Give Me a Sign





My husband and I had an experience a few years ago that I believe is a result of my own thinking/wishes.

Although I have 4 daughters, I once miscarried many years ago and have always wondered about that child and also what the sex

would be. One day I wasn't in the best of moods and was wanting a sign from that child if possible

to let me know they're ok and also whether they were a boy or girl. To make a long story short, I'd thought if

it was a girl I'd like something unusual to happen in one part of the house and if a boy to show a sign in the

opposite side...One afternoon a few days later, our front doorbell rang, the front door was open but the screen closed

and no one was there. Then another evening we were sitting alone out on our front porch and suddenly the kitchen light came

on. We could see it through the bay window while outside. My husband thought maybe our daughter had come home but she

hadn't, plus we would have seen her drive up the driveway. Then a large, dark shadow moved from where the light had been turned

on and through the foyer by the front porch where we were sitting. I leaned over since it seemed to almost consume me before it

disappeared. My husband stood up and was disturbed, thought maybe someone had broken into the house, but I just sat there and

knew that it was the sign I had asked for....I wasn't frightened. Later on when we were talking about it my husband said that it looked like

or was the outline of a male figure, that he saw a torso and head and broad shoulders in the outline.So, that's my

story. My husband was a real skeptic about  things like this...neither of us are now!





I Had To Move





I have experienced the supernatural first hand. I rented a home and soon found that strange things began happening. One of the first things that happened was my being awaked feeling as if someone was shaking my bed. The first few times I thought that it was my imagination and wrote it off as such. However, I awoke one night to a baby crying when I checked on my baby he was sound asleep, but I could still hear faint crying. My husband at the time would often stay up late watching TV, I would go to bed having a newborn to tend to. I would leave the door to my room open because of the things that had been happening. My bedroom door would suddenly begin to ease closed and shut. I told my husband that I hadnt shut the door, he told me it was probably the house settling. After awhile the door would slam shut, clearly letting me know that it wasnt the settling of the house. My sister stayed with me when my husband took a job out of town. I told her of the times that it felt as though someone were behind me when I walked down the hall, and of the other things I had mentioned. She laughed and told me it was only my imagination. She would soon experience for herself that it was not my imagination. My Son was two at the time and had a habit of getting the tv remote and changing channels. My sister and I were watching TV and suddenly the TV turned off. My sister began looking for my son, she thought he had the remote. He didnt, the remote control was on top of the television. She got up and turned the tv back on, as soon as she turned her back to walk back and sit on the couch it turned off again, it did this several times. We knew that it wasnt the television, it was brand new. She began having the same feeling of being watched and feeling as if someone were behind her only to turn around and find no one. She became so afraid that she would stay in the house, I decided to move out as well fearing what might happen next.



Not Quite a Premonition?





I know this one will be short, but I thought I would share it anyway.  On the evening of May 24, 1989, I was preparing to take a bath (only 8 at the time) when my mother tells me that my great-uncle had just died.  His name was Arthur Martin.  Arthur's daughter stopped at my grandmother's across the road to tell the news, and when the news got to my mother, she woke my dad up to tell him (he was asleep on the couch after coming in from work).  At the time she woke him up, he jumped from the couch screaming that "Arthur's dead! Arthur's dead!"  My mother simply replied, "I know."  He must have dreamed it; I don't think it could have been a premonition...since it practically happened at the same time, as Arthur was being carried to the doctor when he died, and he only lived two miles from us.




They Love Me




When I was about 3 years old my great grandfather died.  I was too young to understand what had happened, but my omother said I was special to him because my parents were the only ones in my family who let my great grandparents watch me.  (my uncles thought they were "too old.")  One night, a couple of days after he died, I ran into the dining room to give my great grandpa a hug.  He disappeared before I could touch him.  My mother said I was crying and asked me what was wrong. I told her grandpa left before I could give him a hug.  A few months after that, I was in my bed trying to sleep.  I saw a shadow of what looked like my grandfather's stature walk across the hallway wall; which was odd, because there were no windows in any direction that could've cast a shadow on that wall.  Another experience was more of a third party experience, but happened in the same house.  The house we lived in was on a cul-de-sac and we were at the very bottom, and our family friend lived at the top.

My family and I had gone on vacation (I was about 5 at this time) and we asked our friend to watch the house.

 She said she was walking up to the door to get the mail, and saw an older man in my bedroom window.  She asked who he was when we got back and we didn't know what she was talking about.  She said he was waving to her and looked friendly.  About a month after this discussion, my mother, our friend and I were going through photos.  We came across a picture of my great garndparents together at my parent swedding.  Our friend told us that this was the man in my room that she had seen.  At that point, my great grandfather had been gone for almost 2 years.  I still feel him and my great grandmother (she passed about 7 years after he

did.) whenever I feel lost or troubled.  It does not scare me, because I know they are looking out for me and they love me.




100% Believe






I've never been a firm believer in the paranormal, I haven't dismissed the possibility, but it really is something you need to experience before you can say you 100 precent "believe" in the spirit world.  Well, after this incident, I can now say I'm a firm believer, and want to experience more!  Not that the following experience was "pleasant" per se, in fact, I was scared out of my wits...but it opened a door to a world I want to learn more about!

Here's my experience!

Last year, I was a security guard at the CN shops in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The shops are where all the train engines are repaired, wheels are maintained, cars are painted, and is pretty much a 10 acre garage for trains.  There are many buildings at the shops, but the "Stores" building in particular, was definitely the creepiest place I've been in the darkest hours of night!  Most of these buildings were built between 1905-1909, and as you can imagine, there have been many stories of deadly accidents over the years!  Such as one unfortunate man standing behind a rail car, who was crushed through the abdomen as another railcar backed into him and locked the cars in place.  Many more stories, but I'll try to focus on this one!

Anyways, I worked the night shift (as you've probably already gathered!), along with one other guard.  Every hour, the guards on duty had to switch between working in the North gatehouse, and patrolling the premesis.  Each of us would have a 2-way radio for communications, and since the property was so widespread, the radio's we had were very powerful and efficient.

Well, one night, it was my turn to take a patrol around 3:45am.  I did my perimiter patrol around the outside of the buildings, then began my interior patrol.  Most of these buildings were operational 24/7, with the exception of the paintshop, and the stores building.  The paintshop isn't all that bad, just a lot of weird noises, but nothing really out of the ordinary for a building with exposed pipes and old heaters.  The stores building on the other hand consisted of 3 floors...the basement, main level, and upstairs.  It was closed down about 12 years ago when the floor on the upper South East level fell through, killing 2 men, and was deemed condemned.  Althought this building was condemned, we still had to patrol the interior, to make sure no one was on the property.

Most nights I would just do an exterior patrol, as I always felt uneasy going in there. This night I had to go in there because my co-worker told me an alarm had gone off, and I had to turn it off and investigate the problem.  So, armed with my 4 cell mag-lite, and my nifty 2-way radio, I enter the building, and head for the alarm panel, which is about 20 feet from the entrance.  All the lights are off, so I can only see what's in the circle of light from my flashlight.  I punched in the code to turn off the alarm, which was triggered from a door on the upper level, and instantly a cold chill came over me.  I radio'd the other guard to tell him where the alarm was triggered, and when he returned his confirmation, the radio started making very loud squelching noises, and I couldn't make anything out.  This scared the crap out of me, as the radio was freshly charged, and it's never made that noise I turned it off!!

I made my way upstairs.  Before I go on, I must explain this building a little further.  The main level has only a few offices, and 4 loading docks.  For the most part, it's an empty warehouse that used to be used for storing scrap metal, and old engine parts.  The lights that still work are few and far between, most of them flicker, and it really looks like a scene straight out of Resident Evil!  There are 2 elevators on the southwest wall, that don't work, and are propped open.  Next to the elevators are the stairs leading up and down.  The stairs are made of steel, with the same grip used on many half tonne trucks for steps, and are rusted, and very unstable looking.  Upstairs, all the windows are boarded up, and the lights don't work at all!  The floor is divided into 2 large rooms, and the door between them is a small garage door, with a pull cord hanging from it.

Moving on!  I begin my journey up the stairs, trying to be light on my feet, but in an empty warehouse, wearing steel toed boots, the stairs are very loud!

I started feeling nervous, as I was expecting to see someone up there!  When I get upstairs, not even the mag light could cast light far enough to see the other side of the pitch black warehouse!  I slowly make my way towards the garage door that divides the 2 rooms.  Since I can't see very much, everything I hear is of questionable nature, and really starts freaking me out!  I passed the garage door, and shine the light towards the door that triggered the alarm....and guess where the door is?!  Right beside the floor that had fallen in and killed those men 12 years ago!  As I get closer to the door, the door slammed shut!  At this time I was quite shaken, and decided to get the hell outta dodge!

So I start walking back to the garage door.  As I get closer, I notice the pull string for the door is swinging back and forth, getting faster and faster!!  A cold breeze rushed past me,  knowing all the windows are boarded up, and the ventalation system hasn't worked in years, I knew I wasn't alone!  Frantically, I ran for the stairs, and just as I reach the top of the stairwell to go down, my flashlight abruptly died!  Tears are now rolling down my face from fear as I quickly make my way down the stairs and head for the exit in complete darkness.

When I got to the door, it was locked!  I know for fact I didn't lock the door, because I had a feeling I'd be running out of there before I even went in!  I turned the lock and ran outside!

After I caught my breath, I turned the radio back on (as I turned it off after hearing the squelching noises), and radio'd the other guard on duty.  He asked what all the commotion on the radio was about, and who I was taking to.  I told him it was making crazy noises when I entered the stores building, so I turned it off, and had just turned it back on.  He said that was really strange, because the whole time he could hear what sounded like 2 men talking, but couldn't make anything out!  So, just to see if he was playing a joke on me, I asked him to flash his light from the Gatehouse towards the stores building,

and sure enough, he was in the guard house the whole time!!   As I made my way

back to the gatehouse, my flash light turned on!

From there on in, I never went back into the stores building, and I

knew for sure that all this talk of paranormal activity, and the spirit world, wasn't just a myth blowing in the wind!

This is a true story, and beleive me, I've questioned all the possibilities of what caused the door to slam, the radio making strange noises, the pull cord swinging, my flashlight burning out, who the other guard heard speaking...and came up with no explanation, other than the 2 spirits of the men who died were playing tricks on me!

Thanks for hearing me out!





Williams Elementary School




Hello my name is Brandon and i just saw your site because me and my friends are big into getting really drunk and visiting haunted houses and what not in Arlington Texas and we have a bunch of places we like to go visit that arnt on your list which im suprised they arnt ... but even though most of the incounters we have seen we really did see things and not just because we were totaly drunk.... I was going to see if you could add Williams Elementary School to your list to Arlington Texas because it all started out one day after school me and 4 other of my friends (Chad, Howard, Travis,

Thomas) were walking to my friends Travis's house which is located beside Williams and you have to walk through a thick trail of trees but its pathed with concrete that leads to the park which is also Williams Playground for the kids. So we were walking down the path to the park and as were walking we all couldnt but notice the swing set every time we would get a glance at the swings in between the thick forest they were moving as if there was someone in them swinging but there wasnt anyone in the swings..... so we didnt know what was going on so we finnaly made it to the Park/Playground so we could take a better investigation and the swings were just sitting there not even moving a bit and there wasnt anyone in sight.... so we didnt think much of it and we continued walking towards Williams and when we got to the school we looked back at the swings and they were swinging again with nobody in them and we just freakin ran like hell the other way and i looked back and saw 3 to 4 little kids but they didnt look to be real cause they were really smoogy and i couldnt make out their faces and they were running in circles in the soccar field which is located inbetween the school and the playground/park... so we kept running till we got to my friends house and never looked back..... finnally we had to go back home (Chad , Me, Howard, and Thomas) we all lived on the other side of the school we desided if we should take the long way or the fastest way which was through the school so we went through and we decided if we saw anything wierd to just run like hell ..... so as we were walking back through the school we walked the trail that was next to the soccar field and everything seemed normal then we got to the concrete trail and looked back at the park/playground it seemed all wierd then we look at the soccar field and there was a kid hanging from a rope at the school and we just fucking ran like hell and we didnt stop till we were all at my friend (Thomas's) house which is the furthest house from that school and we all got drunk so that we wouldnt remember much... the next day it was reported in the news papers that one of the kids that was a geeky type kid that had really no friends hung himself at Williams Elementary School and we couldnt believe that we actually saw it... but we were all devistated and just couldnt think if what we saw was actually real or not but it was real..... now till this day i walk through there and me and my friends continue to get drunk there to see if we can see any more sightings but the only thing that happens there now is ever once a while if your driving towards the front of the school you can look into the new wings they've built and the fire alarm will be going off and my friends tell me they will see a figure of a boy in the same wing the fire alarm is and if you drive into the pickup area of the front of the school its the 2nd street light you pass with your car will turn off but only that one for some reason ........ but all this is all true it happend before i moved to denton texas which was 2 years from this time of the year.... all the rest of my friends still live there and all of us saw the things ive explained ... hopefully thats a place you can put in there ohh yea the house on Arkansas Rd in Arlington Texas... been there actually went inside the cellar but i didnt see any or hear or feel anything the house on the inside has alot of sprey paint taggings and theres lots of cob webs and needles in there so im guessing its the crack house now.... heh ... but if you could put Williams Elementary in Arlington Texas that was be most awesome.... thanks m8



A Beautiful Spirit











My Creepy Encounters





I have a few creepy encounters to relay, none of which directly happened to me (thank goodness) but to close family, which is why I believe they are true.  First of all an aunt whom I am very close with has two children.  They had moved into the city when her kids were about 5 and 7 years old.  One day the youngest, a boy, Matthew, was outside playing and he bolted out into the street.  My aunt hurriedly ran out to catch him and fortunately he was all right.  But on their way back to the house they passed a neighbor who was out gardening.  Remember, my aunt was new to the neighborhood and had never met this lady.  As my aunt and cousin passed her she looked at them and said “you never have to worry about that one.”  A little taken aback, my aunt questioned her.  And the lady responded that he has spirits with him keeping him safe.  Intrigued (and very open-minded), my aunt questioned her further to find out about these so-called spirits.  The lady went on to describe one of the spirits as very stand-offish, tall and skinny elderly female.  Now vaguely, this could be a description of my grandma (my aunt’s mother) who had been dead for several years, never having met her grandson.  Yet it still wasn’t enough to convince my aunt, but once the lady described the second spirit, my aunt was a believer.  She said he was a friendly old man who always stayed close to the boy as a way of thanks to my aunt.  He is short, bald and wears glasses and his name starts with the letter “P.”  Eerily enough, this describes my great-grandpa Peter (my aunt’s grandpa).  We believe he was thanking my aunt for watching over his wife since my aunt was really the only one who visited her on a regular basis and kept her company.

After some time passed, my aunt accepted her son had two spirits with him, and moved on with her life.  She believed they were her relatives and were a positive force.  Shortly after all this happened, my great grandmother passed away.  And once again, my aunt encountered her intuitive neighbor, who still didn’t know anything about the family, they had only talked that one time.  But she commented to my aunt as she looked at Matthew playing outside.  She said he has a third spirit with him now.  She said this one is a female and she stays close to the old man and it makes him very happy.  We can only assume that my great-grandma was finally reunited with her husband.

This odd encounter with her neighbor brought back some other experiences that happened, but were pushed back into my aunt’s mind.  The first one happened to her just when Matthew was first born.  The baby was crying in the middle of the night, so she got up to rock him back to sleep.  She sat in his room in a rocking chair half-asleep when all of a sudden, she smelled perfume that was just like her mothers (the one who is supposedly watching over Matthew, though she didn’t know this yet).  She noticed the window was open and figured it was coming in through there.  Still, the smell unnerved her and she moved into the living room with the baby.  As she was rocking him the same scent wafted by her again.  This time she looked and the windows were all securely closed.

Another experience that happened centering around my grandma happened to another aunt who also had a son who was born after grandma’s death.  One day, he was playing in his room, talking amiably to himself for a long time.

Amused by his behavior, his mother asked what he was doing.  He looked up at her and plainly said, he was having a tea party with grandma Mary.  This completely freaked my aunt out because there is no way he could have known her and she never remembered even telling him her name.

I’m just grateful grandma got to meet me before she passed!





My Past Life Experiences




I visited a psychic who was a friend of a friend whom I had consulted previously several times and found her to be very accurate.  My friend told me to ask the psychic about my past lives, so I did.  The most recent she told me about was that I was a horsewoman in 1700s Austria, that I loved my horses very much and was very good with them, but that I fell off a horse and broke my hip and it never healed properly so I walked with a limp for the rest of that life.  What’s interesting is that 3 years prior to that, I had visited a chiropractor because I hurt my back, and after looking at the X-rays he took, the chiropractor asked me if I walked with a limp.  Of course, I said no, and he was absolutely amazed and said that one of my hip bones was malformed and that I should be walking with a limp.  He said that apparently I was born that way and I’ve compensated for it.  I’d heard that it’s possible to carry over physical traits from one life to the next.



Not Katrina


By: cc11carly@hotmail.comet


My name's Carly, im 16 and from Yorkshire in England.

well, i suppose i should start from the beginning. It all started when me and my friend Katrina decided to make a horror film up in the graveyard, we had fun, messed around and eventually it became a great place to sit and talk.

The graveyard was at the edge of a village up on the top of a hill and there was a path leading past the church, through the trees to a clearing and bench where the newest graves were.

We'd been going up there for about a month, month and a half, almost every night and it was absolutely fine, we never felt in the least bit scared.

Until that night ...

Our other friend Sarah had managed to get away for the evening from babysitting her younger sisters and we'd gone to sit up at the bench. Sarah and Katrina were sitting on the bench, Sarah to the right and Katrina to the left and i was sat on the path infront of them. We were talking casually and it was gradually getting darker and darker until you could vividly see stars in the sky. Suddenly, while i looked at them, three blue flashes appeared, one to the right of Sarah, one to the left of Katrina and one inbetween.

'What the hell was that?' i asked, but ofcourse, they hadn't seen anything and they sort of doubted i had. But i knew i had. i know what you're thinking, it was a reflection. But, we were on top of a hill surrounded by trees in the dark and they were blue!

It didnt take long for me to convince them though as the very next night, me and Katrina were back up there, talking as the night before, but, we were perched on the arms of the bench. All of a sudden, Katrina flew forward on to her knees on the seat part of the bench, it was still quite light, twilight, and, almost straight after she fell, i saw another blue light dance out from behind where her shoulder was, fly past me and disappear into the graves. 'What just happened?'

'Someone pushed me!' she screamed, i helped her up and almost instantly we decided to leave back down the path and go to the park. Going to the park though, took us up near the church and back down through an unmarked path through a different part of the trees and down the hill.

We had our arms linked because we were quite freaked out but that wasnt the end of it. We'd almost got to the first line of trees and suddenly, Katrina fell, her feet, slipped out from underneath her and she fell on her bum dragging me with her. The grass was bone dry and she couldnt have tripped because there was nothing to trip over, the path was completely clear.

It was about a week later when we finally convinced Sarah, as when going up another hill out of the village, just about on parallel with graveyard, Katrina was thrown to the floor again, this time on a tarmac road, in the same style as before. At first, we all just thought she'd tripped, so, we helped her up and carried on up the road, but, upon our return, just about at the same place, Katrina's legs were lifted throm underneath her once again. I don't think whatever it is, really wants, at least Katrina, up there ...

thanks for listening



West Palm Burger King



By: Anonymous



Hi, I still work for the Corporation that owns that store so no names please, but I thought I would tell you a little more of the history as I have heard and experienced it. It actually started as a disgruntled worker. This man was fired and he had a friend at the newspaper. His theory was that if he put out a story that a man was killed and buried in the foundation nobody would go eat there so the store would close. The newest story is that a little boy seven years old  haunts the place. He was killed in a DUI crash about 100 yards up the road about 10 or so years ago.

I was an assistant manager there for 5 years. I have worked in the store all hours of the day by myself. I have been in it well after closing and sorry to say I have never felt or seen or experienced anything ever. I am not a person who scoffs at the people that say they have experienced something. I have an open mind and I have visited places that have left me knowing that I was just visited by something. I hiked all threw the Shwangunk Mountains in NY. And Oscar was a frequent visitor at my Mother in laws house in NY. I have had my hair lovingly raked out by Oscars hand.

Once again I still work for the company and you have contacted the store about it two years ago. We did ask. They will never let you stay over night. Shame it would be interesting. That store is packed out the door on Halloween because everyone local knows about it.

Just thought you might be interested in what the locals say. Have a Great Day!




My Yellow Ghost





i have always believed that there is something out there. i have had two experiences with ghosts. the first was when i was sitting with a friend one night, up the road from my house. i just happened to look over and i swear i saw a shadow of a person walk through my windows. the kicker is, that there were no lights on and no-one at home. my mom was at work and i was down the street.

the other story was more frightening. i used to have some really close friends and we all did this together. there a story of a man who went camping with his family. they say he killed his wife and two children, then disappeared himself. he makes his presence known by an eye shaped yellow glow over the houses. i have seen it, really. we were at my house one night and two of us saw the black figure of a man next to a tree in the yard. we immediately turned on the light and wen tout together. guess what, no-one there. he had a habit of following us around and scaring us. i know it sounds funny, and i don't know why us, but we did manage to get rid of him and i haven't seen him since.

believe it or not, i swear it happened.



The Mirror





I have always been fascinated with ghosts and the paranormal, but I cannot say that I ever really had an experience before this one.

I was living in Louisiana with my boyfriend at the time.  We were living in a relatively new condo. I had never been afraid or felt weird there before.

   My mother was moving out of state and gave me a gilt-framed mirror before she moved.  I had it for a short time and I kept it in the extra bedroom upstairs.

I placed the mirror at the foot of the extra bed-facing the bed and leaning against it.  I started keeping that door open whereas I kept it shut before.  I don't know why.

I just felt uncomfortable with that door closed.

   The Sunday morning before mardi gras in 1996 I had plans to meet family and friends for a parade. My boyfriend was supposed to come home and meet me before we left, but he never came. No call. Nothing. 

I was upset, but left without him.  He had done this type of thing before.  I did not get a call from him until that evening. When I made it home that night, I tried not to argue or get upset because it just made things worse.  We had gotten into bed late that night and stayed up talking.  He was really good at talking. Of course I wanted  to believe what he said so bad.  I noticed I began to feel very nervous.  The feeling of unease got stronger as the night wore on.  We were still talking, but I was becoming so jumpy! It didn't make sense because we were not discussing anything that would frighten me. The TV was off-so no scary movies..  As the night progressed, my unease grew.  I seemed  barely able to tear my attention away from the doorway.  I became so skittish I had to be right next to my boyfriend. If he walked into our closet and I had to be right beside him.  If he went to the bathroom, I would follow and stand outside in the lavatory. It was pretty pathetic. I remember telling him "Its in there!", meaning the extra room.  At one point I was in the lavatory and the door to our room slammed shut! I swear I jumped three feet! I was convinced that something was in the spare bedroom and it felt angry!  My boyfriend checked the extra room but I could not step foot in it.  I kept yelling "Get out! Get out!" I ran downstairs and sat on the sofa facing the stairs.  Of course, there was nothing in the bedroom.  I then began hearing footsteps overhead.  We were both downstairs.  Where I was sitting was directly beneath the guest room.  My boyfriend mentioned that since I had brought the mirror in he would find himself looking up when he was home downstairs.  He said that when he would put his shoes on, his attention was always drawn to the ceiling which was under the guest room which housed the mirror. He said that he wasn't scared, but that he couldn't help looking up. At about 5 a.m. I called my mother to come get the mirror.  I was hearing distinct footsteps overhead.  I was quite scared!  I heard another door slam(all had been closed at this time) and I ran outside! I was only wearing a t-shirt but I didn't care! I tried to tell myself that the air conditioner kicked on causing the door to slam, but it hadn't.  I also noted that the wind was very still, so that didn't do it.  I stood outside the front door until daylight came.  I noticed my fear just went away.  I didn't feel like anything was in the house like it had before.  My mother came and picked up the mirror.  When I told her what happened, she said that she felt that whatever it was was mad at my boyfriend and not me.  I told her that I didn't care and to take the mirror! 

She said that she never particularly liked the mirror.  She ended up dropping it off at the Goodwill store.  I haven't been that frightened since.




Gainesville, Ga


By: Anonymous


In Gainesville, Georgia,  we experienced many weird happenings that were unexplained.  for instance, blaming our kids for turning on the light at night and turning off the fan and not the light over our bed, only to find them snoring when we got up and went into their bedrooms. 

also: I heard a girl crying down in the den which we didn't have down there at night (bedrooms were upstairs) also our neighbor experienced a girl crying over at her house also,  (her daughter had just died in a car wreck) at the time most of this occurred. 




My Haunted House




I lived in a slightly haunted house here in NC for over a year. Whe4n I was there alone, I could smell fresh brewed coffee, and none of the three coffeepots would be going. I could hear someone call my name, knock on the door, walk across the floor and so on. One night I was IM'ing a friend, and I heard a very deep voice say "GET OUT!!". I told my friend what I heard, and it said it AGAIN wit more insistance. When I ignored it again, I heard heavy footsteps walk from the hallway behind me and go into the living room. My cousin started into the hall one afternoon, and yelled for me. She had walked into something; she could,'t see it, but she could feel it. She wanted me to make sure nothing happened to her. I could see a faint dark form, but when I reached out as if to touch it, it disappeared. I never did find out who was int he house, but I know one thing for a fact. It bout drove my dog crazy!

We had orbs and plasma all over the place. If I can find one of the pictures, I will send it along.



I Remember





I will never forget this experience as long as I live. I was a little kid, probably six or seven years old. One night, I couldn't sleep, and I was a little nervous about it. You know how kids are - they can't get to bed and they don't know what to do. It was dark and I didn't like being up alone. My sister - who shared a room with me - was snoring away with no problem. Anyway, I was sitting on the edge of my bed, looking down, starting to cry, all because I felt sad and alone. I remember that I suddenly thought I should look up, so I did. There was someone sitting next to me and it looked a little like my dad. I remember I wasn't scared at all - in fact, although I knew it didn't look exactly like my dad, I was thrilled to see him. He was smiling at me and I think he had his hand on my shoulder. I was so sure this person was sitting there that I rummaged under my bed for a book I wanted him to read. When I got up from looking for the book, the man was gone. I got really upset - I didn't understand why my dad left. So I cried. I walked into my dad's room - he was fast asleep. He woke up and put me back to bed and told me not to worry about it. I fell asleep right away after that. I realized later that the man sitting there looked a little like my dad - but A LOT like my late grandfather. I never knew him at all - I was only about 1 and a half when he died. But my grandma always says I'm a lot like him and he LOVED me - he had three boys, and I was the first little girl he ever had around. I know ghost stories usually scare people (and to be honest, the thought of this happening now makes e shiver) but at the time, I felt no fear at all. I was thrilled to see him sitting there. And looking back, it makes me feel so happy and content to know that I saw him once that I can remember. I've told people this and they say, "Oh, you were little. You don't remember" or "Are you SURE you weren't seeing things? You were scared." All those things are true, but I'm not crazy and I'm not a fool - I KNOW there was a man sitting next to me and it stands out in my memory very clearly. I was sure of it then, and I'm sure of it now.




White Eyes



By: Anonymous




Roughly two years ago, I was stationed on USCGC Harriet Lane, a two hundred and seventy foot cutter out of Portsmouth, Virginia.  Upon arrival to my unit, I was immediately informed about a "ghost" that existed on the fantail (the stern of the boat) of our vessel named "White Eyes". The story goes that about 1-2 years prior to my arrival to the cutter,  the vessel was tasked to an alien migrant interdiction ops patrol off the coast of Haiti.  While on this patrol, the cutter responded to a report of an over turned Haitian sail freighter.  When the cutter arrived on scene,  they found the overturned vessel, and several deceased Haitians floating in the water.  Every one of the deceased were brought on deck and placed into "body bags".  One of the deceased however, stood out.  Persons who were on the cutter at the time remember one person, a very tall, elderly man.  This mans eyes allegedly were permanently rolled back into his skull, creating the allusion of having completely white eyes.  After hearing this story, I immediately denoted it, thinking that they were just messing around with the new guy.  Over the span of my first 3 month patrol I managed to avert seeing White Eyes.  All though, many would report discrepancies on their security rounds that were very eerie.  Also, five or six persons reported seeing White Eyes.  I still shrugged it off, thinking that they were still just messing around with the new guy.  On my second patrol (this was actually off the coast of Haiti) I saw one of the scariest things that I've ever bared witness to.  On my first round of the night (approximately 12:30 a.m.) I ventured down to the fantail to find that all of the straps on our small boat had been removed, and all of the secondary gas cans had been unchained.  Thinking nothing of it, I fastened all of the fittings and proceeded though my round, immediately reporting the discrepancy to the conning officer via radio.  On my second round,  Everything was normal on the fantail, and I began to take the stairs up to the flight deck.  About two steps up,  and a feeling of total terror came over me.  I could sense that something was very wrong.  I immediately turn around to see the silhouette of a tall man,  with illuminated white eyes, staring at me with a piercing gaze, roughly ten feet away from me.  The only truly visible part of the "person" were the amazingly bright eyes. For about two seconds I was absolutely petrified.  Next, I collected myself, and ran as fast as I possibly could up the stairs; not stopping until I reached the bridge.  I informed everyone of what I had seen, and they were not at all surprised or skeptical.  This has been a common occurrence on the vessel prior to, and ever since my arrival to the cutter.





A Ghost Cat





What I'm submitting, are true experiences that were what swayed me to believe in something like ghosts. Not a human ghost, a cat ghost. About twelve years ago, when my daughter was a little girl my future ex-wife and I got her a cat. His name was Tiger and we got him from the pound. We don't know how old he was but he lived in the house for a few years. Anyway, I think he haunts the house, or me, since he died. I feel really guilty because I yelled at him one day, and the next day I found him under my bed- dead! He got down in the cellar after a heavy rain had flooded it. He was coming downstairs and I yelled at him to get back upstairs (not those exact words!) and I never saw him alive again. A few weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night- sleeping on the same bed he died under. I felt him jump up on the bed like he sometimes did, and walk up the blanket, which was over me, and sit down on my chest. Very distinctly. Only thing is, he wasn't there because he's dead! Anyone who has ever owned a cat that jumps in the bed, knows what it feels like. Cats walk very slowly and deliberately in the dark. And Tiger always d that- if you were laying in bed he would walk right up your body looking at you in the eye. I looked around at the clock and everything and made sure that I was definitely awake when this happened. I was fully conscious. Not long after that, but not because of that, I moved my bedroom downstairs to a bigger room.

I didn't say or think anything about it until about six months later, in fact I kind of forgot about it. My girlfriend at the time was helping me pull up the carpet downstairs. She suddenly turned around and said- "I just saw a cat run go around the corner and run up the stairs!"  But there was no cat in the house. She swore that she saw a dark, tabby cat (Tiger) out of the corner of her eye.

Next, my daughter, at that time a teenager in high school moved back in with me and slept in the upstairs bedroom- my old bedroom. I was visiting my girlfriend's house one evening  and my daughter was home by herself. She called me frantically and said that she had just felt a cat walking on the bed and it woke her up. To this day a couple of years later, she swears that several times she saw Tiger out of a corner of her eye, or heard him purring in her ear or patting at her face, laying in her bed in my old bedroom.  Once, a friend of hers who didn't know anything about Tiger asked her about "the cat"- which they just saw run upstairs, but which we did not have. My bedroom is downstairs now and I seldom go to that old bedroom anymore. When I do go up there, in the back of my mind I keep my eye out for a cat. So, I guess poor ol' Tiger still haunts me.







I have had experiences with Ghosts.  I was in South Bend Michigan, and went down Primrose on Christmas Night.  It was really scary.  We were driving at 25 MPH, and we stopped at the stop sign at eh North end of the road.  I rolled down the window, because it sounded like there was a woman crying.  I Went forward really slowly, and it stopped.  I stopped the cr and listened, and then it started again, this time though, it sounded like it was coming toward me.  I heard a acraping sound along the side of the car, but when i looked in the rearview mirror, nothing was there.  I finaaly freaked out, and drove home really fast.  I got out of the van, and the were four scrapes along the lenght of my vehicle, like fingernails scratches... They're still there.











THE DANCING SHADOW BLOBS  I grew up in a town near Hartford, Connecticut. I was seven or eight (1957-1958) when I had the experience I'm about to relate. One night, I'd either had a nightmare or a usual childhood case of the creeps, and I handled the fear, as I sometimes did, by retreating into my parents' bedroom and begging to share bed space with them. Only my mom was home on this particular night, while my father was working a night shift. She let me stay, but she was grumpy, scolded me for my silliness, then rolled over, away from me, was instantly asleep, and played no part in what followed.

Meanwhile, I couldn't get to sleep and I couldn't relax. It wasn't fear, just restlessness. I was lying on the right side of the bed, almost next to a west-facing window. The window was an older sort with a heavy wooden frame and thick wooden mullions, that we opened by pushing it up, with some effort, and closed by pulling it down, also with some effort. At that moment, it was closed. The window was fitted with panes of glass perhaps 3/4ths of a foot square, separated by the vertical and horizontal wooden mullions. The shade, an older-style canvas one with a pull-string, was pulled completely down, covering the entire window. Ambient light from the moon and a few scattered streetlights shone through the window, illuminating the shade. The effect was of squares of dim luminosity, cast by the panes, separated by black bars of shadow cast by the mullions, the bars crisscrossing horizontally and vertically to frame three stacked, horizontal rows of luminous squares, each row with three squares: left, middle, and right. What I saw had to do with the bottomost horizontal row. 

Still unable to sleep, I was sitting up for the moment, looking casually toward that window, when, without prelude, a troop of shadowy "blobs" suddenly marched leftward, in single file, from beyond the right edge of the rightmost square, as if from offstage. There were perhaps five of these blobs, which began to lightly hop and bounce about, in a comical, cartoonish way, along the bottom of the illuminated square. 

I can best describe a typical blob as follows: it was dull black, the same black as the shadows cast by the mullions. Imagine a stylized star, cut out of black paper, with the standard five points. Cut off the points almost but not quite at their bases. Now you have five straight edges separated by five notches. Make the straight edges bulge slightly outwards. Now round out all the sharp points, ending up with a rounded object with five low but distinct bulges where the points of the star were. The bulges correspond very roughly to a head, arms and legs. Soften the edge of the object to render it fuzzy. Imagine the object moving about, along a horizontal surface, hopping along on alternate leg-bulges, and occasionally making impressive leaps. Imagine each of the five bulges on the blob slightly extending, then slightly retracting, not all at once but individually, in a rhythm, constantly, and you have a "blob." Each blob was about the size of a silver dollar, two-dimensional, and completely silent. All looked exactly alike, and all were constantly in motion.

The five blobs I'd seen trooping in from offstage were soon busy dancing, cavorting, hopping up and down, leapfrogging over one another, and sometimes making high, broad jumps, but all confined to the rightmost square. The blobs seemed to be made of the same "substance" as shadow itself,  and behaved as if other shadows, including other blobs,  were something like solid matter to them. They acted as if the bars of shadow cast by the mullions and separating the squares were semi-solid barriers that the blobs could cross only with difficulty.  About ten minutes after their appearance, one of the blobs forced its way through the black bar separating the right and middle squares, slowly and with an effort, like a man pushing his way through a thick hedge, and landed in the middle square. Once that particular blob had done this, the others, one at a time, followed the first into the middle square,  but without meeting the resistance met by the first blob. Tha bar of shadow was no longer a barrier. Now the blobs were free to cavort in the right and middle squares.

Meanwhile, more blobs were popping in from the edge of the right square and joining in the fun. Occasionally, one blob would make an impressive forward-and-reverse jump, hopping in a great arc over its fellows, from the right square into the middle one, then immediately hopping in reverse to its original spot, five or six times, in one continuous motion.

At first, I felt a little bit of fear, realizing that I was seeing something decidedly unnatural, a phenomenon I couldn't cross-reference with any other. But the blobs were so sprightly, whimsical, and non-threatening that I soon forgot any fear and just sat watching their antics, fascinated. In time, they broke the shadow barrier between the middle and left squares, as they had the barrier between the right and middle squares, and were now free to gambol about in all three squares, all across the bottom of the windowshade. By now there were perhaps fifteen blobs in all, hugely enjoying themselves. One blob made an incredible fore-and-back leap, five or six times in a row, from the right square all the way across the middle square into the left square. I silently rooted for the little guy. Near the very end of the show, it or another blob repeated that display, as if showing off one last time.

This Dance of the Shadow Blobs went on for most of an hour. Twice, I lifted the shade to see if there were objects outside casting the shadows, but the light was too dim for me to make out any such thing, while I realized that there were no creatures in known nature able to act in such a fashion, casting shadows but behaving as if their shadows were confined to squares of light within a shade.

Once, I became bored with the show and lay down for maybe ten minutes. When I sat up and looked at the window and shade, the blobs were still there and the party was still in full force.

Perhaps ten minutes after I resumed watching the Blob Fest, and about three-quarters of an hour after its beginning, it began showing signs of winding down. There were fewer blobs, and the remaining ones' activities became gradually less energetic. When perhaps five blobs were left, the show wrapped up abruptly. As if on some signal, the blobs stopped their antics, dropped to "ground" level along the bottom of the squares, lined up in single file, and marched off to the right edge of the right square and out of sight. The show was over.

I never had the feeling or notion that the blobs were putting on some sort of show exclusively for me. They seemed confined to their own little pocket universe, completely unaware of my presence. I didn't participate, but merely observed from a distance, like someone watching a musical play rehearsal from some hidden spot.

I have no explanation for the Shadow Blobs. I know I wasn't dreaming, in the same way that I knew I'm not asleep and dreaming right now. There was no sense of waking after the blobs disappeared, time passed normally all through the blob convention, nothing else around me changed as in the manner of dreams, and I didn't react with the unquestioning nonchalance of the dream state. I acted as any curious young child might when faced with a new, unexplainable, and fascinating phenomenon that poses little or no threat.

If there's a psychological explanation, I lean toward it having been an hallucination brought on by boredom, sleeplessness and the dim lighting. Sensory deprivation experiments have demonstrated that relaxed subjects, staring continuously at something like a dimly-lit screen in dark surroundings, will begin hallucinating, often well within an hour. Yet, I'd never experienced anything like the blobs before that night, and I never have since. If what I saw was objectively real, then perhaps I glimpsed some realm of nature rarely seen, where shadow is solid or semisolid matter, and where living creatures are made out of shadow-stuff.

HOLE IN THE DARK   This happened when I was five or six, and may, or may not, have been an hallucination brought on by fever. I've hallucinated occasionally in fever,  but those were distortions of size and perspective, and the fever on this particular night was mild and well below hallucination strength. It was nighttime and I was in bed, restless, tossing and turning, trying to get into some comfortable position. Running out of options, I tried something different altogether: lying face down, my face in my hands. This felt comfortable for a minute or so, but then I saw what looked like a perfectly round hole materialize, as it were, in the darkness of my closed eyes, and directly in front of me. The hole was darker than the darkness that surrounded it.

Spooked, I pulled out of that position and sat up, eyes open. The Hole was still there, right in front of me, even with my eyes uncovered and open, seemingly about six feet in front of me in the dark room, the apparent size of a baseball at that distance, and still darker than the darkness surrounding it.  It stayed exactly in the center of my field of vision, no matter where I looked. It never changed its appearance, distance, or size, and gave the impression of being not a flat, round-edged disc, or a sphere, but a hole in the darkness itself, opening into some greater darkness behind and beyond.

Now I freaked, and Shirley, the babysitter--Mom and Dad were at a movie--came rushing to my rescue, switching on the room light and banishing The Hole. I told her what I'd seen. She gently blamed it on a dream and my fever, and presently left, turning the light out. There was no sign of The Hole. I remembered that I'd brought it into existence by laying face down, face in hands. I couldn't resist the experiment of repeating that position to see if I could thereby re-summon The Hole. I succeeded, and events passed as before, The Hole parked in front of my field of vision. Again, I freaked, and again, Shirley ran to my room and wiped out The Hole by turning the light on. I explained my freakout, she cautioned me against summoning the Hole again via my special method, then once again left, turning off the light.

I took Shirley's advice seriously, with no desire to tempt fate once again, but for awhile, I looked fearfully all about the darkened room, wondering if that Hole was merely hiding somewhere for the moment and might soon reappear, even without being summoned. It didn't, and I dropped off to sleep.

THE HOWLING CAR   I had this dream, or experience, when I was no older than five (1955). It began as a dream, in which my friend Mike and I were walking along a familiar street in our neighborhood, heading toward a small corner store to buy candy and cards and such, as we often did. All of a sudden, a horrible, high-pitched, metallic, ear-piercing screeching and whining sound came from some source behind us. I turned, and saw the source. It was a metallic box, about the size of an average hardcover book, attached flatwise to the underside of a bulky gray Plymouth parked along the roadside, facing away from us, the box's nearest edge flush with the back edge of the car.  On the surface of that nearest edge was something like a wing nut, slowly rotating, and that was the source of the painful sound. Terrified, Mike and I started to run, but we seemed paralyzed by that screeching noise.

I woke up at that moment, and, to my horror, I could still hear that very same screeching, whining sound, as loud and painful to the ear as ever. It seemed to be all around me, not coming from any particular direction. Even at that young age, I knew that dreams shouldn't follow me into the waking state, and that if they did, something must be seriously wrong with reality or with me.  I freaked, crying out in the night, and my mom and dad rushed into the room, and soon had me calmed and falling asleep once more. They'd heard nothing unusual. But that dream, or phenomenon, has remained as one of my earliest memories and one of my most vivid, along with The Hole In the Dark and the Dancing Shadow Blobs.

BEDEVILED  MOON   An occurrence that might or might not have been some sort of waking dream came my way in the same general age span, 5-7, as in the preceding accounts.

I was wandering about in my neighborhood one evening in early autumn. The sun had set a half hour ago or less, the weather was still warm and pleasant, and the sky was clear, the sort that generally follows a mild, sunny day. I remember exactly where I was standing when I saw something that sticks in my mind to this day and refuses explanation, even though what I saw could not have been happening.

The full moon was perched in the sky to the general southeast, just beginning to increase in brightness as the sky darkened following sunset. But there was something wrong with that idyllic sight: the Moon was rotating.

It was rotating vertically, i.e., as the Earth would seem to if you looked at it from space from such a position that the poles were to your right and left. The Moon (or whatever it was) rotated visibly, a complete rotation taking perhaps 30 seconds. There were shadowy, dark gray areas on the Moon-thing, the same sort one sees on the Moon anytime it's visible, except that these were moving along with the Moon-thing's rotation. I remember seeing certain markings show up repeatedly, as they would on a rotating object. One marking in particular very vaguely resembled a human figure lying on its side, but I should make clear that the resemblance was coincidental and no more humanlike than the man-in-the-moon face. I recall it because I kept an eye on the rotating Moon and saw that marking roll into sight and out of sight several times, always at the 30-or-so-second interval.

I already knew a fair amount of kid's-level astronomy and general science, and I knew that the Moon does NOT rotate, but keeps one side towards the Earth, constantly. All I could infer from what I was seeing was that perhaps, sometimes, the Moon DID rotate, for whatever incomprehensible reasons.  I didn't realize at that age that it would have taken a mighty natural force to start the Moon rotating, and that the Moon, rotating as fast as I seemed to be seeing, would have torn itself apart, while the fragments, caught in Earth's gravity, would have battered the Earth into a seething, smoking, probably lifeless ruin.

So what did I see? A balloon, like an advertising dirigible? No, because if  I could see that much detail, I would have been able to see lettering and logos, but I saw only meaningless shapes like the Moon's markings. A waking dream?  I can't prove it wasn't a dream, I can only say that my memory of the sight is like any memory of a real, vivid, and puzzling occurrence.  I know I was awake then in the same way that I know I'm awake right now.  The Moon? No, for all the obvious reasons.

What puzzles me most is how something so illogical and unnatural could act so mechanically blase, a moonlike object rotating at a constant rate and showing the same markings repeatedly.

LIVING PATCH OF MIST   In 1970 -- I was in my twenties and finishing college -- I used to take evening and nighttime walks to "The Reservoir," just a block away from where I lived. It was a fenced-in but easily accessible area the size of maybe three football fields. Vegetation there was a mix of grass and woodland. There was a paved road running through it, and it was a great place for taking walks and clearing out one's head after classes and homework or summer blues.  The small reservoir was underground, beneath a grass-covered, man-made hill with flat sides and a flat top: a truncated pyramid about 300 feet long (east-west), 200 feet wide, and 50 feet high.

One mid-summer night, I was taking my usual walk through that area, passing the reservoir on my left.  It was completely dark by then, with no moon. Close to the west end of the reservoir, and maybe two-thirds of the way to the top of its flank, I saw what at first looked like the image a lit window would cast on the ground just outside, at night. It was a yellowish, more or less square shape, maybe three feet on a side,  with in-bulges of shadow here and there, as if there were plants and knick-knacks on the window sill, casting shadows. Bit there were no houses and no windows around. Very puzzled and mystified, I began hiking up the side of the reservoir to get a better look at this phenomenon. As I got to within fifteen feet of the patch, I saw that it was definitely a patch of luminous mist, flat and positioned a few inches off the ground, slightly above the level as the recently mowed grass. The ground was sloped, being the side of a lopped pyramid, and the area of the patch of mist was parallel to the sloping ground.

As I got closer, the patch started to move, very slowly, away from me and further up the hill. It picked up speed and spread out, losing the squarish shape. As I reached that spot, the patch had broken up into streamers of faintly glowing, bluish mist or fog, flowing along the ground at that same height, away from me, and still picking up speed, as if it were running away, until it had dissolved completely. It wasn't a case of me or my feet kicking up a wind that moved the patch of mist. That sort of motion would have just slightly churned and jumbled a little cloud of mist. This cloud of mist moved very purposefully and under power all its own.  It acted like a living creature. This purposeful movement, under its own power, was the strangest quality of the little mist cloud. Sometimes I've wondered if the cloud was just a patch of will-o'-the-wisp, a natural phenomenon, but that doesn't explain the quality of the movement.

GHOSTS OR GRUMPY OLD MEN?   From 1980-1985, I lived in Berkeley, California. I had a day job doing yardwork in exchange for rent and utilities, working in two residential areas, both within a fifteen-minute walk of each other, a few blocks south of the campus of the University of California-Berkeley. I did my yardwork three days a week, and walked from one area to the other to get it all done in a day. On that walk, in either direction, I always passed a certain house on a street corner (I can't remember the street names) between the main drags of Telegraph and Shattuck Avenues, in a quiet residential area of families and UC students.

This house was a medium-gray, two-story Victorian, the sort whose archetype spans the cover of  nearly every gothic romance paperback. It lacked only the frightened young woman fleeing into the foreground and tossing one last look over her shoulder at the brooding, sinister mass of the house.

The house looked firmly closed up and unoccupied, though with no cheap repair jobs like boards nailed over windows. The small, suburban back and side yards were home to several pine trees that seemed to cast an aura of depression and gloom over the house and yard, even on the sunniest days.  I never saw lights on within the house if I passed it when it was getting dark. The front porch was littered with pine needles in brown drifts, and decorated with bits and pieces of old junk mail and wind-trash. 

I only saw people in and around that house once, but I'm not likely to forget that one time. Walking by there around noon one day in spring or summer, I saw three men walking about the yard, as well as in and out ot the house. They were short, dumpy, balding, middle-aged men,  caucasian,  with odd body proportions, who shared a very obvious family resemblance, but not close enough to proclaim them triplets.

What struck me then, and now, when I recall the sight of the men, is their physical appearance and facial expressions. Their backs looked slightly but permanently swayed into noticeably uncomfortable-looking S-shapes, while their limbs were short and pudgy, although the men weren't dwarfs in the physical sense. Their ugliness stopped just short of being grotesque and deformed. Their faces closely resembled one another's, while all three faces were some of the most negative I've ever beheld, with bitter glares and frowns of what looked like ill-controlled anger, disgust, and frustration, well on the way to becoming active malice.  The faces never lost those ill-tempered frowns and glares duringthe few minutes I watched the men while I slowed down my walk by the house. The men never talked to one another, and scarcely seemed to notice me, if they did at all. Their clothing was odd, too. It looked normal in and of itself, merely trousers and buttoned shirts of no special style, but the apparel didn't fit the mens' bodies correctly, being too tight in certain odd places and loose and billowy in other odd spots, while the pot-bellies of all three men bulged almost cartoonishly.

I was amazed and fascinated, and I always will be,  by the appearance and activity of those slightly unnatural-looking men, wandering around in what for them was the perfect setting. I even wondered then if they were ghosts, but they seemed too solid and objectively real to be ghosts.

Later that day, I walked home past that house. It looked shut to the point of being airtight, as before, and there were no lights on in the windows. I never again saw the men there whom I'd seen on that day. Yet, I'll never forget them or the feeling I had on that one day, when I walked by a supposedly uninhabited house and saw its true inhabitants, or people who could have been.




Grandma's House





I wanted to share some of the things that happened to me and various members of my family in my grandmother’s house. It is a house that was built in the early 60’s…brick, three bedrooms and two baths. Nothing abnormal….well…..except this stuff.

My grandmother was a very religious woman, she read the bible before going to bed every night. She would not speak of these happenings unless you coaxed it out of her. One evening, she put my then 6 year old uncle down for bed. She walked down the hall, and walked back up the hall and glanced in his room before continuing on her way…there sitting on his chest was an imp type being, sort of like a little tiny man, he turned and looked at my grandmother and gave her a slow wicked smile and faded away. My grandmother snatched my uncle up and ran out of the house.

About a week before my grandfather died, the lamps in the living room, which had been unplugged for vacuuming around the furniture all of a sudden blew their bulbs. The family was all sitting in the living room when it happened. While they were still in shock over the lamps, they witnessed something like a towel being thrown from my uncle’s room (same little boy as previously mentioned) into the bathroom across the hall. When they went to inspect nothing was there. Also, one evening my grandmother was using the bathroom, when she heard a jar full of marbles fall crashing into the tub, since my uncle had a marble collection, she didn’t think too much of it, until she moved the shower curtain and nothing was there.

After my grandfather died, it calmed down a bit. When I was about 10, my cousins who were the same age  and one older spent the night with my grandmother. While we were settling down and trying to go to sleep, there was a bright glow in the room, and something tried to strangle me. I could not breathe, my cousins could not move and we were terrified. When we were finally let go, we ran to tell my grandmother who reassured us, but was scared just the same.

When I was 16 or so, I spent the night with my grandmother I was sleeping in a sleeping bag on her living room floor…I woke up in the middle of the night to someone standing over me…it was all black and solid, and I jumped up and ran and got my grandmother.

When she passed away, my mother offered to give me the house. I was young and newlywed, and I turned the offer DOWN!!!

Anyone that has ANY idea what this experience was all about, please feel free to email me!!!!




My Childhood Experiences




As a child I experienced things that at the time I did not question but now almost twenty years later I am beginning to become a little more than curious and wonder if I have something inside me that allows me to see things others can't.  My parents house is rumoured to built on the site of a monstary and later on in history a German Prisoner of War Camp.  Many of the experiences I have encountered seemed to be linked to this.  I have many, many stories and  don't know quite how to write them down or where I should start.... I think I'll put them under headlines.

The Pyramid

This is the one that mystifies me the most.  When I was around thirteen I shared a bedroom with my younger sister.  We both woke up around the same time and saw a pyramid shape about two foot tall by our wardrobe.  It had a kind of glow about it and as we stared it raised itself up about six inches and moved towards my bed before disappearing.  I have never worked out what it was or what it symbolised.

Man on bike

Again this is an experience I shared with my sister.  We were talking in bed with the light off when my mum came in and turned the light on.  My sister asked her to stop as the man on the bike would disappear and sure enough a man on a motorbike drove across our bedroom.  We live in a two storey house!!!

The monk

This is the one the whole family has experinced.  Every now and again a man dressed in traditional monks clothing will walk from our living room and out towards the staricase before disappearing.  There is an air of calmness about him and we do not feel threatened by his presence.  We rarely talk about him to people outside the family but others have commented on seeing shadows and feeling cool in certain areas of our house.  In fact the other day my four year daughter was watching television in the living room and stated that a man had just walked pasted her and touched on the head.  She was not scared or bothered by this at all.  I have run out of room but this is just an insight to what I have experienced.  Am I weird or do others experince this amount ofsupernatural activity??





My Ghostly Animals




Im a 14 year old girl who lives in Kentucky,the last few years ive lost animals which were very dear to me,mainly my most loved ones.

The first one i lost was Tiger,he was a calico,and which is very very rare,any ways it was a normal day boreing and such i was sitting at my computer listening to music and eating pizza.I  looked out the door after my dad wa leaveing,and seen my kitten had been run over by my dad,which was the very first time ive seen an animal run over,all i could do is watch him die.About the next night i was standing outside it wasn't to late about 8pm and heard a cat meowing in the porch next to where i was standing.I walked into the porch to see tiger,sitting there and stareing at me then he disappeared,since then ive not seen tiger.

Now to tell you about checkers,and Benji.Checkers was another kitten,a brother of tiger,it was a early morning after my mom went to work.i had just fed them(this is after tiger died)And went inside,hours later it began to rain,and i went outside and found Checkers laying dead in the garden,and i wasn't sure what happend(i think the lady across the street posioned him now.)So my dad barried him that evening,up to now i still see him in the garden at times.Later that day after Checkers died,my dog benji he had Conjestive heart failure,i had him for 7 years my granma an granpa took him for a ride,and let him drink icewater on the way to pick up my mom.He died in the car five minutes before my mom got to the car,so when they got back heart broken i cryed for days and i still see him walking around the house,and it still scares me at times.

Last one is my cat who i wasn't a fan of but still cared deeply for..Devil,he got his name from me because he looked evil he was solid black and wasn't friendly,he bit my friend on the hand and she sitll has the scar.On the fourth of july,he was hit of course i didn't see,untill i was rideing my scooter down the road and stoped in the drive way and smelled something well i looked to the ditch,and he was laying there dead,i cried worse than i ever have(strangely)then it began to storm..and we couldn't barry him at the time,like when checkers died(it rained)when benji died(it rained)when tiger died(it rained)After we barried devil,i began to see him ONLY AT NIGHT!! out side on the ramp looking into the door at me,he looked more calm and nice than he did when he was alive.

These are my true storys,and to this day i still see them all..



My Stories





I have had more than my fair share of ghostly experiences.  My first experience was right after High School (1994) and My grandmother had just died. We had had her cremated and her ashes we in their urn on top of her headboard.  After she died my grandfather shut her door and never opened it again.  I came to visit him and when it was time to go to bed I went to her room.  I always slept with her when I went to visit them.  Well she had a cat named Miss Piggy that cat slept with her every night that she had had her.  Well afte rmy grandmother died and my grandfather had shut her door the cat hadn't been allowed back in.  So needless to say Miss Piggy was very happy when I went to go to bed and opened her dorr, cause she came flying in.  We laid down to go to sleep and got all  covered up, Miss Piggy in her usual spot at the bottom of the bed.  We laid there for what seemed like 30 minutes to an hour and all of the sudden her curtains started to fly up in the air like a huge breeze was blowing in, Only thing was the windows were not open.  Miss Piggy stood up and arched her back and started hissing like crazy.  So I said, "Grandma, please go away I can't deal with this right now" and the curtains stopped and the cat laid down and went back to sleep.   That is that one.

Next in 1997 I met my best friend Michelle and her husband had just passed away.  If we would go out to the mall or something she would always say Wade would want me to leave the TV on so if someone was going to break in they would think someone was home.  But, she never would leave the TV on.  So everytime when we would come back her TV would be on but not on a channel on the Blue Screen.  I thought it was odd but I was like wow, your tv comes on, you know.  Then it just started getting a little wierder.  We would come back and of course the TV would be on, but then she would put the key in the door and try to open it and the door knob would only turn just a little bit.  It was like someone was holding the door knob from the inside.  Because you could turn it slightly and then not at all.  She started using her upper body to try to open it and then almost fell down when the door fell open, and she almost fell down.  I don;t remember anything happening for a while after that and then she moved her trailor from West Virginia to Burnaugh, Kentucky.  Then things started getting really bad.  Now instead of the TV coming on the the blue screen it would be Kung-fu.  One day I had to go somewhere and Shell was supposed to go with me so I went to get her up.  She came to the door and you could tell that she just got out of bed.  I looked behind her and every piece of furniture in her living room was turned over.  She had been up ealier to get her daughter ready and off to school and went back to bed, when she was up earlier everything was normal.  Now she gets up lie 2-3 hours later and her enitre living room was tore up?  She had also been complaining that she kept feeling something get into bed with her.  It felt furry like a bear she said and it would attack her I guess because she would show me scratches down her backside (buttocks area and thighs) that did not look like fingernail scratches, they were like a wide cat nail scratch.  Welll thigns kept going on and her and her daughter went on vacation.  She asked me to come over and turn lights on and I could use her computer and stuff.  I came over one night and opened the screen door and the front door, walked in and shut them both completely.  I went over and sat down at the computer desk with my back to the door.  (Sidenote-when her trailor had been moved from WV to KY it had been bent and messed up pretty bad so her doors were hard to open or shut cause things weren't square anymore.)  The Front door opened completely not hte screen door then the front door just the front door.  Nothing else happened and I got out of there pretty fast.  Well another night she was baby sitting my liile girl for me and I would go pick her up after work and everyone would normally be asleep.  So I would go get my daughter and put her in her car seat and leave.  Well when I came in this night I sat down in her chair and the TV came on.  So I figured that the remote was under my butt, but it wasn't. I looked over and all of her remotes we neatly side by side on her table??  I said, "Wade, it is Kelly not Michelle and the TV turned off."  That happened to several people in her house.  She talked to a pastor about her problems and he came over to "bless" the house and told her to keep a bible open to the lord's prayer and it never happened again.

Most recently is my mothers new house.  They bought the house in 2002 and the previous owners had both died of natural causes in the house.  No one ever really thought anything about it.  It was creepy when they first looked at it because everything was as it would be and like someone would be home any second.  After they moved in my brothers were making noise in the kitchen so they started the rule that no one was allowed in the kitchen afetr midnight as she is a light sleeper a hair hitting hte floor could wake her up.  One night she heard the cabinets shutting and opening and got mad and went into the kitchen but no one was there, she figured the ran upstairs the back way so she went upstairs to catch them breathing hard after running aaway...but they were both sound asleep.  In the basement you could hear her walk up behind you because the floor was tile, so my brother would be down there doing laundry and she would be walking all around.  Then she really started bothering him upstairs after my brother left for Iraq.  The home has hard wood floors throughout but they are all covered up with carpet??  So the doors are hard to open and close because the carpet is thick and the doors are a tad to big.  Well if he would go to bed with his door open she would slam them, hard task for a human much less a spirit.  Int he shower she will poke him through the curtain.  He has seen his bed indent from someone sitting on it that isn't there.  The son of these 2 spirits is the one who sold the house and he allowed my parents to go through and decide what they wanted to keep and he made a price and added it to the total.  So there are a lot of her things still in the house, and I think that is one reason why she is around.  She alos like to move his watch and things from his dresser to his desk.  Well he has since left for college so while my parents went to Slidell, LA to help with the hurricane disaster relief I was in charge of feeding the fish and collecting the mail etc.  I went over everyday and she never bothered me.  Then the last day as I was leaving I saw my mom's family Bible laying upside down on the floor still open.  It was in the middle of the table the last time I left where it stays and no it was upside down on the floor.  Well I picked it up and put it back where it belonged, although I though it wierd because there is NO WAY that it could have fallen off and landed that way.  Plus we don't have earth quakes or anything like that to shake it and cause it to fall.  Well I walked out the door locked it fromt he outside and left.  My mother called the next night to tell me she had gotten home safe and that the house looked nice, but I could have taken the 2 seconds it would have taken and picked her family Bible up? I said, "Mom, before I left you house yesterday I noticed the Bible was on the floor and I did pick it up."  She said, "Well it is laying upside down on the floor, I just figured Ray (my son) did it."  I said, "No, I saw it on the floor before I left.........the story I already told you......and locked the door behind me".  She said something else trying to explain it and I said LAHOMA.  That is the lady who lived there and funny thing they still keep a sign in the garden that says Lahoma's garden.  No wonder she hangs around, all of her things are still here.

Well that is it.  My life of ghost stories.  The last one happened this past weekend. :)




Personal Experience in Lowell Massachusetts




I can confirm most of this for you. My name is Paul Hammond and I worked at the Middlesex Shelter from

1996 to 2000. You wrote this:

Lowell - Lowell transitional Living Center (Middlesex

Shelter) - The TV in the women area changes channels and goes on & off by itself. If you�re downstairs alone you will sometimes hear your name called. While in the shower you can see a shadow walk by. Things disappear and will reappear days later in a different spot. While sleeping some have had their beds shaken and blankets pulled down. A few people, while watching TV, have had their shirts tugged at.

And once in a while the lights will flicker on & off and radio dials will change on there own.

I can confirm all but the "Shadow". The blankets story is interesting because that is how the staff would wake people up everyday if they were not up on time at 6:15AM. I have no doubt the rest is true because I experienced it as well. You could feel it was an evil place and many had suffered and died there. We had about 50 to 70 people a night stay there and gave meals to about 50 more each day. Death happened all the time due to clients doing drugs and other factors you can picture. We had about one death a week wile I worked there. Also to many of the clients this was the place they identified as home. Some have stayed there

9 years or more. Also the adjacent building 201 Middlesex St. and next to it the site of what had been Butches Bar is also haunted by the Homeless Dead. 201 was also a place  that Mill Workers received there pay in the 1800's.

I have a question on another site in Downtown Lowell. Very interested in what you know about River Place Towers ( was Merrimack Plaza ). Well have a goodnight and very interesting work you are doing.

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