A Ghost Saved My Aunt's Life

by sjgeisle@fuse.net

Hi! It's me Amber from Ohio again. I was reading some stories and I

thought of something that happened a few years ago. I need to take you

back five years ago when my Aunt Sue who I loved with all my heart died.

Everyone was so sad but no one was as sad as my mother who had been her

best friend for 25 years. Okay two years ago my Aunt Linda was home

alone. Her house has two floors plus a furnished basement anyway she had

just put clothes in the dryer which was in the basement and had decided

she was going to take a shower while the clothes were drying. She went

the second floor where the bathroom is. She shut the door and turned on

the water when she heard someone in the hall call Linda twice. Thinking

her husband came home she went to the top of the stairs and yelled yes.

She was waiting for a reply when she smelled smoke a second later she

heard loud popping coming from the bathroom. She turned around and saw

the bathroom on fire. Just so you will know the details, my Aunt's dryer

caught on fire and it went up the laundry shoot that was in the closet

of her bathroom.If she would have stayed in there just seconds longer

she would not be here today(there are no windows in her bathroom). A few

days after the fire we (my mom, brother,and I) were helping her go

through her things to see if there was anything worth saving. We were in

the basement where the fire started. There was this section of shelves

where she kept certain things. There was one box that looked salvage

able, my mom was going through it noticing everything that was in was

wet or soot covered untill she reached the middle of the box. In the

middle of the box she noticed something that was dry and in perfect

condition. She pulled it out and it was a pale blue blouse. My Aunt

Linda started crying, when my mom asked what was wrong my Aunt said that

it was Susies blouse. Sure enough it was and when my mom huged it close

it still smelled of Sue's perfume. We all thanked her so much for saving

Linda's life. I hope you like the story. I'm sorry it's so long.

The Silos

by askin@coweblink.net

This is a !00% true story that can have two other friends back it up for

me. There is an old building on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado

called the Silos. The history of the Silos is that around fifty years

ago, the Silos was an old warehouse and factory, near the old railroad

tracks and rail yard. The majority of the workers were young children

snd teenagers. This was before child labor laws were strictly

enforced. Around this time, somebody had set the building on fire,

murdering all of the children that worked in there. The building was

condemned and declared a safety hazard. Rumor had it that the wandering

spirits of the murdered children haunted this building. The Silos are

now inhabited by transients and runaway teens. About six friends and I

decided to take a trip to the Silos and find out for ourselves. You

have to crawl underground in a crawl space to get into the pitch black

basement that is littered with scorched factory equipment and rubble and

even the broken elevator. We explored all seven floors of the building,

including the roof, finding nothing. We were heading downstairs in the

order that Bobby was first, I was second, and Kristen was third, with

the others a little bit behind. The three of us were in the staircase

leading to the basement when we heard unfamiliar voices. The voices

turned out to be those of runaway teens who lived there. We sat and

talked to the other teens who told us of the ghosts and their history.

On our way out, we were all in the same order, heading to the basement,

when I was talking to Bobby. I saw somebody pass me down the staircase,

along with a look of fright on Bobby's face. I thought that it was

Kristen, so I looked behind me to see Kristen still behind me. I

followed the glowing figure into the basement and watched it illuminate

the entire basement to the point where I could see every detail in the

room. The figure suddenly vanished, as Bobby and I ran out as fast as

we could. Since, we have gone back a few times to find nothing more.

It's hard to get in anymore, because it is literaly next door to Coor's

Field, where the Colorado Rockies play, so security has been heightened,

but I will never forget any detail of that night.

The Demons

by Lightenin5@aol.com

when i was 11-13 i was terrified by several demons. i was up late at night when i saw the door to the bathroom close. My mom was asleep so was my dad. I know thay were asleep because i went to their bedroom to see who was up. then the light came on in the bathroom. I was curious so i got the courage to open the door to the bathroom. i did not know what was going to happen. so i open the door fast. there was nothing there. then, outside my normal habits, I closed the door. i went to the den. and resumed watching tv. i thought that it would calm my nerves down. right when i got my nerves back in order the light came back on. and this time the toilet flushed. i jumed to my feet. i ran to my moms room and woke her up.right when i woke her up the door to the bathroom opened.the light turned off. my mom said that it was nothing but i dont belive her. because about 3 days later i was outside playing with my dogs. when all of a sudden i saw 2 red eyes peering at me from the woods. i saw no body, just the eyes. i ran back in to my house. i let my dogs in.  i gazed back to see if the eyes were still looking at me. when i turned back they were in the window looking at me. i ran in to the livingroom. i fell down, when i looked back they were gone. then ever since i have felt like something was watching me. now that i have moved i dont feel like someone is watching my every move.

Calls for Help

by ldweller@bellsouth.net

Hello!!It's me again. I have another story for you about the area that I

live in currnetly. The other day(actually night) my cousins ran into

their house and told their mom that they heard a woman crying for help.

They have overactive imaginations as it is so she just thought that they

were hearing things but just to make them happy she went outside and

listened for a few seconds. Of course she didn't hear anything. So she

took her oldest daughter to the school for cheerleading practice. When

she came back they all went back to what they were doing and forgot

about it. Well the kids came inside again and said they still heard it

so she went and listened again except this time she heard it too. It

sounded like it was coming from across the road where 2 cerebral palsy

kids lived. She thought one of them had been out riding and had fallen

off the horse so she called the police and went over there to see if

they were ok. Well when she got over there everything was ok. She was

still hearing the calls for help so she went back home and listened some

more until the police got there. Of course they didn't hear it either

but since she and the kids had both heard it they went around looking

for they lady. When the police cars got there I was curious as to what

had happened so I went to see if anyhting was the matter. She told me

what had happened and told me to listen. I stood there for a while and I

didn't hear anything and as I was just giving up hope on hearing

anything there it was. A faint but distinguishible 'help'. I was amazed.

There was actually someone out there. Up to that point I thought they

were all losing it. That convinced me to stay and listen some more. Well

after a while I didn't hear anything so I was going to go home until the

police gave word that they had found her. Well as I was walking to the

gate I heard it again. This time closer. I turned to my aunt and she

said'Did you hear that?' I nodded and we went back once again. We didn't

hear anything for another long time so we left and we didn't hear

anything this time. I went home and told my dad what was going on. He

just laughed and said that he had heard it many times before. He didn't

believe in ghosts so he shrugged it off as a prank. I don't think it was

a prank though because I have had a few paranormal expieriences before

and I believe in ghosts. The police never found anything and we haven't

heard it since but there was never a body found or anything. I beleive

it was a ghost. Judge for yourself.

U.S. Consulate in Pakistan

by usaemb@cs.net.au

This is a true story that happenned a few years ago and I am sure is

still happening to this day. At the time I was a Marine Guard at the

U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. Ever since arriving there I was

told by some of the other guys that the place was haunted. We were the

only ones who knew about this because we were the only people in the

building late at night. There was a fountain in front of the building

this was supposed to be the burial site of a Muslim holy man and the

fountain constantly running was supposed to ease his spirit since a

building was placed where he was buried. There had been an incident

where a Marine a few years before had fired his weapon at something he

could swear was a person. But it turned out that he just left a hole in

the wall. At night strange things usually happened. The usual noises and

alarms going off but this had happened at my last post and I considered

it to be normal. But one night as I was walking through the building

around 2:00 a.m. a door behind me closed. I knew there was no one in the

building with me and I had just observed this door closed as a walked by

it. But nothing was in the room. Another incident was when I came to

work for a morning shift around 3:45 a.m. and the Marine I was relieving

was pale white and acting like a little scared kid. I asked him what was

wrong and he said that an hour or so before he had heard the most bone

chilling scream he had ever heard in his life. The reason I believed him

was we were both big armed Marines and ther would have been nothing in

the world (physical anyway) that would have scared him like this. Anyway

I finished my tour there and for the rest of my time there similar

incidents happened but none like these two. I hope this might interest


A Few Stories

by vakh@gstis.net

My stories are by no means scary at all. Maybe just a little bit


I grew up in a small town east of Seattle. The house I grew up in had

been in my family for years. My great grandmother was born and raised

there, my grandmother lived there during her childhood, then moved back

into the house when she married my grandpa. My mother lived there for

thirty years, and then she raised my sister, my brother and myself

there. I remember things that went on in the house from a very young

age. My great grandmother, "Grandmommy", would come into my room at

night. I would see her out of the corner of my eye, dressed in a white

nightgown. But when I would look directly at her, she would not be

there. I can recall exactly what she looked like, how she walked, and

she was always smiling. She would often make her presence known by

turning doorknobs, or rattling the beads that hung from my mother's

bedroom door.

My mother's father, Grandpa Stan, died in a plane crash a year and a

month after I was born. He would often visit me in my room, or while I

was eating dinner, or maybe even just watching TV. And his image was

always the same. I would catch a perfect view of him, but when I looked

at him, he wasn't there. He was wearing a brown suit and a tie. The

same outfit he was wearing in the formal portrait that hung in the

hall. He owned a German Shepard when my mother was a child. I can't

remember the dog's name, but he was a friend of mine. I only saw him in

my bedroom. (Usually when I was cleaning it for some strange reason.

That is how I remember the dog: visiting when I was cleaning.)

I am now grown and married. My mother came to visit last year, and we

were talking about the strange occurances that we experienced while

living in the house, and she told me about the dog I used to see.

Apparently the dog became ill, and my grandfather put him to sleep by

adding something to his dog food. The dog ate the food and died in my


Another strange happeningwas when my husband and I were getting ready to

move out of our apartment last year, and he was cleaning out his

closet. We asked my brother to come over and take some of the clothes

that my husband no longer wanted or needed. My husband was standing at

the closet, digging through his things, and my brother was stretched out

on the bed. I was on the floor, and I got up to go into the living room

for something, and as I was walking back toward the bedroom, my husband,

(dressed in a white t-shirt and red baseball hat) walked in front of me

and cut through to the kitchen. I was looking down, so I stopped, let

him pass and continued on. When I reached the bedroom door, I saw my

brother on the bed, and my husband, still at the closet door. How

strange! I felt the air of the passing man dressed in the white t-shirt

and red ball cap, I smelled his cologne, I heard his footsteps. But, it

was no one. In fact, my husband was wearing a blue t-shirt and no ball

cap that day.

Two weeks later, my mother was visiting, staying with us at that

apartment. She told me that she had woke up to use the bathroom in the

middle of the night and as she passed our bedroom door, out of the

corner of her eye, she saw a man in my bedroom doorway, his face covered

by shadows, but he had his arms crossed and was wearing a white shirt

and a red hat. I had not mentioned the man that passed me in the hall a

couple of weeks before to her, I had only told my husband. No joking.

Strange things like that happen to me very often. In fact, I am safe to

say more often than not. And to my mother as well. She will see

kittens and dogs running about, and not say anything about them, waiting

to see if in the next few days I might mention seeing the same

things...usually I do end up saying something about the "un-there" pets.

And usually I tend to see people and animals more if I know that my mom

is coming for a visit.

At my office, (I work in a warehouse, in the offices) there is someone I

call "flannel man". He dresses in a grey flannel shirt and will walk

through my office door and stand there, staring at me until I look up,

and then, of course, he vanishes. When I come in to the warehouse at

night, I see many, many people around, playing, working, walking, even

though I am the only "real" person there.

One more quick example, an odd one, it spooked me more than any other.

My husband and I were at his grandmother's house for her birthday. I

was seated in a chair next to my mother-in-law. I was taking a bite of

cake when all of a sudden, a very cold, light breeze hit my face. I

stopped and looked at my mother-in-law, to check to see if she had felt

it. She continued to eat, as if she noticed nothing. I looked at the

floor around me, trying to find a heat register, or a vent, or a fan,

but there was nothing except a bookcase and a wall near me. The breeze

lasted a good thirty seconds. It was so weird! Nothing like that had

ever occured with me before! But the strangest thing about that

situation was...while I was distracted by the air, after it had stopped,

I tuned back into the conversation going on between my father-in-law and

grandma, and they were discussing how she needed a small portable heat

radiator for her living room, because the only vent she had in her house

was in her bedroom, and she was tired of being cold!

I have many more eerie things I could share, but I just wanted to share

a few of the ones that are most distinct to me. I hope you've enjoyed

them...they are all ENTIRELY true!

Uneventful Ghosts

by jkawaiha@bellsouth.net

Hello my

name is William and I am 16 years of age. Although I am young I

have had several paranormal encounters.  My first encounter was when I was

about 6 years of age.  My parents and I had just got back from the store

and I was walking to my room when I noticed a figure floating at the end of the

hall. You could see right through him to the wall in back of him.

When you looked at his face you could that he was very sad and lonesome. That is

all I noticed because I ran for my life. After that you felt a constant

presence and you always felt someone watching you.

My next experience was when we moved to our house; which was a old civil war

house.  In the back of the house there was a shed that once contained the

bones of someone that had hung himself.  In the shed it was constantly cold

even in the summer.  Also we used to put our bikes in their at night and

the next mourning the bikes would be placed outside of the shed leaning against

the door of the shed.  In the house you would hear footsteps even when you

were all alone. You would hear creepy noises and sometimes a soft

murmur.  There places in the house that would be colder then any other

place in the house.  Also you felt like you were constantly watched at all

times.  However, I have to say this there was no time at all where a ghost

had ever hurt us in anyway, but you always felt their presence.

Not for the Faint Hearted

by pwilson@rave.ac.uk

dear whoever......this was my second experience of the

paranormal.....i think that it started when my boyfriend changed

around the furniture in his room......His house is new and they are

the first people to live there so this crosses out any ideas that the

spirit was a previous inhabitant.....anyway....my boyfriend....has

several model cars in his room.......one i particiular i pointed out

to him because i had noticed that at times the door would be open or

shut....when noone had touched it....we could be the only ones in the

house and go upstairs and the door would have opened.Noone seemed too

bothered about this....then i noticed how his dog...george...started

to bark constantly at what seemed to be nothing.....he'd bark at

something on the stairs and something in sam's room. because i now

quite a lot about the paranormal....i knew that animals are extremely

sensitive...george would sometimes run about frantically

barking...going mad!......Eventually sam said to me that he had seen

and heard something in his room the previous night......he saw a black

shadow move across his room and very heavy breathing which he said

sounded like an old lady.....standing over him while he slept...by

this time the car door on the model was moving much more frequently

and he came into his room one time to find many of his ornaments

balancing on his radiator and leaning on the wall.He told his mum and

his sister about what he had seen.....and they both agreed that they

too had noticed strange things going on.his mum had watched a shadowed

figure moving about outside in the back garden...bending over as

though they were tending to the flowers.his sister said that she had

had two things happen to her......once she was in the bath when she

felt something tap her on the shoulder....when she turned around

nothing was there.another time she said that she had been woken up

inher sleep by someone coming into her room walking about and

breathing heavily...she asked my boyfriend if he had gone in her room

but of course he hadn't and is not known to sleep walk!things were

like this for a while and then everything seemed to stop....apart from

the car door opening and shutting.Then one time i was over and sam and

I were discussing the occurances ......his sister took me home

bringing sam with us leaving their mum at home.......however when they

got back.....she was in a really bad state..something had been playing

my boyfreinds drums...she'd heard a massive crash and the dog had ran

downstairs tail between legs......when they went up to look everything

in sam's room had been pulled off the shelves out of the cupboards the

tv stereo and computer had all been disconnected......the leads all

over the place.....the bedclothes on the floor......and my school

picture was lying on the floor.....picture out of frame...and its

really difficult to get them things out of their frames.soon after

sam's mum got someone from the spiritual church in to bless the house

and to calm it......she said to her that the spririt was sam's

nan.....his mum's mum.....who had been restless because he was having

a hard time....which was really true....his mum heard the voice of his

nan talk to her.....theneverything was gone......nothing has happened

since......but it turned out to be a pleaseant guardian spirit of


if you would like to ask any questions....email me pwilson@rave.ac.uk

The Little Boy and The Old Man

by ldweller@bellsouth.net

Hello. My name is Beth. I am writing to tell you my story.

When I was in the 5th grade my sister saw 2 ghosts. Of course none of

the family believed her because my family is kinda the 'seeing is

believing'type. Well the years went by and she still swears up and down

that she saw a ghost. All these years since she 'saw' the ghost I had

been having reoccurring dreams about a little boy and an old man in our

house.I never thought that much about them because I had weird dreams

all the time. Well just a few months ago my dreams started to get more

frequent. My sister and I were sitting around talking about weird dreams

that we had had. I told her about this dream about the man and the boy

in our old house(we moved a year after she 'saw' the ghost). She asked

me to describe them to her and where they were standing. I told her the

little boy looked like he was about 9 years old and was wearing overalls

and a red shirt and a ballcap. He had bright red hair and was holding a

fishing pole. He was standing in front of the bathroom. The old man had

white hair and he was wearing old dirty blue jeans. I couldn't really

see his face that well. All I could tell about it was that he had lots

of wrinkles. He was sitting on our couch. His neck looked all mutalated

like it had cut. Well after I told her about this dream she just kinda

sat there and looked at me weird. She said"Why didn't you tell anyone

that you saw them too?". I was like 'Huh?". I didn't know what she was

talking about. She told me that I had just described to her the ghosts

that she had seen 5 years earlier. I was dumbfounded. Needless to say I

believe now. Well I have more stories but they will have to wait until


Helping Ghost

by boca3638@dreamscape.com

I have to tell you first that I am a Family daycare provider, which

means I take care of children in my home....On one such day,I had made

Hot dogs for lunch and I fried them.......I ususually never fry anything

! I fed the kids and put them all down for a nap. With nothing to do

I say in the living room and was watching some tv.....almost dozing

off.........when all of a sudden I heard a mans voice Yell my name! I

jumped offf the couch and ran to the kitchen to see if my husband was

home.......no one was home.....all doors locked. I thought maybe I was

asleep, which I never do!!! So I thought well I will go back and watch

tv.......after about 10 minutes, It happened again!!! I ran in the

kitchen,,,,,,this time i noticed that I left the frying pan on, the

flame low and the pan was starting to burn.......My frindly ghost was

trying to tell me that......If I had fallen asleep.......god knows what

would have happened.

Haunted Place

by Mtfellers@aol.com

I would like to add to the Carnton house in Franklin. A frind of mine's grandmother was the caretaker years ago. My friend saw a black slave woman in the kitchen/dining area dressed in period clothes. Right before her very eyes the lady disappeared. Later they found photos of this woman. She was a slave who stayed on with the McGavock family after slavery was abolished.

Also in the same area (Franklin) is the Carter House. The same friend whose grandmother took care of the Carnton house, took care of the Carter House for a period of time. This house is near downtown and was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War. In fact, the house today shows more bullet holes than any other in in the state.

The grandmother used to conduct tours for the public. One evening, she was about to close up when a young man came in and wanted a tour. She proceeded to show him around and tell him what each room was used for, etc. The young man (dressed strangely) kept correcting her during the tour. She became frustrated with him, but said nothing. As they were about to go down into an area below house level he said that he couldn't go down there. When she turned around to question him, he was not there. Again, the grandmother saw pictures later and recognized the young boy as being Todd, the son of the owners of the house during the battle. He had been sent out to war but oddly had literally ended up at his own home fighting in the battle. He was mortally wounded and died in the same house that he had been born in.

The Old Farm House

by rseaman@bellsouth.net

I come from an old town in Northern New Jersey. Because of the town's

age and the many old houses there, ghost stories were abundant. There

was one old abandoned house in particular that was reported to house the

spirit of none other than George Washington himself. When walking past

this old place, I would always keep a wary eye out for the old General

but I never did come across him. Of course I never did have the nerve to

venture inside the place so that I might meet him "face to face". In

1977, I was at my friend Vince's home. He started showing me some things

he had found at an old farm house located on the edge of town. The house

had been abandoned for years, as long as I could remember. I was a

modest sized place, with a lot of overgrown shrubbery that hid most of

the front of the house.Vince, along with a friend of his, Bobby, had

ventured into the place one night just to check it out. In there, they

found a lot of interesting things, old seltzer bottles dated from the

1920's, old documents from about the same time and things such as that.

The pair had gone up to the second floor to search for more artifacts.

They stopped at the second floor bathroom and looked inside. Hanging

from the ceiling, was a single light bulb with a pull chain type switch.

Bob asked Vince, " What would you do if I pulled the chain and the light

went on"? Vince replied, " I would beat your ass down the stairs and out

the door". Bob laughed and pulled the chain. Well, as they both swore

later, the light came on. True to his word, Vince beat Bob out of there.

As he's telling me this, i'm becoming more intrigued. I ask him to go

there with me that night and of course, he flatly told me to get lost.

He would never under any circumstance go back there. I let the matter

drop but was always intrigued about the place. Finally one night in

1979, I got to go in there. I was driving around with a friend of mine

and two girls. We were talking about the old house and I said I was

going to go in there. My friend was eager to go with me, the girls

however, were not as enthusiastic. I pulled my car into the driveway

that led behind the house. I parked all the way in back so the police

couldn't see the car. It was one of those dank drizzly nights, not a

great night to be investigating a haunted house. The girls were really

apprehensive now and started to complain about this as my friend and I

were trying to pry open the plywood that covered the back door. A putrid

scent started to fill the area. We stopped and sniffed, it smelled like

a decomposing body. When the girls smelled that they said they really

wanted to leave NOW! My friend and I were a bit unnerved by this as well

so we left. I dropped the girls and my friend off at their homes and

went back up town and hang out for a while. My friend Vince pulled up

and I told him about going over to the house. He laughed and told me I

was crazy. I said "come on, go back there with me". Again he laughed and

said no way. I bugged him some more and he finally agreed to go, but

with a warning that he would leave me right where I stood if so much as

a breeze blew through the place. I agreed, and after we stopped at his

place to get a couple of flashlights, off we went. We got in through a

boarded window in the front of the house this time. We walked all over

the house and I picked up an old notebook, some old letters and some

newspapers. Nothing untoward happened, and after a while I left


We got back to the uptown hangout and Vince left to go home. I stayed

there and started looking over my souvenirs. As I looked over the stuff

I was fascinated by some of this stuff. There were letters from the

second world war era. It seems that the family that lived there at the

time had a son who had gone off to war and he was taken prisoner by the

Germans. There was a lot of correspondence about that. I never did find

anything that said what became of this man. As I was sitting in my car,

looking this stuff over, another friend, Tom, pulled up and I showed him

my stuff. He was interested in the old stamps on some of the envelopes

for these old letters. He asked me to go back there with him to look for

more letters. I said ok, there was nothing there to be afraid of so I

didn't hesitate. We went to his house this time and got his father's

flashlight which was a huge police style type light. Tom drove this time

and parked across the street from the house at a gas station. We went in

and looked around but after a while it was apparent that there was

really nothing left. We were standing inside the kitchen when I said to

Tom, "why don't we get out of here". As I said that, the flashlight went

out. Not thinking anything about it I turned it on and off, nothing. I

pulled out my cigarette lighter to try to light the way out because it

was pitch black as well as a labyrinth in there. As I tried to light it,

a small breeze came along and blew it out. I tried to cover the lighter

with my hand, but no matter what I did the breeze would come back and

blow the flame out. I was now becoming a little unnerved by this and

said to Tom " lets just get the hell outta here" and we just started to

grope our way out. After what seemed an eternity, we found our way out

to the front window where we had come in. We crossed over to Tom's car,

and as I put my hand on the door handle, the flashlight came back

on..... Needless to say, I never went back in there and since then, the

house has been torn down leaving nothing but two old stone columns that

used to be the entrance for the front walk leading to the house. I do

often wonder what happened to the young man who was a POW in WWII....

The Swagman

by cdog@cairns.net.au

When I was about twelve I went to stay on my friends Sheep Station (or ranch as you Americans say), he had a really strange house that had started off as a one room cottage and then been added to over 75 years or so. There was also a thing we Australians call a sleepout which is a room attached to the main house by a veranda (or porch). Australian bush houses have a wide roofed veranda running the whole way around to keep the sun off the walls of the house, and keep it cool.

The sleepout was a two room affair with an outside door that was firmly nailed shut. I didn't ask about this because the rest of the place was so strange that a nailed shut door didn't promote interest. That night I awoke to find the same door wide open and a Swagman standing there in the doorway. I went back to sleep thinking I had dreamed it all. In the morning the door was nailed shut again and I to told my friend about it. He just laughed and said "Hey Mum, Peter saw it last night" and everyone chuckled. I said "Saw what?" and he said "the Swaggy". I didn't sleep in that room again.

The ghost was like a real person standing there, I couldn't see his face but the rest of his clothes were quite clear.

btw a Swaggy was a common sight in Australia during the depression when men left the cities to find work in the country, they dressed a bit like a cowboy. All their gear was in a rolled up swag which was their rolled up blanket and groundsheet.

The other ghost I have seen was while I was attending boarding school, we slept in a big dorm with all 60 of us in the same huge room. One night after lights out, I could not get to sleep because someone had left the lights on in a downstairs corridor. The wall opposite and the roof were white so the reflected light would bother me. I decided to go downstairs and turn the lights out. I walked down and flicked the light switch and a shape came gliding down the corridor straight past me and through the wall. I convinced myself it was a light reflecting off the big glass doors in front of me, and went back to bed. Next morning I told someone I thought I had seen a ghost, but did not describe it. This led to about a week of merciless teasing from my class mates. After the teasing had died down, a boy came up to me when I was alone and said "did you see a ghost?" I tried to turn away because I was sick of the teasing by then. Then he told me he had seen one too, and he described it to me, it was the same as the thing I had seen. After that we were both so scared we didn't even look out the windows after dark. Remember I had not told anyone about what I had seen, and I still cannot really explain it, but I'll try.

It was a shape, about human in size but with no real form. It was sort of like a cloud of gas, a bit like those photos of gas clouds in space. It just floated by me, my new friend told me he had seen three of them floating across the fields and disappearing into the dam that used to be the old swimming hole. We surmised they may have been past students that had drowned in the dam. We were too afraid to ask the Brothers about it because they would have thrashed us and told us to go do 10,000 hail marys and our fathers or something.

The Night Of My Sister's Funeral

by gotr@alltel.net

My sister was killed in a car accident in November 1996 in Montana. My

family and I live in Pennsylvania and only two of my sisters could go to

Montana to help with the funeral arrangements.

My sister was deeply involved with Native American religions and had

become a Shaman. So, during the funeral they had a sweat lodge ritual and

other rituals which I did not understand. The night of the sweat lodge

ritual I was at home with my small son, and my cats. The night was clear and

cold, but still. Shortly after 9:00 p.m. I heard a knocking that started

over the kitchen roof. The knocking traveled all around the entire lenghth

of my home. Then the knocking stopped. I had a strange feeling my sister had

just passed by on her way to the other side.

Several weeks later I mentioned my expierence to my mother. She said

that the night of the sweat lodge ritual she and my father had been sitting

in the living room watching television. There is a stairway in the living

room which goes to the upstairs bedroom. My mother has hung photos of my

great grandparents and other family members the entire lenght of this

stairway. She said they heard a terrible noise, like a crashing sound, then

they looked at the stairs and down the steps came the photo of my great

grandparents, end over end. When it reached the bottom of the stairs it

stood straight up and stayed that way until my father grabbed it. The frame

was still on the wall, and the glass still secure in the frame. How the

photo fell out and did its amazing antics we will never know, unless it was

my sister stopping by there too.

In the family?

by Freespirte@aol.com

I'm only 16 , but I am for sure I have had some experiences that go well beyond me and my age . I have always been interested in strange activities . But I never believed them true not even the first time it happened to me .

I was nine , I was awakened from my sleep , with a very disturbing feeling , for some reason I went to head for the door , and thats when I saw him . A very small boy , with a bright blue baseball cap on his head . He was not quite transparent , but a silvery , liquid color . He stared a me , crawled across the floor and and disappeared.

My mother said it was just my imagination . So I tried to forget it . But the same feeling I felt that night would suddenly come back to me at different times . It might happen in a room full of people or out in the park , there was one slight difference to this feeling each time it becamcolder more darker like it was trying to show me or tell me something . I had been living with this presence for about 2 1/2 years with only minor happenings . One day I was at school , we had been called down to the see a guest speaker they had gotten . The 2nd floor was completely empty , When I got to the floor I felt the presence again , It was the first time I was ever scared by it , It was like it was all around me , I started to run , I felt a hand around my ankle and fell . I screamed , a teacher ran up the steps and saw me on the floor , my ankle had been cut they said by the edge of a hallway door .I told my mom about these things and she began to tell me about ghosts she had encountered , very evil , She had been 10

she had just moved into a new home and was asleep in her bed when she awoke to as she put it a shadow standing over her with a knife she ran into her parents room crying , the next morning they found the knife stuck in the wall .

Recently I have had two more experiences that I have found very disturbing . One I was coming home from a party when I saw a man standing in front of my building door , he started walking toward the back exit we passed a tree at the same time . when I looked to see the man he was done the only thing left was a large pile of garden snakes . About 15 min later I was inside my house washing my face I looked into the mirror and for a spit second it was not me but a very , very angry man at that instint the light bulb blew in the bathroom .

Another Friendly Ghost Story

by CathyM1121@aol.com

Hi, I've been reading the stories for quite sometime now and I have finally decided to submit one. In 1989, my mother left my father and we move to NJ. At the time we were very short on money so we moved into the back of my mother's office. The building had been designed so that the office was in front, the bathroom, the living room and a bedroom (with another exit into a small alley) in the back, and two rooms underneath.

One night I went upstairs to the bathroom. I didn't turn on the light but as soon as I went in the light turned on. The next day I told my mom and she said that it had also happened to her. Time went on and we got used to it.

One time we went away for the week and my mom got her friend to cover for her. We got a call from my mom's friend, screaming frantically. She said that the night before, she had closed down the office, turned off the radio and the lights. The next day she found all the lights, the radios, and the TV's in the house on and full blast, yet there were no signs of a break in and nothing was out of place. There had been some break ins in the neighborhood lately and my mother said that the ghost was probably just trying to protect us. This happened on another occasion too. I think I belive my mom's theory.

Haunted House

by Aria121@aol.com

I've always had an interest in the supernatural so it was not strange for me to read stories of this nature. This is the first time I'm writing about this.

This story involves my summer at my aunt's house in Pomona, California which is just outside or around LA. To fully understand why I believe these things; I'll tell you about my family. Most of my family, on my mom's side are very attuned to the supernatural and even have dreams that come true.

When I was sixteen, I went to visit my aunt and her family in California. I went with my uncle, my aunt May, her husband Jon, and her daughter Sharon. The house is a one story house, unassuming from the outside. Once you enter it, you still feel nothing.

The odd things happened at night. There is this bedroom that shares a wall with the living room. So the living room is on one side and the bedroom on the other. These two places were the center of activity, especially with my uncle. The master bedroom has this eerie bathroom where none of us felt comfortable in but we had no other place to go because it was the only one with a shower and well, after spending a day on your feet, you just want a quick shower and hop into bed.

Several things occurred. The first thing happened to my uncle. He seemed to be the main focus of the spirits. The first night we spent there, my aunt May and I shared the bedroom next to the living room. My cousin Sharon shared a room with "Ken" and Jim. They were around the same age, which is several years younger than me. So my uncles shared the sofa bed in the living room.

During the night, my uncle "Steve" got pinched and kicked several times. He thought it was Uncle Jonathan. The next morning he got up and was going to ask Jonathan why he was a fitful sleeper when he realized Uncle Jonathan had not been there the entire night...he had not come home from his friend's house until 10 am.

The next incident occurred when Uncle Jonathan, Aunt May, Sharon and I went back up to their home in San Francisco.

Uncle Steve stayed in LA to visit people and he moved into the spare bedroom. This was the same bedroom that I'd slept in. He said that the activity got stronger there; that he would be sleeping and he'd wake up because someone was calling his name. Only my uncle and aunt did not call him. Other times he'd get kicked; he knew it was a female because the voice was feminine. When he came up to San Francisco; he was glad to get away from that house because he couldn't sleep. But he actually saw the ghost when he was on the plane. He said he saw her sitting on the wing, looking at him through the window.

The other incidents occurred when we went back down to LA, minus Uncle Steve who went back to New York. This time Aunt May, Aunt "Sara", Sharon and Ken shared the sofa bed in the living room. My mom and brother came to LA also. I shared the spare bed room with my mom and she didn't sleep very well in the room. Said the whole place was spooky. My brother felt nothing.

However, the four people sharing the sofa bed had a hard time sleeping. My Aunt May was woken by the spirit. She got scared and tried to wake Sara but Sara was in a deep sleep. She kept calling Sara but she wouldn't wake up. The ghost then spoke to her. She said,"She can't protect her own family", how can she protect you?"

That totally freaked out my aunt, and she was most happy to leave LA.

It also disturbed Sharon and Ken, keeping them awake, kicking them and pinching them.

This occurred throughout the entire length of the trip and apparently after we left, it moved to the bedroom of Ken and Jim; causing them to lose sleep.

All I know is that these people would not lie about this; even I felt some discomfort in the house. Also my aunt had a friend who could see them; she said there were many spirits in that house. I've always wondered at the reason for these occurrences since the house seems to be fairly young...

One other thing; about three years after the ghost said that my aunt Sara couldn't protect her own family; her husband died under strange circumstances. The kids and Sara were with him when he passed and I think he knew he was going because Sara had been working in New Jersey at the time when he called her and asked her to quickly return home.

I have more stories but I think I'll stop here. Tell me what you think or share some of your stories by emailing me at aria121@aol.com

The Ghost At My Grandparents House & Parents House

by mbacon@execpc.com

I'm 22 years old and have always had an interest in the supernatural and

paranormal. I've just recently found your web page and I love it. Very

informative and exciting. My hats off to you. Now I'm not a very good

writer but I'll give it my best.

I was about eleven years old when I had my first experience. I was

at my grandparents house sleeping over. Now I really don't know how old

the house is but they lived there my entire life. And then some. Well

this particular night I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. And when I

came out I started walking back to the living room, and I had a feeling

that someone was standing behind me. And when I turned around I saw a

dark shadowy figure standing in front of my grandparents bedroom. The

figure was very masculine looking, tall, broad shouldered, and the only

distinct part I saw was an arrowhead pendant around its' neck. After

that I turned away from it and when I turned back it walked through my

grandparents door. That was the first and last time I ever saw anything

in my grandparents house.

Now, I'm twenty two years old, eleven years later. My parents moved

into a new house. They went on a cruise and left me to house sit. Now

I normally don't mind being in a house alone, but this is an older

house. One night I was sleeping in my parents bedroom, and for some

reason woke up in the middle of the night. And I looked up towards the

bedroom door. And saw the same figure that I saw eleven years ago at my

grandparents house. The figure just stayed by the door until I tried to

scream. As I tried to sit up I felt powerless. I couldn't move. Then

the figure moved towards me and proceeded towards a mirror next to my

parents bed. Then vanished. But as it moved towards me I heard

something say, "There is only one." I've tried to bring this up to my

mother but she just dismisses it as an overactive imagination.

please respond to: MBACON@EXECPC.COM

I've had some very odd things happen in my life and no one to talk to.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening.

Our Strange Cat

by Dvlish01@aol.com

It happened back when I was 17 and my sister Penny was 15. Our family had just moved into a new house in Missoula, Montana. The family and few friends who had helped us move were in the downstairs den having pizza as a reward for their help. A stray cat somehow got into the garage and started meowing at the door to the house. We own a cat so thinking it was ours, I opened the door and it ran in. After a chase around the house we finally caught and put the cat back outside.

A few nights later, my sister Penny and I were sleeping in our room and our cat jumped up onto my bed. It walked over my legs and curled up behind my knees to sleep. At the same time, my sister said something about the cat being on her bed. I reached up and turned on the light, only to find that nothing was sitting on my bed, and my sister had the cat. This went on for a few more nights, my sister or I would feel the cat jump onto our bed, but when we reached down to pet it, nothing was there.

We thought we must be imagining things, so we never told anyone about what was happening. After about a few months, we moved into another house in Missoula. I never felt the "cat" again, but one morning my mom's friend (who was staying in our house) said that the weirdest thing had happened....she then went on to tell how she felt the cat jump onto her bed, but she went to pet it and nothing was there. My sister and I wanted to see if the "cat" was back, so we slept in the room my mom's friend had a few nights later. Sure enough the cat had followed us. I never slept in that room again.

About a year later we moved to Butte, Montana. My sister and I again were sharing my room. The first night we slept in our house, I felt the cat on my bed. By this time I was used to the midnight visitor, so I whispered goodnight kitty to it, and went to sleep. That was the last night we were visited by the cat, but whenever a cat jumps onto my bed, I feel to make sure it's really there.

Haunted Theater

by Venkman720@aol.com

This is not an account of what happened alone, but what has occured and what I have withnessed. Back in 95' I had a summer job working at a theater. The theater has 12 screens. All the rooms are huge except for room 10 and 11. They are fairly small. Theater 10 was long and narrow and had its own projection room. In the back of the screen was a long hallway leading to the fire escape. That hallway always gave me the creeps. It's lighting was dull which made it eerie. It was always dead quiet because it was in the back of the theater, so not many people where back there ( It was reserved for the crappy one week movies). I always strayed away from cleaning that room because it was eerie. One day I was talking to my supervisor about the room and he explained that it was haunted. I just thought he was trying to scare me. However, when I had to go back there I always noticed the floor was wet, soaked to be exact, and the room was cold. The water was always there from my experience. It never dryed up. I asked management why they didn't fix it. It turns out they did have the pipes repaired several times. Infact the pipes were even replaced. But the floored remained wet. I was back there one day making sure nobody was trying to sneak in. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I went to the fire escape and openned it to see who it was. I peeked out and saw that there was nobody there. It was completly dead outside. I closed the door and headed out of the hall when the door knocked again. Nobody once again. I turned from the door and began to walk away when it happened again, I got mad and openned the door and yelled for people to stop playing around. But there was nobody there. I was close to the door this time so I would have been able to see someone running, and there was no place to hide. Frightened I hauled butt out of the theather. later in the summer, the projection man was loading up the latest film when he heard singing in the hallway. He went to check it out but so nobody back there yet the singing continued. he ran to the manager and told his storie. Now this is a quiet man who doesn't talk unless talked too. Turns out he wasn't the first to hear singing or talking. It happened alot. That is theater 10. Theater 11 has a smell coming from it that never goes away, and the room is always hot no matter if the air-conditioner was pumped up high. I left the job at the end of the summer. I haven't talked to anybody from the job since then so I don't know what is happening.

The Closet Man

by kjuchau@polarnet.com

Throughout my life I have experineced strange and unexplained occurences. I have always been very interested in ghosts and love telling ghost stories almost as much as I love reading them. I am 18 right now and currently living in Alaska (army sucks). I suppose it all started when I was five and we were living in Texas. I am the oldest of five and at the time had a brother and a sister ( I now have a brother and three sisters). My brother ,Kris, is a year younger than me and my sister,April, is two and a half years younger than me. As I've already said we were living in Texas. During this time (about two years), strange things happened but there are two incidences that I will always remember.

layout of upstairs

stairs __wall_______________

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] \door to Kris's room |

| | backyard

|__ |

| | bed |

_________door to my room __/ |__|____________/door to closet

| |_____|

| bed |

| |


One night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I should mention that my head was near the wall where Kris's closet was. As I was drifting and thinking I began to hear a noise. Still wide awake, I listened intently before realizing that I was listening to someone walking up stairs. The stange thing was, the stairs I heard creaked and ours didn't. As I listened a bit longer I realized that the sound was coming from my brothers closet! I lay there with a growing amount of horror and fear for my brother as the footsteps grew closer. Finally they stoped, but I could hear someone moving around in the closet, which I knew was filled with boxes. I then heard the closet door open with the teeth grinding creak it was known for. I listened to someone walk through my brother's room (our doors where open) it was obviously someone with hard shoes on, I could tell because we had wooden floors. The light in the stairwell was on, and on my wall I could see the shadow of a man in a cowboy hat walk from my brother's room, and down the stairs, then listened as the front door opened and closed. After about five minutes and catiously crept from my room into Kris's to see if he was alright. My brother was sleep obliviously away but I saw something that froze me in place.....the closet door was open. This frightened me because I knew that my brother was deathly afriad of his closet and would never have gone to sleep with it open. I knew that what I had heard was real. Fortunatly, I never heard it again.

Another incident that occured in this house was only witnessed by my brother. I believe he was five at the time, but to this day he recalls, and swears that this really happened.

He used to own a orangatan(sp?) stuffed animal. He loved that animal, and (he's probly going to kill me if he reads this) slept with it. One night he claims to have waken up, and for no apparent reason, was terrified. He lied in bed for a long time, afriad to move. He says that he felt something tugging on his blanket, trying to pull it off the bed. With a death grib on the covers he huddled in bed when suddenly he saw the arm of the monkey lift itself from the floor beside the bed (apparently the monkey had fallen off the bed earlier that night) The arm hung in the air for a few second and then droped to the floor. I don't think he slept for the rest of the night.

These are just two of the many strange things that happened to us in Texas. Many, many more terrifiying things happend in Colorado during the seven years that we lived there. If you're interested in swaping stories feel free to send me some email.

A Few Terrifying Experiences

by Sanzman@IX.NETCOM.COM

Hi. I've never lived in a haunted house or spooked area (at least that i know of). The houses that i have lived in, have been new and were no previous deaths (again, that i know of). Yet, I have experienced some strange things here and there that have been scattered out from several years and i can't explain them. They are little things, but still very scary. The more terrifying ones happened to my Mother.

One of them, was back in 1989-90, and my Father was out of town on business. Whenever my Father travels, my Mother doesn't sleep well, so she stays up late and reads. Well one night while he was gone, my sister and I had since long gone to bed, when she was up late again reading. We had recently moved into this house and hadn't broken it in yet. She claims that when she was reading, she heard some very heavy, raspy breathing come from outside the window. It was very loud and she was very frightened. It continued throughout the entire night, heavy, suffering breathing. If I remember correctly, she looked out the window but saw nothing as she heard the breathing. Still terrified, she checked the next morning, but there were no tracks or any futher evidence stating that something had been there. But she knew there was.

Another one, which I must say would have given me a heart attack, was when she and my Father were sleeping one night, and she felt a heavy weight press down on the bed. She said that she distinctly felt a person sitting on her side of the bed, by her feet. She called to my Dad, who was sound asleep. I don't remember how long this lasted, but she told me that she was frightened out of her mind.

The last one I'm going to tell you, my Mother and I both experienced, but at different times. I was the first. It was late one night, and as I went to bed, I turned off the light on my nightstand. Not more than five seconds after shutting it off, I heard very heavy and rapid breathing coming from inches above my face. Scared, I reached out but felt nothing. Quickly switching on the lamp, the breathing ceased never returning (knock on wood). However, a few nights later, my Mother told me of the same thing happening to her, but she assumed it was the dog, but when she turned the light on, the dog was sound asleep on the other side of the room. This was a different house from the other breathing and we haven't experienced it since, but it was really terrifying. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

The Spanish Man

by MLaden1027@aol.com

My name is Martha. When I was about 5 I had an encounter that shook me up. I woke up out of a sound sleep because of a sound in the living room. I wandered down the hallway and stood at the opening to the living room-it had a iron fence with an opening. As I stood there trying to figure out what I heard I saw the following:

A cloudy object started to form in front of me about 4 feet. I remember, at that time I felt a strange chill-I wasn't cold but I wasn't warm either-but I can't really describe it. It slowly began to take on human features. It was a man of Spanish decent, with a mustache and a small beard, with a metal hat, metal chest plate, and "funny looking shorts" (that's how I described them at the time). He was also wearing boots-or what looked like boots-I was not quite sure. I stared at him and he had a real mean look in his eyes-as I watched-(I did not move)-he drew his sword from his left hip with his right hand and came toward me-I remember screaming very loudly. The man stopped and I ran down the hallway and into my room, screaming. I remember squeezing myself between my bed and the dresser and shrinking down into a tight ball. That's where my father found me. I explained what I saw and he looked through out the house-he said there was no one there. Both of my parents thought I was dreaming. I know I wasn't dreaming. (I later saw a picture of something similar to the man I saw-later being about 4 or 5 years-when I was studying early California history-it was a conquestador) I also used to see, what I called "shadows"-really odd-they had features and shapes but they were grey or black they were men and women and children. But sense we don't live in that house anymore, I don't see them that much any more.

I know that sounds crazy-and everyone I have ever told this to-says "yeah right" but I know what I saw and every now and again still see. I hope I haven't wasted your time.

Couple From the Past

by Dahlia187@aol.com

I'm not sure this wasnt a lucid childhood dream or a real experience. You see I'm the only one in my family who remembers the thing.

My grandparents live out in a rural part of Mississippi. When I was young my parents liked to get rid of me and my brother by sending them to our grandparents. So there was this one night we were at my grandparents place. My grandparents were having guests over for dinner. We were all on the edge waiting for them to get there.

Well thats a whole other story.

It was late after their friends left. I was getting ready for bed when someone shouted someone else had driven up. I went to the window to see who it was. Outside was one of those old cars people drove in the fifties. I think the color was blue. Walking to the porch I saw these two black people dressed like they had been to a wedding or a party coming to the door. They weren't dressed like they came from the eighties either. So I haul ass back to my bedroom to dress when I hear someone say the couple is gone. I go to look for myself. theres not a sign of the car or the two black people.

I dont know if you believe me. Its been so long since it happened I barely remember most of it myself. So thats my little ghost story. Believe it if you will.

Moving Day

by Falcon8450@aol.com

This expirience happend two years ago. My family and I were moving out of our house after living there for 20 something years. I was only 15 years old at the time, and I had always felt like something was always around me. That something was always next to me, watching me, touching me, talking to me. I wasnt the only one either. My brother who is five years older then me would talk about something making him feel uncomfortable also. It's a very old house but it was in good condition, like the lights would always flicker on and off.

Well back to the night we were moving out. I was left behind to clean out the garage, and make one last sweep of the house. We only moved a few miles away so its not like it was some kind of big deal. It soon turned into a big deal for me. We left all the doors in the house open so we could move out the boxes and furniture. I soon started to feel extremly cold. It was a very warm summer night and I couldnt possibly believe that it was because of the doors bieng open. Well I soon started hearing movement upstairs, so I closed all the doors and locked them. I went up stairs and made the sweep of the house and I checked all the rooms and closets and cabinets in the house. I couldnt explain the cold or the noise. So I got a little frightend and I went outside. When I went outside it got warmer because like I said it was a warm summer night. Now outside on the sidewalk there is a point where you can see through the house to the back yard. Then I say someone looking at me from the other end of the house. So I went back there and called out to whom ever was out there. Nothing happend except for something staring at me from inside the house. Then the wind started to pick up and I got really frightend so I ran out to the front yard and then my mother pulled up in the drive way. I had never felt so safe in my life. We had to come back the next mourning to get what was left in the garage. So when we finally got everything from the house we pulled out from the driveway and I saw something in the window what looked to be a figure smilling and waving goodbye to me.

My Own "Dream" Story

by Labsbabs@aol.com

This was very emotional for me to write , as I still feel the emotions as if it were yesterday. My father whom I loved very much and was very close with passed away in September of 1990. This was an extremely difficult time as my grandmother had passed away the same year in April and my aunt (his sister), the year before in Sept. also. An entire family had died within a year, one of cancer, one of natural causes , and my Dad, eventually of a heart attack, but I felt mostly a broken heart. No matter how much we tried to help him through this time , the depression just won over and worked on him.

So needless to say, his passing was an extreme shock to us all, as he was only 53yrs. old. I had been called out of work the day it happened and will not forget to this day, that terrible ride to the hospital, almost in denial.

For weeks of course the pain of his loss would not go away. But one night in particular, I fell asleep, in the course of sleeping , I felt at some point I was totally awake, in my Dad's house sitting at the table, and here he came down the stairs, and I immediately jumped up, "Is it really you?" " Yes , he said and he held my hand, and smiled and said "I am fine, don't worry about me ." I could actually feel his hand on mine , then we hugged. After that point he then went back up the stairs, I awoke to a feeling of such profound realness, if you can explain it that way, and in some small way a satisfaction of he really was now with his family too. I have not had another dream of that clarity and feeling since of him.

Kentucky Haunting

by  BELL205

I live in Bellevue, KY in Campbell County. I belong to the Bellevue Fire Department. Approximately 10 years ago a pat Fire Chief passed away in our upstairs bar room. The chair he died in is still there. I think everyone is a little worried aboout getting rid of the old chair due to the strange things that happen there. Ironically enough only one incident happened outside of the upstairs area. The ghost only seems to be active upstairs. When watching tv you will hear someone walk towards the back room from the bar area and just stop. the sounds are distinct foot steps. Lights and air conditioners routinely turn themselves on and off for no apparent reason. The only downstairs incident was in the engine room. Our pumpers have federal sirens they sound like air raid sirens and have a constant wail. in order to activate them you have to turn the batteries on and push a pedal on the floor board. The longer the pedal is pushed the louder and longer the siren will wail. One night at 3 in the morning one of the federal Q's (siren) began wailing as loud as it would go, and it wasnt winding down. Obviously the shift on duty flew out of bed and down to the engine room. One firefighter said lets walk on each side of the truck and catch whoever is doing this. As they approached the doors they jerked them open at the same time only to find no one in the truck! Also simultaneously as the doors opened the siren began wailing down. The firefighter on the drivers side noticed the batteries on the truck were still in the off position. To this day that incident is unexplainable. No one pushed the pedal in the truck and theres absolutely no way for the siren to work without the batteries. Another paranormal incident.

My Step Fathers House

by name withheld by request

When I was 14 my mother remarried and we moved into my step father's house in a nice reidential fairly rich area in the suburb's of Atlanta. The house was very big. Two stories. You walk in and your on a small landing with 8 steps going down. 8 going up.

If you go down their is a door to your left leading to the garage and a door to your right leading to the basement which was made into a beautiful modern apartment. You open that door and there is a hall about 30 feet long. First door on your left is a gigantic room with 17 foot ceilings that we used for storage. On your left as you go down the hall is a bedroom used for the weight room and the second room on your left is my bedroom. Straight down the hall my bathroom and right above each room was a guest bedroom upstairs. The oriental room as we called it for it's imported chinese furniture and it was decorated oriental style was right above the weight room. The Victoian room as we called it was right above my room. The Victorian room was decorated as an old Victorian southern style room with my mother's mother's bed in it, because it was an old oak four poster bed.

When I was around 15 I started feeling as though I was being watched. Like someone was in the bedroom with me.I ignored it. When it started getting real bad, when I was 16, I kept my TV on 24 hours a day turned on mute and my stero on always . My parents thought It was strange especially when I blew the picture tube from keeping it on 24 hours a day non stop for a little over a year. When the tube blew I insisted they have it fixed immediately and I slept upstairs in the Victorian room across the hall from their room, and I also made them sleep with their door open and mine.When the TV returned from the shop 4 days later my parents were glad to finally have me back downstairs so they could have their privacy.

Well, I got used to the feeling of being watched. After a while it turned scary.

I was lying in bed one night at 4am writing in my journals. I heard foot steps coming downstairs. I knew it was my step father, getting up early for work and I knew I'd be in trouble for staying up writing when I had to be up for school in 3 hours. I jumped in bed, covered my head and pretended to be asleep praying my step dad wouldn't know i'd been up this late.

The steps came down the hall and stopped at my door. I didn't hear anything. I figured he was peeping in on me trying to see if I was fakeing sleeping. My door was cracked so I could hear him coming and when I heard nothing for 5 minutes a chill went through me. That wasn't my step dad. I looked up and noone was there. At that moment I heard my step dads alarm go off from upstairs and heard him and my mom getting up. "Go Away." I said in my most frightened voice. The door slammed and an icy air came into the room.I covered my my head and started crying praying to god to protect me and send my angels to protect me and shield me from evil. At that moment I felt a hot something moving, not moving, but hovering over my body.I uncovered my head feeling peacefull and the hairs stood up on my neck as this thing moved over me with this heat and suddenly I was tired and slept like a baby. I feel that was my gaurdian angel I really do.

After a month or so I heard the foot steps all the time at night and one night day I told my mother what was going on. She then told me that one morning she was walking back and forth to the kitchen trying to get ready for work and filling her coffee cup and she heard me walking around downstairs. She knew if my step father knew that I had been up all night I would be in trouble. She walked down stairs and called my name, knowing I would answer to her, which I would. My mom always covered for me.

She said I didn't answer so she went in my room and found me asleep. She kissed my cheek and tucked my covers under my chin. She started to leave my room and was walking down the hall when she heard the very same foot steps right behind her. She thought it was me. She said my name when someone brushed against her shoulder. It was freezing cold. She ran to my room which was only 10 feet away and found me exactly as she left me.

We both knew and decided something was evil and not right. She insisted I sleep upstairs in the Victorian room until All was calm. I did for 2 weeks and after I felt comfortable moved back into my room. That night I was sitting up in bed, which was a friday night. I was reading. I heard the steps. Ignored them and my bedroom door that was cracked about 8 inchs banged open and the cold air flew in. I looked up and this huge black shadow was above my head and as I gasped it disapperaed into the ceiling as it made a sound as if it were being sucked into the ceiling.

I ran upstairs and my mother was in the room crying, telling me she had just come in to straighten the room when she felt a presence. She told it to leave and the room was calm. My mother had told this thing to leave the exact same moment the black massive shadow got sucked into the ceiling. My mother claims it was her dead mother coming to check on her. I disagree. My mothers mother died when she was 15 before she was ever married or had children.

We never heard from the ghost or what ever it was again until 1 year later a week before I moved out. I was in the kitchen upstairs folding clothes and moving from the kitchen to the laundry room when I though I saw my mother in the living room, whom I knew was in bed sound asleep and I would have heard and seen come into the living room.

I called her name and went into the living room when I saw a woman with short blonde hair and a long white nightgown on, ignore me and disappear into the wall. My mother has short blonde hair but her hair is dyed blonde. My mothers mother looked nothing like her. She had dark brown hair. I have no idea if that ghost was trying to look like my mom or what but it scared me and I never heard from Any other ghost in the house again.