House that is Haunted




I sent a post to you regarding Oakcrest Drive in House Springs MO. Then I saw the link for personal experience and decided to send you this too. I live in a house on Oakcrest Drive with my mother (Cathy), sister (Andria), two brothers (Ryan & Justen), my mother’s boyfriend (Richard) and his son (Alex). It all started before we moved in. My mother, Andria, and I would come over and do some cleaning for Richard while he was at work. One afternoon while we were cleaning the basement family room, we heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway. We thought that maybe Richard was home. When we went upstairs the house was empty, so we left. Occasionally Richard’s granddaughter (Briana) will come over and my mother and I will watch her. One afternoon while we were sitting on the couch, Briana jumped into my mother’s arms and starting saying “Grandma, there’s a scary man going into Grandpa’s room.” She was two years old at the time. Later that same day she came out of the basement family room saying that the scary man was down there too. On a more recent night, Briana stayed over and slept in the room that used to be her mother’s and she couldn’t sleep, and she was crying all night long. Richard had told me that when Briana’s mother was little she would have night terrors in that room to the point where she was scared of even her mother and Richard.

At about 3AM on most nights you can hear heavy footsteps in the hallway like someone wearing boots. Sometimes it even sounds like running. The coat closet door and linen closet doors can be found open on most mornings, by them selves. One night my bedroom door was opened so hard that it banged into the wall and then I heard footsteps walking down the hall. I went to go see who was up and found everyone asleep.

Every morning you can find the dinning room chairs pulled out from the table by themselves too. We’ve gotten pretty used to it now, to the point where the footsteps don’t bother us. Everyone in the house has heard them. In the morning we just close all the doors, push in the chairs and go about our day. Most of the activity happens at night or in the afternoon. I don’t know the history of the house or the street, but maybe something happened here. The house isn’t that old, early sixties or seventies. I plan on doing a little more research and I will keep you posted.





US Army




in 1979, i was in the u.s. army in giessen, west germany as a veterinary technician ...our office was on the first floor of a world war 2 era , 3 storey building, which, by the way was spooky enough in the time, i was not only a vet tech, but the acting receptionist. my desk sat in a corner about 10 to 15 feet away from a hallway to the back of our office which was just off center enough that you could not see all the way down it..just at the beginning of this hall, on the right hand side, was the door into our exam room...i dont remember the exact date any more, but i certainly remember what happened...i was sitting at my desk working on some records, when i happened to look up, and, lo and behold, standing there just to the side of the exam room door, was a man dressed in a white lab coat, with gray hair, and black rimmed glasses just as plain as day...he was so real i believe you could have actually touched him...anyhow, i looked at him, he looked at me, turned and walked thru the wall!!! as i said before, i believe this building along with others on our post, were from the time of nazi germa , and could have been used for anything...i did not personally know the history of them...just a note...i am used to this type of appearance...have been 'seeing' people my whole life, and it does not even raise my hackles...before and since then, many ethereal folks have passed thru my life on their way to or from somewhere...write me and let me know if you use my story...take care...janice weiss truitt...



Taco Bell





Taco Bell/Pizza Hut in San Dimas on the corner of Arrow Hwy & Bonita

i was at taco bell with my husband my in laws and my almost 2 year old daughter i was pregnant with my youngest daughter at the time i had to use the restroom i walked in got goosebumps and thought it was really cold in there for a restroom i finished up and started to wash my hands after i finished i looked up into the mirror above the sink and my face was no longer my face it was a face of a girl about my age but both eyes were blankened  her lips were busted open and bleeding and she had multiple scars on her face as well and i heard a soft whisper say get out i jumped from not expecting this to happen and looked at the mirror again and my face was mine again but i ran out of the bathroom and when we got home told my husband what had happened...i dont know if  there have been other sightings or other people hearing someone tell them to get out of the restroom but i know i saw and heard the girls face and voice




Never Told Before





This takes place in a very small town in Kentucky.  Cumberland, Ky, in the mountains of Harlan County.  This is a mining community with a very long history attached to a certain coal mine in Cumberland.  The entrance to the mine is right off of US 119, almost as soon as you enter the city of Cumberland.  You turn right onto a very winding road that literally dead ends at the foot of a mountain.  Right before you get to the dead end, on the right hand side, is a bridge that you must cross to get to the mine entrance.  More than a handful of people have lost there lives on this road, seemingly to driving too fast on the very winding road.  What never made any sense to me is that, everyone that lives in the area knows how dangerous this road can be, yet every year, at least 2 or 3 deaths occur.  Probably about 4 months before my experience I lost a friend of mine on the road when his truck rolled and he broke his neck, but the two girls that were with him walked away without a scratch.  The unusual thing about that is that the girls would never say what happened.  It was almost like they "couldn't" talk about it. 

One night, myself, my brother and his girlfriend were driving up this road to see some friends of ours that lived right across the road from the coal mine.  I remember this night just like last night.  I have never been able to shake the horrible memory from my dreams.  As usual, we were driving with our high beams on as there are no street lights on this road.  For some reason or another, we decided that it would probably be too late to visit them as they had a small child that would be in bed before we got there.  Ted, my brother, drove all the way to the dead end.  He turned around on a gravel spot and just before he started to drive off, an extremely bright light appeared behind us.  I was in the back seat and said aloud "Damn, that moon is bright", but then when I looked through the front windshield I saw the moon quite clearly in front of us.  I'm not sure what happened, but Ted just floored the accelerator.  We drove out of there like a bat out of hell.  When we got back to town, we pulled over in a parking lot to calm down and try to figure out what it was.  After a few minutes of discussion we decided that it was probably poachers out looking for deer or something.  We just dropped it after that.

A few nights later, we had made plans to play cards at our friends house.  It was around 9:30 when we left our house to go to his.  We were driving up the road, but looking back, it never occurred to us that we had just had a very scary experience just a few nights earlier and that it may not be safe to go back just yet.  Well, when we got to our friends house, they weren't home.  Apparently, they had forgotten about our plans and had gone out for the night.  We turned the car around in their drive way and started to drive away from the house.  Suddenly, this extremely bright light appeared just outside of the drivers side door.  I couldn't make out a shape because the light was just too bright to look at it.  Suddenly, this feeling of fear, a fear that I had never experienced in my life just gripped everyone in the car.  I have always heard about having the hair stand up on the back of your neck, but that night it actually happened to me.  My brother's girlfriend starting screaming and he started to hyperventilate.  I screamed from the back to floor it and he did.  We shot out of the driveway but the light kept up with us.  All I knew, the only thing that mattered was getting away from that light.  The fear that we all felt that night was enough to keep us away from there for months.  By the Grace of God, we made it off that road without wrecking the car.  How?  I have no idea.

About 4 months later, it was winter by now, we met our friend that lived across from the coal mine in town.  He told us that he was having a christmas party and that we should come up.  Since it had been a few months since the last hair raising experience, we decided that we would attempt this one more time.  Again, it was the three of us, myself, my brother Ted and his girlfriend.  We made our way up that road without incident.  When we arrived at our friends house, the drive way was full of cars and my brother said that there were too many people and that we should just go home.  I had no problem with this as I felt uncomfortable being there to begin with.  Ted turned the car around in the gravel drive way, as usual and started to pull out.  When he made his way onto the road, the light appeared again.  This time the light was so bright that it lit up the entire inside of the car.  Keep in mind that this was a dark, December night on a street with no lights.  The light was just above the back window of the car, literally less than a foot over my head.  This time, what we felt wasn't exactly what I would call fear.  What we felt was death.  Without thinking, you just knew that you were going to die that night.  The light that came from this thing was pure evil.  This was not a run of the mill, scare the neighborhood kids into thinking that the road was haunted type phenomenon.  This was pure evil emanating from an orb.  I forced myself to look at it and it was perfectly round and rotating, literally throwing this evil light everywhere.  My brother was so scared that he completely froze.  His girlfriend composed herself long enough to push his leg down on the accelerator and force the car to move.  I was completely hypnotized by this orb.  The feeling that death had come for us and that there was no escape had me completely mesmorized.  Somehow, the thought of my parents not knowing what h pened to us jumped into my mind.  My parents had fought all of their lives to give us everything they could and I would be damned before I would let this "thing" take us without a fight.  For their sake, I shook myself loose from this things grip, I turned around and smacked my brother in the head as hard as I could to wake him up.  "Drive!!  Damn it, Drive!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.  Ted hit the gas and we took off.

This orb followed us, never losing its position just above my head.  I refused to look back at it, knowing that it might just take me this time.  Just as suddenly as it began, it was over.  We drove out of that hollow and back into town.  We pulled over in the same parking lot that we had pulled over the first time.  Once the car was in park, we all just looked at each other and broke down crying.  We sobbed like little children for almost an hour.  After coming back to our senses, I realized that the orb had dissappeared at the exact same spot that our friend had died earlier in the  year.  We all bowed our heads and prayed and thanked God for bringing us out of there without getting killed.  I'm not what I would consider a religious man, but after that, I had all the proof that I needed that there is indeed a God, and that He does intervene in the fight between man and evil. 

I have gone over this many times in my head, and there is no earthly reason that we should have made it off of that road alive.  Going at well over 90 miles an hour on a road that is difficult under the best of conditions to drive doing 35 shouldn't have been possible. 

Over the years I have heard of many others who have seen this strange orb, but also of many others that have not made it out alive.  Whether the orb was the reason they were killed, I have no way of knowing.  I can't get anyone to take me serious enough to look into this.  I no longer live in Kentucky, but this memory has been burned into my mind and my nightmares.  I still know exactly where we were when it happened.  I have not been back on that road since, and I will not go back.  We tempted fate enough back then, so I'm not going to push my luck.  If you would know of anyone who would want to investigate this, I am more than willing to give you all the information that I can.  I would even be willing to take you to the road, but I will not take you all the way down it.  Trust me when I say that you will know when you have reached your destination.....

Even if you do not believe me, please respond to this so that I know that you received it.  Like I said in the first email, I haven't been able to get this story out. 

Thank you so much for listening to me.  Just knowing that someone else knows what happened those nights is like a weight off of my shoulders. 




Sometimes they come back....





My mom and I been living in the same house since 1986. It all started when my mom decided that the house need a face lift. The first thing that got done was the carpeting, when we were pulling it out thats when it started, we would smell men's cologne and the smell of a cigar there were no men in this house since my parents are divorced. Then little things started to come up missing mostly silverware and jewlery. They would return but in the most oddest places. For awhile it was quite then it would start up again, One morning I was sitting in the kitchen having my morning coffee and enjoying the quite and thats when I got the willies, I heard what sounded like a man's breathing, It was like right there in front of me and the breathing sounded really mad I got so scared I got up and screamed GO AWAY. And on another occastion It was my daughter's birthday, I had my one friend over to help me get things ready well we were in the kitchen, we wasnt smoking but there it was a light mist right by my friend I did a double take to make shure i wasnt imagining and i saw it with my own eyes, then it left. My mom gets alot of activity in her room also. When she is laying down reading her book she says sometimes it feels like someone is sitting down on the end of the bed but noone is there. About a year ago I had the worst experience of my life. A smell that the only way i can explain it it smelled like rotten eggs, It only lingered on the steps that goes upstairs, At first i didnt know what to do so i called the plumper thinking maybe its the plumping since the stairs is in front of the bathroom but the plumping was fine. So I called a friend of mine I explained to her what was going on, she told me I had to cleanse the house, so I did..that was scary because I really didnt no what i was doing but I had to do it since im the owner of the house I started upstairs in the bedroom's and went down the steps and right there in the middle of the stairs I got so sick but i had to keep going when i made my way to the dining room thats where the puetrid smell went it lingered there for awhile then i went to the living room and out the front door. Since i did that we havnet had any smells of any sort just little things like my daughter's toys going off or coming up missing. Or i'l see shaddows but i dont feel harmed in anyway. Till this day I have no clue what i chaced out of this house and I really dont want to know.




The Man with the Key




i remember this one instance when me and my friend were skeptics and we decided to spend a weekend on a ghost tour and part of this was we had to spend our nights in this haunted manor, well they claimed it was haunted.

well after the first night we asked to be moved because we weren't happy where we were.

we decided to stay up and walk around for a bit and see if we could find any ghosts. We didn't find anything so we decided to go back to our room. when we got back the room was really cold despite the fact it was summer, and the mildness of the night, we had to close the windows. we were sitting on the sofa in our room when we heard steps behind us and our backs went tingly we turned around and no one was there. we decided to call it a night thinking that the guided were playing a trick and quickly feel asleep. I woke with a fear of danger and found that i was suffercating and couldn't move, The next morning at breakfast my friend said she had senced something wa swrong with me and thought she saw a man dash quickly across my bed, but thought she was imagining things.

We asked for a new room like i said and we were given one, the second night there was no doubt we were imaging things.

Emily went to the toilet and closed the door behind her. The locks on them weren't self locking and you had to lock them with the key. well i has lost the key earlier in the day, i had left it on the side and it just wasn't there. There was a banging on the door she demanded to be let in and said that i lied when i said i couldn't lock the door.i tried to open it and it was locked. something hit my back at that moment and i spun around to see the key on the floor. i looked up and saw a man in what i guess was 19th dress and he ran at me. The next thing i know i'm on the floor with my firend standign over me. she said there was no one in the room when she came in and she came in via the door the only way in and out as soon as she heard a loud thump which she assumes was me hitting the floor. well as you can imagine we left that night there and then and now take ghosts very seriously.



Tucson Apartments




Regarding Tucson I live in an older complex Georgetown apartments. In 2004 had an expierence almost every day in March. I was working night shift 7p-7a. i kept feeling a presence in my room. Many times I felt that it was sitting on my chest and I couldnt breathe. it was not a friendly presence. I told my husband and he didnt believe me. I got off shift early one morning arrived home at 5 am and my husband was in the living room awake and very fightened. He claims he saw a figure of a man enter the bedroom and approach our bed. he claims this figure put one hand out towards the pillow and my husband starting yeliing in spanish for GOD to help him. We have nver been bothered by this spirit or entity since, it seems this presence was looking for me and to this day I believe it was male in nature. I have searched Tucson public records but have found zero deaths or homicides relating to my address. Strange but true



Charles Shotwell





My house was built in 1823.  I live in a town that was a major stop for the Underground Railroad.  The story behind my house is that there once was a boy named Charles Shotwell who suffered from child abuse.  He slept in what is now my room. On November 15, 1846 he tried to jump to the tree just outside the window but didn't make it.  Now every November 15 at 2:13 in the morning my dog runs up to my window and barks nonstop.  My cat pounces on my bed and hisses and most years I hear faint voice screaming.  Last year I could've sworn I saw a boy about the age of 12 in my room. I really think my house is haunted.




I just don't Know




I am 16 years old and I'm really not sure what to think about this. I live in Florida and every so often, something wierd will happen to me. Just like a few years ago I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparant reason and a bright shining figure was walking out of my room and down the hallway. But I was way too scared to go after it. It was a little girl about 5 years old in a white dress, white shoes and long curly blonde hair.

Now the wierd thing is that I've haven't seen the shining figure since then but I will see cats all over my house, but I don't have any cats. I will see them running around the house and jumping on to stuff but they only appear when I'm the only one in the room. Once I was sleeping and I awoke with a start because I felt something jump onto my stomach and then jump off again. But everyone else was asleep. And one time I was walking to the bus stop at about 6:30 in the morning and I saw a black cat staring at me with bright shining eyes that was sitting in the middle of the street. Then all of a sudden a car went by hit the cat but the cat then disappeared after meowing once. It took all I had to keep from screaming. The cats on't come to me when I call them. They just walk off and disappear.

I also see people going through my house. I think it may be the ghosts of the people who used to live there. I have heard different stories about how the man died. But the one I have heard the most is that he died in the back yard. The man has not hurt anybody and he doesn't do anything besides walk around but it is still scary!

That's all for right now I suppose.








HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEETHEART!(and other true stories)

Hi im naz im nearly 12 and i have 4 stories,the first 2 are my mums:

Well one day a few years ago my grandma went to a medium(someone at a spiritualist church who contacts spirits)and the medium said he could sense someone wanted to give a bunch of roses to my grandma.She couldnt think who it could be until she got grandad!!he had died a few years back,and it was their wedding anniversary that day!!

Then a few weeks later my mum went to the medium.he said he could sense a little brown and white mum was disappointed,she never had a brown and white spaniel and didnt know anyone who did.she later told my grandma about it and my grandma said that when she was younger she had a dog of that description called pepper!!

and my stories are:

i was at home one day,just playing on the computer,which is in the living room,which is next to the hall.i was home alone.i had my headphones on also and was listening to music.suddenly i thought i heard something out in the hall so i took off my headphones and went to have a look.there was nothing there so obviously i assumed it was my dog dylan....except he was lying down in the kitchen,and there was NO WAY he could have got into the hall and back into the kitchen that quick.that,and the door was closed....:0S....i went to check on him and he seemed fine,if a little on edge-his fur on his back was bristled up,and he started to growl about nothing,and as he growled he was looking past me into the hall.i looked round,there was nothing there.i thought it was my imagination playing up,and just went back into the living room and sat down on the computer.i definitly closed the kitchen door fully.i was about to put my headphones back on,when i heard a swish of a cloak,and the stairs creaked.our stairs NEVER creak unless someone walks up them.i ran out into the all.NOTHING.and........the kitchen door was slowly creaking open.i just totally freaked out then,and i am known for never freaking out about anything!!i grabbed mobile phone and ran out the house,taing my dog and keys with me.i live directly across from a park,so i went and sat in the park.i phoned my mum and told her what happened.she believed me,as she has seen ghosts before,and i dont usually lie about things like that.i refused to go back into the house until my mum came home an hour later.when i did go back in,my dog started growling again.

another true story is:

it was about midnite.i had stayed up late as usual,it being a friday.i went to bed way after the rest of my light was out as i climbed into my bunk bed,the whole house was pitch black coz all the lights were out.i dont usually mind the dark,in fact i like it,but there was something i sensed that was freakin me out i lay in bed,i heard what sounded like footsteps shuffling on my carpet at the end of my room.i peered over the edge of my bunk bed-nothing there,but there were what looked like footsteps appearing in the carpet.the most freaky thing was that they didnt lead into the room,just started at the end of my room and headed bunk bed.i dived under the covers.when i dared to peep out again,i was shocked still.i just couldnt move.a hooked nose and evil golwing red eyes were leering at me over the side of my bunk bed.thats all i could see,a hooked nose and red soon as i was brave enough to move i dived back under the covers.after that,about an hour later of cowering under the duvet,i worked up enough courage to run into my parents bedroom which was across the landing.the footsteps were still indented in my carpet.i spent the night in my parents room,curled up on the end of their bed until about 4am,where i went downstairs coz i couldnt sleep.then i went ck up to my room.....and the footsteps were gone.

soz it took so long!!thanku 4 readin!!



Kings Tavern in Natchez Miss.




About 1 1/2 years ago my family and I took a trip to Mississippi and New Orleans.  I had heard alot about a restaurant called The Kings Tavern.  It is haunted by a ghost named Madeline.  She supposedly had an affair with a married may, when his wife found out she killed her and buried her body inside the fireplace.  She supposedly haunts this restaurant.  The upstairs is closed off because that area is where her bedroom is with all of her original things.  They allow people to go upstairs and look around to see if they notice anything.  I have always enjoyed spooky things but never completely had something so wild happen till then.  My oldest daughter and I went upstairs to look around, we felt of the bed and found hot spots.  I looked all over the bed for anything that would make the hot spots but found nothing.  The hot spots moved from place to place on the bed.  There is only one way in that room and beside the door was a type of dresser with an area to hang cloths in.  My daughter decided to speak to the ghost, she turned and looked at the rocking chair and ask Madeline if she was there.  We were very quiet and standing on wood flooring.  My daughter ask for a sign, we then heard 3 knocks inside the room behind us.  Needless to say we took off running.  We came down the steps and sat down at our table.  I could see the doorway into the other eating area.  I saw the shadow of a woman come down the hall, but never the woman.  The woman would have had to turn into our room and come in because there is a wall that forces you to come into our area.  But the woman's shadow just went right through the wall.  I immediately looked down and felt this strange feeling.  I did not tell anyone what I saw yet.  We ate dinner, and then we decided to go upstairs one more time.  My daughter and I were in the room, while we were standing there we heard footsteps behind us.  That was enough for me then, we headed downstairs very quickly.  My husband paid his bill for business purposes, then he went outside.  He stood at the door and jiggled it for a moment to give us a hard time.  He then walked down the block.  As I paid our bill the door began to shake and jiggle.  My daughter said Mom, Dad is going to get us in trouble.  I said yes I know, open the door and tell him to stop.  My daughter opened the door and looked out, her Dad was down the street with her little sister.  My daughter turned and looked at me with this look, her face was white as a sheet.  She said Mom, they aren't doing it.  We walked out and when I got to my husband I ask him if he did that and he said for a second then I walked down here.  Needless to say I walked away knowing that we, I experienced something that I can't explain away.





Massachussets Haunting




Hi i was at your site and would like to mention some thing that happened in the area I grew up in Mass.

I grew up in a small population town called Townsend, which is right outside of Fitchburg (and near Ashburnham).  We would get together as kids, teen agers and early college kids to tell of our stories.  Even though its only been a handful of years (im only 25) I can only remember a few stories, or legends from the area.

In fall of 1990 on Edward Rd I was at a babyysitters house playing out in their front yard (I hated the baby sitter so I would often avoid going in her house) when I saw a person come from out of nowhere dressed in a long black coat that I had never seen before (though now I can comapre it to what the horseman in Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow wore).  The man (I've always assumed it was a man) walked around the oppositte corner of the house that I was on.  Thinking it was some one messing with me I followed the person, only when I turned the corner of the house there was no one there.

Behing the house after several yards was a small forest that seperated my neighborhood from the high school's fields (sadly they were mostly gone do to development by the time I left the town in 99)-however there were several yards seperating the house and the trees and even if the person had run I would have seen him on one of the paths.  Needless to say my 10 year old mind was scared, and the moment has forever stuck with me.

Over the years people from the neighboring towns (Pepprell, Groton, Dunstable as well as near by roads in Townsend) would decribe to me seeing a man with a similar coat romaing around, without me ever mentioning my stoy until afterwards.

Granted some people would embelish and say that they saw bright red eyes etc, but most only ever saw the man in daylight, in the fall, usualy near trees from the back.

I still get a cold sweat whenever I think of this being.

There are of course other experiances people would experiance in the same areas.  People who were alone in the High School (including my self several

times) would hear a girl call out their names while passing a perpendicular hallway that would be empty.

The Town of Ashy has an old revolutionary war grave yard where even in the summer there are areas that will make you freezae.

At Westfield State College in Westfield the dorm Scanlon Hall had numerour reportings from students while I was there about hauntings.  I had a few occasions there as well.

Heavy wooden doors on springs would open up without people touching them. 

The Study Room (nick named the morgue) people would hear and see things (I myself saw floating eyes); a locked room right outside the Study Room that had a window in the door people would see shapes and shadows moving around in there.

Courtny hall both a room mate and I had experiances-I had what felt like fingers past trhough my shoulder blade and chest, and he saw our VERY HEAVY door open up a few times.

He also had experiances and the local park-but he was on shrooms at the time.  I"ve never done drugs and never drank, so I never could explain these things.

OK I'm sorry about how long this entry was.  Thank you for your time.




First Home





In 1985 three friends and I moved to our first home outside of the dorms at Wittenberg College in Springfield. OH. We had found a great duplex on Cassilly Street; It was close to school, roomy, comfortable, and best of all, cheap.

The house was older. Downstairs there were three rooms, a door to the basement, and stairways in the front and back of the house leading to three bedrooms and a bath upstairs. Immediately we noticed that the place was eerie, especially the basement and the back stairway. We kept the basement door locked.

The problems began immediately. Many mornings we woke to find the (previously locked) basement door open. The back stairwell was terrifying; some of us took to walking down the stairs sideways because we felt that somebody was going to push us down. There was a frequent (very) cold spot at the top of this stairwell although there were no windows nearby, and the darkness at the top of the stairs felt downright malicious.

Whatever resided there seemed to strongly dislike the one black woman in our household. Lightshades from ceiling fixtures fell on her head several times. After each time this happened we tightened the rest of the fixtures, only to have it happen again a few weeks later.

Over time we stopped spending any time alone in the house because of the constant feeling of being watched or followed. Friends stopped coming over; one refused to even come onto the front porch because the house frightened him so much.

I slept in the front room upstairs. It was the brightest room in the house, but wasn't free of the fear that the rest of the house seemed to generate. I began to suffer from night terrors; was it the stress of school, I wondered, or the energy of the place? As I fell asleep, I saw either spiders or a severed hand scuttling across my bed towards me, frightening me so badly I'd jump out of bed screaming.

I couldn't bear the night terrors. After some research I decided to bless my room using salt and holy water. I told the spirits that the house was theirs, but the room was mine. I kept a line of salt across my threshold at all times. Perhaps it was a placebo, but the night terrors never happened after the blessing. But from time to time at night I'd glance up from my studies...

He stood right at my door looking into my room. I could see a hat, a jawline, shoulders and chest. To me it didn't feel particularly sentient, and I often could gather the fortitude to close the door in his (missing) face.

We lived in this house for two very frightening years. I've experienced some ghostly places since, but have never since had night terrors. I don't know whether the house is still standing or what experiences other tenants have had. But if you happened to live in a very disturbed duplex on Cassilly Street in Springfield I'd love to hear your stories. You can reach me at





Shiloh National Military Park





My family and I visited the park the first week of August this year as I am a Civil War buff.  We took a lot of pictures with our digital camera in various parts of the park as mementos of our trip.

When we were in a place known as The Hornets Nest, I wandered ahead along the sunken road while my wife and kids lagged behind.  As I stood looking across the field toward what woul dhave been the Confederate artillery position I heard the faint but distinct sound of music coming from the woods behind me.  it sounded like old time music played on a harmonica or something similar.  It lasted for maybe 30 seconds to a minute.  I checked around and found nothing there...there was nobody else in the park except the six of us and park rangers who I assume were back at the ranger station over a half mile away.

In the car as we were driving to another area of the park, I mentioned that I had a wierd sensation and my wife asked me if I had heard the music.  Now she was not in the same area as i was, so I was startled.  turns out both she and my 15 year old daughter had heard the same music in the same area at a different time.  My younger sons (11, 8 and 5)  who were with her did not hear anything.

We drove to the opposite side of the field and walked down the artillery positions looking back at where we had heard the strange music (along the sunken road and woods that had been the position of the Union troops).  I took pictures with the digital camera just so i could remember the place as it was pretty cool.

As we were driving back toward the caretaker house, my daughter asked me who the man was in the picture I had taken.  I stopped the car and looked at the image of the picture I had taken and sure enough in the area where we had heard the music, there was a definitive outline of a figure along the tree line.  it appeared as if he had either a rifle or some type of guidon in his hand and he was wearing a low brimmed hat.  It was just the outline of a man and I know there was no one ther when I took the picture.  As I said it was a hot August day and no one else was in the park.  it was not scary, just very disconcerting.

When we were neasr the "bloody pond" I mentioned to my wife that though I didn't know if there was such a thing as ghosts it wouldn't surprise me if they were in a place like Shiloh where there was such a loss of life.  At that moment a HUGE owl flapped out of the woods and across the lane about gicvng me a heart attack.

I asked one of the rangers when we got back to the visitors center about the music and if he knew of any starnge goings on and he laughed it off not making a comment.  He said there was no music piped into the park and maybe i heard something from far away that was carrying over the wind.

pretty strange experience, but it definitely added to our trip.







My Experiences

 By: Anonymous

Hi. I live in in burlington, massachusettes.

My house was orginally built by my grandparents, you know where there used to be dirt roads and farms all over the place way back in the day. It's been here for at least over 40+ plus years and on some occasions when I am home alone I feel a presense particulary in my mother's bedroom. this only happens sometimes. One night my mother was reading and no one else was in the room and she heard a voice whisper "linda" (my mothers name). she came into my bedroom and thought it was me but I was on the computer. I don't know of anyone passing away in this house to my knowlege but sometimes I feel watched in my own home. it's very wierd.

 I have a weird shed in my backyard that hasn't been used in years. It's located in the woods over a stone wall and whenever I just walk in there even during the day I feel a presense that wants me to go away from there. This happens when I step over the stone wall and into the woods I automatically feel like "I shouldn't be here" or to "go away". One night in the fall, I stood right near that stone wall listening, and I swear I could hear someone walking in the leaves very slowly. and sometimes I feel a very chilling cold wind sometimes when I'm walking in that woods. I'm not the one to believe in ghosts but I have felt presenses like that before.

I have also driven slowly past Sawmill road as it said on your website and even without believing in ghosts i felt a strong presense by just driving by like i shouldn't be here. It's a wierd dirt road and the street sign is scratched out. it's very strange.

 I have also experienced seeing the orb phonomenon and it only happens in some places outside or inside my house when i take a picture.

 At my friends house up the street deep in her back yard there is a well and if you go past the well there is a little clearling over a big stone wall with rocks and lawn chairs and a single picture hanging on a tree. it freaks me out everytime I'm down there and I always feel watched. I wonder if it's someone home or what. we investigated it at night but I was too scared to go check it out.


Uninvited 5th Roommate





My friends and I decided to rent this old run down trailer house when we were in our early twenties. There were three bedrooms and a basement in this place. My bedroom faced the hallway with a veiw of the basement, my bestfriends room was right next door to mine, and our other roommates room kittycorner to mine, my third roommate ( my best friends brother ) had the basement.

Late one night I was laying on my bed watching TV. My bedroom door was open so I could hear the phone. I heard the front door to the house open and close so I naturally looked out into the hallway. I saw my basement dwelling roommate opening the basement door and I said " Hello ". He just went downsatirs and closed the door behind him like he didn't even hear me. It wasn't like him to not answer me so I went to the basement door, opened it and shouted goodnight. There were no lights on in the basement so I closed the door thinking he was having a bad night and did not want to talk.

The next morning as I was strating the morning ritual of coffee making, my bestfriend came into the kitchen and I told her that her brother was having a bad night last night. She looked at me real confused. She said that her brother had been up north for the last two days and was not planning on coming back for another two days. I insisted that I had seen him come in and go downsairs and that maybe he had gotten a ride back early with a friend. Both wanting to prove our cases we went to the basement door and went down the stairs. Sure enough his bed was made and everything was in order. We went upstairs to call the friend that he was staying with up north and he was in fact there. We were both very shaken at this point and for the next week we made our boyfriends tay with us.

After a while we were settled down and things were back to normal. It seemed that we had forgotten our ghostly roommate. I was having one of many fights with my boyfriend and he had just up and took off for several days. Late one morning I woke up and saw a man in the corner of my room. Being that I was really tired and he looked a lot like my boyfriend I started talking to him about how sorry I was for the fight that we had. I fell back asleep after saying my peice never realizing that the man in the corner had never even spoken a word. The next morning my bestfriend knocked on my door and came in to ask if I was okay. She had heard me talking early in the morning and was curious. I told her that I was appologizing to my boyfriend for the fight. She said that she couldn't see how I was talking to him because she had the phone in her room the night before and had forgotten to put it back on the charger. I explained that he had come over. You all know what came next...... She told me that that was impossible because she was in the kitchen ( that gives a full veiw of the driveway ) just after she heard me talking and she did not see his car out there. I started to freak out. I started to think that there was something seriously wrong with that house. I have had many spooky things happen to me since I was a child, but this was getting on my last nerve. We all moved out in the following 8 months except my bestfriend who stayed for another year and a half after which she had bought another house.

After she had settled into the new place she had called me over to hang out. I went over and we were having coffee and she told me why she decided to buy a new house and move. She was at home alone and doing some laundry and cleaning when she heard the front door open and close. It was just her and her boyfriend living there. She heard footsteps going into the living room so she went out there thinking hat her boyfriend had come home early from work. When she got to the living room she saw a man standing there. She said that she would never forget what the man looked like for the rest of her life. He was tall, thin, with dark hair, and light colored clothing ( both my boyfriend and her brother look similar in appearance ). She said that she would have been more concerned than terrified had it not been for the fact that she could see right through him. She said she turned and ran from the house grabbing the phone on the way out. She said that it took and hour before she could go back into the house and decided it was time for a move. She said that it would appear that we were both visited my the same ghost. I still get chills to this day whenever either one of us tells this story. I ran accross this sight and thought that I should share our story.




Guess Who Came to Visit?



She was asleep on the couch facing the east window of her apartment.

      Little did she know what would transpire next. Was it a dream or did it

      really happen. Some time earlier in the day she made a purchase. Loving

      black wrought iron, it was irresistible. It appeared to be a small bowl

      with interweaving vines connected by smaller black balls with an opening

      on the top and sides. She just had to have it, to put on her small kitchen

      table. What a find! When she came home it was placed dead center on the

      small table in her dining room and then forgotten about. Nothing else lay

      on the table. About 11 pm, she lay on her living room couch and fell

      asleep only to be awakened by an extremely large, bright and intense light

      shining directly into her living room. She tried to stand up but something

      was keeping her down. She managed to roll over to her left side and

      glanced in the direction of her "new" purchase. Still feeling a force that

      was keeping her down, she was amazed at what was taking place. From the

      ceiling above the "bowl" came a beautiful stream of spiraling colored

      lights. They were not connected at the ceiling, but hung about 2 inches

      below in mid-air. They traveled downward toward the bowl. She was

      awestruck with the beauty and intensity of the lights. She couldn’t move

      nor speak. Soon after witnessing this sight, she fell back to sleep. The

      next morning she arose, thinking nothing of the night before. She got her

      morning paper, went to the kitchen for her coffee and then took a seat at

      the dining room table not far from the smaller table with her bowl on it.

      She continued to read her paper when after about 10 minutes she “felt”

      that she was supposed to look at her "bowl". As she did, chills were

      immediately present and so were the memories of the night before. There on

      the small table sat her "bowl"--completely sliced in half! Imagine a

      wrought iron bowl sliced in half? and by what? A stream of bright colorful

      lights? She was stunned and felt very sad. She no longer had her prize

      possession. It went to the trash. That was 1983 occurring in Hightstown,

      NJ. Never again has she experienced another episode or ever found this

      "strange bowl" again. To this day she keeps looking for another one. If

      she finds it, she will buy it and hope that she is visited again by....

      Since that incident she has tried many times to “tell” her family and

      friends about it. She was not allowed to. Something or someone stopped her

      from speaking about it in a way that she cannot describe through writing.

      It took some years and a move to Hamilton, NJ when she found the support

      group for UFOs. She decided she would try to tell them. Again she was

      stopped from talking about it. She couldn’t do it the first time, the

      second or the third. It took many more months after that. Finally, she

      went back again making this her fourth visit, when she “just knew” she was

      able to talk about it. Many people found it fascinating and asked quite a

      few questions about the “bowl”. She never got an answer from the group and

      to this day still remembers it as vividly as if it had happened the night

      before. This is actually a true story—and it happened to me.


Researched Our Ghost Home



It's been 25 years since I left my home in Gary, Indiana, but not more than a week goes by that I'm not telling someone about how great it was growing up there.  Gary has always been a tough town.  As a Historian and Professor of Criminology, I've spent decades looking for the causes of some of the most violent episodes in American history.  But no practical explanation could have prepared me for the summer of 1974.

It was the summer of 1974 when my family and I moved from the North West side of Gary, an area known as Brunswick, to the, then, all white section of South Gary referred to as Glen Park.  The move from the "inner city" to Glen Park was the best thing that ever happened to me and my family.  The neighborhood was beautiful, people walked the streets at all hours of the day and night, and the old house we moved into belonged to an era when trolleys rolled down Broadway, and Mr. Wirt and his "Platoon School" system were the talk everywhere in the United States and in Europe. 

Everything was wonderful, except for one small problem.  The house we moved into that summer, the house that my family still calls home, was in every sense of the word, hunted. 

It didn't take long before we all realized something was not right.  For example, in the first month we were in the house, I was awakened by my parents and asked to join them in darkened kitchen pantry that over looked the garden.  As odd as this request was at the time, odder was the fact that it was 4 am, and in the garden was what appeared to be an elderly white woman in a sheer white gown, watering the garden.  Now if you're familiar with the area of town I grew up in, Brunswick, you'd know that Brunswick is adjacent the old (no longer there) neighborhood of Cudahy. Cudahy is where the "White Lady" or "La Lorona" is said to haunt Cline and 5th Avenue.  This is significant, because the lady we were looking at, matched the description of La Lorona, to include the way she just vanished before our eyes.  Unlike the Lutz, of Amityville Horror fame, we didn't leave behind all of our belongings and go running into the night never to return.  When you don't have much money, you learn to tolerate vanishing white old ladies who water your garden at odd hours of the morning. 


The second incident occurred about a week later when both of my sisters described the same identical dream of an old white man who would open up their bedroom doors, turn on the light and look in on them.  Power of suggestion?  I don't think so.  They each told the same story hours apart and not in each other's presence.  They each had the same description of the man, down to his clothing and the cane he held in his left hand.  Very soon after that, my sisters decided to share the same bedroom.  And yes, the dreams continued.

The third incident occurred months later when on a beautiful snowy December night, I peered out of the front window and watched the fresh snow fall against the corner street light.  A brand new blanket of snow covered the ground.  The windows had frost on them, but the house was warm and safe.  As I bent forward, resting my elbow on the window sill, I was careful not to press against the radiator and burn myself.  And then without warning, something grabbed both of my legs and lifted me slowly sideways until I had no choice but to move my arms in an attempt to fight off my attacker.  With my hands no longer supporting my body and my feet no longer on the ground, you'd think I'd land face first onto the radiator wouldn't you?  But that's not what happened.  What happened was that whatever it was gently put me down, and I think I went to my happy place.

I am naturally leaving out the reactions of my family at each of these incidents, and before you ask if we ever called on a priest to bless the house, let me remind you, that we are a Mexican family, and prayer, the Roman Catholic Church, and holy water were the first things we employed after the watering white lady incident.  And yes, we bought a shotgun. 

However, the incidents continued.  My brother was awakened one morning by the old man who turned on the light above his bed (the light was a light bulb turned on and off with a string) in his basement bedroom.  That incident resulted in the police being summoned and a room full of teenaged Mexican all sleeping in one bedroom of a four bedroom house because everyone was too afraid to sleep on their own. 

The last incident I'll share happened in 1976, when I was talking to my Merriville High School girlfriend on the basement phone.  Love can do strange things, and in my case, it made me forget that I was in the basement all by myself on the phone.  The conversation was going smoothly enough, when I noticed that a small foam filled bench next to the bed I was laying on, moved. In fact, it did more than just move, it moved a lot.  It moved forward and backward, and it even levitated.  Once again I went to my happy place, and somehow, I was up two flights of stairs, through the kitchen, dinning room and into the living room where my father sat watching TV.  Literally speechless and half out of my mind, I resembled Lassie in one of those episodes where she had to get someone to follow her because little Timmy was about to be killed by a train or something.  I was finally able to get my father to follow me downstairs, where he found nothing wrong save for the hardly audible voice coming from the hanging receiver, asking, "Are you alright, are you still there?"

Many other things happened in that house and still do today.  We all know who the ghost is and why he is there.  It was his house long before it was ours, and we've made no attempts to make him leave. 










Thank you very much for your fantastic site. I have been interested in ghosts and hauntings ever since I had my own experiences as a child. I also live in Rhode Island, and throughout New England the old colonial folklore goes deep through the culture.

I lived in my first house until I was about ten years old. I always remembered that at night I would awaken to the sounds of footsteps in the room above me walking back and forth across the room. This would go on for several minutes and then stop. I would also see things out of the corner of my eye, shadows and flickering images. One particular experience I had with that occured one morning as I was getting dressed for school. There was a fish tank on my dresser and as I went to open it I noticed in my reflection on the glass that there was a shadow right behind me. I turned around instantly to find nothing there. I also refused to go upstairs in the house without my mother or father with me. I never liked going up there, and even when I was up there with one of my parents I always had the feeling that there was something right behind me. I was also too young to remember exactly what, but when I was much younger something happened to me in the upstairs that utterly terrified me. My parents always dismissed my fears and told me that it was merely my imagination. For example, I can remember my father telling me that the footsteps I used to hear at night were merely branches scratching the roof.

When I was eight years old my parents divorced and I went to live with my father in a different part of the state. My mother also moved out of that house and relocated to New Jersey. I never really gave much thought to what I remember about that house until I was in high school.

During my sophomore year, I had free time in gym class one day and was talking to my gym teacher. He asked me where I was from, and I told him that I lived in Narragansett but used to live in Warwick not far from the school on a street named Sunny Cove Drive. When I said this his face lit up and he told me he had an old girlfriend when he was in high school who lived on the same street. He then told me about his old girlfriend and how he ended the relationship with her because she was somewhat unstable as the result of a dysfunctional family life. He said that her situation had been especially difficult ever since her brother killed himself in his upstairs bedroom. As soon as I heard this ir senr chills right through me as I remembered that house. I asked him if he remembered the exact address, but he couldn't. I know that I can never be completely sure, but I am convinced that I used to live in that exact house where that event occured.




Nightly Visitor




A few yrs ago we bought a 1960 model two story home.  When you come in thru the carport you walk into one big room that is the kitchen, dining room and living room all in one. There is a small walk thru that leads to the bath room and one bedroom ( we made this  the kids room ). Across from the bedroom is a door, that is where the stairs are leading downstairs. Our bedroom is down a short hall left of the bathroom.  Down stairs there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a closet, and lots of storage space and laundry area. We made the bedroom at the foot of the stairs the toy room and the back bedroom the computer room. Not long after moving in I was one the computer when I heard the front door open and someone walk thru the house. I assumed my husband was home and went up to greet him. There was no one there but me. After a few times of that I moved the Computer up to the living room. We would hear noises at night that sounded like the kids walking around and getting into stuff. My husband got up several times and the boys were in bed asleep. One fall night my husband was doing something by his truck and saw the reflection of someone in white walk behind his truck. When he turned to look there was no one there. I was on the computer that same n ht when I saw from the corner of my eye, the same person walk thru the kitchen. About 15 minutes later I heard a loud pop and one of my cabinet doors was open. We had put new latches on the doors a few weeks earlier, they were/are very hard to open. there is no way they opened on their own. A few nights later it got very hot in the house. I got up and checked the thermostat and it was sitting on 80. It is on the wall by my bedroom and no one had been thru there since earlier in the day. That has happened 3 or four times. guess someone thought we were cold. My kids went to see their grandparents the summer before last and whatever is in our home went nuts. The first night they were gone it sounded like a war in my living room. Things would disappear and no matter where you looked you wouldn't find them. I got mad one day and yelled damnit give it back, after that stuff stopped disappearing. I was in the shower on day getting ready for work, while shaving my legs I heard the front door open and someone walked thru the house. I got out to see if my husband was home. The front door was locked and again I was alone. I went to work that day with one leg shaved. When the kids came back the noises didn't quit but they weren't as bad as when they were gone. Last winter we did some remodeling and tore out the wall around the stairs and put up a banister. We also tore out our closet and converted the small bathroom in our room to a walk in closet. The noises stopped. I thought whatever it was, was gone, but about a two months ago they started back. We have never seen anyone other than the lady in white and we only saw her that one time. I don't feel threatened but I do feel uneasy and watched sometimes.






Santa Ana Ca. Indian Girl




My family lived in our Santa Ana Condo for 8 years.  They were the original owners.  I lived their from the time I was 1 - 9 years old. I am now 27.  When we moved out of the condo and into our new house my parents had never spoke of the experiences to each other prior to that.  My dad did not want to scare my mom, so once we moved he started to tell her of the ghost that lived with us in our hallway.  My mom said she already new and they both described her as around a 16 year old Indian girl.  My mom said she would watch her vacume and cook dinner.  She said she was never scared of her (and my mom is a scardy cat) she said she felt at peace with her.  As a little girl living their I would always tell my parents that I saw someone in our house, but I was never scared.  We had bad things happening all around our house and neighborhood, but never to us. I feel she was always watching over us.  We still talk about her till this day as our gardian angel. 



Shadowy Man





I was 6 years old when my family moved to the home that I still reside in. My sister was 16. She began to complain that a shadowy man would walk around her bed in the basement, then lean over her only a few inches from her face, and whisper to her. She could not understand what it was saying, thinking it was talking in Norweigen (?), and it would disappear if she reached out for it. Sometimes my brother and I would dare each other to sleep in the basement. The night light would switch off by itself in the middle of the night, and one time the overhead light switched off on me.

When I was 6 or 7 I awoke to a little girl standing beside me (I was sleeping on the floor) and she was looking at my brother on the bed and began reaching out to touch him. I sat up gasping. She looked at me, backed away, and disappeared.

Soon my sister moved to college and my brother, in junior high, moved into her old room in the basement. He reported a shadow that would drag its feet around the bed. He also had an experience in which the shadowy figure leaned over him and pressed on his back. He felt something go through him and had bruises the next day.

Throughout the years ghostly things would happen now and then, seemingly in a pattern. It would go away for months and even years, then out of the blue, start right back up again. One day I cleaned off the counter, and wiped it off, turned away, and a coffee mug was on the center of the counter when I turned back only seconds later. The same thing happened with a missing hammer. Another time my friends and I watched in amazement as a plastic grocery bag slowly scrunched itself up into a little ball, then was released again.

After college I moved back home again. One morning I went into the basement. My sister's old room was now a work-out room with a ski machine, etc. I opened up the door and saw an old man kneeling on the floor with his head in his hands. He was so sad and was crying. He quickly disappeared and I brushed off the image as my imagination. I went and turned on the TV loudly, trying to calm myself and concentrate on working out. That is when I heard a strange dripping sound coming from the ceiling and wall. I knew that there were no pipe on that side of the house so I moved closer, trying to figure it out. Then the sound changed to dripping, chirping, and a loud electrical crackling and buzzing. It was very loud and I had never heard such a strange noise. The sound moved down to me in an orb of energy and brushed passed my ear and went to the other side of the room. I was so stunned that I couldn't move. It started coming towards me again and I turned around and ran upstairs.

That seemed to open up a doorway. My lamp would glow at night when it wasn't turned on and I could not get it to shut off until I yelled, "Knock it off!". I told the spirit that turning on my lamp didn't scare me anymore, so it started blaring my stereo when I least expected it. I would come home to an empty house at night after work and the lights would flicker on and off until my brother or mother came home. The lights even began to turn off on my mom when I wasn't around. My brother heard the strange buzzing sound coming from another room and saw a little girl standing at his bed in the middle of the night. I decided to bless the house with prayers and holy water. I was too scared to stick around that night and slept at a friend's house. That evening my brother awoke to stomping up and down the stairs.

The ghost(s) wouldn't leave me alone and I had the feeling that they (or at least one) didn't like me at all. I was stressed out, couldn't sleep, and was scared to go downstairs to do my laundry. I moved out and it seemed to stop. When I would come home to visit the TV would turn off by itself when I was watching it. Years later I moved home again. Since then, occassionally things will fall of the counter and a light switched off on me, but it has been reletively quiet. Let's hope it stays that way!




Jefferson TX




My friend and me where staying at a haunted hotel in Jefferson Tx. We were in are room and we decided to go down stairs and talk to the manager. So we shut and locked the door. We went down stairs for about five minutes. When went upstairs, our door was wide open. We ran down stairs and asked if anybody was up there and she said no, all the people staying on our floor had gone out to eat and the maid was still downstairs. We had locked the door because of our valuables.




Shadow in the Wall:






When I was five or six, about a year after we first moved into the house I reside in now, I started seeing a shadow all the time. It was all black with red eyes. At first, I woke in the middle of the night to see him peering at me from around my bedroom door. When I first went to sleep, that door had been closed. I was frightened, and cried myself to sleep. I vaguely remember the door shuting as I fell back to sleep.

Two years later, I had a halloween birthday party at my house. We were watching Scream, but one of my friends, Claire, was looking through the window. "Umm...Kailan, there's someone on your lawn." she said suddenly. We paused the movie and all looked out the window. Indeed, there was a black figure with red eyes running across my lawn. We joked that it was someone down the street, but we all knew better. After that, I didn't see him until a few years later.

This time, it was this year, 2005. I was having a party on the last day of school, which had become an annual thing between my friends and accqaintences. At night, around 8:00, we had a bonfire. While we burned our homework, I saw someone by the house, looking at us. They were a pitch black figure. With red eyes. I was startled, at first, but then thought I was seeing things as usual. That night, five of my friends slept over. We were in a tent outside when one of my friends got mad and left the tent. After ten minutes, we called for her but she never came. After she made some strange noises and scared us all crap-less, another friend went out and caught her. We fell asleep.

The next morning, we were talking about her expidition outside the tent and she demonstrated the weird noises. I asked her why she kept trying to hide when we looked for her. She said she was walking towards one of us in the dark when we disappeared. In the area she described, no one had been there. The friend that had gone out to get her described a shadow walking into a wall in the garden beside the tent.

Since then I've officially named this occasional visitor Jack. If anyone has any similar experiances with a black figure, please E-mail me!




Mansfield Outdoor Center:







Grade Seven, May 2005. What a wonderful year. I breezed through school, so happy. Our end of the year trip was to Mansfield Outdoor Center. The Center was a large forest, with many cool activities and such. We were going to stay there three days, staying two nights. The first day, though, I could tell something was up.

At first, everything was really great! The food, the activities, the dorms. But, everything great has a price. The first day, me and my friend went to our room to get some lip chap and our cameras. When we were running in, My friend saw a white figure slip into one of our other friend's room. We thought nothing of it.

That night, everyone heard someone running up and down the hallways of the dormrooms. Also, we could hear someone scratching the walls of a room that was empty. It was the talk of every table at breakfast. That day, that second damned day, They followed me. I got lost in the woods while walking through with my friends. I tried to run in the direction I had seen them last, but something disturbed me. Someone was following me, or two people even. I whirled around, but no one was there. I stopped, and a twig snapped behind me. When I looked, again, no one there. I finally got out after they chased me, scared to death, right out of there.

That night, we had to present plays to the group. I took a few pictures with a digital camera, and when I looked at them, Orbs were floating above the group that was presenting! I was terrified, and I looked above them. There was a faint smoke in the rafters. In the picture there must have been hundreds of orbs!

The next morning, on the last day, the pictures were gone. All of them, from the camera. I had not erased them. That day, I was again chased by my two favorite ghostly pals out of the woods when I was somewhat separated from my friends. I had an idea. I haven't told anyone this yet, but I asked out loud what their names were. Only one came to my mind. Zackery. I told him not to chase me anymore, and when I took a few steps, I heard nothing behind me. I thanked him, then ran out of there. Quickly.

We left a few hours later.




Another's Dreams and Memories:





At the age of one, when I first learned to talk, I began to rave about my past life. Apparently I said I lived in Japan, and died in a fire. But this fire was started by a murderer. What I don't understand, is I had a memory. Recently, I was sitting at the kitched table with my eyes closed. The house was quiet. Then, I suddenly remember running up a coblestone road, towards a river. It went up a slight slope, but when I started going down there was a man underneath a pink painted sign, watching me. He had black boots, black pants, a black cow-boy hat, and a grey turtle neck with a black trench-coat. When I saw him, I started running faster. For some odd reason, I was barefoot. When I reached the river, the memory ended suddenly as my mother entered the kitchen.

My friend saw the same guy in her dream. She was in either Ireland or Scotland, and she was a...hooker. There were rumors going around that a man similar to the guy in my "memory" going about and murdering all the hookers. One night, in her dream, she was being chased by him through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage. Finally, he cornered her and decapitated her.

I wonder if anyone has seen this man.

If anyone reading these stories has similar experiances or has some explanation, please reply!





Bed and Breakfast in WestPort WA




Hello I stayed at the Bed and Breakfast that is on the main street going into West Port just past the light on the Left.  I stayed there with my then Husband on our Honeymoon.  Late at night I kept hearing a screaming baby, and then children that were running up and down the stairs all through the night.  After the first night there the following morning I told the manager that it was a very nice place but I couldn't rest due to all the Children, she said there are no children here at this time.  I can only say that I was hesitant to stay the next night, and my hair stood on ends, and I would ask my then husband how can you sleep through all the noise, his reply was What Noise!  I have been taunted my entire life with moments of Haunts and I know that this place is for sure! 




Ghostly Voice and Strange Happenings






Having enjoyed reading the many stories over the year I have decided to send in my own.

but first I will say that me and my parents are of sound mind and have no background of craziness I am a married mum of two and live in England.

Well here I begin when my dad was in his late teens he lived in Wales {England} he lived in the middle of no where not even buses drove near his home so he walked miles to and from work in pitch black up long winding country roads right up in the mountains, now sometimes his mates would think it funny to hide and wait for him in bushes to try to scare my dad {Nice mates}.

Well one night at about 10 pm just as my dad was nearing home he heard his mate say "Don't worry I'm ok now" now my dad looked around everywhere trying to find his friend but couldn't so in the end he gave up and went home as soon as he got home he told his mum what his friend had said but couldn't find him anywhere and it had got my dad rather annoyed. his mum said not to worry about it just go to bed and work in the morning and tell his friend that he wasn't happy with these tricks on the weekend.

So the next morning my dad went to work as normal and came home that evening but when he got home his mum told my dad to sit down first and not have a wash first which is what he usually did when he got in but my dad did as he was told and his mum said your friend you said you heard last night he died at 10pm last night after a motor cycle accident My dad had heard his best friend talk from the grave.

also I have a few more sorry about grammar we when i was about 8yrs my parents moved to a new house but from the day we moved in things weren't right the lights would turn them selves on and off you would hear the back door open and close even through it was locked you would hear someone turn the sink tap on hear water running into the sink but when you went into the kitchen to investigate the sink was dry and you would hear someone walk around my parents bed when no one was upstairs now even though these things were creepy we   lived with them for years until one night in the winter time my mum went up stairs to turn the electric blanket on in her bedroom because it was cold but she used to go up stairs without turning the lights on {I say she used to not any more} as she turned to go in to her bedroom she saw a transparent form hovering over my dad's stereo my mum turned and ran a few months later my dad was watching a late night western on tv in the dark when he suddenly came up to bed and asked my mum to go down stairs and turn the tv off she was quite surprised as my dad is an owl like me and can stay up till really late but this was only about 11pm so she went down turned the tv off and then asked him about it the next morning my dad said he was happily watching John Wayne when from behind the tv formed a Victorian lady who was dressed in Victorian clothing and tight lace collar up her neck walked from the tv up to my dad in his armchair and gave him a look which my dad said looked like she was saying "It's time you were in bed "she then disappeared. After this my parents

got the local vicar in to bless the house and sprinkle holy water in the window and door frames he said that my mum was visited by her great grandmother that there was also a gentleman standing on the corner of the stairs and the lady my dad saw my parents recently

recently moved from the house after living there for 17yrs and right up until the day they moved they still heard noises very spooky. I have some more but I will tell them another time.



Ghosts and Children




  I was reading what you had to say about children and ghost. I strongly believe that children can see them better than adults. I also agree that children don't yet understand fully about reality so everything they see or hear its real. I also feel that ghost of children make themselves more apparent to children because the ghost see another child as a playmate and the ghost itself my still believe it is alive. In the case of my three year old step son , we were at my mother's house and I had just gotten out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me cause I heard him talking, well his father was in the living room on the computer and my son was in my old room(where many times i have seen her or felt her there) and he was just talking away and playing. I asked him who he was talking to and he said the little girl. I said what little girl and he said the one standing beside me, i am telling her about sponge bob cause she has never seen him. At that moment i got chills all over and the room was cold. I just turned around and walked out. I told him ok just be ca ful you can still play with her it is alright.  So i went back to the bathroom and he came in there and told me i made her cry. I asked him how, he said i scared her(lol) and she went away. I asked him where she was and he pointed to my mother and father's room(by this time my husband was with me) and we walked in there and the room was cold, and i asked him where she was and she said looking out the window. I strongly believe in the supernatural being as I have seen her and had to deal with her little pranks she likes to play on me, I walked over to the window with my son and he pointed where she was at and I told her that i was sorry for scaring her like that and she was more than welcome to play with dylan and stay as long as she wants too. So now everytime we go to my mother's house and we hear him talking to someone we know he is talking to her. He tells me sometimes that he doesn't want to go in the room by himself cause she makes him mad cause she doesn't want to play fair.

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