Haunted apartment in Maine

by rudym@attnet.or.jp

When I was little, my Dad was stationed at Loring AFB, in Maine, (it is

now closed). This was back in the mid to late sixties, and when we

moved on base our new home was a multiplex apartment building. The

family who lived next door to us, the husband had a heartattack in the

downstairs bathroom, the wife came over and got my Dad, and he

performed cpr on him but he died. I'm not sure how much time passed

but, the family moved out and another moved in. My mother and Mrs.

Cruise, (who's family moved in) became friends and she would come over

and have coffee and chit-chat with my Mom.

One day she came over and was talking to my mother and she said that her

apartment was haunted. My mother had never told her that a man had died

in there before she moved in, so she just asked Mrs. Cruise what made

her think that it was haunted. She told my mom that she knew that a man

died in her bathroom, Mom was shocked and asked how she knew that, she

told her that when she went in the downstairs bathroom she would see him

lying in the floor. Mom was shocked and asked what he looked like and

she said just a black misty thing, and that when her kids were at school

someone would roll a ball down the stairs! Well, that's it, they never

really talked much about it after that, I wish everyone who has had a

weird experience in on base housing would tell their stories, I'm sure

there would be many

The Dead Lights in MA

by SPiragis@valinet.com

6 years ago I was with two friends of mine.We were walking up the end a

road talking about childhood,growing up,our fears and dreams.While talking

we walked in front of an old empty house (it had been empty for about

20years).As we walked by it we saw what looked like fire flies in each

window each a different color.We then looked around to try to figure out if

it was a reflected light we were seeing or if it was coming from inside

the house.(the moon was not out it was cloudy that night) We were standing

in the road and when we started walking toward the house.We all heard a

noise behind us a sort of buzzing noise (like a bottle cap spun off your

fingers).Suddenly a black ball like form went over our heads toward the

house,we thought it to be an owl or something.Then we heard the same type

of noise behind us in the woods a whirling sound.Just then a yellow ball 6"

or 7" in diameter came a foot and a half from our heads toward the house

by that time we were out of there. The very next day I was going to work

with my girlfriend (who is my wife now).We were traveling down route 2 in

Wendell,MA ,when I saw what looked like a deer in the woods the eyes

reflecting back at us.So I slowed the car down to about 40mph careful not

to hit it if it came over the guardrail.We were roughly 50'from it when it

came across but it wasn't a deer .It was a little blue light almost like

liquid light,a small 2"ball.I've never seen anything move so fast in my

life,back and forth fromthe other side of the road.I never told my girl

friend about the night before she might think that I was crazy. I thought

it was just me that had seen it .She said did you see that and I said see

what.She described it to me,It was the same thing I saw .To this day I

don't know what it was .It was a little more than coincidence it was twice

in two days ,and with witnesses.Two weeks later the house burned down.Three

years after the first experience, Curt(one of the friends I went with the

first time),another friend and I went to the same place to see if it could

happen again.As soon as we hit the property line we got this chill up the

back of our legs.When that happened I told Curt to start talking about the

same topics as three years ago.About two minutes later the other friend

thought he saw a dark shadow cross in front of us,neither me nor curt saw

anything.Maybe 4or 5 minute went by.So then I told curt to go back to the

same story when Tim thought he saw something.Suddenly we heard a voice it

sounded 100' away a loud whisper it said"hey hi"and about 3 seconds later

we heard it again but 6' in the woods to our left.We turned around and got

out of there,Tim is too paranoid anyway.Curt and I are still interested in

it.We both have had alot of the same paranormal experiences together at

least 20 different times.And I think that when we had that other person

things might have happened.I mean we may have got into a different mindset

accepting the unknown like a child would, and the stories gave us

flight.Who knows? The place is still active the are still cold spots in the

road at night.I've ordered some Infared film to try to see what might be

there.We are still very curios to what happend there in the past.

Thank you very much hope to here from someone

Ghost in My Room

by jmacmill@bcinternet.com

When I was young, about six or seven I expereinced several ghost

sightings. My bed used to face the hallway and I remember and not why but I woke up and

looked down the hall. I recall a white transparent shape floating down the hall. I

can't remember who it looked like because believe me it wasn't for very long. My head went

under my covers as quick as it went out. After a bit I looked again and this time it

was closer.  Minutes later I looked again to see it by my brother on the other side of

the room. Once  again it was duck and cover. The next time I looked up it was over me and

well that was enough for this six year old and of course run and scream into mom and dads

room.  I recall this happening several times including seeing a red and black

hunting jacket going down the hall. Over time I've tried to bring reason to these sighting

and my only explanation to the event if any was that this was my grandfather

overlooking  is grand kids. He died before I was born and They had the property behind ours.

My father  also related a story of a presence in the garage of his parents years

before this. Its one of those things that unless you actually experience it , it's not

really real. I still wonder to this day.

The Little Girl

by BGL@qconline.com

I've read several of the stories on your site, and this one probably sounds

familiar--but I thought I'd add it to your collection. When I was 12 years

old (15 years ago) I was babysitting for a friend of my mothers, and had

planned on spending the night since she had planned on being out late. I

don't know what time it was, or why I even woke up, but when i did (I was

sleeping on the couch), the figure of a young girl, roughly 5 or 6 years

old appeared before me. I immediately became frightened, becuase I was

babysitting two young boys. The girl didn't appear to be menacing at all,

in fact she was rather pretty. She was however, dressed in what I can only

refer to as "Little House on The Prarie" clothes, complete with bonnet.

She had long blond hair, braided down both sides, and all she did was smile

at me. I was terrified, and rubbed my eyes thinking I was having some sort

of waking nightmare, but when I opened them, she was still there. The next

thing I did was put my blanket over my head, and chant "please go away"

over and over again. After a few minutes that felt like hours, I removed

the blanket and she was gone. This is the only experience I've ever had

with the paranormal, but I thought you might be interested.


by pookied@hotmail.com

I have never written this down because I didn't think anyone would take

me seriously. I came arcoss your web site by accident. I as looking

for Halloween poems to share with some students of mine. (Purely for

entertainment only) Well I have had some experience with what I believe

are spirits or a spirit. I moved into a third floor apartment in

August, 1994. I began to experience things in 1995. Please remember I

am new at this and I'm still skeptical.

My first episode occurred around 11:15-11:30 pm. I was reading as I

always do at that hour. I was propped up on two pillows. My cat was on

my bed with me and was lounging. She then sat up and began looking at

the ceiling. I thought maybe she had spotted a moth or a fly but there

was nothing. her eyes began to dart about and she then jumped off the

bed. I resumed my reading. A few minutes later, while I was still

reading, a very soft, gentle, and cool, (not cold) breeze came over my

left arm. There was not a window open, a fan on, or anything that can

explain the soft breeze. It was actually comforting. I went to bed and

didn't experience any more until a few months later.

Around the same time at night, I as reading, propped up on my pillows,

my cat was in the den, I felt something on my bed with me. I thought it

was my cat's paws, but no she wasn't there. It was as if someone had

placed their hand on the side of my leg. It was very light and

non-threatening. But I really felt strange. I began to think then,

that maybe this was a ghost or spirit. I began telling some of my

co-workers to get their opinion. I then began to notice that when I

would turn on my tv it would turn off right away. This happened for

awhile. I attributed that to electronics.

Another situation that really bothered me occurred on a Thursday evening

in November of 1996. I went to the grocery store just 2 minutes away.

When I came back the door to the crawl space above the kitchen was wide

open. It looked as if someone had moved it. In order for it to be

moved (it was located on the ceiling) would be for someone to push up on

the wood and push it over. I was fascinated and was getting spooked.

It was winding the whole night and I figured that the wind had something

to do with the dorr being moved. It had never happened before or since

then. That really didn't seem to make sense. i often try to

rationalize situations such as this but this really made me wonder.

The last and probably the scariest for me occurred this year in March.

It was around 6:30 pm and I was making dinner. My sister phoned me.

While I was trying to cut up peppers and talk to her at the same time i

realized I couldn't do both. I put down the small paring knife on the

counter and walked into the den. When I walked back into the kitchen

the small knife was in the kitchen floor. It looked as if someone had

thrown it on the floor. I know to this day that I placed the knife on

the cutting board away from the edge. My cat was not in the kitchen and

I knew that this was something. I remember getting off the phone and

just standing there looking at the knife. i tried to recreate the knife

in the floor by dropping it several times. It never stuck. I'm sure

there's a rational reason. Well that night I decided to "talk" to

whomever this may be. I said " I'm not afraid to live in this

apartment." I also said that "I was sorry if anyone did them wrong in

anyway and that doing things like this didn't really bother me." I was

telling the truth about (75%) I was very calm. I thought maybe this

spirit, it it were a spirit was a young woman or even a young girl.

In June 1997, I experienced my last episode. I was moving out from my

apartment and had packed everything except some necessities. I was

sleeping on the floor in the den, (I had no bed, couch etc.) It was

about. 2:00 am when I sprang up and noticed I was bleeding on my right

arm. It was a perfect 2 inch incision. What it could have been i don't

fully know. I went into the bathroom and noticed that I had 4-5 spots

of blood. They turned out to be small punctures. I thought for sure

that it was my cat. He was necx to me when I woke up but he looked as

if he were surprized as well. i immediately checked his paws to see if

he had any blood on them. He didn't. This did scare me. I have a

scar on my right arm and still don't understand what it was. It it was

my cat, what was he thinking. (My other kitty I mentioned couldn't

handle living there anymore. I took her back to my parents in January.

She was destroying the entrance door. This kitty who was with me in

June is my male kitty) Anyway, one week later I was completely moved

out and have never forgotten those experiences. I'm sure there must be

some explanation for some of those things, but in a way, I believe

someone else was there with me. may she was angry that I was leaving.

I was good tenant; very calm and peaceful.

I hope this doesn't sound like jibberish. I really felt weird at times.

I have read several storied and realize others have had very BAD

experiences with spirits and felt their lives were in danger. I never

really felt that at all. I did have a dream that scared me though. I

hope someone can tell me whether these can or cannot be rationalized or


George and the Blue Lady

by gates.7@osu.edu

I have been reading the collection of stories here for some time, and

finally I decided to pass on mine. This story has been told to

countless of my friends and family- and of course freaked them all out.


I am a firm believer that there are things beyond our experiences, and

that sometimes they cannot be explained by science. The following story

is an experience that I had, as well as others in my family.

The first story is about the Blue Lady........

Our farmhouse was built in 1894. We bought the place, after the death

of the most recent owners in 1975. Of course, my parents felt the need

to remodel, and bring the house up to code. For a while the house was

in disarray - and weird things began to happen.

My father was sitting in the living room watching the television, we he

caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He said to his best

recollection it was an older woman, dressed in blue running from the

kitchen to the bathroom. He was shaken, but dismissed the incident.

Not to long after that my mother, sitting in the same location saw the

same woman run from the bathroom to the kitchen. My mother described

her in the same way that my father had, adding that she was able to see

the windows and the wall through the woman as she dashed across the


After the remodeling was completed neither of my parents can remember

seeing the woman again.

A Story About George..........

Strange occurrences in our farmhouse were becoming commonplace. We had

just resigned ourselves to the fact that the house was haunted, and

lived with it. We had a frequent visitor whom we called George. We

assumed it was a man, that is just how the presence "felt".

The summer between my freshman and sophomore in college I was waiting

tables, and working many hours. One morning I awoke at 4:11 a.m. and

saw the figure of what appeared to be a man in a trench coat standing at

the foot of my bed. Still in waitress mode I asked "Can I help you?"

and the figure rushed at my face. My heart pounding I frantically

turned on the light and looked around the room. I was alone. For the

rest of the summer I continued to wake up once or twice a week at 4:11

a.m. ....and always the same occurrence. It got to the point that I

refused to look at the end of the bed, and took to sleeping with the

light on. I thought I was cracking up, just working too many hours I

figured. I told no one about the incidents.

That fall my parents split up, and my mother took to sleeping in my

room. She called me at college and we were having one of our weekly

chats, when she mentions - quite calmly- "Did you have any 'trouble'

sleeping in this room before you left?" - I asked her to clarify her

question and she said - "Well, I keep waking up at 4:11 a.m. in the

morning to see a dark man standing at the end of my bed, and then

suddenly he rushes at my face." Needless to say I almost dropped the

phone. I wasn't the only one- my mothers friend, who has since

succumbed to cancer- experienced the same.

Other than the unnerving feeling of being rushed at and watched, we

never really felt in any danger.

My Aunt and Uncle have now purchased the farmhouse, and renovated it

back to it's original state when it was built in 1894. My Aunt won't

sleep in the room in question, but says she does here creaks and groans

in the floor, but figures it is the natural pine floors, but I have a

feeling it is George checking things out and making sure that everything

is okay........

I do Believe!

by anonymous

Hi I just had to add to your page some true accounts! I won't mention

names for privacy.

The house was in Carencro, Louisiana and it was my step-uncle's. Every

summer I'd go spend a few weeks up there with my cousin.

First off, this is what happened to them before I had my own


My Aunt was washing her hair at the kitchen sink and my cousin was

sitting at the table reading. Well my Aunt stood erect and said, "Oh,

did *Mark* just come in here?" My cousin told her no, and it wasn't

him. What had happened was that she felt someone come up behind her and

wrap their arms around her waist, which her husband usually did.

Another time my guy cousin was in the Kitchen late at night fixing a

bowl of cereal and he heard someone shout, "Get out the kitchen!" His

step-dad didn't like him going to the kitchen all hours of the night, so

my cousin thinking that it was his step-dad yelling at him took off to

the bedroom. The next day he asked if he's step-dad had been up around

the time and found out that he was sound asleep at the time.

On other occasions the "Ghosts" loved my female cousin. She seemed to

get their attention the most. One night her ceiling fan fell. Other

times she heard voices, her mother too heard voices. They said it always

sounded like a woman and man yelling at each other.

One day my Aunt walked in and found my cousin sleeping on the floor and

she asked her why, The night before and it happened on a couple of

occasions something threw her out of her bed against the wall. Now

usually it just pulled her out the bed, but she eventually opted for the

floor once it threw her against the wall.

Now, my Aunt and her children told my step-uncle time again about these

events and he just shrugged it off. Till one night a ball of light shot

in front of his face and hovered then flew off and disappeared. After

cussing and freaking out he asked my Aunt who was laughing, "Did you see

that?!" She was laughing more out of relief because he had finally

seen, other than that she was pretty scared about what was going on in

the house.

Now my Aunt and my cousins never told me about these things but, when I

would go visit I felt like someone was watching. Eery Feeling,

sometimes I felt all the hair on my arms and neck stand up. One day I

was walking down the hallway which had a mirror at the end. As I was

approaching my Uncle's bedroom to get my cousin, I noticed a black mist

hovering behind me over head. I turned around to get a better look, but

nothing was there! When I looked back into the mirror it was still

there staying still until I moved on, every step I took it followed. I

tried not to think to much about it, I told myself my imagination was

getting the best of me (Please remember I still did not know of the

occurences going on in the house!) Well a couple of years later my

cousin and I decided to stay at the house for the night. No one was


When we went to bed, house locked up and alarm on. There was a loud

knock at the bedroom door! Three times it pounded. I shook my cousin

and in a frantic whisper I asked, "Did you hear that? Someone's in the

house and their knocking at the door!" She covered her head and told me

it was the refrigerator. Now after spending plenty of summers there and

knowing good and well what the refrigerator sounded like when dumping

ice, I grabbed at her arm and said, "You know that's not the freezer!"

She asked me to please go to sleep. I could not I felt like static

energy covered my skin. The next day after leaving the house and being

very tired, my cousin told me about everything that had happened. I

have never ever ever been back to that house. I probably would go back,

but then again...I reeaally don't have a reason to!

He Needed to Say Good-bye


Six years ago, my daughter's boyfriend, "R.", was killed in a terrible

automobile accident; he was very young, not quite 19 years old. He & my

daughter had a 9 month old baby boy & R. had worked hard to overcome

problems borne of youth & immaturity so they could finally be together as a

family. Days before the accident, he decided to start attending church &

just hours before he died, he had been hired for a new job, which was to

start the next morning. Elated, he called my daughter to tell her the

wonderful news, but she wasn't home.

R.died at 9:00 p.m. At 9:00 p.m., our phone rang; no one was there.

Also at 9:00, a picture fell off the wall, crashing to the floor. That was

only the beginning...

One of his mother's friends reported that, though she didn't learn of

his death until the next day, she heard R.'s voice crying & calling out to

her constantly during the night. She was confused & frightened, as she was

definitely awake at the time.

My older daughter also heard him call out to her.

A few days after the funeral, my husband heard a young man's voice

coming from the baby's room, saying "Hey, little dude!", which was a

nickname R. used frequently for the baby. He also heard the jingling of

what sounded like car keys. He couldn't figure out who it could be, so he

threw the door open; there was no one there, except the baby, standing up

in his crib, giggling, arms stretched upward toward empty air, as if he'd

been waiting for someone he loved to pick him up.

The next day, my daughter heard someone walking down the hall in the

direction of the front door, car keys jingling. She was apprehensive,

because of the things that had already happened. She went into the hall &

sure enough, no one was there & the door was still locked & latched from

the inside.

Many more things like this continued to happen, until one night my

daughter saw R. She was in bed, when she looked up & there he was,

"floating" toward her, smiling all the while. His figure floated toward

her until it was directly above her, at which point R. leaned over &

"kissed" her. She was terrified at the time, but now finds what happened


After that, the visits stopped. We've pretty much decided that R. just

wanted to say good-bye. He was so young & died unexpectedly; we think he

just wasn't ready to let go.

As a footnote to this, my grandson, who is now 6 years old, mentions

from time to time how "I wish daddy would come & visit me at night like he

used to".

Animalia, or Ghostus Maximus

by donielle@snowhill.com

Ghosts and ghost tales seem to follow my mother's side of the family like a

faithful friend. There is nothing friendly about this stuff, however! My

great-grandmother is a living archive of the family ghosts. Here is one of

the spookier true tales she related....

My great-grandfather died many years ago, after an extended illness, I

believe. In his last moments, Granny (my great-grandmother) and her daughter

took turns watching over him. One day when Gan-Gan (the family's nickname

for my great-grandfather) could hardly breathe and Granny and Grandma knew

he was about to die, Grandma was called away into town suddenly. She didn't

want to leave, but the business in town was vitally important, and she

didn't think she would be gone long.

Not long after Grandma had left, Granny was sitting in the living room,

which was by the bedroom Gan-Gan lay in. Suddenly she heard a loud flapping

and tapping coming from the bedroom. She rushed to open the bedroom door and

saw outside the closed bedroom window a large gray dove frantically beating

at the window, trying to get in. Now, an old Southern superstition (we live

in Alabama) is that when a bird tries to enter a house through the window,

it is a sign of death. Granny ran into the kitchen and grabbed the broom,

then went back to the bedroom to try to scare the bird off. Being very

superstitious, she knew she couldn't let it get in the house. But when she

entered the bedroom again, the dove was perched on the headboard of

Gan-Gan's bed where he lay sleeping, right over his head! Mind you, the

bedroom window was still closed, and Granny says that there was no other

opening anywhere in the house where the bird could have entered. Besides

that, she had closed the bedroom door behind her when she went to get the

broom, and the window was the only other way to enter the room. Granny was

so shaken that she didn't try to scare off the bird; she backed out of the

bedroom and closed the door again, then sat outside on the porch to wait

until Grandma came home.

While she was outside waiting, their 3 dogs suddenly ran to Gan-Gan's

bedroom window and sat under it, barking and howling with their fur

bristling. When Granny tried to enter through the front door to see what was

going on in the bedroom that made the dogs act up, they darted over to the

porch and stood in front of the door, still growling, and wouldn't let her

enter the house.

She stood there staring at the dogs for about fifteen minutes, until Grandma

came home. When Grandma came near the porch, the dogs suddenly stopped their

ferocious blocking of the door and reverted to their normal friendly selves.

Granny told Grandma what happened after she'd left for town. Nervously, they

decided to go see Gan-Gan. They went into the bedroom, and when they opened

the door, the bedroom window was still closed, but the dove was gone! When

they neared the bed to check on Gan-Gan, they were shocked to see that he

had died in his sleep. At that moment, they heard what sounded like heavy

footsteps coming from the attic directly overhead. The only door to the

attic was in the closet in that very bedroom, the door of which was tightly

shut. They opened the door and ascended the attic stairs. There was

absolutely no one in there when they peeked out into the attic from the

steps, and the footsteps had stopped. When they inspected the attic closer,

all they found was 3 fresh gray dove feathers on the dusty floor. Now

remember that the door to the attic was tightly closed; there was no way for

the dove to enter either room from the other room!

Needless to say, Granny and Grandma got the out of the house as fast as

possible, and stayed with friends while they arranged Gan-Gan's funeral.

They bought a new house and demolished the old one immdiately following the

funeral. There are many more true tales of my family's ghosts, but they'll

have to wait till later.... :)

Uninvited Guest

by kheadley@dave-world.net

Rob and June were living in a small apartment with their two small

children. They were looking for a larger place when they heard about

this big two story house that was coming up for sale. The elderly owner

had passed away and the heirs were going to sell the house, complete

with the contents. This would be an ideal solution to their housing

situation. They contacted the people and made a quick deal. They were

soon the proud owners of this huge old house.

Soon after they moved into their new home, Rob's high school alumni

was getting together for a class reunion. Rob and June were going to

host this event. All of the former classmates showed up and they had a

great time. All but one of the couples. The wife of one of the

classmates wasn't feeling well so she and her husband excused themselves

and they left the party.

The men had settled in the living room and the women gathered in the

kitchen. Suddenly the back door opened and someone entered the grade

line entrance. From the back door entrance you can go straight down to

the basement or take a few steps up to a door leading into the kitchen.

Footsteps were heard climbing the steps leading to the kitchen and then

stopped. Thinking that the husband of the absent couple had returned,all

eyes turned toward the kitchen door. No one entered. The women jumped to

their feet and ran into the living room and told the men what had just

taken place. The men went into the kitchen and opened the door. No one

was there. Their first thought was that some one was playing a trick on

them. They searched the basement and found nothing. Whoever it was, is

gone now, they decided.

Eventually the party broke up and everyone went home. Rob had a

little too much to drink so June decided to sleep in one of the other

bedrooms. Rob hung his pants on his bedpost and crawled into his bed.

June removed her evening gown and laid it neatly acros the cedar chest

at the foot of her bed. Both were asleep immediately.

Rob awoke the next morning to find his pants across the room and

crumpled up on the floor. His first thought was that he had been robbed

by the mysterious intruder from the night before. Checking his pants, he

discovered that his money was not missing. He went to June's room to

wake her up. They were shocked to find June's gown on the floor and the

contents of the cedar chest strewn all around the bedroom. They were now

convinced that someone entered the house, waited until all was quiet and

intended to rob them. Nothing was missing so this became a mystery.

Rob was a member of a group of friends that met almost every Thursday

night and played poker. A few weeks after the mysterious incident had

almost been forgotten, Rob was attending his Thursday night poker game.

June had tucked the children into bed and was going to take a hot bath.

As she was relaxing in the tub, she heard the back grade line door open

and close. She figured that Rob was coming home early so it didn't

surprise her. The footsteps came through the kitchen, through the living

room, through the hall and stopped right outside the bathroom door. If

it was Rob, he would have spoken or would have entered the bathroom.

Jane is becoming frightened by this time. She is afraid to move or make

any noise so she sits quietly in the tub until the water is starting to

get cold. She does not know what or who is on the other side of the

bathroom door and wishng that Rob woud come home soon.

Eventually Rob comes home only to find June sitting quietly in the

bathtub full of cold water. She tells her story and Rob thinks there is

a prankster involved. Several odd things happened after that and they

always seemed to happen on a Thursday evening. Rob figures that whoever

is bothering them knows that he is gone to his poker game and takes this

opportunity to frighten June.

Rob devises a plan. He will drive his car to the poker game and then

have someone bring him back home creating the illusion that he is not at

home. He is going to catch this guy and administer some home town

justice. His bed is located next to an upstairs window that looks out

upon the grade line entrance that seems to be where the intruder always

starts from.

Rob has a 38 caliber revolver and a heavy duty flashlight which he

places on the night stand beside his bed. June is going through her

normal routine and Rob is waiting for something to happen. Rob must have

drifted off to sleep. He awakened suddenly to find himself lying on his

stomach, heavy sweat (or blood) running down the back of his neck and a

guy standing over him looking closely at the back if his head. Rob's

first thought was that this guy has hit him on the head and is looking

to see if there is any further movement. If there is, he will finish the


Rob knows thaat his pistol and flashlight are within easy reach but

he will have to move fast because this guy is almost on top of him. With

one quick move Rob throws his arm toward the night stand intending to

grab the gun and hit this guy on the head. His fingers close upon the

flashlight instead. No time to search for the gun, the flashlight will

have to do. With a continuing motion he comes down hard on this guy's

head. Expecting a contact with a solid object, namely this guy's head,

he is surprised to feel nothing as the flashlight passed through the

object standing there. He was dumbfounded as his arm buried itself deep

into the soft mattress. As Rob looked at the figure it seemed to be a

gray mist that he could see through. It stood there for a few seconds

and then seemed to suck itself, like a funnel, down to the size of a

quarter and then disappear into the wall.

Rob and June have now become aware of what they are dealing with.

Other than frightening them a few times, no harm was ever directed to

them. The only thing that really bugged them after the above occurances

was the attic light. It was always on. They would turn it off and soon

thereafter it would be on again.

Rob investigated the situation and made a discovery that he thinks

explains what took place. The old gentleman that lived in the house,

until his death, had farm land and a substantial amount of money. Upon

his death, his heirs liquidated all of the assets of the estate and went

through it in a remarkably short time. This old fellow had spent his

entire life building an estate which was destroyed almost immediately

after his death. Rob figured that this soul was upset at the way things

went and was hanging around not knowing what else to do.

Rob and June eventually purchased June's faamily homestead and sold

their big home. The people that now own it have had no unusual


The House

by chipperrox@loop.com

On a more serious note, the main reason I literally got on the internet

with the sole purpose of ghosts on the brain, was becasue of a house

that I visited. I will tell you a little about what my background is as

well as my familys, and the background of the house. Please try and

help me figure this out... I am very seroius.

In our family, about 5 of us have seen ghosts. It was really when my

mom and her parents and her siblings lived in a house that was haunted.

My mom has seen the ghosts of an old couple standing at the foot of her

bed before, and my grandfather has seen and heard a little girl ghost

crying. My grandmum has also seen the ghost of a deceased family

member before... and all in that same house. Although that was 25+

years ago, a few recent incidents have come up. About 1-2 yrs ago, my

aunt and family bought a house. One night, only a few weeks maybe a

couple of months after they moved in, my aunt was awakened in the middle

of the night. She glanced at the foot of her bed and saw a faint white,

short figure leering at her. She assumed it was her 10 yr old daughter

and said to the figure in a harsh tone, "What do you want?" The figure

kept on staring at her for a few moments, and then slowly dissapated and

flew out of the window. This was the last incident in the family, but

it seems that my mother and I have this feeling we get whenever we enter

a house... that we can tell if its haunted or not. Numerous times we

have been touring Open Houses and we have both felt the presence of the


Now, on to the house. I really don't know that much about it, but it

is a very old mansion. It is located on the grounds of a small,

Catholic, all-girls school in So. Calif. It is called "The Villa".

There was once nuns living in the house, but when the school no longer

employed them, they all moved out. Those were the last inhabitants of

the house. Now it is mostly used for movies. I have heard stories that

a doctor who treated TB patients used to live there, and he kept them

all in the basement of the house. It is rumored that some died down

there. I also recently learned that the villa has the first working

elevator in california.

Just a few days ago, my mom and me and a few of my friends went in. We

felt an eerie presence in there and it seemed to us that the elevator

might be haunted. The basement also was too frightening for me to

venture down in. There are a few trap doors and secrest passages in

there, but none of them are accessable. I really want to find evidence

of ghosts living there... but its impossible to stay the night of after

4pm. I wanted to bring a tape recorder in and see what I could get in

the late afternoon. What do you think I should do?

The Man in My Room

by bowling@iwk0.attnet.or.jp

My first of two experiences happened when I was 12 years old living in my

parents home just outside of Washington D. C. One night, I was sleeping

peacefully in a room that I shared with my sister. Something awakened me

from a dead sleep. I looked towards the door and saw a figure standing

there. I couldn't scream or anything, as much as I wanted to. I just lay

there looking at this figure, which I couldn't quite make out. After about

20 seconds or so, I pulled the covers up over my face hoping that it would

go away. It didn't. I, for some reason, could see it through the sheet

coming towards me. It seemed to disappear from sight when it got beside me

so I pulled the sheet away from my face. Upon doing this, I was almost

scared to death because the figure was standing right beside me. It gently

touched my forehead and then left. I still couldn't scream or anything so

I lay there awake for awhile, with the covers over my head. In the

morning, I told my mom about the happening, and she was shocked. She said

she had had a similiar experience not long before. We never really

discussed it again. Many years after that happening, I got married and

moved away. During a party one night, some friends and I were discussing

"ghost stories" and I brought the story up. After the party, my husband

asked if it were a true story. I told him it was and he acted as if he

wasn't quite sure he believed me. He was later made into a believer.

During a trip home for Christmas, my husband decided to retire to our

bedroom, at mom's before I was ready for bed. I stayed out in the den

watching T.V., and like so many times during my youth, I fell asleep. I was

awakened very suddenly by a feeling and looked to my right. There crouched

down about 5 feet from my recliner was what looked to be a man. He was

approximately 25-30 years old with dark hair, and a mustache. He was

grinning at me. It wasn't a malicious grin, but one like he was happy. I

was frightened out of my mind. I started backing up in the chair and

trying to scream. He just disappeared. I then ran into the bedroom,

crying and frightened. My husband was shocked, to put it lightly. He

decided he needed to check out the house. He did and found everything

secured. When I explained everything to him, he seemed a bit more able to

believe. We've discussed this several times and feel that it is a guardian

angel. It has appeared to my sister, my mom and me. I'm the only one who

could make out a face, but we've all had several experiences.

Ghosts on the Mind

by northm@mpx.com.au

Hi my name is Jenny and am very into ghost and things like that.I have had

a lot of ghost

things happin to me before.I will tell you some now.When I was 6 or 7 we

lived in a house in a small town.It was a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms

sitting room or t.v room and all that.Well we moved in and soon there where

footsteps and very cold spots in the house.I hated that house and was sared

to live there.Then I saw it I was trying to sleep when it went cold I

looked up and saw what looked like a old man with a big long cane.He just

lookedat me and I yelled for mum and dad.But they did not come for a long

time and when they did the ghost was gone.My mum saw something too when I

was at school she was looking at a photo of me when it changed a old man

was there instead my mum took the photo outside it went back to me inside

old men.She put the photo in the bin.I saw the ghost once more this time in

the sitting room it looked the same as before and just looked at me.We

moved out to the house down the road.The next ghost thing happed when we

where on holiday in the U.K we needed a hotel and it was late so we went

to a old pub that was a hotel too.We went in and asked the guy there for 3

rooms for me,my brother Tim,mum,dad, and aunt.Dad wanted a room with

ensuite. The guy said the only rooms with ensuites are the ones on the TOP

FLOOR he said you would be better off the the 2nd floor but my dad wanted a

room with a ensuite.The guy did not look happy but give us the keys we add

rooms 7, 5 ,and 10. Has we what up the stairs I got scared I don't know

why but I did.The guy told us that this hotel was 200 years old.< We can

pick them can't we?> And that it used to be a court house I then went to

bed when my mum and dad went to the pub.But it was cold so I went to my

dads room to get my book.The hall was not nice at all there was dead

animals on the wall it was so cold I run got my book and run back to my

room.In the morning a breakfast my aunt complaind that a women in the room

next door to her < room 11 > was making to much nosie she said that the t.v

was up to loud and the women was yelling and crying.The waitress got upset

and said that no one was in that room that night.And that a ghost hanted

the top floor but room 11 was the most hanted. She said that she betted

that the bed would be massed up and the t.v would be on. A lot of other

ghosts things have happed to me in my life.

The White Lady

by Chupapez@mx1.wport.com

On the year 1991, I moved into a new house at bellevue Washington and

it was a nice cosy house. After about 1 year after moving into it I

started to see stuff that was quite strange. Like I would be coming home

and look inside of my window and see something white floating in my

kitchen. I didnt know what it was at first but about 1 week of seeing it I

finally saw it kinda close up and it had a face, but no legs. it just

floated there. Later I would see it just fly down my hallway which was

really wierd. Then my dad saw it and later my mom saw it and so we all

decided to call it the white lady.

Then about 1 year ago (1996), I didnt see the white lady for a while and

started to see a tall shadow walking around in my house. So I would freak

out a lot. But one night the shadow started to come in my room while I was

trying to sleep and then I saw the white lady run past and pull the shadow

away and from then and on I never saw either of them again.

We asked the past owner about it and he said that he could contact

spirits and he said that he contacted a mother that was trying to find her

2 boys that died under my maple tree in my back yard. And that she was sad.

So we came to the conclusion that the white lady was the lady that was

looking for her kids!!

The Kid By My Door

by DaveGrohl14@webtv.net

My name is Lance. I am 14 years old. I am very interested in

ghost and paranormal things. I had not had any major paranormal things

happen to me until I was about 13. One night I woke up for some odd

reason. For some reason the bathroom light was left on and my room was

slightly lominated. Well anyways I had just woke for no perticular

reason when I looked up towards my door I saw a small figure. It was

about three feet tall and had no features. It was very skinny. It was

very frightning

The only thing I could make out of the figure was it had dark hollow

eyes. The sight of the figure scared the beejesus out of me. For about

ten minutes I hid under my pillow. Then I realised how long I had

waited for something like this to happen and I desided to take a look.

When I got out of bed the figure did not respond to my movement. It

just stood there. I went over to the figure. It was not so scary up

close. I ran my hands through it and everything. It was pretty cool!

All that time it still never paid any attention to me at all. It was

like I was not even there. After a while I went to my bed and layed back

down. The figure was still there. It did not bother me anymore.

Eventually I went back to sleep. When I woke up it was gone. I have

not heard anything from it since then. I told my dad and little brother

and sister, Lacretia and Jared. They all believed me. I have not yet

told my Mom and Step-Dad about it and it was there house it happened in.

I hope you will beleive me.

Grandmother's House

by catkins@aksi.net

I didn't used to believe in the paranormal.....but now I do. In August

of 1996, I went to spend the night at my grandmothers house. People had

always told me stories about the house, but I didn't believe them.

Nobody ever wants to stay the night there....I figured out why.My

grandparents go to bed considerably early ( 10:00). I got to pick which

room I got to stay in, since it is a very old house and has seven

bedrooms. I picked the room that was beside the screened in patio and

the attic stairs. ( The attic has 2 tiny bedrooms in it). I spent an

hour and a half reading a book. At about 11:30, I turned out the

lights, and laid in bed staring out the window that faced the woods (

The house is up in the mountains in the middle of the woods.) It was a

hot summer day so I had no covers on the bed. At about 12:00 I feel

something reach and grab my waist. I felt like a huge hand! It wrapped

itself around my waist and pulled across the bed, slaming me into the

wall. I look around the room and nothing was there. The bed was against

the wall, so nobody could have pulled me in that direction without being

on the bed. While I'm looking around the room, a light catches the

corner of my eye. At the doorway there was a cluster of little round

balls that were bright white and spinning very fast. Then all together

they begin to move out of the doorway and to the right. ( To the right

was the attic stairs) I could hear footsteps moving slowly up the

stairs, then the attic door open and shut. Then I heard footsteps

walking around upstairs and I could see the roof of the room shaking a

little. There was silence for awhile and then a snap/click/slam......and

then footsteps again and then another snap/click/slam. My grandparents

heard it too. They came into my room just as scared as I was. We all

went upstairs to investigate and nothing was there. But the windows that

always remain open, that nobody had touched, had been shut and locked.

While we were standing there a gust of wind came by. ( The windows were

still shut) After that I fainted and at about 7:00 in the morning, after

none of us getting any sleep, I WENT HOME. I never would stay the night

there again. I hear stories about what still happens there. But this


The New Apartment

by rev_susan@yahoo.com

I had just moved into an apartment, which was upstairs from a very

elderly man (who owned the house). It was a charming place, although

I didn't have a private entrance (I had to walk thru his house to get

to the stairs). I started fixing it up by painting the kitchen first.

I had just finished and left to go visit my sister while the paint

dried. When I returned I found every door opened: the pantry, the

cupboards, the stove! Now, my apartment was locked up tight, I made

sure of that as I had no private entrance. I didn't think much of it

until I found that every time I left the apartment (I could have been

gone for 1 minute or 1 hour, didn't matter) all the doors would be

open! If that wasn't scary enough, every night at 2 am precisely,

there was knocking on my bedroom wall right behind my headboard! Of

course, I thought it was my elderly landlord signalling for help, so I

went downstairs to check on him....sound asleep! You can bet I didn't

live there long!

Another incident happened when my husband and I had moved in together.

It was the middle of the night and we were both sound asleep. I was

awakened by the sound of the answering machine beeping and it sounded

like someone was leaving a message, but who would be calling us in the

middle of the night? I opened my eyes to check the machine...no

messages, but standing in the bedroom door was a portly man, looked

like Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy, smoking a cigar...I could smell the

smoke! I asked him who he was and he said "Fred", smiled at me and

walked away. I looked down the hall and he was gone! In the morning

I told my husband about it and he said it was his grandfather, who's

name was Fred, and he has passed away in the 1960's. My sister lived

in the downstairs apartment and she repeatedly heard footsteps coming

from our apartment...problem was, we weren't home!!

Thank you for allowing me to share my stories...I have many, many of

them! I have been encountering spirits since I was 3 years old.

Ghosts Along the Road

by vensel@isrv.com

When I was young I went to visit my friend who lived out in the country.

She lived on a lone country road where there was only about three others

house around and her house was near a big cemetary. She and I went to

visit her friend who lived about a half mile up the road. Before leaving

the house her mom told us to call home so her brother could go after use

and walk us home because it was one of those pitch black nights. We called

him and he said he would be up there shortly. We waited for a time then

went out when we saw a young man standing along the side of the road. We

walked a half mile talking to him and laughing. I thought it was strange

this normally talkative twenty year-old man who constantly teased his

sister and I was so quiet. That is, until we reached her house and her

brother came out onto the porch demanding to know who we were walking with.

We turned and the man was gone.I was frightened but my frient wasn't. Her

house was right beside the dirt road that led to the cemetary and she said

that was not the first time she encountered ghosts along the road. She said

she often saw an old man and woman walking down the road together. She knew

they were ghosts because she could see right thru them! Her mother also

encountered spirits along that road.

My Ghost

by Pokela@Tomah.com

I live in a Wisconsin home. It is 120 years old and I believe I have a

ghost. Yet what ever has been done to me I am not afraid of her. Yes I

know her name and the time that she died, because I have her history.

However, I think know she can read my thoughts. I have been trying to

sell this house for over two years beacuse of a divorce. I have lived

in this home four almost 5 years and for some reason I don't think she

wants me to leave. She has been protecting me ever since I moved in,

and I have been grateful, yet the divorce allows me no choice except to

sell. I don't want to leave but I have to or else I will have to deal

with my ex-husband the rest of my life. I know now that she is with me

and not him, but I don't think she knows the consequences if I don't

sell the house. I need some help understanding her. I'm at

Pokela@Tomah.com Thank you!

Strange Supernatural Incidents

by  whiz@i-cafe.net

Hi... I have experienced some strange supernatural incidents over the

years which I believe are unexplainable. After reading your story I

thought I would share mine. Keep in mine that my story is not as scarey

as yours but it is definetely something that should interest you.

The first "strange incident" occurred when I was 3. One night I dreamt

about a woman named Gloria with pale white skin and long dark hair...Now

that it is 20 years later my memory is a little fuzzy but here's what I

recall. She wore old fashioned clothes (18th century?) and sat swinging

on a swing. The next thing I remember was that she was dead laying

underneath a tree. I felt enormous sadness for her and I woke up crying.

From then on vaguely I remember her kneeling by my bedside talking with


After that for about a year my parents would hear me singing in the

middle of the night. When they asked me, why was I singing? I would tell

them "Gloria told me too." Also when my parents would call me by my name

which is Erica I would stubbornly tell them my name was not Erica but


This went on till I was 5, but I would not have another incident with a

"spirit" until I was 16. This time it would be frightening.

It was a weekend night, 3 AM to be precise... and my house was dark and

empty (my mom was at her boyfriend's) So I asked two of my friends Amy

and Eric to spend the night.

As we lay in our beds...let me paint you a picture of how the scene

looked. I was in my bed and my bedroom door was right behind my head.

Amy and Eric slept in sleeping bags down below me. I was almost asleep

when I suddenly felt scared. I then leaned my head back and became stiff

with fear. The door knob was moving. I blinked...was this really

happening. I wanted to yell! to scream to do something! but I was frozen

with fear. Within a few seconds the door began to open, yet I was

paralyzed. Suddenly there stood a big black shadow (6ft or taller)

lurking above me. It was then that my animal instinct caved in. I began

to scream at the top of my lungs. And lo and behold so did Amy! She saw

the whole thing! And she was screaming too! We jumped out of bed to grab

something to hit this "thing" with. (Eric by the way was asleep)

Meanwhile, it ran away and by the time we got to the living room, it was

gone. After the panic subsided we checked all doors and windows and they

were locked. More strange things would not happen for a few years but

when they happenned they would be closer together in time.

The next incident is one that made me very mad because no one believed

me. This happened 1 year ago.

I call it the "key story"

Ok now I am 22 and living in my own apartment in another city with 2

friends. Feeling incomplete when I don't know where my keys are since I

use my car a lot to drive to school, I always leave them in a place

where I can easily find them.

One day in December I came home from classes and found I had an hour to

take a quick shower before my next class. Nobody was home and since I am

very cautious of my safety, I locked the door. I then placed my keys on

the kitchen counter. After I got out of the shower I felt a strange

feeling. I looked on the counter for my keys and they were gone! I was

in total shock, I was totally positive that this was where I left them.

However, I proceeded to look for them and missed my class. And that day

never found then.

A few hours later when my roommates came home, I asked them if they had

come in and taken my keys. They said no. So, when I told them what had

happenned they just laughed and said I misplaced them. They then began

to look all over the apartment. We particularly tore my dresser apart,

dumped everything out. Nothing!

The next day no keys....And I am very mad that I can't drive to school.

I am also a little afraid. So that night once again I tear the house

apart looking for them...but still nothing!

The next day came (now it had been 2 days and still no keys) So here I

am calling a locksmith to come and make me a car key (I only had the 1)

and I am very upset. After getting a price I went into my room and sat

on the bed wishing the keys would appear. I looked around my room saw my

empty dresser which now just had a little mirror sitting on top of it

(since I had taken everything off it) and cried. I was so frustrated...

After I calmed down I went into the kitchen to get something to drink

(remember my roommates are once again gone) I then went back into my

bedroom and there sitting in the middle of my dresser were my keys!!! I

couldn't believe my eyes, I thought I was hallucinating.

The last couple incidents I will tell briefly since this story is going

on and on. 1 month ago my boyfriend and I were sitting on my bed talking

about how much we cared for each other. My music box then opened and

began to play it's tune which is "it had to be you"

The last incident occurred 2 weeks ago where the oven timer went off at

4 in the morning. (remember these can only be set for an hour)

So that's basically my story. Let me know what you think. My own belief

is that certain people attract spirits (for what reason I do not know)

And I think I have attracted a few.

Ghost Shower

by pooh@recorder.ca

I am not one to believe in hauntings but this one event happened to me

last spring at my parents ranch house. My parents were going on a trip

and they asked me to stay at the ranch and babysit their dog so as they

wouldnt have to place her in a kennel. I agreed anxiously because I live

in a small two bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and our son. The day

I arrived at the ranch with my son the strange occurances began. I had

put my son down for a nap and decided to take a shower. When I was

finished in the shower I was putting my hair in a ponytail and I felt a

presence behind me. All of a sudden the shower turned on all by itself

producing a full blast of hot water. I turned around and let go of the

ponytail and it fell to my shoulders than I felt something around my

head and my fallen ponytail began it rise straight up from my head. I

ran to the shower and turned it off and ran out of the bathroom

screaming so loud my son woke up. I grabbed him and ran from the house

(by the way did I meantion I am the biggest chicken in the world?).

Anyways I went to my neighbours and he came back to the house with me

and inspected everything in the house paying careful attention to the

shower and the plumbing. He suggested that seeing how I was so scared

that he would turn the water off in the house and I would sleep there

just one night and take the dog to the kennel in the morning. Later that

night I was in bed sleeping with my son next to me and the dog at the

foot of the bed. I began to hear the dog whining and I sat up in bed to

see what was wrong. Just as I sat up I heard the shower turn on in the

bathroom which is adjacent to the bedroom. I went into the bathroom and

the shower was giving out a full blast of hot water. I went to the main

pipe and sure enough it was closed off. I grabbed my son the dog and my

car keys and left the house and did not return until my parents came

back. Freaky huh?

Arab Ghosts

by amiraknight@rocketmail.com

Hi .. my name is Amira. I'm 21 and I come from the United Arab

Emirates in the Middle East. I visited your site 7 months ago. I

really enjoyed it very much and here I am visiting it again. Here in

the UAE we have many ghosts stories and they are true coz I lived some

of them. We have a city in UAE called Al-Ain and it has many

ghosts/spirits and I heard lots of stories that happened there so if

anyone would like to hear it just e-mail me.

Anyway .. I'm the only one in my house that saw ghosts/spirits. It

began when I was 9 years old. I was sleeping with my mother that

night and I woke up to see a small black shadow near the bedroom door.

It looks like a young boy and it was looking at me. I thought that

it was my younger brother who was 3 years old at that time, so I kept

calling his name and then my mom woke up and asked me who am I

calling, so I told her can't you see my brother? He is standing right

near the door!! And when she looked she saw nothing and she told me

that I was dreaming but I swear that I saw it and it was so real. A

couple of years after that I woke up at 2:30 in the morning. I

couldn't go to sleep after that. I felt that someone was in my room

but I couldn't see it. My sister Hissa was in a deep sleep so she

didn't feel anything. The door was shut but suddenly it was opened

very fast and hard also. I waiting for someone to come in but know

one did and I put the cover on my face and started reading some

phrases from the "Holy Quran" in my heart and after 5 minutes I took

the guts to see what is happening and there was nothing. Just for

your information I'm a Muslim and just like the "Bible" we have the


Anyhow .. one day, at 9pm I was going toward my sister's bedroom to

get something from there and when I entered her room it was so dark

but I could see everything because of the light that comes from the

window. So I saw a black shape of a man that was sitting on the edge

of the bed and was starting to wear a sock. I stood there for a

second with my eyes opened wide from fear and when he looked at me I

shut the door quickly and ran to my mother to tell her what I saw.

That night I was so afraid to sleep alone so I went to my mothers room

and slept near her on the bed. I didn't sleep actually because I was

so scared. I kept hearing a young baby crying. The voice was coming

from the door. I felt that someone was getting closer to me and then

this thing that I didn't saw was holding my throat and holding my

hands at the same time and I felt something heavy on my chest. I

couldn't breath and couldn't scream or move my body. I tried to call

my mom and wake her up without any luck. I thought that I was going

to die. This thing lasted for half a minute and it stopped like

nothing has happened. It happened to me again last year. I was lying

on my bed with the bed cover on my face trying to sleep and I felt

something heavy on my chest and face. This time I tried to push it

away from me and I managed to do that and when I took the cover off my

face a saw it. It was a little thing (black shadow) with red eyes

about 3 feet tall. I closed my eyes and I tried to go to sleep and

when I opened it again it was gone.

One night, my cousin who is 16 years old now was staying with us (me

and my sister). She was sleeping on the floor. The room was dark and

she was a sleep but my sister and I weren't. we saw my cousin Noura

getting up toward the bedroom door and going out. I looked at my

sister and she looked at me. I asked her were is Noura going and she

didn't know. And then I asked her to check her out if she was a sleep

or not and when she looked at here she was THERE !!! she was sleeping

and without saying anything we went to sleep.

I have many stories to tell but I'll end up now with this experience.

My family and I went to Al-Ain to visit my aunt. At 2am my cousin

Noura and My sister Hissa were in the living room talking and without

any reason they stopped and the room was so quite. They saw a tall

lady wearing a white dress with lights coming out of her coming from

one of the rooms, walking too slowly toward another room. My sister

and my cousin just looked at her without moving or saying anything

until she got into the other room. After that my sister asked my

cousin with a low voice "who was she?" and my cousin replied "I don't

have any idea!!" and then they just kept looking at each other with a

surprise on their faces. After that my sister asked my cousin to go

with her to the room that the lady came from and when they went there

they found many things on the floor and my other cousin was sleeping

there. I was sleeping that night so they told me about it and they

were very scared but happy at the same time coz it was the first time

for them to see this kinda' thing.

The Little Man at Grandma's House

by acctwhiz@hotmail.com

Well, I am a 25yr grad w/ a degree in accounting. I have had so

many experiences that I might was well be a "paranormal expert". At

times I feel as though I am the X-files, and I think most of you can

relate. I will share one experience which later became a focus point

in my family.

You see, when I was about 10 yrs old, I had already been sensitive

to many unseen things. I was told it was my imagination. But I

believed otherwise. I knew for a fact that "they" the ghosts existed

because of what had been and still is happening to me. But when I was

10 years old, my mom took my sis *6 at the time* and my baby brother

*about 1 at the time* to my Grandma's located in San Antonio Texas. My

grandfather had passed away at that time and we came down from North

Dakota for the funeral.

Well, one night as my sis and I shared a twin bed and feeling her

kicking me and all, I noticed some movement in my mom's room adjacent to

ours. You see, I was facing the entrance to my mom's room *which was

open*. And the baby light was on so that we can find the bathroom and

such.. but the light was so bright that I can make out anyone in her

room.. Well, I saw a little "man" in that room. I was making sure that

I wasn't dreaming... so I pinched myself and held my breath... But the

"man" was still there. I couldn't make out the features, but I can

still remember him walking around my mom's room and then he started to

float and disappear.

Well, the next morning I told my Mom what happened and of course I

was dismissed for making up such "a silly story wrought from an over

active imagination."

Needless to say, a couple years later I learned that my uncle had a

paranormal experience in that house. Also learned that my aunt Janie,

used to tell my mom that when she *my aunt* slept in that room, she felt

someone choking her. Also, learned that in that particular room not

many people liked being in there at all.

Overactive imagination? You be the judge. I know what I have seen

in that house. I have had other experiences as well, and they

manifested since I was 8 yrs old. As for now, I have had many

encounters. But at this time, for more information on those as well not


My Aunt's House

by sjgeisle@fuse.net

Hello, I'm Amber from Ohio. I came across your web page and saw these

stories and it made me feel brave enough to tell you mine. Please don't

think I'm nuts but since I was a little girl I have been able to see

ghosts when others can't.My mother and her mother have this gift too.

Last year when I was 19 I got a job babysitting my Aunt's youngest 3

children. I have always known this house was haunted. I could just feel

it when I walked through the door. I didn't know the extent of it untill

I started babysitting. First let my say the ghosts never made me feel

uneasy or like they would harm me in anyway. In some cases I often felt

very safe there. Okay you are probaly thinking get on with the story so

here goes. As i said when I walk through the door I can feel it there. A

couple of days after I started things really began. Things I would sit

down and come back for would not be in the place I left them.I asked the

kids about moving things thinking they were joking with me, every time

they would up at me and say they didn't do it. I belived them because

they are good kids and they rarely tell fibs. Then when I was in the

house by my self I would here someone talking(there were no radios on in

any room). On one occation the kids were home from school because of

snow. The 7 year old girl got up to go to the restroom. A few seconds

later I heard her scream so I ran down the hall to see what was wrong.

She was standing there pointing and I noticed she was very pale. I

hugged her and asked her what was wrong she held on to me tightly and

said she saw something go from her room to her sisters room. Being the

brave person I am (yeah right!) I made the three kids lock themselves in

the bathroom while I searched both rooms. I looked under beds in

closete I could not find anyone or anything.Later that day the kids

were sitting around the kitchen table while I fixed lunch. Stevie who is

11,said Amber please make it stop. I asked him who was I suppose to make

it stop what. He said the ghost was banging on the wall. I stopped what

I was doing and listened. Sure enough I heard the knocking sound on the

wall. As nice as I could I asked it to please stp knocking on the wall(

I hate rude people) the knocking continued and by this time I had had it

with the thing. I yelled STOP THIS NOW!!! I soon as I did that the

knocking stopped. I said thank you to the ghost and Stevie looked at me

and said "It must know you are the boss" Many more things have happened

but I will save them for another time. Thanks for the time. Amber