Trailer with Mom




well iam a huge fan of this page i thought i would write u and tell u a story of mine i was living with my mom in her trailer here in michigan well my mom was taking care of my grandma before she pass away .well when she pass away like a couple years ago .when were ready getting ready for bed .all we here is talking someone calling my mom and me and the only one that was home was me and my mom. and we were sitting in the living room together so it could'nt be one of us. so we thought it was my grandma and the tv going off and on and the vcr going off and on and smellet like flowers in the living smells like my grandma perfume she use to wearat the time when she was was alive.we here foot steps up the hall and in the kitchen.well i thought you would like to here the story hope you like it


My Many Stories




My name is Anndi, I'm from  Mi, and this is my story.

When i was younger, my family and I had moved up here to Gladwin from downstate. We were moving into an apartment in this Small little town until we could find the house we wanted. The apartment was visibly older and we were moving into the upstairs. It seemed nice, and we liked it, especially my sister and i because we were able to have our own rooms finally! But then... things started changing. I would be walking down the hallway to my room, and get scared (no one really thought anything of it, i was eight years old, all eight year olds get scared in the dark) but then when we thought we could hear someone running up and down the hall, was when we started wondering. I had a night light in my room, and i would always see shadow's, scary shawdow's that would leave me up all night afraid to go to sleep. I would have dreams about a girl my age in an older looking night gown, walking up and down the hallway to my room, and when she would come in my room, she would go over to the window facing the neighbor's house.

It all seemed scary, until it actually happened. I was woke up by her, this real ghost that would wander around in my room. I was scared half to death and would scream for my mother almost every night. One night we were going to another neighbor's house for a  New Year's Eve party, and I was called into the living room to talk to the adult's. somehow they had gotten on the subject of the phenomena that was waking me up every night. My dad had explained to them what i described this girl to looked like, and well, a couple at the party seemed to know exactly who i was talking about. Come to find out, the house my family was renting at the time being, was the original funeral home from back when Gladwin was first originated (early 1800's), and later, there was a girl who had died one night from being hit by a car, right in front of her house, the house facing MY bedroom window. The lady that still lives in the house, was the girls mother, and at the time the girl had died, the funeral home was still in business. The girls funeral, had been held in the home i was living in. (How dreadful, yes i know....)

So, one day, my dad had finally saw the ghost i claimed to see, and he spoke to her. He said, You need to go where it is you need to go, and leave my home, because your scaring my daughter, and she doesn't like this. Go where it is.....and after that, we never saw her again, so we're guessing she must have went to the light, or maybe the house next door...

other things like the piano my sister and i had, would start playing in the middle of the night when we would have friends over, or the window in my room facing my neighbor's house would be open, or kitchen cupboard doors would be wide open, but, that's what the spirits do i guess. I have other haunting's i have experienced i could share with you, but maybe another day. Thank You for your time.





The Ghost Couple




When i was about 5 or 6 years old i lived in a little house in millstone. This house is about 1 minute from where i live now and i feel alot of paranormal actions. Well when i lived in the little house me and my grandma were sitting watching t.v on the couch when i heard a bang.I got up and looked around nothing was there. So i sat back down and i heard the sound again and this time my grandmother heard it to. We noticed that the sound had been comeing from the front door. so we went to the door and saw  2 figures one of a woman and the other of a man. They looked like they were haveing an argument slaming our door. So then my grandmother had actually know those figures once before. The females ghost was named Marian and the males name was Tom. They had lived there years before us and were married for along time. I was freaked out. I went to sleep when the very next day i awoke with the female figure beside my bed and she said to me Bianca (my name) you have grown  my darling it was like she was right there . Then the next sighting was when i was in the bathroom in the shower my gram had just left to get me a towle and i saw Marian again in the mirror humming you are my sunshine the song i loved when i was little while brushing her hair. I got out of the shower and steapted closer to her and said do you need help to cross over to the other side. She answered to me no my sweet this is my home and vanished. There was one last sighting before we moved. That was when i was staring at my door when the male sight walked in he said to me you have changed my room this is where i was hung. I ran out screaming and asked my grandmother how he died and she said he was hanged i was shacking. No more sightings came after that.




The Door




When I was about 15 years old, I was at home by myself. I was at home on a school afternoon, home a little early. I wasn't feeling well that day and wanting to come home to rest. So I headed upstairs to my bedroom. Where I shut the door and laid down to read my homework book. As I lay there I heard strange noises like my mom was home and walking up the stairs. So I opended the door to my room to say hello. No one there. I looked out the window to see if I could see her car, nothing there. I decided I better get the cordless phone in case she calls. So I went downstairs and grabbed it. I made sure that all of the windows and doors were shut and locked too while I was at it. When I returned to my room, I noticed that it was very cold in there. So I checked my window and it was shut and locked too. I turned my heat up a little and continued to lay down again. Soon I felt a little sleepy so I put my book down. Then I heard the same noises again but louder. I was scared this time, so I just laid there in my bed. I tried to listen for the noise a little better. Then I got up off my bed and slowly walked towards my door. I kept hearing noises and I called out for my mom. No answer. I was getting really scared now but I wanted to open the door and make sure no one was there. But when I went to grab the door handle, I felt something pass my shoulder. Something windy, yet could still be a person. Then I felt cold air coming out from under my door from the other side. I stopped and said hello, still no answer. I was just about to grab the handle when suddenly the door started jerking about like as if someone was pulling and pushing on the handle. Trying to open it. It was not locked and it could have been opened. So then I thought this must be a joke my mom is trying to play on me. I tried to open the door and I couldn't. I let go and it jerked again. I was really scared I ran back to my bed and began to call my mom. There was no dial tone. The phone wasn't even on. I got back up again to try and get out, this time the door opened. It was so cold in the hallway and I didn't see any one. I continued to call out. I walked over the heater, only to find that it was all the way off. I then got my shoes on and walked over to my friends house, I didn't want to stay home. But on my way there I felt that same thing move past me like a windy person. Whispering in my ear: "chicken"...and then I got hot. I realized I had 2 sweaters and a jacket on.

I don't know what it was all about, but it was enough to scare me and make me believe that there are other forces in this world other than us humans. I do believe in ghosts, and now I'm not so much of a chicken.



South Side of Chicago



i have several stories of hauntings in a house i grew up in on the south side of chicago. We lived in the house for around 17 years. Anywho....where to begin? my first experience with the supernatural was when i was about 5 years old. I saw red eyes in my sister's room in the attic. I know that red eyes can't be a good thing, but since you have had experiences with the paranormal, why do you think red eyes are bad, or are they bad? This question still lies within after 19 years. I never experienced anything like that after that happened. I have also heard footsteps, felt a heaviness in the air, heard voices, heard things being thrown to the floor, but I've never actually seen a ghost. I think i saw a silhouette of a person at the foot of my bed, but I don't know if i really saw it because it was like as soon as i saw it, it ran out of my room. I'm not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, or if i really saw it. i am also curious about the fact that out of the five people that lived in my house, more things have happened to me than to any of them. My sister heard a man and a woman's voice outside of her bedroom door only once or twice, but I heard it every night after it became my room. I can also remember everyone in the house hated going in the basement and in the attic after dark because you constantly felt like someone was watching over your shoulder. if you have an feedback for me from the things you've experienced, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.


Playful Shy Ghost





Hi I would like to enter a story of my own to your collection.

Growing up between the ages of 10-18 we lived in a two story house in Houston, Texas. I have always been sensitive to "feelings" or "presence of good or evil". My mother & I would go different garage sales and if I got "that feeling" I would tell I will stay in the car and just not go up that particular house. Anyway, we lived in this house I have always felt a presence there. Alot of times I would be doing girlie things in the mirror makeup hair etc, killing time (at home by myself) and I would someone actually running up the stairs awaiting to see someone turn the corner and nothing. So I would look down the stairs and no one would be there. On one occasion I heard my mother call out my name I went into her bedroom where I thought she was I said "Ma'am!" then only to find her snoring. Over time little things would happen then one while I was at school my mother told me of a day she claimed to have been taking a nap in my room (I really think she was snooping throug my stuff) well any how she was taking a "nap" on my bed which was set underneath an outside window (next to a window was a large drawing of my late grandparents). So she is sleeping only to wake up to "something" tickling her face. She opened her eyes and found this spirit hovering over her head running it's hands quickly and softly over her face. She opened her eyes and looked at it, when it realized she was awake looking at it, it flew through that picture and out of the house. One time a preacher had come over (not for the spirits) he was a family friend and even he mentioned that the house was evil, and blessed it while he was there. He wasn't the only person who said that same thing about that house. We moved out approx. 9 yrs ago. We now live in a house I personally think is haunted but no one seems to believe me. Still living in Houston I was at my computer in the den and I was home alone, my boyfriend was over and said he was running to the corner store and would be right back. So when I heard the toilet flush (A FULL FLEDGED FLUSH!!!) (b/c having worked for a plumbing company for 3 yrs I know they sometimes flush by them selves but not likely) I thought oh well he's back and started taking aloud about what I had found on the Internet, I walked in the room where I thought he would be and didn't see him so I walked through the house calling his name and then I walked outside and the car was not there he was still gone. This  PAN class=correction id="">freaked me out. I stayed out side. Our commode didn't even run meaning the flapper was not broken so I KNOW SOMEONE OR Something FLUSHED IT! My sister-in-law when she comes over refuses to go in the back part of the house where the master bedroom is. (She can feel presence) I too find that area a little uneasy. Another night my boyfriend & I had just come from watching the Exercisim of Emily Rose and we were talking about it and telling stories of the house I told him about my bedroom door opening by itself (mind you my father just had the slab replaced or leveled two yrs prior) and about that time, it opens. Well my father now lives there by himself and I still say it is haunted but he seems to oblivious to it, except he says he here our Rottwieler every now and again we had her for 10yrs and she died in the master bedroom. 

Also one more thing and I was hoping someone could give me some insight, this started about a year ago maybe a couple of times a week, I would look at the clock and it will 1:23, 3:45, 2:34, 12:34, 4:56, always in sequence, now for the past 3mo everyday no matter what I am doing I will look at the clock at exactly 12:34p.m. Am I going crazy? Does anyone have an explanation?



My Haunted House




I have always beleived in ghosts, but it wasn't until I had my own experience where I new they were real for sure. I had grown up listening to to all my moms old ghost stories which I loved to hear, but it wasn't till my own experience where I didn't think of it as fun and games anymore. I live in Calgary Alberta. When I was about 3 my parents had built our own home. It was only a few years laters when the marriage began to run into some trouble. My house bacame a place where you didn't want to be. After that strange things began to happen that we couldn't explains to all of us. One night my mom woke up to a shadow walking at the end of the bed, and when she sat up to see it disapeared. Another time my dad was sleeping in the basement, cause of the failing marriage, and area where whenever I went there the hair stood up on only one of my arms, which I found strange. Anyway he saw someone standing at the end of the bed and shouted what. We could here him talking to himself, but no one was there. But the scariest thing that happend was one night I was sleeping in my moms bad, I was a little freaked out from things that had been happening. I awoke at about 2am to my back turned to my mom. All of the sudden I could feel her playing with my hair, and I began to wonder what she was doing, all of the sud n I felt hands grab me by my sides, almost like the person had long nails or something. It startled me so I flipped around to see why my mom did that and she was sound asleep. To this day I'm not sure what it was, I know it happend cause I could still feel the touch of someone after it had happend. Not to mention I sweat I was awake. I just couldn't explain it cause no one had ever lived in that home prior. We sold it soon after and it has been on the market ever since, I continually see it up for sale. I'm not sure if it was all the bad carma or what, but something was in that house.





My Grandmother's Goodbye




I've had a weird experience when my step-grandmother was ill in March 2004. 

Before visiting her in the rehabilitation center, I stopped at Pick n' Save to buy her some flowers.  I wandered around trying to find something that I thought she would like.  All of a sudden I discovered a small potted yellow daffodil and thought it would be perfect.  When I gave my grandmother the flower she told me three things: daffodils were her favorite flower, daffodils are the flowers for March and her birthday was in March.  I didn't think anything of it.

Three days later when my cousin was in town, we received a phone call from my aunt telling us that my grandmother was getting worse and they weren't sure if she would make it.  However, my grandmother was always a fighter. 

Just when you thought that God was going to call her home, she proved you wrong.

My cousin and I decided to go out with a friend.  It was about 12:00 am when my cousin got really quiet.  I asked her what was wrong and she said that she just didn't feel like herself.  We decided to go home and sleep, because it was getting late.  At 4:30 am my parents woke us and told us that my grandmother had passed away at 12:00 am...March 11, her birthday.

Later that morning, I opened my frontroom shade to let some light in.  My cousin froze.  She looked as though she had seen a ghost.  She told me that sometime after we got home and went to bed, she had a dream that my grandmother was sitting in a car parked in the front of my house staring in the direction of my house. Something kept telling my cousin to look out of my frontroom window.

She said she was too afraid to look by herself and tried to wake me, but I was sound asleep.

It turned out that the car my cousin visualized in her dream was in fact the car that was parked in the front of my house, owned by neighbors across the street, which she had never seen before.

I believe that my grandmother said goodbye to me when I visited her in the rehabilitation center.  And I honestly believe that the dream my cousin had was a way for my grandmother to say goodbye to her.  The dream was meant only for her.  That's why she was unable to wake me.







My family still lives in Meadowbrook,WV right out of Clarksburg thats in Harrison County.....I now live in Edgewater Fl....the stories that my family told us when we was might like to hear about them.....and I would love to share them with you........................... (1) There was a husband and wife,and they were expecting a baby.....the husband they say had a bad temper when he was drinking....he would get mean with his night while he was drinking he had hit is wife one time to many.....which cause the baby to be stilborn.....he took the baby and put it in a box and buried it under a old time the barn had fallen down on the babys grave.....when the men and boys would go coon hunting they would feel something watching them and they would look around and see a small white figure of a baby following them.....they say that if you are in the woods after midnight on a full moon night and special holidays.....that the baby will try to follow you home ............ (2) The second story my family told was that there was a family of 3.....a daddy,mommy and a daughter back in the horse and buggy days....they was riding down the old train tracks in Meadowbrook....something had spooked the horse and the horse went into the swamp....they say that there are times when you can hear them screaming and crying out for help....if you look in the direction of the train tracks when you hear the cry that you will see the horse and the family trying to get out of the swamp...... Thank you, Debbie (Moore) Dunn 










Hi, my name is Becca and i was reading your real-life ghost stories and thought i'd add my experiences to the list.

The first experience i had was when i was living in my family's second house, and i remember being woken up by something strange, then there was this big shadow shaped like a bear in one corner of my room. When my dad came in and checked, it vanished.

Other things that have happened include the fact that the back door at my old house always used to open by itself. Also the first school i attended, Knowles Middle School, was supposedly haunted. One night, after dark, me and a friend of mine, Heather, were walking along a corridor and we heard this noise behind us. We both turned round, but no one was in the corridor except us.

Then at my third school, St. Andrews, one of the top-floor classrooms has a white board that moves by itself when no one is nearby. Lots of people have seen it happen. Also i remember seeing, in my last year there, someone, a colored person, dressed in what seemed to be a Chimney sweep's uniform walk past me and turn the corner of the corridor and vanish. I was right behind her, and there was no way she could have opened a door without out me hearing it.

The last and most recent occurence happened last year in the house we live in now. I had a personal stereo sitting above my computer on a shelf, and it started to turn itself on and off randomly. Then after a while it stopped, then started up again, only this time the sound would increase.



Haunted Farmhouse, Mount Vernon, WA




For 1 year I rented a large 5 bedroom farmhouse with several friends. 5 months after we moved in I saw the apparition of a little girl (aprox. 10) in one of the downstairs bedrooms. Several weeks later one of my roommates saw her as well in the upstairs hallway. He gave a description of the girl that matched mine perfectly. I had not told him what she looked like, only that I saw her. A few weeks later I saw her again in my upstairs bedroom. A friend was visiting went upstairs and when she came back down, she told us she thought she saw someone at the bottom of the stairs. I asked her what she saw and she described a little girl wearing a white floor length dress/nightgown, the same thing my roommate and I had seen, and we'd never told anyone not living in the house about her...



Grandpa's Ghost




well ive had a few experiances but ill only tell one so here it goes i have always been interested in ghosts so heres the story "i was at the house we recently moved out of and my aunt and her 3 kids were renting it well me and my sister were staying all night one night and my aunt was downstairs showing my sister some stuff she got for my 5 year old cousins well  her and my sister heard my other little cousins toy go off and they came running upstairs and they said we heard grandpa so me and him went down there and then I said grandpa if your here pull my pony tail up and it slowly moved up i was already freaked out but i knew nothing would happen because he was our grandpa me and my 9 year old cousin said at the same time if your here touch us we both had a pair of shorts on and we felt somthing like fur run across our legs and the cats or the dogs werent in the room so we  figured it was him crawling on the floor. so now my aunt moved out of that house because of her ex but anyways my uncle now lives there and i stayed with his girls and then he woke up screaming one nig for no reason and me and my cousin said the next morning you know you woke up screaming last night he said " i Know "  i saw your dad (our granpdapa i was talking about before) in the bathroom.And weird things would happen to the tv also  and now everytime i go over there we watch tv before we go to bed it will turn off and they have a doll that they have by the tv that says goodnigth if you push its belly so now everytime im overthere or my sister is the tv always go off when grandpa thinks we need to go  bed so he will turn it off and the doll will always say good night.



Never Tell Them you are Moving




the other day someone said aloud in our house, " we're moving." apparently, not very smart to say in my house. after that comment, the usual loving, keep to themselves,( mostly ) and the quiet, ( again, mostly ) ghosts started to get VERY loud.and not to mention wierd. for example, we had lost a remote over a year ago to our satellite and mom and dad found it in the middle of their bed. now i KNOW  they had changed their sheets more than once a year. another occasion is my favorite cd has came up missing.i found the other one that had been "misplaced" in my television which i have not been in my room since i have partly moved out. Then there is the thumping. we have french doors to our sunroom where i sleep.whoever it was, started banging on them. now i can see right through the window panes and noone was there. i have never been frightened by the spirit world, but that did it for me. i told it to stop and it got louder and went to other rooms in the house. this went on for three days. they have quieted down somewhat but that really did scare me and i don't scare easily.



A Comment on the Queen Mary






I enjoy reading and seeing the many things you have on your site. The queen mary truly cought my interest. I too have had many experiences there. On one occasion in particular, My aunt, her family and I spent the day at on the ship. My aunts crazy in a fun way so as always we went all over the ship, even into places we  werent supose to including employees only places. When we were going down a stairway, almost stepping down on a last steps before the next set of steps, we heard things be throwing about a person yelling or arguing with someone, thing is when we tip toed down to not be spotted we looked in and there was absolutly noone there, the room with only one exit was a mess, only thing was noone was there. IN shock we paused then ran. We ended up in some unknown part of the hotel portion. We came across this old elevator shaft that hasnt been used in who knows when. We paused cause we thought it was cool. When we did, we heard people talking and nosies as if it was moving or working, we looked down the hallways it was only us in the hallway. well needless to say we listened some more then ran. Other things happened in that ship but these two incedences were so clear and could not be explained at all. We had a great day. well anyways just wanted to stop bye and share my story. have a nice day.




3 Haunted Rentals and 2 Other Supernatural Incidents




The first supernatural incident happened when I was 11.  I had a dream that was so realistic I woke up and thought it had happened.  My grandfather was saying Goodbye to me at the airport and telling me that he had to go now but my grandmother would stay with me for a while longer.  Two weeks later he passed away.

The second supernatural incident happened July 2005 when my father passed away.  My mother called to break the news to me and I broke down crying and said I wish he could call me just one more time.  At the exact moment I said that an old cell phone that was out of service for years started to ring.  It was physically impossible to ring as the battery was dead.

The hauntings I have experienced started with unlocking my car one evening under a streetlight - there was a clear reflection of someone wearing 70s style clothing standing right behind me but the apparition had no head.

I then moved into an apartment in an older area of town - the first incident was waking up to an apple laying outside the fruit bowl that had child size bites all over it (I had no children at the time).  Then in the same apartment which was a second floor apartment the window frosted over completely.  I went back to look out of the window 10 minutes later and the word LIE was written in the window on the outside behind the reens (no one could even reach that high up without a ladder).

In another apartment my son experienced a little girl coming out of his closet telling him to leave her room immediately or he would die and also some decorative masks I kept on the wall talking to him and telling him to leave or he would die.  I dismissed this as childish imagination until my sons room door slammed shut and started shaking by itself (my son was in the living room with me and nowhere near the door).  After speaking with neighbors they told me that a woman lived there before me that practiced black magic and in the months it was unoccupied they heard constant footsteps overhead.  Needless to say I switched my apartment immediately!

The third incident happened at our last rental.  My daughter kept complaining there was a voodoo doll apparition that floated by her door and was scared to sleep in her room.  Again dismissing this as imagination I offered to sleep next to her that night - she awoke in the middle of the night and pointed it out to me - it was indeed a voodoo doll figure floating at the exact spot and moving and swaying slightly and stayed there until I we left the room.




An Experience I had




I was reading your page and I realized that I had an experience not too long ago in my apartment.  Nothing has happened since but I think maybe there was something paranormal going on.  One night I was up about 10:00 or so and I was out on the deck of my apartment.  When I went to go back inside I felt a twinge in the middle of my back like there was someone stading behind me.  I just ignored it thinking I just had a twinge but then I distinctly felt when it left.  The twinge was gone and I was certain that there had been some kind of presence there.  I didn't see or hear anything thankfully or I would have jumped out of my skin.  I thought it was kinda cool and looked forward to the next night to see if I would have any other strange sensations or feelings of presences in my apartment.

  The next night I woke up in the middle of the night just terrified.  I didn't have anything to be scared of nor did I see or hear anything but I just felt this fear that was very strange.  Finally I calmed down and went back to sleep but the experience taught me that you don't go looking for trouble where you don't want it.  I haven't had anything happen since thankfully.

I don't know if this would count as an actual encounter or anything but it certainly made an impression on me.




Road Trip





I went road tripping wiith some friends to Gilberts Cemetary (which should probably be listed in Friend, not Dorchester) around midnight once.  When we got there and went up to the gilberts grave, which was on its foundation, one of my friends layed down on the grave and started making lude comments about Gilbert.  As we got back to my car somebody shined a flashlight on my back tire and it was flat as a pancake.  The last couple of times I have been there were during the day and Gilberts headstone has gone from laying down to upright again.  Also legend has it that if you see 3 dead animals on the way to the grave you won't make it home.  That night we saw two of them.

The quote on the grave is "Think of a peace of fifty years, of lives devoid of hellish fears, died without fear of gods or ghosts, or heaven or hell with all their hosts."  Just kind of a neat inscription.  One last thing is that another one of the taller headstones has a shotgun blast entry marking in the front yet no exit on the backside.  I have pictures if you are interested.

Also Me and quite a few people have gone to Smitty's Curves on several occasions, used to live in Geneva.  One night we took and Ouija board out to the curves.  While playing all the questions I asked the board were answered perfectly.  I asked the board what the first letter of my name was and it went to A.  Everybody calls me Tony but my real name is Anthony, nobody using the board at the time knew that.  Then I asked it what the name of the song on the radio was.  Nobody else listened to Metal, and it spelled out One, which was correct, One-by Metallica.  Around that time strange noises started occuring and everybody else wanted to leave.  The other thing is that if you park on the bridge, turn off your car and honk your horn three times Smitty will appear.  No personal sightings yet but i have heard odd things.





Too Many Unexplained Experiences


The house I lived in from age 9 to 18 was around 100 yrs. old when we moved into it.

I experienced several things, so I'll I'll try to make each story/ experience short.

I started experiencing sleep paralysis (that's what the "experts" call it anyways) around 15 yrs. of age and the worst s.p. episode I had happened in this house.

I was just falling asleep when I started feeling tingly and weird and became instantly paralyzed. I couldn't move or feel any part of my body and I felt enormous fear/dread --and a very loud, almost deafening humming noise engulfed my room. 

As the deafening humming noise continued , my whole room started glowing the whitest light I ever seen. The white light seemed to come from the sky....almost as if my ceiling was no longer there.

As the noise continued and the white light practically blinded me---my stereo ( which was about two feet away from the foot of my bed)  turned on and the dial started moving from station to station. It kept changing stations, going from the lowest numbers to the highest.    (this weird experience was semi-validated by my mom the next morning, because she heard my radio on and then said it was off later....and when I went to bed I did NOT have it on at all.)

Other unexplained experiences in this house all happened when I was alone EXCEPT for one that happened when my older sister and a friend of mine spent the night.

We were watching t.v. and talking and my siste had rolled a ball out into our kitchen for our dog a couple times and our dog would go get it and come back to where we were sitting in the livingroom.

About the third or fourth time the ball was rolled out into the kitchen our dog refused to  go get the ball and stayed right by our side. We soon forgot about the ball.

About a half an hour later, (we were still sitting on the couch watching t.v. and talking ) the ball rolled all by itself from the kitchen into the livingroom and stopped at our feet.

(I recently went to my high school class reunion and my friend that spent the night and witnessed this experience started talking about how she has never forgotten the fear we felt and how we all screamed.)

Another experience I had in this house happened when my parents went to church and I was home alone.  I went out into the kitchen to get some ice cream out of the freezer and my back was to the laundry room--which didn't have a door on it.

I've always hated the laundry since we moved into the house. I've always felt like someone was right behind me or close to my neck when I would walk through the laundry room (you had to go through the laundry room to get to the only bathroom that we had)....anyways while my back was to the laundry room dog came running out into the kitchen and jumped up onto one of the kitchen chairs closest to the laundry room door and started growling so ferociously. This dog would NOT stop growling, even after repeated commands from me to stop.

I felt such overwhelming fear (you just had to be there to see how this dog was was NOT normal.)  Anyways I ended up grabbing the dog and sitting on the couch with the dog on my lap until my parents came home.

Another experience was when I was babysitting at this house for my two little cousins, who we around 6 and 7.   I had put this same dog-- that growled at the laundry room --outside on his chain to go potty. The chain was hooked to our back screen door.

After a few minutes I asked my cousin Todd to let the dog in (I was talking on the phone) and he stepped outside and came right back in and said "I don't see the dog anywhere."    I thought he was kidding, so I went out to get the dog.  I could not see the dog anywhere and started calling for it.  I couldn't see the chain anywhere on the ground, so I turned around to look at the screen door to see if the chain was still hooked to the metal guards on the door. To my surprise the chain was still hooked to the door......but went straight from the door up to our roof top!!     The chain was hanging over the side of our roof and the collar was still attached but was snapped in two.    I started frantically calling for the dog and he finally came running up from our backyard.

I was so freaked out by this that I called the church and asked them to get my mom out of service to I could tell her to come home. (This dog was a there is NO way in hell he climbed unto our roof.)

Other experiences include me hearing someone/something VERY distinctly walking down our creaky stairsteps- (that lead into the livingroom) where I was watching t.v.

I remember thinking "oh Michelle (my sister) is coming downstairs"   ....then I remembered she was at work !!  and no one else was home!!  AGAIN...this house is very old and every step creaks when you walk down it.

I also had another very REAL sleep paralysis experience when I was older and lived in an apartment.    I remember that I got very sleepy in the early afternoon and decided to lay down for a quick nap---I didn't even get under the covers----  I layed at the end of my bed and within a ew seconds.....I started to feel that same tingly, weird feeling that I always do when I'm going to have a s.p. experience.

Once I became paralyzed and couldn't move I saw the most amazing things------I saw three seperate white mist-like beings flying in a circle above my head. They just flew continuously in a circle above me until I came out of my paralyzed state.

I have had two experiences in the house I live in now...where someone calls my name VERY loudly and clearly. I have been so sure that someone really called me that I have  turned around and said "what?"

Both times that this has happened I've been home alone, exept for my husband who sleeps during the day, because he works midnights.  When this has happened I go directly upstairs to see if he called me and both times when I open our bedroom door he has been sound asleep snoring. 

I've had an another experience that happened while spending the night at my friends house when I was about 15 years old.  I was sleeping on her bedroom floor and she was in her bed.  

Sometime in the middle of the night she sat up in her bed and in the pitch black of darkness she started repeatedly saying, while looking directly at me-----"who are you, what are you ??...who are you, what are you?"  She kept saying this over and over while I was freaking out and asking her who she was talking to.   I kept repeatedly telling her to turn on her bed side light because I was afraid to move.

She finally reached over and turned on her light......BUT she just sat there staring at me.....I asked her who she was talking to again.....and she said that she saw something FLOATING above me while I was sleeping.  

Needless to say.....I jumped sooooo fast into her bed and slept there for the rest of the night.

These experiences really happened and are still VERY VIVID in my mind.





After my 13th Birthday





Hi, I have seen and experienced many different things in my life so far, but I will share the most important to me of them with you. For as long as I can remember my mother has had visions, seen apparitions and come into contact with some very different things. When I was young I never believed her, that is until the night after I turned 13.  My mother always said she was a psyche medium. She was never loud about it, or talked about it much, she just shared things sometimes with me.  Even when I was really young I could sense things and had feelings about people or things differently than other kids my age, an intuition of sorts, and as I got older I started to put some substance behind the things my mother told me. Well, the night after I turned 13 was the first night I actually believed with out a shadow of a doubt what my mother had been slowly showing and sharing with me my entire life.  It was about eleven thirty pm in the evening and I got ready for bed just like any other 13 year old would. My grandmother was in her bedroom sewing and my mother was in the living room reading a book. I brushed my teeth and told them both goodnight and went to my room (which was in the back of the house) and climbed into bed.  I always sleep with all the doors and curtains closed so it was pitch black.  I fell asleep almost immediately.  I don’t remember dreaming, which is odd, because even today I remember almost every dream I have, and have had since I was a toddler.  About three am in the morning, (I remember the time because the clock was always right next to my head) I awoke suddenly and was frightened. I was sweating, and breathing heavily. From my bed in my room I could see the living room and the front door. My mother was standing in the doorway telling a large scruffy looking older man in overalls, and a straw hat, that “you can’t have her” and to go away. I sat there for a minute seeing this in my head and trying to make myself believe that it was a dream. But it wasn’t, because I could feel him as well as see him. I knew immediately that he was bad.  After sitting there for some time I got out of bed and walked down the hall and into the living room. My grandmother woke up hearing me open my door and asked me why I was out of bed. My mother simply told her that I had had a bad dream and that I was sitting up with her until I felt better. My grandmother went back to bed and my mother and I went out on the front porch and sat there until I couldn’t feel him anymore. She told me that it would be okay and that I would learn to better deal with these things as I grew. And that until then, she would be there to protect me. My mother and I have never been real close but that night I felt extremely connected to here and have been on that level ever since.





Bell Witch Farm




a couple of my buddies and i were out going to haunted places like the headless statues in palmyra tennessee, and we also went to the bell witch farm. when we were headed towards the headless statues it was about 2 in the morning and there was a huge white horse standing in the middle of the road, so i slammed on my brakes trying the miss it. it was really off the wall and set up our night. after the headless statues we went to adams tennessee to the bell witch farm, so we parked the car and went up to the bell witch house at about 4 and we heard a train that sounded like it was 10 feet from us, the wind was also blowing, and my friend pointed out something that completely freaked us out, there was an evil face in the clouds and it was just the creepiest thing, i have it on video and everytime i see it, i get cold chills. we then wanted to go further and get on the front porch of the bell witch house and when we went to the front steps, the lights turned on out of no where, and you have to remember there is no one that lives in this house. so we turned back got in the car and took off. i have all of this on video, so if you want some screen shots of it just ask.




Gas Station Ghost


By: Sheila []


yesterday, march 21 2006. I was driving back to wichita, ks. from my parents house in severy. I was with my fiance and I had to pee. We stopped at Kistlers gas station outside Leon. I tried the door knob and it was locked. I barely heard a small voice, so I waited. A man used the mens room and was in there a while. when he left I got impatient and knocked on the door. I asked "I'm sorry, is there anyone in there." I heard clearly "just a minute please" I thought since she was so polite i should try to wait. After a while I got impatient again and got the attendant to check on the bathroom. I didn't want to admit my rudeness so I only asked if someone was in there, knowing full well I had just heard a voice in there. I did not leave eye shot in this small gas station, and the two attendants and I were alone in the building by this point. my fiance was still waiting patiently outside. The attendant knocked on the door and then turned the knob. She tried again but real hard and shoved the door inward. I was worried the (Child?) would be startled, but the room was empty. When I went up to pay I told the girl that opened the door that "I swear I heard a voice say 'just a minute please'." I said I think this place is haunted. The other attendant at this point looked at me and said "don't say that." she explained they both thought it was haunted. I immediately went out and told Jesse. I was shaken and I couldn't stop talking about it. He believed me but i still didn't calm down. I have been consumed with curiosity and concern for the spirit who may be stuck. If you investigate this at all, please contact me. If I can help please let me know.




Old Manor




My husband and I bought an old manor in Atherley, just outside of Orillia and a few strange things have happen here.  There seems to be an older man, very distinguished in the master suite on the second floor, a woman who in the '20s was an opra singer in Toronto has been heard singing Christmas carols, windows slamming when all 43 windows have been replaced.  Also there is a man who walks around the outside of the house in a black mid length wool type winter coat with a hat on.  He never does anything other than look at the house from the back drive way.  We are turning this manor into a bed and breakfast.  We don't know if our guests will come or stay away because of our other guests.  We like having them around.





Lennox Place




Before even hearing about your website, I had some encounter with one of the "things" on your website. I lived in Lennox Place subdivision until last year. When I was in highschool, a buddy of mine stayed over one night. My bed was next to the window and the couch where he was sleeping was on the wall. We had just turned out the lights when my friend asked where I was. I turned on the light and he was amazed to see me still in my bed. He said he saw a shadow standing over the bed, walk over to the window, and then walk over to him and wave it's hand in his face. It was almost as if it was used to being ignored and was surprised to see him watch it. He said it disappeared when the light turned on. I had never seen it before and I guess because i wear glasses, i never saw it at night, even if it was waving it's hand in my face. On another occasion, I was walking from the bathroom to my room. I was looking down and when I got to my door, I waved my hand to push the door open. Because I used to hang my bathrobe(white) on the back of the door, out of the corner of my eye it looked like it had swung closed. My hand passed through whatever it was. I decided not to look it in the face, I walked into my room, and closed the door. Let me know if you have heard anything new about this.




It Always Comes to Mind




Hello, I had an experience that does not scare me but always come to mind when thinking about spirits as such.  My Great Aunty was dying of cancer at the very young age of 41.  Everyone had been to visit her except a cousin of mine.  I dragged him around to see her and he just sat there in stunned silence, not knowing what to say.  She was sleeping but you could tell she was not going to be with us much longer.  I told her that I had brought my cousin to see her so that she was aware of his very quiet presence.  Later we left and I told him that it was good that he went just incase she did pass away and he didn’t get a chance to see her.  Anyway went home and went to bed..  That night I was woken to what felt like someone sitting beside me on my bed.  I remembered smiling and thinking to myself, yay shes gone and isn’t suffering anymore.  When I got up to get ready for work the next morning the phone rung at 6am and it was my Nana saying that my Aunty had passed away through the night.  She had passed about 1am, I really wish I had of had a clock in my room so I could see what the time was that I felt someone sit on my bed.  Im positive that it was her and that she was saying goodbye to me before she crossed over.  I talked to a few family members who had also experienced a similar thing that night.  I have other experiences but nothing so obvious.  Alot of it is just sensing someone is there but not really wanting to believe it cause the thought does scare me.  On one occasion I was walking down our hallway, for some reason I never feel alone in that part of the house, during the day Im fine but at night it is very eery, anyway I was walking down our hallway to our bedroom and I swore that my partner was walking right behind me.  When turning to talk to him he was only just entering the hallway.  I felt very uneasy about this feeling.. 




My Friends Experiences




Okay, so I wrote again. This time I will tell you the story my junior high school friend told me. Again, I’d like to apologize for my bad English. This happened to my friend, whose name is Dalyes. This happened a few years ago, when we were still in our 9th grade. Dalyes attended a tae kwon do course and it wasn’t my school activity. There was some kind of training camp day and the tae kwon do group took a trip in a mountain countryside, which is popular in my province. He told me they were staying in some sort of small hall several feet above ground, held by wooden structures, there’s roof but no wall. People here called them “bale-bale”. It’s something you can find everywhere in a rice field. And it was really near a rice fields. You can squeeze about five people in it. At that time, everyone was asleep because they were tired from the training. At 5 a.m or so Dalyes woke up. He still lied on the ground however as he was still sleepy. Then he looked at one point in the rice field.

There, in the darkness of near sunrise Dalyes saw three little girls, they were playing jump ropes. He was confused, who could’ve played jump ropes while it’s still dark. He looked again at the girls and he noticed they wore elementary school uniform (which would be white shirt and red skirt, the elementary school uniform in Indonesia). But the attires looked weird, it was almost like the white shirt had faded away its color. Somehow Dalyes felt like it was a scene from a long time ago. He shivered and closed his eyes with blanket. The next morning he asked his friend if anyone s he girls, but no one did. Dalyes then thought they may be spirits of girls from the colonial era, when the Dutch occupied Indonesia, or at least he felt they was alive a very long time ago (Indonesian kids rarely could go to school at the time Dutch occupied our territory and there wasn’t such school uniform then).

Dalyes also have a paranormal experience when we was in the 6th grade. That time our school had a retreat program. We stayed in a place called “Civita”. It was divided to Civita 1 and Civita 2. The 6th-a class stayed in Civita 2, while the b class stayed in Civita 1. Dalyes and me was in the b class. We stayed for 2 night. I forgot at which night, Dalyes’ friend named Fandi asked Dalyes to accompany him to the restroom. It was late night and the boy apparently afraid to go by himself. But Dalyes was so sleepy that he refused Fandi’s request. He asked everyone else but no one would accompany him. So he decided not to go to the restroom and sleep. Then, hours later Dalyes woke up and he need to go to restroom too. He woke one of his friend up and they both went to the rest room. In the hallway to the restroom (it was separated with the bedrooms, and located between girls and boys bedrooms) Dalyes saw a figure in front of him. He thought it was Fandi because the figure wore the same shirt and looked just like him. Dalyes asked him to go to the restroom together, but no answer. He then entered one of the bathroom or so (I forget...). Dalyes went to his restroom and after he and his friend finished they went back to the room. He didn’t meet Fandi or anyone else. At his room he saw Fandi and he thought Fandi already asleep after he went to the bathroom. They slept the rest of the night.

In the morning, Fandi yelled at Dalyes and the other roommates because nobody would accompany him to the restroom e other night so he had to hold not to pee. Dalyes of course confused and said he saw Fandi went to the bathroom alone and when he greeted him he didn’t say anything. But fandi said he went nowhere outside the room the last night. They asked if anyone else went to the bathroom and heard Dalyes talked to them. No one did.

And then we knew that the place where we stayed was indeed had some ghost stories...







My Mom





Good evening to all. I'm excited to say I've had several super-

natural experiences. I strongly believe in spirits. This November will be 18 years since I lost my Mom. We were very close. Well, 11 years ago, when my son was 6 months old, I was changing his diaper in his crib and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see my Mom walking past my son's door. I was SO happy to see her! I walked to the door but she was gone. In that same house( In Georgia), my daughter & I heard quite a few things. Foot steps up and down the hallway, doors opening and closing and sometimes even whispers. I never felt threatened or scared there. I work at a prison here in Georgia and I have seen 3 ghosts so far and heard ALOT of things. My daughter and I are very interested in the supernatural. I love this web site. It is full of so much information and interesting things.




My Mother's Spirit




Hi, I want to share some experiences that may related to “ghost” or paranormal world. But first I want to apologize my bad English. My mother deceased at December 23, 2003. I was 13 years old and in the middle of my 9th grade. I live in Indonesia, and my house is located in a crowded neighborhood. As in Buddhist beliefs, a deceased person’s spirit will stay in earthly world for 49 days after the day they died. A few days or weeks (I don’t quite remember) after my mother was cremated, something strange happened in my house.

It was around or almost midnight, I was in front of my television. After since my mother passed away I became quiet. I live with my aunt then and I till do now. As usual my aunt was already asleep while I still watched the tv. Then I felt thirsty and need to have a drink. So I went to the kitchen. It is located in the back of my house, there’s a hallway that connect the kitchen and the door to my backyard. And there’s a huge window in my kitchen so you can see to the backyard. The backyard itself is not big, and surrounded by wall without roof. There’s a bathroom and toilet in my backyard. So if you want to go to the bathroom you have to go through the hallway.

Anyway, i was there, pouring water to a bottle, and suddenly the door to the backyard slided open! I heard the door’s sound and surprised a bit. Because of course, the door was shut off, even though not locked. My aunt usually yelled at me if I ever forget to close the door.

I looked to the backyard through the big window, which is exactly beside me. No one was there. My aunt was still fast asleep. I finished pouring the water and walked to the door. It was almost fully opened, my two dogs was there, silent. I was confused because no wind would open the door by itself. I mean, you have to held the doorknob to open it. I wasn’t scared and went back to watch tv, later on I told this to several family members and they said it could’ve been my mother’s spirit. And I recall my mother was always went to bathroom to pee when she was alive. Everynight.

Some times after that I heard something else in the hallway to the backyard. I was just came from the bathroom. Oh, there’s actually no single light/lamp in my bathroom. This is an old house and I never mind the darkness because I’m more fond of darkness than light. There, as I was almost closed the door I heard a voice, a voice of a well reel. I wasn’t move the door yet, and there’s thing in the house that can possibly made such sound. And the sound was sounded like it was so close to me. I frost for a moment and thought of what I just heard.

Yes, there is a well outside of my house, located in a “ghetto” area and used everyday by my neighbors. But I swear in my whole life i never heard anything even though anyone use the well! And I thought if there was someone there and used the well, I would have heard the sound for a long moment, as it takes at least a minute to take a bucket of water. But what I’ve heard was just a brief moment of sound. It couldn’t have been really someone taking water since it was almost 1 or 2 a.m. And there’s two layers of wall divide the well with my house wall. What sound could it be then?




My Room





Hello. I have been a fan of the Shadowlands for quite some time and just now have worked up the courage to send you a few of my own personal true ghost story. So, here goes.

I have always had a fascination with the supernatural, despite the fact that I get ever so paranoid and I'm easily scared. It's a guilty pleasure, I suppose. So, because I had exhausted my newest volume of ghost stories I had checked out from the library, I asked my mother if any supernatural hauntings had ever gone on in our old house.

She told me that one morning several years ago, when I was at day care, the ceiling fan in my room had crashed to the floor without the slightest provocation. Nobody was in my bedroom at that time and the pieces used to hold the fan to the ceiling were all in place. Not a missing nut, bolt, or screw. There was NOTHING that could have caused that fan to fall.

Afterwards, there was always a bit of a chill in my room. I remember complaining to my parents of how cold it was later in life. No matter how high they turned up the thermostat, it remained chilly within the confines of my room.

Another strange feature of my room was that always, before going to sleep, I would see pictures of my ceiling. Now, these pictures weren't just playing connect the dots on the popcorn-like white bulges, but real, moving, animated, colorful pictures. I distinctly remember one night when I was six, a miniature train roared across my ceiling, complete with sound. And I was wide awake. After all, who could sleep with such noise? I often wondered why my parents never came in to see the source of the sound, but I always dismissed it as being  the fact that they were already too fast asleep to really hear anything. (I always remained awake an hour after my parents went to sleep).

These images were often pleasant and did not bother me at all. In fact, they had a rather soothing presence that relaxed me enough to fall asleep. I thought nothing of them, never telling my friends or parents. They sort of left after I entered the fifth grade and I only had a vaguely similar experience during that year. In fact, I had all but forgotten about them until I asked my mother on whether any spirits had ever been in our house. Although, I certainly can't imagine why a spirit would knock down my fan and then provide me with a sort of illusion lullaby several years later.

We moved out of that house a year or two ago and I have not had another supernatural experience since. I kind of miss it.











When I was real young my friends and I decided to go out to this house everyone said was haunted. When we get there no one would go up to the house so I started walking on the lawn and I heard a radio kinda like an old fashioned radio the ones you had to tune. I looked in the window and there was this old man standing in the window. I could see right through him and I remember he had the blackest eyes I had ever seen. I have been a believer since.




Pop Tucker




I was at my inlaws place for the weekend.  it was a friday night and we had all decide about 1 am after a few drinks we would go to bed.  So we all did.  My partner had fallen a sleep before me.  it was cold so i snuggled into the side of him.  my father inlaw has always told me that his father had always made himself known in way or another.  anyway it had taken me a while to doze into a light sleep.

I heard the bedroom door open and close and i knew it wasnt me partner cauze i was still cuddling him.  i woke up and looked up at the end of the bed and here is pop tucker standing at the end of the bed looking at me and then he had sat down and put his hand on my foot.   it didnt take me long to fall asleep after that.




Tampa Florida...





This is a true story.... I had purchased my 1st home there, around 1974, and  the back yard  parralleled a drainage ditch that was almost a stream.... When I first moved in, it was always cold, even for florida... so I never needed airconditioning. The winter was another thing, the heater[electric] was in the hallway, but within 10 or 15 feet from it, it would be ineffective, and any heat coming from it would die out , and it would be ice cold.. It was a three bedroom house, and after the child was born, I put him in his own bedroom... People would say that the baby was crying, and when I went to check on him, he was always fine, sleeping happily, and undisturbed. However, ,I heard many nights of a child crying, and 2 years later, after I had moved out, My mother, by accident, met the next door neighbor that lived next door before I moved in. She started talking about how the people before me had moved out at 2 in the morning , and altho they had 2 kids, she only saw them leave with one . My idea is that they had killed the baby, buried it in the drainage ditch, and left before they were ever in trouble over it. Altho the "hauntings" went on for over 2 yrs, it all stopped when I had a minister come by to baptise my child. He must have felt the prescense of bad vibes, because, altho he said to wait until my son was old enough to choose to be baptised, he did say a prayer with me and my wife and blessed the house, and anyone, and everyone who ever lived there... It never happened again, and Im sure that the sopirits were released and freed  and are now at peace. True story, and I have witnesses that I had allowed to live with me until they found a place to live in.. yours , honestly




Window was 7 Foot off the Ground





hey whats up! well this happened when i was about 6 or 7 i really dont remember how old i was but i know this wasnt a the time me and my family lived out in the country in and my sis had to share a room,and we had bunkbeds and she slept on the top bunk and i slept on the bottom bunk. it was a summer night kinda hot so my mom opened the window which was right by me but u couldnt see out it was pitch black.well i was trying to get to sleep and as i try to sleep i always open my eyes every once in a while.when i opened my eyes and looked at the screen on my window it was pushing in,well i thought it was just the wind so i ignored it and tryed to go to sleep then i heard it kinda crack.i could see a dent in the screen so i took my hand and pushed the screen and i felt someone or somethings head or something soft and this scared the crap out of me and i ran to my mom and dads room and jumped in bed with my mom i think my dad was out of town working and he always left a gun for my mom b/c we were so far out in the mom said it was just a dream but i know what i felt.the night is in my mind to this day and i remember it like it was yesterday.its not really scary when i read this to myself but that night was so scary.i forgot to add that the window was about 6or 7 feet off the ground so i know for a fact it was not an animal.that house is no longer 21 now and i have so many paranormal stories that have happened to me over the yrs.i think im cursed or other thing through the woods is the natchez trace.which is a road that runs through most of the southern states.i did my research on it and  come to find out i read in a book it is supposed to be haunted by a whitch and many other spirits.i did not find that out till about a month ago.i could go on all night with stories that have happened to me.well maybe ill share some at another time. thanx alot for reading.later!!


This is My Dad's Story





My name is Misty and I have put a Story on here This is My Story, but now I write to you My dads story. It was a few days after we buried my oldest brother and since my brother had passed, my dad hadn't had sleep in 5 days and he was on his way home from work one night and he was drowsy and he was on the highway and all over the road and had dozed off and my brother was his copiolet that night. My dad said he heard my brother holler his name and he woke up like with in seconds later a 18 wheeler had went by his going fast if it wasn't for my brother my dad wouldn't be with us today. This started on March 15th of 2005 10 years later.  My dad was at work as usual and something told him to turn around well when he did my oldest brother that passed away 10 years ago was right there infront of him to let him know that someone in our family was going to pass away and then he disappeared.  Well on saturday the 18th all the family was called to the nursing home where my grandad was when he was suffering from altemziers. He passed around 3:50pm my other brother and his wife was outside and my sister, my brother in law, and myself were int the room when he passed away.  My brother and sister inlaw said around 3:50pm that the wind outside the nursing home had picked up and the wind chimes were going crazy blowing and they knew that our grandad had passed away. Well for now that is all until something else happens that is dealing with spirits.  I know that my granddad is in heaven with my grandmother that i never knew and my oldest brother as well. Thanks for reading




The Apartment




Between me and my family we have had many encounters of diffrent sorts but I'll start with my story:  It was about 4 years ago and I was pregnate with my first son Riley it was a very tough pregnacy for me because I had mano on top of all the other pregnacy simptoms so i was at home alone alot.  My now ex husband and I had a nice apartment that had a lower half to it that was turned into a bar and we would sit down there sometimes while we were doing our laundry and such or having people over and we would hear music from up stairs we would run up stairs and then it would sound like the music would come from down  stairs it always freaked us out. Then one time we had some people over and the guys had gone to get pizza my nephew was upstairs playing a video game and the girls were all sitting down stairs and we heard this strange eerie laugh that sounded like it had come from the closet so i ran up stairs to see if it had been chris and he had no idea what i was talking about.  Another time i was all alone and all of a sudden the railing to the downstairs started to shake back and forth really violently it was very spooky. Doors would always be open and we always shut them the shower curtin would always be open and we would always shut it one time it opened when i was in the shower.  The scarest thing to me was though the whole time we lived there for some reason i had called the ghost Huey and I had found out from a friend that the old man that had built the bar had drank himself to death down there and his name was Louey wierd coincidence that the names were so close I don't know but scary none the less.



Fascinated by the Paranormal





I've always been fascinated by the paranormal. Now that I think about all the stories my parents have told me and my own personal experience, I know my childhood home was haunted.

When I was little, my family and I lived in a big beautiful house in Indianapolis. However, strange things kept happening which couldn't be explained even when seen.

My parents had a wonderful bedroom with a big bathroom. As soon as they fell asleep, though, the water faucets would turn on and the toilet would flush. Every time my mother would get up to turn it off, the same thing happened as soon as she went back to sleep.

The outside water faucet would turn on full blast periodically. One of my parents would go out to turn it off. This would happen day or night. My parents would start walking away and the handle would spin again, turning it on. My parents weren't more than 5 feet away from it. They checked around to see if there was anyone messing with it. They could never find anyone.

We had the water pipes and such checked and all the plumbers said the same thing; everything was perfect.

Something stranger happened to me. Whenever I think about it, I get sick to my stomach. I would always have to take a nap around four o'clock. One day I couldn't sleep because there was an older woman standing next to my bed. I asked what she wanted as I climbed out of my bed. She didn't say much then, but pulled out a long rope from her purse. As soon as she pulled the rope out, she began to teach me how to tie a neuse. I watched silently, trying to be respectful to an elder.

I didn't really think much of it because we lived around a lot of older people. My mother heard me quietly talking and came up to check on me since I was suppose to be asleep. She didn't see anyone, nor did she hear it. She asked me what I was doing and I said I was simply playing with the old woman. My mother looked at me as if I was crazy and looked around the room to double-check to see if anyone was there.

I don't really know if anything happened at that house before we lived there, but I know what I experienced and I know what went on there and I have no doubt that that house was haunted.





I had to put to sleep my male black lab 9/24/00 (Boss) .. he was my best friend and very protected of my grandson since birth. My grandson has always live with me and I am raising him. Every time my grandson cried, Boss would check on him and then come get me. After his death (Boss), my grandson woke up crying and I was holding him to calm him down and within a few moments I felt something under my foot that was hanging over the side of the bed. I felt Boss's presents and looked and nothing was there.

I had a black female (Sabrina), 1 year apart from Boss and finally got another dog, a chocolate male 2/04 (Hunter). I had to put Sabrina to sleep  2/4/05 due to a brain tumor. When I told my grandson of her death he started crying and went to sit in his chair. He wanted to call his mother to talk to her. Hunter went over to him and laid beside him they way he lays. I went to get the phone and when I got back Hunter was laying in the position as Boss laid. When I seen it, I thought to myself, Boss is here telling me that Sabrina, was with him and OK. Then Hunter went right into the way he always sits. Hunter has not laid in that position before Sabrina's death and did it a couples of times more when he seen me crying for Sabrina. 

Ever since Sabrina's death I have been calling Hunter, Boss and I never did that before. I have been seeing Hunter doing things now that Boss did every now and then and Hunter never did it before Sabrina's death.

You may think I am crazy, sometimes I think I am going crazy, but I really feel something and truly believe Boss came back to let me know that Sabrina is OK and with him.




Playing Hooky




Back many years ago when I was a young boy, This happen to me. I was on my way to school and decided to play hooky from school. I knew this guy who worked at an oil company in tilton/northfield that is the name of the town I lived in. Anyhoo I asked if I could stay at his place to skip school which he said I could. So he went to work and I stayed and started to watch the tv . I had only been there for afew minutes when I heard pots and pans banging around out in the kitchen. I thought my friend decided to stay home and hang out with me. I got up off the couch and went into the kitchen to see if he needed any help. when I got in to the kitchen there was no body there. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I went back out to livingroom and started to watch tv again I was a little scared from the pots and pans banging around. This was winter time and the heat was on. So I heared some walking around out in the kitchen and I went back into kitchen again. This time the kitchen window was open and I thought for sure that It was closed, so I closed the window and went back to watch tv. I just sat down when a loud bang came from the kitchen I jumped up off the couch ran into the kitchen to see if I could catch who was in there. This time  the window was back open and the kitchen was all messed up. Needless say I was only late for school that day. I do'nt know what happend in that old house and I never will,but I never went back in there and my friend never said anything about the kitchen being messed up.




Nursing Home Haunts




Ok so everyone would think that a nursing home is haunted. Well of course, this is where people come to die. So of course it was no big surprise to me to start feeling that people were around when there was physically no one else there. I always love being by our main dining room because there are two elevators right there for the residents and almost everytime I walk by when I'm by myself the elevator door on the right opens by itself. The button hasn't been pushed or anything and it's usually near the end of my shift which is after dinner when everyone has gone back to their rooms. If you walk into the elevator there is this scent that you don't smell any other time and it's only this elevator. It's the smell of soap and powder sort of like after you just get out of the shower. I don't know who this mystery ghost is but I always smile when I walk into the elevator and smell that scent.

Also I work in the kitchen of the nursing home and there is a hallway that has some of our coolers there and if you follow it back you will come to the furnace rooms. I've been told that when the nursing home first opened the furnace room was used as a temporary morgue until the funeral homes or families came to pick up the bodies. I haven't been able to go back and explore that area yet but I know there are spirits back th e. Whenever I am mopping up floors at the end of the night and I go back that way I can feel them. I can't wait to explore these areas more when I have lots of free time.



My Stepdad grew up There




hi my name is karen and im from illinois.i used to live in the house my stepdad grew up in and he used to tell stories of noises he heard growing up-i never believed him-thought he was just tryin to scare me-til one night i was upstairs watching tv-no lights on-just the light from the tv.  my son was in his room sleeping and i was sitting at the table right inside my room when i happened to look down the short hallway leading to my sons room and a woman was floatin a few inches off the floor-she had on a long flowing black dress-long black straight hair and where her face was- it was just a solid black circle-i went flyin down the stairs-took me weeks to be able to go back up there-my stepdad always said an older woman who wore alot of black died upstairs a long time ago-and the upstairs is the only place you see and hear things!!  

please feel free to post this on ur site and u may post my email address as well the name of the town if ur wanting that info is Buckley illinois-a very small farm town in illinois-thank you for your time!!



London Home





I'm 20 years old and i have lived in my house in London since the day i came home from the hospital and my family lived here 5 years prior from just after my brother turned 1.

The house itself was a new build, part of a small estate built around a church called the Clare College Mission.

As I grew up my dad would always tell me ghost stories, but i always assumed they were just aimed at scaring me, he would tell me that in the room that me and my brother used to share they used to find us sitting up in our cots laughing at the ceiling, and door handles moved by themselves.

Over the past 8 or 9 years i slowly came to believe these stories.

My brother started  sitting up in his crib and talking to the ceiling when he was just a few months from 2, in the months previously my grandfather passed away and only after did it start. We strongly believe that he was talking to my grandfather as two weeks after he passed my nana was staying with us in the same room, she awoke in the middle of the night to find my grandad walking around the room dressed in his navy uniform. When she called out to him to mind the cabinet he smiled at her and faded away.

theres also an overwhelming feeling in the room, which i don't know quite how to lable. It sometimes feels hostile but it only seems to be under darkness and other times it's a perfectly harmless atmosphere. A Particular friend of mine, refuses to go in the room due to a feeling of breathlessness that she gets as she enters.

My mum was lying in bed a few months ago, she works as a teaching assistant and was on a school break so layed in after everyone else left the house. she told me that she'd laid with one leg uncovered and was woken by the feeling of a finger being trailed up and down her calf but when she opened her eyes the room was empty.

The hall way of the house has a continuously hostile feeling to it, and it feels as though i am constantly being watched from both the top floor and the bottom and when i walk up the stairs i walk flat to the wall glancing backwards and forwards in both directions and i find myself unable to look into 'that' room as i walk passed and sometimes feel compeled to close the door to it.

the occurances do seem to travel around the house. when I was 10 I bought a brand new stationary set for school, and when family vistited i placed it underneath my bed but when i went back it was gone and we never have found it. A school locker key went missing for years only to turn up in a drawer that had been gone through many times almost a year after i finished my final exams.

When I came back from a holiday last year I bought a shell back and placed it on the mantel in the dead centre, my mum went in to the room one day to find it half way across the mantel and no one has admitted to moving it, although after i told a friend she thought it would be funny to move it and not tell us.

Also in 2002 my other nan passed away from cancer, and this christmas my grandad went to dinner at my uncles, their eldest sons house. While they were there my uncle wanted to play a cd that had my nans favourite christmas song on it but after searching for it in the living room he couldn't find it. He went back into the kitchen with the rest of the family but after a few minutes they heard music playing in the living room. they found that it was coming from an old cd player that had been disconnected months ealier and playing my nans favourite christmas song.




Ghost Stories Kirksville Mo.




I lived in an apartment near the university in Kirksville in the summer during the late 1970's with my roomate. Every night at around 1:00 to 2:00 I would hear footsteps coming from the second floor. They never varied much, and the ghost could be heard  walking from one end of the apartment to the other. This went on the whole time we lived there, and the second floor was not rented out that summer. My roomate and I talked about it, and we even went upstairs one time, and the apartment had a long hallway with rooms at either end.

I know of at least two other stories from Kirksville, one involving a dorm on campus and the other a cemetery and the recording of evps that a friend of mine and I recorded as part of a parapyschology class at the university. Sometimes I still dream about the evps we taped that night. They were very errie and strange. I can still hear the voices in my mind after more than 20 years.

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