Antique Ring




Hello,I was just surfing the net one day and I found your fascinating website,that was when I decided to share the true story of our experience with the paranormal,only this doesn't involve a house or property,it involves an antique ring.

We live in Eastern Iowa,and during the spring and summer months there are a lot of garage and estate sales to go to,and our family being antique dealers it is a great way for us to find new treasure,anyway,in August 2003 we went to a little town just outside of our own,where they were having their town wide garage sales,little did we know that we would bring home true evil that day.

The last sale we went to was held in a large garage,all of the smaller items like jewelry and so forth were put in sandwich bags,10 items to a bag for ten cents,my aunt and I bought bought five dollars worth of stuff.

When we got home we opened up the bags and found,well,pretty ordinary and mundane items,nothing really special,until my aunt found an incredible ring hiding in one of those bags.

At first we thought it was a mere child's trinket,it seemed too good to be true at first,but then we cleaned it up and realized,wow,this is something pretty special!

We went to the library and got a book on antique jewelry,and to our great surprise we found the exact ring,it was 10k gold,black onyx and diamonds,it was a a signet D ring and we found out it was made between 1890 and 1910,my aunt decided to give it to her father,even though his initial wasn't D he'd still enjoy it,she thought.

Two years earlier my grandfather had purchased a car that was in beautiful shape and had never given him trouble,but two days after he received that ring the car woulden't start,pretty soon the transmission gave out,he had that fixed,then half a dozen other things went wrong with it,he finally traded it off to a car dealer,who drove it himself and never experienced anything unusual.

At that same time my grandfather also started to become physically ill,he would go to doctors and even spend a few nights in the hospital and have tests done,nothing was ever found wrong.

He also lost many good friends,after showing them the ring for some reason they would never speak to him again or not treat him in the same manner,he even showed it to a close friend who was a high powered real estate agent,who had a strong buisness,less than one year later the man delcared bankruptcy and had to quit real estate,he eventually ended up selling cars at a local dealership.

Since that ring has been in our possession my grandfather has had five cars break down on him,he has lost friends,he has lost weight,he has been in and out of the hospital and almost died once due to inexplicable and still unknown blood loss,he has survived several car accidents and many more near misses,I truly believe that this ring is a thing of evil,none of our lives have been the same since we have owned it,for some reason the spirit inside the ring doesn't like cars or even people who like them,my grandfather in his younger days was a master mechanic who built his own custom automobiles,so we believe that the entity inside the ring has targeted him for this reason.

Oh,did I also mention we have a lovely Victorian ring for sale?




What the Heck is That???





This event actually occurred back in the fall of 2002.  My friend and I were both in nursing school together and we would get together in the mornings and study for our tests.  I had taken my daughter to school one morning and I came back home to call my friend on the phone.  My three year old son was sitting on my living room floor watching tv, and my husband had left for work hours earlier.  I went to call Crystal, my friend, to see if she was going to come over so we could get some study time in.  I was on the phone out in the kitchen, involved in a deep conversation, I have a mud room off of my kitchen that leads to our cellar, and out into the backyard.  That mud room door was opened that day because I had been cleaning and had left the door open so I could transport stuff into the cellar. Well, as I was talking, there came a very deep, long loud moaning from down in the cellar. Crystal on the other end of the phone asked me, "who the hell was that?" I said, "you mean what the hell was that?"  Crystal asked me if Mike, my husband had came home.  As far as I knew he had not come home for anything, so I walked out in the living room, where my son was still sitting, and asked him if daddy had come in.  My son said, with no hesitation, "no".  I then got back on the phone with Crystal, and asked her to come over right away, because I was scared that something was in the cellar. I thought at the time, maybe some hobo had got into the house and had made himself a place to sleep in my cellar. Crystal arrived very quickly with her husband, to go check out my cellar with me.  We followed her husband down into my cellar, where we found nothing, we checked the door that led out into the backyard and that was locked, so no one could have got in anyway.  That by far is the strangest damn thing that has ever happened to me, I was too a skeptic, and had my friend not heard the same thing as I did, I would be thinking I was crazy.  I will never get that moan out of my head, to describe in words is doing it an injustice,  It certainly sounded like a man, in pain.  Retelling this, gives me the creeps.  I don't know why it happened, but many other things have happened since then that make me a firm believer in the afterworld. 






Townsends Plantation Apopka





The restaurant has changed names and is now the Cowboy and the Captain in Apopka.  When it was Townsend’s Plantation a group of us went at Christmas time from a local school where we worked, two of us asked if we could go upstairs and look around and they said sure , there was no one on the second floor that night and we went to the third floor as we were climbing the stairs my friend went thru the door way first and stopped, I immediately got the horrible feeling that I needed to get her out of there, I tried to go after her but I couldn’t enter the room ,it was as if there was a force keeping me out. I screamed at her to stop, she said when she stopped something put a hand on her back and chest like they were trying to hold her, She turned and ran to the door grabbed my hand and we ran down all three flights past the hostess whom we told the place was haunted and ran out the door, the rest of our friends were waiting for us and laughed at us thinking we were kind of kidding around.  My friend couldn’t talk at first and the hair on her neck and head was standing on end.  We left and went shopping about an hour later we were in a store and I looked down at my arm and said “OH my God I’ve cut myself; there was a lot of thick dried blood on me.  When I wiped it off there was nothing there so I tried to figure where it came from and asked my friend since when we ran we had each others hands, here arm had caked on blood very thick and all over the arm, we immediate went o the bathroom thinking she needed medical care, her mother was with us and we wanted to see how bad it was so we could decide where we needed to go.  As we washed the blood away there was nothing there.  We were told that there had been a murder on those steps, I’ve no idea how we can logically explain what happen, but it scared the hell out of us.




Three Scarey Stories about Bolton






hi im from england and we have ghosts here too. my local church is haunted and me and my mates don't go near it at night because the vicar who lived there owned a scottie dog and it got loose one day and was ran over. me and my best bud adam went there to do a tour of the church and i started screaming because i felt something tugging on my pants! this totally freaked out my mate adam because the scottie dog hated girls. i haven't been there ever since. here is another one a long time ago my nanny died from cancer and on the night she moved on i had just been put to bed by my mum and i had about three of my teddies placed on my shelf and while i was fast asleep two of my teddies fell off my mum came upstairs about to tell me off but my mum got the shock of her life she heard me whispering "bye bye nanny" while i was asleep. i was only four. i am now 14. this last one is the freakiest one ever i reckon i go to rivington and blackrod high school in horwich and its been there for a very long time anyway there are four ghosts who haunt this place and i don't like it there is the forgotten little boy in a sailors suit he starved to death in an isolated room and he visits during assembly. there is a pregnant teachers who died while giving birth to a baby and you can still hear the baby screaming and the lady crying which really freaks me out is in the woods near our school three monks hanged themselves to death and you can still see a hooded figure in the woods and the worst one of all is my own experience...while in the hall getting ready to perform i saw a little boy crying on the stage  saying "forgive me forgive me "and i had to cancel the show because it was too scary to witness whilst performing my mate heard him saying "play with me




The Ghost at the Limetree Inn




This happened about three years ago. Sara, a Paramedic, was on duty in Mena. They received a call to respond to the Limetree Inn for a medical emergency. When they got there a man who was in town on business came to the motel room door. He was very upset. He handed them the room key and almost ran to the waiting ambulance. The other paramedic told the man that they couldn't take him to the hospital unless they knew what was wrong. He then told them that he had been eating his dinner and looked up and saw a woman standing at the end of the bed. He thought that he was hallucinating. The paramedics took him to the hospital but the doctors never found anything wrong with him.As a side note that room had a previous murder in it. A woman was beheaded by her husband on their honeymoon. He placed her head on a bible and laid two quarters beside it. Many people have had experiences in that room.



The Eye



By: on behalf of



Hi. My name is matthew and  I have lived in wales all my life, 12 years. I recently moved to a place called bangor. My dad moved in to a house on top of the street, with a ling hill going down. Me and my friends were going down the slopes sitting on skateboards. Then from nowhere a huge circle of light appeared. We started joking saying " The eye is coming" and stuff. But that's when it started. Everytime you stepped/ crossed over this 'eye' you suddenly tripped. Anyway, we carried on skateboarding. We then went over this 'eye' accidentally, and while going down the hill I fell of the skateboard and scratched my knee. So we decided to test this. We got everybody availible at the current time (5 people) to roll over the eye on a skateboard. Everytime, you fell. Then I made the stupid remark of saying 'It pure eviiil!' making everybody laugh, but to my despair. I Then went down the hill and my skateboard swerved, and crashed into 2 other skateboards. We all fell off and one of my friends got a slit knee, one broke his mp3, and I twisted my ankle. This is bizzare, anyone else had something like this happen?







Disappearing Spirit





I remember the year was 1990, me and my family had just come to the States(Texas) from Mexico(Coahuila). I was like 5 years old at the time and I remember when we first came we were living with my Grandmother on the outskirts of Eagle Pass, Texas. The house was located on the end of town, and nothing but woods from our house to the next. I remember one night it was like 3 a.m. my father had been outside drinking with his friends in the backyard. He had woken me up(accidentally when he came in and then he went to sleep.everyone else was asleep and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I got up to use the restroom when I heard someone walking in the hallway. Quietly I walked to the doorway and peeked out. In the darkness I could see a small person(about my grandmothers’ size”) walking slowly to the doorway. Thinking it was my grandmother I called out, “ Donde vas, abuelita?”  (where are you going, grandma?) then the person turned to face me. It looked like a very old woman with a paleness to her face that seemed to glow, a look of sorrow on her face. All of a sudden, she broke down into tears…and disappeared right before my eyes!  Every once and a while, I have recurring dreams of this event, though why I am not sure




St. Marys Home





I moved into my house a few years ago and have noticed "stuff" happening around my house. I "see" spirits/ghosts. There is a family that lives in my house. They are of a more friendlier sort though. I have been having a friend stay with me that is an "open" port for ghosts/spirits. Well to make a long story short, I got a new door with new frame which removed the old ward from the house to keep evil/bad spirits out so one came in and we had to disperse with it. My friend did get a name from it. We haven't been bothered with him anymore. Since then my "family" has been more open to letting us know who they were/are. We found out their names, the children's ages, found out the father smoked a pipe, and drank moonshine. Found out the mother didn't like smoking in the house. We also found out the father had lost a leg due to a dogbite. The family go about their days like nothing is happening. They get up in the morning, Mother cooks breakfast, they clean up, the children play while Father goes and works in the barn and on the land. Mother cooks lunch, they eat go back to what they were doing. Mean while the youngest child starts getting sick. Mother starts crying, O er child wants someone to play with. The Mother then cooks dinner and rings the dinner bell. And so on and so forth...... If you need or want more info you can reach me by my email ...  Thank you for your time and hope this helps in your search of finding ghosts in St. Marys, GA





Riverside Hospital





i just wanted to add to your riverside hospital story, trenton michigan.   i was one of the last workers going to that building.  i worked for wyandotte hospital at the time as a driver.  i had to go there one day to pick up medical supplies that were left behind for us.  it was on the 2nd floor i was already nervse about going to that floor because the 1st room off the elevator is were my father had died in, 1989.  the floor was quiet and noone else was around, most of the light were off so talk about freaky.  as i made my way down the hall i seen my supplies by the nurses station.  i proceded to box up the items and fill my cart to take it down stairs.  next thing i know is i seen a nurses light outside a room turn on.  i just figured it must be screwed up so i kept packing.  next 3 more lights came on and then they all turned on.  need less to say i felt as if i were being watched.  let me tell you i packed my stuff up fast.  i think i even let stuff behind. i ran to the elevator and never went back.  that place is haunted.   if your looking for more things you might want to check out wyandotte hospital the old or. 









In Portland, OR there is a resturant on the east side of the river.  The Rose and Raindrop is located at 532 SE Grand Ave.  I used to deliver baked goods to the restaurant.  For a little background: the building was constructed in 1891.  From what the manager, owner and one of the cooks told me the building was first used as a mortuary and was the tallest building on the east side of the Willamette River.   Over the course of time it was turned into a vaudeville theatre.  The top portion of the building is currently apartments but were once used as a brothel.  For a little history lesson, underground Portland is full of Shanghai tunnels.  These tunnels were used to transport victims to work on ships; these tunnels were also used to transport humans for the sex trade; most victims were drugged and men were usually drugged or knocked out while visiting brothels.  The Willamete River has receded since 1891 and thus the river bank is what seems to be far away now but at that time the building was pretty much a block away from the water.

I had always felt a creepy feeling since the first time I had delivered.  The baked goods were to be put in the cooler / fridge in the basement.  As one walks down the narrow and old stairs, a doorway is noticed in the middle of the stairway on the left side.  Once in the basement it feels even creepier; there are doors towards the back of the basement that are secure and locked.  I was more curious about the stairway door and thus I asked a cook and he told me the story of when the building was used as a mortuary; it turned out the doorway led to the crematory oven.  The doorway was not like a usual one but rather it is wider and shorter, which made it easier to transport a body into the room.  The cook took me down the stairs and opened the door and turned on the light.  The oven still stood and an odd feeling overcame me.  It was really freaky.

Another instance occured when I had to walk upstairs to a mezzanine in order to get to the restaurant office to collect a check.  As I walked towards the office a sudden feeling of cold overcame me; it was september and I think the restaurant had airconditioning this cold feeling was freezing and it when away when I approached the office.  I did not see any airconditioning ducts--the restaurant may or may not have had central air, most old buildings in Portland lack airconditioning because it doesn't get too hot for too long in Oregon.  Back to the cold spot: at another delivery stop I encountered another guy who stops by the Rose and Raindrop for bug spraying (no, the restaurant does not have bugs, it's just something that is scheduled for restaurants) and told me when he walked through the main room, towards the bar to collect cash, he glanced up at the mezzanine and saw a woman in white.  When he got to the bar he asked the bartender who the woman was and the bartender answered that it was just a ghost.  The guy told me another time he was in the bar, talking to the bartender and saw a guy walk into the bar, wearing a pinstripe suit and was very slick-looking, the man smiled at the bug guy and walked through the wall.

One time I was down in the basement putting the bread away and I started humming a song that was in my head.  While I was doing so a female voice joined in but was singing a song I hadn't heard before.  I threw the bread in the fridge and ran up the stairs skipping every other step.  Another time I was walking through the restaurant towards the bar to collect money.  I glanced towards the far corner and saw a man, in a pinstripe suit and a rounded old men's hat--the one's from the late 1800's and early 1900's--smoking a cigar, he smiled at me, I even smelled the smoke--and I love it because I smoke a ton of cigars.  When I got to the bar I asked the bartender and he replied the man was a ghost.  I hadn't heard about the pinstripe suit ghost from the bug guy until about a month after my experience.

My girlfriend has a friend who used to live in the apartments upstairs and when I told her about my experiences she smiled and told me that there was a ghost of a woman in white that walked through the apartment hallway and would sing...

Another time I was talked with the owner and asking her questions about the building and she told me that the building had Shanghai tunnels.  I inquired more and she told me that the basement I delivered to was only the first basement; there was a basement below it where the embalming was conducted and below that were Shanghai tunnels...creepy.

I quit the job due to it interferring with my education--the hours exhausted me--and so I hadn't been back to the Rose and Raindrop for 3 months now.  My apartment building in NW Portland--built 1908--might be haunted; there are servants quarters in the basement and I get the feeling I'm being watched, but that is for another story...




Residential Haunting




In Lake Forest, CA: In the house I grew up in, there were numerous inexplicable things happen every so often. For example, if I was standing at the foot of the stairs looking up, I'd see a man in a black suit and top hat staring back at me from the top of the stairs. At night, I'd hear footsteps in the hallway when no one else in the house was awake. In my room, from the ages of 5-8 I'd see a black dog pacing back and forth when I went to bed. Arriving home after family vacations, we'd smell something putrid (like vomit) coming from the kitchen and would mysteriously go away after 3 months. I'd talk to my family about the things I experienced, and they, too, have added stories of their own. Needless to say, there was indeed something in the house.










Hi, my name is Kayce and I live in Hanover, Ohio, just east of Newark.  I have a couple of stories I would like to share with you.

The first one takes place at an abandoned house on Pine Bluff Rd, I'm not sure if it is considered Fallsburg or Frampton but it's right down the road from Fallsburg pizza.  If you follow Pine Bluff you will come to a fork in the road, if you go left and across the bridge there will be the continuance of Pine Bluff on your right, which is a dead end.  The house is near the begining of the dead end of the road.  It is housed by trees so is hard to see at night but easily found in the daytime.  There were rumors about the house being haunted and that if you went in the house and left, when you cross the bridge you would see headlights behind you until you were off of Pine Bluff.  The first time I went with my friend Meagan and three others.  Meagan and I were the only ones to go in the house.  We were in there for about 3 minutes and our flashlights both went dead so our friends shined a light from the car.  We looked around for a little bit and I peeked into a back room, there were broken down beds in a concrete room.  There was, what appeared to be, blood on the stairwell and when I turned to look back at the door I thought I saw a white figure walk across the side room.  I went to go upstairs and the other light died.  Meagan and I decided it was time to go but before we left we picked up a piece of paper that was laying on the ground.  When we got where w could read it, we found it was a page from a magazine.  The date said March 8, 1942 which freaked me out a bit because my birthday is March 8, 1986 but I chucked it up to a coincidence.  We left and did not see the headlights. 

About a year later, I came back to show my cousins and boyfriend because their friends had told them about the house.  One said they were going upstairs and it felt like something was pushing them back down.  Another said that they went upstairs and there was a bloody mattress and when they came back to the car there were little handprints all over the windows, it was winter, but no footprints in the snow.  We had four flashlights with us and when we got out to go in the house, only 2 worked and they both died not long after we got into the house.  Luckily my boyfriend and I had lighters on us.  My cousin Jaynis said she saw a white figure in the side room, just like I had, and we all heard a weird noise coming from the woods.  I looked out the side door area and saw what looked like an animal eye but it was only one and it didn't blink.  I attempted to go up the stairs again and my lighter wouldn't stay lit so we left.  The same cousins and I just went back there last weekend (been about a year since we were there) to show their friend and someone had burnt down the house.  This revealed a large pillar in the middle of the floor of the house that looked as if it were made of cobblestone that couldn't be seen when the house was standing.

The second also took place last weekend.  My cousins Jeanie and Jaynis and their friends Jennifer and Josh and I were all looking for this abandoned house we found a few weeks back.  We thought it was on the right side of Flint Ridge Rd between Gratiot Rd and Poplar Forks Rd but when we got there it was an abandoned trailer, barn/shed, and what looked like an old g enhouse.  There were two cars parked in the weeds by the trailer.  We had a powerfull spotlight so we shined it and looked around.  Then it looked like a light came on inside of the greenhouse but it was really dim, like a candlelight, but it was only there for maybe a minute and went away.  We turned off the light and heard something that sounded like a scream or possibly moans, we weren't sure.  We started to leave and Jaynis thought she saw the house past the trailer so we came back.  She shined the light and there was a house covered in vines but it wasn't the same one we saw.  I turned my head away from the house and Josh and Jeanie said they saw what looked like a shadow of a person walk out of the house, we were kind of scared so we left.  We ended up getting a little lost but ended up on State Route 40 so I knew where I was.  I took Mulberry Rd SE to go back to Flint Ridge and at that intersection we were trying to decide where we wanted to go.  I looked toward Jaynis in the passenger seat and a white object appeared in the woods behind her and looked like it was getting closer, she turned and saw it too so I shot across to the other end of Mulberry.  We were going down the road and every so often it felt like someone was tapping on our shoulders.  Then we came to a large white sign on the left side of the road, it said "Road Closed" but we had just came from the direction it was pertaining to and there was a large white object just off the road in the woods, it appeared to be stationary but I didn't sit there long enough to find out.

We were all pretty freaked out that night.  Now that I've come across your website I will probably have stories for you often.  I like to explore abandoned things and get scared because it takes a lot to scare me.  Hope you enjoyed my stories.

Until next time,




My Uncle Died




Hi i'm Aleesha  i'm from PA and i'm here to tell you my story My uncle has been in and out of hospitals but before he was in  the first hospitor he was in a retired Community home anyway yesterday was Friday the 4, of 2006 I found out that he died when I came home from picking up my little sister that night i had trouble sleeping then i woke up and someone standing with me in my roomit was my uncle he died from a stroke i didn't get to see him before he died anyway when I saw his appairation in my room i started bursting into tears he spoke to me and  i spoke to him he said '''Take care of Grandma,and take care of yourself i'll be watching out for you i wi always guide you.Because my uncle hasn't really been in my life i'm only 14 years old he's the person that I looked up too and i will never forget what he said to  me the day that he died.





My Experience Like No Other






Well this happened to me when I was about 17.  My parents had just bought a new house, and my boyfriend (now my hubby) moved into it.  it was a standard 4 bedroom house, i say was because by the time it was finished being renovated, it was a far from standard 5 bedroom house with 4 bathrooms.  

Well, there was only one decent livable bedroom in the original house, the others were just completely spooky.  In two of them you just simply could not sleep, no matter what you did.  The presence there was very disturbing.  In the other bedroom, it was just creepy, always icy no matter what time of the year it was, and it radiated pure evil, we kept that door closed at all times.

But this story is about rings of blue fire.........Yeah, I know it sounds nutty, but it wasnt even one of those instances where you blink and it was gone, I sat and watched these rings "float" all the way down the passage, beginning at the bedroom end, and slowly floated all the way to the lounge door, the passage was about 6 or 7 meters long, and these rings of fire took about 2 min to float the complete way.  Dissappearing as soon as they got to the lounge door.  They were interlinking circles, kinda like the olympic games symbol, except there were only 2 rings, and they were a blue fire, like gas fire.  I only ever saw it once.  Heaps of other things happened there, but nothing like this.  I would be very interested to find out if anybody else has ever had a similar experience.  




My Experience in what I believe was a Haunted House




Hello.  I am a 30 year old mother of 4 children.  I also have a college education and consider my self a reasonably intelligent person.  Due to my upbringing however I was raised on the belief that there are no such things as "ghosts".   This belief was challenged, however, about 10 years ago. 

Around the time I was 20 or so, myself, my husband and our two young daughters rented a house that I believe already had residents when we moved in.  We thought we had found our dream home, because it had just been re-modeled with new carpet and cabinets and the rent was very cheap.  I'm not sure exactly how old the house was, but I'm pretty sure it was at least 100 years old.  All of the walls were made of the old heart pine.  It was one of those old floorplans where all the rooms met back in the hall in a circular design.  You could access any room in the house (except for the dining room) from this hallway.  There was a hole in the middle of the hallway covered with an old decorative tin plate where the pipe to the old heater used to be.  There were no plugs in the bathroom and we had gas heaters and a window a/c for cooling.  Though we never saw anything, we continuously heard noises and had some strange (and sometimes very disturbing) occurences.  There was also always an uncomfortable "feeling" in certain rooms in the house.  These feelings were always accompianied with cold spots when there was no reasonable explaination for them.  We only lived in the house for about a year, but in this time we had quite a few un-explained occurences.

My husband's job hours were from 3 - 11 p.m. and he worked about an hour from home, so I was home most nights alone with my two children until around midnight.  Right after we moved into the house I began hearing things after me and the girls would go to bed.  The main noises came from the kitchen.  You could hear the dishes moving around.  Pots and pans banging together, the silverware drawer sounded as if it was being opened and then slammed shut repeatedly. At first I thought one of the children had gotten out of bed and was plundering around the house, but when I got up to investigate I found them both in bed sound asleep.  They slept together in a room diagonal from my room.  There's connected with the kitchen which is why I had thought it was one of them. My husband said we probably had mice, but there were never any signs or indications to support this theory.  (Anyone who's ever had mice knows they always leave evidence in every drawer and cabinet in the house.)  Needless to say, after about 3 or 4 nights of these noises, I started waiting up for my husband every night before going to bed.  He started teasing me about being paranoid until his first night off and we went to bed around 9:30 or 10:00.  We were lying in bed and everything was quiet when the noises started up.  He rolled over and looked at me with wide eyes and said "did you hear that?"  He got out of bed to check on the kids and of course they were sound asleep so he went into the kitchen and checked all the drawers for mouse peels.  Of course he found nothing just as I had told him he would not.  He never teased me about being "paranoid" again after that. 

The house had three bedrooms.  My husband and I slept in one, the girls slept in another, and we used the last one as a guest room and I kept some of the kids toys in it also, so it was kind of like a toy room.  The original plan when we moved in was to give the girls there own room, but neither one of them would sleep in the third room at night without waking up and crying, so we just put both of their beds in the second room and their toys in the other.  This was something we found strange, but I didn't question it because the room always seemed kind of creepy to me also, even though it was almost identical to the other room.  This room was always unusually cold even when the rest of the house was hot. 

My husbands father lived in Minnesota and would occasionally come to visit us.  When he did he would stay with us instead of in a hotel.  We put him up in the back bedroom.  Of course after about 2 or 3 nights he started sleeping on the couch.  When we questioned him about it, he told us he couldn't sleep all night in that room.  He said he would wake up constantly and feel as if someone else was there with him even though he knew he was alone.  He too described the room as always being cold. 

Other people who stayed with us and used this room always said the same thing.  My husbands cousin stayed with us for a couple of weeks and he wouldn't use the room either.  We had not mentioned anything about the room to him, he just said he didn't feel right in there.  He never felt as if he were alone.

Other stange things happened after a few months.  We would leave the house and lock both the doors, (no one else had a key) but when we would return home at night every light in the house would be on.  At first we thought maybe we had left them on and didn't notice it when we left because it was still daylight, but after the first occurrence we would always make sure all the lights were out before we left, only to find them on when we returned home.  This happened on about 5 or 6 different occasions.  The noises, the lights being turned on, and the strange feelings only made us relatively uncomfortable because we never saw anything, but there were a few times (mainly when I was home alone at night) that I was terrified of our visitor/visitors.  

The first time I can remember being scared to the point I wanted to leave the house and not come back was around 8:00 at night one night when my parents were babysitting so I could have a little quite time since I was a full time mother.  My husband was going to get us something for supper at the store down the street and I was going to relax in the bath and read a book while he was gone.  I started running the water, got in with my book and my husband came into the bathroom to kiss me good bye.  I layed back in the tub and started reading as soon as he left the room.  When he shut the back door, every light in the house went out at once.  It was a cloudy night, so there was absolutely no moonlight or anything.  It was pitch black (I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face).  I sat in the tub terrified to move.  Not because I was afraid of the dark, but because I felt a presence in the room with me, but I couldn't see anything at all.  I huddled in the corner of the tub and counted the seconds until my husband returned.  (I knew it shouldn't be long before he got back because the store was only a couple of blocks away.)  When my husband returned, and he shut the back door behind him, all of the lights came back on.  I jumped out of the tub and almost knocked him down coming into the hallway.  He said he had noticed all the lights were out when he drove back up in the yard and wondered if the power had gone out.  He thought that was strange however because all of our neighbors still had power.  This happened a maybe 5 or 6 other times, and it was always when someone was left there alone and someone else would go out the back door.  My husband thought maybe it was due to the old wiring in the house, but the lights wouldn't come back on if the person left alone in the house would go and slam the back door.  The lights would only come back on when the person who left the other person alone would come back home and they would shut the back door.  The third time it happened, my husband had once again left me alone to go the store down the street, but this time I was in the living room watching tv.  When he left and shut the back door every light in the house went out except for the lamp beside the couch in the living foom.  From that night forward, we would always leave this lamp on just in case.  Every time it happened after that the outlet where the lamp was plugged in was the only power source in the entire house that would work.  You could also feel the presence near you every time this happened.  There were other stange things that happened in the house and other areas that would always be cold even in the middle of the summer when it was 80 or 90 degrees outside and we didn't have the a/c on.  The main area this would happen in besides the back bedroom was in the dining room just outside the kitchen entrance.

The home also had a detached garage.  It was a small building that you could barly navigate in when there was a vehicle parked inside of it.  It had a narrow tool/storage area in the very back of it.  It still had tools in it from some of the previous residents.  These were like turn of the century farm tools.  We never handled any of them, we just saw them on the day we moved in.  We noticed the door at the back of the garage and wondered what it was.  My husband cracked the door open and stuck his head in to look around.  I wouldn't get even remotely close to the door because it just felt like an evil presence was in there.  Even though my husband would never admit it outloud, I know he felt the same presence because he never opened the door again after that either, and he is just like any other typical man who loves tools of any kind.  He just said they were none of his business and he left them alone.  We only parked inside this garage on one occasion.  I believe the one and only time we did use it was once when we went on vacation and did not want to leave the car visible from the road.  When we returned home, I made my husband back the car out becaue I didn't even want to get near the door in the back.

Well that is my one and only ghost experience, and I know it is not that exciting, but I wanted to share it with you none the less. Thank you for your time.




My Cousins Family


By: Anonymous

My cousin's husbands grandma died in 2004 or 2005 a while after she died two of his aunts seen her in their homes on the same day at the same time.   My cousin bought a house with him after they got married a few years ago. Now his gandma is there with them. The flower they got from her funeral was placed in the kitchen in a corner thats the only place it would grow her favorite place was the kitchen. Her flower was in the way all the time so my cousin moved her and told her i am moving you grandma  your in the way so she put her in the livingroom . one day when they were watering her they took her in the kitchen  and sat her in the middle of the stove well she did not pay attention to it and put a pot of  water on to boil and went into the other room, when she came back the whole stove was shaking and jumping violenly not what will happen when a pot of water goes on to boil but like an earthquake. she moved the plant and said grandma its ok i am moving you and the shaking stoped. Many other things have hapened their. When i am there by my self and all the dogs are outside  ill hear foot steps in their bedroom one day i was sitting in the computer room right next to their bedroom i was alone and someone whispered in my ear alot of things happen in the house.         Estashia




Metropolitan State Hospital




hey. i saw that you had metropolitan state hospital, in waltham, listed on your website. i grew up in arlington, and in high school there was a group of us that started going up there to explore on friday nights. we got braver every time we went up there, exploring deeper into the grounds, and eventually going into the buildings. i have so many crazy stories about things i saw and felt up there. you can feel the most overwhelming presence in the buildings. once, we had bought new flash light batteries, and one by one, as we each entered this one room, all the flash lights burnt out (the batteries were bought that day, on the way there). we went into the tunnels a few times. you could clearly hear the sound of something dragging across the floor behind us, it sounded like someone dragging a sleeping bag. it followed us, almost as if chasing us, as we ran to get out. that was truly the most terrifying thing i've ever witnessed. another time we entered a room that was pitch dark and we could feel that we were walking in something. you could smell burnt wood and it felt hot. in the dark, you could see red embers scattered around. when we turned the flashlights to the floor, the floor was covered in atleast 2 inches of fresh ash, with embers still red hot. it was as if someone had been burning something in the room, yet there was no sign of anyone, no sign of what had been burning. every time we were up there, i could strongly sense being watched and being chased. finally, the last time i went up there one of the guys i was with started smashing things, being really disrespectful, breaking windows and furniture and stuff. i could feel anger welling up around us, and the sense that whatever was chasing us was angry and wanted to hurt us. i ran out of there with the sense that that was my last chance and that if we went back we would be hurt, so that was the last time. but i can never forget or explain w t i felt and saw up there all those times.




The Shadow




It's my first time to this site cos I was curious to know

If anybody other then myself had experienced what I had

and was amazed to see there were lots of people that had these

strange things happen to them. I was 5 years old, my sister a year older

and my older brother aged 9 as a family my mum and dad had taken us

on a holiday out of my home town. We'd booked into a hotel for that night,

for most of that day us kids were playing with the other kids that were on holiday.

It had gotten dark out and we were sent to bed(after prayers of course).

My dad was on my older sisters bed telling us both a bed time story,

for some reason I was fixated to the area near the closet there was nothing there to see in the physical but

I couldn't take my eyes off that area, something was there watching me.

After awhile I had drifted off to sleep, I woke up so bloody scared

there's no way to explain it but I felt a presence in the room.

There was only the option of looking to see who was there. Near the closet was a very tall dark shadow

of a man with no face just black, knowing it wasn't my dad(my dads to short)

I got terrified, it gave my an uneasy feeling like that only bad could come from this shadow,

It was clear to see the figure was walking toward me while I was laying in bed, shaking with nothing to do but

pull the blanket over my head and pray that this thing would go and leave me alone. After about five minutes or longer

I felt the dark figure lay next to me on the bed, trying not to breath and just about in tears absolutely scared s#*tless

seemed like forever that this thing was laying next to me.   In fear I kicked the black figure off the bed

there was aloud thump to see if this dark figure was gone I looked

to where I heard the thump no one was there and my sister was fast asleep. no sleep for the rest of that night.





Haunting that happened to Me a Long Time Ago




My haunting happened to me a long time ago when I was living at home with my Mom and Dad.  I would say it started when I was young, but I had a naive mind and didn't realize it until the happenings started getting more real each time.  

The first happening I remember is I was outside playing on a Spring day.  My Dad was working on something in the garage.  I clearly heard my name being called from the garage and thought it was my Dad, so I ran in there to see what he wanted.  He was not there.  He had gone inside the house.  I looked around the garage and no one was around.  My Dad is the only one who was home at the time and could have been calling my name.  I just marked it up as I was just hearing things.

Another happening was when I had my cousin over spending the night with me and we were sleeping in my brother's room because he had a double bed and I only had a single bed.  We were laying in bed talking and playing and he said look and I looked at the window where she was pointing and there was a hand in the window.  Just a hand, we did not see an arm or person. It was clear as day even though it was dark.  We were scared as could be.  We ended up in the den sleeping on the floor.

As I got older, my brother moved out and I moved into his room.  This is when a lot of my happenings began.  I had a water bed and on several occasions my bed would wave as if someone sat down, but no one was there.  At one time, I got scared and I ended up on the floor in my room and I was drifting off and I felt a hand on my shoulder.  A lot of this I just thought I was imagining.  Then one night all I remember is being in a sleep state and my mind started saying, "Help Me God!", "Help Me God!" and I woke up and I could not breathe or move.  I tried screaming out to my Mom and Dad, but couldn't.  My mind just kept screaming to God.  It only lasted a few seconds, but seemed like a long time.  I felt as if this spirit was trying to enter my body.  At that time, I normally slept on my side, but from that day on, I could only get comfortable on my back.  It scared me to sleep on my back, I felt this was my most vulnerable position for the spirit to try to enter my body again.  But I always ended up on my back.  I slept in my parents room on the floor for at least a week after this happened.  I was in High School, so it was embarrassing, but I was horrified.  I finally went back to my room to sleep, but I slept with my lamp on for SEVERAL months.  I did have one other occurrence where I felt like this spirit was trying to enter my body.  I really never told anybody what scared me so bad, I just told them I was scared. 

I went off to college and when summer came, I moved back home and I was up one night in the den late becaus I couldn't sleep and my Mom came in the den and said something like, "Oh, it's you, I thought I was hearing my ghost again!"  I asked her, "What?"  And she began to explain how a couple of times she had been reading and turned out the light to go to bed and my Dad was not home, he was working and as she drifted off to sleep she would hear the blinds in her room rattle as if someone was running their hand up and down the blinds.  Like me, the first time she thought she was imagining things, but when it happened again, she felt it was for real.

That was in the early hours one morning, so later that day we called my brother to see what he thought about this.  He, too, had encountered this spirit.  He said he had even seen the silhouette of a woman with long hair and a flowing gown at the end of his bed.  He and his friend also saw her out in our saddle house sitting on one of the saddles. 

My mom spoke to some of her friends about this and one of them told her to invite the spirit to church with us telling it that this place would make it happy and we literally had to open the doors for it and all.  So, my Mom dis this one Sunday. 

I have told it out loud on many occasions to leave me alone and go away that it was not welcome in my house. 

I don't know if it worked or if it just quit bothering us, but it seems the happenings have gone away.

Several years later, I moved back in with my parents and I had my son with me who was 2.  I feel that he may have seen this spirit because he would speak of the monster and point into thin air sometimes and act really frightened.  At 2, it was really hard to know if he really knew what he was seeing or if it was his imagination?  But, again, I told it out loud to leave us all alone and it was not welcome.

So that is my story and I very much believe in spirits.



Interesting and True




I used to live in a house that i was SURE that was haunted. i have little rothers and sisters so we had artwork hanging up around the house. if things were dangling on srtings orr something sometimes they would randomly start to swing VIOLENTY.

also, one day when i was coming home from school i had picked up my little sister emma and we came home. i ssaw a man downstairs thinking it was my brother tommy. i said hey tom and went about my business. about 15-30 minutes later my cvomputer monitor was messing up so i was calliong him to come help me. he didnt respond. I went downstairs to find that was wasnt even home?. i had slept downstairs with friends and we have seen this strange man also. sometimes the TV woudl just turn on. or switch channels. other times things would move by themselves and once a ball bounced into the other room that i was in when i was home alone. i left after that ha. almost every night at about the same time the cabentins in the kitchen would slam and when someone yelled or went downstairs they stopped. and lastly, one time i was going to the bathroom and someone started jigiling and pulling on the door like they were trying to get in. i had locked it and i thought it was one of my brothers and sisters. when i came out i asked which one of them did it and my mom inormed me that they were down stairs with her the entire time. i promise you im not lying and i am SO glad to be out fo that house!

thanks for your time;




Interesting Ghost Story




Hi My name is Vicky and I’ve got a pretty interesting ghost story.

This happened about 2 ½ to 3 years ago in Midland Michigan. The place where I live used to be old logging area back way far back, and the hose is quiet old. (we are soon to get a new house put on there.) But the whole 10 plus some acres has ghosts on it. This story is about 2 of the ghosts one is a ghost of a small boy I would say about 6 years old but small in size. He likes to come into the house and open and close the DVD player and the computer CD ROM. He is a friendly ghosts but the other which I have dubbed Mr. Kane (don’t know why).  He is a violent sort I have woken up in the morning to have scratches on my arms and I’ve left a bell in my back yard and its rung with no one around.  I’m a bit of a ghost hunter my self so I have taken a lot of pictures in and around the house and property and I get a lost of ghosts orbs and mists. It’s a very interesting place spooky but interesting.  Thank you for taking your time to read thins.  Many goddesses blessing.



Haunting in Australia



My name is Sam . I am from a small town outside of brisbane Queensland australia. I live an old colonial home. in the past few months quite a few stange things have happened to yself and a couple of friends who have stayed here. One night i was woken by the feeling of something pushing on my chest and i couldn't make any noise, feeling quite frightened i closed my eyes, next thing i knew i felt like i was on the floor and someone was holding my chest and dragging me up and down the room on the floor. it then stopped and i opend my eyes, nothing was there. I left the room and slept in the lounge. a similar thing happened to my friend in the same room after sleeping in the same bed. i had never told about my story and we both freaked out when he told me. i have also been woken a number of time by  something pinning me down and if i close my eyes it eventually stops. a few weeks ago my sister was sleeping in this room on the same bed and her friend woke up to see the figure of an old man bent over my sister. she said it was slightly transperent, she closed her eyes and opened them again and he was still there. she was to frightened to do anything and shut her eyes again than open them and he was gone. this was her first time in the house and she had never heard any of the stuff that had happened to me. Just thought i would share this.









My grandmother, Nana, had just passed away the week before. It was about nine thirty, and I was sleeping. The lights weren't on in my bedroom, it was completely dark except for a little light coming from the hall. I heard something either move or fall off my desk. I wasn't in a deep sleep, so I opened my eyes. I began to smell smoke, not an ordinary type of smoke. I kept thinking to myself no one smokes in the house, all of a sudden I realized that the smell was of the cigars that my grandfather, Bob, used to smoke. I turned over on my side to look over at the desk area. I saw a puff of stormy grey smoke (in the darkness) and on the side to that a figure standing (floating) there. I looked at the figure and I asked my mom (who was not in the room), "do you smell smoke?" She said,"no, it's probably Bob." I turned back to the figure and took a good look, it was! He was wearing one of his two shirts, his white, brown, and blue pinstrip shirt. I looked up towards his head and I saw his big Irish head. Since this was the first ghost I had ever seen, I quickly went to my computer and shut it off, just in case I was hallucinating, but when I unplugged it and stood back to see if it had disappeared it was just standing there looking at me. Then I layed back in my bed, he was still there. I turned over on my side, so I had my back to him, and then a tingle ran threw me, I quickly turned around to see if he was still there, and he wasn't.

That day when I got home from school, I went downstairs to watch TV, Iooked on the coffee table and realized that my drawing pad was there. I thought to myself I had rought it up the night before, I'm more than positive. But then I sadi, whatever it was late maybe I didn't. I went to go sit in our red recliner, and my entire right arm stated to tingle. I didn't know what to do I just sat back down like nothing happened, but I'm not stupid, I knew it was Bob. 

I know my grandfather was there to tell me that it's okay to be sad when someone dies, it's okay to cry. He was there to help me through the grieving process. But the fact that the next morning when my mother told me that my uncle had smelt his smoke in his house two or three times and that my aunt had smelt the same smoke in her house once before. But I was glad that I was the only one who actually saw him. 






Alliance Orphanage





It is true that the original orphanage burned to the ground. There are still off buildings on site that were once the recovery / hospital areas. The adoptable children were housed in the front "Fairmont Children's Home" that was destroyed due to an unexplainable fire. The back buildings still exist. I have positive photographic and audio evidence of paranormal activity in the remaining buildings. Contact me and I will send proof positive photos of activity along with accounts that accompany the pictures.

I am a security guard that has pictures that are not explained by normal trespassers activity. I have a collection of photos of paranormal activity in the infirmary and hospital building of the Fairmont Children's Home. These areas still exist and the energy of one entity is not pleasant. I'm still looking for the pocketknife that appears in several photographs that I have taken. Trespassers are not welcome and I would discourage any lone ghost hunters. I have recorded voices that are not human in three places, 2 of them are not threatening, one of them wishes to hurt trespassers. Ask me for the recordings and situation. There is something here that will do you harm!




Visit from My Grandfather




on 22nd feb this year, my grandfather passed away after a short fight with cancer.

An hour before he died he asked the nurses to call the family and my nan and dad arrived within half an hour. I had further to travel and arrived at the hospital minutes after he died, which upset me greatly. On entering the side ward, I felt an over whelming sense that he was still with us. I went up to his bed and held his hand telling him how much I loved him and apologised for not being the at the very end. I felt a faint squeeze of my hand as if he was reassuring me it was okay, surprised I looked at his face and observed one last rise and fall of his carotid pulse. It was as if he had finally left us, though the nurse said he had died minutes before I came.

On monday 27th feb, my 23month old son, stood in the lounge talking to someone, he was alone, but I heard him repeat several times "grandad, grandad" then he said "bye bye grandad" and ran through to me in the next room pointing to the lounge and saying "grandad gone now". This sent shivers through me. I would really love to believe my grandad did come back once more to say goodbye.






Strange Occurances





When we first moved into our house we noticed some strange occurrences. My daughter saw a "shape" walking downstairs (It was white with black eyes) and my son saw a shape at night (It was dark and transparent). His shape haunted him for two weeks. We chalked this off as a child and his imagination. After about two weeks we were a little more concerned. He informed us that this shape was choking him while he was trying to sleep. We got a crucifix and My son has not seen the shape since. Ithought I had seen a shape next to the piano, but discarded this as a figment of my imagination.

We had forgotten about all of this until last night. I was sleeping and woke when I felt something come into the room. At first I thought it was my husband, but he was already sleeping next to me. I thought it must be one of the children, but all I saw was a very dark, transparent shape. This shape was taller than the dresser and wider than a person. Looking at the shape was like looking through vapors coming off of the asphalt on a very hot day. I thought I must be dreaming... (this all went through my head within seconds) but I saw my dog staring at the same shape. She was also doing a throat growl at the shape.

I don't know why I did not feel scared, but I went straight back to sleep. I was very tired.

I had forgotten about the instance until later that morning when I saw my friend. She moved out of the home where she and her mom lived because her mom died in the home, and she swears her mom still lives there. Needless to say, the memory came rushing back.

I called my husband to let him know what had happened. He said I was probably dreaming, but he agrees the throat growl from our dog was strange.

He went to the Christian book store and got a few items. He played Christian music very loudly on the stereo downstairs. Our dog rushed up the stairs and barked very loudly. He whistled for her to come downstairs, which she did. Our dog ran back up the stairs and began barking again. Our dog is not a barker. She is a lab who only barks when she is outside and kids are playing on the street (and only when she is already outside) or when one of our neighbors comes outside (and she is already outside). She does not even bark when the pizza guy comes to our door. The only time she barks or growls when she is in the house is when she sees the light from a flashlight.

I don't know what happened, but it is a strange occurrence.

 Oh, four couples lived in the house prior to us renting in it. All four of these couples came and went within a 6 month period. Nobody on our block knows why they moved, but they said we have stayed here longer than anybody.




A Story of a Sighting





Hello. I have had one experience I would like to share.

When I went to my mothers house, I left my 11 year old daughter alone in our house. She had complained about seeing a ghost at the foot of her bed before, but I didn't listen to her. I stayed at my mother's house for about two hours, and when I got home, I discoverers my daughter on the porch, shivering uncontrollably. When I asked her what was wrong, she just looked at me like she had seen the most terrifying thing on Earth. Two years later, she finally told the terrifying story.

She was watching TV, when the set suddenly turned of, and in the black screen, she saw a reflection of an elderly man, without a head. Then the lights turned on and off, doing so for about five minutes. Then she heard a great, loud, evil laughter coming from her room. At that time she ran out, and stayed on the porch for one hour and 45 minutes. After she told her horrifying tale, I just sat there, terrifyed.




Haunting in Ohio




ohio there is a house at the bottom of a dead in,a small house by a thick woods.the house is indeed haunted by several evil spirts.sometimes u would see pig faced little black hooded things in the back yard 4 or more at a time.u would hear evil laughing while u were asleep that would send ur blood cold as ice.bats that fly at ur head from the ceiling and than vanish.a large man with overhals on and no face would confront u then vanish,voices calling ur name in a family members voice and they have said nothing.they would move things in the home.they would make the family fight because they fead off it it made them stronger.looking at the house will send the hair on ur body stand up and make u sick to ur fact,there were preachers sent to bless the home and none of them would come in the front door.they said what ever was in that house was too powerful for do i know this...i used to live in the house long ago and i still have nightmares of that house.




A Ghost in Basement (Celler)




Hello, My Names Becky, From Germany at the moment, Also am deaf.

Well, i know its sound werid or something, but its true i see a thing. While I moved in germany with my family (my dads in the army). A house which is a bit old for sure, and quiet big house too. So I went to my "New" bedroom with my sister, She telling a ghost story( Fake story) which i hate it most. But She says that she saw a ghost or smomething in down the basement, but i dont believe it, she tell me go to ask dad if its true. So i went and ask dad, He says Yes its true, make me a bit scare. So i told him liar! He show me around the basement in each room, but heating room he went in and shocking, it frightin me. So my dad just messin around, I thought it was real. lol. Next few days later, at late night, all my parent went to sleep but me awake. So i went to basement and gets some night PJ for me, But there is freezing. So i went and check heating room, But while i opening the door, and i saw a face in the right corner whic i could see in dark. But it freaked me out. There i could see is old fashion white dress, land a bit ripes part in her dress, shes seem frighting, and sad. Her hair is brown and a long waves hair. Just stand in the corner. it frighting me so much. So i ran and ran to my bedroom. And tired to forget what i saw. Or even my imagination? But couples months later, i sat and doing on computer, I hear "bang" behind me. ( i know im deaf but it loud to me) So turn around and see in toilet room, there a hairdryer on the floor and it switch "ON". I thought myself "its impossible because there have a hook on the wall which wont fall on the floor?!!" So i went and pick it up and turn it off. I once told my dad about hairdryer. He says it only fall..but its impossible. So he dont believe me, But i didnt tell him about ghost what i saw. Im afraid that they wont believe me.

Also, Back in past, about 1999. I went to Boarding school for deaf people. A called "Ovingdean Hall School" in brighton South United Kingdom. Ovingdean hall school was too old cause there found the school was 1850. One day i wakeup by midnight and wanted to toilet, but there about 20 steps from my room, and pretty dark, Im afraif ran and switch the lights on in hallway, but i couldnt see. So there i could see a little white cloud about 40 steps from me. But thing is i can see is face, which look like a maid to me or something, So i ran into the toilet room..and sit there for awhile. But i wanted to sleep. So i look around the hallway, there is no-one, I ran in my room. I just thought if its my imagination or it real..But i guess i seeing thing which i never see before!

Thanks for reading.





Island Hauntings





 My name is Katie , I live in Galveston where technically the whole island is haunted. Anyway My dad and I love to go to the Victorian homes and check out the awesome surroundings. In one home in particular The Ashton Villa, we heard a million stories about how the daughter Betty Brown haunts the place, such as she plays the piano, appears in a blue dress and likes to drop coins around the house. The day we went was no particular day, just a sunny afternoon, we were going on the ghost tours for their October special. No one else was on the tour with. We had gone an October before and our tour guide told us a story about how we was about to lead a tour and coins fell out of mid-air and onto a waiting bench in the hallway. The tour guide also showed us a picture a couple from Austin took on their visit here, it showed a transparent woman with blond hair in the window wearing a blue dress. I was in shock, that was also the place I was standing on the tour. Anyway when we went this time we had a tour guide that never really told us about the ghost stories and more about the house. When we went to the top bedroom, which was the Brown's bedroom, she told us that she only knew one story and that it was about the coins being scattered around the house. She was talking about the furniture and told me to step back for a moment and underneath me was a COIN! It was all broken down and was very green and dirty and had so many dents that you could hardly see the face of the man on there. One of the weird things about it was that the cleaning service came in and vacuumed the whole place before we came, so it couldn't possibly be dropped by anybody but Betty. The woman let me keep and I still have it to this day. For some reason i think Betty sees something special in me and My father and I have now started a tradition, whenever its the Anniversary of Betty's death we always leave a Cigar and a Rose for her to enjoy by her grave. (Betty was an avid smoker).

I believe this story isn't scary, its just really, really cool.



Spirit Stories




My name is Kari  I have a story to tell you. First, I have to tell you my dad died in 1986.  When my daughter was 3 months old, she was saying "granddaddad." My mom always kept our family photo, which had me, age 8 and my parents. When my daughter was 2, my mom asked her where was grandpa, and she pointed to an empty doorway and said "granddaddad."




3 Experiences




I have been reading your website for a while and feel its time to tell my story its not scary like other but true none the less.

The 3 experience I have no connection with each other ( as far as I can tell)

When I was about 8 my granddad died of course this was a terrible time for the family especially my Mum ( a right Daddies girl).

About a week after he died I remember waking up suddenly out of a deep sleep. ( I could sleep for England so it takes a lot for me to wake)

I woke up seeing this glowing from my room ( my head was under the cover), the glowing was too dull to be my bedroom light and thinking my mum had come in during the night to check on me and left the door open I pull my head above the covers and saw my Granddad standing there next to my bed looking at me with a faint glow around him. Even though it was my granddad and I know he would have never had hurt me I was scared and dived back under the covers, from the gaps in the cover I could still the glowing but after a couple of minutes ( which felt like a couple of days) the glowing disappeared and was replaced with darkness. Somehow I managed to get back to sleep. Now I didn't tell anyone because  being that he had just died I thought I would upset my mum and I also felt guilty for being scared of my granddad. A couple of weeks past and I can kind of forgotten.. until I was at my mums friends with my mum, I was more interested in annoying my younger brother and listening to them but one conversation caught my ears she was telling her friend that a couple of weeks ago she swears she saw her dad in her room one night. I then proceeded to tell my mum and her bewildered friend that my she did she him because I saw him too. Together we managed to narrow the experience to the same night. Its nice to know that he came back to say goodbye.

The second experience I had is really hard to explain and I hope you follow me. I was about 17 and was lying on my bed at home ( this will sound strange) and I thought I was dreaming, I was dreaming I was at home in my bed ( which I was, its hard to explain). Again I had my head under the covers ( I often sleep this way) and I heard two children come into my room and start running around my bed I could hear them giggle and could feel the movement the the covers as the ran past. I felt them start to climb on the bed I could feel the covers tighten with their weight, as I said I thought I was dreaming all of this and tried to wake my self up after what seemed like forever the mental struggle I was having lifted and I could no longer hear or feel them, now thinking I had just woken up I relaxed and all of a sudden it started happening again but this time I could feel the weight of these children climbing on me and their giggles getting louder. I knew I was awake this time but now I could not move I was paralysed. The children continued playing on me for what felt like hours ( never hurting me) and then it lifted all was silent and calm again. I don't really know what to think of this. Is it just my imagination? Just to let you know my brother was 15 at the time and not in the house and I do have a little sister but when this happen she could not even crawl.

The third experience I had was nothing huge just weird. I am now 23 and this happened last year. I no longer live at home, I was in my bedroom and I was falling asleep my boyfriend was fast asleep next to me ( he is the sort of person that as soon as his head hits the pillow he's out) I was just drifting and was more asleep than awake when all of a sudden I heard my name being shouted but not as if it was me housemate from another room but right up close against my head ( without sounding like I need to be admitted ) in my head. it was so loud and clear it startled me awake and it took me about an hour to go back to sleep. I had to sit up with the light on and have a cigarette just to calm my nerves. Obviously my boyfriend who was still fast asleep next to me would be the prime candidate but the voice didn't sound like his and he was still fast asleep and he's not a very good actor.( they type of person that constantly grins when they are trying to convince someone of something that's not true).

Well those are my stories sorry if there boring. if you have any theories as to what the 2nd and 3rd experience might be/mean then feel free to email me back I would love to read your opinion.




My Ultimate Ghost Story





I hope this is where you tell you my story. And get it on your site if not sorry. I am new to your site. Anyways here goes.

I was living in Cicero IL, at the time it was me my sister and my step sister. We all shared a room. And my parents were in the room next to us. It all start about a month into us living there. My sister started waking up o feeling like someone was watching us. And one night I woke and sat up in the bed and looked around and when I look at our closet which was right at the foot of the bed I saw knifes thrown at me. When I ducked they disappeared into my parents room. The next morning I told my sister what I saw. We couldn't believe what was going on. We told our parents and they told us that we must have been dreaming.

The next thing we started to see was when we were taking our showers. When I was in there I was washing my hair and when I opened my eyes I was a red face looking at me. I ran out of the shower and to my Dad. He thought we were playing a game on him. About a week ter that had happen my sister was walking behind me in the hallway we were going to school in the morning. All of a sudden she screamed and push me down. She said that she saw a hand coming out of the kitchen and going for me. Our parents were getting so mad at us thinking we were playing with them.

That was until one night. My step mom at the time had a small dog that would sleep in the room with them and when he had to go out he would scratch the door. One night my Dad hear his scratching the door and he said when he leaned over to open the door, he said he saw a little red and black figure looking at him. He said it was saying something he couldn't understand. And then it walked into the wall into our room.

The next morning our Dad told us what he saw and told us he was sorry we moved the next week. We found out later that the lady living behind us was a devil worshiper. That's might be the reason why we saw all kind of freaky stuff.



Haunting In Woodstock




My son has lived  in woodstock ct since oct 1st of 2005.He and his friends have had several experiences in the small apartment in the back of the very old building where he has rented with his girlfriend,the last of which caused him to move out immediately.While he was laying down in bed this past Wednesday night,fully awake,it felt as though someone was pushing down hard on his chest and holding down his neck.He could not move or speak,but tried to talk to his girlfriend,who was laying next to him.All she could hear was some mumbling which she could not understand,and she said he was freaking out.The room was ice cold,and it had been very warm just moments before,as the heat was on.This episode started and stopped abruptly,as had the other two previous occurances.Later that day when we went to move some of his things out and only his friend was in the bedroom sitting  on the bed,he suddenly felt something grab his leg from underneath the bed.I was bringing one cat outside and my son had the other cat in the living room.After we brought the items to my house and put them in his bedroom,he and his friends decided to go to another friends house.On the way home he suddenly felt something grab his leg and saw the electrical looking outline of a male figure in the vehicle.There was a church straight ahead of them so he told his friend to go to the church.As soon as the headlights shone on the statue of Jesus this incident stopped.They went inside the church and stayed for a while.When he got home there were red marks on his leg where he said he was grabbed.There have been numerous other times that they have told me of unexplained noises ,electrical disturbances, and objects moving for no apparent reason in the apartment.As a scientist I will be trying to look for rational reasons for these occurances,but after interviewing my son and his friends,I am concerned that the conclusion I will come to is that thi house is haunted. 



Haunted Past




I remember being about 4 or 5 years old and living in Evergreen, Colorado. We lived at the base of a mountain in a small amount of forest area about 3 miles or so from town. I never remember sleeping alone in my room because I would see thing, people, ect. I remember sleeping with my mom and dad one night and hearing something wake me up. I looked to their bedroom door and saw those old saloon doors. They began to swing slightly and then I saw cowboys walk through them. I remember vividly the colors of their shirts, their dirty cowboy hats and the guns in their holsters. I was so scared I couldn't move as I watched 15 to 20 men walking through the door and disappearing right passed the middle of the bed I was laying in. I always thought I might be a little crazy but that is so much detail that I remember, and I don't like westerns so I know it wasnt a tv show I am remembering.

Also, about 2 years ago, I lived in a trailer house that was haunted. My glass angels would move, and I would fix them back in the position I wanted them in and go back later and they would be facing the opposite direction. I once was on the computer and had the tv on too, the tv turned off and I turned around and said, "Just because I sn't looking at it doesn't mean I wasn't listening." The tv turned back on within 2 minutes and I was alone in the house.

Thanks for listening.




Grandparents House


By: Anonymous



I have two experiences I would like to relate. Both happened to me between the ages of about 17-19, and both were somewhat recurring. One I would consider to be scary, the other not so much. I will begin with the former.

When I was 18, I was living with my parents and tensions in the house became very severe. I came back late after a night of heavy drinking and found the doors locked and the doorbell unanswered, so I ended up sleeping in my car. When I came back the next day, I was informed that I was no longer welcome. I spent awhile bouncing from friend to friend until an idea occurred to me.

My fathers mother was living in a nursing home due to advancing dementia, and her husband had died of lung cancer about five years earlier, in the very residence I will speak of later. For whatever reason, I had a key to this house on my keychain, so I decided to start taking advantage of it a little bit. I do not know why all the utilites were still left on, as my grandmother had been in the nursing home for some time with little hope of recovery, but I suppose in retrospect that it was my fathers way of keeping hope alive. Anyway, sorry to ramble for so long.

I am not sure exactly when it started to dawn on me. There is no one certain experience in the house that sticks out in particular, just the same things over and over. In the house, I could never escape the strong feeling that I was being watched, and that which was watching me did not welcome my presence. It followed me day and night, but especially night. Sometimes it wo d become so intense that I would shiver and goosebumps would run all over me, while my heart thumped intensely and my pupils diallated. I suspected my grandfather, and the presence was especially strong in his old room. It became so powerful that I was afraid some nights to walk down the hall, past the master bedroom to reach the room that I slept in. I would wake up in the middle of the night with this picture in my head, this picture of something quickly levitating down the hall to get me, and when it reached me, I would wake up, covered in sweat. This happened often enough that I didnt sleep in the back room very often, and instead took to sleeping in the front room, on the couch, with the television on. Sometimes, I was even afraid to go into the kitchen, which was adjacent to the television room but not the hall or any bedroom.

I figured that this was all in my head. After all, I had prior knowledge that my grandfather had died in this house. Surely my mind was playing tricks on me. It seemed the only rational solution. I told no one.

A friend of mine, David, was a semi-regular visiter. He usually brought along his girlfriend of the time, and his son from another woman. After a time, I worked out my differances with my parents and moved out of the house. However, sometime after,  David was looking for a new apartment, and needed somewhere to stay in the meantime, so I offered him the key. He never really went into the specifics of what they experienced there, but described many of the same things that I went through. His son seemed especially frightened of the house, and refused to enter the former bedroom of my grandparents.

The house has long since been sold. I have no way of going back to investigate.

Was this all in my head? Maybe, theres no way to know. I had prior knowledge. but David did not. Did I, through a slip a the tongue let him know what I was feeling? Possibly. Was my grandfather really haunting hi former home? Is he still there? I suppose Ill never know for certain.

I think Ill save the other story for another night.










My grandparents moved to the small town in south-central Arkansas, where I grew up, in the late 60’s there my grandmother bought this old two-story farmhouse (before my grandfather had seen it, different and funny story) that hadn’t been lived in; in God only knows how many years, on 66 acres. At the time the house was black and there were chickens living in the kitchen cabinets, the boys (my father, his 2 brothers, their friend, and my grandfather) had to clear out most of the property with machetes. They found old cars, chicken coops, ect. you can just imagine with an “abandoned” house. Well once the house was restored to its original glory, they found that they had a diamond instead of a lump of coal. This is the house that they have lived in ever since, and the house I grew up in.

Well one night I was asleep in my bedroom at the left-end of the hallway upstairs and was awaken by the feeling I was being watched. This wasn’t unusual I had always felt like I was being watched in the house, but that night I opened my eyes to see the full face and body of a man over me (remember I’m laying on my back in bed). The thing is I didn’t feel the weight of a body on me so I was confused. I yelled at the top of my lungs to “get the f*&^ out of here” and the man disappeared. By the time I had said that my grandmother, who slept of the first floor was up in my room asking me who I was yelling at? When I told her she looked at me like I had lost my mind, and then we heard my sister in the next room scream. When me and my grandmother went into her room she had recounted the same story. This time my grandmother looked at both of us like we had lost our minds. Well not 2 minutes after my sister had calmed down we hear my grandfather who is wide awake by now, and downstairs tell somebody to get the hell out of the house. We all run downstairs, and by the time we get into the dinning room, which is at the foot of the stairs and through a hallway door (total time to get in the dinning room less than a min) my grandfather is white as a sheet and says “I just saw a man walk through the wall”. By that time my grandmother just says “it’s Casper now all of you go to sleep”.  

Casper is what we had always called the “ghost” in our house. Even when he was hovering over us (literally) there was never a since of fear, it was more of us being annoyed with him than scared. The best way I can describe it is a brotherly feeling, a protector of sorts. That was the only time I ever saw him fully, but to this day his face is burned into my memory. He was white, stocky build, young (about my age, I was about 17), with the most unusual blue eyes, there was a cut on his head and his throat was slit. I haven’t been able to find out who he really was or where exactly he died, but I would like to. There really isn’t anything to go off of except that he was dressed in late 20’s early 30’s style clothes. Almost like a gangster.

The whole time I was living with my grandparents, and from the stories I have been told he has always “haunted” the house. He has never spoke, and really doesn’t seem to be looking for anything. Most of the time he is felt rather than seen, and usually when he is seen there is someone outside snooping around the house. I think it is a warning that there is a prowler or someone trying to break in. The few other times I saw him was just out of the corner of my eye when I would turn to look to say hi, I would see a very different shadow and know that a real person was trying to get in. Living in the county there was always some drunk either coming to the wrong house thinking it was his or up to no good. One night when I was about 5 or 6 he appeared just before someone tried to light our barn on fire. My father and grandfather were warned in just enough time to stop this from happening. That is why we call him Casper, because he is a friendly and helpful ghost, and I hope to see him again one day.

Al Capone was know to visit the near by city of Hot Springs, AR to take the baths, and in the late 20’s and 30’s the place where my grandparents house is was in the middle of no where. Lord only knows what went on out there. Who knows maybe on one of my visits back home I will see him and ask. 

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