A Few Ghostly Encounters



By: lilit_xul@hotmail.com


My family has never been the type to stay in one place for long, so we have moved around quite a bit so far.

After moving around NJ (the 1st my parents lived in together was also "haunted" but I was to little to remember and only know about it from what they've told me) to PA a couple times we settled in a nice house over in Pennsylvania. It was an older house and the mayors family had lived there for some time with both of his parents dying in the house. We moved in and it needed alot of work, so there wasnt any capret in my room for a while and I ended up sleeping with my parents for a bit. When there was carpet in the room I finally went and started sleeping in there. I would wake up to my mother yelling at me because the TV was on full blast (I didnt have the tv on when I went to sleep, and If I did I certanly would have been more sneeky about watching it because I knew my parents would be mad if they found out I was watching it). This would happen quite frequently. When i was around 7 and 8, I would start to wake up in the middle of the night and notice my closet door was open. (I ALWAYS closed the door before I went to bed). I would get up, close it and go back to bed, just to wake up an hour or so later with it open again. I figured the lock might have popped out since it was an old house and decided to leave it, but I looked over and saw an older woman coming out of my closet, she had a flower dress on and a white shall with little dangles on the bottom of it. She would come out of the closet and I would put the blanket over my head and start to hum to myself. After a while I would get up enough courage to look back over, and she'd still be there.. It seems as though she'd only move when I watched her. As I got older and more use to these visits of hers I decided I would watch to see what she did one night. I closed the closet door, and as always it was open.

(The closet door would always open itself but I'd only get a visit from her once a week, give or take) She made her schedualed appearance and came out of the closet, looking as she always did.. not fully solid but not completely transparent. I never actually got a look at her feet because I was usually looking at her face.. She was older, and her hair was white and bundled up. She seemed kind but sinister at the same time. I watched as she made her way across my room and as she got to the foot of my bed I went and put the blanket over my head and hoped she might go away, or I'd fall asleep and wake up with her being gone as thats what always happened. I finally decided to take the blanket off my head and she was still there, but closer up on the side/ end of my bed where my calfs were.  At this point I decided to make a break for it and  jumped off my bed to the bed on the other side of the room (I had two twin beds in my room for when my older sister came to visit or someone spent the night) jumped off the other twin and ran to my parents room. We moved out not to long after that, probably 6 months. But during the last month of living there along with the older lady came out a younger gentle man and a younger lady. They were both very "handsome"

looking almost like they'd be going to a 1930's dance. I thought my room was getting a bit to crouded so I slept in the guest room for the last couple weeks I lived there. The bed was facing out to the window so I didnt have to look at any closets.. But right outside the window was a graveyeard.

  From this house we moved into my grandmothers house down in North Carolina (My grandmother had just died and the other house we were moving into wasnt fully built yet). The first night we were there my parents slept on the pullout couch with my litle brother and I slept on my grandmothers water bed with my little sister. (Just as a side note: She died on the same water bed less then a month earlier) I woke up in the middle of the night and smelt a very strong perfume smell. My grandmother was always fond of perfumes and there were still lots of them on the dresser so I figured my sister must have been playing with them but she and everyone else in the house were asleep. When I got back in the bed from checking on everyone I realized the smell was gone. I went back to bed and a couple minutes later smelt the perfume again. I also felt someone bending over me and... it was like, they lightly put their hand on my shoulder and kissed my forehead. I just always assumed it was my grandmother saying goodbye to me.

In the same house we had our dog with us, he was a stray my father brought home after he wouldnt leave my dad alone at work. We quickly became attached to the big dog and my father let us keep him. (I felt bad for him becuase he had to enure the move from PA to NC and he got very car sick) Down in NC there was a big pen my grandmother use to keep her dog in. Since my aunt took the dog the cage was empty and we decided tp put Ben (my dog) in it. He didnt like to be cooped up all day in the cage so in the morning we'd let him out and he'd roam all day occasionally stopping back home to say hello and them left again, but he was always back before it got dark for dinner time and so he could be put in his cage till the next day. One day he wasnt home for dinner and I started to get worried. My mother let me stay up for a while longer and wait to see if he come home. It was around 9:30 -10:00pm ish when I looked out the sliding door and saw him waiting there for me (he would always wait there for us if we were inside). I ran to tell my mom Ben was home, went and got my shoes and went outside. When I got out there I went to his pen thinking he might have went in it, but he wasnt there. I called him and looked all around for him (He liked to have things his way but he was a very obedient dog). He didnt come that night and I had the most horrible feeling something happened. I didnt sleep and got on the bus the next day where my bus driver told me she saw my dog. I got very excited and asked where, when she told me he was on the side of the road dead.  (This was very harsh considering I was only 10 years old, and the dog never did anything to her becides try to come to school with me a couple times on the bus). I didnt want to believe her and averted my eyes from looking out the window. Earlier on in the morning  I got called out of class and my mother was there and told me she found Ben and that he was gone. She took me home and I cried the rest of the day. I was also upset I didnt get to see him before she burried him, but his body was very mangled and bloody. I went to school the next day, still extremely upset and a girl in the grade ahead of me who lived up the road started telling me how sorry she was. She said she was going to gymnastics around 6pm and they saw my dog get hit by a truck but their dad wouldnt stop to help him because he said the impact had probably killed  Ben, and the other truck didnt stop either. This made me even more distraught becuase I KNEW I saw him that night at 10pm. I even went over to the door and tapped on it where his nose was. Then I remembered my grandmother giving me a kiss goodbye and I realized that was what my dog was doing. Saying goodbye to me.




Brand Park


By: Modesto.Valenzuela@lacity.org


First, let me commend you on a terrific website.  It's the best on the web when researching the paranormal.  Secondly, I am a believer.  Always have been, always will be.  I find the paranormal field to be extremely interesting, especially as it pertains to ghosts, or hauntings.

I noticed on your list of "Haunted Locations" in the state of California, you have listed a Brand Park in Glendale, CA.  I have an interesting story I'd like to share with you regarding that park.  Brand Park is a nice family park with a couple of baseball fields, picnic grounds with an adjacent children's playground, public restroom facilities, the Brand Park Library as well as nature trails.  The park used to be the residential estate of a Dr. Brand, thus the name. 

I coached my stepson's little league baseball team there for two years, 1997 and 1998.  It was during our first season that my wife experienced something very strange in the company of her daughter. 

We had just completed a Saturday afternoon game and I, as an assistant coach, was giving out practice schedules to the parents and seeing my players off with their parents when my step-daughter (who was 3 at the time) had to use the restroom.  My wife took her and I went with my step-son to wait for them in our car.  After a few minutes, she and her daughter came hustling back to my car and in a very frightened tone, she told me, "Hurry up, let's go home!"

Her tone startled me and I asked her what was wrong.  She related the following to me:  She took her daughter, Aimee, to the girl's restroom and had her sit in one of the stalls.  She stepped out of the stall and a bit to the side of it so as to allow Aimee some privacy.  As she did so, Aimee looked up towards a window, which was located a foot or so short of the ceiling (and about 7-8 feet off of the ground) and said, "Hello".  After a short pause she said, "Aimee", as though answering someone's question about her name.  She never took her glance away from the window.  My wife asked her daughter, who at this time was finishing up her business, who she was talking to and Aimee replied, "The man, mommy."  "The man in the window".  After saying that, Aimee returned her attention to the window and said, "Oh, that's my mommy".  She spoke as though she was answering another question from someone whom my wife couldn't see nor hear.  This, naturally, horrified my wife who quickly looked up at the window, thinking some pervert was on the tree limb which extended out over the restroom area.  She saw no one, nor did she hear anyone shuffling about on the rooftop of the restroom.  Although there was a slight spring breeze, the leaves barely moved and all was still.  She was alone in the restroom with her daughter. 

At this point, Aimee asked her mom, "Mommy, don't you see him?", which made my wife even more upset.  Without responding to her daughter's question, she quickly had her daughter wash her hands and started to lead her out of the restroom by the hand.  As they both approached the doorway out of the restroom, she and Aimee glanced back toward that corner of the building with the window when Aimee cheerfully said, "Bye!"  My wife immediately looked over the tree as she left the restroom area and saw no one.  There were some people milling around the area, but no one on the roof of the restroom building and no one in the tree.  Definitely no one who was 7-8 feet tall was to be found anywhere in the park.  This is when she quickly came to me and her son in our car.

After hearing this, I quickly became suspicious and drove by the restroom area.  I parked my car and walked around the restroom, thoroughly going over the grounds and examining the tree and rooftop.  There was no one around, except children at this point.  When I returned to the car, I asked Aimee who she was talking to in the restroom and she replied, "The Man in the Window".  My wife was almost in tears at this point, so I decided to get us all out of the park and headed home.





By: benson5@iowatelecom.net


first off i thought i'd tell you that i've had quite a few experiences through out my life but the one that i remember the most is one that happened when i was around ten years old.  I was visiting my dad at the Ft. Mead Veterans Hospital in Sturgis S.D.. I was with my mom and a close cousin of mine.  We went to see my dad on the  weekend and took him a picnic lunch.  after we arrived and found my dad we went outside to find a spot to have our lunch.  While my parents ate my cousin and I decided to go play around the area.  Now the area consists of buildings and old stables that were built back in the 1800's and early 1900's .  There is old barracks and old stables, as well as newer buildings that make up the hospital itself.  Any way while we were playing around one building we kept hearing noises that sounded like people talking inside, but after trying to look inside we found that the doors on all sides of the building were locked with heavy steel locks.  We tried reaching a window but they were all too tall.  So we gave up and decided to go eat bofore we had to go.  On the way back to where my parents were sitting we walked by another building and heard horses. I loved horses and ran to my dad to tell him that they were there so he could take me to see them.  He came with me back to the building, he kept telling me that there was no horses there but i told him that i heard them and so did my cousin.  i still didn't believe him so he showed me by lifting me up to the window of the building that i heard them in.  Looking inside I only saw boxes and boxes of stuff, no horses.  He laughed at me and told me that there hadn't been horses ther for a hundred years.  After I got older I went back to the Veterans hospital I found a little musuem and seen the buildings that i heard the people and horses and they were last used in the late 1800's just like my dad told me.





Haunted Banff Springs


By: kalinta2001@yahoo.ca



Hello Shadowlands,

As a previous employee at the banff springs hotel, I have seen many ghosts, and heard a lot about many stories from the general manager, and other  coworkers..

As I do believe in ghosts.. they are out there. of course you know about Room 873.. the missing door.. and the bride that fell and died on her wedding day, there were also some more.. that you don't know about..

There was an older woman that had cheated on her husband with an younger man, she had taken him to the Banff Springs, and spent some time together when she was sleeping he had got in her car, and drove off, never to been seen again, she woke up thinking he had gone out for a bit, and when he never returned.. she knew that was the end.. she poured herself a cold bath.. and got in.. and killed herself.. she had been rotting in the bathtub for a couple of days before the housekeeper came in.. she was pot bellied and her fingers and face were blue, and a reaking smell of rotting flesh.

The housekeepers have seen her once or twice..  in the bathtub.. dead.. and then all of a sudden she opens her eyes.. and grabs you.. leaving burn marks on your arms..as the coldness burns. this story was told around the 40's

There was a male student that either was playing on his balcony, or drinking, he had fell to his death  about 6 floors up , and fell right in front of the main doors.. he didn't survive. this was around the 50's

The bellhop Sam, he is seen every once in awhile.. he is very friendly.. and offers to take you up to your desinated floor,  though he had died  in his elevator, what caused..the cable snapped, he died instantly.. but he is still offering his services.. to the hotel. say hello to sam..  he won't hurt you.

the president suite which is on the top floors.. the largest of all the rooms.  It is on the 9th floor, when the hotel was held over by many managers and owners, during the 20's and 30's, the hotel had mafia's in them. and they satyed in the president suite, which was named something totally different than today.. I do not know the name back then, but when the mafia's staed there. there was a lot of blood shed .. among and inside the hotel one evening,.. a deal did not go good as expected.. and the men upstairs in the suite were caught off guard, by other men with shot gun's entering, there brains splattered everywhere, along the walls and the body chopped up a bit more..

There are many different areas in the hotel used as jails, thats why you may seen rooms with blank white doors, and a little window, and wired up..  it use to be a jail. there are other rooms, that have been blocked off.. and you need to step up with a ladder to get into them. to know more please email me back.

The book the shining fortells these stories which are very true and happened at banff springs, even though it may not say so.. the stories.. have fallen from ear to ear..  and passed on.. I find this amazing.. and  would love to go back to banff springs at it's finest..  to see, and hear.. and try to picture what it was like.



Making Sure I am OK


By: MThornbury2@cfl.rr.com



My name is Gaye and my story is a good one.  Let me give you some background first.  As a child, my family and I would go up to Morganton NC to visit my grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandfather.  We all loved them very much and it was hard to see my great-grandfather get sick and wither.  I remember when I was vey young listening to Dixieland jazz with him. He died in 1972. When we got the phone call, it seemed like I already new he was dead. I can't explain why, but I just knew.  My great-grandmother passed away many years later at the ripe old age of 100. We all believe that papaw finally came and got her. ANyway, there is the occasional time when I think that one of them comes to visit me.  I'll be walking down the hall and pass a pocket that has a distink smell to it. It is a smell I only associate with their house.  I haven't experienced it in awhile, maybe because we have moved again to Florida, but the smell has often followed me and I think that they are just making sure I"m ok.  That is my only story at this point.




My Antique Car



By: medic5329@optonline.net


I have always loved cars and driving fast , for my last job I became a New York City Emergency Medical Service Paramedic.  What a job you get to speed , run red lights and stop signs and use lights & siren.  What's not to love.  Well I loved the job so much that when I got hurt and my career ended I was devastated.  I fell into a really bad depression. 

One day driving to our employee health service , out of the corner of my eye, I saw a 1940 Packard Sedan in a used car lot.  I hooked a u turn , never thinking of missing my health service appointment, and stopped to see the car.  It was very badly worn and needed a lot of work but just the way I felt got me thinking.  I told a friend I would start looking for a Packard and he told me his Limousine Company could use an antique Cadillac.  Off we went in search of the holy grail.  It took almost a full year to find the car.  We went on a 24 hour road trip to the western edge of Ohio to look at one car but it was the wrong series.   I found one near by that was the right series and years but it needed a lot of work and it didn't feel right.  

We continued to look when I saw a tiny ad in an automotive hobby magazine.  It was just 2 or 3 lines and could easily be overlooked.  It was also in Con. , which is the next state over and about an hour maybe an hour and a half away.  I felt a strange calm on the way to look, not sure if it was I was expecting to see the wrong series or year or what.  The owner or the garage gave me directions and off I went.  The room was full of high buck restorations but this car just drew my eyes right to her.  It was a magnetic attraction despite the $100,000 Pieerce Arrow next to her or the other high dollar cars near.& sp; I looked at the car and decided to road test it.  All seemed in order but as I drove the area of older , probably 1920s, houses I felt strangely at home almost deja vu.

We went to transport the car and that was a story of it's own but we finally got her home to Mount Pocono.  She would stay at my friends while we rebuilt her.   As we finished the mechanical restoration we would take trips out into the country side and his is where it got strange.  

On one trip, on a road I drove many times, I felt a strange feeling.  It wqas deja vu again.  As we traveled these roads that look as roads looked in the early 1950s or so I felt I was back in time.  My cut off jeans and t shirt felt like a suit and as I looked over at my friend , who was driving, I could have sworn he was wearing a loose fitting suit and fedora.  I know he was wearing a ratty t shirt and old jeans but I saw something different.  Was somehow the car and we riders somehow tramsported back or was it my imagination. 

A couple of months later I was doing a Wedding and driving in the rain, at night not paying attention when the car inb front of me stopped.  I slammed the brakes on and I stopped as if I had a modern ABS braking system despite the ancient technology.  Is the former owner still watching over his car.  The former owner bought the car in 1949 and kept it till his death and then the family gave it to a neighbor who for some strange reason sold it relatively cheaply..  I wonder if strange things happened to him while he drove her the few miles he did.  When I am behind the whel of the car I feel totally relaxed almost too much so.  I wonder if the former owner is looking over me and maybe he likes me owning the car he loved.



My Dog can see Ghosts


By: LORKA@uwec.edu


It happened one night while I was watching tv.  Noah, my English Springer Spaniel of 5 months old was happily chewing on his toys and jumping around having fun.  All of a sudden, he made this strange noise so I turned around.  He had threw one of his bones into a corner in the room.  This was late at night, but everything was lit up, and I didn't see anything in that corner so I was wondering what he was making a big deal about.  He backed up towards me and made more strange noises.  I had never heard them before and I could tell he was really scared.  It sounded like he was barking through his nose, if that's possible.  He started howling and barking in earnest.  It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  It's one thing if he's barking at the darkness when we're outside taking a potty break, it's a whole other thing when he's barking at a brightly lit corner in the tv room.  I tried to calm him down by showing him nothing was there.  I told him to get his bone but he wouldn't go near it so I reached over and grabbed it-nothing happened.  I didn't feel any coldness or anything out of place.  My overactive imagination thought my hand was going to be snatched up by some growling monster but everything was fine.  I gave the bone back to Noah and he seemed fine afterwards too.  Apparently, what ever that was there was gone because Noah didn't mind running around and into that corner.  The next morning, I was telling my mom about it and she said that many people believe dogs can see the dead and ghosts.  I was so freaked out.  Everytime we go out at night for a potty break before he goes to bed, I always look out into the darkness trying to see something but nothing, and my heart usually goes into berserk mode when he barks at the dark and runs towards the door with me usually running right behind him.  He he.  That's my little story.  Not too scary but strange nonetheless.




My Experiences


By: phil_m00r@yahoo.com


Well...I'm not sure that these scattered experiences of mine even count as ghostly encounters or not.  Some may have been sleep paralysis or some other sleep disorder for all I know, but there are a few that I'm unsure of.  Most of these things occurred in the home I grew up in, but not all.  The first and most vivid thing to happen was at that home, when I was around 15.  I was asleep and I woke up abruptly for no apparent reason and immediately focus my eyes on what appeared to be an elderly woman dusting my desk and a small table next to it.  She just moved about dusting away for a few moments and eventually she slowly faded away and was gone.  I lay there dumbfounded by what I had just seen and made sure that I was actually awake.  When I realized that I was, you can imagine my shock.  I screamed for my mother and she came in shortly after and assured me that it was just a dream.  I knew the difference between a dream and reality and that WAS no dream.  It really wasn't too scary though, because the lady never seemed to even acknowledge my being there, but it was a very disturbing thing for a 15 year old.  I had another experience not long after that.  Again I woke abruptly but this time to the horror of a hand rubbing across my back and someone whispering indiscernible gibberish into my ear.  I laid there frozen in fear wondering if this was actually happening as the hand just slowly slid around on my back.  In an instant I jumped up and looked around but there was nothing.  No more whispering and no one in the room.  I also remember being totally filled with dread during this.  After these two occurrences I h trouble sleeping for a while.  At times I would even end up in the floor of my mother's room because I was so afraid.  I'd also sometimes sleep in my brother's room to have his company.  After things seemed to calm dawn and I started to sleep in my own room again with little fear I had another odd encounter.  This time I was sleeping on my back and again I woke suddenly but this time I looked over to the floor and there in the floor staring right back at me was a cat.  It was just sitting there kind of flopping it's tail around and just watching me.  The thing is, we had no cat.  We didn't own any animals what so ever.  Just like with the elderly woman, the cat slowly faded away until it was gone.  This time I just laughed, because it seemed so silly after I thought about it.  I had a few other experiences but most of them I believe to have been a bout of sleep paralysis.  They can be pretty creepy as well.  For all I know all of these things could have been just that.  Sometimes when I think about it.....I'm not so sure though.




My Ghost Experience


By: kalismile@europe.com


I have a friend who lives in an older home in Fredericksburg, VA.  I visited her for one of our long chat sessions and lunch at our favorite little place downtown.  She has no children, no cats and one dog named Matilda.  As we were getting ready to head out for lunch she ran upstairs to get her shoes and I waited in the entry way by myself.  Relaxed and in a contented state of mind, I suddenly felt a distinct series of four taps on my lower back just above my hip.  I assumed it was Matilda and turned to see what she was up to but there was no sweet doggy face there.  In fact there was no thing and no one there.  I hollered upstairs to my good friend, "Is Matilda up there with you?"  She responded with a simple, "Yes, why?"  So I said,"Has anyone ever told you your house is haunted?"  She squealed and said,"No. Why?" So I proceeded to tell her about the taps on my back as she descended the steps with Matilda in tow.  It was pretty cool.  I have clairaudient, clairvoyant and other psychic experiences on an irregular basis, usually when I am in a relaxed state of mind however, this was the first time I've ever felt a physical contact of any sort though. 




My Ghost Story


By: kimberly23_f@yahoo.com



Hi! My name is Kimberly and I live in Alabama. My family and I have always been very open to the idea of ghosts. We have had more than our share of ghostly experiences and even have a few pictures too. One of my stories was from years ago when I was about 9 years old.

My older brother and I loved each other but because of the 2 year age difference we used to fight all the time. My grandaddy who was very dear to us and whom had died about a year before this (but my brother was especially close to him) used to tell us all the time that we should never go to bed angry at one another. That was one of his rules that still sticks with me to this day. One night, we had a fight that seemed huge at the time (it was probably over a toy or something ridiculous like that) and my mom made us go to bed. I was lying in my bed and the only light was the line under my door and the moonlight coming through my window. I had been in the bed a short time and was still fuming from the fight. All of the sudden I heard something say "hey!" in a real whispery voice. That drew my at ntion to the foot of my bed and I saw a figure standing there.  I couldnt really make out any traits but I knew it was a male figure. I started to panic. I couldnt move or speak all I could do was pant. I was freaking out! Then I watched the figure move from the end of my bed around to the side that I was laying on. It was then standing over me. I swear I thought I was about to faint or something I was breathing so hard. Then he rubbed my arm as if he were trying to comfort me. I cant really explain how but it was then that I realized it was my grandaddy. I jumped up and ran out the door crying. I told my mom and made her sleep with me for the next week.



My Only Experience


By: Weshott1@aol.com


The only experience I ever had was one I didn't realize I was having until I moved. Until I moved, I thought what I was feeling was normal. When my father and step-mother married, we moved into a house that had previously belonged to her brother. I was 7 years old at the time and all I knew about my step-mother's brother was that he was dead, he had died of a "broken heart" at the age of 27. We visited his grave when we visited my grandfather's grave every 6 months or so. I never really gave him much thought. His old room was across from mine and I avoided going in there. Sleep was something that never came easy for me, either. My parents told me I used to have nightmares all the time. Before going to sleep, I was constantly looking around for someone to pop out of the shadows. Being alone in the house was always weird for me, it was like someone was looking over my shoulder all the time, not in a menacing way, but more in a curious way (looking back on it). Every Christmas my Grandmother and Uncle would come stay with us and I would sleep in "his" room with my Grandma and my uncle would sleep in my room, seeing as how my bed was a twin. I never slept a wink in that room, once again, the feeling was one of "why are you here?". One night, as I was drying my hair in my room, I was thinking about "him" for some reason. All of a sudden, the lights click off. I came rolling out of my room very quickly and "his" room across the hall had lost power too. No other lights went out. Could be explained away, I guess, it's just that it was strange because I never thought about him. Well, we moved out when I was 15, and the new house was so strange to me because I felt so comfortable there. No problems sleeping, no feelings of being watched. My step-mother and I got to talking about him one day and she told me the "real" way he had died: He commited suicide in the house and laid there for 2 days before anyone had found him. He was in love with the neighbor's daughter and she didn't like men (you know what I mean?) It was all to much for him, he wanted so much to be with her and she didn't return his affections in that way. (I'm not sure if he knew she was a lesbian or not). My step-mother did tell me that when I was at my grand-parents house one weekend, she and my dad were outside and she was walking my dog around the side of the house. All of a sudden, Sassy, (my dog, sweetest black lab in the world) stopped under one of the windows in "his" room. She got between my step-mother and that window and growled and her hackled raised up and was making the biggest fuss. My step-mother called to my dad and told him there must be someone in the house because the way Sassy was carrying on (she never barked or growled). Daddy went inside and looked around and said there was nothing or no-one in the house. My step-mother went on to say that was the same window " he " would stare out of for hours because it faced his love's house and he could hope to catch a glimpse of her comings and goings. I really hope that " he " has moved on to a better place.



My Story


By: darkpoet99@yahoo.com


First I want to tell you that I love your page, I visit it everyday. Congratulations !

Second... Please publish my story if you think it is worth publishing. My name is Sandra and I live in Puerto Rico at the moment. You can publish my name and emails too.

Ghost or Entity ?

Well it’s not the first time that I experience something supernatural, but this happened a couple of years ago. It so happens that I used to be satanic and was in contact with evil forces all the time. That week my older sister decided to play the wegee board but we didn't have one so we made our own with a cardboard and a little round mirror (now I'm talking about adults here) I was about 15 (I'm 21 now) my sister was 26 with two kids and my brother 24, his wife 20... Anyway, we all sat at the dinning table and my sis and I began to play first it would not move at all and I said "well maybe it doesn't work" so I took my hands off the mirror (I had drawn an arrow on it with black nail polish to point at the letters); so my brother sits where I was and begins to play, so they ask the board why I couldn't play and it says "NO", then they ask who was talking and it said "Satan". By that time I could already sense a bad smell in the house and a presence around us. I could see something like a silhouette of a big person in a gas form (clear gas with gray and black tones) that headed to the kitchen where my sis in law had gone with my niece (2 years old, who I will call A) so I looked to the kitchen to see my in-law whit my niece by the stove and the gas form all around them specially aroun A. I got up from the chair and went to the kitchen, waved my hand through he gas form and took A with me, telling my in-law S to be careful because  there was something in the house trying to do something to A in some way. I felt that A had a strange look in her eyes and I knew there was part of the gas form in her or around us (today she is 8 and she can see things and has dreams and stuff as I do). So back at the table my sis and brother still playing ask the board why it does not want to talk to me and it says " Luz " (that is my middle name, meaning light in English). And they ask what?, so it says "She is the beginning of the end"  freaking me out since my sis has always had dreams about the end of the world (which freaks me out even more), soy I tell them to ask if I will have kids and it answers "yes"  (I don't want kids), so I say name the father and it says "me" they ask who? And it replies "Satan" they pushed the board towards my side of the table and we all started think about the board, I never told my sis what I saw, only S knows. They started telling me that I should go to church and quit Satanism (I did a couple of days after when I had a "dream" in which I killed a couple in their room and woke up to find my hands and clothes full of fresh blood {I was not in my days of the month}) and continued a normal (atheist) life for the next three days...  I will continue this story in the next few days when I have more time and feel better for I have been a little sick these last days. I can tell you that today I am a solitary practitioner of nocturnal neo-paganism (dark-wicca) nothing evil at all. Thank you for reading my story and I hope you read it all. Feel free to contact me (djinn0fire@hotmail.com and/or darkpoet99@yahoo.com).



Newburg , Mo.


By: johnathan.skaggs@gmail.com


I have another story about the woods in which I grew up just down Highway T N/East of Newburg . I have heard that it was know as Satans holler though i cannot find any historical documentation. The name it is most commonly called is "Bakers Sluegh" due to a long stretch of water cut off from the Little Piney by a stretch of Fields. Our house is on the opposite side of the road from the "Sluegh" and there are two small ponds and a larger lake . We own some acres of the land and on the southern side we are bordered by Mark Twain National Forest. There have been odd goings on for years here . Most witnessed by the locals who live on this road. But it all seems centered around the old Bkers Place which is up a small hill directly east and South of our property. There is also an unexplainable draft of extremely cold air which blows down the lane which goes up to the house. The lane is actually located in a small ravine , which opens up into a small valley . Though this could explain some of the cooler air , the air that emmanates from it is extremely cooler than most would think is Normal. However , it isn't always so . But at certain times.  The road and woods itself seem to also be haunted. Friends feel uneasy and fearful when getting out of their cars at night. When we let the dogs out some nights, we feel a very eerie and almost malevolent presence. My own mother said one night she saw red eyes in the woods. These are only a few of the many experiences people have had . These of course are personal or familial ones that i have re counted here. All in All i would say that Newburg Mo. should also be included on your list of Haunted Missouri.  =)



No Flowers


By: boogielover75@aim.com


My Dad and Mom made a trip to Charleston, SC last year. My Mom is fascinated with old cemeteries. While walking through one afternoon, a gloomy afternoon, my Dad stopped in his tracks. He asked my Mom if she smelled the flowers, there were NO FLOWERS anywhere, she could not smell anything. She asked my Dad if he was ok, apparently he looked really dazed and confused, Dad replied that he just had the strongest smell of carnations. It only lasted a few seconds. There had been no recent funerals. He stopped and ask the tour guide about the smell, she replied there had not been anyone funerals in the last 2 months. Freaking huh?

Also, I forgot to add that my father's side of the family has the ability to see "things". One of Grandmother's aunts had lost her baby at birth. One day was washing dishes and had been grieving for the child she lost. She then begin to ask God to let her see her baby one last time, she glanced up into the window above the kitchen sink and there lay her baby that had died. She reached out to touch it and it disappeared.

A lot of other things has happened. I do recall one that scared me half to death. I do believe in ghosts, however I do not want to EVER see one or HEAR one. One morning I had spent the night with my Grandma. My cousin & I were to have a yard sale that morning. I asked Granny to wake me between 5:00 & 6:00. She woke up hearing me talking, calling out her name, she got out of bed, walked to back bedroom were I was sleeping, looked inside and I was fast asleep. When she woke me and asked if I had been calling her, I told her no. Later that day the more she thought about it, the more it sounded like my Great- Granny that had died in the early 80's. She always called her Mick. I NEVER CALL Granny Mick.

To this day, I will not sleep at her house. EVER!!!

I also will not sleep at my Mom's house. It was built in 1901. She & father have both been asleep and awaken hearing voices and hearing picture frames falling and the glass breaking. When they get up to inspect the picture frames, they are still on the wall. Untouched!!!



Northgate High School Hauntings


By: nghsgurl08@yahoo.com


there are many hauntings about this school you can basically talk to any one that goes there and they can tell you stories. The janitors especially. One story that happened to me and a freind we were walking past the cemetary in the middle of the campus and we saw a man dressed in old cloths watching us we looked at eachother then looked back at the man but when we turned back he wasnt there any more. A few years ago two people were rehersing in our cafeteria and started to hear the sound of some one cooking (this was late at night and nobody was there) all of the sudden they heard noises of someone slaming pans and breaking plates all over the floor then all at once they didnt smell the bacon and the sounds stopped. almost right after the sounds stopped they heard the sound of someone trying to get on the doors leading into the cafeteria the doors were locked. A similar story happened to the cheerleaders who were there for camp they no longer camp in the cafeteria. About 2 weeks ago we had a wrestling match well the bus didnt get back till about 1 or 2 in the morning well the wrestling coach was in his office and heard two people talking he went outside thinking that some of his wrestler's rides had not shown up yet well when he walked outside there was nobody there so he just walked back into his office. When he got back he heard four voices which now sounded like they were fighting so he ran outside and nobody was there. He then walked back inside ti gather his things but as he was walkin to his car the voices started yelling for him to come back talk alittle he turned around seeing nothing ran to his car and then drove off. many people dont believe us and our stories but maybe you should stop by and see for yourself.



Not Sure if it is still Here


By: margul@nbnet.nb.ca


Hi. I just found your website. I had a ghost in my house, not sure if it's still here.

We moved in this house almost 2 yrs ago. It's about 50 yrs old. No one died here.

Last fall I started feeling a presence, it was strongest in my bedroom and in a room in the basement. I saw a whitish, what would I call it? apparition float across the livingroom one day. I hear footsteps going across the floor. I was going to work at 5:15 one morning. I went in the bedroom, kissed my husband, he said "see you later". When I closed the bedroom door I heard someone mumble something. I opened the door and asked my husband what he said, he said he didn't say anything. I closed the door again and this time I heard a soft "I love you" in my right ear. I freaked out, opened the bedroom door and told my husband to quit doing that, he assured me he didn't do anything.

There's always noises in my bedroom at night, little bumps and something that sounds like a tin can being hit. My husband snores really bad so we don't sleep together.

One night the presence was right in bed with me, it was pushing on me. I pushed back and said out loud "what the hell is going on?" It stopped.

Last week the spirit came right through my bedroom door and floating towards me. I closed me eyes, when I opened them it was gone.

A friend of ours deals with spirits. He came here just last night. He found the ghost in the basement. He said it is a very timid one, he tried to communicate with it and all he could get out of it was that the ghost loves me, feels a bond with me and it waits for me to come home from work. (?) He said it isn't an evil one, it's more scared of us but it really likes me because I am intuitive and I see and feel their presence. I've always been able to do this. My friend told it to leave, that I am not available, etc. So I have to wait and see if it did leave.

I'm not really scared of it, it's just kind of creepy at times when I feel a heavy presence, I know it's there.




Our Haunted House


By: stevenjoy@dnacom.com


We had just bought this house outside of rochell, Illinois in late june of 2005,  we have had strange things happen on and off since that time we purchased the house,  the first thing that happened was my wife and a friend of her’s were painting the living room and when they got done I was sitting on the couch looking at the paint job when I told them they needed to come to the living room and look at this.  There where they had just painted you could see the outline of a human body, we had many people cpme over and see it and they all agreed it looked like a human figure.  We have also had a scoop used to clean cat litter get thrown off things and moved from one side of the litter box to the next.. The last thing that had happened was my wife and I were the only ones here and we had our dog locked in his kennel in the front hallway, my wife nad I both heard a loud knocking on the door going from the kitchen to the front hallway, we figured that maybe someone had come in and we didn’t hear them so I got up to check the door and there was no one there and the front door was locked.


Our House


By: HeidiLykken@aol.com


We live in Belvidere, IL. Our bottom of our house was built in the 1920's, it was a old farm house. We have 2 ghosts in our house, one is a girl ghost between 10-12. The 2nd ghost is a man ghost who may or may not have a relationship to the girl. The little girl ghost has long wavy, or curly brown hair down to her shoulders. The man ghost is wearing a trench coat and hangs out mainly in the kitchen. The man ghost once just lit a lighter in the middle of the kitchen, then blew it out. My son has seen him a many of times, and is sensitive to them. The girl ghost seems to like my son a lot, and protects him. We have had people in the house that have seen her lying by him and covering him up with a blanket. We accept these spirits in our house and they accept us.



Garden Grove Haunted House






A short story for you Tina about Garden Grove CA.  My family lived in a house in GG in the late fifties/early sixties.  Numerous folks in my family felt the house to have spirits/ghosts of sorts.  I was too young to really remember.  Anyway,  about six years ago, my brother, living in Riverside, saw a TV show on super natural things, and he says a house, looking just like our GG house, was shown, and described to be haunted.  So, about 1999, I actually visited the house in Garden Grove CA on a Sunday afternoon, just to see by chance what the current owners had to say.  I felt pretty stupid walking up to their door, how do you start a conversation like that about ghosts to a stranger. But, what the heck, I figured the worst thing that could happen was they would call me crazy (asking about ghosts), and it would still be a good story to relate to my family.  The visit was interesting though.  We had moved from the property about 1962, but the man who met me at the door knew my last name.  He did not seem pleased with my visit, and stated there were no spirits in the house.  He did say this   “I have cleared houses before, and there is nothing here”.  Seemed odd to me that a self proclaimed ghost buster just happened to live in our old house ( I had never met a ghost buster before).



I Have a Ghost Experience


By: girIchasesboy@aol.com


And here it is....

My name is Emily and I am now currently 22. Here are the experiences that both me and my Mother have had in our old townhome.

We moved to a townhome when I was about 3 years old from an apartment. I don't recall anything spooky happening back then but my Mother tells me that when I was at that age that I would complain that someone was always touching the top of my head constantly. Moving forward a few years. When I was about 14 or 15 my Mother had an experience in one of our upstairs bedrooms. She told me she was lying in bed one night very depressed because of money problems she was having when all of the sudden she felt something wrapped around her like something was hugging her and wouldnt let go. She told me that she said a few "our fathers" and a few "hail Mary's" and whatever it was stopped. She said she wasnt scared when it happened it just felt like whatever it was wanted to confort her. Also we had weird things happen in our house. We would see dark things out of the corners of our eyes, our stero would turn on and off when the remote was clear across the room with no bateries in it. One day I remember coming home from school and the t.v in my room was on. (My room was now my Mothers old room, due to my Stepfather moving in with us.) I had not had the t.v on the night before or in the morning when I woke up to get ready for school. Also back to my mothers experience. She was speaking on the phone to one of her friends and tried to tell them about what was happening in our house. The moment she started to talk about it, the phone cut off competely. She called her friend back and tried to explain it again thinking that it was just the batery on the phone going dead. When she tried to tell her again for the 2nd time the phone cut off again. My Mother said she left the house after the second time and didnt come back till she knew when I would be home. I also had an experience simular to my Mother's. I was lying in my bed at night in one of those half asleep half awake states when I all of the sudden felt an extreme amount of preasure on my back as if someone were laying ontop of me. By now I was competely awake. I tried to get up and it pushed me back down smuthering me in my pillow. I remember thinking in my head..."stop you're going to sufficate me." I also remember my Mother saying she said the "our father's" and "hail Mary's" and it went away. So I started to say them also and it went away. I was so scared that I couldnt even call out to my Mother or Stepfather so I started banging loudly on my headboard hoping that one of them would wake up and hear me. My Stepfather came in my room and said "What's going on in here" I immediately starting crying and told him to get My Mom. My Mother came in my room and I made her sleep in my bed with me. My bed is an antique from the 1920's. My Grandmother got it for my Mother from a lady who had died in it. (I found this out as I was older and didn't own it anymore...thank god!) To this day I believe it was that Woman trying to get me to get out of her bed. She didnt like me but I assume she liked my Mother since she gave her a hug.






Sad Lady


By: destineej@hotmail.com






Salmon Hunting Experience


By: pamelot007@yahoo.com


My house has an Indian gohst that migrates through the house every spring and fall. I see his legs amd moccocins as he passes through. I have had many such ecperineces but I am not frightend by them because I am open to them. Mostly I find comfort in the fact that for some reason I am allowed to see thes things. When I lived in Pocatello I had a woman spirit in my house who must have worn Lilac or lavender perfume when she was a mortal because I could smell her scent daily at certian times and I would usually wake up to her scent and the smell of toast cooking. She was very active and the house is on Benton street. Upon my own investigation I learned; A lady died there who used to be a fortune teller and her name was Mrs. Armstrong. I don't remember when she dired but I think it must have been in the 70's or late 60's. My Aunt Mary Lagos who lives down the alley and on S. Arthur remembers her. Like I said I have been having experiences with spirits since I was very little and still continue to have them and I love when it happens. I can be contacted by e-mail at: pamelot007@yahoo.com





Strange Occurances in the House


By: PistolGrpRomance@aol.com


my experiences might not be very scary but it has cost me some of my friends from sleeping over at my house.im 17 years old and since i was about 5 ive had some experiences in my house.it was bought from my grandmother.she and my grandfather lived here.he had a heart attack in his sleep in the living room.my grandmother with grief sold the house to my father.weve lived here since.well when we first moved in i was in the bathroom putting on makeup as all little girls usually do.i smelled a strong odor. the cologne my grandpa used to wear.noone in the house owned any but i smelled it as if he were standing next to me. i turned around and nothing was there.the smell had even left. i ran screaming to my mom but she didnt believe me! well years later when the only signs of a presence were gusts of cold wind in a heated room and that smell i had another experience.two friends of mine and i were in my room and we heard a blood curdling scream we went to investigate but nothing my brother was asleep and my dad was asleep.nothing.so we brushed it off as our imagination but we heard it again! they went home crying and havent slept over since.that was about maybe 5 years ago.a week later i went to summer camp which lasted for a week.when i came home my arrival of what was supposed to be relaxing and being with friends was abruptly thrown away with the news of the death of 2 of my cousins, they were murdered in their sleep.when i thought back on the screams from 2 weeks before they sounded like a girl about my cousin's age.since then ive blamed her death on my own faulting becuase i was going to try and invite her to camp with me but i put it off until it became too late.well soon after their deaths i noticed more things happening.things being missplaced.turning up as if never been moved.her parents even told me the earrings she borrowed from her grandmother, were missing.they had been put in a jewelry box but came up missing.soon after one was found in her sisters room who was born 2 years after her and her brothers death.the other on her grandmothers nightstand. we all marked it as a sign of her telling us she was still here.well again tragedy marked our family and my other cousin was taken under God's wing.he was in a car crash and died of cardiac arrest. while my family was in the hospital i stayed home because i was very close to him and i didnt want to see him in that shape.i didnt want to be alone so i let my dog in.He's a german shepard full grown.he never was scared of anything but as i sat in my chair with him at my feet staring at a wall, he began to whimper.his hair stuck up on ends and he never took his eye off of whatever it was in the room.he began to turn his head as if it were moving and he was following it.that was one of my only signs that i believed to be of my cousin.in this house.about 3 years after his death, he never liked this one friend of mine, well he began to hang out with my older brother until they werent allowed to hang out because they always found a way to get into trouble.well he called me and said he was drunk and wanted a ciggarrette and wasn't going home until he got one.i kept telling him to go home before he got into a wreck but he refused so i told him to come over to the house.he did and i gave him a cig.we were in the garage which is connected to my kitchen by a door.we had the door open and 2 of my friends were sitting on the step between the kitchen and garage.we heard something slam down on the counter like a smack but instead of a smack noise a loud boom.well needless to say the boy left scared out of his wits when my two friends told me noone has been in the kitchen the whole time.they had been in the doorway so i know they didnt do it.well after he left we were in the kitchen sittingon the counter becuase by then most of my friends were well aware of stange occurences.we heard footsteps on the linoleum in front of us!well we got out of there and went to my friends house.that summer, i had a sleep over.me and my friend were laying on the couch and two others on the floor.my friend on the couch told me the next morning said she had seen a dark shadow standing by the fire place.the same area my grandfather had died in.she said he was about 6 foot , husky and appeared to be wearing a limp top hat.like a fisherman hat.the same discription i always remembered my grandfather to be. so when i told her that where she had seen him was where my grandfather had passed she hasnt slept over.she visits but doesnt stay the night.but on her last time that she has ever come over, we had heard a rumor that if you turn your tv off and take a picture of it if something shows up then your house is more than likely haunted.as dumb as we were, we did it.i got my digital camera out we turned the tv off (the screen was on the dvd screen when no movie is in which is all blue blocks) we stood at an angle and took the picture.the flash had taken up the whole screen.well we stood at a different angle and took it and sure enough there was a face.a glaring face staring straight foward.a face i had never seen.you could make out a beard nostrils his eyes and eye brows.but just barely his lips.that was my last ghostly experience in this house of mine.BUT at my grandmothers.which is a new house after my cousin died(the last one) i believe about 3 years my nephew was born.he wasnt old enough to crawl just yet but he'd lie there on his back on a blanket and kick.he didnt kick tho unless he was excited.i was catching up on coffee when i noticed alex staring at the couch.brushing it off i just stared at him because he always amazes me. when i noticed he had gotten the biggest grin on his face as if something was making him giggle.freaked out i kept watching as alex began kicking his legs profusly!and then reached his arms out towards the couch like he would if he wanted you to hold him. my cousin and i always used to joke about how my brother would never settle down get married and have a child, sadly my cousin never got to see the day that my brother would settle down and sure enough have a kid. in my heart i do believe that was chris making alex smile.making alex kick his legs like he was and reaching his arms out.those are the most of my experiences with the paranormal.like i said, theyre not scary, maybe even not that interesting but i just wanted to speak my mind on it because so many other people have dealt with it and would may like to hear my story.



Strange Things


By: bloodispouring_18@yahoo.com


Maybe it is nothing but here are a few things I have seen or believed to have seen.

The first thing I remeber happening is very small. It was when i was about 3 or 4. I was playing around in my house, and I was going to climb up the stairs. From the bottom, I looked up and I saw a cat at the top. I never had cats when i was little because my sister was allergic. I knew it didn't belong there. Being little, it didn't bother me that it normally wasn't in my house. My mother told me about a year ago that she saw a black cat the day I was born. I'm not sure if she saw it in our house or not, but it had upset her. It may be nothing though.

  There was one time, when I was 3 years old, when my sister and her friend Paige were babysitting me. I had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs, and they were upstairs in her room with the door closed. There was a scratching on the door. Nothing unusual since our dog Molly does that when she wants to come into a room. They opened the door, and she wasn't there, so they closed it and kept doing whatever it was they were doing. A while later, the scratching was there again they opened the door and she was not there. They wondered how she could walk away that fast since they opened it as she was scratching, and there were no open doors near by that she could have entered. They searched the house for her and could not find her. They had not let her out earlier but they checked outside anyways. no sign. They were scared but went back to my sisters room. Soon, the scratching came again. They opened the door and nothing again. They searched the house once more. Every single room. even the ones we dont use. No sign. They got a knife out of the kitchen for some reason because they were scared and went back to my isters room frightened. They soon realized that I was downstairs and they came to get me and brought me back up with them, but soon when the scratching came, Molly was actually there when they opened the door. Where could she have been? Maybe the story is nothing but it is odd to me.

We used to use a woodstove to heat our house, and a lot of the time me and my sister had to start up the fire in it to have heat. I was about five or six at the time. We went down into the basement and tried to light the fire. No matter what we did, it wouldn't light. I grew impatient and started to get whiney and bratty like kids do. My sister got mad at me and called me a little demon. At that exact moment, the fire flared into action. It freaked us out, so we closed the woodstove door and ran up the basement stairs.

The basement always did scare me. We don't go down there anymore, but my mom used to work down there, and i had to stay with her down there when I was really little so I wouldn't be alone upstairs. Our house is really old and our basement walls are made out of stone. and it's really dirty and old. Behind the woodstove is a wall, and there is a little room behind it. In the back of it, there is a big gaping hole in the wall. I never knew what it was, but it scared the hell out of me when i was little. Well actually when I was little, I was scared of it, but i was also interested by it. I would often stare at it unable to move. Now I don't dare go down there. I dont even know what the hole is or what is in it. All you can see in it is darkness. I'm glad we don't go down there anymore.

The last thing I have to tell about is probably nothing, but once a few months ago, i was sitting on my bed writing, and my dog was at my feet sleeping. All of a sudden. she lifts her head and her ears perk up. She jumps off my bed and starts barking loudly. She was staring at my open closet and baring her teeth. She was so wild and I didn't know what was going on. There was nothing in my oset that I could see, but I was scared so i ran downstairs.





Sympathy for the Devil


By: medic5329@optonline.net



The first car I bought on my own was a 1972 MG Midget.  I wa working as a mechanic and I loved the sports cars with convertible tops so I went out looking.  I bought a nice relatively low mileage expample.  The first time this happened it went in my mind as mere coincidence the second and third etc are the ones that spooked me. 

I was driving my cousin and the day was my birthday party so the family was over.  The car felt fine and handled like on rails.  The Rolling Stones Song  "Sympathy For The Devil" came on the radio and since I like it I sang along.  I went to make a left trun and as soon as I finished the lower controll arm broke sending me into a tight left turn.   I towed the car home and started the repair, it was a common problem with these cars and parts were easy to get so no biggie.   I saw the brake hose showed rubbing so I replaced it too.

I finished the repair up and used the car for a couple of months and then one day while driving that song came on again, I sang along and then  I saw the car in front of me stop , I hit the brakes and the new hose broke.  Not a pinhole just snapped.  I missed almost everything but clipped a telephone pole [in front of me wewre iron pipes filled with cement so clipping the pole would do the least damage.  Again I went home and fixed her not putting 2 and 2 together yet.

A week or so later I was waiting for my team mates for the bowling league at the bowling alley.  I was parked in front with the top down and listening to the music.  Not a cloud in the sky but I started getting static.  Guess what song was on the radio ...Sympathy For The Devil.   The next thing I knew the passenger compartment filled with smoke.  I had a major electrical fire.  I got the car home and started to again work on the car, I worked on it about 1 hour for each hour of use.  While working on electrical I always kept an open fire extinguisher near by, all I would have to do is squeeze it to use.   I was putting in the last few screws and as I reached for a screwdriver I hit the extinguisher and it went all over, white powder everywhere.  Yes Sympathy for the Devil was ont he radio.   I liked the song but this was getting too much.  I has many further examples of this song and dis aster but only on or in my MG.  I still go into a sweat when I hear that song go on and yes I still love the song but to this day I wonder if it was the song or coincidence.   All told I had about 10 major incidents from electrical fires to parts breaking to freak transmission failures and they were all preluded by the sound of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones song Sympathy For The Devil.





The Burning House


By: caiti_17@hotmail.com


it was almost a month after i moved into the doublestory house when i started hearing and smelling strange things. One night i was asleep in my bed when i was woken up by a small boy tapping my shoulder. it took me a while to make out what he was saying as i was half asleep and he was so small his words were limited. i rubbed my eyes and heard him again this time there was no doubt about it. he was crying ''mummy! mummy! hot! hot!'' I sat up and smelt smoke and burning wood and plaster. i jumped out of bed and ran to the door to see what was happening. But as i looked out i saw that my house was fine everything was in place. I turned around at the sound of coughing but the little boy was gone.

After doing some research on the internet i found that the house in which i now lived was built on the sight of a small cottage that burnt down more tahn twenty years ago. thinking back i remembered reading about it in the newspaper. The memory was vague but i did remember reading that a two year old boy and his mother had been sleeping in the bedroom where the fire had started. They had been unable to escape and they both perished.

For the next few months after reading this i waited up late at night hoping to see the little boy again but i never did. i moved out two years later but i kept in contact with my old neighbors.

Roughly three years after i got a call from the lady who used to live next door to me she told me that the peple who had moved in to my old house had come to her asking if the person who lived in it before them (me) had seen or heard anything strange. two days after that call i returned to my old house and met the new family who now lived in it. We talked about the strange happenings until almost midnight. Suddenly the youngest girl in the family came running in she told us that the  bedroom was on fire and a little boy was crying in there and that she tried to get him out but he hand went straight through him.''I think he's a ghost'' she whispered to me. We all ran into the bedroom but there was no sign of the little boy or the fire.

The last i heard of that family they moved out (they deny that it was because of the hauntings but i know different)

i plan to return to that house soon but i haven't had time recently. i plan to write a book on hauntings but haven't got round to that either. its hard when your chasing ghosts all the time.



The Closet Ghost


By: lillizzyboo@hotmail.com


About a year ago i was taking a nap in my bedroom, and had this terrifying nightmare.When i woke up, i laid in my bed for about 2 minutes calming myself down from the dream (it was that scary). I sat up after a bit and looked over into my closet (my closet was right next to my bed) and saw a man standing there. He wasnt in full form but i saw his perfect outline so clear. He wasnt scary but i could tell he was really sad.

Just recently my two year old son was jumping on the bed while me and my husband were laying down talking one morning. While he was jumping he looked over at the closet(we had our room rearranged to where we can see the closet for accross the room) and stops and lays down on me. I didnt think anything of it and i get up to get him a diaper by the closet. As im bending over to get it my son says "Guy in the closet Mommy." I quickly leave the room to go tell my husband

I never seen him since that one time almost a year ago, but apparently my son sees him every night ( he has his bed in the room with us). Almost every morining my son points him out to me, i never see him when he does, and every night he sleeps with the closet door shut.



The Man in my Bedroom


By: Vmanning87@aol.com


I am so glad to find a place where I can share some of the things that have happened to me.

About five years ago, I was living in a house in Newberrytown,PA I was taking my daughter back to our for a nap. As I came through the door backwards, I did not sense anything. But as I walked across the room to put her in the crib, I started to feel this cold tingly energy in the air. So I looked over where my dresser was right next to the window. Now the window has black tint on it no light in, no light out. So I looked over to the dresser, and there was a short man standing there!! The room was pitch black and I could see him. He was about 5' 7" and I could not see a clear face, but you could see where everything should have been.

So I stood there and looked at him and he looked right at me and he stayed there until I screamed,"Randy I just saw a f*ck*ng ghost!!" So he said,"I know I saw him too."  Just lay down he will go away. We couldn't see him any more but we could feel him. Things always disappeared too.  Till this day, We have a lunch box that vanished off of our counter was gone for six months, and reappeared in the same spot it was when it disappeared, with no lid! Imagine that. What the heck does he need a lid for? Don't know but he took it.  We named him Henry and I would talk to him every day. I think it helped keep him calm because after I started to talk to him I only saw him two more times before I moved out of there and I still think about that until this day. Ever since then I have seen and heard so many things that I think I am more sensitive to them than other people. The house that I live in now has an old man here. He shakes our bed, and when I am in the basement he stands back in the same corner and he watches me . Sometimes I sense him so strongly that he makes me cry. But I have yet to see him. I'm sure I will before I move out of here.





The Whistler...


By: KayleeWho74@aol.com



I want to tell you a story about my sisters house.  I have yet to experience what I am about to tell you.  My sister has told me about hearing whistling in her home.  The whistling usually is coming from upstairs or in another room.  She typically would shrug it off as her husband or children doing the whistling.  She also says her TV in her room upstairs would turn on by it's self.  AT first she figured she had not shut it off like she thought.  Then she started hearing people talking from her bedroom.  So, like most of us would think she thought she left her TV on again but when she went upstairs to turn it off, it wasn't on.  After time she realized that this was all kind of weird and she started making a point to pay better attention and making note of when she turned her TV off.  Well, you guessed it.  It WAS turning on by it self. And she was hearing people talking from upstairs.  So, back to the whistling.  She started hearing it when she was home alone or when her youngest daughter was in the room with her.  She called me one day to see if I could maybe hear it over the phone, but it stopped as soon as she called me.  (It's like it knows!)  My 5 year old daughter spends a lot of time at my sisters so I asked her if she ever heard anyone whistling.  She said ''YES!  Who is whistling all the time mom? I can't figure it out because we are all together watching a movie.''   On another occasion my sister was hearing the whistling again.  She is used to it at this point so she didn't think much of it.  Then her 3 year old blurted out ''MOM!  Stop whistling!"  -- My sister was relieved because she knew she wasn't crazy and that her kids hear the whistler also.   I have yet to hear the Whistler, but I can't wait!  I just hope I'm not there by my self! ;o)




2 Houses in the Same Town


By: ala1279@yahoo.com


i have got a ture story my family and i allways get funny looks when we tell our story about the two houses we lived in . it was about 19 to 20 years ago we movied into a house in rusellville ohio.it was a old house not sure how old it was just startting to turn cold . our first night there we was all sitting down stairs when we heard a sound like someone was moving are beds around upstairs we go up stairs and nothing was touched.this keep going on the whole time we was living there. then when winter hit this house was the coldes house.nothing we did to heat it up would work. so we brought a barn heater in still felt like as if we was standing out side in the cold. then we could be getting ready to leave and have every thing turned off . the smell of candle wax would fill the living room. but like i said nothing was turned on. it was only in this room we could smell it. affter that winter we moved out.into another house in the same town but on the other side.it to was a old house . the store to this house was in the olden days the kkk would hang people in this house in the stair way we wasnt told this intill we moved in. we had a small family dog in the house.this dog we named lady would go upstairs to my bedroom door way she wouldnt go in just sit in the door way where she would brak and grawl all day and night.i was just a little girl so seeing this i  wouldnt sleep in my room.when winter came my room was all was cold just like the house before. but in this house you had to go threw my room to get to my brothers room .their room would be nice and warm be what made this weird was this house was heated by a wood stove the regaster to let the heat come upstairs was in my room right above the woodstove.all the other rooms was warm but mine. the dog lady would still sit out side my room do and bark and grawl.so one day my brouthers picked up the dog and tossed her into my room that poor dog came out running and crying when she was out she turned right around and started grawling agin.needless to say once agin affter the winter was over we moved out but the last day of moving out of that house .we was all standing in the hallway just talking at the bottom of the stairway when we heard foot steps coming down the steps we couldnt see nothing but when the footsteps reached us we all felt a cool gust of air hit us and when that happend we all looked at one another didnt say a word we knew it was time to leave and that was the last time we was ever in that house.

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