Recent Haunting in Liguria Italy







I recently spent the night in a renovated 16th century villa, the Villanova, in Levanto Italy--just a few kilometers north of Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast of Italy. There is a culinary program there that a friend of mine from New York was signed up for, and I agreed to drive her down from my home in Lugano Switzerland.  We arrived in a heavy storm at night, and as we pulled into the Villanova I got an immediate sense that there was some serious history there.  We were shown to our apartment on the grounds, which was attached to the church, and had historically been the priest's apartment. It had been renovated with modern amenities, and was quite beautiful. We were then invited to join everyone for dinner in the cantina, which still had the feel of a 16th century cantina. At dinner, the couple from Dallas who runs the culinary program brought up the fact that the apartment we were staying in was apparently the 'haunted one,' but they were laughing at that idea, obviously because they don't believe in such things. They also mentioned that the Massola family who built the villa in the 1500's were buried under the church, which was were we were sleeping. To them, it was a joke. 

My friend and I looked at each other, not laughing at all, aware that there must've been some truth to this if many people had brought it 

up to the owners before.   After dinner, we relaxed in the courtyard 

and laughed and tried to ignore what we had been told at dinner. We went to sleep, each of us in adjoining rooms with the door open between them, and the thunderstorm picked up again and became very heavy.  A couple hours later, I woke up to the sound of someone running through the apartment. At first, it sounded like it ran through my room. Then a minute later i heard something very heavy with 2 feet running across the roof. It was NOT a cat or a dog, as i've heard that sound many times--this was something as heavy as a human and with 2 feet. My friend yelled for me from the next room asking me if that was me up and running around---of course, i told her i was awake, but that i was laying in bed. She sounded quite scared, as i was, and asked me what the hell that was---i told her that we should just pretend it's a big animal so we can go back to sleep. As i said this to her, I saw a shadow of a very human-shaped figure walk through the door from her room and past the foot of my bed. I immediately closed my eyes, well aware of what i saw, and i didn't say anything to her as I didn't want to scare her any further. 

For the rest of the night, i kept my eyes shut, but did not sleep much--and if i did manage to sleep, it would be for a few minutes and i was having incredibly twisted dreams that were NOT from my head. 

The noises continued, and I had an overwhelming feeling of a presence (or a few) in the apartment. In the morning, my friend asked me not to say a word about the night before, as she was spending the next 6 nights there by herself. I kept my mouth shut.  But it was the most intense haunting i have ever experienced--i have had feelings of people being in the same room before, or heard things, but i've never seen an actual spirit until this experience.  I thought i would share this with you!











About 6 miles southwest of this small Michigan village, at the corners of Lovejoy, Zimmer and Barry roads, is a large tract of farmland that while now broken up was for years owned by a single family. The family has been plagued by tragedy, suicides, mental illnesses and deaths.

The original home is still occupied by members of this family.

For years strange, unexplained happenings have been witnessed by area residents. Strange lights in the fields where a grandfather shot himself, a general feeling of unease when simply driving past.

Visitors in the house have seen dishes move across tables on their own, doors that refused to stay closed. Even a hangman's noose appearing  in an upstairs hall. Pounding on interior walls and wails from the attic.

The family is large but none will often speak of the goings on in their home. Older members won't talk of it at all!

My husband grew up nearby and was a close friend of one of the sons (who committed suicide in the 1970's) My husband spent a few nights as a visitor in the house and still breaks out in sweats and chills when talking about the being in that place.

On the same farm there are the remnants of an old still where many local people claim to have seen apparitions and heard weird sounds around. It's said you will never seen any of the abundant native wildlife in the vicinity of the still.



St. Patricks Cemetary-Oakdale, Pennsylvania





In early October 2005, a group of 4 of my friends and I walked through St.

Patricks Cemetary after reading about it on The Shadowlands website.  We conducted our short journey about 1 o'clock in the morning, walking up the hill.  About halfway up the hill I was the only one that heard the sound of feet shuffling on the grass about 8-10 yards to my right.  There is a light that was on, on the side of the church, and with that shine I did not notice anything moving in the grass (like an animal and such).  Shortly after mentioning what I heard to the others, the sound was heard again by three of us, once again not noticing moving. We regained our composure and continued up the hill where nothing out of the ordinary occured.  We all felt very nervous and uncomfortable and refused to continue deeper in the cemetary. 

On the way down the hill towards the parking lot, we came upon the same spot where the shuffling of feet on the grass was heard.  Yet again it happened a third time.  I did not hear it, though two others heard it at the same time.

We discussed what we all heard, and could not come up with a logic explanation.  We did not have proof of an animal, cause we did not see it run or anything move around. It remains a mystery, though we do believe there is something unexplainable at St. Patricks Cemetary in Oakdale, Pennsylvania.




True Ghost Story




I am not one of those who's beliefs are for or against the supernatural. During the time of the event I will tell you about, I was your normal Freshman in college in Oklahoma. Anyway, my self and 3 other fraternity brothers were looking for a house to rent in Ada Oklahoma when we found this great house not far from the college but still pretty isolated. It was a two story brick house with 4 large bedrooms. It had been empty for several years which should have been our first clue that something is wrong, but we were young and cash is cash. We asked the realtor if there was something wrong with the property and why was the rent so cheap in a college town but got no straight answer. Regardless we took the deal and moved in. I and Skip took the rooms upstairs wile Randy and Alvin moved downstairs. Nothing much happened at first. Nothing that we took as remarkable. For one thing the front door, made of heavy wood and very difficult to open or close would sometimes just open, stand open for a moment then close. We would laugh it off even though one of our roommates worked as a carpenter and would examine the door and say that it was not possible to do that on it's own. After one of these incidents he went over to the door and tried to open it and had a difficult time opening it (like always). He looked it over very close as said it had warped with time and would always be hard to open and close without planing the ends off.

Soon after so other things began to occur. All of us, at one time or another had seen a small ball of light go from the bottom of the stairs to the second floor. Still we thought this was odd but not something to be concerned about. Being in college we figured it was a reflection from some source causing this and that was kinda cool. This is when things started getting very strange. One night we were all in the living room watching a football game on TV when a loud noise started coming from the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. It was a banging noise like someone hitting the wall. The strikes were so strong that our Frat. crest hanging on that wall was bouncing off the wall. We all got up and ran to the kitchen figuring we would find someone playing a trick on us but when we got there found no one. The banging continued for only a few more minutes then stopped. Alvin (the carpenter) said it was from some pipes in the wall causing it and we had better tell the land lord. The next day we called them and were told that there were no pipes in the walls.

This still was nothing more than a strange event to us, but we did start to compare notes about things that had happened in the house. One thing was in my room (upstairs) you could not keep the window closed. These were old wooden windows. Hard to open or close. My window was opened about an inch the day I moved in and with great effort I closed it only to find the next morning it would be back open to the same place. This got a bit uncomfortable because it was winter. Each night I would close the window and the next morning it would be open. I got very angry with my room mates about this and asked them to stay out of my room, but they each denied opening the window or even being in my room. Finally I figured the window was warping during the night that is why it opens so I put a cut off broom handle wedged at the top. The next morning the window was open again and the broom handle was sitting propped up near the door (12 feet away). It gave me chills but decided to just leave it be. As I told my story, my upstairs room mate reminded me about his room. Although exactly the same as mine, his room was always dark. No mater how many lights or stronger watt bulbs we put in there, it would never lose the darkness. Not enough to not be able to see, but not enough to read.

Our other room mates told some other stories but you get the gist. As things progressed we noticed some other changes in the house. For one thing some girls would not go into our house. I know what your thinking, no we were popular and had girlfriends and such (plus had some great parties). Yet some girls would not go into the house. As soon as they got to the door they just said they could not go in. A couple even broke into tears at the thought of entering the house. When asked why they could not give any answer. All they could say was they were not going into that house ever.

This is getting a bit longer than I expected so I guess I'll cut to the chase. Have not thought about this in 30 years and it's still giving me the creeps.

Anyway, things were happening and Alvin and Randy was ready to move out (Randy's girlfriend was one of those that could not come into the house). It was Christmas time and our house was pretty dressed up for a bunch of guys. Big Tree with too much decorations and the Xmas presents we would be taking home to our families in a few days under the tree. Nothing remarkable happened this night, as a matter of fact it was particularly quiet. We had all went to bed about 2 am and nothing woke us till morning, when I heard Randy yelling from downstairs. It was about 7 am. We thought maybe the house was on fire or worse, but when we got down stairs the look on his face was scary. There in the middle of our large living room was our Tree with all the tinsel and trimming stripped off of it. All the presents, all the furniture, all the dishware, every stitch of clothing we all owned everything piled in a heap that reached the ceiling (16 feel ceiling I might add). In the haste to get down stairs none of us had noticed that everything in our rooms had been removed as we slept.

After a few minutes of just staring at the site in our living room we checked the house from top to bottom. Everything we had brought into the house was there, everything.

This was it for a couple of the guys. We all said it was a trick another Frat. had played on us, or some of our friends that had heard some of the stories that had started to get around about our house. Still, Alvin was done. He moved his stuff out that day and the rest of us said we would do the same when we got back from Xmas break. That night my girlfriend and I was laying on the couch that faced the stairs (she was one of the girls that was not afraid to come over) when suddenly the door did it's trick by opening and closing but this time it was followed by the dim light darting up the stairs. I could feel her body tense and she was trembling and I told her not to be scared she knows that happens all the time when she let our a scream I'll never forget. She pointed to the top of the stairs where steps join with the ceiling and there in plane site was a face looking straight at us. No body, no expression, just a face between the top rung, stair and ceiling. No one could have contorted themselves to a point to get in that position but there it was. I remember my are muscle tensed so much I had a black bruise for weeks. Just as soon as we had both got a good look at it, it moved from site upstairs (no it did not vanish). I have never wanted to run more in my life, but being a young man at that time, I grabbed a baseball bat and ran upstairs ready to kill someone. I tore the house apart looking everywhere to find no one. Jane was still in tears about to have a complete break down. I grabbed all my clothing and everything I knew I could live without and left (I knew I would not go back there again).

Not sure I want anyone to belive me or not. I guess if I had choice I would choose not. Never had any experiences like that before or after and I guess it just does not matter. I just thought you might get a kick out of a story by someone with no reason to tell it.

Also, postscript to the house. They were never able to sell it or rent it. It was finally tore down and now is just an empty lot.

The Follow-up to Allen Leaird's True Ghost Story:

Several years ago, our Frat. had a reunion and I and a couple of the guys from the story where having a few when Skip brought up the house. We had never talked about it afterwards, as if it never happened (way too proud to admit we were scared you know). Funny how difficult the conversation was. Maybe not difficult but guarded. Anyway, after a few more drinks we opened up a bit and Alvin told a few events that he had never reveled before. Said he though we would think him nuts. He said that one night he was in bed asleep (this guy sleeps like a rock) when suddenly he woke up. Did not know why but he felt like something was in the room with him. He said he was so scared he could not move (by the way, this guy was not afraid of anything. Big, strong and never told a lie in his life). His room was just off the living room closest to the front door and stairs.

He noticed his bedroom door was open and from his room he could also see the front door was wide open. He figured that was what woke him up. One of us had come in late from a party and had left the door open. He said he got up and went to the door and yelled "Who the hell left this door open?" To this day I think he spoke the truth when he said he heard a voice that seemed to be right behind him say "We did". He said he spun around and there was no one there. As a mater of fact, he checked the rest of the house and we were all asleep. You'll remember Alvin was the first one to say he was leaving but he never said why until that day of the reunion 20 years later.



Unlucky House




Hi my name is Kathy i use to live in Chesapeake, Virginia years back. I grew up in a House on 1313 Hull Street that was haunted. For 18 years i lived there with my family at night you could hear footsteps going up an down the stairs. Everynight i would close my closet doors in my bedroom and every morning they would be open. One night I floated down the stairs and woke up on the couch, like something was carring me. There was something dark in that House and one Sunday morning i was downstairs all alone in the Living room watching TV  an i heard a   boom  boom  like loud foot steps comming down them stairs, I jumped up and ran out the back door  outside to the picnic table an waited for someone to come home. I always believed something Evil lived in the wall upstairs to the left of my bedroom. A few years back a woman called me from the House on 1313 Hull Street and asked me if i new the house was haunted i told her yes and she said just then the water from the kitchen sink came on by itself and that her husband tried to stab her with a kitchen knife in that House. She also felt she was loosing her mind in the House. My heart races when i talk about the House on 1313 Hull Street  Chesapeake, Virginia. Its a place i will never forget . I now live in Arkansas Thank you ,




"Dog Spirit"




It started at 12:00 pm in my room,I was sleeping and I got an unweary wake up call,something was licking my hand.So I woke up and looked around but I couldn't see anything ,so I just went back to sleep and kept telling myself that my mind was just playing tricks on me.

I woke up again,but instead of my hand feeling like it was being licked to death ,I heard noises and scratches on the floor. Again, I got up and looked around,but I still couldn't see anything,so I tried to go back to sleep,but this time I couldn't because at that moment I felt something jump on my bed and stat licking my hand again.

This time I knew my mind wasn't playing tricks on me,and this wasn't a dream,it was real life.I looked around for a third time,I still saw nothing,so I got up,went to the washroom and splashed water on my face.On the way to my bedroom I caught something at the corner of my eye.I quickly went on my bed and put the covers over my head.

I took the covers off of my head after about 15 minutes and looked around,in the darkest corner of my room I saw A shadowy figure of a dog.

I screamed and froze in spot because I was soooo........ scared. The dark figure of the dog kept coming closer and closer until it was at my feet.It kind of looked at me wierdly and then jumped on my bed.

At that moment I knew that this "dog spirit" was in fact my dog named Buttons that died in February 2004. Now every night at 12:00 pm my "dog spirit",Buttons comes and joins me to go to sleep.




Haunted Place in Washington





About two years ago my husband and I went to Ocean Shore and staid at the Sands Resort Inn. We staid in the only room with the Jacuzzi tub in it. As soon as we walked into the room I felt like someone was watch us through the mirror. It was so bad that I covered the mirror with towels. After we got home and got the pictures developed there were orbs of different sizes all over the room!





Strange Occurances




When I was six years old, I went to a family reunion in Oklahoma. After everyone had eaten, I went outside to play with my cousins in the woods(at the time i didn't think this was a bad idea).We were playing hide and seek in an old abondend construction site. I was it. I was looking for them and I ran in to a tall dark figure.It was a man about 6'4. I ran the other way, and there it was again. I yelled for my family and they came running. Immediatley I opened up my eyes, it was gone.

I've never gone in the woods since.








I can't really say if this is much of a ghost story, more of a chain of events that I can't explain. I had just moved out of home into my own place. I had unpacked everything and was sitting on my new bed cutting my toenails of all things, when I suddenly felt the presence of something unseen in my room, then I heard a voice whispering, "Stop it, stop it, stop it." I'm pretty sure that the words were only repeated 3 or 4 times. I looked around the room with wide eyes, still not seeing anything. For some reason I then stood up and walked to the front door where I saw the door open al by it self. i ran out the door to see if I could see anything around the house. There was nothing. I was a little shaken, but tried to forget it. That night I went to sleep no trouble, but in the middle of the night I awoke to find that there was somthing heavy on my back, I always sleep on my stomach, the weight was incredible and I could feel arms wrapped tightly around my chest, I could not breath and I could not move. In my mind I said these words, "Jesus please help me!" And the weight was gone immediatly. I grew up i a christian home and I am a christian myself, so to call out to God for help was natural. I told my parents the next day. Dad said that he had had similar experiences when he first moved out of home. He went on to explain that I had moved out of my safe christian surrounds and I was vonerable. My mother then told me that if I pray in every room of the house as she did at her house for protection, God would protect me. So that is what I did and to this day evil forces have stayed away.




13th and Liberty Street





I grew up in a house in Allentown, PA that, to me unknowlingly for the greater part of my life, was haunted.

Larue F. and her family lived in our house before we bought it in the late 1960's. One morning, before school, Larue's son shot and killed his sleeping mother in the back right corner of the living room, from what I understand, as she slept.

As I understand it, Larue was a difficult woman to get along with. My parents and my sister lived up the street from them and Larue used to babysit my sister. My mother was pregnant with me at the time and Larue was very excited at the my upcoming birth. My sister has told me stories of how Larue's son was cruel to her when she was at the house. He would lock in rooms, hang her up the back collar of her shirt on a coat hook and leave her hanging while laughing at her cries. One theory to the motive of the murder was that he was having an affair with the married woman next door and Larue found out and threatened to tell the husband, but no one really knows why he did it except the son himself.

After I was born and the the son was found guilty of the murder and sent to the state mental hospital, we acquired the house and moved in. It was the first house my parents ever owned. I had to been about two years old at the time, no one in my family is exactly sure of the dates.

Larue was still there. Toilets would flush. The refrigerator would become unplugged repeatedly and if you are old enough to remember the models from the 60's they were mammoth appliances that could not be moved and this one was jammed up against the the wall where the receptical was. Pots and pans would come out of their cupboards and land on the floor. A crucifix on the wall in parents bedroom would move from side to side creating scratch marks in the paint.

My mother had knick-knacks on tables in the living room that would move from their positions and end up on the floor. She originally thought she kicked the tables in her sleep  , so she moved them all to the center of the tables instead of placing them close to the edges. It still would happen, but not as frequently. She still does this to this day although they live 3,000 miles away from PA.

Then Larue began to appear as herself. First to the family, then to friends of the family. I have to stop at this point and tell you that no one was ever frightend of her. They all knew Larue and were (fascinated?) that this was happening. They knew she meant us no harm because she loved my family and was so excited at the upcoming baby (me). Unfortunately she never lived to see the birth.

When she would appear, most times it seemed to be in the living room where she died. A friend of my mother's saw her at the big bay window facing the street. Other times as my mother and her friends were having tea in the kitchen , they  would see her walk, always to the front window. This happened countless times that it became to almost a joke. "She's here".

One frightening thing did happen to my mother. One night as she slept, she had a nightmare of finding Larue the morning she was murdered, and ran to her to help her as she lay bleeding. My mother touched her in her dream , looked at her hands and they were covered in blood . She woke up at that moment and looked at her hands  and they were truly covered in blood. My father immdiately took her to the emergency room and they found no cause for the blood to be there. Not a nosebleed, no cuts, no explanation. Of course my parents kept this to themselves. The way I found out about this story was that one day I was leafng throught the bible and found a bookmark in a page that was titled "To stop bleeding" and questioned my father. He didn't give a real good reason but I was young and shrugged it off. Only later after my insistence after my own experience did he finally tell me the truth.

During the years I was growing up I never saw nor felt her. My parents had a psychic cleanser come to the house and he confirmed that she was there, but she meant us no harm. She was there to watch and wanted to see the baby (me). He didn't suceed in releasing her from the house but the occurences did lessen in frequency.

When I was about 20 yrs old, one early morning at dawn, I finally had my own encounter with Larue. I was in bed, asleep, and awoke suddenly-wide awake and alert. Down at the foot of my bed stood Larue. She was white, solid, not misty but like solid smoke. She didn't move as she faced the window. I wasn't afraid in the slightest. I sat up in bed and still she did not move. It seemed like a long time that I stared at her but it was only about a minute or less that she was there. In the blink of an eye she was gone. She didn't slowly fade or drift away. She just wasn't there anymore. Like, snap! I lay back down and thought to myself, Holy cow, I just saw Larue! and promptly went back to a peaceful sleep.

When I went downstairs in the morning for breakfast I told my mom. She thought to herself a moment then went to the calendar and chuckled and said "yes, this is the day she died".

The second encounter I had with Larue I shared with my husband at the time. My parents where on vacation and we were watching the house. It was a Saturday morning and he and I were watching tv in my old bedroom. All at once, simutanlesly, the tv and the stereo switched. The tv went off and the stereo went on. Twice. The was a pause between each switch. I remember looking at one as turned off, then to the other as it went on and again it repeated. My husband was scared to death. I just laughed and tried to calm him down.

We as a family don't really talk much about Larue anymore, she was like a childhood friend you grew away from. I think the last encounter that my dad can remember is waking up in the night and he said it was like someone was in the bed with him swishing the sheets around his body. He told her to stop and she did.

For those that don't believe in ghosts, I wish they would have the experiences our family did. We are all believers since we saw it all first hand and feel lucky to have done so.

Sometimes still, when I can’t sleep, I think of Larue and she comforts me. I hope she has found her peace.




A Few Ghost Stories




I am not a ghost hunter or anything, but I am very knowledged in many things, paranormal is one of them.

Queen Mary-Luxury Cruiser(retired) it was used as a hospital ship during world war 2, after that it was back as a luxury liner, it is now located in Long Beach, CA.

This happend to me when I was 8 or 9 years old (19 years old now) so my memory about it is a little vague during the tour Ii noticed a young girl with strange clothes on for that time, I also noticed that when i tried talking to her she wouldn't respond, she was alone so I wondered where her parents were.  During that time i was unusually cold, it was during fall, but if you live in Southern California you know that the weather is usually pretty decent all year round, but i could of sworn it was at least 60 degrees the whole time the girl was there, after a while I took notice that she was gone, but only after I had one last glance at her, I know she couldn't of gone far without me seeing her.  I now wonder if that's the same little girl from the pool area or that pulls pranks.

This next one happend to me in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  My family and I went to Fort Sill to see my sister graduate from Army Basic Training.  We learned that the native american Geronimo was buried there, also most of his family, when we went to see his graveyard all of us except my dad (he is a little

deaf) heard drums coming from the forested area.  For you that aren't aware, Geronimo's Graveyard is inside an Army Base, so the graves are dug up periodically in order to see that the bones are in tact and not missing. The drums sounded like native american war drums, my dad told me a few years after (this happend in 2000) that navajo and mexicans were enemies, and we are mexican, so I'm guessing that those were drums of were, we also took pictures, but no paranormal appearences came in the pictures.

I have a few more experiences, but I'm only going to mention this last one. 

This was in Delano, CA I was visiting my girlfriend (friend friend no relationship just a girl friend I'm a guy so that's ok to have a girl girl

friend) ok so i went because she invited me to Filipino Weekend, but a few days before I was searching the Haunted Places in this site, and I learned about the ghost of Browning Road.  She was well aware of the stories about the "hitchhiker ghost" so i told her i was going to go investigate, she just laughed at me and said whatever.  I began driving back and forth on Browning Road, but I didn't see the "lady of the rear view mirror" I was growing more and more frustrated, so I got off my car and began mocking the ghost to show itself, then I saw a figure in the backseat of my car (I'm not afraid of anything supernatural) so I approached it, then it disappeared, I quickly jumped in my backseat of my car and felt a very cold spot almost freezing cold, it was at least 102 degrees outside, and I didn't have my AC on that day because I like breezing feeling of the wind.  I assume that it was at least 65 degrees in that spot of the car, ONLY that spot.  Well that was my most recent one (July 2005).



Buford, Ga




When we first moved into the house, after cleaning throughly, I found an old fashioned hair pin in the master bedroom. During the 10 years of living there, many other unexplained things happened.

We found that previous owner's son was murdered by the neighbor's son over a girl,and buried in the woods behind the house. The neighbor hid her son in the attic for 2 weeks before authorities found him.  She was a strange case herself, as she is a fotune-teller known throughout the county.

One year I took her pies and cakes for Thanksgiving and she gave me some air freshner called " More Money". The next thing I knew, everything was breaking, the fuse box started shooting sparks, the plumbing was leaking, both cars broke down and you better believe I threw that stuff out. It didn't bring more money, it spent more money.

The scariest things to happen in that house were the kids waking at night saying someone was pulling on their feet, especially the ones who slept on the top bunks. I was awakened several times by what felt like slaps on the face and once I woke when I felt like someone was smothering me.

Anytime walking through the woods, was unsettling, even on the warmest, summer day.  The kids tended to play in to woods across the street rather than behind the house.  I had found myself lost a few times,even in just a few acres, at night, totally disoriented. 

Several times, we would see an unexplained mist-weather was not a factor- floating up from the old shed behind the house.




Martinez Georgia





A house down the road from Ashton Woods is a place a truly ghost that was just discovered today… a little messed up house with the side blown off ant there roof torn off. A girl and a young boy were exploring and found a fan lying on the ground and when they were about to leave the found the fan moving very fast. There were voices whispering and mumbling they had know Idea what they were whispering.






Haunting of an old Edwardsville Funeral Home





While in college, I decided to move out on my own away from my roommate.  I found a very reasonable one-bedroom apartment on Main St.  When I did my walk through of it, I immediately loved it even though it needed some cleaning up.  I moved in the next day and cleaned and cleaned to my preference.  After getting everything cleaned up and my stuff all put away, I took a breather in the living room and admired the curved arches in the doorways.  I loved the old feel there.  It didn't take long for me to notice something strange there.  My old roommate would come over during the day to use my apartment as a study place while I was at work because she was in transit and finding it hard to study in our friends' place.  After a few days, she informed me that she would no longer be using my apartment because she couldn't get any studying done.  She said that she would always fall asleep just minutes after settling down to study.  I also noticed that I would fall asleep anytime that I sat down for more than 15 minutes.  And my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, also mentioned that he slept the deepest he had ever slept in his life whenever he was at my aprartment.  I found it strange, but thought nothing of it.  As the days went by, a few other things seemed to happen.  I noticed that my tv would come on by itself in the middle of the night.  There would also be soft voices heard from my living room and nobody there.  I believe that the most significant thing happened about 4 weeks after I had moved in.  My husband used to spend the night frequently at my apartment on days when he had to work because I lived closer to his workplace.  One night, I vaguely remember feeling him get up from my bed and shuffle into the kitchen on his way to the bathroom.  I simply rolled over and drifted back to sleep.  When I awoke in the morning, I remembered that incident and then realized that he didn't spend the night that night.  So, whatever I felt get out of my bed and go into the kitchen wasn't him!  I moved out of that apartment shortly afterwards because of a job transfer, but later found out that that old place used to be a funeral home many years before!!






Old Man in Bed



Hello there, I have three tales to tell, one of mine and the others from people I have met.

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to California because of my Dad's work. We came from Miami and were renting a house. Being so young, I never thought of ghosts except at halloween. Here is what happened to me. Even though I was 6, I remember it as it was yesterday!

One night I awoke to find the house shaking and creaking, thats right, an earthquake. Being from Florida, you can imagine my terror.

Jumping from my bed, I ran to my door to go to my parents room which was down the hall to the left. I know I was awake for I remember looking down by the door and my pet hermit crab was literally bouncing up and down in his box. Well, once at the door, I looked to my right, and down the hall, coming out of the kitchen was a bed enveloped in green light. I watched as this brass bed came bouncing down the hall and I saw an old man lying in the bed. It bounced down the hall, into my parents room, and out through the wall. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind, I jumped back in my bed and somehow went to sleep. I told my mother about it the next day and of course she told me it was a nightmare. I know the earthquake was real for we drove the neighborhood and looked at all the damage.

Another thing that happened was: One morning I woke up and was laying there. (this is kinda gross but hey, we all do it) I was picking my nose when I looked at my brothers bed. The head of my bed was in the corner and the foot of his bed was what I could see. There was a body in the bed for the sheets were going over it. As I looked, I saw my brother (who was 12) squating on the side of his bed with his back against the wall, in his underwear, with his hands pointing to the sides of his head. His fingers were streched out pointing toward each side of his head. He had a goofy smile on his face and his tongue was sticking out. He was looking out across the room, not at me. I thought, If he is against the wall, who is in the bed? Again, scared as can be, I turned my face away and went back to sleep. Later and the breakfast table I asked him about and he said I was crazy.

Another time I was watching cartoons in the morning and through the floor it felt as if someone punched it. It was so hard, I remember coming off the floor.

One more thing, Years later my mother told me this,

One day after her chores, she was taking a nap on her bed. She was in that half awake half asleep mode and heard foot steps coming down the hall. She thought it was my oldest brother (15) home from school. She was thinking of what kind of snack to fix him as she heard the foot steps enter the room and someone sat on the bed. When she looked up, there was no one there. She was so alarmed, she got up got my little sister (2) and called my Father at work and said that she would be on the front steps till he got home.

It was then that I found out that an old man had died in that house. I guess I was about 16 when she told me. We moved from that house and went back to Miami.

Another story I have heard was from a man that used to hang out at the Kangaroo where I worked once. I was 18 at the time. The mans name was Jimmy and has past on since.

Jimmy told me about Butler bridge. Back in the 50's, people used to go there and picnic and couples went there too, you get the picture.

He told me that Butler bridge was built in the 1800s and back in the civil war, the confederates hung many slaves there in the trees as the union army aproched. He said that if you look close, you can still see the ringlets which held the ropes. Well one night, he and a buddy took there dates down there. It was getting dark. As they were getting comfortable under the bridge, they heard foot steps going across the bridge toward them. The women were frightned so the men went up the hill to investigate. They crept up there and as soon as they popped there heads over the sides to see who it was, the foot steps stopped and there was no one there.

They were gone within the minuite.

I have visited this place during the day, but not at night. Many of the locals say it is haunted.

The last tale came from a man I met at a Halloween party. There were not many people there and we were talking about this and that when the conversation eventually led to ghosts.

I told him that I had seen a ghost ( my story above) and he said "You too! Ive seen a ghost but I dont tell many about it for they always think I'm crazy." Ill tell his story as he told me, in first person.

"When I was 12 we lived in Chicago. One night I awoke to see a blue light going down the hall. I thought it was my older brother with a flashlight. I walked out my bedroom and down the hall to the right. There was a corner there to the left where the light was. As I rounded the corner, there stood a Paul Revear type dude bathed in this light. He had on revolutionary clothes and a three pointed hat. I stood there trying to compehend what I was seeing. He looked at me, tiped his hat and went thru the door there that led down to the basement. As I stood in a daze, my brother came out of the bathroom which was on the other side of the hall. He said "What are you doing?" I said "Nothing". He told me to go back to bed."

That is what I have had happen to me and what I have heard. Thank you for your time.                               



















A Collection of Experiences





Since I was a little girl, (I am now 31 years old) I have always felt as though someone was watching me.  I haven't ever wanted to call it a guardian angel, for it has never helped me in any way.  I don't think it is a malicious presence either.  It has remained with me through childhood and into adulthood, through various moves to different houses and such. 

It may sound crazy to some of you, but I wish I would have had more of a concrete experience with "the after life".  Several of my relatives on my father's side have claimed to have had premonitions and other such things happen to them.  I attribute that to where my third daughter picked it up.  She seems to know things that she wouldn't know unless she were "special".  When she was eighteen months old and barely talking, she would look to the corner of our living room and point to a "being" she called "Ryan".  Ryan was described the exact same way each time he was spotted.  Black hair, green eyes and big like Daddy but he acted like a baby, almost always crying or sad looking.  She would have actual conversations with this "being".  One night I was typing an e-mail to family and she was on my lap.  She pointed to the corner and said, "Mommy, he's here."  I looked over and the corner was only illuminated by the light from the computer screen.  I did feel the room to get cold, so we went out into the living room where it was warmer.  She had been tired and kept turning away from "Ryan" as if his being there was upsetting her. 

When she was almost three years old, she started saying that this bald man, who frightened her was showing up.  She described him as wearing dark clothing and he was pale, bald and had black eyes.  Black eyes that were hard to see or weren't there.  She only saw Ryan at our home, but first saw this bald man at our friends house.  The first time she saw him her eyes were transfixed to their white wall near their hallway.  We all thought it was cool and tried to keep quiet, so we wouldn't affect her in any way as she watched him.  But this entity scared her.  She didn't like him and while "Ryan" sightings were getting fewer, "bald man" sightings were becoming more frequent.  I didn't like it at all.  That is when my Mother in law began to tell her that these were imaginary friends that she thought she needed and she really didn't need them.  Soon after she began believing that, my Mother in law gave her a "dream catcher".  She touches this each night before bed and each day when she wakes.  Since then she hasn't seen the bald man or Ryan.  She speaks of Ryan now as if he were a dear friend of hers from long ago.  She remembers him, but will not say he was a ghost.  She sticks to what her Grandma told her about him being an imaginary friend. 

The only personal experience I can jot down happened when I was 12 years old.  I used to hang out with the girls next door till they became teenagers.  They were about 5 and 6 years older than I.  The elder of the girls was killed on her 18th birthday in horrible car accident that killed 4 other teens in our area.  It was my first experience with someone close to me dying.  I handled it strangely.  Drawing pictures of her in her casket, writing about the night she died, the time, the date.  A year from the date she passed, I was laying in my bed.  There were no storms in the area that night.  At 12:05 a.m.  I looked at the clock and said, "Well Cindy, it's been a year.  Please show me that you are still with us."  That instant the lights went out in my room.  We had a power outage, but it was confined to just our house.  Was it Cindy giving me a sign? 



A Wierd Experience




It was 3:00am, I remember hearing a  whispering in my left ear.. I looked over to find nothing to my left.. I began to feel a cold breeze, but no windows were open. I got up holding the covers around my waist. I quickly went to the bathroom to find my medication. I heard the shower curtain rattle.. I looked up and my tinted windows were open in the bathroom. I closed them and heard the rattle again. I walked away slowly but the door was locked from the outside. I started to walk toward the shower when I heard it again.. I opened the shower curtain and a flash of cold air rushed through my veins. I finally decided to listen to the whispering, And I heard a voice say "the shadow with a flash will cremate close." Out of nothing, I woke up on the couch to a phone ring.. My great Uncle George was electrocuted by lightning that night and was going to be cremated..





Dad & Brother Who Passed




I cannot say that I have any physic abilities or anything like that or had a lot of paranormal experiences, but I know that I had one just recently.  A little background first....

My brother passed away in August of 2000 and my dad in January of 2002.  My brother visited me shortly after his death.  I was in bed and I felt something go over my head and then my mattress moved (like someone ran across the bed).  That was the only time I think he has come to say hi.

My mom and dad have a park model trailer down the Jersey shore.  My dad loved to be there and spent as much time there as possible.  In the summer my son, my niece, my mom, my brother (I had 3) and his girlfriend and I went down for a weekend.  They all decided to go to the boardwalk, but I was bushed from the busy day and decided to stay at the trailer.

It was around 11:00 pm and they still were not home.  I made the coach bed up for the kids and was sitting on it watching tv.  The sliding door and the backdoor was shut and locked.  All of a sudden there was a loud bang noise that came from the bathroom.  Of course I was freaked out.  I was all alone and the doors were locked.  So I did what all the stupid females do in the movies and went to see what the noise was.  I tiptoed to the bathroom and slowly opened the door.  Laying on the floor was my brothers traveling kit (toothbrush, deodorant that kind of thing).  It had been hanging on a hook on the door the entire day and night.  The bag was on the floor; however, the hook was still on the door.

Freaked out a little, I went back to sitting on the bed and watching tv.  Not 2 seconds go by and the key hook holding a small set of keys went flying across the room.  That is when I knew that my dad was trying to say hi.  I said "Ok dad, your freaking me out so knock it off"  and that was that.  I don't know who it was or if it was just coincidences that happened, but I was happy to think it was my dad saying hi.



Gettysburg-The Triangular Field




My family and I visit Gettysburg every year for our family vacation. We have ever since I was 15 and I am now 37. In 1998 my mother and I after searching for the Triangular Field finally found it and decided to take a walk down to the bottom of the field. My grandmother was with us and decided to wait in the car while mom and I ventured down the somewhat rough terrain of the field. The further we went we felt a heaviness in the air, like we werent supposed to be there. This was the area of the Confederate soldiers and since we are from Pennsylvania I guess we were considered the enemy, Union side. Then as we reached the bottom and just stood there looking around and discussing the battle, off in the distance we heard drums, ever so faintly.We both looked at each other and asked one another "Did you hear that?" We both agreed that we heard drums beating. We started to walk back up the incline and the drums were silenced. I asked my mom if she would turn and walk back down with me to see if we could hear the drums again. We did walk back down and when we got to the same spot we were at before, we again heard the drums. There was wooded areas on both sides and we knew no-one was down there playing any kind of drums. Feeling uncomfortable, we both walked back up the hill and through the gate. We stopped to listen to see if we could hear the drums again, but we heard nothing. We both asked my grandmother if she had heard any drums and she told us no. But my mother and I both know what we heard that day.



Habbersett House Knowlton & Middletwon Road, Media, PA








Just wanted to add some experiences on two house(s) we owned in Media, PA. It was originally a schoolhouse (School #1) dated back in 1862. It was closed down in 1920 with kids damaging the property and went to auction in 1922. I've had strangers ask me about ghosts in the house or sightings (out of the blue i.e.).


Strange sounds from the living room usually at night-lights turning off & on TV turned off for no reason. When I was renovating the attached garage (was originally a horse stall) at two separate occasions - apparition sightings of young children with dark knickers (short pance) running in front of the garage door and giggling/talking. No "live" human beings were around I checked it out.

Had taken pictures of the inside of the house and have pictures with ghost mists & orbs (one time some mist was draped above the healthy animal (rabbit). The animal died the next day for no apparent reason (wasn't real old - about 3 yrs.).

I don't no more history except I believe Habersett's wife died there, again it was a schoolhouse for 50+ years and the living room was the original schoolhouse (one story at that time).

Another house in Malvern, PA

Many sightings (sounds, things moving by itself etc.) with separate witnessest.

We called the ghost "Ester".  Foorsteps & taping doors in the upstairs hallway late at night, typing (old typewriter) keys (no one had a typewriter at the time). One morning when going to work, at the top of the stairs I heard a faint old "ragtime" music coming from downstairs. I said to myself that is strange someone left the stereo on. I came down the stairs and saw a flash of light and the music stopped. (the stereo was off). One time a TV came on and it was unplugged! (That one freaked me out a little)

One Party we had at least (twice) doors opened by itself (heavy wood doors) at least one foot+. Witnesses saw that and some were scared-I shrugged it off and blamed Ester. Attic had cold spots. Always flys and or wasps even in the middle of winter (even when windows were sealed and even when I sprayed up there they always seem to come back)




Haunting in Meriden CT on Sylvan Avenue



I just found your web site.  I used to live in Meriden, on Sylvan Avenue.  The house is haunted.  My son (only 12 at the time) was choked by an entity when I was at work. He called me hysterical and when I got home, there were bruses on his neck and arms, where the entity held him down.  From then on we slept in the same bed and kept lights on at night.  That was to no avail.

We had a little boy who was pretty much harmless, just a real prankster However there was a very dark and evil presence.  He was a dark tall Man entity.  We contacted the Warrens who sent two people to our home.  They too experienced an evil presence in the house.  An exorcisim was done in the house, however the evil presence never left.  I moved out of state. To this date, the house has been sold a couple of times. I believe that it is still haunted.




I can see Them




Since I was a child, I could see and hear things that others could not. I still can. I know without a doubt they are not just dreams, or fantasies, they are without a doubt real.

I have many stories in which I could share, but for now, I will give you the story of my house.

I do not call myself a psychic, but I do believe such people are real, but they are few and far between. I think, in some since, perhaps I posses a small amount of psychic influence.

My house, for example, has an interesting story.

A split-level house built in the early '70's, having only one preveous own before my family.

This owner was known as a robber, a cheat, a drunkard, and an abusive father and husband.

While now they are replaced, when I was a child, I remembered the gaping holes in the doors and walls from where he had tired to get to his wife and son when he was in a drunken rage. I even remember my Dad filling the holes with plaster when we couldn't afford to replace the doors completely. Of course, by some odd cause, the plaster would chip and fall from the hole as soon a sit dried.

I suppose this story never fully sunk in until recently.

The downstairs area is a family room, and then a second room split into two with a small bathroom having only a shower in it. I stay in the family room.

This shower, installed almost 10 years ago, is what I use even today. Every time I shower, I hear something rather freitening (sp?).

I hear a man, yelling. While usually it is muffled by the running water, I sometimes hear loud profanity and loud pounding noises. Behind this, there is a woman who screams wildly, frantically. Often times it's "Stop it!" And.. the most devestating noise behind this is th crying of a small child. Not a baby or toddler, but maybe one of 6 to 8 years of age.

The first time I heard this I was devestated. I thought something had gone horribly wrong in my house, but upon going upstairs, I found out everything was normal and that I was the only one who heard it.

To this day, I am still the only one who hears it. I've grown rather accostumed to singing in the shower at the top of my lungs to block out the noise.

Thanks for reading, I hope this or any other stories I could offer you will be of interest. 



My Absent Minded Grandmother





My grandparents passed away and I moved into their house, where they lived for over 35 years. I always felt safe and happy there. My grandfather died first, in 1996, and my grandmother passed in late 2003. She had a brain tumor removed several years before her death, and was very forgetful and confused much of the time.

After I moved in, strange things started happening. Things would disappear and then reappear a few weeks later, in a prominent place. I couldn't find a favorite ring and tore my room apart searching for it for three weeks. I went through my jewelry box piece by piece five times, looking for it. One day I was dressing for work and opened the jewelry box, and there it was, sitting right on top of everything, right where it should have been.  I misplaced a favorite skirt for a over three months, and then walked in from work one night and it was laying in the middle of my bed. I don't know if my Grandmother was trying to make me crazy, playing games with me, or was borrowing my stuff and returning it...........Then there was the electronic equipment. It started with the CD player in the den. To turn it on, you have to hit the power button and then the play button. Somehow, it would come on all by itself. Scared me to death the first few times that happened. The TV was in my bedroom, and it would come on and go off by itself. I managed a nightclub, so I would leave in the late afternoon for work, and the light in my bedroom would not need to be turned on while I was getting dressed. However, there were several nights I came in and the bedroom light, ceiling fan, and TV would be turned on, and the TV would be blaring, louder than I would have had it. I might understand forgetting to turn off the ceiling fan and the TV, but I never had the light on in the first place before leaving the house. And I swear the rocker recliner was barely rocking one of those nights when I walked in. It never really scared me, cause I felt that my grandparents were looking out for me. I sold the house and moved out several months ago.

And on the subject of taking care of me, my parents were killed in a car accident, and we were very close. I feel they watch out for me, especially my daddy. My bartender and I joke about it, and she made the comment one night that if my business partner didn't stop dissing me that daddy was going to take care of him and hit him up side the head. The very next evening we were in the middle of staff meeting and my business partner made a smart remark to me, and his bottle of water shot off the table and across the floor. No one had touched it! The bartender and I looked at each other and tried not to laugh, and as soon as the meeting was over, she came running over to me and said, "Were you thinking what I was thinking? He ticked your daddy off!"







"A Little Girl Ghost"






 I had seen ghosts before but only very briefly. None have ever identified themselves to me, or spoken to me, nor had I had an experience so personal!

In the middle of the night I 'woke up' and noticed a dull, white blob floating on my ceiling. I immediately recognised it as a spirit. It began moving accross the ceiling and down onto the wall beside me, so I sat up and tried to 'pull' it into focus, almost as if I knew I would not be able to see it with just my eyes.

As I did this it began morphing into a bright white, glowing little girl! She was about 5 years old and so bright and beautiful that it literally hurt my eyes to look at her, so I closed them.

Not wanting to appear rude or as shaken as I really was, I said 'hello' and she said 'hello' back!

I have to say, when she spoke these words to me, I had to really focus on hearing her voice... not with my ears, but with some other part of me. I managed to open my eyes then, and the glare had eased off. I asked her what her name was and she replied softly, "Mary Hoskie". Her voice was very beautiful, very angelic.

It was then that I asked her how she had died. I dont really remember if she had told me what happened to her aswell, but she certainly 'showed' me!

She had been playing on some old floor boards when she fell through them, landing on some wires that electrocuted her to death.

After the vision she gave me, I immediately felt the need to comfort her as I would my own child. I grabbed her and held her in my arms for a minute or so, not so forgeting what she was, but understanding that she needed comfort and I became comfortable with her!

I then made room for her on my bed and prompted her to lay beside me. I held her hand all night and I noticed that her hand was very warm... not cold like I would've expected. I did not notice any change in temperature in my room either.

I kept 'waking' throughout the night (atleast 3 times), to see if she was still there and she was!

The last part of my experience was that I 'woke up' again, and went out to show my mother a picture of her and I together in a family photo, with two or three other young children (whome I don't recognise). My mother told me she thought it was Maddison (my real life daughter), and even though she did look alot like Maddison, the only way I could prove to her that it was infact 'Mary Hoskie', I smudged my thumb accross the photo, and the image changed. I did this several times until finally, she believed me.

From my experience, I got the distinct impression that I may have been Mary's mother in a past life. It felt almost as if she was coming to me for comfort and to be held by me again. The photo that I showed my mother was a family portrait with other children there also, and her initials, M.H are the initials of my real like daughter, Maddison Hinde!

I'd be very interested to hear your comments, please feel free to email me.





Port Townsend, Washington Manresa Castle





I know this is not a private residence, nor is it a new listing for you.  In fact, I have never been to your  website before this evening.

I can attest to strange things happening at the Manresa Castle.  I had first hand experiences about 3 years ago on October 29th.  I stayed there for one evening.  Having read a little about it, and having seen it at a distance or passing in my prior five or six visits to Port Townsend, I decided to stay there out of curiousity.  I figured I was safe enough to request the Jacuzzi Suite as they called it then.  I knew I did not want to stay in the Tower Room since it was supposed to be the room with most activity.  Lucky me-- the Jacuzzi Room was directly next to the Tower Room, not down the hall as I had hoped.

Yes, the television did switch on and off in the evening.  But stranger yet was the shower in the bathroom.  I had been soaking in the jacuzzi tub, and decided to rinse off.  At first the showerhead was flowing straight on.  Then it seemed to turn towards the bathroom floor, making a puddle on the floor before I shut it off.  I would turn the showerhead back, and it would once again turn the outside of the tub.  I thought it had  become loose, so I shut the water off, and tried to tighten it up.  Then I stood outside of the tub, and turned the shower back on and let it run for  at least a couple minutes.  During that time, the shower acted normal, running straight into the drain as it should.  Then I stepped back into the shower and once again the shower head turned outside of the tub.  I have no explanation for this.

I was concerned about being the only one on the third floor at this time since it was a mid-week, and I left the blinds up, and the lights on until nearly midnight.  I was relieved when I heard a young family with children arrive and move into the Tower Room earlier in the evening (9PM or so).

The following morning I heard a clock chiming.  It sounded like an old style grandfather clock or school clock.  I checked my watch beside the nightstand, and saw that it was about 5:50 AM or abouts.  I thought it was odd that a hotel clock would chime before most people would be ready to get up.  The next morning I walked down the stairs and passed a clock that was not working near the kitchen or lobby area.  I cannot remember now exactly where it was, but I think it was near the restaurant.  To this day I do not know if there might have been another working clock in the hotel on the second or third floor.

Although I sometimes have a little imagination, these things I could not rationalize away.  A couple of other things during that visit I could so I will not include those.

This was the second time in my life that I felt the presence of somebody else.  The other time was working late at a private university in Seattle probably 10-13 years ago.  But that will leave alone.



Similar to One Already






My Husband is the one who experienced this, and it was before we even met.

Anyway, he owned a house in Odin MI, Emmett County in the Upper Lower Peninsula. He didn't see it every night but it followed the same pattern at what I have copied and pasted below:

Grand Rapids - The Black Hills - A house Norwich St hosts a ghost. On the second story and in the far room at the right-hand side there is a ghost of a man that sometimes appears to be dressed in clothing from the 30's or 40's. Sometimes he appears to be an elderly man. At approximately 10:00 to 11:30 the specter wanders from the hallway and then hesitates at the doorway and then look like it is about to turn around. But then he walks into the room. The former residence to that place reported that the ghost walked to the middle of his room and stood there for minutes and then goes out into the hallway and stands. It is not known when he vanishes. He was last seen in 1996.

My Husband moved out of the house in 1993. But the fact that the house he lived in was the towns old train depot and boarding house. The pattern and the description on the ghosts walk at the same time of night. it 2 separate houses 200-300 miles apart. The railroad started in Grand Rapids and ended in Alanson which is the neighboring town to Odin.

We don't know if the Spirit is still in the Odin house, but what makes me think this one shared an area is that in 1995-1999 the railway was torn up and the rails used for scrap metal, around the time the Grand Rapids Spirit was last seen.




A Black Cloaked Figure wakes Me up





about 15 years ago, when i was in my mid 20s, i was living in a religious commune with about 15-20 other people.  we didnt have a whole lot of room and so most of the time we shared rooms with other people (all female rooms, all male rooms) and at the time i was sharing a bedroom with 2 other women.  we all had single beds in different areas so we sort of had our own spaces.

one night i had the room to myself (a rare occurrence!) as the other 2 women were out and i had the chance to get to bed early.  i prepared for bed around maybe 10 pm and once i turned my light off, there was no light in the room except from a window that had no draperies across the room.  the bedroom door was closed. 

i was lying on my back and had fallen into a heavy sleep when i suddenly woke up to see a figure floating directly above my face.  it was completely black but i could see details of a cloak surrounding its head (i didn't see a face).  in fact, instead of a face, there was just deeper blackness.  the figure appeared to have its own light source, since i could make out details sort of, but there was actually no light involved was just a streaming black cloak, a deeper black featureless face, and it appeared to be floating above my face looking at me.  i felt frozen. 

i don't know how long this went on but i became aware of the sounds of one of my roommates coming up the stairs and headed into the bedroom.  it seemed that the figure heard my roommate also, because it suddenly stopped looking at me, jerked its head up to look at the bedroom door, and then streaked off to my left, into what was a closet area that had behind it an attic crawlspace for storage.

when my roommate walked into the room, i was gasping for breath and crying.  she turned on the light and she said that she had heard me scream. 

the next day the story had made its way around the commune.  this was a religious community and so the figure was explained away as being a demon of some sort, or perhaps a spirit of death.  i was never sure what it was but the explanation of "demon" seemed too easy to me.  it didn't seem so much evil as curious; i figure if it had wanted to harm me, it could have very easily. 




Haunted Shiloh Battlefield





a few years ago my husband & i went to shiloh battlefield in tennessee.  i went there with no idea of what was going to happen there.  it was a sunny afternoon in may and everything was green and bright - not the time you'd expect to see anything weird.

before we took the tour of the battlefield, we went to the guide center and saw a film explaining the battle and what action happened where. 

after the film you had the option of going with a group on a tour with a guide or taking a tape recorder and a tape to play and going by yourself.  neither my husband nor i are really "joiners" so we opted for the tape player. 

it was a sunday afternoon and really REALLY quiet.  we turned the tape player on and listened as the guide's voice told us where to stop on the tour, told about the spot, and then you could get out and look around.

this was going pretty well until we got to the part of the tour that was called "the bloody pond."  apparently, during the battle of shiloh, men and horses were dying all over and about the only place they could get a drink before they died was "the bloody pond."  the tape said during the battle, the water in the pond was as red as blood. 

we listened to the tape and then we got out and approached the pond.  we sort of seperated...we were maybe 15 feet from each other, sort of in our own thoughts and looking into the water. 

it was just this very ordinary pond, not as big as a lake, and adjacent to a big field where part of the battle happened.

as i stood looking into the water, i felt sort of like i was going into a different level of consciousness, sort of like how you get when your eyes are out of focus.  when that happened, i started hearing sounds, like horses neighing and then i heard gunshots.  i looked up and i could see dead and dying men and horses, i could hear their voices, i could see fighting going on.  the figures were sort of transparent but i could see them very clearly.  i sort of shook my head to shake it off and when i did that, the scene disappeared and there was just the water and the green may afternoon quiet again.  i felt like i was being given a choice; if i wanted to, i could walk away and pretend it never happened, or i could watch the scene if i wanted to.  i opted to watch the scene.  i stood there for a few minutes watching the men and the animals and the battle going on.  the water in the pond was red.  it was amazing.  i started crying and i felt like my energy was draining out of my body.  i was still aware of my husband walking around the pond to my left. 

finally my husband came over closer to me, and i asked him if he was experiencing anything.  he said, yes, let's get the hell out of here!  so we left. 

that weird, otherworldly feeling lasted the rest of the afternoon.  i was pretty shaken by what i'd seen and i told my husband about it.  he said he hadn't seen what i did, but he did feel a very heavy presence of "something."  after that, during the rest of the tour, i didn't have as intense an experience anywhere else at shiloh, though the sense of oppressiveness and overwhelming sadness lasted until we left.  i had a feeling that the battle was still going on, all around us, just under the surface. 

a while later i wrote to the people at shiloh and asked them if anyone else had ever reported anything similar happening to them.  they never wrote me back. 




He Followed Us




It all started when my husband and I moved into our new home in Riverton, UT.  At first all was quiet and we were very happy to finally be homeowners.  I was pregnant during our move and delivered my son soon after moving in.  Well, as anyone who has been a new mother can confirm, the night became my "familiar".  Well, as I found myself up at all hours I realized just how noisy my home was becoming.  We have all heard of a new house settling, and, at first, this is exactly what I thought it was.  But as I listened over time I realized that these sounds happened only at night and were eminating from the basement.  And even though I could identify some of them, there were many that had no logical explanation.  I plainly heard heavy footfalls and the sounds of heavy objects being slid across the concrete floor.  We only had boxes in the basement as it was unfinished.  I even went so far as to have my husband slide a couple of them across the floor himself to see if I could identify the sounds I was hearing.  It wasn't what I heard.  Needless to say, my husband thought that perhaps I was just delerious with fatigue and started taking on a few of the nightly feedings for me.  He claimed he never heard a thing out of the ordinary.  So, I was inclined to believe him and tried to just forget it.  And it worked for awhile.

But not for long.  As my son grew and started sleeping through the night, I became much more rested.  But having grown accustomed to being up in the wee hours, I would oftentimes stay up for 3-4 hours after my family had retired.  My normal bedtime was between 1 and 2 AM.  I'd like to impress upon those reading this account that all was quiet until about 11 PM each night.  And right about 11 PM my basement became a suddenly noisy place.  I can remember hearing the footsteps and hoping against hope they wouldn't start up the stairs.  I got the impression that whoever it was down there was not in a good mood.  The footstep sounds were pacing and aggravated.  On several occassions there would be a loud crashing sound like someone dropped something heavy onto the floor.  This my husband heard.  He is a light sleeper and the sound would wake him.  He would come running out of the bedroom asking me if I was alright and what just happened!?!  I would tell him it came from downstairs and he would swear that it sounded to him like it came from the kitchen.  Everytime.

About a year went by and I began hearing the sounds in the daytime.  I would also catch my son, (who became mobile at about 8 months and was crawling around everywhere) peaking around the bannister and staring down the steps leading to the basement.  He was engaged in this activity so often that whenever I couldn't find him, I would go look there before anywhere else.  9 out of 10 times I wouldn't have to look any further.  We had considered putting up a gate, but he never even acted like he wanted to go downstairs.  In fact, when we would go down for whatever reason (as I said, we used the area for storage) and would pick him up to go with, he would cry and not want to go down with us.  Then one day, just after Christmas and a month before his 2nd birthday he was playing on the couch with his dad.  When suddenly he snapped his head toward the landing at the top of the basement stairs, screamed with fright, jumped off the couch and literally climbed me saying, "oh no, oh no, oh no".  My husband went to the landing and walked onto it in an attempt to make him feel better, but to no avail.  He was afraid of something that he saw there.  And then, when he was in his third year he started telling me about "the bad man who watches you."  How he knew he was bad I don't know.  When I pressed him for more information he would say,  "He's just bad.  He's mean."  I put a lock on the basement door.  In hindsight that seems stupid, but at the time I couldn't think of anything else to do to feel safer.  I also took to having my son sleep in our bed with us as his bedroom was before ours when coming down the hallway and the footsteps had taken to pacing up and down it all night long.  He had come upstairs.  I began going to bed with my family and I always closed and locked the bedroom door now.  I would turn on the t.v. and leave the volume at such a level as to drown out the sound of the pacing just outside the door.  Apparently that annoyed our "roommate".  Because after about a month of ignoring the pacing noises, at about 2 AM one night someone banged loudly on our bedroom door.  FROM INSIDE OUR HOUSE!  We all jumped up terrified.  My husband ordered me and my son to go into the bathroom and lock the door while he went and investigated.  He came back saying that there was nothing out of order and the exterior doors were all locked.  Nobody slept again on that night.  We sat up all night waiting for something else to happen.  Nothing did.  Until the following night when the garage door leading into the house, which had a bolt lock on it and sqeaky hinge, opened and slammed shut twice within 20 minutes time.  Both times when my husband ran out of our bedroom to catch the intruder, he came back saying the door was not only closed, but also deadbolted.  We were all afraid of our house now.  Luckily my husband got a job transfer a few months after these incidences and we moved.  But up until the day we did, we both had the experiences of being watched.  And we both heard the heavy footfalls in the hallway at night.  Needless to say, we moved to Montana with a big collective sigh of relief.

Upon arrival we moved into a brand new duplex apartment.  It was lovely and, for a few months...quiet.  But about 3 months after we moved in we were all lying on our master bed, which gave us a direct view of the pass-though kitchen, when my now 4 year old son sat straight up, gasped and pointed at the kitchen saying, "It's the mean man!"  I couldn't believe it.  But I believed him.  When we pressed him for more he simply said, "He was looking at you, mommy.  Like he always does.  He's gone now." 

My husband had been helping out on another construction job that took him away from Montana for weeks at a time.  He left us the next day to return to it.  Well, about a week after he was gone, I was in the kitchen making my son's breakfast as he sat on the master bed watching cartoons.  I heard him say, "Someone's looking at you."  I was like, "What?"  And he repeated, "Someone's looking at you."  His eyes were the size of dinner plates when I looked over to talk to him.  I asked, "Is it the man?"  And he nodded "yes".  "Where is he", I asked.  "Right there", he replied.  And pointed to the area right next to me.  Had it been a real person standing there I would've been touching them!  I tried to stay calm and brought my son's waffles into him.  Sitting on the bed, I asked him if he was still there.  My son actually leaned around me to get a better look and said, "Yes.  He's right there.  See?"  No, I didn't see and I didn't want to.  I grabbed him up and we were out the door in less than five minutes.  When we returned that evening, nothing else happened. 

But 2 or 3 days later I was in the garage when I clearly saw the shadow of a man wearing a hat (like a soft leather cowboy hat with the saucer brim) on the garage wall.  I was transfixed by it and walked up to it for a closer inspection.  As I reached out my hand to touch it, it MOVED away from me!  I was paralyzed with fear for about 10 seconds or so.  But when I did get my wits about me again, I backed away from it, like along the wall leading to the door into the house.  And it moved again.  This time it came toward me!!!  I stubbled backward up the couple of stairs to the door, and grabbing the knob I opened it and literally fell through the doorway into the house, slammed the door closed and locked it tight.  Once inside the house I put furniture up against it in an effort to keep whatever was in there IN there.  I called my husband begging him to come home.  I was terrified.  My son was terrified.  We were alone with this thing and didn't know what to do to make it stop. 

Later that same night my son and I were sitting at the dining room table eating when we both heard the sound of voices.  Like almost party chatter.  But it sounded like it was coming from a tiny speaker.  It started in the living room and came towards us, getting louder as it drew nearer.  My boy actually looked behind him as it approached us, and slowly turned his head watching the sound as it passed by within 2 feet of us.  I turned my head as it passed by and watched the sound go into the kitchen and fade away as it turned the corner.  We looked at each other like "Oh no!"  And for the second time that week we were driven from our home.  Only to return to silence.  Everything was as it should be. 

We didn't sleep alot in Montana.  Finally I convinced my husband to allow us to travel with him to his jobs, claiming that we needed the adventure.  It would be fun, I assured him.  So we went with him to Arkansas, where we are still.  We didn't even get a rest brake this time.  The disturbances and my son's sightings started almost immediately.  The "mean man" was always looking at me.  Always me.  I knew I had to do something, but what?  I had contacted psycics about this a few times and they always confirmed it was a male presence, but some of them said he was just curious, while others told me they had unsettling feelings about his intentions.  No one helped me to get rid of it!  It was always the same.  "Just ask it to go away", they'd say.  Oh yeah, like that worked.  This thing knew we were afraid of him and he liked it.  It seemed hopeless. 

Until one day my son and I had just returned home from the laundrymat and I was running in and out the front door bringing in clothes.  I just happened to glance out the living room window and there he was!  Sitting in the backseat of my Durango!  Watching me.  He didn't smile.  He didn't frown.  He just stared at me.  I was frozen for a second.  This was the first time I had actually seen him.  And from the look of him (weathered, rail-thin, like, haggard looking) I could certainly understand why my son feared him.  He looked like something out of the old west.  And for some reason, I wasn't afraid anymore.  I was good and mad at him!  So I ran out the front door to do I don't know what.  But I was hell-bent to deal with this thing once and for all.  Of course, when I got out there he was gone. 

At the end of my rope, I called my uncle and told him the whole story I just told you.  He seemed to think it was a "spirit guide" and I should send it love.  Uh, ok.  But, let me tell you.  At this point I was willing to try anything.  So I sent it love.  I sat in my dining room and sent this thing as much love and compassionate understanding as I could muster.  I told it I would help it if it needed something, please just let me know what it needed.  And on and on...

There hasn't been a single disturbance for us ever since.



Lake Charles: Common Street Home




When i was about 10 or so, my mother and father decided to rent this home on Common Street in Lake Charles. The house was right by Bob's Gags Shop. I don't remember the specific address but i remember everything that i saw. I came home from school one and my dad picked me up on the corner of our old house. he told me that we are moving but i will still go to the same school. i was excited cause the house we lived in was not that nice. He explained to me about the house we were going to be renting.. when we got tot he house i loved it. Big yellow house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom..very nice. Well the first time i entered the house, i had the biggest chill i ever had. my mom asked me what was wrong i told her that something was funny. i felt really weird. Well minor repairs were needed to the house, so i helped me dad with them. i kept feeling weird every minute i was in the house. Around 4 or so my dad went pick up my sister from her friends house and brought her to the house. she asked me what i done to my hair and i told her nothing. she said that it was turning blonde. i looked in the mirror and i told her it is mom did not understand why i was acting so werid and always around her.She said tht my hair was changing and the my eyes were changing also... I felt werid all the time and i could not stay away from her. Well later that night my dad was building a wall for the utility room. he nailed the wood to the floor which was very sturdy from his foundation. he shook it to make sure that it was nice and solid in which it was. when we turned to nail the paneling on he saw a nail come right out of the floor. and flew into the wall. my mom ran  to go see. he was white as a ghost. well after that nothing else happened. About week or two later...we finally got in touch with the land lord of the property. We asked him about he room inthe back that was dead-bolted and why we can't enter there. He gave us the key and told us about the man who lived ther before. He was Satanist and he sacrificed he son to the devil,and that his son's soul remains in the house. His son loved his mother and was always there to protect her. He was always around his mother and never left her side. his son was about 10 years of age and had blue eyes and blond hair. When we opened the room a gush a cold air came out and the stinch of rotten meat filled the air, but the room was clean and empty and the windows were shut. the land lord said that before us nobody has lived ther for 2 years since that accident. i don't know that happened to the man nor the mother.





Larnach Castle - Dunedin, New Zealand




I just have to share this little story with all you ghost lovers out there. In February of 1998 me and a friend of mine went on a once in a life time trip to Australia and New Zealand just for the experience of it. (I highly recommend mortgaging the house, or getting a credit card and just going on your fantasy vacation, I have never regretted it.)

One day we visited Larnach Castle in Dunedin, a wonderful little manor home that entertains guests and is open to the public for tours. The house has a long rich history. The day we went I would say there were about five tour groups in the house at one time and each group had enough people in it that if you were all in one room at the same time, it would be hard to see much of the room. Because of this my friend and I decided to stay close enough to our tour to hear what our guide was saying, but we would go into the near rooms that no one was in so we could really get a good look around.

We walked into one of the bedrooms while our group was in the next room. I instantly felt like I had intruded on someone, but there was no one there. I even went as far as to say, "Hello." to announce our entry so I didn't feel like we had intruded quite as rudely. I felt that I should behave very respectfully in this room, as if the owners eyes were on us.

Our group was coming into that room next, so my friend and I left. We were standing in the hallway when we heard our guide say, "This room is supposedly still haunted by the original owners first wife." Me and my friend just looked at each other with our jaws dropped. We had definitely sensed her presence. We were thrilled and honored that she would be so willing to let us sense her.

It was such a neat experience, I will never forget the Lady of Larnach, I just had to share it with all of you ghost junkies.

As a side note, there was another room in this house where the staff gave up making one of the beds because it is always rumpled when they come back. They suspect another ghost is at work, (or napping - tee hee).

Happy Haunting Everybody, be nice to your ghost! You may be their only friend! Help them cross over!





The Goodbye Message




Hey. I don't really know if you would call this a ghostly encounter, but I think it's kinda strange. When I was 14, i had a dog called Odie, a little mini foxy. He was like my best friend, even though I only had him for about

2 or 3 years. My parents and brother went on a holiday one day, leaving me at my friends house, and Odie tied up by a chain out the front of our house.

On the 2nd last day that I was staying at my friends house, we went into town, and I insisted on going to visit Odie. I got there, and found him hanging off the verandah by his chain, dead. My friend comforted me all night, and for some reason, we were so terrified all night, so much that we pushed our beds together and never let each other out of sight. I had a restless sleep, but then I woke up in the morning and then fell into a deep sleep. I had a strange dream. I dreamt that Odie was still alive, runnig around. But then when I picked him up, his eyes kept turning into white. I was scared and crying, and my mother said "He's passing over, say goodbye to him now" I told Odie that I loved him so much and I would miss him. Then all of a sudden, his eyes went normal brown again, and he licked me, jumped around and ran around the house. There was a hole in our fence next to a tree, that he would always use to get out of the yard. i ran outside and i could see Odie look at me, then run through the hole, not looking back. I believe that, because i didnt have the chance to say goodbye to my beloved dog, his spirit stayed behind until he could say a proper goodbye to me. Has anyone else ever had this kind of experience?



First and Only





My first and only experience with a ghost was when I was 4, I and my family went on a holiday trip to Whitby, we stayed in this gourgeous house that a man owned. Because I cannot remember as such the full story of my haunting my mum had told me when I was old enough to understand. The man who owned the house had told us that the house was alive, ofcoarse we thought he was just trying to scare us.

 But that night, my dad had to go downstairs, complaining that the bed was uncomfortable, I was woken up by the bed moving and was curious where my dad was going. Being me, I went to follow. My first thought was that he had gone to the toilet, so I went into the bathroom.

 The only thing I can remember is walking into the bathroom and seeing a figure, from then my mind is blank, but my mum said that when my dad had found me, the figure had gone, and I had told my dad what he had looked like. He had a wooly jumper, a beard and a warm smile. I must have been talking to the man for taleast 10 minutes.

 Although it might not sound like a massive, ultra cool experience but to me it is the best experience ever!!!!




A Haunting in Iceland




I recently checked your website for haunted places in Iceland, being that I am from Iceland myself. I saw that you had 2 places registered. I can tell you about one other house that is haunted and has been conformed by a news team investigaton from Denmar. It's the place where Ronald Regan (US former

president) and Gorbachev (former president of the Soviet Repuplic) met to discuss a peacetreaty. It's referd to by Icelandes as "Hofdi" and is located near the shore in Reykjavik. People have been seen walking past the windows often stopping to glance out while there is no one in the house. This is usually around midnight. I believe I have some psychic ability since I can almost always sense someone else in the room and see people around me as though they are walking through a mist or fog. I have been into the house just after it got dark and I sensed something was following me and then later on urging me on to go deeper into the house, specifically the addict.

I went there but nothing was out of the ordenary in there.

Also regarding the viking longship that has been seen by the American couple

and the phrase that they   thought they heard, Icelanders have also seen

something that might be taken as a  longship sailing along the coast, but never to my knowledge have I heard anybody say anything about the vikings yelling something out. The translation for that phrase is very hard to come by. During the Viking ear, Iceland was controlled by both the Danes and the Norwegans. The dialect they used ath that time  is quite different from what they use today. Your best chance of getting it translated would be to get someone from Norway or Denmark to translate it. It is not Icelandic or "ancient" Icelandic.



Crystal Lake - Covered Bridge Park




I grew up in the neighborhood of Covered Bridge.  I used to play in the park and hang out at the stream.  We all would get freaked out after about 5 min yet it would be clear day light.  On a few occasions I had parties in the park when I was in elementary school.  People would go back there to see and just explore and all would come back saying it was strange and not know why.  It isn't even like a large stream.  It is just two sides of mud with a little bit of water.  Nothing exciting or nice at all, yet one just has to go see it.  There is a farm or just vacant land that backs up to the stream.  One fall we went back to feed the deer that would sometimes hang out there.  I can not describe it but we all felt a urgency to get out after the deer had left suddenly.  Note that this was probably 4:00 and very nice out in the day.  It isn't like it was dark and spooky.  It probably was the last time I went back past the park or to the park at all.  Also, just so you know, you do not have to go back to the stream to see things or just get spooked.  You always feel like you just missed seeing someone watching you when you turn around toward the stream.  That is why we first went to the back of the park.  We all thought that one of our friends was back there playing a prank.

I was shocked to see this on your web page, as I have never heard stories of it being haunted, but I would really like to know what others find back there.



Ghostly Reminder


My Mom had passed away about 5 years ago. I was down the shore at a high rise hotel one summer, when I decided to go out on the balcony. I looked down to a balcony below and saw a woman smoking a cigarette looking exactly like my Mom.  I called my wife out to look and she confirmed what I was seeing. I went back in our room....laid on the bed thinking....and remembered my Moms birthday was July 14th.....and TODAY was July 14th. I went back to look and she was gone...and the rest of vacation I did not see her again. Was I getting a reminder from Mom? could be.



Grand Rapids Residence.......





Between the years of 1985 & 1989 I lived  (upstairs apartment) which I became aware, was haunted.

I lived there with my then boyfriend, Alan Webb.

During the 4 years I lived there, upon several occasions there were extremely loud crashing noises in the middle of the night that would wake up both of us.  Sometimes it was one isolated CR-RRRRASH!

...and other times it was a repetetive BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!

These noises seemingly came from the kitchen area.

Upon checking the kitchen, then the entire apartment, nothing was out of place, had fallen or broken.  It wasn't our downstairs tennants because they were not home on these occasions.  All was quiet and dark downstairs.

Sometimes the screens in the diningroom would be taken out of the windows while the windows were not cranked open, so we knew it wasn't the wind. 

The cranks would still be in the screen frames.  They would be neatly standing upright and positioned against an ajoining wall.

This would happen during the day.

Items would come up missing then re-appear untampered, months later, with no logical explanation.  This would happen during the day.  Mail, etc.

My pet bird was occasionally frightened upon seeing "something" or having been tormented, in the night.  Birds are quiet and sleep at night, you know, if you're a bird owner.

The "Michigan basement" of the home had, at some point, been painted in bright primary colors and there were all sorts of symbols or Latin spellings on the walls.  The cement floor had been painted red.

In the attic, there was an old (original) wooden door which at some point had been taken down, laid horizontally and had 100's of candles burnt on it, as if it were used for a table for bizarre practices. 

We wondered if former tenants had summoned spirits to dwell there through witchcraft or seances.

The next door neighbor, an elderly gentleman, who I hadn't met my first Fall there, told me that two women who were sisters lived in that home in the early 1900's and stayed in the home for 40 or more years. 

(He and his wife lived in Florida for several months at a time and would return home only in the Spring.  His name, I remember, was Jack and I want to say his wife's name was Jane. ?)  They lived in the green house next door.

He said, "One sister lived upstairs, one lived downstairs with her husband.  He died in that home, downstairs.  The two women switched apartments when the sister upstairs became to weak to climb the stairs and she later died downstairs in that home, too."

Jack also told me that prior to my moving in,

"Two girls who were Kendall art students lived in that apartment upstairs, (just like me) and the two girls had taken photos of the 'ghost.'" 

When I asked him what the photos were "of?"

He said it was a white-ish figure at the top of the stairs. 

He thought the art students were fooling him, but when his very first words to me were,

"So, how do you like living in that old haunted house?"

You can imagine - he had my attention!

I told him about the noises and crashing sounds, items disappearing, etc.

Later, in about 1999, I ran into an old neighbor from that neighborhood, the neighbor who lived next door on the other side... another brick home similar to my old apartment/home.  He said his parents still live there now.  Their last name is Schantz.

Lon Schantz told me there was a fire a few years ago in that upstairs kitchen where a lady died.



Personal Iowa Experiences




Iowa, Cedar Falls, Lawther Hall (Augie and Others)

Update: Personal Experience - I attended UNI & lived in the Lawther Hall "Penthouse" in 1994-95 and have witnessed many strange events while there. Enough to believe in no-uncertain terms that there is something to the haunting stories.

I'm also fairly certain that there is more than one force in this location.

The spirit referred to as Augie has always been described as a playful prankster. One experience in particular occured in the middle of the afternoon.

The "Penthouse" was made up of nine or so dorm rooms on the top floor (excluding the apartments & attic above). One morning it was announced that the power would be shut off to the hall to do some electrical work. We as a group decided that this was the perfect opportunity to skip our early afternoon classes. The plan was: Go to lunch, come back in time for "Days of Our Lives", & then start drinking when the lights go out.

The plan went as scheduled. We made it back to our rooms at 12:15, just fifteen minutes before Days was to start. We'd decided on one room to congregate, grabbed up any alcohol/beer we had available, locked up our rooms & went to the meeting place. The lights cut off right on time as well, however they didn't stay off as long as we'd hoped; half an hour is all. Not a lot of drinking could be done in that time and so we all disbursed back to our individual rooms, rather slowly.

Two minutes later, fifteen+ girls were running from room to room to feel for ourselves what "Augie" had done. In nearly half of the dorm rooms, the radiators had been turned to full heat, making the small rooms a virtual sauna.

The Apartment: Augie wasn't the only story told 'round the "Penthouse". There is a story about a resident & her roommate that lived in the apartment, situated upstairs, just outside of what we affectionately referred to as Augie's Attic. Story goes that in the 1970's these two girls were roomed up in the apartment (wasn't any bigger that a regular dormroom). During Semester finals, one roommate lost control & followed her friend downstairs into the "Penthouse" bathroom, killed her, drug her down the hallway, up the stairs & back into the apartment, where she then hung herself. It's also said that there have since been several attempts to open the empty apartment door which no success. It was even rumored that not even the local locksmiths could get the door open without taking the door off it's hinges. I do know that I remember seeing the door open in 1995 right before the "Augie's Attic Haunted House".

Other things that I've witnessed: footsteps down the hall, footsteps on the stairs leading up to the apartment, dark shadows in the hallway mirror, dark form moving down the hallway, cold spots & breezes when no windows were open, whispers & whistling, hotspots in the walls, the feeling of being pushed or pulled. Not all of these events were the playful pranks that we attributed to "Augie". The dark shadows & footsteps always had a more sinister feel to them. There were occasions of definate uneasiness. Whether "Augie" exists as told in the stories or whether he was something else entirely, I, as well as almost everyone who's lived in the penthouse believed he was real. He may have been a prankster, but he was our prankster & our group looked on him as our protector. He may not have been alone, but he WAS there first & the attic, apartment & Penthouse were his.

Iowa, Waterloo, Walmart (Crossroads)

Update: Personal Experience - I used to work 3rd shift there, when it was easiest to detect Jeremiah, the ghost. Although I can only say that I've experienced him once. At the time of the event, I didn't even know there was a ghost in the store. It was a very quiet night. I was up front stocking the shelves around the cashiers when I heard the quiet chime of bells. Just up the row there was a center aisle display of small wind chimes and they were ringing softly. I glanced around & didn't see anyone, not associate or customer. At first I dismissed it as the air conditioning had caused them to ring, although I quickly remined myself that the store's AC shuts off at night. I started down the aisle to investigate further and got within a few feet of the display when all of the chimes rang out loudly as if someone had just swiped an arm through the whole of them. I stopped where I was, turned and went immediately to one of the cashiers who had been working there for sometime.

I asked her if she believed in ghosts and she immediately, without even blinking replied, "Oh, you mean Jeremiah?" Well curiousity getting the better of me, I began interogating all the long-term associates. It seems that anyone that's put in any significant time in the store has had an experience in some shape or form.

I wish I could share their stories, but I wouldn't do them justice.

Iowa, Beaman, Vienna Cemetary

Anna Weise was a young girl growing up in the early 1890s. She lived in Vienna township and worked a family that lived down the road from her, taking care of the children & down housework. It's unsure how the whole thing came about, but the wife got it in her head that her husband and Anna were having an affair. One day it all came to a head. She accused the girl of adultery & sent her home. Anna began walking home, but never made it there. She was later found dead, her throat cut from ear to ear, right to left.

Anna is buried in the Vienna Cemetary just outside of Beaman, IA. She has a tall, spire of a headstone that reads "Vengence is Mine, Saith the Lord". It was believed that at night Anna would reappear and search for her murderer and that on the 100th anniversary, Anna would reveal her murderer.

Vienna Cemetary is a hub of activity around Holloween & the anniversary of Anna's death. Many a high school/college kid has gone there looking for evidence and a good scare. It can be noted that in the late 1980s a group of teens went out there with an old video camera and captured what was believed to be an apparition. While there they also experienced electronic difficulties, dogs howling from every direction, and they were said to have recorded her headstone moving from one location to another. Over the years many people have experienced car failure within the cemetary, eerie lights coming from within the graveyard and always dogs howling.

In the early 1990s the 100 year anniversary of Anna's death approached and with it a kind of hushed excitement that was shared privately among people who believed in the stories. A private saince was performed at the location of Anna's death while in the cemetary a group of high school & college kids gathered to await Anna's return. I was one of those kids. It was the first time in all the years of visiting the cemetary that I did not experience a single event. We waited until after 2am, sitting quietly around her grave. When we'd finally given up, we all stood & said our goodbyes to Anna. I reached into my pocket and took out the only thing I had with me, knelt down beside her headstone and said something sappy like, "Anna this is all I have, but I want to thank you for all the years of enjoyment that you have provided us." I laid my favorite lighter in the center of the stone base, a quarter to each side of the spire, then a dime to the outside of that, and then a nickel and then a penny, except that I only had one penny so I had to borrow one from a friend. No sooner had someone in our group wished Anna peace then the place erupted in howling dogs, something which had been lacking the entire night. We quickly got in our cars and left.




Salina Court House




Per the Oklahoma Haunted Places Index, there is a "Salina-Old Salina-the Old Salina court house".  After visiting Salina, OK, we were redirected to Rose, OK. on old Hwy 33 or what is now known as Scenic 41, to Saline Court House.  Please note the difference in spelling of Salina & Saline.  This is not a typo error.  After visiting with a gentleman familiar with the property we were told the one & only cemetery on the property is that which is located within 4 feet of the road, Delaware county rd. I believe.  The cemetery consists of 7 headstones, some of which are so old the names are no longer there.  The best we could tell the last to be buried was before 1910.  However, per a local, as recent as a week ago, they had to reset 2 of the headstones after someone knocked them down & a couple were ran off by the authorities for engaging in sexual activity on the property.  Under normal circumstances people are welcome to come and go as they please but through out Oct. the authorities watch the property routinely for pranksters & so forth.  The gentleman we spoke with laughed & said there was gossip there was something spooky on the property around Halloween time. The courthouse itself is taped off with no trespassing signs. The holding cell is located over a natural spring that you can readily tour.  Although we did not visit with him there is a Cherokee Indian caretaker living on the back of the property who does an excellent job with the grounds (for over 7 years) but apparently his job security is in the air with the Cherokee Nation.  However, the museum at Salina was of the opinion the Saline courthouse will be refurbished.  I can only assume the state historical society plans to do it for the gentleman we spoke with was of the opinion the Cherokee Nation won't put out any money or effort.  Trees that had to be removed were taken down to aproximately 4' stumps that some one carved into animal totems.  So per the Salina museum there is no old court house in their area & is redirecting everyone to the Saline Court House at Rose.  Follow old Hwy 33 east out of Locust Grove to Rose OK.  Don't blink or you'll miss Rose. A short distance east of Rose you will see a Delaware County road sign.  The first street past the sign, turn right or south, & travel aproximately 1/4 mile.  The Saline courthouse will be on your left or the east.  The graves are shortly past the drive way & could easily be missed if you don't walk the entire property or drive on south, a short distancepast the driveway.  Again, the grounds are lovely in a woodland setting with a small shallow stream running through the property.  However, it is Saline, not Salina & the cemetery is across the creek to your west, not the north as your index states.  The square of flowers where the old hanging tree was still exists within only a few feet of the courthouse.  The jail cell is also only a short distance from the courthouse.  The property due N. of the courthouse land is being cleared and is marked no trespassing so we could readily see the land.  There were no graves to the north of the creek on the courthouse land or the adjoining land.  Also across the road is land owned by a dairy farmer and also posted no trespassing.  The road is freshly paved blacktop.  Hope this helps.



Waterloo Iowa




We lived on Lafayette St in Waterloo where a little boy was seen by several persons through our time living there and after.  When we first moved in we were all sleeping downstairs [this was about 5 adults], when we heard creaking on the stairs, we looked to see who was there but noone came down.  Just a quick shadow disappearing back up the stairway.  The stairs going up had a small landing to which about 4 stairs were not in the viewers site unless standing below them.  The little boy never came down past that landing.  My grandson once told me that the kohla bears that his grandfather gave him before his death would begin to dance at night.  My other grandson slept upstairs in his crib until one night suddenly refusing to sleep there anymore.   Several people commented on seeing him through the several next years when we lived in the house.  Finally all agreeing that there was indeed a small boy living in the upstairs.  He was a friendly sort, as he never really did anything to annoy any of us.  He frightened the children, but that I think was because he was looking for them to play with him.  One of the wierdest things that I personally saw was upon going upstairs with my daughter and our dog.  We had passed through the hall and after returning to go back downstairs as we thought our dog acted as if he had to go outside, there was a wet spot in the carpet [our dog had a tendouisy to pee in the house sometimes]; right before us was a TRIANGULAR wet spot.  Now our dog couldn't have wetted in that manner!

After we moved out of the house, our stuff remained in there for a couple of years.  People would tell us of seeing the lights on upstairs and someone looking out the window.  All utilities were shut off!  My own grandson was one of the persons who saw him looking out the window, so I knew it wasn't just someone making up a story to annoy us of someone being in the house.

We have since sold the house and it has been remodeled.  So we don't know what happened to the little guy as we friendly called "Our Little Ghost".




Cemetery Experience




I am a historian for Winston County, Alabama, and naturally, I visit a lot of cemeteries in our area.  In 2003, I decided to photograph every cemetery in the county.  Eventually my list dwindled just a couple. 

There is a cemetery in Helican named Hefner; actually, there are only three visible graves.  It's located about one-half mile down into the woods (and I mean in the middle of nowhere).  I got my aunt to venture with me since I don't like walking in the woods alone.  The person who owns the property directed us on how to find this cemetery, and after driving through his pasture, we came to an old road bed that looked horrible.  It looked like a tunnel actually.  Briars were growing everywhere, and we had to watch for snakes since it was in the early summer.  Once on this road bed, it turned straight downhill through water and mud.  We came to a little clearing, where the cemetery was supposed to be behind in the thick of the brush. 

This is where it gets weird.  For some strange reason, something made me look to my right on the bank.  There stood a person (or was it?).  My first thought was gladness, thinking maybe this person could show us exactly where the graves were.  However, I only got see a hairy leg with checkered shorts on.  Right in front of this was an animal's snout.  After it all happened, I think it was a horse's nose.  My mind said otherwise at the time!  I turned straight around and hollered "BEAR!"  Talk about running out of there!  It was hard too, straight up hill in mud.  Nothing came after us though.

Later on, I got the guy to carry us back down in there to show us where the graves were.  He pointed and said "in there."  He pointed to the exact spot where I had seen the leg and the "bear."  After about 10 feet back into the woods from the bank, there they were!  I never thought that this could be a ghostly experience until now. 

I know this isn't that scary, but I thought I would share it.  You can see a picture of the graves here:



Choking Ghost in Hawaii





Years ago, in the island of Oahu, I was living in a duplex near the downtown area.  I was going to school during the day and working nights at a hotel in Waikiki.  After classes, I usually take a nap before I start the late shift.  On this particular day I fell asleep on my couch.  Day became night and everything was pitch black in the living room.  For some reason I awoke quickly and saw an abrupt flash of a hand in front of my face.  As quick as the hand appeared I felt it smother and put pressure on my mouth.  I was frozen with fear--my arms could not move--but also desperately gasping for air.  I honestly thought that a person was in my apartment.  However, within seconds, the pressure released and I found myself alone in the living room.  I could not sleep after that, of course.  When I reported to work that night, I told my co-worker about the incident.  Being a local, he was aware of what took place and said I was the victim of a choking ghost--an entity that literally tries to choke a person while they sleep.

I've told this story to countless individuals.  Many agree that it is a choking ghost.  Others think I had a nightmare or experienced what is sometimes called sleep paralysis.  It's hard to determine what really happened.  If anything, it was a living nightmare that I hope I never encounter again.



Haunting Submission




Hello. My name is Dylan . I am but 14 years old, yet I have had many ghostly experiences in my short life.

I would like to tell two stories, one about my current house, and one about a friend of mine's house.

This is the story of my house...

My house was built in 1866 as  Stoneham, MA. I have been living in it for about a year, yet I have come into many close encouters with the spirit that possesses my house. When I first came to this house, the first thing I noticed was the coldness of the unfinished basement, even in the hot summer month of July. It always seemed to be chilly down there.

So one day, a few weeks after I had moved in, school had started, things were getting colder, I went to my basement to retrive a bedspread that was still packed in one of the boxes. As I was reaching into the box, I felt a cold wind pass by my head. I turned, and I saw fingerprints and the outline of what looked like a face enscribed in the dust of the furnace. The furnace was on, so nobody placed their hands and face on it in my house. I grabbed the bed spread, and walked back up stairs. That was my first, and least freighting experience.

The next time, it happened to my step father. He went down into the basement for whatever reason.He came back up, white faced, went into his room, grabbed a cross necklace, and sat down and did the rosary. When I asked him what happened, all he said was "I saw something..."

The next encounter happned to my mother. I was talking to her while she was on the treadmill, again, in the unfinished basement. Then, in a split second, she fell, but it seemed like gravity, shot her back up. It looked unreal. We thought it was sheer luck, but again, encribed in the dust on the furnace was something that looked like "Your welcome." It was hard to see, but after squincing, you could barley see it.

The latest one, happned to me not to long ago. This is what I would just call weird. I was walking into my kitchen, and all of sudden, my hand was SOAKING wet. I have no idea what happned, it was as if I dipped my hand in a bath tub.

These are just the main stories, I've had many encouters with things crossing out of the corner of my eye, cold spots, low buzzes, things moving alone, things in places where I didn't put them, just plain weird shit.

This is the story of my friend's house. This is rather short, but it comes with a picture.

I was at my friend's house on 8 Pine Street in Stoneham, near the infamous Octagon House. We were just playing some Halo 2 on XBL, and I was messin' round with my camera phone. I took a straight picture across the hallway. The .jpg is attached. It was taken, straight on, and that is the way it came out.

I know this sounds fake, but I swear to god, that that picture is 100% unaltered.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that my submission gets accepted into your site.

As I was typing the paragraph about the low buzzing noise, I got a phone call from a "No ID" number on my cell phone (the one I took that picture with) and when I picked it up, I heard the exact same low buzzing noise.

 I have experienced the Lucy ghost in Stoneham High School, since I go there, and have been in the auditorium, many a-time.



Just an Odd Encounter





My story is from when I was about 6 or 7. It took place at 1158 South Seminole Drive in Chattanooga, TN. The layout of the house was a living room when walk in the front door keep going straight there is a back porch in front of you and a hallway to your right. Down the hallway to your left was the bathroom, straight ahead was the bedroom, and diaganoly to your right was the master bedroom. For the back door we had one of those, good for nothing, slidding doors. The door broke one night and in fear of someone trying to break in, my grandmother slept on the couch. I woke up during the middle of the night, to pull the blanket over me more. Tennessee winters can be harsh. Then something in the hallway had caught my eye. I looked up and saw my grandmother going into the master bedroom (my room) with a basket of clothes like Saturday had already come and she was working on getting the house tidey. She was fully clothed, her blue ducky shirt, her jeans, her princess reebok shoes, and as always her hair rolled. I called her name, which I call my grandmother, "Mom"... she turned her eyes first to the corner of her eye. Then she turned her head toward me, but her eyes never moving, they were focused on me. When she got her head fully turned toward me, she blinked once and her eyes became blood red. It was about a 3 minute encounter. Yet in every encounter I have ever had, the eyes are always blood red. I cannot figure out why. They are supposed to be the sign of evil, but these spirits/ghosts/supernatural beings never hurt me. Why is that?!



True Story




The story that i'm going to tell u is true i haved lived in ken for more the one year the frist time somebody told me that the place was hunted i said no way .it all started in 2000 when they started to build the condo one local told me that they was a malay grave yard on the site .so after it was built .in 2003 or 2004 someone  told me that when the place was be built a buiding guarad was walking on the pool fl 3a they call it .He went sit down to rest he was looking at the pool and at the cornner their was a white glow sliver glow and it started to move around and come near him and made some sounds of a mone  they was nobody around and no one has  moved in yet he was the only gurard on duty after see that the gurard never came back to work .In blk c a women was coming back from work very late she lived on the 5 fl when she walking to door she had seen a white glow and slive glow in the cornner of the walk first she did'nt think anything of it until she had got closer to it she said it made some sounds like it was crying and when she got close it went away .So 3 weeks later she had come home late no thinking about the last time it had come back this time it was very scary she said it start to move close to her  and started to mone cry the women started to run to the elevaters when running she had fell then the ghost had went away after that she never went back home and she sold her con a few months later.Blk b Some students were living on the 9th fl they say that one nite one of the boys were comming home when he enter the home he said that the place was very  very cold they had no air con in the living room they one had one air in the bed room but it was not turn on the fans were not on so when walking in the appartment currents ere moving around then for one monent everything stop and went back to noraml one nite all the room mates were sleeping furniture was moving around in the appartment on of the boys went out to the living room  to see what was going on pictures on the walls were moving and to chairs were on the ceiling the boy was thinking he was dreamimg so he went banging on his roomates door the room mate come out then had seen what was going on the everything stoped the next day they all moved out .Their is a condo next door to ken their is and other story the coondo is casa condo one late nite in 2004 in july the guard was making his rounds somebody had made a complant about some childern playing around the pool the gaunrd went to check it out but their was notting to see .but like resendents say they come hear the childern play in the late nite around the pool speeking in malay .





My Father In Law




In April of 2004 my father-in-law passed away of a massive heart attack. It was the night that he had passed that my husband and I were staying at his (my husbands) sisters house so that we could all be together. It was about 3AM and my husband and I were lying in her living room floor he had fallen asleep and I was tossing and turning unable to sleep when I felt this unexplainable sense of calmness. I rolled over to face my sister-in-laws bedroom and seen what appeared to be my father-in-law, but I knew that it was impossible. I layed there for a few seconds and then sat up and rubbed my eyes only to see him still standing there. What happened next I wouldn't believe unless I seen it which I did. He leaned down and kissed my husbands forehead and said "Everything will be ok. Don't worry I love you." Then went into my sister-in-laws room and spoke to her also. I to this day have not told my husband or anyone else for that matter. It was the most peace I felt through out all of the funeral procedures. We got his truck and to this day whenever I drive it I can almost always feel his presence in it.

I really enjoy reading about the experiences of others who have shared their stories on your site and want to share mine with those who read it.




The Girl in White




its actually taken me a while to actually write this story.well my sister, belive it or not she can actually see some energies that are always around us. i now a lot of people wont belive this and they think shes crazy but is not like that. Two years ago we moved to this new house in mira loma california, i mean brand new, no one is ever lived there before we did. therefore i thought that no ghost were gonna appear there. a yaer after we moved in me and my sister were getting in the car to go to school when driving out of the drive way she stoped and looked at my window. i actually know the look she gives me when she just saw something, so i asked what is it? she said that a girl not that young had just walked  next to my window and stand there to watched us drive off, she stoped and said she's wearing a white dress. we drove off and left. when we got home i had completely forgot about it, we didn't tell my mom anything because that kind of stuff really scares her. so during dinner we told my step dad. he's the type of guys who don't belive in anything that has to do with ghost, he sait to us to not be scared and that he wont believe it till he sees it. well time pass and my sister will continue to see the girl and she will only go up the stairs and dissapear at the top of them. maybe three months after that my dad got home late from work, (he is a nurse RN), he was so tiyer he went upstairs and said hi to my mom and forgot to get himself a cup of water, so he went back down stairs. this all happen around 2AM. when he got to open the fridg, he looked to the side where our table is and he said that he saw a girl wearing a white dress seating there looking at him. in that moment he turned the other way and almost run up the stairs. my mom asked him what was wrong he said that he had just seen the girl and asked her to please go back to her home that she's in the wrong place. my mom got so scared she just locked the door. after that my sister stop seeing the girl and my step dad now believes that energies or ghost do exist.



The Rocking Chair




By no means do I discount anyone who tells me about seeing or hearing things that they can’t attribute to a natural occurance.  One particular night, due to a decreased amount of work to do on my shift, (11p-7am), I came back home. It was a dreary night in winter, unseasonably warm, with drizzling rain.  My husband and one of my sons were at work also, which left me with the other children who were asleep in the stairs bedroom.  My older sons’ room was next to ours and he kept it locked when he was away.  Well, my son has one of those big leather office chairs for his computer desk.  It made this awfully loud squeaking, wailing noise whenever he leaned back in it.  On several occasions I had to go to his room to investigate in which he was always there.  But not on this night.   I had gone to bed, TV and lights out.  I started hearing that noise.  I just shook it off at first but the noise continued.  I got up, turned on the lights, and knocked on his door to no avail.  I tried calling my son at work but could not get through to him.  And the noise continued.  I looked and listened outside of my house, front and back, checked  everywhere I could in the house but my sons’ room is the only place that noise occurred.  Well, the noise continued, so I turned on the TV, left my closet light on and just blocked out the noise and fell asleep.  Yes, my son was really at work and there was no one in his room that night.  I never heard that noise again….that following night I went to work,  a patient of ours, whom we had considered a miracle child, had died right before I got there. I did get to see her.    CJ




Little Town called Adams




My name is Ruth and I lived in my mom's house in a little town called Adams....I was married at the time and we had gone to bed...just laid down and we heard footsteps walking across the floor coming toward the bedroom door,which was a large certain...the foot steps sounded like heavy army or work boots....I was so scared I laid on the floor husband turned on the light as soon as the steps were at the one was there...the room that my children slept in was very could not but a light in there...every light bulb would explode...I ran a extention cord thinking it was the plug in in the wall, might be was pluged in the same place as my light...the bulbs would explode ...late at night you could hear cans rolling down the steps...when checking ,nothing was there...the door on the stair case would be locked and you could see and hear it being kicked...but if the door was unlocked you would not see or hear anything...once everyone was gone except my Aunt,mom and myself...we were in the kitchen and we heard a man whistle at the bottom of the was  next to the kitchen...we looked no one there...we heard it 2 times,same tune....once me and my husband were playing cards downstairs and it was quit ...and then a sound came from upstairs ,sounded like a lamp had been broken into a million pieces....we went up there...nothing had been moved or broken...then not to long before I decieded not to stay there anymore...I was cleaning the table and putting dishes in the sink and there was a women about 20 standing by the refrigerator watching me...I froze...scared me so bad I could not move or scream...I told my mom and she said to write  down what she looked like...she wrote hers down...and we d seen the same woman in different sister also had seen the living room my dad had built some room deviders with flowers beds at the bottom,mom had hung wooden shoes on it and they had been there for 9 came off and floated to the didn't fall straight down it floated around the devider and slowly to the floor...there were about 4 people who seen  it ,was early evening....and my last days there were diseaster,I had been upstairs cleaning and on my way back down I felt a push on my shoulders and pulling on my feet...I fell down the stairs and thought my back was broke...I couldn't move and I was home alone and had no help....I moved ,my Mother has passed away and there was no need for me and my family to stay...we got the deed to the house and it was like a told  how so many people had died with the fever and it was the first house there in Adams ,and had been a large farm at one time...The house has been torn down and I am glad ....there were more than one spirit and they could and would hurt you









May 23rd, 1999 my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer.  A huge tumor was found outside his lungs and was inoperable.

Basically, (although we did not know it at the time) his doctor assumed he had perhaps six months to live.

Needless to say, I was totally devasted and needed the help and support of some of my family.  My daughter opted to come and stay with us.

So many things that were odd and very unusual happened at that time, it is difficult to describe them all.

To begin with, a clock that had never run....a victorian German wall clock, began to keep time, chime, and ran for several days, for no apparent reason because it was not wound and should not have even been capable of running.  It kept beautiful time for about a week and then just stopped and never ran again.

When my daughter arrived, she was constantly being  freaked out by all the strange things occuring in our house...things that never happened before.

My husband began a round of sleeptalking...not just sleeptalking, no mumbling, long conversations while he was sleeping.  All was clear and easy to understand.  He was having long discourses with invisible people, ones that we could not see or hear.

My daughter walked into the living room one morning and saw an old woman with long gray hair looking out the window and the entity just disappeared.  My daughter rubbed her eyes and thought, "ok, just an hallucination", but, walking to the window, she found several strands of long gray hair on the floor.  I have gray hair, but have always kept it very it wasn't mine. 

When I took my husband for his chemo treatments, we were always gone for about 8 hrs.  We had to drive 130 miles to San Diego for the chemo and he sat there for 6 hrs. receiving it.

My daughter saw apparitions so many, many times in our home during that time, one was a little girl with big blue eyes who liked to stay in the beds when they were free.  Food would disappear, small personal items, shoes, name it, they would be gone and then just reappear. I slept on the couch during that time and would often awake to a gentle hug, or breath on my cheek. Since I am not comfortable with such things, I would just say,"please, go away", and they always did.

The odd thing is that we never felt threatened by any of the presences in our home.  It was as though a curtain had been pulled aside and all these strangers invited themselves in....I often wonder if it was because my husband literally had one foot on the other side.

We were so very, very lucky.  I believe that all our loved ones who had passed over came to lend support.  It has been over six years now and my husbands cancer is not in remission, the doctors tell him he is cured.  The tumor was gone within six weeks, he had radiation therapy for a time, and they finally just dropped it...he has no outward signs of ever having had lung cancer, just shortness of breath from the radiation treatment.

My belief is that we were helped by unseen forces that invited themselves in, and all were very threat came with them.  I realize that it could have been much different, and thank God everyday for the miracle he gave us.  I also offer up thanks to all the forces that rushed to his defense.  I have no idea if this is a common occurence or not, but, we feel blessed everyday to have been a part of it.  Thanks so much for letting me share.





Am I Losing my Mind?




  I live in an old farm house with my boyfriend and my daughter.  The house is very old and has three floors with the third floor the attic. I was told that there was alot of people living in this house a very long time ago. The attic is like an apartment, it has its own kitchen and bedrooms.  We do not use the second floor because there are two bedrooms downstairs and a bathroom which is all we need.  A couple weeks after moving in things started happening.  When you walk upstairs you get a very eerie feeling like someone is right behind you and we do not even like to walk by the attic entrance because it feels very creepy.  I do believe in ghosts but I am not very easily spooked but these couple of things cannot be explained and scared me. My boyfriend and I were in our bedroom and the door was shut when we heard my daughter talking to someone, this is not unusual as she is three and talks to everything, but then we heard a mans voice answer her. It was a very deep voice. We went out there to see if someone was out there, but of course no one, but it was very cold. The TV was not on nor was the radio or anything so that couldnt have been it.  Also the bathroom light upstairs turns on by itself and the door opens and closes itself.  One night my daughter was sleeping on the couch and for some reason I woke up about 4 in the morning. Something was telling me to check on her so I went out there and god, it was so cold! I just happened to look up to see the end of a skirt going around the corner to the kitchen. Of course there was no one there.  My daughter has a boobah toy, if anyone knows what those are, the sing and dance and that is all they do. I was in the bath and my boyfriend was sitting in the living room and he heard that toy laughing, they do not laugh. We took the batterys out and it hasent happened again.  Then the next morning i was asleep, and alone in the house, when i was woken by a very loud banging coming from upstairs. It was very cold and I had a very bad feeling like I shouldn't get out of bed. So I didn't.  Just little things happen, things out of place, noises and such.... its kinda creepy.




My Former Residence





I was out driving around one night looking for a vacant apartment, when I saw an accident where the driver had been decapitated, but had been taken away before I got there and I got out to see what was going on like most of the people in the neighborhood.  A bunch of us were talking about different things when a young girl around 3 years old came up to her mother and asked if the man was OK.  Her mother told her she didn't know & the Doctors would take care of him.

Then the little girl walked up to the group of us saying the man was walking over towards us.  We looked to see if there was anyway she could see someone or had a sixth sense as they say children do, we couldn't see a thing.  She was persistent that a man we could not see was walking towards us then minutes later turned around throwing her hands in the hair & said as a matter of factly, "He's dead."

I did end up living at the house on the property I was at and it gets better.  Later that year, I got a ride home from work on a snowy evening.  My back porch had the light on for me and I saw a man leaning against the screen from across the yard wearing a red flannel shirt, a ball cap & shoulder length sandy brown hair with a mustache.  I didn't recognize the man, but thought it was strange he wasn't wearing a coat.  By the time I got to my door, he was gone.  No footprints in the snow, no one on the porch or in the house.  My boss who dropped me off saw him standing on the porch too & asked me if I knew who it was & even watched me go inside. 

Weird things happened at that house, TV turning itself on & off.  My (dirty) cast iron frying pan disappeared off the stove before I could wash it and to this day, still have not found it.  This is right in the middle of town (Mammoth Rd.) Manchester, NH. 





Small Town Ghost Tour





This is a story that I've never told to anyone outside of my family, so please sit back and enjoy.It was right around Halloween time of 2000 and it was also my brothers birthday and we all wanted to give Tom (my brother) a real birthday gift and also do something excitng on Halloween,so we got booked to go on a ghost tour in this little town just north of where we were living at the time.we were schedualed to go two nights before halloween and Tom's birthday was that same we all loaded up in my Ford explorer and headed to this location.It was to be held in this really huge,but old cemetary.The group leader had us set up for an 8 p.m. tour with about 10 other patrons.As we arrived at the cemetary I immediately had chills going up and down my side.I felt the urge to leave,but for my brothers sake I stuck it out.The evening began with the group leader giving a prayer of protection and then advised all of us information of what to do if we were to get separated from the rest of the bunch.He said not to panic and just to stay calm and at the end of the tour they will take on a head count and that if not every one is there when they're through that they will go on a search in the grave yard to find that lost person.So as 8:10 approached and the group leader began us on the tour I deffinitly felt a presence there.We took a few camera's along,all of which were digital and we took a few pictures of the graveyard.The weather was perfectly normal,no clouds,no wind,the moon shone fully and there were no other things to cause an illusion of the eyes in any of our pictures (i.e. trash on the ground, people form the group standing directly in front of the camera lens',or any lights from that of a car or street lights,besides we were to far from the street for any car lights or any others to hit us)Anyways, when we got home my brother said he had a real fun time and then our cousin,Jason called us (he was also there with us)and said he  had seen the most disturbing thing the night before (on our hunt),but it was as if there were something compelling him not to tell any of us at the time,he said he saw this figure (of a young woman) go into the woods that were nearby the cemetary.He said he felt like he would faint,but luckily had the strength enough to go on with the help of all of us (his family).I just felt like sharing this.



Story of My Ghosts


By: Terri


I was in my 20's and the adminstrator of a children's group home for Mentally retarded and emotionally ill children. I lived in the basement apartment of the home. At night I could hear knocking from a little entry way where I put my cleaning supplies off from the kitchen.  We could also hear footsteps on the second level of the house.This is where the bedrooms were located as well as the laundry room. We could especially hear the steps while it was meal times. Staff would go up and check to see who was up there and no one was..yet we could still hear the steps. 

One day I came back from a meeting around 10 am. When I walked into the home. I heard giggling coming from upstairs. It sounded like two little girls. I shouted out for one of the staff thinking that some of the kids were home ill from school, however no one was home. I went upstairs and as soon as I started walking I felt this coldness. There was no one  home.. No children.. I checked the house. I then came to the attic door which we had to keep looked. There was no fire exit so the door had to be locked at all times. The door began to open in front of my eyes with no one touching it. I felt this urge to walk upstairs. This was so not like me I was not a person that would do this but I was drawn to it. I remember the senation of being so cold. Now it was in August and was like 90 degrees outside. The attic was so cold. I went upstairs and there I saw two little images of children playing and smiling. They appeared for like 30 seconds. When they disappeared I was able to go back downstairs. I ran down the steps and then the door slammed behind me. I went and checked to open the door again and it was locked.

Throughout my career at that home. We had several events that occured with these children. They loved to take the laundry out of the dirty clothes baskets in the laundry room and throw them on the floor. They also liked to spill the soap. It became natural for me to just go up and check the house and find this happening and I was just used to talking to them telling them to knock this off. 

We had had repair men that have worked on the washer/dryer and would hollar out talking to children. staff would go up and see what they wanted..They would say.."nothing just talking to the sweet little girls that are home today." Myself or staff did not say a word to them.. afraid that if they knew, they would not come back to work when we needed them. But little did they know.. all the children were in school and no one else was home.

Since this time the group home no longer is open. The house remains and a family moved in.. However the house  has had several families come and go. I wonder if they didnt enjoy their extra houseguests.





A Warning




I'm not sure if this would actually be considered a ghostly encounter or not. When my nephew was a baby I would take him for walks in the cemetary up the road from our house. I would walk through the really old sections and read the head stones while he took a nap. It was a bright day in the middle of summer. We were in our usual section just looking. Out of no where I heard or at least thought I did a voice say get the baby home! I looked around and didn't see or hear anything else. I turned around and did just what the voice told me to do. It never did happen again.








 My name is Ryan, and I live with my girlfriend in a house that we bought three years ago in Peoria,  Illinois.  About a week after we moved in,  I l went in the bedroom to take a nap (I was tierd from all the unpacking).   I was in a deep sleep when my girlfriend woke me up.  She was being very quiet about waking me up when normally she stands in the doorway and yells, "Ryan! Get up!"  Anyway,  I finally woke up fully and she was whispering, "Come here,  you have to listen to this."   So,  I followed her down the hallway, and into the Kitchen.           " Shhhh,  listen," she said.   I didn't hear anything for a few seconds,  until suddenly it started up.  It was a heavy deep breathing sound!  I stood there and just listened.  It kinda freaked me out,  but my girlfriend didn't look scared,  so I didn't act scared.  She turned to me and said, "What do you think it is?"   I said I didn't know, and went back to lay down.   I woke up about an hour later,  and my girlfriend was sitting in the livingroom watching t.v.   I asked her if she still heard it, and she said,  "No it stopped a few seconds after you went to lay down."    A couple nights later we were at her mom's for dinner,  and Heather, ( my girlfriend), told her mom about the breathing.  Her mom told us that refridgerators make that sound all the time!  I was thinking in my head that I had never in my life heard a fefridgerator sound like that.    The next day when I got home from work Heather was standing in the kitchen.  She imediately told me to shush.  I quietly creep into the kitchen with her, and sure enough, our "spirit" was breathing again.  I ran to the office, grabbed my tape recorder, and rushed back into the kitchen to try and capture the sound.   I recorded for about 10 minutes before the breathing upruptly stopped.  We both went into the livingroom to listen to the tape.  We reround it and hit play,  but all you could hear was Heather tapping her fingers on the kitchen table.  I got mad and said,  "You should have been quiet,  all it picked up was your tapping!" ,  and thats when she said, " I wasn't tapping my fingers or my feet or anything else for that matter."    I was really kinda freaked out then,  but I got over it.  We still live in the house, and still hear the breathing every now and then.  We have played the tape for many of our friends and family who usually just laugh, or get wide eyed.  The breathing doesn't bother us,  and we are so used to it that we rarely hear it when it does start up.  My mother,  my aunt,  heather's sister, and heather's dad have all stood in the kitchen with us at some point and listened to the breathing with us.  We have tried to record the sound many times since the first recording,  but usually only pick up the sound of whispers,  or the same tapping we heard the first time,  never the breathing.     I just thought I would share my haunting.  Hope you enjoy,  and if any one has a similar experience or can explain this experience please let me know.



Ghost Stories




I have two stories for your website. In 1995 my Grandmas' boy friend of 10 plus years died in our garage of a heat attack. For the next three months she swore when she woke up that she could smell coffee being made or eggs and sausage being fried. I never reayl thought about it because i new the loss of Ken was a heavy blow to Gram. I don't know if this was all that happened to her, But thos is what she shared with me some years latter.

My second story is more of a dream. My Great Great Aunt Hellen was very ill and was spending the night at our house. She was sleeping in the room right blow mine. In my dream i dreamed that a girl with a cloak holding a scythe came to get my aunt. I fought her off and won. Some weeks latter my aunt was fitted with a pacemaker and is still alive. That was in 2001. Now she is 84 years old and is decent heath.





Little White Men




First let me say that I am a 29 year-old-male from Kentucky. I think I was about 14 when this happened. I also want you to know that I am a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and believe that there must be a logical explination to everything even though it may not be a logic that we currently understand. If asked about U.F.O.s, I would have to say that I am very skeptical, but the possibility is far greater than the possibility that there are spirits of the dead walking amoung us. The reason I mention this is that this story falls somewhere between U.F.O.s and ghosts. I want to assure you that as God is my witness this is a true story. It has recently been on my mind and really scares me anymore. So enough already, here is the story: It was late one evening in mid-summer about 15 years ago. You see, I had this very strange habit: I was always absolutely obsessed with throwing rocks. I would spend hours doing this. I had one spot in particular where I spent much time engaged in my hobby, as there were many rocks there. The spot is located about 60 yards up the hill behind my house. Because the summer days were geting very hot here and one was advised not to be out much in the day, I had adopted the habit of waiting until evening to go out and do this. It was a ritual that I had repeated many nights before, just about every night for the last month or so. I was a rough boy who was never afraid and all the ghost stories in the world would not have kept me from my love of stone-throwing. So this night I was out there sitting in my usual spot just throwing away. I had been doing this for about an hour, and it was just beginning to get dark, probally about twilight. I heard the front door open to my house and knew that my father was coming out to tell me it was getting dark and to come on in so he could go to sleep without worrying about me. He came around the house and stoped at the bottom of the hill, then yelled "Donald! Eric! Come on in it's getting dark, and I want to go to bed." Now Eric is my little nephew who was about 9 years old or so. I sat there a minute and said sort of low like "Huh? Ok." He stopped, walked a bit closer and again said "Donald! Eric? You boys get in here now." Now I stood up and said, "Eric is not up here. He is there in his room. I am the only one up here. He walked up the hill and asked, "Well, who were those people you were talking to?" I said, "No one. I am here alone." I could see that scared him. He said "Donald, honey, are you sure Matt and Eric are not up here?" I said, "No, Matt (who is Eric's little friend) is not even here tonight." He said that there was someone there behind me and did I see them? I said no, and we went and looked around the yard. We searched everything very thoroughly and went in to confirm that every family member was where they were supposed to be. They were. We got my brother up, who got his pistol and went up the road to see that there were no strangers in the area and further search the yard. All the while, my poor father was not saying much. He was so scared, and I had never seen him frightened before. It was not until the next morning that he had recovered enough to give us the whole story. My father said that when he walked out he saw two little people standing there dressed in white, like a "damn doctor or something" to use his words. He did not see me, as I was sitting down and he assumed that the little people -- whom he estimated to be about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall -- were me and my nephew. When he yelled he said they ran around the side of the hill above me then went behind some small buildings of ours and he never saw them again. Now it is important to know that our yard is totally fenced in two sections, the "little white men" as my dad put it were behind me on the other side of the fence. There was an open gate which went out into our yard which is also fenced. They could not have gotten into our yard without me seeing them and even so could not have crossed our fence so fast -- and then world certainly have been heard by us and the dogs. My father admitts that this scared him worse than he had ever been scared before. For months he would not go out after dark and after that never went out unarmed. It was not until he used the phrase that "they were standing there looking right down my shirt collar" that it scared me some. I hope you are interested in this story. What I was wondering was have you ever heard anything similar to this before? If you have or ever do I would appreciate you letting me know. I sure haven't a clue what they were. I often wonder where would I be if my father hadn't came out that night. Or how many other nights they had been there before.

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