150 Year Old House


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I grew up in a house in Franklin Park.  The house was over 150 years old when my parents purchased the house in 1957.  My family lived there until 1985.  During the almost 30 years we were in the house, we experienced many paranormal happenings. 

There were several spirits that lived in the house.  A "soldier" guardian stood watch outside my sister's and my bedroom.  There also seemed to be a young girl in the bedroom closet that was very sad as well as frightened, we always had the feeling she had been locked in the closet as a punishment.

There was a young couple dressed in evening clothes that would regularly appear to my mother, and there was an "evil-tempered" dog that lived in the attic. 

Often times objects would disappear from my sister's and my bedroom, one year, Sue (my sister) received a transistor radio and took it to bed with her.  Upon waking the next morning it was of course gone...my mother unsuccessfully searched the room, even changing all of the sheets on both of our beds in an attempt to locate it.  My mother eventually stood in the middle of the room and in a very loud stern voice said..."I don't care who took the radio...but BRING IT BACK!"  The next morning, Sue found her radio in bed with her.

After my parent were both gone, my sibling and I decided to sell the house.

NOBODY wanted to empty the attic....it meant having to go up there.....we decided to leave it for last.  In our dining room, on the mantle was an old lithograph of a young boy spinning a wheel down the street with a stick.

Along side of this boy was a dog that to a young girl's mind...looked rather rabid.  As we were bringing items out of the house in preparation for a yard sale, I brought the picture off the mantle, and placed it on the ground leaning against the house at a substantial angle to prevent it from falling and breaking the glass.  I went back inside for another arm full of items and when my sister and I returned outside again, we found the picture frame lying on the ground, the back of the picture lying approximately 2 feet from the frame, and the picture of the dog blowing down the street.  We returned inside the house - ran upstairs and immediately felt the presence of the dog from the attic was gone.  When one particular real estate agent came to look at the house, she asked my brother if he knew there were spirits in the house...he answered of course, we all grew up with them.  (There are of course, many more stories I could share)

My siblings and I have gone our separate ways but each of us has upon occasion still felt the presence of spirits that have followed us.  Whether we are all sensitive to the proximity of the entity or perhaps just open to the experiences, I don't know...but I know a spirit when I feel or see one!

thank you for reading my experiences, and please feel free to contact me with questions.



My Sister's Visitor


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I grew up in Far Rockaway, NY.  Rockaway, originally named Reckowacky by Indian tribes.  When I was a young girl, my sister Patty, who was sleeping on the bunk above, was crying in the middle of the night.  She said she saw someone standing by the bed.  She couldn't sleep and was so upset no matter how my other sister and I tried to comfort her.  She talked about it for days.

Some 8 years later or so, I was reading a book about apparitions on Long Island.  It was full of stories about Native American sightings.  I suddenly remembered my sister's experience and how insistent she was.  On a hunch, I wrote her a letter and innocently asked her if she remembered the time she saw a lady standing by her bed.  At the time I didn't mention the book I was reading, nor did I tell her why I was asking.  When I received her reply, I dropped the letter, I was so stunned.  She wrote, "I'll never forget the time I saw the lady standing by my bed...she had long, black braids, and she was smiling."

I believe she saw someone.




Our Beloved Pet


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I just came across this site today out of boredom and having nothing else to read, and with it being a day after Halloween why not?!  Any way this is a story about our deceased pet (and family member) Duke.  I got Duke for my 16th birthday from a friend about 14 years ago now.  He was always there for me.  He protected me from day one.  On several occassions he even tried to attack several of my boyfriends.  Such a good boy he was.  When my current husband met him for the first time 8 years ago he never, not even once, barked at him.  He loved all our children in the same manner.  When we would first bring them home from the Hospital the first thing he would do is jump in the car, sniff them, then lick them.  We were such a happy family!  About 3 years ago his health started failing, but his love never died.  He started to get incontinent(un-able to control body function).  One day he started urinating in the floor and we quickly let him out to finish.  About 5 minutes later someone knocked on our door to tell us the horrible news: he had been hit by a speeding car.  He never suffered.  I think of as an act of God helping him to stop suffering.  But since that day 3 years ago my husband and I always heard him whine.  We never told each other till one day we were just conversing about this and that and he mentioned it.  I looked at him wide eyed and said " You too?! ".  And we new he still watched over us.  It has continued since.  In June we got a puppy he looks almost exactly like Duke.  About 2 weeks after we got the puppy the whining stopped.  But you know something else?  The puppy, who's name is Buster Brown,  acts exactly like Duke used to.  To the point we even call him Duke!



Spokane Falls Cemetery


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This past weekend  I went to Spokane Valley to visit a friend, and she informed me of the Spokane Valley Cemetery. I read about the 1000 staircase and felt like that can be a good challenge. We got there in the middle of the day. We can feel the vibe there and it was anything but good.

The cemetery is in 3 levels some parts older than the other. One spot where the cemetery was unkept and very worn by time were the young and sick were buried. Who was ever there did not want us there. We were sitting there in the car when it went on by itself, her foot was no where near the gas, I thought maybe it was just the car rolling but then it started to accelerate a little whoever was there wanted us to go and did it themselves. We drove on the other side of the road where the cemetery was more modern. You can sense the change in the air. Much more peaceful and calm, almost a welcoming feeling unlike the older side where it is cold and bone chilling.

I was trying to find the staircase which I found camoflauged in the trees off the side of the road. It definitely wasnt a 1000 steps but certainly alot of them. I got out of the car and immediately felt a chill telling me to leave, but I am in the navy and I have Irish in my blood and a very stubborn man. I claimed up the stairs each time I made it to a landing I wanted to turn and leave, but I wanted to reach the top. I made all the way to the top to what looked like a crypt, but I looked inside it looked like somekind of shed or something I peeked inside and had some street signs and some tools and other little nicnacs.

Anyways that is my story so apparently I am number 3 or at lease on record to make it to the top. Luckily I got a witness on this and she try to do it herself but turned away. So I feel pretty good about that.



Stories from an Englishman


By: A.R.Waller@newcastle.ac.uk


I've always been a big believer in the paranormal, and have been lucky enough to have had ghostly experiences in the past.  I thought it was about time I shared a couple of my stories with a wider audience as I really feel I've kept them in for too long.

Experience 1

I'm from a little town in the North East of England named Hartlepool (part of County Durham) which has been an established town for over a thousand years, as it was once one of the main sea ports in the country.  There are plenty of ghostly stories and tales repeated around the area, from the ghostly farmer who scythes corn in the farmland area of the town, to the ethereal monks whose chanting and voices are heard on the site of an old monastery. 

However, the event that occured to me in Hartlepool was a different kettle of fish, so to speak.  It was the day of my final exams at secondary school (high school) and I had decided to retreat to an old art classroom at the top of the building as I knew I could get peace and quiet while I tried to revise.  My school isn't particularly old and as I'd never had any experiences before, I felt content and calm.  I settled down to read through my notes when a few minutes later I heard a sound.  Looking up, the noise stopped as suddenly as it started.  Thinking no more of it I once again started to read, only for the noise to occur again.  Only this time it didn't stop. What I could hear were footsteps right in front of me, footsteps I took to be from a little girl as they were small and soft, and the definite sound of a high heel could be heard.  I was in shock and kept thinking I was imagining it or the sound was coming from outside the class but as it continued I knew it was only a matter of metres away and was getting closer.  Suddenly it stopped and a feeling that I was being observed swept over me.  I sat in total shock as the footsteps started again but they soon got lighter and lighter until they stopped once and for all.  Looking back, I now realise it never scared me, more that I was enthralled and enraptured than petrified.  The sound was definitely coming from right in front of me there is no doubt about that; it lasted for 20-25 seconds which gave me enough time to hear and to determine where it was coming from.

The strangest yet most fascinating part was that when I explained my story to my teacher, who had worked at the school for around 25 years, he told me that I wasn't the only one to have experienced this event, and that two cleaners had even seen the little girl! I felt priviliged to have had such an experience.

Experience 2

A few years ago I went on a lads holiday to Portugal for a week or two of being merry and having a really good time and to get me away from the bleakness of England.  After several days and nights of hard drinking, me and a friend decided to take a break and spend the night in, playing cards and having a good chat.  After a while we both felt tired and retired to our beds, which happened to be in the same room, and I soon felt myself drifting off to sleep.  However, around an hour later, I woke with a start.  I could hear voices but in my grogginess I couldn't tell what the voices were saying.  I sat back and listened to these voices until I could take in what was going.  To my astonishment, the voices weren't talking but singing!  As I sat and listened I could tell the language was Portugese and that rather than one or two people singing, it was a whole choir!  They all sounded young; boys and girls mixed in together, but they had the voices of angels.  I sat listening to this beautiful music for a while and then turned my head to the side to observe my friend and to see if he was awake.  His eyes were open with an astonished look on his face, and he turned to me and said "Can you hear that?" to which I replied "Yeah I can".  He got up and looked out of the bedroom door and then out of the window, and remarked that if he stepped into the living room he could hardly hear the voices but as soon as he went back into the bedroom they were loud and clear again.  We both wondered were the singing was coming from, as we were staying in an isolated villa with no one around us for miles, until we both decided that there was no rational explanation and that wghat we were hearing was paranormal.  Taking into account this was the early hours of the morning, just what was going on? After a while the voices got fainter and fainter until they just faded away.  I never heard the ghostly choir again for the rest of the holiday, and me and my friend decided to keep the experience to ourselves.  However, on the plane back to England, one of our friends remarked about the singing he'd heard on the last night and if anyone else had heard it? At this, another friend also said he'd heard it and had also woken up to find a young girl at the foot of his bed.  I have no doubt that this villa in Portugal was haunted, and I once again feel priviliged to have experienced something not of this world.

Thank you for your time!






The Dead Circle


By: art@thefineprintinc.com


It’s no secret that in my youth, I loved to hike or explore the woods nearby my family house. After we moved out of the duplex neighborhood, my parents moved us into our first house. Nice plot of land right on the corner of the street, the largest yard in the neighborhood. A neighborhood, at the time, that was surrounded by undeveloped wooded land. Thick trees, with the absence of the sounds of cars and such. So naturally I had to explore this new land. This was the beginning of my high school years, so it was like starting a whole new life after getting this new house. My dogs loved it, especially when I would take them through the woods with me. The smallest of my dogs, Rory, loved hiking with me and I trusted his instincts and nose when it came to trouble. This particular day, I decided to venture a little further into the undeveloped areas of our new neighborhood. I guess the company that bought the land kind of ran out of money and left this part of the road up for grabs. It was a paved street that was blocked off by a keep out sign like road block. I didn’t work too well, some kids who could drive would sneak their cars through and use the empty back road for other “recreational” means. So it was easy for a young teenager like myself at the time to roll in on his mountain bike. Rory trotted closely behind following me eagerly. We would travel a bit down the road stopping to check out a creek nearby and possible trails to mark. Now from what I am told, this entire plot of land the neighborhood now sits on belonged to one family, then they sold it to realtors. But since the land was basically open, it was also used for hunting. I would find old rickety wooden hunters towers built into the trees and what not. They were so old though, it looked like they haven’t been used in years, but it was still cool to explore. Rory and I sped our way to the end of the road where it turned into a somewhat court. At the end of the road a small creek cut through the woods right by a clearing. I couldn’t get passed the thick brush to reach the clearing so I dropped my bike and continued on foot. Rory followed and would occasionally dart ahead to sniff things out. It turns out the clearing was a incomplete lot for a house. But the trail Rory and I found kept passing through, and we followed it casually. The trees seemed to get taller the deeper into the woods we got. Then one spot ahead of us caught my attention. It looked so surreal that couldn’t believe it was in the woods. Rory and approached the spot and I notices the trees in the spot are all dead. Not just dead as in no leaves, but dead as in no lease and completely stone gray. I stood there trying to understand what I was looking at. There were five tall trees in what I can tell was perfect circle. In the circle, were leaves, just like in the rest of the woods, but they were just as dead and gray as the trees. And the trees were gray all the up as far as I can see. Rory sat at the outside edge of the gray circle. I decided I wanted a closer look at this strange small plot of land and stepped into the circle. The leaves cracked and squished loudly as I stepped in. The air seemed cooler then the rest of the wooded land and the sounds seemed to just stop. All could hear was my leaf crunching footsteps and Rory’s wining. I looked back at Rory to call him to me, but just sat there on the outer edge watching me. It was very strange and stagnant. I slowly sifted through the leaves on the ground and found some old rotting two by fours covered by a layer of rusting chicken wire. I tried lifting the debris but it was thick and the noise the leaves made were so loud it was almost disorienting. Rory wined and lightly wiped at me, so I decided to follow his advice and back off. We left the spot intact and avoided it in the years that came. I would sometimes walk by the spot on the road to see if there was any change. I could see the dead trees sitting there, as though they wait for me to venture out there once more. But I never took another step closer, especially after Rory died of old age. Now several years much later, that part of my parent’s neighborhood is completely developed. Houses decorate the once empty back road as this remote neighborhood is now a fully active suburb. I went back to find the spot a few years back, I’d say about five years ago. Now where the dead gray spot use to be, a cute two story house sits there. Now I’m not sure what that spot was, nor do I have any speculation of what it is, but what I do know is that nobody has lived in that cute little house for too long. When ever my wife and I would visit my folks, we would walk past the lot and see it up for sale, every time.




Visiting a Grave Yard


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When I was 19 years old back in 1993, I was dating this young man and I would go pick him up from high school from time to time.  Every time I would pick him up, I would drive down this winding road and pass this old grave yard.  One day after picking him up, he though it would be fun to stop at the graveyard and take a look.  Since, it was just after 3:00 p.m. I didn’t think anything could happen besides it was morning.  So we parked my car in front of the grave yard and hopped over the small fence.  Now, this fence was not very high at all anyone could jump over with ease.  Well, we started walking around this small graveyard and I mean small like about 10 graves only.  As we were walking we noticed that a lot of these graves were really old (1800’s) and we also noticed that one of the graves was empty (dug up).  I told my boyfriend that this didn’t look right (of course) my boyfriend just thought I was being a girl and continued to look around.  At that point a heavy wind started to blow where we were standing, I yell to my boyfriend for us to leave.  He thought that I was just scared.  I then noticed that the trees across the busy street were not moving.  I yelled to my boyfriend and told him that I was going to the car.  I left and was waiting for him by the car and I continued to yell “let’s get out of here”, I told him to look at me and for him to notice that the only wind blowing is in the grave yard.  I told him that as soon as I left the grave yard, I no longer felt the heavy wind.  My boyfriend at that time realized that I was right and decided to leave.  I stayed the night with my boyfriend and didn’t think about the grave yard anymore, until we were getting ready for bed.  My boyfriend had went to the bathroom that is located pass the kitchen and down the hall way.  On his way back to the room I heard some water running from the kitchen and when he arrive to the room I told him that he left the water in kitchen running.  My boyfriend told me that he never went to the kitchen and he heard the water running also.  I got up and went to turn the water off and as soon as I got the kitchen (the water was turned off).  I checked the sink and the sink was dry.  I went to the room and confirmed that he also heard the water running.  Well, he just ignored the incident and got ready for bed.  While lying down, I was facing the wall and he was facing toward his door.  All of a sudden my boyfriend starts yelling at me (what?)  I told him (what?) my boyfriend then tells me that I was calling him ….I told him that I never said anything and that I am facing the wall.  So we laid down again, and again my boyfriend yells (what do you want?) I told him what are you talking about….then my boyfriend tells me to place my head on his pillow and listen.. As I laid my head on his pillow you could hear someone talking in a static type voice, trying to say something.  We both got scared and my boyfriend grabbed his pillow and threw it across the room and that night neither one of use slept with a pillow.  We started to pray and held each other until the morning and decided not to ever visit a grave yard we are not familiar with ever again. 

Even now we know we bought something or someone home with use that day. In 2000, my boyfriend would tell me that his brother and sister when they are by themselves that lights turn on when no one is home and they hear the faucets running and no water and that his younger brother stayed home one night and swears that  while he was watching t.v. in his parents room that he heard his mom and dad come home and open the front door and they were talking in the kitchen.  When his younger brother got up to talk to his parents, no one was there.  His younger brother ran across the street to stay with some neighbors until his parents got home. We know whatever it was is still at their house and has made it there home.  




A Haunted House


By: name withheld by request


Glenwood, Iowa

My big old house is situated just east of town about 4 miles, and was built around 1860 or before.  We moved in when my boys were small.  The youngest one was about 15 before he shared with any of us what he saw in the doorway of his room every night - a woman in a white dress.  He also saw a man in a brown suit bent over his brother's bed with hands raised and shaped like claws, reaching toward the sleeping brother.  Guests also awoke one night and saw that man bent over the crib of their small child.

My mother also watched a woman holding a child follow my brother into the living room one day.

For the most part, I don't seem to be sensitive to their presence, just a tingling skin once-in-a-while.  But I was a little shook one evening, while home alone, when a book flew off the shelf...  When I mustered up enough courage to walk over and pick it up, I noticed that the cover showed a woman in a long white wedding dress. 

Truth really can be stranger than fiction.





My Daughter Emmelia


By: JeffNTashia@aol.com



Let me begin by saying BRAVO for this addictive web page.  It's not only interesting, but therapeutic to read experiences had by other everyday, rational people, I think.  Especially when it's easy and convenient to write off odd happenings in one's own mind in order to maintain a sense of safety or sanctity.  The confirmation of others' similar experiences is a great thing. 

I think everyone has seen things out of the corner of their eyes, only to focus on it and see nothing.  I, myself, tend to blow lightbulbs.  At least 3 a week, usually more.  They flare up into a purplish blue flamelike burst and make a loud popping sound.  The unusual thing about this, is that I am either tense or stressed, or I am entering an all-dark room, and get an odd feeling right before I switch the lamp on (it's always lamps).  But the odd experience I'd like to recount for you is concerning my 2 & 1/2 year old daughter.  She was born "en caul", or with the caul (water sac) intact around her.  In other words, she came out in a sort of water bubble.  I have read that supposedly this condition denotes a child who will have "second sight", or some type of clairvoyance.  Then my Dr mentioned this folklore to me, and told me to keep him informed.  My daughter is a fiery, red-headed child.  She is a wonderful child, just extremely willful and spirited.  All the qualities that drive a parent crazy (but will hopefully make a good adult).  Anyway, my daughter usually ends up sleeping in my bed, between her Dad and I, and refuses to go to bed unless I join her.  So, early one morning we were climbing into bed, I with my back to a window, facing inward towards her and her Daddy (who was pretty much passed out).  She sat up suddenly and pointed at the window behind me.  "That's a guy, Momma" she says.  I sleepily ask her what.  Then she says "That's a guy.  Ouchie head guy".  I froze, immediately awake.  "What did you just say?" I ask, trying not to let alarm creep into my voice.  I nudged my husband awake and said "Tell Daddy what you said".  She says "Look Daddy, that's an ouchie head guy."  Then she laid down to sleep.  I just sat there, eyes locked with my husband's, unable to turn around.  I didn't feel particularly cold, or the feeling of being watched.  I knew by the look on my husband's face that there wasn't anything behind me but the thickly curtained window.  Then, around 3 days later, while we were in the living room, she pointed into the corner behind the front door (which was closed) and said "Ouchie head guy" again.  Of course there wasn't anything there (or was there?), but the suddenness of this was startling.  One minute she was sitting on the floor playing, and then she turned and pointed (almost behind her) and said this.  This happened around 6 months ago.  My daughter just turned 3 years old in August, and my grandmother died nearly a week later.  My daughter had only seen her like twice, both times in a nursing home for brief visits, other than times when she was a small baby.  She didn't know her, and only recognized her as "Grandma" because that's what I call her.  Anyway, one day, within the week after my Grandma passed away, I was doing laundry with my daughter playing next to me on the floor.  As a nickname, I sometimes call her "Mama's Baby Girl" or "Baby Girl".  She was chatting to me and I asked her if she was Mama's Baby Girl.  She usually replies "I'm Mama's Baby Girl".  But this time she replies "I'm Grandma's Baby Girl", with a big smile on her face.  I was completely astonished.  She had never brought my Grandma up, or referred to her, especially without me talking about her first. 

I know that these, and my numerous other teeny experiences (the kind I usually write off as coincidence or ignore altogether) are incredibly common.  But I am curious to see where my daughter's gift goes, especially when she develops the vocabulary to express the things she sees.  I just hope diligently that she doesn't outgrow her gift, and discount her senses or second-guess her experiences as we all do.  When we question and doubt the credibility of our senses, we rob ourselves of the experiences we are all anxious to have.  Don't we all want to see...something?  We know it's there, but it's fear of the unknown which protects our minds from it.  It's hard to wrap your head around things that have always been just stories or make-believe.  Children have no preconceived notions, and just see what they see.  I feel like I want to see, but am scared, and this definitely holds me back.  Ignorance is bliss, right?  ;-)       




My Experience


By: swaney05@cox.net


i used to live in a house from the age of 5-17 that was very

evil (thats the best way i can describe it). there was a evil

feeling. especially in my mother's room and her attached

closet and attic. i believe there at some point in the history of that house, occult practices in that area of the house and the evil spirits resided in that area. some times i felt the evil

in other areas of the house but never to the intensity as the attic area. i have always wanted to know what happened there and what was i picking up on. the house burned to the ground about 4-5 years ago and so it is no longer there and i am thankful for that as no one else will experience the evil in that home. one night i spent the night in that room with my mother. i had "a dream"-seemed like reality - of demons crawling /swarming in and out of the window in my mothers room that was over by the closet and attic. they were small,

about 12-18 inches and chunky and ugly and evil. i wonder if my mom experienced any of the evil in that room. why could i feel it and no one else in the house every seemed to be aware of it?. i guess i will never have these answers until i pass on. i also felt the evil in my room at times (my room was close to my mothers) it was at night and so i often slept with the lights on. i hated my dolls as i felt them watching me at times and felt that if i caught them i could get a glimpse of their heads turning or them talking to me or moving. i have never experienced anything like this any other time of my life and so i cant accredit it to bipolar or schizophrenia. there were times at night that i would feel the presence and i would say something like" i rebuke you in the name of Jesus. you must flee in the name of Jesus"

my mother has since passed on after much physical illness

(something i feel is related to the evil) and my brother has since passed on (after commiting suicide). again i feel its is

related to the evil in that house. When him and i still leaved at home there he told me "i wont live past 33". he shot himself at 33. thank you for listening and if you could give me any insight at all  pleas email me at swaney05@cox.net




Norwich University, Northfield Vermont



By: ltjasenboyd@yahoo.com


I am writing to you because I stumbled across your website and found some stories on hauntings at Norwich University.  My brother and I attend Norwich and I can tell you without a doubt that there are ghost at Norwich University.  Norwich is a Military College and most of the stories regarding the ghost stem around the envieonment only found in a military environment.

Alumni Hall is one of the dormitories on the Norwich campus.  It is the oldest Dorm located on the upper parade ground.  THe bottom floor of Alumni hall used to be a stable area during the time when munted calvary was still in the military.  The stable areas used to be a popular place for hazing at the university and it believed that the hauntings may be related to a hazing event in which a student died.  THere is also a room that is bricked off in Alumni hall, some believe that this room was bricked off after students in consective years hung themselves in that room.  I have researched for articles relating to suicides at the university and have come up empty handed.  I lived on the bottom floor of Alumni Hall my senior year, for unexplainable reasons books would fall off the shelves, dooe knobs would rattle and doors would slam shut.  I never saw a spirit but constantly had the feeling of someone in my room univited.  My roommate and I both felt this feeling, on or own and also while we were in the room together.

Chaplain Hall is reported to have a ghost as well.  Norwich like other universities used to have tunnells between buildings to allow students to travelback and forth without being exposed to the harsh winter weather.  Chaplin Hall is the last building with evidence of these tunnells, there is a bricked up entrance to the tunnels in the dark room.  THe popular beliefe is that a student by the name of Lawerence Stillman was killed in the tunnels during an initiation into a secret organization called the Skull and Swords.  Sightings of spirits and strrange happenings have dwindled since Chaplin Hall was revamped in the mid 1990s.

Students have also reported hearing horses at night on the upper parade ground.

I hope this helps, I would love to know if any further research has been done on Norwich.




clarification of ghost sightings Aberystwyth promenade



By: philbishop@ukonline.co.uk


This may sound strange but here goes.

I have fond memories of a holiday I once spent in the picturesque town of Aberystwyth West coast Wales, staying at the Clarendon Hotel on the promenade (1971 July 23). I do not know if the hotel still exists, perhaps you could advise me on this.

Maybe it's just the fact that Halloween is looming upon us, but my mind goes back to an event which has stayed with me and my wife all of our lives and I would like to share it with you, perhaps to see if anyone can enlighten us, or have had similar experiences.

I will continue in my wife’s own words : Apparently not being able to sleep and looking out from our hotel window over the promenade she saw a young girl leaning on the railings and looking out to sea, at first, all appearing normal, she thought nothing of it. Then she saw a young male running up the promenade, at this point she realised that these people were not as they seemed, they were floating silently above the pavement level by about 1' or so, to this she awoke me frantically and I rushed to the window to see. To my amazement I instantly saw that their feet were not in contact with the ground, I could hardly believe what my eyes were seeing. The young male continued to run towards the girl who turned towards him as if to greet him, they both seemed very happy to see each other as the male embraced her enthusiastically, but all of this seemed to happen in slow motion and not in contact with the floor. I realised what I was seeing was unnatural and tried to shout to them to catch their attention but was unable to utter a sound. I can still see their attire. After a short time they ran up the promenade, hand in hand, towards the beach access at the end of the promenade. I was still trying to get their attention but only a whisper would come out. Then they disappeared down the steps to the beach, into the sea at high tide, to our disbelief. We waited to see if they returned for some time, to no avail. Disbelieving what we had both seen we discussed this through a sleepless night. The next morning as we were leaving the hotel we mentioned this to the hotel proprietor, who dumbfounded and in amazement, disclosed that a young couple in the sixties some time ago had got trapped by the incoming tide on the beach ,the other side of the rock at the end of the promenade of which I do not know the name.

I am posting this account in the hope that someone may have similar experiences or could shed some light on the events which transpired that night. Please feel free to contact me philbishop@ukonline.co.uk if you have any information either factual or rumoured





Western New England College,Springfield, Mass



By: mb269099@wnec.edu


My name is Michael Beck. I am a student at Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts. I live in Windham Hall room number 133. When I picked this room I had no idea that it was haunted. A few of the kids saw your website and reported it to me. I thought nothing of this because words are just words. On October 25th, 2005, my roommate and a couple of friends watched a movie. When it was over, we turned the channel to 6 and watched the 11th inning of the World Series game. I passed out around 12:30am. I woke up at 3am on October 26th, 2005, to the television on, but just a snowy/ fuzzy picture. The sound was on and I think that’s what woke me up. Right when I looked up and found out what time it was, (3am), the TV shut off. I looked at my roommate below me and he was sound asleep. The television remote was no where close to either of us. It looked like someone was sleeping on top of him and I thought nothing of it because he has girls over sometimes. I ended up go  ing right back to sleep and not thinking too much about the situation. When I woke up that same morning, I told my roommate and a few friends what had happened. My roommate said that he had no one sleep over last night. He was sleeping on his side and there was no way he could have had his knees in an upright position. We turned on the TV and it was still fuzzy and it read channel 78. When I pressed channel up or down, I noticed that channel 78 was not even a programmed channel! When you go through the channels, it goes from 71-98 and visa versa. When I would pe in 78 on the remote control, the same fuzzy screen would come up. What was even scarier was that my friend Bernie said that 3am was the devils hour. I had done some research and found out that 3am was the inverse of 3pm, which was the miracle hour (the time when Jesus was crucified). I felt like it was a combination of The Ring and the Exorcism of Emily Rose. (Two movies that my friends had said stuff like that hap  pened in). I guess The Ring has the fuzzy TV and the little girl was lying on top of someone to try and take them away. In The Exorcism of Emily Rose, everything demonic happens at 3am. I now believe that my room is haunted and I will update you on any more occurrences.  >From – Mike Beck, Roommate Justin Gorski and the rest of Windham One East (WOE)






Jacksonville, NC


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We had purchased this almost run down house from an old lady Back in 2000. Ever since we moved in and had done so much work to the house and yard...We may have disturbed something or some spirit with in the house. Many nights I would wake up and at the end of the foot of my bed, I would see an old lady about 80-ish wearing a  White Victorian style dress with a bun in her hair. She would just stand there and stare at me. With in a blink of an eye, she would disolve in the midnight air. I could not really think of what was happening. Was she checking us out? This is a 2 story house. Sometimes when my husbad would walk down stairs, he could feel coldness, and shadows, and whisperings. In the main living room, while watching tv, I had my hair pulled. My husband swore that he did not do it. Sometimes the lights would come on in the garage, It was always cold....Even when it was 90 degrees outside.

I had fell down the stairs twice...As if someone had pushed me. .We had asked if anyone had died in our house, no one came tell us anything. Just that the man who used to live there died, but he did not die there. The yard is almost an acre. When you stand outside at night, you can feel a thick energy around you. Sometimes you feel as if something is telling you to go indoors. My house is now being rented....






Brittany Hall 2



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I just send you a little more info on the ghost at Brittany Hall in NYC, which is a dorm at NYU.  My fiancée and I lived in a Hollywood studio apartment at 1001 Gardner St. just prior to us being married. At the time, I worked for a telephone company and left the house at around 4:30am everyday to get to work.  Now, the story is told by her, but my own personal accounts also reflect a eerie vibe I got from not only my studio apartment but the building itself.  Truthfully, I always got shivers and an uneasy feeling coming from the bathroom in my apartment.  Actually, I'm getting goosebumps now thinking about the place.  I had already left the apartment one morning, when my fiancee, was woken up by something coming out from the bathroom.  As this thing passed her on the futon/bed the entity was crumpling paper and moved thru the studio apartment and around the corner in to the kitchen.

My wife didnt actually see a ghost due to the fact that she was just waking up when she felt something's presence move past her, but she knew that she wasnt alone.  So she decided to stay awake and keep the television on just to feel safe.  We moved shortly after that.

Apparently, the apartment manager, who was an elderly lady died in her bedroom years before I had arrived.  My neighbor just below my apartment liked to stay up until the early mornings reading.  The guy who lived next to him was completely insane and would get into very heated discussions with no one else.  But this nut would rant loud enough for his next door neighbor to hear him.  One story is where the insane tenant actually admitted, I guess to himself, to having entered the manager's apartment late at night and put a pillow over the elderly lady's face and killed her by suffocation.

I cannot imagine a time when this guy wasnt nuts, but maybe he was a murderer and was feeling shame or guilty that was really driving him insane.

Now, my story of this apartment was that I dreamt one night where I was being flown thru the apartment building into the various tenants apartment by someone.  Someone dead but still living in the building, we were getting into the apartment thru electrical outlets.  We were traveling at tremendous speeds when we arrived at my apartment we flew right into a smoke detector which prompted the detector to sound itself.  Now the instant I dreamt "we"

had arrived at the smoke detector and it started going off, I woke up to the smoke detector going off by itself.  There was no fire, no smoke, nothing to give it any reason for it to be going off.  I started to punch the devise to turn it off, understand I just woke up and I was completely freaked out about the dream.  The dector was knocked out of its wall base and the battery had fallen out, and for a good two more seconds the thing kept on sounding.  Then it stopped and I was terrified standing on my bed/futon fists clenched with my heart beating so hard and fast.  Then I just remembered the room was completely silent or empty, like something had left the room.




Exploring Haunted Places





 i have enjoyed cming to our site for the past two years and have gotten some of my friends hooked too. congrats on the years of progress.  i too have a story and it seems to follow me. i seem to have a guardian spirit following me. when i get scared of smething i always seem to see something out of the corner of my eye. its form used to be that of a siamese cat that we used to own. now i just feel a certain presance around me when im scared normally without shape.  my cat was named thomas and he grew up with me.  i also sence the presence of a lady i loved very much.when i was little. she was always there when i was upset about life and would always comfort me. maybe it as my imagination but a few years ago my life was changed  drasticly by a car accident and i think the only reason i stayed calm through the whole ordeal was of a sence of safety and love.  my great aunt louise was a wonderful old gal and had passed away just a few yeears ahead of the accident. i think if it wasn't for her my life would be different.  i think i have a guardian angel that watches over me and i think its my gr t aunt louise.

thanks for everything you have given to the world.  your site rocks and a couple of your storys are very true.  i live in the city of topeka and have visited the capital building and the rochester cemetary.  my friend was scared out of his mind and seemed to feel a presance. plus something came into the car and moved past him.  the thing is the windows were down but it was not windy and it was very still and quiet. not to mention my car was turned off

and woudn't start.

we never did see the lady but i think she was close by.





Ghosts in Central Florida



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Im not sure what to think of this whole situation, but the house that I lived in for 3 yrs and the house my good friend still lives in, I believe has some sort of “activity” in the house. It is only in the hallway of the house and in the spare room which used to be my 3 yr old god-daughter’s room. I have been in the hallway bathroom in front of the sink and have seen a man walk behind me, I may have been seeing things im not sure, but have had a pic. Taken on a camera phone but the phone broke after that. I have also woke up in the middle of the night and my god-daughter has been standing in the living room screaming while our german shepard was on her bed and refused to move, if I walked into the room to get her off the bed she would growl, she knows not to do that and always listens to us. I have also seen black figures out of the corner of my eye, not only at home but in public. I have had lights turn on only when I talk about it at the house. I don’t really get freaked out about it, its kinda like yeah ok something might be in here whatever but sometimes when I walk in the hallway it gives me chills. I do not know who this man is or if it even is a man or if my mind is playing tricks on me. I wish I could find out why I can hear our front door open and shut when im home alone and the dead bolt still be locked. I know im not crazy my friends have seen the pic before the phone broke and half of them are too freaked out to come over to stay the night. I hope you have some explanation b/c I don’t.








Haunting in School


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I have been a fan of your website for years. I love to read the new and upcoming stories that have been published on the page, as well as the old ones. I used to not really believe in ghosts, like many, until I began encountering them myself. My first experience was when I was right out of high school and I was working at a Bed and Breakfast. I sent in that story when it happened. :) I have since graduated from college and am now teaching in a quant town called Woolmarket in Mississippi. The school has been registered as being the oldest in MS, as well as one of the oldest in the United States. In the 1800's the community was the center of the wool trade - hence the name "Woolmarket". Eventually a school was built in 1910 by the people of the community to help educate their children. It still stands and currently has about 300 students post-Hurricane Katrina. Well 300 students we can actually see. We are not sure how many attend after hours;the faculty and staff just know it is more than one. This is my second year teaching and I absolutely love it. The faculty are close, and some of us even stay after school on Wednesdays to do lesson plans together. I was told upon being hired that it isn't the safest place to be after hours, but I didn't realize what they really meant until I started staying late to do lessons. The teacher I work with started telling me stories of when she used to have a classroom in hte main building. She said she used to come real early in the morning to get things set up in her room before the children came and she would hear children lauging and giggling in the hallway, but she was the only one at school. She said the intercom would come on in her class and she would hear little children whispering through the system, but when she walked up to the office it was locked. When I was hired on the lead teacher told me she never sits at the school alone for the same reasons. Well, doing the lessons at school was just a lot easier for me than dragging all the books home and doing them, so my teacher friend and I began doing them together to make the time go quicker. Usually when everyone had left for the day and we had been settled in our seats for a good while is when we began hearing strange noises. The door to the main building would open and shut by itself and we knew no one was there. We would hear little children giggling and running down hte hall. The intercom would come on in different classrooms down the hall and we could hear a voice that was not familiar. We began hearing what sounded like adult voices telling students to be quiet in hte hallway. Last, but not least, desks would be heard moving and being rearranged in different rooms. Including hte one I taught in. I would walk in and my desks would be rearranged from the day before. When we would leave the school at night, sometimes after dark, we would see lights flicker on and off in the main building. Soon things began missing - my lesson plans that I would have placed on my desk to be turned in hte following morning would show up in a strange place I know I did not put them or never be found. Then when I began taking my printed copy home, my lessons on hte computer screen would go in a sort of "landscape" mode if you will, and would print out where the words would go off the page. There was no way to unlandscape the screen for them to print out correctly. My principal thought it was a joke and told me to fix it, but when I showed her that it wasn't a setting on hte computer that was causing it, she realized I wasn't kidding. When I started talking to the "students" and telling them how much we enjoyed them being there, my computer screen formatted my lessons back to it's original setting and I never had that problem again. But, as for the giggling, desk moving, and door slamming~~it continues. In fact, while I was teaching last week, I think one of the students from the past wanted to sit in on my lesson. The door was shut and it just opened completely by itself and shut by itself and a piece of paper flew out of an empty desk up front. The students seemed to feel a chill in hte air and then it was gone. The door opened again, by itself, and closed by itself. My first graders call him Casper and don't really mind if he pays another visit.

My principal says she has encountered similar occurances in the school, she too refuses to stay at the school alone. She claims the police officer at night refuses to go by the North Wing of the school where my classroom, and several others, are located because he "sees strange things". Many teachers feel they are the students who died while they were attending Woolmarket. Their pictures still hang in hte office. OThers feel they are students who attended the school when it was an agricultural school in the 1800's. Whomever they are they make themselves known to many who attend the school now. We are not afraid of them, but the thought that they exist is kind of creepy.





House I used to rent in Longview WA


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After renting a house in Longview, WA, my grandmother informed me that their very close friends owned the house before I was born and that they went there quite often. On occasion, while watching television in the living room, I would see a man in a brown suit walking down the hallway out of the corner of my eye. When I looked directly that way, he would disappear. On my thirtieth birthday, my sister-in-law had gotten me a black balloon with a tombstone on the front of it with the saying, "R.I.P. Youth". About a week later, I had just finished bar-B-cuing some steaks and was sitting down to watch the Seahawks play a Monday Night Football game. With no wind to propel it, this balloon came around the corner from the kitchen into the living room. It stopped halfway into the living room and went back into the hallway towards the bedroom that the man in brown seemed to be heading to. Halfway down the hall, it stopped, reversed direction and came back into the living room where I attacked it with a steak knife. After draining all the helium from it, I threw it away. Our daughter would not sleep in the bedroom that the man appeared to be heading to, saying she felt his presence and was frightened. We changed bedrooms with her, but I had no feeling of his presence there myself. I saw this apparition on numerous occasions, but never felt any dread associated with it. When I described the estimated height and attire of this apparition to my grandmother, she said it sounded like their friend, George. I never saw his wife, and according to my grandmother, they were childless.



Shadow Man in My Bedroom


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When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I witnessed something that I will never forget to this day. Every night before I went to bed, my dad always left the bathroom light on so that we wouldn't trip or stumble on anything trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I knew that the bathroom light was on before I closed my eyes. Usually if my dad forgot to turn it on, I would do it myself. The light from the bathroom always shined directly into my room and I would have my door cracked opened so that the light would not be directly in my face. I am not sure what time it was when I woke up but all I know is that every light in the house was off, including the bathroom, and my door was open all the way. I was laying on my side looking towards the door and I saw a black figure standing in the door frame. It looked like it was leaning on the side of the door frame just looking at me. I could not see the face or what kind of clothes it had on, it was tall and slender. It did look like it was wearing a hat as well. It did not move one inch. The house was dark but this figure was even darker than the room. I could see the shape of the shoulders and the neck and i knew it was tall because the top of the head was close to the top of the doorway. I was scared and at first I wanted to get up and turn the light on but the light switch was next to the figure standing in the doorway. So I thought I see if maybe it was my dad or brother playing a joke on me and call out there name, but there was no answer. I knew that it could not have been them because my dad and brother are not into walking around the house in the dark. They are pretty jumpy when it comes to haunted houses and going into dark rooms. Instantly, I had this uncomfortable and frightened feeling inside me and I layed down in my bed then threw the covers over my head. I began to pray to myself like my mom had taught me. I waited about 10 seconds and then took the blankets off my head. It was gone. I jumped up out of the bed and ran to turn the light on. Then I looked down the hallway and in the bathroom. I turned on the bathroom light before I went back to my bedroom. The next morning, I asked my dad if he was standing in my doorway last night and he said no, I also asked my brother if he was there and he said no. I am not sure what it was or what it wanted that night but to this day, I have problems sleeping with all lights off or going into a dark room to turn on a light.




She Was Here


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It was about 2 years ago when I had a sleep over at one of my freinds, who was recently has lost her cousin who was very close to her and her familly though cancer.

We had been talking girl talk for the best part of 3 hours and eating sweets that were in a normal 'sainsburys' plastic bag. Sitting on the top of the double bed by the pillows we finished all the sweets before we got onto the subject of her cousin and left the bag down at the other end of the bed. My freind had been telling me about strange experiences that her familly had been getting then to see and hear the plastic bag rise a couple of centimeters about the bed cloves and rustle then to drop back down.

We were shocked and ran down stairs to my freinds parents. After telling them what had happend we nervously went back upstairs and sat on the bed in near enough the same positions. Then the tv started to make funny clicking noises as if it had been switched on for a long period of time and had just been switched off, but infact the tv hadnt been used for over 2 days.

I think that she was trying to tell us that she was here with her familly and that she was ok.



Brittany Dormitory


By: Anonymous



Thank you for the website.  Just to add a story to the Brittany Dorm in New York City story.  I was a student at NYU back in '86 and lived in Brittany at the time.  The ghost that you are referring to lived in Rm 306, I believe.  The only stories that were told of this ghosts other than the occassional lights flickering on and off was apparently, a dorm student a few years before I arrived at NYU was sleeping one night (actually having a nightmare, now thinking about) of being suffocated and held down.  The student woke up to find an appiration holding his feet at the end of the bed, then disappeared when the student woke up.  I cannot recall what happen after that, other than the student left that dorm room after requesting another room in a different dorm.





Glore Psychiatric Museum Made a Believer of my Husband.




By: kala_mar@sbcglobal.net


When the D.P.T. of corrections took over the building, and was in the process of turning it into offices for the prison. My husband had the night shift. His job was to make sure the building was secure after the contractors had finished for the day.This consisted of cheaking the doors & windows of the building on eack floor. Many times while on his rounds he would feel ( walk through ) extremely COLD spots.Not being much of a beliver he contributed it to the old building. But when he was sitting at his desk and he could feel it roll over him completly & feel the hair raise on the back of his neck and arms it would begin to freek him out. He could smell tobacco smoke now & then, and would have to go and investagate; Nothing would be found burning anywhere. The time he had to go in the kitchen on rounds, he heard keys jingling; Knowing he was the only person in that building at that time, needless to say he didnt doddle in there. There were whifs of perfume he would detect ( and my husband is a smoker- so you know it had to be somewhat strong ) while at his desk doing paper work. He endured till it was completed; Then he bid out of that job & away from that building. But now he tends to belive me when I tell him of the things I have seen & heard, And I belive him too.     Thank you for your time.  



Granny Ghost


By: jen@iistopeka.net


I have many stories from my childhood encounters with the supernatural which I might share at a later date, but for now I would like to tell you of my current home and the spirit which resides in it.

The home use to belong to an older couple, who as I have been told by neighbors, were pretty much forgotten about by there own grown up children. They had both passed away of old age and of course the house and almost all of there belongings went up for sale. My Husband purchased the house and we moved in. Since the birth of our children, (now six and four) the kids and I have come to find that there is another “person” living in the house as well.

It started when I was pregnant with my son… I would awake at night to find my daughter sitting up in bed playing with a toy that I knew she didn’t have in her crib when I laid her down for the night. I assumed my Husband was giving her these toys off the floor when he would get home from working 2nd shift. I asked him about it, and he assured me he was not even walking into her room, let alone giving her toys in the middle of the night. I started to watch her during her naps…just to see if she had found a way to climb out of her crib and back in again. I never once saw her climb out…or into it for that matter.

When my son was born, we moved him into the room with our daughter (it’s only a 2 bedroom house). As my son grew older, we heard very little from our resident spook. One night I had just gone to bed and was just about to drift off when I saw “someone” dart down the hall to my children’s room. I got up and peeked in, but no one was there and all was quiet so I went back to bed. I laid back down under the covers and closed my eyes, and right next to my ear I hear a older woman’s voice (rather loudly) say, “Check the boy dear, he can’t breath!”  Well, I jumped to my feet and ran to the Kids room. My son was breathing, but it was very struggled. I called my neighbor to come sit with my daughter and called my husband at work while in route to the emergency room. It turned out that my son had allergies to eggs which I had never realized and I had made omlettes that evening for dinner.

Since then the visits to my kids are almost nightly.

We moved an old rocking chair into the kid’s room and when the house is quiet at night you can hear it rocking ever so slightly. My children have yet to ever awake from a bad dream in our home, and they both can tell you exactly what the old woman looks like and the things they talk about with her when they can’t sleep.

They love to hear me tell stories about the spook we have come to call “Granny Ghost”. When they go to bed at night they say there prayers. In thoughs prayers they ask for Granny Ghost to watch over them and keep them safe always. I must admit, I hope she stays around too…my son might not be here today if it wasn’t for her. She is welcome to stay with us as long as she likes.

That is my story… Thank you for taking the time to read it!




My Personal Hauntings


By: JeanneClaire1956@aol.com



Thanks so much for including our story of our favorite place "The Hidden Cemetery" in Palmer, Mass. (fondly named by us, since it is indeed hidden from main roads).

All that said, I would like to submit the following, based on personal experience, since we (Or myself) have lived in these homes:

Palmer, MA: This home was owned by my husband since its construction in 1927. Deceased family members often made their presence known by pushing us, whispering, talking out loud, showing themselves in partial form. Bagpipe music was heard in the basement of the home (my husband's deceased grandfather), tiny shadows dancing on a bedroom ceiling were witnessed, a dark shape flying through the basement on one occasion was seen by my husband.

Oxford, MA: I owned this home with my late ex-husband. He loved the house so much that he swore he would never sell it during his lifetime. Soon after his death in 2001, his voice had been heard by a neighbor, calling out to her in a happy greeting. A fleeting glimpse of him had been seen through kitchen and livingroom windows. The house was sold at auction in 2002, no word on whether or not his spirit has been seen since.

Dudley, MA: Built in 1839, this home has been the scene of many hauntings, witnessed by both a former owner of the home and myself, as I had rented that house in 1983, for six months. A baby who had died in an unused upstairs bedroom could often be heard crying. The baby would pull blankets off of a bed in another upstairs room. The creaking sounds of a rocking chair could be heard from the dead baby's bedroom. The images of four men could be seen in the basement. Voices were often heard from the basement. A white image was once seen, streaking from the kitchen into the bathroom wall, which was formerly a pantry. Many cold spots were felt even in hottest summer months. Some people who entered the home usually felt an feeling of uneasiness, like they shouldn't be there. Footsteps were often heard, the sound of a dragging foot. I later learned this was the ghost of a former owner who had suffered a leg injury during the civil war. The home was sold in the summer of 1983 to owners who claimed they never experienced hauntings, but the house mysteriously went up for sale several months after they had purchased it.

Springfield, MA, my husband lived in this opulent home as a child in the 1960s. His entire family witnessed spirits of a WW2 soldier (who had lived in the home before dying during the war). Fatal wounds could be seen on his body when he thought nobody was looking at him, but if someone caught sight of him and gave him their attention, the bloody wounds would disappear. Other sightings included a former groundskeeper, a small bright dancing light that may have been the spirit of a dead infant, and the ominous form of an elderly woman who would glare at living family members. A room on the unused third floor of the home held the remains of a wooden bed, and iron  rings set into the posts of the bed, possibly to keep hidden a family member who had been insane or mentally disturbed. My husband's family members described disturbing feelings if they entered this room, as if a satanic spirit dwelled there. After my husband's family moved from the home, the house burned to the ground. A chain link fence was constructed around the vacant house lot, and nothing was rebuilt in its place, as of 2002.




Scary  Legends


By: RyanOnly92155@aol.com


I actually just remembered a story, I guess I blocked it out because it scared me and it was so long ago, and I've added a couple of legends from around here........when I was in middle school, I would stay with my friend a lot, she was all into ghosts, witch craft, and all that. She lived in the country, way way out. One night she told me a story about an old house up the mountain. That a family used to live there, and one day their children (boy and girl) were left unattended. The girl had an apple and a sharp knife so she could cut it. They began running around and the little girl flipped over the couch and well you can come the conclusion it wasn't good. She fell on the knife and bled to death on the couch. My friend told me the couch was up there still, and what she had experienced on trips up there.

Well being that it was so late there was no way I was walking up a dirt road on a mountain up to a haunted house. So the next day we started walking up there, we passed an old barn that was just spooky (you know how you can just look at a house or structure and get a bad feeling from it). So we continued up to the house, but we never made it in, as soon as the house came into view I saw something in the upstairs window, I just brushed it off though because I never experienced anything. We got up to the porch and could hear children laughing, as soon as we got to the door the laughter stopped and a little girls voice said "mommy?". After that I took the hint and took off running leaving my friend behind, well it had also been raining earlier that day. So needless to say the road was muddy, but you can bet I was running so fast that I slid on my side most of the way back down the road. So even though I am interested in hauntings and historical sites, I will never go again unless I am with a group. Out of that experience all I got was a muddy side and sore leg, and scared half to death.

I guess the little girl was wondering if it was her mother returning home, since she never saw her mother again after the accident.

Another time I was at my cousins sleep-over birthday party. Which she had in their basement apartment, so being like she is, she had a ouija board. I know that ouija boards are really only games but this is what happened. I wouldn't play with it, haha surprised? I was sitting on the couch watching a few others play with it. There was a remote on the counter on the other side of the room, all of a sudden it was like someone just pushed it off the counter in a rage because it went flying all the way across the room. No one was near it at all. So later when we were all trying to get to sleep, we had about 3 portable heaters, because we were in the basement. Even with the heaters on full blast, and all of us girls in the room(the more people, more body heat, warmer room), the room was as cold as ice. So needless to say I didn't get any sleep because it was too cold for comfort.

There are only a couple of haunted places around here, there is the tunnel to nowhere, when the construction workers were working on it, it collapsed and killed many. If you go at night, and you have the nerve to go into the tunnel (pitch black cant even see your hand infront of you). As you go deeper into the tunnel if you have a flash light count on it going out....and count on breathing getting harder too do as you go further.(sure there are explanations, but it's the story behind it that makes you want to believe it's something else)

Then there is Helens bridge, I'm not sure of the true story behind Helen, but all the ones that I've heard can be summed up like this. Something happened to Helens baby, she jumped off of the unfinished bridge to kill herself. If you venture onto the bridge (which is closed to public now, you have to walk quite a way).....if you walk towards the edge of the bridge and say "Helen I got your baby" she appears and tries to harm you if you're dumb enough to stick around.

Another thing I experienced really did give me the creeps. Me and a bunch of friends were just out for a ride, they told me about a cemetary that is "haunted", if you go through it at night, your car supposedly turns around, and cuts off. Me being the chicken I am said "forget that". Well they tricked me, they took me into the cemetary another way, as soon as I realized it was the cemetary I started freaking and put the car into reverse before I ventured further into the cemetary. Even though I put the car in reverse, when I pushed on the gas I wouldn't move it had been put into neutral. So I tried again, stepped on the gas went forward, been put into drive. Well then I tried once more and it went right back into neutral. (no one was touching the gear shift, none of them even knew how to drive a stick), so finally and luckily because by this time I was pretty freaked, it stayed in reverse and I went home and stayed shook up about it for most of the night. Even though I didn't see anything, something was trying to force me to enter.






By: rebeccalamont@paulhastings.com


My best friend's husband committed suicide - in front of her.  She has said he haunts their house.  Prior to that particular residence, they lived directly across the alley in a second floor 2 bedroom apartment.   I lived in that apartment for 2 years.

While there, her husband used to come and visit.  He would move things around.  As soon as I realized he was there, I spoke to him and told him I wouldn't do anything to upset him, but if he ever hurt or frightened me or anyone who was visiting me (particularly my 6 year old grandchild who was friends with his children - and they all used to play in my apartment), I would contact a priest and have him exorcised!

From that time on, he would let me know he was there - at times - by moving things around.  Especially at Christmas.  One particular incident - I had a decorated Christmas tree and was sitting inside, watching TV with all windows and doors closed.  The only 1 ornament and branch started to move.  As soon as I started to talk to him, everything stopped moving!

It was really interesting to be able to semi-speak with someone on the other side!




Spook 50 Kc-135 @ Fairchild Air Force Base


By: spook50hydro@yahoo.com


I am writing in response to a crew chief that has had ghostly experiences aboard Spook 50 the haunted KC-135 at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington.  I used to be a hydraulics technician at Fairchild from 1998-2002.  One particular night on swing shift well after dark I happened to be on Spook 50.  As a hydraulic technician, it is our responsiblity to repair the air refueling boom.  Spook 50 had been flown that day and had come down with an electrical on the boom.  The 4 of us hydraulic technicians on shift went out their to see what was wrong.  We put a boom tester on the end of the boom and the check was ready to go.  The 3 other techs on shift were on a maintenance stand with the tester while I was running the test from the boom pod.  The 4 of us were the only ones near the plane.  Anyways, while I was waiting for them to commence their part of the test, I heard footsteps behind me.  They seemed to come towards me until it got close to the boom pod and then alk away.  Thinking nothing of it, I figured that they needed something downstairs so I asked them what they needed.  They said they had been standing on the stand and had not moved and were ready to commence the test.  I told them I thought I heard one of them upstairs but all 3 said they hadn't moved and that it was probably my imagination.  The wind was not blowing but the fuselage floor had been sligthly bouncing as it does when someone is walking to the back of the aircraft.  I realize now that I never heard the safety grate on the enterance come down so I am sure that no living person was up there with me.  I had to go back up there and finish the test but since that day Spook 50 has always freaked me out.  I have heard other stories from friends but that is my only personal experience.      




Things Happening


By: beergodess@msn.com


I was at my friends place in Pine City, MN on several occasions and witnessed spirits of some sort. Before they built there, a house with 3 children burned down and it is believed that it is them. I witnessed  a lamp that was not plugged in, go on, while we sat at the breakfast bar, cupboards were opening and closing and our beverages changed places right in front of our eyes. I never believed much before that, that stuff like that happened, but there is no way it was just the wind or someone hiding under a table!



Unnerving Event


By: laughingboy212@yahoo.com



Hi, my name is Joe and this is my most recent encounter {at least I feel it is an encounter}, I’m 33 I have a very open mind to these such things and do try to look a both sides of the story before I go telling my family {even though they would understand}.i also consider myself to be on the sensitive side of “those feelings’ [“being watched” “hairs standing up” you know what I’m getting at] well here goes. It was about 2 years ago my ex-girlfriend and I just rented a new place in Malden, Mass . Nice place not too old looking 2 floors and a done over attic with two bedrooms up there very nicely done master bedroom directly under one of the rooms{now that room had a storage space not finished} it started on the night that our new furniture was delivered I was meeting the delivery guys, I received the new goods and proceeded to start putting together the dinning room table {I was alone that night} when suddenly and I do stress suddenly I got that eerie feeling {and those of you who have had this happen to you] I was being watched  and I tell you that was VERY unnerving, now I did have the radio on so it wasn’t dead silent but didn’t matter I tried to you know shake it off singing having a grand ole time telling myself “it’s just because your in a different place ,you haven’t got comfortable in your new surroundings yet ”, but It  wasn’t working those feelings were getting stronger, now mind you I’m putting this table together in the living room and that feeling was coming from behind me and on the stairs like when someone sits on the stairs and pokes their head through the dowels sort of like they’re in jail kind of thing. Tried as I did the feeling wasn’t  going away, so what did I do.. I got up off my knees, looked at my watch told myself its getting late, said “that’s enough for tonight’ {trying to kid myself and left pretty quickly .now I didn’t say anything to her about this since I just thought It was me {well I was hoping it was just me]. so I’m a night owl, love the T.V. late, nice and quiet she’s asleep next to me in bed its about say 1-1:30AM  and I hear banging now not banging like pounding banging but like general walking banging and a few thumps thrown in coming from the daughters room above us and she was staying at the grandmothers that night, so I mute the T.V. and cock my head to focus my hearing and it stops I quickly dismiss it and un mute the T.V. no sooner I  do that, there it goes again, now I’m getting a little nervous {in the other room up there is her son and I  know he’s not awake he’s 5 and was asleep eons ago} so I shut the .T.V.. off  put a pillow over my head and go to sleep all the while wondering what the heck that was, but it did stop and nothing else happened that night. Now mind you this is only in a couple of days span so.. one week night [oh btw we had a mini chihuahua }I was going in the basement to do laundry and the basement wasn’t finished but it was still nice and had small box windows at about the outside grass level  and the dog was following me, at about the time I got to the third step down I noticed he was still at the threshold of the entrance way refusing to come down I called “c’mon its alright” he whined and fled back up stairs so.. I started to do the laundry and it starts again hairs on my neck stand straight up, goose bumps   start appearing on my arms and the feeling of not being alone flood my body my “fight or flight” alarms are going off and my nerves are starting to get shaky at best, and its not like I felt is was right behind me it was more towards the other side of the room like something was just “hanging around “ …being curious, I finished putting the laundry in the washing machine and start to go upstairs and I start getting a sense of relief {now this could be my own mind playing tricks on me} but as I got to the top step I felt it again but this time it was like it was watching me from the bottom step just “looking” up at me as I left, when I got through the door I felt fine and nothing else really happened the rest of the night. O.K. up to now this whole experience was a little unsettling but nothing major until one night about 2:00 or so in the morning I was playing a computer game my ex was asleep {lol she was ALWAYS asleep when these thing happened} now the computer room was small about 6x6sqft  and it had a doorway but no door the computer faces the back wall so when you sit by the computer your  back is to the very short hallway and stairs so if you turn around you could see both very easily, so to continue.. I’m playing, feeling comfortable and then the stairs creek {  I thought it was just the stairs being that they are kind of old you know “settle” a little more and dismissed it} and then again creak now her daughter {and she was home this time} was know for trying to sneak down stairs at night and watch T.V. and this second time I thought it was her and turned…  and no one was there .one creek fine … two.. and   nervous  thoughts are creeping in.. but no more creaks as I started to relax and continue to play all of a sudden the room, even thought small, had an “open” air about it so if you sat at the computer you could “feel” that there was no door and hence “open”, I felt as if there was someone standing in the doorway making me feel “closed in” just casually standing there watching me I could feel eyes upon me … I didn’t dare turn around “just keep playing “ I told myself then it happened and very , VERY quickly the hairs stood up again ,I started getting chills and I felt a cold and tingling sensation and my right shoulder like a hand was being placed on it , no pressure, just cold and  about as big as an adults hand and a head on my left side ,now when I say this I mean like some one comes up to you and peers over you shoulder to try and see some thing that’s  right in front of you. this freaked me out so much that shut the game down very quickly and went to bed, like a 5 yr old whose afraid of thunderstorms .The next day I decided it was time to say something to her and I told her and she looked at me like I had ten heads but still had this look of belief and disbelief and asked her if she’s EVER felt any of these feelings that I have had and her response was “no”. We went outside to have a cigarette and the landlord Dave pulls into the driveway we gave him a cheery “HI” and she blurts it out “Joe thinks we have ghosts” I look at her with a look of disgust and he starts in, laughs a little, jokes with me {he is a nice guy though} and says “so we do huh?” then I tell him about what’s been happening to me and I ask if he’s felt anything his response also a “no” {now this house is Dave’s first rental property and only the second to live in here as opposed to the original owners} I asked him if he knows of anything that has happened in this house and the age of it he said “I don’t know” but he did say it was kind of dated {never did give me a time frame} well to say the least I never got to find out any more about what “it” was because we broke up and to this day I’m still convinced that “something” is in there .Since finding your site and reading about other peoples’ accounts I didn’t feel so weird about mailing this to you  I hope in the near future I will be able to mail you something about this house as I’m going to the local library and do some researching .Thanks a lot for posting this I hope it wasn’t too long and btw I haven’t  had ANY feelings like that since. One more thing  I’ve told this story to my fiancé and she’s a scientist and man you talk about being skeptical {which is fine} I also searched your Massachuettes  listings and I’ve been to the Danvers state hospital, not inside just on the grounds, {about 8 yrs ago} and got those feelings of being watched there so just to “get her in the spirit” I’m taking her and her friend up there to see if she can get those “unnerving” feelings as well, she’s never had those feelings before and I told her “that once you feel it you will NEVER forget what it’s like” Thanks again for letting me share this  and keep up the great work .

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