Haunted House in Alaska

By: NRai5@aol.com

When I was 14 years old my family moved into a nice house just about a mile outside of a little town in Alaska. We only stayed in the house for a little over a month. I believe that my dad found out that the place was haunted, got scared and moved us out. Although he never told us if he had ever seen the ghost as I had. Now that I am 44 years old and I look back at what happen I don't see ghost as something to be afraid of, They seem to be like us. They act and talk the same as they did as when they were alive. I will not say names or places in this story. It was 1975 when we moved into that house. Some time before that an old man and his wife lived there. The house and all the land around there belonged to them. One day he died in his sleep, Not a bad way to go to the after life. But this left the old women alone as their only son had died in WW II. She placed the old guy in a nice spot in the grave yard and put a fence up around his resting spot and the one next to him where she planed to send the rest of time with the man she had loved all of her adult life. But soon some of the greedy towns people had befriended her. In a few years they made her a will that had divided all her land up between all of them. She must have thought they were real nice people. But one day she got real sick and the small town doctor could no longer care for her so he sent her to a bigger town far away where the doctors there could. But it was to late. Lonely and wanting to be with her husband she past to the after life. The greedy towns people that had been her friends did not bring her body back to rest for all time with the man she loved. With only thoughts of her money, house and land they left her to be berried in the bigger town by the state. But she returned to haunt the house, which I found out years later when my family moved in. All of the old womens stuff was still there packed in boxes in the only room that was up stairs. One day my three bothers and I unpacked the boxes and left the stuff all over that room. We didn't think anything about it. You know how teenage boys can be. We were mostly looking at old pictures of her son in the war. The next day I was home alone. Playing some John Denver tapes when all of a sudden I heard an old womens voice coming from that room up stairs. She was saying " G-- Damn those kids, I'll show them not to get into my stuff." I heard foot steps coming down the stairs so I looked up. I saw a cloud looking figure shape at the foot of the steps. It stopped talking and moving when we noticed each other. When the shock was gone I remembered what she was saying and how mad she sounded. Noticing that she was not moving, I thought maybe she don't think I can see her so I reached over and turned off the John Denver tape got up and slowly walked over to the door. When I got outside I ran the mile back to town. I never said anything to anyone because I didn't want people thinking I was nuts. I went back to that little once about 15 years ago, I went to the grave yard and that's when I notice that only the old man was berried there with an empty spot next to him. I felt sad when I realized  that the old women would always be haunting that old house and she would never rest in the spot next to her husband.

My Own Haunted House

By: wv2hillbillies@yahoo.com

  Iam a firm believer in ghosts, after living in this house when I was seven and eight years old. This house also had evil elements there too. So much happened there, I'm not sure where to start.I'll start with location. This was an old 2 story farm house in rural Indiana, near Tipton. It sat way off the road, with a long driveway, and a fence all around the yard, with a big front porch. We were renting it. My mother, grandmother and 6 brothers and sisters. My little brother, who was 3 at the time, would run around the kitchen table, screaming that he wasn't going in the basement with the little boy. We all just dismissed it as an imaginary friend until I saw him myself. Alittle blond headed boy, dressed in knickers, suspenders and a white shirt, and he also tried to get me in the basement.
There were two bedrooms downstairs,and three up. My mother slept downstairs, as did my grandmother. My mother would be asleep at night, feel someone push on her back, as to scoot over. She thought it was just one of us kids wanting in bed with her, so she would move over, and she could feel the bed move, as if someone was getting in bed, but when she turned over to see who it was, noone was there!
One of my older sisters, who was 14 at the time, was upstairs in her room, the rest of us were downstairs. We heard her scream , and yell for help, we ran upstairs, along with my grandmother. Her bedroom door seemed locked ( although it did not have a lock on it) It felt warm to the touch, and there was a red glow under the door. My grandmother yelled for her to open the door, she said she couldn't. She said the devil was in there with her. My grandmother started crying, and said " In the name of Jesus Christ, leave this house". All then went quite, the door flew open and my sister came running out,crying . She was never quite the same again for a long while. Would not sleep in that room. We moved not long after that.
Another thing  ppened that unerved us all. We were in the living room, watching tv one night. when we heard something heavy falling down the stairway. the stairs were the old type that had a door at the bottom, which was shut and opened into the living room. When the "thing" got down to the bottm, the door flew open, but nothing was there!
We would hear footsteps on the front porch, at night, with all of us in the house and accounted for, a knock on the front door, but noone was there. we would see " mists' like fog, but with a human shape. We were never so glad to move in our whole life.
30 years later, as a grown woman, my 2 sisters and I decided to drive out to see the house. The house was no longer there, the barn was, but not the house. We went down the road to the neighbors, and asked them what happened to the house. They said the owners decided to just tear it down, because they couldn't get any one to the live in it more than 6 months or so, because it was haunted. We told them we know it was because we used to live there as kids. They also said that there were human bones found in the basement in the crawlspace, one was a child.
Sorry for the long story, but there was lot that went on in that house that I wanted to share. Some of you might say, "yeah right" but it is a true story.
Hope you have a good day! >From the transplanted WV Hillbillies!

Guardian Angel


Dear shadow lands
, my story is not so much one of a haunting but of a guardians angle story , My name is Emily and im 20 years old
when I was about 4 I witnessed  the passing of my grandfather he had been ill for years with cancer he was a big part of my life I remember there where days where we would go to the shop give the guy 50c and buy a bag of lollies my favioute was the teeth I had lost my 2 front teeth and he had fake ones so we both used to pretend that that was my teeth well to cut a long story short after he died I didn't get to really say good bye I missed him allot . I don't remember anything directly when I was younger bout his guiding then but as I got older I started to notice them the biggest one was that I was going through a few difficult times in my life where I didn't know what to do , but some how I used to feel this presence which I just new was him behind me and I knew exactly what to do  if the problem was major I would smell the smell of the teeth lollies and his tobacco pipe and  would feel comfortable, the day that it stopped happening was the day  met my previous partner and we went and paid our respects it was the saddest feeling in my life to realise I would never see him again or until I passed on . I do feel that he was a big part in saving me life when I all I wanted to do was die
I hope that this story brings hope to many cause I believe that he is happy and finally at rest I do miss him but one day we will meet again

A recent Ghost Story

By: Anonymous

My mother was given a cross by a very religious, very nice man a few years ago.  He was a devout catholic and his hobby was collecting crosses. He was in the nursin home where she works and handed her the cross off the wall, it was one of maybe 75.  He died a year or two of complications of the flu (pneumonia).  we hung it in the bathroom of our trailer.  It was fine for a while, then there was a lot of activity where a ceramic cat was thrown violently against the door ( it was closed) when we would go to bed and thrown  clear out in the hallway. My ex-husband blamed the cat we brode it in a million pieces and threw it away,  Now I live in a nice little house with my boyfriend and mother.  We hung the cross at the back door to protect the house.  The second week we were here, we heard heavy walking across the kitchen floor like a 359 pound person was walking, and none was there. the cross was hanging on kithchen wall. The boards creaked like a real person sas there.  This was followed by a loud banging on the kitchen wall right beneath the cross,  like someond hitting the wall very hard, with the flat of their hand.  Nest  my boyfriend would hear my voice calling him like I was in distress. Im upstairs, hadnt said a word, hes downstairs.  Then I heard a good imitation of  my mome voice speaking from the dardened living room while I was going thru the brightly hall to bathroom.  She was sound asasleep in bedroom.  She would here me clearing my throat( had cold) and calling her while I was gone to work.  Then I heard boyfriends voice come into bedroom and tell me to get up and fis breakfast and don’t lie in bed.  He was asleep in his room downstairs.  I broke the cross in a million pieces and threw it away, so far its been quiet (two weeks) and a minister is coming to bless house.    

Footsteps and Sounds

By: nitalja@yahoo.com

This story takes place in my old house. We just moved out about 4 years ago. Anyways one night while my parents were at work,they both work graveyard, me, my little sister, my big sister and my little brother were all sitting in the living room watching some late night tv. All of a sudden we heard a plastic cup drop in the kitchen.We ignored it at first thinking that maybe someone sat a cup down unleveled. Five minutes later we heard another cup drop. We were getting curious. So me, being the little tomboy I was, got up and looked in the kitchen. I couldn't see anything because the light was off. So, I ran to the other side of the kitchen and flicked on the light.To my surprise there were no cups or anything on the floor. That night me and by sisters and brother slept together until our parents came home.
Another experience we encountered were footsteps. My dad is a very heavy walker, so you can hear him before you see him. But this night he was at work again. We were all sleeping when we heard some hard footsteps.They would lead from the front door to the kitchen. Never towards the room.Then every time one of us would get up and look, they would stop.   
Also another experience. There were these little tiny footprints on our wall. They look like little muddy boot marks. But they were SO tiny.Me and my little sister would scrub them off, but a few days later they would appear back but not in the same place. That house was the freakiest house I ever moved in. We would see black figures in the corner of our eyes but when we would look, they would disapear. FREAKY


Crawford Road Yorktown Virginia

By: brightsun@widomaker.com

Dear shadowlands : My name is brightsun i am native american i have a story to tell you that i know you will be intrested in. my son and i had heard of the road and the legend that goes with crawford road, We both have different gifts but we are able to use them together when necessary , mine is i can talk to spirits that are still here and that is what i did the night we took our journey down the road , my son is able to communicate with them through reaching with his spirit .On the journey we took we both were able not only to see her but i told her i wanted to know what happen to her , she stood staring at my son for she felt his caring and he took 4 pictures of her and she let him because she felt his trust , he will not share these with anyone for he says it was between he and her.But being native she sensed we are apart of the spirit world.She is very much there and appears to those whom she trusts,my son felt honored that it was him.I have seen her upclose and she is very sad and needs to be released from this world to go the the spirit world.I would like to help her do that .This place is a very sad place and a very cold place .I think of her often and i will go back one day and maybe , just maybe she can hear what i tell her. sincerely brightsun and sparrowhawk.

Cat Ghosts

By: ragonm@bellsouth.net

About A year before my dad died he gave me a cat,he was blue and gray so I called he smokey and sometimes blue.he became my baby always at my side.few years later he left and never came back.In september 2004,about three weeks after I had surgery.I was sitting on a bar stool in my kitchen I stood up and was trying to take a step but my left leg wouldn't move so I looked down and forced my step,and it was like my leg went threw this clear image about the size of a cat, there was not shape just something clear in mid-air.Last night Jan.12 2006,around 12am I was lying in bed and felt something weighing down my leg.I could see from the light of my tv,the blanket was moving in small spots but no image,I knew it wasn't the kittens I just got because they had just jump up beside me and I was petting them.


By: babyshane24@yahoo.com

My name is Carol and I want to share a story with you about a house I lived in as a child. It all began one day when I was 12 years old in a house in Hayden Indiana. I was at home alone while my parents ran some errands in town.I was told to stay inside and clean my room due to the fact that I was grounded. That meant no playing with the neighbor kid in the house to right of us and no playing with the kids to the left of us.So I began my cleaning. No radio or no television was allowed. After some long ,exstensive deep cleaning I decided to lay down on the floor next to my bed to take a break. I thought maybe that would also give me the oppertunity to check under my bed for lost items. As I lay there on the floor I realized that I was hearing music. It sounded like the music that is played while riding a carousel at an amusement park. I checked my room but found nothing. I checked the entire house.......still nothing. I called to the neighbor's house on both sides of us......they weren't home. I went outside to each of their houses to double check that their existance was truely lacking there and also listened around their homes and no music was found of any kind. I returned home and went back to my room to lay on the floor and discovered that the sound was definately coming from my room. The lower to the floor I got ,the louder it could be heard. It seemed utterly impossible considering I stayed on the lowest floor of that house which was made with a concrete floor with very little padding. There was no basement nor an attic. I was getting pretty scared by this point. I listened again with one ear smashed against the floor and my finger in the other. There was no doubt that the sound was flowing from beneathe me! It played and played . After a short time that seemed like days my parents arrived. And when they came into the house, the music ceased. I told them about it but they really didn't believe me. That is untill 3 years later when we were moving.My mother was grabbing the last of our belongings from our room and heard the same thing I did only this time she heard it from the other side of my room, but was still indeed from the floor. She called to my father and he had heard the same. They looked at each other with puzzled but startled disbelief. They vowed with only their eyes not to make a scene of it and just quickly get out of that house. My father left the room and my mother and I started bringing down the curtains off my windows. I was standing to the right of her when my mother had asked me to pick up the curtain tie off the floor which had fallen.I was busy too so I was delayed for a few minutes . My mother was hasty and decided to do it herself. As she turned to her left to snatch it up she came eye to eye with a little girl  that had dark hair and appeared to be the age of nine or so and was quite obviously a ghost considering we could see right through her.She looked sad . She waved goodbye and when she disappeared the music stopped. My mother had been screaming in fright and I had been stareing in pure shock. It didn't take long for us to be on the road with the last of our things after that. We all looked out the windows of the car at the house as we drove by for one last look at the home we had recently dwelled in with the ghost. To our shock once again the little girl  showed herself at the window of my room and in addition to her was an elderely woman whom appeared in the window of the room my parents had and another little girl who looked similar to the first one watched out the room my brother used. I remember wondering after we had been on the road for a half hour or so , if the "ghost ladies" were then in my room dancing to the carousel music. I'm 29 now and sometimes I have the urge to go to that house to see if they might still be dancing.  

Another Experience

By: beanhead36@juno.com

A few nights ago(Jan. 2005) I was doing a google search on my sister inlaw. She was murdered in October(2005) in Pace, Florida, and every few weeks I will check the local papers to see if there are any new reports.
 To keep a short story short, I was sitting here at my desk, my children were in the other room. My son likes to try to sneak up on me and scare me, especially while I am reading these pages~So when I heard someone breathing hard, four quick panting like exhales, and felt the hair move on my neck I just assumed it was him. I jokingly threw my hand back(thinking I'd catch him by the shirt) and said "Okay, that's it!!!I'm gonna knock you out!" My daughter called out from the other room "Mom...Who are you going to knock out?"
The hair on my neck started to stand up as I turned in my chair. They were both sitting on the couch reading Calvin and Hobbs...IN THE OTHER ROOM!!!
I just replied "I guess...umm...nobody."
I told them what happened. My daughter asked if I thought it was Auntie Pamela, or if it was our other ghost. I said I did not know, but whoever it was sure spooked me.

A Story for the Archives

By: emma@towerhouseconsulting.com

This story was told to me by a friend whose family own a kind of building/house renovation service. Both her Grandfather and Uncle were asked to do some work on a house somewhere in the countryside of Hampshire, England. They family who owned the house knew them, and asked them to carry out the work whilst they were away on holiday to prevent any disturbances for them. Accordingly, the Uncle and Grandfather were entrusted with keys to the property.
It so happened that one afternoon they drove past the house on their way back from another job, and decided to go in and view the work that needed doing, so that they might get a head start when they returned the next day. As it was a winter’s afternoon, about four o’clock, it was beginning to get dark as they drove up the driveway. They entered through the back door using the set of keys they had been given, and into the kitchen, as this was the first room that the family had requested they work on. After examining it, they mounted the stairs and walked along an upstairs corridor to a small bedroom, the other room on which they had been asked to carry out work.
They unlocked the door to this room using their keys, and switched on the light, as by this point it was quite dark outside. As they both stood in the room, each man began to feel very uncomfortable, and could sense something strange. Both tried to ignore it for as long as possible, and neither man wanted to admit the fright he was feeling. Eventually however, the feeling grew so intense that they both felt forced to leave, and removed themselves as fast as possible, turning off lights and locking doors in a hurry.
They left the house, and as they walked to their car, both began to feel slightly silly for reacting as they had. That is, until they turned to look back at the house. The light was shining in the bedroom. Both paused, trying to remember if they had left the light on in their hurry to leave. Feeling a responsibility towards the property, and not wanting to run up the owners’ electricity bill in their absence, they both steeled themselves and unlocked the door to the kitchen, went up the stairs, and along the corridor. There, they found the bedroom door standing open, and the light on. Hurriedly, they switched off the light, locked the door, descended the stairs and left the house, locking the back door behind them.
They walked towards the car, and looked back. The bedroom light was on. Both stood in the dark drive way, uncertain of what to do. Eventually, driven either by stubbornness or curiosity, they once again let themselves into the house, and mounted the stairs. This time however, as they walked along the corridor, the bedroom door was shut. The Uncle, who had the keys in his pocket, felt for them to open the door. They were no longer there. The grandfather, disbelieving of what was happening to him on an otherwise perfectly normal day at work, tried the door-handle. It turned, the door was unlocked. However, he had great difficulty in opening it. Both men leaned hard against it, and slowly it gave. They squeezed themselves around it into the room, and were able to see that a large chest of draws had been pushed against it. And as they scanned they room, they realised with horror that all the furniture had been moved around, so the lay-out of the room in no way resembled the way it had looked when they first entered it. Worst of all, on a chair in the middle of the room lay the keys which the uncle had used only a few minutes earlier to lock the back door. This time, neither was concerned about looking a fool. They grabbed the keys and scrambled from the room, leaving the light on, the door unlocked, and fled through the back door, just about stopping to lock it. They threw themselves into the car and the uncle, who was driving, backed them out the drive as fast as possible.
The grandfather looked back at the house one last time as they backed away, only to see the bedroom light switch itself off.
Thank you for reading my story!

A Possible Haunting in my Apartment

By: lisaboatman@yahoo.com

This serves two purposes: one, to find out if my apartment is haunted, and two, to post my story to your ghost stories so here goes...
My husband and I moved into an apartment 8 months ago. I figured we had no presences of any sort because both my sister and I are especially sensitive to them (though we have never seen them) and have never felt anything here. I started to second guess that though when my closet doors would be open in the morning when I was almost positive I'd shut them before going to bed. Then I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye and started feeling like someone was there who wanted to talk to me. One morning I woke to the sound of my husband locking the door to our apartment (he was leaving for work). I distinctly saw a dark shadowy figure bending over as if it were tying it's shoes. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was just tired, and when I opened them again there was nothing there. I was so uneasy I went out to the living room! I didn't have a fearful feeling like I would have if it were an evil apparition, but I'd just never seen anything like that before so I was understandibly uneasy. Every morning for about a week after that I had the same uneasy feeling in the morning right after my husband went to work because I could feel something was there in my bedroom with me. Not long after, we had to put my Grandma in a nursing home and brought home her cat to live with us as she could not have a cat in the nursing home. I thought that if something was in my apartment, he would definatelly let me know, but to this day he never has. He does, however, play with his tail as if someone is tugging on it. Maybe he is just playing though. Well, recently lost my job and I cannot find a new one so my husband and I are moving to the twin cities in Minnesota. He has already gotten another job and we had been talking about subleasing our apartment. It was then the funny stuff started to happen. I brought my husbands clock radio that was in storage so I could listen to a talk radio discussion while preparing dinner. I was home alone at the time, and after the discussion was over, I turned the radio off. Not long after, I heard people talking, and thinking they were our neighbors and being the nosy neighbor I am, I went to eavesdrop. But as I walked through the kitchen, I realized it was the radio, which I distinctly remembered turning off. I turned it off and blamed it on faulty wiring. That evening, we were getting ready to show our apartment to the people who were thinking about taking over our lease for us. All of a sudden, a small table lamp had started flickering. I thought nothing of it and screwed the bulb in more, and for the time it stopped. When the men came close to the light though, it flickered again. I checked the cord and nothing was wrong, and the bulb was tight. I still thought nothing of it though. Today, however, my radio turned on all by itself again, and I hadn't had it on all day. I turned it off, and asked my husband if he'd ever had problems with the radio turning itself on by itself before. He said no, so I kinda wonder if we don't have a ghost who either doesn't want us to leave or doesn't want these new people to move in. I told the ghost that may or may not be there that they could come with us to our new home seeing as though it didn't bother us at all, but we'll just have to see if anything else happens. I almost hope it does because if this is a ghost, it is obviously a kind one.

A Ghost of a Woman

By: ragonm@bellsouth.net

About 15 years ago after I had my son,he was around a month old,after I got my daughter off to school my son went to sleep so I laid him on our couch and sat down beside him,the way I had my couch you could see the hallway to the bathroom,all of the sudden I felt chills and I felt someone looking at me, I look up there was this image of a woman about five foot tall she just stopped and looked at me then walk on.I wished I could have got a picture this was the first time I ever seen an image,few years later I was putting the kids to bed,in which I had to make them go to bed as I was bending down talking to them ,on the other side of the room on top the dresser was a plastic toy dog,it just flew across the room,it was like somebody was throwing it at me.

PA MD Ghosts

By: meweaver@peoplepc.com

Hi all  nothing too scary here,not long after we were married my wife and i purchased an 8 room house,we had two siamese cats,i would go to bed early due to my job.After getting into bed,i would  feel one of the cats jump onto the bed and feel her walking across the bed and lay down,i would open my eyes and look no cat was there,thought i was imagining things until one day my wife mentioned the same thing was happening to her.Sometimes one or both cats would be sitting at the bottom of the stairs just staring upstairs,and you could tell just by their movements,that they were sorta scared,one would sometimes start to venture up the steps only to get about halfway and quickly come back down.After my wife passed i would frequently smell a body powder she favored-the smell would be strong and last awhile-There was a night light in the kitchen which shown into a hall
mirror and the light reflected onto a wall in a front room,i would
see a shadow on the wall as if someone or something was passing between the light and the mirror,i would also see very tiny lights floating around the front room.
We had friends who we would visit in Maryland,shorty after moving into the neighborhood, a neighbor asked her if the elderly woman she sees in the rocking chair at a second story window was her mother,
the neighbor replied there is no one here but my husband and children.She would come home from running errands and find the front door standing open,she would call her husband home from work,he would find nothing amiss,he would tell her she just wasn't being careful and she was not making sure the door was locked when she left,one time she called him home and the two dobermans and a german shepherd just started whining and refused to go upstairs,he could not even drag them up.Not long afterwards they went upsatirs like nothing ever happened,they also had the missing items  the items would show up somewhere else,one day the wife went for her car keys as she need to get the kids to school you guessed it car keys were nowhere to be found,She started scolding whoever or whatever was doing this,she said i need my keys i have to get the kids to school,she heard a jingle in the dining room and when she went in there were the keys big as life on the dining room table,breaking light bulbs and the usual things like that went on there on a regular basis,they have moved long ago from this house.
I live a very short distance from Gettsyburg,Pa so i might have some more ghostly stories later
Thanks for listening

VA Haunting

By: camelotsmaiden@yahoo.com

First let me say, I love your website!.  I read all the stories on here and now I would like to add an experience of my own.  I swear that every word of this story is true as best I can remember it.   Many, many moons ago, when I was 12 in the early 70's we (my mom, dad and 2 sisters) moved from a suburb in Maryland to a 2 story farmhouse in the small town of Lancaster VA.  The house gave me and my sisters the creeps right from the jump but my Dad assured us that it was just because it was old and that we would get used to it.  Well, I never did 'get used to it' and by the time my parents moved out some 10 years later, neither did they.  I think I was the first to notice strange things happening in the house. Doors opening by themselves, cabinet door opening and closing, the typical stuff but I'll never forget this night or several others as long as I live.  I was somewhat of a night owl even though my parents made me go to bed at 9:00 pm.  I rarely fell asleep before 11:00 (unlike my sister that I shared a bed with who fell asleep almost immediately).  I always heard weird noises throughout the house when I would wake up late at night.  I told my parents about it and they said it was an old house and it creaked and stuff due to age and settling.  Being only 12, I bought this for awhile but then things began to get creepier.  My first major experience with one (that's right, I was later to discover there was more than one ghost in this town) of the ghost was when I was about 13.  My sister and me had gone to bed as usual at 9:00pm and as usual, she was sound asleep while I laid there. It had to be around 10 -10:30.  It was pretty light in our room bec se of the full moon shining through the two windows but for some reason I remember feeling kinda scare or nervous which was not really unusual for me because like I said, never really felt comfortable in that house.  Anyway, I was lying there trying to fall asleep when my sister suddenly sat up and yell "Why did you hit me on my back"  Of course, I hadn't hit her.  I hadn't even touch her.  We shared a double bed and we always slept back to back.  She faced to the hallway and me to the window.  I hadn't even accidentally bumped her.  I had been lying perfectly still.  Of course she didn't believe me and yelled at me to cut it out.  I yelled something something back and turned back toward the window.  But the more I laid there the more scared I got.  Who could have hit her?  I knew for sure I hadn't and since her back was to me facing inside the room it wasn't like someone could have come in and done it.  As these thoughts were going through my head something touched me.  'He' tapped me 2 times in succession on the back of the head.  tap tap pause tap tap.  The feeling was so distinct I could feel the fingernail.  I literally froze.  I didn't know what to do.  I was almost positive it was not my sister because in order for her to do it she would have to move and I would have felt the bed shift (she was a somewhat large girl).  The taps were on the back of my head so the 'person' would have had to be directly behind me in order to hit me there.  I didn't move and prayed that it would go away when it started again.  tap tap pause tap tap.  This time I bounced out of bed and spun toward the door.  Nothing! no one!  Okay, now I'm petrified.  I knew what I felt, that coupled with what my sister had accused me of doing had my mind whirling.  I settled back in bed but of course sleep was out of the question.&n p; I decided to lay on my back so that 'it' couldn't touch the back of my head and pulled the blankets to my chin (why we think and thin piece of cloth can protect us, I'll never know but I was only 13).  As I laid there, I didn't close my eyes all the way.  Instead I left them just opened enough so I could see.  Within about 5 minutes or so I saw him.  At least I believe I did.  He was a tall lanky older man with brown baggy pants, sort of like they wore in the 30's or 40's and a white shirt that was half tucked in and half not.  He wasn't solid but not exactly transparent either but he did have a 'glow' about him.  He was at the foot of our bed making his way from my sisters side of the bed toward my side.  At this point, I was soooo scared I could hardly breathe.  I watched him make his way to my side of the bed and I saw his hand reach for my leg, I kicked my leg out and he instantly vanished.  I started shaking and crying and covered my head under the blanket.  How I feel asleep that night I'll never know but when I woke up in the morning and told my parents, they told me it was just my imagination but I promise you it was not and before they finally moved out of that house they believed me too.  I later saw a picture of the man who we bought the house from and it looked similiar to the man I saw that night.  Come to find out, the previous owners were 2 brothers and that the one brother had passed away and that's why the house was being sold.   There are many more detailed events that I could tell you but I'll save those for another day as this has gotten very long.  Thanks for giving us somewhere to share our experiences and feel free to post this because every word of it is true.

Experience on a Gravel Road

By: Jcreason1988@aol.com

I had a Christmas gift exchange after school one day. I was taking one of my friends home afterwards. She lives in the country on a gravel road, just past some railroad tracks. We got to her house just fine. After I dropped her off and backed out of her driveway and passed the tracks, I felt as if I didn't have control of the wheel, like someone also had their hands on the wheel. I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw that the back window had fog covering it. There was no fog before I passed the RR tracks. I turned the corner, and suddenly I felt like I had control over the car again, and the fog was gone!

Ilion NY

By: SNY48002@Allstate.com

hello:  I have submitted a couple stories here before about the area I live in and grew up in. 
This story happened probably around 1977-78 as I was just a kid.  This is absolutely true and I have not thought about it in years which is odd as I'm always reading these stories and watch all the shows I can on TV.
In Ilion there is a old dairy.  I myself never seen it open and for some reason the building fascinated us kids.  We were always thinking about ways to get in it and explore.  Nothing destructive, just explore. There were 6 or 7 of us from the neighbor hood on our little bikes. Most of them with "banana seats" (remember them? LOL).  The building was a couple blocks and across a ball field from our houses.  We were down there doing the usual, and riding around the broken and time worn parking lot of the place.  Suddenly upon looking up in the window we saw a woman.  She had on a high neck, puffy shoulder top and her face was deathly white and her pitch black hair was puffed on the sides and a bun right on top.  She seemed not too be looking at us but staring ahead.  Well let me tell ya folks out there, I don't think any of us ever peddled faster, in fact I think I beat my bike home. 
We got to Chris's house and found his older brother Dave and told him what we seen and he said it was probably a derelict.  Now, after explaining what that was too us, we let it go and never went back to the building again.
Now that I'm older I am convinced it was a ghost.  I know what I seen, and why would a derelict (or in today's terms, crack head), be dressed in 1800's garb?
I have the old body goose pimples writing this and can see her plain as day.   I don't know the history of that dairy and wish my dad was still around to ask.  I will try to look it up one day.  Thanks so much for letting me share another central NY story.  I have seen a few others posted here also.

More to Tell

By: dorothymphillips@comcast.net

Hi, this is the second time I have had a story to tell about my house. The first time around I heard something along with a flash of light and my cat was seeing things. This time my brother and I are hearing things and I FELT something. Ok, my brother and I were talking about some of the weird things that happen when we are alone at the house. We both have said that we heard our names being called when no one was actually calling us. I could be upstairs in my room and swear that I heard my mom's voice calling me from the bottom of my stairs, only to go down and find that no one called me or that she wasn't even in the house. It has also sounded like my brother a couple of times but no one is ever there. My brother has also had this happen to him. We also hear footsteps in the attic which is directly above the computer room. It sounds like someone is stomping around up there but we usually just ignore that. My brother also told me that he was in the computer room one day and was playing a video game when he heard footsteps coming down the steps about to come into he room where he was. He said it sounded like it was almost half way down and he just turned off his game and left before he could see anything happen. Thats freaky because those are the stairs to my room! And the last thing that happened, happened to me. I was all alone in the house except for my cat. I was in the living room downstairs and I was standing up cutting paper for invitations I was making. As I was standing there, all of a sudden I felt something poke me in my back. It literally felt like someone took their finger and poked me in my back. It didn't feel like back pain or a muscle spasm or anything like that, it felt like a quick poke. It really spooked me and I DID NOT want to turn around. But of course I had to, and when I did, nothing was there. So I just decided to sit down on the couch so that nothing could poke me again. Well thats all I have this time. Hopefully I will not have anything else to tell!

Chilly Sensation

By: danny@houseofgraphics.com

My experience was short but scary,i was about 14 or 15 years old it took place at the house i grew up in, my parents bought it in 1976 but it was already about 30-35 years old!
now even though my parents were told that the previous owner was an old man who passed away in the kitchen it was not his spirit.
i woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and the whole house was pitch black,so i went and headed back to my bedroom the door way faced our hallway, so as i was about to climb back into bed and looked down the hallway to see a figure which appeared to be a women maybe in her mid 20's to early 30's.
i wasnt able to see her face as she was walking away from me she was wearing somekind of football jersey as a night gown and socks and had shoulder lenth wavy hair,i grew up with only brothers so the only women in the house was my mother but she has long straight hair and doesnt own a football jersey of anykind,i also noticed the further it got the more transparent it became, the only room at the end of the hall was the bathroom which i had just comefrom and for the timing that took place there is no way anyone could have walked by me,plus i shut the door after i used it and as i layed there under the covers scared i didnt hear any door or see anylight go on.
i am now in my late 20's but i still remember that chilly sensation i got when i saw that  some never believed my story fully,but for those who have experienced a ghost know what i mean!

Old Hollomans Road

By: Allxstar07@cs.com
Hi, my name is ashleigh. I am 16 and live not too far from old Hollomans road in mesquite. The road is near a old school that was built 2000 or so ( Horn High School. ) The entry way is very close to the school, but as you mentioned has been closed off. If you go around by Lawson road, there is a near field right off the road where you can park and cannot be seen. If you walk over a bridge and down into a ditch the other entry is there, also blocked off, but you are able to climb over. We walked down, and we heard rustling in the trees, and such. When we looked to the left there was a field of cows all running the opposite away. We stopped by a old entry way to what looked like a old house or something. There was pure black, and we heard footsteps in the leaves about 50 yards away, but it is nearly impossible to enter through the other entry, we were so afraid we walked back to the way we came, and never looked back. Also, some friends went out there the night before. We saw a old tree that had been broken down in the path of the road but they said it wasnt there when they went.

Security Guard

By: jakebetty@milwpc.com

I was a security guard at a former school, convent church gym all in the same building.  It was being converted into condominiums.  One night, in broad daylight a window was shattered.  It faced a courtyard no one could reasonalby get inside.  Later on that night about 3am I saw in the former convent a form, not a figure. I was dumbfounded.  I couldn't move. I was in a cold sweat the hair on my arms stood up.  I have no idea what i saw, but it was definitely a paranormal experience.  An apartment building that I used to live in had something go and unlock a door in the unit next to mine.  no one stayed in that unit very long.  Other tenants saw somone walking around the corner, I would hear something beating on the dryer and racing down the stairs opening doors etc.I would also find screws on the floor without any place for them to be.  While I don't believe in ghosts there must be something to all of this.

When I was Little

By: Anonymous

When I was a little boy, we had a ghost in our house, and her name was Sara. She died at the hospital in town and followed us home when i was born. She thought that i was her son. She would pick me up at night and cradle me until i fell asleep. When my cousin babysat me, she would torment me like lock me out of the house, and Sara didn't like that. She would scare my cousin and she got the picture that there was a ghost in the house. Sara would jiggle the doorknob when i would be in the same room as my cousin, and i was asleep. One night, my cousin was asking herself what was doing that, and i heard her, and i said THE LADY IS DOING THAT. My cousin didn't bother me again.  So about 2 weeks ago, my mom hired a person to come over to cleanse the house, (I would rather not disclose any names), and Sara came back to tell me goodbye when she found out that her son was waiting for her on the other side. We also decided to go over a psycic's house, and she told us that I was her son from the "past life". This story is 100% true, and i even experienced it myself.

The Evil One

By: jbrown@dap.com

When I was in college I lived in the off campus dormitories, in New York.  The dorms were set in a very secluded section  of Riverdale ( I think) . My girlfriend and I were told that the dorms were haunted by an entity they called " the evil one". There are many stories and rumours about how it came to be haunted, but one instance  stands out in my mind.  A group of about four of us were in one room just hanging out one night. The window to this room faced the front of the building and in front was one very tall lamp post. The driveway entering the area was a great big circle and this lamp post was the only one on the street. Well, as I said we were all just hanging out, none of us were drunk or high or anything at all. One of the guys, Jason calls us over to look out of the window and there on the ground below the lamp post was the clear, unmistakable shape of a skull ! By some freak happenstance either the lamp post or the moon light cast a shape on the ground of a skull, complete with eye sockets, nose socket, everything! It was very clear and detailed. From where we were we tried to determine if perhaps the shape had been drawn onto the glass of lamp, but both the height of the lampost and the detail that the actual shape contained convinced us that wasnt the case. It was as if the skull was there to confirm the presence of "the evil one" .  You guys have a great website !

Things that go Bump in the Night

By: sassy3220042001@yahoo.com

Hello, im new to your site and very interested in the supernatural, I want to tell you a story about when i was a child. My earliest memories of the things that happened was when i was 7 or 8. My mom being a single parent had to work alot and we(being my older sister and my younger brother) were left at home alot to take care of each other.I never really saw anything but man the noises we would here! I remember falling asleep on the couch one night and hearing this popping noise and it was the sliding glass door locking and unlocking that really scared the crap outta me! My mother has a picture of my uncle in her romm and he died before i was born she keeps it on her dresser.
 One night when i was alittle older i was home alone my sister and my brother went
to stay at friends and i once again fell asleep on the couch again and i heard this strange noise in front of me and at the time my moms house hadnt been built onto and the fireplace was in front of the couch i fell alseep on, when i sat up to see what the noise was i looked at the mantel on the fire place and there sat the picture of my uncle that had past away, facing me like he was looking at me.
  When my mother came home, she was mad at me cause she thought that i had put the picture there and it i started crying it wasnt me it did it by itself. Of course she didnt believe me! That was just the start of things to come! Then me and my siblings would be sitting in the living room watching tv and all the sudden the dryer would turn it self on! Then it would go off, and we would just sit there scared to death cause we didn know what to do.Then as time past the toilet started flushing on its  own.
 We finally realized that what ever it was, wasnt gonna hurt us or atleast never tried, when the things would happen as we got older we would just laugh and say guess who ever it is needed to do their laundry or had to go to the bathroom.
 Then when i was about 16 i guess my brother being nine years younger was sleeping in the new addition in the house and he said he woke up and saw a man dressed all in black sitting beside him just looking at him.My mother who never believed  us told him he was just dreaming and to go back to sleep, then my sister who by this time was married and had come home to visit one morning woke up scared to death and said oh my god did you see that my dressed in black! Well no one had told her about what my brother had saw and when my brother heard her he said i have saw it to! At that time my mother had started to believe us! Cause how could 2 of them have seen the same image but at different times, me myself have never seen it, All i have had happen is hear all the scary things.
 I am 34 years old and still when i go and visit my mother ion the same house i hear things from times to time, i never get scared anymore its almost like an old friend.

It All Starts Again
By:  victoria@vprice61.wanadoo.co.uk

So it all started when I was 5, now 20 years later nothing has changed. My family still has to live with the paranormal. I now life with my husband and 2 children in a very nice small house not more then 5 miles from where I lived with my parents, brother and sister.
I have lived in this house now for more then 2 and a half years and it seemed ghost or spirit free until about 3 months ago when things started to happen. As you may have read from my 3 previous encounters that I have written about you will know that we always seem to experience the paranormal around our family, and yes before you start to wander about the authenticity of these stories, they are real. The first encounter was approached by the police authorities and was snatched up by a national news paper. After this it has just continued.
My mother is or was very ill and was taken to a local hospital about 3 years ago.When they could not help her she was then moved to a hospital towards the south east of England. Unforchenutly this was no good for my mother either so she was then moved to another hospital up in Liverpool. After my mother left there house 3 years ago my father told me that the ghostly movements, sightings and sounds was slowly fading. He said they were happy, that they seemed to have settled. This I could not understand but left it at that.
In June this year my father declared his love for my mothers best friend, movedin with her and asked for a divorce from my mother, still stuck in hospital and still very ill. You see my mother is a manic depressive and was bought down a lot of the time by my father the control freak “GOD” as we nicknamed him
Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this entry I have been experiencing strange things in my house for the past 3 months, but not just me also my husband. We first started seeing a figure walking up and down the stairs in the hallway of the house. Where we sit in our front room you can see onto the stairs. We would be watching TV and see a figure out of the corner of our eye. This could have been our imagination and as a skeptic I like to see things right in front of me rather then start to think silly things were happening in my house. Stuart my husband went upstairs to get the dirty clothes from the landing, He told me that when he was leaning over to reach the clothes that he was startled by the sight of legs walking quickly past him. When he came down stairs he was white and couldn’t believe what he thought he had seen. Trying to believe him I then walked upstairs to check on the children to see if it could have been either them but they were sound asleep in there beds. Plus our floor boards creek so if one of them had of been on the landing it would of made a noise
After that more things started to happen. I was singing in my front room to myself and this box that my little girl had made me at school fell off the shelf and all of its contents came out. Again this could have been anything but this wasn’t the first time that this would happen. I had just come home from work and I started the fill the kettle up for a coffee when I crapped myself as a bottle from the top kitchen curbed fell and hit the dirty plaits, as I went to see what had fallen I noticed that the cubed door was open. Now in our house we always make a point of shutting the doors as we have 2 cats. I had not even got myself a cup and the door was open. Yes I do think to myself could it of been me but still I can not remember opening that cubed door.
About a week later I was brushing my teeth in the upstairs bathroom and a jug I use to bath the cats fell and hit the toilet seat with what seamed like great force. I tried to imitate it by dropping the plastic jug again but could not achieve the loudness of the sound it had mad on its own.
Also that week I had my best friend over for a coffee on evening. Meg was sat by my fish tank and I was sat by the computer (the other end of the room) reading my emails and my phone hit the floor. I was near Meg but I know she would not of done this on purpose as she hates anything to do with ghosts. So far there had been lots of things falling and not enough evidence to show me there was something in my house until Boxing Day morning.
For Christmas this year, as a stocking filler we bought my 4 year old son a batman clock with a batman style pendulum from Woolworths. Half way through the day I knocked it off the living room table and it hit the floor. The pendulum didn’t work after that. I felt so bad for my son as he had really loved that clock. My husband took it apart and tried everything he could to get this thing to work. The clock part worked fine. Stuart took it up to our bedroom and put it on his bedside table. Feeling really bad for my son I sat there for a while trying to get it to work, to click like it had before I broke it, but nothing. Every time I tried to get it to move it got stuck one side so I gave up. Stuart and I went to bed that night so tired and so ready for sleep. We must have been tired as I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow. I was then woken up by a clicking noise at about 3am and without thinking told Stuart to put the bloody clock away as the ticking was really loud. He woke with the noise too and put his finger on the ticking pendulum to stop it from moving as this had worked when the clock had been working that day. He tock his finger from it and it continued to move. Now we were seared as the clock was well and truly broken, so he put the clock away in one of his bedside draws. I’m not kidding when I say I wanted to leave the house when I realized what was going on, but Stuart cuddled up to me and we went back to sleep.
The next day I went upstairs to see if it was working again but when I pulled the clock out of the draw it was that same as it had been when I tried to fix it. I just didn’t work. A few days ago Stuart went upstairs to fetch some dirty washing from our room and as he went in, before he turned on the light he herd the ticking noise again, and as he tells me the pendulum was ticking. I then went upstairs to see for myself but as I entered to room it was no longer ticking.

I don’t know what’s going on in my house, do you? I phoned my mum to ask her what she thought and she say as my dad has moved out of the house that they lived in, it has moved on to me. So does this mean it will get livelier? I don’t know, but what I do know is, what happened in my parents house was not something anyone should have to live with. I really hope it doesn’t get as bad as that.

Belle Isle Station

By: whizbangokie@sbcglobal.net

My daughter currently works at one of the retail buisnesses in the Belle Isle Station (OKC, OK) and she has told me about many occurances that have happened in her building.  They have one ghost that they refer to as Charlie.  They have only seen him once but have had many interesting things take place overnight.  One night, the fire alarm went off and as a requirement ADT has to call a member of mgmt to respond along with the police and fire department's.  On this particular night two members of mgmt arrived at the store to notice that there was no fire.  ADT was called to find out how the alarm was activated.  An ADT rep stated that the fire panel in receiving had been pulled.  The store has the type of fire alarm boxes that you have to grip from the bottom and pull up to activate.  The were no signs of breaking and entering so the police asked to watch the video.  While watching the video, the police, firemen, and members of mgmt saw a white flash near the fire panel and then the alarm sounded.  This was the one of the first of many events that have happened in the building.


By: shannonsimpson@comcast.net

We have a haunted site to add to the Chilhowie, Virginia
Our home is Apperson House, built in 1869 by a Civil War doctor, Dr. John Apperson.  At least one spirit occupies the formal dining room, and childrens toys left in the room turn themselves on in the middle of the night and cannot be turned off until the batteries are removed and the toy is removed from the room. It is definitely not a hostile spirit! They like to close the heavy swinging door to let me know they are there.
Another sighting of a woman in a blue dress was reported when the house was for sale. She is upstairs in the gallery and turns lights on in one of the bedrooms. She appeared to a couple looking to purchase the home and frightened them so badly the house was taken off the market and sold privately.
The spring house here is the oldest known structure remaining in Chilhowie. We believe, but cannot confirm, that the house was built on an even older foundation. My (non ghost-believeing) husband reported he saw the upstairs ghost last week when he looked where our young son was pointing.
Incidentally, the Abijah Thomas house (Octagon house) is being restored by new owners at this time.

Scary for Me

By: leaf4ever822@hotmail.com

Hello my name is Alan. the experience i had was scary for me, but everybody around my including family says that I am nuts or i need help, because they dont believe it. Well anyways i home alone there was nobody else in the house with me at that time i was living with my mom and grandmother my grandfather just recentling passed at that time. I was just about to fall asleep and i was wrapped up in my blankets then all of the sudden my blankets were ripped off my bed and placed in a pile in front of my door. Some of my friends say that it was probably my grandfather there telling me that he is there with me. i dont know who or what it was but that night i didnt go back to bed. Thank you for your time Alan


By: annette.pitre@dfrc.nasa.gov

Rosamond, Calif. One early morning sitting on the patio a black figure of something flew across the top of our back fence. The dog reacted but not with a bark just nolegement of something there.
No sound was made just movement that was faster then anything living could make.
In our home on the same lot I had put about a dozen small garden flags away and when I went to change the one that was hanging my dozen were gone. Have looked everywhere no where to be found.
My husband (same house) took his favorite sweat shirt out to wear then decided he was going to wear another one instead. Left the first one folded on the bed and we left for the day. Came home not thinking about it being left on the bed, but went to put it on a few days later and it is no were to be found.
All my life I have been aware of other things out and about. But it’s those pesky one’s that
Drive me nuts. We have only lived there for a year.

A Time to Remember

By: medic5329@optonline.net

As a kid I my mother had a rocking chair that I was told someone died in, I always felt strange toward that chair as if it had a presence in it.  As I got older I forgot a lot of the strange things that happened to me. Tow years ago I rekindled my weird senses.  My kids wanted to go to Salem Mass. and as one into the strange I said "let's go" so a week before Halloween we went on a road trip that would change the way I viewed the world.  As a retired Paramedic I dealt in the real world of absolutes but this would change.
I loved the town of Salem the moment we set foot in it but I also felt a bit of sorrow.  While going through town I took a lot of photos with my new digital camera.  My middle child, a girl, saw two joined tombstones and said "look Siamese Twins".  I told her they were husband and wife and since she was so pulled to them I took a photo along with a bunch of others.  The photo before this one and after are clear as a bell with no orbs or streaks on them but this one was wierd.  The stone has what looks like a finger print of glowing white but the next photo taken moments later without me touching the lens or camera is of an old faded Buick dealer sign and it is totally clean and right.  I didn't look at the time at the photos but that stone kept drawing my attention.  I noted the name and wehen I got home and looked at the photo I was stunned by the orbs etc..  I did somne research and the stone is of Bridget Bishop [one of the women accused of witchcraft and hung] daughter and son in law.  No wonder the wierd energy. 
After looking at the photos I spoke to my sister in law who went with us and she showed me a photo taken with her film camera of my middle daughter again an orb or floating whitish object is in it between the photographer and us.  I have taken many photos with this camera and have gotten so spectacular shots of energy or whatever but this nioght opened the door to something that would scare the daylights out of me.
While researching ghostly stuff I started to smell cigarette smoke, sinbce we moved in I would smell it on and off but no one else seemed to notice.  The smell would get more rgular and usually late at night while on line.  No one in the house smokes and the child of a reforemd smoker who is alergic to smoke I am sensitive.  The smell was there but not the wattery eyes or runny nose.  The former owner was a heavy smoker and part of what killed her was the smoking, her room is next to the computer room.
I smelled the smoke then got the feeling of being watched.  It got really strange.  I got thrown off line 4 or 5 times but only as if the ISP dropped me.   The screen didn't flicker just loss of the internet and I had to reconnect and annoyance at best.  I said out loud "Show yourself danm it".
I never knew they would do it.  The lights went off/on 3 or 4 times, I kept getting thrown off line but the screen never flickered.  It was as if they wanted me not talking about them.  If there were a power issue my screen would have flickered of someother thing would have happened but only the lights as if someone flicked the switch 3 or 4 times.  
Spooked but excited I went to the old owners bedroom, next door, and took photos, then I went around the floor in other rooms.  What I found shocked me.  In a poster for the movie Titanic there are folds as if a face pushed it's way from the wall and in the photo it looks like a whitish woman's face.  Not only was it seen on the poster but the reflection is on the glass of one of my kid's caracture.   I still get unnerved thinking of that night.  I finally said "go away and leave me alone " , and things settled down.  The poster has the rinkles or creases easily seen yet the poster never was damaged or folded. 
This night led me to find a local hot spot and take more photos but that is a story for another time. 


By: bmorris02@hotmail.com

So about 4 1/2 years ago i was a senior in highschool about to graduate so spring was on its way. It was about 4 a.m. when tornado sirens were going off in my town and firemen and police cars were flying down my neighborhood roads yelling into their loud speakers and turning on their sirens warning people to wake up and take cover. As i was growing up in this town we'd always have one or two tornado warnings every spring and summer but they were never really made out to be such a big deal. So because of all the sounds and the color of the sky i was extremely scared. For comfort before i ran down to the basement I grabbed my rosary that was hanging on my lamp next to my bed and slipped it into my pocket. Im not catholic but my highschool sweetheart at the time was and had made it for me in an art class he took at his catholic school. Well long story short the whole ordeal was overwith the tornado ended up touching down in the next town over after it had blown ovr my town. So I went back to bed. Still scared that the warnings would come back i held the rosary in my hand until i fell asleep again. When morning came and it was time for me to get ready for school i woke up and did my routine which was head straight to the bathroom. Once i woke up enough i realized that i had fallen asleep with the rosary in my bed so i went back to find it and put it up where it wouldnt get lost. well i couldnt find it anywhere! i had checked to see if it had snagged on my pajamas or fallen off of them on my way to the bathroom. i looked everywhere. my mom even helped me look.  well i had to get ready so i gave up and decided to look again when i got home after school. just before i walked out of my bedroom for the last time that morning i saw it. it was hanging on my cordless phone cradle that was hanging on my wall right next to my bed. It looked like a commercial photographer had hung it there for a photo shoot it was hanging so perfectly. the cross was down in the front and the rest of the beads were draped elegantly around the antenna. i know that there is no possible way i could or even would have done that on my own in my sleep.
what or whom it could have been can be up to you.

Help from Beyond

By: [medic5329@optonline.net

I sustained a bad injury and had to retire from a job I loved.  the injury was to my back and with he pain I would get cramping of the back that would at time double me over.  Many times on the stairs fro the 1st to the 2nd floor I would feel either a spasm or slipping only to feel a hand push me and keep me from falling down the stairs.  At the top of the stairs is a door with a slit of about 1/2 inch you can see under and to the left is the upstairs bath.  Many nights i swear to have seen a set of black shoes like the kind worn by Italian widows , you know the old women wearing all black, and they were always in the same place.  It was kind of comforting but also kind of fearful. 
The woman who owned the house I live in died in the house in the room next to the computer room.  She was elderly and a heavy smoker.  Her husband too died in the house that they owned for about 45 years or more.  One fo the sons supposedly died of an OD but I don't know if in the house.  
At times I get the feeling of being watched or someone looking over my shoulder but the stranges is the smell of cigarette smoke and only in the room next to her bed room. 

House Party

By: tmanz@hotmail.com

Hi. This is my second story submission to this site. (I'll have many more to
come!)  This is a short story about I house I went to only once.  In was invited to a party by a friend that was taking place at the house of one of her friends while the parents were away in Europe.  This was in Willow Glen, CA.  I don't remember the street or address, but Willow Glen is an old, small little 'burb that is now completely surrounded by San Jose, CA.  The street was lined with Victorian houses, my favorite!  Upon entering the house I felt "different" but I couldn't put my finger on it until I tried to enter the hostesses bedroom where many people were hanging out.  When my friend opened the door to enter I was assaulted by a voice or feeling in my head screaming "Get out! Get out! Get out!!!!"  I entered the room for a minute, everyone seemed fine in there, but I couldn't get the "Get out!"
feeling out of my head.  I had to leave the room and apologized to some
people nearby for my abrupt departure.   It was then that I was told "it's
ok, there are some people who don't like to be in here" and they went on to explain that supposedly a schoolteacher hung herself in the room many years
back.   I am still amazed to this day how that girl could live/sleep in that
room, it was so overwhelming for me in there.
That was one of the strangest houses I've ever been in.  After leaving the bedroom, I wandered the house to look at all the collectibles etc.  It was a beautiful house with beautiful antique collections.  They had several cats who were also the strangest looking cats I'd ever seen...because their eyes were as big a saucers, (you know, when it's dark or a cat is excited & ready to pounce on something the black part of their eyes gets really big and you can see almost none of their iris/colored part of the eye) and their eyes stayed that big no matter what light they were in, even some of the rooms that were brightly lit.  So odd.  The rest of the evening consisted of hearing stories from the brother about how creepy/haunted his basement bedroom was, (but I was able to be in there with no problems) and a bunch of us going upstairs with people daring each-other to get some toys/games out of an attic crawl space that made everyone nervous.  A very odd night for sure, not what I had expected to encounter at all.
Thanks for reading my sotry.  If anyone emails me please put "Shadowlands Ghost" in your subject line or I will delete as junk mail.

Loyola University of Chicago

By: N0103E@comcast.net

When I moved to Chicago to go to college, I found that it had a lot of easily accessible haunted locales.  While I had always been an ameteur ghost hunter (exploring areas believed to be haunted according to local legend with my friends), I'd never had an opportunity to explore the location of a "known" haunting.
That changed when I enrolled at Loyola University.  Right on campus, there was a piece of ghost legend.  The Skyscraper Building (formerly Mundelein College) is said to be haunted, specifically it's thirteenth floor.
Now, the legend goes that a priest and nun had an affair, the nun got pregnant and hung herself when the priest wouldn't run away wth her.  Now there have been more than a few affairs between priests and students at the school (two of my former professors were defrocked for that very thing) so this story may have merit.  However, I don't know anything about the "true" story behind the nun's ghost.
What I do know about is her footlocker.
The theatre department is situated on the ninth floor, the uppermost useable floor of the skyscraper building (unless rennovations have fixed the "electrical problems" on those floors) and as a theatre major I was often asked how I could take night classes with the ghost walking around (it was often assumed that theatre classes were held on the "haunted" floor).
I didn't really pay it any attention until a friend of mine dragged a prop home with her from the prop room.  The prop was an old footlocker that was used as a treasure chest in a play.  It looked enough like a treasure chest on it's own that it hadn't been touched by the propmaster.  The chest supposedly belonged to the nun of legend and it, along with most of her property was still in the posession of the school (on a later investigation, a friend and I would find her old room with all of the furniture like new...the only real "shock" on our amateur ghost hunt).  The propmaster, director, lighting designer, and stage manager all warned her that she should probably just leave the chest alone.
The next day, my friend brought the chest back to the prop loft.  She said that the chest was ice cold and that she woke up several times to see a hooded figure, looking much like a nun, in a corner of her room.  In fact, the chest was still cold to the touch which is quite a feat when spending a humid night in an un-air conditioned Chicago apartment in august.
If anyone wants the chest, the theatre staff may let you have it.  As recently as two years ago, another student tried to take it home with similar results.  It hasn't been used as a prop since and is just taking up space in the storage area blow the theatre seats.
P.S.  Loyola's Kathleen Mullady Theatre is haunted by two ghosts.  One, a woman in blue who watches the play from the light loft (believed to be Mrs. Mullady Herself) , and a shadowy figure that falls from the catwalk to disappear in midair.

My "Experience"

By: Xo0deftones0oX@aol.com

ok just to start this off, my name is Erin, i'm 17 years old, and live in brookhaven, Ms. i've never believed in ghosts, iv always just been a skeptic. even after what happened a couple of years back and in my room a couple of nights ago.
instance 1..::
me and my grandma were VERY close, and when she died when i was 12, i was devastated. the cause of death was cardiac arrest, but i believe different. months and even weeks before she died her and my grandpa would have really bad falling outs, and they would get so bad, she would sleep in what used to be my room. To fully get what im about to tell you, youl have to know the layout of her house. when you walked in her front door, to the immediate left was her dressing room (her own little private quarters i guess you could say) and a little ways down but not too far on the right was her and my grandpas bedroom. almost directly across the hall was the bathroom, and maybe a ft down was the kitchen. the kitchen, my old bedroom, living room, and dining room were all connected, then the dining room ran back into the hall. thru the kitchen was the back door. so anyway, to the story.
like i said, we were very close. when i was little,  we lived right up the hill from her, and i used to go there everyday to tell her hi. we lived in natchez when she died. immediatly after her death, we moved back to where we used to live. she died on a saturday, and until her funeral and even after, i wouldnt say anything to anyone. when we finally got setteled into our old house, i decided to walk down to grandmas house. my granpa had it locked up because he moved in with some other woman who he's now still living with and is about to get married to. i walked down the hill, thru the gates, and past the circle driveway, tears in my eyes the entire way. when i got to the front door , it was of course locked, so me being as small as i was i slid in thru the side door. (he didnt have it locked, just had a door stop holding it shut so no one could get in.) as soon as i walked in the house i started crying more, and didnt notice the deadly silence. i walked in the livingroom, and layed down on her couch, cuddled up to a pillow, and cried. This is where it gets weird.
when my grandma walked around her house, she always had slippers on. ALWAYS. she wasnt a very light woman, then again she wasnt incredibly big either. kind of average. but she dragged her feet when she walked. i needed to let you know that to tell you this next part. i had stopped crying for a little while, or tried to, because my head was hurting, and i sat up on the couch. i started looking around, noticing things, when all of a sudden i heard footsteps coming down the hall. not heavy ones, but light, slides. it freaked me out but i stayed, thinkin it was just my 12 year old imagination gettin the best of me. i called out.. "hello?.. whoevers there needs to say something" no answer. then, her light came on. the one at the very end of the hall, her dressing room. i know no one else was in that house, it was too quiet. so being me, i got up and slowly started down the hall to the room. the whole way it wasnt cold, but it wasnt exactly warm. and more than usual, bein in her house, i smelled her. like she was just right there in front of me. again, didnt think anything of it. when i got to the room the lights all of a sudden flicked out, and when i tried to turn them on again they wouldnt. i walked to every room in the house and none of them would turn on. which makes it creepier because if the lights were cut off how did that one come on? well, after that, i heard the footsteps again, felt a little breeze, and ran out of that house as fast as i could. when i got back to my house, i busted thru my door and said mama somethin just happened. and being that was the first thing  id said in a couple of days my mom kinda blew it off as my being dilusional. then the next morning, she came in my room and asked exactly what had happened, and when i told her she looked down. i asked why and she said " i had a dream about your grandmother last night. she told me to tell you everything would be ok and dont worry about a thing and she loves you, and be her gone or not, your still her little bandicoot." (that was her nickname for me because i loved crash bandicoot) thats all she said and walked away.
instance 2..::
another instance.. was just the other night. like i said, im a skeptic, and to me theres an explanation for everything. even when theres not. but i was on this site, reading ghost stories. at about 1:00 i decided id go to bed, and my cat, shaggy, decided to join. so i laid there for a second, paranoid as hell because of the stories. i dont know why because like i told you, i dont really believe. ive never had a reason to. anyway, all of a sudden, my inscence fell of of my computer desk. and this was VERY weird, because they were against my computer, there was no way for them to fall off the direction they did, and my cat was in eye sight dead to the world. i tried to blow it off but it was stil in the back of my mind. right when i was dozing off i heard a low, deep, moan. now this, theres many ways to explain. but when i looked in the corner where my closet was i saw this grotesque monkey looking thing. but it was in the shadows and it might have been something else but theres nothing in that corner. then i thought i saw red eyes and i just decided nope, im sleeping with mom tonight. but i didnt get to. she once again passed it off as me being dilusional and went back to sleep. and eventually i did too.
those are my stories. you dont have to believe them, they might not even sound believable because im not good at his whole story telling thing. but yeh. i just need to know if it really IS just paranoia. and if its not, theres no way ill end up believing that ghosts or spirits exist unless i see them. personally, i do want to see one to end the suspision. but maybe one day, and if not, id love to know how. thanks for readin.

My Ghost Experiences

By: sprat40@yahoo.com

in my childhood home there is i believe 2 spirits, one of a nice nature and the other more darker.
when i was 6, i was up early one morning (4:30 ish) and i was watching television, now the tv stood behind a thick heavy glass door which was the end of our hallway. we had termites and whenever someone would walk down the hallway there would always be a distinct creak. this particular morning i heard footsteps down the hallway and the familiar creek that usually accomponied. automatically i looked to the glass door (which was a transparent glass) expecting to see my dad or mum but the hallway was empty.. i had a kinda sick feeling in my stomach as i looked down the hallway then the door, to my utter shock slowly opened and then slammed shut very violently. it left the glass with a huge crack down the middle. well i did what any 6 year old would do, scream my lungs out and wake everyone in the house. they didnt believe me of course and blamed me for the crack in the glass door. i slept with a lamp in my room till i was 14 because i heard those footsteps every night, seemingly coming towards my room. another morni when i was a bit older i was in one of those deep sleeps where you dont dream, something so cold touched my leg that i went from a laying down posistion to bolt upright in under a second, you know how when you wake up and your all groggy and it takes a bit to wake up properly? well i was as awake as a person can be. it scared me but at the same time i got the feeling of calm and like i was being watched over. the darker spirit, i had a very scary encounter with that i still havent forgotten. i was 14 at the time and i was home alone this night, i was watching tv and had the feeling i was being watched which got me totally paranoid so i called my mate for someone to talk to, i told him my thoughts of being watched and he just told me i was being stupid and i made a passing comment along the lines of "yea im not scared of this stupid peice of crap" well id done it then. all of a sudden i felt very threatened, like i was being attacked. my stomach felt like ice and i panacked, i ran around the house but couldnt shake the overwhelming feeling that i was being chased, attaked, every sense told me that i was in danger. a bowl that was sitting on the bench exploded as i ran past it sending bits of glass everywhere, i bolted out of the house and down the street where i waited till i saw my parents car go into the driveway. i swear these events are 100% true and my experiences in that house have spurred me on to research the subject and thats how i found your site.

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