tires screeching on pavement and then a loud 'thud' as if the vehicle had made impact with another object.  I jumped up out of bed which caused my husband to jump up too, asking me what was the matter.  He didn't hear the screeching like I had.  As I was heading for the front door, I told him that I had heard a bad car crash so, he followed me out.  I stood there in my yard, in my pajamas and looked both ways up and down our street.  There was nothing.  Everything was still and quiet except for frogs creaking.  I couldn't believe it.  I went back into the house and tried to go back to bed but, it was bothering me about what I had heard.  My husband said we should drive around the neighborhood and out on the highway to see if there had been an accident.  We drove around, up and down each street and out on the highway both ways.  There was no accident!  I was so concerned about that.  However, when we got the call on the early morning of November 6th to get to the hospital because they had a compatible liver for him, I began to wonder if the liver donor died in a car accident that I had heard but, not seen.  My husband was only on the UNOS list for 13 days.  A wonder in itself.  We were unable to find out any information on the donor.  Once my husband came out of Intensive Care after two days, he had the appetite of a teenager.  I realize that he was sick and his appetite was less than normal but, I had never seen him eat a Cheeseburger and fries immediately followed by 4 chicken wings and a biscuit.  That's the way his appetite was after the transplant.  We haven't contacted the donor's family yet because my husband thought it would be better to have them get through their mourning process without attaching themselves to him because he carried their deceased loved one's liver.  I would like to add that my husband is very sensitive to the paranormal.  All through the process of his illness prior to the transplant, there were spirits with him.  He could feel them embracing him as he sat on the edge of the bed.  I even saw the indentations of someone sitting on the bed beside him.  I took a digital picture and downloaded it on my computer and there was a thick mass beside him.  I don't know what happened to the picture after we looked at it because I don't have it on my computer anymore. There was one spirit that did mischievous acts solely, I believe, to keep his humor up.  She would untie his shoes, something he never did, and she would ruffle the sheets after we would get into bed, for examples.  We had to tell her to go on and let us sleep.












I grew up in an old house in the rural area of Sandy Lake & Stoneboro, it was built around 1847.On the bottom floor the walls were 16 inch stone, the top floor was built during the time the brick builders traveled through Mercer Co. Our kitchen was on the top floor and outside the door was a large lilac bush. We milked cows but I did'nt care for milk but each night after dinner I had to sit until I drank my milk and my parents went into the living room. It was a nice night because I remember the door was wide open and I saw an old woman come up the walk she had her hands wrapped in her apron, I turned my head to yell at my Mom to tell her we were getting company and when I turned back the lady walked around the lilac bush. When my Mom got there I told her about the lady and she got very pale and called my Dad and I had to tell him the story and being six I did'nt understand their looks. Dad went out to prove to me there was nothing there but, I saw her. As I grew she stayed and often stood just inside my closet door, even as as teen she caught me from falling out of bed one night. I never enjoyed her being there but tolerated her presence. Dad later told me it was probably my grandmother who lived down the road and passed before my birth and she always folded her hands in her apron when not busy as idle hands were the devils plaything. The house is still there and I wonder if grandma is there too.



Grey Lady




my name is dave (a.k.a srac) i have an experience that i would like to share. the story of the old grey lady. the old grey lady is a woman who invites you into her cottage  which then disappears. we were in the woods having a game of man hunt on friday the 4th of november 2005 these woods were small and it is impossible to get lost. we found ourselves in a part of the woods that we had never seen before. wee go into these woods all the time and know our way around quite well we had heard the tale of the old grey lady before but we didn't believe it but we assumed that this was the place where the cottage was so me and my friend ran out of the woods when we were were out we tried to phone the the others who were in the woods but every numbers on both mine and my friends phones had been deleted at the same time and my friends phone went off my friend went back in to the woods to round every body up at the time i was wearing e celtic cross around my neck which had a pentogram on the back




Close Encounters with the Paranormal






My name is Marilyn and I to have had very close encounters with the paranormal, actually I've had them all my life and until recently I've choosen to stop seeing ven though they don't go away so easy they've become less in quantites. It started when I was about 4 and we were living in Brooklyn in an apartment near sunset park, I was sleeping in my room that was at the very far end of the apartment farthest from my mothers house.And at the time we had just moved in so all I had to sleep on was some mattresses and candle light because my mom was still moving our stuff and my night light was packed up; the following was the beginnig of many things to come..( I wish i could forget it) one night after my parents had fell asleep I woke up to a strange barking sound I got really cold so I went to get up from the matress to get a blanket and I saw on the wall the shadow of a dog barking I thought I was dreaming. But when the dog looked at me and gave me an eveil kind of grin I screamed and ran out the room down to my mom's room. When I reached her door a light came from the window and hit the wall whem I looked at the wall the dog started laughing.I was petrifed and my mom had to read the bible to me before bed, the apartment gave me horrible nightmare of small demon like creatures and even sleeping in my mom's room we weren't safe, in her room at 12 midnight you would here people knocking or trying to break down the door and when you went to see who was there it stopped. Till this day i get shivers because when my mother went to complain to the landlord he said he had thrown the previous tenants out because nieghbors complained about satanic rituals being done next door....The apartment in Brooklyn wasn't the end of my paranormal encounters, when we moved to the Bronx to Fulton ave. the apartment was more welcoming but I could have sworn i felt like I saw somebody out of the corner of my eyes, one night while watching TV my brother's door opened when it had been locked and there was no draft and all of us were in the living room. Then one day while sleeping I felt someone caressing my hair when I woke up to look around no one was there. Right now I live in Boston with my mother in law and her apartment would creep me out, one summer night I went to get my husband a glass of water and I felt myself shiver and felt a hand on my back pushing me when I moved a can of beans fell from the shelf and right were I was standing. I remebered what i had read in ur page and I thanked the ghosts and let it know I was protected by God's grace and his angels and if he was there to help he could stay if he wasn't he had to leave imediatley. I really don't know why I have so many encounter's but I have learned to live with it. Thank you and keep up the good work.



My Ghost Mother-in-Law




I've spent a great deal of time reading everyone's experiences.  I can say that if you are perceptive, clear your mind and allow yourself to experience the energies of those who passed, most everyone will experience SOMETHING!  I thank the Goddess that there are websites like this one for people to learn and share.  I would like to share a story about my friendly, and sometimes not so friendly, ghost mother-in-law.

I moved in with my boyfriend, now my husband, shortly after I left my last husband in Colorado.  He had a son who lived in the basement of the house he had inherited from his mother.  My boyfriend lived upstairs and he and his son had established a rather bachelor existence, coming and going with no notice, dishes everywhere, etc.  My arrival was not met with joy and friendship from his son because I brought structure and responsibility into the house, as well as rules.

Family was very important to my then-boyfriend.  His son tried to emulate him as much as possible.  My mother-in-law made herself known to me right away that she did not like the disagreements and bad feelings in the house by removing items from the kitchen and around the house, some that have never reappeared.  I spent a great deal of time in the house alone so I think I was aware of it the most -- plus I was the only one who did dishes!

Anyway, time went on and things disappeared only to reappear in the weirdest places.  Wooden spoons which were obviously favorites due to their worn condition disappeared and reappeared and disappeared completely, never to return. 

My husband, who is one of the most difficult people to convince of supernatural occurrences, told me he saw his mother in a blinding white light, standing in our hallway.  He said I was sound asleep next to him.  She then faded to nothing.

The last occurrence was when I was thinking really bad and evil thoughts about a co-worker of mine while doing the dishes.  The dishes were many and stacked all over the counter.  I was concentrating on what I was doing in the sink, washing dishes, when all of a sudden a landslide occurred, sending several sharp knives flying as well as a cobalt glass globe tea light holder my girlfriend had just given me crashing to the floor.  I was thrilled to see it hadn't broken except for one large piece that could be glued back.  As I was crouching, looking at the glass globe without picking it up, bad and evil thoughts still running through my mind, I watched an antique knife sharpening steel literally hopped off of its nail and crashed to the floor, flipping several of the items already on the floor, smashing hard into the cobalt tea light holder, crushing it to smithereens.  Since the nail had a large head, and the circular hook on the end of the steel was somewhat ornate, you had to lift it off the nail, over the head to take it off of the nail. 

I never doubted again that thoughts are "things" and my mother-in-law, who hadn't put in an appearance in years, thought I should be aware of that, telling me to stop sending bad thoughts into the atmosphere.  She always seems to appear during times of stress, not exactly a supporting spirit, but one telling you to BUCK UP and get over it!






My Haunting




I was staying at a friends house a couple of years ago and she did warn us that it was haunted, of course I didn't believe her but after seeing this I do now! Unfortunately there is no evidence or photos but I swear that I have seen a ghost! Anyway, there were three of us sleeping in my friends bed, they were asleep, I was not. I looked to my left at a blank space on the wall above my head, to my absolute shock, a hand began to move through the wall. I thought it was just my imagination and woke my friends, and just pointed at the hand coming out of the wall. We jumped out of the bed and ran to the opposite side of the room and waited. The hand began moving out of the wall and attached to the hand was the body of a woman. Now it wasn't what I imagined a ghost would look like, all floaty and transparent, it just looked like a woman standing there. She was about 5ft2" which is about my height and she was dressed in black jeans and a button up white shirt, she was bare foot, long brown hair. She stood there for what seemed an age, it was only about two minutes but that's all she did was stand there and then she turned and walked back through the wall. To this day I will never forget what she looked like, unfortunately as I have said, there is no evidence that would make you believe me, no-one else does either but I swear that I have seen a ghost!

Thankyou for listening








i happened to stumble upon your site and i found it very fasinating....

and thought i would share some thing that happened with my family with you.

we live in the uk. in a small town called stanley in co durham, my mum, my little sister rebecca who was a week away from her 5th birthday at the time and i were going into the town centre, when rebecca stopped at the top of the hill and turned around, she pointed to the golf course that you could see from the top of the hill, looked at my mum and said, " thats where i crahshed my plane when i was a man mummy" we both laughed and said come on dont be silly, but she went on to tell us that she was flying with her friend billy when they lost control and crashed and that they both died, and how she thought it was nice she could still remeber billy.

when we researched it just out of curiosity really, it turned out that a BE-2c, had actually crashed there in october of 1916, killing both it pilots who were both member of the royal flying corpse, unfortinaly no names were listed so we could not see if "billy" was there, but how else would a girl who was not yet five and could not read well enough to research some thing like this, know that the was the place a plane crashed and killed its pilots years earlier.

hope this is good enough for your page...... please let me knwo what you think, could she really have been some one else years ago?.




Pithole Experience




I recently returned from a visit to my boyfriend and the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.  On one of our day trips he took me to Pithole...a large oil boom town with a life span of 500 days. 

Since it was fall and late afternoon, we were afraid the visitor center wouldn't be open but were jovially greeted by 3 members of the staff who told us we were "just in time for the movie".  Entering the small theater, we joined a couple and their two giggling girls...20 mins later my boyfriend and I started down the hill to what was once Pithole.

In the meadow you'll find descriptive markers of the buildings and streets, a few old wells, and holes in the ground which were once cellars.  We were reading the markers and snapping pictures when I saw my boyfriend stop in his tracks and shake his head.   I asked him if he was okay and he said he was so we continued walking.  I kept hearing a conversation between a man and woman and assumed it was the couple with the girls so I kept looking up the hill to spot them but never did.  We got to the end of the street and were talking about "French Kate", a brothel manager, when it got really cold!  I could still hear the man and woman talking but my teeth were actually chattering and I was having trouble breathing.  I grabbed my boyfriend's hand and started up the hill, thinking we might be having an experience but not wanting to say anything.  He asked me if I was okay, I told him I was but it was so cold down there I was having trouble breathing.  As we walked up the hill the temperature rose and I was breathing easier. 

Once we got home, we talked about what we both experienced.  My boyfriend stopped in his tracks because he saw the back of a woman in a dress walking behind a tree, we both heard the conversation and felt the drastic temperature drop.  I was the only one who felt breathless but I guess we all have different reactions to experiences! 

I kick myself now for not taking pictures when it was happening but I guess I was trying to rationalize everything. 




Cry Baby Bridge in Columbus, GA & Salem Shotwell Covered Bridge in AL




Sorry this turned out as long as it did, but if it is hard to summarize.

From personal experience, both the second and third bridge are haunted.  You may think I'm crazy or what have you, but my cousin and I both were "blessed" I guess you could say to have been born with a sixth sense of sorts that our grandmother, great aunt, and great grandmother also had.  We aren't psychic, but we do pick up on a lot of things that other people wouldn't pick up on, such as being in a house where someone died, having no knowledge of it, and being able to correctly tell someone who knows, only to find out that we are right.

So as not to make this take too long, I'll go ahead and get into our personal experience.

We went to Cry Baby Bridge one night during the summer last year around 9:00 p.m.  The temperature that night about in the high 70's-low 80's, bright moon, and no noticeable breeze.  We first parked on the second bridge for a few moments, with the car turned off, the windows down, and of course to be safe since it is in the middle of nowhere the doors locked.  After about 5 minute of sitting there the temperature dropped drastically, and a small orb appeared about 20ft from the bridge on the edge of the creek bank.  It drifted towards us, and once it got within about 5 ft. of the bridge it disappeared and the temperature returned to normal.  During the total of about 7 minutes that we were parked there, we both got a feeling of urgency, almost panic like, not the type of panic of being scared, but the feeling you get when something bad happens to someone dear to you.

We cranked the car back up (with no problems like I've heard some people mention about the bridge), and drove to the 3rd bridge, which is supposedly Cry Baby Bridge. 

As we started getting closer to the 3rd bridge the feeling of urgency started coming back.  Once again, we put the car in park, turned it off, and sat there.  About 15 minutes went by when this bright white orb about the size of a baseball appeared on the left side of the bridge about 10 ft from the actual bridge itself.  Within a matter of seconds we heard a loud splashing sound coming from a short distance down the creek and getting closer.  It sounded as though someone or something was "stomping" in the water coming closer to us.  We continued to sit there watching the orb and listening to the splashing sound until the splashing was coming from under the bridge.  The orb "freaked out" and was darting back and forth closer to the creek bank, and backing away from it.  The splashing quieted down and started turning into the sound of someone or something coming up the creek bank.  The orb disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and the sounds stopped.  We continued to sit there a little bit longer and nothing else happened. 

The whole time we were on the 3rd bridge I felt as though we were being watched, and that we were very "unwanted" there.  The sense of urgency lingered until we finally drove off the bridge.  In order to get back out to the paved part of Whitesville Rd, you have to turn around and drive back over the bridges.  As we neared the 3rd bridge to head back the urgency returned again and remained until we had crossed the 2nd bridge, then it completely lifted. 

Someone or several people definitely died or were severely harmed on both bridges.  You can feel it in the air.

As many paranormal things as I have experienced since I was a child, this experience tops the list of things that truly "got to me".    A few weeks afterwards, I wanted to go back during the day, so I got my husband to go with me.  I had him park the car on the other side of the 2nd bridge, and I got out and walked to the middle of the bridge and cleared my mind.  I could feel a very powerful energy around me, an almost "hateful" energy.  I walked back to the other side of the bridge, down the embankment and under the bridge, the hateful energy changed to a very panicked, concerned feeling.  I did the same thing at the 3rd bridge (Cry Baby bridge) and the feeling of being unwelcome was just as strong as on the 2nd bridge.  The feeling I got under the bridge though was completely different, it was a sense of complete fear, worry, and extreme sadness.

I have never heard many stories about either bridge or than supposedly your car won't start if your park on them and turn it off, but after experience what I did those 2 times I went there, I do not want to go back ever ever again.

Salem Shotwell Covered Bridge in Salem (right outside of Phenix City, AL on HWY 280 N, it was on the same rd. that Wacoochee Jr. High is on, you turn on the first rd. to the right, and go all the way to the end.)  The bridge had been blocked off to traffic since 1994, it was a Town Truss style bridge built in 1904.  The reason I am talking about it in past tense is because over the summer, a large tree fell on the bridge causing it to collapse.  It was taken apart and is being stored, to be rebuilt in a park either in Opelika or Auburn.

I had been to the bridge numerous times as I lived about 10 miles from it for a couple of years.  Going during the day and during the night was 2 totally different experiences.  During the day there was very little energy that I could pick up on.  At night though, it was a whole other story.

Supposedly there were children that was killed in a car wreck on the bridge.  If you ask a native of Salem, preferably an older person, there was never a car wreck on the bridge that involved anyone dieing.  Nor was there ever a car that drove into the ravine as your site calls it.  It distance from the bottom of the bridge to the creek below it was about 10ft, and there are large trees on either side of the bridge that would have kept anyone from being able to drive off the embankment. 

There was however a girl raped and strangled on the bridge, an exact time of this happening as rather unclear as I have had a hard time finding any old newspaper stories about it, but have had the pleasure of speaking with the police officers who worked the crime scene.  She was raped and strangled by a soldier from Ft. Benning, which is the reason it was not made very public.

The night that me and my cousin went there, was the same night we went to Cry Baby Bridge in Columbus.  We pulled up to the guardrails at the edge of the bridge, put the windows down, and turned the car off.  We sat there for several minutes and looked through the bridge.  My cousin asked me if I was feeling something, and I was but was unsure what I was feeling at the time.  She told me that she felt like we were rolling backwards, which was impossible as the emergency brake was engaged.  I began to tell her that it was possibly what I was also feeling and was unable to talk.  I felt as though someone was holding me around my neck very tightly.  It started getting harder to breathe, and I could not utter a single sound.  I cranked the car up and began to drive off, the choking feeling stayed with me for about a football fields distance from the bridge.  We got to the stop sign at the end of the road and I was still unable to speak.  My throat felt like it had been squeezed to the point of being quickly bruised. 

We decided to go back again the next night and the same thing happened, other than this time I let her drive.  That was not the first time I had a "spirit" take control of me in some way, but it was the worst way it had ever happened.  I feared for my life both nights, because the feeling that came over me, was a feeling of sheer terror, like I was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it. 

The experience at the covered bridge gave me nightmares for weeks.  I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling as though I was being strangled

I hope the update on the covered bridge is some help and the same for my experiences at both places.   I currently moved to NC, and am anticipating getting to visit some of the places around the Durham and Raleigh area.  If I find out about any places that are not on your list, I will be sure to e-mail you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear something back.




We have a Silly Spirit





We have lived in our home for 12 years.  We really love this house and our children have always felt safe and sound.  Our children were 5 yrs., 18 months, 6 months when we moved into this home.

My husband happened to know the woman selling the house.  We felt very comfortable buying the house.  I have to say the things that have happened to us have been NON-THREATING.  In fact our spirit friend is silly.  We found out that the man had cancer and passed away in the house.  He was a HUGE ND fan.  My husband graduated from the "GOLDEN DOME" in 87.  We did some looking and asking of questions from the community.  The only thing we could find is the man loved children.   He also liked to play pranks and jokes on people.  My kids and I know that our friend "Leo" is here.  We feel he watches over us and goofs with us.  These are  the reasons .  When the kids were babies-- pacifiers, blankest and favorite toys would disappear and then ------ boom-bada-bing -- - -it would be on the child's bed or in the middle of the floor.  There was a time when I thought I was crazy.  NOPE------- it is just Leo!  When something comes up missing, I say

"Come on Leo I am not in the mood".  It will be there.  We had a fourth child and he does not "play" with her like the others.  She is

very clingy to Mom and dad.  I guess what I am trying to say is that NOT all spirits are scary or threatening.  Everyone in the town we live in loved this man and so do we. 

Thank you Leo (for keeping track of the kids pacifiers),




When I was a Kid




When I was about 5 years old I would often go into my parents' room in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.  One night I approached my mother's side of the bed, but was stopped in my tracks by a tall, white figure.  It was not a solid object, but kind of like a white shadow.  Then, I turned and went to my father's side of the bed.  Same thing.   So, I turned around and went back to my own bed. 

I did not feel scared, but somehow knew that this figure did not want me to wake them.  This was the last time I ever went to their room during the night.

This memory is 30+ years old.  It is still vividly etched in my brain.  This is the only unexplained occurrance I can remember.



My Haunting




my name is brittany and i live in greenfield mass.

i always thought i was crazy when i was little now i know im far from it...ok so i was about 5 or 6 at the time i live in a old big whiteish grayish house on woodly greenfield,i had two immagenary friends when i lived there, hata and hidi(a little boy and an old lady),i used to always play with them and my mom was a little confused at the time like:is it normal for a little girl to have an old lady as an immagenary friend?but they were my best friends.i used to go in my basement with them and see things like cofins and a guy standing over them reading a book,i would run upstairs and tell my mom but she would never go we moved about 5 years later into a house on davis greenfield.this house was worse then the last one,i was about 11 or 12 when we moved (and i live in this house still)and i walked into my room (4 or 5 weeks after we moved in) and i saw two little girls in cute pink and white frilly dresses rolling a blue ball bvack and forth in the middle of my room,i screamed and ran out of my house,i called my mom at work and told her the storie and she said "its ok they wont hurt you ive seen them to"i was shocked that she said that.but i went back about 6 hours later not to find phone rang 2 times before the ansering michen picked up and the smell of ciggars filled my house,when i listend to the phone there was two little girls talking on the other line,so i picked up the phone and said "hello who is this?" and they hung after about 6 months of me and my mom getting hit on the back or tripped or lights clicking on and off we disided to go to the librarry to get some kind of history on our house(and the old house as well)we found that the house i lived in when i was 5 or 6 was an old funral home and my immagenary friends were far from immagenary.the house we live in now is an old bording house and the little girls have no records of ever living in the house.they dont bother us anymore but you can still feel the every once and a while.



Childhood visits from another world





Once when I was around five years old we were visiting my grandfather. He lived in a small town near the north/east corner of Colorado. My grandfather's house was very old, the only indoor plumbing that it had was a kitchen sink, but even that was somewhat antiquated..the water would come out of the faucet but it had to drain into a pot that sat on the floor underneath it, which then had to be tossed out of the door. To go to the bathroom we had to go to the outhouse in the backyard..(which in itself was rather scary!)..The house was surrounded by trees, and I seem to remember that there were railroad tracks nearby.

One night during this particular visit wile everyone was in bed, my brother in the front room on the couch, my grandpa in his room, and my mom, dad and me in the second bedroom, a strange occurrence was about to happen. It was pitch dark and I was lying in the middle of my mom and dad, which made me feel very safe and secure. I was wide awake and happened to be looking toward the bedroom door, thats when I noticed that someone was walking through it. My mom and dad were both still in bed, and this did not look like my brother or my grandpa. It looked like a very small woman wearing a vail with her head slightly bowed. Anyway she, or whatever this was, walked past the brass footboard of the bed, went to the window turned around walked past the foot of the bed again and then out of the door. The image was extremely bright in the otherwise dark room, and I did not feel frightened by it at all.

 Now, this next story scared the living daylights out of me!

I was around ten years old, at home, in a very unassuming bi-level brick house. My grandfather's house looked the part for a haunting, but this one, not even close. It was just your average everyday house. However, something not so average was about to take place in it. It was in the middle of the night and for some reason I woke up. From where my bed was I could look straight out into the living room. Which I just happened to be doing, and thats when I noticed the dark image walking out of the kitchen. It walked to the stairs and stood there for a few seconds. I concluded that this was my dad about to go downstairs to check on my brother, who was a teenager at the time, to make sure he had come home after being out with his friends. But, he seemed to change his mind about doing this as he turned and started walking toward my room, which was nothing out of the ordinary because he had to walk past my bedroom to get to his and my mom's room. He stopped at my door and stood there looking at me, I finally said "hi dad"..I got no response. I looked at this dark image more closely, and noticed that it was staring at me with big dark hollow eyes, nooooo this was not my dad..and in spite of the fact that it was not threatening me in anyway, I lost it (!) and started screaming! This screeching woke my mom, who rushed to my room, running right through the dark figure, and it vanished. I slept on the floor in my mom and dad's room for about a week after that!





Ford Island Ghost Experiences




Despite Ford Island already being listed in the index, I suppose a few more accounts of it couldn't be of any harm.My first story has nothing to do with this location, It was merely my first encounter with the paranormal.

I recall a few years back my family was having a discussion about hauntings and what not.I have a grandmother who has bought houses because they are haunted, so there is no shortage of stories. My mother brought up one which,regardless of being the subject of, I have no recolection (I was pretty young when it happened). She told me that when I was about three, I had told her about a man coming into my room in the middle of the night and sitting down on my bed and provided a pretty vivid description of him.Upon hearing this, she was starteled (no mother wants a strange man in there childs bedroom) but the more she thought about how I had described him, the more she was unsure of the truth. A few days latter she presented me with a photo of a man and to her suprise I said "Yeah mom, that's the man who was in my room".The reason for this suprise? It was my grandfather who had died some years before. I had never seen any pictures of him and had no means of recognizing him. The only explanation we can come up with is that it was my late grandfather coming to meet his only grandson (me).By the way,If anyone ever tells you about the Dam Site in Hamden, Maine, my grandmother that I mentioned owned it way back and it is haunted.

Now onto my more recent accounts of Ford Island.I had never truely been convinced of the paranormal.I belived in it to some degree but never had any first hand accounts that I could recall (I seriously have no memory of my last story).This was until I started spending more times on Ford Island with my friends.I have a handful of accounts that have made me a firm believer.They aren't in any real order other tan how I remember them.

1.My band dicided to stay late and practice one night at the community center (Building 86 I believe). Midnight rolls around and our drummer calls in need of a ride out to where we were.Our drummer and bassist both leave to go get him leaving only me and my friend in the whole building. The pizza we had ordered came about five minutes later. We went into te back room to get some drinks out of the fridge. We were chatting about whatever and I turned to look back into the main room and I saw a figure walk past the doorway. I figured everyone was back and we just hadn't heard them come in. After a quick investigation,we discovered that they weren't back yet and we were still the only ones in the building. The figure was more of a shadow and it moved rather quickly. I know exactly what I saw but can think of no other explanation than that it was, in fact, a ghost.

2.It was a situation much like the last. It was after practice and we decided to relax and go for a walk. We were walking northbound down the eastern side of the island talking and what not.About five minutes into our walk, we started hearin a chain ratlling behind us. From the sound of it, I would guess maybe 15-20 feet behind us. I heard it first and stopped.Everyone asked me what was wrong and being unsure about it I said "nothing" and we continued on. No more than 10 seconds later it happened again...and this time everyone heard it.It was much loauder than the first time. Seeing no other option, we kept walking. It followed us for probably 100 yards and suddenly stopped. I really have no idea what to think of this one.

3.We decided, yet again, to have a late practice. This time at the dispensary. We unloaded all of our equipment and two of the four of us left to go get some other people leaving me and my friend alone to take everything inside (I'm begining to se a pattern). We are going back and forth taking everything in and everything is going fine. It was our last trip in and as soon as we got inside, we realize the light in one of the upstairs rooms was on. the peculiar thin about this was it haden't been on two minutes earlier and we were together the whole time. On top of that, the room in question has, was, and probably still is locked. In all our adventures through the building, we found the key to every room in the building except this one.Just as a note, the building is off limits and it is alarmed. We were escorted out by MP's a week or so after the night in question.It was probably against better judgement to go in there and, after hearing what they had to say, I don't know why you'd wan't to go in anyway.It turns out that after the Attack on Pearl Harbor it was used as a make-shift morgue and bodies upon bodies were stacked up in the courtyard (its a hard building to describe, you'd have to see it to understand).

4.It is said that the pool on Ford Island is the most haunted place out there so we were probably just asking for this one but thats beside the point. I dont remember exactly what time it was but it was fairly late. We parked our car in the lot at the pool. We were somewhat looking for a scare and we got one...and then some. We sat there for probably 15 to 20 minutes hoping we would see somthing. All of a sudden, we feel the car start to lurch back slowly as if someone was sitting on the back bumper. We look back and confirm that there is no one behind the car. We were all slightly spooked but apparently that wasn't good enough. A few minutes pass and we had almost forgotten the prior incedent. Suddenly, the car jerked backwards quite violently. I would compare it to someone jumping on the back bumper with all the force they could muster. All of our heads turn just in time to see a white light dissapear behind a nearby dumpster. At first I wasn't even really scared, just completely confused. The next moment I was scared to the point where I wanted to throw up. Needless to say we left rather "briskly".

5.It was on another late night adventure that this happened.We were walking around the south/south-western portion of the island.Not far after we passed the brig, I started having the sensation that someone was walking directly behind me. It was odd but I didn't say anything. It was only a few minutes later that the friend I was walking with said that he was having the same feeling.  






I am 13 yrs old and my parents are recently going through a divorce so My mom my sisters and I moved into another house. In 2001 my Grandma died and it affected me greatly, i really loved her more than anything in the world. My brother Lucas was born a still born. I never knew my brother Lucas but i know that if i would have known him i would have loved him as much as my Grandma. Well Sun. October 23 rd 2005 i was sleeping in my new room (the basement) when i suddenly felt someone lean over me and put my teddy bear Fred next to me {Fred was given to me by my grandma just before she died}. I woke up immediately after i felt this and searched my whole room and there was no one there. When i went up stairs to see if it was my mom or one of my sisters playing a joke on me but no one was awake yet. When I told my mom about this she said that she thought it was my grandma and my brother coming back to make sure i was okay and was not hurt by anyone. I also was in my room reading a book when i heard males voice say everything would work out between me and me friend who had just had a big fight. I believed this voice to be my brother. Ever since these two things other strange little things have occurred. I really dont believe these to be haunting's but i dont know what to believe of them.



Hauntings in Alamance NC




I would like to tell you of an experience my husband and I had when we were living in an old house in the village of Alamance, NC.

We lived in this house for 2 yrs.and discovered we had another child in our house other than our two children. You could sit on the couch in our living room and out of the corner of your eye see the shadow of a small child,female maybe 3 yrs.old. I know this was not my own children because my daughter would be in school and my son was an infant. I never said anything to my husband until he saw it and told him I had seen it several time but didn't say anything to keep from being accused of being crazy.

That Spring I was reworking my flower garden in front of the house and as I cleared away the grass to extend my borders I found a brick edging in the ground about the size of a small child's grave. I have never been able to find out any history on this land. We have sinced moved from this house, but I have always wondered who this child was and why she is still there at the house. We never felt uneasy in the house.




John Jay Homestead




A nember of years ago, I took my family to visit the John Jay Homestead in  Katonah, NY on a late Sunday afternnon. There were cars in the small lot and the sign indicated the home was open for tours.  We tried the front door but it would not open.  We knocked loudly and repeatedly but no one responded.  I told my wife (now an ex-wife)  to go around  one side of the building and try to locate someone or another entrance while I tried the other side. She took our two children with her.  I walked a short distance to the left of the front door and saw full length windows or french doors on the side. I looked in and saw bookcases running perpindicular to the windows.  I could see in between the bookcases and saw a woman dressed in a white or grey  colored period costume walking slowly across the room.  She had a candle in her hand and was moving very slowly with a distant, sad look on her face.  I knocked on the window and expected her to turn and notice me as she moved between the bookcases.   She never turned my way. She just continued walking toward the front of the room in the direction of the front door. I banged on the glass a few more times and then ran to the front door exclaiming"Someone is in there and they have period costumes".  We tried the front door again but it wouldn't open. I knocked loudly and at last someone opened it.  I expected to see the woman I saw through the window but it was a diferent women in a business suit who had been sitting at desk right at the front entarnce. She was surprised that we had trouble getting in earlier because the door was not locked and she had been sittting there and did not hear us knocking.  I asked if we were in time for a tour and she told us we could join the tour in progress which had started just a few minutes before.  I made a comment that I thought it was very appropriate that the tour guides dressed in costumes of the period.  She then told me that they did not dress in costumes and never had.  I started to tell her what I though I saw in the side window.  She brought us into the room I indicated, which was a display are for John Jay's family items.  There were no bookcases.  Just some floor glass displays and encased items hung on the wall.  One of the items was a pearl colored dress that belonged to John Jays wife.  I could swear it was the same dress the women in the window was wearing.  I tried to discuss my experience with the caretaker in the hope of getting more information but it was plain she wasn't interested or didn't believe I saw what I claimed I saw.  We joined the tour which was conducted by a pleasant young woman in jeans and I said nothing more about my experience. I tried to research the story of John Jay and learned that he died by falling on a pitchfork in the stable.  There were rumours that his wife was invloved with a member of the staff, a stable hand.  I have not been able to learn anything additional or confirm what I found out is the truth.  But I know what I saw.  I will never forget the distant sad look on her face, illuminated by the candle as she passed between the bookcases.  If you could provide any additional information it would be greatly appreciated.


My Grandmother's Goodbye





My Mother was very young when she had me, so when I was growing up, my Grandmother would help out alot. I was very close to her, having been her first Grandchild. I know she loved me very much. When I was 17, my Grandmother developed heart problems and had to have surgery. She was in the hospital for a long time, never really getting any better. Then one cold night, my Mom was going to the hospital to see her...I really wanted to go, but I was very sick with a high fever, so we didn't think it was a good idea for me to visit her. I went to bed. Around 12:10 am (I remember the time because I looked at the digital clock next to my bed) on March 10, 1991, I was awaken out of a sound sleep by the feeling of someone squeezing me so hard I almost couldn't breath! That lasted for about three minutes and then I felt a feeling of extreme sadness. I brushed it off as I must have been hallucinating due to 104* fever and fell back to sleep. About forty minutes later, my Mom returned from the hospital, and woke me up to tell me my Grandmother had passed away. I sat up in my bed and asked when, and my Mom told me around ten after twelve. I cried, and then I told my Mom what happened. I had such a close relationship with my Grandmother, that I really feel like she wanted to say Good-bye to me and hug me one last time before she left this world.



Not in My Head




This story is not influenced by legend or rumor.  Also, I always approach strange experiences with an objective, scientific mindset, and fight hard to find logical answers to everything.  However, I've had two experiences in my 31 years I cannot explain.

Both of these events happened in the tunnel system on the Bemidji State University campus, in Bemidji, Minnesota.  It was about 7-8 years ago now when I was a student there.  I was walking back to my dormitory from the dining hall.  I turned a corner, and about 20-25 feet into that stretch of tunnel, I started hearing what I believed to be a woman in high heels, walking behind me, beginning from the corner.  In fact, it was so distinct, I was certain that's what it was.  I casually looked back over my shoulder to see who it was and saw nothing.  I stopped walking and gazed back in confusion.  The 'ghost' took two more steps and stopped as well.  I examined the situation, thinking maybe it was the heating pipe that carries steam to heat the dorms.  I turned ahead and continued walking.  I took 2 or 3 steps, and the footsteps behind me started up again.  I looked back over my shoulder while walking, and there was absolutely nothing there, and the steps continued.  In fact, they got closer.  I picked up the pace a bit.  Shortly before I was about to make the next corner, the following footsteps were only a few feet behind me.  I turned an ear back to get a sense of location for the sounds, and they were coming off the concrete floor, in perfect succession identical to that of footsteps, loud enough to reverberate off the walls.  They were totally indistinguishable from the sound high heels make on a concrete surface.  As soon as I rounded the corner, the steps stopped.  I went to school there 4 years, walked that stretch of tunnel well over 1,00 times, and not one other time did I ever hear anything like that.  If only I had a tape recorder with me.  One more note, I was wearing running shoes which were nearly silent.

The other experience was more subtle, but there were other witnesses.  It was near noon, between classes, busy foot traffic, a different part of the tunnel system than the previous experience.  I was walking to a different part of campus when I heard a soft cover book fall on the floor.  It was very obvious and distinct, like a 'splat' sound, something that a small phone book or paper back textbook would make when dropped.  However, I looked ahead to where the sound came from and there was nothing there but concrete.  There were two girls, 15-20 feet ahead of me, that were more direct witnesses.  The sound came from right behind them.  One of them stopped and said "oops!", then turned around and started to bend down before she realized she didn't drop anything, looking confused.  This proved it wasn't in my head, and was exactly where I heard it come from. 











Watseka - Lantern Road




I experienced this once.  Was visiting with relatives and they told us about this and we drove out to the road and sat waiting to see if we could see anything.  After a while - you could see orange lights swinging down the road - like 2 people walking towards the car with lanterns.  The lights kept getting closer and swaying back and forth.  We got scared and went and sat in the car and watched thru the windows and the lights came right up to the back windshield and then we left because of being afraid.  The people we went with lived in the area and said they had been out before to watch for the lights, but that was the first time they had ever seen them.  very spooky~



Phelan California





Hello, my name is Roxane and I have had may experiences through out my time. I am only 23 and have had may to speak of, but today I will only explain of one.

I was at my fathers house in Phelan California, My step mothers sisters husband had just passed away a couple of weeks before of cancer. Well one night I was asleep on the couch facing a big window that faces the front porch and lawn, but in that state of asleep but awake at the same time, anyway I was dreaming that I woke up from the couch and saw her husband standing outside on the porch so in my dream I opened the front door and asked him what he was doing out there, he in response said he wanted to see if everyone was ok I said in return we were and asked him how is it possible for him to be here if he is gone, He said he needed to make sure and to tell everyone he is feeling better and not to worry, so in return I told him to becareful and bye, He then disapppeared, As soon as he left I woke up and immediatly looked out the window and nothing. I told my dad the next morning and he said maybe it was him saying bye, but I told my dad why would he come to me if I hardly new the guy, My dad said maybe I just have that connection with people on the other side. To think of it now I believe it's true because why else would I be able to see and have so many experiences from 5 and still going.

If you have questions,comments or just curious feel free to e-mail me back just put in the subject line Ghost Story.




A Lost Path




I’ve several stories pertaining to strange occurrences in remotes wooded areas. One was particular trial in the woods up the street from the duplex apartment my family and I were living in at the time. I was quite young, so in later years I thought my imagination may have embellished my memories a bit. But a recent phone call to an old friend who lived in the same neighborhood at the time had confirmed all my suspicions. This same friend and I loved to hike through the woods when we were kids, carrying backpacks and fake plastic guns as we also loved to pretend we were soldiers in some kind of war. There were several trails in the wood that led somewhere. Some were old deer trails, others hunter’s paths, the rest made by a few like myself trying to find shortcuts. One day, we lost our way, in the middle of our war games, and decided to rely on our compass to lead us back. Luckily it was still light out, and we recognized some of the land to make sense of where we were. But as we were heading back towards the direction of our neighborhood, or so we thought, we came across an odd sight. The path somewhat opened up, or slightly widen. It was almost wide enough to take a car through, but yet too narrow to try. Off the side of the path, old rusted cars from earlier years sit in silence. The windows were all busted out and the body of the cars all shared the same rusty brown roughness. We walked in the path cautiously and glanced about, looking into each car one by one. The woods around us seemed to halt into a dead silence, no sounds of birds, critters, or breeze, as we trudged through the tall grass that lines the path ahead of us. The entrance of the path behind us had this dark tunnel like appearance to it as the trail opened up from the woods then closed up at the end of the path in the same manner. It felt like this place was separate from the rest of the world. The path was open to the sky. No trees canopied above us, and no birds seem to fly over the area as well. Both my friend and I got nervous about this place and decided it was time to take off. So we tightened our packs and began to double time it out of there in the direction we believed was home. But just as we were about to exit the opened path area, we heard growling sounds coming from behind. As curious explorers we thought ourselves to be, we turned to look. Now I can’t remember how many there were, but at the time I only saw five. Five stray dogs just appeared at the other end of the path from where we entered, and sneered at us. My friend and I quickly glanced at each other and darted into the woods, sprinting as fast as we could. Behind us, we could hear the sounds of charging paws rustling in the leaves, and getting closer. As we high tailed it though the trees, we came up to a trail we both knew very well and followed it frantically. I remember the feeling of dread as I heard the growls and snarls echoing just behinds us. We dove through the woods and ended up in an area just behind our neighborhood. It was a place the other kids in the neighborhood simply called the “Mud Pit”. An undeveloped part of the neighborhood that had eroded into a crater like pit, where the older kids would show off their dirt bike tricks. Realizing we couldn’t out run a pack of stray dogs through the pit, we decided to stand out ground. So we gripped our play plastic machine guns like baseball bats and turned around to fend off the dogs. But as we turned to face to immanent onslaught, the dogs were gone. Not a sign of them anywhere, nor were there any sign that they were chasing us at all. We stood there for almost five minutes, holding our feeble weapons firmly breathing heavily. We were so afraid to turns ours backs, even as we slowly made our way through the Mud Pit. We told everyone who would listen, mostly other kids, and of course, the belief level was 50/50. We never walked that path again. It wasn’t until a few years later when I got older, I decided to visit a friend in a neighboring subdivision, and I took one of the many familiar trails that led there. On the way there, and on the way back, I didn’t pay it no mind where I was, I just knew where I wanted to be.  By this time the trails were more prominent and easier to follow. But for some stupid reason, I lost my way. I veered off the main trail thinking I where I was going, and ended up in the same odd path with old rusted cars sit. It was like deja vu. The path looked the same way as I remember. Tall grass, rusty hulks of cars, and open sky above. I just grit my teeth and hustled through. Then, just as I reached the end, I hear growls. I turn to look like last time to see what looks like the same stray dogs sneering at me. I was scared, but I knew I couldn’t run. But this time I was prepared, and I was much bigger than before. I grabbed a loose tree branch, snapping hard and loud off the trunk. As the dogs threatened to chase me, I stepped up and began screaming loudly slamming the thick branch against the rusted car hulks on the side of the path. I began picking up rocks and throwing them at the dogs at the same time swinging my stick like a crazed barbarian. I guess my sudden change in tactics worked they ran off, leaving me a nice quiet walk back home.

After my family moved out of the neighborhood several years later, I went back to find that path, but was unable to locate it. I spent hours trudging through the woods, I even went back a second day spending hours trying to retrace my steps, but with no luck. That path is just a memory now. That was almost fifteen years ago, and as years went on, I passed this memory off as one of my many imaginative stories one tells and embellishes to entertain others. But my recent phone conversation with the same friend who found the path with me the first when we were kids tells me he remembers that day as well. And he also tried to find the path a few years back just to confirm he wasn’t making this up. But his results were just the same as mine. We both believe, that particular path through the woods can only be found, if you’re truly lost. But whatever keeps it hidden, plays off your fears. It was the dream of being chased, but being able to run fast enough.



A True Ghost Story




Hi my name is Missy and over the years I have experienced quite a few unnatural things.  I remember when i was 14, the night that my best friend died, i woke up to find a black orb floating really slow through my bedroom and then it floated out the window.  the next morning i woke up to my dad telling me i had an important phone call from my friends mom.  she told me that he had been killed in a car accident the night before and told me when the funeral was.  that is one of the firsts.  here is another one that happened just about a month ago.  I moved from Tulsa Oklahoma to Mcloud to live with my fiance.  Well his mom and him went to work and his dad went to church so i was alone with my 4 kids at the house.  it was getting dark and the kids were asleep.  i was at the computer checking my email and talking to some friends on yahoo chat when i heard the front screen door open and close then the front door open and shut really hard.  i thought it was his dad returning home from church and when i got up to see if it was, there was no one home.  the cars were still gone, so i decided to check the other rooms of the house.  no one was here.  so i got this really uneasy feeling so when i went to walk back to my room, i got halfway into the kitchen and i saw a shadowy figure standing in the kitchen by the china cabnet.  well i looked away really quick and when i looked back they were gone.  so i ran into the room to check on my baby to see if he was ok.  for some reason, ghosts seem to follow me.  even in the car.  i always let my fiance drive and when we get to this one stretch of road in Mcloud, it feels like someone is hitting the back of my seat with their feet.  even when we are all alone in the c with no kids.  i have had so many experiences like this it is hard to document them all.  also i dream things before they happen.  i remember when i was 5, i was going to louisianna to live with my dad for a while and i dreamt how the house would look down to the carpet and the bedspread on my bed.  and sure enough when we got there it was the same way as i had dreamt.  it scares me, but i try not to let it bother me too much. no ghost has ever tried to harm me, and i dont mess with them.  thanks for letting me tell my story! 




Cemetery at Midnight




This story is compltely true though its quite creepy maybe not to some people but the thought of it will always scare me.

One night me and my friends Alex Walters, Luisha Lewis, Hayley Pratt, Aimee Westwood and Carol Lewis all had a Halloween sleepover it was a Saturday night and we all wanted to be scared out of our skins because it was Halloween all of us tried to tell spooky stories and some of them were a little creepy but me Carol and Luisha wernt scared enough for Halloween night.

We tried to think up things that would be really spooky to do, like Carol suggested we all camp out in the garden which would have been a little creepy because it was so dark. But then Luisha had a really good idea that would really scare us we would creep out of the house at 12.00pm and go to St.Michaels church graveyard and sit in it for 30 minutes, me and Carol were well up for it but it took a little time to convince the others but luckily we did.

So at 12.00pm when my parents had gone to bed we got up and put out coats on, we climbed down the stairs careful to avoid the creeking step third from the bottom we all snuck out the back door it was a completely clear nite and you could see all the stars and the full moon or near enough a full moon im not sure.

We walked down all the little winding roads and finally got to the graveyard the moment i got there i just fealt a shiver down my spine, the graves in St.Michaels were very old one from 1688. All of us walked through the arch at the front of the church and the main grave we could see in the darkness (we couldnt see much because we didnt have torches) was a big grave with a woman on it and a large holy cross it had a sort of a seat round it so we planned on sitting there for the 30 minutes. So we all sat down until Carol decided to go and look at a simalar grave to the one we were all on know exept it was bigger and had a man on Carol looked at the writing it was very faint but it said Matthew Kutcher died 31st October 1688 she told us to come and look because the man had died the same day but 312 years before (it was currently the year 2000) this majorly freeked us but me and Carol and Luisha sat on that stone the others said they were too scared and they were going back to the house but we said we were staying and they could go if they liked and they did.

After they had gone and us three were alone on the grave at 12.52pm on the 31st of October 2000 we all started too get scared and it takes a lot to scare us we had 8 minutes left to go though so we stayed, a few seconds later we heard a tap tap tapping we wondered what it was but we stayed on the grave then suddenly there was a bang bang from beaneath us it was the grave stone something was banging the stone from within the coffin. If we hadnt already been scared before we were terryfied now, we ran for it but the weirdest thing was that there were footsteps behind us all the way home and there was no traffic on the main roads we decided too pass this time when there would usually be loads even at 1.00 am in the morning the footsteps came all the way to my house though none of us dared to look behind until we got to the house but when we turned round then there was nothing the footsteps stopped we decided the footsteps could have been our hearts beating but i never believed that i think it was Matthew Kutcher and we couldnt see him because he was invisable because he was a ghost.

And the weirdest thing about this story is that the only person i ever told about my experience and what i thought died the day after and was buried in St.Michaels grave yard.

please put my story up it might teach kids like me not to go to graveyards at 12.00pm at night.




Ghost of a little girl @ Covina Big K-mart




Working late one night (4-9 p.m.) in the cafeteria area, I had seen a bright light which looked to be the appearance of a little girl. As I entered the doorway to the supply room from the front of the cafeteria I saw this light moving towards the wall and just as fast as I realized what I was seeing the light went right into the wall and down to the childrens clothing section. I felt as if I was going to faint, and yes you better believe it, I had called into work the next day & told them I was sick. I did not tell anyone about what I had seen because I did not want anyone to think I was crazy, however I could not stop thinking about it. One day as I was taking lunch with a co- worker I had decided to talk to her about it, much to my surprise this same ghost has been seen by many employees on many different occasions. They say she plays alot of tricks (shoes floating around the room, stuff drops off the shelf when people walk by,lights turn on & off etc), but she had also caused alot of destruction during the refurb in I believe the year was 1999-2000. I had already quit the job I had here and moved on to another, however I had a couple of employess who were in the night stocking crew in which I still kept in contact with and they have stated to me that in deed "We y" is real. Covina police has been called out to take reports on some of the damage she has caused, there has also been 2 psychics called out to investigate, they had also got to experience the sight of the shoes floating around the room.




Haunted House




I used to live in house with my family back in the mid-80's to 1990.  As soon as we moved in, strange things started to happen.  For instance my little brother's room was nice and clean with all his toys on shelves.  We went in there one day and all his toys were strewn all over the room.  I used to hear footsteps in the hallway when I'd watch TV late at night and everyone was asleep.  I'd quickly run up the stairs to see who was awake but found the hallway (to the bedrooms) was empty.  All the bedroom doors were closed.  My brothers and uncle also heard this same thing when they were up by themselves late at night, or when they were the only ones home.  One of the creepiest things that happened in the summer of 1986.  My aunt, who lived with us, was getting married and one day her sister (who came to Canada from Philippines) for the wedding, asked my grandmother who the Caucasian lady was (saw her in a room) and if it was her friend.  My grandmother, of course, didn't have any friends in the house.   Another time we were all in the basement watching TV an my brother had to use the bathroom.  The one downstairs was being used so he went upstairs and as he passed my room he saw someone sitting on my bed.  He thought it was me.  When he came back down he asked me why I was sitting on my bed in the dark.  I told him that I never left the basement, in fact none of us went up after he went up.  That really creeped me out and wondered why this entity had to sit on my bed.  Another time there were only 4 of us in the house, my brothers, myself and my brother's girlfriend.  We were talking in the basement one time and suddenly by bro's g/f got freaked out and she said that she saw someone head peer our  from my bedroom (I had moved to the b/r downstairs) and just stare at us.  I've seen a dark shadow in the laundry room one time which scared the you know what out of me.  Another time something happened to my friend.  He was waiting in the basement for me and for some reason he said he was drawn to the laundry room.  My mom had a clothesline in there to hang dry blankets.  Well he went in and suddenly the clothesline started to move as if there was some sort of wind pushing it back and forth.  The windows to the laundry room were never open.  This freaked him out and he just left and didn't bother waiting for me.  We know something weird was happening in the home and one day a family friend (who claimed to be clairvoyant) came over (we threw a family party).  She had never come before and she didn't even spend a couple of hours in our home.  A year or so later when we spoke to her she said all she could feel was sadness and depression.  There was just a negative aura she had to leave.  She said she could hear someone crying.  My mom even told us (after we move out) that she saw some lady sitting on our stairs crying or something like that.  I think my mom asked her what she was doing there but didn't get a response.  Years later I discovered tha there used to be an elderly couple that live in the house with a little girl and that the lady died in the house.  My buddy who lived across me used to tell me that everyone avoided walking near the house (even avoiding the sidewalk when approaching the house).  He mentioned that they were a weird old couple with a little girl.   I asked my mom why she told me the lady died in the hospital when in fact she died in the house.  She told us that so that we wouldn't be scared.  But I guess we ended experiencing our own ghostly encounters.  Even my bro's friends or my friends didn't like coming over because they were just creeped out when I'd tell them about what was going on in the house.  We tried taping the basement for a few hours but when we checked the tape there was nothing captured on audio or video. 



My Friend




I've had a few experiences over the years with ghosts and believe in them fully.

The first one I have to relate is that of my Aunt's funeral.  My Aunt had just recently been treated for cancer and had been determined to be cancer free.  Of course the whole family was happy with this outcome; we figured we had more time with her.  Little did we know.  Not too long after being declared cancer free, less than two months, she died suddenly.  I'm not aware of any autopsy being done; I believe everyone, family and doctors, assumed her cancer had come back, or hadn't really been gone, and it had killed her.  Anyway, during her funeral I'm sitting there in those hard folding chairs that the funeral homes are so full of inside the chapel trying to listen to the eulogy when I look up at the stained glass windows high up near the ceiling (this chapel had an actual old-time chapel ceiling so it was high up).  I saw a mist floating across the glass and I knew, just knew that that was my aunt.  I don't know if she was there to give comfort to all of us there, or if she was there for her mother (my grandmother, who declined rapidly after that--another story) or if she was there for her husband, who ended up killing himself almost one year to the date he missed her so. 

Life goes on and with life comes the feeling that maybe I didn't see what I thought I'd seen.  A couple of years went by and I'm starting to doubt myself and what I saw in that little chapel in North Augusta, GA at my Aunt's funeral.  One night while I was sleeping, or in a lucid state--I still can't decide what state I was in, my Aunt came to me in my dreams.  We were all at a funeral and everyone was milling around as if it was the visiting time, or the time after the funeral.  In amongst everyone, across the room from me, was my Aunt.  My logical mind told me that it was impossible for her to be there, as she had passed away.  My Aunt and I were then in a conversation from across the room.  She told me she had come to me to verify that what I had seen in the chapel was true; I had seen her spirit.  I haven't seen her, nor has she come to me again since, but one thing I do know is that I did see her twice after she died. 

As a footnote, not necessarily to this story, I have since found out through a medium that she watches over my children, especially my middle child who was born on her birthday and whom she called "my birthday present".

In 1985 I moved to my Aunt and Uncle's in South Carolina, near the Georgia border to live with them for my senior year in high school.  I was a bit overweight and thinking about going into the Air Force so my Uncle urged me to run everyday after school.  My Aunt and Uncle had a dog who had at one time, when I was younger belonged to my Great Aunt.  This dog's name was Boomer and he remembered me and we bonded again instantly.  We lived in a very rural area and along our road was a farm which dead-ended our road.  Everyday Boomer would greet me at the door, excited about our run in the afternoon.  We would run the route together, him leading me or running beside me.

Boomer, a year earlier had been attacked by a Pitt Bull and hadn't been the same since.  My Aunt and Uncle were happy to see him running with me, I think, because before that the most he'd done was walking around the house or the outside of the house.

Before I had been there six months, Boomer had to be put down.  My Aunt and Uncle thought it best as he was always in pain and while he enjoyed running with me, it was getting harder for him to keep up, so I'd end up slowing for him.  I went to school and when I came home Boomer was gone.  I went to my bedroom and cried until I thought I couldn't cry anymore.  I eventually fell asleep, without eating dinner or my evening run.  I heard my Aunt and Uncle talking about me before I fell asleep, worried about me, but I needed that time alone.  That night Boomer came to me in a dream.  I was standing in a field of wild flowers and he bounded up to me with a spring in his steps that he hadn't had in years.  I swear he was smiling at me.  As he was jumping up and down and running around the field he spoke to me mind-to-mind "I'm doing good, I no longer hurt.  Don't worry about me."  When I woke up in the morning I felt very comforted and as I related my dream to my Aunt and Uncle, I think it comforted them as well.

A more recent occurrence just happened.  On October 12th of this year a very dear friend of mine passed away after his third bout with cancer.  I hadn't seen him in a few months because he neglected to call me when he was able to come to town.  I was stunned when I got the news of his passing, but I was also angry at him for not contacting me when he was in town.  I went upstairs to my bedroom and began to meditate to try and see if I could reach him in some form or another.  I couldn't meditate, I was too angry, so I yelled at him for not contacting me when he was in town.  I began the grieving process, crying and yelling at him and asking him over and over, why?  After I had calmed somewhat and sat on my bed watching television I saw a shadowy figure move past my doorway.  I thought nothing of it, as these things happen around me all the time, and we have a resident ghost in this house who has never bothered us, so I put it down to being that entity.  However, the next thing that happened put that right out of my mind and made me sure that my friend who had just passed away was visiting to reassure me.  My friend has a strange sense of humor; one that not many people share, but it was enough for me to identify that he was there with me.  As I was sitting on my bed watching television that same day my downstairs fire alarm started going off.  I knew I had just replaced the batteries in that unit so I went looking for a fire.  Finding nothing and smelling no smoke I reached up and unhooked it.  As I was bringing the fire alarm down it suddenly stopped shrieking.  That's when I knew my friend was there with me.  I had felt his presence with me previously between the crying and yelling jag and the shadowy figure moving past my doorway, and this just proved that I wasn't losing it; at least to me it did.  That same night, I had a dream.  I didn't see my friend in the dream, but what was important about the dream was that I saw his cousin.  He and his cousin were closer than best friends, closer than brothers.  I think my friend was asking me to check on him, or help him, or something--I'm still not sure what he wants me to do in regards to his cousin.  I'm relatively sure that my friend was/is concerned about his cousin simply because they were so close and wants someone there for him to talk with and to be there for him.  I promised him as soon as I got the chance I would go see him.  I no longer feel his presence here, which is okay; he did what I needed him to do.

Thank you so much for having this board,

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