Circle of Roses





When I was alittle girl my grandmother passed in our home. I remeber how she looked and what she wore. I remember as they put her on a cart her arm falling out from underneth the cover they had over her. I remember walking over to my grandma while no one was around and slipping her hand back under the covers.

That night while in bed my grandma came to say goodbye to me. She was so beautiful and all in white and in aflowing gown. I remember her smile and her goodbye, she turned and paused at the door then turned she was gone.

My mom and dad took the death very hard. My mom opened all the windows the night of her passing, never understood some of the things my mom did until I got older. Anyway, our home was a two story with 3 bedrooms, and always full of people. My mom came from a family of three brothers and seven girls whom all had kids and moms sisters liked to hang out at our home so it was always full.

My aunt was one who did not believe in ghost or spirits and she liked to argue over my mom's beleif.  My grandma loved roses and my mom in memory of her would by or pick from her garden 12 red roses and put them in a vase on the table.

My aunt was doing my mom's hair and telling my mom there was no such things as ghost, I being bold as I was came out and told my aunt that she should not kid about ghost,  my mom told me to get down go play and before I had time to go out the back door my aunt started screaming and ran passed me out the door.  The red roses lifted out of the vase and layed a perfect circle around the vase . My mom went to calm my aunt down before  the nieghbors called the police. My Mom told her that grandma spirit stayed with us and that she told my aunt that it happens alot. We were so use to it as kids that it was part of us and thought anyone who did not believe was weird.

When ever I see a red rose it reminds me of that story and my grandma's smile I was about 7 years old at that time      Thanks for letting me share



Haunted Home




In September 1981 I rented a Victorian house in Santa Rosa, California. If you are interested in checking on it, I could probably find you the address (the house is still there, my son went by it about a six weeks ago). In the dining room, in front of the fireplace, both my wife and I often seen a young boy of about 9 or 10 years old laying on his side with his head propped up by his arm, warming himself. This always occurred when either of us was passing through the dining room to or from the kitchen to or from a hallway directly across. The boy, very visible, always turned his head toward my wife or me and smiled. We were there about three months when work called me to another state--during that time I saw the specter at least eight times, and my wife saw it a similar number of times. It never made us feel uneasy, we just accepted it as part of the house.




Haunting in Elizabethtown PA





My name is Amy and I worked back in 1994-96 at a restaurant called the Black Bear Inn in Elizabethtown, PA that I believe is haunted. It was built in the late 1700's and is the 2nd oldest building in town. The current name is Flaver's Food & Spirits, 45 N. Market Street in Elizabethtown, PA 17022.  (717) 361-2115. I have written authors and other websites in the hopes of having a story done or an investigation performed, but no luck yet.

At the time I worked there I attended Elizabethtown College(which has some haunted buildings itself!).  I mainly worked till close at night, which is when most of the activity happened.  I am very sensitive, I hear things and see things some other people do not.  But I can honestly say, mostly all the people that worked there at the time, had some experience.  The owner's wife was extremely afraid to be in there alone after close.  At 9pm or so every night there would be loud banging underneath the bar, I felt heavy presences behind me, near me, heard footsteps upstairs when no one was up there.  We saw a whole heavy tray of silverware flip over onto the floor as a dark shadow disappeared out of the kitchen.  I was locked in the walk in freezer when the door had been carefully propped open. I has a glass fly right off the counter and smash into a million pcs onto the floor. The swinging doors to the kitchen flew open and closed with such force all by themselves.  The basement-the one section has no lights, I would run like hell out of there, it feels very heavy and scary down there.  The other section has a well and a underground passageway big enough for a horse that leads to the oldest building in town across the street. People in town had commented they thought there was parties at night upstairs, sometimes they would see lights and shadows moving about in the window.  I clearly heard children laughing, and went to investigate to find not one child in the whole place.  In the ladies room, the light goes off by themselves and I have even heard some people have seen a face of a woman in the mirror.  I could go on, but stories are too many!

I happened to re-visit the restaurant last summer and ate there, they have since renovated knocked down the one wall and added a deck outside, I am sure that must have stirred up something too.  I still felt it as soon as I walked in there, I got the same chills, but I didn't want to ask the server about the place for fear she might think me crazy! It's might sound nuts, but it felt like whatever was there, something knew I was there before and I was back, I got a strong chill right outside the ladies room which would be hard to do since the kitchen is right there and normally is warm.  I felt like something was watching me as I left. 

It is such a great old building, I really hope that it makes a website or book, I would love to hear or see what is found thru investigation.  I only hope whoever owns it now would cooperate!  Thanks so much for listening, if you need any further info , I would be more than happy to talk to you about it.





The Gentleman Ghost





For two years, my children and I lived in a Victorian merchant-style house in northeastern PA that was haunted by a very gentlemanly teenage ghost. My son's girlfriend was the only one to actually see him, but everyone had some kind of encounter with him at some point. The ghost was definitely a tease. I think he did most of the things just to let us know he was there.

During the first year we lived there, my then-17yo son used the basement as his hangout - and eventually turned part of it into his bedroom. The other side of the basement had a walkout to the backyard, and the kids (mine and those visiting) would park their bikes in that section, all lined up against the back wall. Well, the ghost didn't like it when the boys would curse in front of any of the girls. If someone let a cuss word slip, the ghost would tip over all the bikes, one by one. Not like dominoes, but deliberately pushing each bike over AWAY from the others still standing.

One night, my son's girlfriend was spending the night while my son was out of town. She woke up to see a boy not much older than herself (maybe 18 or 19) standing at the foot of the bed, then realized she could see through him. Her screams probably woke people four counties away. After she calmed down though, she said the interesting thing was that as she first bolted up out of the bed, he gave her a big grin and winked at her.

My son had a collection of old-fashioned liquor bottles he'd inherited from his great-grandfather. These sat on a long shelf approximately 8 feet up - high enough that no one could just reach up and touch them. My son kept the bottles lined up in a particular order, but now and then, the ghost would turn all the labels to the wall and switch the order.

Another thing the ghost did, that we could all hear, was to play with my windchimes after we were all in bed. I'd hung windchimes in three rooms downstairs, which hung two or three feet down from 12-foot ceilings. As soon as we'd all shut off our lights, we'd hear someone get each chime ringing, one after another as if someone was walking quickly from one end of the house to the other, swinging each chime. However, that would have been impossible. Not only were the windchimes hung too high for someone to just reach up and ring them, the three rooms with windchimes were connected only by a hallway. You could not walk from one room into another...unless you walked through the walls.

Soon after we moved into this house, I began having a terrible nightmare about my son being accidentally stabbed in the stomach by a close friend of his in the hallway outside my room. It was very vivid and extremely intense - I'd wake up sobbing and have to go check on my son just to be sure it was a dream. Even after we'd lived there a few months, the dreams didn't go away. I'd have them every few nights.

After we'd lived there six months or so, I joined an email list for writers and got the shock of my life. One of the women had mentioned being psychic several times, but I pretty much ignored it as an attention-getter...until she sent me an off-list message that mentioned some of the things my ghost was doing - like the bikes and windchimes. I'd never said a word about the ghost to anyone outside of family and friends. When I asked if she could tell me more, without mentioning anything, she replied that the young man didn't mean to frighten me with the dreams. He was just trying to communicate what had happened. She also said that he hoped my son's girlfriend was too upset about his "little scare".

I did some research on the house and came across an article in the local newspaper's archives from 1963 that said a 19yo man had been shot and killed accidentally in his home by a friend playing with a loaded gun. The article said the boy had died in the upstairs hallway. My guess is, right outside my room.









The story I will tell you about is true and it happened back in early December of 1982.

My husband and I bought a lovely old 2 story house about 1 year prior to the event. My husband and children and myself moved into this old house that actually sat on land that once had a house that served as refuge for escaped slaves through the underground railroad. This house was located deep back in the woods, in the state of Ohio. I could tell right from the beginning that there was a creepy feeling about the whole place; like a sadness. It's hard to explain. But anyway, on that particular night, it was very cold and deep snow on the ground. I was feeling very exhausted, as I was pregnant with my son, and he was due to be born in about one week. I had a very busy day throughout that day, so I was glad for nighttime to finally come, and all of the children were now fast asleep in their bedrooms.

I was feeling uncomfortable, so my husband was asleep in the next bedroom down the long hall, so I could have the big double bed to mys f to try to rest easier and get some sleep.

My bedroom was on the first floor, right by the bathroom. The children all slept upstairs on second floor. I had a bassinet waiting for the baby when he was born in my bedroom, sitting right next to the wall, close by the doorway at the foot of my bed. A lot of new baby blankets were folded very neatly and were laid on top of the bassinet. Before I retired for the night, I walked to the back of my bedroom and looked out into the crisp cold night. A bright moon was shining and casting shadows from the many trees that surrounded our house. The white snow glistened in the moonlight. I slipped into my long flannel warm night gown, and crawled underneath my warm blankets, and fell right fast asleep. After about 3 hours, I awoke suddenly. I opened my eyes and looked down past the foot of my bed, and there I saw very plainly a young lady just sitting in the center of the bassinet on top of the bunch of folded baby blankets, with her dainty hands folded on her lap. The moonlight was shining in my window, and I could see her very clearly by the light of the moon. She was just sitting there looking at me. I looked at her, and I noticed that she appeared to be very solid and life like. She was slim and frail, and her skin color looked very pale white. Her age I believe was young, as she looked no more then a young lady of 19 or 20. She had a very pretty face, that wore no make up, or lipstick or such. Her eyes were light blue, and her hair hung in long golden ringlets to just past her shoulders. She wore a long, light blue dress to her ankles, with long sleeves and high button neck, with white cuffs on the sleeves, and white collar. I could see the black toes of her shoes just barely sticking out from underneath her dress as she sat quietly watching me. She had on her head a white bonnet, with the neck ribbon untied and just dangling loose on each side. I was thinking by her all dress or appearance she must of been from the 1700's, and so THIS I thought.

After we stared at each other for at least a couple minutes, I just closed my eyes and drifted right back to sleep. I slept for a few more hours, then I woke up again because I needed to go to the bathroom. When I opened my eyes, I saw she was STILL sitting there looking at me in the same position and spot. I got out of my bed and proceeded to walk towards the door, and right past the girl. She did not vanish or move. She sat deathly still, looking straight ahead towards my bed.

I walked the short distance down the hall to the bathroom. I used the bathroom, and while walking back towards my bedroom, I was thinking that this ghost apparition must be gone by now? But upon entering my bedroom, I found to my surprise, the ghostly girl was STILL sitting there in the same place and position as before. I walked back past her and I sat down on the side of my bed. As I stared at her sweet, soft, pretty face, I decided to try to communicate with her. So I asked her, "What are you doing here in my bedroom?" To my surprise, she replied in a very soft calm sweet voice, "Looking at you." I asked her, "Why?" She said, "Because I'm lonesome." Then she asked, "Can I sleep with you?" After she asked that last question, I got irritated or angry, then I replied in a stern sharp voice, "Well, NO! Can't you see I'm pregnant, and I'm miserable, and my husband had to sleep in the other bedroom. That's why I'm sleeping alone in the first place!" Then there was a pause of silence, as we stared at each other. Then I heard her reply in a sad quiet voice, "OOOOhhhhhh." Then she immediately started to fade away (not vanish). She first started fading from her face, then the rest of her just faded on away, and she was gone forever. I never saw her again, but I had other encounters since then.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it.






Friendly Spirits




A friend of my parents (who shall be called Bill) has lived in a house for many years, but just recently did we find out that there is a spirit living there.  We think that he didn't want to believe it, so that's we never knew until now.  Luckily his wife revealed it, haha.  First before I tell you that story I must tell you another:  He has a young daughter (let's call her Haley), and one day his wife (who was just his girlfriend at the time, we'll call her Jena) heard her talking in her bedroom. She asked "Who are you talking to, Jena?"  and she replied "Nobody".  After asking this question several more times, Haley finally said "I'm talking to a little girl who looks just like me."  You would think that this was just Haley using her imagination, but not if you knew that she had a twin who died as a baby. 

Now onto the other story:  Bill and Jena suspected that something was strange in their house, because objects would disappear for days and then suddently show up on the living room floor.  Also, one day Jena had a strange feeling that somebody was with her, and got a vivid image of a man in her head, and also got his name.  She told a friend, who knew the man who used to live there.  Jena's description and name of the man matched her friend's description perfectly.  She had seen the man who used to live there.  The man had hung himself in the basement, but surprisingly he is a very kind spirit.  He has never hurt anyone in the family and sometimes talks to Haley.  One day, the smoke alarm went off and they could not find out why, so they went searching for the fire.  They went to the garage and found that a gas tank was leaking, and believed that it was the spirit of the man helping them out. 

I hope that Haley will keep her psychic abilities, because as you know most children grow out of it when they are older.  Just goes to show you that spirits are our friends and are here to help us sometimes.




Quarry Haunt




When i was 15 i was playing hide and seek in a quary and where i hid i noticed a glowing lite  going up the side of the quary stopping then carrying on it got closer and closer to me until started to get out of my hiding place and try and find my freinds but their where no where to be seen and the glowing lite dissapeared thats when i heard a womens voice asking me to come to the edge of the quarry i was so scared i decided to walk away but i could still hear the voice asking to please come to the edge, i then ran off and found my freinds at the entrance of the quarry and told them what just happened, so being lads they decided to go back and dragged me with them, when we got their nothing happened,the voice dissapeared.

i later went back several months later and saw the glowing lite again.....never again








This is a very short story. One late night my father and I were on our way back from the gold coast. After having a nice dinner. There are a few bridges that you have to drive over. Anyway we are driving along and dad said to me ''look at that''. at first i just thought it was weird to see a young child walking along the side of the highway wearing nothing but black. In the middle of night. As we drove past i turned around to have a look. The child was no longer walking they had just disappered...

Two days later I read in the newspaper that a women and her three children drove off the side of the bridge in that same spot. The mother and her 10 year old son had died instantly.









It was on a cold night in January, my sisters and I were watching a scary movie and all of a sudden our dogs (pitbulls) started barking like crazy including the neighbors dogs in the backyard. Well the dogs had been barking for awhile and that was weird. So my sister and I went to go check in the back yard and we stood there a couple of seconds, and looking in the direction my dogs were barking. When all of a sudden, at the corner of our backyard in the alley a cluster of lights appeared. They hovered forward, They were the size of golf ball. They lasted about 10 seconds. The dogs stopped barking the second the cluster of lights disappeared. When they disappeared my sister, and I went inside the house immediately and said nothing the whole time we saw the lights. Ok we went inside and told my little sister to come out to the front of the house. We were near of our mailbox because we were confused and scared at what we had seen. At first I thought someone was playing with white Christmas lights. But there was no one in their backyards like usual. Then I thought about aliens. Then I realized they were some sort of orbs. I wanted to talk about what we had seen but my sister was too scared to talk about it. My dad got home and I told him what had happened and he said that I should check the back alley and see if the lights left any marks. The next day my dad checked but he said he saw nothing. The next couple of days we didn’t go into our backyard at night alone we’d go with someone.



Row Houses





I'm not sure if anyone outside of Houston Texas has heard of a Row House.

Well these are very small and narrow houses that were built for the slaves so that they could be closer to their masters.  Most of the slave homes still stand till this day.  My husband and 10 year old daughter thought it would be nice to rent one for a year.  There is a lot of history in those old homes.  They still had skeleton key handles and old windows with the pulley system.  Well, I'm not sure if I'm crazy or what, but I have had very weird things happen to me.  The first thing to catch my attention was the bathroom. When we first walked through the house before taking it we notice that it was very cold compaired to the rest of the house.  We thought that was weird due to the fact that all the windows were closed and there is no A/C.  We took the house anyway not giving it another thought.

Our first night was pretty restless.  It was incredibly hot.  We decided that a bath was just the thing we needed to cool off. Well my husband was the first to take a bath and he could not sit in the tub.  He claimed that the water was hot when he filled the tub and when he tried to put his foot in the tub the water was freezing! I thought maybe he was crazy and we ran the tub again filling it with nothing but hot water.  And to my surprise, the water had turned ICE COLD!!!  We could not explain this so no one bath that first night.

This was just the beginning of a list of strange happenings.  A week later my daughter kept running in the kitchen to ask if I was calling her name.

I told that I hadn't and she came back three of four times saying that she heard me call her name.  I never called her once.  A month passed and the next incident scared me to death!  I was home alone with the dog watching T.V. when my 7mo. old puppy started barking at something in my bedroom.

She was terrified.  She ran and jumped in my lap and continued to look towards the bed room. I got up and looked but saw nothing.  As I sat back down she lost it again and became louder with her barking.  I swear it was as if what ever she saw was coming into the room with us because she followed it till it was on the side of me.  She took off running towards the door and wanted out of that house.  As I opened the front door it was as if I lost my breath.  I ran out of the house as well!  I sat on the porch with her until my husband returned.  When he entered the house the T.V. was off and there was a smell of burning wax.

All three of my family members would experience things being moved out of place.  We would blame one another for the miss placement of thing like keys or the remote control.  After searching all over for the lost item it would just appear in the middle of the floor hours later, sometime days later.  We still smelled the scent of burning wax.

I have to admit I'm really nervous about sending this story because I really don't believe in ghost. I feel crazy for even thinking it!

Well we moved out of the house three months after moving in.  It became to much of a problem.  (Even the movers smelled the burning wax!)

Am I crazy?





Sleep Over




My story happened in the summer of 1998.I was sleeping over at a friends house. We went to bed at 12am and it was my friend and her twin sister in a sleeping bag and me in another right by the AC vent. The balcony window of her house faced the playground and at 2am, I had to go to the bathroom. There were some rumblings outside her window and I was curious and decided to peek. I saw these 18th century men with mustaches playing golf. They had a light green tint to them and once they saw me, I looked away unaware of what I had just seen. I was scared and tried to wake my friend up, but she didn't budge and once I looked back, they were gone. When I went home earlier that afternoon, my friend asked me about the ghosts and I told her as she had confessed to me that she indeed saw them to. No one knows the story or why they were there but I do believe in ghosts now.



What did I see?


By: Anonymous


I spent some time in hospital in London last year,  in a public ward.    I found that I slept very little  and was grateful for all night television and a pair of headphones.  Occasionally I would snatch a few minutes sleep,  but I was always aware of Big Ben chiming the hours.  One night just after I heard Big Ben strike 4 in the morning,  I was aware of a very tall hooded figure moving along the ward.  This was unusual because very little happened in the ward during the night,  except the occasional visit from a nurse taking yet another blood sample.  The figure stopped at the end of my bed,  turned towards me and I felt rather than heard “No,  I have not come for you!”  I couldn’t see a face,   hands or anything - just this black robed hooded figure about 7 feet tall.  It then continued silently along the ward,  leaving me  wondering whether I dreamed the incident.

Later that morning (before 6 am),  a hospital porter came down the ward closing the curtains around each bed,  and I heard a hospital trolley being moved through the ward.  After a few minutes a nurse came and re-opened the curtains and I asked why were the curtains closed.  She told me that a patient had died in the night and they closed  they curtains while they removed the body.  I asked what time the patient had died and was told just after 4 am.






Family's Secret




Hello, my name is Sarah.  I do in fact believe in ghosts, and I am of Pagan religion.  I have lived in my house since the day I was born.  However, the house was added onto when I was around 9 or 10.  When I was younger, I'd see shadows on occasions in my room during the night.  Last year, when I was learning how to use a pendulum, I did not know that was one way of detecting spirits.  I would get so frustrated because it would spin uncontrollably. 

Also one time when I was trying to get this pendulum to work, and (no windows or fans were open) a pop bottle flew off the table. That was the only time I an object had moved in my house besides during this summer. 

This summer, things started getting weirder.  My bedroom door slams shut for no reason at all.  My room is always colder than all the other rooms in the house (well it always has been colder than all the rooms in the house, even colder than the basement).  Recently things that run on battery die out for no reason without warning, even if I put in new batteries.

Recently when I was outside with my mother working in the gardens, one out of three bird feeders was spinning.  There was no bird, no wind, nothing that could have made it move like that.  Most things that are happening are usually in, or near my room.

Well I had done some research and came up with nothing except from a local newspaper.  I mean, there are two cemetaries both which are a mile from my house.  There is an odd looking rock down by my garage, which has 2 or 3 sets of initials, yet was not made like a traditional headstone, which makes me disbelieve that is was in fact over an unmarked grave.  However, a friend of mine told me about something that my mother was always hush hush about. 

Apparently my grandfather (my mother's father) died of a suicide in this house.  He is the only person who I can think of who would be haunting.



Gettysburg...Oct. 29th,1999




I have always been drawn to Gettysburg. My 1st visit was in June of 1997. My husband, 2 best friends and I made plans to visit the hallowed grounds. We all believe in ghost and were hoping to experience something. Of course when Kat and I are together we seem to attract ghosts. We did get pictures and video.  However that isn't what I am writing about...

Anyway a couple years later when my 2 best friends and I came to Pa. for another visit naturally we had to visit Gettysburg again. So we headed out to Gettysburg with a couple of destinations in mind. Devil's Den, the Slaughter Pen and, (of course) Triangle Field. Needless to say we didn't make but 2 of these stops... It was nice out especially for late October. We hit Devil's Den first. Nothing unusual happened. So we went to Triangle Field. My 2 friends( Kat & Carol) and I knew all the stories about electrical equipment failing. So we took a video camera, a tape recorder, and a camera with us. Kat headed of toward the left corner, Carol stayed up near the gate and I head foward down the little path toward the rock formation at the bottom of the slope. We had the place all to ourselves or so we thought.

I will say this now I have never had another experience like the one I am about to discribe...and I never want this to happen again!

When I got to the bottom of the slope I panned around to show the view. Kathy was off to my right and Carol was up in front of me. I stood there for a couple of seconds and then I got this odd feeling. At first it was just goose flesh but then it became more. I started getting feeling, emotions and they were not MINE!!! I was scared, angry, homesick, and tired! I didn't understand why I was here. I also knew that I wasn't going to make it. But I  had to be brave. The next instant I felt a burning pain right at the top of my right leg. It felt like I'd been shot! I remember crying and knowing it was over. Then after what felt like hours but was only 3 minutes. I felt the emotions just fade away. I found that I really was crying and was real shaky. I throw my hand up in the air and walked right back up to where we had left the car. I had had enough.

At the same time I am having my "moment". My friend Kat is walking over near the tree line to my right with the tape recorder. She heard something off to her left so she went to investigate the sound. As she got closer she heard the sounds of guns cocking and a shot coming from in front of her. Over active imagination...NOT! Well that was enough for her too.

We met at the van and discussed our experiences. Carol had gotten a creepy feeling so she snapped a couple of pictures. Kat and I were both amazed to hear each other experience. We listened to the recording and you can clearly hear the sounds of people murmuring and the sounds of guns!! It was also at that time that Kat and I noticed that without planning it, She had worn a dark blue shirt and I had word a light grey shirt!

So, we left Gettysburg that day. Later on that day we discovered that I had a hugh bruise on my upper right leg! In the exact spot I had "gotten shot".  I have yet to go back to Gettysburg since that October but it seems that I brought a bit of it home with me. On July 2nd of 2000 I discovered that I had a large bruise on my upper right leg. And every year since that October trip the same bruise appears always on July 2nd. I am planning to visit the hallowed grounds of this historical town again very soon. Maybe I can give back this gift I didn't purchase!




Haunted House in Nebraska




I used to live in Bellevue, Nebraska about 2 years ago, and I lived in a house that me and my mom believed to be haunted. We used to live on S. 19th street in willow springs housing area. When we lived there we used to hear foot steps upstairs from my parents room, but when we went up stairs to investigate it no one was up there. I also saw a face of a young boy looking in at me in the window in our backyard, and he didn't have a body. We also heard footsteps coming up and down the stairs, and heard laughter of children, doors opening by themselves. This one time I was sitting down with my hair up and I looked behind me at the wall and saw a shadow of a figure standing with their hair down, and blowing in the wind, but there was no air coming. So that was pretty odd. At night, my mom and I would also hear scratching at our door, and we didn't have any pets at the time.  I'm not sure if the new owners experienced these also, but it's strange because we were the first to live in the house. thanks for reading this.



Haunted Bard Mansion





I know there is more ghosts at bard mansion then people know.     I was told when I first worked there that it was haunted.      But I never paid attention to it.      But I began to be a believer when I saw strange things happening.     There are some points in the mansion that feel okay and some parts you don't go with out a buddy.      I seen and heard the whole family in that house.      The kids would break my chili crocks, the metal counter was bone dry and I would see these heavy crocks inch there way to the edge and fall.     I would say, "okay kids that’s enough go and play upstairs" and they would stop.     I would feel like someone watching me at all times when I would be working.    You would as if this person was like a really strict individual and wanted to make sure you were doing things right.     I would never go in the basement because I felt unsafe down there.     I always made sure the door was closed when I was a working.      The upstairs was another place I always turned the lights on at night when I went up there.     Just more weird feelings of a being watched, people told me it was the nanny...   nobody went upstairs at night without turning on a light.

The chef would see carts push themselves across the floor by them selves.      I used to close at night and I would turn off all the lights in the building to only get outside and see the lights turned back on the staff break rooms.     But the eeriest thing I seen personally is the ghost of Mr. Bard himself.      I went into the bar area of the mansion and I got a soda from the tap, I wanted to go outside but decided to go back to the kitchen and get some more work done.     As I adjusted my chefs hat in the mirror and the face of Mr. Bard replaced my face in the mirror and he pointed to the door and saw it slowly open on its own.     He smiled and I didn't feel threatened but he disappeared just as fast as it appeared.   All this is true, this is one job experience I value as places that gave me more back then the job skills I learned from there.

Ghost I know are there:

The nanny

2 kids

Mars. bard

Mr. Bard

The figure in the kitchen







I have one more interesting thing too regarding a listing that you have for Lebanon, Maine. I actually live about 1/4 mile from the old schoolhouse. I have never seen anything there myself but a lot of people on my street mention ghosts of children around their homes and all 3 people in my house hear the voice of what sounds like a young girl. We also seem to have at least 2 other spirits in the house. We've never seen anything but constantly hear voices and foot steps. I have a lamp that I will turn off before leaving the house. By the time I get out to my car I can see the lamp on in the window. The toilet paper constantly gets tossed off the top of the toilet tank and ends up all the way across the room. Lights turn off and off by themselves, things get moved around, and doors open and close on their own.



Constant Hauntings




Hi,I have what I believe is a constant haunting wherever I have lived all the way back to my childhood. I remember being a child and seeing a male,tall, dark hat and dark clothing  "figure" in my room. As I grew older and got married this "figure" was still appearing. Now in the last 5 years alot more unexplainable things have been occuring, and I am not the only one now who sees these things. My step mom died 5 years ago, I was very close to her. About a month after she died late at night this perfume drifted into my room and footsteps could be heard upstairs. My husband immediateley grabbed his gun thinking an intruder was in the house he ran upstairs, however nothing but the perfume, very similar to the one my step mom wore. He checked all closets downstairs and when he came to the kids closet and was turning the old glass door knob it would not budge as if it were locked. The perfume became stronger and it then dawned on me as we were standing there trying to open this closet door, that there were no locks on the closets, just really old glass door knobs(this was a house from th 20's). Finally it gave and opened which really scared both of us and we could not figure it out. After that every time we came home this odor would be in the air, it eventually became too much and we moved to my Dads. However one night we were in his house in the kitchen area when his dogs started to howl uncontrollably and then it was as if there were and earthquake the whole house shook, of course this really scared us and we ran out of his house as fast as we could and got into the rv we were staying in and turned on the news to find out how big the "quake" was. Funny thing was there was no quake. I flipped to every channel and nothing. So we moved from his house into the one we are in now(1920 era) and activity has increased. I am actually getting goosebumps writing this as I feel as something is watching me tell all my secrets. I have been seeing more, things appearing and dissapearing, lights coming on and off. I was barely getting sleep in the upstairs bedroom as figures seem to love that room and walk by me at night close to my bed and dissapear and reappear throughout the night. So I have moved to the basement thinking I could escape all the activity I felt upstairs, however last night there was 2 figures that appeared. Now I know I am not crazy because I have already been as far as seeing a psychologist, with absolutely no findings. I just feel the need to get this out there to others as this is really getting to me. I hate the constant feeling of someone around me all the time and I cannot see them but feel a presence. I would really like to know what others think this could be and is it happening to anyone else??




Old Saint Louis Road in Desoto




A few of my friends and i went out to old saint louis road and filmed for a t.v. productions project. once we turned onto charter church road there was a car behind us. all we could see was its bright lights and nothing more. When we found old saint louis road (by the way there is no road sign and the road is a narrow gravel road that has no driveways to turn around in and is surrounded by woods). As we turned down the car followed us! we could still only see the lights, well the car started to go really fast and was directly behind we tried to pull over and let it pass us. the second we did the car disappeared. just poof, it was gone. there was no way it passed us and it didnt turn around plus there was nowhere to turn. so of course we have all of this on video, but we took off right after it happened and didnt stick around to find out if the rest of the legend was true.



Robie-Andrews Hall - Gorham, Maine




I lived in this dorm building for 3 1/2 years and a friend of mine lived in the attic stairwell room mentioned. You could not pay me to spend a night alone in that room. As mentioned the room was always cold, freezing in fact.

My friend mentioned her closet door would fly open and stuff would move around. Another time she called me up to ask if she could stay in my room because she felt someone pushing down on her chest to the point she had a hard time breathing.

Corthel Hall (actually right next to Robie-Andrews) is another one that is known to be haunted. People working security often mention seeing people walk and disappear. There are a lot of cold spots in that building. I went with a friend to see if I could catch anything on camera in a stairwell she said was particularly active. My cameara, which was close to brand new, started malfunctioning and has never worked since. I don't know any of the history of the building other than that it's older than Robie-Andrews. But it has been recognized as being haunted.







Saved from Boating Accident




Back in 1982, was fishing in boat with my father and son at roosevelt lake. I was in front with my son and dad was running outboard motor in back. He was going to scare us and move boat back n forth, but motor handle jumped out of his hands sending boat into a spin. I grabbed my son and held on with all my might to keep from going overboard. I felt like someone grabbed me and held on pulling myself and my small son back from the edge and the motor died out about the same time. Once stopped the hold on me was gone.After sitting for awhile dad apologizing for what he had done, we started back to camp. I looked back at where we had been and I saw the figure of a man like he was floating on the water. I waved at him and he was gone.





Seen Since I was Little




My name is Beth and ever since I was little, I have seen and/or felt ghosts in my house. When I was five I slept in the same room as my sister, so that every time something strange happened I would blame it on her, like if my teddy bear was in my bed with me when I went to sleep, but was on the other side of the room in the morning. One night I went to sleep after her so there was no way she could have done anything. I laid down thinking I wouldn't get trouble out of her, but then I felt something tug at my teddy bear. I  ignored it at first, but it kept tugging harder and harder. When I opened my eyes nothing was there but darkness. Nothing happened for the rest of the night. Another instance was when I was five and one-half. I was sleeping upstairs at this time with my other sister, and our kitchen is upstairs so I could sneak in if I was hungry. One night I was so hungry that I couldn't stand it, so I crept in to the kitchen for a mid-night snack. I had only taken two steps in when I saw a shadow walking near the counter. It was not tall enough to be my dad or mom and it was not short enough to be my sisters. I though it was a burglar at first, but the front door was locked and closed and none of the windows were shattered. When I looked back it was gone. I have

seen many ghosts since but I will talk about them some other time.  




The Chase





When I was 11  when I moved into my new house, I swore the house

was haunted. So did my mom.  One day, my 2 little sisters, my mother and I

were the only ones home .  My mom was on the computer(which was in the

living room).  My 2 little sisters were playing outside.  The youngest one was

crying because she wanted me to bring her wagon out to her, so I went and

got it for her.  It is a 3 story house, and their room was on the 2nd floor in the

back.  The wagon was in the room.  When I was walking towards the stairway,

which is down the hall, I heard a noise.  I stopped and put the wagon

overhead.  I heard it again.  Someone was running after me from the 3rd

floor.  I started running down the steps with the wagon still over me.  It

sounded like they were right behind me.  I ran faster.  Then, I tripped  and let

go of the wagon.  If I hadn't stopped myself, a nail sticking out of the steps

would have went in my neck.  As for the wagon,  it  knocked down the heater-

hood  that was covering the heater on the stairs.  The heater-hood fell down

the steps.  When I went in the living room, my mom was looking at me like I

was crazy.  I told her what happened, and she believed me.  Nobody else did,

though.  But whatever, I mean, I know what happened.  Weird, isn't it?  I have

more stories to tell, so I'll write later. 



Ghosts at MSU's Fairchild Auditorium





Hello, I am an 18-year old student at MSU. I have been to the auditorium, and it is most definitely haunted.

On the second-d floor, there is a hallway in which at the end of it, if the lights are off and the time is right, you can see the apparition of a little girl in a dress. She is difficult to see, but she is definitely there. You can see two shadows at the foot of the door she stands in front of, I have made sure during daylight that there is nothing to cause these shadows, and there is nothing. Also, the spirit of an older man haunts the building, and he’s a powerful force. His presence is undeniable. He is far too strong to ignore at this point. He may be a cause for concern. He likes the main lobby and the third floor above that lobby. I have experienced him in 5 places, and the places on a map, make a five-pointed star, a pentacle star.




I may have died but I've Gone Nowhere





There is a song by Escape Club that has that line in it, and I love the song. Have ever since about 1991, when it first came out. It really means a lot to me now.

I have submitted another story to you before, but this one is really special to me. I am in my forties and was very close to my parents. I am single and have health issues, and actually lived with them for a couple of years because I needed so much help. In March of 2001 they were killed in a car accident coming home from vacation. I was devastated. In the days (and daze) that followed, one of the things that really bothered me was that my pastor had said in several sermons over the years that in heaven there is no familial relationships. There are no husbands and wives, no mothers and fathers. That bothered me, because I felt that I was no longer their daughter, and they didn't care about me anymore. Even now I cry as I write this, because it hurt me so much. Anyway, several months after their deaths, I had moved into a new house and I was lying on the couch. I was all alone, and was sick. I have fibromyalgia, among other things, and I was hurting and cold. I was in a fetal position, facing the back of the couch, with my back to the living room. I had a small throw over my upper body, and a smaller one over my lower body, and it covered my bare feet. I was huddled on the couch, trying to lie perfectly still. If you have ever had serious pain, you know sometimes if you can get in one position and stay there without moving a muscle, you are okay. Move at all, and the pain is back. Then the throw blanket on my lower body slid off my bare feet. I started to get really cold, but I didn't want to move and try to throw it back over me, cause then I would start hurting again. I kept thinking, "I am so cold, but I don't want to move........" again and again. Suddenly I felt the lower throw blanket lift up, be thrown over my bare feet, and felt and heard the edge of the blanket slap the back of the couch before settling back over my feet. It scared me. I was the only person in the house. I squeezed my eyes shut and wouldn't open them and held my breath. Then I started to cry. I realized my parents were still here, still looking out for me, still caring for me. They may have died but they''ve gone nowhere...........



Denton Rd. Canton,MI





Back when I was In Highschool a group of friends and myself went to Denton Rd. only on the stories told to us by a friend.He insisted that strange happenings occured there,so we went in disbelief,trying to prove him wrong.So,we went and at the time we were drinking,but we did have some strange things happen.Lights we could never reach and at times it looked like they were coming at us when we had stopped.To this very day I am actually still puzzled about what had happend on that night.



Garrett, Indiana 





There is an old house near the funeral home parking lot that is believed to be haunted.  As a renter in the home, my family and I experienced several unexplained events.  First was my 3 year old son who came screaming from the toy room in the back part of the house on the 1st floor.  He stated that an old man was in there and he would refuse to go back in that room unless my wife or I were with him.  Another was the basement that had several different rooms in it.  One was an old child’s play room as it had drawings on the walls, another room was an old coal room where they stored coal to burn.  It was very creepy and no matter what the temperature was in the house, that room was always cold and you would always feel a breeze move by you.  Also down in this basement were our washer & dryer.  It never failed, each and every time that we would dry our clothes, we would go down to check on the laundry and the dryer door would be open and the clothes would still be wet.  It got to the point that we had to stay down there with the dryer to make sure the clothes would get done.  Another was while sleeping upstairs, you could hear someone walking downstairs.  Several times I went to see if someone was in the house and each time there was nothing to be found.  My family and I only remained for one year in that house and quickly moved.  But a rocking chair that we had in the toy room of the old house came with us.  We had another son shortly after moving.  When he was two, he would not sleep in his room until we moved the rocking chair out of the room.  He claimed that an old man was sitting in it, even today, at 4 years old, he claims to see an old man but now he stands at the door of our walk in closet. 






By:  anonymous



This is a currently unoccupied 3-storey townhouse in the exclusive residential area of Taman Desa Seputeh. In the 1990s, this house was occupied by the owners. They had a domestic help who complained to the neighbors about nightly frightening sounds made by a mysterious bird, usually between midnight and 1 am. The owners have denied there was anything wrong with the house but it is interesting that they covered the house with over 100 Taoist charms, presumably to ward off bad luck or evil. The domestic help who was Catholic, covered her bedroom walls and door with crosses. The owners moved out in 1997 to an apartment.

In 1999, my wife and I rented the house. We found the charms to be unsightly and had them removed. The crosses had largely been removed before we moved in save for a cross painted on the door which we left untouched. In our 1st night in this house, I was mysteriously kicked in the neck. I suffered excruciating pain in my neck and could not turn my head either way and had to seek medical treatment. I saw a number of doctors who were unable to diagnose my condition which lasted over 1 year and required special treatment and physiotherapy at 2 medical centres.

We noted the frightening bird noises. This was always followed by the sound of a key being turned only that there was no door where the sound was coming from! The original door had been walled up years previously and there was built-in furniture blocking the doorway. Usually this would be followed by our bed shaking lasting anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. We had to pray aloud and shout for the shakings to stop and they did. When the room light was switched off,  we saw mysterious floating lights all over our bed. I saw it as like a fine net coming down on us. My wife saw it as random lights darting here and there.

Visitors staying overnight also reported seeing the floating lights in the guest room. My brother-in-law from New Zealand, a tough athelete, was frightened by moving shadows of children on the staircase in the early afternoon which were not seen by other people. In our final year in the house, a blood coloured substance oozed out of 4 spots on the walls of the top floor common bathroom. A friend of ours, a Vice President of a corporation, who once used this bathroom complained that she felt she was being watched the whole time she was in the bathroom.

The house has 2 female ghosts who seemed to be sisters. They seemed to have solid bodies but they only appeared at night. One of the ghosts never says anything but the other seems to speak but there are no sounds but you can her in your head. I never felt they were evil in any way though their appearances always startled me. Once the ghost asked where my wife and I had gone for our vacation before adding that she had never left the country!

To me, the 2 ghost sisters were harmless but they were hostile to my wife and to my mother-in-law! My wife woke up one night to find herself struggling with one of them. When I switched on the light, the ghost disappeared. The sisters also woke up my mother-in-law who was visiting with us and demanded to know who she was and why she was trespassing!

We have also noted poltergeist-type activity. Piles of books have been known to float upwards in mid-air and move to a new position 10 feet away and placed neatly on the floor. Cellphones could move by themselves as if someone invisible was playing with them. We noted an inexplicable hot spot in the master bedroom floor. There were no power sources or piping beneath the floor which could have caused the heat emissions.

Once a year for about a week 3 frightening faces would come out of the ceiling boards above our bed. We used to pray aloud and they would withdraw back into the ceiling boards. I got contractors in to check the ceiling and roof. They changed the ceiling boards and some of the rooftiles. They also let sunshine into the ceiling loft. The next year the 3 faces returned. We just gave up!

We left the house in 2002 to move into our new home. On the last night as I was giving the front bedroom floor a last wipe before returning the keys to the owners, the floor started to shake with the same intensity as our bed. I told my wife and mother-in-law who were nearby not to come into the room. My wife took a last peek at the top floor before leaving the house for good and sighted a pink-coloured semi-transparent spectre coming out of the front bedroom with the shaking floor. The ghost walked across the landing and walked into the wall where there was once a door! The sound of a key turning was heard. The pink ghost's line of movement would cut right through the bed, possibly causing it to shake.

We rented the house for nearly 3 years as the rent was very cheap for a fully furnished 6-bedroom house. Besides, we were God-fearing Christians and we were never unduly afraid although the hauntings were a nuisance. We constantly informed the owners of the hauntings but they did not react. I personally feel there were at least 6 ghosts in the house.

After we left, the house was unoccupied for some months and rapidly became a home to all sorts of wild animals, including snakes! The house became rundown very quickly and was an eyesore in the neighborhood. The owners were forced to repair and renovate the house when the neighbors threatened legal action! Contractor after contractor could not finish the work which lasted over a period of 2 years. Some of the contractors' workers were seen running out of the house at night leaving all their belongings and tools behind. They had unknowingly occupied the haunted rooms. The house was finally totally renovated by workers working only in the daytime. No tenant could be found to the present day although the house has been beautifully renovated.








When i was 13 i saw my granddad standing next to the fire while i was sleeping on the sofa poorly. He was dressed in all white with a cloth cap. I was not scared for some reason and went back to sleep. On waking in the morning i told my mam what i had saw, she said that it was my granddad who i had never met before and that he was coming to protect or warn me and two weeks later i had a fit and nearly died i think he came to warn me.

I cant remember much of what my granddad did but i remember my mam telling me he used to play cricket and that's why he was dressed in white.

After that lose of my mother three years had passed so i decided to go and have a reading, straitaway she told me my mam was there and she had Frank with her and he is wearing his loverly white jumper which that confirmed a lot of things for me and put my mind at ease xx 



A Ghost Story for You




I know this story is true because it happened to me.

In the late 1980s and early 90s I was a staff member at the Merchant's House Museum, a beautiful national landmark 1832 Greek Revival rowhouse in Greenwich Village, New York City. It's the only INTACT familiy home from the 19th Century surviving in Manhattan and stepping through the front door is like stepping into a time machine. The Tredwell Family lived there for 100 years and when Gertrude died in 1933, it's as if time stood still. Many people believe that Gertrude is still in the house, protecting it as she did for the 93 years she lived there. It's been a museum since 1936 and many people have experienced strange happenings there. Here's my "favorite"

person experience:

In September of 1988, I was acting as Sunday Manager and my tasks were to open up, supervise visitors and tour guides on this busiest day of the museum week, and then, after everyone was gone, to close up for the day. My routine was to close the windows, shut and bolt the shutters, extinguish the lights and close the doors, one room after another. As was my habit, I started with the rooms on the kitchen (ground-level) floor, and worked my way up through the parlor floor and to the best bedroom floor. Since the rear bedroom was closest to the stairs leading to the third (office) floor, I would save that room for last and then just head up the stairs, gather my things, set the alarm and leave. It was always kind of creepy being in the house all alone and I would often break the mood by talking out loud, or whistling. On this particular day, just before entering this last bedroom, I said aloud, “Well, this is the last room and then I can leave.”

It didn't strike me as odd at the time that the door to the room, which had been open just a few minutes before was now closed. I wasn't really paying attention. But when I stepped into the room, I froze in my tracks. Although the room should have been wide open, with the shutters parted and the lights on, instead, it was completely dark, the windows shut and the shutters already bolted. I know I hadn't shut the room up yet, I know it had been open only minutes before, and I was totally certain I was completely alone in the house. I managed to croak out a hoarse, "Thanks, Gertrude." and I left the museum very quickly that evening.

To this day (October 2005) I sometimes ask myself "Did this really happen?"

and I know it did.

I don't work in the museum any longer, but I've remained an active volunteer and I know of many other stories associated with the house. In fact, every October, the museum devotes Friday evenings to special "ghost tours" where docents take visitors through the house where many of the tales are shared in the very spot where they happened. These are very popular tours.








By: anonymous


I used to live in this house until 7 years ago. This house is in the exclusive Taman Desa Seputeh residential area of Kuala Lumpur. This 25-year old house has 6 bedrooms and a very large garden.

The house has only one known ghost who haunts the rear bedroom on the top floor. No one knows the history as the house has changed owners several times in 25 years. This ghost would normally strangle the occupant in the early hours of the morning.  In my case, I felt something like a human being lying on top of me and it was strangling me and I could not cry out for help at all. It took me great effort to throw off whatever it was. This was when an apparition of a very old looking man appeared 3 feet from my bed. He stared at me with angry glowing eyes and slowly, bit by bit, he disappeared before my eyes. This haunting never recurred in the next 7 years I lived there. Gradually I became aware that the hauntings were known in the neighborhood.

There were 2 other reported sightings with similar strangling attempts in the room before me. Most of the previous tenants lasted less than 6 months in that room. Incidentally, it was generally felt by most of the house's occupants that living there had an adverse effect on one's personal relationships, finances or career. Everyone I had spoken to who lived there experienced a tremendous improvement in their lives the moment they moved out. Even the landlord who owned the house for 15 years suffered great financial loss and had one business after another collapsing. He finally sold the house as he desperately needed the money to get back on his feet.

This house has been bought by a family who do not know of its history. They have completely re-modeled the house and it does not resemble its original design at all. The neighbors are waiting to find out if the ghost is still up there in the rear bedroom.






By: anonymous.



This is a family-owned & occupied house in Section 17 residential area in Petaling Jaya. The present owners bought the house from another family some 20 odd years ago. They were not told anything of its past history. The house is over 40 years old and was built on the site of another building, history unknown.

The house is haunted by a "bathroom ghost" - this semi-transparent bluish-white ghost is usually seen after midnight and before dawn (multiple sightings) sitting on the WC. Facial features cannot be made out & the sex of the ghost in unknown. Family members were initially terrified by it but they are now used to it and often sit where the ghost is sitting if they could not help it anymore! They reported that there would be a strange feeling as if something was going through them but the ghost would just disappear and allow the family member to use the bathroom in peace.

There was a reported sighting of a moaning old man without eyeballs in the eye sockets who materialised through the locked door of the guest bedroom at about 4am (only 1 known sighting to-date). This ghost was very terrifying and the person who saw it ran out of the house! It is believed that this could be the "toilet ghost" terrorising a visitor who was not from the family! Family members have not seen this ghost but they have sensed an occassional presence in the guest room.

Weird and malicious laughter used to be heard in the children's bedroom when they were growing up. The children were frightened but they never saw anything and nothing ever happened to them. Two sisters who were relatives of the family once slept in the room overnight. Both sisters are very credible and level-headed people - one is a corporate lawyer and the other is a college professor. They felt that they were being watched the whole night and the family dog kept whining outside their door. As they were very uneasy and could not sleep, the sisters got up and moved to the guest bedroom which was empty. The family dog tried to come in with them but they pushed her out. The dog began to whine piteously and scratch the room door for a long time. And then there was silence. The sisters were now very disturbed and had a feeling something terrible had happened. They opened the door to discover that the walls outside the guest bedroom were smeared with excrement from the ceiling to the floor! Later they realised the excrement was from the family dog who had been so terrified that she lost bowel control but no one could explain how the excrement got smeared all over the walls. Understandably the sisters left first thing in the morning never to spend another night there!

The children's bedroom looks normal when you are in the room. It is furnished in a light 1960s style. A number of people have seen the bedroom through the window and they have all seen that the interior was very different. The room seemed to be furnished with dark, heavy 19th century style furniture instead. One day when I was visiting, the children & their friends told me they had just been scared out of their wits by the evil laughter in the children's bedroom. I went into the room. I heard nothing but noted a strange looking mirror fixed to the wardrobe. I went to inspect the mirror closely and was astonished that the mirror's reflection showed a large inner courtyard in a 19th century home, not me nor the actual interior of the room. When I turned around and asked the others to take a look, the vision vanished and it was just a normal reflection looking back at me.

The family dog ( who has since died) used to be very terrified on certain nights and would scratch at the various bedroom doors until someone let her in for the night. The ghostly presence in the house exists until today.




Cornado Heights




hi! i was really gald to find ur site. iw as looking at halloween stuff and tring to find scary houses and hauntings when i came upon ur site and may i say its wonderful and very intersting.  i am a pagen. and i believe in life after death. and pratice magic. and my beliefs. i also believe in past lifes as aweel cuz of some of the dreams that i have and mst of which r reoccuring.  and i have had many  many dealings with the supernatural.

but before i get into my story i just wanted to ask something. i had just recently had a house built by habitat for huanity and of course i helped with it and as i was spending many late nights here pianting and staining i always felt that i wasnt alone

even though this house is a new one. is it really possible that it could really be that my 3 kids and new husband rnt alone in iit? when i first started the house it was just me and my handicapped child. and i met my husband 8 onths ago. he has one child and we adopted one, now we all live here. but befoe my husband moved here i was spending alot of time with him online. and there were things that happened while we were tlking. one of which i went outside to smoke a ciggerette and i came back in to trun off the tv and the program cuaght my attention and shortly after that my sons computer made a sound and came on by itself . i was freaked. a now i know as a witch, i am not suppoised to be scared easily or notihing is supposed to suprize me that easlily. but that did. i do feel some strange vibes or ora's around me exspceally when i go outside. but i jsut think that its werid cuz nbsp; have only been here for two years almost three and its a brand new house. is it normal or posible that it could be or that i could have a sprtit following me where ever i move?

ok now heres my story that i wanted to tell. as i said befor i am a pagen. and no i dont warship the devil or anything like that. it had to have been about 10 years ago that i went to cornado heiths just oustdie of salina and lisborg ks. and it was about 10pm when me and abunch of my friends went there . cuz one of our closest friends said that they open a portal gate there ans we went to try to close itt. and they say that cornado hietghts is ahunted. and that devil warshipers go there to do their thing at night. and there is a cemerary just below it right as u pull in the road that goes up to he top. anyways wer were on our way there and i noticed the mood was changeing colours. the closer we got theredder it got

now i know it sounds funny but i ask if the others seen it as well and they did. when we got there they guys wernt up there and i satyed in thecar with one or tow other ppl  and locked the door. i felt uneasy and just knew that there was something or someone watching us. then al of the sudden here comes the guys and they were screaming go go  go. and they got in and we took off . they were all paniced and look horrified. and babbling about spritits and demons and such. and on our way back i look at the moon and the closer to town we got the whiter it got .and the house that we all lived in was very huanted and i have seen my roomate get throw up agianst the wall and moving up but there was nothing there but yet he was going up the wall. and i heard noises and he celler was always winter cold and there were sybmols and such on the cellar walls . i am a believer and of why wouldnt i be when i have gone through what i have .

anyways ty for ur time ans sorry abouyt the book that i just typed you






Great Grandparents





My mother always told me about the night I was born growing up. Her grandparents (my great-grandparents) were very old, and had announced that they weren't going to die without seeing their first great-grandchild. The night my mother was giving birth, they couldn't make it to come see because they weren't feeling well, but they said they'd come the next day. I was born early the next morning, at 7:58 am, and after I was cleaned up and everything, the doctor said he would go inform the rest of the family they could come in. Not moments after he walked out the door, my great-grandparents came in, all dressed in their sunday best, and my mother let my great-grandmother hold me. My mom says they smiled down at me, and told me that they'd make sure I was taken care of, and gave me a kiss, then handed me back to my mother and said they had to leave. A few minutes later, the rest of my family came in with terrible news. My great-grandparents had just died at home.

Up until I was about 7, that appeared to be the extent of it, other than my great-grandparents had left a trust fund in my name to ensure I got to go to college and such. However, when I was seven, my mother married my stepfather, who was a very abusive person. A few months after the wedding, I woke up in my bedroom and heard my stepfather beating my mother upstairs, and heard her crying. I was about to get out of bed and go help when I heard an old woman's voice call to me. I turned around and an old woman who glowed kind of blue-ish was standing by my closet door. She told me to stay in my room, that I couldn't help my mother, and I'd only get hurt if I went upstairs. The woman felt so loving, I decided to do what she said and hid in my bed. She sat by my bedside until I fell asleep. For the next few years, every night that my stepfather would get abusive with my mother, the old woman would appear and tell me to sleep, and sit by my bed until I slept. I didn't know who she was, but I felt safe with her, and she seemed very familiar. After a few years had passed, when I was about 11, my grandmother was going through a box of old pictures, and I was helping her. In the box was a picture of my great-grandparents, and I gasped when I realized that that was the woman I had seen. I asked my grandmother if I could have it, and she told me that was fine. I framed the picture and put it on my dresser, because I knew that they were still taking care of me. Throughout my life, I had been very unpopular at school, but it became much worse when I was 12. One morning when I arrived at school, two of the worst asked me who the old man on my porch was. I told them I didn't know what they were talking about. I later learned from others that they had come over to tp my house, and that an old man had been sitting on the porch and told them not to try it. I have reasoned that it was my great-grandfather. Not much later, I moved in with my father, and things became much wierder. My father had bought a house in a new subdivision, the land for which had been slave quarters, and then abandoned because no one wanted it. The first night I slept there, I kept hearing a little boy crying, but when I would look around, no one was there. The second night I woke up to see a man standing over my bed, and I started shaking and the room became very cold. I prayed that God would keep me safe, and when I opened my eyes he was gone. I fell asleep for a little while, then woke up because the room was cold again. I opened my eyes, and my great grandfather was sitting by my bed, glowing blue-ish, just like my great grandmother would, and he appeared very angry. I thanked him for keeping me safe, and he smiled, but stayed sitting there, glaring into the corner of the room near my window. After that night I usually slept fine, but every once in a while I'd wake up and my great-grandfather would be sitting there angrily. When I was 16, I decided to plant some flowers outside my bedroom window, and while I was digging up the clay and replacing it with topsoil, I kept coming across these tiny white things. Every time I'd find one I'd get this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Finally I put the ones I'd found into a ziploc bag, with the intent to ask my stepmother what they were. I forgot, and put them on my dresser.

I woke up in the middle of the night that night, and my grandfather was sitting by my bed, and there was a little boy standing by my dresser, reaching up towards the top. I got up and went over to my dresser, and picked up the bag. When I turned around the boy was gone. The next morning I asked my dad what they were, and he told me they looked like children's teeth. That afternoon I put them in a old jewelry box of mine, and buried them in my little garden and prayed for the child they had belonged to. I never saw ghosts at my dad's house again. Other than that, my great grandparent's have appeared at random times, but always to help me or protect me from something. Once when I was in college, I got very drunk and one of the guys at the party was going to try and take advantage of me. The next morning I found out he had been seen running from our sorority house, being chased by an old man who was screaming obscenities at him. The final thing that happened, it really freaked out most of my family. My boyfriend of a few years had decided to propose to me, and was saving up money to buy me a nice ring. He was walking home from the library (a block from our house) when he was stopped by an old man and an old woman. They asked him why he appeared so troubled. Being polite, he decided to talk with them, and he told them that he wanted to propose, but couldn't afford the kinds of rings he thought I would like. At that, the old woman pulled her wedding rings and her engagement ring off, and handed them to him. He told her he couldn't accept them, but the couple was gone, leaving the rings behind. After some internal struggling, he decided to propose with the engagement ring. When I brought him to visit my family just after he proposed, he was shocked when he saw a picture of the two of them in my grandmother's house. My grandmother was shocked when she saw the ring, because they had buried my great-grandmother with all of her rings on.

It's been about a year, and no one else has seen them since. I don't know if I'll ever see them again, but they have watched over me and protected me since I was a baby.

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