Spirits of St. Louis


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This past May I had purchased the book Spirits of St. Louis and my friend had come to visit me. After reading several stories, we decided to "check out" one of the sites that had the most stories: West Cabanne Place. One day in the afternoon we went to W. Cabanne PL.  which is off of Delmar east of the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, MO. Upon arriving to this cul du sac, my friend had an extreme feeling of sadness. I had a very eerie feeling. This street is lined with historic mansions that are now run down. At the end of the cul du sac are abandoned cars with flat tires. Several of the large homes appeared to be vacant. What I thought was very strange, though, was the fact that there were no "for sale" signs. After slowly driving down the street and eventually parking for about 10 minutes, we saw some of the residents and my friend began talking to one of them. I was focusing my attention on their conversation, when from behind and to the left of me I heard a man's voice yell out. I could not understand what was said but I assumed someone was calling to the group of residents congregated to our right. Curious as to where the voice originated, I looked back in its direction. I saw no one on my left at all. Needless to say I was ready to leave and have never returned to W t Cabanne Place.



Reading the Stories


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It has been so much fun reading through the ghost stories!   I have never experienced and ghost myself,  but my dad has told me lost of ghost stories about his old  "haunted house".  This is the story of my dad's house that he used to live in while he was in college at Virginia Tech in the late 70's. It was an old farmhouse that had been split up into apartments.  The apartments all shared a kitchen and common living area.  The house was located in the small town of Newcastle Virginia, which was about 20 minutes outside of Blacksburg.  These are some of the strange things that happened in the house.  He lived there with two other guys that were also students at VA Tech.  One of the things they all noticed were footsteps on the old creaky steps.  The steps were located right next to the front door.  They would hear the door open and close at night and then hear someone walking halfway up the steps, then the footsteps would stop and there would never be anyone there.  My dad said that this never bothered them much if they were all home, but it was enough to really freak you out if you were there by yourself.  One of the roommates was an avid chess player and used to always have a chess board out in the living room.  One day he had set the board up and gone into the kitchen to get a drink.  When he came back some of the pieces had been moved around.  He was the only one in the house when this happened. No one had ever seen the ghost until one of the roommate's girlfriends had come in from out of town to visit.  It was on a weekend and my dad and the bsp;the third roommate were out at a party and didn't get back until next morning.  Apparently the girlfriend had gone to bed early because she had been tired out by her trip.  Her boyfriend had opted to stay up and watch tv.  The room she was sleeping in had an old fireplace in it that had been bricked up for years.  The landlord had decided to renovate the fireplace and had had some men come that week to remove the brick.  Around 11:00 pm the girlfriend woke up because the room was freezing and reached down to get a blanket that was at the foot of the bed.  She looked up to see an old man with a beard bending over next to the fireplace.  He smiled at her and pointed up the chimney.  When my dad and the third roommate got back the next morning the girl was gone.  They assumed that she and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight or something like that until he told them she had seen the ghost and it had frightened her so bad she had left.  All three of them checked in the fireplace to see what the ghost was pointing at and never found anything.  My dad moved out of the house a few months after this.  My parents still live in blacksburg and I've driven past this "haunted house" many times.  I've always wanted to knock on the door and see if the ghost is still there. 





Falling off the Roof


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One winter night, many years ago around midnite, shortly after my step-brother Mickey and I had turned in for the night, after watching wrestling on TV .

Back then, the old black and white TV was not the 24 hour a day luxury we have today, and the few stations we could pick up on the elaborate roof-top antenna


We, along with my father and stepmother lived in an old wood bungalow where Mickey and I shared an unfinished attic apartment crammed with old relics.The room was low and only about 7 feet between the attic floor and the peak of the roof rafters an decking.

Mickey had just crawled into his bed which was beside mine, and I was standing up taking my clothes off with my head about a foot  or less from the roof.

Suddenly we heard the heavy tread of footsteps coming along the roofpeak toward the area where I was standing. Then all of a sudden this person slipped and commenced rolling down the roof and over the room where my father slept.

Dad hollerd up, "what's going on up there, who's making all the racket"? I shouted back, "someone just fell off the roof"!!

We then ran down stairs, meeting Dad and then running outside to the place where the person would have landed on the ground, which was covered with snow.

We were shocked when we didn't find an injured, or dead person lying on the ground, as the roof was very steep, similar to that of a chalet, and the two or three inches of snow would have provided little or no protection to a person falling thirty feet or more from the peak of the roof to the ground.

I then walked several times around the house, Dad and Mickey having gone in, checking to see if there were any signs of disturbance, or footprints in the snow.

Finding nothing, I then went inside to join the family and together we discussed the unexplainable incident til the wee hours of the morning.     




Beloved Companion Visits


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I had a beautiful  rare black & white Lhaso dog who crossed June 1st last year....Actually he was murdered by a Vet ... he has told me through more than one Medium...

I found Bo Bo in my laundry basket where he was born.....immagine my surprise when I went to do laundry and there was the love of my life .......We were constant companions form then on...

My first contact with Bo Bo after he crossed....I was awaken by his barking...I knew where he was, standing up in the chair looking out the window by the Christmas Tree..it was his warning bark....I sleeply thought .. he'll come back to bed in a few minutes, probably a wondering dog outside...the next morning while making coffee it dawned on me that he had crossed over.......I almost dropped the coffee can......I wasn't asleep, he woke me.... Another time he woke me licking my hand,,,,I petted him said good boy and went back to sleep....the next day astonished again....I have  caught glimpses of him in the house from time to time....I have felt him get into bed when I do, (as he always did)  he seems to be in his place in the car as always...This could be deep grief on my part but I don't really think so....As I had another dog  Lady who awoke me with-in the same week as Bo Bo did.......she had raised up on the bed with her front paws and nuzzled my face, this woke me and I petted her gave her a hug, turned over and went back to sleep.......The next morning I was dumbfounded....Lady crossed some 15 years ago.....!!   If someone has any idea on what is happening to me let me know..... I have to assume it was Spiritual visitations and a very special Christmas present .......and I can truthfully say I have buried people with less pain than I experienced  when I had to give up my Bo Bo Bear.....not that God called him but that he was indeed murdered as a revenge on something Bo nor I had actually done


A Recent Experience


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If it is all right I'd like to share a story that happened to me. It was at school and I was at after school band rehearsals. My bad director had left his stand to answer the phone in his office and was half way across the room when the chair on the directors riser moved and fell off all by its self. No one was near it and every one was looking at it at the time. what makes it very creepy is that a few days ago a former band member passed away in his bed and we were just find out about it. Every one still is freaked but I think that it was the boy who had passed on, letting us know that he was still here.




Scared to Death!


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The sounds of someone breathing in bed next to me woke me up around 3:00AM this morning.  The problem is…I live alone and the only pet I have is a bird that is caged in another part of my apartment.  I lay motionless for a few minutes listening to the even contented breathing of someone in a very deep sleep.  I finally got up the courage to sit up in bed.  I listened for another minute or two, trying to discern if there was something else in my room that could be making the noise.  There was nothing.  Both windows were closed and no appliance was on.  The breathing continued until I got out of bed and turned on my light and my television.  I’m assuming I woke “it” up because the breathing stopped.  I sat in the middle of my bed watching the re-broadcast of the 11:00PM news and the early East Coast news broadcasts until my alarm went off at 5:00AM.  I called around to family and friends to make sure everyone was okay.  I’ve been known to ask about the wellbeing of people who had died a few minutes before my call.  Needless to say my family hates when my name pops up on the Caller ID early in the morning.  I was happy to find everyone well, but a bit freaked out about my early morning slumber party guest. 






Haunted Dorm Room


By: rhiannon_elliot@yahoo.com


This experience happened when I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college, so it was almost four years ago.  I lived in the oldest dorm hall on campus.  One night, I was in my room asleep, my roommate was staying at her boyfriend's house.  I was sleeping and was woken up by a loud crash, like something fell off the wall or from the shelves we had in our room.  From my bed, I could see into our closet, which was a walk in closet.  I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see very well, but my bedside clock read 5:15, and the closet light was on.  I saw who I took to be my roommate standing in there.  I figured, given the time, she was drunk and dropped something, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning, I woke up around 11, finding the closet light still on, the door to my room unlocked, and my roommate not home.  When she got back later that day I asked if she had come home that night around 5, and she said she was at her boyfriend's all night.

The ghost, however, seemed to be concentrated only at one end of the room, being in the closet (it made things fall from our shelves in there all the time) and my roommate's desk.  The desk lamp that was there would randomly shake without reason, hitting against the wall.  Also, we've had our RA, who lived right across the hall from us, tell us she heard noises coming from our room when my roommate andI had gone home for the weekend and our room was empty.  The door would lock when my roommate or I was alone in the room, and we'd have to unlock it to get out, when we'd come back from the bathroom or being gone for only a minute or two, we'd find ourselves locked out.  We'd both be in a part of the room away from the door or window and still feel a cold draft quickly by us, the constant feeling of someone watching us or behind us.  We only lived here for one year, but we were still glad to move out of there.




Grandma Tried to Save Our Beloved Pet


By: scottyjoe@zoominternet.net


My name is Scott and I am an amateur Ghost Hunter from Youngstown, Ohio.  I have a strange experience I would like to share with you.  It did not happen during an investigation but rather when my mind wasn’t even pondering about the paranormal.  It was the early morning of September 28th 2005 when I was awoken from my sleep by a woman’s voice calling my name.  At first I believed it to be my mother calling my name as to wake me up because I was late for school.  But as I found out it was only 5:30AM.  I proceeded to get up out of bed and walk to the edge of the steps and I looked down into the darkness of the hallway below.  I yelled back, WHAT?  There was no answer.  I noticed the dark figure of my dog, Jax, sitting at the bottom of the steps wagging his tail.  I decided that I must have been dreaming and went back to bed.  My alarm sounded at 6:05AM and I went downstairs to grab a shower.  I dried myself off, got dressed and laid on the couch in the family room to relax and watch a little TV before going to school.  I heard my step-dad come in from outside and soon after I heard my mother crying hysterically.  I had no idea what the matter could be and asked her what was wrong?  She continued to pace around the house sobbing and kept telling me to wait until finally I learned of the tragedy.  She looked at me and I could see the sorrow in her eyes.  Jax was hit by a car.  I was in shock and asked if he was okay…my step dad looked at me and said No, he is dead.  I couldn’t believe it….it was just the last thing I would have ever expected.  That day was one of the worst days of my life and I felt very guilty for his death because I knew that if I would have gotten up at 5:30 I would have let him outside.  Instead my Step-dad let Jax outside at 6:00AM and as fate would have it he was hit by a car and the driver didn’t even stop.  He was killed instantly but I can never seem to get that guilt out of my mind.  Just maybe if I would have let him out at 5:30 he may still be alive.    After looking back on that horrible morning I always think about that woman calling my name…I strongly believe it was someone from beyond trying to save Jax.  But even someone from beyond couldn’t stop what was meant to happen.  I believe this voice from beyond could only be my great-grandmother who past away in august 2005.  We dearly loved her as she did us and was simply trying to save one of our family members.  I will remember this for the rest of my life. 




Ghost in my Farmhouse


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The farmhouse was part of the Underground Railway and was safe house for runaway slaves. Legend has it that a young slave family arrived one evening and the lady died giving birth to a child. In 2003 and elderly lady heard the yopung woman crying in  childbirth and commented to her Granddaughter that she heard moaning and crying.Legend also states that the young woman was buried near a tree in the back yard and her prescence can still be felt in the area. Legend also says that the young father stayed several months at the house with the newborn and other children before going farther north.




Fairview Training Center



By: smeefus@msn.com


I myself have been through almost all of fairview many times, i know the place pretty well. Rumors circulate of underground tunnels and torture chambers, though recently i have come across the underground tunnels, I have never found any torture chambers. We have not gone through the tunnels enough to be sure that there isnt, but from what i have seen in that place...it would make sense. Inside the tunnels there is a dead end that recently has been bricked, for a reason unkown as of now, we will soon find out what's behind that wall. Stories of walls bleeding and chairs moving may be true, but I dont think the haunting is that extreme, we have seen things that may or may not have been ghosts, but when you see something like that, it makes you wanna find more.


A Dark Figure


By: rachel@rachelgordon.wanadoo.co.uk


my story begins in sheffield, when i was 16 years old, and had just moved out my grandma's house into a hostel which was built next to the burngreave cemetary, one night i was waiting for my now husband to come home, i was laying on my bed wen i started falling to sleep then all of a sudden i saw a black shadowy figure stood at the side of my bed staring at me a couple of seconds later my husband knocked on the door to let him in and the figure disapeared. a couple of months after i moved out the hostel and went to live with my aunt who just lived up the road from the hostel, when one night i was laying on the settee i fell asleep with the tv on, i woke up to someone touching my leg but as i opened my eyes no one was there and the tv had switched off. another time one of my aunts friends was staying the night and also fell asleep on the settee and woke up to someone touching her leg, when we all woke up the next day she told us what happened and i told her that it also happened to me we were both shaken by our experiences.we used to call the spirit mr brown but my aunt has said from i left the house nothing since has happened......

then when i was 18 i got my own flat, it was also situated across from the cemetary and across the car park was the church, this flat was a modern flat built in the early 90s with all the mod cons, when one night i was laying in my bed when i saw the same black figure stood by the side of me, and as it saw i could see it it ran to the bottom of my bed and disapeared also strange things would happen like i would be stood washing my pots when i would feel a presence behind me as if someone was there but when i turned around no one was there. one time my husband run the bath, he didnt get in it straight away, when he came into the living room and asked me if i had got in the bath, i said i hadnt and when i went into the bathroom to have a look the bath had been emptied and the plug placed back on the side of the bath, as i was confused with what was going on i visited the church across the car park i spoke to the vicar about what had been going on and she said that the flats had been built on the church graveyard and that many passed and present residents had also experienced strange things going on.....








Strange Events


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Hello. I really enjoy your website and decided to write about my own experiences. I am 37 years old and live in Indpls, Ind. My husband and I bought the house we live in 3 years ago. We were told from the very beginning that it was haunted by the previous owner's husband who passed away in the dining room. Shortly after moving in, I could feel a presence in the house. One night, I was walking through the kitchen with a laundry basket ready to go down to the basement to do laundry when I felt someone push me. I literally flew across the room into the back door hitting the doorknob which left a huge bruise on my left shoulder. I turned around thinking that my husband was behind me and getting ready to yell at him when I saw him sitting in his chair in the living room. He had a very puzzled look on his face and asked what happened. I told him that I felt someone push me. He said that I must have tripped. I know better. There have been countless times when we hear someone walking up and down the stairs when either everyone is in bed or gathered in the living room. My husband has heard what he thinks are the kids up talking and playing in the middle of the night when they are fast asleep. Just recently in the past 2 weeks, I have had strange things happen to me. We just got a new puppy and the first night we had him, I was "elected" to stay downstairs with him. As new puppies do, this one kept whining whenever I would put him in his basket to sleep. At about 4am he finally went to sleep and I put him in his basket and went to sit in my chair in the living room. I no sooner had sat down when I felt a coldness sweep over me and clear as a bell heard a voice in my ear say"It's ok now, I'm here. I then felt hands on my chest and um breasts and could literally see my nightshirt moving. This thing was molesting me!!  I could not move or even scream. I mentally started reciting the Lord's Prayer and it stopped. I jumped up out of the chair and went upstairs to wake my husband. I actually had fingerprints on my chest. My husband was so groggy from sleep that he could only mutter for me to go to bed. I did not go to sleep for fear of being touched again. The next morning, I left for work. There is a set of train tracks that I cross that hardly ever has a train on them. I was driving behind a rust colored pickup when I heard a train whistle. It startled me because I wasn't used to seeing trains on this track. I looked to my right and could see the train. In front of me, the truck was not slowing down. There are no flashing lights, crossing gate, or stop sign at this railroad crossing. I started honking my horn and yelling out loud for the truck to stop. By this time I was about 50 ft from the tracks and I saw the train right in front of me. The truck continued on to the tracks and just as the train would have hit its passenger side the train VANISHED!!!!. I slammed on my brakes not believing what I had just seen and barely avoided getting rear-ended from the guy behind me who I am sure thought that I was some idiotic driver. My husband and I have swore that we have seen one of the kids walk into a room when they are actually upstairs or in another part of the house. We live in an area that used to be called Lynhusrt Additions. I have not found any info on this area and would be interested in finding out anything that could help us figure out what is going on. Thank you for your time.



Kentucky House


By: anchor01@bellsouth.net


I have ahouse in kentucky and there are a few strange occurences in it. One night I was on the computer in the "scary room" and my dog Mia came in and stared at something behind me and and whined and ran out. I tried to get her back in the room and she wouldnt come back in. My dad said that one time when I was asleep he saw a guy come from the "scary room" again and go into my room. He got up and ran to check on me but he couldnt find anybody. We have an attic and you can hear footsteps at night sometimes when were all in bed. We took a picture one time and saw a distint orb int he photo when me and my friend were sitting on the couch with no reflective items around. Experiences still happen today but not as as often.


True Story


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So it's 1 o'clock in the morning, and im up watching a movie in bed. i have all the nessesary supplies. my snacks, my drink, my remotes and my mobile phone. all of which are located atop my bedside table about a metre (3ft) away. im enjoying my late night screening when the home cordless phone rings. which is odd for 2 reasons. no one ever rings on my home phone, and secondly its 1 in the morning! i drag myself hastely down the hall to find the little cordless phone, which isnt in is craddle... wierd again... anyway, i find the thing after a total of 5 rings, so not long at all, and im about to pick up when half way through a ring, it stops. i have to say, when your dragged outta bed at 1 in the morn and the person who rings hangs up, your upset. so i called the missed call service and waited for the number. as the pre-recorded operator rattled off the numbers, i thought to myself 'hey, they sound a little familiar...' so i rang them back. after waiting for the connection to take place i hear the ring through the receiver... and from my room. i made my way up to the bed side table, looked at my mobile (dared not touch it) and sure enough... there displayed on the outside screen... an incoming call... home. home was ringing the phone that hung up only seco s ago, home was ringing my mobile, my mobile that i knew to be closed shut and unable to make any type of call at all...


The DeGrazia House


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i know from incounters that the DeGrazia house is haunted people who have come to this house can sence spirts as soon as they walk in the door i know this because i live in the DeGrazia house. This house is antic not just the stuff inside of it but the house its self. the DeGrazia house was an old army house but the location is unknowen then it was moved to killeen texas were it is the home to the DeGrazia family. some of the things that go on in the house that are really common is the lights in the house go off and on there is scratching on the walls (but i think it is squirlls that live in the attic) sometimes you wake up with someone whispering your name in your ear you can see a ghost girl wearing  a white rob there is a man wearing a red banndana over his mouth and is hangging from the celling by his neck people will not sleep in the middle bed room cause they say that the walls go in and out like they are breathing the most haunted room in the house is the far room there the most ghostly paranormal stuff happens and there is a room in they house that is totally blocked off and no one is alowed inbecause it is so destroyed and so much stuff happening in it







True Ghost Experience


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Hi I've been reading for a few months now and figured it was time to write in my experience. It happened when I was about 12 (1979). I believed in ghosts as I do now although had not had any experiences up until then.

It happened like this, for some reason I wanted my Mom's attention, at the time my Dad and she were planning on remodeling their restaurant and on this particular occasion they were busy going over paperwork. My mom ended up snapping at me because I kept bugging her. Being the normal hormonal 12 year old I stomped upstairs to my room and sat down for a good cry and pity party. I remembered I had cigarettes for some reason all though I never smoked them...so I decided to show her and light up a cigarette.

Something made me look up and leaning into the partially open door to my room was a little girl of about 10...she was holding onto the doorknob and leaning in laughing mischeviously...(like you would expect a little sister to do to her older sister as she is eavesdropping)...I was shocked to say the least. All of a sudden she straightens slightly and looks suprised, like she just realized I could see her...her laughter dissolved into a look of uh-oh...and all of a sudden she just was not there anymore.. I remember it was a bright afternoon and the light did not shine on her like you would expect...can't exactly explain, but she was somewhat hazy looking.

I immediately ran/slide/fell down the stairs and flung myself into my moms lap (important papers flying everywhere) and asked her to please tell me she was just upstairs, although I know it was not her I saw and she had no way of getting downstairs that quickly, I really wanted to believe I did not just see what I just saw!

As far as I know we are the second family to live in the home the previous owners having built the house themselves. I have no idea if someone from their family died there....but I can tell you as far as we know they never had children although they desperately wanted to.

Other than this one isolated experience no one ever saw anything in the house. There was always a creepy/presence like feeling that came from the attic (directly across from my bedroom). It is hard though to tell if that is just because it was a dark unused area which can be creepy for no other reason than that. But I and everyone would always hurry past the attic and did not like to be in it as it was creepy (we just used it for storage). Well, that is my only sighting although I've had other experiences. One thing I learned people do not believe you've seen a ghost if you are only 12! I would love to have another sighting of a ghost but know damn well if I do I will probably break an important body part in my haste to vamoose!




This is My Story


By: cintia16@sbcglobal.net


well back when I was about 4-12 years old I used to go to a school that was built on a cementary. Like everyday I would go to school like every elementary student would I always enjoyed school but not until I went to the bathroom in the basement for the first time. Not alot of people ever went there only teahers occasinally did but they were remodeling the girls bathroom wich would take about 1 week or more which also made us go 2 by 2 to the bathroom in the basement. Me and my friend Ashlee were the last ones in line like always we liked being last for a weird reason that was just who we were .We were both very shy girls. The first time we went there ever since my 4 years in the school was very freaky but yet we figured out to find a logical explination for everything For example the sounds of a baby's cries we figured out it was only the faucet that needed fixing and the cries was just our wild imagination. Second day was very much the same. But the thrid day is something I just cant get over. Me and my friend were in the washroom again when we decided to wash our hands as soon as we turned on the faubet we heard the cries but they started to get louder and louder. a few seconds later lights turned on and off each time faster and faster I holded on to my friends hand tight I could feel they ground shaking.I found myself crying with my other hamd I took out the little chain with a little cross on it and kissed it.sunddenly they shaking was going slower, the crying was fading away and lights were flickering with very long intervals in between when everything stoped, I remember hugging my my friend and we hurried to the door. Outside was one of my classmates shouting and asking for reasons why we had locked the door when we never did. We tried to explain what had happened in there but she said we were crazy ( I never really talked ton her no one really did). I ied to forget what had happend as we walked to our classroom were i found my teacher also screaming at us, also claiming we were out of our minds. From that day I could bearly sleep , I sit at my bedroom floor looking for a logical explination to this event, but each one leads me to another dead end were nothing makes sence. I will not and refuse to forget this day. what was in there , what was trying to get us and why. We were in third grade of course we had never killed no one, we never had done anything wrong, but I something tells me they were just saying get out of my terretory!!!




The White Lady and Her Husband


By: wolfgirl37@msn.com


When I was about 5 years old my Grandmother moved into another house.  I helped her move in and the very first time I went through the door I felt someone smooth my hair back out of my face.  I turned, there was no one there, but there was a feeling of great sadness and loneliness. 

I would feel this presence on and off for the next seven years, never seeing anything.  then one night at about 1a.m., my cousin and I were standing in front of the mirror over the fireplace in the living room (the living room led straight to the dining room and out of the dining room in a straight shot were double doors that led to the rec room.) we were playing like we were getting ready to go out for the evening, pretending to put on makeup.  I looked up into the mirror and I saw a beautiful lady dressed in a long white dress with lace on the sleeves and around her neck.  she had big brown eyes that were kind and sad.  She beckoned at me.  I turned to see if my cousin could see her too, and I could tell from the huge eyes and hanging open mouth that she could.

She asked me what we should do. I told her on the count of three to take off for the stairs, screaming for our parents all the way. I looked up into the mirror, the white lady was still there.  I counted to three and we ran, screaming at the top of our lungs.  After we got in trouble for scaring everyone, we were put to bed.  I was laying in bed crying, because I knew what I had seen.  Again, she smoothed my hair, and this time she kissed my forehead.

My grandmother lived in that house until I was 27, I never saw the white lady again, but I often felt her.

That summer after my cousin and I saw her I did research on the house. A lady was murdered there, when her much older and very jealous husband found her with her lover.  He shot her in the bedroom.  Her lover ran and the husband shot him at the top of the stairs.

There was a dark spot at the top of the stairs that my uncles had scrubbed repeatedly before we moved in and it wouldn't come out, so, they wallpapered the walls on the stairs.  The spot came through the wallpaper.  They tried painting again, the spot came through the paint.  We gave up and learned to live with the spot.

My mother was not as lucky as I had been.  She never saw the white lady.  However, several times she would be in a room alone and the temperature would drop so low she could see her breath, then the room would fill with a malevolent presence.

One night when she was about to fall asleep, she looked over and there was a man's figure standing in the doorway, she realized she could see her breath, so, she closed her eyes and prayed.  The room started to warm, when she opened her eyes, the man was gone.  My mother was the only one to experience what I have always believed to be the husband's ghost.

My aunt sold the house in 1998, there have been 5 owners since then.  None have stayed in the house for more than a year.  I wonder why?






By: AbbyToes@aol.com



During a recent trip to New York with my girlfriend a strange thing happened.We were visiting for the weekend and had settled in for the first night .I had gotten comfortable and was just starting to dose off when my girlfriend announced she had to use the bathroom.We were sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room and had a clear view of the bathroom.There were several other family members staying as well but all were asleep.My girlfriend was in the bathroom and I was in the dark living room. I started to go back to sleep when I thought she would just wake me up when she climbs back into bed so I  decided to wait for her return.I at that point was laying on my side facing away from the bathroom.I rolled over to wait for her return and I looked toward the bathroom and at the bottom of the bed was a small child.The figure was all white and staring at me but not moving.I thought that it was one of my girlfriends little girls who was with us on the trip and I tried to focus in on the face.I was just about to say" sweetie you can't sleep here you have to go back to your bed" thinking one of the girls wanted to climb into the bed when suddenly the bathroom door opened, the light filled the room and the figure faded into the air like a wisp of smoke. The figure I saw after I  focused was a little boy standing at the bottom of the bed.No more then 6 or 7 and all white. I thought I was half dreaming ,so as not to upset my girlfriend I kept what I saw to myself. The next day my girlfriend swears she heard a rolling sound on the wood floor of the hallway like a toy being played with and during a visit to the kitchen for a late night drink of water,  strange noises in the kitchen freaked her out.I still had'nt told her what I saw.The next night will we were all sleeping , my girlfriend and I and several family members that had just arrived that day and who were also staying on ajoining couches. Suddenly at 3 in the morning the tv came on by itself .It was so loud everyone in the room sat up in bed and looked at it but there was no one near it. It was'nt until the last day before leaving I told my girl what I had seen.No one has seen anything since.After considerable thought I'm sure that I saw that boy standing at the bottom of the bed and his features were very disernable.




Riverside, Town of Glen Avon, and Mission


By: horrorbob1@yahoo.com


This is a small house that has been cut in half to make a duplex.There are about five of the same type  dwellings, in front of the house there is a brick planter and a small brick wall in the driveway.In this house you walk threw the front door and turn left and there is a room with no door just a room and a big opening.In this room everynight at 2-2:30 it becomes ice cold in this room even with a heater on, ive seen a middle age woman and a small child  I would look and theyed vanish only at night they would appear i seen both the woman and the child acouple times i ve seen the woman alone twice or so.At night I could here scracthing on the ceiling like someone trying to get out or knocking on the ceiling above the left window It was very hard for me to go to sleep so I would read I would read on the subject of spirts and how to get rid of them or what I could do .One time I heard clapping of hands bye my ears I was so frighten tears were rolling down my face, one of the books I was reading at the time said to confront the spirt and ask what do you want so I pulled the blankets of my head to see nothing I  relived tom say the least,one time in my bed ive felt the blankets being pulled off me with such a force so i held my blankets tight and was so afriad i started callin my family mom dad mom dad still holding my blankets no one came my dad was right there in the living room asleep to, so i threw my blankets of to find nothing and I asked my family in the mourning  if they had heard me and they said no of coarse.Once late at night I had to go to the rest room so i had to walk threw a hallway to get to the restroom the housewas very dark i had ran to the bathroom and did my bussiness o n the door looked out turned the lite of and ran to my room when i started running I felt something grab my shorts I pulled them and jumped in my bed the next day I looked in the hallway just to make sure there wasnt a nail stickin out the wall or something to that effect but there was nothin there .One day at six o'clock all my family had left to go out i was in my room listing to music and got thristy i started walking to the the kicthen and i stopped becuse  siting on a chair was a dark red figure and i stepped back and then looked again and i said what do you want and i staired in to its dark red eyes and i grabbed my guitar i went outside and sat with my dog untill my parents came bac two hours later wacthing the door and the house  It still gives me chills to this day even has I wright this. After I had seen all this it stopped for a month and  I thought it was over and one day i hadnt a care in the world and everything was just so beautiful that day that night when i went to sleep I awoke and stood upand looked down at my bed  and seen myself laying there i then walked in to my sisters room checked on her then into my moms roomed and checked on her then went tothe front room and checked on my dad asleep by the front door to get some fresh air and i walked threw the door and my dog came out and looked at me and i remember hearing absollute silence and that was in possible because the freeway was a block away, so then i seen the sun and it was getting brighter and i started running to it and then i stopped i ran back into my house in to my room and fell back into my body to awake to see my dad shakeing me to get up to do some chores,call it what you want a dream  or whatever but  i think it was a out of body experience. In this house an I belive this is why the spirts only bothered me was because i went into the attic wicth wasnt really an attic to begin with and i found some old clothing and a small bed and a dol and i distrubed the objects this is why I was huanted this I know. this all happened to me whan i was 18 im 25 now I belive and still do that if I and my family hadnt moved frm that place "something really bad would of happen to me". I still want to go back and talk to whoever lives there now but just the thought sends me in to a state of stress and I no that when I do decide to go there ill see what I did not see before.




Providence Church in Warwick, Ga


By: JDepp09@aol.com


About 10 years ago, one of my cousins friends were driving home from a party and were driving down the road from Warwick to Sylvester. On the way they pass by a girl walking on the side of the road. They figured it was just someone taking a night walk. When they stopped to see if she needed any help, she never replied. So they figured, well forget her, so they went on. On down the road they passed by Providence Church and of course thought nothing of it even though they've heard all the stories. The driver and the passenger were just laughing and joking in the front and then the passenger asked about the one in the back seat. They both turned around and the guy is passed out across the seat and the girl they previously saw was sitting beside him. The driver lost control of the wheel and ran into the lightpole (which is still there today) in front of Providence Church. The passenger was the only one that survived this horrific incident and he is still alive today to tell this story. If you go there, you can hear the car screeching and see the same little girl taking her nightly walk.




Old Railroad Tracks in Waycross GA



By: JDepp09@aol.com


This story happened to my cousin about a year ago.

One night her and a group of her friends were exploring a bunch of old churches and decided to also check out these railroad tracks that an incident happened during the slavery times.  The story is that there was a black man trying to escape one night from the plantation and had his lantern in his hand.  He got caught and the master cut his head off.  They say if you go down there at night, you will see the old slave.  And of course they didn't believe it.  They went, parked they're car, got out and looked down the tracks over the hill and saw nothing.  Turning the other way around, looking down the other side of the tracks, they were at shock to see a small light coming over the top of the hill.  As it got closer they could make out what the light was.  It was a lantern.  To they're suprise, they jumped in the car and started it.  As they were going to pull off to leave, the light got closer and closer and was going faster and faster toward them.  After that, they left and didn't want to think of what it was.  Now that they think back they knew what the light was.  It was the lantern of the old slave, he was looking down the tracks for his head.



Old and New Home


By: sylver_dragondark@operamail.com


I have submitted before, but it has been a few years.  In those few years since I have submitted a story, it has been mostly quiet in my homes (I move a lot).  Just before moving to the city I am currently residing in, I had issues with the house I was in.  I thought I was having break-ins so set my webcam up to record any movement that should happen..was a nice program to have...what I got was not living.  I was sitting at my computer watching a play back of the hour that I was away, to see if the program worked.  It did.  Captured me exiting the home and entering again...was short file, watched it in ten minutes.  While I was setting it up again, the camera came on.  I sat watching my screen in disbelief.  On the screen was a little girl in what can only be called her "Sunday best".  I looked at the area that the camera was facing and nothing was there, but looking back to my monitor, she was as plain as day.  I was a little nervous, but she stood there, not 10 feet from me, and smiled a little.  I actually got the nerve to say "Hello" and she disappeared right after.  I uninstalled the program from my computer, and packed away the webcam that evening.  I don't know if it was real or not, but would have gone a long way in explaining some of the things that disappeared from around the house (things no one would break in and steal like dolls on stands that I had gotten over the years).  I moved shortly after, as I had planned to, to the city I am currently living in.

  In this new home, which we moved into Jan 6th, 2006, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  My boyfriend spent time trying to spook me, but without much success, knowing how new places are un-nerving to me with the stress of the move and all.  About 2 weeks ago, though, things started to change.  It was about 5:30 in the morning when my boyfriend said he was awaken by knocking and scratching, but could not finda source for it.  Since I slept through this, I naturally attributed it to the neighbors or him dreaming.  He thought that was a possibility and we let it go.  It was just 2 days after he told me that he was awakened that I sat in my office and heard knocking and scratching.  It was mid-day.  I checked the door, no one there...went to check the back door, again no one, yet I still hear the knocking and scratching.  I went outside and checked for a tree limb brushing the roof...nothing.  I could not hear any knocking or scratching outside, but could hear it once I entered, not constantly, just every few seconds.  That finally faded away and once again, I let it go for the moment, but told my boyfriend that I heard what he had described and that the neighbors were not home.  He has since written off the knocking and scratching which we both still hear from time to time, but other things have been happening.  While sitting in the front room telling a friend about it, the front door opened and closed itself as if someone had come in...door knob turning and all...she attributes it to the wind (there was none) and says she needs something a bit more substantial then that. I told her to not invite that luck on me and we laughed returning to our conversation.  Nothing big there either.  Was just 6 days ago that I came home from work and upon opening the door I was greeted with the smell of food cooking.  It smelled fabulous and like nothing we have ever cooked.  The smell was brief...but walking in I smelled it again and started getting hungry, again the smell was brief...I walked outside thinking that maybe someone was cooking outside (In Feb?  Why not?), but smelled nothing outside.  So, I walked back in the house and plainly stated that hitting me with smells of food after a long day was not fair, since it reminded me that I had to cook in a few hours, but thank you anyway.  I have not smelled anything since, but have felt like I was being watched a couple of times and only once when I HAD to turn a light on, because the room was so dark, that it felt as if something were waiting in there to pounce upon me once I came fully into the room.  This is what has tken place in the past 6 days...even now, I feel as if I am being watched, but nothing will be there when I turn to look.  Only been truely spooked once...and that was the dark room.

Sorry for the length.  Will up-date you if it gets worse, have already been told that I should have the house cleansed, but at the moment, do not feel it is necessary...much.





Not Sure What Happened



By: troy@centralbuilders.ca



Lately, I have been having flashbacks/zoning out/dreams about the following that happened to me when I was 15 years old.

When I was 15 I travelled to London and Paris from my home in Canada on spring break.  I went with a tour from my school.

One day in London I was coming up from a Tube Station near the hotel we were staying at.  You turned left to go to our hotel but for some reason I turned right.  I remember walking a few steps and then feeling kind of foggy, and experienced some distorted vision.

Things cleared up, and I was standing on the same London street but it was in the late 1800's or early 1900's.  The people were dressed in Victorian era clothing and there seemed to be a funny smell like something was being burnt nearby.  I remember turning around and looking the other way and it was the same kind of view.  Horse and Buggies were going buy and a lot of people were chattering and most didn't seem to know me.  I felt kind of scared at the time.

Then a lady who looked rather rough started speaking to me.  She was sitting on some stone or brick stairs going into a building.  She said, "You there, strange boy, where did you come from then?

I looked at her, and didn't know what to say.  I turned away from her, and was panicing.  I started to walk away from her, I looked back and she was with a group of people and pointing at me.  I turned my head around, and started to walk in a different way.

Then, something grabbed me and I went foggy again.  The next thing I knew one of my travel companions was grabbing me by the arm and saying, "Troy what the *%# are you doing?  Quit wandering off, and why are your shoes so dirty?"  I looked at my shoes, and they indeed had dirt on them, but we had never been anywhere that was not paved on our trip.  We were also standing about 200 yards from the Tube Station on the wrong side of the street, and on the opposite side of where we were suppoed to be.

I guess I am trying to figure out what happened that day, and why I keep thinking of it.  It's like I see it played out in front of my eyes very clearly, and I am truly mystified by this.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me email about this.  Maybe somebody will have some kind of answer for me.




My Haunted House


By: possessedpath@yahoo.com


well i moved into a house with my parents and for four years everything was perfect until one night i was sleeping and i woke up and looked in my closet and saw a dark figure it looked like a shoadow but i slept with my lights on which made it all the more creepier so from then on i would sleep on the floor in my sisters room well one night i heard something in the living room although i was scared i got up and slowly walked to the living room and i peeked around the corner and there was the dark figure again but at the front door it looked as though it was faceing the door.things stopped for about a year i got older and starting sleeping in the living room i never slept in my room because it always felt like something was watching me but anyways one night i was sleeping and i woke up for no reason but i couldnt go back to sleep and right above the couch i slept on there was a fan and i stayed up staring at it i stared at it for about 5 minutes and out of nowhere there was someone staring down at me from the side of the couch it scared the living crap outta me but i still slept in the living room cause there was nowhere else to sleep .one morning i got up and my stepdad and my mom were sitting at the table eating breakfast i wast hungry but i sat down and talked with them and i was talking about haunted houses that i would like to visit and my stepdad said he though our house was haunted i asked him why and he said one night he got up to go to the bathroom and in the living room out of the corner of his eye he saw a tall figure he said it scared him and that i didnt feel right whatever it was .then my sister told me a story of something she saw she slept next to a window and she said that she heard someone outside with our do and she said she looked outside and saw a little boy.thats just some of the things in my room sometimes id open the door a little bit and turn the light on and one time i opened it a crack to turn the light on and i felt something touch me it scared me so much that i didnt go to my room for a couple of days




My Grandmothers House



By: Puretxngal@aol.com



I have a story...a kind of long story about my grandmother's house.  i will try and make is as short as possible. 

My grandparent's built their house in or around 1976 in Robertson County, Texas, which is on the edge of Boone Prairie off of FM 979.  In 1979, a huge oak tree was struck down by lightning, and my granddad dug up the roots of the tree and cut it into firewood.  Two years later, in 1981, my grandparents and their best friends, were in the den playing cards/dominoes, and my grandmother got up to go to the bathroom.  She started walking down the hallway to the bathroom, and a dark shadow started coming towards her.  These folks are Christian people and know that nothing can hurt them, so she just stepped to the side and let it go on by.  Everyone saw this shadow. 

The in January of 1983, which was the worst winter we had with about a foot or more of snow on the ground, they were all sitting at the dining table eating and all of a sudden all the curtains and blinds started flying like a strong wind was coming through the windows.  But the windows were not open. 

Over the years growing up, I always hated staying there.  We only lived about 10 miles from my grandparents, but we were always over there staying the night or there on family occasions.  I can remember sleeping there in the den on the couch, and all of a sudden I would wake up with the feeling that something was standing over me.  There was never anything there, but it wasn't a good feeling.  The hallway to the front door, which was never really used unless we needed to go out that way for something, (we used the back door mostly cause the driveway was there), but the hallway was ice cold sometimes.  I got to the point that I wouldn't go outside unless someone went with me or stood at the back door watching.  To this day, I won't get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  Most everyone in the family has experienced something there at that house.

Now, finally in the mid-90's, I was told that my grandmother and granddad had been hearing voices in the middle of the night.  They didn't tell eachother for years cause they thought that the other would think they were crazy.  But somehow, they got on the subject and told the other.  But the weird thing is that my granddad was totally deaf in one ear and almost deaf in the other.  And when he heard the voices he was laying on his good ear...which means he was hearing the voices through his deaf ear.  My parents divorced in 1995, and my mother moved in with my grandparents.  After about three months, she started hearing these voices also.  She says that you can tell that it's a man and a woman, and you can tell that they are arguing, and it sounds like it's coming out of an old timey radio, but you can't tell what they're saying.

In October of 2000, I had left my ex and put everything I owned in a little house out on my grandparents place.  They took me to Houston cause someone was getting me a car to use for the week.  I got back to my grandparents house before they did at about 10:30 at night.  My daughter was 5 then and she was there with me.  I went inside the little house to get some things to take over and stay at my best friend's house.  All of a sudden I heard a growl...like a wolf.  And it sounded like it was right there at the door.  I had left the door open.  Packs of wolves and coyotes are known to come up into the yard there.  My daughter was playing on the mattresses that were leaned up against the wall that had fallen.  And trying not to scare her I told her to be quiet for a minute.  I walked as silently as I could to the door, popped my head outside, didn't see anything and shut it as fast as I could.  I go back to doing what I was there to do, and then there was another growl, but it was loud and right there at my feet.  So trying not to get freaked out, I stomped on the floor...like that would help!  I got most of the things I needed and went outside to the car which was parked right outside at the bottom of the steps, put the things in the trunk, and all of a sudden my hair started raising and I got a bad feeling.  I turned around and my grandmother had sheets out on the clothesline.  They were flying in the wind (a windy night too) except for one of them.  It was standing there sideways, had the figure of a man, and the head was turned towards me, looking at me.  But you could tell that it was plain evil.  I could see where the eyes should be, the nose and everything.  So I suddenly went into the little house, got my daughter and told her "let's go" as calmly as I could.  When we got out there it was still there.  My daughter stood on the door frame of the car and said "mommy, who is that standing over there?"  That's when I knew it wasn't my imagination!  A five year old had seen it too!  So I sped down the dirt road as fast as I could.  And then I realized that I had left something there that I needed.  So I turned around and went back.  That sheet was blowing in the wind like the rest of them.

In October 2002, my grandmother woke up from some kind of noise coming out of my granddad's room (they slept in different bedrooms).  She got up and walked into his room and turned the light on and there was granddad suspended in mid-air looking like he was holding something around his neck and was trying to fight it off.  As soon as she saw this, he dropped to his bed.  Granddad said that whatever it was felt hairy and was huge.

Then in November 2002, Thanksgiving weekend, my cousin and his wife, who always sleep in granddad's bed, went to bed.  Later on after they had gone to sleep, his wife woke up because something had ahold of her foot and was pulling her out of bed.  Needless to say, she won't sleep in that bed or that house anymore.  During the Christmas holidays, that same cousin and his son were sleeping in granddad's bed and the bed started shaking.  Both of them thought that the other one was playing a joke on the other.  They said something to the other, and realized it was neither one of them shaking the bed.  They both jumped out of the bed and watched it shake and rise from the floor. 

Then in March of 2003, my granddad died.  The week after his funeral, me, my mother, my 15 year old niece, and my sister and a few others were staying there at my grandparents house.  Me and my 15 year old niece slept in the den, as usual.  She slept in a recliner and I slept on the couch.  Later on that night, I was awaken by someone or something walking down the hallway behind the couch.  At first I was thinking it was my grandmother because of the way the footsteps sounded.  But it got really cold all of a sudden and my hair started rising on my arms and the back of my neck.  I didn't dare look.  But then all of a sudden the footsteps stopped and those feelings got worse and I could feel something hovering over me.  I kept my eyes closed and went under the covers.  The next morning my grandmother woke us up for breakfast and my niece came running over to the couch and jumped under the covers with me where I was sitting.  She looked like she wanted to say something to me.  So I said something about what I heard, and she got woke up by it, too.  She said that she peaked to see who it was and there was nobody there.

There have been other things that have happened in this house that only one other person knows.  That is my cousin that lives about three miles from my grandparents house.  They have told him.  And it's so bad that he won't go to that house after dark.  I do know that sometimes you walk by a window or the front door that has windows, and you feel like someone or something is standing there watching you.  It's creepy.

We have found out, probably in the early 90's when we found out, that the big oak tree that was struck down by lightning use to be the hanging tree.  I don't know if it was for the county or the community that use to be there.  Boone Prairie and Bald Prairie, which is right down the road, were striving communities up until the Civil War.  Where my grandparents house is built, was an old homestead.  I have looked up Boone Prairie on the internet and found out about the community.  I know that this might sound like the movie "Poltergiest", but what if back in the cowboy and indian days, when they would hang people for steeling horses, cows and such, or someone just riding through broke the law and didn't have family and such, were hung on that tree and buried right there where the house is built?  There is a woman that lives about 7 miles away that has told us that he grandfather or her great grandfather was hung on that same tree because of stealing a cow or horse.  Which he plead innocent.  I don't remember the details of the whole story, but I do think that something got misunderstood about the animal and he was accused of it and hung. 

I have always wanted to get "ghost" hunters out there to my grandparent's house to see what they find.  But my grandmother will say that nothing's ever happened in or around that house now.  We don't know why she won't admit it though when we've all felt or seen something there.  I guess that she's scared someone's gonna think that she's crazy...but if she is, then we all are.

I thank you for letting me send this story.




Slamming Bedroom Door


By: DahlinJH@lemoyne.edu


When I was about ten, my family moved to a nice, not-too-old colonial style house in Maywood, New Jersey. It was two stories tall, and a staircase led from a hallway off the living room up to my bedroom door. I am now 52, and back in 2000, just a year before my mother passed away, she told nme seriously that my bedroom door used to slam by itself.

My sister, Susan told me the same thing independantly some months after our mother's passing. Growing up, I never experienced the door slamming, myself, but apparently my mom and dad and my sister all did. I was into sci fi films as a kid, and one of those films had a character in it called Mad Maurice. Through the years my parents and my sister (who was four years older than me), would refer to mad Maurice now and then- like, Mad Maurice did it, or the like. I sort of wondered why they kept bringing up that name, but never thought it through until later, when, as I just said, they told me.

To get to her room in that house, my sister had to pass through my room and there was a hallway after that, leading into her room. One day, as she told me, when she was 12, she brough home one of her girlfriends, who wondered who the old man was, sitting in my sister's bedroom chair when they came up to her room. The man vanished, but my sister also talks about other, low-key strange things that happened in her room.

As I say, I'd never experienced anything like that in the house or anywhere else, since.

Just once, though, back when I was a freshman at Saint Louis University, I took a nap one Saturday evening before a group of my pals and I were going to head out to a concert. In my dream, I got up and went into the bathroom where I looked in the mirror. Instead of my reflection, I saw an old man with white hair looking out at me. When I woke up from the dream I told one of the guys, who said he wasn't surprised, and that our house had been a retirement center some years before and that no doubt, some of the residents had passed on while living there. So my buddy had no problem believing the reflection in my dream was a ghost. That's the closest I've come to having "ghost" experiences, though I've had very strong religious experiences throughout my life.

Thanks for letting me share my story.




Holley Elementary School, Sylvester, Ga


By: JDepp09@aol.com


This was about 5 years ago, when I was in 4th grade, and everyone that has gone to that school previously knows all the stories of the bathrooms, and the lunchroom, and especially the Gym.  The only problem is, is that no one finds out about the stories, until they get out of the school, and then they wonder if they're crazy when they have an experience.

Like I said when I was in 4th grade, I went to use the bathroom on the 4th grade wing, and after I got done, and was still in the last stall, the lights went off, and of course I freaked out. Now it's very easy for someone to just open the door and flick the light switch, but the only problem is, is that I didn't hear the door open, because you would know if it did, and believe me it squeaks every time you open it.  Anyway, when I was still in the stall, I kind of heard a moaning sound, then felt a cold rush of air, I didn't know what to think, because I had just moved to Worth County, and have never heard of the stories.  Finally, I opened the door and saw a white figure, then it disappeared.  So right then and there I ran out of the bathroom, but then on the way out something grabbed my foot, but I just kicked whatever it was away. Still to this day I haven't forgotten that incident.






By: blonde_bum99@hotmail.com


I remeber when i was living in Prince Albert Sask. it was my birthday party and i was playing hide-and-seek with my friend Randy. Her mom called her so she went upstiars and i was still hiding beside a rolled up rug and the wall. i felt the rug move as if some one had pushed it with there feet but no one was there i looked strait up holding my breath and i saw a shadow of a figure looking on me i jumped up and ran from that spot but as i ran and went through the shape i had a cold, cold feeling wash through me. In that same house my cousin (Crystal) told me about this she was babysitting me while my parents were out she was watching TV when suddenly the washing machien turned on. She went turned it off and went back upstairs. Again the same thing happen 2 times after that and after the 3rd time and she came back upstairs all the lights and the TV and everything went off. She thought the power went out but then the TV turned on then off the on the off then the lights started to do that she got so freaked out she came and slept with me. I belive that that house was haunted and i'm glad we moved.



By: Skywalkr91@aol.com



Hi, this is a story that didn't happen to me, but it happened to my mom. Well, here it is.(oh, and just to tell you where everyone  else was, mom was grocery shopping with one of her brothers, the other brother was at boy scouts, and her dad was at work.)

Ok, my mom was home alone around 5:00 or 6:00 P.M., but im really not sure (i never got that specific of details) anyays, she was sitting on the couch watching T.V. when she saw a shadow of a figure walk across from one side of the hallway to another (from her parents room to hers and her 2 brothers rooms). she just thought "oh, maybe Dan or Jimmy stayed home". About 5 minutes later she saw it again, walk from one side of the hallway to another again (this time, from her and her 2 brothers rooms to her parents) she got really freaked out and ran out side. (ok, my grandpa, her dad, is a gun collector, specifically world war II guns, but he always kept them in a locked cabinet shelf, which was also to high for my mom or her brothers to reach) ok, so, she ran out side and looked back at the window thats in her parents room and saw one of her dads guns pointing at her. She ran for her neighbrs house who's kid she baby sat, and waited for her mom to get home. when she did, she ran to tell her mom what happened. She didn't believe her (and most parents never do believe their kids) well, when they went to the room and looked on the bed. Sitting on the bed was one of her dads guns. she said nothing has hapened sence then, but, my grandpa is the only one who lives there now, i bet he just doesnt say anything if something does happen, anyways thank you for reading!


Fergies Farewell


By: Trina.McKay@iomcollege.ac.im


I was working on a kibbutz in Israel and a small pretty mongrel attached herself to me, following me everywhere.

I called her Fergie and eventually I returned to England, bringing her with me although it involved putting her in quarantine for six months.

Fergie and I were extremely close to eachother and went everywhere together for the next 12 years. 

Time passed and she became ill with kidney failure. I took her to the vet who wanted to keep her in for a few hours for rehydration - he said that she would be unlikely to live for more than a few weeks but could be nursed at home.  When I went to collect her with my two year old daughter he said she was much improved and I carried her out to the car.  As I was holding her in my arms she suddenly made an undescribably anguished noise, licked my face and died.  I was devastated.  The vet came out, expressed his surprise and said that she must have known she was dying but had waited for me to come.  

I drove her body home and my husband arranged for her to be buried in a pretty pet cemetary set on a hillside.

Three mornings later I noticed what I can only describe as an "electrically charged" atmosphere in the house and asked my husband if he could feel it.  Initially he said no, but then became rather upset and told me that he had woken up around daybreak as he could feel a weight upon his chest and his face was being licked.  He had assumed that it was our daughter playing around, but was very shocked when he opened his eyes to see Fergie.  He said she then walked to the door, sat down, looked back at him for several seconds and then faded away.

At first I couldn't understand why she had appeared to my husband rather than to me, but then I realised that she had already said goodbye to me and was coming to wish him farewell.

Neither of us have ever seen her again.



Alone at Home


By: angelbrandy1400@yahoo.com


It was the first day of my new house and I really didn't feel comfortable in there I use to think it was just because it was my first new house because I lived in another one all my life so I deal with it in my first day of school my new friends told me that people use to think our house was hunted because it was all alone and big but I really didn't think much of it so my second day of school my parents had to take my sister to the hospital because she was sick luckily for my I didn't had to stay alone in a big new house my friend Maria came over and we started watching television we really dint think anything was going to happen until suddenly our blender went on by itself we thought my mom was home but when we got to the kitchen the blender was running and no one was there we got really freaked out so ranned upstairs we left the blender on and didn't looked back so when we got to my room we locked the door and suddenly the TV went on it was on the news and it talked about girls being murdered in their own house my friend got really scared and she called her mom to pick her up so i was home all alone i stayed in my room until suddenly I heard my mom calling me but the funny thing is that when I got there there was no body so I got really freaked out and went out the house.I didn't went in until my mom came and I told her everything that had happened that night.




A Day at Koch Hospital


By: spookycatboy@netzero.com


 Hello again. I just thought it was time for me to share the story of another one of my experiences.(I am also the person responsible for the story, "Edgar Allen Crow" as seen on group page 11/story page 205.) Koch Hospital was a reportedly haunted dilapidated hospital in south St. Louis County and I have a VERY good story concering Koch that I have got to share. In what I think was the year 1987 I was spending a night at a friend's house which was on a street that ran into Koch Road. This was of course, too tempting a opportunity for four adventuresome boys to pass. After some planning, we set out for Koch the next day. Fortunately, my friend at whose house I was staying, had a camcorder which we brought along. Now, it's been a long time, but we entered through a ground floor window and found ourselves in what I believe was something like a shower room in the basement(like what you'd see in a gym).From here we made our way into what resembled a "boiler room".We decided that to get to the heart of the hospital we had to go this way. We went through the "boiler room" atop what appeared to be a large tube or pipe inside a tunnel. The camcorder was on despite the fact that this room was bathed in complete darkness. For several minutes all that is discernable on the tape are the voices of four high school age guys carrying on and displaying typical machismo. At least UNTIL a FIFTH unknown voice is heard in the tunnel with us. Instantly, one of our group hushes the others. The tunnel is pitch black and comletely silent. Then we hear the voice again. Only for a few seconds more. It is voice that is both near and far and indecipherable. Again excitement and hushing. Seconds later all resumes like normal. We "tour" the old hospital. We find many interesting things, among them: an old wooden leg, the chapel on the premises, dental x-rays and some patient files. Years later, the four of us have gone our separate ways, but when we DO meet, and the talk turns to Koch Hospital, each of us explains the same facts, that, 1. None of us is the source of that fifth voice., 2. None of us saw or heard anyone else in the hospital before entering the tunnel. And, 3. Koch Hospial was always said to be haunted.  For several years prior to this experience my friend had informed me of all the stories he knew of Koch. That a night watchman in the early 80's heard a sound inside one night and took a look around inside to see what was the matter and found a jar containing a human fetus. That a deranged patient had escaped to a local grade school where he proceeded to enter by putting his hand through a  glass window in a door. (His location was later discovered by authorities following the trail of blood left by his injured hand.) As to the authenticity of these other claims I will admit to being somewhat incredulous. But as to my own experience there was no room for doubt; something supernatural had definately occurred.           




DC 8 Incident


By: Diomedes.Lusica@aa.com


Hi I worked for American Airlines for 6  years.  5  years of those where at DFW.  I have 2 kids and I worked part time for World Wide Freight Services.  An affiliate with AA through AMR (mother company).  To make the story short, one rainy stormy night, 5 of my co-workers called in (needed 12 to load cargo plane) and left us with a thin staff.  Therefore I get to drive both loaders (top deck and bottom deck).  The a/c pulled in at around 11:30pm from the hangar.  I was flabbergasted because this was an old plane and I have to reconfigure the load sheet.  While doing this, I have someone to work on the + an – load factor, and being the responsible crew chief, I have to inspect all the locks inside the plane.  This is where it gets hairy.  I started in the belly.   There are 4 sections for DC 8 the 1st 2 sections I did not have any problem but the 2 front wont open up.  As I recall, the pilots where suppose to come in from their lay over.  When I looked up, there was the 1nd officer waiving at me.  I could have swore the plane was taxied by mechanics from the hangar.  I did not sweat it but this guy help me open both cargo doors.  When I went top deck.  There is 20 sections that I have to inspect for the locks.  I was with this 1st officer all this time checking and chatting sometimes joking with him.  He did not give me the creeps until. We got to the very back.  There is only one way in and one way out.  My load master (preparing the load sheet was hollering outside and I could hear him coming up via loader.  At that time.  I was telling him to come inside because of the high winds, I could not hear him.  When he finally got in I was introducing him to “Chuck” the 1st officers name to my surprise he was no longer behind me.  Fred, ask me what am I talking about.  He was wondering why I was talking to my self.  I looked at him with a spooked out looked and Fred told me that I looked like I just saw a ghost.  That is my experience and I do not believe in ghost.  What was that all about!!







Haunting Story


By: devilkitty666@hotmail.com


first, excuse my improper grammar. I live in pennsylvania, and back home, i would often investigate lots of "haunted" places. I've had some weird mishaps occur, but nothing too crazy. Recently I moved to Cape Cod in Massachusetts to go to school. I currently work and live at the Coonamesset Inn which apparently has a lot of haunted history. One of the owners from many many years ago, when the farm was first purchased and turned into a restaraunt and hotel, shows herself to employees on occasion. AS a newcomer, i've had one slight experience where somthing hit me when i was in a room by myself, but there are crazier things. On February 9th, A man was staying in room 26th and he saw a figure of a woman by the window when he awoke during the night. He thought he was dreaming so he went back to sleep. Shortly thereafter he woke up and the figure was standing over him in his bed, and it physically shook him. He called my manger to let him know that he would not be staying for the rest of his reservation. The rest of the employees told me about some of their own experiences. A new girl that wasn't informed started seeing the figure of a man hanging from the rafters in the cahoon room(one of our dining rooms). She asked the othe employees if they saw it, and she explained what she was seeing which astounded everyone else, because no one had told this girl about the history of this place.

What i discovered is that the woman is named Edda, she was the owner of the Inn and she was very devoted to her employees and her customers. She loved this place so i could understand why she would remain here. the man is her husband, who committed suicide during the building of the restaurant.

there are plenty of other little stories, things moving in the basement, cold spots burshing past people, sounds of running on the stairs to the basement. But the one mentioned above is the most recent. Thanks for your time,




My True Hauntings


By: allby55@hotmail.com



My name is Albert, I am from Sydney Australia. We used to live in a house when I was 3 or 4 years old (I am now 26). I had a gold ring which was given to me from a grandparent who lived overseas. One was also given to my elder sister (she was 5 or 6 years old). Anyway, I was allowed to wear it, and I treasured it as it was my first peice of jewelery (and gold!). All i can remember one day was that I had lost it and was so very upset that I had the whole family on an extended search party trying to help me find it, but it was no where to be found. I remember that I and everyone else could not believe that I had lost it because I was overprotective of all my things as a child (and still am), wether it was toys, and especially my "gold ring".

So, I dont remember how exactly I had lost it, but all of a sudden, after having nearly accepting that I would never have my ring back after weeks/months of searching with no success, I awake one morning to find it on my finger. I believed, and still do today, that it was the ghosts living in my old house. I remember when I had woken up, it was in my bedroom. This bedroom was one I rarely slept in because I was petrified of it. Maybe because I was young and scared of sleeping alone, but I remember most of the time I slept with my elder sister in her room because I was afraid of something in the other bedroom. On the rare occasion I remember sleeping in that " haunted bedroom" I can remember my ring dissapearing and reappearing.

We later moved to the house I live in today with my parents (moved here when I statred kindergarten, being probably the same year). My first ghostly experience here was I, being 16 or so, having been awoken at 3 a.m one morning unexpectedly. I usually sleep like a rock, with my bed facing the doorway, at my feet. I awoke to a black figure zooming past my doorway. I remember I was scared stiff and couldnt move. I was so scared I tried my hardest to fall back to sleep after 10-15 minutes of even being scared to breath.

There were also a few instances in this same house which we live in now that are unexplainable. This was only 4 to 5 years ago. My mother was making sunday lunch and had finished, calling us all in to the kitchen table where we were to eat as a family. We all (my dad, 2 sisters and I) got up from the living room and straight to the kitchen table meeting mum there. We had left the tv on in the lounge room, which was quite loudly heard in the kitchen where we were about to start lunch. My dad asked one of us kids to get up and turn the tv off. We un-intentionally ignored him as we were all starving and it was a lazy sunday atmosphere. He asked again, and all us kids looked at each other contimplating which one would get up. By the third time my father annoyingly asked for someone to get up and turn the tv off, we are shocked by the tv automatically turning off by itself. We are dumbfounded as we had never had a problem with the tv in all the 10 or so years we owned it, and we havent had a problem with it since, except this one time more.

This was a year or so later. I was watching cable tv alone in the dark, waiting for my friend to beep is horn outside when he arrived, as he would pick me up to go out for fun. My mother was in bed watching tv, and everyone else was out. While I was watching tv in the living room and waiting, my mother appeared in the doorway and called my name. She spooked me half to death. Apologising for spooking me, she asked me why would I be spooked from her just calling my name, and I replied "I thought you were a ghost!". As soon as I said that, the television started switching channels by itself, at an abnormale rate. My mother looked at me and asked what I was doing to the television. I replied that it wasnt me and as she switched on the light, we both looked at each other, then we looked together at the other side of the room to see the remote control laying way over on the other couch. My mother was so spooked, she didnt let me go out with my friend that night and leave her alone.

A few more quick instances of ghosts in my house. Once I came home to an empty house, at about 5-6pm, to find every light in my house on, even lights we rarely use. I rang all my family members to see if it was their doing, and they all replied that none of them had been home yet since leaving that morning (making me the first to have arrived home that evening). Other times during the night when I would be sleeping, I would wake to someone walking up and down the concrete path at the side of my house, past my bedroom window. This would freak me out, as it would anyone, as when I would look, there would be no one there.

I have many other stories which I would like to share with you if you would be interested. Hope to hear from you all. Email me at allby55@hotmail.com






White Lady


By: geneanthonykelly@eircom.net


this is my story.a true story.in 1998 I went to stay in youghal in county cork,southern Ireland, for a weeks holiday with my wife,my sister and her husband.my brother in law and I decided to go to the local pub for a few drinks.when we left the pub about 1.00am,we decided to take an old train track route back to our rented house.in the pitch black of night we were walking and talking when my brother in law needed to stop and pee.so I stood nearby,he was talking about what we were going to do the next day..when he stopped in mid-sentence and said oh sh**t.I looked in the direction he was looking in and I froze.about 50 yards ahead was a young lady dressed in a pure white dress,the type you would see in the 18th century (summer dress).she also had on her a large circular hat.it looked as though the sun was shining down on her.we both froze for what seemed ages but was probably only a few minutes.the young lady turned and slowly dimmed off in the opposite direction to us(thank god).we both ran like hell to the main road.to add..we were not drunk,we were both in our 30s and quite astute. to this day when I mention it to my brother in law he freaks.this I swear to be the truth.since that night I do believe in ghosts.thank you for my opportunity to tell you about this.   




A Few Strange Things


By: Buythis1@Charter.net


When I was a young girl, my Grandmother often told us stories of her encounters with the Supernatural. We clung to every word as if it were gospel. She was also clairivoynt and made many predictions and had dreams that came to pass. Now in my adult years , I have this almost obsession with the Supernatural. Especially since I have my own tales to tell.

It all began when I was 8 years old. My best friend at the time lived in a house down the road from me. I would walk to her house almost every other day. She also had a brother that committed suicide in that house. One day she and I were sitting on her couch discussing people that we knew that had died, when I brought up my recently deceased Grandfather and she brought up her brother. When all of a sudden we both heard this voice call our names. It was almost whispery and sounded as if it were faraway. But clearly distinct. I recall that we both looked at each other and made a beeline for the yard where her parents were raking leaves. Of course , they thought we were silly little girls making things up. But to this day I still recall that voice and how it's call from beyond frightened the heck out of me!

Moving forward to a few years ago, my Grandmother passed away. I was very close to her. Thankfully, I did get to tell her goodbye.  A few months after her death, I was missing her and wondering if she was ok. So one night while standing outside of my house waiting to be picked up to go out with some friends, I said to her outloud "Granny, I would love to see you. Just to know that you are ok . BUT if you show yourself..please don't scare me! " The next day having forgotten all about my request. I was coming home from college , when entering the back door, I happened to glance into the bottom panel glass . And lo and behold! There in the glass window pane,sitting in a chair behind me...was my Grandmother! It was like my eyes saw her , but my mind would not accept the fact. I quickly turned around and she was gone. Yet it was definitely her. But she had no facial features. She appeared almost cartoonish. An energy force. I had to laugh after this experience though, knowing my Grandmother, because she was a pepper in her day and a practical joker and could have easily scared the bejesus out of me. She came through for me because rememeber I asked her to show herself but not to scare me. So I guess that the glass method was the safest way to accomplish this. Anyway, I have had tons more strange and supernatural experiences. I believe that my life will always have unexplainable things. Some people are just that way. Thanks for listening.

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