Dog Ghost


By: Anonymous



We seem to have a dog ghost in our house.  When the first incident occurred, I was upstairs in the bathroom standing at the mirror with the door open (you can see down a stairway to the front door from the bathroom).  I was alone in the house at the time.  While I was there, I felt what I thought was our dog's nose poke me in the back of the leg.  This is a very common dog thing for attention.  Without looking, I reached around to pet our dog, but there was nothing there.  Surprised, I called our dog's name and saw him poke his head around the corner at the bottom of the stairs.  Obviously it could not have been him.

The second incident occurred when my husband and I were both in the house.  Again, I was in the upstairs bathroom (it's enough to give you a complex), this time with the door closed.  The doorknob rattled, just as if our dog was asking for entry.  (It's his way of knocking; he rattles the doorknob.)  I opened the door, and no dog.  I asked my husband if our dog was downstairs with him and he said "Yes".  I asked him if he had heard the doorknob rattle upstairs.  He replied that he did.  We were both very perplexed as it did sound exactly as if our dog had "knocked" on the door.  I told him about the phantom nose-poking incident and given his witnessing the doorknob rattle, he believed me.

The third incident occurred to my stepson and not me, thankfully.  We were all settling down in our respective rooms upstairs when we heard his door open.  A moment later, he came into our room, a little flustered and asking if we'd heard his door open.  We had, and we assumed it was just a change in air pressure.  But he said that what was strange about it was that when the door opened, it made a sound as if a dog was pushing on the doorknob (again, a familiar sound we experience regularly with our current dog), which does not usually occur when the door blows open from air pressure.  I'd say that he believed my previous stories at this point!

I've only been living in this house a couple of years since my husband and I met and married.  I never knew my husband's previous dog, as he passed away before I moved in.  My theory is that he is curious about my presence in the house, since it has been some time since a woman lived here.  Sometimes I think I hear a collar jingle when our dog is away with the guys but I think that is purely imagination.  None of these incidents has been frightening, just curious.  Our house was built by a pastor and has a very comforting, positive "vibe" about it.  I noticed this the first time I came here - how welcome and warm it felt.  I immediately felt like it was "home".  We believe it has positive spiritual energy because people of faith built it with love.  We love our home and pray for its blessing and protection.



My Apartment




Currently my two young-adult children I live in an apartment in New Jersey which has a very dominant male spirit present. Not sure if he is a good or negative spirit. We all have had multiple sightings of this person and some physical encounters with him as well. We moved here October of 05 and my first week here I noticed a nice-sized orb go from the front bedroom to the side bedroom. Afterwards lots of activity and feelings started happening with us. I have not really unpacked yet for settling in because plan on moving this coming October. I have matresses in the middle of my livingroom which is where I sleep with my daughter. One evening I was laying on my matresses with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep. The presence was strong as usual, but this particular nite I was too relaxed to respond. Suddenly I felt a hard impact in the top of my head - like somebody took the side of their fist and punched me - but I didn't have a headache or any lingering pain. Conversely, one nite my daughter said that she was having a bad dream one nite and could not wake up. She said suddenly she felt taps on her forehead which made her wake up from the bad dream.





 My Great Grandfather's Ghost




one day i was at my grandmas house (in england) and was looking out of the window when i noticed a man walking up and down the drive. He was dressed in victorian clothes, had dark hair and a moustache, i also noticed that he was a bit transparent. I told my grandma and described him too her. Her face went pale and she brought a photo down from the attic. She asked me if it was him and it was, i told her this and she told me that it was her father and i shouldnt be scared of him because he was probably coming to check on me (it was my 12 birthday) i have always felt protected in my grandmas house and now i know why. My grandma says that he died in the spare bedroom at the back of the house which is where i now see him frequently. He never talks to me, just smiles. I told my mum but no one else (my grandma already knew). i am still 12 but am nearly 13 and have no doubts as to what i saw. I have been looking at this sight for a while but i never thought i would have a story to tell!  




My Grandfather




hi,  i was recently reading the stories on your page, i have long been fascinated by the paranormal.  i dont know exactly how to put this down so i will just write things out as i remeber them..

my grandfather passed away not 2 months ago, it seems like forver but I remember feeling uneasy all week (we live about 1500 miles apart) and something kept nagging at me to call him to see how he was doing (my mother, his daughter, later said that she experienced these feelings, before i told her that i also experienced them).  well sure enough on sat afternoon i get the call saying that he had passed away that morning at exactly 4am.  after making the arrangements i flew out to gather what belongings he had, which wasnt much, just a few books and videos; and his favorite watch.  here is what bothers me about things.  His watch stopped at 420am the day he passed away, 2. he had a bible that he often read, and he used to make notes on a little cue card about his favorite passages, the cue card was slipped into the bible in the book of st. Matthew, in the chapter outlining the easter story, it was easter saturday that he passed away on. 3. on the day of his passing i awoke at 4am and could not sleep, the odd thing is 1500 miles away, my aunt and her children experienced the same thing, and when my uncle drove from the hospital to my aunts house (my aunt and uncle are seperated so they did not live togther, and my uncle was the primary caretaker for my grandfather)  they were all awake and explained to him that they had woken around 4 and could not get to sleep, that is when he broke the news to them.

ever since i have felt like he is around me and whenever i think if him i can feel a warmth inside me that i never experienced before.  he always believed that there was a connection between the afterlife and this world (as any world war soldier will, he fought in the war and was a decorated soldier) and i love him so much, he was more of a father to me than my own; and i just hope that he is happy and safe.

i dont not know if u will post this, but it helped me a little to write things out, thank you.







In 1996 I lived in McAlester Oklahoma in a apartment there was a two story house it was

devided in to three apartments the front was a two story apartment and the middle and

mine the back apartment. well the plant I worked in worked July 4th sbut we was off for

three days so some of mine friends celabrated the fourth on the fifth. that morning I seen

my Friend Greg he was drunk maybe high I told him go home because his exgirl friend was

living in the middle apartment with another guy and they was drinking and doing meth.

I told him they would kill him. Well around midnight some of my friend brought me home

and there was police tape every where. the cops told me I could not enter the apartment

cause some one was hurt bad.

well the next day I found out Greg's new girl friend and exgirl friend and her new boy friend

cut his head almost offt. well right after that I would see fire in the closset next to the wall

of theire apartment. and I wold hear screaming and it felt spooky. in my apartment it was

verry hot. one night it was hot but all at once it got freazing cold. in my chair I was setting in

started to shake. I said Grag I know that is you. I have not forgoton what they did. but

you are scaring me. please stop. well I never felt nothing else.



The Cool Breeze....





My mother died in 1994 . 2 weeks after she had passed, my sister and I went to the cemetery to take her some flowers.

It was a hot day in July, and we decided that we would just drop off the flowers and leave because of the heat.

When we were standing at the gravesight, my sister said "lets go, i cant stand this heat". Out of nowhere a cool breeze came over us. It was so refreshing...It blew over us for about a minute or so, and then it stopped. But it gave us an instant boost of energy, and we decided to stay longer visiting the gravesight of our mom. It was something we have never forgotten, and firmly believe it came from our mother who didnt want us to leave, and to visit longer with her.

On such a hot day, it was a miracle having this cool air hit us and cool us off from that heat. Thank you mom, wherever you are.......



My Sister's Sighting





when my sister was 13 she went to the shop down the road from our house. about ten minutes later my sister came bursting through the door crying her eyes out after my mum had calmed her down she said that she was just about to cross the road when a man in a flat cap and a scarf told her to stop not 3 seconds after she had stepped back onto the pavement did a car speed round the blind corner my sister turned round to thank the old man who saved her however he was gone but in the 10 seconds these events happened the man who would have been maybe 70 couldnt have ran into a place she couldnt see him because the only place he could have was a back alley 20 meters away.

she asked my mum why it could have been an old man my mum replied that the place her sighting happened was a social place were some old men including my great grandad used to smoke and have a chat to this day my sister keeps to her story and is definate that it was my great grandad making sure that she was ok.



Ghost Named Joe





We live in a small house in a small town in northern Minnesota called Lengby. My girlfriend Lynda bought the house in 1984 from her sister-in law who had owned the house for a few years (she owns many rental houses in the area). A few months prior to Lynda purchasing the house, an old man lived there. He was known in the community as the town drunk. The kitchen floor of the house was actually filled with empty whiskey bottles and beer cans. He actually lived in the house rent free because he had been found living in an ice fishing house during the previous winter.

When I moved in with Lynda in 2004, she had added on three bedrooms and a living room and she had explained to me that any strange noises in the house could be contributed to her ghost whom she called Joe. Apparently, Joe (the old man) was living in the tiny house during the winter of 1983 and had staggered home from the local bar. Something had happened to the oil burning furnace during the night, causing black soot to fill the house. Joe was found dead just inside the front door with soot covering his nose and mouth. As a local deputy, I took it upon myself to do some research and found out that a friend of mine who was currently working as a police officer in a neighboring town had been the officer who found Joe dead. He described the situation to me as follows. I was called to do a welfare check on Joe because nobody had seen him for a few days. I went to the door and knocked, but did not get an answer. I tried the knob and found the door to be unlocked. I tried to push the door open and realized it was being blocked by something. Pushing hard, I managed to open the door enough to find Joe dead lying just inside the door and frozen stiff. The winters are very harsh here and it seems that when the furnace went on the blink and filled the house with smoke and soot, Joe tried to get to the door, but was overcome and died. The faulty furnace went out and allowed the temprature to drop to sub-zero.

On numerous occasions, noises can be heard throughout the house. Lynda's son and daughter have asked if she had been messing with their stereos, because they both reported their music had been turned down during the night. We like to recycle our aluminum cans and were keeping them in a garbage can in the kitchen. One morning, Brady asked us why we were rummaging through the cans the night before. We explained to him that we had been sleeping through the night and had not touched the cans. Brady went on to explain that during the night, he was awaken by the sound of cans rattling and it sounded like they had been dumped on the floor.

I have myself heard cans being moved around in the middle of the night and got up to find them in their place.

One night, while sitting in my recliner in the livingroom, just outside what was once the original front door watching TV with Lynda, I clearly heard what sounded like someone falling on a cement floor just behind my chair. I looked at Lynda and asked if she had heard the same thing. We had both heard the sound and had looked at the floor in front of the door and found nothing there.





Haunted House





i lived in a house in lincoln park, that was definitely haunted. i truely believe in things like this and wow...what an experience! before we even moved in we knew that there were others there besides us. we were fixing up the basement and heard people talking in the vents. we heard dogs barking, and a baby crying and saw a man standing in the hallway. my fiance and i had the same expeience when in totally different parts of the house. we both heard a man choking in the bathroom, and then a man whistling.the lights would turn on and off all by themselves.....and you could watch the light switch go up and down. on 2 seperate occasions, a man breathed on the back of my neck while i was in the shower(nobody else was home) and i saw his shadow on the other side of the shower curtain. we met the people who lived there before us and we asked if they ever had wierd things go on there and right away they described the exact things that happened to us.after living there awhile, i heard that many many years ago....some time in the 1800's, a family had a house there, and it burned down. i believe this to be true because of the man we always heard choking in the bathroom. there was also said to be a dog which we also heard barking at times.



Was I Selected?




A far back as i can remember I've always felt (and been) different to everybody else. When I was a  little girl, around 4 or 5 I guess (I'm now 16), I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night. I was plagued with constant nightmares and was obsessed with death or what I knew of death at the time. I was always scared and now i think back I seem to recall why. I was afrad in my room, I'd go im there and go to bed and I'd get a horrible feeling of dread. I'd turn the light on and read (I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, I know, before then I would go out and sit with my parents) and aftr a while I'd settle down enough to go try to go to sleep again. I have always believed in ghosts somehow even tho I am terrified of what happens after death. My first experience happened when I was around 7 I think (I have a terrible memory even tho that isn't that long ago). I was laying in bed with my head slightly raised looking through my bedroom door into the hallway where my parents left the light on for me at night. I was just laying there thinking when I got this chlling sorta sinking feeling that scares me everytime I get it and I heard a strange sound like a washing machine start up. At first its whush, was quiet then it got louder and louder and somehow more deep. This didn't go on for very long when a figure appeared not like you blink and its there or materialises there it just sorta appeared, suddenly it was there! It was a tall figure, almost as tall as my door frame which is over 2 metres high (somewhere around 6 feet I think). The figure was in a long black cloak that consealed its entire figure and the light that was coming onto it from the hall seemed to have no effect on the material. The noise had stoped when the figure had appeared and the figure dissapeared just like it had come, just suddenly not being there. I closed my eyes having not blinked for several seconds and being overwhelmed with, well, shock I guess because I wasn't realy scared of it, and there when I closed my eyes I could see the figure just as perfectly as when it had been standing in the doorway. It was like I'd fallen unconcious within that split second and seen it and had to force myself to open my eyes again. I believe that figure was Death. Tho he (for some reason calling Death a he seems right to me) didn't have his scythe, it seems to fit to me, it feels right. I think I will be searching my entire life to find out the reason He visited and hope someone out there can help me. I am not afraid of this vision but maybe a little of what it could mean. I have had a feeling lately that I might have some kind of power as I've always had a kind of insight in to others minds and truthful guesses into the future or past.

Recently I had another experience but I felt this was entirely different. I was asleep, dreaming about something that I can't remember, when I awoke suddenly. I had my arms up behind me on the pillow and I swear I could feel my hands around a guy on the ribs, it just felt like a guy. The feeling went away very suddenly and I became aware of a presence in my pitch black room.

I thought I saw a darker patch of black standing next to the bed and could feel a menacing presence there. It stayed until I plucked up the courage to grab my mobile and turn its light on that spot. There was nothing there.

I've felt that presence several times since then but not in the last couple of weeks. Also while reading some of the stories on this site I've felt things like the stories were affecting something, they really spoke to me.

Especially one I just read entitled 'My House Expirence'.

Thank you for your patience in reading my story,



The Apparation




Cromer High School, NSW, Australia, 1987. Our physical education class has been cancelled due to thundery conditions, therefore, we were sent to the libarary instead. A cluster of mates and I would often get into in depth conversations, especially when they involved a supernatural matter. Perhaps we thought we could startle one another with our spook stories, but at least it kept us out of mischief. There was always suppostion of "Kelly," an apparation of a young girl who haunted Wakehurst Parkway, a long stretch of road in which you could get to Frenches Forest, rather than having to travel along Pittwater Rd, then up Warringah Rd, in order to get there. It was apparant that she was raped and murdered back during the seventies, when hitchhiking along Wakehurst Parkway. Wakehurst Parkway was indeed infamous for it's many fateful car incidents, where many fatalities have occured over the years. Some people claim that "Kelly" has been known to cause certain accidents, especially when she would enter people cars after midnight and if she wasn't informed to get out, your car would often swerve off the road. "Kelly" was more often than not was our more favourable topic of supernatural conversation. Whenever we'd speak of her, one specific mate of mine would remain silent, as if the conversation bothered him, or perhaps he was just plain old scared. It was this particular libarary visit when he decided to share with his mates. You see, not so long before his mother was involved in an auto wreck along the Wakehurst Parkway. She claimed to have seen "Kelly" herself seated beside her in the passenger's seat, as she made her way back home during the early hours of the morning. It was not long after she had seen "Kelly," had she crashed her car. Luckily enough, she had survived the ordeal. When my mate spoke of this story, myself and the others exchanged numerous glances of disbelief. Being a collection of obnoxious fourteen year old boys, of course we thought he was full of it and that he was trying to out do us all. Still, he seemed so sincere of what he told us, and I guess deep within my soul I did believe, but didn't want to be deemed the sucker by the rest of my mates. Even so, still until this very day, I often get goosebumps and feel uneasy whenever I mention this story to other people. From personal experience, whenever somebody mentions something regarding the supernatural and the hair on your neck rises, you definitely know there is truth to what's mentioned.





Haunted Room in France





Hi. My name is Faye. I live in England. This is a true "ghost" story, which happened to me about a year ago. When I was in year 6 at school, I went on a school trip to France. I went there with some of the teachers and children from my school. We stayed at a place called Chateau du Baffy, in Normandy. When we first arrived, me and my friends were quite scared, because the place we were staying at was right opposit a church, with a graveyard, and it looked rather freaky in the dark. We were scared that the place was going to be haunted. I was sharing a room with 3 of my friends, and we all belived in ghosts, a bit. Our room was right at the end of a corridor, I think it may have been room 29? I can't remember. But that isn't important. Anyway, the week soon passed, and there was no sign of anything remotely ghostly or freaky. Untill the last night. On our last night there, we had a disco. Everyone went to the disco and had fun. Before going, my friend locked the door of our room and made sure it was locked, which it was. when we came back from the disco, my other friend, who didn't have a key for the room at that time, pushed the door to our room, and it opened. You may be thinking "So what? she opened a door. big whoop." but my friend, Kim, was the only one who had a key, and she had been at the disco all night, and she hadn't unlocked the door before my other friend opened it. So the door should have been locked. I thought that maybe the lock was just broken, and didn't think it was freaky at first. But then we went inside the room. The only was I can desribe it is totally trashed. The duvets had been taken off the beds and thrown on the floor and all the contents of our sutcases and bags had been emtied out into random piles on the floor. Before the party, I had layed out my clothes, that I was going to wear on the trip home, on a chair by my bed, and they were crumpled up on the floor. There was water on the bathroom floor. Obviously, no one could have gotten in the room, since it was locked (untill now, of course) and no one could have gotten in through the windows, either because our window had a view of the patio area just outside where we had the disco, and someone would have seen if anyone went in through the window. It could have been that the lock on the door was broken, and someone got into our room, but personally, I think it was ghosts. If anyone else has an idea of who or what could have trashed our room, or if you have been to Chateau du Baffy and had similar experiences, feel free to email me at




My Dad's Old House in Eldon





i was sleeping on a couch in a spare  bedroom or trying to sleep the couch was pushed up against a closet door my feet were at the closet end when i heard something banging vilantley on the inside of the closet i thought theres no way that just happened then it happened again i jumped up ran to my dads room there i was 18 years old telling my dad theres something in the closet we moved the couch and looked in the closet it was empty i never stayed overnight there again the house was at least 130 years old it used to be a hotel but most of it burned down many years before he bought it there was still soot and ash on the ceiling the house was on east 2nd street across the street from gerbs supermarket but it was condeemed and tore down years ago my step sister said she saw a little girl standing at the end of her bed i should also add my step mom thought she could read palms and tera cards i dont know if she really could or not but it could off taped into something already in the house


My Grandparents House




I live in the U.S.,  these events happened at my grandparents house in central Mexico. First I want to tell my own personal experience. This happened five years ago, I was 15 at the time, my parents, my brother & sister & I were on vacation in Mexico & we were staying at my grandparents house. My gramps house are basically seven adjacent rooms including the bathroom (kind of like small apartments). This means that no matter what room you're in you have to step outside and walk into the room youre wanting to go to. Well any way it was the first night in Mexico and it was time to go to sleep. My parents were sleeping in my dad's old room & my brother and sister were sleeping in my grandparents room with my grandparents. I Had to sleep in my old uncle's room. After wathing tv for a while I decided to get some shut eye. As I was about to go to sleep I heard some sounds in the room, it sounded like a child was crying on the sofa in front of my bed. I sat up a little scared and confused trying to see if anything was there but I didn't see or hear anything. I remember I started thinking to myself that maybe it was my imagination & that I was just tired from the long trip, so I laid back in bed & again as I was about to go to sleep I heard someone outside my room's window laughing very diabolically. Scared, I stuck my head under the covers, seconds later I could hear it breathing heavily over me. I remember I yelled "What the F###".got up off the bed with just boxers on and ran to my grandparents room. I told my grandparents what happened and they told me to sleep with my brother. My grandma who is a very religious lady stepped outside and started saying prayers around the house. For the rest of that vacation I didn't hear or see anything & I never slept in that room again. This other event happened in the early 80's before I was born and it happened in another room in the house, it was told to me by my uncle's wife. She told me that one night she was sewing on her bed, she had just put my new born cousin to sleep in her crib. She happened to look up at her closets mirror and saw a man smiling at her, then he disappeared and just as soon as he disappeared blood started running down the mirror. She says she got scared but she still ran up to the closet and opened it cause she didn't want any blood staining her cloths. When she opened the door the blood stopped and it disappeared. I asked my uncle for the history of the house and he told me that my grandparents bought the property In The 1950's and they built all of the house, but before my gramps bought the property people say that in the late night people wearing dark hoods would walk into the property and do witchcraft or satanic rituals there. That it for now I have more stories but I'll save them for some other time.




My Haunted Experiences




Two of my most biggest passions have always been history and the paranormal. I had the chance to do a final paper for my english 101 class on a controversial topic, so I picked to write on hauntings in old town, san diego (the birthplace of san diego/and state of california). I did so much research on haunted activity in old town that I can give a tour of it with my eyes closed.

I never actually experienced anything paranormal in my life until i started to write this paper. To get more information, I decided to visit the famous Whaley House, which is known as one of America's most haunted houses, and is also in Old Town. I hadn't been to the whaley house since fourth grade, so I didn't really remember anything about it. The minute we walked into the house, which is a museum, the docent told us that the chandelier in the theater upstairs was swinging, as well as the one downstairs in the dining room. my friend and i walked into the dining room, and sure enough, the chandelier was swaying as if someone had just touched it, but it was moving at a constant speed, not slowing down or speeding up. we watched this for about 5 minutes and then went into the courtroom of the house. I was giving my friend a history lesson about how a group of city officials broke inside the house and stole all the court documents because they wanted to move the courthouse but Mr. Whaley wouldn't let them break their lease. As I told her this, i saw a shadow in the figure of a man walk along the side of the wall next to the windows in the room. No one was in the room except us, and only someone in the room could have produced that shadow. It didnt scare me until i realized that it was dead silent in the room. I clearly saw someone walking, but heard no sound at all. We then went into the theater of the house, and were sitting in the seats, just talking. I look back just to look aroun the room and see a ball of bright light the size of a softball in the middle of the aisle. no light was coming off of it. it was a dimly lit room, so i know i saw a ball of light. It moved back and disappeared 2 seconds later. Again, we were the only ones in this room. It was getting late, and the museum was closing. My friend walked outside and i was inside the hallway talking to the 2 docents for more info. We were the only ones in the house at this point. I start to hear loud footsteps and i thought it was my friend until i realize that they are coming from above me. One of the docents asks us if we both heard it, and we both say we did. My friend was waiting outside when we heard these.

I went back several times after that trip and experienced a lot more stuff. One time I was in the theater again with a different friend when she said that she felk someone lightly run their fingers through her hair. That same time, i felt someone leaning over my right shoulder. On a different occasion I felt a tug on my jeans as i was walking right above my knee. i felk someone grab my pants and tug them. It's like i felt an actual hand grab my pants. The most recent thing to happen to me was when i was in the house during the daytime. I was standing at the foot of the stairs and i caught the odor of a cigar. It smelled like someone had just come inside that minute from smoking. It didn't smell like it was cheap, either. Mr. whaley was known for smoking the finest cuban cigars (back when they were legal). No one was walking around that area at the time, and i went outside to see if anyone was smoking, but there was no one there.

These experiences changed the way i look at life. I have always been interested in hauntings, but have never experienced anything until i decided to go to the whaley house. Now i know that ghosts really do exist.



The Lady in White




One day my Aunt Chelsea was talking to my Uncle Eric (this was about 10 yrs. ago),and she was about 7 or 8 and my uncle was about 12 and she said,"Hey Eric come meet my new friend in the backyard i named her the lady in white!'' and he said ,'' Why did you name her that?'' she said ,''Because she always wears white.'' So they both went into the backyard and came to see that there was nothing there.So then Chelsea pointed at thin air and said,''There she is.'' and then he said ,"Chelsea theres nothing there what are you talking about?Lets go inside.'' So they both started to walk back and then Chelsea looked back and pointed and said,''Eric look there she is!'' So Eric looked back and seen her and screamed and started running in the house without Chelsea and then Chelsea said,''Eric Wait! she's trying to take me!'' and then Eric ran back and grabbed Chelsea and ran inside.The reason I know the lady in white is a real ghost is because every now and then when you go in there back yard you can see glimpses of her just by looking around and another reason I know this is true is because a girl named Evalyn used to live there and died in that house while wearing the color white and the reason i know this is because Evalyn was my Grandmother!






Arrow Rock MO. Ghost




Hello, My husband and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Arrow Rock, MO. 2 years in a row. (our wedding night and our first year wedding anniversary) The year of our wedding night nothing happened and it was so beautiful and wonderful there. The night of our first year wedding anniversary, we went back to Arrow Rock stayed in the same bed and breakfast. We went to bed and after sometime laying there, I started dozing off and subconsciously kept hearing a woman crying. I woke up and noticed Mike had his eyes closed and as any good wife would do I nudged him and asked him if he heard that. He said heard what as he was coming out of his dozing state. I said I think the lady is crying, meaning that lady that owns the bed and breakfast. I know her name but out of privacy and for the sake of her business I wont say it. I heard it again several times and so did my husband. He got out of bed and went out one of the bedroom doors that led into the hallway and I got up and opened the door that led into the dining room, we both met in the middle of the dining room and we could still hear her crying. But it was coming from the music room and not her bedroom which was upstairs and not above the music room. My husband walked into the music room and I walked to the music room door. As I was standing there I felt something weird behind me so I just stood there not moving and then I felt what felt like fingertips running down the back of my neck. I very quickly ran into the music room and wrapped my arms around my husband. We both stood and talked a little bit about the woman crying and I told him I wondered what was wrong with her and why she was so sad. I pretty much knew it wasnt the lady that owned the house but the next morning I asked her if she had been crying that night and she said no. But I know what I felt and we havent gone back since, even though I would really like to. Thank you, Wendy



A Ghostly Story




Hello,  I LOVE your site!  I have a story to tell and since you get hundreds, I'll cut to the chase.

I am employed at a local luxury movie theatre in Wichita, Kansas.  About two years ago, there was an instance where an individual went into cardiac arrest and eventually died in what is now considered auditorium 16.  Besides the fact that this a scary thing to think about, now from several eyewitnesses, there seems to be SOMETHING lurking the cavernous hallways and auditoriums of this theatre.  One particular case is while waiting on a film to finish in #16, all patrons had apparently left.  When the employee went in to clean it, while the theatre was still dark, they saw what was believed to be a customer still watching the credits, at the very top row.  When the lights came up, nobody was there.  The second instance was with regards to the womens restrooms.  At the end of the night, when all but a few customers had left, an employee went in to clean.

After it being spotless, a return visit only 30 minutes later showed that toilet paper in one perticular stall was torn up and scattered about the floor.  This same thing has happened to several employees and always at closing time, and always the same stall.  The third instance was more recent.  A manager and employee were finishing up closing duties.

 They both saw a mysterious figure of a person 'dash'

up the balcony stairs.  Unsure of what it could be, the employee followed and found nothing.

These experiences have not been proven by any professional experts.  They are just strange things that are witnessed by us 'normal' theatre people.




A Ride Awakening




I've only had a few encounters with ghosts. When I was 11, I had my first encounter of spirits. I don't quite remember when it took place, but I do remember it was a saturday morning. I stayed up late the night before watching friday night videos for me that was a treat because we only got 3 channels. But it was around 10 am and I was expecting to sleep in to well after 1pm, but it just didn't turn out that way.

The night before my aunt asked my mom if she would be able to watch my cousins for the day while my aunt worked. So my mom said she would be happy to, she would pick them up before 10 sat. morning. Well meanwhile I was getting pretty irritated because I heard kids running up and down the hall way. We live in a trailer so you could hear and feel everything in a trailer. Well I heard them run to the back of the trailer, they were having a good time laughin' and screamin'. It was cute but not after a late night like I had.

As I hear them running toward the front of the trailer I decided I would open my door and scare them while they ran past. So I heard them comin' and as I opened my door and hollared there was nobody there. I was kinda freaked out...half asleep and...dont really know what to think. I heard a car door slam, as I looked outside I saw my mom, my sister and my two cousins getting out of the car. So as my mom came into the house she said "good i'm glad your awake." I was scared to death not knowing what to think....what to feel. She said to me, "If you weren't up, I was gonna have the kids wake you up." It was very this day I get chills thinking about the laughs and the screamin and fun time the "kids" were having. That's it..thanks!



Don't be too quick to open




All this happened when I was 18 and 19 years old.  I think that what caused it all to occur is when I had taken off to London precipitously, didn’t tell anyone till I landed there, was robbed in the first week and had no money.  Lacking accommodations I spread my sleeping bag out over a tombstone in St Mary Abbot’s churchyard each night and would dream that I was asking the interred people permission to crash there.  They politely assented.  When I returned to the US I was not ready for university yet though accepted at McGill in Montreal for the next fall semester.  I had a waiter job which ended abruptly when an entire family saw their dinner plates levitate behind me from right hand to left before I placed them deftly on the table.  They were suddenly not hungry anymore.  Eerie stuff kept happening over the next months.  I’ll never forget one night when I approached my station wagon in the dark street and it looked as if 2 long-haired grey coloured men were sitting inside.  Simultaneously in a horrible synchronous motion they slumped from the seat with their legs hanging down lifelessly from either side of the car, as if they were being pulled feet first downward.  And as the front doors seemed to swing open  I saw them both sink into the ground together. Horror-struck, I had to muster all my strength to walk past the car and into the house.  A few weeks later I was trying to fall asleep and turned over several times in bed.  I thrust my hand under the pillow and felt it seized by an immensely strong cold hand. It would not let go when I pulled my hand back.  Suddenly it did and I turned over to see a phantom materialising from the floor up.  It looked like it was filling in the form of a man with purplish-grey indescribably smoky and wavering light and while it was bending toward me I could see it clutching toward my body.  I remember being so frightened as I felt its icy fingers around my heart that I really thought it was the end.  I fainted and then knew a deep sleep in which I dreamt that night the most vivid dream of my life.  I knew at the time it was a message sent to me from the past and this was about momentous events that seemed to take me back alive many centuries and described people and circumstances that would reappear later in my life.  I can’t do justice to it after all these years, I can only say that intervening time has taught me that this was intended for me to learn by. 

Several more eventful months passed and at last I went up to Canada to start school. But I had warned everyone that I was not ready for school, too wild to settle down, and I was thoroughly dangerous myself at that time.  There were frequent brushes with death, accidents at work like a roto tiller coming untied and smashing blades first into the cab of the truck I was driving, missing severing my head by mere inches.  There were too many such-like harrowing escapes to be ascribed to mere coincidence. I knew I had made someone or something angry and a certain protection we take for granted had been removed. 

The first night at school I settled into my dorm room and had already made some friends and gone rock climbing with them on the cliffs of Mount Royal to relax.  I was awakened from sleep by someone knocking at the window.  This was a dorm room 70 feet above the ground, mind, but in my torpid state I saw nothing strange.  Outside the window was a handsome naked blond man about 25 years old but very pale.  He motioned that he wanted to enter and I opened the window after some hesitation.  It was like a dream and I still remember that suddenly there was this big grey-furred feline creature circling my little dorm room faster and faster, I can remember its lithe tread and how it pounced abruptly upon me.  Immediately I was beneath the blond man who was suddenly making love to me with the insistence of someone who has been hard up for a long time. His body felt cold and irresistibly strong.  I remember only being aware of this state but that somehow I desired all his amorous attentions.

When I mentioned my encounter to the other guys on the floor, they didn’t say anything at first.  Surprisingly they didn’t express any scorn for this encounter.  Instead they all looked very scared.  One of them finally said that from my description it resembled a man who was found outside the dorm in April of that year.  He had frozen to death and been buried under the snow for months before anyone knew of it.

After that encounter I knew somehow that my life was imperiled, my hold on it was slipping.  The spirit had apparently known I was at a weak point in my life and was trying to get me and keep me with it in the other dimension where it dwelt.  I mentioned premonitions of death to my friends and felt a helplessness and despair of life that I cannot adequately describe.  Thankfully I have never felt it again.  A few weeks later I had to be resuscitated in hospital due to heart failure and was without a heartbeat for over 10 minutes. 

It’s taken me years to put these experiences down though I remember them and many others often.  I hope that by putting them out in the public domain I don’t revive this activity but maybe others can learn from what I experienced 30 years ago.








My Tommy Doll




When I was 2 yrs old, my mom used to play a game called "monster" with me.

But one night after that, I was in my bed, then I heard a noise on my bed, then woke up, I then saw my Tommy doll sitting upright on my bed.After I saw that, I was wide awake, because my mom never put it there.So I sat up, tucked it in with me, and went right back to sleep.Then, once again, I woke up and saw my Tommy doll, standing on my bed, and it was transparent.I was so scared, I was silent.Then he took out those knife glove (Freddy Krueger style) and then thats where I screamed like a little girl (Really) and my mom and dad came in and held me.That was the scariest day of my life.

When I was 5, my mom told me that my dad had a "ghost friend" named Mickey.

So after all thses years, I finally got used to Mickey.But sometimes, he still freaks us out.


Great Grandad





i dont know if my story counts as a paranormal expirience but when i was 11(i am now 12)i was staying at my grandmas house (in england) and i was looking out of the window. my cousin and sister were fighting at the other end of the room and on the drive i saw a man in victorian clothes with dark hair and a mustache. it freaked me out because even though ive belived in ghosts since i was 8 i have only had 1 ghostly experience(an orb). now i thought i must have been imagining it but when i told my grandma she asked me to describe him so i did and her face went pale, she got a picture from her bedroom, was it this man, she said. it was and she then told me that he was her father and that i shouldnt be scared of him .(did i mention that day was my birthday)and that he had died in the study which use to be a bedroom.i now feel completely at ease in my grandmas house and feel as if someone is protecting me. me and my grandma belive it is my great grandad .



Haunted Places





I am a member of the fort mcdowell yavapai nation.i have a personal experience i would like to share with you. One night when i was walking home in the dark with my older brother. It was very dark and quiet, nothing in particular was happening until we saw something. Over a small hill we could see a shadow that was completly black. Although it was dark we could make out the figure that resembled a person. It was about 50 feet from us and we couldn't hear footsteps and it appeared to be floating above the ground. It looked like a bunch of little dots put together. We both saw it and we got scared and took off. Before that my brother said he saw that with my older sister while walking home a few weeks before. I have had conversations with other people on the reservation and some of them have said to have seen the same thing. Another time i was walking home about 3 oclock in the morning from my friends house alone. I wasn't too far when I could hear people talking. I didnt think much of it so i continued walking. I was in the middle of a field and i could still hear people talking and laughing. The moon was out and I could see the area pretty good. I stopped and looked around. Then it sounded like little kids laughing around, around me. So i went a near by house and looked in the window and everybody was asleep. I double checked to see if the tv was off and it was. I waited a little when i heard footsteps in the gravel . There was a dog next me that could hear it too. I looked around and saw nobody around. Then out of nowhere i heard someone say "Hey" in a soft whisper. I freaked out and ran in the house and asked them for a ride home. I know that this reservation has alot of history behind it dealing with a fort for soldiers back in the Geronimo years. There have been alot of death here and a lot that has happened.  I hear numerous stories from people who encouter such things as myself, but i dont let that keep me from walking in the dark.



Hey That is My Chair




My X-husband (husband at the time) were living in La Habra Ca.  I was ready to give birth and my dad had a rocking chair that belonged to my grandfather   Well when I had the baby and came home my dad brought the chair over.  The chair was really old and it squeaked loudly.  Well one night after I feed the baby at 2am and put the baby back to sleep my husband and I try to go to sleep.  We heard a squeaking sound and so we went to investigate.  Sure enough the chair was rocking and there was no one we could see in it.  We decided to go quickly back to bed.  We kept the chair anyway and where we moved so did it and once in a while it would start to rock by it self and as my children grew they would hear it.  When the chair went back to my mothers house my youngest son was stay at my parents house and was sleeping in the room with the chair.  He woke up to the sound of squeaking and looked up and there it was just rocking away.  In fact my son would tell his friends and nephews to sleep in the room with the chair.  I believe grandpa was letting us use his chair but wanted us to know "hey that's a my chair".








I was at Ten Broeck Hospital's Office/ Formerly The Kentucky Military Institute taking care of some business.  While waiting for the lady to find some paper work my friend and I decided to go exploring. In a room next to the waiting room was a large portrait of the family who ran the institute.  I did not know why but my attentions were drawn to the daughter of the family. It was a really strange feeling I had felt.  I went back to the waiting area.  The woman came out of the office and I began telling her about the picture. AT the time I had no idea who the portrait was of. The woman explained to me who the family was and that the daughter who had drawn my attention had been seen haunting the place. Just about the time she said that I felt a very cold breeze go through me and come back through me. It was a cold unlike any I had ever known. It was beyond bone cold. To this day when I tell the story and think about it I get cold chills.                                                                            Now for my mom's house. I have had many experiences. I have seen shadows float down her hallway, seen figures in windows, heard footsteps in her kitchen when no one was in there. We would be in the living room with the kitchen door locked when all of a sudden the back door would open then shut, and footsteps could be heard but no one was there.  We heard the hot water heater explode when it was still in tackt and we heard the front window break when it didn't.  One night for over an hour and a half her kitchen floor shook for no reason.  Drawers would open and close by themselves.  I am not sure of the full history of the house, however, I do know that it was built in 1959 and my parents got the house in 1962.  Before they got the house 4 families had moved in and out within the first 3 years.  One family was expecting their first child when she miscarried and two of the families were newly weds who after moving in there within 6 months got divorced. I am not quite sure about the fourth family. I am sure if ghost hunters could go into that house they would find something.

Thank you,



The House




The house I grew up in was most definitely haunted it was a 140 year old brownstone in Brooklyn New York. I lived there for 16 years. After my mother had had a cup flung at her from the cabinet (while my father

watched) my parents had a Wiccan exorcism performed on the house. I was

2 when we moved in so I can't remember when things were that bad, but after the exorcism my father says that things calmed down. My first memory of an encounter with a ghost first hand came when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I had just gone to bed for the night, and as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I felt a hand begin to stroke my hair back  from my forehead. I opened my eyes expecting to see my mother and instead saw nothing. Though someone was still gently stroking my hair NO ONE was their. My eyes about bulged out of my head.

On Christmas eve of the same year I decided that I was going to stay up until I saw Santa clause to see if he was real or not. I sat up all night waiting for Santa to come, and he did. Even at that age I was shocked. He came into y room red suit and all and said merry Christmas then waved good by and left. The next morning I was livid I demanded to know why my parents had tricked me, I even accused my over weight godfather of the Santa hoax. My parents were baffled, the ate the cookies and bit the end of the carrots we left out for the reindeer, but they had never gone as far as to dress up as Santa. My father is a very tall skinny man, and would make an awful Santa, he maintains to this day that my seeing Santa that night not only confused him, but scared him, and that he had always blamed it on the ghost.

During my teen years things began to occur much more frequently. On St.

Patrick’s day of 1998 I saw a little boy, constantly. He would be standing in the stairwell at my school, the subway tracks, my class rooms. He couldn't have been more then 7 years old, had light blond hair and was dressed in turn of the century clothing with a little brown tweed vest and hat. He didn't frighten me, nor did I feel threatened by him. I never saw him again after that, but one day while my brother and I were exchanging ghost stories he began to say that he would often see a little boy in our court yard, as he began to describe him my mouth dropped, I had never told any one in my family about the boy only two of my friends from school who had been with me when I saw him. My brother said he had seen him by the trash cans, when he talked to the boy he simply looked at him and disappeared.

When my father went on a business trip to London my brother, dog and I went to stay with my mother. After about a week I realized I had forgotten my dogs favorite toy at my dad's house. When I went to get it I remembered I had left it on the top floor of the house. I hate the top floor. It was my bedroom for years and I hated it then as much as I hate it now. Even in the middle of the day you get this terrible oppressive feeling when you walk up there. This was one of the more frightening things to happen to me. I was all alone and no one had been in the house for at least a week. I heard voices and footsteps as if there were three of four people in the house. I couldn't make out what they were saying but they got louder the further upstairs I got. I found my dogs toy and bolted out of the house.

Another day when I was home alone I heard a woman humming for some reason this did not seem odd to me at first. It wasn't until I realized that the humming had followed me from my bedroom on the third floor down to the kitchen on the ground floor that it occurred to me that it perhaps wasn't normal to hear disembodied humming.

The room next to our kitchen was the second most frightening room in the house. My brother, my fathers girl friend Veronica, who lived with us for a while and I would all see a large black figure in that room. I would often cut through the court yard on my way home from school and go through the back door, one day I found Veronica waiting out their with a bag o groceries at first she claimed she had lost her key a little while later she confessed that she was to frightened to go through the room next to the kitchen by herself and she did not have a key to the front door (which was on the second floor).

In July of 2004 I let my dog out in the court yard at about 3am (I didn't sleep very much) He had cancer and was very weak so I knew he wouldn't run away. I was in the kitchen making a pitcher of iced tea.

When I had finished I thought it odd that he had not come back inside.

I went out to find him and found he was right in front of the back door staring down at the other end of the court yard. "Do you need to go or not?" I asked him, he had been pestering me to go out and I didn't want to have to take him in only to bring him out again a minute later.

Normally when I would talk to my dog he would look at me, this time he just kept his focus. I joked down the court yard to see what he was staring at. There at the other end of the court yard was something very bright and round. I squinted to see if it was a bag of some sort as it began floating down the stairs towards us I grabbed my dog and pulled him inside. No way was I waiting around for the glowing orb to come over and say hello.

When Veronica was living with us she had several experiences in the upstairs room. One morning she woke to find water dripping on her head, and when she looked to find a leak there was nothing. Another time on of the windows flew open, and one of r perfume bottles was thrown from a dresser shattering on the floor. (which would always stick and very difficult to open) This was nothing compared to the story another one of his girlfriends told us years later. This is taken from my blog which I wrote the day both my father and his girlfriend told me:

"Early in the morning my dad heard the dog in his room so he gets up annoyed that the dog is in there and is going to take him out so he will leave dad alone. But the dog is not in my dads room in fact the door is closed. So dad goes down stairs to walk the dog. Meanwhile Lisa is still in bed. She feels something about cat size jump on her but is to scared to open her eyes knowing we do not have a cat then she feels a huge weight on her chest and she can't move and she hears voices speaking in rhyme talking about whether or not they should let her up.

She manages to turn over and grab her cell phone to call my dad and ask if the house is haunted, he says yes. She sees my dad come in and fix the blankets. Finally she gets up and opens all the blinds to let light in. Then her dad comes in and starts talking to her. She tries to leave but when she opens the door she finds another door without a door knob.

Looking back she sees an 8ft tall man dressed all in white tattered clothes with the head of a bird. The next thing she knew she was back in bed. There was no cell phone, my dad never fixed the blankets, and it wasn't a dream because all of the blinds were open and hadn't been before. Creepy right?"

So that's my story. At least all I remember of it. I live 3,00 miles away now. My dad is about to move out of the house, sad because I've always wanted to do some sort of investigation. I was always to frightened to try EVP or anything like that when I lived there and there is no amount of money that would make me use a Ouija board in there. Over the houses many years there have been 3 suicides that I know of each taking place 28 years apart. One woman put her head in the oven, a man hung himself on the gate the court yard, and another slit their wrists. There has been at least one funeral. For a little boy, the body was in the house during the funeral. And who knows what else.

We've had sludge come out of all the drains only to disappear when a plumber looks at it and then reappear when he's left. We've had the same whole in the ceiling plugged up at least 4 times, each time it returns. As strange as it is I sort of miss living in a haunted house some times.




The House on Tindall Ave.




Hello, Ive been reading the stories on your sight for years now. I have had some paranormal experiences,but until now I haven't had the courage to tell anyone. The following is the most recent.

About 5 years ago after the final breakup in an on again off again relationship, I decided it was time for a change. So I didn't renew the lease on the house we had lived in for about 8 years.We had a hard time finding anything,and the deadline was fast approaching,so I signed a leas on a house that can most nicely described as a dump.Naturally I was depressed, for all the reasons I just listed. One day my mother decided to pick my daughter up from the public pool located at the local park.

When she saw what on the outside looked like a very nice house for rent. Knowing my situation she told me about the house,and said it wouldn't hurt for me to look at it.

So a friend of mine,and I decided we would.on entering the house I knew I was home (You know that feeling of belonging you get when you return home after being gone a while?) I instantly knew where everything was too. The lady who went to look at it with me thought the basement door in the kitchen might be the bathroom, but I told her no it's upstairs. I still don't know how I knew but I did. Well I fell in

love with this lovely craftsmen style home with it's hardwood floors, real wood

facings,baseboards,and bay window complete with window seat.  So I put a stop on the check I put the deposit on the other house with,and signed a years lease on this gorgeous home.

We moved in around the end of July,and things went great, the feeling of belonging grew,it got to where I hated to leave the house I was so happy with it. In fact I cant even find the words to express how happy I was to be at home. Anyone who knows me knows that's not normal I'm not a homebody at all. But anyway things were fabulous for about a month. Then the bats started to fly around my house at night. Annoying,but hardly paranormal, right?  The bats were a problem,but they weren't in the house every night,so I called my landlord,and complained.(Didn't do much good)

Anyway one day while working in the kitchen I noticed the paint on the door facing leading to the dinning room was peeling. And my daughter noticed there was writing under it. upon investigation we discovered that it was a height chart for 2 little boys who had lived there at one time (I say little,but by the time it was done they were taller than me.) Deciding it was too charming to leave covered we scraped off the old paint to reveal what we could.(One boy's name was no longer legible) Shortly after that my daughter, and I were watching TV. one weekend night (One of the few without the bats)When around 10:pm we began to hear some sort of pounding,that sounded like it was coming from upstairs.So I went up to find out what was blowing around,and move it.So I went upstairs,and nothing not one sound. Thinking it had stopped I went back downstairs to finish my program, just to find the pounding hadn't stopped. deciding it must be the basement door to the outside, I went downstairs to check it out. When I got downstairs I could still hear the pounding,but it sounded like it was coming from upstairs  in the house somewhere. Well since I couldn't find the source I decided to just turn up the television,and ignore it. I had practice at that from a house I had lived in another time.But that's another story.

Anyway my daughter got tired and decided to go to bed,I stayed in the living room watching TV. and discovered the pounding stopped about 4:am. I also decided it must be a neighbor pounding a nail or something. Thing went on pretty normal for a while with an occasionally bat here,and there,but otherwise normal.

 It was during this normal period that one morning I got up off the couch where I slept while school was in session,so I could use the TV. as an alarm clock. Anyway one morning  after Amber (My daughter) left for school I went into the kitchen to get something to drink,and when I was coming back through the dinning room I could swear  just for half a second I saw a woman with long dark hair,wearing some kind of black,and yellow dress hurry across my closed in front porch. Imagination right?

That was autumn of my first year there. That winter my mother who had emphysema became quite ill,and lapsed into a coma. I would excuse Amber from school,and go to the city to see her with my father every chance I got. But whenever I would come home from anywhere that winter I would find the window in my bedroom open.This continued all winter,I would close the window,and go out just to find it open the next time I entered the room. Mom stayed comatose for almost a year,then got better.but had allot of rehab time to go through. So she had to stay in the hospital in the city,we would go down and see her whenever we had a chance, One spring evening when we got home Amber looked up at our house,and showed us a large circle of light on the outside of our house just above the second floor window,just below the eves. I knew it wasn't the setting sun,because the house is completely shaded in front by 3 very large trees. That summer after having gone to see my mother who was moved to a nursing home temporally to finish rehab,I came home about to make a puddle.So I hurried upstairs to find I couldn't open the bathroom door. It was blocked from the inside by the pedestal fan I used to cool it with. See the upstairs of an old house gets very hot in the summer,and I didn't have an air conditioner,the bathroom was too small to put the fan inside and close the door,but we were both girls so it wasn't important to close the door. I was Finlay able to get it open before I made the puddle, but Was very confused by it.

Then one day the pounding that only happened at night till then started in the day. I was in the kitchen hand washing the lace sheers I kept in the living room,and asked  Amber to hang them on the clothes line to dry. When she came in she asked me what I had wanted. Not knowing what she was talking about I asked, " What?"

She said that she heard me tapping on  the  window and wanted to know what I wanted. I hadn't  taped the window at all.( Another unusual thing about that house is when I would kill one of the bats they didn't bleed)

We  lived in the house for about 3 years( I hate to move,and mom was sick,and need me to take care of her so I didn't relay have time to move.)

The feeling of home,and welcome had worn off around the second year,but it was so gradual I didn't even notice it at first.During all this time I was plagued by nightmares,and had to have a light on somewhere in the house so i could see it at all times just to sleep.

I was having some financial trouble,and got behind on my cable bill so the company shut it off. But I still had the TV. set for 6:am. One Friday night, Amber decided to go to a school dance,and spend the night with a friend. So I spent the night alone watching video tapes till I got tired enough to go to sleep. The next morning I was awakened by someone tapping my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a young child pointing at the blue screen TV. I'm used to having young children around because I  have my nephews children on occasion. But not this time. Anyway being used to children I didn't think it was odd. So I just shrugged my shoulders,and turned over to go back to sleep. Then I thought to myself wait a minute I've never seen this kid before in my life. When I rolled back over to find out who my visitor was, the room was empty. I got up very fast,and looked every where but there was no one in that house but me.

That was the last night I ever spent in that house. After that I started staying at my folks house to take care of mom till she passed away,and the following spring my dad asked us to move in because he was lonely. I don't know if that house is haunted by anything but bats,and possibly noisy pipes,and active imaginations, or not. I don't think I want to find out either. Thanks for reading my story.



Non-Residual Energy




My name is Teri,

I live in Vancouver WA.  I live in a house on a dead end street that is surrounded by trees.  I have experiences in this house as well as outside in the actual street facing the dead end.  I have read the definition of residual energy and the occurrences are not on a schedule like basis.  I walk my dogs at night and when I do this I try to go different ways out of the yard as not to be repetitive of actions.  I have been followed on my walk around the neighborhood by something that plays with me or attempts to,,,my dogs are barking in circles it seems.  I will stop and hear my name called in the outdoors about 3 blocks away from the house i live.  I dont go out at the same time either.  I have been doing this now for almost a year.  It seems the energy is alive and grounded.  I also see the swing set toys moving on occasion.  What i've noticed is it is active all of the time in this part of the neighborhood.  The neighbor behind me said that he can hear people talking in the field where he lives.  He said he has tried to talk to them and they don't seem to respond but they don't stop either.  I also have seen wet footprints on the dead end cement from a childs feet in the middle of the night as i walked out i could literally hear the water splashing.  I don't get freaked out i get intrigued and start to walk toward the splashing and it doesn't stop.  I am standing in a field hearing splashing and fun ut seeing nothing except the wet footprints.  I think i've noticed space in the world where the actual plain of existence is closer than another plain that i am hearing such things and seeing such things.  I am not scared and i don't intend to move.  I just wanted to share.           



Old Hag




Hi, i've been coming to your sight for about 5 or 6 years, and have even had some of my stories posted. And this is still the best sight i have came across and have even got some of my friends and family hooked on your sight.

Anyway heres my storie.  I belive what im about to wright about is known as Old Hag or Sleep Paralysis. Now this is the first time i have ever had somthing like this happen to me and let me tell you it was the scariest thing i've ever exspirened and i even knew what was happing to me at the time, because i have done some research about it. So i can't imagin what it fills like to someone who has not heard of old hag have this happen to them.

Ok, this happend last year. One day i had decided to lay down on the couch and take a little nap.I fell asleep fast and was dreaming about many things that i can't recall. when i swicted to a really vived dream. In the dream i was doing my spring cleaning and puting our (mine,my 3 kids and my husbands) winter clothes in the closet,like i always do when the weather starts geting warm. When i opend my clothet door to put the clothes up, when a young man in his late teens early 20s jumped out of the closet and tried to grab me.His really mean look on his face that, and i got a filling that he hated me and not just me but all woman. I woke up with a start and could not move. It all lasted about a sec. I could not move anthing.

Now the funny thing is that i did'nt have a filling of evil in the room, or of any one in the room with me. I could breath fine and did't have the filling of some one on my chest, but when i awoke from the dream i was screaming as loud as i could(i have never screemed,talked or did anything like that in my sleep) and was still trying to get way frome the man in my dream. And when i was finally released from my paralysis i was staining so hard i actually flew of the couch and ran to my husband asking why he did'nt help when i was screaming and he told me that he i was not screaming, for he was just in the other room and would of heard me, because our house is tiny. Later i relised that i could not even sream during the hole episode ( i know i was really tring to scream out loud and not in my head, because my troughte hurt like i've been yelling). And the other thing is that really freaked me out was that i was dreaming of other stuff and i could not remember when i woke up and still can't remember what it was i was dreaming of, but i can remember the dream about the man so cleary tell this day. I can tell you what he looked like and everything.

Well thats my storie i know its not that scary to some, but let me tell you i have seen some freaky things in my 26 years and this by far is the scariest thing that has ever happend to me and i hope its the last time i ever half to fill that again.





Old Building on the Pony Express




I think it's important to keep the record of paranormal history going for all kinds of reasons.  What I am going to divulge is not something that happened to me personally, but rather told to me by a close friend. 

Granted, she has a terrific sense of humor, but when telling me about the occurrences at her childhood home, she wasn't laughing.  Mary grew up in a small small town in California - so small that I'd never heard of it before.

Her parents lived in an old building that used to be a mail stop on the Pony Express, or so it was thought.  Mary's home was unique in that it had a wrap around porch on the first level, and a wrap around porch on the second level.  During her growing up years, she would wake up in the night hearing a cowboy's spurs chinging around the upper deck.  But as she got older, the spirit got a little more possessive of her.  One night in high school, her male friend spent the night - which was okay'd by her parents.  He was a close to the family.  Mary tells me that Nick who was sleeping down stairs on the floor in their living room couldn't sleep because something kept yanking the sheets off him.  Finally after the third yank, he freaked and demaned to be taken home.  Mary said that their cowboy spirit never hurt anyone, but it did make itself known in the household.  She told me she kinda liked that she had a cowboy watching over her - I think she misses him, too.



Final Goodbye?




Just reading through some of the stories and wanted to share my "experience".

I was always really close to my grandparents but closer to my Poppa (grandpa). After my nana passed away my poppa would see her sitting on the couch in her favorite spot. I can't say that I ever saw it, but when I would go and visit him, I would feel her or smell her powder.

Soon after she passed away, my poppa got depressed and would always visit the cemetery up to 4 or 5 times a day. He would always cry and say that he will see her soon. This was very painful for my parents and I to witness and as much as we loved my poppa very much, sometimes we thought it would be better for him to join her. He just didn't want to be here anymore.

Eventually he started to forget things (where he was earlier in the day, what people had said to him a couple minutes earlier, even if he called us and  we talked to him.. he would call back angry that we weren't answering the phone) Being his only grandchild and him being my second father, this devastated me to see him in this condition.

Eventually he checked himself into the hospital, and I knew that he wasn't going to be coming out on his own. I would go and visit him every weekend.

About 6 weeks into his stay, I went to visit before I went to Calgary. This is where I get choked up. To anyone else this is nothing, to me this was my goodbye. He remembered that I was going, he remembered who I was visiting and he was totally coherent. His "roommate" had pulled my father outside to tell him that all night and day (before we got there) that my poppa just kept saying "I have to say goodbye to Sara.. I just have to say goodbye to Sara..." My father told me outside and said that it's just because I'm going away. I knew right then and there that it was the last time I was ever going to hug, kiss, feel, see, talk to my grandfather.

I left for Calgary with an open heart that I would come home to see him, but with the fear that I would have to go home early. I got home on a Sunday and had bought my Poppa a glass Hershey Kiss " A Kiss That Lasts Forever".

Thursday morning (two days before I was going to see him) I woke up suddenly at 6:20 am. I didn't have to be at work until 12 noon, so didn't know why I was walking up. About 5 minutes later, I heard the phone ring. I knew it.. I just knew what that meant. I thought that if I keep my eyes closed, its not happening. Minutes later, my mother came down to my room and again "if i don't open my eyes, its not happening".. The look on my mom's face said it all. My Poppa had passed away that morning at around 6:15 am.

As my mom and I made our way to the hospital and to get my dad, I was fine.

I didn't cry.. once I got into the hospital room where he was still laying..

I don't know how to explain how I felt, but t was scared and had a feeling being overwhelmed. I looked out the window and it seemed like it was brighter then it should be. I swear that I felt how happy he was. The scared part was seeing him a way that I never had before. I wanted to give him a kiss, but it was like something just kept me pinned to the wall. I couldn't move.. couldn't get close or anything, but I could hear him "Sara, I just want a kiss goodbye". I had to get my parents to do it for me.

I went to the house to get clothes for the funeral home, and I got an overwhelming sensation. I can't explain what it was. I ended up taking a shirt of his that I've always liked and wear it to bed sometimes to feel close to him. It had just come out of the wash when I took it and I was so scared to put it back in the washer, afraid that I would lose any sort of closeness that I still had with him.

I haven't gone back to the house and its now sold, but for some reason something just kept me from going. I try to talk to them, but never get anything back. Its been almost a year since he passed away, so I'm hoping that him and my nana are catching up, then I really hope to get some sort of sign from them.


My First Apartment




I had never had any experinces with the paranormal, in fact I wasn't even sure I believed in ghosts or the paranormal until  july of 2004. 

I moved from my home of 10 years to an apartment in town. It was closer to work and I felt that a change was needed in my life. The apartment building used to an be office building, but it had been remodeled, and a hardware store was underneath. The apartment I lived in was small but sufficient enough for me. I loved the convience of living in town, and I liked my new home, but something about the hallway gave me the creeps, luckily, my apartment was first one at the top of the stairs, so I didn't have to walk don the hallway to far.

One night, about a month after I moved in, I started hearing footsteps outside my door. At first, it sounded like someone walking by, then later it sounded like someone running.  I was tired and was trying to sleep, I finally got mad and got up to open the door, there was no one there. I looked down the hall there was no one.

Now my apartment was next to the stairs, the very first one, so I went down stairs to check the door and it was locked.  It had been raining but there was no sign anyone had come in. I went back upstairs, got back in bed and a minute later it started again. It continued until I got to the door, and then stopped again. I looked out in the hall again, but no one was there. this happened a lot.

After about a year, I got a job closer to my house, so I moved back. I went back the building recently, the hallway still gives me the creeps.



I Was Alone




this happened to me when i was about fourteen.

i had returned home one night from a friends house to find that my older brother, who was supposed to be staying with me while my mother was out of town, had left and gone to a friends cabin for the night, irresponsibly leaving me home alone.

too frightened to stay there by myself, i called a friend who said he would come pick me up.

after turning off the lights in my house, i remembered to put my dog out for a pee before i left. i called out to him, and from where i stood, i could see him walk to the edge of the kitchen, start barking and going in circles, like he was confused.

frustrated, i went upstairs and picked him up and put him outside on his chain. i stood inside and watched him through the screen door.

chino, my dog, started barking like crazy. i turned around, and for about fifteen seconds, it was as if someone was flipping the lightswitch in the kitchen on and off very rapidly.

i threw my dog inside and got the hell out of there!

i was alone





Warning in the Night




Over 29 years ago when I was pregnant with my son and first child, my husband and I was asked by my uncle if we wanted to renovate and rent at a very reasonable price my Grandmother's house.  We did.  It had been unrented for several months when we fixed it up, including replacing almost all of the windows, and moved in.  The first night we slept there I was awaken from sleep by someone nudging me and whispering, "Scoot, wake up."  Well, Scoot is a family nickname for me and my husband has never called me that,but no one else was in the house so I turned over to see what he wanted.  He was sound asleep.  I thought maybe I was dreaming so I dozed back off to sleep.  Then I felt the someone grab my arm as if to shake me awake and heard the whispered, "Scoot, wake up." I was wide awake by then and heard something else--someone was trying to open our bedroom window!  I called out my husband's name and said that I was calling the police, which I did.  They came and found foot prints in the wet ground beneath our window and footprints going off toward the highway.  To this day I believe it was the spirit of my grandmother or grandfather trying to wake me so that I would not be hurt by someone breaking into the house.


Turnbull Canyon Road




a few years back probably around 2001, 4 of us went driving through Turnbull canyon from the Hacienda Heights portion to Whitter. we went around probably midnight or 1 ish.  We were in an older S-10 pickup with a camper shell, a friend and i were in the back and my other 2 friends were in the front cab.  we had just gotten to the peak of Turnbull canyon coming down toward whitter direction.  (Note this canyon is very dark, and has many turns.) Well what happened was we were all looking out the front windshield and we had perfect view of the road.  When all of the sudden, the road turned to dirt and veered to the right. Luckily my friend who was driving at the time, slammed on his brakes, hard enough to throw all of us in a foward motion and when we all looked backup, the road was back to pavement and going straight instead of a turn.  We all decided to get out and take a look for ourselves.  When we got out we saw that if my friend would of made that hard right we would of veered off the canyon into the revine.  When we were looking around trying to figure out what happened we looked into the bottom of the canyon and saw small camp like fires and saw 2 black figures about 35 yards back from where we just passed.  We all freaked out and got back in the car and made a dash for whittier and took the freeway back home.



Cold Spot




I was always very close with my Uncle Paul.  We were like brother and sister with only 10 years between our ages.    When I was little Paulie was always scaring me by pulling pranks like grabbing my leg through the banister  when I would walk down the steps and telling me about ghosts hiding in my closet.  In April 1999 he died suddenly at the age of 56.  I was devastated.  I never got to say goodbye to him.  One night the stereo in the living room came on at 3 a.m. blaring music.  We were asleep for hours.  There was nobody else in the house except for me and my husband, Howie.  We went downstairs and shut it off.   A few months later this other thing happened and it turned my husband into a believer.  We have three small dogs.  Two females and a male. Howie went up to bed.  I was downstairs cleaning up by dusting the furniture and doing some things in the kitchen. I kept hearing this hisssing noise and finally my curiosity got the best of me.  I walked into the hallway and yelled to my husband "Are you running water, are you shaving?"  He said he was in bed and had been for awhile.  I heard the hissing noise again only it was right behind me.  I froze, and I mean froze.  I turned around and the duster spray can was spraying ever so slowly.  I checked it out and thought the nozzle was stuck but it wasn't that kind of a can with a nozzle sticking up .  It had a large lever you press on.  I examined it and put it back down.  I started up the steps and it went off again.  I ran upstairs screaming and got Howie to come downstairs.  He thought I was nuts!!  Anyway, he was barefoot and stood in the living room near the can and accused my dog Muffin of peeing on the carpet.  He said it was cold and wet and the dog did it.  I got paper towels and went to blot up where he said and there was nothing there. The capet was bone dry and I asked him where the dog peed.  He said right it was wet right there.  I told him to feel the carpet, that it was dry.  There was no wet spot anywhere.  Just then the spray can went off again only this time louder and longer.  I freaked.  He just looked at it and then at me.  I realized then it was my Uncle Paulie who came to play one last trick on me.  The wet spot had to be a cold spot and it was right near the can.  I was trying to tell him and he said he was tired and started up the steps to bed.  He was in front of me and when my foot hit the third step the spray can gave three short bursts.  I pushed Howie aside and tore up the steps.  A few nights later in a dream my uncle came to me.  He had on sweat pants and a sweat shirt like he always loved to wear.  He came to say goodbye and he hugged me so tight, it all felt so real.  I woke up crying from the dream.  I know in my heart of hearts it was him with the spray can and he truly did come to say goodbye to me. 




The Last Goodbye




I belong to a very catholic family and is a tradition that whenever a person dies you should pray for that persons soul for 9 days in a row… so we did when my granny died. The last day we were all together at the house where she used to live and while we were stood there praying the rosary, the lights started to flash and the chairs in the living room (where we were praying) started to move very slowly but they were moving toward us I was so scared that I ran out of the house, I still don’t know what happened there but even though it was more than 10 years ago, it still scares me

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